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01-01-2014, 07:16 AM
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The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Therapy (CT).

The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful dieting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck eases you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before moving on to the next. And you'll learn techniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with ou plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll achieve a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.

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01-01-2014, 07:17 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Exercise was two hours at a square dance, CREDIT moi. More of a folk dance than a square dance since there were some young folks who did quite well but only with the simple movements. I like the two-line dances where the head couple sashay‎'s down line in their own style. That's where the youngest remind us all how bodies were born to work. My walk was to do errands and remind myself that if I want to walk in the cold I have to move rapidly.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including the 42nd day streak with snacks under control. Solved a micro-problem when I realized that I could crack the nuts left over from Christmas stockings for my peanut butter sandwich at lunch. So instead of pecans alone, they were joined by an almond, a walnut, and a Brazil nut. Kinda fun. Success was avoiding the big dessert buffet after the dancing. We simple didn't go into the room where the desserts and drinks were being dispensed - will take a separate CREDIT moi for that. I split a pear with DW at home, skipping the blue cheese that she put on hers. A lovely way to end the year working my Resistance Muscle.

maryblu – ROFL at the thought of arriving home with a Snapping Turtle in the trunk of my car. Thanks for the insight on eating them - DW was impressed when I sent her your comments. It's now on my Bucket List to find you in the "frozen northland" and test your chicken-fried Snapping Turtle. I'll start saving up some extra calories since it doesn't sound like diet food.

onebyone – "Hungry tummy" is such a great 'tell' that one's eating sanely. Kudos for inventing that. Good luck learning how to set your Wi-Fi router to 802.11b ( - Wiki can give you more than you ever wanted to know about the protocol, but you have to learn how to log onto your router from your browser to change it.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Congrats for completing a year that meets your scale goal - right along with all the exercise goals you met month after month. [Drooling over homemade chicken stock in your fridge.]

CeeJay - Kudos for all those credits. Huge shudder for -39 degrees even though I've wanted to experience -40 degrees ever since I learned that it's the one temperature that's the same in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Then HNY, HNY, HNY, Happy New Year to you, also. Congrats for finishing up that writing project while on leave. Someday I hope to get over the feeling that it's unfair that you get to start the New Year half a day early down under, LOL.

maryann - Such fun to hear the Gulls from your condo - and the smells of the ocean. Ouch for the gingerbread hit with Super Kudos for such a speedy recovery. Bing Crosby would be pleased.

nationalparker – Kudos for enjoying your anniversary dinner while staying your plan. Skipping desserts in a restaurant is such an easy way to avoid an unwanted large calorie hit. Ouch for the reality that we men are so often clueless around spousal feelings about weight issues.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Congrats for having a relationship with your DD that includes baking sweets together. Kudos for finding a bounded plan that let you experience the results and still stay within your calories.

Jo (veganasaurusrex) – Drooling at the thought of those "very fancy vegan enchiladas." Special Kudos for noting about your water intake, "enjoying how it made me feel."

ForMyGirls - Such smart thinking "to reduce the quantity of curry rather than increasing the quantity of rice!" - Kudos.

Readers - day 9 Select an Exercise Plan

If you struggle to motivate yourself to exercise, ask a friend or official exercise coach (such as a personal trainer) to meet you for your exercise sessions. It's easy to let yourself down by skipping exercise, but it's much harder to let down a friend or trainer. Your coach can also work with you to help you overcome your physical and attitudinal difficulties.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 110.

01-01-2014, 09:28 AM
:cheer3:Good New Year's morning Coaches!:cheer3:

I just simply went to bed last night. We didn't even talk of the new year. Both DH and I just wanted 2013 to be over already. I am already looking forward to changes in 2014! My fitbit flex told me I slept at a 92% efficiency, up from the 87% the night before. hmmmmm. I took 6360 steps yesterday--all at IKEA no doubt as I chose, and retrieved, some new furniture for us! :woo: for that! I am getting a chaise lounge-a real dream for me to get that and a super-long sideboard/buffet thingy with customizable doors that have inserts so I can put whatever in there (poster, fabric, collage--it's a big picture frame in essence--totally sold me those doors did!). IKEA, thankfully, now delivers so I will have IKEA parts strewn all over tomorrow when it arrives between 9 and 1. So I have my work cut out for me today: move stuff around and clear space to receive the boxes. EXCITING I TELL YA!!!!!

I also got an answer to my question to the fitbit people about setting up my Aria scale. The email told me pretty much what I'd figured out by researching the comment board but in a more (kudos to fitbit customer service email writing lady) step-by-step-do-this-then-that way. I read it to DH who is simply uninterested in helping me figure it out (not his problem) but will probably take it over when he sees me fiddling about on his laptop trying to hunt down the router info. I have one more option open to me before I do that though. Apparently people have had success setting up their scales via their mobile phones. I have one I never use (a pay as you go jobby but it eats $$$$$ bigtime) so it needs charging and some $ put on it. That's my task for today--to see if I can do it that way. Once you're connected, you are just simply Connected to your fitbit acct and it will Just Work--or so I understand it. We'll see. I'll give it a shot.

Foodwise: I am logging my food *credit* and while I did not feel hungry immediately upon awakening, now, 20 minutes later, I am feeling it. I'm not sure if it counts as part of my streak of "hungry tummy"? Does it??

I didn't go to bed with a hungry tummy though. Maybe that's the difference I should aim for. I find it hard to get to sleep when I have a truly hungry tummy. I may pursue that over the week. See what happens.

I cooked from scratch yesterday *credit* making ham and bean soup using MIL's hambone and my own hambone plus some ham kolbassa and OMG how awesome and salty is my soup!? VERY AWESOME and VERY SALTY! I had one small bowl. *credit* will freeze half for later this year.

Still didn't get to the gym but I will. I am not concerned, so long as I start back this week.

billblueeyes I associate "hungry tummy" with Pooh Bear. I cannot take credit for inventing that! Though the Pooh Bear diet would be a very restricted diet, even knowing honey has many medicinal benefits--and many flavour nuances depending on the pollen sources used by the bees to make their honey. A honey guy I knew in Ottawa could just look at the colour of the honey in a jar and tell you what flowers were the source for that honey. It was impressive. I can't vouch for the flavour variations though as I *blecch* hate honey. Thanks for the link to Users were wondering why they go with such an old protocol...? Mysteries abound!

maryblu It really is you! How great to see you again. I have to say I gasped reading about eating snapping turtle. They are pretty rare up around here--not part of our culinary culture. Don't they eat baby ducks? I know in some of our waters/lakes we have muskies--my old BF used to call them the freshwater shark! They'd take your toes if you had them dangling off a dock and your fuzzy baby ducks anytime and I don't think people ate them--too boney maybe--they were fished for their fight. I know I've swum where there were muskie and it is better not to think about it. The water is what it's all about.

Must go! Back later!


ps. was at whole foods and saw Haggis ( Cracked pepper flavour crisps. They stayed in the store *easy credit* jpg attached. No snapping turtle products as far as I could tell...

01-01-2014, 11:48 AM
Happy New Year, everyone! I am so happy to be starting another New Year with you all!

My 100% OP streak count is back up to 1.

I just set up my Excel spreadsheet for 2014 to log my weight with a chart and my ARCs on separate sheet. I'm feeling accomplished already in the new year!

WI: NC in kg, Exercise: +45 1405/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

01-01-2014, 01:07 PM
I'm hanging in here. I am at my goal for Christmas which I am glad about. I am setting a goal of 5 lbs this month. I am starting an exercise program and continuing 5:2 fasting plan.

Happy New Year!!!

01-01-2014, 04:20 PM
I was just informed that today is the first time in 19 years that the New Year started with a New Moon and that this is to signify "new beginnings". Well, I have always thought the actual day did anyway so I guess, it has been my tradition to do so but interesting trivia that I thought I would pass on.

I was here on this site yesterday but as life has it; wrapping up loose ends meant some overtime elsewhere so I never got to post.

My team leader, in another group that I belong to, sent out her idea of 'fun' for this coming year: multiple challenges (daily,weekly and monthly) as well as all kinds of documents to fill out and then report on. I was absolutely amazed by all of the work that she has done on behalf of a group of 25 people. I plan to take full advantage of all of her hard work. I already have an established system of my own but I will also give hers a whirl as well.

Credit: spent a good deal of time the past couple of days getting my computer set up to support my weight loss efforts. Now, all I have to do is the work and then report it.

Credit: Had a serious talk with my tentative exercise partner. I like to do things alone in this area but since hubby has expressed a passing interest in getting back in shape (he is about 20 lbs overweight--all in his tummy area) I have told him that I will be flexible up to a point. If he doesn't exercise with me by 5 p.m. today then I will do so without him since I would have done this first thing today. We are doing Leslie Sansone's Walk dvd.

Credit: Finding out the calories in Moscato and having one small glass with New Year's Day ham dinner. I had black-eyed peas for "good fortune".

FYI: I just wanted to say that ForMyGirls thread on the MSE site is excellent and it has been well-received. If any one of you are interested in also linking the BDS with finances, she has got a great thread going over there. I have sat in on it and it is very informative and it has become an immediate hit. WTG, FMG!:bravo:

For all of those who have posted today; maryblu, onebyone, gardenejoy and BBE, "hey", and for all of you who stopped by to read or lurk, "hey again".:wave::listen:

Pam :comp::coffee:

01-01-2014, 05:21 PM
Weekly weigh in today reports 92.7 (a total loss of just under 14kg).

Sub 93kg is a big deal. The last time I lost weight (about 35yo) I stopped at 93 after losing 10kg. The time before (about 25 yo) I started at 93kg, lost 12 and am pretty sure I had bounced back up within a year or two. So this is the lightest I have been since my late 20's and the first time I kept going after 12kg loss. The very cool part though is that I don't feel the slightest temptation to stop here. Woohoo!

BBE - I have often read that it takes 6 weeks to form a new habit. If that is true then you've made it! Saying no to the pairing of pear and blue cheese is a heroic effort.

Pamatga - wondering with your DH joining you in exercise - would it work to still do your morning routine and then get some bonus exercise in the evening by doing it again with him? I know that for me being able to stick to my routine is crucial in staying on track and that it would be very easy for me to fall off the wagon if I was delaying my exercise to fit someone else's timetable. Thanks for your kind words about my MSE thread :-)

01-01-2014, 09:22 PM
Hi all,

Happy New Year's Eve to everyone!

Today was a "get the house ready for the party" day--and we tackled tasks that have absolutely nothing to do with getting ready for the party.

I grant that there was a corner of the master bedroom closet I needed to clean out, but none of our guests are going to be in there!

Food wise, I've been totally OP. Food is up to date in MFP. I still have room for an evening snack, but have been doing fine--and it's been easy today.

I didn't do much cooking today, so that helps. I did put two large pork butts in to brine--but raw pork isn't an attractive option. When it comes out of the roaster tomorrow morning, though...

I actually have considerable calories left today--and just for a second thought, "I could eat.." and my brain snapped back "you're not even hungry" and so I didn't go down that path.

Weight at 198.6 (just below ticker), recording everything streak at 22 days!

ForMyGirls: I went to your thread in the area--you are motivating a lot of people there! Big congratulations on getting down to a place that's a big deal! 27 days is awesome!

pamatga: I noticed last night that there wasn't a moon out--it was very dark when we went out to the hot tub after the ball dropped.

LoseToAll: Congrats on making your Christmas goal!

gardenerjoy: Credit for accomplishing the new year spreadsheet.

onebyone: Credit for perservering and getting the Aria set up. I'd never heard of measuring the efficiency of sleep! I guess the fitbit is cool!

BillBE: Square dancing is a riot! Congrats on 42 days! Keeping away from the dessert buffet is a wonderful accomplishment.

seadwater: Big credits for making the walk happen even when it's striding around your home.

Take care, all.

01-01-2014, 10:12 PM
Happy New Year's Night! The day went fairly well - had DH's folks over for our holiday dinner/gift exchange that was postponed earlier. Made baked ham (their tradition) but I don't eat that, so just skipped it and had the sides. Could have done better by adding a salad, but ended up with breakfast and one other meal. On track because of the one-meal less day.

Snow is coming this evening - think we're heading out on the trail for a frigid walk. The forecast for next week has a day with a high of 0 and a low of -14 ... reg temps, not wind chill. I wish this came while we were on vacation. Yikes.

01-02-2014, 12:02 AM
Hi Coaches,

Had a lovely quiet day at home. -36 tonight, with wind chill -41!! Not going to enjoy going out to work tomorrow. BRRRRR....

Credits today:
Weighed myself
Wrote down and followed food plan!!! YAY.
No sugar
Rode exercise bike
Read advantage and response cards
Did weights for shoulders/arms
Packed up lunch for tomorrow and dinner for hotel tomorrow night
Checked in with my coaches

Finally a day with no sugar. Grateful for that. No sugar streak=1 day!!

Take care and enjoy tomorrow!

01-02-2014, 02:42 AM
Hi everyone, Happy New Year!

First day eating on plan yesterday went fine, and I had a bit more energy in the evenings than usual - this is one of my big goals. Today am back at work so will be incorporating planned exercise into the day (a 10 minute walk during the day plus a 10 minute Pilates session at home in the evening once the kids are in bed).

01-02-2014, 03:09 AM
Hello coaches,

Streak of 28 for me today. Team total of 132!! (Remember when were hoping to get to 50?!)

Some credits: entering the lamb shanks dish I cooked into MFP before I ate it - which enabled me to see that it wouldn't leave room for my planned evening hot chocolate - so leaving some behind, rather than blowing the calories for the day. (And as I write I realise that wasn't because of my streak - I just didn't want to short-change myself!)

Beth - yay for a day where it was easy and well done you for listening to your lack of hunger and not your calorie allowance

National parker - congrats on getting to double digits in your streak count :-)

01-02-2014, 03:47 AM
Us Aussies always post on the wrong end of the year/month. I always forget to hold off. Not that it matters but I have to go back to last year to find out what was said!

On plan with food
Weighed this morning - down a little
Walked my 5000 plus steps
Shopped for tomorrow
No wheat and carbs at 20g
Apparently 4 credits for today from HabitRPG - I need to work on how to understand what that means

Made a really nice Berry (Raspberry & Blueberry) Jelly with grass fed gelatin and frozen berries yesterday - an nice healthy dessert or treat so pleased about the result. Astonished at how many carbs it contains even with no added sugar. Credit for making things from scratch because packet goods just don't cut it

BillBE - I didn't know that - that -40 is same in F and C! Thank you. The other 'strange' thing I learned this week is that cicadas hatch every prime numbered year after 5 - this is because by the time they hatch there predators have supposedly forgotten they exist. Amazing. Except in Australia where they hatch in 3 or 5 years in such vast numbers that they outdo their predators anyway. Enough of that - back to your amazing snack subjugating streak

Onebyone - green with envy - I really wish that IKEA delivered here - if only! I find IKEA excellent exercise and the last time I went there I walked 9000 steps so I will have to visit soon. Enjoy putting everything together and getting your life and environment organised

Pamatga - thanks for that piece of arcane information about the new moon and new year - maybe that is why I feel so mobilized :) . Good luck with all the challenges. Thank you for telling us about MSE and FMG success on the blog and for being so supportive - I had a look and it is inspiring. It is interesting that so many of the members said they had problems with both money AND food

Beth(fromDayton) - LOL at the idea of guest peaking into a corner of the master bedroom closet - but I totally get what a cleaning frenzy does to one. Yes I played with my XL spreadsheet :) and was happy to see things going down. Good luck with your party days - you seem to have the planning under control. Great credit for recognising that you weren't even hungry!

CeeJay - it would be tough having to travel for work (not least because of that amazing cold) and organise appropriate food. So credit for making it work

01-02-2014, 06:37 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Had a quiet New Years Day. Finally invented the need to go to the bank to withdraw cash from the ATM just to get a walk, CREDIT moi. Not surprisingly, I wandered into the local book store and there, surprisingly, found a mob of folks who knew of the sale of 20% off everything for four hours. I enjoyed the mayhem, but didn't buy anything.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including snacks so that I'm streaked to 43. Evening snack was half a pear - they are so good right now. Again, I wanted more and, again, I reminded myself that I didn't need more; I just wanted more.

onebyone – Yay for ham and bean soup cooked from scratch. Double Yay for using someone else's ham bone. Loved the picture of "Haggis and Cracked pepper flavour crisps." I so want to taste those - but I remember that I don't do potato chips even with a new flavor. Perhaps I can buy a bag, eat one, and then hand it to the first teenager I see, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Thanks for the reminder to set up a new Excel sheet for the year if I'm to track seriously.

CeeJay - Super list of credits, especially "No sugar" - Kudos.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Kudos for the neat credits, although "Apparently 4 credits for today from HabitRPG" totally baffles me. That Berry Jelly sounds yummy.

Pam (pamatga) – When we were kids we always had black-eyed peas on New Year's Day. It was good luck to find the dime hidden in the bowl. Kudos for preparing your computer for tracking.

nationalparker – Kudos for skipping a meal without over snacking to make up for it.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Neat dialog, "I could eat.." and my brain snapped back "you're not even hungry." Kudos for keeping eating under control even as you prepare a feast.

ForMyGirls - Congrats for breaking that 93kg barrier. (Had I thought of the phrase, "pairing of pear ...," I might have had the blue cheese just so I could write that, LOL.) Kudos for leaving some lamb shanks dish behind.

LoseToAll - Congrats for making your Christmas goal; Kudos for setting a reasonable goal for January.

systemsaddict - Great start using your eating plan.

Readers - day 9 Select an Exercise Plan

Finalize Your Exercise Plans
If you currently exercise fewer than three times a week, your goal for today is to establish a more frequent exercise routine. Make arrangements to begin a planned exercise program as soon as possible. Meanwhile, set a time to take a walk every day - even if you can go for only five minutes - and put it in your daily appointment calendar or schedule.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 110.

01-02-2014, 10:29 AM
My 100% OP streak count is 2.

Today's planned exercise will be shoveling snow in 15-20 minute increments because our high will be 17 degrees. DH is still sick so he won't be helping. Except for the motivation because he gets stressed out about snow on our steep driveway. Fortunately, we don't need to go anywhere for a few days. Among other things, there's still leftover pizza -- which is not on my plan for today; DH can eat it.

WI: -0.25 in kg, Exercise: +45 45/1400 minutes for January, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

01-02-2014, 12:17 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Happy New Year one day late. Packing to leave Santa Cruz so a quick hello.

I FINALLY figured out to to change my avatar. Had to go to a a website to shrink images. Was I the only one who didn't know how to do that? But I am pleased to start the New Year with the new me.

Having said that, I want to be really honest about posting a picture of myself. When I first saw the picture, I thought, "How happy that girl looks." Then, after a bit, my mind started its diabolical undermining. "You are not thin enough to be at maintenance." "People will think you should lose another 20." "Why do you even try?" Blah! Blah. I know this is my addictive disease trying to isolate me so that it can go back to eating like it use to eat. Drat!


1. Tell (or show the truth): This is me - a beautiful, flawed human - a sister among brothers and sisters who all suffer from the same fears and longings. Rejoice in the community.

2. Shrink my size. I don't mean physical. I mean mental. People don't really think about me that much. I am just one among many. They don't focus on my looks, my struggles, my mistakes. Most people are too focused on themselves to give me a second thought. This is very freeing.

3. The people who love me loved me fat. I freed myself from addiction for peace not for appearance. I have become a better mother, sister, teacher, friend because I don't spend twelve hours a day focusing on food. I focus on life.

Wave to all. Personals when my feet touch home soil.

01-02-2014, 01:01 PM
Happy New Years everyone!

Living in New Orleans means that every event is accompanied by parades, fireworks and an awful lot of crowds. Normally I'm content to stay home but I have many friends in town so I felt obligated to show them a good time. We ended up in a throng of people in a very crowded club listening to exceptional live jazz and it was quite a way to ring in the new year. The next hour in the pouring rain trying to get a cab was less steller. We got "outbid" on one cab when a group of young men offered him $500! I hope they paid it.

Days off tend to throw such a monkey wrench in my plans. Monday - Friday I can be so on top of reading my ARC and following my steps but then a weekend or day off shows up and I forget to do all of it. I need better reminder systems that aren't tied to my cell phone because I love to turn that off when I'm out of the office.

That being said, I do have some credits for myself:
-I cooked baked cauliflower with hot sauce that was delicious on NYE before going out and managed to not eat excessive amounts of food at bars
-I made "hoppin' john" a traditional good luck food with black eyed peas and greens for NYD and it was delicious and I'm proud of it. I also stuck to eating that and some gluten free cake at the dinner and felt full but not overwhelmed.
-I ate almost everything sitting down and mindfully (the sitting is easy the mindful is challenging, as always)
-This morning I have read my ARC and taken my vitamins
-After eating my breakfast I thought "I'm still hungry" and then I reminded myself that I wasn't hungry, I just wanted to eat and that wasn't acceptable.

Todays' plan:
READ MY ARC THREE TIMES! It's not that difficult, really

Read and meditate on Beck Day 6 - Find a diet coach


BBE Square dancing sounds delightful! Congratulations on the on plan and on the 42 days of snack control - you know that's the answer to life, the universe and everything right! It must be smooth sailing from here :) Your resistance muscle can clearly leap tall buildings in a single bound!

onebyone Happy New Year! Congrats on your efficient sleeping and good luck on the IKEA adventure you're about to embark on!

gardenerjoy Kudos on relishising the feelings of accomplishment and being "on top of things" that the new year can bring. !

LoseToAll Congrats on being at our goal and on setting a reasonable, achievable and ambitious goal for this month!

pamatga Kudos for setting expectations for a reluctant partner in something - an excellent way to push them and also hold yourself accountable and able to achieve what you want. Bravo!

ForMyGirls Kudos on the weight milestone! Even bigger kudos for feeling like you want to keep going past it - that's wonderful.

bethfromDayton The best way to get me to do a task I don't want to do is give me something else that is more urgent to complete - never is my house cleaner or my socks better matched then during finals period!

seadwaters I'm so excited someone else uses HabitRPG here! Are you already in a party/on a team or whatever that system is? That's one aspect I haven't explored yet.

nationalparker Kudos for adapting to challenging holiday eating.

CeeJay Kudos on a sugar free day! What an accomplishment.

systemaddict Happy New Year to you too. Isn't it funny how work makes it easier to have set routines?

01-02-2014, 01:27 PM
Snow came last night - five inches so far. I threw in the towel early yesterday, deciding to take today and tomorrow off from work, and now I hear the forecast of -5 for the high on Monday. So my mind is already thinking, hmm... stretch it out even more, but I can't swing that. But now debating work tomorrow and take the miserably cold day off. I could NEVER live further north. My Canadian friends are my heroes. Snow is gorgeous when I'm inside and not driving in it.

Trail walk last night was cold ... but we're planning to do a short one with our pooch, who loves the snow and will have it stuck to her hair (not fur with this dog), and it freezes to her pretty solidly. I figure the treat followed by the **** of a warm bath for her will even it out.

Lazy day, and thoroughly enjoying it. I'm still a paper lover - I tear recipes and don't want to have to turn on a device in order to cook something, but as a result, I have a load of recipes to trim up and put in a book/folder.

Off to eat some lunch as I'm actually hungry. Not because it's nearly 12:30. An important difference in my mind.

01-02-2014, 05:51 PM
Hello! Just logging some credits: second day eating on plan; first day not going to sleep on the sofa at 8.30pm (and yes, those things are related!); stuck to my written-down routines all day including 10 mins planned walk outside (which I was VERY resistant to) and my evening Pilates session.

My daughter helped me cook the meal tonight, she made a big bowl of salad and even ate some of it. She is 5, and has been a very picky vegetable-resistant eater since she turned 2. So seeing her eat lettuce was a big deal, and reinforced another of the benefits for me - if I eat well, the kids eat better too.

maryann I love that freeing yourself up from focusing on food to focus on life. That's where I want to get to as well.

01-02-2014, 06:59 PM

I have not dealt with the Aria scale setup yet. Maybe tonight I'll take a stab at it. I have been enjoying my flex fitbit but don't really like wearing it. But if I don't wear it I won't know how many calories I burn ina day (always curious about this) vs. what I have eaten; all the steps I take and my sleep efficiency, which went up last night to 95% in spite of waking more than the night before.

I made and ate some cookies this afternoon. I fought the thought off for few hours then gave in, made them, and ate half+1 of the batch=10 cookies. I just wanted Sugar. I have been in the grips of Sugar for a few weeks now--ever since I got back from Florida on the 20th. I will have to make a conscious decision to stop eating it again. When I eat sugar I don't eat green things.

I'm off. DH is home. Time to get a screwdriver!

01-02-2014, 11:33 PM
Hi all,

My January is starting out well, if a whole lot snowy. We had two forecasts: 1-3" and 2-4". We got about 6". I guess they should have added them together or something.

Today was a prep day in the kitchen--I cooked quite a bit and DD and BFF made and decorated cookies. I didn't nibble on anything while cooking or moving their cookies from the baking try to the cooling tray.

All my meals were OP (although I switched lunch and dinner around, time wise). I had planned on two cookies as my evening snack, knowing it'd be hard watching them being made. As they were being made, I told them myself I could have my two in the evening and that made it okay to wait. I had exactly my two cookies, enjoyed them immensely and feel very proud of myself for waiting to have two, to only having two, and being satisfied with two.

It was interesting to be aware of how much more I ate when preparing for this same party last year--how much I nibbled on all the pieces of each type of food as it was being made. Today, I ate what I intended and didn't nibble on anything while it was being made. In previous years, my binge party eating definitely would have started already--but not this year!

Weight at 198.6 (Correction after wannabehealthy noticed)--178.6--(I did not gain 20 lbs overnight!) again and my recording everything streak is now at 23 days!

I've promised myself a little shopping spree at the office supply store for keeping my streak up during the party!

nationalparker: Sometimes having a two meal rather than a three meal day is what it takes to stay OP for a big food day!

CeeJay: Oh my gosh does that sound cold! Definitely a day that would be better sepnt at home! Credit for all of your credits--and for a no sugar day!

systemsaddict: That's great that you had more energy in the evening--that's wonderful! It's amazing how our children are influenced by our decisions--and that's even true of my college aged ones.

ForMyGirls: Okay, so you didn't want to shortchange yourself--but you did it within plan--that's awesome!

seadwaters: Credit for makng jelly from scratch--that's impressive!

BillBE: Definite credit for going out for a walk to visit the ATM--your evening snack probably didn't require any money!

gardenerjoy: I hope the shoveling wasn't too overwhelming. If it's anything like our house was today, there was a lot of it to do!

maryann: You look gorgeous. You do look incredibly happy and you should--you're amazing. Big credits for responding to those sabataging diabolical thoughts.

veganasaurusrex: Credit for recognizing the difference between hungry and wanting to eat. That's such a hard one for me! (DH is worse than I am about doing tasks that are non-critical when there's a time crunch.)

onebyone: Credit for letting us know what you did with the cookies. It's hard to have sugar calling. {{hugs}}

I don't know how much I'll be able to check in the next few days--I'll post but know I won't have time for personals when I have a house full of people.

Take care, all.

01-03-2014, 12:21 AM
Back on track after cookie collision. I also have a screwdriver and even a level to continue my Ikea furniture adventure. Made plenty of progress today. I've attached a jpg of my completed chaise lounge. I *love* it even if DH thinks it's only "half a sofa". :shrug:

My fitbit also lit 5 lights--more than before. I wish I remembered what it was counting though as I know I changed it from the default setting=steps taken. Oh well. I'll check in the morning.

I return to WW meetings on Saturday. This feels right. I'll be back at the gym after tomorrow too. Time to start firing on all cylinders.

maryann You look fit and happy and your backdrop is intriguing! Kudos for posting!

Have a good night coaches.

01-03-2014, 01:32 AM
Well, my streak ended today. I would love to try to figure out a way to still pretend that it was legit eating because of 45 minutes of snow shoveling/pushing/flinging, but in all honesty, I just can't claim it as a day on track. ARGH. Can I not keep a streak going here?

So, committing to not beating myself up tomorrrow, and just getting rolling again. Credits today did include getting outside with the wind chill below zero for the shoveling, coming in when my heart felt like it was pounding a bit harder than I thought it should, even though I still had a bit more to do, skipping all cookies in the house, and choosing a grapefruit between meals and some home-popped popcorn tonight (done in a pan with a bit of olive oil). Lunch and dinner seemed light, but I had two slices of biscotti for 200 calories, picking the puniest that are left, but STILL eating them. I need to start tracking again, Beth - I feel silly restarting at MyFitnessPal AGAIN, but clearly need to monitor. Great job on skipping the pre-festivity food. Pulling hard for you to get that shopping spree for sticking on plan during the party time. Even if it is at an office supply store -ha ha!

Typically I never eat standing up, and don't think about it, but today I stood at my back kitchen window with my grapefruit and watched and listened to the hundreds of Canada geese in the field next to us with the snow coming down. So peaceful, though they sounded quite vocal. I might be the lone Canada goose liker; everyone here gripes about their pooh, their noise, etc., but hey - I like 'em. Did you know (well, Bill, I know YOU know) that if one is injured, another one goes down with it to stay with it while it hopefully heals. IF that's not true, don't tell me :) because I like to think of them as caring, as a wildlife officer told me at a Nat'l Park :) ha ha. Denial, my DH says. Odd fact (?) of the day.

Maryann - Wonderful picture - thank you for posting that! Love the joy on your face.

Hm - I think I DO need to track because looking back at my food intake, I let the two biscotti take hold of my whole day, thinking I was doing terrible. Lunch was pretty light, and dinner was the comfort food fave of tomato soup with 1% milk and grilled cheese, which came in under 500 for the meal.

01-03-2014, 04:51 AM
I have had a busy day getting chores done. I went to IKEA - always challenging but a great way to get my walking done. And I picked up some things to make my environment more organised.

I have been following a primal/paleo diet and trying to incorporate current best wisdom into my diet - and today my jars to begin fermenting food arrived! It will be fun to learn how to ferment foods and make things like sauerkraut, kefir, dill pickles etc. It is quite hard to get unpasturised pickles (salted not vinegared) in Australia at all or for a reasonable price so I am going to prioritise my health and give it a go. Plus a fine distraction to learn a new food related skill.

I am struggling with choices for food tomorrow. I am going out for breakfast and one place we could go has food I need to stay away from. I need to work out how to deal with the options

Credits today for:
Checking in
Weighing in (up again!)
Walking to get my steps in
Looking at all the food on offer in IKEA and sticking with what I had planned
Giving myself credit for making good choices
Keeping my carbohydrates low
No sugar and no wheat

01-03-2014, 07:23 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – When I tried to buy some lower body base layer (long johns if you're not hiking Mt. Everest), the clerk, in her best 'of course' voice, said, "you know that's a seasonal item. You have to buy them when they come out in October." Ouch. So I ordered them on-line with guaranteed delivery yesterday. They didn't because it's 2 degrees Fahrenheit outside with the snow still falling. It's hard for me to imagine a life where I think of buying long johns on the beach on the Fourth of July. Oh Well. Walked, CREDIT moi, to the library to pick up one of the Mary Poppins books and the Walt Disney movie. After seeing Saving Mr. Banks ( I realize that I've never read the real book. At checkout the librarian called over to the children's librarian to ask if she'd ever read it. Nope. Apparently I'm going to be the first; they had to ship it in from the suburbs.

Eating continued on plan including snacks, CREDIT moi, to increment my streak to 44. Evening snack was, again, half a Florida Navel Orange. It's a pain that DW only wants a half and I feel obligated to have the other half instead of a whole one for myself. But it tweaks my thinking about my relationship to food so perhaps it's a good thing happening.

onebyone – Be aware that you'll be the first person on planet earth to cobble together IKEA furniture using a level, LOL. Ouch for the attack of the cookies. Love the chaise lounge - it looks like it'll provide the same seating space as a couch using much less room. LOL at your DH's "half a sofa."

Joy (gardenerjoy) – I'll be joining you in this snow shoveling thing.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Keep us posted on your IKEA results - there must be a whole division of YouTube devoted to constructing their stuff. Intrigued by the notion of salted rather than vinegar'd pickles. Good luck with that venture.

maryann - The goal for us all, "I focus on life."

nationalparker – So rare it's worth celebrating, "I'm actually hungry." Kudos for taking your Trail Walk in these temps. When I become Czar, all biscotti will be sent back to Italy where they belong. [Yes, Canada Geese mate for life, fly down with a wounded mate, bury their dead, and read Mary Poppins to their goslings. You're right; I'm not the person to ask, LOL.]

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Yes indeed, Kudos for, "waiting to have two, to only having two, and being satisfied with two."

Jo (veganasaurusrex) – Now you got me drooling for some "hoppin' john" ( Kudos for recognizing, "I wasn't hungry, I just wanted to eat." [Neat to have someone Geek enough to appreciate the significance of hitting '42'.]

systemsaddict - Yay for getting something green into your 5 yo DD - wonder if she'd get suspicious if you asked her to help cook some spinach, LOL.

Readers - day 9 Select an Exercise Plan

Finalize Your Exercise Plans
Also think of all of the different ways you can work spontaneous exercise into each day. Write down your plan so you'll feel accountable.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 110.

01-03-2014, 08:04 AM
Weight at 198.6 againand my recording everything streak is now at 23 days!

Beth, I am not a stalker, but I have watched you come down from the 190's, and I sure hope this is a typo!!! It gave me quite a jolt!

01-03-2014, 08:59 AM
Weight at 198.6 againand my recording everything streak is now at 23 days!

Beth, I am not a stalker, but I have watched you come down from the 190's, and I sure hope this is a typo!!! It gave me quite a jolt!

It was a typo! 178.6 -- kinda a big typo, huh? 179.8 this morning--but I'm still under 180!

It made me smile that you notice!

01-03-2014, 11:30 AM
My 100% OP streak count is 3.

It was either warmer than expected or I'm more acclimated than I thought. I had no problem spending more than an hour outside working yesterday. I even unzipped my jacket at one point. I got it cleared off enough to get out. Today's chore will be to get it all off in advance of the next system -- more snow on Sunday and a high of 3 degrees on Monday. We have lots of years when our temperature never dips to 3 degrees as a low, much less a high!

Great to see all the New Year energy on this thread and elsewhere on 3FC! I'm borrowing it for my own purposes to stay on plan and get things done.

WI: -0.2 in kg, Exercise: +70 115/1400 minutes for January, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

maryann: love your picture! You look terrific. No one would look at that picture and see someone who needs to lose 20 pounds. Except, apparently, you. ;) I think that will improve over time, especially with your thoughtful solutions.

veganasaurusrex: yay for making hoppin' john part of your credits for the New Year!

bethfromDayton: impressive restraint around the cookies! Cool that you can compare your actions from last year to this -- and appreciate the improvement and what it's doing for you!

seadwaters: can't wait to hear about your fermenting. I read Cooked by Michael Pollan last year and have been fascinated by the idea, but I haven't taken the plunge yet.

BillBlueEyes: I've never read Mary Poppins either. I started it once and it was so not Julie Andrews that I couldn't continue. I should try again now that the shock factor has worn off. But I'll wait and see if you like it.

01-03-2014, 12:10 PM

*credit* for weighing in at the exact same as 2 days ago. Rare that. I'm about to go tackle the Ikea furniture assembly. I have screwdriver. I have patience. I have instructional graphics that sort of make sense. I also have coffee. Will checkback in. BTW we had frostquakes last night. :?: new to me.

Billblueeyes and gardenerjoy: admittedly, I love cranky old people. I really do. I love it when people say exactly what they mean. So, here's a link to Harlan Ellison, famous sci-fi writer and thought to be erratic, angry and really hard to handle, discussing the movie Saving Mr. Banks and the writer of Mary Poppins. Watch it to the end.

01-03-2014, 01:18 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Back on home turf with a big sigh of relief. I had many credits. I weighed everyday (brought my scale); drank all my water everyday; exercised; focused on getting in all my fruits and veggies in between sugar mania. In the five days I was gone I saw the scale go up as high as five pounds. Today I weighed in at just three pounds above maintenance weight. This seems a manageable amount to lose again. I am committing to the first week of the JJ Virgin Diet that I did back in September: off the 7 most common food allergens and two vita mix shakes a day. We'll see how much of the gain was water weight.

So for today, I plan to cook a bunch of grass fed beef to portion out for the next three days; stock up on berries, spinach and chia seeds; and make a Pilates run. As of this moment, I have logged 17 hours of my first day :)

veganasauraus rex: baked cauliflower is one of my favorite things. I also have a wonderful mock mash potatoes that uses cauliflower.

nationalparker: you are my hero taking a trail walk in 0 degrees. I take my weather for granted. I think tracking does help. My mind is a terrible neighborhood. Better get things down in black and white.

systemsaddict: It is a wonderful feeling to know my kid is seeing a healthy model. He automatically orders sandwiches on wheat bread. He thinks about how many fruits and veggies he has had for the day. Feels good to be a positive influence. Could you tell me what your name means? Are you a techie?

onebyone: I am researching flex fitbit. Thanks. It might be something I am interested in.

bethfromDyaton: You constantly amaze me with your ability to bake. I am no that evolved yet. So proud of you for getting back under 180 when you were struggling just a few short weeks ago. Terrific.

Ceejay: fascinated by fermenting jars. Is this part of the paleo plan? Just read about a new book Cavewoman Don't Get Fat.

BBE: My goal is to see Saving Mr. Banks this weekend, head cold permitting.

gardenerjoy: Thanks for the boost. I think my body image will improve over time as well. It will also decrease in importance.

01-03-2014, 03:19 PM
Hello all!

I am taking a cue from something gardenerjoy said some time back in December about her monthly exercise challenge (paraphrasing): "we do more [working out] and less chatting". My "spirit" was "convicted" and I realized that rather than just "talk the talk" I really needed to take all that energy that I had been reserving for reading and posting (for me, it had become 3 hours on average because of the many groups that I belong to) and put it into "self-improvement".

So, as a "heads up": I am reading all of your posts but, alas, in the interest of time, I will not be doing personals every time I post and try to keep this as reporting and giving credit from now on. If I have not responded directly to your individual post please do NOT take this as a slight. I am just trying to get done what I need to get done this year. I hope you understand.

BBE: I do think that realizing that you automatically felt the need to eat the other half is exactly one of the behaviors that Dr. Beck addresses: really thinking through whether we need to eat that (was it planned?) vs eating it "because that is what I have always done or it is there". Good job in seeing the connection between your thoughts and then actions.

beth: Glad that you too have seen a big difference in your relationship with food between this past holiday season and last year's. Progress is measured as such. Good Job!

vegan: Yup, I could not pass eating my black-eyed peas for New Year's Day either along with the ham, yams, peach cobbler and two small glasses of Moscato wine. The fact that I was able to change my ticker down today was a nod that I ate "just enough" and not "too much".

maryann: You said it so eloquently, I can only say, "By George (or Maryann), you got it!" I remind myself that it is not "all about me", the world doesn't care whether what I weigh and those who do love me have always loved me. You do look happy. Now, let that sink in. You are a beautiful and gentle soul.:hug:

seadwater: As a person who now has to know the carbs in everything I am now learning how to have "my carb and eat it too". ;) Not an easy venture but I love homemade fruit spreads and so "less is enough" when it comes to carbs. At least, that is what my blood glucose is telling me.

FMG: I am doing my best to get back over to MSE but I am trying to get some things set up the past couple of days but I will be back there soon and very soon. Well, that has been my plan all along. If DH comes in and doesn't want to exercise then he is on his own. That is what happened yesterday and I had already done all of my exercises before he got home. He did them last night. This afternoon we do have a "date" with Leslie Sansone and "walk, walk, walk." I think she sounds like a duck so when I imitate her he laughs. I swear that is the only reason why he likes doing her dvds. He is just so juvenile. :lol:

onebyone: your sofa looks nice. My DH would love the royal blue. Dark chocolate (the more cacao the better) does it for me when I crave sugar. One square and I am satisfied. Hope you find what works for you. How is the gym working out for you?

Credit: I finally got to move my ticker down. Bummer that I still haven't lost enough to put one snow person for my first 5 lbs since incorporating BDS along with my diabetes weight loss plan (start date to remember: December 21st, 2013). However, it does give me an incentive to work even harder!:D

Love, Pam :comp:

01-03-2014, 05:35 PM
Today has been good so far. I'm really enjoying the feeling of a tabula rasa that a new year always grants me.

My boss surprised me today by giving me an office! We have run out of space in the tiny room where 7 of us currently sit scrunched together. It was a fun perk and I've been nesting all day and really enjoying having a little space to call my own.

I'm on track with reading my ARCs and completing my steps. I'm taking a second day on Step 6 - Finding a Diet Coach because I didn't have time to really engage the support system I wanted to yesterday.

I have noticed myself working on my resistance muscle even though I'm not on that "step" yet. It's been really interesting to see how working on my mindset automatically makes me say no to food I don't need more often then I would otherwise. This Beck lady really has some smart ideas.

Plan for today is to re-read Day 7, read my ARC tonight and reach out to my support network more concretely.

Weekends are killer for me because I lose all the structure of work. My weekend plan is to maintain reading my ARC and posting here at least once. I'm not going to try and tackle steps when I know that it's too much for me amidst all of my other weekend plans.

Credit for today: Having a meeting suddenly moved to McDonalds and choosing not to eat anything even though I was craving french fries. Taking my vitamins. Reading my ARC twice at scheduled times. Adding another format to my ARC so I have NO EXCUSES for not reading it. Writing new response cards. Eating sitting down. Choosing to say no to extra food at breakfast because I was desiring to eat for the pleasure of eating not because I was hungry. I can have that pleasure when I need it just not when I only want it.


nationalparker As a former New Yorker who has relocated to the south I miss snow and I'm so enjoying reading about it (even though I know it's frustrating when you're in it and much more romantic when you're far away). Excellent on recognizing your body's hunger and recognizing it!

systemsaddict Amazing job on helping your child enjoy healthy foods- what a great side effect of the wonderful work you're doing for yourself.

bethFromDayton Your self control is INCREDIBLE! Wonderful job!

nationalparker I'm restarting myfitnesspal too - I'd be happy to be accountabilibuddies on there

seadwaters Ikea is such a fantastically distracting and wonderful place. Seems like our forum is on an Ikea spree!

01-03-2014, 05:48 PM
Hi all,

I somehow stumbled upon your message board and am considering learning more about the Beck Diet Solution. I requested the book from the library. Would you recommend that I buy it instead?

01-03-2014, 06:01 PM
Team total 131. Streak for me is 29.

Credits for yesterday. Had a long battle with a craving yesterday and i won! Long time since cravings have reared their ugly heads. I actually think it was a habit thing. I got to spend a few hours with my girls yesterday (they are having a long stay with their Dad at the moment and the younger one needed a Mummy fix). We were having such fun - playing musical bobs, card games, writing stories together and then suddenly my brain says "this is so much fun - why don't we go get icecreams". WTF? In amongst the debate inside my head there was even a line of "we've all used up lots of calories dancing" that i managed not to be tricked by. I am really pleased i saw sense in this one - it is so important for my girls to know that fun can be had without unhealthy food so it would have been an awful shame for me to disprove that for them yesterday.

Maryann - i was delighted and inspired by how fabulous you look! And even more inspired to read your thoughts about why my thinking or not thinking that is irrelevant!

Vegan...rex - I am horribly jealous of NYE in New Orleans. We spent NYE watching the final episode of Treme - i don't think i have ever been so sad to see a show finish.

National parker - i thought that as the keeper of stats i might point out that this is the longest streak you have had - which is a definite plus! Good on you for being honest with yourself and us about it ending though.

