Weight and Resistance Training - anyone have experience w using wrist weights while walking?

01-01-2014, 05:12 AM
I just ordered 2 pound wrist weights (each one is two pounds) and I'm curious to hear if anyone's seen improved definition in their arms from just using them while walking, i.e., just the usual arm swing. Or if people usually do added arm exercise while walking. I'd love to hear your experiences and results.

01-07-2014, 11:40 PM
Nobody answered! :o So, I thought I'd come back and report on my experience so far in case someone ever searches for "wrist weights" here. :)

Well... I walked with them for the first time today. It was my light walking day, not as long as usual and no hills, so I thought I'd wear them for the first mile and then throw them in the car for the rest of my walk, but they were pretty comfortable and I thought I could handle it, so I wore them for the whole, I think, 2.6 miles. I did feel it during the walk, but it wasn't hard. I did focus on my posture the whole time, though. I think it's good that I had already been working on my walking posture.

I'll try to remember to come back and update about how its going after a few weeks. :carrot: