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12-31-2013, 05:08 PM
Morning all,

Sorry I wasn't around yesterday to see in the New Year for you and wish you all good luck and good food and good exercise. I was kept very busy by an 18 month old.
I wish everything that is good for everyone. As my friend Roni posted......

May the telemarketers wait to make their sales calls until you finish dinner; may the commercials on TV not be louder than the program you have been watching, and may your cheque book and your budget balance Ė and include generous amounts for charity.
With every new year, comes greater challenges and obstacles in life. I wish you courage, hope and faith to overcome all the hurdles you face. May you have a great year and a wonderful time ahead.

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12-31-2013, 07:19 PM
Shad: Happy New Year to you!

We are just getting ready to go celebrate DH's birthday with dinner with friends and then we will be coming back to our house for cake and to watch the ball drop.

We are getting ready to head out so I must close. Thank you to all of you for being so lovely and welcoming to me on your thread. I look forward to spending 2014 with all of you and seeing us reach the goals we set for ourselves.

Happy New Year! :newyear::celebrate:

12-31-2013, 09:47 PM
Hi chicks,
Thanks for setting up the new thread Shad. S is just the prettiest chick of all. :D A real beaut! I see she is helping you get your steps in for the day. Good girl!

What lovely pictures of the beach. As we sit here quite cold what I wouldn't give to be sitting on a beach. And a not so crowded one at that. Enjoy some for me too please.

I did get some butchering practice in. Bought a whole beef tenderloin and with an expert YouTube chef and a laptop on the counter, we were able to cut the thing down and not ruin it. It was a joint project between DH and I. Because of thyroid issues my hands get super cold very quickly. The meat was very cold - I had it sitting in a cold pack outside and I made the first couple of cuts and then my fingers were freezing. DH had to help do the trimming and the cutting of the filet steaks. I did wind up with a petite roast, 8 filets (on the smaller side) and 2 pounds of stew beef. We selected filets for our dinner, froze the rest along with the petite filet and I will make the stew this week in the crock pot. We pan fried the steaks - DH wrapped his in bacon and they were heavenly melt in your mouth. It was a nice dinner. Since I stayed off the computer I was able to get a closet sorted out, trim up the beef and get supper going, got several loads of laundry done, set aside some clothes for donations and cleaned up 2 hot spots with papers I kept intending to sift through. And my neck is only a tiny bit sore - huge difference from the last few days. And I feel like I accomplished something good.

I have 2 bottles of wine chilling between the outside door and the screen door. Am going to take a shower and then open the wine and then go check out Weight Watchers new plan - at least I think they have a new plan. I hope that new plan includes wine. If not I'll have to finish both bottles tonight ;) I also picked up a diet and exercise log which has some good tips I want to browse through. Not much on TV that excites me - surely won't be watching Justin Beiber or Mariah Carey count the new year down. I'd rather have the cats sing to me.

Anyway Happy New Year to all the chicks. Let it be a good one for all of us in all sorts of ways. And Susie - we are glad to have you on board on this journey.

12-31-2013, 11:06 PM
Shad - Thanks for starting the New Year thread!! S is GORGEOUS! She's so lovely! What great photos of the beach. Reminds me that I should get to the beach one of these weekends....After 12 winters in Wisconsin it's difficult to think of going to the beach in January...but I can here.

Happy - I just heard a commercial for weight watchers totally online starter plan. I think I might look into it. Where did you get that diet and exercise log? I'm watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp, followed by the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

D's out of town in Monterey, so it's just me, Santa and the roomates (who have both gone to their rooms). Guess I'll go fix some dinner and relax.

Tomorrow, I'm getting my hair done (cut and color to cover the gray) in prep for my new job and my niece's wedding this weekend, which I'm flying to Southern CA to attend. Santa will be at day care while I'm getting my hair done, then he and I are going to the dog park. :D

Happy New Year my wonderful friends! May 2014 bring us happiness and good health.


Much love and many hugs,

01-01-2014, 01:14 AM
Well the farmer men have begged off and gone to bed well before the midnight hour. DH would have stayed up had I forced him but there is nothing on TV and nothing much to keep him awake so I told him to just go to bed. This will be a quiet new year. Nothing wrong with that.

Michelle - here's the book - I got it at Amazon. You might be able to get it cheaper using one of their other book sellers but I like using my Prime membership - at least I know it's coming in 2 days.

It's a spiral bound book- has a quote on top for each day. There's not a lot of room to log things in - if you write small you'll be ok. Think about those spiral bound flat office calendars where you'd write meetings in from 7am to 6pm - small boxes but workable. You have a place to record 3 meals and 2 snacks and tally points or calories. There's a notes section for exercise and if you met your goals for the day. Also a tiny spot for success of the day - great to end the day on a positive note. Then there's a weekly wrap up which is nice - answer some questions about glitches and successes for the week. This is a companion guide to her first log which was for workouts - so more landscape is given to food over exercising. This will work for any program you choose - whether you are tracking exchanges, points or calories. There are several journals on Amazon but of course they don't show you the details because then some enterprising person would copy the log and not buy the book. This log runs for 26 weeks. So far it looks decent except I wish it was top spiral bound for lefties. ;)

I looked at the WW program - they have a 2 week kick start which utilizes foods from one of their existing programs. I don't really see much new with them and I'm really leaning to just using FitPal or something and tracking calories. Although I hate tracking calories even more than I hate tracking points. I really liked the original WW exchange system. :lol: What I really need is a discipline pill. :o But with many of you committed to a fresh start, hopefully we can all support each other to becoming more fit and healthy in the new year.

So Michelle are you going to take the plunge and get a new style to go with your new CA life? You can't have WI hair in sunny CA you know :lol: Come on, the first cut is the hardest and it's just hair - it will grow back. You look like you have a nice wave in your hair so you could probably do some fun stuff.

I put 2 bottles of wine between the outside storm door and the laundry room entrance door. There were there about 2 hours. Went to get them and they were frozen solid. Guess negative 20 degrees will freeze anything. I do have Malibu rum, amaretto and some flavored vodkas but I just ain't feeling the drink now so that's probably a good thing.

With that I'll log off and go check out the Kathy Lee and Hoda 2013 year in review I recorded earlier.

Happy New Year to All the Chicks.

01-01-2014, 10:07 AM
Morning and welcome to the New Year. I didn't stay up to welcome in the new year but was awakened by at least gun shots. I sat up in bed and thought what was that. Got up and looked at the clock said happy new year and went back to bed.

How is frozen wine after it's thawed? I like the old method of Weight watchers too, exchange method. My main thing is eating to heavy of a meal to late at night.

How adorable is S. And lucky you for being on the beach. That sure would be a welcome sight.

Did you make the chicken noodles? I'm going to try my hand at make dumplings this week end. I'm also craving a coconut cream pie. Do you start to work tomorrow?

My cousin had a birthday on the Dec 30, but they will celebrate that today.
Hope you had a good time.

Annie and Laura :wave:

Nothing new for me. I'm holding down the fort today at work and thankful that I do have a job.
Road the bike for 20 minutes last night.

01-01-2014, 01:31 PM
Good morning chicks,

:newyear: to you. It was a quiet one for me. I did some writing last night and went to bed pretty late. I don't know if it's the mid week holiday or what, but it feels like any other day. I saw in the news where they are increasing the postage rates by 3 cents the end of January. People are in an uproar. I think like the airlines - the post office is going to price themselves out of business. One stamp won't bust a person's wallet but at almost 50 cents a stamp, it sure will put the death knell on people sending greeting cards. On that note I stopped in the Hallmark shop (card store Joy) and purchased a special card for Mom, Sis and Hubby - 4 cards - $17 dollars :yikes: And the sentiment in the cards wasn't all that special either so.. between the price of the cards and stamps - getting too costly even for me although it's a shame, as I was digging out decorations I came across even more boxes of greeting cards - I bought a big pack this year too so now I have enough cards to probably send to every family in town :lol: And yes, I never did get this year's cards out - my one Aunt is complaining to my Mom about it. She and my Mom have gotten to the age where they count the number of cards they send out for Christmas and the number they get back. :rolleyes: I guess I can pick up the slack from Mel with senior stories. Did I also mention that my cousin gave my Mom a huge dish of her delicious home made toffee and gave my sister a small dish which she gives to several people. Mom got an extra big plate this year. So... Sister tells me that she comes in the room and Mom is shoving pieces of toffee into her mouth FROM Sis's plate! Mom left hers all wrapped up and put away. Sis was agast because my cousin makes really good toffee. And then, I'm talking to my Mom last night and she tells me that she is saving the candy I sent her and she didn't even touch the toffee that D made. Oh really? :lol:

Anyway I am going to have to work on my computer. Something is up with a video driver that needs updating so I can play my yoga dvds. I realized too when I was looking at Weight Watchers online that because they changed their program a couple of years ago and recalculated points values, that I lost about 100 recipes I had stored. That was one of the biggest reasons I kept my account active. I might be the only person in the country who actually cancels their subscription in January but that's what I'm going to do. I'll try calculating calories for a while. So menu planning is on the list for today.

I think I want one more night of the Christmas tree and decorations so I'm leaving that up. I am working tomorrow so I'll take down all the holiday stuff this weekend which will also allow me to sort things and organize them and set aside stuff that needs to get donated or trashed.

Ceejay - good for you for riding your bike last night. Beats guzzling down wine and eating cheese and crackers :lol: Hope you have a quiet day at the office. I would think people would not be calling and bugging you today. Be careful in that icy weather.

Hello to the rest of the chicks. :wave:

01-01-2014, 01:51 PM
Morning all. Happy New Year!! Just a quick hello. Last night was nice, but the restaurant/bar party was fewer people than probably expected due to the snow.

It's snowing a lot here - forecast to go all day, and yet another wave tomorrow.

Late night/early morning (friends up relatively early in search of coffee), so I'm feeling a nap coming on. Already not looking forward to returning to work tomorrow. I'll get over it. ..

Signing off for now. Everyone have a pleasant day. :)

01-01-2014, 09:51 PM
We had a nice New Years Eve dinner out for DH birthday. We got back to our house around 11 pm, watched the ball drop and went to bed about 1.

It has been a lazy day for me and I have enjoyed it. Back to work tomorrow for both me and DH. We are to get 2-4 inches of snow. Just lovely for the 1 hr commute. :^:

I plan on packing my workout bag so I can workout tomorrow at lunch.

Laura: it looks like we both are dealing with cold and snow. I hope your day at work tomorrow is a good one. Thank goodness it is almost Friday!

Happy: when I read your posts and see the temperatures you have I get cold! We have cold in Ohio but not the cold you are having.
Good for you for getting the closet cleaned out. I hope that tomorrow you get your tree down and things organized. It is such a nice feeling to have it done.

I saw you list that you have been using My Fitness Pal. I use it too. If you want to friend me on there so we can be accountable with the food journaling, let me know and I will PM you my email so you can find me on there that way.

Ceejay: what a way to be woke up! When you ride your bike how long do you ride? How many miles do you ride?

Michelle, did you get your hair done and did you do anything different?

Hi Shad and Annie.

I will see you all tomorrow.

01-02-2014, 03:58 AM
I had full intentions of getting back into here today. Sorry it isn't going to happen. 4 hours sleep + 4 hours shopping + 4 hours menu planning, exercise planning, thinking about who I should let know I am back and another couple of hours in the laundry, on the end of the vacuum cleaner and sorting the luggage and I am buggered. Exercise today involved the shopping and climbing the hill.
Food wasn't too bad though.
Back tomorrow. Early night required.

01-02-2014, 10:13 AM
Morning all. Taking a vacation day today. I checked my work email & the boss is working from home. She extended that to the rest of us. I didn't take home my laptop & wouldn't be able to work on what I wanted to so I originally intended to go to the office. Then the snow began to fall again in earnest. That's when I decided to just stay home. Glad I have the leftover vacation to spare.

I'll be back later from the desktop for personals.

01-02-2014, 11:58 AM
Good morning all,

Back to work for everyone, including me. Yesterday was a late night, I got set up with MyFitnessPal and entered my food for the day. It was a calorie bomb but I know that, using up the last of the holiday food. We had some pre-cooked frozen Canadian whole lobsters that we picked up before Christmas. DH had been wanting lobster. They were small - about a pound each and really, anything under a pound and a half doesn't yield enough meat to make it worthwhile. But we had some lobster, cold shrimp and a salad so it was a nice meal.

Physical therapy just called - they have a cancellation for tomorrow so I can get in earlier to have them work on the vertigo. Yay!

Susie - I will PM you my email later. My 3FC message box is just about full - I need to go back and save some info and delete messages to make some room and then I'll send you my info. Good for you for packing the gym bag to take to work. Do you have a gym at work or some place nearby?

Laura - you sure did get socked with the snow. Over a foot I hear and more lake effect today. Good thing you didn't have to go out in it. Be careful shoveling.

Shad - sounds like you are a whirlwind of activity getting back into gear for the work week. Guess this means the holiday is over for you. Hope you had a good time with the wee one. Get a good night's sleep. I like your new avatar.

Ceejay - it always made me nervous people shooting off their guns at the stroke of midnight on New Year's. Even where I lived down south we could hear shots. :hyper: I understand you about having a heavy meal at night. Seems if I eat lighter - soup or something - I look for something around 9pm which is bad. What time do you have supper when you are working?

Michelle - saw your makeover on FB - looks really nice!

Hi Annie :wave:

I'm off to get the beef stew in the crockpot before I leave for the shop. Have a good day everyone.

01-02-2014, 12:16 PM
Good Giggly Wiggly....took me 2 1/2 hours to get to work. 465 interstate around Indy was practically shut down. Yikes. Had to go all side streets to work and man were they messy. People are just nuts out there. We had 6 inches at my house. Shoveled twice for princess Sassacakes. Man is she

Stuffed cabbage was delish. Bro and SIL came over as did Cs younger daughter MaryAnn. Yes they got that name off of Gilligan's Island (sitcom Shad) from back in the day. Served cream cheese mashed red potatos with the skin on them. Garlic bread and tomato/mozzarella/basil/olive oil salad. Yum yum. Looks like we will have leftover stuffed cabbage tonight. Taters were scraped clean from the bowl.

SHADDIE...lil S is so adorable. I tell you, Jacob and she will make a splashingly beautiful couple when grown. We should start early. lol When do you go back to work.

HAPPY...beef stew sound good about now. We are to get another snow storm on Sunday and very cold temps at night -15. Stew and soups sound really really good. Our NYs eve was very uneventful also. In bed by 9:30.

SUSIE...Getting a good start on the healthy eating and exercising for 2014 sound like a great idea. Good for you!

CEEG...good for you on riding the bike. Was NYs boring at work for you? Much happen?

LAURA...Sound like you had a nice night out on NYs eve. I remember going out like that, I am just getting too old for that these days. hair cut/color for the new job in the new year. Hmmm sounds like a trend of new for you! lol Have fun at the wedding and good luck on the new job.

MELLIE...still missing you my friend.

Have a marvelous Thursday all.

Love and hugs

01-02-2014, 12:34 PM
Hi Everyone. We have the most beautiful snowfall this morning. :snowglo: It added about 20 min to my commute.

A lot of people are still off work and so the traffic wasn't too bad. I hope it will be easy to get home. DH & I ride-share to work most days, so it will be nice that we are both in the car on the way home. I worry when we have bad weather and we aren't together on the road.

I just finished eating an apple as a snack before my noon workout. Then I'll have lunch after I'm back from the workout. I brought soup...fitting day for it.

Shad: You have one busy day! Here's hoping that you had a good nights sleep, work up feeling accomplished (you did a lot!) and are ready for the new day ahead.

Annie: I heard this morning that Indy was getting a lot of snow today. Be safe out there!

Happy: I hope the PT will help with the vertigo. I didn't know you had issues with that. :dizzy: I have heard it can be horrible. Hopefully it doesn't affect you all the time?
I'm looking forward to connecting with you on MyFitness Pal. I'll watch for your PM.

Laura: I LOVE WFH days (we have what is called "flex anytime" and so if we need to WFH we can and we don't have to have permission; but we must treat that as a privelage and not abuse it or it can go away) and with the weather I'm glad you were had a leftover day and could just stay home.

Hi Michelle & Ceejay!

I need to get back to work. I will see you all tomorrow. Have a great day!

01-02-2014, 03:00 PM
Morning all,
Good sleep but woke up at 4.00am Silly me. However I did finish a book while laying in bed and keeping warm. Day before yesterday I was laying in bed trying to keep cool.
Wellington is grey, overcast, windy and cool today. No doubt it will rain soon too. Hope I can get down the street to get to the shop for the things I forgot yesterday. Fortunately there is a convenience store a block down the road. Getting back up the hill could be interesting although I will have the milk to weigh me down I guess.

Laura - sounds like the weather is keeping you all indoors for the time being. Sad that you have to take a leave day because you can't work at home. Here we have the 1st and the 2nd of Jan as public holidays - first only in Australia. Friday - 3rd is a normal work day for most but then most people will have taken the day as a leave day to have a long break after Christmas and NYears. The project I am working on is closed until the 6th so I don't go back until Monday.

Happy - Lobsters hey?!!!! Sounds nice. I saw crayfish (lobster more or less) in the fish market at Adelaide when M and I went down to pick up the prawns for Christmas lunch. They were huge but what a price - $99 for one. Mind you it would have feed 4 people well. Cooked lobster tails were running at $300 per kilo. :yikes: Guess they are out of most peoples reach these days unless you go out and catch them yourself.
Yes I had a good time with the little madam. She is managing quite easily to run the parents ragged. Mostly she is a good child but she does like her own way and she refuses to eat which drives M mad. Unfortunately you can't tell M that no child will willingly starve herself and that she (M) should count her blessings that she has a happy, healthy, bright, slightly underweight child. Her father was just the same. The fights over food drove me crazy. I went outside, repotted the orchid and talked to the dog.

Annie - Better tell Jacob that Miss S might be high maintenance when grown. He needs the chance to change his mind. She will definitely be into the finer things of life. She gets them now so why should that change.
Dinner sounds nice - except for the possibility of cabbage. I only like mine raw thanks all the same. We did have Gilligans Island some years back. Don't think I ever saw it although my sister was a fan.

Susie - soup sounds nice. I might just make some pumpkin soup today if I have time. It's easy, nourishing, warming and quick. Thanks for the idea. Take it easy on the icy roads. Don't envy you the travel in that weather. Had enough of that when I lived down south in NZ and used to wake up to a Christchurch winter or a Twizel hoar frost. Hang on to your white stuff. Don't need it down here.

Christmas break went very well. It seems M has decided I am a friend rather than a foe and we got on very well for a change. Little S is quite delightful most of the time. Like any kid she can be a bit of a devil and when DS1 describes her as Cyclone Sophia, he isn't exactly wrong. Christmas time she got far too many presents and got bored unwrapping them. They would have done better to just get a couple and put the other stuff away. Between the grandparents she got a bit more than normal as well I guess. And then we went to IKEA and I saw this little red rocking moose which she loved, so I bought that for her too. She loves it and is a bit of a daredevil on it. Hopefully she won't rock it over her toes or take a tumble on it - because it will be a trip to ER if she does. Mum will insist on it even if the only evidence is a broken fingernail.
She is currently getting the back molars and the mouth is giving her grief - which explains the I don't wanna eat bit. We went out to Stirling for a pub lunch the day before I left. She didn't want to eat and I went to the bar and requested ice blocks in a plastic glass. It was an instant hit. Numbed the mouth enough to get the happy little girl back into a normal frame of mind and she ate a fair amount of my pizza and garlic bread. Wonder what that did to the system :lol: :rofl: I don't change nappies (diapers).
I also cooked up some apples for her and she ate those happily enough after a long play at the beach and a chase around the sand. She is one of those kids who need to be on the move almost constantly and therefore if the exercise is not done, then the food doesn't get a look in. Wish I could convince M of that.

Enough of that. I'd better get on with today. Yesterdays food consisted of:

Bread roll with vegemite and coffee
Small sandwich of pumpkin & potato bread with corned beef, pickles, cheese and salad leaves
Small steak with roasted potatoes, kumara (sweet potato) and some carrots
Small cube of dark chocolate.

I'm hungry now but need to exercise before breakfast so I had better get off this computer and get on with life.

See ya

01-02-2014, 04:10 PM
SHADDIE...What is vegemite?

01-02-2014, 04:17 PM
Nevermind Shaddie. I looked it up on the internet. It sounds horrid.

01-02-2014, 06:31 PM
Afternoon all. Just got back from a walk with doggy. Snow finally stopped sometime between 2 & 3 pm and the sky was clear and the sun was out. Very deep snow here, over 6 inches fell over the past 24 hours, so well over 10" over the past 3 days. Poor doggy trying to find a "spot" in that deep snow, lol.

Shad - sounds like you had a wonderful vacation and holiday with the family. "Cyclone S." - love it. :lol: And what nice photos of S & the beach!! Thanks for posting them. :) Nice you and M got along well. I generally take more time off during these two weeks at year's end than I did this year, but that's the way the work is coming. Today I was already wanting to stay home, the snow just made it easier to decide. If I'd worked today, I'd have wanted to take Friday off and make it a 3-day weekend. Six of one, half dozen of another. You've been busy since you got home. Are you back to work on Monday? Enjoy the rest of your weekend. :) PS, I was on a work assignment in the Sydney area in 1994 and of course had to try the vegemite...not my thing. But I did take home a little blister pack home as a souvenir. I understand part of the popularity of it aside from the nutrition was it lasted a long time?? My little packet might still be edible, haha.

Susie - So nice you can ride share w/ your hubby several times per week. Must make the long commute much more pleasant. (BTW, happy belated bday to your dh!) You might have mentioned this already - but do you have a fitness center in your workplace? What type of exercise do you do at lunchtime? My building has a fitness center to which I belong. I gave it a try, but I just don't like to rush so much to fit in the workout and the shower/changing/etc into a lunch hour. I'm tempted to give it a try again - they announced a couple months ago that they would be starting towel service. It would be nice not to have to lug a towel with me along with all the other workout gear.

Annie - Wow, long commute for you this morning. I sure hope your PM commute was quicker!! Not one for cabbage, but I bet the stuffing is something I'd enjoy - what do you make it with? Yeh, NYE was nice. Had 5 people + bf and I to the house for a couple hours before the restaurant party began at 9:30. The restaurant is only 5 min. away, so not a big deal getting there/back. My friend D & her sis stayed overnight by us, the other3 went home and probably had a long drive out to where they live, but it was highway driving, so I believe the road was clearer than the surface streets. It was nice to go out somewhere, but I'm also more than fine with staying home.

Happy - Sounds like a nice seafood feast you had. Bf and I are finishing up the cold shrimp we have left from NYE - our guests didn't eat much of it and I learned at least one doesn't care for it. C'est la vie, more for me, LOL. But if we don't finish it today, it will have to go. Not too much left after eating a good bit of it yesterday, so that's good. I hope the PT can help w/ the vertigo tomorrow. I'm so sorry to hear you're suffering with that. Re the snow - not much manual shoveling - I let bf take care of the major snow removal with the snowblower. I probably will go out and shovel in back - a path from the back door to the garage back door, and alongside the garage where we keep our trash/recycling bins.

Michelle - Saw your new hairdo on fb - looks nice! Starting off the New Year in many new ways - job, home, hair...

Ceejay - Definitely wouldn't like the gunshots to ring in the New Year! Is it your weekend now?? Enjoy!!

Nothing much else to report - really couldn't have done less today if I tried. Checked work e-mail a few times, but that was about it other than slothing about - reading a book, a mag, watching TV, watching a DVR'd Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers movie (Top Hat), etc. Tried to go through some of my recipe clippings to purge some, but I have a hard time with that. Didn't do it for long, though I did get rid of some.

Back to work tomorrow, and then it'll be the weekend once again. I have a busy Saturday - hair appointment in the AM, then my cruisemates are coming over to discuss our port excursion options for our upcoming cruise. In the evening bf and I have a 60th birthday party to attend at a nearby golf club. Sunday will likely be when I take down the Christmas decorations. Or maybe tomorrow night. Or a little each day.

The scale was not kind to me this morning. I will have to really get back to good eating & exercise routines. Me being at home and at loose ends is not a good thing for me! There's 4+ days before I finally go back to a WW meeting (I totally flubbed with my intention to go to WW mtgs on my own the past two weeks), so I do have time to undo some of the damage.

I mentioned to Susie the fitness center in my office building - thinking about giving that another try, even if it's just to do some sort of short strength training routine. It's been so long I don't recall what type of non-cardio equipment they have there...I'll have to make a visit sometime soon. Timing's not so great - I imagine it'll be busier than usual in the coming weeks.

Okay, enough rambling. Gonna put my boots back on and shovel out back. TTFN!

01-02-2014, 06:53 PM
Laura and Annie
Don't envy all that snow. We got a mere dusting this morning.

Hello to Happy and Susie.

This is my week end. I was glad for a day not to have to go into work. It's cold out there. My friend wanted me to go to Memphis with her today for a doctor's appointment. She drove so I went along for the ride. I did get to see some things that I'd forgot about being their.
Other than this I've washed a couple of loads of clothes.
Tomorrow will have to run errands, I'm trying to set up a hot spot to connect to on my desk top. but not sure if this thing from Verizon will work.
I accidently left my cords in Paragould. Ugh I'll see if Walmart will have any to fit the tablet.

01-02-2014, 10:06 PM
I've put some more photos of little Miss S on the dropbox if you want to go and have a look.

Annie - Vegemite is nicer than it sounds, however it is an acquired taste. DS2 has a minimal amount on the bread and butter - we joke that he's getting better because the it doesn't look like slightly discoloured butter anymore. I love it. I can stick my finger in the jar and just suck on it. Yum

01-03-2014, 08:39 AM
Sorry SHADDIE, can't do it...wouldn't even think about trying it. Kind of like limburger cheese, no thank you. Nope, not even. Along with sardines and anchovies...barf-O-matic! really didn't expect to lose weight over the holidays did you? Those two weeks are a total loss of time for me. Just hit the ground running once you go back to WW. You and I both know you can do it.

CEEG...nice to get away for a day even if it is to go to a doc appt with a friend. At least you didn't have to drive.

Hello to the rest of you fine ladies...

Well we are to have a 8-12 inch blizzard on Sunday. Poor Sassy cannot take this cold or snow. Even with shoveling she goes out and just hunkers down and won't go to the bathroom. She has been going potty in her cage during the day...and not at all at night. She has me worried. She is so tiny. It may be time to move to warmer weather. lol

Our expansion is done and several of us are moving over to the connecting suite. I am moving and I am happy about it. It will be more spacious and a LOT quieter. The movers and cubicle/office builders come tonight and we are all supposed to be set up to go by Monday morning. Amen!

That is about it for me today, may come back later and check in.

Have a fabulous Friday..


01-03-2014, 12:38 PM
Morning all. TGIF!!:carrot:

Annie - I'd hoped to maintain my weight, which I guess was way too optimistic when you consider I've been totally out of my daily routine and of course eating special holiday meals and goodies. Duh. I will try to return to "normal" - brought my lunch and snacks to work today, and maybe I'll actually eat them today. One recent day I brought soup (in the carton from the store) and forgot a bowl to heat/eat it. Duh. Boo on the snow! We've had quite enough, thanks. And now we're going to get sub-zero temps - aarrgh!! Coal is also not happy doing his thing in the deep snow, but he still manages it. If I thought he would make use of them, I'd dig out some "spots" out back, but several attempts during big snows in the past has shown he doesn't use them. So you'll start the year in a nice new office space for yourself - sounds nice! I had a weird dream the other night in which I was in a cube not much larger than my current one, and I was sharing it with 3 other people!! Weird.

Ceejay - Nice to get out for a bit, and the change of scenery is nice too. I get cabin fever when the weather gets crummy like this. I actually don't mind getting out for the dog walk when I've been inside all day.

Shad - I'll have to go to dropbox and check out those pics of gorgeous S.

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies!! :wave:

Not much more to report. I did get out and shovel a bit in back yesterday right at dusk, while bf snowblowed the front. He was worried about running out of gas for the blower, but he didn't.

Went out to eat, nothing special, just a small mom & pop Greek place that has the usual stuff. Bf enjoyed the Athenian chicken, so I suppose we'll be back. I'd like to try their egg-lemon soup, but they have an odd soup schedule, two columns for each day of the week and apparently the soups in each column alternate are we supposed to know which week we're on?? I don't want to go on a Saturday and learn it's minestrone instead of egg-lemon. :?: Guess we'd just have to call first. Happy - do you recall a restaurant named Dunton House in Arl. Hts?? Been around a long time (according to the sign).

That's it for me. TTFN!! Everyone have a good Friday/Saturday and a good weekend.

01-03-2014, 12:57 PM
Happy Friday! :carrot:

We ended up with about 5 inches of snow and now it is VERY cold and getting colder next week. brrrrrrr!!

We didn't have a TOPS meeting last night due to the weather. I was disappointed as I thought I might be down. So, I weighed myself at home--and I would have been down about a pound. I wrote the number down so if something happens next week and we don't have a meeting, I can still check on my scale.

I am going to workout today at lunch. My plan today is to do 15 min on the elliptical and then use the Natulis machines for both upper and lower body.

Yesterday I did all cardio on the bike for 30 min. I got in 5 miles on the bike.

Plans for the weeked for us is a funeral on Saturday for DH's Uncle who passed. He was 82. We attend chruch on Sunday's so the rest of the time will be housecleaning, laundry, grocery shopping...just the same old things!

Shadd: Did you get the pumpkin soup made and did you get to the exercise bike?

Laura: Hope your work day goes fast. I brought a different soup today at work. I keep a bowl here at work in case I forget to pack it. I can wash it out so that helps.

The fitness facility I use at work is in the building I work in. I don't shower after the workout out. I just keep baby wipes in my locker and deod/antipersperant and I freshen up after the workout. I only do a 30-45 min workout and I don't drip with sweat so I'm ok with just freshining up.

I also don't go at noon, when everyone else seems to. I can stagger my lunch hour and go whenever. A lot of time I don't go until 2:00 (depending on my calendar--but I do put it on my calendar daily so I remind myself to do it!). Going at 2:00 I only have about 2 hours left to work when I get back to my desk.

Take a stroll today down to your fitness area and see what they have so you can start planning your workouts.

Also, I only work out at work 3 days...maybe 4 if I want to. That gives me some days that I can relax at lunch and actually enjoy what I'm eating or have lunch with friends.

Annie: We are to get my snow on Sunday as well. How fun will it be to go to work in your new space! You will have to let us know how you like it.

Ceejay: My DH and I love Memphis. It is a great sport for us to take a vacation. We both like Elvis--my DH LOVES him, and I love blues so it is a good city for us.

I better get back to work and get somethings done before going to workout. I'm going about 12:30 one is here. Next week it will be back to normal.

01-03-2014, 01:44 PM
Morning all,

This will have to be a short post. DH had me download a program on my laptop and it turned out to have an imbedded virus which got stopped but it managed to change the browser and screw up a few things. Rule of thumb - just because it's on CNET with a bunch of positive reviews doesn't make it safe ;)

So I took a lot of time putting Humpty Dumpty back together again and now I have to go get showered up before my physical therapy session.

A couple of years back I had a really bad bout of vertigo - so bad that when I'd try to get out of bed in the morning I'd have to run to the bathroom I was so nauseated from the room spinning - and I'd run tippy because I was all disoriented from the gyroscope in my head. Don't know what caused it, eventually it went away. But it seemed to come back once a year, every year. I blamed it on sinus issues. I did a lot of research and it seemed that there wasn't much they could do about it so I just hung in there, cussed when it came on and suffered with it for a few months. It always comes back but thank goodness the nausea is not there - just that horrible unstableness of the room spinning. Fast forward and I was talking to my relief person at the thrift store and she told me how my physical therapist did his doctorate on vertigo and cured her. We see the same guy. So I thought I'd give it a try. There are crystals in the inner ear that tell the brain you are moving up or town or turning. Those crystals sit on fine hairs and sometimes they get dislodged into another part of the ear. When that happens and they move around, you get that disoriented wave of vertigo. The PT guy will roll me in a 360 move to get the crystals back in place. There is a 30 percent chance they will move again but once you've had the treatment you can sometimes get them back in place yourself. He calls it positional vertigo and said that's why it comes and goes for me - nothing to do with sinus swelling. So we'll see how it goes.

Susie - got your PM will respond to you later - thanks!

Laura - be careful with that snow. I sort of remember the name of that restaurant but nothing more. Hard to believe I've been gone from AH for 9 years already! You know you have me thinking about egg lemon soup now - have some for me - yum yum.

Annie - I just LOVE your new avatar with little man. How adorable. You be careful with the snow too. One advantage to having cats - don't have to clear off outside potty spots :lol: Poor Sassy. Does she really sip your Starbucks?

Shad - no vegemite for me thanks - it's an acquired taste but I'll take some of your fine honeys. Loved the pics of the little princess - wish Mum would take some of your advice as she's taking her down a slippery slope on some things.

I have to pop in the shower now. Stay warm kids - we are getting more snow later tonight. Oh boy - and really freezing temps - highs in the negative teens over the weekend with 30 below night temps. Thank goodness we have little to no wind out here. :brr::brr::brr::brr::brr: how many calories do you burn shivering and taking on and off 7 layers of clothes :rofl:

01-03-2014, 01:45 PM
I also think it's funny that Shad and I are on opposite sides of the temperature gauge.

01-03-2014, 05:11 PM
A quick post for me. I've been trying to set up a wireless connection for the desk top computer but to no avail. Think I'm missing something.

We're supposed to get the colder weather which I'm not looking forward to but hey it's January.

My tablet will give way via no way to charge the battery. So I may not be around until Sunday.

01-03-2014, 11:29 PM
Sorry I've been away, my friends. I've been trying to get ready for my weekend trip to Southern Cal. You'd think it wouldn't be so hard to pack for overnight...but somehow it is.

I've got to get up and out of the house by 6:30, and drop Santa off at the boarding place, then get back to the airport by 7:30 or so. The airlines are still saying arrive two hours before a flight....but I'm sure if it's 1 hour 45 minutes, I'll still get on.

I'll probably only have my phone with me...though I might take my tablet. Haven't decided. Definitely not taking my laptop as I've got my purse, CPAP machine and small suitcase and I'm only allowed 2 carry-ons, and I don't want to check any bags (don't want anything to get lost). So the CPAP machine will probably have to go in the suitcase.

I'll likely be posting to Facebook as it's easier than posting here via my phone. But I'll try.

My flight home arrives back in San Jose at 6:30, then by the time I get to the car and pick up Santa, I'm hoping to be home by 7:30 or 8, which will give me time to shower and unwind before my first day on the new job.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!

Much love and many hugs to all,

01-04-2014, 04:31 AM
Hi ya all,
Flat stack busy today. Exercise this morning was walking up and down some very steep hills in Wellington, then 50 squats. Following that I prepared food for the week, went shopping to get some stuff and found a couple of wandering Americans from San Diego. Once I delivered them to the right place, I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to get a couple of storage containers - this place has little in the way of storage.
Came home to find that in the bad weather one of the windows is leaking and also my bed was wet from a leak in the ceiling. Can't understand that one as there is another apartment above me.
Off with the sheets and into the dryer. Spread the duvet out to dry and then put the cover into the dryer. Mop up the windowsill and go e-mail the landlady. She is getting some one to look at it asap. More wind and rain.
Then I rang Chris (from Japan days) and invited her to lunch tomorrow. Also rang my niece with the new baby and my sister. Haven't yet got round to the exDH. I will but he will get a piece of my mind for some stupid comments on e-mail last week. Well maybe he won't since there isn't much of my mind left to waste on him.
Then I decided I needed some new jeans. So off to town again and got 2 pairs of jeans and a pair of capris. On the way back I found some pretty cotton lounging pyjamas, so they went into the bag as well. Got home only to find I didn't have all of the stuff for my chicken salad tomorrow, so out again to pick up that. Went the long way round thinking I could take a short cut through the carpark down the hill - wrong, only if I managed to climb a 7' fence with razor wire on the top, so back up the hill l to go down the long way.
DS2's birthday today, so I had to talk to him for a while. apparently it has been a real heatwave over there - something like 41C - 109F give or take a bit. Nothing like that here. Then I cooked myself a half chicken breast and had it with salad and a boiled potato. Nice. I also logged into MyFitnessPal since I knew that Susie and Happy were using it and am now logging my food and exercise. Unfortunately I have to add to the food log with the stuff I am eating over here that is not listed so it takes a while. However, the thing tells me that if I carry on as I have today I should lose 3.7kg in 5 weeks. :rofl: :lol3: :rofl: :lol3: :rofl: :lol3: :rofl: :lol3: :rofl: :lol3:

That gave me a laugh for the day.

So now I am watching a tv program on the Mississippi River which is quite interesting. Done by an Englishman. Bedtime soon. Got to get up and do it all again tomorrow.

Annie - hope the new office works out well. We should be in new digs when I go back to work on Monday too. Poor old Sassy. Would it be better to put a litter tray on the porch or in the laundry or somewhere so she can go in the warm?

Happy - Hope the PT went off okay and you have rolled back into shape. Must be awful to have that sort of vertigo. It's something I only get if I stand up too fast and the blood sugar levels are low.
Yeah temps here have been cool to moderate. Back in Brisbane, they are whinging about the heat - see above. It is supposed to be nicer tomorrow here, but one thing I do know is that I may have lived here once, but there is no way I would come back here to live permanently. There are much warmer and less windy places around.
How wonderful (NOT) that you got a virus from downloading the new program. How careful you have to be these days.
You talking about vegemite and honey reminds me that I have purchased some Rewa Rewa honey and should try it out on toast again. Maybe tomorrow. I also got some stuff from the Northern Territory markets which I intended to bring over this year, but since it doesn't look like I am going anywhere this year, I might have to eat them as well.

Laura - surprisingly I think Vegemite does go off. Although it lasts for a very long time, 10 years might be too much. Most folk don't go for it unless they are raised on it. It's an Aus/ British/ NZ thing. Aus call it vegemite. NZ eats Marmite (although I have always eaten vegemite) and I think the Brits call it Promite. Very similar stuff.
I heard on the news tonight that you are all getting another dose of Arctic weather over the next week. Stay warm and dry.

Susie - I didn't get the pumpkin soup made, but I did have some Kumara and caramelised onion soup. There is still a bit of that left and then I have some seafood chowder for work next week.
Good going on the bike and the elliptical. I'm afraid I sweat furiously when I exercise - even in cool temps on Wellingtons hills this morning I was sweating pretty well, but then I don't go slow and push myself to the limits. We have some very steep hills in Wellington. It is much like San Francisco in that respect. There is one road where in days gone by, when we had milk trucks that delivered milk to the houses, where the trucks used to have to back up the street because they didn't have enough low gear ratios to make it up forwards. I actually walked that street today. It's tough and there isn't much puff left at the top.
Sorry to hear about the death in the family. It's not easy when they start getting old. Now I am getting old. The family seem to think I am anyway. I don't feel a lot older than I did at 40 and I am certainly a lot fitter than I was then, only fatter.
Last time I was in the States, Happy and I went to Gracelands on a tour. It was an amazing experience and we were very naughty in the gift shop. It is so over the top, I think we just lost the plot.

Hi Ceejay - hope you get that tablet up and running.

Michelle - have a great weekend.

Anyway, it's about my bedtime. Last night I had an amazing sleep. I am hoping for the same tonight. Woke up wanting to get things done this morning. Yeehaa for energy returned.

01-04-2014, 03:15 PM
Don't know exactly how I did this but I have my computer hooked up to wi fi. I have the hot spot from Verizon.
Made a burnt run to Blytheville this morning looking for a charger for the tablet no such luck, but I did buy a game to put on this computer. And lunch at Burger King. I definitely need to exercise today.
For some reason I'm not as freaked out over this storm system that's moving in tomorrow like I was the last one in December. I may when I have to drive in the stuff--The weather people are predicting 1-3 inches of snow.
Have a fun and safe trip to southern CA.

I did maintain over the holiday. now to get back into the swing of things.

Wow 5 inches of snow! Not looking forward to winter precipitation at all.

Glad you got into the new office area.

Hi Happy

01-04-2014, 03:19 PM
Morning to you all,

Had my rolling procedure yesterday - we'll see if it works. He said I definitely had positional vertigo and to avoid all movements which bring on the vertigo feeling so for the next 2 days I should avoid all opportunities to bend down or look upwards. Not supposed to lay flat either - lucky for me I can elevate the head or foot part of the bed. That pretty much takes care of taking the Christmas tree down which was my plan. DH said that's ok - it's still in good shape - ie. not a dry fire hazard losing needles. I suppose I could go round the mid section of the tree and remove those ornaments. I also picked up some extra postage stamps as the rates are going up 3 cents a stamp the end of the month. I didn't do a whole lot of anything yesterday - read a few chapters in a book, watched a movie on TV and did some writing.

I will admit, I am probably not starting the dieting until Monday. I am getting rid of some things in the house left over from the holidays - cheeses, seafood and such. Nothing that is totally sinful, just the occasional things you have that are not necessarily plan friendly. And it would be too wasteful to flat out chuck the stuff in the trash. I am paying close attention to the fact that although I think - keyword THINK some of this is lovely, when I do eat it I either feel guilty or get a flash or heartburn. And having to keep my head stable also somewhat limits my exercise for the moment. I am doing extra stairs at home but it is a challenge to do my physical therapy exercises which I need to do right now for my back, knees and neck. Monday I should be good as new. He said I might have a bit of residual fuzziness simply because I have been dealing with it for so long the body gets used to certain things and they don't just end abruptly. But if this works :crossed: I should know by Monday. If it doesn't :( he can do a second treatment and give me some exercises to move the crystals back but the rolling treatment works the best and the fastest. So I'm hopeful.

DH got a new camera with a super zoom lens on it. A bit pricey but I told him why not. We have done nicely in our investments this year - I mean he who manages our money has done so - and he had more than enough to cover the camera so I said why not? As long as we have enough to cover bills, reinvest and save some - use the extra. He really loves the outdoors and the animals - it's his saving grace. And he just told me that he is getting chest rumbles again so I pray to God that it's just old age and nothing to do with his heart. His blood pressure and vitals are good and strong. Anyway I also said that it is good for him to learn things and stretch his brain which he will have to do for taking pictures. He got another Canon camera as he likes that brand but will have to learn a lot with this new lens. I also told him he should learn how to take people pictures - he is mostly scenery. I have learned there is an art to shooting animals, people and scenery. He's good at scenery - now learn some new things. I think I convinced him when I reminded him that as we learn new things we develop our "eye" to see things - we look to the heavens and see a lot more in the stars now that we know what to look for and we also see things in the trees - birds and animals and such - because our eyes are sharper looking for stuff. Said you need to develop that eye for people too. I guess this also gives me good incentive to lose weight as I will probably be his model and it makes me sad to see myself in pictures at this moment. So he can learn and I can be motivated and we both win!

I apologize for rambling so much about me.

Shad - you certainly have been one busy lady. Sorry to hear about the leaky ceiling - sometimes if there's a hole in the outside wall or the mortar has come loose if the rain blows sideways it can get in between the ceiling boards and rain down on you - we had that happen in one of our apartments - made me crazy as I could not figure out how in the heck the bed got wet. At least the mattress didn't get soggy. So is it too cool for your liking in NZ now? 109 degree temps would be equally uncomfortable. It's supposed to get to -38 below zero air temps tomorrow night. There is an artic blast that will affect all of us Stateside Worldlies so we will be shivering in unison. Would love a bit of your Brissy heat. I do agree with you comment about having to add food to MyFitnessPay - I am doing the same because while I find the foods, the calorie counts have been added according to portions using grams as opposed to my measurements of cups, spoons and pieces. It's pain at first but gets easier I suppose as time goes on, especially if we add the same foods over and over. I guess we will have to link up with each other on that site. I did go under my calories one day and saw that same message about "if you keep this up you will be a stick bug in slightly under 4 years" :lol3: :lol3: :lol3: How nice that you get to see your friend Chris again - I had a giggle the last time you mentioned sitting and speaking Japinglish with her :rofl: So are you maybe having to put off travelling over to this side for another year? My cousin Stash will be disappointed. I think you will like this area the best of all which is good because I'm not moving anymore ;) Do you still keep in touch with your friend in Arizona?

Michelle - have a good time at the wedding. Yes, packing with just a carryon is a pain but for only a day and a half trip, you should be able to do it.

Ceejay - I hope you are not working this weekend as I'm sure it must be cold in the plant. Did you get your wireless connection working?

Susie - funny that you mention Memphis and you like the blues. My husband LOVES the blues and we moved here from Memphis. Lived there for 8 years. You are really going gangbusters on the exercise. Good for you!

Poor Coal and Sassy - I'm sure they are not going to be liking the cold that's coming this weekend. Annie and Laura will have to make them doggie blankets.

Annie - I hope you didn't get stuck working very late last night. Are you all moved in? Will be nice to have a quieter work space.

Laura - are you getting more snow too? Have a nice night with your cruise planning tonight. Will be nice to think about fun and warm weather instead of shoveling snow.

I'm going to try and make some crock pot chili - have a taste for chili for some reason. And I'm sure there are some house things I can do without too much head movement so everyone have a good weekend and stay warm and dry!

01-04-2014, 03:19 PM
Oh Ceejay - I hope it's closer to 1 inch of snow than 3. Be careful!

01-04-2014, 11:59 PM
Hello all. The funeral was a nice tribute to the deceased. I didn't know him well but felt like I did after attending the service.

What was interesting was watching my DH and his cousin's. You could see them getting to know each other again as they caught up and told stories of when the were small and spent weekends and summers together.

We didn't get any thing done today so tomorrow DH and I will divide and conconquer with him going to the grocery and me cleaning the house. I didn't get a workout in today and I hope tomorrow I can do a walking DVD.

Michelle: I hope you had a nice trip. Does the new job start on Monday?

Ceejay: Good for you for getting the wireless to work. I hope our snow levels are minimal. It is going to be enough to deal with the temps at the beginning of the week.

Happy : fingers crossed that the rolling worked. I have a friend of mine whose 6yr old daughter had vertigo a couple of months ago. I was telling her about it as something to keep in mind if it returns.

I will say a prayer for your DH. I hope things are ok with his heart. You might want to keep him out of the cold air that is coming. I have heard it can be hard on people with heart conditions to breathe in that cold air. I gave my husband some warnings about being careful when he is out clearing the walks and to wear his full face tobogan.

Did you make chili? DH is making that tomorrow.

Laura: When is your cruise and where are you cursing too? It has been 8 yrs since our cruise. It was our first and I loved it. It was a 7 day and we were in the Western Caribbean.

Shad: I hope you got everything dried out. I hope the landlord gets it figured out so it doesn't happen again. Can you move your bed to another location in the room away from the window?

When I was reading about you going up and down those hills I was getting winded just thinking about it.

I will PM you my username and email so if you want to link up on My Fitness Pal you can add me as a friend.

Goodnight everyone.

01-05-2014, 11:10 AM
Warning vent time.
This will be brief. My co-worker started in with one of her lectures this morning and I told her to STOP. I'm tired of it. I didn't have a new year's resolution but I have one now, leave work at 7 p.m. If she starts her lecturing I'm leaving without a word being said. I was on the edge of losing my temper which doesn't happen often. Now I have a headache.
This morning I felt like a puppy being whipped for getting the gate off of my car, which was from the wind blowing.