Systemsaddict - loved your story of 5 year old eating salad

Pamatga- it is totally fine for you not to be posting personals. And also totally fine for you to be quiet on the MSE boards. These things should never, ever, be an obligation i reckon. If posting here and other places helps you reach your goals then do it. If it hinders you the don't! (IMHO) LOL about your husband's motivation for exercise - i so love a bit of silliness in a grown up!

01-04-2014, 12:35 AM
Hi everyone,

Just a quick check in tonight. Three days of healthy eating and exercising under my belt. It sure feels good to say that. Thanks to all of you for the inspiration and support.

I am finding that telling myself stop thinking about food is helping. As soon as my head drifts to sabotaging thoughts of eating something unhealthy and off-plan I am noticing and telling myself to stop it. I have been telling myself that I just need to not do it right now. Trying not to think about the big picture too much. It just feels too overwhelming.

Welcome Moebug. I think you will find the book helps. For me, I bought both of Beck's books and have reread them when I needed inspiration, a kick in the pants or both. :D

pamatga- I hear you on the effort and time it takes to personally respond to everyone. You are wise to focus on using your time to do what is healthy for you. I have gotten hung up on not being able to keep up with personals and at times have not posted because of that. That definitely is not helpful.

Have a great weekend everyone!

01-04-2014, 02:13 AM
Hi all,

It's pretty late here (1:00 am) and the party is still going strong. I've got the breakfast casseroles in the fridge to make tomorrow morning easy. Several people had to cancel because of the bad weather in southern MI/northern OH. Disappointing but I'm glad they've made choices to stay safe.

I've eaten lots more than an "OP" day--lots more--about double my normal OP calories. I've also recorded everything and that has kept me eating less than I did last year at this same party--a lot less. I've eaten everything sitting down with a plate--very deliberate and paying attention to what I was eating.

Since that's how I'm measuring success this weekend--recording and eating sitting down on a plate (no "on the run" eating sitting down"!)

I can't count how many times I've been aware of something that I would have stuck in my mouth at a previous party--and had the "I'm not doing that" response.

I have lots of thoughts that are helping, including that I've managed to stop eating sweets at work, I can stop overeating at parties. It isn't hard anymore to turn down sweets at work--most of the time it's really easy. So that means that if I persevere, it's entirely possible that not overeating at parties will get easy for me, too.

So. Friday night done--and if not OP, I give myself credit for success at meeting a low bar--but one I've not met at other similar events.

Oh--and I lost 3 euchre games in a row and then won 3 in a row.

Take care, all.

01-04-2014, 05:42 AM
Hi coaches

A quick Saturday night check-in. Fortunately my IKEA visit didn't involve any putting together of furniture - all small bits and pieces so no 3 dimentional challenges. This morning I was going to breakfast with a friend and because yet again my weight was the same I was inclined to think - forget it, I will eat what I want because the diet is getting me nowhere. However I didn't do that and decided on a sensible breakfast that obeyed all the food rules I am following at the moment. I don't think I will lose weight in any amount until I get off the medications I am on - which won't be for a few years. And the spectacular results that others get by reducing carbs and sticking to food made from scratch won't impact my weight loss because except for the odd lapse I have eaten that way for a long time. I don't eat processed food and I have avoided wheat and sweets for years. However by avoiding foods that I react to I do reduce inflammation and joint pain so I need to stick with it and who knows - I might lose some weight as well.

I have read more of the fermentation book and am getting ready to have a go. I have read "Wild Fermentation" in the past and know of Fallon's "Nourishing Traditions" (will need to look at Cooked thanks GardenerJoy - have read his other books but not that one yet) but the book at the moment seems more accessible (Lisa's Counter Culture: Pickles and other well bred food"). They all mount a very good argument for the inclusion of fermented foods in the diet as do a number of food blogs. I have been buying sauerkraut and kimchi for a while but it is far more exciting to try and make them myself. Will let you know how it goes!

Credits for today:
Logging on to my coaches
Eating on plan all day including when there were many alternatives for breakfast
Finishing my steps for the day
No sugar or wheat

01-04-2014, 06:00 AM
Thanks, seadwaters, for being there at the breakfast table with me this morning! I was considering a slice of toast but checked in here first. Your post (above) headed me off!

I lurk, as you know, and post sporadically. Thanks for all you do here. I really appreciate it. And a Happy New Year!

01-04-2014, 06:15 AM
Welcome Moebug! Do you have an iPad or iPhone? If so you can get a sample of Beck Diet Solution in the iBook store while you wait for the library copy to arrive. You might also be able to get an Android or Kindle version - i only live in the world of Mac though so i am not sure how to achieve that.

In any event - however you get access to the book i hope you find it as life changing as i have.

Team points are 135. My streak is 30:-)

Credit for today: when i realised i had miscalculated my snacks and was over calories at the end of the day i corrected it by doing an hours cleaning. Extra credits for the fact that when the cleaning took 2 hours i didn't then 'correct' that by eating more food i wasn't hungry for!

Beth - i am so pleased to hear you are achieving your goals at the party and that you are able to see the positive changes you are making

Seadwaters - woohoo to you for not giving in to that dastardly "bugger it, it's not working anyway" sabotaging thought.

01-04-2014, 08:23 AM
:welcome: Moebug :welcome:

And, on the occasion of your first post, :wel3fc:

How did you come to have "stumbled upon" our Beck forum here on 3 Fat Chicks?

(I take it that you found this forum before you discovered the books.)

01-04-2014, 08:26 AM
Hi Coaches!

I'm still with ya'll in spirit. Still dealing with my projects, my real job and ongoing internet woes. When I had time to really connect yesterday after work I couldn't log on....darned skiers heading back to Denver. I continue to be very mindful of my food choices and weigh in every morning. The scale continues to be good to me....maintaining, which for now, is just fine. Interestingly, speaking of the scale, although I'm staying in my maintainance range on the scale, I went over the hill for NewYears and my clothes I wear there are really loose. I've only been over 3 times since September and even though the scale reads the same I still seem to be shrinking in sizes. That's good enough for me. I enjoy reading and, as always, learn lots. Keep warm everyone!

Welcome Moebug! I initially checked books out from the library, since it was fast, but then ordered my own once I decided to commit.

01-04-2014, 08:38 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Exercise was shoveling snow, CREDIT moi. There was no wet part so it went quickly and easily. I met a neighbor who's new, agreeing with her that a benefit of shoveling is that it's the only time we easily meet each other. My hands got cold enough after thirty minutes that I worked in half-hour shifts. Gotta consider getting serious gloves if temps are going to be in the single digits. Immediately after clearing out the car I did my weekend trip to the supermarket and found the parking lot half empty - a joy since it often over fills. I saw Valentine's Day candy where the Christmas candy had been. I detect a scheme here.

Eating was on plan, including snacks, CREDIT moi, to streak to 45. It feels like an NSV that the leftover cranberry squares from our Christmas dinner still sit on the kitchen counter as does the box of German goodies from our weekend bird walk. Evening snack was a whole Louisiana Navel Orange since DW wandered into some sherbet and I didn't choose to follow. I felt like indulging with my own whole orange, LOL. The movie we saw last night, Inside Llewyn Davis ( had high reviews by critics and so-so by viewers. I come down on the side of the reviewers. I didn't love or hate Llewyn nor the music.

onebyone – New word for me, Frost quake ( - did you actually see the ground explode? Thanks for the link to Harlan Ellison's take on Mr. Banks. Everything I see from Disney is pasteurized - I should have suspected this movie as well. Admittedly, indeed, I had to catch my breath with the first part of your paragraph in isolation before I read on, "Billblueeyes and gardenerjoy: admittedly, I love cranky old people. I really do."

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Congrats for shoveling twice as long as I did in each set - you halved the opportunities to think, I deserve a snack for that, LOL.

CeeJay - Love the notion of reducing the issue to right now, "I have been telling myself that I just need to not do it right now."

silverbirch – And Happy New Year to you, also. Neat to be reminded that success is achieved one slice to toast at a time.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Interesting heads up to consider fermented foods. We do kimchi on occasion.

Pam (pamatga) – Congrats for moving your sticker down even if only half a snow person.

maryann - Kudos for choosing a diet that has worked for you. I wish I'd stop getting confused about what is abstained from in the JJ Virgin Diet.

Wannabeskinny – Thanks for pointing out the typo in Beth (bethFromDayton)'s weight that all the rest of us missed.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Concise response, "I'm not doing that". Congrats for having your party despite the weather.

Jo (veganasaurusrex) – Yep, unstructured time challenges a bunch of us. Kudos for standing down fries at MacDonald's.

ForMyGirls - Such demonic Sabotaging Thought, "this is so much fun - why don't we go get icecreams" - Kudos for seeing it for what it was.

Moebug - When I first learned of The Beck Diet Solution, I bought one and checked one out from the library for lunchtime reading at work. It's definitely worth owning since it's worth returning to over the years. See what you think after a few weeks. Glad you've joined us.

Readers - day 9 Select an Exercise Plan

what are you thinking?
Sabotaging Thoughts will interfere with your ability to start and maintain an exercise program. Most are self-deluding or irrelevant, such as, a lot of people don't exercise, so it's okay if I don't either. If you find yourself resisting this idea of starting an exercise program, reread the benefits of exercise mentioned on pages 107-108. Which are important to you? Write them on a Response Card.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 111.

01-04-2014, 09:28 AM
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone :) I think I found you while I was searching for the "miracle diet" that would transform me and rid me of my overeating habits forever ! HA! What a joke :dizzy: Anyways, I think I found a copy of the book at my local Barnes and Noble and I'm going to buy it today.

I see that some of you call yourself coaches. Does that mean you are available to mentor people that are just starting out? I could really benefit from that to give me some accountability.

Thanks again!

01-04-2014, 11:46 AM
Hi all, and welcome MoeBug. I am new here too, but I think that everyone uses the forum and its members as their own Beck diet coach, and they mentor and encourage each other that way. Congrats for buying the Beck book. I also bought a nice notebook and notecards to do all of the tasks.

Coaches: I have done well over the holidays. I had a binge on New Year's Eve, but I have recovered from it, and am back in my acceptable weight range. I have kept up with my walking, hiking, and bike riding. The holidays and all of the relatives visiting have kept me out of the gym, so I am planning to go back and start lifting weights again. I may go today.

01-04-2014, 12:22 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

I had a great day puttering. Didn't leave the house in honor of my lingering head cold. Planned food menu for the month in honor of Frugal January! We have lots of freezer meat from the pig we bought at the FFA auction. I made shopping list of recipe incidentals I'll need but I can postpone shopping until next week. Heaven to be home. Today's plan is to dig out the office, write thank you notes and send the last of the Xmas cards ( maybe they are new year's cards now.)

Yesterday was OP. Scale a pound down which feels great. Food in FP. My body does love a routine.

Pamatga and ForMyGirls: Both of you experienced a huge awareness - the insidiousness of an addictive mind. My mind will let me spend three hours on "thinking" about solutions rather than taking action AND my mind mind will slip food thoughts into sheer joy in order for me to focus once again on food. Credit for your insights.

Ceejay: Big credit for three days. That is a big deal.

BethFromDayton: Ironically, I was just searching for a "breakfast casserole.' What does yours have in it? Credit for your determination to record. It is really the secret to success, I believe.

Seadwaters: Thanks for the book reference.

BBE: corn, soy, peanuts, artificial sweetener, gluten, eggs, dairy. The first four she recommends never putting back into your diet.

Welcome Moebug.

01-04-2014, 12:31 PM

*credit* weighed in on my official weigh-in day today and saw 267.6. Great. -2.4lbs this week. I think the fitbit is doing something intangible for me as if nothing else, it's keeping my head turning back towards my body stats: calories, steps taken, sleep hours, activity levels. Just seeing it here on my wrist I know it's a visual reminder of my goals for myself. So, I'm 48% to my first 5lbs off goal and my day of seeing two movies back to back at the theatre. I actually find that reward super motivating.

I've just completed one of my cabinets and the 2nd one is complete except for the legs that I forgot to put on. I actually attached the legs that were included and wondered if I had simply bought the wrong thing--getting those extra legs then I wondered why my first finished cabinet looked a lot lower than I remembered the one in the store - duh-needs those legs. So I have to tip it over, carefully, now and add those legs than I am completely done except for inserting the shelves which I am waiting to do as I am not sure what I am housing in those cabinets just yet. Much much much more to do but it is happening. *credit*

Ok taking a break-off to drop off my mom's laundry at her residence.

Have a good Saturday everyone.

01-04-2014, 06:12 PM
Got the book and finished writing my Advantages Response Cards!
Also, I set reminder alarms on my phone so I would read them twice a day :)

01-04-2014, 07:17 PM
Good day yesterday - we went to a matinee of The Book Thief, and for some reason, that movie really crushed me emotionally. I cried through more than a few parts and referred to the rest of the theatre to DH as hard-***** since I didn't hear anyone else sniffling and schnuffling. That said, it was very good if anyone was wondering :)

Another day of two meals with breakfast and dinner yesterday, but kept snacking a bit more than I needed to at night. Credit for logging everything into MFP. Today's credits include shoveling snow for a bit, trying to clear off areas before the next round comes in tonight. DH is working tonight. I made his dinner earlier and boy, it is hard for me to make a meal at a non-meal time and NOT eat some, especially one I really like. I ended up taking a few pieces of penne and having it with my dinner and counting it. Not a nutritious-eating day, and aiming to wrap up the eating early tonight.

Trying to think of credits because I typically think of the fails - ordered a well-reviewed yoga dvd to get started back with that, and am looking forward to it. Figured I'd haul out the mat tonight and just do a few of the poses and stretches, and see if there are some options to stream.

Welcome, Moebug! I was going to say I checked the pink Beck book out several times before buying my copy, but sounds like you're all set!! Great job and good to have you on board.

We have one month until heading out on a cruise for DH's birthday - our first. I wish it were now and we'd skip this snowstorm :) coming in tonight/tomorrow. I sent DH off with hand warmers, double everything clothes-wise, and made him promise to just stay in a hotel there if it was dicey driving. I said I'd rather he just hole up there, get some food and sleep and not waste hours on the road trying to get here.

Congrats, OneByOne, on the loss this week! In an earlier post when you wrote that your DH was home and off to get a screwdriver, I initially thought that, instead of tackling Ikea furniture assembly, you were relaxing with a cocktail once he got home. ha. Oops. My hat goes off to you with the Ikea projects. I love that store and found this that I want on our next visit: ... I'm not sure that I NEED it but saw it in an ad on tv and thought, wow! What a nice addition to a kitchen drawer. Ha!

Streak = 2 (yesterday and today)

01-04-2014, 07:37 PM
I'm getting a little ahead of myself but I have a few questions... One of the diet plans I plan on doing is The Wheat Belly Diet. This diet does not place a big emphasis on calorie counting. Does everyone here count calories?

Also, did you wait the full two weeks before starting to do your diet?

Thanks :D

01-04-2014, 07:45 PM
My 100% OP streak count is 4.

Exercise was shoveling off the last of the snow because that will make it easier to handle the several more inches that we’re getting in the next 18 hours. And a walk because DH is on the mend. He may even be of some help with this new system’s snow. Which will be good because they are now predicting a high of 0 degrees on Monday. Several short sessions by both of us will be the best way to deal with it.

I had to talk myself down from buying too much fruit at the store this morning. I’m not sure what was up with that. I may need more fruit because it could be a week before I get to the store again. But being snowed-in does not mean that I’ll be eating more fruit per day. Some part of me seemed to think that extra servings of fruit was exactly what the situation called for. Oh well. A better instinct than what I might have gone for in the past.

WI: +1.15 in kg, Exercise: +60 175/1400 minutes for January, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Welcome, Moebug! Day 6 of the Beck Diet Solution will ask you to select a diet coach. I use this group as my coach. The collective wisdom is miraculous (since you were looking for a miracle :) ) and it's available 24/7.

bethfromDayton: this feels like a break-through for you with your parties. So great to see!

BillBlueEyes and onebyone: I'm looking forward to Saving Mr. Banks and expect to thoroughly enjoy it as a completely fictional story. I didn't catch it, until Bill did, but I think I wouldn't mind being among the cranky old people who can be so interesting.

01-04-2014, 07:53 PM
Moebug - I keep coming back to counting calories for my diet, because I tend to lie to myself when I don't. I did ww about 15 years ago and did well with that, focusing mainly on fat and fiber. Now my goal is to stop counting calories and eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm NOT hungry, rather than full. But I do well with that and then eat more of something just because I like it, so I realize I need that limitation. But there are folks who do South Beach Diet, Weight Watchers, and other programs in this thread.

Kitchen is CLOSED - thank you GardenerJoy for that from a year or so ago. It's cleaned up and lookin' pretty and I don't need anything else. When you close it, is it closed for hot tea as well? :)

01-04-2014, 08:07 PM
Moebug: there are lots of different diets we do using the Beck principles. I think few of us count calories although many of us use them as a helpful guide.

I think I waited most of the full two weeks before I started the diet, but that was mostly because it took me that long to decide what I was going to do. In the end, I invented my own diet and that took some time, too.

You wouldn't be the first to start earlier than two weeks, though, especially with all the energy of the New Year to propel you.

01-04-2014, 08:08 PM
nationalparker: the tea room is always open (don't tell me my brain that it's the same thing as the kitchen).

01-04-2014, 10:21 PM
tomorrow I'm going to start eating sitting down at the table! Woo hoo!!:D

I just realized something, I do mSt of my eating sitting on the couch, laying in bed, driving in the car. I'll probably lose a bunch of weight just by eating at the table!

01-04-2014, 11:44 PM
This last week have fallen off the wagon and gained two lbs. so I am starting again tomorrow.

Credit: still counted calories and held myself accountable even with the Christmas candy and red velvet cake. Christmas candy is almost gone. I am going to start giving it away.

Starting exercise Monday when the kids go back to school. I have one more week left before I start my class. Have to put Christmas stuff away and get house back together. Feeling anxious and that makes me want to eat. I was doing so good living with my hunger and then I started eating Christmas stuff and haven't stopped. But I am going to get myself together.

Hope you all have a good night.

01-05-2014, 05:23 AM
Hi Coaches

I have had an on-plan day and have been at home today so no challenges. It is nice to be in an environment you can control. I have logged everything into MFP - I have had to raise the Carbs level but you only have a choice between 5% or 10% on MFP so at the moment I am trying to sit in the middle

A discussion board I regularly read presented a discussion on "Personal capital" for 1st January:
"The New Year offers, in some sense, capital for personal change. It comes with its own energetic motivation, its own contemplative structure and its own collective momentum. How are you going to use that capital this year? How can it encourage you to reclaim your most vitalized self, your optimum life?"

This sentiment has lead to all sorts of action and thought that seems to be more sincere than most years. I do truly feel energised and mobilised this year - maybe because there are only so many chances left

Credit for:
Logging on
Logging all food
Eating on plan and planning tomorrow
doing strength exercises
fitting in steps
No sugar and no wheat

maryann - fermenting is discussed a lot in paleo and primal communities and a whole lot of other places! It is becoming a bit mainstream I think. Lots of research with diabetic kids and bad gut flora or dysbiosis which fermented foods are proposed to help with. Glad you saw the references I included. Your diet sounds interesting - similar restrictions.

Onebyone - thank you for the link to Harlan Ellison - now I have to see the movie of course if only for Emma Thompson

bethFromDayton - great typo - in one sweep you loose 20pounds :-). Credit for being totally truthful with logging your food - even if it wasn't what you wanted to admit to on a normal on-plan day. Credit for recognising that it changed your behaviour this year

gardenerjoy - will keep you all posted on the fermenting front. It is definitely nice to use the NY energy to promote change

Pamatga - feel free not to mention me at all in posts - personals can lead to not posting and not being accountable and I want you to keep posting for yourself

Veganasaurusrex - tabula rasa indeed - it is a lovely feeling isn't it. Credit for avoiding Macdonalds fries - mamoth indeed. Ikea is a fine distraction and I will need to go back so more exercise! I identify with the problems about non-work days. I am on holidays at the moment and even getting my steps in is hard if I am working on projects at home. Work has plenty of opportunities for gratuitous walking

Moebug - WELCOME - you have been getting the story from others and I notice you are buying the book so you are on your way. Keep coming back!

ForMyGirls - credit for slaying the ice-cream sabotaging thought demon! Credit. Yes - the "bugger it" demon is a strong influence in the sabotaging thought department but I ignored it!

CeeJay - not thinking about food is a fabulous idea - I too have gotten into distracting myself. Getting up and doing something else. I will try the "I just need to not do it right now" - to keep it simple and to focus on now - great advice

Silverbirch - so glad to help and I hope you have a fabulous 2014!

BillBE - The more I read about fermentation the more I realise it has been around for ages. Sauerkraut in a can is either soured with vinegar or has been fermented - all we get imported in Australia has been pasteurised to wipe out the friendly bacteria that would repopulate the GIT of those with problems. I would love to be able to get Bubbies pickles ( - which are fermented not vinegared - but they aren't allowed into the country. Interestingly vinegar is also a ferment if it is made with a "mother' culture - but most isn't anyway. Of course wine and beer are fermented so it is a persisting tradition - but dying in commercial applications

Onebyone - congrats on being down in weight! It must be all that work over putting together IKEA furniture.

Nationalparker - have been looking forward to the "Book Thief" so thanks for a review!

01-05-2014, 05:33 AM
Team points of 140 - my personal streak is 31. Yay.

I spent many hours today cleaning the **** out of my kitchen - one of those clean all the nooks and crannies cleans. It looks fab. And it is nice to stop and remember that one of my ARCs is 'having energy to clean the house properly' and notice that I did today! I really like when I see the ARCs coming true :-)

Credits: - stopped in at my folks for a cuppa - there was some slice leftover from a previous guest. I had a small piece as I could afford it after all the exercise cleaning - but didn't have a second piece, which while still probably within the calories for the day wouldn't have made it any more fabulous an experience. Nice to see that the pleasure of the taste doesn't require a big serving. Thought my way around my big life stress asserting a presence in my life briefly today after a couple of blessed weeks in the background. Didn't let it wind me up, which was good. Well done me.

Moebug - I did wait the two weeks to start the diet - though I had changed a lot of my habits and was probably doing it informally before I officially started. It meant that the start day didn't feel like a big change. I would probably encourage you to wait because I think it gave me time to really cement the habits, which I think makes it so much easier to stay on track. And as I write this I realise it was probably actually a bit more than two weeks because a couple of the steps took more than a day.

Diet wise I have been a bit of a gypsy - I started on a high protein diet (and Aussie one called the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet). It was a good place to start because the high protein meant less hunger - but it was pretty expensive and I also found that I wasn't getting the energy kick I expected from weight loss. SO then I changed to the DASH diet but found I wasn't losing much weight so it has kind of morphed into calorie counting. Seems to be working well for now. I am glad I did the other 2 first though because it helped me set up a framework for what is an appropriate balance of different types of foods - I think if I had come straight into calorie counting I would probably have thought "whacko - so if I don't eat too much meat I can have icecream everyday!"

And finally before I move on - I am 6 months in and as far as I am concerned Beck in combination with 3FC is the miracle "diet" that is curing me of overeating!

LosetoAll - well done for checking in and committing to getting back on track!

Onebyone and gardenerjoy - if you like cranky old people I thoroughly reccomend checking out two UK docos / TV shows called Grumpy Old Men and Grumpy Old Women. Personally I like the Women one best but maybe that's just because that's how I want to be when I grow up :-)

01-05-2014, 08:18 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Eating was on plan, including snacks, CREDIT moi with the streak going to 46. Food around here is icky for three days as DW prepares for a GI track X-ray. The prep is that awful three days of eating only the foods that we've tried to eliminate from our lives: white bread, white rice, no fruits, no vegetables. At dinner last night I had my normal salad while she just drooled. The white rice tasted OK after I drowned it in soy sauce. Glad this is only short term.

DW and I walked around a favorite birding spot, Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge. The sun was out, sky cloudless - to give the illusion of a warm day. My fingers, however, knew the true temperature to keep time bounded. We saw loads of White-throated Sparrows, Juncos, and Blue Jays. The treat was to spot a Wild Turkey perched in a distant tree - so unexpected that we had to hike around and about to get a better view before we identified it. The two resident Coyotes trotted past us several times without concern. On their part that is; I keep telling myself that they aren't interested in me. A later walk, CREDIT moi, on city streets was fun window shopping because so few people were out.

onebyone – I know that feeling of having left over parts. I had that once when rebuilding my car's carburetor in my basement. Recovery required some serious backtracking.

Cranky Old (gardenerjoy) – "A high of 0 degrees on Monday" is sorta freighting. I find myself feeling the desire to 'stock up' on food for most any excuse.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Yay for "energised and mobilised." I do like the "Personal capital" thought. [Had to read your Buddies pickles link to get reminded that 'brine' does not include vinegar - duh!]

maryann - I just love the thought of having a whole pig in the freezer - because it tweaks my desire to have HUGE servings of pork.

nationalparker – The Book Thief is on my list - it was the movie I wanted to see but the show times weren't a good fit. Glad for the positive review even though I'm not fond of tear inducing movies. (At least, not since Shane (, LOL.)

ForMyGirls - Neat that all that "****" is out of your kitchen. Super Kudos for achieving your own ARC for energy for housecleaning. Congrats for reaching your six month point.

LoseToAll - Welcome fresh start. It's easy to fall into the Christmas-eating syndrome - putting Christmas away is a good new beginning.

Valkyrie1 - Kudos for the "walking, hiking, and bike riding" as well as for that fast recovery.

Moebug - Yep, as others have said, we're all Coaches to each other and invite you to be a Coach to us. (It's 'Coaches' in the Pink book - Beck's first one - and 'Buddies' in the Green book - Beck's second one.) This is, indeed, the place for accountability; just post your status - both when on plan and when drifting. If you feel like it, would you care to share some of your Advantages? Since I lost my chunk of weight before I discovered Beck, I didn't have to make the decision to wait. My take is that the wait is intended to force us to focus on the behavior changes with the concern that if we just plunge into dieting we might not respect how difficult the simple strategies are to weave into our lives. Doesn't it just explode the mind to realize where we've been eating all this time?

Readers - day 9 Select an Exercise Plan

what are you thinking?
Use the following helpful responses to common sabotaging thoughts to create inspiration for making additional cards.

Sabotaging Thought: I don't want to exercise.
Helpful Response: I shouldn't go by whether I want to exercise. If I want to lose weight and keep it off, I need to exercise. There are also lots of other benefits to exercising. I might be making this into a much bigger deal than it really is. I can do this.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 111.

01-05-2014, 10:57 AM
Snow is falling rapidly. It's beautiful. I worry way too much about the little birds of "mine" in my trees. We added a very large, 8-9' evergreen to our yard this year, and I love seeing the birds seek shelter in it. Have put out more seed/dried fruit/nuts for the critters. They're saying tomorrow the wind chills will be around -55. Is this typical Canada weather to where you're going, "yeah, so what?" OneByOne? You are so hardy.

Weight is still at ticker; waiting to drop back into the 160s - loved that glimpse right before the new year and working to get back there. I'm hungry today. Started with an apple and tbsp peanut butter, but I've waited an hour and still hungry.

Credits: stayed out of the kitchen, despite closing it down early last night. Though the allure of a "tea room" (thank you GardenerJoy) was great, I stayed busy.

Bill - Your birdwalk through the cemetery sounds so peaceful. I enjoy our coyotes here ... love to hear the young vocalizing. Well, not when they've "got" something. Great job on the 46 streak. I cannot imagine anything possibly getting you off track now.

ForMyGirls - Wow - 6 months is a great anniversary for you and Beck :) What are the top CBT behaviours that seem to help you the most?

Lexxiss - I have enjoyed reading of the progress of the rentals - good news with the one newly rented. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Seadwaters - I'm impressed for your note that you were in control, because you were at home. Some days I find myself MORE challenged when I'm home because I have more options. A good reality check for me. Thank you.

01-05-2014, 01:17 PM
So I ate my breakfast at the table fairly slow with no distractions! What a concept :D I haven't eaten anything else which is unusual because usually I would be popping nuts in my mouth, eating cheese sticks, chips, spoonfuls of peanut butter, etc. These are two credits I will give myself!

I'll tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Maura and I am 48 years old. I have been sober in AA coming up on 27 years. Pretty much since I put down the drugs and alcohol, food has been an issue. I have done almost every diet/food plan out there. I could probably stand to lose 20-25 lbs. More so than losing the weight is the mental obsession that I want to live without. Eating pretty much dominates most of my thoughts!

Bill - my advantages are
1. I won't be obsessed with food
2. I will feel better about my appearance
3. I won't be so self conscious
4. I won't compare myself to others (as much)
5. I won't be afraid to step on the scale.

I have been loosely following a food plan that seems to work for me (which fell completely to the wayside during the holidays!) so I think sticking to that is a good plan for me. One of my big things is not planning my food out. That is another area I would like to improve on.

I feel so hopeful about this and am really grateful that I found you guys!


01-05-2014, 02:41 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Credit yoga this morning. Credit smoothie. Yesterday evening, my evil mind flexed its muscle. My cold took a turn and I needed to take something to sleep. I had eaten all my food for the day. I made rice and a little proteins to take the pills. Then my mind said it would be so much better with a little butter and sugar. After all, I am sick. Drat!! So I was only free of six of the seven allergens. Weight this morning up from either late night meal or drugs. Who knows? Back on track.

Football day. The 49ers play at 1:00. Freezer/pantry cooking (Frugal January) has driven me into my favorite phone ap "How to Cook Everything." I am excited to try a few new recipes. I have no mayo and am stalling on going to the store so I am trying the tuna salad with olive oil, lemon and capers. I have split pea slow cooker soup and on the counter is Jim Lahey's no work rustic bread (for the boys to eat)

Moebug: as gardenerjoy said, I use the calories as a guide but my big focus is getting off allergens and processed food.

LosetoAll: I recognized myself when you shared about being anxious getting the Christmas stuff away and the house together. It is a a little overwhelming and makes me very hungry. I have put the Xmas food down now for 3 days. It gets easier.

seadwaters: I have to think about the idea of personal capital. Interesting.

ForMyGirl: It is nice to witness your miracle.

BBE: We have a family of wild turkeys at our ranch office. Actually, the wild turkey is knid of taking over California.

nationalparker: Yesterday I got hungry. I thought, "Oh, this is the sensation you want to have." It was strange to not experience the feeling with fear.

Moebug: My number one challenge is eating sitting down. Practicing this principal has been transformative.

01-05-2014, 05:50 PM
My 100% OP streak count is 5.

Posting late again today, but I need to post. I'm constantly fighting the notion that I need to eat more simply because I'm snowed in. I might need to eat more calories if the heat were to go out (since we have two furnaces, with natural gas back up, plus a separate heater for the sunroom, this is exceedingly unlikely) or if I were going to spend many hours working outside in the cold (we just decided to wait until Tuesday to shovel out, so no justification there). I don't need to eat more. In fact, since exercise is going to be light and easy stretches to keep me in good shape for shoveling snow, I could arguably do with fewer calories.

WI: -0.15 in kg, Exercise: +80 255/1400 minutes for January, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: hope DW survives the prep and, more importantly, that all goes well with the testing.
We had a fox doing laps around our house in the snow this morning. Just beautiful. Apparently, the weather made it playful. We're hoping it's hunting the rabbits that get into my garden.

01-05-2014, 06:00 PM
Happy Sunday!!

Happy to say I am back out of the 290's (again). Going strong on day 5. As our friend beverlyjoy would say- I am grateful! I am leaving for 2 weeks holiday to visit relatives and friends next week and I am feeling that I am going to cope with food just fine. I have to believe it!!

bethFromDayton- really like this: "I can't count how many times I've been aware of something that I would have stuck in my mouth at a previous party--and had the "I'm not doing that" response." Success!!!

seadwaters-nice going eating what you usually eat while out to breakfast with your friend and not using that as an excuse. I am going to face some restaurants in next few weeks on vacation and I am going to try to do the same.

silverbirch- Happy New Year to you too!

ForMyGirls-nice credits!

Lexxiss- waving hello to you. Big hurray for maintenance.

BillBlueEyes-LOL re the Valentine's candy. I think they put it out on Boxing Day or something. Crazy.

moebug-good that you bought the book. One read is not enough to digest all the good advice.

Valkyrie1- welcome! And congratulations of a huge weight loss. Always like hearing about how people do it if you want to share.

maryann- your picture is beautiful. Hope you are feeling better soon.

onebyone- Fantastic that you are seeing a big loss for the week. Love to hear that.

nationalparker- -55 wind chill is brutal. We have been in the deepest freeze in 80 years here this December. Getting pretty house-bound.

gardenerjoy-nice to hear about the fox playing at your home. We had 3 deer at our birdfeeder the last few days and they are eating us out of house and home.

LoseToAll- good job jumping back on plan. Those 2 pounds will be gone in no time.


01-05-2014, 10:47 PM
Hi all.

Streak for recording everything continues. It's at 27. However, "everything" for the last 3 days has been embarrassing. Even as I recorded everything, I didn't want to look at having eaten almost 5000 calories yesterday--most of it junk

I give myself credit for recording it all--and for recognizing that I didn't slouch on recording. I also learned a lot--my stomach hurt at the end of it. I learned that even eating sitting down isn't enough to counteract that type of quantity of junk. I managed to do that without any "just pop this into my mouth" action. I now have a much clearer picture of what "out of control" at a party really looks like--and a scary feeling that this out of control would be greater out of control if I hadn't committed to writing everything down.

I only took two bites standing up and as soon as I realized what I was doing, I found a place to sit and concentrate on my food.

I am finding a resolve in this (to be tested in 3 weeks at another big weekend party--one I'm attending, not throwing--and one which traditionally doesn't have as good or extensive of food options.). I can't do this to myself--I didn't like the way it felt. I still seem to have some sort of blockage that I shouldn't have to limit myself at these parties--that they're somehow out of the ordinary and "don't count" and that "everybody does it". I also went up almost 5 lbs in 3 days.

I haven't decided yet if "recording everything and ate everything but about 2 bites off of a plate sitting down" is enough to let me have my office supply shopping spree. I'm thinking 'no'--two bites is off plan and I didn't earn it. I'll try again in 3 weeks at the next event and see if I can earn it then.

I'm back on plan--calories today was fine, food choices were horrid. I put together all of the remaining cookies and brownies and put them in a container to bring to work tomorrow. That was after I sent containers home with other people--there wont' be cookies left.

DS went home with 5 bags of groceries (and all the "little bit left" bottles of alcohol that had been accumulating at our house--nobody seems to drink very heavily). He assured me that he and his 4 roommates would eat anything that got sent. So, I did a slight purge of the pantry and a fairly significant purge of leftovers that we'd packed up last night for him to take.

There was so much food that I never did serve the 16+ lbs worth of pulled pork. That mostly went in the freezer and some went home with BFF. She starts teaching tomorrow (or would if her university hadn't already cancelled classes) so I sent her home with a week's worth of meals so she wouldn't have to cook the first week.

The house is basically all put back together and gets cleaned tomorrow.

So party is over, back to work and back to actual plan tomorrow. And a new resolve to define 'better' for next time in a way that is closer to 2000 calories a day rather than 5000 on Saturday.

(I didn't want to admit calorie numbers--convinced myself that honesty [and babbling] was the best approach here.)

01-05-2014, 10:51 PM

Tracked my food today - 2nd day for a two day streak. *credit*

I made a lot of progress this weekend. My cabinets are done, but not the same height for some reason? No matter. it's good enough. I suspect the floor is uneven. I opened 3 boxes of books and put them away on the shelves. *credit* and then I opened two more boxes but they stumped me. Thye are full of art supplies. All kinds. I also cleared off the backroom futon for DH. *credit* I will move the bookcase back into that room and perch it on the futon so DH can deal with it and it is out of my hair.

I have fresh salmon I bought to eat last night and now it is two nights later and I am planning to eat it for lunch tomorrow. Breakfast and dinner are also planned. *credit* It's supposed to be dreadful weather in the morning with a freezing rain warning tonight. I'm staying home tomorrow. Tuesday we're in the deep freeze again they say. We'll see.

Have a good night.

01-06-2014, 04:00 AM
Hello coaches,

Team total of 150. Streak of 32 for me :-) this so has the feeling now of "this is just what i do"

Some credits for today : had to do work today (still technically on leave but some documents that have to be ready by the end of this week - the not so good bit of lots of autonomy in my job is that the buck stops with me!) and just got my act together and did my health activities as soon as i got up so that they didn't go by the wayside. Will have another half day of work tomorrow and will then be back on holidays again:-). Also chose to drink water with dinner even though i really wanted to have juice (but there weren't any calories left on account of my partner having baked scones to go with the homemade strawberry jam!) and actually i deserve a third credit for having only 2 (small) scones!

Bill and NationalParker - my comment about 6 months was meant as an approximation but your comments inspired me to find out when my anniversary will be and it is only 12 days away! As for which CBT tool has been most helpful - wow - so hard to choose. Credits are incredibly important. Getting back on track. Sitting down to eat. The concept of sabotaging thoughts. ARC (and reading it). They're my top 5. Too hard to narrow it more than that i reckon.

Beth - well done you on honesty (and babbling). What a brave thing you have done to actually find out what happens on your party weekends. We all look forward to hearing what you decide to do with the information.

Moebug - you are going great guns. And congratulations on 27 years sober. That is a huge achievement.

Onebyone - LOL at the boxes that stumped you. I have moved a lot in my life and i know oh so well that feeling of the box that you open and then seal shut again because it is just too daunting to work out what to do with the contents. My study clean out a few days emptied the last of them - nearly a year after move in.

01-06-2014, 04:46 AM
Good evening coaches

Today I was out shopping and to my surprise found myself (as if I wasn't part of it) mindlessly snacking on samples in a new bulk health food shop. I was prepared for it when I went to the next health food shop to find my water filter (they didn't have it either) and did not taste the sour-dough bread and olive oil and dukkah - bad on several counts. Standing up, not planned and wheat! So a credit eventually. I ended up rearranging my planned food for the day because things change - it worked out alright but better if I can avoid that.

I ordered my kefir grains today (water and milk)! Twice - once from a guy who gives great e-resources and several other products - sent them money. And once from a woman who offered to send them free! It will be one of my first experiments in fermentation. Kefir is odd and I had better develop a taste for it! I also shopped for the right salt to start a vegetable ferment. I will keep you posted. I have also just made a great bowl of kale chips with chili salt - and then realised it might be huge in carbohydrates - to my joy it is not and I can enjoy them in front of the tele tonight. I just noticed that it will be a miracle if there are any left for TV after dinner because everytime I walk past I eat some! Talk about mindless

I need to plan for tomorrow and get organised.

I wore a pair of pants today that I haven't worn for a while and they were not uncomfortable around the waist (which is why I don't wear them). So while I am not losing weight I appear to be losing centimetres I think.

I have spent about a week of my holidays (2 weeks to go!) helping this student from Indonesia complete his doctorate - today he finished his final draft and will submit it on Wednesday (he needs to leave the country on Thursday)! So now I feel like I am really on holidays which is lovely

Credits for today
Checked in with my coaches
Planned food for today and admitted I didn't quite stick to it
Did my steps
logged all my food on MFP
Noticed mindless (and therefore invisible) eating
No sugar or wheat - wrong - the unplanned snacks contained some

BillBE - hope the GI xrays aren't too much of an inconvenience and are over soon - the prep is a pain. Fermented food is the answer :)! Wild turkeys (bush turkeys) are a bit too plentiful where I come from - hope the Coyotes take care of them

Nationalparker - At home is easier because I know what is there! If I am out and don't have food with me or access to proper food it is difficult. And I do panic if I think I will be hungry. I just realised that so thanks.

Maura (Moebug) - I find planning food really difficult too - and like you I know it is central to taking control. Credit for recognising that you need to plan

maryann - Ouch for eating one of the allergens! But you seem to be back on plan so credit. Slow cooker pea soup seems great

CeeJay - Great that you are back in the 290s and credit for day 5 on track. I really hope your family holiday works well for you - always challenging so sending supportive thoughts

Beth(FromDayton) - you are my hero. You are so brave to expose yourself and your food to people you don't even know! I have been convinced that "that honesty [and babbling] (are) the best approach". You have made a mamoth and commendable effort to get things back in order and control your environment - huge credit!

Onebyone - Yay for two days of tracking food. And credit on organising your environment - it was important for me but I didn't have to deal with others to do it so credit

01-06-2014, 07:48 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Be warm everyone - frostbite can creep up. Our answer to cold was to order vegetable seeds for the Spring. Just plain fun, fun, fun. Sun Sugar tomatoes grow profusely in our back yard yet fail miserably, via a bite from some pest, in our community garden. Drooling at the thought of eating Sugar Snaps from the vine. Back in reality, I got in two good walks, CREDIT moi - the second with a surprise. When I stopped to stare through the front window of a sports bar to see if the San Francisco Giants were surviving 4 degrees F on their big TV, the face just inside started waving at me. It was a neighbor, so I stopped in for a chat.

On plan with the eating, CREDIT moi, including snacks to increment to 47. I had to ignore some fresh bagels and cream cheese offered, which was easy, as well as being offered the French Fries by my neighbor at the sports bar, which was harder against the thought, They'll go to waste if I don't. It was a good opportunity for a magnanimous Oh Well, but instead my little mind only thought of my streak. Whatever works.

onebyone – LOL with great sympathy for your uneven floors. Our house is about 150 years old and hasn't a level floor anywhere. I can change my scale reading at will by moving the scale a few inches.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Ouch for the insidious thought that snowed in requires extra eating.

CeeJay - Congrats on passing into a new decade on your scale readings. Kudos for being at a place that you know your eating will be fine on your upcoming visit.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Ouch for FREE samples but with Super Kudos for ignoring the FREE sour-dough bread with olive oil and dukkah ( (which I had to google). Yay for pants that fit again.

maryann - Congrats on your boys standing up to the cold and pulling off a last play field goal victory. Drooling at the thought of your split pea soup in the slow cooker.

nationalparker – Ouch for [I]"I'm hungry today" with Kudos for staying your path anyway.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Monster Kudos for facing up to partying behavior. The range of Sabotaging Thoughts that a creative mind can invoke never ceases to amaze. Love the image of your DS leaving with five bags of groceries.

ForMyGirls - It doesn't get better than, "this is just what I do." I, also, have benefited greatly from the giving myself credit strategy.

Maura (Moebug) - Kudos for eating slowly, for sitting down, and then for giving yourself credit. Neat that you have such clear Advantages related to your mental state around food. (Who are the hunks in your Avatar at some thatched-roof paradise?)

Readers - day 9 Select an Exercise Plan

what are you thinking?
Use the following helpful responses to common sabotaging thoughts to create inspiration for making additional cards.
Sabotaging Thought: What's the use of walking for only five minutes?
Helpful Response: Walking for five minutes is better than walking for zero minutes. Exercise is essential, even if I don't do very much at first. I can build up the amount that I do over time, but I have to start somewhere.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 111.

01-06-2014, 10:45 AM
Hello to my new buddies /coaches

I survived the ENTIRE day eating sitting down at the table! That was a monumental task! :D
I also went to the store and bought some groceries so I could be prepared for the week. I made a delicious soup I found off a Paleo website and brought it for lunch today. I feel really good about this and I so appreciate all your support.

Billblueeyes Those two "hunks " are my husband and my oldest son! That picture was taken last Feb in Cancun (where I ate my entire way through vacation ) We are going to St. Kitts this Feb. I hope to be in a good place with my food for that one.

