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01-02-2014, 09:06 AM
Good morning, glad everyone enjoyed New Year's Day. Natasha, I look at our new graduates and think I am old enough to be their mom! Now that is scary!!!

Yesterday was a lot of fun. We had a really yummy dinner. Simple dessert of Anisette cookies (ate way too many, but they are gone) and coffee. I didn't feel guilty as everything else I ate was P1 all day and I rode.

Today finally getting my hair cut and colored. Taking the truck just in case the roads are worse later. The remainder of the day will be de-decorating, working out and resting. I think my cold may be a sinus infection. Fortunately I have antibiotics at home.

What is on everyone's agenda today.....besides this snow storm :(

01-02-2014, 09:13 AM
Good morning Jekel! I saw some people on here earlier, kept waiting for someone to start the thread. You'll look marvelous after your cut and color! :D

Just stupidly cut my finger on a can. Oh well, it all heals.

I made those protein cheesecake cupcakes....mmmmm, they are GOOD! And I have a bunch of good phase I soups for the week as well. (and most of the cookies and bread are gone now)

Today is just a long day. DH is staying out with DS, only b/c the doc said to. She said it wasn't chicken pox "because they happen in clusters", but Dr. Google shows lots of pics of solitary ones ;). He gets to sit and watch television all day, poor dear.

I'm so glad this is a short week with Wednesday off....

01-02-2014, 09:24 AM
Good morning. I was in earlier but left on a spammer chase.

I just may be over the hump with this cold as I slept right through last night with no coughing spells.

Sure hope your cold id NOT a sinus infection, Jennifer, and that you get some new meds.

Tammy, I disagree with your doc too - my chicken pox were solitary ones.

It's very VERY cold out there today with a frostbite alert - exposed skin freezes in ten seconds when it gets this cold. I guess I'll hang out indoors again today. I did buy a frozen turkey on Monday but it is resting peacefuly in the car trunk. (I like to have turkey in my freezer for those big dinner events - sometimes it's hard to find one around here in July.)

Soup sounds very good on days like this. Chicken or cream of broccoli?

Enjoy your day whatever you choose to do. :cofdate:

01-02-2014, 10:15 AM
morning chicks!

Back to work today but I guess the bright side is that we're due for snow tonight so maybe the start to an early weekend? Send me snow vibes, PLEASE! It's going to be more bitter cold tomorrow than today so I want to be inside without a commute!

Jennifer -how are you getting it cut and what color??? Inquiring minds...I need ideas. Haven't had one since the summer since I had no job and am looking forward to one next month! I'm thinking of going red again...

Tammy - what soups? DW is working from home today and is doing the food shopping for a week of Ph1 since we never got to it yesterday...

Ruth - Cream of broccoli is my vote! Stay warm!

Have a good one all!

01-02-2014, 12:50 PM
Good Morning

A flyby today. We drove over from the western slope early this morning and I've already been to Home Depot. We are meeting our helper in 10 minutes. I have lunches packed and I need to change my clothes and head out the door.

Happy New Year!

01-02-2014, 02:00 PM
Jenn - I have hoppin' john all made up (I eat it over collards), I'm currently munching on a bowl of ham, bean and cabbage soup (from kalyns kitchen), and I'm thinking of making a bowl of black bean soup with that bit o' ham leftover....

01-02-2014, 02:38 PM
Greetings from the frigid and very, very white not quite as north as Ruth. :brr: I was out shoveling the potty path a couple of hours ago and we had at least 6" already. I plan on staying huddled inside until spring. Wonder how long they will keep paying me? I'm working at home today but lots of weather related distractions.

I am making some kind of stew with baby lima beans. I'm determined to get back to very healthy eating again so less cheese and no grains, and more beans. I'm convinced beans were the secret ingredient when I lost all the weight so it's time to incorporate more in my diet again.

Think I'll start a "favorite Phase 1 recipes" thread. It's always fun to see what other people are making and I often remember recipes I liked a couple of years ago but forgot about.

01-02-2014, 02:52 PM
Cyndi I added three recipes to your new thread.

Jenn I don't stray on my color. Just cover those darn grays and my darker root color. My hair tends to get lighter from the heat I use trying to get it straight. When it gets too light I feel washed out. I just had the ends trimmed and my layers cleaned up. I am trying to grow it a little longer. As the current length is a little annoying. Doesn't make a nice neat bun for work and when it is down it seems to get in my mouth lol.

De-decorating is done. Enjoying my soup and a little quite time. A cup of tea may be in my future

01-02-2014, 05:15 PM
Afternoon ladies. Back home after a whirlwind drive to and from NH to deliver DS2. Drove down yesterday with no trouble; left early this morning and missed most of the snow since we were headed north. Woodstove is cranked up right now as it is -12* (that's Fahrenheit for those of you north of the border.:D)

Eating wasn't too bad while traveling. Brought some snacks and managed to find salads, chili and some probably-not-completely-P1 cream of broccoli soup. Tonight is leftover turkey from the one I roasted the other day.

Jennifer, I look at new teachers at school the same way: I could definitely be their mother and I wouldn't have had to be a teenage mother! Glad you were able to get your hair done.
Tammy, I may make those breakfast cupcakes myself. I often make the recipe with pumpkin in it but I want to be P1 this week. Hope DS is better soon. We don't go back to school until Monday and I'm not complaining about it!
Ruth, which soup did you make? And how long are you planning on keeping the turkey in the trunk? Until the spring thaw?:lol: I should use this weekend to defrost my freezer since I could just put the food on the back porch...
Cyndi, we rely on beans to fill all the places where we previously ate grains and white potatoes. Thanks for starting up the favorites thread. I miss the old what's for dinner discussion.

Hope everyone stays warm and has a safe evening.

01-02-2014, 05:53 PM
Cyndi, we rely on beans to fill all the places where we previously ate grains and white potatoes. Thanks for starting up the favorites thread. I miss the old what's for dinner discussion.

That was always one of my favorites, gave me lots of ideas :) Maybe we should start it up again.

01-03-2014, 12:12 AM
Quick fly by to say hi. Snowing like mad outside. Love it!