I'll be back later when I calm down some more.

01-05-2014, 02:40 PM
Morning ladies,

It's bright and sunny out there but really COLD :brr:. I see you that Laura, Annie and perhaps even Susie are getting belted with not only the cold but snow too. And lots of it. Stay safe, don't fall, dress warm and be careful shoveling. I have enough of the essentials - coffee creamer and milk :lol: to tide me over for a few days but will have to get to the store sometime soon. Should have stopped on Friday when we were out and about but I didn't have my list with me. I made the chili last night - got a big beef chuck roast and broke it down into chunks which DH likes much better than ground beef. It had really good chili flavor but I don't think I can eat it - came out more spicy than I intended to which is a big darn, darn because I sure had a taste for chili. DH said he thought it was delicious and he's looking forward to having it watching the football games today. I was also looking through some stuff and wound up signing up for a beginners yoga class starting the end of March. It's at a local fitness place down by our Walmart. This lady teaches several yoga classes of different levels all over the area and I've heard from several people that they really, really like her. Her classes - which are scheduled through the local junior college - fill up very quickly. So it's not unusual to have to sign up 3 or 4 months ahead of time because there is generally not many openings. I think she limits the class to 8 students and she gets a lot of repeat students. I also decided to take a Beginning Spanish class the end of this month. It also runs for 8 weeks and I'm sure it's going to be a pretty basic class but it will give me something to do, meets my objectives of doing things to stretch my brain and I am finding that occasionally I need my broken Spanish although not too much up here - more in the cities. So far I am not getting the vertigo but then again, I'm not doing the movements that bring on the vertigo so we'll see - tomorrow I can try for sure. DH is having fun learning about his new camera. The new zoom lens sure is BIG. You have to use a tripod - no way could you hold that steady and upright.

Annie - are you glad that your Colts (footy team Shad) pulled out the big game win? DH had that on the TV and I wasn't paying much attention to it until they started to rally about and pull it off. Are you getting a lot of snow? Bet Sassy is hating on that. When is Sissy due again - I hope not in this crazy winter we are having.

Ceejay - sorry about the coworker. Was she lecturing you? Good that you told her to stop her ranting. Just don't get yourself all worked up over it - not worth it at all.

Susie - although it's sad to have to attend a funeral, often it seems that's one of the few things that brings extended family back together again. That was good that DH had a chance to get together with cousins and such. Did these people come from different parts of the area or just don't get a chance to see each other any more? Thank you for the comment about DH, the heart and the cold. I didn't think of that at all so I mentioned it to him. Especially with the frightful cold we've had lately. He has to go out and plow - no getting around that. That's nice that DH is doing the grocery shopping while you tackle the house. Does he plan the menus too or do you just make a list and he gets the stuff?

Shad - I was meaning to ask you - being the honey lovers that you are on that side of the pond - what do you do with it besides put it in tea? I remember the first time you came to visit you brought some honey sticks which I used very prudently. I might try to incorporate it more into the eating plan. We have several local apiaries here and I do like to support the local folks. And honey is a good for you food - antibiotic properties too I understand. Hope you had a good dry sleep last night.

Hello to the rest of the Worldies who are getting on with their Sundays in one way or another. I think I'll go put a pot of soup on and try to figure out what I'll do with this package of chicken drumsticks I need to use up. Bye for now.

01-05-2014, 03:22 PM
Morning all,
Not much happening here since yesterday. The weather cleared up eventually yesterday afternoon and I went for a walk and got some goodies to be going on with until I can plan out my menu properly.

Ceejay - that wasn't much of a rant. Good for you for stopping the co-worker on her lecture. Now you have done it once, you can do it again. No need to put up with that.

Susie - I sent you a PM, I will try to find you and Happy and we can feast together.

Happy - Honey, well the following comes to mind:
Lemon honey chicken
Lemon and honey drinks
Honey on toast
Honey cake - might have to get Ruthxxx for that recipe
Honey on anything instead of sugar
Rack of lamb with honey and lavender if you are feeling adventurous and rich.

That's about it, I'd better go do some work

01-05-2014, 03:31 PM
Actually, here is a link that you might like to look at.

01-05-2014, 03:39 PM
Thank you Shad - those recipes look yummy and I don't even have to convert the ingredients measurements! Lemon honey chicken - that sounds interesting as I have some nice juicy lemons, a few bottles of some local honeys and chicken legs I need to use up. I think you just gave me a meal idea - thanks again!!!

01-05-2014, 04:18 PM
Afternoon all.

Happy - The yoga class sounds good - good sign when the classes book up in advance. I'd like to learn Spanish - all I have is two years in HS and that was a long long time ago, lol. Glad dh is enjoying learning about his new camera. I love the nature photos and hope to see some people photos soon! Hope the rolling procedure has helped with the vertigo - fingers :crossed: when you test yourself tomorrow.

Ceejay - If it's quitting time, good for you just stopping the lecturing and getting out of there. Only your boss should lecture you - and only if necessary. Good job on getting the hotspot set up. I don't even know what that is...but I think my friend D might have that and uses it for her laptop and her cellphone.

Shad - Glad the weather cleared for you - no more rain infiltrating your space!!! Your hilly walk made me tired, LOL!

Michelle - Hope you had a lovely weekend at the wedding and with family. What you described on FB sounded heavenly. :)

Susie - I'm one of those that sweats when I do cardio, and if I'm doing it intensely enough to get the benefit, it takes a while for me to cool down, and sometimes I don't even feel cooled down even after my shower! If I wanted to contine with the fitness center at work, I'd have to do it very late in the workday so I could go straight home afterwards. Or do some sort of non-cardio workout. Re the cruise - we're going on a Western Carribean cruise, so let me know if you did anything memorable(in a good way) during your ports-o-call if they match any of ours - Cozumel, Belize, Honduras, Costa Maya. At this point I'm not sure I care much what we do - I just want to get out of this horrible winter weather we're having!! Stay safe traveling in this cold & snow!!

Annie - Congrats re the Colts! Quite the comeback I heard!

Yesterday I had an early hair appointment, then stopped at the thrift shop for a browse and bakery for a loaf of rye. My pals came over and we all sat at the dining room table with our laptops/ipads looking at the cruise excursion info and hashing out a tentative plan. We had pizza for lunch.

By the time they left, I had time for a dogwalk and quick shower before getting ready for the 60th birthday party. It once again began to snow, and the roads weren't all that great so I'm glad the party was at a spot relatively close to home. The party was nice enough, but I'm partied out from all the holiday events, so I could have been happy at home curled up with a book. But it was nice to touch base with friends.

I had a lazy morning, then got going on laundry. Still snowing (and now it's blowing), so bf got out to snowblow while I shoveled the wee bit out back. BF got a loaner of some gas for the snowblower from a neighbor, so now that he's done with the snow - for now - he went to buy a gallon to pay back our neighbor.

Gonna figure out something for lunch. Looking forward to Downton Abbey tonight.

Time to post so TTFN!

01-05-2014, 04:53 PM
Laura - are you and your friends planning off ship excursions? No topless dancing on the beach :nono: well if you do what happens in Belize stays in Belize :lol: You and I will have to put the squeeze on Shad to drop some hints on this season of Downton Abbey. I have to admit, watching the entire season's shows by renting it from the library - I am now eager to see them all instead of waiting week after week. In fact I was watching a New Year's special hosted by Hoda and Kathie Lee and they said one of 2013 trends was speed watching entire seasons of shows thanks to things like Netflicks as people like me are finding new shows thanks to people like you recommending them. I admit I'm debating about buying the season 4 UK video that comes out the end of the month... stop me, stop me. :rofl:

It looks like from reports from my cousin that it's really pretty awful out your way. Bad enough snow, bad enough cold but add WIND and oh my oh my. Stay home with that good book!

01-05-2014, 05:59 PM
Thanks for the mention of Downton Abby tonight. I watched the last episode last week on PBS so I'm ready for more.

No such luck with the lecture which was at the beginning of my shift. Couldn't go home. I've been a nervous wreck all day and dreading to see her come back tonight. May give her the silent treatment tonight. A trip to Belize sound divine. Are you going soon?

I didn't want to get into the jest of the lecture so I just stopped. It's in my blog if interested. Those recipes sound good and I have some honey in the cabinet.

Like your avatar. So far no snow in which I'm thankful but the temperature is dropping like a rock. I'd like to take a yoga class, but I'll keep doing my DVD's.

Susie and Annie
Looks like ya'll are getting more snow. Stay safe and warm.

01-06-2014, 03:53 AM
Evening all,
Probably a short post since I am trying to get a stack of things done before work tomorrow.
Talking of work - that was a shock to the system to have the alarm clock go off at 5.00am and then get into the work - day just did not seem to end. Just shows you what having 2 weeks off does.

Happy - how did the lemon honey chicken go?? Glad to be of service. I have other recipes for lemon honey chicken that I have used. It usually turns out really good. Hope that one did. My fave recipes are (naturally) in Brisbane.
Good for you signing up for yoga and Spanish lessons. Got to keep the body and the brain moving otherwise something dreadful will befall us all. That's one reason I don't want to retire completely, but I don't want to do this for much longer either, so thinking cap on to find something to keep me occupied and solvent.

Laura - your cruise sounds so nice. You will really be looking forward to that. Wish I was going on it.
Unfortunately the rain will be back tomorrow hopefully the wind won't come with it.

Phew - thought I had lost my post then. But it is still here. Stupid ads.

Susie - I've moved the mattress off the bed and into the spare room where I have my computer. It's a little cramped but I wasn't prepared to have the dripping on the mattress and bedclothes anymore. Bit hard to dry the mattress out. It's not as if I can shove it in the dryer. Haven't heard back from the landlady yet. I sent her a description and some photos so she can see what has happened - no doubt someone will be around to check it out sometime. Unfortunately most Kiwis are on holiday at the moment so I will have to wait it out. We are due for more heavy rain tomorrow. Depending on the wind, I may or may not have more water in the bucket.

Ceejay - hope the weather is kinder down your way than up where Happy is. Far too cold for this hot house flower.

Annie - day off work tomorrow? Must be a heap of snow around for them to shut the office. Have a great day.

Okay - time for some shut eye. Another day tomorrow - no doubt another $ or two. I'm picking up the slack from the others and fixing the problems encountered during training sessions. And there are some who are so busy - wipes brow, sighs, goes back to some game on the computer - that they can't finish what they have on their plates. *sigh*

So I will be back tomorrow sometime with some more riveting news from downunder. Hope you all enjoyed Downton Abbey. Gotta love Maggie Smith.

01-06-2014, 01:05 PM
Hi ladies,

I had a wonderful weekend in Southern Cal. My niece made such a beautiful bride and it was great seeing so many family members.

I'll post more tonight after work. Stay warm my Midwestern Worldly Sisters.

Much love,

01-06-2014, 02:00 PM
Morning all,

Looks like a bad weather day for just about all of us - even Shad who while she might not be shivering, is dodging rain drops.

Yes Shad, that first alarm clock to go off after having a holiday is quite the shock indeed. Even now I get crusty having to get up early when I need to - sleeping until you naturally wake is one of the greatest joys of retirement. And I'm sure you would no doubt find plenty to do when you retired. They are always looking for volunteer help of any sort, there is the time to learn new things, just think what you could do with the garden, etc. I suppose nothing came of your friend's business idea of setting up a local training shop? Pity you had to rearrange the sleeping quarters. You are right, a wet mattress does not dry easily at all. Helps if there is an overhead ceiling fan but that's about it. I do wish you drier weather. Have not tried the honey lemon chicken - will put that on this week's menu plan - tomorrow at the latest as I remembered I have a turkey breast I need to roast up today. Sighs big sigh - yes, I don't envy you the busy co-workers playing computer games, posting on the internet or looking at Facebook. As I was about to make my exit at work Internet distractions were becoming the norm as smart phones were taking over and people were no longer dependent on the company network and it's restrictions. Everyone with their face buried in their phone....

Ceejay - was your co-worker lecturing you about how YOU should or should not do your job? I think it's time to bring in the iPOD with the noise cancelling headphones. And then look up to her afterwards and pull the earbud out and go, oh sorry - were you talking to ME? and bat your eyelashes :lol: Did you catch the season premier of Downton Abbey?

Glad you had a nice time at the wedding Michelle.

Annie - saw on FB that your power is wobbling - I sincerely hope it stabilizes. I would not mind losing power over the summer but am terrified of losing it in the winter, especially in these conditions. Poor Sassy - she is definitely a tropical pup - I imagine those tiny feet freeze up fast, no wonder she does not want to go out. Stay warm!

Poor Laura is dealing with subzero cold, lots of snow and blowing winds. Aak!

Well we are all in the deep freeze here. It's minus 21 or something like that with a bit of a breeze taking us down close to 50 below zero with the wind chill. I am truly glad I can stay inside. It looks as if we can make it to Friday - we are in for quite a warm up and a return to what is more typical season temperatures for this time of year. Would be nice. I am regretting a tiny bit that I volunteered to pick up tomorrow afternoon's shift at the thrift shop. Will be doubly mad if the regular lady who was supposed to have that shift and has not shown up for 2 weeks just up and decides to "show up".

I am pleased to say that it appears that this procedure for fixing the vertigo has worked :dance: :yay: :cp: My head feels just a bit fuzzy but I'm sure that's weather related. I hope those crystals stay where they belong and this "sticks". Now I have lots to do putting away the Christmas stuff.

Yesterday we were prepared for a day at home when my cousin called and asked us if we wanted to meet up for a drink. So we did. Had a burger as I was just about to fix some dinner - had not eaten all day up to that point and both of us were starved. I also had a Bloody Mary drink and boy is the scale complaining today. I think I am going to water flush today and post pone weigh in until tomorrow. I don't expect a loss because I was finishing up some party foods in the house last week but they are all gone now and I have lean poultry and a few fresh veggies to tide me over until I can get to the store later in the week. We got home and I rushed to the tv to catch the opening of Downton Abbey. If I have to grow old, let me be like Dame Maggie Smith :rofl:

Nothing is getting done with me sitting here so I will get a move on.

Hello to Susie :wave:

Stay warm and dry to the rest of you lot.

01-06-2014, 02:54 PM
Hello Worldlies! Working from home today, so I didn't have to brave the elements. The office is closed through noon tomorrow. Sure glad I brought home the laptop. I'm working on a PITA project, but it needs to get done. My first time doing this project so I'm making some changes in format to some of the docs, so this is adding some work, but I think my changes are an improvement and will help for the future too.

Happy - It's fun to have a tv marathon when you're catching up on a tv series, but I'm okay with watching DA week by week. (No spoilers please!!) :D Bf and I never buy movies or tv series dvds - we're not all that likely to be re-watching them enough for us to consider it worth the money. We have Netflix, and we also occasionally get movies from Redbox, and we also get dvds from the library frequently. Great news about the successful vertigo PT treatment!!! :)

Michelle - Glad to hear you had a nice time at the wedding & seeing family. :) How's your first day of work going??

Shad - Good idea to move the mattress until the leaking issue is resolved. Otherwise you'd need a tarp and perhaps a bucket?? Rude awakening after two weeks of no alarm clock!!

Ceejay - Too bad you couldn't escape the co-worker, but you'll have to think of some strategies so you don't have to deal with her lectures in the future. Our cruise is the first week of February, or 27 days away - one of my cruisemates is counting down, LOL.

Annie - Sorry to hear your power has been on the blink today - I hope you and Sassy are warm enough today. Poor C being out in this and having to drive!

Hi Susie!!

Took down the Christmas decorations yesterday, glad that's done. Also did a good amount of laundry. Took doggy out, but only around 2 blocks.

Coal's backyard potty breaks will be severely limited today, it's waaayy to cold and the snow is too deep. And no dogwalk is planned, maybe a short jaunt out the front door and up and down the block.

Getting a bit stir crazy by now, but I'll have to deal with it.

Okay, back to work now. TTFN.
:flame: :flame: :flame:

01-06-2014, 08:30 PM
Hi Everyone: It is FREZZING here in Ohio. We are officially below zero without that wind and with the wind chill it's like -27 below. AND tonight is going to be worse as tomorrow. They are saying on Wednesday things will start warming up.

I'm thankful that we didn't get the snow they were thinking we might.

Poor Annie--I heard they got a foot of snow and dealing with the temps. It's brutal weather out there.

DH and I made it to work with no issues. We have a one care garage but don't usually park in it. We park one care behind the other in the garage. But tonight we moved one car in to ensure that it will start in the morning. One car is 6 yrs old and one is 1 yr old. I try to drive the 6 yr old car when it is bad weather. If we would have an accident I would rather it be the old car than the new one, but tonight I put the new one in the garage and we will drive it tomorrow.

It was a busy day at work. Everyone was back and the pace has picked up. I left feeling in a good place with what I need to do tomorrow. That is a good feeling. I even did my lunch time workout out. It felt great to know I did it and got it done.

A friend at work sent me a schedule to train for 1/2 a Marathon (walking it--my knees can't take running or jogging, even walking bother one of them a lot but I ice it afterwards). In Cincinnati, they have a marathon called The Flying Pig every May. I am thinking about doing the 1/2. I wouldn't do it for time, but just to finish. I used to do a lot of 5k walks but didn't go any last year and I really missed it. I'm still not real sure but the training schedule starts next week so I need to make a decision.

Annie: I'm happy for your Colts. I wish my Bengals had done better...oh well, there is always next year!

Shad: I got your friend request on MyFitnessPal and I'm also linked up with Happy Now so here we go!

If anyone else wants to join us on MyFitnessPal, let us know!

Happy: When DH goes the store I just give him the list. I plan the meals and he cooks them. We had a Personal Chef until last year. She was a friend who was in chef school and she cooked for us two nights a week. We had leftovers on the nights she didn't cook and then we cooked on the weekend. We shopped for the food but she and I shared recipes and we still use a lot of them, so it's pretty easy to make the lists.

Everyone was always blown away that I had someone cooking for me. I said, why not?! People hire others to watch their kids, to mow the grass, even to landscape so why not. We actually saves money, even with paying her. I paid her a flat fee each month. Before I had her start to cook for us, I kept track for 3 months of how much we spent on groceries and then went out to eat or ran through a drive through because we worked late or we were to tired from work and commuting to cook. Not to mention what I threw out. With her cooking we spent the money, and ate what we bought, had tasty and health meals and had some evening time to ourselves. It was wonderful. She went to be a missionary in Mexico and is running the kitchen there for an orphanage. I haven't found someone else that I trust to come in and out of my house.

I think it is great you are going to take yoga and also Spanish. I have that on my list to do sometime. I took 4 years of it in high school and I can still read it and figure out what it says, but speaking it and listening to a conversation I'm not very good..I've forgotten a lot of it. I think if I took a course it would come back to me.

I hope the vertigo stays away while you are taking down the Christmas things.:goodvibes

Laura: I'm glad you got to work from home today. Will you go in tomorrow at noon?
I told you wrong on our cruise. We actually were in the Eastern Caribbean because there was a hurricane and so they sent us the other way. I wanted to go to Jamaica so badly but we still enjoy our trip. We went out of Miami, we stayed a night there--what a PARTY town! It warmed us up for the boat! lol. We then went to San Juan, then St Thomas, St Martin and Nassau Bahamas. It was a lovely trip and I would go on a cruise again in a minute.

Michelle: Looking forward to hearing the wedding details.

Ceejay: How did things go with the co-worker? It's hard enough to go to work without things like that going on.

Ok..time to go eat. The chili is hot and I'm going to settle down and watch the Bachelor at 8. Is anyone watching it?

See you all tomorrow.

01-07-2014, 07:35 AM
OK ladies. -14 this morning. Wind chills -40. No power yesterday for about 7 hours. Cold and more cold. Work is closed again today. I am going stir crazy. Should take advantage of ythis and clean but not in the mood. Back has been hurting. Over it. That is my update. Love and hugs to all

01-07-2014, 12:11 PM
Quick question for Susie, Shad and anyone else using MyFitnessPal - What are your MyFitnessPal "names"? Mine is diyana9.

Thanks! I'll be back a bit later for personals.

01-07-2014, 12:29 PM
Morning all. Working from home again. Trains were not running on schedule yesterday, as I could tell from all the e-mail alerts that I received. The alerts are arriving in even greater volume today as well, so I easily decided to work at home again. The temps are still extremely low and this is not the weather to wait around for trains.

Annie - Horrible you had a power outage in this weather! I hope all is toasty at home today. Sorry your back is hurting you and you're not in the mood to clean - moving around would warm you up! Yeh, I'm going stir crazy too. I think I might be ready for some quick errands via car, but the thought of being in and out of the car, and waiting for the car to warm up each time isn't appealing. So maybe not.

Susie - You, Annie, Happy & I are all experiencing this cold, snowy weather! We only have a one-car garage too, but we only have one car, so it's not an issue for us. Sure glad to have it in this kind of weather!! Wow, a half marathon! Even walking it would be a big challenge. But the training would be a good way to get your exercise! Do you think you'll do it?? Personal chef - sounds really nice. Too bad she's moved on. But it sounds like you're your own personal chef now! Re your cruise - the only other cruise I've been on (w/ bf) was to the Eastern Carribean, so we also visited ports in St. Thomas, St. Maarten as well as Princess' private island in the Bahamas. Beautiful! I should look through my photos from that cruise - it might make me feel warm! :D Re My Fitness Pal - I have that app on my cell phone, and have used it in the past. Right now I tend to use SparkPeople's food tracker. I might have to give MFP a try again though, especially if I've got buddies on there keeping me accountable! Never watched those Bachelor shows.

Hellos to all the rest of the Worldlies!! :wave: Hope you're all keeping warm, keeping cool, keeping dry - whatever applies, as long as you're keeping safe! :)

Not much to report. Finally started on my 30-day squat and ab challenges last night. I'll do the squat challenge as per the schedule, but will be cutting out the situps from the ab challenge and focus only on the curls, leg raises and planks.

Other than that, just getting a bit of cabin fever. Been trying to drink a lot of water - the weather guy says indoor humidity is something like 1-3%. I'm also trying to use hand lotion frequently because my hands are very dry.

That's it for me. Back to work. Finished my input for our monthly report and a couple other things, and now it's back to the PITA project.

:sunny: :beach: :sunny: :beach:

01-07-2014, 01:41 PM
Morning all,

Well Annie and Laura and those with cabin fever - YOU ARE NOT READY TO RETIRE YET :rofl:

It's funny - we went out on Friday to run errands in advance of the cold snap and I only went out once since then - on Sunday for a while with my cousins and even then it was last minute and I wasn't planning on going out in the first place. Cabin fever has not hit - yet. But it will. I was supposed to work at the thrift shop today but I got a call - the lady who took my slot and doesn't bother to sign up on the calendar IS actually going to continue to work after going 2 weeks MIA. :rolleyes: That's ok I said, I won't mind staying home as we are not due for a warm up until Friday. I guess they left the shop closed yesterday and today which is good - the building is a very, very old and drafty frame building - the poor ladies would be freezing in the back trying to price things and it's just a waste of heat because no one is going to be out and about in these frigid temps and wind chills.

Yesterday I got busy at home started to make honey lemon chicken which looked good but was decidedly bland we agreed even though it did have lots of spices in it. It's hard working with honey because things tend to stick and burn. I had a package of cut up whole chicken and used 2 big breasts for a pot of chicken soup and made the rest as the honey lemon stuff. Shad - will you give me your recipe? Besides cooking it was trash and recycle day so I gathered up the stuff, cleaned out both refrigerators (not much at all to toss out but they got a good once over), cleaned the kitchen and washed dishes twice, cleaned the cat boxes, swept and washed that floor, did a couple of loads of laundry and started taking Christmas things back down to the basement to be sorted and stowed away. It really was quite a busy day and it flew by. I talked to my Mom and Sister yesterday which took up most of the evening. Before I knew it, bedtime.

All I did was poke my head out the door to set the trash and recycling on the deck for DH to take out and jiminy was it COLD. I think our wind chills were close to 50 below zero when I got up and didn't warm up much during the day. Even the deer are hiding and hunkered down somewhere out in the forest under the pines. The fox was out last night - at first we were afraid that he made a meal of our bunny but this morning DH went out and said no (thank goodness). My knee is bothering me a lot lately so I have been diligent about doing my PT exercises. I'm thinking I will sort some papers later and maybe put an ice pack on it. Other than that not much else going on.

Susie would you mind sending me that 5k marathon schedule via email? I would love to do a 5k walk - like you I am not a runner or jogger but I agree with you - to do it and finish would be a nice accomplishment. But wait - if it's a marathon would that mean I have to swim in one of our cold lakes???? I might have to rethink that :lol: Many years ago DH and I bought some really good bikes - geez might even have been when we were in Illinois and we used them one year and never again. It seems like such a waste although by now they'd need new tires. Another goal of mine is to build back stamina in the legs to start bike riding again. There's a ton of bike trails here but they are the fat tire / mountain bike ? kinds of rougher trails but I'm sure we could find something that was an easier ride. Lots of gentle rolling rises too so one would have to be in better shape. Right now I'd ride down the driveway, down the road to the top of the hill and be pooped out. :o

Laura - sure is good you are able to keep your car in the garage - with the winds whipping around, I'm sure the car would not be happy outside, plus too in the garage you don't have to worry about scraping ice or snow off the windshield. BTW - my sister uses a can of HEET auto de-icer to spray the windows and it melts the ice fast when you're in a hurry. I'll bet thinking about your cruise in balmy weather is sounding very dreamy right now. Where do you get these 30 day challenges that you do? Sounds like they focus on different body parts just to mix things up. Good for you for drinking water - I am trying to be better because things are very dry here too. Poor kitties get zapped when we try and pet them. As for the hand lotion, darn if I don't slather it on and then 5 minutes later I have to wash my hands for some reason :mad: Hope you are able to power through and get that yucky project done.

Annie - hang in there :hug: this is the weather for making body parts stiff and achy. A little Ben Gay or Icy Hot (since you're home) or just some Aspercreme or an ice pack on that sore back. I know you are go, go, go and I can see you getting stir crazy. Maybe you should just do some cooking and surprise the kids or put the stuff in the freezer. I can vouch for the fact that chopping lots and lots of veggies takes an awful lot of time and will make the time pass quickly. Or I can send you my pasta maker and you can experiment and when you figure out the trick of it, let me know, ok? Are you and C both off and restless?

Susie - how nice was that you had a personal chef? I totally agree with you. No different than getting meals from Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem or Seattle Sutton and I'd much rather have someone cook fresh than packaged or heavy soy based. And since she was going to culinary school it gave her a chance to practice so a win, win for everyone. Cooking takes a lot of time and even if you make things ahead (which only seems to work well for winter meals I think), you wind up spending half the precious weekend just planning, shopping, prepping and cooking. As for the Spanish, I only had 2 years of it in high school long, long ago and also forgot everything but about 10 words. I don't think I'll be conversant after only 6 weeks but it's something to pass the time and keep the brain growing brain cells ;) If you don't do a marathon, can you try to hit a couple of 5k walks this year? Especially if you have done them before and the magic is that you said you missed them ;) :^:

Hello other Worldlies :wave: - sounds funny :lol: I will check back later.

01-07-2014, 01:46 PM
Good morning ladies,

The past few weeks have been such a whirlwind with moving into D's house, the holidays, the various jobs starting and ending, and the trip to Southern Cal for my niece's wedding. I'm really looking forward to settling into a routine.

My first day as a "real" employee at the San Jose job was wonderful. I found a few major issues with the website and am now working on resolving them, so my manager is pleased with that. It is great to be able to sleep in until 7, and it was even better to be home by 5:45 (after picking Santa up from day care)! Today, I'm going to go to the grocery store on the way home from work so I can prepare some healthy items for breakfasts and lunches. In addition to lunch, I normally eat breakfast at work as it's just easier to quickly get ready and get out the door with Santa rather than take him outside to do his business and then come back in and get ready.

I've turned in all my benefits paperwork. The medical insurance takes effect immediately, while the dental insurance takes effect on February 1st.

Shad - That's got to be awful to have a leaky roof right over your mattress. Those don't dry out easily and may smell damp and mildewey. Yuck. I hope the landlady gets the roof repaired and the mattress replaced soon.

Happy - I don't miss the double-digit below zero temps one bit. I hope you don't have to go to the thrift shop today. They should just close it...I mean how many customers are going to be out in the cold. From what my friends in Milwaukee are saying on Facebook, very few are venturing out in this bitter cold, and it's warmer there than where you are. I'm so glad that your vertigo has eased up!! What was the procedure they did? I love Maggie Smith. I'm going to have to jump on the Downton Abbey bandwagon...I'll have to do a marathon of previous seasons to catch up.

Laura - I'm glad you're able to work from home. I don't envy you the PITA project, but working from home is better than braving the elements. A friend of mine who lives in Chicago said it was so cold there, that the Lincoln Park Zoo aren't even letting the polar bears out in the cold. I hope you stay warm. I remember taking Santa out in the winter and it being so cold that my face would go numb even if I had a scarf. The Midwest is truly having a worse winter than any I endured in my 12 years there. Here people are bundled up in the early morning hours wearing winter hats, coats and scarves and it's 45 degrees. I still have only worn a light jacket a few times...mostly when I walk the dog at 9 or 10 pm in my jammies and sweatpants. Your cruise sounds lovely. I think I might've missed where your cruise is too. Speaking of warm step-brother made it to Belize, and the trip only took him 5 days. He had a couple flat tires in Mexico because the roads were bad, and he'd never seen so much poverty as he did in Mexico. He was really saddened by it. My step-mother and I are very relieved that he arrived safely and is now able to start this new chapter of his life.

Susie - So nice that you were able to have a personal chef, and the arrangement worked out for your friend as well. D is a very good chef, but our schedules are very different and he works most evenings. I took 4 years of Spanish in high school and used to be fluent. I had the opportunity to converse with some people from Argentina last summer and was able to do fairly well despite having forgotten a lot. I'm impressed you're doing a 1/2 marathon. Because of my back, I have difficult walking for more than 10 minutes, but I'm trying to slowly, gradually increase that. Sad that your Bengals are now out of the playoffs as are my Packers, but you're right, there's always next year.

Annie - I was so worried for you, C and Sassy with the power outage. I hope the power stays on today. I was also worried for your DD and her family, and your DS. I hope they are ok too. I hope your back pain eases up.

Ceejay - I hope you're doing well.

well, I've got lots of stuff to do, so I'd better get to it.

Much love to all,

01-07-2014, 01:59 PM
Happy - You were typing above me. I'm glad you don't have to go to the thrift shop today. Just the thought of 50 below zero wind chills sends shivers through my whole body. Good on ya' for having such a productive day yesterday. There's no swimming involved in marathons...those are triathlons...and that might mean swimming in a cold lake unless it's affiliated with a Recreation Department or local gym (like the Y), then the swimming might be in a pool. I want to do some bike riding when it gets warmer here. I've got a slow leak in one of my tires...and my bike needs to be tuned up (greased and gears adjusted), so that will be in the spring as well. I'm really going to work toward building up my walking/hiking ability so I can hike in the hills/mountains and along the beaches this coming spring/summer. You mentioned static electricity...some people at my new job don't know why they're so static-y and always getting shocked, and I explained it's because using the heat reduces the humidity and dryer air can lead to static electricity. Stay warm, sista. I hope your knee feels better. How is your DH feeling nowadays?

01-07-2014, 03:52 PM
Hi Everyone. I needed a break from work emails so here I am! :D

It is bitter cold today. Like Annie, I woke up to -10 this morning. Not sure what the wind chill was..but COLD!

I didn't work out today at lunch. Tuesday's I usually work out in the evening with my friend (its' our chance to catch up) but it's too cold for me to go back out to the YMCA tonight so I am going to do my walking DVD when I get home.

I am really giving some thought to that 1/2 Marathon in May. It would be amazing to just say I did it. I'm thinking if I get a cortozone shot in my knee about a week before and then ice it afterward I will be ok. As I am training I'm going to have to ice a lot. I will also do a lot of the training on the elliptical with maybe just one day "road work" where I'm actually on pavement or until it warms up the treadmill. I was talking to a girl at work who has done it before and that is what she recommended.

Happy: I'm going to try and attached the 1/2 marathon training schedule to this post. If it doesn't work, then pm me your email address or send it to me on MFP.
It sounds like you got a lot done at home yesterday. How goes it with the vertigo? Fingers crossed it is staying away.

Michelle: I'm SusieChaney on MFP. Sounds like the new job is going to be a good thing for you and I couldn't be happier for you! :):congrat:

Annie: I say forget the cleaning and just nap and watch movies. I hope this cold spell breaks for all of us soon. I hope your back gets to feeling better. :hug:

Laura: I have heard of Spark People and I know a lot of people who use it. It was thought up by a guy here in Cincinnati, which is kind of cool. I'm going to stick to MFP for now...I have everything in there and now I have friends from here with me...come on..join us! Your 30 challenge sounds good. Keep us updated on how it is going.

Hi Shad! :wave:

Ok..better get back to work.

See you all tomorrow

01-07-2014, 04:27 PM
Here is the walking half marathon training guide

01-07-2014, 04:42 PM
The internet was out at work yesterday due to the cold. Think it was frozen along with some other things.

I sure wanted to stay home in the bed the past couple of days. And we didn't have the snow to contend with either. It was cold at 11 degree's or less with the wind chill.

I'd like to take a course in German. Guess it's because that's where my ancestors originated. I'm freezing here at 11 degrees I couldn't take -50 degrees.

Hunker down. play with lil man.

I would love to have a personal chef. You have chosen a good challenge. My problem is that I never follow through.


Since every one is posting their challenges here's mine. I'm riding the bike for 25 minutes per day. I don't have an excuse if I go to my uncles. They have the same bike as I do. Will do strength training 4 times per week and 20 wall/counter height push ups and 20 squats. AND don't eat heavy meals after work.
We're supposed to warm up today to 25 degrees but it's still cold. I dread going outside.
My co-worker has settled down for the time being. I think it shocked her that I pulled that.
My boss friend told me yesterday that our HR and Utility director made him sign a paper stating that he was leaving June 30 of this year. I think he's having mixed emotions about it now. But I have to hang in here till 2015. I told him that it they make it to rough on me I'll leave. When he leaves, and I'll be the only one with a class 4 water treatment and distribution license and I'm afraid of what this Utility director is going to expect. Since I'm not in management, I can't cover the whole city and much less I don't want to. My licenses will cover me. If worse comes to worse I'll call the Health Department director and talk to him personally. He already knows the situation. I don't want the responsibility nor the public relations that go along with this.

01-07-2014, 04:49 PM
Thanks Susie, I'm glad that worked. Looks like the only day you measure actual distance is Sunday. All other days you are just going for duration which I guess is building stamina to distance.

So far my vertigo is keeping at bay :crossed: but not unlike DH after his ablation, I still get some twinges which I guess are normal and the PT said that will happen, but I just worry - oh oh - is it coming back? With the winter dryness and sinus and cold issues - kind of forget that the season brings it's own set of issues to deal with. That's really neat that the SparkPeople inventor is a home town boy! I tried that a while back and they have some really great information but like you, I feel I am getting settled into MyFitnessPal and I'll stay there for a bit.

Logging calories is not as bad as I thought although I do find that the measurements in the pre-existing foods database are a bit off. I entered a recipe for home made coleslaw today and had to diddle about to convert teaspoons to cup measurements. I probably should make totally new entries just to be more accurate with the calories off the labels but I'm already finding this logging takes a fair amount of time. It is good to log the food - I am mindful of what I am eating BEFORE I put it into my mouth and it's also easy to see what something that sounds easy could be rather sinful.

How are you doing with it Shad?

Michelle - you found me as I was about to add you from this morning's post so we are linked up now. Glad to hear that you are settling in an liking the new job. Can't beat the commute, that's for sure. Thank you for the clarification on triatholon vs marathon. For some reason my brain was frozen and I was thinking marathon was more than just walk/run/jog the length of the course. Sure glad I don't have to jump in a cold lake! The do have a Polar Bear jump in the lake here although I don't think it's at New Year's because I don't remember reading about it - although if they tried it this new years it would have been not only foolish but deadly. They have it on the shores of a lake backing up to a hotel and I'm sure afterwards everyone runs into the hotel's hot tub or pool to warm up :lol: I have a hard enough time dealing with the 2 seconds of cold water that comes out of the shower when I turn it on - no lake jumping or wading for this chilly chick. It's probably better (and cheaper) if you can bring your own lunch and breakfast. I would find they had too tempting of stuff in the cafeteria or I'd eat more than I should have if I got the breakfast special with eggs, toast and such.

Ooops - hit enter before I intended. Was just going to say that weight loss takes a whole lot more time and planning than just mindless eating :dizzy:

Anyway I have entered lunch and some recipes into MFP and now off to do some cleaning.

01-07-2014, 04:55 PM
Hello Ceejay - we were tying over each other. Are you having any trouble at the plant with the cold outside of you being chilly? I don't blame you for standing your ground with the responsibilities - I've seen where they push out the management and then expect someone with less pay to do their work and some. 2015 is only next year and the time flies quickly. Just come in, do your job, ignore the drama and don't let them push you around and you'll be having your retirement party before you know it. I'm glad you posted your challenges - they are very doable objectives and you can always increase them if they get to be too easy but like all of us, let's get ourselves into a routine first. Good job!

01-07-2014, 05:07 PM
The internet was out at work yesterday due to the cold. Think it was frozen along with some other things.

I sure wanted to stay home in the bed the past couple of days. And we didn't have the snow to contend with either. It was cold at 11 degree's or less with the wind chill.

I'd like to take a course in German. Guess it's because that's where my ancestors originated. I'm freezing here at 11 degrees I couldn't take -50 degrees.

Hunker down. play with lil man.

I would love to have a personal chef. You have chosen a good challenge. My problem is that I never follow through.


Since every one is posting their challenges here's mine. I'm riding the bike for 25 minutes per day. I don't have an excuse if I go to my uncles. They have the same bike as I do. Will do strength training 4 times per week and 20 wall/counter height push ups and 20 squats. AND don't eat heavy meals after work.
We're supposed to warm up today to 25 degrees but it's still cold. I dread going outside.
My co-worker has settled down for the time being. I think it shocked her that I pulled that.
My boss friend told me yesterday that our HR and Utility director made him sign a paper stating that he was leaving June 30 of this year. I think he's having mixed emotions about it now. But I have to hang in here till 2015. I told him that it they make it to rough on me I'll leave. When he leaves, and I'll be the only one with a class 4 water treatment and distribution license and I'm afraid of what this Utility director is going to expect. Since I'm not in management, I can't cover the whole city and much less I don't want to. My licenses will cover me. If worse comes to worse I'll call the Health Department director and talk to him personally. He already knows the situation. I don't want the responsibility nor the public relations that go along with this.

01-07-2014, 05:42 PM
Good afternoon ladies,

Susie and Happy - I'm glad we're now linked up on MFP.

Happy - They have a polar bear plunge in Milwaukee on New Year's morning...they break up some of the ice along Lake Michigan and lots of drunk/hungover people jump in. I didn't hear how many people did it this year with the bitter cold. Brrrr. Who is that lovely woman in your signature?

Ceejay - You're definitely right in standing your ground. They shouldn't expect you to take on management's responsibilities.

I hope y'all are keeping warm. I had to call the Human Resources department for a company I worked for last year in Milwaukee. I needed to change my mailing address on file so that the W2 will come to the correct address. Once the woman heard my address, she asked me what the temperature was, and I felt so bad saying the high would be in the mid 60s to low 70s. I really wish I could at least send 10 or 20 degrees your way.

I went to the store on my lunch break and bought some packaged salads and yogurts. There's no cafeteria here, and it will definitely be cheaper and healthier to get the packaged salads and yogurts than to go out to fast food every day. And since D caters meals for his various bridge groups, there's not much room in the frig. We'll have to figure something out though.

Time to get back to it.

Love and hugs,

01-07-2014, 06:27 PM
:yay: for me - I fixed a technical problem on my computer all by myself. I am totally confident in my ability to muck up my computer beyond all repair and rather nervous about touching things in case I can't remember what I did to make Humpty Dumpty fall off the wall so to say.

But now my video player is working again which means I can play my yoga, WATP, and Pilates CDs :exercise::yoga::lifter:

Michelle - that lovely lady is Valerie Harper - age 73 with brain cancer. I find her to be very inspirational to me. She looks freakin' fantastic for her age and she is just so positive in dealing with her disease. So when I wimp about making excuses for anything, I think of her - she just keeps pushing through. I am going to ask her to be my inspiration this month.

That's good that you picked up some healthy things. Didn't realize D was catering - and space was a premium in the refrigerator at home. Do they have refrigerators at work or are they like ours were - graveyards for old abandoned leftovers that people forgot? I had a hardcase cooler - one that would fit about 2 sets of six packs. I would add ice from the ice machine at work each day - in a zip lock baggie so it was easier to transport and keep my water, yogurt and cool stuff in there. But it doesn't replace a refrigerator which would mean you'd have to do a couple of shopping trips which isn't practical either. And those small personal refrigerators can run upwards of $200 although if you keep one at the house, it might pay for itself after a while.

One good thing about where you live and one of the reasons we once thought of moving to SF was the very mid level moderate temperatures. No Santa Ana hot winds, no freezing cold. Just neat fog. Funny how people are all bundled up and you are walking around with a light jacket - that's how it was the first year we moved to Memphis. The only time I wore a winter coat was when I flew up to Chicago to go visit my Mom. Next year you will become more acclimated though.

01-07-2014, 08:20 PM
Happy - Congrats on fixing the technical computer problem! Well done, sista! :woohoo: :bravo: I thought that looked like Valerie Harper, but wasn't sure. She is INCREDIBLY inspirational. Did you see her on Dancing with the Stars last season? She started off kind of stiff, but she lasted for roughly half the season. She never complained or used her illness as an excuse. She was fantastic! Everyone cried when she was eventually eliminated. Also inspirational on last season's DWTS was Jack Osborne (Ozzy and Sharon's son) who has MS, and never let it slow him down nor used it as an excuse and he made it to the finals. Another person who I find very inspirational is Michael J. Fox. Despite his Parkinson's, he's working and his new show is pretty good. And I really enjoyed his book "Always Looking Up". Yes, we have 3 refrigerators at work...and they actually have a bit of room in them! Even more room in the freezers, so I'm all set in terms of lunches and breakfasts. And there's enough room in the frig at home for healthy stuff. It'll all work out. D doesn't cater big parties or weddings...just his bridge events a few times per week (roughly 20-30 attendees per event). I'm sure it will all work out well...just got to get myself in a routine. Yes, I love the moderate temps here. We didn't even have any temps near 100 this past summer, which was nice. Not too much fog down here in the South Bay, which is a blessing when it comes to driving. Interesting about getting acclimated...this past weekend in Southern Cal at the wedding, it was in the 50s for the Sunday morning brunch on the beachfront patio, and both my step-mom and my aunt who are in their mid to late 70s wore heavy turtleneck sweaters and light jackets...and I was wearing a short-sleeved shirt. I do remember from my ex-DMIL that as she got older, her blood didn't circulate as well, so she got over-heated and especially frozen very quickly. But even though I don't get cold easily with my extra "insulation" as I call it, I'm sure a 50 below wind chill would be too much for even me to handle. I'm so glad I'm not in Wisconsin this winter.

A friend of mine sent me this little poem that she received from her cousin in Wisconsin:

Its winter in Wisconsin
and the gentle breezes blow
Seventy miles an hour
at Thirty-five below.

Oh, how I love Wisconsin
When the snow's up to your butt
you take a breath of winter air
and your nose gets frozen Shut.

Yes the weather here is wonderfull
So I guess I'll hang around
I could never leave Wisconsin
'Cause I'm Frozen to the ground!

01-08-2014, 03:38 AM
Evening all,
Bloody weather. Cold and grey, blue skies (while we are working) and torrential rain on the way home. Bah humbug.

Also bah humbug on the MyFitnessPal exercise thingy. I did 60 squats, 60 leg raises, 60 crunches and 40 sit ups tonight and it tells me I haven't burnt a calorie. I'll get over it, but just remember, it seems to think that strength training doesn't burn calories at all. Anyway, despite all that, I have come in just under my calories tonight. JUST.

I'm hitting the bed early tonight, as I didn't sleep much last night. Though I was tired, went to bed and the brain switched on. Nothing I could do. Then the phone went at 11.55pm. Someone had forgotten the time difference between Brisbane and NZ. So that was that. Was well after three before I slept again. Not that I talked all that time, three hour chats only happened with Mel. Brain was still switched on. I hate it when that happens, can't stop thinking.

Happy - that picture is Valerie Harper at 73, she has had some work done I would think.

Susie, thanks for the comments on MFP. I used to run a lot, however these days it is mostly down hill and not often. I'm trying to get into it again, although I will never make a runner.
I might try the couch to 5k this year and see if I can do 5k again.

Ceejay - good that you are doing your challenge too. Good Idea to have one that you can do when you travel.

Annie - you sound a bit depressed. How long until the babe is born????

Laura - Good to be able to work from home in that sort of weather. Not nice to be out in I am sure.

Michelle - glad you enjoyed the wedding. Good to hear that the job is going well.
and that is about it from me. I'm going to try to sleep for a change. I'll be back.

01-08-2014, 12:19 PM
Good morning all,

Ack it is still very cold out. Ok, I am ready to be done with this. Good thing we have had sunny days - if it had been cold AND gray I would have had to start drinking :hat: :lol:

We are supposed to go out to buy deer corn today - DH doesn't really want to go out but he is having cataract surgery in 2 weeks and I told him he should probably stock up on a few extra bags of corn because I'm sure he will not be able to bend or lift much for a while after surgery. I don't remember much about his last surgery recuperation, just that it was very successful. I hope this is the same. I suppose I should make a list and stop at the grocery store too - we will be running out of milk and coffee creamer soon.

Shad - I'm not sure how recent those pictures of Valerie Harper are but I can say she's got very good genes and does not look anywhere near her age. I watched a television program where they were filming her as she started treatment for her brain cancer and there were times when she was "au natural" and of course looked just like a regular normal person, but then when she had the benefit of professional hair and make up - she was still a looker. And as Michelle said - she was also one of the more popular contestants to appear on the Dancing With the Stars show. Sounds like you are just getting awful weather out your way. Isn't this supposed to be summer? Or is this what Wellington summers are like? I guess you must need a bunch of rain for all the lovely greenery in the countryside. But enough already as you say. I do hope you got a good night's rest last night. Very frustrating to be dead tired and then the minute your head hits the pillow - ping! eye fly open and brain goes into hyper drive.

Michelle - yes I do find all those people inspirational as well. It is nice to see that the Osborne children matured and because responsible adults. I really like Michael J Fox too but I was disappointed with his new TV show. It seemed like they were trying a bit too hard for the laughs. Watched 3 of the shows and then decided it was not for me. But I think he is popular enough that the show is doing well so that's good. I have the same problem with intolerance to temperatures - been that way since the thyroid went kaput. I have a range between 60 to 80F air temp - anything outside of that I get really cold or really hot which means yes, when I get in the car in winter I am freezing. It's especially bad because when I was driving alone I'd turn up the heat all the way and as well as cranking the fan as hard as it would blow and would enjoy that lovely heat blast. Now we go places together and DH gets hot fast and so he tends to just have the heat directed at the feet which means the right side of me gets frozen to the cold metal door next to me. We have the opposite problem with the air conditioning - he cranks it all the way up and I keep turning it down. It's good that you have plenty of room to store your food at work. Now you just have to find someone to lunch with. How is your ex-DMIL handling the Wisconsin winter?