01-06-2014, 11:13 AM
Hello all, I look forward to getting to know you. Found this site last week but my e-mail wouldn't allow the conformation through, even to I switched e-mails today and it worked. Don't know why hotmail was being so strange!
I've already read the whole book (the pink train your brain is what I have) and tried to start with a friend. Now to apply what I've read, basically starting at the beginning again.

Day 1 - have my advantages card (need to read!!!!)
Day 2 - Using the Diet Power program to track what I eat & weigh (may do a juice fast to kick it off) my second choice would be the Thyroid diet.
Day 3 - I **will** eat sitting down :)
Day 4 - give yourself credit, think I'll start here as this is an important step I don't always remember.

If anyone still needs a buddy, let me know.

01-06-2014, 11:45 AM
My 100% OP streak count is 6.

A friend sent me a link to a review about a book about habits--particularly that old saw that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Does science back that up? It seems to fit nicely with our streaks. Making Habits, Breaking Habits by Jeremy Dean :

WI: NC in kg, Exercise: +15 270/1400 minutes for January, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

bethFromDayton: looks to me like you're treating calorie numbers like scale numbers -- data that you can use. Great job!

Welcome, AZtricia! We work as a group to be buddies for each other -- a system that has worked really well for me. My buddies are available 24/7 and one or more of them have answers to every question I've posed.

01-06-2014, 01:26 PM
Welcome, AZTricia! Credits for joining in the thread!

I ended up eating a bit more last night, as I had remained hungry and the two hours minimum of shoveling heavy, wet snow throughout the day earned some extras (along with a very sore right arm). Milk and most of a serving of almonds fit the bill. Sun is shining brightly today - almost blinding on the snow blowing around. Extended streak to 3.

Birds are still hopping around the suet and seed and nuts I have on the ground - dug out a spot under a low patio table and by my big tree... I just worry about the hawk that was trying for a few of them yesterday. I know it needs to eat as well and DH was giving me grief for setting up a buffet for it by attracting the birds. I had to reason that out by saying at least 40 will be fed instead of hurting through the storm. ?? I spend way too much energy worrying about nature in these temps. (Send me your bunnies, GardenerJoy! I plant extras for the bunnies, which others think is absurd, but I get so much enjoyment out of watching them, that it's worth it to me. We've not had many bunnies here lately, as the coyotes are closer.)

Work was closed today and I think it will be tomorrow. Only emergency travel permitted. Tried to watch The Angels' Share last night on netflix but it wouldn't stream; finally gave up after 15 minutes and will retry - everyone else apparently trying to stream movies! Has anyone seen it? So far the language has been a bit raunchy, but I love a good hoax plot. I missed it at our art theatre this past summer, so had it on my list.

Less than four weeks until our cruise. So much for wanting to actually feel confident in a bathing suit on my first cruise. I'm worried about getting derailed BIGTIME with the food. "Free" food is an issue for me and I'm not sure why. I need to come up with solutions before we head down there, even if it's writing everything down in a tiny notebook and focusing mostly on protein and veggies/fresh fruits. I think I'll do up ARC card now for the time until then ... and already have one ready to go for the cruise itself. Right now, just the warmer weather sounds heavenly.

01-06-2014, 06:40 PM
...A friend sent me a link to a review about a book about habits--particularly that old saw that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Does science back that up? ...
Welcome, AZtricia! We work as a group to be buddies for each other -- a system that has worked really well for me. My buddies are available 24/7 and one or more of them have answers to every question I've posed.

Welcome, AZTricia! Credits for joining in the thread!


Thanks, gardenerjoy & nationalparker, for the welcome.

gardenerjoy - don't know if this link is acceptable, but it is an article from PsyBlog about habits and where the 21 came from: & thanks for explaining the buddies

nationalparker - hope you have a great time on your cruise, and ARC card sounds like a great idea.

01-06-2014, 07:57 PM

*credit* for planning my food and tracking. Streak=3.

*credit* I weighed today and saw a rise to 268.9. 2nd day in a row for a rise. Oh well. It's not an emergency but I have to pay more attention to my food.

*credit* I made and ate my fresh fish this afternoon. It is a goal to have fish 3x a week.

I am eating at the stove a lot. I catch myself almost at every meal. *credit* for catching myself but I need to stop. I am feeling anxious as I have also bitten all my nails down to the quick. Talk about your old coping strategies.
My inner tension is amping up. I am not at my studio. My place is coming together but I feel overwhelmed today. My food is not perfect--as if it ever was. Mostly though I am feeling tense over getting and MRI tomorrow. The Dr. said it was optional if I wanted one-this was back in August at our yearly thorough physical. I thought "if she wants to send me I'll go." And so I have the MRI tomorrow at 11:45am. I want to be given a clean bill of health. I also heard that I have my appointment with an endocrinologist early Feb. *sigh* this, I fear, is more likely to have a negative outcome. My last 3 bloodtests have shown elevated calcium levels in my blood. Sheesh. Could be anything from a vitamin D deficiency and supplements will/or have already fixed it to a faulty parathyroid. I'm speculating and this causes unease not peace of mind. As if I can change things by thinking about them! Such faulty thinking right there. The best thing I can do is do the things that support my health. The same things I've been struggling with doing right here. I think though I'd better get to it and be serious.

I'm returning the Aria scale to Amazon. *sigh* I just can't get the thing to work. I started looking at other scales and there is one that will give me what I wanted from this one without the seamless upload to the internet and my fitbit acct. I will have to enter the info in by hand which is a big whatever. I already enter my food into the fitbit acct and the hours I spend sleeping so what's one more small entry? It sure would have been nice though. Oh well.

Have a good night Coaches.

01-06-2014, 10:43 PM
Just a quick check in- away now for 2 weeks and hoping to maintain sane eating levels.

Credit today for weighing in and that's about it. Ate some sugar. Don't intend to repeat that for awhile. Movin on....

Take care- hope to be able to a least read posts while I am gone. Not sure if I can figure out posting from new cell phone. I am so technically challenged.


01-06-2014, 10:47 PM
Coaches I have completed another day of eating sitting down at the table. Woo hoo! It's amazing how that one small change can make a HUGE difference in my amounts of food I eat. I actually find eating without distraction to be quite boring! I did eat with distraction at work today. Couldn't really avoid it.

One of my big eating spots was in bed while reading or playing on my IPAD. I was thinking today "Hmmm, thin people probably don't do that" :D It's also funny how I get one day under my belt and I suddenly think I'm cured! :dizzy:

Well, credit me for a whole bunch of stuff! Thanks for reading :)

01-06-2014, 11:22 PM
Hi all,

Other than being hungrier faster than normal, I'm back OP today food-wise. (I didn't eat earlier--I just noted my "I'm hungry" moments came earlier than the normal "eating time"--so I made myself wait)

Today makes day 27 (I thought yesterday was 27, but I know the even-7s happen on Tuesdays) of my streak of recording everything.

I haven't planned out this week's dinners yet. I think we have at least 4 more days of party leftovers before I have to cook. (And reasonable quantities of "real" food can be eaten OP.) Then I'll start in on divesting the freezers of their meals--we inventoried and there's a lot of food in there!

I brought all the leftover cookies to work--and so many people worked from home today because of the cold they were hardly touched. I expect that to change when everyone gets back to work!

Moebug: Big credits for eating sitting down at the table--that can be really hard!

Take care, all!

01-06-2014, 11:26 PM
Down to Christmas weight. Fast day today and husband came home with turkey wraps so had to change food plan. I do a 4:3 fast and at about 800 calories.

Back on plan and moved ticker down.

Working on living with my hunger. I have a goal of a lb down by Friday. Have to start exercising this week and get with it.

Hope you are all well. Have a great night.

01-07-2014, 06:23 AM
Hi Coaches

Credit for checking in
Credit for planning food for today and for working out part of tomorrow (lunch)
Credit for doing my steps
Credit for logging food into MFP
Credit for noting and stopping casual eating - standing up, not on plan etc

I had a standard day where I did standard things. I went to the market and ignored free food except for the sample of butchers food I had planned for. Exercise was walking around the market and shopping or at home cleaning and sorting. I caught myself eating at the sink when I was cutting celery - sneaky behaviour and difficult to extinguish. Otherwise food was on plan today.

I am going to lunch tomorrow and I have looked at the menu (Indonesian) and think I can cobble together reasonable choices. It will be nice to eat out.

01-07-2014, 08:45 AM
:welcome: AZtricia :welcome:

And, on the occasion of your first post, :wel3fc:

How did you learn about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this forum on the 3 Fat Chicks site?

01-07-2014, 08:52 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Streak to 48 by skipping all three snacks, CREDIT moi; food was on plan including a new lentil dish for dinner that made it a vegetarian day. I got home from a meeting later in the evening and had planned to have some mixed fruit that DW had made earlier in the day. But I skipped it when I had the thought that I didn't need to feed myself just thirty minutes before going to bed. Calories saved: ~50; Resistance Muscle exercised: priceless.

Walk, CREDIT moi, included the library to get a book I'd requested. It felt silly to pull up the windshield wipers on our cars up (to prevent freezing to the windshield) while it was warm and raining. It's 15 F here now. I wish all of you well who are enduring the Polar Vortex more directly.

onebyone – Good luck at your MRI today. Goodbye Aria scale - "seamless" doesn't count when it never starts.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – I do like the encouragement that a streak is forming a habit. I've read 3 weeks, 6 weeks, and 9 weeks. All of those numbers make me happy since they're not 52 weeks.

CeeJay - Kudos for acceptance with, "Movin on...." Have a good two weeks.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Checking the restaurant menu in advance is such a good idea, Kudos. I need help understanding "butchers food."

nationalparker – LOL at the buffet for your hawk combined with a grimace at the bit of truth in it. In any case, birds do get more exposed in cold weather. Hope you figure it out, " "Free" food is an issue for me and I'm not sure why." I used to believe that it was related to not having much money as a kid, but stopped believing that when I realized that I NEVER had any food-insecurity (the new measure of social hunger). Good luck getting your head ready for that cruise.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Kudos for " leftover cookies to work." You got me on this, "I know the even-7s happen on Tuesdays." Is 7 ever even?

LoseToAll - Congrats on getting back to Christmas weight.

Maura (Moebug) - Super Kudos for " the ENTIRE day eating sitting down at the table!" Yep, it does change our attitude toward food. St. Kitts in February sounds fun. Eating without distraction is a strategy that I work only every now and then to remind myself to pay attention to my food. It works for me to read if I'm eating alone with effort made to taste the food and to eat mindfully.

AZtricia - It's great that you're off to a running start. Kudos for giving yourself credits for the steps you've taken. Would you care to share with us some of the Advantages you've written? Glad you've joined us.

Readers - day 9 Select an Exercise Plan

what are you thinking?
Use the following helpful responses to common sabotaging thoughts to create inspiration for making additional cards.

Sabotaging Thought: I'm too busy to exercise.
Helpful Response: I have to make exercise a priority. If I needed to exercise each day to stay alive, I'd find the time. I might have to get up earlier in the morning to fit it in, but I shouldn't fool myself into thinking that exercise is optional.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 111.

01-07-2014, 11:50 AM
:welcome: AZtricia :welcome:

And, on the occasion of your first post, :wel3fc:

How did you learn about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this forum on the 3 Fat Chicks site?

:carrot: Wow! That has to be my brightest welcome ever. I found both the book and 3FC by internet search. I've tried and failed at dieting enough times that I wanted to learn not to sabotage myself and give up. I asked my mom & sis to join me doing the pink book, but they must not be ready. Finally found a local lady willing but her life has been one stress after another this last few months so I've been lacking the unaccountably to stay on task and let things slide. I've owned the book well over a year now and need to just DO it!

I had surgery 8 weeks ago and the fast really taught the lessons on hunger and cravings, I have much less trouble with snacking and stopping with one serving. Actually, when I started recording my food again yesterday, I found that I was eating too little and that is why I've not lost weight over the last month. :dizzy:

My most difficult tasks are actually reading my response cards and exercise. I get sore easily and am slow so it is discouraging.

01-07-2014, 12:10 PM
onebyone - hope your MRI went well and that your stress is down.

CeeJay Technology :dizzy: hope you can figure out your new cell phone.

Moebug Yeah for eating sitting down!. Credit+++

bethFromDayton Great on waiting to eat, and taking the cookies so they aren't such a temptation.

LoseToAll Hurray, for down to Christmas weight :D Best of luck of exercising!

seadwaters Great credits! I have trouble with not tasting vegies as I cut them, but give yourself credit that it is healthy food! Hope you have fun at the restaurant.

BillBlueEyes Great job on the resistance muscle, that is one of my favorite analogies! Brrrr, 15 degrees! I so don't miss living in the cold zone! Sending warm thoughts your direction.

[B]AZtricia - It's great that you're off to a running start. Kudos for giving yourself credits for the steps you've taken. Would you care to share with us some of the Advantages you've written? Glad you've joined us.

My advantages:
I won't feel so self conscious.
My feet won't hurt and I will be less stiff.
I'll feel better physically.
I'll feel better emotionally.
I'll sleep better and have more energy.
I wont overheat as easily.
I'll look better
I'll be able to wear a smaller size.
I'll be in better health (was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and have already kicked that! :carrot:)
I'll be able to exercise w/o discomfort.
I'll feel more in control
I'll be able and willing to do more activities with my family.
I'll feel less guilty about food.

01-07-2014, 12:48 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

I bestow upon myself the Susie Homemaker Award for the Day. Determine to ignore that I was sick, I tried three new recipes - the split pea soup was fab with the homegrown bacon strips flavoring it; the no work bread was restaurant quality; and last night I made my first turkey sausage and bell pepper calzone - a Cooking Light Recipe. I also finished a DYI project creating a home charging station for our many phones from an elegant sushi plate box set I have never used. Really! I drilled holes in the back of the box and the phones fit beautifully on each of the plates. No kidding. THEN since the station was red and in my mudroom, I looked around at the incredibly faded and stained ironing board cover and decided to sew a beautiful new red one. I tossed the similarly discolored valance i had sewn and made a new one out of two beautiful, unused rooster dish towels from Williams and Sonoma I had been saving.

Wow! There are several ways to look at this burst of energy. As Beck urges, I found creative energy in non food interests. I was not hungry all day and was completely OP. Or you could surmise I am embracing Frugal January and using up what I have. You could also say I hate being sick and refuse to go down without a fight. Who knows.

The result is a OP day under my belt, a beautiful new room and a trip to the Doctor for antibiotics because I was noticeably worse last night. That is the good, the bad and the ugly of being little old human me.

bethfromdayton: What a powerful post about your party weekend. It takes a lot of courage to take responsibility for what is going in your mouth and then accepting the reality of 5,000 calories. I am guessing there are few of us on this blog that have not eaten the same amount repeatedly over our lives. How did I get to be over 200 pounds? Like Beck says, it was not "magic." Numbers don't lie. My best hope is for us to be kinder to ourselves. Credit for new resolve and back on track. This is a long race.

Welcome Aztricia.

nationalparker: Good Luck with that cold weather. I thought of you Eastern/Northerners in the 49ners/Green Bay game. Miserable. Don't worry about the cruise. There are lots of solutions for you when the time comes. Focus on today's healthy eating and it will all be fine. (I say to both you and me at the same time.)

01-07-2014, 03:01 PM
City still asked to stay indoors for the most part with the -25 wind chills - was -15 when I got up this morning and has been rising - should be above zero with the regular temp here soon.

Finished shoveling out again - the winds moved our snow back onto the driveway and sidewalks/walkways, so got in some activity with that and digging a neighbor out who got stuck in his driveway. Waiting for another to return home from a trip to try to help him dig out - but if I get started before they get back, it'll likely drift back in so quickly.

After sister lost five more pounds on ww, I talked to DH about being a bit envious/excited for her and wished that I would see more success... what did he see that we needed to do? He said get rid of the sweets were a big thing for him. OK, what do I need to "hide"? I'm good with keeping them away and putting something small in his lunch now and then. He also mentioned that we eat too much bread. I immediately got panicky/defensive. No, we don't! We eat a few slices and the rest goes out for the birds!! Okay, well, he added it's the pasta and pizza and potatoes. To be completely honest in this forum, my brain started racing - NO, we DON'T ... we just don't eat enough veggies and other stuff ... My kneejerk reaction to possibly having these foods cut back even MORE was apparent to me. I feel like we've cut way back on the portions of pasta/bread products. Now and then I'll whip up something with a simple carb as the base (cappellini al aglio e olio or baked potato soup) but it's in limited quantity and not daily or weekly. This has me thinking I need to include him more in the meal planning. I'll give that a try today and see where we end up.

01-07-2014, 04:40 PM
hi everybody!!
I'm doing very well, reading posts, but not posting myself.
just trying to simplying as I begin this new year.
after a rough December, my food is now in control, I feel really good and I'm in a good place.
I read posts here from time to time, keeping up with you all.

Question for Bill . . . where do you order your seeds from?
I would like to order seeds and would like a recommended source from somebody that knows.
also, do you plant your whole garden from seed?
do you plant the seeds in the ground or in small containers first and then transplant to ground?
WOW, I know planting time is not close, but just talking about it and planning for it feels so GOOD!!!


01-07-2014, 05:15 PM
Hello fellow "Coaches":

:welcome: back, lulu! You were missed and I thought of you often.

:welcome2: AZtricia . Glad you found this discussion group and online support. I enjoyed reading your Advantages. Yes, BDS is what is needed to stop sabotaging ourselves and start supporting ourselves through our thoughts then behavior. "Getting off the proverbial merry go round" is exactly what brought me to BDS.

losetoall: Congrats on the weight loss.

onebyone: Great Job on doing non-food activities which end result was great looking furniture and a 2 lbs weight loss. That is definitely fulfilling Day 41's "To Do List".

Thoughts and prayers go out to you for your MRI results.

bethfromdayton: thank you for sharing your struggles. I can guarantee you that this time next year you will be sharing with the group how "far" you come in this area. I believe 'self-knowledge' is empowering. Boy, sounds like you were preparing to feed a small army. I love leftovers and plan my future meals accordingly. I would have loved to have been the recipient of some of your "care packages". :p I know I would have made good use of them.

maryann: I too find that the best way to stay out of the kitchen and my hands out of food containers is to work on my "busy list". You are walking the walk. Thank you for sharing about the known allergens. It is also interesting that the first two are also "red flagged" for being GMOs and most altered food substances (corn and soy) in our "market basket". Also read: the cheaper the food, the more it has been damaged, altered and destroyed of most of the nutrients it started out with. Thank you for sharing.

:welcome2: moebug : Congrats on the decades of sobriety. To add my 2 cents worth in the ongoing conversation about what diet plan (maybe you have moved past this already, I don't know). I changed my food plans once since beginning using the BDS two years ago. I did this when I discovered that I was "pre-diabetic" but found that losing 40 lbs did not lower my FBG that much. I had to up my game and I have been following a restricted calorie and carb diabetes weight loss plan since last July.

My challenge at this point is to not eat more than 60 grams of carbs per meal. Last summer; I sat in on a diabetic online support group and realized that these are the folks who are really in the trenches daily because managing diabetes is all about monitoring food intake. I learned a massive amount from those people; many who had been doing it all their natural lives. I am grateful for last summer's lessons. I know they will serve well for many years to come.

nationalparker: I shouldn't say this but I did smile when you started saying "but I don't eat that much....". I have been there....and the t-shirt is worn out from know what I mean! Now, I measure everything that I eat (have for the past 2 years now) and I used a meal recently to "teach" my DH about his portions. He fills a favorite serving bowl with my homemade chicken noodle soup. I put the same amount of soup (pre-measured 1 cup) in a bowl. I told him: "You routinely eat 4x the amount as suggested serving." :o Just saying, with much love and concern for him. :hug: The difference between small, medium and large produce is another area that requires a keen eye of observation. I haven't got it down pat but I am "learning".

BBE: I was just sharing with DH about your "story" about the orange before bedtime. I think it is moments like this that define what the BDS is all about. We go from being "automatic" eaters to eating more consciously and mindfully: Day 5 in pink book. Thank you both bethfromdayton and ForMyGirls also for sharing your "a-ha" moments as well.

I just had one today myself. I always eat the whole portion of almost everything but when I reviewed that my Diabetes weight loss food plan template shows a lot of 1/2 serving portion sizes. I realized that I had "always" assumed when I was pre-measuring that I should follow the label's instructions and eat one serving size. Well, one serving size can (and sometimes is) "too much": calories, carbs, sodium, whatever, "pick your poison." So, today I pre-measured yet another food item into 1/2 serving size. I am beginning to like this "mini" size now. My refrigerator is getting a lot of smaller containers of food but "someday" those mini-sized leftovers will translate into a "mini-sized" ME!:D I do like THAT "cause and effect."

Love your stories of cold hands but warm heart for your Northern birds. I wonder if they know we are viewing them. There was a great movie I saw this past fall (can't remember the name) where there was an annual competition to see a specific amount of birds but they were all over the world and this was a race so the whole movie about these "birders" chasing down these rare sightings of these specific birds. It is definitely a good 'watch' to behold.

seadwater: I am fascinated by your telling about fermented foods. I have been a big fan of daily yogurt and I turn to yogurt before I ever reach for the Tums (which I almost never need or use). I will have to look up those books. Yes, it is believed that most food-borne illnesses do start in the gut so that it is where we need to go to first to "fix the problem". My MIL has C-DIF which took her doctors almost two years to diagnose. Tough call for an 86 year old woman but now that she is following a gluten-free food plan, she is much better. She nearly died from this.

I love the quote about the Personal Capital. I too have realized almost everything is limited (except love and forgiveness) and we need to use our resources wisely and thoughtfully.

CeeJay: Congrats :bravo: on breaking the 290s. Keep up the good work!

vegan..rex: yes, a "clean slate". I have done a year end "review" for nearly 20 years plus now and this past year was no different. I love January now(used to hate it) because it is time to set the foundation for the year ahead. I hope yours (and everyone else here) is great!

gardenerjoy, lexxis and silverbirch: Hey y'all!

If I have missed anyone, I apologize. This group is expanding once again, which is good but it means learning new names, histories, etc. and that I am determined to do.:book2:

Credit: exercised every day since the beginning of this New Year. I had a routine that worked for me in 2013 so I dusted that off and I am back at it. Side benefit: I sleep more soundly. In fact, some nights I think I "died" but then I awake to the frigid air. :brr:

Credit: I really don't know if I should even mention this since this is an established habit of mine for nearly 2 1/2 years but I do log my food every day. I only miss it when I have the flu. However, since I am now getting extra credit for it in a former group that I rejoined I thought that I would mention it. Side benefit: when I discovered that diabetes was something in my life, I had already been logging my food so adding monitoring carbs was not 'that big of a deal' for me. It might have been otherwise if I hadn't.

Credit: Service. This is a "biggie" for me as a person of 18 1/2 years of 12 Steps recovery behind me. In fact, I am calling this the "Year of Service". I want to give back what has been given me. I am leading a weight loss challenge, mentoring a depressed, overweight woman as well as being a part of a core accountability group. I am spread all over the place. So far it is working. When it ceases to cause some ripples in my own efforts then I will have to re-evaluate at "what cost" it comes at. For now, A-OK.;) Side Benefit: I am gifting myself. The circle is unbroken...

Now, the toughie part of losing weight (for me anyway) is being patient to see that scales shows all of my efforts. :goodscale: I know that I am doing my best :frypan:but I so want to add a snow person on my "line up". Such tension. Such Drama! :rofl: Silly, silly me!

Love, Pam :comp: :coffee2:

01-07-2014, 06:12 PM

Well I now know what "getting an MRI" means. They gave me earplugs! The machine makes every noise I have ever heard in science fiction movies. I can't say I was fond of this experience. While not uncomfortable, and not painful in any way, being in a machine you can't get out of at will is unnerving. At times I was totally ok and relaxed but I had a couole of very small moments when I wanted out. I reminded myself how FORTUNATE I am to be able to have this test, which seems so science-fictiony (the tech told me the machine turns my body's atoms upside down and the machine also magnetizes me and so the machine can then read/photograph the patterns my magnetized flesh(imagine that) gives off. AT keast that's how I understand it. But once she said "turns my atoms upside down" I was floored.

*credit* for planning for the end of the fast. I placed a protein drink into the car's cupholder so I would drink that (hoping it wouldn't freeze in the meantime -it was ok) when I got out of the test. It was a good plan. I had been fasting since 9pm last night and was done at 1pm. The drink allowed me to further plan my food for tonight and to walk the aisles of Costco without even a thought at trying their samples. Why they had so many samples going on on a Tuesday afternoon is beyond me. Around every corner there were samples, including samples of Kirkland brand chocolate milk! What's that about? Do you think there are people who have never tasted that? It must be to set up a craving in the person who tastes it and then they go buy some. What was weird today though was that due to the extreme cold the store was pretty empty. NONE of the sample stations had people at them except for one: tilapia fish breaded with panko. SHe had a line up. Go figure.

Weighwise: I *credit* weighed in at 264.8! I made my 1st 5lb off goal. Now, I'm not so sure if it "counts" as it's not official weigh in day. What do you guys think?? I am so anxious to see 2 movies in a row at the theatre as my reward! I guess I have to see if it hold until Saturday, my official weighin. I am working on goal 2 - a repeat of goal 1: 5lbs and two movies!

Planned Exercise: I stopped by my gym this morning. I have arranged to have 2 personal training sessions with this great trainer there named Olyssea. I am going to work with her for 30min every other Monday. I can afford that and it is just often enough ti keep me *conscious* of having to eet her and having to answer whether I actually did my exercise or not. I need to be acountable and I need to take this seriously. I'm ready to accept this in my life. The MRI today reminded me I want to stave off the world of medicine for as long as I can. I am in no hurry to have a life defined by medical appointments. Not yet please.

Bye fir now!

01-07-2014, 08:57 PM
My 100% OP streak count is 7.

We're shoveled out from our 10-inch snow of Sunday. A nephew came to help -- amazing how much snow a strong young man can move! Of course, he didn't leave it as clean as we would, so I assigned him the big jobs and just cleaned up after. For me, it was easier than a normal snow storm. He appreciated the applesauce bread pudding and cash. Everyone's happy.

I still struggled with the desire to overeat while snowed in yesterday, but it was better than the day before. Resisting one day made it easier to resist the next. That's good to know. Today was much easier, because I no longer felt snowed-in, even though we weren't done until nearly dark -- we had a plan to get shoveled out and apparently that was enough.

WI: NA kg, Exercise: +15 285/1400 minutes for January, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

LuLu01801: I like but I'm kind of biased since it's a Missouri-based company. I like best the things from seeds that I can sow directly in the garden -- my best luck is with chard, kale, and zinnias. I start tomatoes from seed indoors. Most of the rest I grow from plants.

01-07-2014, 10:49 PM
Having proclaimed that "this is just what I do" yesterday turned out to be a day in which being 100%OP was something I just DIDN'T DO. Got distracted in the morning so didn't do all my health tasks and only realised at half 5, but which time I just said "too bad" and accepted that my streak would go to 0. There was certainly time to get it done, so I recognise this was a choice I made and am accepting that imperfection.

What I am pleased about though is that a) I didn't use my decision to let the streak go as an excuse to go crazy and really blow it - in fact although I also forgot to track my food I am pretty confident it owuld have been within maintenance calories for the day, and possibly even within my weightloss limit. And b) as I made the decision to let the streak go back to 0 I also decided, almost effortlessly that I would be back on track today - and I am so. So thank you Beck for these skills. Credit to me for getting back on track and for limiting my off plan behaviour!

Before I forget - team total is now 125!

Did a bunch of thinking this morning about why I 'forgot' yesterday and I think there were a couple of factors: 1. I am really begrudging having to do work while I am on holidays. As work goes it is definitely at the funner end of the spectrum but I really like to keep the boundary clear when I am on leave. So I think that has gotten me into a bit of a "no fair" headspace. 2. I have been being slack about bedtime and took it to a whole new level the last 2 nights by staying up playing with a funky new app on my iPad until 1am and 3am. I keep making a vow to leave the iPad in the loungeroom when I go to bed. Perhaps as I restart my streak I should make that an essential component of 100% OP. Proper rest is SOOOO crucial to my wellbeing and when I am back at work I won't have time to recover from staying up late. Hmm - it has been useful to talk this through.

AZTricia Welcome! I hope that you will find that this board gives you the support space you have been trying to find for the last year. I find it incredibly helpful having people at some different stages telling their experiecnes. It is inspiring to be reminded of the essentials by people who are just starting - and at the same time so reassuring and empowering to see people reaching their goals, overcoming challenges and also to have a number of people on the forum who are in maintenance. It is SOOO helpful to know that people get there, and stay there even with hiccups along the way.

Moebug - I so hear you on the eating without distraction is boring. I have to confess I rarely do it as I find it excruicating! Though having said that maybe I will revert to it for my morning coffee. I did find it quite lovely to stop and really taste it and enjoy the warmth. And I think it was a good way to centre me in myself at the beginning of a day. Thanks for the inspiration

Maryann - congrats on the Susie Homemaker award! I am also enjoying the discovery that I can do stuff for free - though I think my home improvements lack the aesthetic of yours. I claim a genetic predisposition to privileging function over form as my excuse!

National Parker - what a great solution to include your DH in dinner planning - great to see you thinking that through here

Lulu - lovely to see your cheerful face and posts back amongst us

Pam - how wise you are to be reality checking whether your year of service is overloading you - you can't help others if you aren't helping yourself hey?

01-08-2014, 12:00 AM
Hi all,

Today was a good OP food day, although not planned in advance. I ended up working from home (it was -7 F when I would have left for work). Breakfast, lunch, snack, were all OP. Then our house guest (who can't go home until Indiana roads recover) offered to take us out to dinner. He loves our local Chinese buffet--and I vetoed it--we went to a place where I can get a fantastic salad with tons of fresh veggies and flavorful salmon.

So, that left today OP and day 28 of recording everything.

I need to start incorporating exercise, though--we're expecting some above-freezing weather later this week, so I'll be willing to get outside!

Take care, all.

01-08-2014, 06:22 AM
Hi Coaches

Credit for checking in
Credit for planning food for today even if it didn't work out
Credit for doing more than twice my planned steps (11,100)
Credit for logging food into MFP

Today was interesting. I prepared my first batch of Sauerkraut - not sure how it is going as waiting for it to produce enough brine. I also made a batch of beef bone broth. Both of these are supposed to help with gastro-intestinal health and therefore overall health.

I had to change plans for lunch as the restaurant I had planned for had had a broken water pipe and couldn't open for lunch. So we went next door and I had the safest item on the menu. The owner took a photo of us all and then decided he was giving us (the two supervisors and the student returning to Jakarta) a treat. The treat was ice-cream, coconut syrup, and pancakes (green) filled with coconut filling of some sort. I ate it - oh well - not quite on plan but definitely rare and unusual food.

I was going to do a longer post but it got later and later. So goodnight coaches and may your planning be useful.

01-08-2014, 07:47 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Did gym, CREDIT moi, especially since I had to dress warmly enough to walk there through the Polar Vortex. It was the first time I've done gym with both legs and arms covered - even though the gym is obviously heated, I think I can still feel the outside temperature.

Eating was on plan including skipping two of my planned snacks, CREDIT moi, so that I'm streaked to 49. Evening snack was the mixed fruit served by DW. I immediately wanted the Louisiana Navel Orange next; gotta take into consideration in the future that mixed fruit, however wonderful, doesn't trigger my I've-just-eaten button - it just slides down like a milkshake or something. I noted with a silent smug that the bags of nuts that I bought from Trader Joe's weeks ago haven't run out yet. During my recent period of over-snacking, I was taking frequent trips to Trader Joe's.

onebyone – Thanks for the dramatic description of the "science-fictiony" world of an MRI. Reminds me when I had one on my leg and was given a choice of music; I chose Beethoven's Sixth Symphony to calm me down. After the attendant had left the room and locked the door, the machine started with Beethoven's . . . FIFTH. I nearly jumped out of the machine, LOL. Super Kudos for avoiding samples at Costco. A nearly empty Costco would be a strange site indeed.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Great reminder, "Resisting one day made it easier to resist the next." I'd be willing to help shovel your snow for applesauce bread pudding.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – 11,100 steps is a goodly walk there, Kudos. I especially admire giving yourself credit for "Credit for planning food for today even if it didn't work out" - reminds me that credit isn't just for perfection. Don't know what I'd have done facing green pancakes filled with coconut- the image doesn't grab me, LOL.

Pam (pamatga) – Yes, this patience thing is a challenge. Love the "drama" waiting for the snow person.

Susie Homemaker (maryann) - Your sushi home charging station just cracks me up - what imagination. I'm moved by this thought, "I found creative energy in non food interests" - glad to be reminded that when my brain tries to focus on food, I can find something else.

nationalparker – Congrats to your DH for thoughtful advise for preparing your environment including, "get rid of the sweets." Is "baked potato soup" different from potato soup?

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Your lunch of salmon and veggies sounds great - Kudos for directing the restaurant choice.

Lulu (LuLu01801) – Kudos for "now in control" - great start to the new year. [We buy seeds from Pinetree Garden Seeds & Accessories ( They're a family owned business just up the road in New Gloucester, Maine - inland and north of Portland. I have no idea how someone can run a business selling me seeds for as little as $1.50 a package. Beans, peas, and lettuce are planted in the ground. Tomatoes, cukes, basil, and parsley are started in pots under a grow light. Kale and collards are started both ways for evolved, historic reasons.]

ForMyGirls - Super demo of getting right back on track - Super Kudos.

AZtricia - Neat that you learned about hunger from your pre-surgery fasting - it's easy to just be annoyed that you can't have food. It is difficult to exercise when it's physically challenging. Kudos for doing what you can - especially using your mantra "just DO it!" Thanks for sharing your ARC. "I'll be in better health" is one of those that make it easier to do more.

Readers - day 9 Select an Exercise Plan

what are you thinking?
Use the following helpful responses to common sabotaging thoughts to create inspiration for making additional cards.

Sabotaging Thought: It isn't worth it to me to exercise.
Helpful Response: Research shows that exercise is essential for most people to lose weight and to maintain their weight loss. If I want the benefits of being thinner, I have to exercise.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 111.

01-08-2014, 10:42 AM
My 100% OP streak count is 8. I think that's the highest number I've put there.

WI: -0.4 kg, Exercise: +160 445/1400 minutes for January, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

ForMyGirls: I've had a recent insight on sleep that it feels like it took me way to long to realize. I've had difficulty falling asleep since I was a child. I used to justify staying up late because it would make me more tired and I would sleep better. But I was wrong. When I go to bed late, I'm tense because I know I won't get enough sleep. It turns out that when I go to bed 8 hours or more before my normal wake-up time, I'm relaxed and the whole night goes better. Realizing that, I've become much better about getting myself to bed at a reasonable hour.
Great job on getting right on track. That, in the long run, is half the battle. These streaks are really useful. Teaching us two things that are so important to success -- persistence and getting right back to it.

BillBlueEyes: What a difference a number makes in Beethoven symphonies!

01-08-2014, 12:40 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Long trip to the doctor who echoed my opinion - borderline case. "If you are not better in two days fill this prescription." For some reason, I hate the idea of this sinus thing lasting the average time. Don't I eat better than most? Do healthy food choices count for nothing? Then the Beck voice came in saying, "Oh Well." The plan for the day is to finish cleaning the house but I am going to only do what I can ( even though I blush at the dust). First things first - to the big box store to resupply smoothie fix ins: berries, spinach and vanilla. My order from VitCost (chia seeds, HTP5 and walnut oil) came in.

Pamatga: I have found a unwavering link between my exercise and how I sleep. I hope to get back to it as soon as i can be this sinus thing.

onebyone: interesting to think the samples are there on purpose to set up a craving. Hadn't really thought about it like that.

gardenerjoy: I think being snowed in would definitly start my mind planning for extra food.

ForMyGirls: Credit for not veering into insanity in the face of imperfection.

Thinking of all of you during this cold snap. We here in california are facing a disasterous drought. It is the driest record 18 month period since weather has been recorded here.

01-08-2014, 12:59 PM
Good morning coaches! Funny thing about going back to tracking food (which I stopped before my surgery) is that I lost 3 pounds already! :D Nice when doing the right thing is also rewarding! Went to the animal shelter yesterday and adopted a dog to walk with me. Stayed on food plan, stopped eating ravioli at one serving even though I wasn't satisfied, and already took the new puppy for a walk today.

Credit: tracking food, reading ARC once (need to get that second time in!)

maryann the split pea soup sounds delish. Credit to you for finding creative energy in non food interests. I always need yogurt and probiotics with and after any antibiotics, or I end up with loosness and sugar cravings. You might want to try a probiotic too. Thanks for the nice welcome.

nationalparker sounds like a great idea to include your dh in the meal planning. I had huge positive results from switching to all whole grains for my carbs, I credit the whole grains for my first few pounds of loss as well as the completely healthy blood sugar (no more pokes!)[/QUOTE]

pamatga Thanks for the nice welcome! You are correct in this is just what I needed to stop sabotaging. Love the "mini-sized" me thought.:D Great job on exercising every day!!! So awesome to have a "Year of Service", I am sure it will be a huge blessing to you and to others.

onebyone I'm glad you made it through the MRI with no issues. Hope the results are positive too. Awesome job for planning a protein drink, sounds like it really helped you accomplish your goal of not sampling. WhoHoo on the pound. Sounds like Olyssea will be great accountability for you. a

gardenerjoy Great job exercising your resisting muscle. and great for staying on you food plan.

ForMyGirls Congrats for back on track today and sounds like a good decision about the better rest. Thanks for the welcome and I look forward to the encouragment of others walking the same road, and also those who've made it!

bethFromDayton Great job resisting the buffet!

seadwaters Wow, that is a lot of steps! I'd be interested to know how your sauerkraut comes out. I love homemade broth :) What are green pancakes?

BillBlueEyes Trader Joe's has many of our favorite foods too. Sounds like you are doing well on exercise an snacks.

maryann have you ever used xylitol for your sinuses? It is a natural sugar alcohol and is great for preventing sinus issues (and fixing them) with a saline/xylitol wash.

01-08-2014, 01:18 PM
Hi Coaches!
I was up early today, believe it or not, out on my front porch with a heat gun taking old paint off cabinet doors. It's not that I love that kind of job it's just that I know it's the only way that this project will ever finish. I did come in for coffee breaks and sanding but fortunately I didn't look at the thermometer until I was finished.... It was a muggy 17° lol.

Now after an hour drive I'm sitting waiting for my mom to finish her eye appointment. A stop at Home Depot then back home for an afternoon of work. We are going to have a massive declutter at the project before we start the kitchen countertop tomorrow morning.

Food choices have been decent and exercise(work stuff) is ongoing. I'm still weighing everyday and am grateful to be maintaining during this extended project (3 mos now) which is miles from my comfort zone. Life lessons, for sure.

MaryAnn, we both got sick, too, this winter and my DH shared some of your thoughts. I just took it as the sign to keep getting healthier. I'm going to start blending my own protein powder for our smoothies. I'm excited but we'll finish our commercial blend first.

I wish I could respond to everyone-my iPhone finger just isn't that fast. Lol....and here comes mom.

01-08-2014, 01:23 PM
AZtricia, please share about your new walking buddy! I would love to bring another soul home right now but understand timing isn't right. Our current rescue pup is high maintenance-a love bug with his own cardiologist$$. It's a first for me.

01-08-2014, 01:48 PM
Hi friends! For once I didn't vanish because I completely fell off the wagon and plummeted into a pile of vegan junk food. I got slammed with the flu and have just been laying in bed for days pondering what I assumed was my impending demise. At least that doesn't leave a lot of time for excessive over eating! But it's not a diet I recommend, trust me.

I'm back now! I'm not doing anything special other then following my current steps (eating sitting down, reading my ARC, eating slowly and mindfully). I'll start my next step when I'm more on top of things tomorrow. Hope everyone is doing well!

01-08-2014, 04:27 PM
Lexxiss Changed my Avatar to my new walking buddy. We are pretty sure he is a bichon. He is a real sweetie, 11 pounds of kisses and waggy tail. I hope he does not end up high maintenance $! He is pretty sad looking right now as he was matted and shaved unevenly as well as having his surgery recently at the shelter.

01-08-2014, 05:36 PM
Streak will be at 5 at end of day - I'm going strong :) Words destined to bring me down, I know it.

Think my note about conversation with DH was poorly worded ... my issue is simple carbs; his is sweets. Clearly portion is both our issues, despite measuring at meals, apparently one more snack, then another, has been winding its way to us. Hopefully now with me tracking it all for me, that'll help. I am not one to cut out something that is healthy enough like a potato, keeping in mind the full spectrum of nutrients and minerals in foods, not just the calories, and if I don't douse it with butter or fry in fat, it's not inherently a bad choice. I think that's what hammered me a few years ago - focusing only on one aspect of a food. It's funny to stop and think - no pasta, well, wait - the Italians eat it plenty, and they're fine, in fact we push a Mediterranean diet here. Hmmm... they walk about 10x what we do and worry about 10x less :) Maybe that has something to do with it, too. Our life there was full of walking, and they sure don't eat whole wheat pasta all the time. Can you tell this was a journal entry in mine this morning to get my thoughts further ordered :) and away from what NOT to do and more toward what TO do.

I wanted to get out for a walk today and DH did a reconnaissance mission and said it was either icy or two-foot drifts and so let's wait a few days. Tried out my new yoga dvd. I need to get started with the basic basics again. My abs are non-existent.

AZTricia - What a cutie pie!! Good choice to go the shelter route. Ours has hair that keeps on growing (rather than fur - a poodle terrier that wandered up starving and 10 pounds below what her weight should be) and so we invested in good clippers and I do it when needed. It doesn't come out looking great each time :) but with the vet bills from other pets, we figure we save where we can.

Maryann - I completely get where you're coming at with the thought of okay, these healthy choices should be backing me up here with staying healthier! Good vibes flowing to you and VegansaurusRex for improved health!

More personals later! Oh, Bill - that Angels' Share movie was a DUD. Language was obnoxious and the characters weren't ones I had any compassion for, so it lasted about another 15 minutes and was turned off. Of course, I may be totally missing the mark, but I'm thankful that I didn't pay for it.

01-08-2014, 05:53 PM
Coaches, Hello.

I *credit* weighed this morning at 0.7lb+=265.6 Great! thats 2 days at or below 265. (NOTE: my keyboard has decided to substitute French language accents for regular characters--so every time I want an apostrophe it gives me this: θ -- so my contractions wont have an apostrophe until DH comes home and tells me what to do! Mon Dieu! Sacre Bleu! or is that sacrebleucant do a question mark either)

After my day yesterday, which continued into the late evening as I chased down a prescription that ran out yesterday and everyone was at the clinic with the flu ( I got my shot-yay) and inspite of an appt I had to wait 1.5hrs past my appt time-Oh Well, I woke up today with an agenda to do... nothing. I didnt adhere to that. I dealt with a few boxes and just plain shoved stuff, in boxes, into my new cabinets. It looks like Ive made real progress so Im ok with that for now. Progress not perfection.

Foodwise I have tracked today *credit* and am on plan. I think though that I have re-think bunches of bananas. I cannot have just one. A hand of bananas tempt me to eat 2 at a time and then two more. On my foodplan, WW, fruits are 0 pts and so eating them is technically on plan but eating them like that is not right-its gorging and its not moderation. I cant be reinforcing that behaviour and so I may go back to buying my bananas in twos or threes. These were Costco bananas: good price for many. Price is not always the criteria I should follow.

