Calorie Counters - Surprise! I'm back. Using LoseIt again.

01-06-2014, 03:06 PM
Howdy folks... probably not many of y'all remember me... I've lurked off and on for a couple years.

Calorie counting seems to work well for me... when I do it. Stopped for quite a while, figured a lot of the weight I gained during nursing school would start to come off once I was just working, but life had other ideas... so here I am, at the heaviest I've ever been. Actually discovered that I have vasospastic angina along with the asthma I've had for years, so I was on exercise hiatus for a couple months as I figured it all out...

I'm using LoseIt as my counting app, any other fans out there? I set it at 1.5 pounds/week... just started about 4 days ago.

How is everybody? Happy new year... eh? Lol. The timing for me really has less to do with a new year's resolution and more with the fact that my husband's reaction to telling him what I'd gotten up to was less than encouraging... we're both calorie counting, as he's got some to lose as well.

Hope everyone's week goes well! Hope to join the chatter pretty frequently.

01-08-2014, 04:59 PM
I'm new here, but I am also a Lose It fan :) I've tried a bunch of other apps but it's my favorite because I like the cute little food pictures next to the entries.