I guess the rest of the chicks are sleeping in this morning. Guess I'll go write out checks for a couple of bills and go make my grocery list. Have a good day all.

01-08-2014, 12:23 PM
oh and Shad - I thought I had commented but maybe not - I too am not that crazy about the MFP exercise tracking. It seems like it's not very flexible and forces one to modify their square peg to fit MFP's round hole. I've had to adapt a few things too. My thinking is at this point, at least I am tracking it. And tracking keeps me mindful of cutting calories and at least entering something into the diary for the day.

I can't remember if SparkPeople does a better job - will have to pop over and have a look.

01-08-2014, 12:29 PM
Morning all.

Shad Ė Bummer about the MFP not giving you calorie credit for your strength training! Not fair. :( Good job with the exercise! I tend to not track my physical activity on Sparkpeople, nor in the WW etools when I use those tools. Itís tedious enough tracking my eating... I hate when I canít fall asleep! I hope youíre catching up right now (worltimeserver dot com says itís 4:18 am as I type this). Hope the weather improves for you!! The rain and otherwise cloudy/gloomy stuff gets old quickly.

Michelle Ė LOL, I think I saw that poem floating around on FB Ė I believe other states have been inserted, haha. Itís always interesting how people react differently to the temps, or even how sometimes I react differently. Some days my feet are cold for what seems like hours, others, Iím just fine. Yesterday I switched from my sheepskin scuffs to an old pair of fleece slipper socks so my entire foot would be enclosed. I wonder if this time next year youíll be feeling the lower temps more than you do nowÖ Re the fridges at work Ė nice that you can keep food at work. Iíve found when itís right there, itís so much easier to keep on track than when I have to leave the office/building and be tempted by all the other options. And of course, eating out is just so expensive! :yes:

Happy Ė Congrats on your success fixing the computer problem!! And hopefully the vertigo stays away so you can do the yoga and pilates workouts. :crossed: It would be nice for you to get back to biking. Itís a nice way to enjoy nature. Iíve never done ďoff trailĒ type riding. I donít know if Iíd enjoy that very much because the focus would be mostly on not getting tossed from the bike due to the rough terrain and not on enjoying the scenery! I got my squat and ab challenges from the site Glad you didnít have to work at the shop yesterday. Hard to imagine people being out and about for purposes of browsing a thrift shop. Between the cold and the road conditions, I didn't want to be out any more than necessary - i.e., necessities. Sounds like you kept yourself very busy. Re the hand cream Ė yeh, Iím always washing my hands and always having to reapply the cream. With cooking and pets, that's just the way it is.

Ceejay Ė Good challenges! I like that thereíll be no excuses as far as the bike is concerned, LOL. :D Wow, 2015 isnít all that far away now!! Iím betting time is going to fly for you, especially once your boss friend leaves. Hopefully the HR folks are planning for his departure and the transition of his duties so they donít try to stick you with responsibilities youíre not comfortable taking on.

Susie Ė Gosh, sounds like the training for that half marathon would be painful for you if it has to include icing and cortisone shots! What do you think your doctor would say about that? Re MFP Ė I suppose I could give it a go, but like you said, once you get set up on one system and have saved a lot of foods to your favorites and manually entered new foods/recipesÖnot so appealing to make a move. Iíll give it a go one day this week and see how it compares to SP. I honestly canít remember how MFP was for me. I just know that on SP I can do the food tracking, as well as exercise tracking (if I wanted). Thereís a blogging feature (if you visit there, go to community and then to sparkpages and my page is under my username laura7051), and then thereís a point system that keeps you motivated to keep tracking, read articles, read blog and make comments on them and in the discussion forums. They also have recipes, and video exercise demos. Itís a nice site.

Annie Ė Howís it going in the Hoosier State today? I hope youíre getting a gradual warm-up like we are. Okay, weíre still in the single digits, but the wind is slight, so itís not quite so bad today. :D
Nothing much to report. Iím back at the office today. Like I told Annie, the temps are very slowly going up and the wind has really gone down, so itís much more bearable outdoors today. Trains were even running on time (give or take a few minutes). :)

My two days of working at home were quite productive. I got the PITA project, or should I say the PITA portion of the project completed, so Iím happy about that. I also completed that pesky compliance session. Iím glad to say I didnít have any connectivity issues with the laptop, so I might be more likely to consider working at home should situations arise that would make it worthwhile. Iím definitely going to be more diligent about taking home the laptop when the weather forecast looks ugly.

Because the office was closed until noon yesterday, the WW meeting was canceled and the meeting be added onto the end of our session. I have to say Iím a bit relieved to have been given a reprieveÖbut I have been braving the scale regularly during the 3-week hiatus. Iím up about 3 pounds from where I last was before the heart of the holidays hit, sigh. I have to get back to the gym and back to tracking my eating! It was tough being at home because thereís still some holiday goodies in the cabinets. Today I brought my lunch and snacks, so Iím good to go.

Okay, enough rambling and back to work. TTFN.

01-08-2014, 01:13 PM
Hi Happy - You were typing over my head this morning! Re the car hvac - our car has a dual setting for the temps, but not for the fan speed, which would have been nice. Can't recall if it has dual controls for where the air vents - feet, face, etc. Bf and I don't have too many issues with that. Seems like we have more disagreement over the sunroof being open all the way - bf with his short/shaved hair obviously doesn't have the same feeling as I do with my long hair, LOL.

Okay girls, my mfp username and pw still work, so if you want to find me, my username is mfplaura.

01-08-2014, 02:04 PM
Happy Hump Day!

I was watching TBL last night and they were talking about moving forward and no excuses...and a mantra came to mind, "I can either make excuses or I can make it happen." Which is sort of like Happy's new signature! I am making it happen. I've got my workout clothes in the car and will stop at the gym on my way home. Last night, I had a bit of tummy distress after eating a big salad for lunch, so my exercise was just walking Santa. Today, on the way into work, I stopped at the grocery store and picked up some instant oatmeal, which made for a delicious breakfast.

I really love how this new job and being so close to home will allow me the opportunity to go to the gym after work. And the office park is located in some beautiful small hills with walking trails all around. I might even walk a bit at lunch time today. I also am enjoying the new job itself...and not just the short commute and beautiful surrounding area.

It looked like it rained a little overnight, though it was probably not a measurable amount as the news didn't mention it. California is having a very dry winter, and we really need a bit of rain.

As for MFP not calculating calories burned doing strength training, I remember that was one of my pet peeves from the last time I used it a year or so ago. Oh well, we know that strength training builds muscle and boosts the metabolism, which means more calories are burned even while strength training is still a very good thing. At least WW e-tools gives you an exercise point or two for strength training.

Shad - Bummer about the torrential rain on the way home. I hope you stayed fairly dry and that the bucket in your apartment didn't overflow. I hate it when I want to sleep and my brain just won't shut off. Late night phone calls used to happen to me when I lived in Wisconsin. Some family members thought Wisconsin was two hours earlier than CA. :dunno:

Happy - I didn't know that your DH was going to have cataract surgery. D needs that done too. So this is his second time with this. I'll be sending lots of positive energy and prayers for him. Hmmm, now that you mention the heat/cold intolerance associated with thyroid problems, that could be the reason for ex-DMIL's always being too hot/too cold as well. She's not loving this particularly harsh winter, but she's managing. She's got a space heater for her room so she can keep it warmer than the rest of the house. I agree about MFP's tracking being better than not tracking at all.

Laura - I am glad about the frig at work. Like you, I do much better when I have the healthy food here than when I leave the office and have to drive by fast-food restaurants. Good for you for getting so much work done from home!

Annie - Was your office open today? Is it any warmer there? Sending you lots of hugs.

Ceejay and Susie - Have a great day!

Much love to all,

01-08-2014, 04:38 PM
Hello All...

What a befuddled mess this office was in when I arrived. (They moved us on Friday/Saturday. Had me in the wrong cubicle. Had two directors office switched. Had to move all the equipment and crates myself (4 total offices). My body hurts, the weather sucks, I465 around Indy is like a interrupted ice skating rink. Slick, icy, bumpy, people off the road, ambulance slid into a ditch with a patient. All were ok, just had to wait on another ambulance. I am over this crap. Now I get to do it again on the way home. INDOT has done a crappy job of removing the snow. My neighborhood has not even been plowed. (We pay HOAssocation 250. a year and street cleaning is supposed to be included). Can you tell I am not very happy right now. Sassy is not happy, C freezes all day long, complains of his fingers freezing when delivering. Sheesh maybe I just shouldn't post till I get some good news or am in a better mood. I am sorry girls to be such a beeeeeaacchh today. Many pardons. Love and Hugs

01-08-2014, 08:03 PM
Annie - I'm so sorry you and C and Sassy are having such an awful time of it. You'd think that INDOT would be able to do a better job with snow removal and ice management. So the homeowners association is responsible for contracting out snow removal? The city doesn't take care of that where you live? Wisconsin has bad weather, but at least in most areas the cities and townships do pretty good with getting the roads to a driveable condition as quickly as possible.

01-08-2014, 08:50 PM
Hi Ladies! It is warming up a bit in Ohio. We made it to 20 today!

Now that nasty salt is on everything! It is hard to keep it off the shoes and clothes getting in and out of the car. Once it is warm enough to run the car through the car wash (that should happen here this weekend), I'm going to be in line with everyone else!

So fun to see everyone on MFP. Yes, it is a pain that it doesn't calculate the calories burned for strength training..but hey, my body knows it! One of my friends on MFP doesn't "eat her exercise" meaning that she looks at what her true food total was in relation to the calories she is in-taking. It must work as she has lost over 100 lbs.

Shad: You are doing great with your food and exercise! I'm sorry that you were having trouble sleeping..that is the worst. When I have that I fall asleep about 2 hours before I have to get up. It is hard to turn the brain off sometimes. I hope you sleep well from here forward.

Happy: Yeah for you for fixing your computer issue. Isn't it nice to feel accomplished?
You too are doing great on MFP...seeing all the tracking is really helping me. You mentioned that tracking it each day does make a's all about being aware isn't it?

Laura: We are connected on MFP. Yeah! You asked what my doctor would say about the cortisone and icing. I have to do that know about at times. I get the shot about twice a helps keep the pain and inflammation down.

He has told me I can do about 2 races a year as long as when I train I use the bike and the elliptical most of the time to build my endurance. So that is my plan.

Michelle: Oh how I envy that you can take a walk outside at lunch time. I'm jealous of your weather right now. I enjoyed the poem you posted.

Glad to have you on board on MFP.

Ceejay: The weather has been hard hasn't it? I get so tired in the winter with all the layers and dragging in and out of the house. And then to deal with issues with a new office and a co-worker....ughh! I'm sorry you are dealing with all of this right now. How can I help? to go eat dinner, log my food and then sign back on to my work computer to get a couple of things done that need to be done first thing in the asked when I was leaving for the day to try and get them done if I could or I could come in early. I will do them tonight.

See you all tomorrow.

01-08-2014, 11:13 PM
I've been having a tough time at work. A couple of big water leaks in the distribution system and one high service pump froze. I was going into panic attack mode last night and came home and crashed. I did however ride the bike which got out some of my anxiety. Then another leak today.
I wasn't sure if the other post got here or not. The internet at work went out about the time I got ready to post.
My boss friend has decided to buy this computer and I was going to take it to him this morning but I didn't feel like unhooking every thing. He told me to wait till Monday morning. He's gonna transfer his personal files to this computer. I'm already missing him and he's not gone yet.

I didn't realize that the Biggest Loser was on. I'm glad that you are liking your new job.

That's why I don't bother to post anything. I get side tracked on calories in verses calories out and either punish myself or starve myself to make up the difference. This time it's any thing goes just don't eat a big meal at dinner. You are doing great with the squats, etc. I'd be so sore I could not move.

I really need to log my food and like Michelle there should not be any excuses not to. So starting tomorrow I will log my food in my blog. I need to eat more healthy.

I'm sure that your dh will do just fine with the cataract surgery. Both my aunt and uncle had that done and did perfectly well.

We are in a heat wave today also. Made it up to 30. I'd forgotten how cold zero degree weather could get. At lest my car started the first time. I need to wash my car this week end if it's not to cold.

Don't you have any help to move all that stuff around in the office? That's exercise in itself. I saw the ambulance accident on the news and thought about you having to drive in that stuff.

01-09-2014, 04:04 AM
Quick post for me. I have to get up early and be out of the house early tomorrow.

Thanks to using MFP I was particularly mindful of my food today. Made several substitutions and gave careful thought to my selections. Thanks for that.

I also did more in the way of exercising. My muscles are weak because I have ignored them. So I am starting slow - have to be careful with the knee but every little bit helps and one gets stronger as they go on I have to believe.

Finally I did drink more water today than I probably have in the last 3 months. Another habit I have to redevelop, particularly with as dry as it is.

On the bad front, DH and I went out to pick up Subway sandwiches for an early dinner. When we got back and he went to put corn and seed out he noticed oil leaking from the 4Runner. It was too cold to get on the ground and check it out. He is hoping we don't have a very serious problem (ie cracked engine block). We are checking to see if insurance will pick up the tow for the 1 and a half hour ride to the Toyota dealer. We were looking to replace the car but I kept holding off until we really needed to replace it. Now it appears I may have waited too long. We have certain requirements for a vehicle and would probably want another 4Runner which are in short supply around here. On an even badder front he said when he started the Avalon up this week, it was leaking radiator fluid. He's hoping it's just because the car was very cold and this is nothing bad. We really cannot afford to replace both cars right now - the 4Runner is 12 years old (longest we've ever had a car) and the Avalon is 11 years old. We stick with Toyota because they have been very, very dependable for us. We got our money out of it. I'm ok if we have to replace one car but pray we can get the other fixed (without too much expense).

He's going to check the Avalon out tomorrow and if it appears to be ok, he will take me into town where I have some things to do before I do my shift at the shop. Not only do we not want to be without a car, but we are supposed to get a warm up in the next few days - that will make the hill up to our house impossible to navigate with the sedan if it partially melts and then freezes back at night. I am trying not to stress about this and so is he.

Anyway I will check back in the evening.

01-09-2014, 01:05 PM
Morning all. Train was on time today, but there was a wait when we got close to the station today. There must still be problems with switches and signals I guess. :shrug:

Happy Ė Thatís a late post Ė youíre quite the night owl! Iím so sorry to hear about your potential car problems. I sure hope neither of the problems are serious and donít cost you the earth to fix. Unfortunately, it sounds like that tow alone will be costly Ė sure hope your insurance covers it! Our carís been the same way lately, and itís nine years old. The most recent thing is what we believe might be the power steering. Hope some additional fluid will do the trick because I understand that's an expensive thing to replace. Smart of you to start slowly back to exercise Ė you donít want to injure yourself or end up so sore that you have to get out of a groove to wait til you're feeling better enough to re-start.

Ceejay Ė Sorry youíve had problems at work. Are the leaks also related to this cold weather? At least itís going to be warming up in many parts of the country now. :yes: Good for you riding the bike Ė Iíve always found exercise to be a great stress reliever. Nice your boss friend will be able to buy your computer. I think itís always nice to be able to repurpose things. I recently received an e-mail from my Relay for Life team captain (the charity event I do each yr) saying she was collecting Christmas cards for the St. Judeís charity, which uses the card fronts to make new cards that they sell to raise money. Some are so cute or pretty, itís nice someone else would get to enjoy them. I think I'll go through mine and send some in this year.

Susie Ė Yeh, the car washes will have long lines once itís above freezing, LOL. Re MFP and the exercise tracking Ė I shouldnít get too broken up about not seeing strength training calories Ė itís actually difficult to accurately figure that Ė in terms of exertion and the actual calorie burn for a specific person. Itís like those cardio machines Ė you enter your age and weight, but they donít know how fit you are/aren't and how much more or less efficient your body works compared to whatever standard they use in their calculations. Regardless of that, Iím glad to be on MFP, and Iíd forgotten how many recent/frequent foods I already had accumulated from when I used it in the past. Entering my food yesterday was relatively easy. Good to know your docís aware of your physical activities.

Annie Ė Sorry things are such a mess by you. Terrible that your subdivision hasnít been plowed, and that the roads are in such bad shape. This extreme cold makes it hard to treat the roads Ė salt wonít work when itís too cold. Very unsafe out there when itís so slick. Hang in there girl!! :hug: As for the office debacle Ė I assume you had professional movers handling this??!! What a mess! Canít believe they goofed it up so badly. Are things getting settled by now? :hug:

Michelle Ė I like that new mantra of yours!! Iíve had gut issues after having salads sometimes Ė especially if they have a lot of spinach. Wonder if thatís a "too much fiber" type of issue? Glad youíre liking the job, the commute and the location. :D

Hi Shad!! :wave:

Having trouble finishing this post Ė many interruptions. Darn job!! :D

Iíd forgotten to do my squat/ab challenges on Tuesday, so I did two days of it last night. Good thing itís early in the challenges, so it wasnít too much. Today are rest days for both. Glad they coincide Ė Iíll have to see if they sync up for the rest of the 30 days.

Tracking on MFP went well yesterday, not that I was within my calorie range. I havenít fussed with what MFP ďgaveĒ me as a daily calorie goal Ė under 1300 calories - but I do know itís way too low, LOL. Iíve never been able to achieve that, be it on my own or on WW. And yet Iíve lost weight. So as long as the scale and my clothes indicate positive results, I wonít worry too much about that daily calorie allotment.

Nothing much else to report. For some reason, my feet are freezing today! Getting ready to put my snow boots back on to see if that helps.


01-09-2014, 01:51 PM
So I've decided to give MFP another try since I can do all three, blog log calories and exercise in one place. I'm Arkansasbee if any is interested or pm me your username and I'll add you to my friends.

Yes most of the issues at work was related to the freezing temperatures. We usually have one person on call for water/sewer problems for after hours but this week two people on call. People didn't realize that the temperatures would get this cold and water pipes froze and burst, some were smart and left the water dripping

I like Toyota's also. Hopefully there isn't to much damage on the cars. It's always a wise thing to start with minimal exercises. My knees have been yelling at me lately, but not sure if it's the exercising or cold weather or both. I most definitely need to drink more water.

Hello's to Michelle, Susie and Annie

I'll be back later. Need to get ready to run some errands.

01-09-2014, 05:01 PM
Super quick post for me as even though I'm "at lunch", I'm prepping for a meeting where we will be discussing the new website, outstanding issues and possible launch date.

So far food tracking on MFP is going well, though I am hungry right now and I finished my salad for lunch about 25 minutes ago, so I shouldn't be hungry. I may have to adjust my calories or what I eat and when.

I just learned that my good friend who had cancer got some bad news at the doctor. He's got another mass in his leg. He will need surgery that may involve cutting the peripheral nerve (which would mean he'd lose feeling in his leg), and he's going to lose a substantial amount of muscle tissue and have to undergo chemo. He's not even fully recovered from the last surgery/radiation combo. He's very, very depressed...and I wish there was something I could do for him.

Ceejay - So sorry to hear that the weather caused so many problems at work. Are you off today?

Happy - That's awful about both cars. I hope both repairs are relatively inexpensive. My ex and I have had Toyotas for years, and we both like them.

Susie and Laura - Sounds like you both are doing well on MFP. :D

I'd better get back to it.

Much love to all,

01-09-2014, 07:16 PM
Well... first of all I sincerely hope and pray that we have not turned an ugly corner this month with all of us having lots of troubles. Geez, things were going so well and I was NOT taking that for granted - believe you me.

Both cars had to get towed today. One is leaking antifreeze, the other is leaking oil or transmission fluid. DH was on the phone most of the day. We have roadside assistance (via a third party) through our insurance company but he went back and forth and got 3 different answers from 3 different people. Both cars are Toyotas - one got towed 50 miles away to the Toyota dealer, one got towed to a repair shop in town which services Toyotas because they said the insurance will only pay for one tow to a dealer :dizzy: After we got arrangements for the cars, DH called the insurance and we got a 4th slightly different answer :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: I told DH I was proud of him for not being a guy and blowing his top like he typically does. He has very little patience for stupidity. As it turns out, they were supposed to tow it to the repair shop in town rather than the dealer but the insurance said they would cover it. It's good the 4Runner is going to the dealer, we can have them estimate repairs and then decide what they will give us for a trade in because it looks like we will give up my baby after 12 years of loyal service :cry: I did not have to go to the thrift shop today because apparently their furnace broke night before last and it's only 40 degrees inside the store. This extended cold is really taking it's toll on things. And this is unusual for even up this way. One of the tow truck drivers said he is sick of jump starting cars as that's all he's been doing for the last month. But... we are warm and safe and at least we didn't break down out in the woods somewhere that we'd have to tromp 10 miles through the forest inadequately dressed so I am grateful for that.

Michelle - I am sorry to hear about your friend's cancer. I'm not sure what to say other than he has to find the strength to fight the good fight. And only he can decide if he has that in him. I'm sure it must be devastating to find out there is more cancer once you got over the initial shock. Take him out and treat him to lunch, let him talk, drag him out of the house to get his mind off of things or let him through talking, talk on how he is going to deal with it. That is a bummer you are hungry. I am ALWAYS hungry when I decide to diet. So I have to play games with my own head. The only things I have found that tend to fill me up are eggs or beer cheese soup. Guess which is the better choice :chin: Seriously, for me I find I really need the protein - if my meal is too carb based - like cereal in the a.m. - I am starving an hour later. Perhaps you could make up a batch of clear veggie soup and have a cup of that with your salad? Even Progresso's Lite based canned soups are good save for the sodium.

Ceejay - I have added you on MFP. Thanks for joining in. Yep, it's a whole set of issues with cold in the south. I was laughing at the water spigot covers when I first saw them - odd looking they look like fake boobs and I had no idea what they were for but apparently people use them to cover their outside water taps for the winter. I hope things quieted down at the plant. I know how you feel knowing your boss is going to leave. Did they force him out then?

Laura - yes I was up late last night - we were looking at car options. Sometimes and I do mean sometimes I miss living in Arlington Heights where everything was easier to get to and access. Good points about MFP or any other plan having a hard time figuring out calories expended on strength exercises. Regarding the Christmas cards for St. Jude - do they want more because we have 2 baskets of odds and ends cards people donated and I'd be glad to throw some money in the till to buy them and then send them on to a happier home somewhere. I know they want to get rid of as much of the Christmas stuff as possible. Let me know.

It's hard to type right now as I have a cat on my back whacking my face with her tail. I have a small heater on my desk and I think she is cold so she jumps on my back and enjoys the heat coming off the heater. She does not care that I cannot breathe with her back in my face. Now she has decided my hair is dirty as she is grooming me. No thanks, I showered this morning... She is also on the hunt for the stray Asian beetle that randomly shows up here on the wall.

How are things going for you Shad? Is the weather holding up better or are you still sleeping in the closet? Any word from the landlord? I'm glad to hear you got a normal power bill at long last.

Susie - I agree with you about tracking and being aware of things. I can see myself tweaking things that I would have otherwise mindlessly plodded along with. I am so glad you suggested this! I see you and I share a love for a cold Coca Cola :lol: I quit the smokes but just can't seem to give up the Cokes... How motivating is it that one of your friends lost so much weight! I'm sure they are a great cheerleader and have lots of helpful suggestions.

Annie - I'm sure it can seem like everything is in the dumpsters but you can't let it get to you. We used the same moving company all the time where I worked and we wound up moving our own stuff because they ALWAYS screwed up. We complained, they ignored us. A couple of times people actually hurt themselves moving boxes but nothing ever changed. Like Mel - it's not all on your head lady - remember that. As for the roads I see how awful it is by you. They are warning people of black ice and we have had several accidents on those scary overhead bridges up in Duluth. Everyone has to be extra diligent it seems which makes me even madder at the goof nuts who continue to drive like it's the middle of August and dry pavement. :mad: Just stay cool lady - they don't pay you extra to get angry or frustrated. :hug:

I have a turkey breast in the oven roasting. It does smell really good but I'd better go baste it. Have a good evening everyone.

01-10-2014, 12:39 AM
It is late and I am tired but I had to come and read the posts and share that at TOPS weigh in I had 2.25 lb loss. :carrot: I am pretty excited about that.

Happy: I am so sorry to hear about the car issues. I hope you get good news on at least one of them.

Michele: I am sorry to hear about your friend. I will say a prayer for him. It doesn't matter what you say or don't say to him, what will matter is that you are a real friend and listen when he needs you to and just go ahead and do for him when you see he needs something. Just support him when you see he needs i

I will do more personals in the morning. Good night!

01-10-2014, 08:43 AM
Good Morning...It's trash actually got picked up from the curb...the roads are 95% better...all but my neighborhood....have not had mail all week at the house...can't say that I miss it either, lol. I am meeting Sissy at the doc appt today to corral lil man, she is doing great so far. She was 30 weeks this past Tuesday. She is getting a little nervous as you may or may not remember, lil man was born at 32 weeks. So far, no signs of preeclampsia (sp). AMEN and a big THANK YOU JESUS for answering prayers.

I will have to give the house a thorough cleaning this weekend as I have been lazy lately. Between snow tracks and the HEAT (ice melter) we spread on the drive, walks and patio that has been carried in, my floors are just grossing me out. Lots of mopping and vacuuming on the agenda. I have kept up with the laundry and only have about a half load in the basket.

In answer to the moving people doing the moving. Yes they did it originally, but placed 4 associates (me included) in the wrong places. So either I wait days for them to return (cause they moved us over the weekend) or do it myself. You all know what happened with that. I was so teeeeeeed off about it that it didn't take me long to do it. I am very quick about things when I am angry. lol. Things are smoothing out, several associates have not been back to work yet to unpack so it is a little messy but not bad. None of the printers worked so it took me about 2 hours to get that figured out, yah me, they all work. I have all my pictures back up and look at my family when I get frustrated and that makes me happy.

CHELLE...I am so very sad and sorry about your friends cancer. I really do not know what to say as HAPPY did not either. All I can tell you is I pray daily for my brother and my cousin. Seems to be unfair however the more I pray the better I feel about things. Hugs to you my sister. I will add your friend to my list.

HAPPY...bummer about BOTH cars being on the fritz and possibly ready for the junkyard. I, like you and CEEG, absolutely love Toyotas. My son got the little Camry I gave him that he had the accident in repaired and it looks like a brand new vehicle. Other that it having about 180k miles on it. She is purdy tho. It is a 2005. Long live the Toyotas. I love my new Toyota Rav4.

SUSIE...wowser on the WL....way to go and as we used to say several years ago....go SUSIE it's your birthday! I used to love that saying. I am very, very proud of you! Keep up the great work. Fabulous!!

CEEG...without having to go back and read, what is MFP? Now I have thought of many things to go with those initials but am sure it is not what it means. lol.

LAURA....what day is your WW day at work, I can't remember? Shuwee on the squats, I don't think I could get through 3 much less two days worth. Stay warm up there sister.

SHADDIE...are you getting all settled in and back to work. Hope things are going smoothly for you. YEAH on the electric bill! Hope it is right this time.

Getting lil man Saturday nite for a sleep over at Nanna's house. My idea, seems like forever since I have had Nanna/Jacob time. Altho he was carrying a fever yesterday, so we might have to delay the slumber party.

Have a great I am thankful it only took me my usual 22 minutes to get to work and not 1:10 mins.

Love and hugs.

01-10-2014, 12:10 PM
Congrats on the 2.25 pounds loss.

Hopefully the cars will not be to expensive to repair. Thanks for adding me to MFP. Daddy always taught me to start the car and let it run even if I don't use it. Keeps every thing going. But with the frigid temperatures you have been having don't think any thing could have saved that from happening.

Best wishes for Sissy's doctor's appointment. I think we will all be ready for Spring this year. MFP is my fitness pal. Several of us are going to log our food there.

Sad news for your friend. And yes I was off yesterday. I slept most of the day due to a migraine. I try to fight things like this by not taking any meds but I ended up taking something at midnight. I went back to sleep and this morning up with only a mild headache. I'll take some more in a few minutes.
Think this was due to all the stress this week at work.

I didn't log anything yesterday and I've started off in my old pattern of anything goes. but will log every thing else I eat today. No exercise yesterday either due to the migraine. I did wake up long enough to go pick up my pay check and even the boss mentioned that I looked sick. They remember my migraine that sent me to the ER from work.
I need to get some things ready to take back to Walmart that I can't use.
It's raining today. Rather have the rain than the frozen precipitation any day.

01-10-2014, 12:36 PM
Morning all! TGIF!!!

Ceejay Ė Yay, another MFP user. Iíll try to find you. I was a bit worried about frozen pipes, but we actually have none on the outside walls except in our basement, which is below grade and I should think the foundation and soil is plenty of protection against freezing. Sorry the migraine took out most of your day off yesterday. Hope you can enjoy the rest of your weekend and the warmer temps!! Iíll take rain since weíve had enough snow for quite a while, but now Iím concerned about flooding. The water from the rain and melting snow will have nowhere to go since the ground is frozen. Fingers :crossed: itís nothing severe.

Michelle Ė So sorry to hear about your friendís bad news. Being there for him, like you have been, is what you can do for him. Re being hungry Ė Iíve been there the past couple days. Trying to time my snacks to avoid hunger. I want to eat something filling and satisfying, but Iím trying to avoid nuts because even a single portion can be high in calories. Iíll have to tweak my snacks and meals to fit those in. I also want to boil some eggs to have as snacks, but weíre waiting for them to be not quite so fresh because that helps make them easier to peel. Sounds strange, but it seems to help. So weíve got a couple dozen sitting in the fridge. In the meantime, I think I need to finally try one of those egg cup recipes where you mix up eggs, veggies and maybe some cheese and/or meat and bake it in a muffin pan. They can be frozen and microwaved as needed.

Happy Ė Sorry about both cars needing to be towed to get serviced. Still hoping thereís a bit of life left in both or at least one of the vehicles. Two car purchases at once would be mindboggling! How frustrating about all the different answers you received re the towing coverage/reimbursement. Re being stranded and inadequately dressedÖI know that perhaps there canít be adequate dressing for some of the extremely lows temps youíve gotten up there, but please be sure you keep extra warm clothing items in your cars! It drives me nuts to see people dressed lightly in cold weather just because theyíre in their cars and donít expect to be out and about - or stranded. Re St. Jude Ė I forwarded you the e-mail I received. Let me know if you received it. And if anyone else is interested, I can forward it along, or you can check out the site at this link: Hope that works.

Susie Ė Good job on the loss!!! You should be excited about that because the holidays are soooo difficult Ė a loss after all the parties and meals, etc is GREAT!! :carrot:

Annie Ė MFP is My Fitness Pal, a website where you can track your eating and exercise, as well as blog. Users can friend each other and follow their progress and offer support. Glad the roads are better for you. Yeh, not getting the mail for a few days isnít a huge deal - Iím quite okay with the future elimination of Saturday mail deliveryÖTimes sure have changed. Glad to hear Sissyís pregnancy is going well. Iíll keep her in my prayers that it continues to go well!! Hope you can have the sleepover with the liíl guy on Saturday. Re the office move Ė I can see just going ahead and fixing the issues yourself Ė you canít wait around for the movers to come back when thereís business to be done! And I imagine youíre the one taking the heat for this, so itís best to fix it ASAP.

Shad Ė Yay for a more reasonable power bill!!! I hope this is the end of it! Enjoy your weekend.

Nothing much to report. Yesterday was a rest day for my challenges. Didnít do much last night except some tube-watching.

Plans to see a band tonight at the casino the next town over have fallen through, but Iím not all that upset. Weíre going to get quite a bit of rain and I donít mind just staying at home. Bf wants to go out for some Mexican foodÖ a challenge to my weight loss progress. I will skip any alcohol and drink water and watch my portions. The restaurant we want to go to is a bit upscale from the usual ďside of rice and refried beansĒ, so I can probably find something on the lighter side. And control portions, of course!

Saturday Iím meeting a former co-worker for breakfast. That will actually be more of a challenge to me than Mexican food for dinner Ė I always look forward to a big salty breakfast with a side of pancakes instead of toast. I wonít go the oatmeal or cereal route tomorrow, but I will stay away from the pancakes.

Other than that, no other plans this weekend. I will finally return a sweater I bought that ended up having a hole in the sleeve. I'd bought it at an outlet mall in WI last month and can return it to the store at the big mall near me. There was no way I was going over there during the Christmas shopping rush!

As for exerciseÖmy challenges await, and maybe a trip to the gym on Sunday.

Thatís it for me. TTFN!

01-10-2014, 12:45 PM
Lil man has strep throat. I am taking this afternoon off to go babysit while Sam goes to her doc appt. Poor lil guy. Love him so much!!

01-10-2014, 12:48 PM
Awww, poor li'l guy - strep is painful. Grandma will make it all better!!

01-10-2014, 12:58 PM
Sigh...another headache. It's my first week on the new job so going home ill is not an option, and I've got a poker game tonight, and my friend (who has cancer) is counting on me for a ride. I just took two Excedrin migraine and those normally do the trick if I take them early enough...and hopefully I did.

Susie - Congrats on the great weight loss!! I'm so happy for you.

Ceejay - I hope your migraine has gone away.

Annie - I'm hoping that your DD's doctor appointment goes well. I know what you mean about how the snow, ice melter and all kinds of stuff tracks in during the winter. I'll be doing some cleaning this weekend as well. Getting more stuff sorted and organized, and maybe bringing over stuff that was in my step-mom's attic. I won't be emptying storage out anytime soon, as D's house is pretty full of furniture. But we do need a more efficient organization system.

Happy - You had me all :dizzy: with the towing cars here and there. I hope you're able to get them all sorted out soon, with not too much expense.

:wave: to Laura and Shad!

Thank you all for the prayers and suggestions about my friend.

Much love to all,

01-10-2014, 01:02 PM
Annie -- I'm so sorry to hear about Lil Man's strep throat. That's no fun. I hope he feels better soon and that you and your DD don't catch it from him.

Laura - have a nice evening at home, and fun with your friend tomorrow. I've never been a big fan of pancakes, but I love Eggs Benedict with lots of Hollandaise sauce. :drool:

01-10-2014, 01:23 PM
Morning all,

Happy Friday to you. We are supposed to FINALLY get out of the deep freeze and maybe even see 30 degrees today. :yay: DH is waiting on Enterprise (car rental) to come and pick him up and take him down to go pick up the rental car. I realized this morning that we left both garage door openers in the towed away cars. DH said it's no big deal to get out and open the door - oh yeah I said, just wait :lol: Now that the garage is empty I feel I should go get at some boxes and clean them out but it's still darn freezing cold in there and I have PLENTY to clean in here by gosh by golly. Was talking to Mom last night and she launched into a 20 minute diatribe about her friend's wife's cousin's son's kids :?::?::?: really? :blah::blah::blah: so I just let her go on and I put the phone on speak on the counter and went and took the ornaments and lights off the Christmas tree. DH took it out this morning - it will be repurposed into shelter for the birds outside. I guess there is an icy glaze forming outside - sometimes a warm up is not always the best thing on top of lots of snow. I hope it doesn't get wretched out there - don't need Annie's conditions.

Ceejay - that's ok that you didn't exercise yesterday, you had a valid reason. Just consider it your off day and get back into the swing of things today. I guess a migraine is a good reason to avoid any drama at work.

Susie - congrats on the 2.25 weight loss :yay: Excellent work!!!

Annie - good to have you back with us again. Do you live in a gated community? If so then you need to be calling up the homeowners association and getting on their case about cleaning the streets. Yay for you for doing I.T.'s work and getting the printers working again. You are the woman - most unappreciated but always in demand I'm sure. I'm glad to hear that Sissy is doing well in her pregnancy - hope she gets to term with no problems. :crossed:

Hello to the rest of the ladies :wave: I need to get cracking here. later chicas.

01-10-2014, 01:42 PM
Guess I missed some of you while I was taking a break and vacuuming pine needles off the rug

Sorry to hear of all the illness running around - 'tis that time of year I'm afraid. Hate to hear of Lil Man with something as nasty as strep throat. POPSICLES!!!! and :hugs:

Michelle - hope you caught the migraine in time. I'm sure your friend is counting on you for poker so it will be way better if you don't have to drive in blinding pain. I hope you can have some time this weekend to reorganize. I am just tired of seeing stuff lay around - sometimes neat and tidy is it's own reward. I like pancakes - occasionally - but give me a good eggs benedict any day! yum - now I'm thinking about that. Good thing I don't have a car to go anywhere :lol:

Laura - thank you for the link - I see they want all sorts of greeting cards so that's good to know. As for the eggs - can I get geeky??? - you are right about older eggs being easier to peel. As an egg ages, the white inside shrinks and leaves an air pocket. Just a little bit of air makes it easier to peel - I HATE stubborn hard cooked eggs where you rip half the egg off with the shell. I have also heard that adding a bit of salt to the water also makes them easier to peel but I'm not sure if that does anything other than add more sodium to the egg. :dizzy:

Ok, now I'm going to go look at cars online. Maybe I'd better take an aspirin first or dizzy pills :dizzy: too many choices.

01-11-2014, 02:09 AM
Been out blackberry and raspberry picking today. Have some in the freezer now, yummy. The blackberries are big, fat and juicy. The raspberries, well lets just say that not much will beat the punnet of raspberries that Chris and I ate our way through in Scotland. They were just THE best.

Beautiful day today, but it probably won't last long. Summer is very patchy so far.

Ooops phone. I will be back.

01-11-2014, 03:17 AM
glad to hear that you FINALLY had an opportunity to enjoy outside AND get some lovely berries to boot Shad. Yum.

One of our cars has a cracked radiator - we give them $400 and they will give us back a running car early next week.

We are probably going to replace the 4Runner. They say they can't get to look at it until later next week, I have played "the dance" with the new car salesman today wheeling and dealing prices. I was proud, I held my ground and I generally detest that kind of stuff. But I laid the groundwork for DH. We both have headaches from information overload trying to decide what is best. Anyway we will be off tomorrow taking a test drive and checking out the 2014 models.

Have a good weekend ladies, I will be back later to catch up with yahs.

01-11-2014, 10:17 PM
Hi Everyone. We are final out of the deep freeze her in Ohio and had little bit of rain so that salt on the roads (and it feels like everything else) has been washed away. I didn't make it to the car wash yet, but will go tomorrow.

I didn't make it here yesterday as work got crazy. One of my managers decided that she has to go to the plant in Mexico next week for 3 days,so I had to rearrange her calendar for next week and even a couple of weeks after that as she wantd some of next weeks meetings rearranged.....and it goes on and on. I also have complex HR subject going on with one of our employees and that took a lot of calls and emails too.

I ended up working from 8-7 p.m. and then we went to dinner (more about that in a bit), came back home around 9 an worked until 1:30 a.m. But I'm n good shape for Monda morning.

We are friends with a family that has 4 girls, the last two are twins. I was in deliver with my friend when she had all 4 girls. They call us Unlce and Aunt and I love them like we are family.

Anyway, one of the twins has a palet spreader thing in her mouth and one of the brackets broke on one side, so it was hanging in her mouth. We don't have a childern's orthodonist in town and so ths appratus was put in a Children' in Cincinnati. My friend called them and they told her to try and get the apparatu out of the bracket on the other side, and if not, she would have to bring her in (a hour drive each way)...well of course, she couldn't get it out. Her huband was out of town and driving back but was aout 6 hours away.

So, we took the other 3 to dinner with us, and they stayed all night. The told their mom it was a great night. My friend didn't get back with with her other daughter until around 1 a.m. Kind of a cray night.

For those of you on MFP, my weight loss there showed 1.8 lbs instead of the 2.25 I reported here because I hadn't changed my MFP number and I had gained a bit back from that numer, so that is why it was different. Now it is all current.

Ceejay: I will add you to MFP. I need too back and look up your name. If you don't see a request from me, please feel free to add me. I'm SusieChaney on MPF.

I was doing the same floor cleaning that you were today. The floors were a mess with all the snow, and the ice melt and wet shoes on the floors all week. It feels good to have it all cleaned up.

I hope your migraine stays away. I get them sometimes and they make me so even hurts to breathe. Hopefully your work week this weeik will be a bit smoother.

Annie: I hope your grandson is doing ok. I get strep very easily and it is so painful. Both my newphews has had it over the past 2 weeks. You know how one gets it and passes it on.

Michelle: Sorry that you had a migraine too. Did your friend and you make it to poker?

Laura: Thanks for the link. I had heard that about the cards and I thought I would do it this year. I still have the cards we received for Christmas so I will now be able to get them sent to were they need to go.

How was your breakfast with your friend today. I LOVE will see them on my food diary on MFP a lot. I just try to eat 2 instead of 6 now! :p

Happy: I don't envy you doing car shopping. We bought a new car 18 months ago and I know that "dance" you are talking about with the salesman. And it does make your head spin sit down and talk " the deal". But when you get into the new car, it all sems to disappear...until the 1st payment is due! lol

Glad to hear you were able to get your tree smart of you to make good use of the time during your phone call with your mom.

Shad: It seems so odd to think you are in the summer season...I'm envious!
You have summer and fresh berries! Blackberries are my favorite!

See you all tomorrow. I'm going to get up an hour early than I usually do so that I can get my walking DVD in and done for the day tomorrow.

I didn' work out on Friday or today as I felt my body as really tired but I'm ready to gt back to it tomorrow. Bye bye for now

01-11-2014, 10:50 PM
I have had a good day with my uncles. My cousin from Little Rock was up today and it's always fun to talk to him. There was a picture going around today that I don't remember seeing. It was a group picture of my mom's family at my grandparents on Mothers day in 1953. My baby sister was 5 months old. I was asleep on my dad's lap but not all of me was in the picture. I like seeing these old pictures.
I also made good food choices for lunch but haven't entered it on MFP. I also rode the bike but only for 20 minutes.
I've got my tablet charged up and am using it again.

Hope your migraine didn't fully develop so that you were able to go play poker.

Give the lil man a hug for me. I feel for anyone that has strep especially a little guy. But I know that he's in good hands. Hope dd doctor appointment went well.

Which vehicle did you decided upon-another 4runner. 400 dollars is not a bad price to pay for maintenance. And a smart choice in putting you phone on speaker to do other tasks around the house. I should remember that the next time I have a lengthy conversation with my sister.

Yum, blackberries. I love them, don't enjoy picking them though.
Glad you had some quality time with your friend.

Thank you for adding me to you MFP list. How nice that you kept your
friend children!

01-12-2014, 03:44 AM
Evening all,
Gotta report an NSV today. (non Scale Victory). A couple of weeks back I bought some new jeans. It was a minor celebration that even though they were made in China, the correct size could actually be zipped and buttoned (just) - although got to admit to some muffin top here and there. Yesterday I got them out for the first time to wear over the weekend and wacko, I could button and zip with no problem whatsoever. So something must be working.
Yesterday I went picking fruit as I told you. I packed them all and froze them last night and today I went looking for some form of storage for my underwear. This place is somewhat light on storage that I can reach easily. Anyway, I now have put it together - with great difficulty and 5 non necessary fastener parts, and one missing necessary part, and also something that I suspect fits on a bicycle. Well made China indeed. I did make a couple of mistakes with the unit, but it is hanging together so far. It won't carry heavy loads and I am extremely grateful to the lady in Bunnings who suggested I get a rubber mallet to belt the fastenings into the fittings. It would still be in pieces without that. The bloke in the storage area, when asked about needing anything to help put it together, said and I quote ' Yeah Nah luv. Piece of P*ss to put together those things'. Yep, nah right.

So having walked all the way up to the hardware store ( about 2.5k) and having stopped off to get my veges on the way, and having gone to a kitchen/ bathroom store before the hardware store, I had fruit, veg, hairdryer, scales for the bathroom, scales for the kitchen and the storage gizmo. Took stock and called a cab to get me home. I might be able to carry a fairly heavy load, but I am not stupid.
Got home, put the food away, created the storage unit and then went to the supermarket for the usual stuff like laundry washing stuff and meat. So I have done my exercise for the day. The wind blew me around all the time I was walking as well.

Happy - new car, nice. Hope you are as happy with this as you were with the old one. Love what you did with Mum's rant. Always something to do while you are on the phone.

Annie - Hope the little one is over the Strep throat. The office sounds like the normal stuff ups. We have to go through that in the next couple of weeks. Nice thing is that the new office is 5 minutes downhill from here.
I can roll out of bed and down to the office.

Michelle - did you get the friend to the poker game?

Ceejay - nice that you had a good weekend with the family. Some of the old family photos are really fun to have and to keep. You can put them with the family tree and in the family album.

Laura - Hope you managed okay with the Mexican and the meeting with the friend. It's always a challenge to find something that will not blow the calories out of the water

Susie - You're going well with the program now. 1.8 loss is great. Now that I have my scale, I will be changing things as well. I took the original figure from that which I weighed some month or so ago. We've had Christmas and New Year since then.

Okay, better move along. Back to work tomorrow and I have to make a dent in the huge log of stuff I now have to do. Should be able to get some of oldest stuff sorted.

Where did the weekend go?

01-12-2014, 02:26 PM
Last in, first in. That's how it goes sometimes.

As I said in the last post, I bought a set of cheap scales yesterday and today I got them out of the box and out of the packing and set them to zero and stood on them - this was all before my shower at around 5.45am. To my surprise, they told me that I had lost 9Kg - ie around 18lb. Yeah right. Readjust the scales, stand on them again. Same thing 75Kg instead of 84Kg. Yeah right. Shift the scales to the other side of the room. 75kg. Onto the carpet 75kg. Bullsh*t. I got in the shower and it obviously woke up the brain because I started to think that if I bounced around on the right foot, the scales went up around the 80kg mark. On the left foot, they went down to 70kg. Out of the shower, pick up the scale and turn it over. You guessed it, still got packing in the left side. Take that out and I still weigh a depressing 84kg. Nothing lost (or gained) in the past 10 days.

So the change in clothing must mean that the shape is altering but not the size. I guess I should be grateful for small mercies.

01-12-2014, 03:48 PM
Good afternoon all. Very lazy morning.

Yesterday was rather lazy as well. Breakfast with bf & work buddy from my previous employer was good, but heavy. I was full afterwards, and there were leftovers even. Good thing we only eat breakfast out about 4 times per year.

I finally returned a sweater to the store yesterday- couldn't exchange it as they didn't have my size. Didn't find anything else that I wanted. Did some laundry & a dog walk, read a book & watched some tv.

Found a recipe to use the acorn squash I've had sitting around. Did my challenges. Since I'm skipping the situp part of the ab challenge, I've decided I'll up the other parts by adding the number of situp reps to the crunches & leg raises. I might also do two planks for the day's amount of time instead of just one.

I guess it's about time I get cleaned up & dressed. Ill get over to Walgreens to pick up some sale items I want. Bf is in football playoff watching mode so I may as well plan my day solo. Might go to old navy & finally check out their yoga pants. Maybe that'll motivate me to work out. I've not gone to the office fitness center or the gym as I should. For someone who's going go be wearing a swimsuit soon, I'm sure not acting like it.