Creatively I think I have come up with a project that could sustain me throughout the year. Its a painting project-large scale canvases and it is exciting to even think about it. Its definitely studio work. And tomorrow I start back at the ceramic studio. My ceramic friend is coming to get me so I cant wiggle out of it. Ive been considering what to make most of the day. No decisions yet. except for I think they will be figures made for the wall. Maybe.

Thats it. Im going to see if I can make a bit more progress with my clutter.

Bye for now.

01-08-2014, 10:23 PM
Hi all,

Yesterday was my one year anniversary on 3FC and the Beck forum. One year. 50 lbs. 3 pants sizes.

Yesterday I didn't really sit and focus on the changes I've made, but today I did a bit.

With the exception of two travel work days, I haven't had a sweet snack at work in a year. I have a lot less "chub rub" and feel so much better. I can pick things up off the floor without a problem and no longer find it a strain to tie my shoes. Chairs are more comfortable. I don't even look like my driver's license photo anymore. When I have to lean over or sit on the floor, I can get up again without something to lean on and leverage. I don't feel squished in toilet stalls anymore. We eat way more fresh fruit and veggies than we ever have before. DH has also lost weight (~22 lbs).

Eating a healthful breakfast is easy for me--it's not a daily struggle. In fact, none of my 'regular meals' are a struggle. Eating out is still challenging at times--but we're doing it much less often than we used to.

Parties, well, I've made minimal progress there, and I still don't trust myself at a buffet restaurant.

I eat sitting down all the time not-at-parties and most-of-the-time at parties. I eat slowly and take small bites and think about my food and really taste it.

My plan for this upcoming few months is to really focus on party behavior and to get back into an exercise habit.

It's been an amazing year--thank you so much to all of you who have been here with me!

p.s. Weight at 180.6, 29 days on 'recording everything' streak.

01-09-2014, 06:12 AM
Thanks Beth for sharing your 1 year reflections. It was very helpful to me - particularly as many of those changes ring bells for me.

Been another off plan day for me. I was OP yesterday but then i broke my own rule and took the iPad to bed with me. Aaagh. Very tired today after 3 nights of inadequate sleep so haven't done all my health tasks today. Haven't tracked my food today either but i am pretty sure it has been OK.

Not sure why I am doing this self- destructive thing with my sleep. Oh well. I am recommitting now to getting back on track starting right now. I will post to my money saving friends and then plan my food for tomorrow.

Credits : a struggle today. Being honest with you all. Acknowledging my errant behaviour without giving myself grief about it.

Thanks for being there.

01-09-2014, 06:24 AM
Hi Coaches
I lost everything I had entered (twice) because I went to page two to read the earlier set of postings. I couldn't believe it would lose what I had written in the text box - but it did. There you go. Now I need to reproduce it.

Firstly green pancakes - they are green from the Pandan leaf extract - Asian vanilla if you will - very perfumed and delicious. I have attached a picture of the pancakes - a particularly lurid shade of green. I entered the recipe into MyFitnessPlan (MFP) to find out the hit in terms of macro-nutrients and calories. Overall the sweet was worth 437 calories - a lot.

Today I received the first batch of kefir grains so started a batch of kefir so that is exciting to see how it will turn out

Today was not on plan - I met a friend for lunch and we fell upon a (fake) Mexican place - lots of calories and carbs and wheat - I had to go to the website to find their nutritional values to enter into MFP. More than I had planned. Back on the horse tomorrow

bethFromDayton - you have had such an amazing year - huge congratulations. When you summarise things like that it is impressive. Congratulations on the 29 day streak and a great weight after the holiday season
Onebyone - credit for tracking food and for staying at 265-266 - great effort.
AZtricia - yay for a new walking buddy - I get many more steps in with my dogs. They are currently holidaying with my sister but when they come back Saturday I am back to dog walking in the morning. They are a great motivation to keep moving. Tracking food is a powerful tool - and you are showing us all the benefits of it. Great list of advantages worth looking at several times a day
Vegan...Rex - Nice to see you back and well done for not completely falling off the wagon. Good to see it was "only" the flu that kept you away
Lexxiss - hope your mum's eye appointment went well. Credit for staying on plan
maryann - ouch for sinusitus - a really irritating problem. Take care of yourself and fill those prescriptions. Quite a burst of creative homely activity! Enough to distract one from grumbly tummies. I need many distractions when totally focussed on food
gardenerjoy - great that your streak count is 8 - keep at it
BillBlueEye - streak of 49 is pretty impressive. I agree with mixed fruit salad - far too easy to eat way too much. Having had another recent MRI, if they had played the fifth I would have had a major nervy I think. Yay for nuts left uneaten or unbought.
ForMyGirls - ouch for streak at zero. I hear you about working on leave - having just spent 2 weeks of leave to get a student dissertation finished I feel a bit disgruntled. But that is just how it happens sometime and I can always recoup it somehow
Pamatgo - best of luck with adding that snowperson. Yes gut health is becoming the centrepiece of many plans and healthful ways of living
LuLu - welcome back - good to see you are recovering from a rough December - so am i!
NationalParker - It is an interesting idea to include your DH in meal planning - there may be many insights there you have yet to tap. Good luck with that.

Have a good day coaches

01-09-2014, 07:01 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Eating on plan, CREDIT moi, including snacks to bring the streak to 50. Had my Louisiana Naval Orange for evening snack. When done my first thought was another one would sure be tasty right now. When I become enlightened, my first thought will be, Sure was good, I'm satisfied. Dinner was lentils again. If I had to commit to only one food for the rest of my life, lentils would surely be it.

Almost no exercise - Ouch. I allowed the cold to justify sticking to minimal activities outside and never had the thought to do something inside - Duh!

onebyone – Congrats for getting that flu shot. Ouch for having to wait despite an appointment - doesn't seem right. Hope you figure out the banana thing; I'm grown dependent on my breakfast banana and my lunch banana.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – 160 minutes is a lot of exercise for a cold day. Wish I'd done that.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – I know that decluttering step of a work in progress. Hats off for working outside with a heat gun in 17 degrees.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Now that I've seen your green pancakes I'll be on the lookout for them. Ouch for their pancake calories. Kudos for "Back on the horse tomorrow."

maryann - It's always a good day when a package arrives in the mail. I've felt that way ever since waiting impatiently for a magic ring from Battle Creek, Michigan a few decades ago.

nationalparker – Thanks for the insight, "away from what NOT to do and more toward what TO do." [Removing Angels' Share movie from my list.]

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Happy One Year Anniversary with Super Congrats for 50 pounds and three sizes gone forever. Kudos for focusing on (and savoring) the changes you've made in a year.

Jo (veganasaurusrex) – Ouch for a bout of the flu-diet. I agree, it's not something to choose. Hope you get your sea legs back.

ForMyGirls - Super Kudos for working the program with "Acknowledging my errant behaviour without giving myself grief about it." Ouch for the lure of the iPad.

AZtricia - Welcome new dog with soulful stare. Congrats on a few pounds gone merely for beginning the recording of your food.

Readers - day 9 Select an Exercise Plan

........Once I accept that exercise is
essential and start doing it consistently,
..;;;......dieting will be easier.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 112.

01-09-2014, 08:53 AM
Hi Coaches!

Yesterday had some twists and turns, but I used my Beck brain to sort it all out and and compensate. Credit. Appt. w/mom took longer than expected and I decided we should go to lunch. We went to her favorite mex. restaurant and I made a good choice. The waitress asked, "you don't want rice and beans? " "No thanks, just plain." She came back again...."Do you want guacomole? "No, thanks. It's perfect without." I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch.
Then the twist: I called our helper at the project to say I was on my way. She said, "Oh, good, because I brought you lunch today!" (We have shared our lunch with her many times). I said, "Thanks! That was very thoughtful of you!" When I got there she was ready to eat...the casserole had been warming on the oil stove all morning. I simply took a very small portion and enjoyed it. When I got home late, DH already had pizza made....I explained "why" I was declining and had some yogurt and a banana. Credit. The scale approved of my decision this morning.

BBE, I wasn't aware you had two bananas a day...I often do, too. Credit for only one navel orange.

Beth(from Dayton), thanks for the 1 year update! Logging progress over the long haul is important, too. Credit.

Seadwaters and AZtricia, thanks for pictures! MaryAnn, too!

:wave: everyone else!

Ok, I must head to the project! I have painting to do before the crew shows up.

01-09-2014, 09:45 AM

Just checking in to say I will have an OP day = tracking my food and making choices that support my health today. I am off to the ceramic studio to make something (insert vague idea here).

Back later.

PS *credit* scale said 265.2 this morning.

01-09-2014, 11:23 AM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Today ( as the doc predicted ) I feel better. I did not have take the antibiotics. I simply endured the same ten day illness that all other mortals must. A great lesson in humility.
OP yesterday. Almost all the weight from the holidays is off. Scale is two pounds from ticker. Exercise was dusting and vacuuming (sp?) The house is nearly through - just need to finish the bathrooms and kitchen and my winter clean is done. Credit.

Lexxiss; Your work ethic is very impressive to me.You are a "can do" kind of gal. Your mom, your dh and everyone else who is in your life is lucky to have you.

nationalparker: yeah for back to yoge. I started a new routine on Sunday and then descended into sickdom. My arms were sore for four days :( I guess this means I need to do it more often.

onebyone: Congrats on the decluttering. I have started a new routine. I keep a large brown bag in my closet. When I put something on that is old, faded, broken or when I find something around the house that is doubled, broken or unused for years, I put it in the bag. When the bag is full I take it to the Goodwill. No big push, no big deal and yet I have released maybe twenty bags over the last year. It is really making a difference.

bethfromDayton: Happy Anniversary. So inspiring!

ForMyGirls: Sleep is number one health step in my life as well. DH and I had to make the dificult decision of separate rooms at night becuase he sleeps like a roaring tornado. But it has made a huge difference in how I feel.

seadwaters: I hate when I forget and go to page 2. DRAT! Credit for continuing to track.

BBE: Thanks for emphasizing that a brain that continues to say "What Next" instead of "That was great" has not quite evolved.

vegansauras: I hope you are on the mend as well.

01-09-2014, 11:59 AM
My 100% OP streak count is 9.

Tonight we're taking a nephew and his fiancee to a French restaurant. I've looked at the menu. I'm also getting better at taking account the possibilities that we might share a bottle of wine, might split an appetizer, might split one dessert among the four of us. There could also be a special that sounds better than what looks like the best choice. So I've written a detailed plan that includes phrases like "if that still looks like the BEST choice" and "if desired." There's flexibility in there to eat a bit more in one place than I might have planned, a bit less in another than I might have planned.

I'm also giving myself permission, right now, to leave food on my plate. I don't need to eat as much as the nephew who is feeding muscles that can move snow at a rate 3 times faster than me. I don't even need to eat as much as his fiancee who is a tiny little thing but probably eats like a bird except when someone else is paying for it in a great restaurant.

WI: -0.1 kg, Exercise: +20 465/1400 minutes for January, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

AZtricia: welcome to your new walking buddy -- what a sweetie!

bethFromDayton: Happy Beck Anniversary! You've made great strides -- good for you for taking stock of it all. I still don't trust myself at a buffet restaurant, either -- although, at this point, it's more a matter of no longer seeing the attraction.

seadwaters: I want to go to Australia for green pancakes this morning!

01-09-2014, 02:15 PM
DH and I spent another riveting evening playing cut-throat Risk - the game of world domination (which one of us says in a James Earl Jones-ish voice). His attack announcements tend to be followed by me saying, "you're attacking the army of the woman who cooked your dinner?" I might not be a good strategist, but I rely on luck of the dice and have fun. The other day he noted that for us snowed in for several days, the tv had only been on to try to stream that movie, which was a failed effort.

Working on day 6 on my streak. I need to write that on a card each day, as a visual might be a help. At work with small donuts on the kitchen table, along with homemade cookies, and chocolate dipped pretzels. Our staff went out to a pizza joint for lunch, but I brought soup, and stuck to that for $ and calories. Hard to pass up pizza.

During the holidays, I suggested we enjoy a game night once/week and a hobby night :) and DH was all in. I want to learn to sew, to do mosaic work, and to knit better (just scarves, nothing like a sweater). Tonight I need to figure out what I need for mosaics ... OneByOne, I might be checking in with you via PM on that if you don't mind, so I don't buy something I won't need/use.

Lexxiss - What Maryann said - you have such a committed work ethic - I admire you. You see what needs to be done, prioritize, delegate what needs to be, and set to work. And credits for graciously handling the extra bit of lunch when she thoughtfully provided it.

Maryann - I wish I remembered more of the yoga that I did for more than five years! It's like it entered a black hole in my mind. The angle of the tv in a front room is such that from the floor, I cannot see anything on the screen, so I need to watch it through, so hopefully the verbal stuff will be enough of a cue as I get restarted.

And now, to the awards section: :)
Beth - One year, 50 pounds and what a transformation in your thinking. Great job! I like how you've taken stock and noted about the no sweets at work. I'm wondering if an "only fruit" for a snack if I need it at work would be a good option for me. I like that you made the rule and stuck to it.

Bill - 50 days on your streak - that's superb! While I enjoy lentil soup now and then, that food would never have entered my thought stream if allowed only one food for the rest of my life. Ever. Too funny and way healthier than what I was thinking.

01-09-2014, 09:04 PM
Hi Coaches

Just wanted to check in and let you all know that I have been doing pretty well with everything . I still have eaten every meal sitting at the table which is HUGE for me! I have strayed a little from eating without distractions though. I need to weigh myself and I am afraid to get on the scale. Usually it doesn't say what I want it to say and I get bummed out. I think I will commit to doing it on Saturday morning. Also, I'm throwing a surprise birthday party for my husband on Saturday night and I am a little anxious about the cake. I don't know if I should just obtain completely or allow myself some. What do you guys think? I have been off sugar since Sat or Sun. It would probably be best if I didn't have it. Then I will get those deprivation thoughts.... Ack! Thanks for listening and being an inspiration :)

01-09-2014, 10:15 PM
Hi all,

Today was OP and makes for a 30 day streak. I had a good picture this evening of what a healthy OP dinner can look like--it was a full meal, I felt quite satisfied--and it was totally OP.

Exercise still not happening. I have to change that. I am going to change that and I will feel good when I do.

I went to the grocery store tonight for produce even after going last night--because last night they were out of celery. Yes-out of celery--and lots of other produce, too. I assume it was weather related delivery issues.

I also bought deli meat. I first ordered roast beast--the clerk offered me a slice and I declined. Then I ordered Virginia ham, and he offered me a slice of that. I declined. I saw that they had Pesto Parmesian ham, which I'd never heard of. For a brief second, I thought of asking to try it, but no, that's not an option. So, I asked for one slice of Pesto Parmesian Ham. He was perfectly willing to give me a slice to eat right then and there, but that wasn't an option. (He didn't even put a price on it--said it was too light for the scale.)

I told DH that he couldn't eat the whole slice or I'd be upset. So, the smart aleck asked "but it's okay if I eat half the slice?" And it is, of course, because I only need half a slice to try it!

It was really easy to say "I don't eat at the grocery store"!

Tomorrow is a bit "up in the air" because I'm taking DD for a college visit (she is likely to transfer for next year). So, we'll be eating en route--but I feel strong and able to make good choices!

Moebug: Credit for sitting at the table--that is huge! As for cake at your husband's birthday party, there are lots of different ways to handle that and we each have to decide what works. For me, I'd have a small piece because I would feel too deprived--I tend to have at least a small sweet every day. Other people would be concerned it would set them back into eating too much sugar and wouldn't want to risk that happening. I know that's not a definitive answer, but I really don't think there is one.

nationalparker: I see you're tracking on MFP again! YAY US!! Big credit for sticking to soup when pizza was in the offering! I do have a snack at work every day (right around 3:00). It is normally a carb/protein mix--cheese and crackers is my most common snack. "Snack" isn't the problem--"high cal" and "quantity" were my problems!

onebyone: I love your keyboard! I think you're right about bananas--and perhaps buying them in smaller quantities would help. It's hard to overeat them if there aren't that many there!

gardenerjoy: I hope the French restaurant trip was delicious--it sounds as if you planned for it really well. I love the way you looked at it in terms of tradeoffs. How did it go?

maryann: I'm glad you're feeling better--it's no fun being sick. And cleaning isn't a fun way to get exercise, although it's satisfying when it's done!

Lexiss: I think of you everytime I see organic bananas at the grocery store. Credit for balancing food and kindness--and then adjusting accordingly in the evening!

BillBE: Lentils wouldn't even be on my list! I wonder if 'enlightened' is achievable? I'll settle for 'not a struggle'!

seadwaters: Credit for recoding what you ate--and treating it as a mistake that you move on from. Btw, I type my longer responses using Notepad++ so that I can scroll up and down in the browser to view earlier posts.

ForMyGirls: The iPad is dangerous (does yours have a name?) Credit for recognizing what you're having trouble with. (Would it help to commit to leaving the iPad charging in the lounge room?)

Take care, all!

01-09-2014, 11:32 PM
Hello coaches :) Credit: eating OP, just realized checking in that I missed my ARC completely will read before bed. Ate sitting, but with homeschooling 3 boys I was somewhat distracted! Will miss my exercise tomorrow because the boy's swim team was canceled, so I need to exercise at home (note to self!) A funny credit: DietPower, the computer program I use to log my food came up with 3 oz of raw kale as being worth the most "points" today, so I had that and earned an A+++ for my eating today. :D

Lexxiss Congrats on maintaining during your 3 month project , funny about your iPhone...I still have an old flip phone! Great on your wise choices at the restaurant and for your flexibiliity in dealing with the rest of the day's meals in a healthy way. :) happy face for the happy scale.

veganasaurusrex Welcome back! Hope you are feeling MUCH better.

nationalparker Great job on changing your plans for a walk to the yoga dvd! I admire you for cutting your fur friend yourself, don't know if I'll be able, so far he growls if we mess with his legs... My boys just purchased Risk recently and I have refused to try it because it takes SO long! Learning to knit sounds like fun. What material are you going to use for mosaics?

onebyone Hurray for flu shots! We all did them this year. Sounds like you have a good plan for bananas. Do often paint? I admire artistic skill (have none! but like to look). What did you make at the ceramic studio? I saw the cutest fused glass snowmen at Christmas, that would be fun if I had a kiln.

bethFromDayton Happy Anniversary!!!! Congrats on you 50 lbs and 3 sizes!! And great job on the diet changes, adding fresh fruit and veggies. With all your progress, I'm sure you are ready to tackle social eating and exercise. A 30 day streak is amazing! Your progress really gives me hope for the future, thanks for sharing! Your dh was funny about the ham, sound like something mine would do!

ForMyGirls Great job recommitting to get back on track with sleep, it will make a huge difference to your ability and attitude.

seadwaters How frustrating to loose everything. The pancakes sound yum, love vanilla! Hope your kefir works well. A funny about the new dog, he takes walks for a purpose...when he's done his thing he turns arround to go home!!! Hoping it is just because today is cold, but I laughed every time.

BillBlueEyes Mmmm, oranges are delicious this time of year. Just went to get more as my boys ate all we had. Lentils were our dinner too, in a chili type soup.

maryann Glad you are feeling better. Good job on getting back to plan after the holiday.

gardenerjoy WhooHoo for 9! Hope you enjoyed your great food and the company.

Moebug Glad to hear you have been doing pretty well with everything . As far as cake, I do better when I avoid sugar completely, but if you will feel deprived and it won't cause you to stumble then having a small amount is not bad.

01-10-2014, 04:54 AM
Hi Coaches/Buddies

I have realised today that I need a backup plan. Yesterday and the day before I had a plan for a restaurant visit - had even looked at the menu. But in both cases I had to changes for some reason. I wasn't able to adapt. So I need a back-up plan in case this happens. Plan A - eat what I have decided from research on the venue. Plan B - eat a sensible main that will satisfy me without introducing foods that I avoid so that I can goodnaturedly refuse foods I don't want to eat.

Today has been an on plan day:
Credit for steps - and kilometres
Credit for food - planned for the day and on plan so far
Credit dinner is planned and is cooking - lamb chop stew (not really summer food but I had a craving)
Credit all food is logged
Credit for new sauerkraut - the last one was a bit dodgy
Credit for making dill pickles
Credit tracking my food

BillBe - Wow for a streak of 50. LOL I always wonder how I would respond when I reach enlightenment
Debbie(Lexxiss) - I know that restaurant - was there yesterday. "Do you want fries with that" - this epitomy of food pushers! Well done for staring them down. Well done to graciously accept the food from your helper - it could be accommodated
Onebyone - good luck with the ceramic studio and staying on plan
Maryann - glad you feel better in predicted time - it's nice to be average sometimes.Yay for completing a routine clean - I totally identify
Joy (gardenerjoy) - great planning for a night out - really detailed and guides the way thank you. I certailny didn't plan this meticulously/ Malaysian pancakes (with coconut stuffing and icecream) are indeed special. I am sure you could find something a little closer :)
Nationalparker - I like the sound of that game! Will have to go and have a look! Credit for passing up pizza - really an achievement
Moebug - Glad you are out there. I get it with the deprivation thoughts - have to reframe those ("didn't want it anyway!"). Cant help with the cake - depends how much of a trigger it is for you. If it will lead to uncontrolled eating it might be good to stay away from it!
Beth(fromDayton) - Great streak! 30 days! Good luck with getting exercise started - I have every sympathy! I use notepad to do personals but sometimes I start my progress in the response box - obviously not a good idea! I have not seen notepad++ so thanks for letting me know.
AZtricia - A dog with a mission - sounds interesting to live with! But they are good for keeping us mobilized and on our feet. Interesting that you homeschool - how can you turn that to your advantage in terms of keeping active!

thanks coaches

01-10-2014, 05:59 AM
I am back on track :-) I left the iPad in the lounge room last night and got a good night’s sleep. Which then led to 100% OP today. Feels like it is going to keep going in the right direction too - and relaxedly - so that is great.

Credits: had planned to have some fruit after dinner but was full so chose to keep it for the morning. Did some good relaxed guiding of my kids’ food choices today. Invoked Nike and “just did it” this morning with my health activities.

So - I have a streak of 1. Collectively we have a streak of 139!

Bill - 50 - WOW! On the topic of Beethoven’s fifth - my Dad listens to only classical music. A workmate of his was mocking him once and proclaiming that it “all sounded the same” (????) so Dad said “Alright then - pick one tape and I bet you I can tell you what piece it is just by listening”. By chance he chose the 5th and was VERY impressed when my Dad could identify it after 3 notes :-)

National parker - I love Risk! If you like Risk you might also like Settlers of Catan.

Maryann - my partner and I also don’t share a bed (or bedroom). He is an insomniac and I sleep like a roaring tornado so after 6 months of my not sleeping because I was so scared I would wake him and him not sleeping because I was breathing we decided life would be a happier experience in separate bedrooms. Didn’t work so well for the first few months when I was sharing a room with a 6 year old (who is very much an early morning person so would bounce on me at the first hint of being awake!) but is great now that we are in a bigger space and I have my own room. I actually really love it - I have always really valued independence in a relationship and find that having a space that is just mine helps me feel like I have my own emotional space too.

Beth - my iPad doesn’t have a name (though my bike does :-) - she is called Lucy - though with her recent change of handlebars and recreation as a hippie trip pie smell the roses kind of bike I have started to call her Lucy-Lou) Thanks for suggestion to leave iPad in the lounge room - I think it is essential so I am adding that to my requirements for being 100%OP. It will make all the other bits so much easier.

Moebug - one of the features of the first diet I was on is 3 ‘indulgences’ a week. I kept that part of the diet (though I have veered from it lately because while on leave I have been getting far more exercise than normal so have an increased calorie allowance that has allowed me to have more treats). The 3 indulgences works really well for me because it means I know that I have some ‘treats’ but I am learning that they are not an everyday thing. It also means that I can partake of celebratory things like birthday cakes guilt free. It also means I am disinclined to ‘waste’ an indulgence on something mediocre - rather I save them up for something really, really yummy! All of that said this is just what (I think) works for me. If being off sugar is important to you then it might be better to abstain. The one thing I think Beck would advocate though is that you should decide ahead of time what your plan is and then stick to it :-)

01-10-2014, 07:16 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Did gym, CREDIT moi, and a walk later. My gym class included a spin on the stationary bikes - I could get into them. I returned the DVD Mary Poppins to the library after fast watching in 20 minutes. Good Grief! What saccharin we accepted in 1964 to accumulate 13 Academy Award nominations. When I become czar, it will be banned.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including snacks; streak to 51. Only snack of the day was half a Louisiana Navel Orange - the last one of the gift box from Christmas. I had to hide my annoyance that DW wanted to split the last one since I'd been having my own whole one. Then had to fight the notion that I could, legitimately, have added some tangerines to make it a full snack. But I didn't, so second CREDIT moi. Have to confess that my brain is thwacked by the newspaper ad for a new Burger King opening nearby - a coupon for a FREE small soft serve cone. I can't throw it away. I don't often buy soft ice cream cones and can't imagine eating one in 15 F weather. But I can't throw it away. Perhaps I'll leave it in a stack somewhere until it expires.

onebyone – Hope you enjoyed some creative ceramic time.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Drooling over your French Restaurant trip. Kudos for planing wisely. (DW is in a quandary because a Primrose followed her home from a garden club event and all our window ledges are already full. We may have to carve extra windows in the house since, heaven forbid, the subject of limiting acquisitions isn't to be discussed.)

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Stellar food responses all. day. long. Super Kudos.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – I like the simple sanity of your Plan A and Plan B. LOL at "Credit for new sauerkraut - the last one was a bit dodgy."

maryann - Yay for holiday weight leaving the premises.

nationalparker – LMAO at, "You're attacking the army of the woman who cooked your dinner?" Kudos for passing on that pizza.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Three resists at the deli is impressive - Super Kudos. I'll consider your notion of 'not a struggle' in place of 'enlightened' since the latter truly eludes me.

ForMyGirls - Yep, Kudos for avoiding the fruit salad just because you were full - it's a challenge for me to remember to ask myself that when facing a healthy food.

Maura (Moebug) - Yep, sitting is "HUGE" - HUGE Kudos for that. One plan is to take two bites from a family member's slice of cake and savor them at your DH's birthday party.

AZtricia - That is funny that kale is your high points for the day. Can imagine that it's hard to get your hands around any food with three boys in the house.

Readers - day 9 Select an Exercise Plan

.....Although you probably don't
want to hear this, [I]the rate at which should try to lose weight is
.............the slower the better.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 113.

01-10-2014, 10:15 AM
My 100% OP streak count is 10.

I'm declaring the French restaurant meal within bounds of a special meal out, even if it's not something I'd want more than once a month. We split a few side plates -- the best was a goat cheese tart with shaved fennel.

For my main dish, I ordered the roast chicken on the advice of a neighboring customer who offered it when she heard this was our first visit. One of the reviews I read praised the chicken as well. It came out in a small black iron skillet -- half of a chicken. That's four times the amount that I consider a serving these days. Since it came so well recommended, I gave everyone at the table some. That whittled the leg quarter down to about a serving. I brought the breast home for sandwiches. It was good – tender and flavorful. But I can guess the secret: brining. Which rendered it a bit too salty for me. Keep in mind that I bake my own bread in a bread machine because commercial bread has too much sodium, so I don’t have the normal American taste buds for salt.

For dessert, after talking about the book Julia Child Rules by Karen Karbo, with Rule Number 10, Every Woman Should Have a Blowtorch, we ordered crθme brulee. So good that the fiancee is putting a blowtorch on her wedding gift registry. Even with four of us eating it, we left a bit behind.

WI: NA kg, Exercise: +55 420/1400 minutes for January, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: This is my solution to the "not enough windows" problem:,default,pd.html?start=7&cgid=IndoorGardening_LightGardens

01-10-2014, 11:47 AM
Good morning, Coaches.

Yesterday was OP calorie-wise. This has been the pattern for the last few days. I am eating spontaneously and sparingly and then eating one smoothie for a meal replacement. I am staying away from processed foods.

Could this be called maintenance? Weight continues to inch back toward ticker. I would love it if I could continue to eat like this. Small amounts and unstructured. "Me thinks something is up, however." But I am willing to experiment a little. I have never been in maintenance. All the literature says that maintaining is truly the hardest thing to do but I can't believe anything is harder than losing the darn weight.:mad:

Plan is to up exercise as well now that I am on the mend. Step class is soon. Credit.

01-10-2014, 01:16 PM
Coaches Thank you for all of your suggestions on how to handle the cake at the party. I've decided I'm going to allow myself this treat . While I may be setting myself up for a fail, I want to see if I can make this commitment to have just one piece and not stray off into sugar oblivion! :dizzy:

01-10-2014, 05:32 PM
On day 7 ... still on track despite going to lunch with our staff today - get this - to a pizza spot. Chose side salad and one thin slice of cheese pizza and was completely satisfied. Had not planned on going, but 10 people saying, "come on" swayed me. (No, had they been saying jump off a bridge, I would NOT have. Eat a slice of pizza? Well ... yup.

DH called. He's heading to laundromat with all our bedding - comforter/blankets/my new super soft throw - after a pet was sick. I need to think of something nice to bring home for him as a thank you for handling that and not leaving it. Not sure what ... not food-related.

Plans changed for dinner and evening as I didn't want to be rushing around before the key Colts/Patriots game tomorrow. Determined to stay on plan by bringing home much of my entree and enjoying a bit of the appetizer and salad and eating until I'm not hungry vs. satisfied. DH is itching for some beef, I think.

Maryann - you keep me motivated and reassured by not stressing about your weight being a bit above ticker. I stressed when in maintenance for months, then realized that it would stick within 131-135 without much rhyme or reason ... then bumped up a bit to 135-141 for a decade and that was okay. Now I'm longing to stick in the 16xs :)

Maura - Hope the cake is savor-worthy! You are no longer one to "stray into sugar oblivion" - you have different habits now, right? :)

01-11-2014, 01:01 AM
Hi all,

Happy Friday--and I am so glad that it is!

I can report an OP food day. I brought Fiber One bars on our college campus tour today--one for each of us. DD chose to eat the Buckeye they gave us instead. I ended up eating both bars--I was really hungry and that's about the caloric range of my usual afternoon snack--and this one was about 90 minutes later than my usual snack--which is why I was so hungry. Dinner was a bit lighter since my snack was late.

Exercise was the campus tour--I'm glad it had warmed up from our frigid temps earlier this week!

Today makes Day 31 of recording everything--that's a full month!

Take care, all!

01-11-2014, 05:32 AM
Hello coaches,

Back to zero today! Overeating was my failing today. It is a long time since i overate. First failing was a batch of homemade scones. Then followed by a change of dinner plan because i forgot to put the corned beef on mid afternoon and it wasn"t going to be ready till after kids in bed. I resisted takeaway (which would have been bad for health and budget) so credit for that. But i ate far more than i needed to of the sausage sizzle dinner, in fact i kept eating for the taste even when i new i was full.

When i stwrted typing this i was thinking "why am i so unable to hold it together at the moment?" but as i am typing i realise it is not all bad, yes - i ate more than i should have today BUT i did do all my health activities and i DID go to bed on time last night. And i DID choose a healthy active play activity for my kids during the day. So there are many good things i achieved today and there is every reason to believe thwt tomorrow i will add eating a sensible number of calories to that list. Credit to me for holding most of it together.

In terms of how to not behave like i did today i think the sabotaging thoughts i feel for were "but this is something special" and "f$:k it - i don't care". Tomorrow when i read my response csrds i will pay particular attention to those ones - and also remember the power of "No Choice". I also wonder whether there is an element of "this'll do". I haven't noticed it as such but i wodner, given i am struggling just as i have broken the historically significant 93kg barrier. Actually will go work on a response csrd for that now.

First though:
Team total of 142 now. I won't be doing team totals for the next week or so - we are off on a family holiday day after tomorrow. Staying with family in law i don't know so well so probably won't have much time to check in. I am planning to post briefly each night though as being on family holiday and staying with family will mean lots of challenges to both my new food habits and my new budgetary habits so i will need to be using you all to keep me grounded.

01-11-2014, 05:35 AM
Hi Coaches

I liked the picture of the walking buddy dog, and today picked up my girls after they were holidaying at my sisters. Coincidentally my cousin had taken photos of them so in honour of walking buddies I have changed my avatar. They are Lily (black) and Sally (tan) who are Pug x Jack Russell (Pugell). I expect they will take me walking tomorrow morning - early

I made kombucha today for the first time and I also made a second milk kefir - my first kefir grains didn't survive the postage. Hopefully this batch is better. I have to wait 10 weeks for my sauerkraut! The kefir is a bit quicker (24 hours) and the kombucha takes 7 to 10 days. Fingers crossed.

Credit for steps - and kilometres
Credit for food - planned for the day and finished on plan
Credit all food is logged
Credit tracking my food for 43 days in a row!

01-11-2014, 05:38 AM
Ok - so here's the response to "This'll do". "Yes - this is an improvement, but you deserve to realise ALL your dreams". That hits the spot - reminds me of the raw longing i have for the things on my ARC that i haven't achieved yet.

01-11-2014, 06:57 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – My long walk incorporated delivering a check that was due that day. Last night we joined a folk dance group for its two hour session with training for beginners. CREDIT moi for a good exercise day. The scale jiggled down three pounds in response which gives me great pleasure despite knowing that it'll jiggle back up tomorrow. I'm pretty immune to the up jiggles, but just swoon for the downs. More realistically, today's the day to increment the monthly counters for my journey - they don't jiggle.

Eating was on plan with no snacks, CREDIT moi, moving my streak to 52. The dance offered a table with a homemade chocolate raspberry cake as well as a dozen more normal treats (including dark chocolate covered almonds - a fav). I skipped them all - the hardest being when DW offered me one bite of the special cake from her slice. I didn't want to have some snack when the whole table was right there in my face.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Getting your sodium tastes to a rational level is Kudos worthy. Love the notion of a blow torch on a wedding registry. [Thanks for the link to the rolling grow light stand; DW hasn't thought of that yet, her grow lights are in a utility room deliberately out of sight.]

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Waving at Lily and Sally - some serious looking dogs there. Sounds like you've got the whole house fermenting.

maryann - My take is that you're in maintenance. It's hardest only when one thinks of it as different from losing and thus go back to mindless habits.

nationalparker – Yep, lunch at a pizza place isn't jumping off a bridge, LOL. Kudos for demonstrating that mindful eating can happen even in a place where over eating is the norm.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Flexible response for your snack is a good strategy. Hope you didn't mean this Buckeye ( TVpz8hqjBhdXcEZ-uWteSWZJpZAUFxuUJcDFJ8Wln6tvYGZcmZVerMHAw8Z5VUi3QE l06_od9kUlRzKvPp7SDQCqkDd4WQAAAA&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=pyDRUv6nH4-BogTYvoHwAg&ved=0COYBEIke) - never heard of it before; it looks deadly.

ForMyGirls - Love the Helpful Response, "You deserve to realize ALL your dreams" - will steal that one when I'm feeling the urge to cash in. Have a fun family holiday.

Maura (Moebug) - Kudos for making a thoughtful plan.

Readers - day 10 Set a Realistic Goal

Setting a goal for yourself can be a great motivator - but you can easily become overwhelmed if you set a goal that seems too daunting or will take too long to achieve. Don't fall into that trap.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 113.

01-11-2014, 12:40 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Yesterday was again OP calorie-wise and semi-spontaneous. I had two meals planned and then a few snacks in place of third meal. I had an epiphany that maybe a fifty year old with a relatively sedentary life does not eat three meals a day. Now that is a paradigm shift. Step class yesterday and Pilates today makes a rare two day in a row exercise pattern.

Moebug: Good Luck with the experiment. I have discovered various periods during my time here with food that I can have just one. Then sometimes I am down the rabbit hole at a bite. I am constantly praying for "the wisdom to foretell the difference."

nationalparker: Who are you rooting for, the Colts or the Patriots. I have left Sunday free of "to do lists" in order to enjoy the 9-er game.

bethfromDayton: I thought your DD was already in a college, no? I love those tours. Even though DS is only 11, we try to take him to as many different campuses as possible. This summer we did Dartmouth. Beautiful, but not quite our "Okie" style :)

ForMyGirls: Good to be reminded that sometimes I keep on eating just for the taste.

seadwaters: Cute Puppies!!!

BBE: You are absolutely right. There really seems little difference between dieting to maintenance. There will never be a day that I can be unmindful of healthy food choices because my body can become addicted again in a heartbeat. One of the posters a couple of weekes ago shared that she still has the same food plan but treats herself to a special meal twice a week. That feels like it makes sense.

01-11-2014, 12:42 PM
I think, in honor of ForMyGirls' vacation, I'm going to quit tracking my streak. She said mid-January originally and we're about there. The streak count served its purpose for me. I already have notes to myself to start tracking a streak of 100% OP days this summer (I've struggled every summer since I started this journey) and when we get back from our big vacation this year. I think that will make a big difference in how well I do this year. Thanks, ForMyGirls! What a terrific tool I now have in my kit.

I put some photos from the French restaurant on my blog this morning:

WI: +0.55 kg, Exercise: +15 435/1400 minutes for January, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

01-11-2014, 12:45 PM
Finished up a successful Day 7 - stayed on plan solidly by the fortunate occurrence of a mob of people at DH's dinner spot. We moved on and, remembering our decision to have at least ONE Date Night per month at a place neither of us had been before, and at a locally owned spot, we stopped at a Thai restaurant for dinner. Jackpot. Healthy entrees and I ate about 1/3 cup of my rice instead of all of it, and felt rather virtuous by night's end.

We did a late-night marketing run and picked up about 80% of what was on my list ... found a recipe for healthy lettuce cups that will be dinner if I pick up the last few ingredients.

Ordered a clearance-priced winter coat from LLBean and hoping it fits around the hips, always my issue. It will be the first time I've mail ordered a coat. Keeping fingers crossed. I told the powers that be to only have the order go through if it WILL fit, since I hate shipping items back.

Bill - thanks for choosing that goal tip for the day today. I have a terrible habit of setting a goal, then often resetting another goal before I reach the first one. Or setting a non-realistic goal. How you passed up the homemade desserts when likely all around you were indulging/enjoying is mystifying and commendable.

Beth - Credits for avoiding the buckeyes!!! Those are all over here as well, and are dangerous! Even at the register at Cracker Barrel :)

ForMyGirls - Kudos to you on honestly admitting the excess unplanned dinner and not beating yourself up over it! Do you notice that you stay up later when your partner isn't home? I do.

To join in, I'm going to try to figure out how to do an attachment pic of our walking buddy, Lucy. I'm terrible at anything other than a normal post on here. Got out on the sloppy trail today with DH and pooch for an hour. Not a fast walk, brisk wind kept it in mid-20s with the chill.

01-11-2014, 05:25 PM
Hello coaches! Grocery shopping is done for the week. Bought some more of the high credit yummy kale! I've never seen this type before, called flowering kale. The center is completely purple and the stems are sweet. Still having trouble remembering ARC more than once. Credit for tracking all I eat, eating seated, walking more than normal, and positive attitude even though new doggy has yet to sleep through the whole night. :(

seadwaters Mmmm, dill pickles sound yummy! Are you fermenting them? Seems like we often need a backup plan. I hope a Plan B will be helpful for you .

ForMyGirls Hurray for a good night’s sleep! Our new dog was only up once, so I have hope of a whole night's sleep soon. Relaxed & right direction sounds like the way to go. Great credit for stopping when you were full.

BillBlueEyes LOL on banning Mary Poppins! Will you be czar soon? I like soft serve too, but not when it is below freezing! I thought of you today when I purchased a bag of AZ grown oranges. When your weather warms up, you should order a box of oranges for healthy snacks...we did that when we lived in IN (or brought them back on the plane if we visited!). And food disappears quickly here w/ 3 boys who swim year round and a dh with a metabolism to envy...I've resorted to teaching them to make their own food. Oldest helps grind grain and prep ingredients for the bread maker, since he eats over 2 lbs of raisin bread weekly. WhooHoo for the lost pounds and the fun exercise and resisting the cake.

gardenerjoy Congrats on 10 OP! The tart sounds delish, now I'm craving fennel! LOL for a blowtorch on your friend's wedding gift registry, that will cause a few people to wonder!

maryann I also find it difficult to believe maintaining is harder than losing weight. Good luck with starting exercising, and so glad you are feeling better. Interesting thought about the 3 meals. If you find it doesn't keep the pounds off, then you might try 4 snack size meals instead as research has shown that to increase your metabolism.

Moebug Good luck on the cake treat. It is the habit of eating sugar, or overindulging that is bad, not one can do it!

nationalparker You have a wonderful dh! Hope you found a good gift idea for him. Great job at the Thai restaurant. I hate shipping items back too, so I hope you LOVE the coat. Looking forward to "meeting" Lucy.

bethFromDayton Sound like you had a good tour and made wise decisions. Congrats on 31 days!

ForMyGirls Congrats for focusing on the many good things you achieved. Hoping you good attitude will help you get back on track. Credit to you for choosing to work on a new response card when you recognized the need. Great job on the response. It is only fair to yourself to treat yourself in such a way to reach your goals.

seadwaters Cute doggies! The walking buddy is being goofy, he's decided when he's done his "duty" that it's time to turn around and go home. I'm hoping that when he's recovered from the surgery and is not as cold that he will like to walk more. But I am getting out more often, for short distances. Hope you had a great walk with your buddies. Kefir is quick! Is it 24 hour for both milk & water?

01-11-2014, 06:49 PM
Well, I am still on track but with meals at odd times. After our walk, I had a bit of a protein snack, counted it, and added in almonds and counted those. Then a couple of hours later we'd decided to just do leftovers for dinner tonight and DH started heating some up. I decided, "Hey, I'd better get in there, too..." and pulled the ham from the old soup and heated that up. I wasn't even HUNGRY. I was maybe hungry of a 3-4 on a scale of 10, but not a 7 or so. Put it in a very small bowl, that I use for a one-cup cereal bowl, and enjoyed every bite. Then had eater's remorse... and felt like a failure - for what? For not waiting another hour? ... we'd gotten in a good hour-long walk in the cold. So I was sitting here, beating myself up for eating early. What is wrong with my mind sometimes with food? I logged it and still have 500 calories or so left for the day (gave up trying to stick at 1,200 and 1,400 will be slower, but at least less sense of daily failure. And even a sense of success if I come in a bit lower...)

Nothing important here - just needed to vent.

01-12-2014, 01:44 AM

*credit* for seeing 265.7 on the scale today, my official weigh-in day.
I have earned my two-movies-in-a-row reward! So exciting. I'll go this week sometime.

My next goal is 5lbs more: 260. Same reward. I want to go to more movies!

Well I have managed to start some ceramics. It looks like a small theme is forming. Ceramic work requires the maker to be happy with it at every stage of production as here is no guarantee it will get to the next stage intact. And with this in mind I'm attaching what I made today. We'll see if it survives the trip to the studio a few days from now. I am committed to making 6 sculptures by Tuesday. I have 2. I'm starting to really get into it though. Very exciting. ( Attached is a jpg of today's work-approx 10" across - clay wall sculpture-she's a dancer wearing bunny slippers)

I've also finalized the details around my printmaking trip to Ottawa a week from Tuesday. It was going to be pierced by a stop at my brother's wife's place to go through his workshop stuff before she throws it all out as she is putting the house up for sale mid-February. The basement is where my brother worked. I considered giving her the green light to just toss everything but I may as well make one effort to see what remains. I was willing to work it into my work trip next week but I am off the hook. She's given me a few more weeks and that's good/better for me. I don't have to get stressed out over it AND try to be creative at the same time. Now I can just focus on my artwork. I'm finally starting to get serious again and it feels good. It is serous though as deadlines for submissions and the pursuit of showing your work in real galleries requires producing series of work and work to a theme. I have come up with my overall theme, which is great surprise and relief, and I can see it will be a good challenge for me. This is all EXACTLY what I hoped would happen. I want to get lost in my artwork this year and really push myself. *credit* for keeping on keeping on.

