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01-03-2014, 11:25 PM
I'm 54, I did total medical menopause at 31. Yanked the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes. Got play pen and no crib.

Now for some reason my body thinks we need to do this hot flash, crabby, insane thing again!

I did call my gyno, and guess what? This is NORMAL!

Are you fricking kidding me!:mad:

I really want to know, who or what or whatever, thought this was a good idea?

Or is it some sneaky trick of nature? To remind me I'm getting old? Like I haven't noticed that!

My gyno, a great guy, recommended an over the counter product that is actually helping with everything but the "personal summer", "power surge" issues.

I don't really have a point, just didn't think I'd have to do menopause TWICE!


Mrs Snark
01-04-2014, 08:22 PM
Sending you hugs... from a safe distance, lol! ;)

That sounds terribly unfair. I demand you get relief!

01-04-2014, 10:39 PM
Well that stinks. I thought once you got all that taken out you wouldn't have to go through it again. Hope it doesn't last too long.

01-05-2014, 12:01 AM
I am 36 and going through it. SIGH I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago, had to go on meds to 'jump start' my single ovary left. Now 2 years later I am in menopause. My dr gave me some estrogen to help with the hot flashes. Its a low dose and it is helping. I feel your pain!!

01-05-2014, 02:05 AM
It's not nearly as bad as the first time around. The OTC is helping.

Hopefully, it won't last to long.

For awhile I couldn't figure why I was so testy, then I had a power surge. Duh!

01-05-2014, 06:01 PM
I think I'm in peri menopause, so I feel you. I've had the most uneventful TOM all my life -- just lucky, I guess. For the last year, I get awful cramps and am terribly moody every month. Gosh - how long will this last, and it gets worse!? It doesn't help that I have no one to share with -- I don't have sisters and Mom had a hysterectomy 40 yrs ago, so she is no help. It's not the kind of thing you want to discuss with coworkers... But, this is a REAL pain at 47 yrs. old! If you don't mind, what's the OTC product you're taking?

01-05-2014, 10:05 PM
A friend just told me that flax seed in your diet is supposed to help with the hot flashes. 2 tsp a day. I might give it a try and see if it helps.

01-05-2014, 10:47 PM
Really?? How can that be??

I had the same surgery as you, but at age 45. Hopefully that was close enough to a natural menopause age to spare me... although I wasn't even in peri-menopause yet, so who knows...

Glad to hear you are finding some relief!

ReNew Me
01-07-2014, 06:33 PM
Emerita makes a phytoestrogen body cream you can buy in health food stores, really knocked out my hot flashes. If that helps but not completely you can add the herb red clover (two capsules two or three times a day). Phytoestrogens are in things like soy or flax but more concentrated in the cream or clover capsules.