Okay, off to dress. Back later for personals.

01-12-2014, 04:37 PM
Super quick post as I should be doing freelance website work that I'd promised I'd get done today.

Vertigo yesterday went away by afternoon. Headache today will hopefully leave just as quickly.

Not much to do today other than website work, grocery shopping, taking Santa to the dog park and then dinner with my friend B (my friend battling cancer).

Shad - Congrats on the NSV! That's wonderful!! I'm going to start going to the gym after work tomorrow.

Happy - Congrats on the new 4Runner. Is the Avalon ok?

Ceejay - I love seeing family photos from years gone by. My cousin is posting many of them on FB. Amazing what a skinny kid/teenager I was.

Laura - Have you figured out how to make time to go to the gym or fitness center? How long 'till your trip?

Annie and Susie - I hope you're having a great weekend. Sorry about the Colts, Annie. I was pulling for them, as despite being born in New England, I'm not a big Tom Brady fan.

I did my good deed for the day. I just took Santa for a walk around the block and saw a fat little chihuahua loose with no one around anywhere. It irks me, and kicks in my protective instinct, any time I see a loose dog, but ESPECIALLY a loose small dog that cars can't see very easily. The dog wouldn't let me pick him up since I had Santa on leash, so I immediately started looking out for a yard with a gate open or fence that the lil guy could get under. I found the house with the gate open, rang the bell and then backed down to the street (since I had Santa and they had another dog that came running around from the back). Sure enough it was their Chihuahua. Luckily, the lil dog hadn't gotten too far and dog and family are now reunited.

Well, I'd better get back to my work.

Happy Sunday.


01-12-2014, 10:12 PM
The weekend went by really fast! I am telling myself to look forward to the upcoming 3 day weekend. We get next Monday off. But I must get through the this week.

I made sure to get up this morning and get my DVD walk in before church. Sunday's time always gets away from me.

Shad, great NSV. When you put jeans on it is always a true test of weight gain or loss so don't worry about the new scales. All scales are a little different so just take the number they say and just know they will go down from there.

Michelle, so glad you were able to help that dog! I hope your headache is gone.

Laura: Good for you for adding extra squats to your daily challenge. Did you get new yoga pants at Old Navy?

Ceejay:it sounds like you are having fun with your family. I love to see those old family pictures.

Happy, any luck with the care shopping?

Time to go pack my workout bag and get my clothes ready for tomorrow.

01-12-2014, 10:27 PM
Well done on finding the owner. My sis called tonight and told me that her son took their small dog out to their land and he the small dog got loose. He had not been able to find him. His gf will be devastated. I'm praying some one as generous as you were will find him.

Your day sounded like it was laid back. I love those kind of days. Maybe next week end I'll get mine.

My aunt gave me another picture this weekend of a family gathering. We figured out that it was at a Mother's day gathering at my grandmothers house. I was only in part of the picture. I was asleep on my daddy's lap.
Work tomorrow and I'm not in the mind set to go.

01-12-2014, 10:29 PM
I'd rather have the inches to come off first rather than the pounds. Congrats.

We were posting together. I went to church also but I haven't gotten in my exercise, but I will while watching Downton Abby.

01-13-2014, 09:59 AM
Happy Monday....

Thank you for all the well wished for my lil guy. He is better but still carrying a slight fever of 100.8. Better than the 104. Hopefully today will bring better news. I visited him Saturday and Sunday but no kisses, I did hug and love on him tho. Can't help it.

Today I start tracking MFP. I forgot I has already signed up in the past, so I found my log in stuff and am now on there. I am annecarp if you all want to friend me. Don't know how long I will stick to it cause I am not that faithful. However I am really going to try. I have gained sooooo much weight. I have been doing great for the past 5 days. 25 more days and I will have a habit formed. Yeah. So I need you all to kick me in my seat to stay with it and really work on it.

SHADDIE...Yum I love love love black rasberries. My very favorite! I used to go berry picking with my grandpa back in the day. Glad you are enjoying a little bit of time there.

HAPPY....good news on the car situation, at least you only have to purchase one car instead of two. We too are out of the deep freeze. Hi today is 50. Most of the snow is melted except the huge piles that were plowed. Now they are agout 4-5 feet tall and ugly dirty snow.

SUSIE...please friend me on MFP as I am not sure how to do that. I will have to vist the site and look around. Nice of you to help out your friend with the kiddos...You are a good person.

CEEG...I love old pictures. I inherited a bunch when momma passed then the rest of them when daddy passed. I really need to organize them. Always so much other stuff to do that I don't get around to the fun stuff much.

LAURA...speaking of acorn squash, I bought a spaghetti squash over the weekend. The bad this is I love it with lots of butter, salt and pepper. I will have to figure another way to prepare it beside marinara sauce.

CHELLE...glad you migraine went away. Sometimes we just need to get out and breath some fresh air, drink lots of water and be kind to ourselves. Hugs sister.

Didn't do much over the weekend, errands, chores and cleaned thoroughly about the house. C ran the vacuum for me while I did the mopping, laundry, scrub down the cabinets in the kitchen, dusted, and scoured. He is a great vacuumer. Yesterday we went to a mom and pop's restaurant that has very good food. I had a small cup of vegetarin veggie soup and a chef salad for lunch, then a cup of Wendy's chili. Yum. Watched the Colts get slammed by New England. That is ok, I have moved my support over to the Broncos to support Peyton Manning.

That about does it for me...have a marvelous Monday/eve all.

Loves and hugs.

01-13-2014, 10:00 AM
Oh and anyone else on MFP...Happy, Ceeg, Laura, Susie, Shad, Chelle do friend me...annecarp

01-13-2014, 12:04 PM
Morning all. Never did get back for personals yesterday...

Shad Ė Berry picking Ė never did that before. The closest I ever came was apple picking as a kid, but when we got to the orchard, they were all picked out. I think we ended up buying some in the shop Ė my only memory of that day is that the shop was packed with all the other people who came to pick apples but couldnít. Yay for the NSV! :yay: All that walking with all those hills Ė and the wind Ė is paying off! The scale will eventually cooperate, but getting smaller and healthier is more important than the number. Please remind me of that when I whine about what the scale shows. Thank you. Re the Mexican dinner on Friday Ė it never happened. I got off the train one stop early to go to the place in the next town over from ours. From the train platform, I looked across to the restaurant and all was dark, and then I could see the realtorís sign Ė the restaurant had closed down! Lesson: Phone first! :idea: Bf picked me up and instead of going to the cute (but pricey) little Mexican place in our own downtown, we just decided to go home. Okay by me, I knew breakfast out the next day would be a calorie challenge.

Susie Ė We never did get out to the car wash Ė did you? Ugh, too bad about the late night work on Friday. And sheesh, I sure know that HR issues can consume so much time. I hope whatever it is gets resolved soon for productivity's sake. So nice you could take your friendís kids for the night Ė what a situation - and isnít it always at the worst possible time? Well, it actually could have been worse Ė could have happened on Sat. or Sunday. No, I didnít buy any yoga pants at Old Navy. Theyíre cut a bit too low for me to feel comfortable wearing. I also tried on a couple pairs of jeans Ė also cut a bit too low for me. I never shopped much at Old Navy to begin with and now I guess I've aged out of it. Oh well, Iíll get over it. Nice you get next Monday off!!! :carrot:

Ceejay Ė How nice to have some old family photos to look at. :) I looked through some when I visited my mother last year. My sister visited more recently and ended up taking some of the photos home with here. I think Iíll take some home next time I visit. I hope someone finds your nephewís (?) dog! It would be horrible to not know what happened to him. :(

Annie Ė Hope the little guy is 100% very soon. Glad youíre joining us on MFP! Iíll see if I can find you. Iíve only bought spaghetti squash once in the past, and I really liked it as a substitute for pasta, and I had it with marinara sauce. I think next time Iíd add some veggies such as zucchini and bell peppers to it, and maybe some Italian sausage too. Yum. :hun: :drool:

Happy Ė Glad to hear dhís carís problem wasnít very serious or expensive to remedy. Congrats on your new car! Too bad the other one couldnít be repaired, but at itís age, you probably wouldíve started feeling nervous about itís reliability. When do you get the car, or do you already have it? Enjoy getting to know all the new features. :D

Michelle Ė Glad the vertigo went away, and I hope the headaches take a break, especially since the migraines can be so debilitating. How fortunate you came across that stray dog! Iím so glad you got him back to his home. Very good deed indeed!! :yes: Re the exercise, I have time in the evenings to go to the gym, I just always wish I were the type to make exercise fit into my early morning or workday schedule, just to have it done with. I will pop in to the fitness center just to refresh myself as to what they have in the way of non-cardio equipment Ė that might be better for me - not quite as sweaty.

Nothing much else to report. After I went to Walgreens yesterday afternoon, I stopped at the library to pick up a couple books and the Doc Martin dvd of the latest season bf had on hold. Like I told Susie, I came up emptyhanded at Old Navy. Back at home, I took doggy for a nice long walk. The temps were still relatively mild, but there was a stiff breeze to make it feel chilly. Of course Coal could care less about that Ė he seems to love walking through puddles, on ice, and through the very soggy, heavy, snow on the lawns. He always needs a major rubbing with a towel after walks like that. I set the stopwatch on my cell phone partway through the walk to see how long I was walking, but totally forgot about it...until an hour and a half later when bf and I were eating an early dinner at Culver's. Oops. I'll try again on my walk to the train station when I leave the office today.

Didnít do anything special for the rest of the evening Ė went through some bills, updated the checkbook, started reading a new book.

Okay, better get this posted and back to work. :comp: The boss is back from her very well-timed vacation (to Turks/Caicos), and the admin has called in sick. Wonder if thereís a connection there, hahaha.

01-13-2014, 01:18 PM
Morning all,

Sorry I did get in here yesterday. I was stewing :mad: I discovered that the car dealer was "lying" about one aspect of our deal. It's not that we got screwed but they were not upfront so now I don't trust them and trust is VERY important to me. If I could, I'd nix the deal. DH said what is done is done and it's not that we lost anything substantial, let it go but it's the principle of the thing with me. We have not picked up the new car - it had just come in off the truck and there were a few things that needed to be done with it, we also ordered running boards (a necessity as I had a hard time crawling into the passenger seat for the test drive) and they also have to add the paint protection. We will probably pick it up by the weekend.

Yesterday we went grocery shopping as I was almost out of everything. I am ready to start the week fresh, my big sin was a pizza that DH picked out yesterday as I was waiting for deli meat. I would have been better off skipping it in favor of something else but could not justify tossing half a pizza. So I paid for it on the scale today. I'm going to delay weigh in by one day. It has "warmed up" to the 20's this weekend which is good and bad. Good in that the milder temps really make a difference when you're outside as well as the house not being so bloody cold in the late hours of the night. Not good because the warm up releases more moisture in the air and we are getting slick spots and frost on things. I just hope it stays mild for a bit, we are both worried about the frost line going too deep and affecting the septic system - DON'T NEED that kind of problem. I think we have a few days of mild and then it's supposed to get cold again. More snow tomorrow. Yes, I'm getting a little tired of winter. How I envy you with the 50 degree temperatures :lol:

Laura - I think I picked strawberries once as a kid but when I realized that daddy long legs spiders :spid: LOVE to live in strawberry plants - that was it for me. Up here we have a lot of apple orchards more north by Lake Superior - you can buy them or go pick your own and they also have a lot of berry farms where you can pick blueberries, raspberries maybe even blackberries. We went blueberry picking the last 2 years. It was lots of fun. No spiders either! That's too bad that the Mexican restaurant was closed but as you said with the breakfast group the next day, you probably saved yourself a lot of calories. It's interesting that you mentioned the low cut yoga pants - perhaps if a person is a stick bug with no booty, their pants would stay in place but for yoga - one is doing ALOT of movement. I'd want pants as close to the waist as possible. Are "yoga" pants more stretchy or something? I think we still could have kept the 4Runner a bit longer - although they never did tell us what the problem was we both feel it was a seal break due to the recent extremely cold weather. But it's a done deal now. I hope the next owner takes good care of it. Perhaps Coal likes walking in the puddles because it's the rubdown/massage he knows he'll get afterwards and doesn't everyone love a good massage :lol: ;)

Annie - welcome back to MFP. I know it's a pain to log stuff, I feel that way too but with all of us onboard and once you get in the habit of doing it, I think you won't find it so much of a hassle. I get the feeling though that you probably only do your computer stuff at work and that can be a hassle because it does take time to enter stuff. I also find if I don't do it the same day, I always seem to forget something. But this year it's going to be different, right? I like spaghetti squash but not so much as a substitute for pasta so if you come across a recipe that is more veggie in nature, please share. I'm glad that Lil Man is getting better - poor guy - strep is rough.

Ceejay - I hope your nephew finds his lost dog :( How fun it must be looking at the old pictures. Cherish them and happy memories of days gone by.

Susie - that was really great of you to help out a friend, especially since your weekends are busy enough. And I have to say you are going gangbusters on the eating and exercise plans - congrats on the commitment and successes! I take inspiration from you.

Shad - I must agree with the others - although we get so much gratification from the scale, being able to fit into clothes and inches lost are probably a much better indication of success. It seems that you have going back on the path to healthy eating and moving and it's paying off - so good on yah and keep up the good work! How crazy was your story with the scales :dizzy: I was thinking of how I take things for granted having what I need here at home and you really have to be clever getting what you need in a job that takes you away from the comforts of home. I'm sorry but I got a good laugh - although I was sympathizing with you - on the story of assembling the storage unit. I hope they resolved the wet ceiling issues by now.

Michelle - to your question - yes, the Avalon will be ok - new radiator but that's it. :crossed: That was SO NICE of you to take the extra steps to go and locate the escaped dog's home. Most people would have kept on walking. Is Santa doing better with the cough he had at the other day care place? Hope your migraine has gone away - been a while since you had those headaches. Did you win at poker?

Guess that's enough for me. I need to get some laundry done - been spacing out the loads because if the ground is freezing it means the septic is draining more slowly so I don't want to put a lot of water in the tank. I probably should have run a load or two yesterday. I also need to do some housecleaning and work on at least one hot spot. Have a good Monday everyone.

01-13-2014, 06:16 PM
Happy Monday.

Yes I have MFP, username is Arkansasbee. Glad that lil man is getting better. and I know what you mean by giving him hugs and kisses even if he is sick.

I'm hoping that they will find the dog also. His gf was very partial to the dog. I think she was with him yesterday when he ran off. I reminded my sis of the time we took our dog to our uncles who live about 15 to 20 minutes away and she found her way back. She said this was a hour away. I need to remind them to call the humane society to tell them. Some one may bring him to the animal shelter.

I'd rather pick strawberries than blackberries. However don't think I could for a long period of time due to the knees.
Seems like dogs like the cooler temperatures. They always have a coat on so it doesn't bother them. We had drizzle today but at least the temp is above freezing.

Nothing new for me. Back to work and I'm having to recalculate some gallons used. We have a meter that is steady counting on the pump that froze.
Didn't exercise last night. Just wasn't in the mood and had to much to get done before I could come to work.
I have an appointment with a dermatologist on Thursday. I really don't want to go.

01-13-2014, 06:25 PM
Good afternoon ladies,

Yesterday afternoon, I took Santa to the dog park, and he had a great time! He always has so much fun there running around with the other dogs, and also going up to the other humans and acting like no one ever gives him love or attention at home. Yeah, right. :lol3: After that, my friend B and I went out to dinner.

I forgot to mention...D and I had date night on Saturday since he didn't have to work. We went out to dinner and then saw the Hobbit movie (Part 2 of the trilogy). I thought it was pretty good, but then I really enjoy that genre. I've also heard that Saving Mr. Banks is very good, and I want to see that too.

As for poker, I lost a few bucks and so did my friend, but we had fun anyway. Since we play for such small stakes, no one really loses or wins more than $'s mostly for the fun of it.

This weekend went by too quickly. I wish we had a 3 day weekend next weekend...but I'll have to wait until Presidents' Day in February for that. I'm not complaining (too much). I am grateful to be back at work...and very grateful to have a short commute so I have time in the evenings for the gym and to do other stuff, so I don't have to cram it all in on the weekends. And once the sun starts setting later, I'll probably take Santa to the dog park a couple evenings a week, in addition to the weekends. :D

Susie - So nice of you to watch your friend's daughters so she could take the other daughter to the hospital.

Shad - The fresh berries sound so yummy! Good for you for getting together the storage thing. I want to get some sort of storage thing for the bedroom. Not sure if I need drawers or shelves yet. Right now, I still things in plastic storage bins, and I'd like to find another place for them. I've never had much luck with buying scales, unless I spend a fortune on one. I swear I had one in Wisconsin...and it may be somewhere in my rented storage space, but not easy to find. So for now, I'll weigh myself once a week at the gym...or make it a point to find a Weight Watchers meeting near me and weigh in there. Bummer that the scale didn't give you good news...but at least the clothes are showing improvement, and you're likely toning up.

Laura - I like how you're modifying the ab challenge! Could you please PM that challenge to me again or send it in a FB message, please? I love football playoff mode, especially when the games are on Saturday AND Sunday. Sadly, next week, the games are just on Sunday, but at least they start later in the day, so I have the morning to get stuff done. Like you, I wish I could get up early enough to go to the gym before work. But I'm queen of the snooze button. Plus, I like showering at night so I don't have to blow dry my hair, so I guess it would be more hassle to try and fit the gym in before work. I love yoga pants and often wear them to lounge around in at home...but I don't have the low-cut/low-rise yoga booty is too big and needs the high-rise coverage! :rofl:

Ceejay - I hope your sister's son finds their little dog. I'll be praying the lil guy is found safe. That's why I'm so...paranoid, over-protective, diligent...whatever...about whenever Santa is outdoors, he's either always on leash or in a fenced-in area (like the dog park or my step-mom's yard). Even now when Santa comes with me to visit my step-mom, I don't let him off-leash until I've checked both gates in the backyard.

Annie - Glad to hear lil man is getting better. I hope he gets the rest of the way better soon. Good for you for doing so well for 5 days! I wish I could say the same. I like Peyton Manning too. I was torn though because I have so many relatives in the San Diego area, so I kind of wanted the Chargers to win. Now I'm rooting for a Denver/Seattle SuperBowl. I think that would be an excellent game.

Happy - Such a bummer that you were misled by the dealer. Trust is so important. You were smart to get the running boards. Being the same height as you, I too would struggle to get into a 4Runner without running boards. And the paint protection is important as well, especially with salty roads. I had the paint/rust protection for several years, and after I stopped getting it done, I started noticing rock dings in the paint, which then turned into small rust patches. Ugh. Thankfully, my next car shouldn't have rust on cars don't rust out here (no snow, no salt). Regarding the septic system, the septic maintenance company that pumped out our tank every couple years told us: (1) when you have the tank pumped, do it in the spring...not the fall so that it's not close to empty when winter comes (as that can contribute to freezing); and (2) A good snow cover is very good insulation for the tank and the leach field. When the snow all melts (and there's no snow cover to offer insulation) and is followed by double digit below zero temps, that can be hard on a system. I never minded daddy long-leg's all the other kinds that I don't like (black widows, brown recluses, wolf spiders). I heard once that daddy long-legs eat the other spiders, so they're ok in my book. Kind of like king snakes that eat rattlesnakes. Glad the Avalon will be okay once it gets the new radiator. Santa is long since over his bordatella (kennel cough)...two weeks on antibiotics cleared it all up. When I took him to daycare, the person ahead of me (who was new to this day care) was being turned away because the dog didn't have it's bordatella or distemper/parvo shots. I especially appreciate that now as I don't want Santa to get ill again.

That reminds me, I'll have to post some pictures of my step-brother's new apartment in Belize. It's a very small studio, but it's less than 100 yards from the Caribbean, and it has a freshwater lagoon about 20 yards away. He can't swim in the freshwater lagoon though due to crocodiles. He sent me a picture of a crocodile sunning itself on the deck). Too close for me...but he's okay with it.

Well, gotta go. Have a great evening everyone!


01-13-2014, 06:59 PM
Here are some pictures of my step-brother's place in Belize.

Here are his descriptions
#1 is looking at my place the door on the left is mine, no the motorcycle belongs to the guy up stairs he parks it there to keep it out of the rain.
#2 is looking into my place, excuse the mess I just unloaded everything from my car for the first time since Dec 28th. The apartment is 10 ft x 30 ft, with a shared bath, which isn't a problem. I,m waiting on a stove and refrigerator, they said about a week, also not a problem.
#3 is looking down the walkway towards the parking area, you can see my car in the back ground.
#4 is from my doorway looking at the dock and fresh water lagoon. It's about 30 ft to the left of my front door. It,s good for fishing, but not swimming because of the crocodiles, which sometimes come up on the dock to sun themselves.
#5 is standing on the dock looking down the lagoon.
#6 and 7 are a crocodile sunning himself on the dock
#8 is the crocodile swimming away

01-13-2014, 11:35 PM
Hi. Busy day again here. I stuck to my eating plan today but it was hard as DH upset me tonight with a comment he made in a conversation. We have talked about it and he said he didn't mean to upset me and I'm sure he didn't but I bet he will think twice before speaking without thinking.

Don't get me wrong ladies I have a wonderful DH and we have a wonderful marriage but there are times you just wonder how in the world men think it is ok to say outloud what they are thinking.

I will admit that I ate some ice cream to "make me feel better'. I don't feel good that I did it, but knowing i was going to logg it made me more aware of the amount I was having.

I will have to catch up on personnels tomorrow. I'm tried and going to bed.

See you all tomorrow.

01-14-2014, 11:49 AM
Good Morning Ladies...started my morning off with a teeth cleaning at the dentist. That was a very fast 6 months. I don't go back until July and I am sure that will get here pretty fast too.

I did very well on eating OP yesterday. As a matter of fact I still had 187 cals to go. Did a bit of laundry last night. I stopped on my way home to pick up a new script for lil man and dropped it by Sam's. He was still carrying a temp and that is not good with strep. Hopefully he is doing better today, I have not checked in with Sissy today.

SUSIE...sorry the blip from DH made you eat ice cream. Hopefully today will be a better day! Hugs.

CHELLE...loved the pictures from you step-bro. Kind of neat to see how other people live. I want to see the movie Mr. Banks also. Sunday is the only day C and I have to do things and movies never seem to get worked into the schedule.

CEEG...thought about you when I heard about the contamination in the water in NC that is heading to the Ohio river. They cannot even use their water for bathing or anything. Some kind of chemical spill.

Hey to Shad, Happy and Laura!!

Sorry got to get busy will try to come back later.

Love and hugs

01-14-2014, 11:56 AM
Morning all.

Susie Ė Good you talked it out with DH. I think everyone - men and women - occasionally blurt out something they shouldnít. My bfís brother is particularly prone to speaking without thinking and is always saying something thoughtless and idiotic. Logging my food helps me when itís time to go back and see where I could have made better choices. I have to say, I seem have an easier time finding the foods in MFP than in the other tools I've used for logging. So far, so good.

Michelle Ė Wow, your stepbrotherís made quite a drastic change in lifestyle! I can see not needing a big living space Ė I suppose heíll want to spend a lot of time outdoors. But even without swimming in that lagoon Ė Iíd be so scared of the proximity of the crocs!! :yikes: Looking forward to hearing more about his new life in the future. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. So nice Santa gets to enjoy the dog park Ė most dogs love being in that pack environment. Bf and I are finally going to finish up and submit the application for the doggy daycare near our house and go forward with the evaluation. We want Coal to spend some time socializing with other dogs, and we want to have a place for him to stay if we decide to go out for a long day or overnight trips. Thatís been an obstacle for us for many years. Re the weekend Ė I donít get the 20th off either, and our next holiday is also Presidentís day in Feb. Re the fitness challenges, they are at the site I copied and pasted the two I'm doing into MS word docs - I'll e-mail them to you. If anyone else wants them, let me know.

Ceejay Ė Good idea to have your nephew and his gf notify the humane society re the missing dog, and maybe they should do that for all the surrounding areas. After a time it might seem unlikely that the dog will be found, but then I think about several stories I've heard about people eventually being reunited with pets after natural disasters separated them.

Happy Ė Sorry the dealers did something to make you mistrust them. Leaves you with a bad feeling. Did your previous 4runner have running boards?? I believe our next vehicle will be a crossover or SUV and I'm going to keep that in mind. Eeek, I wouldnít want to pick berries if I were going to encounter spiders!!! Nice that youíre in an area that has berry picking spots, or a lot of farmstands at which to buy local berries. Re yoga pants Ė I think thatís become a generic term for stretchy workout bottoms. I do think some yoga pants have a waistband that folds down to wherever you want it. With all the poses being done, Iíve realized that the tights/legging type of leg might be better for yoga, because the loose legs just ride up when you do moves that have your legs lifted. I believe yoga tops are more specialized Ė the ones specific to yoga are longer in back to keep things covered when bending. The long-sleeved yoga tops often have longer sleeves with a slit at the cuff for your thumb to hook through Ė otherwise the sleeves can ride up. I think if I want something nicer, Iíll have to resign myself to paying more $$ for my workout clothes. I received a catalog from Athleta (a Gap company) and the clothes are sort of pricey - of course everything is compared to Kohl's/Target/Walmart, LOL. :lol: It just goes against the grain Ė these are clothes Iím going to get sweaty in, why do I have to pay as much or more for them than any other type of clothes I own??

Morning to Shad & Annie.
Nothing much to report. Like Friday, another short evening train, usually 11 railcars, itís been 7. So I had to stand all the way home again. Definitely need to leave the office earlier if I want a seat. This morningís train was also a car short, and there were standees (thankfully I wasnít one of them). The conductor made an apology, saying there were a lot of cars in the shop being repairedÖwonder if thatís related to the cold/snow weíve had or just a coincidence of timing. :?:

Yesterday was a rest day for my challenges, so I was slothful and even fell asleep on the sofa around 9 pm in my snuggy blanket. It was soooo hard to get up to brush my teeth and get into bed Ė and it was 11 pm by the time I finally did that.

Okay, today is finally a WW at work meeting. I believe itís also an open house today Ė I suppose they encourage new members even though itís not the beginning of a new session. According to my booklet, weíre only on week 10, having cancelled 3 weeks due to the holidays and the office closure. I expect to see some sort of loss, even if itís just on the basis of me wearing my usual ďweigh-in clothesĒ today Ė I specifically recall wearing heavy clothing & shoes last time because I knew Iíd have a gain and didnít care what I wore. Silly. WW loss or not, Iím pleased that since Iíve been back to tracking Iíve gone down 2-3 pounds, which is about what I gained during December.

Thatís it for me. Everyone have a great day/evening. TTFN.

01-14-2014, 11:59 AM
Annie - Good job on the OP eating!! Yeh, bf and I never seem to work in movies to our schedule. We tend to watch more movies at home now. Tonight I'm seeing the movie "Her" with Joaquin Phoenix and (the voice of) Scarlett Johanssen.

01-14-2014, 01:03 PM
Good morning ladies,

I went to the gym last night. I got lost on the way there (first time to this gym that's close to my office), but at least now I know where it is. I managed 20 minutes on the bike, and then I went home and took Santa for a brisk walk. Last night, I re-packed my gym bag for today, but I've woken up with a sore throat and swollen I'm going to skip the gym tonight, take some Nyquil and go to bed early. I will walk have to walk the dog though.

Susie - Sometimes people say things without thinking about how it will come out or be perceived. Good for you for talking it through with your DH.

Annie - Great job on the OP eating! I hope the lil man is doing better today. I know what you mean about coordinating schedules with your guy. D and I are on very different schedules. His work has him busy in the evenings and most when we do have an evening or weekend together, it makes it exta special. I hadn't heard about the chemical spill in NC; scary that they can't even use it to bathe in.

Laura - Yep, my step-brother is a man of simple needs. I agree about being so close to the crocs...but if anyone can live in close proximity to crocs, it's my step-brother. He's had big lizards and snakes his whole life...He knows how to give animals the appropriate respect and how to not be stupid around them. Santa loves doggy daycare, though he does play more at the dog park then at day care. It's nice to have the day care option and know that Santa is having a good time and is looked after. Yes, please e-mail me the challenges if you haven't done so already. So odd that they've shortened the evening train. The BART trains were shorter during Christmas week, but got back up to regular length after the holiday. Good luck on weigh in. Great job on losing the December gains! A couple friends of mine saw "Her" and liked it.

:wave: to Shad, Ceejay and Happy!

Better get back to it.

Love and hugs,

01-14-2014, 02:27 PM
CHELLE...are you taking all your vitamins, especially C. B12, the kind you desolve under your tongue would be the best. No sickies allowed.

LAURA...I may just tell C we are going to the movies on Sunday morning before noon when the movies are 5 bucks. Usually there are not may movies I want to see and now there are several. Mr. Banks, the Osage County one, the Wallstreet one, can't remember the names exactly, Frozen....I feel really determined this time to lose the extra poundage.

HAPPY...come out, come out, where ever you are!

Lil man a the same as yesterday. I told Sissy if he is not better by Thursday to call the doc again. Strep is nothing to mess around with, especially that young. And he got up this morning saying, "Mommie, mouf, mommie mouf, drink, please" So it has to hurt. Breaks my heart.

Got to get busy...later my chick-a-dees.

01-14-2014, 08:39 PM
Hi all,

Thought I got in here yesterday, guess not. My knee is really hurting badly and the pain is moving down to my foot. I stopped several times and did my stretches because I read an article that 90 percent of knee pain is caused by the iliotibial (IT) band in the leg. I'm going to add icing it as well as regular doses of anti-inflammatories. I am bad at remembering to take pills. Yesterday I sat in the recliner to read and the cat crawled into my lap because she was cold. She generally sits between my legs when I have them raised up. I had to move her after 10 minutes because just the slight movement of having my legs opened up pulled on the knee. I am supposed to start a yoga class on Thursday. Good thing it's at the senior center - that's my only hope of keeping up with it :lol: My buddy at the thrift shop called me earlier asking if I wanted to work this afternoon and I said no because the afternoon lady is coming in, she just doesn't mark herself on the calendar. I got a call later asking if I would come in on Tuesday mornings and help with the used books which are about 1/4 the stock in the store. So I will do that starting next week. Today we picked up the Avalon from the service place just down the road. I wish we had both cars towed and repaired there is retrospect. That's what SHOULD have been done but the 3rd party roadside assistance screwed up. DH suggested I drive the rental car because it was snowing today and that car has all wheel drive. I don't like driving cars I'm not familiar with but I trusted him and it was a short drive home anyway. We'll probably return the rental car day after tomorrow once we know everything is good with the Avalon.

I am reading Fannie Flagg's newest book - The All Girls Filling Station's Last Reunion. It's cute, it's funny. If you want a light read I recommend it. Also reading Wally Lamb's Wishin and Hopin. That one (fiction) is set in the 1960's and is the story of young Felix Funicello - cousin to yes, Mouseketter Annette (sp sp sp :dizzy:). What I liked about that one is I too went to Catholic grade school in the 1960s and it brought back so many memories of days gone by. I keep nodding to myself - I REMEMBER that - LOL.

Annie - I agree with you that strep is nothing to take lightly - it can do some serious damage. Poor little guy - sore throat is an understatement. I'm glad you are logging on MFP - it was hard to get in the groove at first but it kind of grows on you after a while and is a gentle motivator I think.

Michelle - thanks for the pics of Belize. I had 2 thoughts - 1 is that it's a good thing he's a guy and is not like us who must have a lot of "stuff" everywhere we go - that's like living in a hotel room. The other has to do with the crocodiles sitting on the water. :yikes: I was in Sanibel Island for a friend's destination wedding and the crocs would come up on the greens to sun themselves. Apparently they don't have very good eyesight but they can run pretty darn fast when they set their minds to it. I'm glad he made it there safely. Hope he likes what looks like an interesting slice in his life. Hey, why not? Good job for getting to the gym and working out! That's funny how Santa is such a ham for attention - I guess he and my Nina sure know how to get what they want :lol: Thanks for the advice on the car coating. I was noticing rock dinks on the front of the car too - will have to see if that improves with the clear coat. As for the septic, we got ours pumped in the summer but that's an excellent point about not doing it in the fall for obvious reasons.

Laura - thank you for including the link for the fitness challenges - I can't do them now but they will be a welcome reference for later on. As you your question, yes - all of our 4Runners have had running boards. Since they sit up high, I would not be able to get into the car without them. They lowered the car on the crossovers like the Highlander and Chevy Equinox so those don't really need them. DH was admiring a Tundra (truck) on the showroom floor and I said fuggetabowdit because the floorboard came to my chin. In order to get into it I'd need fold down stairs like you see on Cessna airplanes :lol: Thank you very much for the run down on the yoga clothing - that will be very helpful to me, especially attending a class. I guess long ago are the days when you borrowed your BF's roomy cotton t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants to head to the gym :lol: Bummer that you had to stand on the train - I always had a newspaper in my bag and would set the advertisements down on the stairs going to the upper level and sit in "the cheap seats". Of course I would be the last to sit once the train pulled out of the station and I always got up to let people off. Good that you are tracking again too - seems like we are all getting back in the swing of things with the new year.

Susie - sorry you had a moment with the DH. My hubby loves me dearly (or so I've been told :lol: ) but sometimes he makes remarks that are not intended to be hurtful but they are. My sister said it's because they are just not wired the same way but I don't always give a pass on that. The important thing is that you talk it out - often they don't understand why we might take something one way when they didn't think it was a big deal. I had to work long and hard on mine because sometimes I'd do something that bothered him and instead of saying something right away, he'd just let it pass so as not to make a stink about it. And so, not knowing he didn't like it, I'd just keep a doing it :smug: until he finally had enough and he'd blow his top :mad: and I'd be wondering WHAT'S THE BIG FARGIN' DEAL???? So now we bring things up when we are both in a calm frame of mind and it works out better that way. Guys - can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em? right? :rofl: I don't understand how we could have been made so differently.

Ceejay - I agree with you about the knees and berry picking. That's why blueberries are easier - the bushes are our height and even a bit higher so there's not much bending down. Did you ever find the cord for your tablet?

So Shad I'm curious. Aside from vegemite, are you eating any different foods now that you are in Kiwi-land again? You talked about going to the market and I know you favor lamb back home but what's on the menu now? How's the new storage holding up? I see you managed to get an accurate reading on the scale and have recorded a loss - :yay:

I think I'm going to go find something light for supper. Had made some cheese tortellini (fresh pasta) and I stored them in some of the chicken broth yesterday. Good thing as I had that for lunch today - being in the chicken soup broth was much less calories than some sort of sauce. I made DH some brownies yesterday and while I can generally resist them, darn these came out good. I had to recalculate the portion and calories - no way can you cut the pan into servings that are 1/16 as figured on the box. I did enter it as a snack today to see what the calorie damage is. Still deciding if I want to be a sinner or not and actually have one. And one is all I'd get as DH won't let them sit around for very long. :lol:

That's it for today chicks.

01-14-2014, 11:42 PM
Hi. Another busy day with work. It is always like that and I don't see it changing. What I do see changing is me. I am taking the time to get my workouts in no matter how much work I still have to do and I post on MFP because I know you all are there posting too and here daily to talk and share. Thank you all for welcoming me here and being a part of my journey and I apart of yours.

Happy, I have bad knees too. Actually I have osteoarthritis in my left knee and I have to ice it a lot and stretch it and take naproxen. I am glad you took it easy on it. I hope it feels better tomorrow.

I could taste the brownie you were talking about. I love brownies.
Did you have it?

Laura, I don't like to spend big money on workout clothes. I find a lot of mine at end of season sales at JC Penny. I pair a lot of the pants with t-shirts from Wal-Mart and Target. How did the WW meeting go.

Michelle: I hope the extra sleep helps you to fight off the cold.

Ceejay, how is work going?

Annie I sure hope your grandson is over this strep soon. I agree he should go back to the doctor if he isn't feeling better by Thursday. I saw Saving Mr Banks and it is a great movie. I hope you can get to see it.

Shad, your exercise on MFP is rockin! I can't see your food dairy though. I can see that you logged your food and where you are in your range, but I can't see the details. Can you see mine?

Time for me to head to bed. See you all tomorrow.

01-15-2014, 04:36 AM

01-15-2014, 09:17 AM
Another day in paradise! NOT. Mighty cold and windy out there this morning. I am liking fitness pal. It does help me keep motivated.

HAPPY...wouldn't it be nice to have one day pain free? Sorry your knee is causing you such pain. That just stinks. Fanny Flagg's book sounds good, may have to get it as I could use a good giggle.

SUSIE...this is a great group of girls with a lot of support. We are glad to have you!

Boring evening at home. Dinner, dishes, bed. No TV no nuttin'

Hello to all the rest of you fine ladies.


01-15-2014, 12:14 PM
Morning all. Like Annie said – not a day in paradise today. Frigid temps and gusty winds are back. We got a dusting of snow last night, and there are a lot of frozen spots from the melting snow over the weekend. Bf has been dropping me off and picking me up from the train station a lot lately. I generally don’t mind my walks between home and the station (about 5 blocks each way), but when we get the extreme temps and the pavement is hazardous (especially in the dark after work), I’m happy to get rides. I still walk on my other end of the commute – between the train and the office (also about 5 blocks) and I’m grateful that the pavements are almost always clear of ice & snow. By the way, by using my stopwatch to time myself, I’ve determined it’s more like a 10 minute walk for each of these walks when I’m not in a major hurry to make my train.

As for Metra, apparently the trains wear through brakes more quickly when dealing with this snow and ice and low temps, so they've had to take railcars out of service to do repairs. So said the conductors reading the apology on this morning's train - which was short two cars today. Seems like Metra does a lot of apologizing these days.

Michelle – I hope the extra rest last night helped your body fight off whatever germies are trying to invade. I guess your stepbrother will be very happy in Belize given his affinity for wildlife.

Annie – Poor li’l guy. I hope the strep eases up, the sore throat is so painful! There are a lot of movies I still want to see, but I have a feeling they’ll just have to go on the list for redbox, the library or Netflix.

Happy – Sorry your knee is hurting you. I hope the stretching, icing, and pills will help you. I hope you can make the yoga class tomorrow – in the long term the stretching will certainly help you. Both of the books you mentioned sound good - I could use some funny reads right now. I’ll have to add them to my list. Re the SUV’s and crossovers, whatever bf and I end up with, I know it’ll sit a bit higher than regular cars – bf likes the better visibility in traffic. I’m sure I’ll appreciate that too. But other than that, just give me a car with an engine powerful enough to get out of its own way, a sunroof, heated seats, and a backup camera and I’ll be happy. Oh, and decent gas mileage too. :D Yum, brownies!! :drool:

Susie – Glad you’re still blocking out time for your workouts in spite of being so busy at work. People need to make that time for themselves. I don’t get how people stay sane when they skip lunches, don’t take all their earned vacation time, and forgo their own needs for rest and exercise in favor of an overloaded schedule of home/family obligations. Some people just can't avoid that, but others just “want it all”, but what they really get is stress and all the negative physical manifestations of it. Oh, re the ability to see others’ diaries on MFP – people need to go to Food---Settings---Diary Sharing (towards bottom of page) to select what they prefer – private, public, friends only, and “locked with a key”, whatever that is, lol. I chose friends only – it might help me if someone calls me out on the junk I eat, LOL.

Annie – Sometimes boring is good. Did you get a good night's sleep?? Glad you find MFP motivating.

Hi Shad!! Hi Ceejay :wave: How are your weeks going??


I saw the movie “Her” last night. I found it an interesting topic – a man’s relationship with his “operating system”, which I liken to an online assistant and the voice on the gps – but much, much more advanced - artificial intelligence, blah blah blah. I thought it was a wee bit too long, but it was entertaining and I enjoyed it. Futuristic (but not too far distant), but not “science fiction-y”. Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams were good.

When I got home I did my challenges, and so it was a late bedtime for me. :shrug:

For tonight, we absolutely need to go out and buy some dog food – there was plenty of kibble for Coal’s breakfast but there won’t be enough for his dinner. Sigh. I hate when we cut it so close. Also need some other items.

Oh, WW. I had a loss of 3.8 pounds, which is exactly the gain I had shown at my last ww weigh-in last month, so I wiped that out. Whoo! No loss over the Christmas/NY holidays, but no gain either. I’m satisfied with that. But now…back to trying to make some forward progress. I’m less than 5 pounds from making my 10% loss and less than 10 pounds from what I believe I will set as my final goal weight and I’d like to finally get there. Our leader presented their new “simple start” plan and I like that it includes no tracking…though I’m doing alright with that for now. But the booklet they handed out looks like it has a lot of good ideas and recipes, so I’m going to make a point of reading through it.

Okay everyone, have a good day.
:sunny: :beach:

01-15-2014, 12:43 PM
Good morning ladies,

Yesterday, after picking Santa up and eating a couple bowls of soup that D made. I took a Nyquil and went to bed. I'm still sick this morning...and I felt like I could easily stay in bed and sleep all day, but given it's my second week on the job, I decided to suck it up buttercup and get to work.

Annie - I'm hoping lil man is doing a bit better today. I feel so bad for little ones (and animals) when they aren't feeling well as they don't know what's going on or why they hurt. Sending healing vibes his way. I don't envy you all the cold, windy weather. Right now, I'm chilled here and it's in the low 40s. Yesterday, I actually wore a light jacket after work and it was 70 out, so that confirmed I'm sick (along with feeling like I could sleep for a week). I have been taking my vitamins. I just hope I kick this cold to the curb before it becomes something worse.

Happy - So sorry to hear your knee is bothering you. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. You're right about my step-brother in that he doesn't need the creature comforts or a big place. His studio apartment here in San Jose was about the same size and roughly $1000 more per month for rent. I definitely think he'll be happy. He's already e-mailing and skype-ing regularly with people, so that will ease the homesickness. As for gym clothing, I wear yoga pants or roomy shorts, but I still wear a cotton t-shirt. No sweatpants because they're just too hot. LOL I love brownies...and can almost never resist them, so it's a good thing I wasn't at your house.

Shad - Congrats on the weight loss!!

Susie - Good for you for making time to workout despite having lots of work to do! With the exception of walking the dog, I've been sidelined with this cold, but once I'm better it's back to the gym. Sounds like your workout gear is like mine...workout pants and t-shirts.

Laura - Congrats on the fantastic weight loss!! :woohoo: To have no gain over the holidays is a tremendous accomplishment!! I'm so proud of and happy for you for doing so well! 10 more can do this! No tracking with the new Simple Start plan, huh? I wonder if they're incorporating some of the principles of the "old" Core Plan, where you could eat from a list a healthy foods and didn't have to count or track points. That's good your bf is driving you to the train station. Better to have a shorter train with fewer railcars than to have some with faulty brakes. Like your bf, I too prefer the better visibility of an SUV or crossover. I'm hoping to hold on to my Corolla for the rest of this year and then re-evaluate. That movie "Her" sounds entertaining. I'm noticing of my friends...the men seem to interact more with Siri then the women. Personally, I don't feel the need for Siri or a phone that answers questions...I can google stuff just as easily. LOL

Lots to get done today...One more cup of Earl Grey and I should be able to focus. That's another way I know I'm sick...I usually don't like hot tea...but when I'm sick, I crave Earl Grey tea.

Much love to all,

01-15-2014, 01:37 PM
I was busy at work yesterday. I decided to balance the reports and found some errors and corrected those. The freeze left one high service pump to where it counts continually so I'm having to calculate the number of gallons used by the hours ran.
My friend spent the night last night. She came to pick up some more of her stuff. She's found an apartment in her home town.
I've decided that I need to build my immune system and have started taking vitamin A. After this bottle is done then I'll take a regular multivitamin. I'm beginning to tell a difference.
Not sure who made the brownies but they are my favorite.
I didn't post yesterday in MFP but I will today.
I also have a dermatology appointment tomorrow in Jonesboro. I dread it but this should be the last except for a yearly check.

Sorry you are sick. Do take care of yourself. And good for you in finding the gym.

Sorry your knee is bothering you. This cold weather is probably the culprit.

That's quiet the loss of pounds and if that brings you back to your weight before the holiday's that's even better. You have been doing great.

I've been hearing about that chemical spill. That's terrible. We all need to have extra water in storage in case something like this happens. How is you dd and lil man. Did C finally get well from his diverticulosis? Sometimes it is a good thing to have some down time.

Glad you have joined us. All of you are helping to keep motivated.

I knew there was some one else. I heard on the news that is around 112 degree's in your part of the world.

01-15-2014, 02:28 PM
Morning all,

Just got a phone call from the auto dealer - DH explained our concerns. They had a conversation and at least he let them know what we thought. Looks like the new car will be ready for pick up on Friday. The cold has returned back to us but it's brilliantly sunny so from the inside of the house, it doesn't look too bad :sunny:

I do have to admit that for YEARS I have resisted the type of eating plan where you track calories. I'm not a tracker - at least not on the minute level and in the past I found it tedious. But MFP is really not that bad. My biggest issue is that while they might have the foods I eat, I have to wiggle through a lot of duplicate entries and try to find portion sizes that match - ie. spoons and cups mostly. I really don't know how many grams are in something - and I noticed that when people enter things from the nutrition guides on the packages, it comes across in grams so you almost need to read the package to figure out a serving size. :dizzy: But outside of that, it's not that bad at all. I did resolve this year to be honest - if I ate something I probably shouldn't have if I'm on a diet, then I'm marking it down anyway because the only person I cheat is myself, right? MFP does make me think more about what I'm eating and how I'm moving and I don't feel pressured to be locked into something I'd rather not by any means.

Ceejay - are you dreading your appointment because they cut or burn stuff off of you? I wouldn't be happy about that either. Sounds like there is always something to keep you busy and pass the time at work.

Michelle - sorry you are sick - one good thing about the freeze up this way is that I think it keeps the germs at bay. People in the warmer weather like my niece in Houston seem to be having an awful time with that H1N1 flu that's going around. It's really knocking people down. You're smart to drink tea - add some honey and lemon for some extra soothing and get as much extra sleep as you can. Feel better! :hug:

Laura - when I last took the train they were slowly replacing the cars. Seems like now that they have newer ones they break down more easily! It's frustrating when they short out the cars on a busy line like yours. Sometimes I hated the walk from the train station to the office, especially when we started taking our laptops home - imagine what those old monsters weighed compared to now! But it's funny - as we moved to jobs where we drove to and from, many of us said we missed getting those forced walks in like you have now. I'd go back to them in a heartbeat because one sure becomes wimpy once you start driving everywhere. Congrats on dropping the extra few pounds you picked up. I think it's fantastic that you did not have any holiday weight gain - you were very good about just having a few treats and not going overboard and that really makes a big difference. I totally agree with BF about wanting to sit a bit higher to see traffic - especially in city driving. My sister said the same thing although her crossover only sits a tad higher than a regular car. I will let you know how the backup camera works - that's the one toy I want to play with the most. That and talking to the navigation system through the steering wheel :lol: I think DH was looking at a smartphone type of replacement for our TracPhone so that he could utilize the blue tooth, talk through the steering wheel / hands free capabilities too. Thanks for the review on "Her". That looked interesting - with Joaquin you're never quite sure what you're going to get :dizzy: :lol:

Shad - what's with the hmmm? :chin: Are you humming or did you find something to cock your eyebrow about or just too tired from working to say anything more??? :?:

Annie - how is C doing? Are you still having problems sleeping at night? Glad you are taking to MFP. It's interesting that you mention having a pain free day - I was thinking the same thing - what a wonderful feeling it would be to wake up totally refreshed and jump out of bed pain free to greet the day. :lol: I have realized that it's just motivation to keep moving and while I hate to take medicine, it's probably a good thing to keep up with the anti-inflamatories for a while because it makes a big difference when I actually TAKE THEM. :lol:

Cheers to Susie for introducing us to MFP. Very proud of you for making time to get some movement into your already busy day. That's the key they say, we have time to brush out teeth and do all sorts of things, let's make time for making good choices! JC Penney used to be a favorite for picking up clothes at clearance prices. I remember one of the guys I worked with in Memphis was struggling to make ends meet on his salary (don't assume all Indian contractors are making the big bucks - it was SHAMEFUL what they paid this poor man who had a million dollar background and experience). Anyway he came into the office and was delighted that he was finding work shirts on sale for 2 dollar after discounts. Of course they were odd sort of striped polo shirts but he rocked them. No Penneys anywhere in spitting distance now so I haven't shopped there in ages. Thank you for the knee tips - where do you ice your knee - top, under or side?