Foodwise there was gluten free bread on sale so we're trying it. I don't know if for a diabetic (DH) this is any better than regular bread. I suspect NO bread is the best option for us but what the heck. In moderation!

Oh and the best news of the week: my MRI came back negative. All is well. Next physical hurdle will be meeting with my trainer for 30minutes on Monday. She's gonna whip my butt.

Have a good night.

01-12-2014, 02:30 AM
Hi guys, I haven't disappeared but it's a lot harder to check in once work hits :) but I am happy to report 11 days of on plan eating. I have done some planned exercise and some spontaneous - not every day but it's a work in progress. I've been cooking double and triple and starting to build up a freezer full of healthy things for the tough days.

I have downgraded my initial plans for exercising in the evening and am now aiming to start off with just to stay awake in the evening for long enough to get into bed, rather than passing out on the sofa. I am happy to report that despite a really hard day yesterday with the kids fighting, I had enough energy to sit and watch a DVD last night, all the way through, without falling asleep.

I am also reading my advantages card every day and adding to it as I realise more advantages of eating well. They are accumulating daily. If there was a pill that would give me all of these advantages I would pay a fortune for it.

I haven't progressed with the Beck book beyond day 15 yet (the day I went back to work after Christmas ... yes those two things are linked!) but if the kids stay asleep (it's 6.30am here) I'll read another day today.

01-12-2014, 05:40 AM
Hello coaches,

An OP day. Hooray! I even have room in the plan for a hot chocolate after i finish posting. No choice was an incredibly valuable tool today when faced withe cookies and also home cooked brownies (cooked by the kids so i almost caved on the basis of supporting their adventures but i really needed to exercise the resistance muscle today - and they are familiar enough with my dieting now that i wasn't worried they would be dissappointed (and they didn't appear it). So credit for those efforts. Also resisted going back for seconds at dinner.

Final credit is having thought my way through to a healthy afternoon snack with the kids. One of the real blocks is that my younger daughter doesn't eat fruit (except avocado she would tell you). For me fruit is the simple choice for a healthy arvo snack but i always get a bit paralysed abiut what to prepare for her. So today i just prepped some vegies for her. She was super excited to be allowed to have a whole cob of corn all to herself :-)

OP for the next week will be maintenance calories. I will be writing some special holiday response cards tonight to help me keep to that.

SystemsAddict - well done for being gentle with yourself about doing this program with a job and young kids. Adjusting your exercise expectations to something you can achieve is sheer brilliance!

01-12-2014, 06:05 AM

Food was planned and on-plan today which was a relief. That is three in a row. The dogs look so serious because my cousin (in law) has been taking photos of wildlife in Africa - I think she somehow confused them with stately lions or brooding tigers LOL. I don't even know how she captured them sitting still. THey enjoyed their walk this morning before the heat.

I am doing a lot of fermenting - I have had to rearrange the cupboards in my tiny studio apartment and make room in the fridge - I want to try them all to see what works for me. I think I have made an almost good kefir which I will make a smoothy from in the morning

Exercise today was pruning two hedges and all the other plants in my courtyard - took hours. Then cleaning up afterwards. Sure glad it is done - and it was hot too so feel good about being able to physically deal with it.

My steps were up to 11,620 and nearly 8 km - amazing what a bit of constant gardening can do. All food was logged in MFP and I was under my normal amount and way under what MFP wanted to give me for the extra exercise (an extra 518!!?)

AZtricia - I have been eating a lot of kale because my sister has been growing it. It is particularly nice as kale chips with chilli salt on it! Yep - kefir tends to be about 24 hours - like yoghurt which can be ready in 8-12 hours.

Well I am really tired coaches so will sign out before I pass out.

01-12-2014, 08:09 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Not a lot of exercise - Ouch. Too many things scheduled indoors. We had some booming thunder along with a swish of rain to rid the walks of most of the snow. Warmed up above 60 F - enough to start worrying that the trees will get seduced to bud too early. I did make it to the supermarket where I replenished our salad makings. We were flat out of lettuce and mushrooms both. DW thinks mushrooms in our salad have some major health benefit; I think they're tasty so we're both happy.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including snacks to make the streak 53. I'm going to continue counting my streak since that's been nearly magic for me in breaking the snackies. Dinner was the last of DW's huge pot of Bob's Red Mill 13 Bean Soup ( We have bean soup from several different mixes but Bob's is always the best. We were out to a play last night so avoiding snacking wasn't difficult. Watched some young folks buying large New York style pretzels at intermission - can't imagine how many carbs in one of those.

onebyone – Love the dipped left hand and the turned left foot of your dancer in bunny slippers. Yay for earned movies. Our next is August: Osage County ( - Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts both.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Now I want me some "goat cheese tart with fresh fennel" which I will arbitrarily assume is better for me than Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – It's so strange that you've had extreme heat down under while we've had extreme cold in North America. LOL that your pups are posed as African wildlife. Kudos for those 11,620 steps. I don't know why the calorie counting programs suggest extra calories to fill the void created by some exercise. I like the notion that 518 calories means a seventh of a pound had to melt away to support that.

maryann - I hate, hate, hate the reality that we need less food as we age. I was even thunder-struck eight years ago when I read that I needed less food as I lost weight. I have occasion to pass by the dining room of an assisted living facility; the servings are tiny and the residents appear to be nibbling around the corners of that. [ /Rant] Good luck with your 49's down in North Carolina this afternoon.

nationalparker – Yay for healthy Thai food. Wondering what are "healthy lettuce cups." LLBean mail order is one of the best. DW and I both get all our turtle necks from there and both wear their winter coat. I don't know why we're so hard on ourselves about food; you're right, eating early is not a crime.

ForMyGirls - Kudos for raising a DD who can be "super excited to be allowed to have a whole cob of corn all to herself." As well as Kudos for separating yourself from needing to eat your kids brownies.

systemsaddict - Joyous thought, "as I realise more advantages of eating well. They are accumulating daily." Kudos for building up your freezer for tough days.

AZtricia - We don't plant the Flowering Kale because DW says that it bolts sooner than the other. Maybe I can buy some when the Farmers' Market opens this summer. LOL at food disappearing quickly with 3 boys. My adult DS stopped by the other day while we were eating dinner, so made himself a bowl of cereal to chat with us. Then had another. Wow! - two bowls of cereal before his dinner was his teenage behavior.

Readers - day 10 Set a Realistic Goal

What is your goal?
To get to a certain weight
To fit into a particular size of clothing
To look the way you looked when you were younger
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 113.

01-12-2014, 09:06 AM
Hi Coaches!

I continue to follow everyones' progress which does help me lots, even though I'm having a difficult time posting. Thank you all!

I continue to try and find a balance between real work, our project, my moms many medical appts. and my own personal care. DH and I are pretty tired these days, yet we both stay in a good frame of mind and know we need to keep going. "Food" is not being planned in advance, yet my knowledge of "my plan" and my practiced ability to keep our home stocked with OP foods has made these "unplanned meals" pretty easy. Sometimes I bring something home from work for DH and find something simple for myself. We are sleeping at odd hours, knowing we need more rest than usual, too. Yesterday was a difficult day at work....I snacked on toast (more than my usual allotment) but can find credits; I had a healthy breakfast sandwich and stayed away from all goodies and designated "bad foods". I continue to weigh everyday and remain in my maintenance zone. credit.

I'm off to the project again this morning. There IS no rest for the weary. lol. I was willing and ready to take today off but we are close to finishing another milestone and coworkers wanted to finish. I do anticipate it to be a short day which will give me time for rest.

Take care all! I look forward to being a more active participant here one of these days.

01-12-2014, 12:55 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

OP day included sushi. A little bump in weight this morning due to sodium. Not too bad and it was a nice treat. i was excited about my first time cooking quinoa - a great recipe with steam broccoli, orange sections and sesame oil. DS liked it. Nice walk planned for today. This will be a good balance to sitting on my behind during the football game.

gardenerjoy: Have you reviewed Wheatbelly? I just saw the book in the library.

nationalparker: The Boys and I tried a new sushi place and that was fun. I want to encourage locally owned places as well. My calorie count has always been aimed at 1600. That's why I lost only .5 a week but at least it came off.

AZtricia: Credit for the Kale. That is one food I just can't cozy up to. I wish I could.

systemsaddict: Credit for checking in. I know I will only be posting 3-4 days a week when school starts for me tomorrow.

ForMyGirls: Super Credit for not rationalizing a bite of brownies. Eating does not prove love.

BBE: Thanks for the luck with the 9ers. I think we will need it.

Lexxiss: Thinking good thoughts about a possible easy day.

01-12-2014, 03:48 PM
Just a quick visit to show that I'm still in the game. I have a busy day to get ready for a busy week. Today includes a rare Sunday grocery run so that I don't end up having to make choices among bad options later in the week. I'll lay in good options today.

WI: NA kg, Exercise: +35 570/1400 minutes for January, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

maryann: I've heard good things about Wheat Belly. Bread, baked from scratch in a bread machine, is a big part of my healthy diet and identity. So, I tend to avoid the no-carb / low-carb books. But I recommend books to others when I hear good things. It Starts with Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig helps a lot of people get going on Paleo.

01-12-2014, 05:06 PM
Starting off with the thought of how absolutely wonderful having a courtyard would be, Seadwaters! Please appreciate it even a bit more today, knowing how glorious I picture that to be and how many dream plans I have in mind for one. Despite the fact that it would most certainly not "go" with my dream log home. But dreams are fun. :)

Very gloomy day has turned sunny and for that I'm thankful because for some unknown reason (not the Colts' loss; I am not that deeply invested) I am in a major funk today.

This was the weekend I'd set to take down the Christmas decor, which is minimal this year, and in a rustic, pioneer/winter vein. Last night DH mentioned it and I got upset, saying I have been worried that my mom would just make it through the holidays and I think in my mind I feel if I officially end Christmas here (of course it IS ended), that it will not bode well. Completely unreasonable and I know that, but ... I will leave it up and tackle it tomorrow evening alone as he works.

Have wandered to the pantry, oh, about 23 times so far today, and luckily I keep coming away empty-handed for the most part. Have carrots and onions roasting in the oven with a bit of olive oil/s+p and they smell wonderful.

Bill - My lettuce cups ( are ones I'm looking forward to trying - with a few modifications of diff/less oil and less meat/more veggies. Bought hoisin sauce for the first time. Edited to add: Used ground turkey since I had that in freezer, removed a third of the meat to save for another recipe, used double carrots and a bit less of the hoisin and soy sauce to cut sodium a bit ... sent it in with DH to work and I had for dinner as well. This was good and will stay in the montly rotation. Will look to add diff veggies.

Maryann - Thank you for the insight of your 1,600-calorie method because I was feeling rather guilty going to 1,400 ... my sister is drastically cutting back on ww and the pounds are just dropping off quickly, yet I know we're approaching this two different ways. But I'd LOVE a week with two pounds down :) Ah well, we're all different.

OneByOne - Love the dancer with bunny slippers - It made me smile. Thank you for attaching it. I look forward to see it in its next stage, as well, and like your insight of liking those projects at each stage as you don't know that it'll make the next stage intact. I feel that's an analogy for us all in our life ventures, no? Let us know what movies you choose! I want to see the one Bill's listed, but also want to see Monuments Men ... at times there are no movies out for ages that I want to catch; other times, many.

01-12-2014, 05:53 PM
Hello on this Sunday afternoon. I'm still doing well tracking meals. Dog slept till 5:30, so I have hopes of not being groggy sometime soon. Need to exercise as I've missed a couple. I will be able to get a good workout in tomorrow while the boys swim, and the mail today had a coupon for 3 individual coach sessions which I plan to redeem soon to learn more about what I can do and the facility.

nationalparker Understand the need to vent. It is a process to learn the "Oh well" and giving credit. Eating early is not all bad if you are able to eat less and an article from WebMD I saw at the doctors office said that those people who've lost weight and kept it off tended to eat most of their calories early in the day.

onebyone Congrats! Have you picked your movies yet? So great that your MRI was negative. Have a great session with your trainer!

systemsaddict Great job on building up healthy meals in the freezer. :) We'd all pay $$$ for an advantages pill, bummer that there is no easy way. Hope you were able to read another Beck day as they all have such great information and encouragement.

ForMyGirls Mmmm, hot chocolate sounds yum. Great job resisting cookies, brownies, & seconds! LOL about your daughter's corn cob.

seadwaters Hurray for 3 OP. three in a row. I had to look where you are when you posted about the heat...have you always lived in Australia? I will have to look into the Kefir as I know someone with extra grains. It is great that your sister is able to garden and share kale with you. I've a recipe for kale chips but have never tried them.

BillBlueEyes Glad to hear it is warming up there. Credit to you for finding a way to break the snackies. Funny about the cereal. With my oldest it is eat a whole meal, then have a couple thick slices of our whole grain raisin bread.

Lexxiss It is great that you now have the ability to stock healthy foods and maintain without conscious effort. I hope you are able to find balance in your life.

maryann Can you share your quinoa recipe? I have some and would like something my guys will eat. You might like the flowering kale better because it is more stem than leaf and sweet, not as strong a flavor. (picture:

gardenerjoy Great job setting your week to start on the righ foot with planning and groceries. Baked from scratch (in a bread machine) has made a huge difference in our healthy diet. We grind fresh grain, soak it, and run the machine. Oldest loves it with raisins and chia seed inside.

01-12-2014, 07:54 PM

I feel like I went down the rabbit hole today. Wow. I ended up in "competitive eating mode" or something that felt like it as DH was eating candy I wanted some and he gave me some and then I wanted my own and I got it and ate it and gave him some and then the neighbour brought us food, kibbes, and I just simply ate those and I have now stopped.

Every time I succeed, I sabotage the weight # I see on the scale pretty much that day or the next day. I need lots of outside voices to help counter the inner urges. I am really really hoping seeing myself return to the gym and work with a trainer and check in here and focus on my health, that slowly all these positive actions will help counter the messages I have that urge me to stay as I am. It's very frustrating. Although, I can tie it to feelings of pressure: pressure to make things to a schedule, to make not just good things, but GREAT things--this is the evil of perfectionism in my work life--plus a trip to Ottawa coming up and seeing lots of people. I also had to contend with my brother's stuff and that has stirred up feelings. So, emotional eating/stress eating. I still don't choose to do something else. I continue to choose to use food to soothe me. I need to work on this or I will never become the fit, healthy, long-lived vital person I know I can be.

I'm also not sure how to overcome the internal image I have of myself. When it comes to being successful losing weight, I try to see it but I can't. I have no experience of being an adult at a normal weight. I don't even know what it is like to feel all of your bones under your skin with a normal amount of flesh over them.

I've got a lot of internal work to do. I'm going to do it.

Have a good evening everyone.

01-12-2014, 10:27 PM
I survived the cake experiment! :D Will write more tomorrow . :)

01-12-2014, 10:42 PM
**LIKE :carrot: Moebug"I survived the cake experiment! :D Will write more tomorrow . "

01-13-2014, 12:05 AM
Hi all,

Today is Day 32 of my 'recording everything' streak. It was also an OP day with good choices and an afternoon walk!

I just finished planning next week's meals and making tomorrow night's grocery list. It's a pretty short list since DD and I inventoried the freezer before the Big Party and I used that to plan the meals. The primary shopping items are all produce. The entrees are going to be from the freezer.

I'm starting to plan the next Big Party. (I also committed to a Small Party in February--that's just an ordinary evening party.) The Big Party in March is actually held at a hotel and my BFF and I are in charge of the food. For now, I'm doing planning--I love spreadsheets--and making sure that looking at all the items we're buying/making doesn't send me into craving snackland!

After I finish posting, I'll go pack tomorrow's lunch and afternoon snack and enter all of tomorrow's food into MFP. I really do follow it best when it's all in there the night before.

Moebug: Way to go on the cake experiment--let us know what you decided to do!

onebyone: Congrats on your first movie goal, but this is such a hard journey. Can you identify what is most difficult for you? Are you planning and sticking to a plan? Or not planning and making choices as you go? Can we help?

AZtricia: Credit for tracking your food! I'll be interested in knowing what 'coach sessions' turn out to be.

nationalparker: Credit for empty-handed retreats from the pantry. Pantries can be dangerous. I saved the lettuce cup recipe--I think I'll try it when we finish the freezer contents!

gardenerjoy: Credit for making the grocery run, even off schedule, to make it easier to make good choices during a busy week!

maryann: Yum to sushi! How did the quinoa come out? I have a box in the pantry but aren't sure what to do with it!

Lexiss: Thinking of you as your project moves along--real credit for being in the groove of OP foods for not planned in advance meals! I would think that's what we'd all like to get to some day. (I don't know if that's "enlightened" or just "not struggling".)

BillBE: 53 days--that's awesome. I hope the trees don't bud early--I'm always so disappointed when they bud and freeze. (Oh, and I let DD have both buckeyes!) (Credit for that because I love buckeyes.)

seadwaters: Credit for 3 days of planned and OP in a row! I see on MFP how well you're doing. Everyone raves about kale chips. I guess I ought to try making it.

ForMyGirls: You're off on your trip--I hope your special holiday response cards are speaking to you. Big credit for facing down cookies and brownies--and seconds at dinner. That's major!

systemsaddict: Reporting 11 days of OP eating is fantastic! Figuring out regular planned exercise is hard--especially with kids to work around.

maryann: DD is in college--but she wants to transfer, hence another visit and another decision. I don't wanna think I can't have 3 meals a day in maintenance :-( -- but you're probably right!

I'm off to pack lunch and then get some sleep!

01-13-2014, 02:56 AM
Yesterday was more challenging for eating, after a morning in the lovely vbut cold garden my planned salad seemed hugely unappealing! So I had soup instead, which wasn't completely OP (had some carbs in) but not far off; need to find an OP soup to keep on hand for such days. But apart from that, was OP the rest of the day, despite kids being majorly challenging, and was rewarded by not feeling completely exhausted in the evening and managing to get to bed at a reasonable time.

nationalparker lettuce cups! I used to do these when eating controlled-carb before and I'd forgotten how great they are, thank you!

onebyone I know that stress / perfectionism / pressure eating well, and it can hit you just when you least expect it too. Have you got any specific strategies for when you are offered candy? I have a box on the kitchen counter that I put candy in when I want to eat it, and then fit it into my planned eating at another time. (Or take it out if I don't want it any more.) I have learned from my son's psychologist (he has Aspergers) the importance of real physical visual cues for 'you can't have this now, but you can have this later' for handling frustration.

01-13-2014, 04:57 AM

Another day of on-plan eating (day 4). I planned to go to a paleo hamburger joint for lunch where I could refuse the bun and have small chips (fries) and I did exactly that. I have one more week on leave during which I have my birthday as well. So I am planning outings for food that don't put me over the edge. I am trying to consolidate my fermenting practices before I go back to work so that it is manageable with limited time. I have really enjoyed putting my interest in food to some productive and healthful end. This morning I had my first kefir and protein smoothy and it felt, and tasted, good. Unfortunately todays kefir ferment went to the dogs as it was overfermented by about 3 hours (cheese) - they did enjoy it. My dill pickles actually taste like dill pickles - amazing! My evening meal is all prepared and I am looking forward to finishing the day on plan.

I found a more lively and in character photo of my girls fighting over a ball - they look happier doing that than pretending to be alpha African animals

Credit for doing my steps and kilometres
Credit for planning and being on plan
Credit for planning food for tomorrow
Credit for logging all my food today on MFP in an unbroken streak of 45days

BillBE - Glad today's excerpt is about sensible goals - it reminds me to firstly set them, and secondly make them relevant and realistic. REALLY hope the trees don't bud - the weather is crazy
Debbie (Lexxiss) - waving - credit for staying on plan and on project in some challenging circumstances
Maryann - Quinoa is great but there are debates about whether it is Paleo/primal so I avoid it. I used to make Quinoa based tabbouli (replace the wheat with quinoa) which was fabulous - love tabbouli.
Nationalparker - I do apreciate my courtyard :) and so do the dogs otherwise they would be locked in a unit all day. But it is small! I have filled it with herbs and lettuce and tomatoes and chard. It is great. Sorry for your thoughts of your mother - this was the first christmas without either parent and it was indeed different. Credit for not raiding the pantry
AZtricia - Glad the dog is sleeping in! Good luck with the gym and exercise. The free sessions with coaches are always worth it! Yes I have always lived in Australia - have travelled a little bit but not enough! Kale chips are yummy
Moebug - YAY for surviving the cake experiment - totally wonderful
Beth(FromDayton) - Yay for 32 days streak of recording everything. You are so organised with meal planning way ahead of time. I may be doing well with planning and logging but I am still the same weight - it is not moving! Makes it hard to maintain focus
Systemsaddict - couldn't imagine a winter without soup so hope you are successful in finding one - they are out there

01-13-2014, 07:29 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Exercise was a bird walk, CREDIT moi, with a whole bunch of folks who wondered what would be out on a chilly January day. Three Red-tailed Hawks rewarded us as well as the usual. The nearby lake was frozen so water fowl weren't around.

Another day of eating on plan, CREDIT moi, including snacks to increment my streak to 54. Temptations included a table of socialization-snacks that included the beginning of the month of Girl Scout cookies being brought to groups by folks who don't want to eat them. Our bird walk included Fig Newtons that I ignored; I'm want to think of them as fruit to justify eating a handful.

onebyone – Ouch for tension and stress and for the feeling that food will release it. You've faced this barrier before; you've got the stuff to cross it.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for daily bread in moderation.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Energizer Bunny you are. Continued Kudos for staying away from all the visible food at your work.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – I feel more relaxed looking at your playful pups instead of the "alpha African animals." Neat that you're conquering this fermenting business.

maryann - Yay for Sushi. Double Yay for locally owned Sushi places since I want to see the eyeballs of the person preparing raw fish for me. Congrats on your 49'ers victory yesterday. Perhaps our Patriots will meet them in the Super Bowl - if those pesky Seahawks and Broncos don't interfere.

nationalparker – Continue to send supportive thoughts for your mom. Kudos for 23 trips to the pantry that resulted in carrots and onions roasting - when there were likely some bad choices available. Thanks for the lettuce cups recipe. I do love Butter Lettuce - that we call Boston Lettuce.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Kudos for cleaning out the freezer by planning meals around it. [Some gratitude is due your DD for her sacrifice of eating both Buckeyes to spare her mom.]

systemsaddict - Any day survived with "kids being majorly challenging" is worthy of Kudos. Do you make soup from scratch or based on packaged or can?

Maura (Moebug) - Kudos for planning your cake confrontation and surviving.

AZtricia - Yay for individual training sessions to learn your facility. I wish that I'd use a trainer ever visit to force me into correct form.

Readers - day 10 Set a Realistic Goal

What is your goal?
It's natural to want to set a long-term goal. In reality, though, we don't yet know whether your goal is reasonable for you. I also don't want you to become anxious thinking how far you have to go. Instead, I'd like you to set a short-term goal to lose 5 pounds.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 113.

01-13-2014, 09:51 AM
My busy week starts with a family business appointment, four hours away. I’m looking forward to one aspect, though – we’re taking a nephew with us. He’s the first of the next generation to take an interest in the business so it will be fun to introduce him to it and to spend that much time with him.

I have a plan for where we’ll stop for lunch, a big question mark for a snack, and a plan for supper with food that I prepped last night so that we could pull it together quickly and easily when we get home.

I’m also committed to doing at least 15 minutes of stretches when I get home so that I don’t break my streak of daily exercise, currently at 177 days.

Thanks to whoever mentioned (was it on this thread or another?) that Girl Scout Cookies can be purchased to be donated to someone else without my ever seeing them. With modern technology, I didn’t even see the Girl Scout! I got email with a link to place my order with the Girl Scout in my life. Presumably, I’ll see her, or her mother, at some point when they want the money.

WI: NA kg, Exercise: +30 600/1400 minutes for January, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

01-13-2014, 11:26 AM
Beth(FromDaylton) - I went off to find my kale chip recipe to send to you and somehow got distracted and didn't post a personal. Not sure I would go to buy kale just to make them but it sure is a good way to use up a glut of it. Let me know if you want a recipe I found which is one of the better ones I've tried. Credit for another day on plan and with a walk. It must be warming up a bit is it? Yet more party practice coming up! You will soon be expert at hosting and surviving them unscathed

Systemsaddict - was reading this paleo recipe for Kombu Ginger Chicken Soup ( on Marks Daily Apple and wishing it was winter. You might like it

01-13-2014, 11:42 AM
Happy Monday, diet coaches/buddies. Credit for 7 days OP recording foods, with 4 lbs lost. Only one more pound to my mini goal & I have no idea what my reward should be!?! I can not remember being this low since before kiddos (oldest is 15!). Finally got doggie to go for a longer walk by insisting he go on every time he turned around and stopped. I think he enjoyed seeing the grass and people at the park.

bethFromDayton Congrats on 32 das as well as OP and a walk! It is good that you realize about yourself that you follow your plan best when made the night before, that will be so helpful to you. I think the 'coach sessions' are individual trainer times, but I don't have any idea what they'll guess is torture me! :)

systemsaddict What plan are you following for low carbs? I wouldn't want salad in the cold either! Credit for getting rest. :) Love your idea for a 'have it later' candy box.

seadwaters Good job sticking to your plan with the hamburder. I'd love your dill pickle recipe as they are a favorite here and I'd enjoy a healthier fermented version. Cute photo, looks like they love their ball. My dog was up again at 1, but then slept till 7...hope he learns to sleep better.

BillBlueEye Fig Newtons are one of my favorite cookies, but only one of my boys likes them so I don't buy them often (or I'd eat them all). I usually just use the treadmill (at the YMCA) so I look forward to adding some variety to my exercise. Treadmills are boring!

gardenerjoy Cool that you will have that time with our nephew and that he is interested. Quick suppers are definately the best! Wow, 177 is a long "stretch" of daily exercise. :dizzy:

01-13-2014, 02:06 PM
Good day so far. Was finally able to turn the lights out last night, knowing I'd stayed below my calorie goal, despite wanting this and that. Credits to me for NOT putting items in my cart at the market that are too tempting. But honestly, I'm WAY more excited about a small baked potato than I am about a cookie. Double that for roasted sweet potato wedges (made some last week that were sweet and spicy and scrumptious).

Hoping to get home during daylight to do a brief walk with the pooch ... if not, I'll roll out my yoga mat early, let all the pets inspect and stretch on it (not sure why, but each cat will go into cat pose on it only lasting until I grab my phone to get a pic) and then use it later this evening. Arm is still sore from pulling something when doing all the shoveling, but is improving gradually. I want to get more of my yoga basics down while DH is working nights. Sad that I've forgotten so much and that breathing slowly is such a challenge.

Reading a strange little book, The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. Certainly not deep, but definitely thought-provoking.

AZTricia - kudos to you for the four pounds down and the week recorded! YAY. What way are you leaning for your reward at five down? I haven't done rewards myself and think I'm too impatient for them :)

Bill - Well, now I'm looking forward to the Manning/Brady matchup, since the Colts' season ended - phooey. :) Actually I like Brady; it's his wife who drives me buggy. The plans for next weekend have already been worked around the games. This is the only time of the year that occurs, thank goodness.

01-13-2014, 03:58 PM
Hello coaches,

Morning of the second day of holidays and i am on track!

I had forgotten how good a cook my sister-in-law is (we are staying with them) so that will be a blessing and a challenge all rolled into one! Mostly healthy - but just so yummy it is hard to step. I think i also need to prepare myself for the challenge of declining dessert if it is offered every night.

I came up with two really helpful extra strategies in addition to my special holiday cards. The place we are visiting is foodie heaven so i have decided that if it isn't really special food then it is not worth using extra calories. That way i will be able to enjoy the culinary delights while staying in maintenance calories.

The second strategy comes from the fact that my partner and i have a long time goal of buying a few acres of land here, building a strawbale house and then moving down here when the kids are grown. So my strategy, at any temptation to overspend or overeat is to just look out the window and remind myself that restraint right now will enable me to own a patch of this paradise and help build my home on it one day. The views here are breathtaking so it is pretty hefty motivation.

Almost forgot credits: limiting the amount of yummy sister in law prepared dinner i ate last night; not having a second beer; not having a chocolate with after dinner tea; doing exercise in the morning before heading off on hols

01-13-2014, 09:20 PM
Good Evening, Coaches.

First day back to work after a three week holiday. I actually went in a day early because my anxiety about getting some projects done was increasing. Credit for being proactive. I can take the comp day later in the year.

Super credit for remembering after a long holiday that I don't eat sweets at work. Super tough and there were some moments when I was actually DEPRESSED about the thought of no sugar to get me through the work. I practiced trying to stand outside of myself and say, "I wonder why she is so sad." Using distance between rational thought and my emotions in this case was very helpful. I was able to see that a feeling is just a feeling. Credit for also planning ahead yesterday for a treat AWAY from work at lunch because I had done so well over the weekend.

A few people asked for the quinoa recipe which was yummy and enjoyed by all. This is the modified version I did:

Quinoa Salad with Orange and Walnut

Cook quinoa by putting in a saucepan 1 1/2 cups water and 1 cup quinoa.Simmer 15 minutes. (I actually did this in my rice cooker.)

In a bowl mix dressing of 1/2 t. orange zest, 3T orange juice, 1 T white wine vinegar, 1 t. sesame oil and S&P. Steam four cups chopped broccoli. Transfer to a large bowl. Drizzle with 2 T. soy sauce. Add 3 cups cooked quinoa, sections of 1 orange, juice of 1 orange, 1/2 cup chopped walnuts and dressing.

Wave to all today. Back tomorrow.

01-13-2014, 10:49 PM
Helloooo..... I feel weird that I don't make comments on all your posts but I feel like I don't know you very well yet.... :)

Anyhow..... My commitment to eat one piece of cake was a success Saturday night! Of course my first thought was that they cut the pieces WAY too small :D

The real miracle is that the rest of the cake came home with us and I didn't eat any of it! I weighed myself Saturday morn and I had lost 4 lbs so I'm happy about that. I feel like I'm on a good path right now. I haven't progressed very far in the book but I have definitely implemented some of the tools that are really working well for me . Thanks again for your encouragement and inspiration!

01-14-2014, 12:05 AM
Hi all!

Today was an OP food day. My only deviation from my pre-done plan was a fruit substitution at dinner--based on what looked good at the grocery store!

I actually brought three days worth of lunch and snack to work today--now I don't have to think about it until Wednesday night. We're going out to dinner tomorrow night to a restaurant that is not my favorite. It's a group event and I didn't pick the place. I was going to skip it but DH really wants to go and so we are. I used their on-line menu to pick something out and adjusted to skip my evening sweet snack and I'll be OP. (Have already entered tomorrow in MFP)

I found out today that there's a trainer who comes in 3 days a week at work and does classes towards the end of the day--I told two of the women I'd do it Wednesday. I'll have to get to work a bit early to be able to start it (or stay after the class) but that'll be good for me--and exercising with other people is easier for me.

moebug: Congrats on the cake--know that feeling of it being a "small piece"! It's great that using your resistance muscle showed results! (And don't worry about not doing personals--we all do them differently and whatever you do or don't do is fine.)

maryann: Thanks for the visual of "why is she so sad?" (I'm going to use it at my next Big Party.) Not eating sweets at work is hard!

ForMyGirls: Great idea to use where you are--and want to be--to keep yourself on track.

nationalparker: Big credits for controlled grocery shopping!

AZTricia: 7 days and 4 lbs? That's awesome! (where in AZ?)

seadwaters: I've never even bought kale, let alone had a glut of it! :-) Credit for having a plan for the restaurant and following it!

gardenerjoy: The magic Girl Scout Cookie phrase is "Gift of Caring". I hope you had a great day with your nephew and ended up at places where good food choices were easy! 177 days of exercising is amazing--there aren't enough bytes for all the credit for that!

BillBE: Your bird watching walks sound wonderful. 54 days! I needed the goal reminder today--I'm bouncing my head way ahead--instead of concentrating on the mini-goal of 5 lbs at a time.

systemsaddict: Soup is wonderful when it's cold. Beck says that being prepared is key--so keeping food in the house that works for you so it's easy to stay OP is key.

Take care all!

01-14-2014, 04:03 AM
Hi coaches

I had breakfast out and stayed on plan - I planned what I would have and stayed with that. I sometimes cringe at the necessity to keep doing the planning if (when) I lose the weight and reach maintenance (at the moment that seems a distant possibility given my total lack of progress). The recent discussion about the difference between losing and maintaining was enlightening - and discouraging for someone who likes "spontaneity". Spontaneity with eating doesn't seem to cut it with people with an ongoing weight management issue - maybe it doesn't cut it with anyone really but we don't notice their control (Beck makes a good point about that). Anyway I am down today because of my total lack of progress with weight loss.

A few days ago I heard that a colleague of mine had a stroke - he is a close colleague who I see daily when I am at work. He is also the healthiest person I know. He is thin, eats a very calorie restricted diet, and runs or walks large distances daily. He is not focussed on food and might be considered an ascetic who eats as a bodily necessity (quite the opposite of my hedonistic self :) ). He is about 67 and tomorrow I turn 63 so thinking about mortality :). Fortunately it is a fairly mild stroke but he has right sided paralysis (which will be helped by physio) and his short term memory is temporarily (hopefully) affected - not good for a philosopher. I am not sure what it all means but it was disturbing and I have been dwelling on it. I have had a few health scares and am trying to take a very healthful, evidence based approach to diet. Not to prolong life but to improve it. Not sure what could have helped my colleague who has realised that there is a family history of high blood pressure.

Credit for:
Having a plan and sticking to it
Doing my steps by lunch time and then adding to them
Thinking about the meaning of a healthful way of eating and living for overall health and wellbeing
Logging my food on MFP
Reporting in to this list

AZtricia - I don't think that there is a recipe for dill pickles - from what I can tell "fermenting" is a way of life LOL. I can give you some websites and resources (most of them US) if you want to have a go - but it seems to demand quite a bit of dedication and attention. I woke at 2am (as I do and then go back to sleep) and thought I would check my kefir (which yesterday had turned to cheese) and it was ready in 12 not 24 hours. So it seems to have a long learning curve - which I am enjoying but if I had any sort of life I would find it difficult to keep on top of it all. When I go back to work it might all fall apart. The main website and book that I am using is: You also need to find a source of some of the starters for the ferments mentioned - the ones I use are Australian

Moebug - congrats for one piece of cake and even letting it into your home and not eating it - huge credit. Lovely to read "I feel like I'm on a good path right now."

Take care coaches

01-14-2014, 06:23 AM
Hello coaches,

Moebug - so fabulous to hear your tale of leftover cake remaining uneaten. How affirming to know that it is possible to join in the celebration without falling into sugar oblivion.

I am reporting another OP holiday day. In fact today is OP for weight loss calories (rather than maintenance calories which is my holiday plan) Credit: I was tempted to have some extra food this evening because i was "allowed" under my extended holiday calories but then i remembered that they are there for special things i wouldn't be able to have when i am not here in paradise so i 'closed the kitchen' at my usual 1600 calories. Credit: we went to the world's most amazing bakery this morning (one of my most anticipated highlights whenever i holiday here). I listened to my body and chose a savoury item that was divine. Certainly not a low calorie brunch, but well able to be worked into a day that involved lots of walking around - and that left me with a feeling of nourishment, not sickly sweetness, as bakery choices so easily can. It came on a bed of rocket (aragula i believe to the Americans amongst us). This area is renowned for the quality of fresh produce so it was fresh and flavourful. It was lovely to notice how yummy the green bits were and not just the rest. A very mindful eating experience. Hooray.

01-14-2014, 07:23 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Eating was on plan, including snacks, CREDIT moi, bringing my streak to 55. My only snack for the day was an old orange from at least a month ago in the evening. It wasn't very tasty, nor satisfying, so I immediately thought that another one was a good idea. When I have a terrific orange, I think about how good it tasted. Perhaps that's a clue as to why I ate so many cookies before my journey - they weren't really satisfying so I kept trying. I'm out of the pecans that I use on my peanut butter sandwich at lunch so I used some of the trail mix that Santa brought containing dried cranberries and mixed nuts - a surprise at each bite, but makes me want to get to Trader Joe's for my favorite pecans.

Exercise didn't happen. I had a string of things to do that required me to wait for phone calls at my desk containing the supporting paperwork. The good news is that I got both affairs resolved.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Ouch for two four hour drives today. Hope all goes well. I, too, am impressed with your 177 day streak exercising. Send me some of your pixie dust.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Ouch for facing the reality that medical events happen even to the fit. Kudos for using it to reinforce your own dedication to your plans that can improve the quality of your life.

maryann - Yep, Super Kudos for "remembering after a long holiday that I don't eat sweets at work." Would you be willing to add your quinoa recipe to our Beck recipe thread (

nationalparker – Yay for "roasted sweet potato wedges" with Kudos for getting yourself to the place where those sound yummy.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – You are amazingly on plan when a [I]"fruit substitution at dinner" is your only deviation - Kudos. A group helps me do the exercises that I find boring and that don't have weight numbers associated with them.

ForMyGirls - Congrats for choosing a sister-in-law who's a good cook with Kudos for recognizing the challenge you face. Love the notion of a strawbale house in a breathtaking area. Are those common or would you be a trailblazer? Kudos for enjoying "the world's most amazing bakery" in a mindful way. I really like being reminded that our eating plan doesn't preclude the amazing.

Maura (Moebug) - Major Kudos for bringing that cake home but not digging into it. My take is that it's best to avoid personals for a spell and to concentrate on frequent status posting. After a while, individuals come into focus - especially others just starting. Then a few personals become easy to do.

AZtricia - Congrats on those four pounds gone forever. Kudos for thinking seriously about a reward for five pounds; for me, it was fun to realize how many time a food reward popped into my brain.

Readers - day 10 Set a Realistic Goal

What is your goal?
You probably want to lose more than that, of course. So once you lose 5 pounds, set a new goal to lose 5 more pounds, and so on. Each time you lose 5 pounds, celebrate. Call a friend or your diet coach, and celebrate together. Or buy yourself something you can afford that you've wanted fo a while.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 113.

01-14-2014, 09:42 AM
Hi Coaches!

Trying for a quickie check in even though smoothie awaits downstairs and I have under 1/2 hr until I need to be at work. Food continues to be unplanned, for the most part yet acceptable. Daily weighing gives me confirmation that I'm doing what I need to be doing right now. It's the first Winter on record that I haven't gained weight. credit.

BBE, thanks for the orange report...I'll stick to my bananas, apples and pineapple for now.

Cheryl(seadwaters), it's interesting to me that although I haven't lost a pound in the past 3 months that I've shrunk another size. I think this process isn't always about the # on the scale and that our bodies readjust in other ways as we get healthier. You are on track refining your plan and making new and healthy changes. Keep it up and keep coming here! It is a long term strategy for success.

Beth(fromDayton), thanks for your comments regarding my staying on track without that solid written plan. I thought about it and it has alot to do with my "plan of choice", SBD. I have approved foods and foods I don't eat. Taking Dr.Beck's advice regarding arranging my environment has helped me lots. The food we eat is here...the food we don't eat isn't. For me, it's quite different and it works for both of us, since we're at the age where healthier is our best option. DH has a weight problem, too.....he can't keep it on. lol There are several snacks that he enjoys but aren't good for me. Most I don't enjoy so that helps.

OK, everyone, I've got to run! A collective great job we're doing here! I enjoy reading and try and participate a bit when I can. Thx!

01-14-2014, 10:19 AM
We stopped for Mexican food on the way home from our business trip, so my day didn’t go according to plan. But I made a reasonable choice at supper, and took half the entrιe home for lunch. I did my trick of counting tortilla chips. That was especially effective sitting across from the nephew. Well before I go to my limit of 6 chips, he’d eaten them all!

I also skipped all my snacks. So I feel happy about how I handled the day.

WI: NA kg, Exercise: +15 615/1400 minutes for January, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes and Lexxiss: my recently purchased oranges are good.

seadwaters: sorry for the worry about your colleague's health.

maryann: good for you for figuring out that an early return to work would be helpful. I like your image of standing outside yourself to observe emotion -- that sounds helpful!

01-14-2014, 11:23 AM
Getting back into the swing of things after a crazy eating weekend. Hoping to lose a lb and a half this weekend. My official weigh in day it on Friday but I think I am going to have to change it to Saturday because my husbands day off is Thursday and that throws off my eating schedule.

I start class today. Really nervous about the new term. New building and parking is a nightmare. I have to push through the anxiety. I have to do it!!! For my family.

Bill. I just threw my month old oranges away. They looked terrible. My husband will only buy them in season so I doubt he will get me any more. Three of them had got pushed back in the drawer and before I knew it they were shriveled and gross.

Credits. Weigh in today. Planned food on my fitness pal. Set a goal and working on it. Walking at the college. Saying oh well and letting things go. Reading arc daily. Working on getting fruits and veggies in for the day. Checking in here (I read always).

Hope you are all good. Thanks for listening.

01-14-2014, 01:12 PM
I need to work on the mental aspect of wanting that scale reward ... have done well lately and hopped on the scale (well, actually, timidly stepped on, allowing the weight to s-l-o-w-l-y move onto the scale so as to not shock it and punish me) ... and nothing different. I KNOW that losing weight also involves losing water, muscle, etc., and it's not a true reflection, but for some reason in my mind, this morning was the morning that I would see it drop back down into the 169s. Maybe this was a wakeup call to me to start trying to lose that focus and work on adding in the activity side more.

Surfed the internet for quite a while last night, looking for ideas for DH's birthday in a few weeks. We're doing the cruise, but that's not really his present ... and tend to look more for experience type of gifts - trips/concerts/performances and not sure what route I'll be taking. Fun to explore. That will probably be my focus this evening, as well. Neither of us are "Vegas" type folks, but we both do want to see the Circle "Love" Beatles performance one day, but not affordable right now.

Bill - You must get much better oranges than I ever select. Every time you write about a great one, I pick some up at the market and they're mediocre at best. What are your tips for top ones? All I look for are thinner skin and heavy and don't worry about color.

ForMyGirls - Whoo hoo on the day two holiday going so well!! I loved your plan to look out the window and into the future for your dreams to be realized with a home there. That must really be exciting.

Will check in tonight - need the accountability when DH's at work. Last two nights were GREAT, though. (In not eating more, not that I was alone.)

01-14-2014, 04:19 PM
Good day Coaches! :coffee2:

It has been exactly one week since I posted last. However, I have spent about an hour reading the seven pages of posting from all of you so I can 'catch up' on how you all are doing.

First of all, I had "planned" on posting sooner but I got the influenza this past Sunday and I slept 12 hours that day and 10 hours today. That doesn't leave much computer time after I factor in light "straightening up" and a surprise need to clear off our open front porch so our property management can power wash all exteriors. My mini-rant is: this is a dumb a$$ idea-mid January and it is supposed to be below 32 degrees(freezing) tonight. In spite of being sick, last night I bundled up and swept the porch floor of any residual winter dried leaves from our woods since I didn't want those frozen to the floor when I put all of our outdoor furniture back on there. BBE, you are having 60 degree weather, really? It is in the mid-40s here in GA. WTH?

