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01-07-2014, 07:43 AM
Good morning, just thought I would stop and say hi on my way to work. After having the snow day yesterday my vacation is now officially over. But before I go, I am enjoying a cheesecake breakfast with my coffee. :carrot: (thanks to Tammy for pointing out the recipe!! Hope your kids have a good day off!)

We had a sub-zero wind chill this morning but are not getting the snow that is burying people just south of us. I don't mind that it is missing us!

I got the tree un-decorated yesterday, but now must disassemble the tree itself. I also got all the other decorations packed up. Also proud to say I managed a work-out as well.

Must fly- my mornings always seem to disappear too quickly!

Have a great day all!

01-07-2014, 07:57 AM
Beth - hope your first day back is a good one. Your schools must handle the cold weather better than ours do! Aren't those little cheesecakes FANTASTIC?! I made a second batch last night.

It's stinkin cold out there! My first appointment already cancelled, I wouldn't take my kitty in a carrier outside today either. We'll see how the day goes. Gratefully, I found a woman that needs extra work (she does the after care at school), so she's coming here today to watch the kids....way better than them all day with me at work.

I have yummy foods for today!

Keep warm, ya'll!

01-07-2014, 08:00 AM
Have a happy first day back to school, Beth, and I hope your students are eager to be back after their long vacation.

It's warm and snug in the house, but I can hear the wind screaming as it whips around outside, and it's 4* out there. Schools in our area are opening on time, though, and I hope the kids have a warm car to wait in while they're waiting for their bus this morning.

I'm starting off my day with a hot bowl of oatmeal and have leftover soup for my lunch. Today's my long day but I'll have Taco Bake waiting for me for supper.

Have a great day and bundle up!

01-07-2014, 08:02 AM
Good morning Beth, Hope your first day back goes smoothly. Dare I say I am looking forward to going back Thursday if only to re-establish my routines.

Feels like the arctic again today. I am all bundled up for an early doctor's appointment. Afterward I am stopping by my dear friend Ed's for coffee and girl talk lol. On my way home I will stop by Shoprite for a few things and then home to try out my new bike trainer.

So excited it arrived yesterday. I did have to partially assemble it, but the directions were straightforward. Two nice surprises it came with a training DVD and when you registered it, you got another free one to download. I will probably try selling my old one on eBay or Craig's list if no I know would like it.

Well time to make my shopping list before leaving. Have a great day...Bundle up!!

01-07-2014, 08:03 AM
Morning Tammy and Linda :)

01-07-2014, 08:05 AM
BTW - we're at -8, with a real feel of -34. Nothing like Lindsay, but still stinkin' cold!

Morning Jennifer!

01-07-2014, 08:13 AM
Good :brr: morning :coffee2: I'm rushing this morning. Of course the legislature has to open on the coldest day of the year and I have to be there. At least the roads look okay today but I am not looking forward to all the walking back and forth between places. Lots of rumors flying around so it might be an interesting day.

Yankee- I made chili last night and along with all the other veggies I mentioned I tossed in 1/3 of a bag of coleslaw mix that was leftover in the fridge. As usual it just disappeared into the chili :)

Time to find warm clothes but not so warm that I melt in the Statehouse. Ack!

ETA - I've been solidly back on plan since Tuesday and I lost 4.5 lbs the first five days! I'm excited about that but wow, that's the biggest early drop since my first time on SBD. Just shows how off plan I was.

01-07-2014, 09:08 AM
Late good morning from Delta. We got a small dump of snow and the temps dropped but just to -15C/5F. It may be that the media is feeling a news shortage and really hyping the weather. (They predicted an overnight of -40 with the wind. -40 is the same in C or F degrees!) I do feel badly for the folk without power and those who have screwed up travel plans.

Not sure what's going on with my body as it's been sleeping until after 7 these days. I guess I'm still in recovery mode. I did very little yesterday except take down the tree and catch up on emails and phone calls.

My lane was a lake from the rain and has now frozen into a skating rink. Not sure how to tackle that as the stores are out of salt and sand. I may resort to kitty litter and wet it so it'll freeze on and stick. I do want to get the car out as I need to do banking and the cupboard is bare. I also have a magnificent collection of wine bottles that need to go back for a refund.

Time to tackle a smoothie made in the Bullet I got for Christmas. I've not used it yet but today's the day. I knew there was a reason to freeze all those strawberries last June. (Remember June?)

Raising my mug in a toast to you all for a warm day.

01-07-2014, 09:27 AM
Good morning. I think we are supposed to get back to a normal high temp here today so it is coming your way soon, easterners. I'm working again. Then looking forward to watching TV tonight - DH and I started Orange is the New Black on Netflix recently and are in marathon watching mode.

Have a great day. Keep warm.

01-07-2014, 09:34 AM
Good morning,

Beth hope for smooth sailing for your return to work.

Today is -4 with windchills -38 degrees. We managed to return the rental yesterday afternoon and got 2 of 4 cars unburied. We parked on street so as not to get stuck again. Some lady lost control of her car turning onto our street and plowed into the back of DS Escape- crack went the bumper. No one was hurt though.

Cyndi stay warm but not too warm inside

Tywnn that was a good idea to get someone to watch the kiddos today

Ruth and Beth I did manage to put away decorations but the tree is in pieces in the basement waiting for me to get the storage bag from the garage (detached from house) so it will stay there for a bit.

Today will be wfh again for me and I will try to get my car ready to go for tomorrow. They are calling for more snow on Thursday for us ugh but atleast the temperatures will be going back up then.

Have a wonderful day everyone

01-07-2014, 12:54 PM
Just popping in with a late Hi from out West.

Cyndi..that's great about the 4.5 loss.

Ruth meant to tell you I love your avatar. Our birds here are pretty boring here housefinches, scrub jays, hummingbirds & the occasional robin.

Today is just a boring day of paperwork for me. Will probably make up the protein cheesecakes too since I'm around all day.

Everyone else stay well & warm!!


01-08-2014, 12:17 AM
I hope everyone had a good day! I though I was going to get rid of Christmas today and had it all poised to go up into the attic but my husband was too tired to put it up when he got home. I'll be staring at Christmas for a little while longer. Every year I say that I am going to call a contractor to put stairs on the attic access and every year I can't part with the money. I really just want the stairs at Christmas and that time of year isn't a good time to spend money on extras or have a contractor working in the house. I need to write a reminder to myself for next October!! I will splurge one of these years.

I have been watching videos of all the fun activities up north and I had one that I thought Ruth would like. One of Tammy's neighbors made round colored ice balls with party balloons. That are very pretty and she mentioned making red and green ones at Christmas time. In State College I don't think you could count on the weather staying cold that time of year but in Canada I'm wondering if you could make cheap beautiful Christmas decorations???

That's all for me, I'm off to bed so that I will be able to keep up with a very excited newly 3 year old tomorrow. We are back in the 50's tomorrow so this Yankee can put her coat back up now. Hope everyone has a great day!!!

01-08-2014, 12:47 AM
BTW - we're at -8, with a real feel of -34. Nothing like Lindsay, but still stinkin' cold!

Tammy, you have no idea... today was even colder than yesterday -25 with winds making it feel like -40, but at least there was no snow, so no out in the cold shovelling to do.
Hope everyone had a terrific Tuesday!!!