I think this covers all of you with personals. Need to go find me some lunch. DH started his photography class online today - I got him studying too :lol: I should check and see if there's anything interesting online as classes start today but maybe I have enough up my sleeve for the next 6 weeks. Have a good day everyone.

01-15-2014, 03:03 PM
Morning all,
Rushing in and out quickly. I was trying to post last night when the internet decided that a go slow was the 'thing' and it hung everything. I did manage to get it back to put in my food and exercise for the day, but that was it. The 3fc site hung and I tried to see if I could get it to work. You saw the results.

As for MFP, I have changed the settings to make my food diary visible so there you are Susie. Also there is a setting where you can change from grams and kilos to ounces and pounds. I forget exactly where it is but it is somewhere in your personal details. I don't like the exercise part of it. There is far more to exercise than walk/jog/run/yoga, although they are a start. What about pilates, cardio classes and the rest. Can you put anything into that area. I don't bother to log strength since it doesn't seem to matter to the program.
Speaking of the program, the food side of it can be somewhat daunting to go through as Happy said, but what I do now is take the nearest to it (if I can't find the nutrition information on the packet and copy the details (enter one serve on your dinner and delete it later) and then put it in as Joys Brand and then a proper description. Use a kilogram/ gram converter to convert to lbs and ounces and a kilojoule (kilocalorie) to convert to calories. I have one listed in my favourites.

Gotta go. Long hard day today. I got up late so will have to work a bit longer but then it is still daylight until 9pm so will get my exercise down Tokyo Lane again tonight.

01-15-2014, 03:56 PM
LAURA...I wish Indy had a train system, I would love it. Not to drive would be wonderful. We do have buses, but Lordy you have to ride it forever to get anywhere. I am not that patient. I think I will pass on the movie "Her", long movies make me crazy. Hard for me to sit still for that long. WTG on the are rockin' close to goal but yet so far. The last few pounds are the hardest.

HAPPY...I really like tracking in MFP. I am not having any issues with it so far, granted it has only been a few days but nothing has detoured me from it yet. Glad you are getting your car back. What a pain to be without your own car. Don't forget to take you meds, silly girl. My sleep is always suckie. can take vit A and a multi at the same time. I take all sorts of vits at the same time. I think I take every letter in the alphabet and then some. lol

CHELLE...I do hope you are feeling better. Nice of D to make soup. That always tastes good when feeling ill. Get some rest tonight.

SHADDIE...don't work too hard, enjoy your evenings! 3FC site hangs up on me about once or twice a month. Has to be the ads trying to load.

Hi Ya SUSIE...hope your day is going well.

Lil man's fever finally broke this morning. Thank God, I was/am so worried about him. Sam said he is start to act normal again...Lord help

My job is majorily sucking again. I am so over it and ready to find something else, no matter the pay. I cried to myself in my cube for about an hour then sucked it up and have moved on. Not talking to anyone around me as they are all idiots and so childish. Whispering behind my back to say the least. Sometimes I wonder why I bother. Oh well. This too shall pass.

Going to put together black bean soup in the crocker tonight to brew up tomorrow so dinner will be ready when I get home. I like coming home to dinner all made up.

That's about it for me today. My head is pounding from crying, I still agree with my son's theory of getting one human kill a month, no consequences. haha


01-15-2014, 04:46 PM
Hi ladies,

Vertigo is back...just frickin' wonderful. Every time I turn my head to look at something on my desk the cube starts spinning. I keep telling myself that there's lots of people who pay good money to get the room spinning. Anyway, now that I have insurance, I'm going to the doc. If I wasn't dizzy and if I hadn't already started to wheeze a little, I'd probably hold out and go tomorrow. I'm leaving at 2 for my appointment. Vertigo, sore throat, swollen glands and sinus congestion/pressure. Lovely.

This is my first cold since I left Wisconsin...and actually, my first cold since last winter so I'm doing pretty good.

Ceejay - I wasn't aware that vit. A was good for the immune system. I know that B vitamins are, and also Vit. D. I take Vit. D, Vit. C, and a multivitamin. I hope they derm appointment goes well.

Happy - As for germs freezing up there...I'm not so sure. I used to get a lot sicker in Wisconsin than I ever have in CA. I think it's because you're cooped up in tight quarters (in an office) with so many people who bring illnesses into the office. You can't even get fresh air because it's so darn cold outside. I usually get sick immediately after a plane trip even though this kicked in about a week after, that's probably where I got it. Either that or from the day I don't have any lemon or honey for my tea...might stop on the way home and get some. I'll definitely do the extra sleeping thing though.

Shad - That metric conversion is making my congested little head spin....or maybe it's just the vertigo...whichever, I'll look at your food diary after the spinning stops.

Annie - For vitamins, I actually take a "Diabetes Nutrition Pack" that I get at Costco. It contains a multi-vit, fish oil, and a few other things specific to blood sugar balancing. I'm so glad the lil dude's fever broke. It sucks that your job is causing you such stress. I don't know the job market in the job market is pretty good...but in Wisconsin it's still fairly depressed. Hang in there if you can. Wish I were there to give you a shoulder to cry on and a hug. Your idea about crock pot soup sounds good. Enjoy.

Back to it...just over an hour before I leave for the doctor appointment.

01-15-2014, 11:40 PM
Hi Everyone. We are cold again here in Ohio. I know, I's winter but does it have to be so cold?!

I didn't exercise today due to I had a procedure done today at a doctor's appt. Do you remember when I had the yeast infection on the skin in December? That cleared up very nicely but I was left with two small sores in that area that just wouldn't heal. I decided to go to the Wound Center we have and have it looked at.

I was afraid it was MRSA or something. They couldn't really tell me why the sores were there but said that I was smart to come see them so they can help me heal the up. Where they are (in the fold of the binki line) and that one of them was skin deep (it's not really deep but it could end up that way if I didn't do anything about it now).

The doctor there did something were he removed this whitish think membrane over the one sore that had that..said it was bleeding and that was good as that would help to heal and told me to use Dove soap to shower with. It has a 7 ph balance and skin needs that and then they gave me this material that has silver nitrite and other things in it and it wicks away the mositure in that area and promotes healing and I leave that in there after showering.

I'm to not use a wash cloth when washing the area and I'm to pat it dry and then but material in the fold there with some of it sticking out so it wicks everything away. I go back in a week to be recheched.

They also gave me information on the amounts of protein and vitamins a person should have to have healthy skin..let's just say I'm under in a lot of areas.

I came home and took a little nap..while what they did didn't hurt it did make me feel a bit dizzy and I think I was keyed up. So I slept and then got back on my computer to work from home--did that at 7 and I'm logging off for the night.

Everyone is doing really well and i do have to say congrats to Laura for the weight loss! For those who are dealing with sickness and aches and pains..listen to your bodies and give it good nutrition and rest. Happy--I have to ice my knee on the side and the top.

Annie: What mean people you work with to make you cry at work! A while back we had an opening in our town for a water treatment plant that sort of what your job is like?

Ceejay: How did the appointment go? I need to see mine for a few things..that is next after this sore is healed up.

Shad: I have issues with 3fat chicks at time to..usually when I have written a long post and was just ready to hit submit. it's maddening!

01-16-2014, 09:42 AM
Good Morning....a new day, and no one is going to steal my JOY (or Shaddie) today. My eyes are swollen a bit but I will get past it. Forgot to put the soup on in the crocker this morning, so I called Sissy and she is going to go over and put it on for me. It is all ready in the pot in the fridge. Goofball me. I work for Humana Insurance as a coordinator. Specialty insurance like dental, life, critical illness, accident, long term dis, everything except medical. I am on the back end once it is sold, doing enrollment, processing the groups etc. I am also the jack of all trades here, master of none, running the office. I wear many hats.

Hi all you lovely ladies, will come back later today if time permits.

Have a terrific Thursday!!


01-16-2014, 10:46 AM
Morning chickies,

It's snowing like the dickens out there. But it's patchy so if you're under the right cloud you get dumped on. Except in the winter the whole sky is gray so you never know where that dumping cloud is! I am going to my yoga class at the senior center today - I hope it's gentle - no downward facing dog for this chick today. Then I'll walk the 3 blocks over to the thrift store for my shift today. Time to make a hair appointment too - someone painted my roots gray when I was sleeping :lol:

Annie - I hope you have a better day at work today. It's awful when it's so bad it makes you cry. I wish we could go back to the days where we mostly got along, planned pot luck lunches and united against the company suck up. The sad thing is, even if you plan to leave, it's like that in most places today. That and the fact that work itself sucks so the only thing one has is to at least be able to have camaraderie with the coworkers. I hope you have a better day :hug: and that your soup comes out warm and delicious tonight. It's nice of Sissy to run over and set it up for you.

Susie - glad you don't have MRSA. I can imagine how scared a person might feel. Glad you got some good information. I use Dove soap on my face. My sister was horrified :yikes: that I used to use the hand soap from the pump to wash my face. What - soap is soap? I guess not :lol: And it's Ceejay that works at the water treatment plant - easy to get us confused until you get to know us better.

Michelle - hope you are feeling better today. If you are starting to wheeze, better that you went to the doctor before it really set in. I'm sure the vertigo is tied in with the clogged head too. As for the vitamins, I am confused. I just decided to buy a few bottles of some stuff and it never fails - once I do I see a lot of articles on the internet that they say supplements just don't do anything much for you. So what are you supposed to believe? :dizzy:

Shad - I agree with you about the exercise part of MFP - I am looking for it to get me into a habit right now, but if I was wanting to get tighter about calories in and calories expended, I think MFP would come up short but for now it will do. Looking at your food diary, I am reminded how processed food based we Americans are. At least I'll have a better idea what to feed you when you swing by again :lol:

Hi Ceejay and Laura :wave: I will have to catch up with you later. Time to jump in the shower and get my things ready before I head out. Have a good day everyone.

01-16-2014, 12:17 PM is snowing like crazy here today also. Up to 3" accumulation. It looks like a blizzard as the winds are picking up and will be gusting to 30 mph later. Cars off the road everywhere. Yikes!! I am over this crappy weather. I may leave early as I certainly do not want to spend the night here with these people. lol. Are you sure you should be standing all the time with your knee hurting the wayit does, working at the thrift store? Don't you just hate that gray hair fairy that comes in just when you expect it least? haha...Have a great day!

01-16-2014, 12:54 PM
Morning all.

Michelle Ė I hope youíre feeling better this morning. The cold/respiratory symptoms, and then the vertigo to top it off Ė ugh. Yes, the WW Simple Start sounds like the core plan where you eat only power foods but donít track.

Ceejay Ė Thereís always something to keep us busy at work, whether we like it or not! I generally take a multivitamin and a calcium supplement. Iíve been out of the multivitamins for several weeks now and have delayed buying more because I have the intention to find a more high quality brand that doesnít have artificial colors, fillers, etc. I agree with Happy Ė the world of vitamins and supplements is very, very confusing. I spent a short amount of time online last weekend to learn about multivitamins and it didnít take long to realize thereís so much information out there and many different opinions on whatís needed and in what quantities. Just yesterday I checked my consumer reports online subscription and it said the multivites they tested are all safe. Okay, thatís good to knowÖbut they really wouldnít go further because thereís no real studies out there saying they make a difference in re to health benefits. Maybe Iíll look at that article/test more closely, because it would be nice to know if what I want to take at least contains what the label says it does!! This area (nutrition supplements) isnít strictly governed by FDA testing, so who knows whatís in these pills we take, thinking weíre doing ourselves good. I guess I just consider it to be something akin to insurance. Re brownies Ė theyíre my favorite too. How did the dermatologist appointment go??

Happy Ė I agree that seeing things in grams on the food trackers used to annoy me, but now that I use a food scale a lot, I have no problem with it. What drives me nuts is seeing foods people have entered as ď1 servingĒ, with no other real quantity description whatsoever. And other things, you just have to accept. Last night bf and I went to dinner at a local chain restaurant and I had a salad Ė I knew the nutrition info wouldnít be available from the restaurantís site, and that it wouldnít be on MFP, but a similar salad from Cheesecake Factory was on there and I just had to hope that my appetizer size salad was in similar size to their lunch size salad. Itís when I feel like Iím totally guesstimating that I feel the process is kind of limited in its usefulness. Hope you enjoy your yoga class today, and that itís a good day at the thrift shop. Re the Bluetooth feature Ė we have that in our Acura and itís convenient. Bf likes the cultured female voice coming out of our steering wheel and will sometimes deliberately say a random word just to hear her say ďPardon me?Ē :lol: Re workout wear Ė every once in a while Iíll wear a plain old cotton t-shirt - Lord knows I have a lot to choose from with all the freebies from volunteer and charity events and other places. But they get soggy with sweat, so I usually prefer the synthetic fabrics. Iíve bought discounted workout pants from TJMaxx/Marshalls in the past and I like getting deals on them, but I donít like the hit or miss nature of that. I might see what Kohlís has because I think I have a gift card to use from there. And maybe Walmart because theyíre inexpensive. Iím a bit leery of Target at the moment. I use a debit card for most of my purchases and Iím nervous about all these massive thefts of financial info.

Shad Ė Just out of curiosity, I checked to see how SP treats strength training moves and learned they ask for sets, reps, weight and minutes, and then I think they just go ahead and calculate calories based on minutes. Not sure how accurate or meaningful that could possibly be. I suppose Iíll keep diarying my exercise/physical activity just for my own information.

Annie Ė Iím so sorry work is making you so miserable. I think being in that jack of all trades role can be a very thankless role Ė taking all the guff when things go wrong. I hope todayís a better day today!! I guess I need to quit whining about Metra already because you made me realize how fortunate I am to be able to take mass transit to work each day, and it usually works out just fine. Re weight loss - yes, Iím pretty close to my goals, but so so far away at the same time. I need to get calories cut some more to make more progress. I think seeing other folksí diaries on MFP might give me some ideas on how to do this. Glad Sissy will get your soup going Ė hope itís ready and waiting for you and C for tonightís dinner!! Re vitamins Ė given your situation I assume you take all those vitamins because your body doesnít absorb nutrients the same as it used to?? Do you have a brand you trust? So relieved liíl guyís fever broke. Howís he feeling today??

Susie Ė Glad the sores werenít MRSA related. Many years ago in the heart of winter, I used a loofah sponge too vigorously and was left with itchy skin that just wouldnít quit and I ultimately went to a dermatologist who prescribed something and said that with the air being so dry this time of year, my skin wouldnít get back to normal without some extra help. After that Iím pretty careful about using washcloths, loofahs, poufs, etc. , as well as very perfume-y anything. Hope your skin heals up quickly. Let us know what vitamins you end up taking to help your skin. Thanks for the congrats on my weight loss Ė Iím glad to have been able to deal with that holiday weight gain. Part of it was just not going whole hog on anything, but thank you for getting me back to tracking!! Youíve gotten all of us more aware of our eating and movement.

Aaargh, we have snow in our forecast too. Enough already! Iím so ready for this cruise. Only 17 more days til the cruise, 16 more til I fly to New Orleans. Whoo!! Bad news is that I need to do some clothes shopping. I have a one piece bathing suit, very plain, but fine. Unfortunately, my very old but beloved 2-piece tankini that I thought might be my ďback-upĒ suit has bitten the dust. I pulled it out of the dresser drawer the other day and it made the sounds you hear when you realize the elastic has ďdry rottedĒ LOL. I canít even say how old that suit is, but itís very very old and it probably lasted as long as it did only because I always rinsed it thoroughly after wearing it Ė and really didnít wear it all that much anyway. Anyway, I suppose I should buy another suit. Oh the fun!

We went out to eat last night and then grocery shopping. The main reason for the stop was to pick up dog food. The one we buy was not on the shelf, but thankfully an employee was lucky enough to snag a bag coming off a truck they were unloading. Glad we didnít have to make another stop for it.

Nothing going on tonight, but I do have to make sure Iím set up with my employerís new mail order prescription company. Seems like they switch vendors every several years. I hope my rxís have been transferred and I donít have any hassles.

Okay, too many interruptions and this is getting to be novel-length. Time to post and back to work. My PITA project is coming out of its lull and picking up again, so Iíll be busy with that. TTFN!

01-16-2014, 02:00 PM
LAURA...Yes I do take lots of vits etc due to RNY. The only real thing the docs told me was make sure the multi-vit was marked clearly COMPLETE, otherwise you are wasting your time. The calcium must be labeled citrate to get the most out it. You should take your calcium at night with magnesium to get full effect. Other than those two things, I like most of my vits in gel form they absorb more quickly and easily. I also started taking collagen tabs for skin, hair, nails and wrinkles. Biotin for the same also. Thanks for asking about lil man, he seems to be on the road to recovery. No fever today either. Amen! Have a great nite sister.

01-16-2014, 02:21 PM
Good morning ladies,

It sucks having to get a new doctor. I try to explain to the doc that when I get a cold within 12 hours it will be bronchitis. So just because he can only hear a little tightness in my lungs now doesn't mean that it will stay that way. Seriously...I've lived in my body my whole life...I think I know it better than a doctor I just met. So he gave me two inhalers because I ran out of mine...a twice a day one to keep the airways open, and a rescue one. He also gave me Singulair (a pill that's supposed to help allergies/asthma). So where yesterday, it felt like I had a small dog on my chest (I use that to explain difficulty breathing), today the small dog has turned into a Mastiff...still not the elephant I've had on my chest with other bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia, but it still isn't easy breathing with a 150lb dog on your chest. :lol: BTW, I weighed in at the doctor yesterday, and I'm a little more than I I have to update my tracker here and on MFP.

I e-mailed the doctor this morning explaining that I'm feeling worse. And he called in a prescription for a 5 day Z-pack of antibiotics and a week of prednisone. I really don't like the side effects of prednisone (jittery, beotchy, and always hungry) but dang it the stuff does help me breathe when I've got bronchitis. So I'll pick up those prescriptions on my lunch hour. And I understand, they don't want to overprescribe stuff until they see/hear a need. But really, it's not like I'm asking for pain pills or whatever...I mean who would fib about needing antibiotics and worse, Prednisone. No one WANTS to be on Prednisone...that stuff is awful.

One of my best buddies is planning a surprise 50th b'day party for his wife in mid-February, and he's asked me to help him create a video montage of photos, songs and videos to play at the party. There will be video messages from people who can't attend the party. He and his wife have been good friends of mine for over 30 years, so it's my pleasure to help. I've never done a video montage...other than PowerPoint it'll be a learning experience, but I'm sure it'll work out just fine.

Susie - Bummer about the wounds not healing, but good on ya' for following up and getting them looked at. Nice to know that Dove soap is good to shower with. That's what I use...Dove sensitive skin. Good that they gave you stuff to wick away the moisture from the area. Sending healing hugs your way. Good thing about virtual hugs...they don't carry the bronchitis germs. :lol: Would you mind PM'ing me the protein and vitamin info? I'd be interested in learning about that. You work such long hours, girlfriend. What kind of work do you do? I hope you find/make time for you (and for fun).

Ceejay - Was the dermatologist appointment yesterday or is it today? Sending good vibes to you.

Annie - That's right, girlfriend, don't let anyone steal your happiness. Sending hugs for you that today is better. So nice of Sissy to put the soup on for you. I hope the snowing stops before your commute home. Be safe, girlfriend. If you can leave early, definitely do so. A friend of mine who had the RNY takes lots of vitamins too. Good to know about the calcium citrate...I didn't know that before or that it should be taken at night and with magnesium. Hmmm, learn something new every day. So you take collagen tablets and biotin internally? Do they help with wrinkles? I guess they must because you have few if any wrinkles. I'm sooo glad that Lil Man is doing better. :D

Happy - I heard the area of West Bend, WI had a major white-out blizzard conditions yesterday. They only got 5" of snow, but driving was trecherous because visibility was so poor. Good luck at the yoga class today. Don't overdo it at yoga or the shop. As for vitamins, in a perfect world, we would get all our nutrition from food. But the way food (at least what I eat) is so loses a lot, so I supplement. I've got to find my Cinnamon supplements as that did seem to help with blood sugar stabilization. :dunno: I agree with you and Shad that MFP is probably not 100% accurate in terms of calories in versus calories out (exercise). If/when I want to become a stickler, I might invest in a BodyBugg or whatever like they wear on TBL, which more accurate tracks calories burned, and then you enter in what you eat.

Laura - Thanks for clarifying about the Simple Start. Like you and Ceejay, brownies are my favorite dessert. Give me a brownie hot fudge sundae and I'm in heaven. :lol: :drool: I agree with you about the serving sizes on any online tracker, and you kind of have to guesstimate...but it's better than not tracking and eating mindlessly (I, for one, know exactly where mindless eating gets me). I'm steering clear of Target too. I used my debit card there on black friday weekend, but so far no suspicious entries. :crossed: Even though I'm living in sunny CA, I'm living vicariously through you for your cruise! At least you're close to goal to do your clothes shopping. Just imagine wearing that new fun suit on your cruise! :D Hopefully you can daydream about your cruise just over 2 weeks away while you're working on the PITA project.

Lots to get done least I'm able to concentrate a little better today.

Much love,

01-16-2014, 03:08 PM
Morning all,
Not much to report here. Just reading through your posts about cold, snow and other nasties makes me very happy to be in the best little country in the world. Will be fine and sunny today with a high of about 22C or around 73F.

As for food, well as you can see if you visit my dairy, the majority of my food is raw, lightly cooked (by me) and fresh. Yes I do spend a fair amount on food and I try to eat with the seasons. I don't take vitamins at all. Never have, probably never will. So far, so good as I don't have high blood pressure, or anything approaching diabetes, no signs of any form of cancer or strokes, and I seem to have escaped most of the perils of smoking back in the early days. Touch wood - I should live till I die, hopefully at home and in my own bed. I won't say alone. That might be testing the waters too much.

Annie - ignore them, and don't bother to go to any trouble when someone suggests a potluck lunch or event lunch. You always put your heart and soul into feeding these people and they kick you in the teeth. Bah humbug.

Happy - hope the yoga goes well. I'm suprised the shop has stayed open so long. Wouldn't have thought there was too much trade in your kind of weather.

Laura - not long now to happiness cruising the seas. I had a drink with a good friend yesterday who was doing a cruise around NZ. They called into Wellington yesterday and I met them after they had done a tour of Te Papa (Museum) and been up and down the cable car. They were really enjoying their cruise. They'd been diverted from Milford Sound because of the weather and also Dunedin (likewise) and went to Akaroa and Queen Charlotte Sound instead. Then into Wellington and today they should be in Napier and then Auckland before cruising down the west coast and back to Melbourne. Hope yours doesn't run into any bad stuff.

Michelle - Lemon and honey drinks frequently - the more Active X in the honey the better - look for something like Manuka honey or Bee Activ X which have the mucus disolving stuff in them naturally. It's expensive I am sorry to say, but it works. And you will probably only find it in health food stores or specialist food stores. I am almost addicted to Lemsip when I am feeling stuffed up. It seems to work almost as well although I have to say that I am awash with fluids when I have a cold. The kidneys take a beating.

Susie - Sorry to hear about the skin problems although I must confess I don't know what MRSA is. Hope is all comes right soon.

Hi Ceejay :wave:

I hope I am not moaning too much about the MFP. It works quite well for me with my food. As I said, I mostly eat raw anyway, and I have a calorie counter for stuff that I can't find either on the packet or in the tracker. It's rare that the food doesn't have labels since I tend to only eat Australian or New Zealand produce and it is law here to print it on the packet or tin. How real the information is is anyones guess. Anything that comes from China or Vietnam is definitely off the menu. I've been there, I have seen the way they grow food. It might well work for those people who have eaten that way all their lives but it doesn't work for me. I will have Fair Trade coffee since we don't produce enough of our own. If I am in the supermarket and I see that any of the deli meats have 'made from Australian and imported products, then I don't buy - simply because no one can tell me anything about the imported product and where it comes from. Fresh food markets, roadside stalls, good bakeries and butchers are where my stuff mostly comes from. The supermarket only sells me frozen goods or cleaning stuff.

Anyway, enough of me. It's Friday. We have a long weekend on account of the fact that Monday is Wellington Province Anniversary day. I'm trying to organise the family into a picnic somewhere. So far no one is making any decisions. *sigh* guess I better go into director mode and direct proceedings.

Hope you all survive the freeze, frost, snow and ice and have a good day

01-16-2014, 04:37 PM
Shad - Glad you had a nice drink with your friend. Thanks for the pointers on Lemsip and honey. I did not know there are so many nutritional differences in honey. Good on ya' for eating so much fresh. You're wise not to eat anything from China or Vietnam. I wasn't aware that Vietnam had problems...but I don't even give my dog any food or treats from China. Too many dogs have died after eating food/treats from China. Over there, they are even allowed to put melamine (a component of plastics and adhesives) in baby formula! Craziness! I sometimes wonder if their lax standards are just for exported goods or if the Chinese citizenry are left with no other choice than to consume these toxic products.

01-16-2014, 07:34 PM
I'm back from my dermatology appointment. Not to bad today as he only removed a few skin tags. Some of those get angry. Ate lunch with my friend who has moved to her home town. They are beginning to get sore now where he froze them
Went to Bed, Bath and Beyond today. I saw some containers that I wanted and bought two of different sizes. I also bought a sandwich container for work but when I took it out of the bag it was cracked so I'll be returning that. I thought it was glass but a hard plastic.
I might add that the reason for my using certain vitamins is for the fact that I had 250mcg of B12 in my body when I was tested for my b12 level. I had taken that amount the night before. And yes, I can vouch for the b12 vitamins because I took a 1000mcg for three months and was retested. My body was using half of that. I did the math. Then went to a 2000mcg which built my level back to normal. The doctor also gave me a b12 injection. I know that vitamin A and C are good for the immune system. I don't know for a fact that my body is low on these vitamins but I can tell a difference.
I will be checked for my vitamin D level on next doctor's visit.
Glad you sought out another opinion. Things like that concern me also.

I'm curious about the senior yoga class. Did they use chairs? I'm not liking the "s" word. But it is winter and I'm off the next couple of days just in case it reaches Arkansas.

Sending you a hug :hug: Hope things get better at work. Most of the time people are jealous. I used to let things bother me but I'm in my own little world at work. And keep telling myself 20 more months and I'm out of here.
Hang in there.

I used to follow an all raw foods diet but since this last diverticulitis attack I can't do that. I'm easing my way back into more raw food though.

I'm envious of you going on this cruise during the winter months.

Glad you called the doctor back and had him to send you some more rx's
Hope you feel better soon.

01-17-2014, 03:32 AM
Hi all,

The Hatha Yoga class was fun. It was full with 15 students, they had 2 more mats open but I was all the way in the back and had difficulty seeing the instructor so it was good we didn't have 2 more people. She gave a regular yoga class with typical moves (a few that I could not do right now) but stressed and illustrated modifications. A few minutes into the class she had people sit on the mat balancing on 2 yoga bricks and a blanket sitting in the typical lotus pose. :yoga: I sat in a chair because I knew I would not have been able to do that or get off the floor with my knee as it is right now. Didn't take long before not 1, not 2 but 3 ladies fell off the bricks in short succession. That made me even more glad I didn't try that. There were only 2 poses I could not do - the famous downward facing dog and another where you kneel on one knee and stretch the other leg out. It was a very good session, I hope they continue it. I then slogged in the snow over to the thrift shop. It was farther than I thought which was only impeded by me carrying a bag filled with my water bottles, tea cup and change of pants and shoes as well as blowing snow which was making quick work of those who bothered to shovel. The roads have some ice under the snow too which makes them hard to navigate. I was early at the shop so I went to the end of the street to the coffee shop to get some soup and they had a sale on Panini sandwiches. I gave in to temptation. :o I didn't realize the sandwich had bacon on it - I thought it was grilled cheddar cheese and sliced apple only with a touch of mustard. I would have skipped it or told them to leave off the bacon - calories and salt I didn't need. The rest of the day went ok - I had customers all afternoon long but they were small purchases. The Thursday morning volunteer's husband died suddenly 2 weeks ago and another lady is filling in for her. I talked to M today and she said she can't work the mornings the first 3 weeks in February because she is helping out with our big ski race in town. I wasn't thinking and said I would just work all day. Then I got home, was telling DH and I realized - you dummy - you are taking YOGA and would not get to the shop until noon - the store needs to open at 10. I guess they will have to find someone else. Personally I don't think it would hurt to open at noon for a few weeks instead of 10 because we just don't have a lot of customers. Half the people who came in today were dropping off donations. One sweet lady came in and visited our free book pile - giveaways that won't sell so take them off our hands.

And it's snowing. And snowing. And it will continue to snow. DH wants to go pick up our new car tomorrow. He has to drop the rental off at a town an hour away and make the trip back. Then we have to travel another hour north to the next town to get the car. I told him not tomorrow. I am not driving back in the dark on unlit, curvy, snow covered roads. Foolish boy thinks we are going to walk in the dealer at 3, pick up our car and immediately walk out. :lol3: I said you know it won't go down that way - we will be there at least 2 hours, probably more and won't be able to do anything about it. Saturday it's supposed to snow even more in the wee hours of the morning - and since the car place sits on Lake Superior - they are getting dumped with lake effect snow. I told him we should wait until Monday to get the car. They will have time to clean the roads, there will be less people at the dealer on Monday and traffic will be lighter. Plus we can come when they open in the morning and be out before lunch time. The issue is - do I drive the Avalon that I'm comfortable driving which isn't horrid in the snow but does not have 4 wheel drive and can slip a bit on snowy roads or do I drive the new car that I am not familiar with and did I mention it's BRAND NEW for an hours drive home. I wish I could blink and next week would be over with - there are several things I don't want to deal with next week. :mad:

Let's see, did I write my usual book?

01-17-2014, 04:01 AM
I guess I did babble on and on. Sorry. :o

Ceejay - yes, you can use chairs in the class, they also have straps, yoga bricks, blankets - anything to make it easier for people to do the moves. That's why you might want to look at a beginners class if you are interested. Some of them can be rather intense. I'm glad your doctor's appointment wasn't too awful. Those skin tags can hurt. I guess the trick to getting on at work is to just do your own thing as you do. The same applies to this volunteer job too.

Shad - I didn't take it that you were doing anything more than commenting on MFP. Didn't take it as complaining at all. I think it has brought us all together on being more mindful and that's a good thing. I was reminded of an article I read a while back that said you can't really trust the digital readouts on treadmills and such for calories burned because they are mostly inaccurate. Many factors go into calories expended. At least WE know we moved that day - that's what matters. Thanks for the honey lesson. I was aware of the antiseptic properties or is it antibiotic??? Did not know about the mucus. You can get Manuka honey on Amazon dot com here but it is rather expensive. When you gave me that bottle you brought here the last time, I would not let anyone - including DH have any :rofl: although I would have shared it with my sister the honey lover. I will not buy any food products from China either and I was recently concerned because the older cat likes a particular type of dry cat food. The brand had a recall of it's dog treat line but I was relieved to see the cat food is made in the U.S. Pretty soon we will only be able to eat what we grow in our own gardens. I imagine it's a bigger risk for you and over here. I do hope you can get a picnic together with the family without you having to do all the work. That would be lovely.

Michelle - I hope you got some strong stuff to head off the bronchitis. I totally understand how frustrating it is when you know what's going to happen and the doctors don't listen. You certainly don't need the asthma kicking in. Rest easy girl. :hug: That's really nice of you to help your friend with the montage. What a great idea and a nice surprise for her.

Annie - I hope you had a better day today - I agree that you do so much for everyone and they don't appreciate it. :mad: Next time bring a bag of potato chips to the pot luck. :shrug: :no: Thanks for the run down on the vitamins. I know you had to take more to make up for what you're not absorbing. Do you think the Biotin helps? I was taking that for my hair, but didn't notice a difference. Glad little man's fever broke and that Sissy was able to keep from getting sick herself. Poor little guy!

Laura - OMG - I had a laugh at BF getting the navigation lady to say "pardon me" - I'm NOT going to tell DH about that!!! As for yoga clothes I got 2 long sleeved, light weight Tek Gear brand (Kohls work out clothes) just as something to layer with and they turned out perfect for the yoga class. Long so you didn't expose back skin and flexible enough to move without being overly warm. It was a happy accident as I think they were on a good sale too so thanks for commenting about the synthetics. These are 60% cotton/polyester. I agree with you about the food portions on MFP - when I enter food I have been more diligent about making some notation as to serving size portions as that doesn't always come across when you're entering a food. Your cruise is right around the corner - how exciting!!! I don't envy you trying to find a swimsuit this time of year. Beware of some of the online places - they make it an expensive hassle to return them even if their prices seem cheap. And now they take advantage of the prices because it's not the season yet so they know people will pay big bucks for vacation wear.

Guess that's it for me. It's 2am and I need to get to bed. Going to grab an ice pack and ice my knee while I snuggle into the warm covers. Goodnight for now...

01-17-2014, 09:42 AM
Happy Friday, glad it is finally here. Not a pay Friday, but a Friday. Just staying to myself, head down and getting my work done.

The high today is now, by the time we go home it will be down to 17 and then 7 tonight. We had snow yesterday, about 2", tomorrow is 4" to be dropped upon us. Even more cold to come next week, plus snow. Did I mention I do not like cold temps and snow. If I never ever see snow the rest of my life, I wouldn't care.

HAPPY...I agree with you on opening the store a couple of hours later. I mean really, who gets out in this cold stuff that early. I am glad you can do the yoga class at your pace. I agree with you on the car situation. I don't like driving at night in the first place much less when it is snowing and blowing. I don't see that well at night.

CEEG....glad your doc appt wasn't too awful bad. A couple of skin tags isn't bad at all. I love BB&B, plus I always have coupons for 20% off that never expire so it makes it well worth the trip. Plus it is across the street from work. Makes for a nice lunch hour get away when I need to shop for a gift or something.

SHADDIE...seems like I am the one in my family that always organizes get togethers, picnics etc. I just called my cousin in MI yesterday and we are going to meet halfway in northern Indiana for lunch on Feb 22. Two of my bros and sils are going also. Don't know about my kiddos. My aunt and several other cousins are going to join also. Hoping my cousin that was newly diagnosed with cancer can make it.

CHELLE...glad you doc at least listened to you when you called them back and prescribed you different meds to help you along. Feel better sister, get some rest also. Hope you can make it into work, being a new job, I know they frown on days off early into the job.

Hey ya SUSIE and LAURA....hope your day is going well.

Bout it for me. Must get busy...

Love and hugs

01-17-2014, 12:26 PM
So dang happy it's Friday!! I just have to get through 8.5 more hours at work, and then I can REST!

If this wasn't a brand new job, I'd have called in sick today. The cold has moved to my chest, complete with coughing, wheezing and tightness. So I've got an exciting weekend planned...stop at the grocery store or drug store at lunch or on my way home to get Mucinex and some packaged foods for quick meals since D has to work this weekend, pick up Santa from daycare and then take some Nyquil and Mucinex and go to sleep. My only plan other than sleeping or resting this weekend is to maybe go to the dog park, and the only reason I'm doing that is so Santa can get his exercise without needing me to take long walks. D is really wonderful about taking Santa for walks when he gets home from work (usually around 10 or 11 pm).

At least the Prednisone is helping...between that and the inhaler, I can breathe, which is always a bright spot in the day. In addition to making me moody/irritable and always hungry, another downside to Prednisone is it can keep me awake. The doc says to take it first thing in the morning, but yesterday I couldn't pick up the Rx until lunchtime so I took it then thinking the "wide awake" factor would wear off by bedtime. Nope. Even with Nyquil, I was still wide awake until nearly midnight. At around 11, I took a half dose of Nyquil, and was finally able to fall asleep. Luckily, since I live so close to work, I was able to sleep in until 6:45 today...I got to work 20 minutes early, so I guess I could've hit the snooze button one more time.

Ceejay - I'm glad the derm appointment went well. Do you have any plans for your two days off?

Happy - I'm so glad the Hatha Yoga class went well. I've taken Hatha Yoga classes and liked them. A couple of my friends really love "HOT" yoga, I think that's Bikram yoga, but I'm not sure. I like gentle stretching moves. That's good that the teacher showed modifications. I hope they can find someone else to take the morning shifts when you're at Yoga...or that they choose to open later for a few weeks. As for picking up the car, I'm sure your DH is eager...but why take such a long drive in bad weather. I'm with you, wait until Monday when the roads will be clearer. I dislike driving at night, especially in bad weather.

Annie - Sounds like a nice family gathering in February! My family is going to have their annual gathering in San Diego in July or August, and since I live close enough, I'm thrilled to finally be able to go. Do you and C have any plans for the weekend? Are you going to watch the Denver/New England football game? I will watch both playoff games, along with any movies or other good shows I can find on cable.

:wave: to Shad, Laura and Susie!

Much love to all,

01-17-2014, 12:58 PM
Morning all. TGIF! Add another F in there for FINALLY!! :lol:

Annie Ė Glad liíl guy is on the road to recovery. Thanks for the vitamin info. I do take calcium citrate, but didnít know it should be taken with magnesium. Mine has Vit. D added to it. Yeh, this weather is truly sucky. When you look forward to temps in the 20ís and no snow or ďjust a dustingĒ, you know itís just crummy. Bleh. Iíll be glad to get away from it for a short time, but wonít look forward to having to deal with the rest of the winter upon my return. Gonna have to make a point of reading books set in warm, sunny, beautiful places or stories set during summer. Havenít resorted to watching golf tournaments on tv yet, but I might have to! I miss the green! And I always say I might skip the annual flower and garden show in March, but by then I might really need a shot of spring and flowers.

Michelle Ė Iím glad the doc prescribed what you really need. Sorry you have to be on the prednisone, but if thatís what works, so be it. Hope it isnít too awful this time around and that you feel better soon. Is it asthma that makes your colds more likely to develop into bronchitis? Nice youíll be putting together a photo/AV montage for the friendís wife. Those are really nice.

Shad Ė Ah, temps in the 70ís sound soooo nice! (BTW, finally checked out your photos on Dropbox Ė very nice photos of gorgeous little S and the beach!) Eating fresh unprocessed foods is certainly the best way to go and you have the health to show for it! It takes more effort for sure, but you know what youíre eating. As opposed to our highly processed and corporate farm environment. Iím glad thereís a movement toward locally grown items, but Iím sure itís a teeny-tiny fraction of a fraction of whatís consumed. I should be trying harder to get more local, less-processed food into the house. A NZ cruise sounds wonderful Ė I hope your friends didnít mind the change in itinerary, not that they had a choice! Hope that doesnít happen on our cruise, because a bad weather detour would probably mean UNsmooth sailing Ė not something I want to experience! Hope youíre enjoying the start of your holiday weekend. Did you Ė or someone Ė get the picnic arranged??

Ceejay Ė Glad the derm appointment wasnít too bad. Nice to know that the B12 is helping you and you can tell the difference. I suppose you might need to be rather deficient in something to notice a different. I canít say my diet has enough variety, especially fruits & vegs, to ensure I get everything at the levels I need, but perhaps my long-time multivite routine has been keeping me balanced enough. Twenty more months - it's gonna go by quick, you'll see!

Happy Ė Glad you enjoyed the yoga class. Itís really great they have all the variations available Ė but it makes perfect sense that they do, since you said itís at a senior center. Canít blame you at all for not wanting to do all that driving in such snowy weather, and possibly in an unfamiliar vehicle! I recall in my traveling days arriving on a Sunday night at some unfamiliar location trying to navigate in a rental car to the hotel, either on my own, or with a team member with non-existent map-reading skills. (This was pre-GPS, mind you.) Not always a pleasant experience. The other option of arriving early enough to drive in daylight wasnít always appealing when trying to enjoy a weekend at home in the midst of a heavy travel schedule. Iím also surprised that the thrift shop would be open the days/hours it is during the winter up there. I suppose volunteer staff helps make it possible, but thereís still other overhead to considerÖ Glad the workout wear worked for you. I hate being distracted by clothing issues while exercising! I ordered a swimsuit from Lands End yesterday. They have good quality clothing and a very liberal return policy (ďguaranteed. Period.Ē), so Iím not worried about making a return. In fact I ordered the same suit in 2 sizes to see which fits better, with the plan to return one to their nearby outlet store.

Hi Susie!!

Nothing much to report. Bf went to see ďThe Wolf of Wall StreetĒ last night with a friend and he liked it. I think Iíll wait for the dvd rental before taking on a 3 hour long movie filled with f-bombs and bad behavior.

Bf and I had an argument over the new prescription drug supplier Ė he registered online and claims to know all, but left the ID card in the envelope with mine (I still had yet to register), so I questioned if he even read through the info in the envelope. And thatís when the argument began and shouting ensued. Aargh. Honestly, I was ticked and didnít even talk to him since the argument, but I do hope everything is okay today because today is the day he is having oral surgery to remove his wisdom teeth. His mother is to drop him off there and drive him home afterwards, but I know heíll need to get some prescriptions filled today and I just donít want him to have problems with that. He said his rx ID card info is available on his cellphone...

In addition to still being a bit ticked about that this morning, when I finally did try to register myself this morning, the site kept giving me an error and telling me my selected username was already in use. Three different usernames???!!! When I finally selected something completely different than the usual ones I like to use and the site apparently accepted it, it looked like it was taking me to another page with ďmedcoĒ in its nameÖour new supplier is express scriptsÖbut I wonder if itís part of medco or used to be medco? If thatís the case, maybe I understand the errors because I had that rx supplier two companies (and many years) ago and maybe my username was stlll in the history. I think itís nuts, but what do I know. :shrug:

I only did half of my squat challenge last night, but I finished it this morning. I did none of the ab challenge. Today is a rest day, so I will make up my ab challenge today.

Okay, gonna stop rambling and get back to work. Everyone have a great weekend!!

01-17-2014, 03:39 PM
Yay! I think I've just about had an epiphany regarding the content management system used at my work. It's WordPress, and while I've used it "on the front end" off and on for years, I've never been brave enough to dive into the programming guts of it. Especially since it's written in a programming language I didn't know. Well, in this job, I've had to get knee deep in the programming guts of it to make necessary changes...or tell my boss "I can't do it" and they have to hire a consultant (at which point why keep me on?)...nope...not going down that road. So after lots of google-ing and online research, I've figured out how to do a few of the things that had stumped me, and made changes that WORKED! :woohoo: Not bad for having a stuffy head and being a little oxygen-deprived...wait, maybe that's the secret! :rofl: :lol3: :rofl:

I just have to make it through 5.5 more hours of work, one errand, pick up the dog, and then lovely REST. :beach:

Laura - So sorry you and your bf had an argument. Some men really think they know it all. I hope all goes well with his oral surgery and getting the meds he needs. I'm glad you were finally able to register for your rx account. I remember about being so ready for winter to be over by January. My ex and I used to go to the sports/fishing show in March to get a taste of spring. Winter is just way too long in the midwest. Ugh. I don't miss that. To answer your question...yes, it is because I have asthma that I am so prone to get bronchitis (usually once a year), and pneumonia (but I take the pneumonia vaccine every 5 years or so for that). I just wish that the pharmaceutical companies could come up with something that works as well as prednisone but doesn't have all the nasty side effects. It's especially bad for me as a diabetic because it raises blood sugar...but it basically comes down to: breathing, with nasty side effects....or not breathing. Good for you for ordering two swimsuits, especially since Lands End has such a good return policy. Good thinking. I can't remember what you said your plans are for the brain isn't at 100% these days....but I hope you have fun!

In fact, I hope we all have a wonderful weekend and have fun, relax, recuperate (me) and recharge!

01-17-2014, 05:24 PM
I do have today and tomorrow off and I need to be doing other things but I did clean the kitchen and the last load of laundry is in the dryer.
Nothing else to report.
I need to get supplies at Walmart but it's to cold today and I don't want to get outside. Another front cold front dropped down on us. Suppose to be warmer tomorrow.

Even though I can do a downward dog it's a lot easier for me to use the chair. Don't blame you for not wanting to drive in this snow that far away. One of these day's I'm going to go to Goodwill to look around.

I know the feeling of not being able to get into a web sight that you have used before. The last time that happened to me I ended up calling the sight and they gave me the username. Sorry that you and bf and an argument. Hope things calm down soon.

I like to go to BB&B too. Lots of neat stuff. It's always fun to get together with family.

I hate the injections I get for my sinuses that make you stay awake all night.
but it does a world of good. Get some rest and take care of yourself.

Didn't think you were complaining about MFP. And once I get caught up in calculating calories in and calories out I'm doomed because I get frustrated at myself.

Hi Susie

01-18-2014, 12:59 PM
Morning all,

We went and picked up the new car yesterday. DH went early to drop off the rental so we were able to head out there. It was a nice day - only 14 degrees out but the sun was shining brightly and the salt melted most of the snow off the roads so driving wasn't too bad except for a few spots closer to my house. I drove the Avalon, DH drove the new car though he offered it to me and was almost insistent that I drive it. The new car is nice, lots of new stuff to figure out. The sound system and navigation are good. DH said it rides nice and he is glad to have a car that is dependable in the snow again because we still have a lot of winter left ahead of us.

The Weather Channel here is making a big deal over the fact that DirectTV (the cable company) has dropped them from their lineup - no doubt due to price increases requested by The Weather Channel. All I have to say is that The Weather Channel is pretty inaccurate when it comes to predicting the weather. The forecast from 2 days ago was 1 to 3 inches of snow last night into today. That's why we planned our trip to pick up the car yesterday. Right now it's sunny as can be - cold but sunny. Every forecast is a 30 percent chance of precipitation so they are covering themselves in that it might rain or it might not. :dizzy: And it never fails - when you have bad weather coming and you really want to see the radar or the forecast, either the radar is out or they are showing generic forecasts across the whole country instead of local weather. Don't get me wrong, I used to live with the weather channel on when I lived in Chicago but it seems to me they have gone downhill a lot in the last 8 years. I don't even know what cable channel the WC was up here - that's how much I don't watch them anymore. Besides now that we are rural we get our weather from Duluth which is by a lake and often has much different weather in temperatures and precipitation than we actually see here. Ok, that's my old lady rant for the day. :lol:

Ceejay - sounds like you had quite a productive day on your day off. I will have to practice the downward dog with a chair.