Credit: I am sticking to my word about being honest about my weekly weigh ins with one of the other online diet support groups that I have belonged to for nearly three years. Reporting a re-gain of 0.8 lbs. sucked. If there is a reward in being honest I fail to see it at this point. I just felt more disgusted with the "re-gain" than the honesty in reporting it.:mad:

Credit: I joined gardnerjoy's monthly exercise challenge in January. I have always loved being active so this is not much of a personal challenge for me BUT I will admit that I am most proud of doing the Leslie Sansone Walk dvd with my DH last night. He really needs to work out (high stress, high cholesterol in spite of eating healthy and very sedentary) and now he is telling me that he wants to exercise. Just saying that almost brings me to tears. I want him in my life "forever" and so I worked out with him last night in spite of the fact that my legs felt like limp spaghetti. I am more proud of last night's efforts than all of the days previous.

Credit: Two months ago a friend of my DH's gave him a surrender novena (a prayer mantra said 9 consecutive days ) and it has revolutionalized my inner life! My ever-present anxiety has all but disappeared and watching miracles coming out of "nowhere" is just plain amazing! Now, to keep working on being patient.

Speaking of which; nationalparker and onebyone, I hear you so loud and clear on where you are because I am there too! I have been working out daily, staying within my caloric range, eating healthy and "nothing, absolutely nothing!" I even changed the battery on my "bells n whistle" scales --trying to eliminate all possible causes for this lack of loss. Onebyone, at least, you can point to the candy. I can't point to anything except "possibly" some added sodium.

Onebyone: I have been using the Beck strategies for two years and what I have finally come to the conclusion is that it seems that I needed to get one of the skills down at a time and then just go down the list. It does mean that I am at this longer than some (and that totally bums me out) but I will say that once a pound is gone it usually stays gone. I remember when I had difficulty with late night snacking. I did the same thing that FMG did, staying up and playing online games (cards), just cheating myself out of a decent night's sleep. Well, I also got into the habit of late night snacking as well. I killed two birds with one stone by both having a cut off time for bedtime and with that went the snacking. I am sure that you will find something that will work for you. You are very resourceful when it comes finding solutions to your life problems. Just don't put yourself down while you are searching for it. :hug::goodluck: P.S. STRESSED is DESSERTS spelled backwards. Just a thought.

One of the things that I have taken away from Dr. Beck that I think is not often mentioned is: just because we do or did things a certain way in the present/past doesn't mean that we always have to do that. Bill and his oranges was the most recent example of memory but I remind myself more that "just because" I did it one way doesn't mean I can't do it another way. Sometimes, just reminding myself that helps me to see the situation for what it is and then a certain clarity comes from that.

bethfromdayton: :congrat: on your one year with the Beck system. I agree with the others: your strength is your organized pre-planning. I am amazed that you managed to lose 50 lbs without any exercise. Did I understand that correctly? I know that both are essential for me. It is like having a right and left hand. I need both to get the "job done". It also looks like you are close to maintenance. :bravo:

I see that there is an ongoing discussion about calories, food plans and such. My DH said to me yesterday, "You eat normally" and "I see you are conditioning your body." Thank you, DH, for noticing. I really needed to hear those words. I have always said that the food plan that I wanted "forever" would be one that I could stick with day in and day out. There are many things that I have "given up" that I honestly don't mind. After awhile, I just even forget that I once liked them. Although, Dr. Beck would say that is "drawing a line", I would say that one day I realized that I didn't "need" (nor want) those same foods any more. This year is the "Year of No Pizza". Considering this is equivalent of putting my only born on e-bay; this is a major deal. Now, how to explain that to my food-centric family when they arrive will take some doing but I will come up with something. Maybe, I will be "pizza-intolerant" when they come.:D

ForMyGirls: Thank you for sharing about how things are going on your family vacation. I have mentioned before that my sister et al are coming for a visit and I have already thought through how I am going to handle food pushers, people who eat "like crap" and just upsetting my general routine.

AZtricia: Good Job on the 4 lbs. gone forever!

nationalparker: Several days in the pink book are dedicated to both dealing with disappointment as well as the definition of a plateau. I am where you are at. I took a siesta from daily working out this past fall and now I am back hammering away at it. I also have reminded myself that inactivity is what puts pounds back on. My spin on why the elderly eat less is because those people who are chronically inactive have less of an appetite plus a lot of the elderly are on so many medications that also suppress the appetite. Since I have a history of being active (except this past fall, for some odd reason) I have been advised to eat according to the calories I burn. I can't slash my calories too much because I run the risk of too low blood glucose. Like most things in life, it is a balancing act. My best wishes to you uncovering what is the block in your life as well. Just know, I am there myself. It just plain sucks!:mad:

BBE: potassium can also be found in some vegetables like :broc:. Off the top of my head I can't remember which other ones do but my guess is that most really dark leaved vegetables also have some potassium. So you don't have to eat all of that fruit. Also, remember to check your calcium intake. It is the combination of sodium-potassium-calcium that keeps your heart healthy. Again, many of the darker leaf vegetables also have traces of calcium in like :broc: :D:

seadwaters: My condolences regarding your co-worker's stroke. I am wondering though how this man's stress level was. The CEO of a company I used to work for gave a speech about stress when he had a heart attack even though he was the "picture of health". Hence, my concerns for my DH. TG we are praying the surrender novena. It has made a world of difference for me. Short of moving to the Mediterranean (a food plan I so happen to love), I have seen the value is "stressing less".

Moebug: WTG on the cake test. You passed with flying colors. :woohoo:

maryann: Loved your tip on releasing your personal "baggage". I have an empty box that I am working on filling. I too have done this and I am doing a first for me: we are planning on moving within the next couple of months and I am starting packing now but with the same idea as yours---don't box up what I don't want to unbox once we get there. So it is sort of a "purging" as I go project. When taking down all of the holiday decorations, I decided that I would also edit what I owned and donate the rest. It took longer but now next year when I unpack all of this (also thanks for color-coded plastic bins as well-thanks to Home Depot recent sale) I can just put it all up in jiffy. Well, in theory anyway. :D

gardenerjoy: loved your French restaurant story as well as pix. Great Job on the continuing of exercise streak. I agree that most foods have way too much salt although it is quite easy to steer oneself around it. Less is best in almost every department.

AZtricia and seadwaters: Loved the photos of the cute dogs. Mine are in doggie heaven. I do not currently own pets although I do miss having a cat until I read that the two main reasons for older people falling (and breaking something) is 1) cats (under foot) and 2) clutter. So, since I am working on the later, I have decided to forego the former since I just rebroke the same toe that I broke last year this time when I accidentally hit it with a metal folding chair I was putting away. (sigh). I am a danger to myself sometimes. :?:

Losetoall and systemsaddict: Hey! :dancer: Loving thoughts go your way.

Lexxiss: I always think of the car when I see your name. Sorry but that is how word association works with me. Gosh, you sound even more organized than I think I am. Great Job in juggling all of those balls and making it look so simple. I know it is not.

Still experimenting with the half-portion of a single serving. It is eye-opening and I find myself quite comfortable with these smaller portions. Life is interesting, isn't it? When we relax and instead of resist, things become easier.

Love, Pam :comp:

01-14-2014, 06:19 PM

So yesterday I went to the gym to meet with my personal trainer and to do a follow-up weigh-in/body fat/etc thing. When I first joined they weighed me and the scale measures fat vs. muscle. I joined in November and every month or so you can check this again so we scheduled it for right after my first training session. So... what. Well the good news is I weigh 265.8 in the afternoon on a foreign scale so I really do deserve my 2 movies in a row reward. *credit* The bad news is since my first day at the gym on my birthday in November I have lost 1.2 lbs. AND the loss has come not from fat but muscle. I guess this is the downside of a scale that sensitive. Now the woman who did the measuring is the only person at the gym that I dislike. She is a hard-sell you-need-more personal training sessions not-good-enough type of gal. I don't think she "gets" what it's like to weigh what I do or what it takes for me to motivate me to be and to stay there, let alone the financial resources it takes to take even one training session. Anyway, I remind myself it is her JOB to SELL training. So when she questioned why ONLY 7 half hour sessions and insinuated it wouldn't be enough to get me to my goals, which we didn't discuss (that was with the trainer) I just said it was all I could afford and that it would be enough to keep me on track. She then mentioned the 1.2lb loss being muscle loss and I'd need "intensive weight training" and more training sessions, like at least 30 minutes every week, should be my aim. I can't justify that to DH who has seen me try and fail at weight loss efforts for 2 DECADES. As it is I hardly believe (truth be told) that *I* will see it through. This was discussed with the trainer btw who wrote in my file, under goals, "confidence". My job is to do the work and keep an open mind. I have other goals I am striving for. It's like you don't get happy by pursuing happiness. You get happy by doing things worthwhile, loving, honorable. Happiness is a by-product I believe and we're not supposed to always be happy anyway--I do believe that. Off topic here. My bad. So anyway after pondering if a 165lb body would have as much muscle as my 265lb body (would it?) and whether muscle loss is inevitable (is it?) I feel depressed. The training session was a "getting to know my body and its range of motion" session. She's going to work up a program for me and in the meantime I am to do my program as it stands so I get back into it. I, of course, do not feel like going at all now. I feel *discouraged*. Maybe I am actually pissed off? Partly yes I am. I hate it when my effort is not recognized and when I feel "not good enough". That really ticks me off. I *should* turn this into an "I'll show you" moment--that's worked very well for me in the past. Of course, I'll benefit from this and the other person is already off on some other personal adventure that has nothing to do with me and my feelings.

I'm also just generally irritated by humanity. But not much I can do about that. I think the day started off with generalized talk of people giving people mean gestures while driving.There's an awful lot of that around here. The drivers are SUPER aggressive. DH says I am just suffering from it being the middle of January. True enough. This is my worst month of the year. I used to acknowledge it and give myself permission to indulge in the Days of Sloth with my other artisan friends when we did craploads of xmas shows. Not having done that, I feel I should be super productive.

Wow. I'm crabby.

Hope you guys feel good! :wave:

01-14-2014, 06:29 PM
Hello coaches, Tuesday check-in:
We have now had our newly adopted shelter dog for a week and he finally slept all night, hurray! I took him to the vet today and they verified that if his previous owner cleaned his teeth, he could be well over the 3 years old they said he is. I think he probably is quite a bit older as his joints seem to pain him and he doesn't like his legs to be touched. Oh well, he is super sweet and lovable.
OP for today's eating but need a high protein dinner as I shared taquitos with the boys for lunch. Walked around the block already once, then spent an hour at the drivers bureau waiting for an ID for oldest. Will walk again later, or try my exercise DVD. Doing well and looking forward to one more pound off, but still am unsure how I'll celebrate.

nationalparker Glad to hear you had a good day. LOL about your cats on the yoga mat. I don't have any idea what to do for a reward?!? Maybe something for my kindle? Or some pretty spring flowers? Hmmm, I'm not a movie or nicknack person and can not think of anything else, but I couldn't think of Christmas gift ideas for this year either.

ForMyGirls Great job staying on track! Good for you for making coping strategies. I hope you enjoy your time in foodie heaven with all those gorgeous views! Your bakery choice sounds yum!

maryann Congrats for being proactive to lower your stress. Great job for working through the sugar resistance. Thanks for the quinoa recipe.

bethFromDayton Great job with your OP and even your flexibility, without that ability to substitute rigidity can be the cause of giving up. Great job planning ahead for the restaurant and so many lunches/snacks. Hope you enjoy the group exercise. I'm in Tucson, grew up in the Phoenix valley and still have family there.

seadwaters Congrats for breakfast OP even though you were out. I think if we all really get the Beck goals that we will be able to have some spontaneity as long as we remember to stop when full and eat reasonable selections based on what we've learned losing the weight. I have already noticed an adjustment in myself of expected portion size and decline in sugar craving, so I intend to reach a place where eating healthfully and exercise is natural. Not that I won't have to watch the scale & clothing sizes and track myself occasionally, but I fully expect to make my lifestyle into a "thin person" lifestyle and not have to dwell on food choices. Sorry to hear about your colleague, definitely disturbing and I hope that you are able to get positive changes in your life through this circumstance. Great job on the extra steps. As far as the dill pickles, I'd like to try them but am concerned that they would be missing the "dill" flavor and we didn't enjoy the fermented kraut I bought. I appreciate knowing what site you used to get a good result, I should be able to get starters from my food coop.

BillBlueEyes Great job on 55. LOL about the orange, I bought a sack that wasn't so good and ended up throwing it away and buying fresher. That is a good thought about satisfaction related to eating, tasty is definitely more satisfying. I had Trader Joe's green salsa at lunch, we love TJ's! It is difficult to come up with a non-food reward!! Obviously and area for improvement for me.

Lexxiss Congrats for your first winter w/o weight gain, that is just, WOW! And great job on losing another size. It is awesome that your home is now a safe food enviornment for you!

gardenerjoy LOL about your nephew eating all the chips. Sounds like you had a great day.

LoseToAll Congrats for planned food & walking , and especially for learing "oh well "and letting things go.

nationalparker Hope you are able to find a great gift for dh. When is your cruise? Thin skin on oranges is not usually the best. They need to feel heavy for their size, smell yum @ the naval, have evenly colored peel that feels solidly attached (firm) all over. The best of course are from a local orchard :) but this time of year oranges are in season and it should be easy to find a good one.

pamatga Thanks for the coffee :) I hope you are feeling much better! Please don't let .8 lbs discourage you, as the numbers on the scale are so variable. Just stick with it, the only ones who don't reach their goal are those who quit. So good to hear your dh is wanting to exercise with you, that will be so helpful to you both. I love your encouragement that "just because we do or did things a certain way in the present/past doesn't mean that we always have to do that". LOL about "pizza-intolerant"! One of my mentor's favorite words was balance, and I can really see the wisdom in her perspective. Good luck with your pre-move purge. I think 1/2 servings are a great idea and will have to remember that for high fat/calorie items.

01-14-2014, 06:55 PM
seadwaters ... As far as the dill pickles, I'd like to try them but am concerned that they would be missing the "dill" flavor and we didn't enjoy the fermented kraut I bought...
AZtricia - I should say that her recipe for dill pickles is far more straight forward than the kefirs and the krauts - and they definitely taste dilly (given I put in rather a lot). I think it is worth looking at the website for the equipment that works best - I was always a bit dubious about some of the other methods and she might even have the dill pickles recipe and method on the site (just checked and she doesn't). But it is the equipment you need - after that it is just making a saline solution and throwing it all together for the right amount of time - once you are sorted with the equipment I will send you the method if you like but don't want to kill you with a bad ferment :o

01-14-2014, 11:26 PM
Work stayed busy, but able to head out on time. Got home quite hungry, and immediately started making my salad dressing so it could cool a bit before using. Made a large tropical spinach salad, and forgot the almonds on it, but used more mandarin oranges than usual. I'll survive that excess.

Day 11 for me. I counted myself as staying on program the day I ate earlier and got so mental about it. Able to stay within calories, and kept on going ... so this my longest streak so far.

A bit frustrated that the last time I saw the 169s was Dec. 30 - and since then I have been 95% on track ... and still its return is elusive. Ended up journaling about the slowness of my progress. I wantmto hit Feb. 1 at 167 and with 650 minutes of activity under my belt, starting tomorrow.

AZTricia - are you a baths person? Bubble bath for a reward? I love that myself, if only to warm my frozen feet and limbs. Or a new luxurious shower gel or lotion?

01-14-2014, 11:55 PM
Hi all,

My streak is now at 7 weeks--35 days of recording everything.

Today I stayed OP even though other options smelled really good when we got to the restaurant--and I was hungry. I told myself "no choice" and didn't snack on any of the offered appetizers others ordered and ordered just what I had planned. I ate every bite :-). Dinner out meant skipping my evening snack and that was easy.

As for exercise, I am starting a class at work tomorrow--I'm excited to see how it goes. (Background note: I used to walk 20 minutes at a time, two times a day, on work days. When I changed jobs in September I never got into a new routine.)

I'm not quite ready to update my ticker, but I was 2.6 lbs below it this morning. If that 'sticks', I'll update it tomorrow. This is the lowest weight I've been in I don't even know how long.

nationalparker: A tropical spinach salad sounds amazing. (I need to make my own salad dressings--people share recipes. I have the best of intentions. It doesn't happen.) Congrats on 11 days! You are leading--the scale will follow!

AZtricia: I'm sur eyou loved getting some sleep! Big credit for adjusting to portion size and sugar limits! (I asked where because I used to live in Tucson, in Indian Ridge off of Tanque Verde--this time of year I really miss it!)

onebyone: It's understandable that you'd be annoyed by that woman. There are people who think "If it's not perfect, it's not worth doing"--and they don't mind making their view clear to others. They're wrong. "Better" is worth doing even if it's not perfect--and you are moving and working on it--that's better--and it's something to be proud of!

pamatga: Credit for honesty on weigh-in. It's just information--but that doesn't make it easy!

LoseToAll: Lots of credits today--and more for checking even on the busy-ness day of the first day of classes!

gardenerjoy: Big credit for counting to 6! Balancing no snacks against bigger meals sounds like a win.

Lexxiss: Congrats for a winter where you've not gained weight! That's awesome! (The pineapple is great this time of year!)

BillBE: Did you get your pecans? That's a really interesting observation about thinking about how good something is vs. wanting another one--it's a change in focus of thought. Thank you.

ForMyGirls: Huge humongous credits for selecting a devine savoury item at the most amazing bakery. It sounds as if it was a good choice, plan wise, and a good choice, satisfaction wise!!

seadwaters: I think there as many approaches to balancing planning and spontaneity as there are people. Once we get to maintenance, I guess we'll all figure out what works best for us by trial and error. I'm assuming that planning, at some level, will be essential for me. Big credit for your steps and thoughtful consideration of healthful living!!

I need to go pack my gym bag before bed. I might be turning back into one of those people who pack a gym bag--haven't done that in many years.

01-15-2014, 04:54 AM
Hi coaches
I find the period of time between Christmas and my birthday quite difficult for all sorts of reasons. This year it was not too bad but I am glad that after today is finished it is over for the year and it is all a new start tomorrow. Maybe I should set my NYD as the day after my birthday.

I had a plan about where I was going for lunch and went there - overall the damage wasn't too bad but totally impossible to log on MFP so not sure what the damage was - i did go way over on sugar but it was my birthday so...

I go back to work next week after summer vacation so need to think about structure for meals and lunches so I don't find myself unprepared. It will be strange to be there without my workmate who is progressing well and rang today to say he is in rehab so he will progress. Good thing he has about 28 years of accumulated unused sick leave! One of the benefits of the job - one that I have had to use in the last few years

Credit for:
Doing steps and walking dogs a little further than usual - in heat!
Not eating even more than I did at lunch and dinner for birthday
That's about it today!

I will log off because I am running out of time before dinner. I have read all your posts and thanks for listening coaches

01-15-2014, 06:57 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Did gym, CREDIT moi, including a short bit of Tango moves in my group class. The leader is an avid dancer and seems to wish that we were a dance class, LOL. If I made all the parts of my body move like she's moving hers, I'd be Adonis.

Continued on my eating plan, CREDIT moi, including snacks so my streak is 56. I suggested throwing out the shriveled looking oranges in the back of the fruit drawer in the fridge but DW cut them open and showed me that they were still good. So I had a condemned orange for evening snack. I won't buy the new good ones until there are none hanging around here. One problem with sane eating is that food lingers about. Before my journey, nothing hung around - I gobbled anything visible. Sure helped with turnover.

onebyone – Ouch for a paid trainer with such an awful bedside manner. Nope, a 165 pound body doesn't have the muscles of 265 pound one. It was shocking to me to learn that my body loses muscle and bone along with the fat - helped me understand why heart doctors are so concerned with losing more than 2-3 pounds per week since part of every loss is coming from heart muscle. Crabby comes and crabby goes.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – I am so stealing your idea of counting tortilla chips at a Mexican restaurant.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Love it, "The food we eat is here...the food we don't eat isn't."

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Happy Birthday. Ouch for having to work without your workmate. Kudos for the extra walking despite the heat.

Pam (pamatga) – Ouch for influenza; Yay for some good nights of sleep. Super Kudos for responding to your novena.

nationalparker – LOL at "s-l-o-w-l-y move onto the scale so as to not shock it and punish me" - BTDT. Kudos for streaking to eleven days on plan. (Had to google tropical spinach salad ( since I was stuck trying to visualize a type of spinach named 'tropical' LOL.)

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Yay for [I]"no choice" doing its thing. [Getting pecans is still on my To-Do list; I'll continue using trail mix until I can get me to Trader Joe's.]

LoseToAll - Kudos for acknowledging anxiety so that you can devise strategies to push through it.

AZtricia - Congrats for having raised boys to enter their driving years - along with sympathy for the tensions that parents feel with that transition. (Had to google taquitos ( - now I'm drooling.)

Readers - day 10 Set a Realistic Goal

What is your goal?
One woman I counseled bought an inexpensive charm for her charm bracelet every time she reached a new 5-pound goal. Consider indulging yourself in some non-food related way - with a tennis lesson or a massage, for example. It's important to celebrate your small successes along the way, rather than waiting until you've lost a lot of weight to feel good about your efforts.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 113.

01-15-2014, 08:34 AM
Hello coaches,

A close to on plan day today - about 100 calories over (the maintenance calories that is!) Not perfect but i am OK with it as it wasn't off plan enough to do serious damage.

Credits: not joining in on snacks kids were having this morning, even after being offered with a seven year old saying "but i want you to have some"; remembering Joy's "alcohol or dessert" rule and opting out of a beer at a family dinner tonight; doing well in guiding my kids' choices today.

Having such a lovely time on our holiday. A day of varied and delightful experiences.

BBE - straw baling in this region is not common, but not trailblazing either - there are enough that there is a dedicated straw baler in a region with a population of about half a million - but uncommon enough that there is only one such builder! Do you see straw bale homes in your corner of the world?

Onebyone - your depiction of the trainer at the gym sooooo resonated with me. I had a very slim friend years ago who made the stunningly helpful observation one time when we were walking together and i was huffing and puffing away, that "you are working so much harder than me - if i was carrying a 30kg pack i'd be far more out of breath than you are right now". If only personal trainers could understand that and give us all the credit we deserve!

01-15-2014, 09:39 AM
Hi Coaches

This morning I am off to do inventory at the guild craft gallery and then the ladies will want to go for Vietnamese noodle soup lunch and then I am going to go to the gym. I'm going to do my weight workout today. After that I'll probably want to sleep until I go get DH from work, (or maybe not!), but I don't have much else planned for today. I guess I am giving creativity a rest today.

Foodwise it will be an OP day.

Bye for now.

01-15-2014, 12:36 PM
Good morning coaches, mid-week checkin. Two nights sleep for pup, hurray! Hoping this is a habbit. Unfortunately, he has kennel cough from the gave antibiotics for the respritory infection. Just realized today when logging b-fast that my current weight is 10% lower than my starting point, so hurray for reaching that healthier me. Eating OP going well. Plan to exercise today while the boys swim, then run errands. I need to pick up supplies for nametags for a ladies tea.

seadwaters Thanks for the pickle info. Will look into jars today, our coop may sell them. Happy Birthday! Great job for walking even though it was hot.

nationalparker Congrats on your longest streak. I don't often take baths as our tub is short for me, but I do like to soak my feet...perhaps it's pedicure time. Thanks for the ideas!

bethFromDayton Seven weeks, wow! Great job on tracking and for staying on plan despite temptation and hunger. Hope you are able to find a new exercise routine. Congrats on the new low weight. Interesting that you use to live here, my friends lived near your old home, off Cloud...but now are in Missouri. We live way SE.

BillBlueEyes LOL about Adonis, and credit for trying to follow the moves. I have two left feet and can NOT dance. Sounds like buying in smaller quantities will help with freshness now that you are limiting your eating. One thing my boys have enjoyed with oranges might work for the older ones for you if they still have flavor. It is kind of a healthy orange julius. In a blender combine 1/2 c plain fat free yogurt, about 1/3 of the zest of an orange, the orange slices (minus any seeds), a couple drops of vanilla, and a couple drops of stevia or 1/3 of a banana for sweetness (or both if you want a dessert type snack). My guys have been having it as a pre-swim snack. And the taquitos are not worth drooling over until dipped in the TJ green salsa, they are chicken and quite bland.

ForMyGirls Great job for resisting your 7 yo and staying near maintenance.

onebyone Hope you enjoyed your lunch out with the ladies and had a great workout. That trainer stinks, I hate dealing with sales people like that as all they can think about is their own pockets. Sorry you had to deal with her.

01-15-2014, 01:26 PM
onebyone. You have inspired me. When I lose my 5 lb goal I am going to go to a movie. I am hoping for the end of the month, but I have been up and down on the scale. The trainer story is my nightmare. I would have cried. You are so strong. Exercising in front of others causes me anxiety. And if I had to talk to that lady with her knowing my weight and her attitude I would never go back. I am glad the trainer is different.

This week pizza has been my downfall. Yesterday I planned for one piece of pizza but had two. I wasn't even hungry for it but it tasted so good. Went 400 calories over.

Credits. Yesterday parked on outside of campus and walked in. Checked in here. Read ARC. Planned today's food. Weighed self and recorded weight even though I didn't want to.

Love reading all your posts. Thanks for listening.

01-15-2014, 02:16 PM
Happy Hump Day - I'm on Day 12 and took a lower-calorie soup for lunch, thinking about the broth filling me up. We'll see how long it sticks. I also brought a banana for an afternoon snack if needed. DH's last night of working nights this go-'round is tonight. I have slept well. He's a snuggler and I'm apparently the anti-snuggler, as he says, so only having a cat in bed with me has been restful. Luxuriated in watching Downton Abbey in bed last night - but not as into this season so far. If I'd just started watching it now, I'd not continue, but I do like Maggie Smith and the costuming. That's the one tv show that I try to watch each week.

Not to be scared off by this scale this morning, I decided on a showdown - I will get on it every day until I see the new decade of numbers. Still hovering above the 169s at 170.4. Now I've convinced myself that I will see that "whoosh" that others rejoice in.

Seadwaters - Happy Birthday greetings your way as well, though I figure by the time you're reading this, it's your new "New Year's Day" :)

Bill - Love your line about the group class. You're a braver soul than I - I am terrified of dancing in public and we didn't even have dancing at our reception. I dance in the living room with my dog leaping about like a fool. Well, one of us looks a fool and it might not be her :) My tropical spinach salad is my own way to fancy up spinach, mandarin oranges, a bit of dried coconut from Trader Joes, crumbled turkey bacon, and sliced almonds which I forgot. The dressing is not light - red wine vinegar, water, oil and sugar, but each time I add more water and vinegar and less of the other two, and it's still good. Not sure how crumbled turkey bacon can be tropical, but ...

LoseToAll - I can completely relate with pizza - I could eat it three meals a day.

Beth - SEVEN weeks - a commendable feat. Great job! Looking forward to hearing how the workout went today. I hope you post while still on the "high" to get me motivated :)

01-15-2014, 09:47 PM
Hi all,

Food was 10 calories over today, but I'm counting that as "in the noise" and OP.

I now know more about the workout classes at work. The trainer comes MWF, and does individual training, and also does a class each of those days. Monday is kickboxing, Wednesday is Pilates, and Friday is circuit training.

The pilates kicked my abs today. She was really good and kept an eye on me and my form. My form started out pretty good but really deteriorated, especially at the very end. I definitely modified lots of the moves, but I pretty much kept up.

Next class is the circuit training on Friday, so I'll be doing that!

I haven't entered tomorrow's meals yet, but I've already got them planned (thank goodness for doing that on Sunday night!)

seadwaters: Happy birthday! Do you have any thoughts on your lunches? I am boring (lots of frozen entrees with a side of either fruit or veggies w/hummus), but it keeps me in calorie range. What do you like to do?

BillBE: I opened a condemned orange the other day--took the time to peel it and everything--and it was horrid. I tossed it after one bite. 8 week streak--that's awesome!

ForMyGirls: Sounds like you're doing great with your holiday eating--even when it's a 7 year old being the food pusher!

onebyone: Credit for the gym plan!

AZtricia: Huge congrats for the 10% gone--that's a huge number in terms of improved health!

LoseToAll: You have lots of credits--and weighing and checking in when it's hard deserves a lot of credit!

nationalparker: How did the soup go, in terms of filling you up? A banana is a great backup plan--and it's better to have one with you rather than find yourself looking around. Credit for the scale approach--you can do this!

My new response card (thanks, BillBE!)

After eating something tasty, I should reflect on how good it was and how much I enjoyed it (as opposed to just wanting more)
Savor the moment!

01-15-2014, 11:38 PM
Hi guys,
Just started this program. On my third day so far. Have been sticking to my no-sugar, gluten free diet so far. I've realized that I feel infinitely better when I avoid those two things. Have also been giving myself credit every time I sit down to eat and eat slowly, which is huge for me. About to choose an exercise program. Love the program so far!

01-15-2014, 11:50 PM
Welcome, MermaidAtSea! Congrats for figuring out what makes YOU feel better - good job! Look forward to learning more about what challenges you face and share your tips with us, as well!

01-16-2014, 04:13 AM
Coaches/diet Buddies

I had a good 'New Years Day" following the completion of the Christmas to birthday cycle. Once I looked at my biorhythms (not sure if they are anything to take notice of at all!) and they all plummet at that time of year so hopefully I am now in an up phase.

Today I read a phrase about swapping the witch for the b***ch, discussing going on a gluten free diet and including all the gluten free but highly processed, high carbohydrate substitutes - fabulous saying. I related it to using Atkins low carb bars (totally overprocessed) for snacks instead of more healthful fruits and nuts etc. So I will ditch the witch and the b**ch when they are finished and settle on low GI fruits and nuts

Credit for:
* 7700 steps (5.3 km) at 5pm with more to do just to prepare dinner
* Walking the dogs further than usual this morning (went a mystery route)
* Having a sensible plan for food today and sticking to it
* Logging all my food today and also attempting to log food for yesterday (which was illuminating) when I didn't really know values for the lunch time meal
* Giving away beer so that I could have the Grolsch swing top bottles to store my fermented drinks in! (it was cheaper to buy them with beer in them than to get them on ebay :) )- I am trying to entice the neighbours to drink them. I can't see myself drinking 12 bottles of beer

ForMyGIrls - Credit for doing it so well on holidays - below maintenance calories! Nice to see the phrase "mindful eating" - encourages me to think more about what I am doing. Credit for resisting kids enticements to go off plan and providing a great model
BillBlueEye - yes medical events do happen to the fit indeed, but strokes are closely related to some of the important parameters of fitness which I had expected in someone like my colleague to be pretty fine. It seems it is still important to stay fit and well but be aware of any sneaky risk factors. I think I would be putting the oranges in the compost (even though the worms hate citrus).
Debbie(Lexxiss) - I do think I am getting smaller, especially when recently I did all my measurements for my 2014 spreadsheet, but I so want to see it on the scales - even if it is just data it is flatline data that I am sick of seeing! I agree - it will come off eventually. I have lost over 40 pounds over the last 3 years but it is S.L.O.W. I lose about 1lb per month - honestly!
Nationalparker - LOL at stepping very slowly onto the scale so it won't punish you - I can so relate to that. Tropical spinache salad sounds yum - especially in our current tropical temperatures. Will have a go at it. Hope you see 169 real soon and LOL at the scale showdown - good luck with that :-)
Pamatga - good to see you back. Hope your flu is better. LOL that stressed is desserts backwards - I agree that it has a similar effect
AZtricia - Glad the pup is settling and letting you sleep for a few nights. Yay for 10% lighter! Something to celebrate. Good ideas about a thin person lifestyle. I often think about that idea of whether there are really naturally thin people out there. Until I was 35 I never thought about food or my weight - I was just thin and healthy. I had never had to consciously think about what I stuck in my mouth. So it was interesting as I got bigger to experience life as an overweight person with that mindset. But I don't think I had a thin mindset - I just didn't eat much - 1 meal a day sort of thing
Beth(fromDayton) - you are doing great on recording everything - it is really helpful isn't it? Great success at the restaurant with 'no choice' on the appetizers (I am just realising that in the US the appetiser is what we call the entree, and the entree for you is what we call the main meal). The exercise classes sound great and really accessible -YAY for doing it. My everyday lunch at work is very boring - usually a salad of lettuce, peppers, tomato and cucumber, with avocado, tuna and dressing. The cafeteria will do a naked burger with a pattie and salad and when desparate I do that. I also try for leftovers by doing twice as much for dinner
Onebyone - enjoy your gym session. That trainer was out of line. They are all nuts and totally focussed on a standard approach to things without understanding the nuances of individual circumstances. I stay well away
LoseToAll - ouch for Pizza - I think it is many people's downfall - it is certainly mine. Good to recognise you might need to avoid it
MermaidAtSea - WELCOME - glad that you have been following the program and getting a lot from it. I look forward to seeing how you are going

01-16-2014, 08:26 AM
:welcome: MermaidAtSea :welcome:

And in honor of just joining 3 Fat Chicks, :wel3fc:

How did you hear about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this forum on the site 3 Fat Chicks?

01-16-2014, 08:32 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Moonbeam was waiting for me to make morning coffee - a reassuring feeling that she's still in my life. She had to fight her way in through weak cloud cover. Walked, CREDIT moi, to an evening event with the full moon visible both ways. I saw details in lawns as if late summer evening. More exercise earlier when searching the Atlantic north of here for winter ducks. Saw one Snowy Owl standing on rocks by the ocean - an odd place for an owl. Entertained by Harlequins and Razorbills - a good day.

Stayed on my eating plan, CREDIT moi, including snacks to streak to 57. Part of lunch while birding was a pair of mints distributed by a friend who always does that - and I always eat them. It was easy to accommodate them as afternoon snack although candy isn't on my plan. This candy, in this location, is. By the time I got home, the urge to have more-more-more was worn off. I wouldn't do this in my home when the rest of the package was in my pantry.

onebyone – Happy Rest Day, creativity.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Neat phrase, "swapping the witch for the b***ch" - Kudos for continuing to seek the right foods for you.

nationalparker – I'd watch anything to hear Maggie Smith speaking Violet's zingers, but the plot twists in the latest episode of Downton Abbey didn't appeal to me, either. I'll be expecting [I]my butler to keep the help in line when we get there.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – LOL at "pilates kicked my abs today" - good start to a new exercise program.

ForMyGirls - Triple Kudos for turning down a seven year old saying "but i want you to have some."

LoseToAll - Yep, Kudos for extra walking. Parking a distance away forces that second walk back to the car - want to or not.

AZtricia - Congrats on that 10% gone. Do you have a planned reward? [Thanks for the "healthy orange julius" recipe.]

MermaidAtSea - Triple Kudos: for eating slowly, for sitting down, and for giving yourself credits for both of those. A Hat Trick day! Glad that you've joined us.

Readers - day 10 Set a Realistic Goal

What is your goal?
Now, let's talk about the [I]rate at which you should try to lose weight. Although you probably don't want to hear this, the answer is the slower the better. During the first week, you might lose several pounds. This isn't unusual since at the start of a diet most weight loss actually comes from water and not from fat. You probably won't continue losing at that rate, though, so don't get discouraged later on.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 113.

01-16-2014, 10:28 AM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Discouraged this morning. All week I fought the sweet urge at work trying to work through the blues without it. I was a trooper drinking all my water and I was rewarded by a slim .5 weight loss on the scale. I just couldn't accept despite what Beck says about the number on the scale at any given day is exactly what it should be. I didn't realize how angry I was about this until a coworker dropped homemade chic chip walnut cookies on my desk - a thank you for the nuts I had given her. My mind said no sweets at work so I got into my car and ate six!

I know acceptance is the answer to all my problems. All I can do is the footwork and let go of the results. Had I kept my focus on the footwork i would not now be three pounds from ticker. I need to let go that it takes me a week to lose .5 pound and four hours to gain three. None of this is my business and none ever promised life is fair or easy. Oh Well. I have been incredibly self centered during this process, focusing once again on food and forgetting life.

gratitude list:
Back OP for twelve hours.
A binge looks nothing like it use to look. iI is not as destructive being shorter in duration.
I have the choice to treat my body with love and respect today.
I have a place to write about this.
I have a lot of knowledge of what works and doesn't work for me.
I am not the same girl who weighed 200 pounds and was hopeless. It feels like it, but I am not her.

I have a plan for work today. If the blues hit with the accompanying sugar mania i will take a walk to the park next to work.

01-16-2014, 01:23 PM
Hello this Thursday coaches/buddies. Wednesday was pizza night for our family (we are so on the go that it is just what works for that day). For my plan, two pieces was to be dinner. I should have stopped at one and brought an apple or something as I was still full (not quite uncomfortable, but close) two hours later. I guess I'm still adjusting to my smaller stomach and appetite, and I will definitely do something different next week. :no: 2-:jeno:

Walked on the treadmill while the boys swam, 2.1 miles in 38 min. I've been doing 30 second bursts of a faster speed as I read that is helpful. I hope as I get lighter to be able to maintain a higher speed, but now it hurts and 30 seconds is plenty! Doggy is on our routine and sleeps now, hurray, but he is sicker with the kennel cough and quite miserable. Hope he feels better soon...looked it up on the internet and it is at least a 10 day illness.

BillBlueEyes Sounds like a great bird walk & thanks for being our moderator :)

LoseToAll Congrats for your campus walk and planning.

nationalparker How'd the soup go? My dh is too hot to snuggle with unless it is VERY cold, he just radiates heat and I get uncomfortable and twitch (like kicking him away, but in my sleep) I can understand not wanting to be so close.

bethFromDayton Hope your abs are not too sore today, great jog sticking with the class till the end and I hope you enjoy Friday's circuit. Great job planning ahead on Sunday!

MermaidAtSea Welcome and great job for credit sitting to eat, and going slowly, which is huge for me. Hope you find an exercise you can stick to.

seadwaters Like your term "mystery route" and will have to try that with my dog when he has more energy. I've never been thin, so I can't guess at what exactly it will look like...something to look forward to.

maryann I've so been there with the discouragement. Life is not fair, but the scale is not the judge of your progress. If you want a more realistic progress report then you need to get your fat % measured or use a tape measure. When you are exercising you build muscle as well as losing fat and muscle is heavier in a smaller space. I am glad you were able to bounce back from your binge, you are not hopeless but full of hope. I love your plan to take a walk to the park if you need it. Hang in there!! sending: :dust:

01-16-2014, 04:33 PM
Hello coaches,

Superfast check in and i haven't even had time to read posts since my last check in! Yesterday was another close to on track day - about 200 calories over my holiday allowance. I am OK with this. Getting it exactly right is difficult when food is hard to plan and i am mostly making good decisions on the fly.

Credits for yesterday: recognised that i didn't need or want dessert at dinner (dinner at a restaurant being a place where i historically feel like i am entitled to dessert). Noticed that my body was hanging out for vegetables so made sure i had a big vegetable dish at dinner. Chose trail mix as an afternoon snack while rest of family was having choc chip muffins. Managed to notice that i actually desired them ewually and the rewson i was being swayed to the muffin was because i was "entitled". Glad i saw it and had the healthy choice that i enjoyed so much.

Ok. Gotta go. Staying in a place to night with a heavenly veiw and my darling boy has just got back from sourcing some coffee so i am off the balcony to soak up views and caffeine. Life is so fine :-)

01-16-2014, 05:10 PM
Checking in from work, as I know with DH home, I most likely won't post tonight. Day 13 here and the stalemate with the scale continues. I am doing a dang good job maintaining, and even when I was IN maintenance for a decade-plus it was never this tight. I'd jump from 135-136-133-131-134 - all over the place and didn't worry as much within a five-pound range. Now, I'm up and down a 0.2 range this stretch. But I'm healthy and need to keep that in mind. That should override any frustration. I'm almost fearful of going UP not down.

But c'mon, Taylor scale. :) Or whatever your name is. On second thought, I should name it a name I really like, such as Francesca, and develop a positive relationship - sprinkle a little pretty glitter on it, sweep up any cat fur that might have nestled nearby [cough cough] ... who knows what could happen. I'm open to the possibilities.

Snowy day, messy day here. Multiple major wrecks, one with five semi trucks. Volunteered at the elementary school and went to Subway for lunch. I misjudged and my sandwich was 400 calories with the cheese and non-wheat bread and now am a bit disappointed, but life will go on. I still have more than half of my calories for dinner and hope to go lighter than that. Would like to get out on the trail with DH with our yak trax and just burn off some stress. If he doesn't want to go, I don't go alone in the dark.

Lighter lunch of broth-based soup worked out okay; I just don't really like it that much. Staying extremely busy at work probably helped more ... no option to snack in meetings.

Looking forward to the long weekend already.

Goal is to not turn into a slug tonight with DH home.

01-16-2014, 10:53 PM
Thank you, coaches! I discovered this method through listening to the Beck Diet Solution audiobook. I have had a great deal of success with cognitive behavioral therapy in the past, so was very excited to apply this approach to diet!

Thank you for your encouragement. Still sitting down to eat, reading my ARC's and following my diet to the "T", as well as recording everything I eat. The thing I am having some difficulty with is eating slowly during lunch. I am a medical student, and typically only have 30 minutes total (if that) to eat lunch during the afternoon, so I frequently feel rushed. Also, my part time job only gives us a half hour lunch break. Between this, and feeling hungry between meals (still in the early stages of my diet) it is sometimes hard not to eat quickly.

Still, though, I am trying to pace myself and take a bit longer than I normally would.

Thanks for your support!

01-16-2014, 11:26 PM
Hi all,

Today was an OP food day and I definitely felt yesterday's workout in my abs. I count this is a Good Thing. The trainer comes to work MWF, and I won't be in tomorrow (working from home) but I'm going to do the kickboxing class on Monday. I've never done kickboxing, but I really feel positive about working out at the end of the work day 3 days a week!

I've got tomorrow all entered in MFP and ready to go.

Cold here and a tiny bit snowy and I didn't go for a walk. I thought about doing a Walk Away the Pounds video and didn't--I'm going to think about how to make that sort of thing easy to just 'do' so that I don't just think about it--I think I'd feel better right now if I'd moved more this evening.

I ordered a FitBit One--I think visually seeing that I'm not moving enough will help me move more.

Welcome MermaidAtSea!

Take care, all!

01-17-2014, 04:14 AM

I took the dogs for a walk this morning as usual but not quite early enough to avoid the heat - I decided they were having a minimal walk where I stood in the middle of the park and they ran around chasing other dogs. As we did a round of the park I kept telling myself that we were not going on a walk - my back hurt, my hips hurt, my knees hurt - and then said "no choice" and left via the back entrance to park when my car was parked at the front. As I walked my pain eased and I loosened up. Another mystery route! I was pretty hot and bothered by the time I got back but glad I walked further than I was capable of for a long time before back surgery. Further exercise today has been chores and I am knackered as we say. I am trying to get things organised before I return to work next Tuesday and I want to enjoy my last weekend before I go back - so all particularly annoying cleaning chores done. I have done my steps for the day and am getting a sense of the amount of activity and movement over the course of the day that will put me between 7,500 and the magic 10,000 steps needed for health. At work I have a timer that goes off every 25 minutes - I then have to get up and I walk up a few flights of steps and to the end of the building, down 2 flights and then back to my desk. It is a good reminder to keep moving. I don't think I could work with a standing desk however and this is my compromise.

Foodwise I made sensible choices. I probably haven't eaten enough because I was preoccupied with chores and didn't eat anything until about 2.30 - and a smallish salad at that. I am looking forward to my evening meal but I will need to watch that I don't go over the top because I haven't eaten enough today.