Michelle - yay for figuring out the details of Word Press! Glad you made it through the day - it's awful when you get sick or have personal needs when you start a new job. You made it through the last 2 days and now you can take some extra time to let the meds work and get some rest. I think you are wise to cancel plans and just hang around and get better. Hope you are breathing a bit easier - it takes a lot of time for the lungs to ease up the tightness. Those steroids are helpful but as you say, the side effects are such a hassle. That's great that D walks Santa, especially now when you're not in trotting mode. That's wonderful that you will finally be close enough to attend your family reunion for a change.

Laura - sorry you got in a tiff with the BF. Sometimes they can be annoying when it comes to this medical stuff as they have no tolerance for the details and as you know, the details make all the difference, especially now a days. How did his oral surgery go? We had Medco for probably 20 years and I really liked them - they got bought out by someone else and now we have Caremark that DH constantly complains about. It's funny that they still had your user name buried somewhere. I had to smile at your comment about travelling in the days pre-GPS. I remember when I was so excited when they invented Yahoo Maps and I could print exact stuff out :lol: I hope you like the Lands End swim suits. I have one and it's really well constructed - like a suit of armour almost - really holds you in. I like how durable it is, especially with the thinness of suits made today. Do you have your packing list made up - know what you're going to take? Vacation will be coming up SOON!

Annie - if ever there was a woman (and her dog ;) ) who were made for Florida living, I think it's you. I hope you don't get dumped on with more snow. I'm over winter too by now I have to admit.

Hi Shad and Susie :wave:

I should get off here and get busy. I have a lot of housework to catch up on. Have a good weekend all.

01-18-2014, 02:18 PM
A quick post for me today. I may be back later on to read the post.

I was worried about the road conditions in your area but forget that they manage that differently in your area. Glad the vehicle is home safe and sound.

I've gotten the office cleaned. That's my chore fore today. I do need to get ready for work tomorrow and trying to decide on what food to prepare.
I've been having some problems with the gut again. Or at least that's my diagnosis. It's swollen on the right side but it's higher up than the appendix. Yes I still have mine. No fever either. It's time for me to get blood work done so I'll go Thursday on my day off. I'm almost tempted to go to the emergency room, cause I would only have to pay the co-pay.

01-18-2014, 06:06 PM
I'm here everyone. Sorry I missed posting for almost two days. I missed you all! At lease I could see somewhat of what you were doing looking at MFP on my phone.

I felt like I stuck to my food range really well these past couple of days but I missed my workouts and I'm mad :mad: at myself for not taking the time for me that I know I need to take.

Annie: Sorry that I had you your and Ceejay's job confused. I take it you work in an office with a lot of females? I am assuming that because of all the things you are saying is happening and how they are acting. I don't know why but female workers can be so mean to each other. I hate that drama.

Michelle: You are a trooper for getting through the work week with all that sickness happening. Please just rest this weekend! :hug:

You asked what I did because I'm working so much. I work for Procter and Gamble and I'm an Senior Administrative Assistant. I support a Global Director and Associate Director. Usually SAA's in our company only support a Director.

I was supporting an AD and our Director was in the UK and I was her support when she was in the US once a month. I worked with her Admin in the UK the rest of the time but I didn't have to take care of her daily schedule and things.

That Director retired and we have a new Director located here. They asked me if I would support him as well as my AD and they gave me a nice raise to do so.

I am so lucky to work for that company (been there 7 years) but we are busy, busy, busy...isn't everyone? It's just that supporting a global Director means he has people and programs he is responsible for in Asia, the UK the EMEA countries as well and the USA and sometimes in order to get them what they need in a timely manner we have to work long hours that include late evenings and early mornings. Luckily we can do a lot of that from home. But sometimes it is just two much and that was this week. My AD had things going on that needed done at the same time as the Director. I LOVE my AD and she has my back and so I want to be sure I deliver what she needs as well.

Happy: Look at you taking that yoga class and driving a new vehicle! :D You have a lot going on for someone who is retired.

It's ok to use the chair or yoga blocks for poses. You keep doing yoga and you will get stronger and more mobile and you will carry yourself in a beautiful way. I always think that when I see people who have practiced yoga for some time they just have a beautiful way in the way they stand and sit.

Laura: BOOOO for you BF for giving you a hard time. MEN! Sometimes I wonder why we bother with them! :p I remember when I was going to get married and I told my grandmother who was 80 yrs old a the time and had been a widow since she was in her mid-sixties that I was going to get married. She was a devout church going woman but she sure surprised me with her reply! She asked me why I wanted to get married. I told her I loved him and that I didn't want to be alone and she said "why don't you just buy houses beside each other and visit!" She then told me that everyone should try marriage once. I was just shocked! But maybe she had a good idea about the "visiting". lol!

Shad: Your food on MFP does look very clean and nutritious. We American's don't usually do a good job of eating clean and eat a lot of processed food and so that is why we are deficit in so many vitamins and have to take supplements. At least it seems that way to me.

Good luck with organizing that family reunion! It can be a task. I organized mine for 6 years and then a couple years ago I said I would like someone else to do it...and well..that didn't happen. So, last year one of my cousins kept saying someone should. I told her, then she should. She said she didn't know how. I told her I would help her. quickly turned out I was doing it all again and she wasn't answering my emails or FB messages for help so I just stopped planning it. I love to see extended family but I shouldn't have to organize it all the time.

Ceejay: I so want my home office organized and cleaned! I keep it tidy but it's not the way I want it to be. I have plans to redo it this spring if the tax return allows for it. Turning my other spare bedroom into a workout room is my bigger priority.

I am concerned about this gut issue you have. It could be your gall bladder or it could be your appendix..they aren't in the exact same place for everyone. I wish I could call you and tell you to go to the ER and get it checked out and don't wait.

We are off to a birthday party this evening...out in the cold and the snow BRRRRRR. I am off work Monday (our US offices are closed) and I'm excited about that. DH has to work and a friend of mine and I are going to lunch at this this fun restaurant on Newport on the Levee call Thom + Chee (I think you can google it and check it out if you want) and then we are going to see the movie August, Osage County. We also have plans to stop at Kohols and JC Penny and maybe Hobby Lobby.

I'll see you all tomorrow.

01-18-2014, 09:22 PM
Happy Saturday ladies,

I'm feeling really lousy today. The chest congestion isn't too bad, but the vertigo is REALLY bad. I shouldn't have driven anywhere but my step-mom needed me to come over for computer help this morning. I went there, stopped at the dog park on the way home for 1/2 hour so Santa could run around and I could sit down...ever since around 11, I've been home and in bed.

My computer has been running backups...but it's done now so I'm shutting it off, but I figured I'd say hi and "g'night". I'll be better tomorrow. Another day of relaxing for me.

Much love,

01-19-2014, 03:44 AM
Evening all,
Had the family over today and we walked up hill and down at the botanical gardens. Little Isaac was lovely until he decided that it was all good and then he cried for a quite a while poor little chappie. Think he was overawed by all the fresh air and exercise his mum and dad were getting. We had a chicken, bacon and sausage paella for lunch plus some dips and chips and a big bowl of strawberries that I had picked up in the market today. They were delicious. I had also made a jelly with berries in it, but it hadn't set by the time we were finished lunch. So that will be dinner tonight. Along with some icecream. If it wasn't for the long walk, then the food diary would have been shot today. I've just realised I have not entered in the walk down to the food market today. Never mind. It will be a nice surprise when I jump on the scales next weekend hey.

Happy - Nice to have a lovely new car. Takes a while to get into the swing of the car and its features. Have fun with it.

Susie - write down all the steps to be undertaken for the family reunion, then when some one says that there should be a family party, fish out the instructions and pass them around. Everyone should contribute something.

Michelle - hunker down for the rest of the weekend and get some rest. Good going on getting the program to work

Ceejay - Cleaning! I did mine yesterday. Then I found that you can get calorie points from cleaning. Just put cleaning in the cardio part and you will get a list of cleaning things that they have put calories burnt against.

Annie - saw on facebook that you have had a good day with the kids. Nice one.

Laura - not long to go now before the cruise. Hope the swimsuit arrives soon and fits well.

Guess that is about it for tonight. Tomorrow I am having lunch with my ex. I had better get that usb stick loaded with the pictures of little miss S that I took at Christmas. There is a good new program about to start about the tourism campaign in NZ and the brand 100% Pure. So I will watch that before taking my weary limbs off to bed. Tomorrow is a public holiday. Yeehaa.

01-19-2014, 12:37 PM
:mad: $#*#()$*( just lost my big post. :tantrum:

Shad - the walk in the gardens and your lunch yesterday both sounded just lovely. Except of course for poor little Isaac. I guess there wasn't enough fresh air to knock him out and let him nod off. Hope you have a peaceful lunch with the ex. I forget that even though you aren't together, he is still grandpa to little S. Nice of you to give him pictures.

Michelle - hope you are feeling better. I agree, you probably should not have gone out yesterday if the vertigo is that bad. It can be so disorienting, step mum could have waited even though I know she's been very good to you. Hopefully you head will clear as the meds kick in and the congestion dries up.

Susie - you sound like one very busy person at work. I bet it's hard to plan a personal life around such a long and erratic schedule but if they appreciate you and you like the work, that means a lot. People have lost the concept that if you treat your workers good, for the most part they will always go the extra mile and then some for you. Good for you for sticking to the food plan and knowing you need to work some movement back into the day. I got a good laugh at your granny's comments to you - particularly about just buying houses next to each other and visiting. :lol: Or maybe a 2 flat apartment :lol: Sounds like you have a lot of fun plans for the extended weekend. Hope you have fun - let us know how it worked out.

Ceejay - hope you are feeling better too - does not sound good with the swollen abdomen unless you can feel gas too. Make sure you get it looked at if it doesn't ease up.

I talked to my sister and Mum yesterday. Seems they got a good snow storm yesterday. Made it rather hazardous in the area. I guess it was more south than north so maybe Laura got off lightly as she is a good hour north of my sister's town. But I'm sure Annie got pelted again much to her disgust. Winter is a bit rougher this year it seems. I'm ready for spring myself.

You were talking about clean eating. I find winter to be the hardest time of year to eat fresh. Summer is the best for me - lots of garden fresh items and I like the lighter wraps and salads and such. I prefer hot food in the winter - cold salads are side dishes :lol: I was looking at the grocery store weekly sale ads as I have to go to the store and to my point, the things they have on sale are not diet friendly items even if you are making soups and stews. I will just have to work a bit harder at things.

In the meantime I think I'm going back to bed for an hour - I have a really bad headache, my nose is stuffy and I have a sore throat. I certainly hope I am not coming down with something. :(

Have a good Sunday ladies.

01-19-2014, 05:11 PM
sounds like you had a good day with the family. Ah, little Issac must have been hungry. I saw where the others were adding there cleaning. I will from now on.

I don't know whether I'll get to eat as clean as I would like. To much stress at work. And yesterday was so peaceful at home. Today it was the co-worker again. I'm going to tame her like I had to do L. I'm not putting up with this on my last 20 months to work here. If she doesn't want to do the paper work. I can have it stopped. The boss/friend has already mentioned taking it away from the night crew as both of them have stated they don't want first shift.
As far as my problem goes, it's a lot better today. I'm thinking this is due to the diverticulitis. I will ask the doctor about it Thursday when I go for blood work.

Hope the vertigo is better today. Get plenty of rest.

Hello's to the rest of you.

Finally got to talk to my sister who had a birthday on Friday. She's been celebrating all week end. Her adult children and grand children will be there this afternoon.
Had to call my immediate boss this morning. One of the charts was showing that a well pump was going wonky. I think I know which one it is now from what he wanted me to do.

More later

01-19-2014, 05:40 PM has been a very, very long day. We had a trip to the ER this morning.

Last night DH goes to the bathroom before coming to bed and says to me, "there is blood in my urine'. I FREAKED out. He was freaked out too.

He has no pain like you would typically have with a UTI or bladder. I took a look at his med and his blood thinner says it can be a side effect and seek medical attention immediately. It was almost 1 a.m and we decided to get some sleep and give it until morning and then see what was going on. We woke up pretty early--it was hard to sleep-- and got up and went to the ER.

They ran a lot of tests and said the only thing they saw was slightly elevated white blood count in the urine. They gave him ciipro, talked to his cardiologist and will not take the blood thinners until after Wednesday and we will see if it improves. Also they suggested he make a appointment with a urologist just to check things out further with his bladder but to wait until after we know what the grown culture shows.

I am STESSED to the max ladies.

I will be back later tonight or tomorrow and do personals.

01-19-2014, 07:28 PM
Afternoon all. Where did the day go? Where did the weekend go??!!

Susie - Re your DH - scary! I hope it's nothing serious. Do you still plan to have the outing with your friend tomorrow? It sounded like a fun day. With all the stress, you must be tired. Hope you enjoy your holiday tomorrow, you sure work hard supporting two people when you're at your job!! LOL, I like the idea of separate houses next door to each other! :D

Ceejay - What a PITA working with people like that woman. I hope you get things straightened out so you're not dealing with that anymore. Happy birthday to your sister. Hope your gut is feeling better today. I guess if you have a chronic condition like diverticulitis, it's a matter of coming to terms with adjusting your diet. Not an easy thing.

Happy - Congrats on the new vehicle. No more worries. Does this car have all-wheel drive? That's something bf wants in our next car. We got about 2-3 inches yesterday, so not too bad, but we happened to be out and about when it was coming down and before the streets were cleared, so it a bit rough driving with our little car. Bummer that you can't really get accurate weather forecasts in your area. Your area vs Duluth is sort of like Chicagoland - different weather near the lake than away, but at least we get forecasts for all the various areas. Re the swimsuit, I found it on clearance and it happens to have tummy control. Not sure yet if that'll be a nice benefit or not. I know I wasn't a big fan of control top pantyhose...No, I haven't started packing yet, but I've looked through the closet with my summer clothes to see what I want to bring.

Shad - Sounds like a nice day and tasty food. Too much of a good thing for poor little Isaac! Enjoy your lunch tomorrow, and your holiday! I expected the swimsuits to be delivered yesterday, but nope. Guess it'll be tomorrow.

Michelle - Yay for the epiphany at work!! I hope you're now relaxing in front of the telly, watching the playoff games. Feel better soon! Terrible when the meds for one things have a negative impact on some other condition, like the prednisone on your blood sugar. How do you address that?! Re asthma - I have very mild asthma but I do worry about complications if I get a cold. I don't care for how my lungs complain in the presence of heavy perfume or smoke from wood fires either. I also tend to forget about using the inhaler before exercising, and I notice a wee bit of wheezing after a heavy cardio workout. And that extreme cold...not good for the lungs either. I hate seeing people out running in this weather - hard on the lungs. Bf is doing fine after his oral surgery, not much pain, etc. I'm glad for that.

Hi Annie!!!

Nothing much to report. Went to a Zumba class yesterday morning. Rest of the day was ho-hum. Went to lunch w/ bf, stopped at the supermarket afterwards. I did some laundry and made a pot of middle eastern lentil soup. Not quite as good as the navy bean/ham soup bf made a couple weeks ago, but it's quick, easy and tasty.

Today I lazed around in the morning and did the small amount of snow shoveling needed in the back. I did some laundry and took doggy for his walk. Had good phone conversations with a couple friends.

Doggy has hurt either the skin on his paw or the nail itself, in the area of the dew claw. Only took cleaning up the floors/rugs after two times out in the yard and the dog walk to finally figure out where the small amounts of blood were coming from. We think he hurt himself clawing away at something on the frozen ground while out in the backyard. We'll be watching for him in the yard to make sure he's not doing that anymore.

That's about it for me today. TTFN!!

01-20-2014, 09:06 AM
Good Morning All....

Lovely weekend. Sissy and I went to see August: Osage County...I didn't like it. The acting was good but it reminded me too much of my first marriage. Nuff said on that account. Got all the laundry done, shoveled snow, mopped the kitchen, ran the vacuum, emptied and reloaded the dishwasher twice, and of all things cleaned the inside of the dishwasher. Who would think the inside of the dishwasher could get dirty. bleh Helped C change the light bulb in his headlight, he went out at half time of the Broncos/Pats game and with 6 mintues left I had to go out and help him as the screws were a bear to get back in, it was getting dark, we were freezing, blah blah blah. Missed the ending of the game. Broncos won without me. Yeah! So the superbowl will be Broncos/Seahawks, I thought Chargers were going to win, but no. I know babbling.

Made greenbeans (fresh and I snapped them), ham, potatos and onions in the pressure cooker with low sodium chicken broth. OMGoodness were they ever good and brought some for lunch today. Excited.

Will try to get back later for personals. Mondays suck, well so does T-F, lol

SUSIE...scary about your DH, do hope all turns out well. Hugs

HAPPY...hope you are not getting sick, feel better sister.

Have a marvelous Monday.


01-20-2014, 11:38 AM
Morning all.

Annie - Sorry you didn't like the movie. I'm looking forward to seeing it. I just responded with my movie preferences for movie night tomorrow night, but I warned our movie group leader that I was likely to wimp out because it's going to be very cold tomorrow and I probably won't want to leave the house. Lunch sounds delish!! Awww, you missed the end of the game to help C with his car. What a wife you are!! C is lucky to have you!!! :yes:

Not much to report. I skipped my challenges on Saturday and doubled up yesterday. Ugh. I'm gonna try and keep on schedule from now on.

My eating was not good this weekend - entirely too much snacking. I knew it was a mistake to buy that bag of Doritos...

Today the new mgr starts, so we are going out to lunch as a welcome. The admin happened to be filling in at the reception desk when this person interviewed and the admin thought this woman acted kind of phoney. Our current mgr, who will be her boss once he takes over the current (retiring) boss's position in a couple months, referred to her a "nice girl" when he was telling us about her coming on board. I like working with our current manager, but him referring to a co-worker as a girl kind of bugs me. You'd never hear a male employee referred to as a "boy". I'm just going to have to go on being agreeable about everything and not take issue with the flaws and foibles of others.

That's about it for me. Be back later to catch up with the rest of the Worldlies.

01-20-2014, 11:59 AM
LAURA...if you do see the movie keep in mind my first marriage, only with more physical contact from xdh to me. Then you may see why I didn't like it so much. Julia Roberts drops the F bomb about every other sentence. It is just crazy. Very disfunctional family. Boo on the snacking, and those dang Doritos. They force you to eat them...haha. I have found a new snack, Special K Cracker Chips with sea salt. You get 30 chips about the size of a 50 cent piece for 110 cals. They have several flavors, but you only get 27 of those for 110, it is still a lot. Let's see..chili lime, southwest ranch, honey bbq, and a couple of others. You might try them. CVS has them this week 2/5.00 bucks. I love them with hummus. Also found cucumber yogurt dip that is very reasonable in cals...delish. I agree on the terminology boy/girl...really are we in grade school. I guess give the benefit of doubt and a wait and see attitude. Have a great day sister!

01-20-2014, 12:26 PM
Annie - I can certainly see why you wouldn't like the movie if it reminds you so much of your first marriage. I was buying Popchips for my lunches, but now I don't see my flavor (sour cream and onion) anywhere, so I'll be trying some of those other types of chips. I have $3 of reward bucks from CVS to use, so maybe I'll buy the Special K ones, the flavors sound tasty. You have a good day too!!!

01-20-2014, 01:27 PM
Happy Monday ladies,

For some (like me) it's the beginning of the work week while others are enjoying a 3 day weekend. I could've used one more day. I didn't want to get up this morning. I didn't sleep well last night as my feet were bothering me...they felt as though they were on pins and needles. It's better this morning, and I'll do a better job with my eating today in case it might be blood sugar related. I'm happy to say that I'm not coughing and the vertigo is nearly all gone. I'm still quite tired, so while I had planned last night to hit the gym on the way home today...this morning I decided one more evening of rest would probably be a good thing.

I went grocery shopping yesterday and then Santa and I went to the dog park. After that, we came home and he napped while I watched football.

I got great news yesterday...two good friends are getting married. One is a former co-worker from Wisconsin. She and her partner met in Wisconsin 10 years ago, and now they live in Florida. They've chosen to get married in Washington State in September. I'm so excited for them. They are wonderful people and very much in love.


Happy - Congrats on the new car! I'm glad the roads were clear and the trip to get the car went well. I can understand about getting used to all the gadgets and everything...I test drove a Prius last year and it was nearly like learning to drive all over again. :lol: When I was living in WI, I got very frustrated by the Weather Channel. It never failed that when the local news was proclaiming severe weather, the Weather Channel was showing only national weather or Atlanta (even during their "local on the 8's"). You were right...I shouldn't have gone out with the vertigo so bad, but step-mum couldn't wait...she needed to print out her itinerary on Saturday for a trip she was leaving for on Sunday morning. The headache, congestion and sore throat sound like how my illness started. I hope you're feeling better today.

Ceejay - Good for you for getting your office cleaned. So sorry to hear you're having abdominal pain, but am glad you're doing better today. My step-brother has diverticulitis and has to be very careful with what he eats...when he's not careful, he really pays for it with the pain/distress. Sorry your co-worker is causing you stress.

Susie - Wow! Sounds like you have a great and very important job. Lots of responsibility there, especially since you've taken on another Director. Lots of juggling, I'm sure. I hope the workload this week isn't as bad. It's a shame that someone in your family won't take over the role of reunion planner. So sorry to hear about your trip to the ER with DH. I hope he's doing better.

Laura - The weekend went way too fast for me too. I'm glad your bf did well with his oral surgery. My lungs don't deal well with heavy perfume or smoke either. As for the prednisone's effect on the blood sugar...I'm not sure how to address that other than with clean eating, which prednisone's other side effect (constant state of hunger) makes difficult. Luckily, I haven't had as much trouble with the "hungries" this time around, though I haven't been eating all that well. I am concerned that the prednisone raising the blood sugar, combined with the not so healthy eating, are causing the pins and needles feeling in my feet. I googled it and it can be a sign of diabetic neuropathy, but it doesn't have to be permanent. Nothing like a scare to get me back on track. I really miss Zumba. I've got to look at the gym class schedules for the gyms near my new home and mark off time on my calendar. I'm so sorry to hear about Coal's paw. I hope it heals soon. I'm so in awe and impressed by your challenges. I agree with you that women in the workplace shouldn't be referred to as "girl".

Shad - So glad you had a nice time with the family. The meal sounds delicious and the walk in the gardens sounds lovely! Enjoy your public holiday today.

Annie - I actually haven't heard much about August, Osage County...but I think I'll pass. I don't like movies where's there's domestic abuse. There are two movies coming out on DVD that I want to see ("The Butler" and "Captain Philips"). Your dinner sounds delicious! You're a good wife to help C with the car and miss the ending to the Broncos game. I actually fell asleep once I was fairly confident that the Broncos were going to win. I must've changed the channel because I woke up to Ann Wilson (of Heart) singing the National Anthem at the Seahawks/49ers game. Thanks for the tip on the Special K cracker chips. I like Pop Chips too, especially the Thai flavor, but I can't recall how many chips per serving.

Time to go get more caffeine. Tea time with Earl Grey. :coffee2:

Much love and many hugs to all,

01-20-2014, 03:43 PM
Hi all,

Going to be a somewhat busy week for me. Doing housework and laundry today. Tomorrow I help out in the thrift shop with books in the morning and I decided since I need to drive the new car at least once before I drive DH from the eye surgeon, I should probably take it tomorrow for a run. I also need groceries and much as I don't want to take a new car to the grocery store parking lot, I have to do what I have to do. What I most dread is that I will park at the far end of the lot for sure but the lot is filled with rutted, frozen snow so pushing a loaded grocery cart through that mess will not be fun.

Even though I consistently ate below my calories and did not eat any of my exercise calories, I did not lose any weight last week. For me this disproves the theory that it doesn't matter what you eat as long as you stay at or below calorie limits. I am not going to get bummed over this, too often it became an excuse to just stop trying. Instead I am reviewing my week's meals and I definitely need to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into my plan. I also need to plan more - I am not hungry in the morning and I lose track of time - often it's close to 2pm and I have not had either breakfast or lunch and then it's a dilemma of grabbing something quick or starving until an early supper at 4pm. So I grab something quick which is not the best choice. Up to this point my goals have been to think about what I'm eating and be honest about logging food. I have done that - now I will improve on what I'm eating even if I have to go back to planning a week's worth of meals ahead of time. I am frustrated with my knee and hip - anti inflammatories and stretches are probably helping it from getting worse, but it's not getting better either. I know I can't get more cortisone. I'm going to try tweeking things a little for the next 2 weeks or it's back to the doctor. I'm already doing what physical therapy said to do except for their recommendation of adding water therapy via swimming pool exercises. Tomorrow is supposed to be a high temperature of 2 degrees F and Wednesday a high of 0. With those temperatures, who wants to go in a swimming pool?

Michelle - I'm glad you are feeling better but I'd be mindful of those pins and needles in your feet. I'm sure this is frustrating if you need the medicine for your breathing yet it causes blood sugar problems. Perhaps walking Santa might be your best bet for exercise until you are back to speed again. In my book any movement is better than sitting in a chair. How nice that your friends will be getting married. Will you be going to the wedding then? That will be a long flight coast to coast! You hit it on the nose with your weather channel comment - my biggest frustration was when you most wanted them (in bad weather) either the radar was out or they'd show generic forecasts for places far far away from what we needed to see.

Annie - I seem to remember a sample of those Special K chips - they were good! They make good products and seem to understand the value of the crunch factor. With hummus it would make a nice, satisfying treat. Thanks for the review on August: Osage County. I didn't realize it would be like that as it looked interesting. I can see why you wouldn't have cared for the subject matter. Sometimes I wonder if it would be better if we could go back in our lives and tweak things a bit - but then again sometimes great things - like your kids - come out from a less than happy place like the ex. Well actually, I guess technically they came out of YOU but you know what I mean :rofl: And yes, I was reading something about the importance of periodically cleaning out your dishwasher. It's just like never cleaning your bath tub or sink. Yewwwww. I clean out the washing machine once a week with vinegar and once a month with the big clean cycle and Tide washing machine cleaner. Sounds like you do enjoy a good football game - nice of you to miss the end and go help C. That's love.

Laura - I agree with you about the "nice GIRL" comment. Maybe he meant GURL ala Katy Perry :lol: Old habits die hard I suppose. I hope the new person works out. Some people pick up on fake (which almost always turns out to be true) while others don't notice it. If you don't like control top pantyhose, then do try that swimsuit on before you go on vacation. One of the things I liked about L/E suits is that they really hold you in. And they are a pistol to get back on again once they get wet so don't go to the potty until you are done swimming for the day. ;) To your question about the car, this has what they call "full time 4 wheel drive". The 4Runner is one of the last of it's kind that was designed for off road driving (which we never do). As such they switched from switch it yourself between 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive to always on 4 wheel. One thing that is different with our car to "all wheel drive" is that we have an extra shift we can change to High 4 wheel drive, Low 4 wheel drive and another mode meant for off road or heavy snow/mud driving conditions. So it's like all wheel drive but has a bit of extra oomph if you need it. I'm glad it's all wheel drive because DH kept popping it in an out of 4 wheel and that drove me crazy. He'd put it on 4 wheel on our snowy road and then pop it back to 2 wheel when we got on the main roads that were less snow covered. A couple of times we slid in 2 wheel and I just looked at him. But didn't we already have a conversation about guys and they wacky things that do? ;) :rolleyes:

Susie - I hope your DH will be ok. That has to be scary. It's the one thing I hated about the blood thinners. Crazy things happen and you're never sure if it's serious or just thinner blood. Let us know how he makes out. Sending you good vibes :hug:

Ceejay - good luck with the co-worker. If you stand up to them, they generally back down. No one wants confrontation but you are not a greenhorn on the job either. :nono:

Hello Shad :wave:

I was going to cancel WW this month but I got an email as they are pushing their "new" program and I went to the website. Since I need to incorporate more healthy foods into my meal plan, I copied a few recipes for ideas. Maybe I'll keep it one more month. I think I'm going to make a pot of minestrone as I have all the ingredients here. And they had a nice looking breakfast burrito recipe you bake up and can warm individual servings. Right up my alley. How can you go wrong with burritos, red bell peppers, eggs and avocado? Yum.

Ok DH is looking for the trash for pick up today so I'd better get rolling.

01-20-2014, 11:10 PM
I got a surprise this morning. I'm training a new person for maintenance, except he has to know the operation of the plant first. He's a bit stuck on himself but he does have more knowledge about t he operation of the plant than some one green off the street. He will come along nicely. I'm taking it slow and easy at first. Think in the past I've put to much information in their heads that they could not digest.
We had no internet at work today either. Sigh
Think I must have eaten to much raw foods to quickly to set this bout off. I'll find out for sure Thursday what's going on.
Had a bit of excitement this afternoon between 4 and 5 p.m. A building next door to the water plant burned. It looked like a total loss. The firemen were still there when I left to come home.
I'm both tired physically and mentally tonight. Think I'm going to call it an early night and get some extra sleep.

I like breakfast burritos. I need to make some of those myself. Sounds like you have a busy week planned.

Glad you are feeling better. I didn't want to get up this morning either

Annie, Susie and Shad, Hello.

01-21-2014, 12:32 AM
Hi Ladies...thank you all so much for all your concerns. You are wonderful :hug:

We don't feel DH is out of the woods yet but the color is turning more tea like than bright red and we think that is a good sign.

We have appointments with his regular doctor on Wed morning in case his urine isn't clear by then, so they can take sample. Also we have a appointment with the urologist a week from tomorrow so that we can get things checked out and make sure that all is ok.

Please keep praying and sending us good, healing thoughts.

I did go with my friend today and we had a fun time. It kept my mind occupied. DH went to work and he said he felt ok.

I have not focused on food or exercise yesterday or today but should be able to at least focus on food tomorrow and get back to posting on MFP.

I also plan to do personals here tomorrow.

I have been working for the past 2.5 hours and it's time to go to bed. We are getting more snow tomorrow....ugh!!! Will be long commutes.

01-21-2014, 02:39 AM
Evening all,
Had a terrible day with food today. There is no particular reason for it, but I will definitely have to do better tomorrow. I guess eating out a lot has a lot to do with it, but if I want to get this flab off, then I need to get out of bed in the morning, do the exercise, eat well and just suck it up. That's life.

Tonight there is a Downton Abbey Christmas special on. Guess I might stay awake long enough to take a look at that. I've got about an hour before that starts.

Happy - hope the new car brings great joy and interesting motoring. I'm looking forward to having a shot at the Princess in the next couple of weeks. Guess the DS2 has been looking after her well. Hope the DH's surgery goes okay for him. Didn't realise he had cataracts.

Susie - hope your DH is okay too. If he is taking blood thinners it is probably something to do with that. My SIL took Warferin and she bruised liked nothing on earth. Also the skin round her ankle split once and she damn near bled to death before she got to the hospital. Horrible stuff.

Michelle - hope you are feeling better soon. Maybe you need some of my 'pot plants' although you would no doubt be sorely p*d off trying to smoke the one here.

Laura - did the swimsuit arrive? Hope so. Also hope the bloke in the office gives up referring to the 'girls'. Maybe you should referring to the blokes around the joint!

Annie - sounds like you have been a regular whirlwind. Hope the work situation improves somewhat for you. Difficult both here and in Aus now to get administrative/ accounts type jobs. Seems to be a dying breed. Wonder who is going to process the paperwork when the last admin assistant disappears off the planet.

Ceejay - hope that pain in the gut goes away soon. Darn, but Mel will be hacked off that you got a good eyeful of the firies and she didn't.
Hope the new person works out well.

And still the rain comes down. Will make going for a walk quite difficult in the morning. Might have to do stairs in the building. That will be fun (NOT). Supposed to clear for the next weekend.
I'm having lunch tomorrow with my exDH's niece. We've been trying to catch up since I got here and she or I would have to back off for one reason or another. So tomorrow is the day (again) - keep your fingers crossed.

Better go and make a cup of 'Snore and Peace' - sort of herbal tea designed to help people sleep. Then I can get ready for Downton Abbey and bed following that.

Be good folks.

01-21-2014, 09:40 AM
Good Morning All....

SUSIE...yep we are getting that nasty snow, wind and cold this morning. Took me 55 minutes to get to work, normally a 22 minute drive. 465 around Indy was a parking lot with more than the usual amount of idiots. Glad your DH is feeling better and has doc appts to check things out.

SHADDIE...amazingly I have been doing great on food and exercise. Well with all the snow shoveling the exercise part is pretty much covered. Downton Abbey: We are in season 4 just finished episode 3. Was not happy with episode 2, they could of left the incident with Anna. Don't want to spoil it in case others have not see it yet.

CEEG...nothing like training snooty people that think they already know everything. I think Shad does that at times. Hope you get to feeling better and the doc can figure out what is going on with you.

HAPPY....just part close to the door at the grocery and get that first ding on your new car then you don't have to wait for it to happen. Prayers for DH and his eye surgery. I have a start of one on my left eye but doc said probably won't have to bother with it till I am in my 70's, oh goody a reason to live. Ankle replacement in my 60s, I can hardly wait. lol

CHELLE...hope you are feeling better by now and your energy level is coming up. Get you some B12 that dissolves under your tongue. Hugs sister.

LAURA...I didn't make it to CVS last night to get the cracker chips but plan on it today.

Sissy called me this morning, she has been up vomiting and diarreah all night long and wants me to be on call in case she ends up going to the doctor. Bless her heart, she did call her doc and he said if it goes on more thatn 24 hours to call them back she may need an IV drip cause she can't even hold down water. When my kids are sick, my heart breaks.

Went to watch DS bowl last night. C and I went. It was a different type of league. Two people to a team. They bowl 3 games. Start bowling at 6 and were done by 7:15. It was fun cause I knew several of the bowlers.

That is about it for me. Stay safe, warm, happy, healthy (cool in Shad's case)


01-21-2014, 11:13 AM
Morning all,

8am this morning it was minus 24 degrees (F). That's too dang cold. And that was WITH the sun out. I have to go to the shop today to help with used books. I'm waiting a bit because the shop is a very old frame building with very little insulation and I'm sure it's wretched cold in there, particularly in the back. The do have a set back thermometer set to go on as well as a heater in the back but they keep the temps quite low overnight and I'm sure it takes a while to warm things up.

Annie - yes, I am dreading the first ding in the car but you know it's going to happen. Poor Sissy - does she have the flu? It's really rampant and taking everyone to the mat who comes in contact with it. I hope it eases up. Can't imagine having to be that sick when you're that far along. How's your foot doing while you are waiting for that ankle replacement? Are the shoes helping any? Wow - speed bowling! I'm glad to hear that people are still bowling. A guy wrote a popular book called "Bowling by Myself". It addresses the change in society about how people are getting away from socializing with others. IE - 30 years ago people got together and bowling leagues were very popular. Now everyone is "too busy" and you wind up "bowling by myself". I didn't read the book but would like to one day although I already know that people keep to themselves. I was a bit surprised myself at the Anna story twist on Downton. Guess it opens things up to a lot of possibilities.

Shad - laughed at the tea "snore and peace" good name, hope it does the job. Hope the rain dries up and you can catch lunch with the niece once removed and get a nice walk in. I agree with your assessment on the food and moving. Just gotta do it as it doesn't do itself.

Susie - holy geez, that was seriously intense with DH - not just a "bit" of blood. No wonder you were scared. Still hoping things work out ok. Understandable about the lapse in food but best not to go down that route. Today's a new day - make it a good one.

Ceejay - I think the proper term for "stuck on himself" man is "confident". :rolleyes: ;) :lol: Good luck with the training - hopefully he will take the time to learn the ropes before he sets his focus on climbing the ladder to the president's desk. Are you feeling better?

Time for me to find some warm duds, grab my shopping list and go figure out how to work this new fangled car of mine. Stay warm and have a good one. I guess I am grateful we don't have snow on top of this bitter cold but I guess that's coming later. This winter is getting too long for me too. See yahs.

01-21-2014, 12:36 PM
Morning all. Another cold day out there. Got about 3 inches of snow overnight. All I can say is we're getting a very wintery winter.

Michelle Ė How are you feeling today? That pins and needles is scary Ė I hope thatís just a temporary thing. Glad youíre not coughing or having vertigo anymore. I hope another night of rest helps you get through this illness and back to feeling good. Congrats to your two friends getting married!! Youíre not extremely far from WA state Ė is there a possibility youíll be able to attend the wedding in September??

Happy Ė Better to get acclimated to the new car before a long drive! I always have good intentions of learning whatever new gadget we might get, be it the cell phone, or in the past Ė the car, the camera, etc. But reading the manuals Ė booooring. So it ends up being I learn along the way, or just the necessary things and not the less frequently used/optional things. Sigh. I hope youíre better than me about that stuff!! Hope youíre dressed warmly for your book sorting stint at the shop today. Re not losing any weight Ė keep plugging away. I havenít done well this past week, but I know where Iím having troubles. And it would help if I were getting more exercise too! Keep at the logging, unless youíre not logging everything you eat, intentionally or not. In that case, why bother? Sorry your knee and hip arenít feeling better yet Ė I hope the extra time will get it feeling better so you donít have to go to the doc again. Going in a pool does not appeal to me at all right now, not if itís in this cold and if Iíd have to go out in the cold afterwards to get back home. Thanks for the 4 wheel drive info. Nice to know itís ďalways 4 wheel driveĒ and having to switch into it when needed isnít necessary. As for the swimsuit Ė my last 3 suits have been from Land's End but I never bought one with the control fabric, so weíll see how that feels. I might end up just going with the larger size if that makes it easier to take on/off. Honestly, I think that most people have more than just their tummy they'd like to suck in, so it seems sort of pointless to have a tummy control swimsuit when jiggly arms and legs will still be on view.

Ceejay Ė Hope the new guy is easily trainable - and gets over himself, lol. Having a fire in the building next door would probably be too much excitement for me. And the extreme cold can make it hard to fight fires too. Glad nothing affected the plant.

Susie Ė Glad your dh is feeling better. Scary what those blood thinners can do! Thatís serious stuff. Hope the urology appointment doesnít bring up anything.

Shad Ė My calories have been higher than I need them to be to lose any weight, and lack of exercise has also been part of the problem. On the positive side, I can tell my challenges are making me a bit firmer. Iím not fond of walking the fire stairwells for exercise. Could anything be more drab and depressing than those stairways??? Hope you get your nice weather for the weekend Ė thatís whatís important, right?? :D No, I havenít gotten my swimsuits yet. I donít know when this started, but now items are being shipped partially by UPS and partially by the US post office. So the tracker says ďPackage transferred to local post office. Allow for 1 to 2 additional days for deliveryĒ. I guess with all these places offering free shipping now, theyíll ship it any darn way they please and let us wait as long as it takes. Actually, yesterday was a Federal holiday, so perhaps I will get my package today. We'll see. Fingers :crossed: you will get your lunch w/ the exdhís niece. I donít know why the mgr referred to the new hire as a girlÖI feel sheís somewhere between my age and his. Long past girlhood. I just love that tea name Ė ďSnore & PeaceĒ. How apt and funny.

Annie Ė Well, I guess we are now both thoroughly fed up with this winter helll weíve been subjected to this season. The 10 day outlook for my area has 4 single digit days, 3 days in the teens, and 3 days in the 20ís. So the best we can hope for is those days when it reaches the 20ís?? Bleh. So I guess there probably arenít enough ďHoosier HelpersĒ to go around with all the cars going off the road, etc. Iím so glad I donít have to drive in this!! You be careful out there girlfriend!! Re food Ė Iím so glad youíre doing well with it!! I stopped by my CVS by the train station yesterday after work and before I looked for the Special K chips, I spotted my sour cream and onion Popchips on sale for 2 for $5, so I bought those. I usually only portion out ĺ of a serving to eat with my lunches because thatís all that really fits in my Tupperware container, and thatís satisfying enough. I just like having some salty crunch with my sandwich. I avoid eating them at home because they would certainly go the way of the Doritos Ė entire bag done in one or two sittings. Anyway, it seems like CVS might be the only place Iíve seen lately that has that flavor. It would be a good thing to try the new brands/flavors. Poor Sissy being so sick! And I bet sheís limited with what she can take to try and feel better. Poor thing. :( Glad you enjoyed DSís bowling games last night. Nice change of pace, huh?

Nothing much to report. Lunch yesterday with the department welcoming the new mgr was fine. Someone brought a huge box of chocolates to the coffee/copy room and I succumbed to two pieces. On top of the filling (but healthy) lunch, it was too much. And then I didn't eat the fruit I brought for my snacks. Sigh.

After having done two dayís worth of challenges on Sunday, my abs were a bit sore. Doing my challenges yesterday really was a challenge, but I did them. Yay me. Bringing home my laptop makes my walking a bit more of a challenge. It doesnít help that my backpack is always a bit heavy with all the junk I normally tote around, but adding the laptop just makes it that much more. There werenít any Metra issues today, so my commute was fine. Iíll think about if I need to take the laptop home again tonight.

Today is my ww meeting. My home scale hasnít changed from last week, so I wonít see a loss this week, especially wearing longies and jeans Ė heavier clothes than usual. Cíest la vie. I'll keep plugging along with logging and trying to eat right.

The movie chosen for tonight is ď12 Years a SlaveĒ, but itís at a distant theater and Iím not thrilled to go out driving. Iíll likely skip it. Itís a rest night for my challenges. Iíll see if thereís a class at the gym I want to take. Iím willing to drive 4 miles round trip, but not 26.

Thatís about it for me. TTFN!!

01-21-2014, 02:27 PM
Good Tuesday everyone!

I'm exhausted today. I slept well last night, though I didn't get to bed as early as I wanted to. I think I've still got the lingering fatigue of the bronchitis...despite my lungs being clear and my vertigo being all gone. I wish I could've just stayed in bed all day. The plan for tonight is home and to bed. Hopefully, Santa will be agreeable to that. :crossed:

I watched Hollywood Game Night last night...a fun, mindless show...which was what I was in the mood for. Valerie Bertinelli was on, and I've always thought she was just adorable. It looks like she's put back on a bit of weight, but she still looks great. In fact, I don't understand she's two years older than me and still looks like she's in her 20s. :dunno:

Happy - If you're exercising and not eating your exercise calories or your full complement of daily calories, is it possible you're not eating enough and your body is holding onto the weight? I've read that you need to eat a little something in the morning to kick your metabolism into gear. Even if it's just something little. I've read that until your body gets its first fuel of the day, the metabolism stays "asleep". I hope that you can find some way to ease the pain in your knee and hip because you can only have a limited number of cortisone injections per year. I'm heeding your suggestion about just walking Santa for now, and I'm glad to report the pins and needles have subsided. The wedding is in Washington State, about an hour or so away from Seattle. I haven't decided if I'll fly or drive there, but I am going. I should log into WW online and check out the new program and the recipes. When is DH's cataract surgery? Do you have to go all the way to Duluth for the surgery? What is the recuperation time for something like that? Was this morning's temp -24 ACTUAL or witn wind chill? Either way, that's crazy cold.

Ceejay - Training someone can be exhausting, especially combined with the stress of a fire so close by. I hope you were able to relax and sleep well.

Susie - I'll definitely keep your DH in my prayers and sending him good thoughts. I hope he gets some answers tomorrow if it hasn't cleared up by then.

Shad - Thanks for the good laugh on FB about your "pot plants". I was sure you meant potted plants, but I just had to make a comment. "pot" and "potted" are not interchangeable adjectives here in the states. :rofl: Our friend Barb was right...when you put "rock'n'roll" and "pot plants" in the same comment, us Yanks jump to conclusions. :rofl: :lol3: I'll bet our dear Mellie would've gotten a good laugh out of that one too. I had the same thought about Ceejay getting a good look at firies and how Mel would've wanted to see them. I hope Snore and Peace was effective.

Annie - Yikes! Sounds like an awful commute. I hope the roads are better by the time you go home. I'm so proud of you with the eating and exercise. Thanks for the tip about B12. I'll pick some of that up. I'm sending healing wishes to your daughter. I hope she feels better soon. My ex and I used to really enjoy bowling in a league. I'd love to take it up again when my back gets better.

Laura - Other than exhaustion, I'm doing better today. As for my friends' wedding, yes, since it's here on the west coast, I'm definitely going to go. I haven't decided if I'll make it a longer trip and drive (taking time to visit two couples of friends in Oregon and one in Washington), or if I'll just do a long-weekend and fly. I totally agree with you on reading manuals...boring. I read the bare minimum to get the gadget up and running and then learn as I go, usually by googling what I need. So nice that you're seeing results from your dedication to the challenges! You chicks in the Midwest have certainly had an awful winter. I remember when I lived back there, seeing all those bitter cold temps and dreading how many more months of winter left to go. But at least you have a tropical vacation to look forward too!! I should look up the carb info on the PopChips to see if they'd be a good snack for me. I do really enjoy the taste of them. My two fave flavors are Sweet Potato and Thai Sweet Chili Potato (which has a little hotness but not too much). Bravo for you for being so dedicated on your challenges. And your right...lugging a laptop is good exercise...I learned that when I was commuting to SF and had to bring my own laptop. Have fun at the gym.

Gotta sign off for now.

Much love and many hugs to y'all,

01-21-2014, 09:36 PM
Hi Everyone, it sure was a long day and I'm about to log on and do some work while I'm watching The Biggest Loser. Is anyone else watching it?

It's makeover week! I love it when they get to this point.

Annie: I'm sorry that your commute was so long. Mine was about 30 min longer than usual as well..and then when I came out of work it was so cold!

Happy: I think I would die if I lived somewhere it was -24! It's bad enough when we are in the single digits...which is was this evening.

Keep up the good work with eating correctly and moving and not eating the calories you burn with exercise. The scales will go down if you just stay consistant. Sometimes our bodies don't want to let go of that weight at first. Also, I have heard to be sure that you are getting enough protein and that can help.

Thank you for reminding me to not go down that self-destruction path. :hug:

Michelle: I hope you get some good sleep tonight. It sounds like you are rounding the corner to feeling good again.

Shad: Sorry to hear that you had a bad food day. It happens....make the next day a good one.

Ceejay: How did the training go today? I hope on Thursday you get some answers to your stomach issues. It's not fun to feel badly.

Laura: How did the WW meeting go?

Thank you all for the support for me and my DH. We go to the doctor tomorrow to find out about the culture and to see how he thinks are going. The output is no longer bright red, sort of a weak tea color. We will take it as a good sign. I want him to take another sample and see if it shows white blood cells in it.

See you all tomorrow.

01-22-2014, 09:00 AM
Good Freezing Morning. My car said 4 degrees and who knows with the windchill. We had snow yesterday, about 3 inches and man was it COLD!

Yes, Sam had the stomach flu. We ended up at the hospital. Chris came home and picked Jacob up at noon and took him back to work with him. I left work at 1:30 to go be with Samantha. I finally convinced her she needed to go to the ER. We called her doc first, he sent orders over to the hospital maturnity wing, she went right in. She had two bags of fluid IV and one bag of vitamin bag. Chris got to the hosp with Jacob, I took him with me and went home. Around 8:30 I took Jacob to their house and put him to bed. The kids didn't get home from the hospital til midnight. Oh what a day/night. Sam is feeling much better and can eat and drink. She had also started pre-term labor from being dehydrated.

LAURA...saw on MFP that you had a loss afterall. WTG!!! Congrats!!

SUSIE...let us know how DHs doc appt goes. I am not watching BL. I keep forgetting about it.

HAPPY...burrrrr, we are cold too, only we had snow. Bleh. Did you have any customers at the thrift store yesterday or was it just too cold for anyone?

CHELLE...glad you are on your way to recovery. Yeah, I always thought VB was a cutie. Now that she is 50 and looks the same as she did at 25, she is just plain disgusting. lol

Hi Shaddie and Ceeg!

Everyone make it a great day/night!!


01-22-2014, 12:11 PM
Happy Wednesday ladies,

I slept a little better last night, but it was still hard to drag myself out of bed this morning. I'm looking forward to sleeping in this weekend. :yes:


Susie - I watch The Biggest Loser, but only caught a little of the beginning of last night's show. I'll watch it on the DVR tonight. I hope things go well at the doctor today for your DH.

Annie - I'm glad Sam went to the hospital to get IV fluids and vitamins. What a relief that it must be for all that she is feeling better and is able to eat/drink. Has the pre-term labor stopped?

Laura - Congrats on your weight loss! I guess the WW scale is friendlier than your own. :lol:

A big :wave: to Happy, Ceejay and Shad!

Much love to all,

01-22-2014, 12:16 PM
Morning all. Just did something dumb and lost most of my post. My WW weigh-in showed a gain of 1.8 yesterday, but I'm not concerned as I wore my lightest work clothes last week and had on a t-neck, jeans and longies yesterday. And my home weigh-in yesterday morning showed the same weight as last week's. My leader also suggested taking measurements. I've never done that because I figured I would be inconsistent about it, but it makes sense to do as another way of marking progress.

Susie - Hope your hubby's doc appointment goes well today. Not watching TBL - too much drama for me. I can watch episodes on demand, so I might watch the makeover show - those are fun.

Annie - Poor DD! But she really did need to go to the ER, and I'm so glad she's feeling better now.

Michelle -Re Valerie Bertinelli Ė I sometimes see ads for that show Hot in Cleveland, but I can never remember what day/time itís on. She looks good for her age Ė some people are lucky that way. And botox, etc. certainly helps, haha. Itíll be so nice for you to get away on a leisure trip in September to visit friends and attend that wedding. Something nice to look forward to. Re this winterÖIím really letting it get to me, and I hate that! I donít want to do much of anything once I get home from work. I think I need to change my attitude and stop letting it keep me from my usual activities. If I can get out there and go to work, I can get out to the gym, movies, shopping, etc. Re popchips Ė Iíll have to try the Thai Sweet Chili because I do like a bit of spice.

Shad - Has the rain stopped yet?? :rain:

Hi Happy, Hi Ceejay. :wave: :wave:
Nothing much to report. I didn't go to the gym last night. BF made a delicious pot of chili and I stayed home and ate that for dinner and watched TV.

We are looking online at orthopedic dog beds since our Coalie is getting older and might do better with a bit more support. Some of them look really nice, but they sure can be pricey. Of course nothing at Orvis comes cheap, LOL.

My swimsuits arrived yesterday and the smaller size is fine, even with the "hold you in" fabric. This is the one, hope the link works: I also bought a couple tank tops. They have rather thin straps though, so I think they might be better for layering than for wearing solo. Since I was already trying on clothes, I pulled out some shorts from the underbed storage box and have three pairs that'll be fine - a couple pairs are a bit baggy, but they'll do. I have a tendency toward neutrals, so I have a pair of tan, khaki, and a lighter stone color. Not fond of white because they'd be a dirt magnet, and I don't like the way dark-colored shorts look on my pasty legs.

That's about it for me. TTFN!

01-22-2014, 03:39 PM
Laura - Despite the WW scale showing a gain, as you said you were wearing heavier clothes, and you certainly have some wonderful NSVs to show for your efforts (a smaller size swimsuit, and shorts that fit - and even some baggy ones). :woohoo: :bravo: I love the swimsuit...I'm sure it looks great on you!

01-23-2014, 03:02 AM
Hi all,

Sorry I didn't get in until late. DH's eye surgery appears to have gone well. His eye is a bit irritated now and having to use only one eye (eye patch) has it's own frustrations. I am going to yoga class tomorrow and then we are headed to see the doctor for a follow up tomorrow. Can you believe the doctor put his actual home phone number on the discharge papers???? Which was a good thing because the discharge nurse was unclear about something and I could not get hold of the office or the answering service. DH had me call and he seems like such a nice doctor. I'm hoping all is well :crossed: Told DH he had his heart fixed and both eyes so is he done now? He said he hoped so, me too - I said at least they were easily fixable things.

We had my homemade minestrone soup for dinner with warm biscuits. I added some smoked sausage at DH's request (and for a little protein). I was surprised at the end result of calories. Here I thought I was eating better because there are lots of veggies and some beans in the soup. Just goes to show you...

Laura - it's been recommended that people take measurements so as not to become discouraged if the weight loss stagnates. Also as you build muscle it weighs more than fat so you might become leaner, denser and stall at a weight but be better than ever. Like Shad who saw a change in the way clothes fit. I'm glad you were able to fit into the warm weather stuff for your trip. I agree with you that darker shorts can make untanned legs even paler. Maybe you could use some of that Jergens Lotion that is supposed to be a self tanner although this time of year they are probably not stocking it. I never much cared about tanning - DH's feet are so white they look like cadaver feet - I would not show THOSE in public - next to him I look tanned. :rofl: As for Coal - did you look at one of those off the floor type beds - therabeds or something? I agree with you they are pricy but think of how your aching bones would feel if you had to lay on a hard floor. Isn't Coal worth it? *looks at you with sad puppy eyes* :lol:

Michelle - glad you are feeling better. Yes, I agree that Valerie B looks amazing. I won't say I'm glad because she gained some weight back but I will say I'm glad that she is human like the rest of us and not afraid to show it. I liked the show Hot In Cleveland but I keep forgetting to watch / record it. Sorry about the mix up with your friends wedding - I misread that they lived in Florida now. How fun that you can go to their wedding. I'm sure you missed a lot when you were living in WI, nice now that it's a little easier to try and make up for lost time.

Annie - yikes on Sissy - I'm glad she got taken care of. I am dumb not having had any kids but was wondering if the awful retching might bring on labor if you're far along - I guess not so much the vomiting as much as the being dehydrated. I hope she rests and gets better quickly. To your question I worked at the store yesterday and we made $71 which was worth staying open. Some days you can make a case for closing and then someone comes in and blows your theory away. :shrug: Congrats on a weight loss this week!

Susie - I stopped watching BL when it got to the point that Jillian and even Bob were screaming at the contestants. Haven't watched it regularly since then I have to say. I'm glad DH is settling down - hope you get good news from the doctor soon. Yes, I was noticing the cold today when I pulled duty to go out and feed the deer and refill the bird feeder. It was a COLD walk to the car today because we had to park farther away at the hospital lot - I had an ice cream cold headache for sure. And there is another Polar Vortex headed for us again. I am ready to be done with winter myself.

Hi Ceejay :wave:

I saw a news article that The Captain and Tennile are getting a divorce. Didn't say much but it alludes to the fact that he has medical issues and they might be doing this for financial reasons since it seems they will still be together. Isn't it just horrible that you'd be married 39 years and have to divorce so that you didn't leave the other spouse bankrupt??? It makes me feel bad just thinking about it. I know DH has mentioned on more than one occasion that if he gets sickly, he would worry that it would take all our money and leave me alone and penniless. I said we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Always something going on.

Right now I am going to bed because it's 1am and for some reason my filling dinner has passed and my evening snack of yogurt and fresh berries isn't sticking with me either. I am really hungry so I'm going to go to bed before I can tempt myself.

I don't think I'll have enough time to post in the morning so I'll catch up with you later. Stay warm friends!

01-23-2014, 11:06 AM
Oh Good Jacob has the stomach flu. Sam called crying this morning that she was already at the doctor at 7 am with him. Doc prescribed a supository for him to stop the vomiting. She is tired and worn out from being sick and being up with the babe all night puking. I am taking a half day PTO this afternoon to go take care of them. Pray I don't get it. Pool lil guy just got over strep throat and his immune system was probably already compromised. Poor lil stinker.

Went to Kiwanas meeting last night with my brother. Think I am going to join. It is such a great group of people and they do so many great things for children. Plus it will give me something to do in the volunteering field, which is what I like to do.

HAPPY....wonderful to hear DHs surgery went well. So you have a pirate with a patch to deal with, could be interesting. lol. I saw that about Captain and Tennelle also. THey are not the first couple I have heard of to divorce to get around the BS the government is pushing on us. It is awful. Dad kind of had to switch up some stuff when mom was in the rehab home too.

CHELLE...glad you got some better sleep. I always look forward to the weekend sleep but it never seems to come to me. bleh. Yes once the fluids got in Sissy's system the pre-term labor stopped. She is doing much better however very tired and worn out from that and taking care of lil man.

LAURA....for some reason I thought you had a loss on MFP. I must of read it wrong but anyway that was not too bad of a gain. These stinkin holidays and get togethers just seem to steer us down the wrong lane. So far so good for me the past couple of weeks. I took a look at your bathing suit, what a pretty color. I like it. My thoughts on white pants or shorts...yes they get dirty but also make my arse look huger! lol

Hello the all ya'll...Hugs!

01-23-2014, 11:59 AM
Morning all. My lower half is still cold from the commute today. I've also walked from home to the train station the past two days instead of getting dropped off by bf. Glad to be getting a little more walking in my day, but the rest of it sucks.

Annie - Terrible that little J now has the flu. :( And poor S. - just getting over her bug and now dealing with this! Good woman you are going to help out. S. has the best momma one could ask for! :yes: Nice to consider joining the Kiwanis. Volunteer work is so rewarding for all involved. I don't, however, enjoy the asking for money part, which is the part I don't like about the Relay for Life event I participate in yearly. There's a kickoff meeting next week and I'm debating if I will attend that. I do plan to do the event again, and as usual, I have good intentions for trying harder to raise money for our team. Re my weight on MFP - I think my starting weight there was right after the holidays, when I first started tracking again, so my weight was higher than my WW weights from the past 2 weeks.

Happy - Glad DH's surgery went well, and nice that the doc was reachable!! There's no doubt we'll be getting Coal a new bed, pricey or not. He's our baby and needs and deserves it and why stop the spoiling now?? :D Gosh, hadn't heard that re the Capt. & Tennile (sp??). Very sad state of affairs when it comes down to experiencing financial ruin in order to get the medical care you need.

Michelle - Thanks for the reminder re the NSV's. In our WW meeting this week, we discussed how we deal with the hard times in our weight loss journey, and part of it is our recognizing our NSV's and keeping in mind our progress to date. Feeling less tired by now?

Ceejay - Where you been? Must be busy with the training...Enjoy your day off, hope the doctor appointment goes well and that your gut is feeling better by now. Does your work schedule alternate two and three day weekends??

Hellos to Shad & Susie!!

Did my challenges yesterday. I reverted back to doing the ab challenge as per the schedule - i.e., doing the situps as well as the crunches and leg raises and plank. I think psychologically, it helps to be splitting the reps across the three different exercises vs. just two now that the reps are higher. I'm on day 18 now I believe.

Otherwise, I didn't do much at all last night except watch tv & go through the mail. Our cable tv/internet bill went up substantially, so bf got on the phone and ended up getting it reduced by $30/mo. for the next 12 mos. - which makes it lower than it was even before the increase. Yay for that. And it makes up for the increase in our cell phone bill. Last week we went to a plan that now has unlimited texting and doubles the combined total of our previously individual data plans and makes it shared, which will work much better for us.

Bf and I also listed a dozen dinners we like in an attempt to get ourselves better with meal planning and the related grocery shopping. One of the dinners listed is actually not a specific recipe, but choosing a new recipe to try. Annie - two recipes you shared are on our list - the pasta with mushrooms and mascarpone in the sauce, as well as the easy beef stroganoff recipe. :)

I was reading a several weeks old Sunday Parade magazine article about the 90 year old Olga who's a masters track & field champ. Amazing. What I like is that studies show physical exercise/activity will also keep your mind sharp. I'm not against doing bainteasers, puzzles, etc, but I like that something I need to be doing for my body is also helping my brain. :)

Gotta run, earnings call to listen to. TTFN.

01-23-2014, 02:30 PM
Happy Hump Day ladies,

No time for personals today. Yesterday, I got an order confirmation email from HP regarding two orders purchased with my Bill Me Later account (which is a credit card company but you don't really get a physical credit card). I never placed those orders, so I immediately called HP and told them they were fraudulent orders and to stop the shipment (not sure if I caught it in time). I also called Bill Me Later and told them they were fraudulent orders and to not pay them and to close my account. They said they would.

Today, I checked my Bill Me Later account and learned that the orders were charged to my account, so I called again. They are forwarding to their investigative services team and they will reverse the charges. I also confirmed that my account is closed. I am in the process of closing my other credit cards and bank accounts. Then I have to re-open them and get all my automatic payments (like for my storage) to point to the new account. :faint: What a PITA!! :tantrum: At least I caught this right away.

D was home last night, so we had a nice relaxing evening watching TV. I think he'll be home tonight too. Tomorrow is the poker game (and my friend who has cancer is counting on me to drive him).

Then on Saturday and Sunday, I'll be taking Santa to the dog park, and also hopefully getting together with some other writers at events called "Shut Up and Write", which are essentially people getting together at a coffee shop or someone's house with laptops or pen/paper and writing for anywhere from 1-4 hours. For me, I think it's just good to have this event on the calendar so I have an appointment for writing. Next week, I'm going to add back in appointments for exercising now that my lungs are doing a little better.

Much love to all,

01-23-2014, 02:59 PM
Morning all,
Quick post and I have been missing a couple of days I know. The office is moving this weekend and true to form, most of the bodies have disappeared for the weekend and the bulk of the work is left for the stayers.
My stuff is all packed and ready to go although the computer has to stay until 4.00pm this afternoon.
I wonder why it is that every project I have ever been on feels the need to shift the staff from one place to another and sometimes back again. Perhaps they think that we might get too fond of our desk and personal space! Wrong. I am always ready to move on. Sometimes more than others.

Annie - I am sorry to hear that wee J is sick again. Poor little mite. Hope he gets over this one quickly.

Happy - also glad to know that DH has come through the eye op successfully. Had a bit of a laugh at the doctor and his summing up of the problems of DH
There used to be a standing joke in offices about not being allowed to go to hospital to get rid of any bits or add any bits because we employed you as you are - any alterations will not be tolerated.

Okay better go and appease this bloody Frenchman and fix his bloody problem.

01-23-2014, 03:15 PM
Afternoon all
Went to work Monday and the boss man announced that we have a new maintenance man. That I would be training him to operate the water plant. That's logical. He needs to start from the ground up so to speak. He has a class three waste water license. He's smart as a tack too. I think he could have been turned loose to run the water plant after his first day. I enjoyed having him around. All I had to do was tell him once and he remembered. Of course we have a notes for him to assure himself. Tuesday T had us to run the plant on hand and operate the filters in hand. I fussed about that one. But together we accomplished the task of operating the filters in manual. I wrote out the instructions for the others. I actually had him to proof read it and he added a couple of things in detail that I had left out.
Went to the doctor for lab test and my side that's still hurting. I told him that when I was there last that he called it diverticulum. He said if it was your appendix it would have burst by now. He's calling it diverticulitis which is what I suspected. and gave me antibiotics for that. He also refilled my prescriptions except for thyroid, meds. He's waiting for blood test for thyroid.

I agree that Sam did the right thing by going to the E.R. I hate to see a little one sick. You are a good mom and Nanna. The Kiwanis club is know for there good deeds.

So you have a "pirate" for a dh now!! Glad the eye surgery went well. Have you been driving the new car?

I forget about the BL being on this time of the year. Glad your dh is doing well.

I need to start paying more attention to those type of purchase myself.
Glad you are feeling better

Good for you in getting your dog a new bed.

01-24-2014, 09:18 AM
TGIF, I cannot express that one enough.

I think lil man is finally out of the woods as is Sissy. Sis has a doc appt this morning. (Her reg check up for preggers). Man what a week this has been. Usually when I leave I say to them call me if you need anything, last night I said don't call me. hahahah

SHADDIE....maybe these businesses plan moves for when you are there. lol

CHELLE....I hate to burst your bubble, but yesterday was not hump day and today is Friday. You totally missed a day this week. lol Glad you are feeling better.

LAURA...good for you on doing your challenges. We were -5 this morning with Godbillion below windchill. Stay warm. I am not going out this weekend as we are in tow for 2-4" on Saturday and 2-4" on Sunday...ok...I very much dislike cold and snow. I have a lot of yummy recipes, if you want a copy of my "book" I made for each of the kids. lol

Hello's to everyone!!


01-24-2014, 11:15 AM
I came in to check on you as I heard about the pile up on 94. Don't know if that's near you or not. I know you will need some rest this week end.

Nothing new since yesterday. I've started the antibiotics and am feeling much better. Still mentally tired from the three day training session with our newest employee. Some thing tells me he will not be here long. He thinks this is a gravy train job but this is not all of what he will be doing.
I had a weight gain yesterday but I'm not fretting over it.
It's a cold morning a 8 degree's. Took the garbage out to the curb and ran back inside.
Everyone have a good day. And stay warm.

01-24-2014, 11:41 AM
Morning all. TGIF!!

Annie - Glad Sissy and the li'l man are feeling better. Yeh, really windy and horrible today - might be the worst of the week. Famous last words, lol. I know from all your posts that you have a ton of great recipes!! I think that should be a weekly feature in your posts here! :) It almost is already since you share your recipes with us frequently. We had the rigatoni with mushrooms with the mascarpone/wine sauce - soooo tasty.

Ceejay - Nice you've got another sharp competent employee on staff. Do you think he's overqualified for his current position? Glad the doc appointment went well. I'm gonna have to look up the difference between diverticulitis and diverticulosis someday.

Shad - Hope the move goes smoothly. I guess you'll find out on Monday...So you'll be closer to your apartment now? That'll be convenient. Did the Frenchman's problem get solved, or is he even bloodier now?? ;)

Michelle - Oh jeez, I hope everything is fixed now and there's no more unauthorized charges to any of your accounts. Scary what's happening with all this credit card thievery! :yikes: I've been trying to keep an eye on my account activity. Reminds me, I probably should let my cc company know I'll be using my card out of the usual spots while on the cruise so they don't think I'm a thief. Your writing event sounds good - forces people to set aside time to write. Let us know if anyone actually says "Shut up and write!" :lol:

Hellos to Susie & Happy. Hope you're both keeping warm. :sunny:
Nuttin' much to report. Good earnings report yesterday. Hope it bodes well for our bonuses next month!!

I did my challenges last night. I will be on day 27 the day I leave town. Dunno if I will be completing the last four days of this challenge on my vacation. If i do, I can feel very self-righteous, lol, and will hope it offsets some of the overindulging I might engage in. Oh, my cabinmate has told me she wants to walk the ship, so I'm glad we'll be getting some physical activity.

Sooo looking forward to this cruise, but of course starting to worry about the work I'm trying to finish beforehand and what will pile up while I'm gone...

That said, back to it. :comp: Everyone have a good day today!

01-24-2014, 12:45 PM
Shazbot :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

My computer is going bonkers today. Was about to finish a long post of personals and IE showed a problem, froze and I couldn't grab what I typed. I have to get ready for my shift at the thrift shop so no time to retype.

DH's surgery went very well - doc is pleased with his eye. We are both glad.

I will have to catch up later. Have a good weekend everyone - stay warm and safe with all the snow, ice and cold.

01-24-2014, 01:29 PM
Morning ladies -

TGIF! And thank you, Annie, for letting me know I missed a day. I'm so happy it's Friday! D was home yesterday evening, which was nice.

I heard on the news this morning that the only areas not having record low temps are CA and the Southwest, but we're not getting much needed rain. Still, I hope y'all are staying warm and that you're not out on the roads when they're all snowy and icy.

Annie - I'm so glad that both Samantha and Jacob are doing better. Hopefully this weekend will allow them (and you) to get some much needed rest. I hope her doctor appt goes well. So nice that you're thinking of joining Kiwanis. I was a member of the Moose lodge in WI. I would definitely be interested in your recipe book.

Happy - I'm glad your DH's eye surgery went well. So nice of the doc to give his home number. It sucks when you lose a long post. I pretty much ALWAYS type my post in Notepad. That way, I can read all your posts, and make comments, and then just copy and paste when I'm done. Have a good day at the Thrift shop.

Laura - In this bitter cold, I give you props for walking to and from the train station on both ends of your commute. Just make sure you're dressed warm enough. Good for you and bf getting new cable and cell phone plans. Good on ya' for coming up with dinners you like to do better meal planning. I really need to do that. I, too, have read that physical activity helps keep the mind it's good for the heart, bones and brain! I'll let you know how the "Shut Up and Write" sessions go. :D As for my accounts, I think everything is taken care of. If I were you, I would definitely let your credit card company know you'll be using the card out of town. I did that when I moved from WI to here, and the credit card company (which is also the bank for my checking account) not only appreciated it but also increased the daily spending limit on my debit card just in case. Could you please remind me where you are cruising to? My CRS is acting up again. Walking the ship is an excellent idea...especially taking the stairs rather than the elevator. I've heard many stories about people who have LOST weight while on cruises despite indulging in all the lovely food, just because they walked EVERYWHERE.

Shad - I hope you don't have to pack up everyone else's crap for the move. Good that you got your own stuff squared away.

Ceejay - Good for you for getting this guy trained. Yes, training can be exhausting (for both the trainer and trainee). I'm glad your abdominal pain was not your appendix and that the antibiotics are helping.

Much love to all,

01-24-2014, 02:45 PM
CEEG...thank you for your concern. 94 is way northern Indiana near Chicago. Indy is smack in the middle of the state. We are safe. Training someone is brutal, glad you are done with that.

LAURA...Hope your cruise goes good and you get your walks in, if you walk the entire ship around that will be very good exercise. Praying for no sickness or shipwrecking when you go. YIKES! I will try to share more recipes in my posts.

CHELLE...I will gladly send one of my cheap lil cookbooks that I put together. They are so funny, my kids actually asked for me to do that for a Christmas present last year. Good on ya for scheduling in your exercising and glad the lungs are feeling better! YAH!!

HAPPY...bummer on the post, I don't do that very often but when I do it just tees me off that I don't post till the next day. Stay warm at the thrift shop. Sending Sassy's kisses and snuggles.

Sissy's appt went very well. Her BP was 120/75, which was very very good. If it starts rising that is a sign of preeclampsia. So far none of that is going on!! Her belly from pubic to the top of her womb is 32" she was 29 two weeks ago, that is how much the baby has grown.

Lil man has a slight fever and his nose is now running with a slight cough. Sam started his breathing treatments last nite to head this off at the pass. No more from either end of his body which is great.

Have a marvy weekend all in case I do not get back in.


01-24-2014, 02:46 PM
Hi ya Susie....Hope you are having a great day and hubby is doing well...Hugs

01-24-2014, 03:01 PM
Annie - It would be awesome to have one of your cookbooks. Thanks! If you have them electronically, you can just email them to me. Whatever is easier for you, sista. I'm so glad to hear that Samantha is doing so well!!! When is she due....yes, I know...CRS. :rofl:

01-24-2014, 04:52 PM
CHELLE....too funny...Sam's C-section is March 12, Chris's Birthday!! Fun fun...just 6.5 more weeks and Royce Michael will be here!!

01-25-2014, 01:11 PM
Good morning all,

It's deceptively lovely looking out there - bright and sunny but really COLD. We are about to enter the deep freeze again. Brrr. Hating it already. But ... nothing I can do about it except be grateful that I don't live outside. :lol:

Annie I'd ask for one of your cookbooks but only if I can modify the spices. A lot of your stuff sounds delicious but you like spicy stuff way more than I do. I was relieved to see that the accident was no where near your area - I immediately thought of you when I heard about it. I know it scared my sister when she saw the pictures. We had sort of white out conditions with blowing snow up here the day DH had surgery and I was really frightened - what I winter this has been. Have you just adjusted to the fact that Sassy won't go outside until the spring? Wish they made some sort of indoor grass mat thing to substitute. A lot of people are saying they are having issues with their dogs - more for the extreme cold than the snow itself. I wonder how they are exercising the dogs at the Shelter. I hope Sissy can hold the baby until her due date :crossed: would be nice to not have to deal with those worries. Glad to hear she is doing well. I think it's great that you are considering volunteering. Just try not to let them suck you into a full time volunteering stint - they are good at that ;)

Michelle - thanks for the email about the winters - that was funny and at this point very true :rofl: Hope you had a nice night at the poker game yesterday. I think I'd take the cold over a water shortage, one of the things that is scary to me out west is the wildfire dangers as well as the water conservation habits that we are not used to although with the septic system I am far more mindful than when we had city sewers and water. I hope you are getting over your cold and your lungs are feeling better.

Laura - stay warm - I hear it's been pretty brutal out your way with blowing snow and wind chills. My sister was grateful to find a small pocket between storms so that she could take my Mom grocery shopping and get her back home before things got ugly again. It's cold here but I think you have a lot more wind than we do which probably makes it worse out your way. Good for you for sticking with your challenge exercises. I'll say you deserve a good cheer and pat on the back if you complete them when you are on vacation! I do hate the rush of things and it's accompanying tension when you are trying to get everything done before you leave. Make lists, do the important stuff and know that no matter how hard to you try, some things might NOT get done. How nice to have a warm get away to look forward to with this weather.

Hi Ceejay - are you doing better today? Yes, I did drive the new car but DH has been doing most of the driving. He is not keen on leaving it parked in town when I am at the shop - we have a lot of crazy out of towners who drive goofy so he'd rather drop me off and pick me up instead of risking an accident. We are still getting used to the new stuff in the car. I see it's cold down by you too - hope you are just getting cold air and not ice too.

Shad - I remember that joke about being hired with all parts intact and one was not allowed to come back to work minus things or "in an altered state". :lol: I certainly hope that as one of the hangers on, that you did not get stuff doing most of the shifting from the move. "Not only pretty but tough and strong too so we'll let Shad handle the move since she can't teach if we're busy shifting about... "

DH seems to be doing fine with his new eye. I suggested that he take a photography course online to learn some new image adjusting techniques to go with his new camera. He said he is learning new things which is good. I need to get back to my art class I started - I am 2 lessons behind with this crazy week just past. I also have 3 library books I need to read as they are due back a week from this coming Monday. Seems like the days just fly by lately. I picked up a couple of magazines which some new recipes in them, going to look for something to make this week. I am bumping the limits on salt and sugar on MFP, need to do some tweaking. Of course part of the problem is eating out or processed foods. We had a delicious dinner at the Mexican restaurant yesterday - grilled shrimp fajita type of dinner. I plugged it into MFP as best I could. I have to avoid salt the next 2 days so I can show a loss come Monday weigh in. Anyway I am babbling, should get the laundry started and haul out the vacumn while the cats are upstairs. Have a good weekend everyone. Stay warm if you're on this side of the pond.

Hi Susie - keep us posted on how DH is doing.

01-25-2014, 08:38 PM
Hello all.

Happy - it was bright and sunny today, but extremely cold & windy. Bf was out front with the snowblower & I was out back doing the shoveling. After lunch I took doggy for his walk - about one block too far for me - doggy was fine of course. This weather is just brutal. I'm going to enjoy the break from it, but am still resigned to a lot more of this beastly weather upon our return. Glad to hear dh's eye is fine. Any restrictions on his activities?

Annie - Oh that's right. Dd's due date was the same as his daddy's bday. Not too long now - tell S. To hang in there.

Michelle- I'm quite bundled up these days. Wearing my warmest stuff even though I'm getting sick of it, lol. Our cruise is to the western Caribbean with ports o call to cozumel, belize, costa maya & honduras. Honestly the change of weather will be so nice the locale has become secondary.

Hellos to Shad, Ceejay & Susie.

Took a different train last night where bf met me & near a mall with an Orvis store. We bought Coal a very nice bed, therapeutic, etc. He slept on it last night; we'll see how tonight goes.

No more excitement around here, so I'll sign off now. :wave:

01-25-2014, 08:55 PM
I'm here! I have been missing you all so much. I wish it was easy to do this site on my phone but at least I was able to see what you all were doing weigh-loss wise on MFP.

My husband mentioned he could tell I was having withdraw from you all! :D

The doctor's appointment on Wednesday didn't tell us much other than the culture didn't grow any bateria so the hight white blood count was from inflamation somewhere. The doctor said he would make an appointment for DH to see a urologist...I told him that was already done and we go next Tuesday. He sort of just looked at me amazed. I said "we don't mess around with our health". We did ask him if this happened due to the blood thiners when we might expect to see things return to normal and he said 4-5 days. I asked if he thought that it might help if DH also went off the asprian and would it be hurtful because of the afib. He said to go off it for week and if the bleeding stopped to then start back every other day and see if the bleeding returned. DH didn't take it on Thursday forward and he had one void with blood and then he hasn't had any sense! We are thrilled but we will still see the urologist and we still want test ran to check it all out.

We are also going to reconsider the ablation for the afib because it doesnt seem that DH would be a good candidate for ongoing blood thinners. But first we must get this other issue and reason solved.

Happy: I missed that DH had a issue with his eye and needed surgery. I am sorry I missed that important detail in your life! I am glad he is doing well.
How was the shift at the thrift store? How is your knee feeling these days?

Shad: I dislike office movies. We have them at my work too from time to time and I you know they take a lot of time and I'm sure the expense is great. I always wonder why they talk about cutting jobs/restructuring and then do an office move. Seems like a job or two could be saved if we didn't do that.

Annie: I hope your daughter and grandson are now on the road to health. What a good mom you are to take off and go help.

You and I are getting a lot of cold, snow and wind this weekend. I didn't go out of the house today. I have been cleaning and organizing doing laundry, reading and napping.

We need to go to the grocery and will do that after church tomorrow. We are only going out and back once we decided! We are eating leftovers from the freezer and fridge. DH had beef and noodles for lunch and I had some vegetable fried rice. Tonight he is having chili and I'm having vegetable lazagna.

The Kawainis (sp?) are a great organization. You will have to let us know if you join.

Michelle: I didn't know you were a writer! what type of things do you like to write? Thanks for the PM with your new address

Laura: That cruise is coming up quick! I'm sure you will ready to leave Chicago for some warm sunshine and blue water..I"m ready to leave Ohio for that!

Ceejay: My DH had a bout with diverticulits about 3 years ago. He was really sick with it. It came up on a weekend and we thought it was the flu at first and then went to the doctor on Monday and he got antibodics. We also decided to be proactive and change his diet to avoid seeds and popcorn and corn and peas and nuts. Some things say that diet doesn't matter, others say different. So we went with taking them out of his diet and bulking up the fiber (do that slowly and drink a lot of water of you will have concrete!) he did it with supplements and in his food choices. Now he occasionally will have a small amount of popcorn and he has strawberries from time to time and nuts..but not very often and not very much when he does. He has only had the issue with it that one time.

I hope you are feeling better every day.

The dryer just went off. I have another load to wash and another one to dry and everything is clean and put away again.

I"ll see you all tomorrow. I plan to get up in the morning and do my walking DVD.

01-26-2014, 02:29 AM
I hate posting from my phone so I will not

01-26-2014, 03:59 AM
Well Annie if it's 12:29am and you are up even if you are not posting, I hope you are not having insomnia bouts again.

I am quite tired and about to hit the sack myself. Goodnight all.

01-26-2014, 01:19 PM
Mornin' all,

Last one out, first one in I see. It's snowing again and supposed to get cold again. Good day to stay inside. I've got 4 library books I need to get read so I think I'll throw a pot roast in the crock pot, fire up the fireplace and do some reading. After I vacumn 12 pounds of cat hair from the rug. :lol:

Susie - that's funny that you missed us - I guess you don't know us well ;) :lol: just kidding of course! What an issue with DH. I just really don't like the blood thinners - so many things can be happening, especially on the insides that one is not always aware of. Not pushing the ablation as it has it's own risks but if it's an option for your DH, it's a pretty common procedure. My DH had it as well as a friend of mine - they had it for different reasons and both seem to be doing well afterwards if that's any consolation. I guess the best thing is to get second opinions, find a doc who specializes in electrical physiology of the heart and decide what is best. It also helps if DH is in relatively good health himself. My Mom has diverticulitis also and I was reading about how they are now recommending that people eat some of the nuts and seeds that they formerly were telling people to avoid. I guess it turns out that some people go to the opposite extreme getting little to no fiber in their diets trying to avoid another painful attack. And you need a certain amount of fiber to actually "wash out" the colon. So some fiber is needed for continued health. I tried telling my Mom this but as usual, she wasn't having any part of it.

Laura - the only restriction DH has is no heavy lifting for a few weeks. Of course I hollered at him when he was out snow shoveling. At first he was just pushing snow but then he started lifting shovelfuls. Being a guy, of course he said when he was lifting it he was thinking he probably should not be doing this but of course he continued to do so. I told him his new eye was going to shoot out across the yard and I wasn't going to help him go look for it in a snowbank! :mad: Men :rolleyes: I'm sure you are going to fell so invigorated once you get some sun and warmth on your face on the cruise. I am jealous!!! I hope that Coal likes his new bed. Hopefully he's NOT like a cat - use it once and they walk always although I am happy that our 2 cats are indeed using the cat beds. I think living the prison shelter life they are more used to grabbing what they can get and being grateful for it.

There is a job in the newspaper this week - part time milking cows for 2 hours twice a day. That's not something you see all the time - or ever in the city :rofl: I don't think it's for me. If I get the urge I can just go down to the end of the road to our neighbors with a mini farm - they have cows AND goats to milk. And the cutest Shetland pony. I would really like to get to know them better but it seems uncomfortable to just drive right into their farm for the sole purpose of being a nosy neighbor :o

Not much else to say - hope you are all enjoying your Sunday. It's already sleepy time for Shad who is getting ready for another round of work week. So enjoy it if you still have it. Looking forward to another episode of Downton Abbey tonight...

01-26-2014, 03:56 PM
Morning all,
New week, new office, new cube mates to sort out. Not that I didn't know them previously but I never had to live with them (so to speak)

Interesting (?) weekend. Went to a garden trail with Chris (Japan) on Saturday. We had a lovely day wandering around other peoples gardens and on Saturday night I went to a barbecue with the work folk. It was good fun and I enjoyed that. Not too late home which was good, however I had imbibed some black ice vodka which had guarana added. Guarana apparently makes me wide awake but not drunk. That lasted to about 2 in the morning.
Went to the markets and the supermarket on Sunday morning. Came home and stewed up some apricots and froze some of them. Then tidied up a bit, changed the bedding and put the wash on. And in the afternoon down came the rain and with it wind. And guess what. Somewhere between 4.00 and 6.00 the ceiling in the bedroom decided to leak again. Oh yeah. I didn't catch it in time and the bed got wet, right in the middle and right down to the mattress. :mad: Sent an email to the landlady and the building maintenance man. Landlady rung to ask where I was going to sleep and was quite concerned about me sleeping on the couch. I'm okay with it said I although I must admit I didn't sleep terribly well.
I'd had an facebook message from M about the bibs I sent over for little Miss S and she was telling me that they had been looking at display homes and talking to builders about building a new house on their block. When I was over there, they had been talking about it and I had also mentioned to DS1 that they might be better off workwise to think of moving east. A point on which there was discussion but no definite answers. So I asked the question again in discussion with M about builders etc. Well the sh*t hit the fan and I had a message from DS1 telling me to leave off trying to push my opinions on them and they would do what they had to do which was best for them and Miss S. Hmmmmmmmm. Since I was just asking a question and not pushing anything, I must have upset SOMEONE by talking down their beloved home town. So okay. Thats the way they want it, don't ask me for anything either. I haven't said that to them. I wrote back saying that since it had been a topic for discussion at Christmas I didn't see the harm in it now, however if I had upset anyone then I apologise. I would butt out of their lives and since I hadn't been telling him how to do anything or what to do
since he was 16 I didn't see that I would start it again.
Once things calm down. I will write and ask for an update on Miss S and see if there are any new photos and leave it at that. Such is life.
If and when the new house gets built, it will have everything that opens and shuts in it, including a butlers pantry.

Okay, so I had better stop whinging and get on with coming to grips with the new office. I'll check back during the day and try to get some personals in.

01-26-2014, 06:35 PM
Back from an exhausting trip to Paragould. This trip is getting a bit much especially when I'm exhausted. My aunt and uncles grand daughter turned 16 today and they had a family get together last night. I helped my aunt cooked dinner. I was in bed by 8 p.m.

Hmmm having with draws from the worldlies!!! Seeking a second opinion is always good a idea. As far as the diverticulitis goes, the doctor told me that I could test the waters so to speak. I can't eat any thing uncooked any more. Our cold weather starts tomorrow. But it's nice outside right now.

More drama on the home front makes life interesting. Hope it calms down.

Milking cows now a day is quiet simple. They use automated milking machines. You wash the udders down and hook the milking devices up. If I can do it, you can too. My uncle milked two hours in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Think he had 120 or more Herford's, those black and white cows. Just beware you may get peed on and or kicked.

01-27-2014, 03:12 AM
Back again.
I've done a day at work, and come home, watched the news and gone for a run. Yep a run. I struggled up the hill at walking pace, but have managed to run all the way down the next road and then along Tokyo lane which is sort of flat with just a few humps and lumps. I feel quite pleased with myself.

Ceejay - yeah drama again. But that's okay, we are allowed to have a fight once in a while and I have to give the kid kudos for his loyalty to his other half. I would be interested to know if she would be as loyal, but I have no intention of finding out just yet. Happy is so short that she could just about stand under the cow to milk it. By the sound of it, the cow is hand milked which can be 'interesting'. Happy our local milk maid! :lol3: :rofl:

Happy - Hope you had a great day reading and staying warm. As for milking, well I hate to tell you this, but I don't think you can milk a Shetland pony. Other than that it's pretty straight forward. Ceejay and I have done it, maybe we should make it a mandatory step for the year. All of us must milk a cow. Might be a bit difficult round here.

Susie - yeah well we are addictive. We should come with a warning. Seriously addictive substantial people reside here. Hope your DH gets some good results soon.

Laura - not long to go now. I think I can understand that you want to get out of the deep freeze and into the sun. Makes sense to me.

Nothing much else is new. The move to the new office went quite smoothly and most things worked okay. Mind you it was organised by 2 women, so why wouldn't it go well.
I've made the bed again, it seems dry. I will sleep there tonight. Hopefully the bad weather has gone for a while. It really is a pain in the ***.

And that's it. I'm off to watch a program on tv and then to bed. I'll see you all tomorrow no doubt

01-27-2014, 08:15 AM
It's winter in Indiana
And the gentle breezes blow,
70 miles per hour at 52 below!
Oh, how I love Indiana
When the snow's up to your butt;
You take a breath of winter air
And your nose is frozen shut.
Yes, the weather here is wonderful,
You may think I'm a fool.
I could never leave Indiana,
Cause I'm frozen to the stool.

01-27-2014, 09:37 AM
Good Morning Ladies....

Oh what a weekend. Literally did not go out of the house on Saturday. I came down with lil man's cold. Yesterday the only time I went out was to get a salad at the little mom and pops restaurant. Just did the usual stuff around the house. Cook, clean, dishes, laundry etc etc.

I am holding my own over the weekend with 10 lbs down. Could of done better but was lazy, tired and snotty miserable. I am trying to incorporate a bit of movement for exercise, since I do not like exercising. I took the three flights of stairs in the parking garage and must say I was a bit winded, yes out of shape completely. A little movement is better than none.

SHADDIE...good for you on running, I am afraid if I ran down the hill I would end up appetite over bottom rolling down. lol. Yes women can organize and get things rolling much easier, securely, and quickly, imo. missed us, hmmmm, give it time. lol. No really we are a great bunch of caring women. Very supportive. Hope hubby's next doc appt comes out great! How are you doing with everything?

CEEG...I think it is high time your family in Paragould come to visit with you instead of you going there all the time. Just a thought.

HAPPY...omgoodness...milking cows not that you are even entertaining the idea, but no thank you from this sister chick. I draw the line on that one. Cleaning out Sassy's poopy cage due to her winter woes (won't go out) is about all the barnyard stuff I care to do. Yes, insominia. Usually 6 out of 7 nights a week. I really try to make myself stay in bed but after about 30-45 minutes, forget it. I am up.

LAURA....where do you go to find these on-line classes? Are they expensive? Just curious. I might do a class or two when I decide what it is I would like to do. lol

CHELLE...hope you weekend was very restful and you are back to your old self this morning! Hugs.

-17 windchill today, poor Curtis, I don't see how he does it. I know I could not. Bless his heart.

That's all,


01-27-2014, 11:58 AM
Morning all. Another day in Chiberia, as we have yet another occasion to call it that. Temp is minus 1, wind chill minus 19. But no Metra delays on my line, so Iím here at the office.

Susie Ė We must be growing on you, since you missed us. :D Funny your hubby could tell you had withdrawal issues. :lol: Good youíve got the other doc appointment, just to rule out anything else going on with DH re the bleeding. Doctors must see a lot of procrastination (out of fear) from their patients, so itís no wonder he was amazed with your proactive attitudes. Iím of your mind Ė I want to know whatís going on!! We have a lot of food in the house now, so no real need for eating out or shopping. Not that it stopped us from eating out on Friday night and at our local taqueria on Saturday.

Happy Ė Howís your progress on those library books? I have a couple book club e-books loaded on my cell phone, but I also want to bring one paperback book with me on the cruise. I went to the library yesterday to pick up a couple travel books re Caribbean cruise ports. Iíll try to look through those this week just so I donít feel so uninformed, but I donít plan on bringing them with me. Iíll have to stop at the library this week. Of course men will deny that whatever movement they are doing is not too heavy for them, though bf has been laying off the exercise for a couple weeks so as not to put pressure on his head because of the oral surgery. He has done the snowblowing though. Thankfully, Coal likes his new bed and has done some serious snoozing on it this past weekend. Iíll have to take a few photos. LOL re the cow milking job! Yup, you definitely donít hear about those jobs in the city. :D

Shad Ė I do like your thought that we should all aim to milk a cow this year. My bf has expressed an interest in doing that, so Iíd go along. Your weekend soundedÖinteresting. Of course, gardens sound very good to me about now! I wouldnít want booze mixed with any kind of energy beverage Ė natural or not. Bummer about the leaking again. Iím glad your landlady is concerned!!! Just get her more concerned about fixing the leak and less about where you sleep!! Oy, family drama. Such a fine line to walk between interest/curiosity/wanting to be helpful versus perceived interference. Wonder if thatís a point of contention re housing in the household and you hit the sore spot?? Good you just said your apologies and backed off. Best not to get in the middle of that. Glad the office move seems to have gone off well. Good for you with the running!! Is running something you did for exercise in the past? I gave it a weak (i.e., brief) try a couple times as a teen, but never enjoyed it. Lately, except for my work commuting and dog walks, Iím getting very little cardio activity. I just hope itís enough to give me the stamina to do the touring & other physical activities I want to do while on the cruise.

Ceejay Ė Sorry the trip to Paragould was exhausting, but Iím sure the driving gets to be a bit much, especially when weather concerns exist. And we all know being around family can be exhausting, haha. Re the milking of cows Ė I mentioned to Shad that bf would like to milk a cow, but I think he has a rose-colored-glasses idea of it that doesnít include getting peed on or kicked! :lol:

Annie Ė Sorry you caught a cold! Congrats on the 10 pounds! Iím still tracking, but not making much of an effort to eat light. Good for you walking the stairs in the parking garage. Itíll make a difference if you keep at it! I think it's Happy with the online classes - Iím letting my brain go to mush by watching fluffy tv and reading fluffy novels. Iím hoping my physical exercise will keep me from becoming a total blithering idiot in my senior years because understanding all the medical, insurance, and financial matters that arise then will certainly require some brain power.

Hi Michelle!!! How are things in sunny CA???

Nothing much to report. Didnít do all that much over the weekend except dog walks and the usual meals out, miscellaneous errands, laundry, housework. Iíve taken more clothes out of closets and dresser drawers for packing. I cleared off my cameraís two memory cards in preparation for my trip.

Today Iíll run over to AT&T at lunchtime to get an international calling plan set up on my phone for the week of my trip.

The admin is out today Ė schools are closed and sheís home with her daughter. The boss took a vacation day because of the cold. She may be taking more vacation than she will accrue before she retires on 4/1. Wonder if HR will make her pay it back, lol.

Okay, work to do, so Iím off to do it. TTFN.

01-27-2014, 01:21 PM
Good morning ladies,

It turned out to be a busy weekend, and I could've used one more day! The poker game on Friday night was fun. I pretty much broke even. Saturday I ran some errands, took Santa to the dog park and then got together with some girlfriends. D and I went out for breakfast on Sunday, then he had to work and I went to the "Shut Up and Write" gathering of writers. After that, my friend B and I grabbed a late lunch/early dinner. When I got home, I relaxed for the rest of the evening.

This afternoon I have my annual gyn appointment. Ugh.

My bronchitis was doing much better, but last night, I decided to clean the tub/shower using a cleaner that had bleach. My lungs have been irritated.

Happy - I'm so glad your DH is doing well with his new eye. I hope you and DH are staying warm. Frankly, it's hard to believe it's January out here. We're not getting the usual rain, and the temps have been in the mid 60s to low 70s. It gets close to freezing at night though. If I had that farm, and you drove up and introduced yourself, I wouldn't think you're being a nosy neighbor...just a friendly one. :D

Laura - I had forgotten you were going to Belize. Say hi to my step-brother if you see him. :lol: I hope Coal is enjoying his therapeutic bed. I got a laugh out of "Chiberia". Such a brutal winter y'all are having. Minus 1 actual temp with -19 wind chill.

Suzie - I'm glad your DH isn't having any more blood since he stopped the aspirin. I hope the bleeding doesn't return when he goes back on a reduced aspirin regimen. You're smart to still see the urologist and get this checked out further. I love to write, but don't take/make time to write as much as I'd like. I am currently just starting a novel based on my life.

Shad - I hope your new cube mates are ok. It's tough sharing cramped quarters with annoying people. Then again if you went to a barbecue with them, they must not be all bad. Guarana is a strong stimulant and not recommended for people with high blood pressure or heart issues. It's often contained in diet supplements. So frustrating about your roof/ceiling leaking! As for your conversation with M, some people are very touchy and can read things into the most innocent of questions. Good for you for going for a run!! If you are going to make milking a cow a mandatory task for Worldly Chicks, I wish you'd have done it when I lived in Wisconsin! Cows are a bit tougher to find around here, although there is a dairy farm not far from where I work. Actually, now that I think about it, I have milked a "fake" cow. At an event in Wisconsin, there was a beer truck, and the dispenser for the beer was a cow, and you had to milk it to make the beer flow out of its fake teat. :rofl: Does that count? :rofl:

Ceejay - Sorry that the trip to Paragould and back was so tiring. Nice that you were able to help with the girl's birthday celebration though.