Credit for:
Planning today's food
Logging food
Doing today's exercise - 8900 steps so far or 6 km
Checking in
Organising my environment so I won't be so rushed next week when working
Working on new response cards and rereading them all

I will have to write menus for all meals next week and decide what I need to shop for tomorrow to fill the gaps. Weight is still bobbing up and down around the same higher (especially since birthday lunch) value. So I too am "maintaining" when I want to be reducing! I am not sure what to do - maybe just accept that on average weight loss WILL be 1 pound per month for me at the moment and that I need to establish healthy habits of walking (now that I can) and eating.

That is it folks - have a good day

01-17-2014, 06:31 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – At gym, CREDIT moi, I bumped into a gym-buddy who's a hunking huge football-lineman sized guy. I can never compete with him on the gym floor. But in the locker room we swapped tales of the latest music concert we'd been to see and got to compete with the my concert that you missed was better than your concert that I missed. Wish I saw him every gym visit - there's extra calories burned in the laughing. Walked to the library to pick up Philomena ( Since DW and I saw the movie I've wondered if the depiction of Ireland of the 1950's was exaggerated from the book. From the first few chapters, the movie down played the utter horror of life as an unwed mother at that time and place. Just Wow.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including only one of my three scheduled snacks to increment my streak to 58. Dinner included fresh green beans simply prepared. DW waits to buy them until they appear fresh - which isn't every time she shops. I didn't mention that at Wednesday night's event I sat for two hours around a table with a dozen choice snack and drink options while having none. The guy sitting to my right offered me the four-sectioned bowl of tree nuts every time he reached for it. I kept repeating to myself, Not about me.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Our papers are abuz that you've seen 110 F down under - Super Ouch for trying to walk outdoors. Kudos for your walk about every 25 minutes at work.

maryann - Ouch for the attack of the walnut cookies when you were vulnerable. Super Kudos for the immediate bounce back with a plan, "I will take a walk to the park next to work."

nationalparker – Think I'll name my scale Matilda - invokes whimsically walking. Thanks for the idea. Ouch for stubborn scale; I'm suffering the expectation that each day with my hand out of the nut bowl should see a pound drop on the scale. Yay for the benefit of work that there's no time for snacking.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Feeling a workout the next day is a great sign that you're doing something right.

ForMyGirls - Recognizing the Sabotaging Thought, "entitled," is Kudos worthy - especially since its recognition allowed you to fully enjoy your trail mix.

AZtricia - Yay for doggy sleeping through the night. Kudos for evaluating your pizza episode to make a plan for next time.

MermaidAtSea - It's a big head start to begin your Beck program with a positive prejudice toward Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Kudos for working on the eating slowly strategy - the constraints of reality do have to be honored.

Readers - day 10 Set a Realistic Goal

What is your goal?
In fact, there is no long-term benefit to losing weight too quickly. And there is a major disadvantage: When you suddenly decrease the amount of food that you eat, your body responds in a protective manner by slowing your metabolism. It's your body's natural responds to protect you from starvation.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 114.

01-17-2014, 08:41 AM
Hello coaches,

Another brief check in as it is late as we have had another really busy and fun day here in paradise.

Credits: OP on food. About 80% OP on health activities. Did my resistance band exercises on the deck gazing out at the views - exquisite. My current home is very devoid of views so looking out windows at natural beauty is like drinking water when in a state of great thirst. Almost fell for "go on you're on holidays" when faced with sweet treats at a bakery where we had toasted sandwiches for lunch. Remembered Joy's alcohol or dessert rule again (I so totally love that rule Joy!)

MermaidatSea - welcome!

BBE - i look forward to waxing lyrical about strawbale houses when it isn't WAY past my bedtime :-)

01-17-2014, 12:19 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Day off today and it feels good to regroup. Yesterday was OP. I had another awakening. I can walk the track at my lunch. How had I not considered this when I was blue? All I have to do is make sure I have a pair of old tennis shoes in my desk. I walked about 25 minutes of my 35 minute lunch break. Funny how my addictive mind narrows to allow NO solution because all it wants to do is eat compulsively. So I join BethfromDayton in exercising at work.

We are heading up to Tahoe for the three day weekend. Food is planned. Frugal January is going extremely well. I am systematically using up all my freezer stuff. I will not even have to go to the store to cook my group meal tomorrow night - Chickpea and sausage stew. The chickpeas are from the coop we belong to and the sausage is from our Mr. Pig.

seadwaters: Great job walking. It takes courage to continue to push yourself in the aftermath of back surgery.

BBE: Thanks for the quote on setting a r

01-17-2014, 01:31 PM
Scale is up today. Just have to remember it is just a number and not my self esteem!!! Or judges my worth. It is a mental game that I lose sometimes.

I ate standing up twice yesterday. It is such a hard thing to break. I do not even realize it until after.

Credits: logging my food and planning for today. Parking on outside of campus and walking in to class. Checking in here. Weighing self and recording it even though it is up 2.5 lbs from yesterday. It is TOM and I have to acknowledge it will cause weigh gain and let it go. So hard for me.

I am having a vegetarian day today. I have squash, broccoli, salad, apples, bananas all planned for today. I am trying to lose that 2.5 by tomorrow. I have not hit my goal of one lb this week. That puts my reward movie off one more week and I am scared Philomena will be out of the theaters before I lose my five lb goal. Oh well I will deal with it and see a different movie.

Ate my last Christmas chocolate yesterday. Put me over 200 calories but I needed it. Now it is gone and will soon be forgotten. I just said Oh well.

Hope you are all well. Love reading your posts. Thanks.

01-17-2014, 09:08 PM
Thanks everyone!

Today was a bit of a struggle. Have been having a lot of hunger, even though I am eating enough food. Still learning to deal with the sensation of hunger. Ate breakfast and lunch slowly, but rushed a bit through dinner because I was starved. Feeling a bit resistant to writing down in advance everything I eat. Weekends are the time my husband and I tend to eat out spontaneously, so it's a bit tough to give that up.

Credit for:
Starting exercise program today!
Sticking to my diet.
Sitting down to eat.
Attempting to eat more slowly.
Writing food plan for tomorrow.

01-17-2014, 10:27 PM
Happy Friday! Another very busy work day, which, end result is that I don't think about a snack and lunch is usually lighter. Tried to go light in order to hit DH's steakhouse for dinner and not go over too much. Went super light and the steakhouse was mobbed again THIS week, so we nixed that and splurged at a bbq spot - stayed at my calorie range - split an order of fries that are individual sides, and brought home just under half my chicken - skipped the sandwich bun.

Need to come up with the food plan for the weekend and into early next week. Tomorrow night is the dinner theatre to see, Lend Me A Tenor. Looking forward to that.

Francesca is holding her own in the battle of me vs. the scale. With all the sodium and eating at the top of my calories, I know tomorrow will at least bump it differently.

Bill - I hope you and Matilda have a more simpatico relationship :) I share your expectation with the visible scale reward.

Beth - I'm with you on the ab soreness! The floor exercises I've been doing are a frustrating realization of how little muscle tone I have now - next day awareness is good I keep saying...

Seadwaters - Single digit temps here tonight - hard to imagine the heat you're experiencing. I can never remember how sweltering I was in the summer when my fingers are icy in the winter. Major credits for you to be getting out and walking in the heat.

01-17-2014, 10:48 PM
Hi all!

Today was an OP day and my streak of recording everything continues!

I had a little battle with myself while cooking dinner because I had planned in my weekly plan to make zuke/onion/mushroom stirfry to go with the meatloaf but in my daily plan, planned for stovetop stuffing (which I love). My calorie count might have handled both, but I knew it would be too much food. The veggies won, dinner was great--and there was plenty of food.

I did give in to a craving at snack time today since I was home and had the choice--I skipped my cheese and crackers in favor of a banana, which I was really craving. I started with "no choice" but decided that if I really wanted a banana, it wasn't the worst thing I could do.

I'm starting to really think about the areas that aren't a struggle for me, and one is that I've gotten used and am happy with the smaller portion sizes that measuring and weighing my food has brought about. I've learned that I can be satisfied--even full--with much smaller portions than I used to eat. That isn't a struggle. That's a good thing, because the smaller portion sizes are going to be a reality forever.

Not eating standing up isn't a struggle either. I slipped at our last Big Party, but day to day, I *think* of it often, but I don't fight it. As I was cleaning up as dinner was finishing cooking, I saw that there was a slice of strawberry still in the measuring cup. It just went into the sink for the disposal--I was aware of it, but it didn't occur to me to eat it. Big credits for that--I really think it does cut the calories I take in (and wasn't even aware of)

I'm set up to do a bunch of baking tomorrow--and I feel in control for that. I am planning two cookies for my evening snack. I've gotten good at not eating the dough or licking the spoon!

Take care, all.

01-17-2014, 11:07 PM
Hello coaches, will respond more personally tomorrow, but wanted to report Friday OP, with exercise to my DVD. Thanks for all your encouragement.

01-18-2014, 02:39 AM
Hi guys, so it looks like at the moment it is only weekends that I get the chance to check in with you ... had a super-ridiculous work week last week but by dint of doing marking instead of writing in my 5.30am writing slot (boo) I met all my deadlines (yay!). I just need to go into work to polish up a lecture tomorrow that I'm giving Monday morning but, the pressure has eased a little, for now.

And, happy to report I have stuck to my eating plan despite this pressure! Totally reliant on the rolling plan I wrote over Christmas as there is no way I would have had time / energy to plan day by day, that has been what has made the difference. 17 days of on-plan eating :) and today is for getting my domestic life back on track and organised so that next week starts calm. But first, checking in with you guys and then reading / working through another day of Beck. I seem to be able to manage a day a week at the moment, but that's OK.

One big credit to report: one of the admin staff popped up in my office yesterday at 11 saying "It's my birthday, come and have cake!" and she had prepared four sorts of delicious home-made cake. I took a piece, wrapped it in a napkin, and put it on my desk to take home for my planned-in treat :) (then forgot it!)

I have read through since my last posting and there were a couple of questions I need to respond to, so:

Bill Do I make soup from scratch - not at the moment - I use cartons of like-fresh soup, and have found a 'green' one this week which I think will fit with my eating plan, hurray! But I plan to experiment with some slow-cooker soups and stock up in the freezer sometime, so:

Seadwaters thank you for the soup recipe, I am so trying that! will need to find where I can get kombu from though - I guess either health food shop or Chinese or Thai supermarket (we are lucky to have both here in our little town)

AZTricia the plan I follow is the Carbohydrate Addicts' Lifespan Programme, which is a development of the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet, which was better known late 90s/early 2000s. It's basically low carb (protein/green veggies) all day then a 'Reward Meal' where you can have anything in the evening, in a balanced meal with protein/veg/carbs. It's the only thing that's ever worked for me long-term, it means I can eat anything (but not all at once), and I feel I am getting slowly back into automatic "this is just how I eat" with it.

Have eating planned for today, slow-cooker chicken and mushroom casserole for this evening, and planned exercise for today will be housework, and maybe gardening if it's dry. But longer-term I do want to find a slot for my Pilates routine as I can feel myself creaking!

01-18-2014, 03:01 AM
Ooooh that was a useful day - Day 18, 'Change your definition of full'.

Because my plan includes one meal a day where I can eat anything, I still tend to overeat at that meal, even though I do plan it. So I have one occasion each day to practise not eating to over-fullness - and this has a big impact on my overall goal, which is to consistently be awake in the evenings. If I overeat, I go to sleep as soon as the kids are in bed, which means no time for me outside kids and work.

This is going to be my food focus this week. Resisting overeating at evening meal = getting a bit of time for me each day.

01-18-2014, 04:47 AM
Hi Coaches

This mornings weigh in nearly totally derailed things. I had put on 2.1 pounds after a very light calorie day (and few days of light calories and increasing weight in fact). It was really annoying, and I thought stuff it I will have a pizza for dinner. I didn't have pizza but I really don't get why things aren't changing and why I am seeing no progress. This is beyond daily fluctuations. If something doesn't happen soon I will need to seek a medical answer. It is ridiculous

I did walk this morning - but nothing heroic in the heat. But I did make about 8000 steps overall. In Sydney it is nowhere near as hot as in the southern state capitals - Melbourne and Adelaide. Last year we had record temperatures but not this year. It is amazing to watch the tennis athletes who play in the sun in at least 42 degrees centigrade with court surface temperatures around 50 at least. They are so strong.

In the end I sorted out the fridge and the freezer and also went to the fish market so I am about to have fish for dinner with sensible vegetables (not pizza). Mind you it is still a possibility for tomorrow. Also half dozen Sydney Rock oysters - not my favourite food but good for you apparently so I am trying to get used to them. Put on a good dressing.

Credit for:
Not having Pizza for dinner
doing more than 5000 steps
checking in
getting organised for meal choices (still more to go)

have a good Saturday coaches - my fish is cooked

01-18-2014, 06:49 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Walk, CREDIT moi, included Whole Foods and Trader Joe's both. I've missed Trader Joe's since the consumption rate of nuts has plummeted since snacking has been on plan. At both places, I planned in advance to walk directly to the section I needed to make it easier to avoid FREE samples. I did so. I had none. Extra CREDIT moi for that. Was fun at a folk dance last night. After only a few visits, I'm slowly getting better and the exercise feels right.

Eating was on plan, including snacks to streak to 59, CREDIT moi. Dinner was a chick pea and spinach soup for a vegetarian dinner guest. Even before Beck's Cognitive Behavior Therapy, there was "When you go after honey with a balloon, the great thing is not to let the bees know you're coming." Thank you A. A. Milne.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Thanks for the reminder to add more oysters to my life. I can't remember why they're good for us, but I, also, hold that assumption. Sending supportive thoughts that your scale will come to reflect that you're staying on your plan.

maryann - "Chickpea and sausage stew" sounds good to me. Yay for lunch time walking.

nationalparker – Going light to prepare for eating out seems like a sound strategy - Kudos. [Matilda appreciated being called by name this morning - gave me a pound down jiggle. Apparently, she doesn't appreciated being treated like an object.]

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Oh Yes, "smaller portion sizes are going to be a reality forever" - Kudos for coming to grips with that.

ForMyGirls - Yep, Kudos for recognizing as a Sabotaging Thought, "go on you're on holidays."

LoseToAll - Goodbye Christmas chocolate - Kudos that it took three weeks to be consumed. I feel so healthy when I have a vegetarian day.

systemsaddict - Ouch for the loss of your writing slot but Kudos for responding to your higher priority. Super Kudos for the gracious handling of that offered cake.

AZtricia - Kudos for one more OP Friday.

MermaidAtSea - My take is that you don't have to give up spontaneous eating out - you can make a plan for what you'll eat when you spontaneously do so. Day 30: Stay in Control When Eating Out has some good strategies for that. Bon Voyage starting your exercise program.

Readers - day 10 Set a Realistic Goal

What is your goal?
Weight loss specialists agree that your goal should be to lose no more than 1 to 2 pounds a week. But it's fine if you lose only a half pound a week on average.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 114.

01-18-2014, 08:57 AM
Hello coaches

Definitely not a perfect day. I haven't added up calories from a big family dinner for our last night here - i am sure it will be over calories but it will be very bitsy to add up and it is late.

There is lots that deserves credit today though:
- opting for a small serve of bacon and eggs when we went out for breakfast;
- having only a very small amount of pre-dinner snacks (perfect would have been none, but it was measured and mindful)
- being relaxed about having no drink in the lead up to dinner which enabled me to have my planned beer with dinner
- having an appropriate serve of mains
- limiting myself to a smallish serve of 2 of the dessert options (there were 5 and 3 of them are in the "all time favourite food" category)
- saying no thanks to an after dinner chocolate with coffee

Actually reflecting on things today was probably OK. I didn't at any point feel more than comfortably full.

It was a lovely night tonight. My partner is the youngest child in a large family so a 'family dinner' draws quite a crowd when he is home. They are a lovely warm bunch who have made me feel so welcome in their clan.

01-18-2014, 11:58 AM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Up here in super sunny Tahoew which is not a good thing. It is hard not to be worried about our drought. The businesses are really suffering. The silver lining is that we can probably take one of the most beautiful hikes in the world- the Rincon Trail along the lake.. In January, it is usually buried in snow.

Food was OP calorie wise. I did have a half of cup of DS's Kraft Mac. This is a cabin food for him but an old rabbit hole food for me. I believe it is the king of process/addictive substances. Credit for not wanting anymore than what I did. The infatuation is over. There was a day when I ate the whole box.

Food is planned for today. There is the flexibility of a little extra because of vacation but I do want to eat two smoothie just to get in all my fruits and veggies.

seadwaters: I hear you about the scale. It is tough and discouraging. I try to tell myself "This is about health, not weight" but I don't always listen.

01-18-2014, 12:55 PM
Scale up a bit as expected; less than a pound. But then my mind goes, you know, I bet it would have dropped today because it was holding so steady all week. Today I'm having trouble staying focused away from the food. Aim again to go with a lighter lunch and the meal they serve at the dinner theatre isn't too tempting to me - not a lot that I eat, so it shouldn't be high calorie. At least that's what I'm thinking NOW. :)

Aim to check in with a successful wrapup late tonight. Cold day - been busy around the house with cleaning/clearing. Feels good to get stuff accomplished!

01-18-2014, 10:14 PM
Hello coaches,
Puppy was up coughing a bunch last night, very ready for this kennel cough to go away! Other than that, a good day. Picked up a box of veggies/fruits from bountiful baskets and it included some baby broccoli which we've never tried as well as oranges which made me think of Bill! Because I was out so early I went ahead and did all the grocery shopping and I think I had a record for in/out of Costco @ only 10 minutes. Had a ladies tea today and resisted sugary desserts (credit) and stayed OP. For exercise only the shopping and once around the block with puppy (who is now firmly attached and definitely "my" dog though he loves the whole family.) Had a funny...some back story first though. For my diet/tracking I use a software program called diet power which rates your food choices by how they will help meet your day's nutrition and calorie goals. I generally end up with 120 something points which they rate an A++. Anyway, foods with positive NQ points are suppose to improve your eating by encouraging you to eat the vitamins/minerals you are missing. BUT the program has a huge problem with its logic calculations. After lunch Friday, to earn the most extra NQ points the program recommended eating 1 cup of molasses (eww!). And even stranger, after dinner the highest NQ points would come from eating an entire recipe of frosting (7 ounces!). I can't imagine what causes the goofy recommendations, but they are always good for a laugh. At least today's recommendation of raw seaweed made sense as I can't seem to ever get the RDA on potassium and it had a huge amount. The program's section of best recently eaten items is much more helpful.

ForMyGirls Great job on listening to your body about not needing dessert and wanting vegetables and also resisting the chocolate chip muffins and sweet bakery treat. Glad you are enjoying your view. I'm new and missed Joy's rule, can you share it. Credit for not passing comfortably full at the big family dinner.

nationalparker Great job keeping in mind your good health even when the scale doesn't show the number you want to see. LOL about the scale names, glitter sounds like fun :) Credit for staying OP and being flexible at BBQ. Hopefully your business cleaning house today dropped the scale back.

MermaidAtSea Great job trying to pace yourself, it will come easier with time and sometimes you must rush. It is most important when you are not under time constraints to pay attention and go slowly, then it will become a habit. Welcome! And you don't have to give up eating out, just take a little spontaneity out by looking up the restaurant menu online and make a plan. Credit for starting exercise!!

bethFromDayton Hope you enjoy your FitBit, hope you were able to get some exercise in and feel better today. Your veggie stir fry sounds delish and credit for choosing the healthy choice. I think the flexibility to choose a banana is what makes long term weight loss possible and it really is a healthy choice (high potassium!). So great that you are use to smaller portions and being satisfied with less, WhooHoo!!!

seadwaters I am glad your pain eased as you loosened up, that is encouraging and may make a longer trek easier the next time. Were you able to plan and shop for the next week? Congrats on your 8900 steps! So sorry your scale is not cooperating and that you were able to make a wise choice of fish/veggies for dinner. Could you be building muscle now that you can walk again? Muscle weighs lots more and sometimes starting exercise makes weight go up till your metabolism kicks in.

BillBlueEyes Credit for extra calories laughing, the best kind! :broc: And great job resisting the nuts. Hurray for 59! Your pooh quote made me think of the song "I'm just a lil' black rain cloud..." I must have seen the video too often when the boys were little.

maryann So cool you can walk at lunch! Great job getting 25 minutes of walking :) So glad your January is going well. Your stew sounds yummy. Credit for losing the taste for Mac-n-cheese and planning to get in all your fruits/veggies.

LoseToAll Great job on realizing the eating position and working on that. Big credits for logging and planning! Hope your vegetarian day went well and was satisfying. If you miss your movie at the regular theater, do you have a dollar theater nearby? We love to catch the films there before they release on dvd and the $ for 5 is lots lower.

systemsaddict Great job for 17 days OP! One a week of Beck is still progress, only those who quit never reach their goal. LOL about forgetting the cake and huge credit for putting it aside. I'm glad you found a plan that works for you long term. Hope you are able to fit in some exercise soon. Me time sounds like a great reward for learning day 18, and it will be helpful to your overall progress in so many ways.

01-18-2014, 10:34 PM
It's hard having a husband who isn't on a diet. In some ways he is very helpful and supportive and in other ways he tempts me. For example, today he asked if fried chicken was allowed on my diet and if I wanted to go get some on Thursday. I wanted so much to say "yes!"' and justify the idea of a cheat meal to myself. But deep down I know that I am far too early in my diet to consider cheat meals and I would do better to stay on plan. Proud of myself for telling him "no" on the fried chicken.

Saying no to a cheat meal opportunity.
Following my eating plan exactly
Planning for eating out and following the plan.
Sitting down to eat
Attempting to eat slowly
Stopping when no longer hungry.

Thanks all!

01-18-2014, 11:15 PM
Another day, another mess up. But I am checking in with emotional eating issues. My father in law had a stroke and I went straight for the candy. So I am going to let that go and think of credits. Credit: ate a salad for lunch, walked the hospital halls, ate sitting down. Logged food and weighed self knowing it will be a disappointing outcome. Remembered it is only a number and said oh well. New day tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Love reading your posts. Thanks for being there.

01-19-2014, 12:20 AM
My streak ended tonight. Snow that was to be 1-2" ended up 5" and many wrecks and road closures stressed me out before we headed to the dinner theatre. I did not want to go at ALL. One wreck was nine semi trucks and four or five cars in one crash. DH promised me we'd be fine and I got my panties in a wad, saying you cannot promise me THAT - we can't control any other drivers and don't kid yourself. He came back with I work myself up into a state of paranoia. I fired back with the fact that Yes, I do worry excessively about it but I DON'T worry about my money being in order (which stops him in his tracks), I don't worry about pet fur on my coat (ditto), etc. I worry about DYING in a car wreck.

So needless to say it was a dicey drive over there with me pounding on the floorboard of the car to try to slow us down and him saying, "We're fine!" Not a pretty picture of my stress. I am ready to move home to Florida.

Play was great, funny; and I made the decision that we needed dessert. And an extra roll. It would have been very nice to have faced the stress without thinking I deserved a treat. Honestly, though, the servings are actual single servings and I would probably choose the same one again the next time. In fact, had I planned for that and not been at calorie max yesterday, I would have been okay with it, just with skipping the two rolls (yes, two).

Busy the whole day, though, and looking forward to relaxing more tomorrow.

LoseToAll - I'm so sorry to hear about your F-I-L's stroke. Good credits, though - building a solid, positive base!

AZTricia - Looking forward to hearing more of your program's recommendations. I wish I had that, and that it said to eat a slice of cake to get in extra sugar tonight for me :) ha ha. Here's to a hopefully soon end to the kennel cough!

Bill - Your oranges are on my marketing list, now for Monday ... and it'll be just sling a bag in the cart, not bother with the single ones. Would like to get some grapefruit and fresh pineapple to do a small ambrosia as well, and include some craisins instead of pomegranate.

01-19-2014, 12:46 AM
Hi everyone,

I didn't get any exercise in after all beyond two trips to the grocery store and one to Best Buy--and hours of baking.

And the hours of baking are where I get my huge credit for the day. I made 12 batches of "things" (in sets of 2 and 3)--and I did not eat a single bit of batter or crumb or anything. I told myself I could enjoy my two cookies for my after dinner snack and I enjoyed them immensely--but that was all I ate. I briefly thought about having one of each of the three things, but that wasn't what I'd planned so I limited myself to just two pieces.

I'm really proud of myself--not just for doing it but because it really wasn't hard. "I don't eat standing up" is so ingrained now that the crumbs and spoon are just so clearly off limits to me. I can't say I didn't keep reminding myself I don't eat standing up--but it wasn't hard!

Except for a few pieces for DH (and for me to have two pieces tomorrow), everything is packed up and in the freezer.

For the first time, I'm feeling more positive about a solution to the Big Weekend Party problem. I have an unbreakable rule that I don't eat sweets at work--that I don't do any unplanned snacking at work--and that if I really want a sweet, it has to be after dinner.

So, my plan for next weekend is that I will only have sweets after dinner. I can do this--I limit myself to not eating sweets during the day almost every day--I can do it then, too. This is the first plan I've come up with that I really feel confident about following through on. (And I'll report in on my success next Sunday.)

All food recorded in MFP today--and was OP! And, my weight today was at its lowest point yet--and if it continues another day or two, I'll update my ticker and move on to my next mini-goal!

nationalparker: Snow is stressful--there are too many people out there who should be inside not driving! I hope tomorrow is more relaxing--you'll be right back on track. I'm thinking lower thoughts at your scale--sometimes they surprise us.

LoseToAll: You are checking in and giving yourself credit--so lots of credit with that. I do wish you luck for tomorrow and I hope your FIL improves.

MermaidAtSea: Credit for declining the fried chicken. There are some things I just have my family eat without me, or we go to a restaurant where we all can fill our needs. Some of that requires changing quantities--2 or 3 pieces instead of a bucket, for example.

AZtricia: The NQ point system does sound funny. I can't imagine any eating plan anywhere that would require a cup of molasses or a recipe of frosting! Credit for skipping sugary treats at your tea--that sounds challenging!

maryann: I know the Mac & Cheese has been a trigger for you--big credit for having a reasonable serving--and congratulations that the infatuation is gone!

LoseToAll: You have lots of credits--and weighing and checking in when it's hard deserves a lot of credit!

ForMyGirls: It's neat that after listing all your credits you realized that today wasn't as bad as you were afraid it was going to be! It sounds like you exercised your resistance muscle over and over again!

BillBE: Big credit for no free samples at the grocery store! Your comment about thinking about an item that was really good instead of thinking "want more" has really resonated with me, and I credit that thought for today's resistance. Thanks so much--you make such a difference.

seadwaters: How frustrating to see the scale going backwards when you're making good decisions. Credit for not falling victim to pizza. Are you weighing and measuring everything before recording it? Eyeballing can be dangerous, they say.

systemsaddict I did CAD years ago--it was my backup diet this time when I started calorie counting. (Yes, it worked for me--and then I stopped--and gained the 40 lbs back) Are you planning your reward meal and following the quantities you plan? Big credit for wrapping the cake--and big credit for being in a mind-place where you can forget about cake!

Take care, all!

01-19-2014, 06:55 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Snacking was on plan, CREDIT moi, to streak to 60. I keep my plan for three snacks even though I've been having none or just the evening snack. Last night we had dinner with friends; I chose the chickpea dish and the okra dish. We got home late; an easy evening to have no snacks. The second vegetarian day in a row. Yay for arteries.

Little exercise as I waited for delivery of a snow thrower. I expected a one hour assembly process but it arrived ready to add gas and run - a bonus. It was snowing when it arrived - an inconvenience - but just a fluffy snow with little chance of staying around in 40 F weather. "The snail’s on the thorn."

maryann - Wish we had some rain to send you - the 100 year worst drought in California is so awful. Kudos for avoiding the "old rabbit hole" of mac and cheese.

nationalparker – Congrats to you and your DH for pulling off a delightful evening despite a difficult start. We, too, had a thin coat of fender-bender snow - DW said it was frightening driving. You now have me drooling for ambrosia - a childhood treat at Christmas where the kids grated the fresh coconut topping.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – 12 Kudos for 12 batches baked with "not eat a single bit of batter or crumb or anything." Kudos again for devising the strategy to avoid sweets until the planned one after dinner.

ForMyGirls - Sounds like a lovely family meal; Kudos for remaining responsible for your food choices throughout.

LoseToAll - Wishing for a successful outcome for your FIL. Ouch for the candy response, with Kudos for acknowledging it and getting right back on track.

AZtricia - Good grief! "1 cup of molasses" is beyond need of tweaking. Yay for a box of anything from a place with the neat name, "bountiful baskets."

MermaidAtSea - Yes indeed, Kudos for avoiding a cheat meal. I'm not fond of that name - perhaps it's just the word itself. I think planned dishes or treats that aren't on our normal menu are terrific. Beck points out that over restriction can lead to bursting out of control. When planned, they're not 'cheats.'

Readers - day 10 Set a Realistic Goal

what are you thinking?
Do you still have a goal to reach a specific, number on the scale one day? Are you hoping to lose weight very quickly?
Read the following sabotaging thoughts and responses to help you commit to 5-pound incremental goals.

Sabotaging Thought: I won't be satisfied unless I get down to my "ideal" weight. I don't deserve credit until I get down to that weight.
Helpful Response: I have to learn to be happy with smaller steps along the way. Celebrating 5-pound losses will boost my mood and confidence.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 114.

01-19-2014, 10:58 AM
Hi Coaches!

These past days have been so busy and I haven't found the proper alignment of all the "stars" to post. This is the busiest time at the ski resorts and when all of Denver is pouring in and out of the mountains the cell towers just can't accomodate lil' ol me wanting to get online before I leave or after I get home. Oh, Well...and apologies to all.

My intention to post is always present. That's a good thing. Credit moi. That intention to be connected my coaches does help me through each and every day. (I can read from odd places w/myIPhone) This morning I rose early and intended to sit downstairs w/my laptop. When I came back in from taking the pup out my DH was sitting in the living room w/coffee awaiting my return. As busy as our days are right now (and as well as we're getting along) I know that spending time with him is imperative… I plan for later

.....later came after I returned from my am visit to the DH has returned from his shop and I need to go socialize. I have started some personals and my intention is to finish saying my hellos by day's end.

When I got to my cybernotebook this morning I reread what I had written months ago and it was nice to reflect on the time in between and how I have done just what I said I was going to do...alaBeck. It reminds me why I did not gain weight during these past 5 months.

Written in August.....
"When I commit 100% then the small amount of imperfection which slips in from time to time isn't a diet breaker. When I say this week doesn't matter because next week will be (calmer, less stressed, less busy, more focused....) then the backslide begins.
I am giving my 100% not to backslide....
I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE NOW that I function much better when my food is clean.
So, this next week, even though I'll be working like crazy I'm going to formulate a food plan for the entire time they are here and prep/cook/freeze/etc so I can stay within my food parameters, have food for us all and probably take meals to my mom. All the rest will fall where it is going to fall."

My task at the project today is to apply 3 coats of waterbased finish in a bedroom, which is finished otherwise. I originally considered taking this entire day off but my brain came up with an acceptable solution. It takes an hour to apply a coat w/4 hours inbetween. By day's end I will have one room finished AND I will have enjoyed free time at home, too. Beck skills working here, too!

I will be back today....I promise.

01-19-2014, 04:58 PM
Hello coaches. Today's funny high point NQ item is 1 quart of 2% milk for 32 points. Unfortunately I won't be a genius today ( the score above A++) since I don't have any milk in the house. :dizzy: Puppy is still coughing but I'm hoping it is less, maybe wishful thinking... Made some lentil sprouts, took pup for a walk, recording food and (drum roll) lost the last pound to reach my 5 pound goal. Started a new goal in my diet power program for 10% as the five pound goals don't mean as much health wise. I will still focus on loosing the next 5 as a small goal though and set the calories to track at a healthy two pounds off per week.

MermaidAtSea My dh never needs to diet, so I understand what it is like to live with someone not dieting. Yesterday he ate like a dozen cookies after lunch, fortunately I was gone at my tea and didn't have to watch! I hope our boys inherited his metabolism and not mine. Great job resisting the fried chicken.

LoseToAll Sorry to hear about your FIL. Credit for the oh well and starting over, that is what really counts.

nationalparker Sorry about your snowy stress. I hate slippery roads! So glad you made it home safely and hope you had a relaxing day today. No cake yet as high NQ recommendation, but I will keep an eye out for that. :)

bethFromDayton Congrats for your strong resistance muscle while baking and sticking to your plan of only two cookies! You are stong and the point you've reached is such an encouragement to me. Sounds like you have a great party solution. Congrats on your happy scale #'s.

BillBlueEyes Hurray for 60, about 2 full months, or 16% of the year. Great job on another vegetarian day. We love okra, unfortunately the favorite was grandma's fried recipe which probably wasn't healthy! Hope your new snow thrower works great for you.

Lexxiss Glad you found time to check in. Great job spending time with DH, and kudos for the journal entry and refreshing your mind on where you want to be. Hope the bedroom project went well.

01-19-2014, 06:34 PM
Thanks for your support, coaches! Have been keeping up with everything and am 2 pounds closer to my mini-goal weight! Feeling very encouraged. These behaviors are still things that I need to consciously remind myself of, but hopefully eventually they will become more automatic.

Making food plan for tomorrow
Sticking to diet
Eating slowly
Sitting down to eat
Stopping when no longer hungry

01-19-2014, 07:12 PM
Hello coaches,

Home from holidays now. Sad to have left paradise but nice to be in my own space again.

Weighed in this morning. Was hoping for no gain but I am up .6kg. That is OK I think - though disappointed that it takes me back over the magic 93kg barrier.

Even before weigh in I was very conscious that the next couple of days will be a readjustment into the land of "on plan" eating and exercise. So I have committed to giving lots of time and energy to making that transition.

Credits for yesterday / this morning:

-listened to my body last night and had a tuna salad for dinner rather than the take-away we had planned for after a day of travelling (I feel compelled to add that there had been some giving in to the sabotaging "this is my last chance" thought during the day though!)

- I got on the scales this morning! And have posted about it!

I have decided to start tracking a streak again because it really helped before. This time I will track two "small" things that make it easier for everything else to fall into place - drinking enough water and going to bed on time. I have also decided to adopt a variation on Joy's "one line report card" to report on my progress each day. So here is yesterday's report card:
Food 100% OP? no; Health activities 100% OP? yes; Drank 2L water? no; Went to bed on time? no; Streak count: 0
Wow - that doesn't look so flash! Here's to a better report card tonight :-)

Maryann - being able to have just half a cup of your rabbit hole food is a huge achievement. Well done!

AZTricia - Joy's rule is that at special occasion meals - or meals out - you have EITHER an alcoholic drink or dessert, rather than both. It's a gem of a rule I reckon!

LoseToAll - sorry to hear about your FIL. It sounds like you have done very well in keeping on track at a time of such huge stress.

Nationalparker - that drive sounds just awful. I am very glad to live in a place that just gets uncomfortably hot!

Beth - it brought a great big smile to my face to read the enthusiasm and confidence you have in your party plan. So very far from "white knuckling"!

01-19-2014, 07:41 PM
I got caught up while watching the "game". Pre-game I sent a message to my Pat's friend back East, "May the luckiest team win and no one get "is" just a game. PS I'm not a huge fan but will be watching the SB this year. I had a planned portion of healthier chips, one banana and 3AcaiVitaminthingies. Progress, for sure, from the old days of game day food frenzies. Credit.

BBE, as always, thank you for your service here...posting everyday with quotes, education and humor. It really makes a difference in my life as I work to improve my ongoing relationship with food. BTW-I broke my streak of no samples atCostco. They were sampling slices of banana dipped in dark choc, frozen of course. I took one but didn't take the buy it bait. When I came back by later the gal can have another one. I answered no thank you. (Bananas are better just the way they were made lol) Kudos for your ongoing streak. It's the prime example of how we can each choose our trouble spot and work on it viaBeck. I enjoyed your personal quote this morning...yes, God's in His heaven-All's right with the world.

Beth(fromDayton), Kudos for using your Beck success with sweets at work and coming up with a solution to the "Big Weekend Party problem". Wow! That is such a milestone when we can find resolve to an ongoing situation. (PS I have found a solution to the "Buffet with mom and DH problem", too.

AZtricia, I hope your pup recovers quickly. Kudos and congrats on your 5 pound goal.

nationalparker, I'm sorry you had a rough night, in more ways than one, but glad you returned home safely. I wanted to let you know I have really noticed that you are being more gentle with yourself as time goes on (if that is the right word) and it's really a step of progress. Kudos to you!

LoseToAll, I am sorry to hear of your FIL's stroke. It's such a difficult time for you. Sending you moral support and a cyber-hug. It's a big credit to check in after a "mess up" and to log your food and weigh even when you think it will be a disappointing outcome. I hope today has been better for you.

MermaidAtSea, my DH says he is on a seefood diet...he sees food he eats it. He is actually healthy yet underweight with an incredible metabolism. I have gotten used to it-but have also worked very hard to find strategies for myself.
~I'm the shopper and since he likes everything I purchase things he will eat that I don't like
~I suggest restaurants I've already researched and let him choose….he can go wild and I can enjoy an OP night out
~I've come up with a "buffet protocol" where he can gorge (sometimes 5 plates) and I can eat in moderation
~As you did, I sometimes just say no.
Credit to you for speaking up for yourself. I second BBE that I don't favor the "cheat" meal. Beck teaches us to plan for an off plan meal after we've thought it through.

MaryAnn, major kudos as you find your infatuation is over w/M&C. I have a healthy homemade WW pasta recipe but don't make it often. I surmise your DS wouldn't like it but I'm happy the rest of my family does. Amazing, isn't it how many veggies we are getting in our smoothies.

ForMyGirls, great that you find many credits even during the big family feast day. I enjoyed reading through your many credits. Thanks for posting them. Credit, too, for an after holiday plan and a new streak to keep track of!

Cheryl(seadwaters), major kudos for not choosing pizza as a reward for a disappointment on the scale. Everything else you did do was the better choice. Credit. I will mention that the 199/200 barrier was one of the most difficult times for me. I ate OP for weeks and would go up and down….and up and down. It was distressing. What is it? Don't have that answer yet persistence will be rewarded, and when you feel it's time you will visit your MD.

systemaddict, nice that you found Day 18 helpful. I like your food focus for the next week. Credit for setting that goal...I look forward to your progress.

LoseToAll, keep working on your eating while sitting. It does get easier. It's a big step of progress every time you notice. Credit. Your vegetarian day sounded great! Do you do that often?

My personals went back through the past few days of posts. :wave: to anyone who wasn't "there". A collective thanks to everyone who continues to post. Credit to us all!

01-19-2014, 08:14 PM
Last night I did a check in and credits and wrote personals to all. Cut and pasted it from notepad to the reply window and then...who knows :o I was uploading a large number of files to dropbox and got caught up in that and think I just forgot to submit!

Will try again tonight but just to say that I did walk on Sunday and weight was down yesterday by 2 pounds (and another 1 today) but who knows how long that will be the case. I didn't dive into a pizza yesterday - was wanting to use disappointment as an excuse to satisfy a craving. But I didn't - no choice - I am sticking to this diet just to see what happens after 30 days. I ate well and within calorie range so credit

Will check in later

01-19-2014, 10:28 PM
Hi all,

Today was not an OP day--I did fine until we went out to dinner and even though I made some good choices and decisions, I still ate too much. And I split a one scoop sundae with DD and shouldn't have--if I hadn't, my tummy wouldn't be uncomfortably full right now!

I've got a plan for tomorrow (about to enter in MFP) and I'll find out tomorrow how many steps I take at work since it'll be my first workday with my FitBit. It'll also be my first kickboxing class--I've never done kickboxing but, as they say, in for a penny, in for a pound!

Hope it's a great start to everyone's week!

01-19-2014, 10:48 PM
Strange day here - DH is now sick, but still set his alarm for 4:30 to see how he feels - go in or not. I hope not, in a way, so he can sleep the day away and hopefully sleep the sick out. That often works for me. Busy day of cheering on the Broncos (Sorry, Bill ... I felt bad for Brady, but not Belichick! I hope he's more likable up there.)

I ate most of my calories early in the day and wondered if I could skip dinner, but now I'm HUNGRY. Wll have something light, and call it a night.

I've mentioned that my sister is on WW and doing GREAT. But now she asks every few days how my weight loss is going, etc., and I feel like I'm a major failure vs. her 20+pounds down already. I keep telling myself I'm on the "Maryann" plan - a steady program that I will be able to maintain without a major challenge. Maryann - I hope you're okay with that; it's meant with solid admiration! It's hard to get the idea that my splurge last night will not amount to a few pounds' gain. Major credits for measuring and enjoying the mac/cheese and not going back for more. Or letting it call to you in other forms today.

AZTricia - YAY on five down! Have you thought of your reward?

Lexxiss - Thank you for your kind words. I know you must think me a weenie with the snow! :) I love it from inside, but this mayor is taking a bruising on the lack of plowing/pretreating/snow removal. Legislators were in town last week and hammered him, saying it was a disgrace. They seem to just keep waiting for it to warm up to melt it off the roads :(

ForMyGirls - Sorry the holiday is over, but sounds like it was a wonderful one - with great company, weather, food, and memories to look back on.

Will check in with more time tomorrow - have a great start to the day, all.

01-20-2014, 04:32 AM
Diet Coaches (reading BillBE's post made me realise that the list is my diet as opposed to life coach - hence diet coaches not coaches - although I think the lines get blurred given the broad application of CBT)

Yesterday I found I hadn't reached my (fairly conservative) steps goal in the evening so I took the girls (dogs) on a walk to the post box and beyond - that covered the steps. Yesterday food was on plan even though I craved a pizza - I don't do pizza was the only response I could make. My weight this morning was down by about 3pounds from 2 days ago - who knows what is happening. Today not so good but within calories. I had a burger for lunch - planned as a treat on the last day of my annual leave - grass fed good meat - but I also had fries. An unbelievable carbohydrate load for both actually. I won't do that again. I also notice the last 2 days that I have been eating at the sink - only little things but mindless and has to stop

I took a long walk this morning that included both mystery routes - such a difference because while really humid (80%) it was cloudy which made it bearable to walk.

Credit for:
Walking 9,000 steps
Eating to calorie range and planning even if plan not the best!
Planning food for work tomorrow
Ticking chores off the list that were bothering me

BillBE - Credit for no free samples - so hard to resist - good anticipation. I had to go to Google twice - once for "When you go after honey with a balloon, the great thing is not to let the bees know you're coming" and then for "the snail's on the thorn". Thanks for expanding my horizons. What is a snow thrower?

ForMyGirls - your holiday sounds replenishing - glad you are dealing with the food challenges

Maryann - wish I could send you some rain but we seem to be a bit short of it. Your drought is significant. When I meet people who insist that we have always had 43/45/49 C degree days I have to move on. They don't get that it is not about the peaks and the troughs but about the baseline averages. Well done with keeping yourself to one dose of Kraft Mac and not going back down the rabbit hole - Credit!

Nationalparker - Ooh for the driving conditions - really challenging. I can understand the felt need for a treat - it didn't turn out too badly

AZtricia - kennel cough is annoying. Two of my dogs had it at once so it was fairly noticeable - I sent them to the dog rescue group to be desexed not realising that it was the one place they were guaranteed to get Kennel Cough even though immunised. Too high a dose to be avoidable. Credit for avoiding sugar at a ladies tea and staying on plan. Diet Power sounds like an interesting program indeed LOL! Huge congrats on reaching the 5 pound goal! Terrific

MermaidAtSea - great list of credits. Huge credit for saying no to fried chicken. Yay for 2 pounds closer to your mini-goal - that must feel great

LoseToAll - sending supportive thoughts for your FiL and the need for candy to deal with it - good list of credits.

BethFromDayton - Marathon baking - and not marathon eating - well done. Great restraint not to try one of everything - great credit! A good plan for next weekend. Ouch for eating too much - I did that at lunch - not comfortable at all

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Great thoughts from your diary. It is interesting to see the progress of your projects and your associated self-management. You are so right about the 199/200 barrier. Before I had back surgery I was down to 194 but have gone back up and keep bouncing around between 198 and 201. It is driving me nuts. Thanks for the encouragement and I am persisting.

01-20-2014, 07:15 AM
Hello coaches,

Much nicer looking report card tonight :-)

Food 100% OP? yes ; Health activities 100% OP? yes ; Drank 2L water? yes ; Went to bed on time? yes ; Streak count: 1

- doing everything I was meant to!
- checking that the slight adjustments I had made to my plan during the day allowed an evening hot chocolate BEFORE I made it

One of my ARCS is to be able to get a dress from a fabulous dress shop in town - I had reason to go in there today so spent some time amongst the frocks. It was very affirming and motivating to know that I am on my way to wearing one of them!

Lexxis - thanks for reposting your thoughts from a while ago about committing 100% meaning that the minor imperfections don't derail the diet. There was a bit of a discussion last month about the challenges of telling the difference between being kind to yourself when you aren't perfect and giving yourself too many free passes. Your comment felt to me like a really good resolution of that - aiming for 100% means when you fall a bit short you're still on track.

Does all this talk of "the game" mean it is Super Bowl weekend? When I spent a year living in California I arrived just before the Super Bowl. I remember laughing myself silly when I heard a radio ad for the Super Bowl which claimed that everyone would be "rootin' and tootin' for their favourite teams". Seadwaters can have a giggle with me and I'll leave the rest of you to make some guesses at what that means in Aussie lingo.

01-20-2014, 11:14 AM
Glorious sunny morning here in my spot of the midwest - a nice change for the winter. A holiday for me (those our overseas friends, it's Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday, and we actually get this one off for work with my job) and I'm definitely taking advantage of the day.

Woke up early when DH's alarm went off at 4:30 and he actually called in sick - very rare for him. Then neither of us could get back to sleep - he was hacking and coughing and plain miserable. He was sick about eight weeks ago, too. He typically gets the one winter cold/year, so I hope I can stave this one off, as well. Will get out and do the marketing at two or three spots, depending on how far I range from home. Trader Joe's is calling me, but not sure. I don't need that much from there.

I DO want to get some more plants in this front room that gets all my winter sunshine when it does shine. I have about 150 daffodil bulbs that I forgot to replant when I dug them out of one area and they're sprouting in the cold garage... I was going to put them in long planters and haul them in here, but now that my mom reminded me that most bulbs are toxic to cats and dogs, I need to rethink where I can do that.

Scale was 170.4 today after showing 169.8. Francesca, the tease of a scale. But considering the treat the other night, I wondered if it would jump up, or kinda kick my metabolism in gear a bit with more calories in one shot.

Have been seasonally reading a book called, "A Year of Little Things" 100 simple ways to be happy. Read the spring in spring, summer section in summer, etc. and yesterday remembered to get it out and enjoy flipping through the winter section. A good reminder to be mindful and present in so much of our days. I am going to write to my sister and see if she'd like to start a brief email exchange of a few things that enchanted her/me each day - much of her communication is "to do" listings. I have to run to the post office, to the bank, etc., but this would be nice for me to see what she does find joy in each day out there in Colorado. I know Pike's Peak will come into more than a few of them, and that's nice to picture. :)

ForMyGirls - the game we mentioned was the, basically, semifinals, before the Super Bowl. The two top teams in each of the two divisions squared off ... the Super Bowl will be in two weeks. I'll be home in Florida with the folks for that (as we've done without intention the past few years - flights are just affordable in February to Florida from here) and my mom is already looking forward to the tids and bits that we set out. I'm excited by that because she still isn't eating.

Beth - Major credits to you for finding and working the system you have employed for not testing what you bake/prep. It really interests me to see how varied all of our temptations/challenges are! Hope the kickboxing class leaves you feeling empowered and not too sore :)

Was OP yesterday despite a shaky start. Started reading a different diet book about carb cycling and will continue reading it today to see if it's hooey or anything valid... I'm not familiar with that, but need to check it out more. I'm wary of many that I'm not familiar with. So, streak is at 1, and I'll double that today :)

01-20-2014, 12:13 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

This morning, we pack up and leave the cabin. I had no plan yesterday. Never good. I just was in slump vacation mode. And yet when I think today about what I ate I am proud. There might have been a few more calories than my normal day but everything was healthy or rare and unusual - including "organic" bakery gluten free swiss chocolate dipped meringue cookies - of which I had two small.

I did not bring my scale so I don't know the outcome but I will weigh tomorrow. Food is planned for the day starting with a smoothie.

Nationalparker: So cool to have a plan named after me.I do feel that since my weight loss was so slow, I am much less apt to gain it all back. As evidenced by this weekend, how I eat now has become a subconscious choice.

01-20-2014, 03:28 PM
(Appears that I wrote this post this morning then didn't hit [submit]. Duh!)

Diet Coaches/Buddies – Walked, CREDIT moi, even though DW refused to join me because the icy sidewalks were treacherous. It's hardly cardio exercise when I'm focused on staying upright but I guess it does exercise all the ancillary muscles used for balance, LOL.

Streaked to 61 by staying on plan with eating and snacks, CREDIT moi. Ignoring the array of foods spread out before me late morning when I'm having coffee with my group wasn't hard - despite some homemade baked goods. The evening was a challenge since we were going to an event that didn't start until 8pm but would have two tables of homemade wonderful that others would be gobbling all evening. I planned to have about half a normal dinner at home, then to eat the remaining half at the party and to have one treat of the dessert variety for my evening snack. The planning worked. I chose a single slice of orange including the peel - that had been soaked in something, possibly cooked, then dipped in dark chocolate. Super special! So glad I'd planned on only one because there was a platter of them. Easily stayed within my (generous) allowance for eating out; I give myself generous leeway because my real fear is letting go and eating like the old days. When I just plunge in, getting back on track is a challenge. So I'll do a separate CREDIT moi just for the party.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Thanks for "When I commit 100% then the small amount of imperfection which slips in from time to time isn't a diet breaker." Good for me to be reminded that perfect isn't as important as avoiding the deep potholes. [Frozen chocolate covered banana would have been a challenge for me - even though, in actuality, they're not that good, LOL. I agree with you, bananas are just right as is.]

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Ouch for cut-and-paste lost to the ether. Kudos for thwarting the 'disappointment' Sabotaging Thought with the 'No Choice' Helpful Response. [Your question, "What is a snow thrower?" makes me cry. Yes, Virginia, in faraway lands where the phrase 'White Christmas' originated, the peasants must rid their walks and driveways of the stuff to function. They do so with one of these (]

maryann - Waving. My regrets that your 49'ers won't be joining the Patriots in the Super Bowl, which, to my dismay, the Patriots won't be joining either.

nationalparker – Love the "Maryann" plan. Hope your DH recovers. [Yep, we're Belichick fans around here - albeit disappointed ones at moment.]

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Ouch for "uncomfortably full" and Yay for commitment to kickboxing today.

ForMyGirls - Welcome home from paradise. Kudos for immediately getting into your rhythm with "listened to my body last night."

AZtricia - Congrats on that 5 pound goal. Do you have a reward?

MermaidAtSea - Kudos for staying with [I]"Stopping when no longer hungry" - one of the first of Beck's steps to master.

Readers - day 10 Set a Realistic Goal

what are you thinking?

Sabotaging Thought: Losing only 1 to 2 pounds a week is much too slow!
Helpful Response: How much will it matter a few years from now how long it took? I need to remind myself why it's important to lose weight slowly. My long-term success depends on it.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 114.

01-20-2014, 11:22 PM
Hi all,

I can report an OP day and the 41st day of recording everything.

My kickboxing class was good--I was able to keep up, at some level, but didn't get all of the sequences right. That's okay--I was moving.

Tomorrow has two lunch plans, and which one I end up with will depend on the weather, but both are OP. Dinner is up in the air--I'm meeting DS somewhere in between his home and mine--but he knows I'm watching what I eat and will choose well.

My biggest news is numeric--I had blood work done last week in preparation for my semiannual physician's visit. I got an email that the lab work was posted to MyChart on-line--and my numbers were amazingly improved from August (which was improved from last January). Instead of worrying about my doctor giving me a hard time, I know he'll be thrilled with the numbers--I certainly am! I've gone from "way high" to "low normal" on all my cholesterol numbers!

Bill, after my after-dinner treat when I started to think how good it tasted, I thought of what you'd said and concentrated on how much I'd enjoyed it, rather than looking to have more of it. And I was satisfied. Big credit to the power of cognitive behavior therapy (and to me for applying it).

Take care, all!

01-20-2014, 11:50 PM
Hello coaches. Today was my first day since beginning to track that I've had over 2000 calories. The "budget" shows a much higher number for loosing 2 lbs a week, so we shall see. I'm going to try and not let it creep up higher for now. Walked today and met one of the personal trainers, who reminded me of the 3 free sessions...need to sign up. Credit for not eating extra meat as I de-boned the extra meat from dinner (yummy grilled steak from our grass fed cow!). Pup joined me to report to you from my lap, he is making it hard to type as he seems to think all my fingers need kisses! :lol: He is a little better but still coughing.

Food 100% OP? yes ; Health activities 100% OP? yes ; Drank water? yes ; need to read my ARC's!!! still having trouble remembering.

MermaidAtSea Hurray for 2 pounds closer and feeling encouraged. Great job on your Beck goals.

ForMyGirls Welcome home :) and great job recognizing the need to transition. Hurray for tuna, and posting, and starting a streak count! Thanks for Joy's rule. And credit for checking the hot chocolate first. Thanks for sharing your ARC about the dress shop, great idea.

Lexxiss Great game day food choices. I'd love to hear your buffet solution.

seadwaters credit for resisting pizza! And great job taking the dogs to get in your last steps. Strange with the scale numbers, must be a water thing to swing that much! Great job on the not fun chores.

bethFromDayton Hope you enjoyed kickboxing and have bounced back from the sundae....looks like kickboxing was good, hurray. And huge congrats on the good blood work :cp:

nationalparker Love your focus on steady / maintainable ...wise and you will be able to keep it off effortlessly. No, I've not decided yet on a reward. Hope your dh is feeling better and doesn't share with you. Fun thought to e-mail your sister about causes of joy. Fun to be able to double your streak so soon :)

maryann Great job for planning and the healthy smoothie. Your subconscious healthy choices are an encouragement to me.

BillBlueEyes Huge credit for pre-party planning that worked. Your dessert choice sounds delicious! No reward yet...

01-21-2014, 04:30 AM
Diet Coaches
First day back at work today after Christmas break - by next week it will be like I have always been there but the transition period is a struggle. Can't seem to get organised for meals and lunches etc even though I have thought about it. I planned breakfast and lunch and now need to think about what to have for dinner. Which of course is impossible when you get home hungry and tired. So I need to work out food for tonight and get lunch sorted for tomorrow.

These fermented foods seem to keep me busy - always needing to check them and decant them and redo them. But so far I am enjoying the milk kefir for breakfast and am enjoying the challenge of making a water kefir I enjoy. Waiting the 12 (yes 12!) weeks to enjoy the sauerkraut, and am keen to try the Beet Kvass which should be ready tomorrow or the day after. I need to find ways to incorporate them into my diet and manage the time to look after them. I am waiting for new jars to try to make kimchi next which I am really looking forward to.

Walked this morning and made my steps plus a few (could have walked more at work)
Planning food for work today
Planning food for work tomorrow
Prepping kefir for breakfast tomorrow
Doing the essentials to keep on top of chores at home

BillBE - it wouldn't have been so annoying to not submit my post if I had not turned the computer off. Not sure what I was thinking. Thanks for the link to snow throwers - very alien here! Great planning for an evening out

BethFromDayton - Congrats on your numbers - you must be really pleased

01-21-2014, 05:41 AM
Hello coaches,

BIG non-scale victory today. I discovered that the navy blue linen dress that I have been carrying around since I last fitted into it in my early 20's fits! There are only 2 pieces of clothing left from that long ago because I had given up hope of getting to this size again, but couldn't quite bear to part with this dress (and the long (also blue) velvet one). Such a lovely day in my precious frock. When the weather is cooler I shall have to try the velvet one on - and then come up with an excuse to wear it because it is far from casual attire :-)

Beth - congratulations on those great numbers!

Nationalparker - love your idea of your finding joy email exchange with your sister

- noticed I was full before eating all my dinner so I stopped
- chose a cup of tea after lunch with a friend rather than the habitual latte

Food 100% OP? yes ; Health activities 100% OP? yes (noting that I still have to do my resistance band exercises but I am committing to doing them as soon as I hit 'submit' ; Drank 2L water? yes ; Went to bed on time? yes ; Streak count: 2

01-21-2014, 06:33 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Stayed the path for meals and snacks, CREDIT moi, so streak is 62. Evening snack was mango - mediocre mango. As I type this my immediate thought is that I could have followed it with one of the mediocre oranges in the fridge that won't evaporate. As dumb as that thought is, it does remind me that mediocre calls for more and superb satisfies. The food challenge was a memorial service for an active, healthy 56 year old man whose sudden death totally shocked everyone. I planned to make lunch from the reception that followed by having one plate and skipping any desserts. Good thing that I planned; massive volumes of good food were offered. I filled my plate with green salad and diced fruit along with half a turkey-on-ciabatta-bread sandwich.

Not enough exercise, Ouch. By the time we got home from the service our spirits were worn out.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Good to be reminded that planning "is impossible when you get home hungry and tired." Kudos for keeping up with your fermenting, including "Prepping kefir for breakfast tomorrow."

maryann - It's so encouraging to read, "how I eat now has become a subconscious choice."

nationalparker – Didn't know that your 150 daffodil bulbs might be toxic to dogs and cats. I'm jealous of the thought of all of them growing in your sunny room. Neat to find a book that is a "good reminder to be mindful and present."

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Congrats on that stellar blood work. Thanks for the Cognitive Behavior Therapy demo by focusing on satisfaction - with Kudos for thinking to apply it.

ForMyGirls - LOL at "rootin' and tootin'" - Yep, not even the Super Bowl yet. Kudos for planning that hot chocolate "BEFORE I made it." Congrats on fitting your "navy blue linen dress."

AZtricia - Double Kudos for avoiding digging into the meat when you're deboning - that's a hard time for me since my fingers can pop pieces into my mouth faster than my brain can respond.

Readers - day 10 Set a Realistic Goal
Once I accept the fact that I should
focus on losing 5 pounds at a time,
. . . . .dieting will be easier.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 115.

01-21-2014, 01:48 PM
The Maryann Plan is in effect, and I'm down a pound. I say for 10 total, but it's been forever ago that I started on this, so it seems to have less meaning.

Late evening brief trail walk last night - much colder/wetter than I anticipated. Snowy morning here with the apparently unavoidable jack-knifed semi trucks on the interstates, closed interstates, and trucks and cars sliding off the entrance ramps. It's an interesting winter so far, in the city's approach to snow handling.

Two weeks until our cruise. I'm excited and at the same time, worried that the "free" food fest will derail me. I know, though, that the opportunity to be very active exists and I do need to monitor what I eat. But dang, I would HATE to get back and have to work to lose several pounds again. I love my trips to Italy, eating what I love and walking it all off.

Bill - I like your phrasing of the superb satisfies. I need to get there. When I have something superb that is a favorite (such as my homemade pasta au gratin), I have trouble savoring every bite and being satisfied. I make it rarely; it's been months now. And now you have me wanting to test myself. :)

Beth - Yay on the great bloodwork! Revel in what your dr. says about that improvement!

ForMyGirls - Wonderful news about your NSV with the dress. I love it! And I'd start planning NOW to find a place velvet-dress-worthy when you get there :)

Seadwaters - I feel for you back at the job after a nice holiday. I hope the transition goes well. Get extra sleep if you can. I always find it difficult to get back into the swing of work after time off.

01-21-2014, 08:57 PM
Today was a very stressful day. After seeing patients all day I felt drained, and for the first time since I've been on my diet and avoiding sugar I actually started to crave something sweet...a iced blended drink at Coffee Bean, or a Chai flavored cake pop. It was interesting because I haven't had any sugar cravings at all since getting off refined sugar, and I'm beginning to see now that my sugar cravings are (and probably always have been) stress related. Once I realized this, I realized that I needed to do something to address the stress, and I didn't give in. Anyway, this was a big realization for me.

Sticking to my food plan
Writing a food plan for tomorrow
Sitting down to eat.
Consciously making an effort to eat slowly.
Looking at my ARCs.
Not giving into momentary temptation.

01-21-2014, 10:22 PM
Hi all,

Today was an OP day for me, although it started out with my weight up. Just information, I tell myself. Since I've been OP, it's probably just salt or some such.

I had to make some adjustments to my written plan because the weather affected both my lunch and dinner plans. For lunch, I stayed with my back-up plan and for dinner had leftovers. My dinner out with DS has been rescheduled for Thursday, when hopefully the roads will be better.

For daytime exercise, I started using a bathroom on a different floor--it gets me moving a bit more during the day--but I am going to really have to pick that up! Tomorrow is Pilates.

My streak of recording everything in MFP is at 42!

Have a great day, all!

01-21-2014, 11:56 PM
OP eating, yes. Exercise- walked dog twice, Credit for restarting my info in the Diet Power program as I think it was trying to offer too many calories. I'm a bit disappointed with the new 1555, but have hopes that my exercise will help my metabolism and the weight will still come off with a slightly higher number. I will see as it adjusts to my metabolic rate over the next few days.

Hopefully only a little while longer till I earn my own signature/ ticker with my good behavior :D:D

seadwaters Hope you are able to tackle planning and get back into your schedule smoothly. I ordered some fermented dill pickles from our coop to try before diving into our own fermenting. Delivery is in a couple weeks. Credit for getting your steps in.

ForMyGirls Hurray for the dress fitting! :dancer: Congrats for noticing full, and for the lower calorie tea vs latte. Hope your band exercises went well. Doubled your streak! :cheer3:

BillBlueEyes Bummer about the mango, I almost bought some this weekend, now I am glad I resisted. Love the "superb satisfies". Credit for your great plan and sticking with it! Sorry for your loss :cry:

nationalparker Congrats on the pound gone and walking. Hope you are feeling more prepared to deal with the cruise.

MermaidAtSea Wow, huge credit for diagnosing the sugar craving as stress! :cp: Great job in exercising your resistance muscle.

bethFromDayton Credit for your flexibility and great choice to add steps during the day. Congrats on 42 :goodvibes

01-22-2014, 05:30 AM
Diet coaches

I decided to change my goals and write out the 5 pound stages I need to get to - I am trying to keep myself motivated, and read the excerpt in BillBE's post. So I thought I would make it real and put it out there. I so hope that tomorrow I am under the 197.4 I was this morning but who knows. So my current STG is 197 pounds.

Walked this morning and made my steps today
Planned lunch and dinner - breakfast needed to be rethought because the temperature was too high in the house and my overnight kefir ferment turned to cheese - the dogs like it. Have made a new successful batch
Continuing to try while showing no results (bobbing up and down like a cork) - frustrating
Doing the faux vending machine run at work to get some steps and stairs in
Realising I am not hungry in the evening and having a small meal

Thanks coaches - I have to get moving if I am going to plan for tomorrow

01-22-2014, 07:03 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – The only exercise was preparing the new snow thrower. Even that was limited because it has an electric starter. Good thing because the first starting was difficult - but holding the button that allowed my house current to turn the engine wasn't so hard, LOL.

Eating was on plan including snacks so I've streaked to 63, CREDIT moi. Bad news is that a friend sent over four chocolate laced brownies as thanks for a favor I'd done. Ouch. I've made a plan where I have a portion of one as part of dinner every few days for the next several weeks until gone. I'll have the same portion as DW, which makes them fit into my dinner plan. DW finished the last of the trail mix from Christmas that I'd been using in my peanut butter sandwich for lunch while I was out of pecans. Glad that's gone. I've got pecans from Trader Joe's now, so all is back on track.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Love reading that you continue with " the faux vending machine run at work."

nationalparker – Congrats on those 10 pounds gone forever - there's no points off for taking a while. Kudos for already thinking about your plan for your cruise in two weeks.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – "Just information ... Just information ... Just information ... Just information ... Just information ... Just information ... "

AZtricia - Yep, you're eligible for a tracker in your signature in two days and one more post as Mae West said, “Goodness had nothing to do with it.” Kudos for continuing to seek the right diet and exercise combination.

MermaidAtSea - Super Kudos for recognizing that the craving was stress related then planning to address the stress - what a textbook demonstration of using Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Readers - day 11 Differentiate Between Hunger, Desire, and Cravings

Almost every dieter I've worked with has had difficulty distinguishing between true hunger (when you've fasted for several hours and your stomach is empty), a desire to eat (not being particularly hungry but eating because there is food around), and a craving (a physiological and emotionally intense urge to eat).

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 118.

01-22-2014, 07:03 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – The only exercise was preparing the new snow thrower. Even that was limited because it has an electric starter. Good thing because the first starting was difficult - but holding the button that allowed my house current to turn the engine wasn't so hard, LOL.

Eating was on plan including snacks so I've streaked to 63, CREDIT moi. Bad news is that a friend sent over four chocolate laced brownies as thanks for a favor I'd done. Ouch. I've made a plan where I have a portion of one as part of dinner every few days for the next several weeks until gone. I'll have the same portion as DW, which makes them fit into my dinner plan. DW finished the last of the trail mix from Christmas that I'd been using in my peanut butter sandwich for lunch while I was out of pecans. Glad that's gone. I've got pecans from Trader Joe's now, so all is back on track.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Love reading that you continue with " the faux vending machine run at work."

nationalparker – Congrats on those 10 pounds gone forever - there's no points off for taking a while. Kudos for already thinking about your plan for your cruise in two weeks.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – "Just information ... Just information ... Just information ... Just information ... Just information ... Just information ... "

AZtricia - Yep, you're eligible for a tracker in your signature in two days and one more post as Mae West said, “Goodness had nothing to do with it.” Kudos for continuing to seek the right diet and exercise combination.

MermaidAtSea - Super Kudos for recognizing that the craving was stress related then planning to address the stress - what a textbook demonstration of using Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Readers - day 11 Differentiate Between Hunger, Desire, and Cravings

Almost every dieter I've worked with has had difficulty distinguishing between true hunger (when you've fasted for several hours and your stomach is empty), a desire to eat (not being particularly hungry but eating because there is food around), and a craving (a physiological and emotionally intense urge to eat). Interestingly, many of them initially thought they could tell the difference. What about you?

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 118.

01-22-2014, 07:20 AM
Hello coaches,

- when I did my "have I got the calories left for a hot chocolate?" calculation this evening I worked out that a) I did b) I hadn't had any fruit yet today and c) my body would be happier if I used the calories for fruit. And it was so yummy - even yummier than I had imagined the hot chocolate to be;
- I had to make a late change to the dinner plan because the meat I bought today was off (grrrr) - it got a bit chaotic in the kitchen and it was ready before I had prepped veggies - momentarily tempted to say "not my fault I can have a night off" but then remembered that the only person I would be cheating is myself and quickly cut up some capsicum and tomato
- I have been planning my meals the day before for 3 days now. As someone who has been very resistant to the planning part of the program this is a big achievement.

Report card:
Food 100% OP? yes ; Health activities 100% OP? yes ; Drank 2L water? yes ; Went to bed on time? yes ; Streak count: 3

Nationalparker - I have one possibility for the velvet dress which is an evening wedding but it might still be too warm, plus it is a none too subtle number so I would feel like I was trying to upstage the bride if I wore it. Hmmm - will have to keep thinking. Perhaps I can find a fundraising ball to crash in mid winter ... or perhaps I will just curl up in it on the couch and delight in it's velvety softness.

MermaidAtSea - what a great insight. Power to you for noticing it rather than caving to it.

Beth - a streak of 42. Wow. Bill must be feeling you nipping at his heels right about now.

01-22-2014, 11:03 AM

Why, yes, I did reach Day 6 of Beck's change-your-eating-behavior book. I've never posted to a forum before but could not figure out a real-life solution to the Diet Coach command (I asked my husband but he was not amused), so here I am. I love seeing the maintaining numbers around here.

The two diets I've chosen are No S (dead simple behavior modification plan - no sweets, no seconds, no snacks except on weekends) and Flexitarian. I really hope I don't have to revert to the second plan but if I must, I must. I did lose weight once before with the No S plan so I am hopeful.

Of the challenges so far, I already (almost always) eat sitting down so that was easy. Eating slowly and focusing on what I eat is harder because I find it boring. (Helpful Response - retyped for my own benefit: Eating quickly has probably contributed to my weight gain. I can't have it both ways. I can't eat quickly and also lose weight and maintain the loss. Even though eating more slowly will take effort in the beginning, I'll get used to it and then I won't think much about it.)

Credits: Huge credit for going to the super special buffet at the super fancy hotel and eating one reasonable plate of food. (My diet proscribes one plate of food of whatever you like that isn't dessert at each of three meals as long as you’re not an idiot about the whatever you like part.) Credit for making myself look until I found the dinner plates instead of the keep-on-eating-salad plates. Credit for getting everything together at once that I was going to eat before I started eating. Actually, this was really helpful; as I was walking back to the table with a plate full of delicious-looking food, that was kind of heavy even, thinking to myself: Really? Are you really going to feel resentful that you only get one plate of food? Look at that thing--you know you won't be hungry after you eat all that. And I was right. (When I first walked in I was mentally groaning about all the things I wouldn't get to eat--ooh, cheese flight!--so this thought was a great improvement.)

Other credits include a 10 day on-plan eating streak and a 10 day exercise streak. Something to fix is that I fell off the sleep wagon again last night. I really don't like going to bed and very often stay up much too late, and then I have little kids that wake me up early (and I'm always "o why did I stay up"), and I feel like getting good sleep is my lynchpin to being able to stick to the book and exercise (not to mention start being more productive at work and a more patient mom). I had a 7 day streak of going to bed by 11pm but stayed up last night reading a book. My not-working-yet fix-it plan includes: setting alarms on my ipad to go to bed, buying an oil warmer and supposedly sleep-inducing essential oils (the thing is pretty if nothing else and it gives me a little night-time ritual), sleep meditation cd, and dark-as-possible bedroom. Hey, now I am giving myself credit for taking these actions even if I am not yet reaping the benefits. Today I wrote a response card for "I don't want to go to bed" and after I log off of here I will go read it.

(I am having the sabotaging thought that I may be posting too much but I am telling myself that I will learn the etiquette around here eventually and people will probably be really nice in the meantime. Also, please know I haven’t finished the book yet so I may not be implementing everything.)

01-22-2014, 11:17 AM
AZtricia - Yep, you're eligible for a tracker in your signature in two days and one more post as Mae West said, “Goodness had nothing to do with it.” Kudos for continuing to seek the right diet and exercise combination.
post 20 :carrot:
Lost another pound today, but will check-in more later. Wishing all my coaches great days!

01-22-2014, 01:42 PM
Welcome, flnu!! I hadn't heard of the S Diet and like the common-sense-ness of it! I find myself staying up too late when DH isn't home (and ForMyGirls is working on her challenge to get to sleep earlier as well), and finally have to tell myself that during sleep is the time when my body can heal. Not while I'm awake. Not that I'm healing from anything major, but for general renewal :)

My evening was decent. Dinner was turkey meatloaf, loaded with green peppers and onions and homemade mashed potatoes with the light whipped butter that's real butter. Credits - used a minimal amount of the whipped butter and more 1% milk, limited myself to a third of a cup of them, after all green beans were eaten. By then, I was satisfied and while my mind wanted more, my stomach was all set. We watched, Blue Jasmine - my pick and I didn't know it was a Woody Allen movie - I don't care for him/his flicks (with exception of Midnight in Paris) ... and we watched it through, but neither of us really cared for it. Performers did well, though.

Cold again - sub-zero temps and our snow has moved over to you, Bill. I'm a bit envious of the snow thrower. I enjoy shoveling to a point, but it sure would be nice to be able to walk the length of our block, clearing the sidewalk snow leading to the trail.

ForMyGirls - Also - what a change of thinking to go from hot choc to fruit because it better serves your body! Way to go!! Credits!

AZTricia - Are you frustrated that the new number seems high or low? I might have missed a note. I know I am far from starving/emaciated, but I wonder if a high-calorie day now and then doesn't do me well to kick things in gear. But then I worry about it setting me back. Too many mind games going on in mine! :)

01-22-2014, 03:58 PM
My scale (as of yet unnamed) liked my choice to have fish for dinner last night. Already walked the dog twice today, and still planning to exercise while the boys are at swim team. Tonight is pizza night, so going with my plan of only one slice and having some fresh fruit or veggies beside. Crazy here today as I have two extra boys from a friend. Her family is military and they are packing to move to their next assignment. My guys will miss their friends. Eating OP, Exercise OP, Need to read my ARC's still.
Encouraging thought, I plotted out weight loss and at 1.5 lb/week I could reach a healthy BMI by Christmas. What a healthy gift to give myself. :present:

seadwaters Great idea, I like the idea of focusing on the 5 lb stages. Sorry about your kefir, can you do like yogurt cheese and drain it to use for other things (or is it just not tasty?) Love that you are coming to know your body and realizing that dinner is not when you are hungriest. I found the same is true for me. Hunger is pretty much past by 4:00.

BillBlueEyes Oh my for the brownie thanks. :yikes: Sounds like you have a great plan though! Yum for the TJ pecans. Looking forward to my tracker :)

ForMyGirls Yeah for fruit and for listening to your body! And huge credit for your flexibility and healthy choices over dinner. :woohoo:

flnu Welcome :wave: I'm new here too. It is good to read about your success at the buffet, a huge encouragement to me.

nationalparker Brrr, so glad we are not in the Midwest anymore. I don't miss the cold at all. The program was frustrating me with high numbers, like 3000 calorie daily goal. I know I won't loose if I eat that much, so I was ignoring it but my daily intake was creeping up. So I gave in and re-set everything. Right now it is 1500, I think that 1700 is about where I really need to be, but a few lower days (or lower NQ scores if I go over 1500) will not matter long term. I had initially started the program in October when a local friend was going to join me. Then I had surgery in November and pretty much quit entering data till this month. The program goes wacky if you don't enter data as it is trying to calculate your metabolic rate and if you are eating zero compute! I know it will be better now.

01-22-2014, 10:49 PM
Hi all,

Breakfast and lunch were OP. I was in a meeting during my normal snack time and my choice was to eat my snack or to change clothes and get down to Pilates and only be a couple of minutes late. Pilates won!! Big credit for that.

It was an interesting 'class'--the trainer held it in the exercise room and had 5 of us in there--at different levels doing different things! She wanted to be sure that another woman and I who are new to her class would be comfortable with the movements. She was running one of the guys ragged. Another guy was not quite as strenuous and the third woman was also "getting back into things". It was fun--and although I think my abs will complain tomorrow, I feel confident that I'll be able to keep up and benefit from the classes.

I started adding more spontaneous walking to my day and my FitBit says I'm barely under 5000 steps for the day. 10,000 seems unattainable right now, but I'm sure I can work my way up to it. I tend to be 'efficient' with my tasks, including moving from one spot to another. I decided today to focus on increasing steps, so I took the roundabout way to every meeting and the restroom (even to the point of going to a different floor). So, my goal is to be less efficient and more motion-y. (not a word, I know) As soon as the weather breaks, I'll start parking at the far end of the parking lot--I claim a pass as long as it's in the teens and single digits!

Dinner wasn't as planned (change in an evening meeting) but I made pretty good choices with a last minute choice. (Chinese takeout, and I measured my portions so I wouldn't overeat.) (I picked up two meals--one would have been enough for the two of us.)

flnu: Welcome!

Take care all!

01-23-2014, 03:28 AM
Diet Coaches
I was not under the 197.4 - but I wasn't over either so hope continues to burn. I want one dancing vegetable or being sometime real soon now.

Credits for today:
Ate on plan
Met my exercise goal
Planned food for today and defrosted and organised (a downsized) dinner before I left for work
Checked out my Advantage / Response cards - I have them on iPad
Reduced my To Do list

AZtricia - I hope you like the dill-pickles. You can make cheese or lebneh out of the kefir but I haven't gone there yet but it is a good idea. At the moment I am trying to get the timing right depending on the temperature. When I get there I will look at other things to do! Yay for lost another pound - really worth a celebration. Not sure if you are sad about the reduced calories or...? MFP keeps upping my calories based of exercise but I ignore it because I want to stick to less than 1500 and might even lower that. Can't wait to see your tracker!

BillBlueEye - I liked the fact that the Sears catalogue gave me the price of a snow thrower in $AUD! That would be useful to about 1 square KM of Australia (I am exaggerating of course). They look like very useful beasts - and surprisingly inexpensive! Ouch for a gift of chocolate brownies - good you have a plan for spreading them over weeks.Yay for back to pecans and normalcy

ForMyGirls - exemplary report card :) - great that you could forego hot chocolate for fruit - mind you what were you thinking wanting hot chocolate in this weather?!

FLNU - Welcome and thanks for the introduction. You seem to be really organised! and yes it is lovely to have all these people who are maintaining and can show the way. Not many rules here that you can inadvertently break - you will get the hang of it in no time. I will leave it to our list moderator to properly welcome you

Nationalparker - your food sounds really on track. Great that you recognised the difference between wanting more versus being full. Mashed potatoes beckon so you did well

BethFromDayton - Great choice between snack or pilates. The class sounds interesting and well structured. Adding in incidental exercise is a great way to increase your steps and credit for using "the long way" to achieve it. You are avoiding walking in teens and single digits, and I am trying to walk before 6.30am because it is too hot and humid after that. Can't beat the planet really

GardenerJoy - waving :wave:- I can't remember if you were going away but I notice your absence? I had to go back 7 pages to find that you were going to drive 4 hours each way to do a family meeting - hope all is well

Onebyone - waving to you too :wave: - hope you are achieving what you want

01-23-2014, 06:46 AM
Hello coaches,

Credits for my day:
- felt like i was really "in the groove" with planning today - actually checked my plan to see what was on the menu and doing the planning tonight was superfast as i am establishing a bunch if standard meals in MFP
- the big stress in my life required some attention today and i quickly and decisively put paid to the "it's been a draining day therefore i deserve ..." Thought. In fact i didn't even get as far as filling in the dots before i sent that thought packing.

Food 100% OP? yes ; Health activities 100% OP? yes ; Drank 2L water? yes ; Went to bed on time? yes ; Streak count: 4

Flnu - welcome - and for the record i think you are posting just the right amount. I laughed a lot reading your post, especially about the bed time business. I sooooo know that deal! You sound like you are well and truly in the Beck zone so am glad you found us.

Beth - woohoo for choosing Pilates. It sounds like you have scored a great trainer! And i hear you in the challenge of 10,000 steps. The only time in my life i have realiably achieved the step count was when i was home with a 10 month old and a 2 year old.

Seadwaters - hot chocolate appears to be unrelated to the weather for me. Same as icecream - i am sure i could crave it in the midst of a blizzard :-)

01-23-2014, 07:10 AM
:welcome: flnu :welcome:

And, on the occasion of your first post, :wel3fc:

How did you discover the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find our forum here on 3 Fat Chicks?

01-23-2014, 07:17 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including snacks incrementing the streak to 64. DW offered a portion of brownie as part of dinner but I declined - two days in a row would be too much indulgence in baked stuff. She went ahead. I'm happy with that - glad to see the volume decreasing. Sometimes marriage just works out. I had an orange for evening snack - one that was juicy and tasty.

Running the new snow thrower was primary exercise, CREDIT moi. It isn't the same exercise for the back as shoveling, but it exercises muscles controlling the machine. About an equal amount of time was spent with a shovel for the places that required it. Took a walk, CREDIT moi, in the fresh snow to the library to swap some books. They were quiet since the schools were closed.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – It's a Kudos day when you reduce your to-do list. [LOL at Sears pricing snow throwers in $AUD - perhaps to sell them at a freak show.]

nationalparker – Apparently, getting to sleep on time is today's topic. Good luck coming to grips with that. Kudos for a nice dinner. (I'm a fan of Midnight in Paris.)

Motion-y Beth (bethFromDayton) – Impressed that your Pilates trainer kept five of you going at different levels. Kudos for your openness to new exercises.

ForMyGirls - Neat to exchange fruit for hot chocolate. Super Kudos for recognizing the Sabotaging Thought, "it's been a draining day therefore i deserve ..."

AZtricia - LOL at the thought of your scale approving of your dinner choice. 1.5 lbs per week is a healthy trend. I found that my trend slowed as I approached my final weight. It took me several weeks to know that I had stopped.

flnu - The group here has learned to serve as Diet Coach for each other and welcome you to join that process. Huge Kudos, indeed, for following an eating plan for the fancy hotel dinner - that's a big one.

Super insight, "getting good sleep is my lynchpin" - it's so easy to get involved in a book and ignore higher priorities - done that many times myself. Glad that you've joined us.

Readers - day 11 Differentiate Between Hunger, Desire, and Cravings

Think about times in the past when you've leisurely finished a rather large meal, perhaps when eating out at a restaurant or during a family celebration. I wonder if you ever had such thoughts as, I'm still hungry ... I think I'll have seconds ... I'm hungry for dessert.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 118.

01-23-2014, 10:02 AM
Thanks for the welcome! I am trying to remember what prompted me 7 days ago to pick up the book, and I'm failing. I've been overweight and not dieting for many years, so you'd think I'd remember a change like that. For the forum, that's easy. On Day 6, I went a-googling. I picked this one because it is active, long-standing, and explicitly references the Beck diet. So we're all coaches here, not just particular people?

Streak days for bed/exercise/diet: 1/11/11.

My current sabotaging thought is, yeah, yeah, you're doing well...for now. Just wait until the honeymoon's over then you'll see. Helpful response: Why assume the worst? I'm learning and practicing new skills that I didn't have before. It will make a difference. Besides, I already committed to the program. Just enjoy the honeymoon for as long as it lasts, and don't borrow trouble.

Day 7 is about changing your environment. My home environment is already great. My work environment is not so bad. I will not be asking the other 50 some odd people in my office to look for their communal snacks in the cupboards, but I will route myself away from the snack tables. This was an easy day.

Beth: You pushed me over the edge, and I just bought a fitbit. Thanks for the nudge.

AZtricia: I'm sending you mojo for pizza night. Pizza is a really, really hard one for me.

01-23-2014, 12:19 PM
'Supurb Satisfies" is so true. I was able to have just one slice of pizza yesterday, choose my favorite, and ate with small bites and paying attention...found one was definately enough and it was pleasent to not end up over full. When I arrived back home, saw the pizza boxes and my tongue wanted more! Credit for recognizing craving vs hunger and exercising my resistance muscle. Still no siggy option, maybe tomorrow. My dh is getting a cold, doggie is still coughing/fighting kennel cough, and tomorrow/Friday is going to be a crazy run-around, need to be two places at once kind of day. :(

Did exercise yesterday, will walk the dog today at least twice, should do my exercise DVD but for some reason my mind is resistant. Eating OP, Exercise OP, still strugling with ARC reading & maybe that is why I dont want to exercise, or is it just because I'm tired?

bethFromDayton WhooHoo for exercise over snack :bravo: Sounds like you had a great trainer. Congrats for nearing 5000 steps/day. Love your new word, I need to be more motiony too! Brrr to your weather :shocksn:

seadwaters Congrats for planning and sticking to it! Sorry about the discouraging scale #'s. I'm OK with reduced calories, I just needed not to see that 3000 was ok! That made it too easy too eat 2000 and think it was still good. :rollpin: I know from experience that 1700 or under is best for me to loose.

ForMyGirls Hurray for the planning groove :dancer:. Great job for recognizing your thoughts and dismissing them for more helpful ones. Congrats on your streak!

BillBlueEyes Hurray for the strong brownie resistance muscle :cp: Good thought about weight loss slowing nearer the goal, I will keep that in mind and try not to get discouraged.

flnu We are coach/buddies to each other from what I can tell. An opportunity to get involved in daily accountability and encourage others on the same path. Great helpful response, love it! As long as you never quit, you will reach your goals. You will have tough spots and even fail sometimes, but the sooner you get back on the better...Beck is very practical that way.

01-23-2014, 01:54 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Comp day today and day off tomorrow so I have big plans. I am tackling my - wait for it - sewing room. (She runs in circles screaming in the living room). This is my plan: I have been disciplined in donating clothes as I have lost weight. Since my first day with Beck till today I have gone from a size 12 to a size 8. What a terrific journey. I have only kept what fits perfectly and makes me feel happy. I have read lots of Project 333 posts on minimalist wardrobes. I am now ready to empty my huge chest of drawers in my room, organize the little that was left in there into my walk in, and move ALL my sewing and craft stuff into the drawers. That will leave the deacon's bench my father built empty for all my scrapbooks and personal items which I have heretofore ignored because they were literally stuffed into all nooks and corners.

Just another example of how freeing myself from food addiction has freed up space for other things in my life.

Yesterday was OP. Plan is for Pilates workout this afternoon as a break from organizing.

AZTricia: I remember my amazement when Beck talked about hunger in the mouth vrs stomach. I had never been that self aware. It is very helpful information.

Flnu: Welcome. There is a lot of recovery here. Some of us have one on one coaches. I use this bog as my coach.

BBE: I wish I could walk to our library. Suburbs versus city I guess.

01-23-2014, 11:29 PM
Hi everyone,

We went for sushi for dinner--and I ate too much :-(. I did my best to record it, though. I probably would have eaten more, but I don't use chopsticks often enough for it to come easy so that slowed me down!

No extra exercise today--it was too cold to be outside. Ended up with 4100 steps. Tomorrow is the circuit training class at lunch time--I'm looking forward to it!

I've got my gym bag packed, a note on my purse to remind me to grab my lunch (which I'll go pack after this), and then I'll pack for our big weekend party. I intend to report in on Sunday night as being successful with my approach--record everything, eat only sitting down, and no sweets until after dinner.

Take care, all!

01-23-2014, 11:53 PM
Cold day here, too. Drain froze up again, along with some pipes. DH spent the past few hours after getting home from work sawing through a cabinet to see what the situation was and how it was plumbed. I steer clear. Now he'll rent a blower to blow insulation in (my idea) after he said we'd need to pull out the tub and all tile, etc. I'm counting a point for myself on the home improvement idea chart. I never get points there :)

Food has been okay today - on track and satisfied. I planned an ind. bag of real potato chips - nothing baked or faked and it hit the spot.

Eye dr. appt. tomorrow and then working the rest of the day from home. Looking forward to being able to be cozy. Going down to -5 tonight - we're almost there already. Wind chill warning still in place. Hard to breathe when walking outside.

Bill - Thank you for that note on hunger/desire/cravings. I saw the whipped cream in the fridge and thought, oh, small sundaes would be a nice treat. Even if I did just the half cup of ice cream, light choc drizzle, whip cream and cherry, that's still 200 calories we don't need. I'll save that for the weekend. It was a desire. Not a craving or being hungry. Good to recognize that.

Beth - We do the one Chinese meal for two as well from a place near us, and have a leftover serving for DH to take to work. All for $7.75. Now and then we do separate because he wants to venture away from my routine chicken :)