Annie - I love the Indiana poem you posted. Bummer that you came down with Jacob's cold. So proud of you for the 10 lbs weight loss!

Lots to get I'll try and check back later.

Love and hugs,

01-27-2014, 02:07 PM
Brrr chilly morning ladies. The cows are passing ice milk today. Do they even make ice milk any more :?: - very thinly low fat ice cream - nah, they probably just add chemicals to cut the fats.

Anyhow, it's sunny but windy and very cold. Dangerous wind chills. I was supposed to work the shop this afternoon and just got a call from the coordinator that the morning lady won't be coming in. They have closed the schools and I suggested that if the schools are closed (which is also the standard for closing other places), that we should be closed too just to provide some consistency. I'm glad not to have to go in but I will probably go there tomorrow as it will be 5 degrees "warmer" and less windy.

Yesterday I rearranged furniture in the living room and cleaned up some hot spots. It looks nice. I also sat down and read the Fannie Flagg library book - it's a good story but I have the large print version and it's 473 pages. That's a pretty big book. I think they could have cut out a hundred pages by not dragging the story along as much as they did. I will probably finish it today and I have 3 other books plus they called me today from the library (which is interesting because it's actually closed) - must be robo calling. But anyway a book I ordered back in October of last year - and not a new book at that - finally came in. So I have a lot of reading to do.

Annie - it is me with the online classes. Check out ed2go dot com. They have courses associated to a local university. Actually what happens I think is that someone develops a course and it's offered online throughout the country. People associated to the universities monitor and run the classes, answer student questions, etc. They have a lot of different subjects - personal growth, fun or flat out educational. I am dabbling with taking grant writing next. Over time I have seen several places here looking for someone to help (volunteer of course) to assist with grant writing. Might be something interesting one day although I have to say that I personally hate doing fundraising - but writing a letter is not as intimidating as asking for money face to face :lol:

Laura - I think it's great that you are checking out some destination books ahead of time - might be able to save yourself some money by skipping tourist traps. And it never hurts to be an informed traveler now a days. Did you see that recent outbreak of Norovirus on a Royal Carribean cruise? I never thought about stuff like that but they said to be fanatic about cleaning your hands a lot so it's good that they have the sanitizing gel stations all over the place. I'm glad Coal likes his new bed. As for the director taking more vacation than earned, I'm betting they will just look the other way - they rarely go after people and certainly not management.

Annie - congrats on getting the 10 pounds off!!!! Great job! I know you hate formal exercise so I think taking the stairs is wonderful. They say even just parking your car farther away and walking - any extra movement is great. As for being winded, do like I do with yoga - it's hard now but gets easier as time goes on - that's one way to measure success. Sorry to hear your insomnia is still going strong - I was hoping it was easing up for you.

Yes, I think I will leave the cow milking to Shad and Ceejay. Annie and I will just work with the results of your labors :rofl: I think I touched a cow teat once and I didn't like it. :no: But I wouldn't mind brushing the Shetland pony.

Shad - geez on the DS and the queen of the manor. She certainly is a willful one, eh? Let's hope it doesn't rub off on S. Sounds like DS lets her have her say too. Shows you the power of the ladies on some guys. :rolleyes: You are smart to just take a back seat to it all. Sorry to hear they have not fixed the leaks. Perhaps you need a canopy bed??? :lol: Sounds like you had a nice stroll with Chris. I wouldn't mind some pretty gardens myself right about now.

Ceejay - thank you for the cow milking information. I was aware they can kick but forgot about the peeing part. That did it for me I'm afraid, not that I was entertaining the idea anyway. :lol: It's interesting that raw foods are irritating your tummy. Perhaps too much fiber is just as bad as seed for you? Stay warm as I see the cold snap has extended out your way.

Hi Susie and Michelle :wave:

Now that I have the afternoon back to myself I should go make something of it. Later chicks.

01-27-2014, 02:11 PM
Love the Chiberia too ;)

Michelle what do you mean there are no cows in California? Remember that commercial a while back about cheese or something where HAPPY COWS COME FROM CALIFORNIA???? :moo::moo::moo::moo::moo: I can't remember the specifics but happy cows and California were a major part of it although I'm sure they are not trotting down at the SF Bay or around L.A. :lol:

01-27-2014, 06:18 PM
Arrrgh, have a big dose of the munchies this morning. Will have to watch the food intake carefully from now on. I just went across the road to the French Bakery (boulangerie) and bought a mini pizza. Yum. Now I want some more. I wonder if my lunchtime salad is going to cut it??? I suspect not.

Happy - maybe the 'happy' cows were fed on something other than grass - grass in pot plants maybe?

01-27-2014, 06:41 PM
Happy - There are definitely cows in California, and if they are happier (as the Real California Cheese commercials claim) it's only because it doesn't get below zero here. That being said, I have a hunch (but I could be wrong) that CA cows are more grass-fed than corn-fed. Of course, Shad could be right, maybe the CA cows are happier because they graze on the grass in pot plants. :rofl: In any case, there are not too many cows here in Silicon Valley other than the ones I see grazing in the hills near my work.

Shad - I've got a major dose of the munchies too. And I'm not even taking prednisone anymore. WTH?

01-27-2014, 08:45 PM
You ladies are a hoot. I'm still laughing about the "happy" cows. I remember the commercial but never thought about the "potted" plants.
Another day of training. but it's been good for me as well. The boss has had us running everything in hand, which is why I'm exhausted.
More later Almost time to go home

And Shad I'm stopping for a pizza.

01-27-2014, 10:32 PM
Actually, if it is a French bakery, shouldn't that be a 'pissaladiere'. No perhaps not. I just looked it up and that is an onion tart. Although some of them look very much like a pizza.

Ceejay, enjoy the pizza

01-27-2014, 10:41 PM
Happy cows up Michelles way

01-27-2014, 10:52 PM
Ha Ha about the cows.

Hope you are feeling better. Loved the poem.

It's getting down to 11 degree's here by work time tomorrow morning. Don't know how my step niece lived two years in Russia. She's a tough young woman for sure to bare a new surrounding and environment. Thankfully she's back in the states now. She went with the Peace Corp.

Hello's to Happy and Susie.

01-27-2014, 11:48 PM
Hi Everyone. I'm about frozen! and tomorrow is going to be brutal in Ohio (and in Indiana and Chicago too). It's going to be -10 tomorrow morning around 7:00 a.m. That is without wind chill!

I hate to complain about it, because it doesn't change it, but I'm really, really tired of it all. I'm so tired of bundling up and the salt from the road on everything and everything is frozen. I'm starting to feel "mad"!

I have not been focused on my food or exercise and I must get my focus back. I don't even feel good with the way I am eating. I will try to be on plan tomorrow.

Happy: Milking I never thought of a job like that....think how intersting that would look on a resume!

I liked your post when you said you cleaned out some hot spots. I did a bit of that tonight too. My paperwork in the office was out of control and I have just been letting it pile up. It finally got to me and I had to get it processed. It feels much better now.

Shad: How is it going with your new cube mates? We have some sort of annoucement tomorrow at work (I'll miss it since I will be at DH's doctor appointment). Usually those mean some sort of reorganizaiton and so that can mean movement within the building. Oh joy!

Ceejay: what sort of pizza did you get? I LOVE pizza and I could eat it every day..and that is not a good thing. I always see a lot of the BL people saying how they love pizza and you see them eating huge slices of it.

Laura: Did I see on MFP that you weren't feeling well? I hope you are better.

Michelle: Now that you are over the sickness you had, how are you feeling about your new job?

I'm headed to bed. I hope to be here tomorrow to post good news about DH's appointment.

01-28-2014, 02:02 AM
And who shall I say cares about my cube mates when you have views like this to look at during the day. See attachments

But actually my so-called cube mates are just fine. Two blokes who are good to work with and we have a fairly large office space to get lost in. Certain not cramped where we are.

Susie - yep announcements usually mean some will go and the those left will get more work. Hope the DH's test come out just fine.

Ceejay - happy pizza. I've rounded off the day with biscuits, camembert cheese and some Cajun sausage. Not sure I want to go to MFP today. Could be very sad.

Yeah, they make Iced Milk over here. 2000 different flavours I think. I won't touch it since the milk is produced in Aus., shipped to Indonesia for processing and flavouring and packaging, and then sold as fresh milk in the store. Bull dust is what I say to that

01-28-2014, 02:04 AM
Right I give up. The writing is jumping around all over the page. I think I have fixed the typos, but maybe not.

I'll go and get in front of the tv and maybe purchase a couple of kindle books.

01-28-2014, 10:33 AM
Good morn

-10 here this am. Burrrrrr with -255555555555777777 wind chill. Hana. C and I went to applebee's for dinner. I had a we steak meal for under 550 cals. Delish

Happy....I remember ice milk. Momma used to call it diet ice cream...not.

Laura...when is your vacay again. I must missing it. sound like you feel better in your posts. Another day Off sounds wonderful. I am all for 3 day weekends

Susie... Good luck at dhs doc appt. Get back on track you can do this

Shaddie...lunch sounds fattening but good. Love your office view you doin?

That's it for me posting from tablet blah


01-28-2014, 11:04 AM
Morning all,

-17F with bazillion degrees below zero wind chill. Don't touch metal doorknobs or your fingers will stick. All this intense cold is really doing a number on the aches and pains. DH is having issues with his back and residual pains too. Sure do wish we'd get a break in the weather already. I don't think the furnace shut off at all last night.

I told my Tuesday morning thrift shop co-worker not to come in (he comes from 25 miles away) - I'd go in early and if it's as dead as we anticipate, I'd close up early. Then at least they can't grouse we didn't open. Schools are closed, we should be also. Thank goodness I have a cheerful chauffeur who warms the car for me. Did I mention they sold my trade in 4Runner? I don't think it was on the lot for a week after they repaired it. I think DH is having a bit of buyers remorse and said maybe we should have just gotten it repaired. :shrug:

Anyhow... looks like most of us are in the deep freeze today. Stay warm chicks.

Annie - my sister said everything is discombooberated when trying to use the tablet. Hopefully you have a good day at work and the nitpickers in the office shut up. It's a good day for a nice, thick warm soup.

Shad - lovely office views that you have. What body of water is that peeking from the buildings? Must make for a lovely sunrise. Pity that you have to be so careful about the foods and origins of what you eat out your way. I suppose I should feel the same way about food here but ignorance is bliss.

Susie - good luck with DH's med appointment. Let us know how he does - hoping it's all good news.

Ceejay - Russia? Really? :yikes: :yikes: that's one sturdy lady!!!

Michelle - hope the doctor's appointment went quick. Over and done with for another year! :yay:

Let me go dig up some layers and put some extra tea and canned soup in my bag to take to the shop. Have a good day and stay warm chicks. And Shad, if you're too warm, feel free to send a breeze or two over our way.

01-28-2014, 12:10 PM
Morning all. Weíre having the same ultra-frigid temps Annie reported. So over this winter. ButÖMetra was on time today. :D I just received a couple alerts though Ė hope I donít have trouble on the commute home.

Michelle Ė Sounds like a nice weekend you had. Glad youíre feeling better. Yeh, the heavy duty cleaners do kick up the lung issues. Gotta be careful of that. Best let someone else do that, all in the name of your health. :lol:

Happy Ė Plenty of reading for you. Though with both books and movies, longer isnít always better IMO. I vaguely remember ice milk. Not hugely popular. Now itís been replaced with what Ė frozen yogurt and reduced fat and reduced sugar versions, or more air pumped into it so you (think you) get more? I donít bother with all that. In fact, we rarely buy a pint or larger container of ice cream because I just eat too much of it. So we buy the individually portioned ďnoveltiesĒ. I usually get either 100-calorie fudgsicles (NOT the sugar-free) or perhaps the orange sherbet push-ups. Bf likes those Magnum bars, and just discovered Blue Bunny toffee ice cream bars. Surprisingly, he likes the BB ones because they are smaller and ďjust enoughĒ. They are 120 calories and thatís not too bad. Youíre a good person to be going to the shop to volunteer in this frigid weather. Stay warm!! Iím skipping the charity kickoff tonight... Re the cruise and the illnesses Ė yeh, just gonna keep clean and not worry. You worry and you end up doing nothing. The latest happy cows commercial I recall is the one with the mom and the cow sending the little girl off to school and the cow wasnít happy about it. Huh. Re your old car Ė how did you even find out they already sold it?? Sorry dh is having buyerís remorse. I guess I would have probably forked over the $$$ to get it looked at to see how bad it was before making the decision, but on the flipside, it was just a decision of sooner rather than later, and later wouldnít have been much later given the age of the car. Isnít the peace of mind worth it?? So nice of dh to drive you to & from your shop shifts. Iím so appreciating getting dropped off and picked up at the train these days Ė of course with one car, itís really the only thing to do. Not like I could drive to the train station and park the car there all day and leave bf stranded with no carÖand itís kind of a hassle thatís sooo not worth it Ė not getting a close parking spot, then having to pay the parking fee at the machine. Weather permitting, walking is probably quicker than all that.

Shad Ė Yum. Pizza. And Iím not even that big on onions (especially raw), but that onion tart sounds tasty to me. Nice views out the window of the office. So whatís that old-looking red brick building with the yellow columns?? Yeh, my MFP food diary is reading like food porn lately, but the weight seems to be holding. No loss though. Weíll see what WW shows today. Scale at home showed the same as last week.

Ceejay Ė So the manual running of the plant requires extra effort and brain power I suppose, resulting in exhaustion. Makes sense. Pizza. Yum. I could eat it nearly every day. Re living in places that are usually much colder than here Ė like Minnesota, Canada, Russia Ė I just donít know how people bear it!!! I find myself wondering when/if this will end. And worrying that next winter will be like this too. :?: I have to NOT think of things like this.

Susie Ė Are you mad as in angry or mad as in insane?? :lol: Both are highly possible, and canít blame you for either. This weather is brutal and nuts and itís affecting my outlook too. Good luck with DHís appointment. Hope the announcement is nothing that impacts your area of the company. Not sure what I wrote in MFP, but Iím feeling fine. Oh, wait, I said that my knees were feeling all the squats the other day. I did my challenge last night and was fine. On with today Ė day #23!!! Very recently Iím trying to be careful with everything, thinking ďyou donít want to get sick before the cruiseĒ or ďyou donít want to be aching before the cruiseĒ.

Annie Ė My cruise sails Sunday, Feb. 2. Iím taking a vacation day this Friday to get all the last minute running around done. Itíll probably be less running around and more standing around at home dithering over what items to pack and what to leave. My friend D and her sis will leave Friday at 5 am to DRIVE down to New Orleans. My friend B and I are flying down to N.O. on Saturday morning. All weather permitting, of course!!

Nothing much to report. I did my challenges yesterday. They are harder this time around, but thatís because Iím not doing any other exercise to speak of. Last time I was doing classes more regularly, including Pilates classes and so my core was strong from that and made the ab challenge much easier. Live and learn.

The movie selected tonight is The Wolf of Wall Street. Iím tempted to go Ė bf liked it quite a bit. Close to home and starts early enough. Weíll see.

Thatís about it for me. Back to the grind.

01-28-2014, 01:43 PM
Good morning ladies,

Is it really only Tuesday? I'm ready for another weekend. I woke up feeling really lousy (tummy), but I'm doing a little better now. Now I just have a headache. Doctor appointment went well. The worst part was trying to find a place to park! And the doctor gave me great news...if the pap comes back normal, I don't have to go back for 3 years! :woohoo: :dancer:

Ceejay - I'm glad the training is going well, and that your pizza was yummy and your evening was relaxing. :D

Shad - I love the picture of the happy cow! :D Thanks for sharing the photos of your views! I love the pictures of the water, and such nice architecture in that shorter building up the road.

Susie - I am definitely not envying you, Happy, Laura, Annie and Ceejay with these cold temps. I'm so thankful I escaped the Midwest when I did! I hate reorganization announcements. We had those all the time when I worked at Kohl's. Thanks for asking about my new job. I'm really enjoying it, and am finally getting through the learning curve. I hope your DH's tests turn out well.

Annie - I don't get a 3 day weekend until President's Day in mid-February. I guess that's just two weeks away...but it seems longer. Hope you have a good day at work.

Happy - -17 actual is crazy cold, made worse with the bazillion degrees below zero wind chill. I would refuse to go outside in that weather. So nice of you to tell your co-worker not to come in. I hope it's slow at the shop so you can close early.

Laura - I hope you don't have any commute troubles on the way home. All your ice cream talk makes me want to stop on the way home! :lol: Just two and a half more work days 'till your trip! :woohoo: Let me know how you liek The Wolf of Wall Street. I heard from people that the language is awful and it's basicallly just LOTS of sex and drug use. Have fun tonight whatever you choose to do.

Gotta get back to it.

01-28-2014, 02:23 PM
It's cold in the South too. A minus 3 wind chill is cold. to me. I can only imagine what others are dealing with.

Love the office views. I have a water view!!!!! Do my three filters count!!!!!

I remember the ice milk but I've not been a fan of ice cream, unless it's black walnut or butter pecan.

Yep I had pizza last night, Canadian bacon, but only three small slices. That's what I brought for lunch today.

Yes running in hand is better to train a new person but it's been so long since I've ran in hand on the filters I was a bit lost at first.
be back later

01-28-2014, 02:49 PM
Morning all,
Another glorious day here. And we are stuck inside watching the view - well that's not bad either. There appear to be two cruise ships in today and the I think the third smoke stack I can see is the interisland ferry - one of the worlds great journeys. If you ever get down this way, you have to have a ride on those.
The red brick building with the sandstone columns in the first picture, is the Wellington Central Railway Station. Built about 100 years ago. All the building used to be offices relating to railway work and administration. These days much of the top floors are being turned into apartments.
In the second picture, the pale grey old building in the centre are the houses of Parliament - where all the politicians gather to debate, drink and debauch - ummm not sure I should have said that, but with the stupidity abounding in all types of politics across the world it is bound to happen I guess. Parliament used to be in that cream and red building directly behind - with the chimneys. That was used in the early 1900 when we were a very small country - population wise anyway - and then it got to be the senate when we had the two houses of parliament - fortunately Kiwis soon realised that only stupidity would rule if men were allowed to debate on ideas twice so they abolished the upper house. It is now part of the State Library and I believe holds the law books and parliamentary decisions. We also have a newer building which can't be seen in that photo called the "beehive" because of it's architectural shape. You can't see it in that picture. So yes, I look down on the hallowed halls of leadership??!!! and laws.
Michelle, I am not sure which building you are referring to in which photo so can't tell you what it is.
In the third photo, the building in the background, with the Westpac Stadium logo, is the big sports ground of Wellington. The architecture in that is such that it has been nicknamed the 'Cake Tin' Looks more like a rain tank to me but that is probably too Australian for the Kiwis who don't really need rain tanks.

Annie - steak meal for under 550 cals. That's not bad. I went to Applebees in Arizona and had a pancake breakfast, that was nice.

Happy - do you know how much they sold it for??? If you take what they paid you, add on a couple of grand for their profit, the rest is the cost of repairs. If it was a cracked block it would have been quite expensive to repair. If it was only a seal, then it wouldn't be too much. I'm amazed that DH didn't give them a right grilling as to what was wrong with it and the cost of repairs. I certainly wouldn't have let them away with it. And DS2 would have been nosing his way into the repair shop to see what they were talking about. He has just finished telling me off for not putting the right fuel into my car. Appears his partner J lost her car keys over the weekend, so she took his car to work (now that would have been a sight to see) and he took mine. He wanted to fill it up and rather than reading the book, he chatted to me on facebook. Then he looked at the book, then I got an earful. Of course retaliation is sweet and I told him off for eating in it. He swore black and blue he hasn't. His car is always littered with sweet packets, chippy packets and the odd pizza box.

Laura - yes the Onion tart tastes good. Mind you I do love onions, but the French get them to the almost melted stage and they are yummy although there is a touch too much garlic there for me.
Hope the trains are not delayed tonight. Can't imagine what it would be like without public transport in your big city.

Michelle - yep it is Wednesday here, so must be only Tuesday in your part of the world. Hope you have a good one.

Right well coffee is done. The view duly admired. The slaves are appearing for their daily dose of loving caring work colleagues and bosses. I'm off to harrass an Indian by the name of Sivaramen Shu.................. Can't remember enough letters of the alphabet for the rest of it.

01-28-2014, 07:51 PM
I need to make an appointment to the gyn. Glad things went well. Hope my doctor tells me to come back in 3 years.

I'm good. Feeling much better than last week. Are you feeling better?

I'm so ready for this training session to be over and done with. He thought he was going to have an easy day!!!! I pulled the paper work out and started him on this. My intuition tells me that something is going on. I've been told that he's learning the operation of the water plant to become the new maintenance person. He thinks he's going to have a desk job in the waste water lab. So who knows.

01-28-2014, 10:42 PM

DH's doctor visit went pretty well. There is a small amount of microscopic blood in the urine. You cant see it, unless under the microscope and he said it was just a wee bit.

He told us to not worry--he wasn't worried but he has an obligation to make sure that it isn't the 1% of something that should be looked has a ultrasound of the kidneys on Friday and then the scope of the bladder on Monday.

Those of you praying...please keep praying and those of you thinking and wishing good thoughts...please continue.

The annoucement at work was that they are thinking of moving to us to another site in Cincinnati and they are doing a site study and will be talking with us to see what we think and what we need in a site and so on. I have heard that they might put us in the area where I first worked which would shorten my drive time by 20 min each way everyday...I'm voting for that! We will know the decision in the fall.
I had my blood work done this morning and will have those results tomorrow. My blood pressure was good 120/78.

As you all can see I haven't been on MFP...thanks Annie for telling me to get back on track...I needed that command!

Laura: That cruise is almost here! I can't wait to hear about it when you get back.

Michelle: I hope the pap comes back good....3 yrs..that would be a nice break from that test! :D

Ceejay: Sounds like something is up with your trainee and what he was told and what he thinks. I hate when that happens and you are the one who knows it.

Shad: Beautiful view you have there.

Happy: I couldn't even go out of the house if I had the temps that you have! Did you close the shop? Sorry to hear that DH is feeling a bit of buyers remorse.,,,eventually the new car decision will feel right.

I'm heading to bed, I am tired and tomorrow will be a long day

01-29-2014, 12:20 PM
Totally lost a complete post a short time ago. Not going to re-write it. Went to see "Wolf of Wall Street" last night. I liked it, but Michelle, you heard right - chock full of foul language, sex and drugs - over and over. Didn't need to be three hours just to show all that again and again. But it was entertaining and actually didn't feel as long as it was. DiCaprio was good, as usual. So was Jonah Hill, but still not sure his role is Oscar-worthy.

Skipped my challenges last night, today is a rest day on the schedule. I will make up last night tonight.

Lost 0.8 at my WW weigh-in. I'll take it. I'm eating poorly, letting the weather make me feel sorry for myself.

Okay, back to work. Happy Hump Day to all. It's my Thursday!! :carrot:

01-29-2014, 12:26 PM
Okay, I'm officially losing my mind. I wrote my post in Word and copied and pasted it and then lost it. Forgot I had it in Word til I just saw it now. Duh. Here's some personals:

Michelle – Hope the pap comes back clear and you don’t have to do another for three years. Your timing was fabulous, getting yourself out of the cold Midwest and not having to deal with this horrible winter. You’ve got to be soooo happy not to be here!!

Ceejay – LOL re your water view in the plant. :D Interesting what you hear the new guy was hired to do vs. what he believes he was hired to do…wonder what will come of that.

Shad – Thanks for the photo info – It’s not just buildings or architecture, it’s history. Nice views of the water too. Good move for you. Re the trains – no problems last night going home, or this morning, so I’m thankful for that. Let’s see, big city without public transport…that would be Los Angeles I believe. Are you supposed to run your car on premium fuel and you used regular? Huh. Hope it’s not a big deal.

Susie – glad the doc appointment went well, and I’ll keep praying the other tests go well too. Hope your blood work results come back good too!! Interesting news about a new site for your group. It sure would be nice to cut time off your daily commute!! When our office moved almost six years ago, they also asked for our input. We’re still close to the train stations and other mass transit, but it sure was nice in our other space when I was only a block away from my train station.

Hi Annie! Hi Happy!

01-29-2014, 12:45 PM
Hi ladies,

Just a quick post today...lots of code debugging to get done. I woke up with my tummy feeling a little queasy...hopefully that will go away as the day goes on. I don't have any big plans for the evening other than maybe starting on the video for my friend's birthday.


Shad - The building I was referring to is the grey Parliament building. Very nice old is the brick and sandstone building.

Ceejay - I hope the training goes well today.

Susie - I'm glad the doctor isn't worried about your little bit of blood in the urine. Good that he's still having further tests just to be sure. I'll definitely still be sending prayers and good thoughts. I hope that your work will be moving closer. There's been mention that my company may be moving, and I've asked where (hoping it wasn't very far north or east), and the place they're considering is roughly 5 minutes away. Nearly everyone who works here has a "reverse commute", which means that we are pretty much all driving in the opposite direction of the really bad commute traffic...and we'd all like to keep it that way (including the president and CEo). :D

Happy - Did you end up closing the shop early yesterday?

Laura - I'm glad you liked "Wolf". Thanks for confirming what I'd heard. I'll wait for the DVD. Congrats on the weight loss! You're getting that much closer to goal!! Make sure you walk a lot on your cruise and enjoy the fruits and veggies. I think I might do a stair challenge...and if there isn't one online, I'll make one up. My work is on the second floor, and we have stairs in my house. I'll just gradually increase my steps.

I was going to walk during my lunch break yesterday, but I ended up not taking a break. Perhaps today if the drizzle lets up. Yes, ladies, it's RAINING in CA! Actaully it's been a light drizzle since around 7:30 last night (I know the time because that's when I was walking the dog). It's not enough to need an umbrella, but it's supposed to continue through Friday morning. We're hoping for rain here as they're starting to talk about water conservation. As long as it doesn't rain so hard that Santa refuses to go out, I'll be happy. :D

So much for a quick post...gotta sign off for now.

Much love and many hugs,

01-29-2014, 01:39 PM
Morning all,

Still cool but sunny out. Not as frigid as yesterday. I went into the shop for most of the day. Worked on books but I'm noticing that when I bend down to the lowest shelves my head gets dizzy - I am nervous about the vertigo coming back again. Since I came there at 10 and worked the whole day, when DH stopped by after his doctor's appointment, I decided to close the shop an hour early. It was dead quiet in town anyway although I did sell $40 worth of framed artwork to a lady who came in and said she was a big supporter of the animals. I thanked her for making it worthwhile for me to open the store ;)

As for my old 4Runner, I don't know what they got for it, just know they adjusted the price down $100 from the original listing which says to me it was a minor repair all along (broken seal as we suspected, not a cracked engine block). The car was listed for sale at the dealer website a week ago and now it's listed as sold. I'm thinking they got at least and possibly a bit better price than the Kelly Blue Book listing (the defacto standard for pricing). I'm not fretting over it - we might have gotten a $1,000 more for it if we dug our heels in but then again would they have socked us a lot more for the repair, how long would the car have held up? All unknowns. I think the worst part is accepting that the darn cars cost so much money.

Michelle - sorry you are feeling quesy - hope it passes. Sometimes my morning coffee on an empty tummy does that. Go outside, take a deep breath in, relish the thought that your nostils are not freezing like the rest of us :rofl: and try to imagine how good that warmer air feels on you. Glad to hear you are getting a little moisture in the air although it sounds like you really need a good rain shower. As for the pap smear, my doc was telling me they are developing a new one and if so, if you don't have any risk factors, you only need it once every 5 years :yay: :dancer: :carrot: Won't that be nice?

Laura - thanks for the review on Wolf of Wall Street. Reminds me of Goodfellas (a movie I never saw because of what I heard about it). DiCaprio is a great actor - I can see adding a little color to a movie but it sounds like they way "overseasoned it". Will be on the no list for me. I was going to watch Captain Phillips on PPV but was reading comments and they were talking about how they interviewed some of the real shipmates and they said the real captain was an *S*O*B* and the movie took dramatic liberties with what really went down. I don't know if I really care about that enough to matter though. That's funny (but a good thing) that you forgot you had started a post in Word. :lol:

Susie - glad so far it's looking good for your DH. Let's hope it stays that way :crossed: I found a cookbook at the Thrift Shop yesterday - published in 1932 by P&G featuring Crisco shortening (I guess they invented the stuff). It's old, musty and the pages are falling out of the binding but it's fun to look at. Wouldn't that be nice if they moved your offices such that you had a shorter commute? Usually it works the other way around - they are looking for cheaper office space and rent in the ghetto where you feel you need to buy a bazooka for the commute or they move from one end of the universe to the other :lol: at least that was my luck. Hope it works out for you, especially with the long hours you have to put in.

Shad - thank you for the guided tour. What a lovely area with such interesting history. Wellington is a pretty old town, isn't it? I had a good laugh at you giving a finger wag to the DS for eating in your car! :nono: I never took up that habit and don't quite understand it myself (eating in the car). How did your harassment of the slaves go yesterday? :rollpin: Are they all in line, ducks in a row? :D

Ceejay - oh boy what a surprise if the new guy thinks he's getting a cushy job and instead will be doing maintenance. That's quite a difference in responsibilities. Didn't he pay attention on the interview or does he think one week on the job will qualify to get him out of the coveralls???? Glad you are feeling better. Is it really cold down by you? OMG - how could you not like ice cream??????

Annie - yes, I think when they introduced ice milk it was considered diet ice cream. But now they have the fat free, sugar free, air whipped, yogurt all kinds of options type. DH likes those Magnum bars but I get him the minis which he also said is just enough to satisfy the sweet tooth dessert craving without the horrid sin of an entire big bar. Congrats on your weight loss so far - you are really peeling off the pounds! I have seen several of the WW options on Applebee's menu - they are really good looking for the calorie bang. I'm just not so sure the one out by us truly prepares the meals in a reduced calorie version. I got the shrimp dish and it was fabulous but by the amount of butter and cheese on the plate, I was very suspect that it was prepared the way it should have. I will have to try another item next time we are out that way and give it a second chance.

Guess I should go do something useful with myself. Later chicks.

01-29-2014, 06:43 PM
Thank goodness he's gone for the day. L will have him tomorrow.
The new guy is really arrogant. and I think since he has a class three license in waste water that when they told him he would be put with B to train in maintenance he's changed it to suit his likings. He knows that B is in waste water but B is also in maintenance. He was brave enough to tell me that B would have the big office and that he would have the desk out front. I almost laughed. I've gotten to the point I let all gossip go in one ear and out the other. My friend/boss came over this morning and asked him if he knew when he would go out to the field-water sewer. He didn't say anything.

that would be great if they moved your office closer to home. Will be sending good thoughts you dh's way.

I forgot to congratulate you on those pounds lost.

It's not long before you leave for your cruise. I envy you.

Don't blame you for closing the shop up earlier. The sun has been shining all day and has warmed us up. I actually went outside at 4 in just sleeves.

Shad and Michelle :wave:

01-29-2014, 07:02 PM
Ceejay - I'm glad you don't have to deal with the new guy tomorrow, and glad it got a bit warmer by afternoon for you.

Happy - Believe me, every time I go outside at night and in the early morning with just a short-sleeved shirt and no coat, and every time I get in my car and I don't have to scrape ice or snow off it, I am so thankful I made the decision to move back "home". As beautiful as Wisconsin is...and it is VERY beautiful...I'm a California girl at heart. I'm feeling better this afternoon.

I am noticing that programming at this job really works up an appetite. Maybe it's trying to figure out a new programming language and content management system. I truly am eating breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. I eat breakfast of oatmeal and greek yogurt at my desk between 7:30 and 8; that holds me over 'till around 11. By 11:30 or noon, I am hungry so I have my "first lunch" of a Lean Cuisine or WW frozen dinner. Then I have "second lunch" around 3, which is a salad with a little protein and not much dressing. Then I eat something light for dinner around 7 pm.

I've gotten a lot of the code sorted out so the pages are behaving the way they're supposed to and pulling information from the database correctly. Now I have a few cosmetic issues to fix, and then populate the database with correct data....not test data.

Hope everyone is having a great day/evening.

01-29-2014, 08:39 PM
Hey all.

Posting from phone. Blah. Busy day not much going on. Will try to get back tomorrow for personals


01-29-2014, 10:51 PM
Hi Ladies, it was a long day. Went in at 8 a.m. and left at 7 p.m. Picked up Panera on the way home.

Still very cold here and it is getting to me. But I told myself today that I am being given time to get some this weight off so I can enjoy spring and summer clothes.

My blood work came back ok. I did have low vit D and I need to take 1,000 a day. I have issues with keeping it up. Also my thryroid was a little on the high side, which is strange for me as it as always been low. She is changing my meds and will recheck in 4 months.

I found out a little bit more today about the proposed move. They will tell us in October this year where we will be and no one will move until 2016. So, we have some time to deal with all of this and if the site isn't a good fit, there would be time to maybe find another role in the company.

Happy: Yes, P&G invented Crisco. Do you run into old books often at the Thrift shop? I hope the vertigo is staying at bay.

Ceejay: Glad you have a break from training. It takes a lot of your time and then you still have work to do, at least that is the way I feel about it at times.

Annie: Hope tomorrow is not a "Blah" day for you,

Laura: I'm not doing well with my eating but even if it isn't good I need to get back to posting it on MFP (I know it will help me get back into the routine and my head in a better place).

Congratulations on the loss. A loss is a loss!

Michelle: I hope you have a nice gentle rain all evening. About your are doing it right. They say doing that will reset your metabolism and your body will start working correctly and burn the calories

Hi Shad!

01-30-2014, 09:16 AM
Good Morning Chickets....

Cold, burr, but getting better???? Cold is pretty much gone. Just a little stuffiness. Taking Emergen C daily. We had a case of H1N1 in our office so I spent the afternoon yesterday sanitizing everything that didn't move. Thank God I had my flu shot long ago back in November. I am down 12.2 lbs, my goal was 15 by end of January, didn't make it but happy with my results thus far.

SUSIE....I am with you on this nasty weather. I am over, Sassy (my doggie) is over it, and my DH is way over it as he is a delivery route man. PLUS I am very over shoveling snow. As our MELLIE used to say, I am going to bring the rolling pin and bop you to get you back on track! lol Hugs dear sister.

SHADDIE...enquireing minds want to know, have you heard anything from Jen lately? Just wondering how she and Richie are getting along and if she has moved to her new apt? Glad things are settling down in your work area and it even sounds as if you like it and are slightly enjoying it.

LAURA..Great job on the loss, I know you can do this and you are sooooooo close to your goal. MFP is really helping me stay on track, hope it works well for you also. WOlf of Wallstreet sounds a "cussy" as August Osage County. Only a female is using the not so nice F word and also the C word is in there once.

CHELLE....ahhh a gentle warm rain. I am dreaming of spring. Only 50 more days til spring but seems like 50 years. lol Glad you are doing better and eating better. Burn those cals girl. I will trade you 6 hours of rain for 10 minutes of snow!

CEEG...who needs arrogent men..Bleh on them. Good for you letting the gossip go in one ear and out the other. We all enough have crap in our heads without that junk. Hope your day goes better today!

HAPPY....Yes I am sure the auto dealer would have taken you for a ride on the traded car, most of them do, unless you know them personally. That is just MO. I saw on MFP you kicked some serious b*tt cleaning house! Good for you sister. I love cookbooks. I collect them and recipes. I actually went through my collection at home which I have them on the first two racks of my bakers rack and gave about 8 of them to Sissy. She was excited. Passing them along to her as she is just starting to get into baking and cooking, and enjoying it. Yah!

Better post and get on with yet another busy day here. I did sleep like a baby last night, of course I took to Advil Pms to make it happen, didn't even wake up. Feelin pretty good!

Have a great day/night all.


01-30-2014, 12:42 PM
Morning all. Itís improving out there Ė 22 degrees (ABOVE zero!) this morning. But windy, grrr! Iím not wearing longies or wool today. Well, my socks have some wool in themÖ

Michelle Ė Glad youíre making good progress at work!! It's nice to know that if thereís a move, it wonít be far and your nice short commute wonít be going away. :yes: I definitely plan to try and be active while on vacation, and to eat healthy. Iím actually looking forward to getting in a lot of fresh fruit. Lately Iíve tended not to buy too much because bf is very "all or nothing" with it. Iím working my way through an entire bag of clementines on my own Ė bf likes them, but is he eating any?? No. Anyways, I love the idea of having a variety of fresh fruit at my disposal on this cruise, no prepping by me needed. :D Is it still raining? Good to get it if your area needs it, and it must be a nice change of pace for you - I just hope Santa isnít balking at going out in it! Itís really gotta be coming down hard for Coal to not want to go out in the rain, especially if itís for his walk (vs. just going out in the yard). :rain:

Happy Ė I sure hope your vertigo isnít returning!! Nice you made a nice sale in the shop in spite of it being so slow. Canít imagine how quiet it must be in town and the shop at this time of year!! What a change of pace from big city life. Re the car Ė good not to fret over whatís done, just enjoy the new car and appreciate being able to buy one in spite of how dang expensive they are. Yeh, Iím not a fan of Goodfellas either, way too violent. I like to read/hear reviews about movies, but try not to read all the other background stuff Ė I like to be able to watch a movie based on its own merits. Sometimes the reviews have too much to them that sometimes makes me biasedÖprobably better to ignore it all until after seeing it. Cool thing finding that old cookbook. I like looking at things like that. Even a couple I have from 50ís & 60ís are entertaining, especially when they have photos. I have quite a few cookbooks, a lot my mother bought at garage sales that she passed along to me and the vast majority go completely unused. But for some reason I donít want to part with them yet! Re the Applebees ww menu Ė it does cross my mind if the meals are prepared as originally created/intended. But really, itís like that with all the dishes on a menu for which nutrition data is available. You can only really know when you prepare it yourself!

Ceejay Ė Sorry your trainee is arrogant. Good thing youíre finished with him now. :) Itíll be interesting to see how it works out with him at the plant. How nice to have weather warm enough to go out in shirtsleeves!!! Iím really looking forward to not having to wear multiple layers, LOL.

Susie Ė I can see how your Vit. D might be low Ė isnít that the one you get from sun exposure? Itís either been cloudy and gloomy, and if it is sunny, itís been way too cold to spend any time outside! Hope the supplement helps. Re the move Ė good thing itís a long way off. Like you said, thereíll be time to do something if the location is not to your liking. And it's nice that you work for a really large organization and have possibilities to move internally. Re MFP Ė the tracking really does help. Even the comment after you complete an entry Ė ďif you keep eating like this, youíll weighÖ.Ē It makes you realize the path youíre on. After a really over the top eating day like I had yesterday, that comment hit home. I'm going to try to do better today.

Annie Ė Glad the cold is almost gone Ė Iím sure getting a good nightís sleep was helpful! Scary what germs might be lurking, especially with everyone being indoors to spread themÖ What a great weight loss!! You go girlfriend!!! :carrot: Youíve still got today and tomorrow to go towards your January goal, so who knows what you might end the month at??? I do agree that MFP is helping me stay aware of what Iím eating. I havenít been putting in enough effort lately, and that shows in my tracking for sure! Youíre right Ė Iím so close to reaching my 10%, and not all that far from my ultimate goal! I think the closer we get to spring and the closer I get to my bday, Iíll be pushing harder to get there. Oh, almost forgot Ė I was listening to a podcast with some movie reviewer talk and one reviewer said that the movie August: Osage County was like that tv sitcom "Mommaís Family" on crack. :rofl: Iíll rethink if I really want to see thatÖ

Nothing much to report. Did my challenges last night. Now that Iím at the bitter end (today's day #25), I really need to try and split up the reps during the day Ė too much to do in the evening, especially since Iím doing two challenges at once. Iíll try to sneak off to the quiet room today and at least do some squats. Maybe bring my coat in there and get on the floor for some situps and crunches too.

Okay, itís my Friday!! Trying to finish as much of the PITA project as I can before I hand it off to the mgr before I leave for vacay. This being my first go-through on this project, Iím letting the mgr guide me on it. He can be a bit of a micromanager, but Iím trying to use this as an opportunity to learn, as well as getting to know his style and hopefully getting on his good side, lol. After all, heíll be my boss soon.

Other than that, I have a couple miscellaneous tasks to complete and of course I should try to tidy my desk and clean up my e-mailÖweíll see. Unfortunately I will be toting my laptop home again tonight. I took a break from that yesterday, but I know Iíll want to get a jump on the e-mails before I return to the office.

At lunch I need to run some errands, including the bank and buying a birthday card.

Iíd really like to have a pedicure before I leave, but Iím really not crazy about wearing a pair of flip flops out in the cold and even around the house for any amount of time, let alone the time it takes to get home and the time it takes for the polish to thoroughly dry. I might just paint my nails myself and leave it at that.

Tomorrow will be a vacation day spent packing and running around and lunch with bfís mother.

Okay, back to work. Just have to get through today before I enjoy 11 days off work. :dizzy:

01-30-2014, 01:19 PM
Good morning ladies,

Not much news here except this morning I awoke with a headache rather than queasiness. I know why I have a's raining out! :woohoo: :dancer: I tend to get a headache with the change in atmospheric pressure. I'm sure we won't get all the rain we need, but hopefully this rain will dump lots of snow in the Sierra Nevada mountains (where CA gets most of its water from when the snow melts in spring).

Tonight, I plan to start working on my friend's birthday video montage. Her husband wants the background music to be two versions of the song "In My Life". It will start with the original Beatles version, and then morph into the Roberta Flack version, and then back to the Beatles version. Although my nephew the professional musician who has worked with audio editing software says that's a pretty easy thing to do, I've never done it, so we'll see how easy it is. Frankly, that's the hardest part of the video montage. Adding the photos and the short videos should be fairly easy (I hope).

D gave me the run down on his schedule for the next few weeks. He's got to work all day Saturday and Sunday for the next three weeks. It's okay though. Santa and I can usually find fun things to do, and it just makes the time I do get to spend with D that much more special.

For those watching TBL, there are three contestants going into next week's final. Two of them are the ones I would've picked based on their hard work, dedication and consistency. The third contestant was a complete shocker! It will be interesting to see who wins.


Susie - I'm glad your blood work came back ok. I take between 2000 and 3000 of Vit. D per day, especially in the winter since I'm not getting the sunshine...although thanks to the nice weather here I am outside more than I was in Wisconsin in the winter. My ex's cousin-in-law who is a nurse told us a few years back that she attended a conference where she learned that Vit. D has been shown to greatly strengthen the immune system and make one less susceptible to colds (and make it easier to get over a cold/flu), so I've been taking it ever since. It's good that you're being given time to deal with the move. Thanks for the encouragement about my eating routine.

Annie - I'm glad to hear you're getting better. I hope they sent the person with H1N1 home until they get better. Good for you for sanitizing the place. So many people have died this year due to H1N1, it's nothing to mess around with. Congrats on losing 12.2 lbs!! :woohoo: I'm so proud of you, sista!! You're rockin' this! I'm glad you slept well last night.

Laura - 22 degrees above zero! You're having a heatwave...a tropical heatwave! I don't know how you can even focus on work, but I applaud you for doing so. My brain would totally be in vacation mode! I'm so excited for you!! I want and need to start eating more fruits and veggies. We have clementines at home, but I've been having some acidy stomach problems, so I'm avoiding them. I'll pick up some apples and bananas and maybe some grapes to keep at work...I'm so leary about having grapes in the house due to them being so toxic to Santa. Santa doesn't mind going out in the light rain...and that's all it's been doing so far. Given the cold weather you're having...I'd opt for an in-home pedicure.

Happy - I really hope your vertigo isn't returning. Are you doing any better today? I had a dizzy spell today, but I think that was due to the atmospheric pressure.

Sending you all much love and many hugs!

01-30-2014, 02:10 PM
:mad::mad::mad: Geez, what the hockeystick is with this site? Was typing away and the screen started blinking and it went to an ad and I lost my post. Oh well it was a mad rant anyway - no loss. I will say I never have these problems with any other place I deal with.

It is snowing like crazy - we opted to reschedule DH's doctor's follow up rather than doing the hour's drive on open snowy roads to the next town. I skipped yoga class too - still feeling a bit dizzy and my knee and leg are bothering me again. I turned the gas fireplace on this morning to warm up the room and laid on the floor and did a bunch of stretches. Kitty saw me on the floor and figured I was there to play with her. I had to keep pushing her away as she insisted on grooming my hair. :lol:

I have a small gripe about MFP. Sometimes when I think I've made a not too bad choice, and then find out I ate a calorie bomb it makes me a bit miffed. Like it's doing a :nono: to me. :rolleyes: It SHOULD do that to an ice cream Sundae but I guess bread on a sandwich makes for a lot of calories, even if the filling isn't that bad. In general it does keep me on track and I have often switched up dinner components based on how the day was going so not really complaining.

Laura - you picked the perfect time to go on vacation - hope you have no problems flying out. I think I am most envious of that inevitable re-energized wonderful feeling you will get when the sun and warm air wraps around you and makes you say ahhhhhhh... I feel GREAT!!!! Hope you have a wonderful time with your friends. I know what you mean about the fruit - I pick up quite a bit at the store and unless I put it under his nose, DH does not eat it. But he is quite happy to gobble it down like yesterday when I made a mixed berry dish. Men, go figure? :dizzy:

Michelle - glad you are getting some much needed rain. I hope the montage comes out without too much cussing - it's sounds like it will be soooo nice when completed. A great song choice too - one of my favorites. I'm not sure if the vertigo is back or just a stuffy head normal thing - now I know how DH felt after his ablation - you're never sure if the residual twinges are normal or something else starting again. I did not know that grapes were toxic to dogs. That's a shame as the red grapes they have had in the stores recently have been absolutely delicious. The pears are good too if acidity is a problem for you right now. I hope the BL winner is one of those dedicated people. I would hate that they would play a wild card for ratings, especially when there's still a lot of people who find the show inspirational.

Annie - glad you are feeling a bit better. I had mental visual of you chasing down people in the office and scrubbing them with a Lysol wipe - scrubbing REALLY HARD to the ones who have been less than kind lately :yikes: :lol: How nice that you can pass down your love of cooking and baking to Sissy. I think it really helps to know how to cook - particularly when you want to eat clean and well. How nice to hear that you finally got a good night's sleep - don't care if you had some help, it's about time you got some rest as you have been running around spreading yourself thin for a while now.

Susie - yes, we occasionally get old books at the Thrift Store but generally they are very musty and in bad shape. We have tossed more than a few which had mold and bad stuff in them. Just because they are old, don't mean they are good. DH was in the store waiting for me this week and said - this place smells like old people :lol: I hear you on the Vitamin D shortage - I think everyone is deficient, especially this time of year. In the summer I sit on the deck for 15 minutes each day "getting my Vitamin D dose". And they are finding more health issues when people are lacking it. I was surprised to hear they believe a VitD deficiency in pregnant moms can be related to autism in their children. :shrug: I'm going to give you a gentle nudge too to go back to logging your food again. Don't worry about being perfect, we have slowed down the wagon and are holding our hands out - time to jump back on with us! Some of the chicks are packing cattle prods and you don't want them to take it to that level ;) :lol:

Ceejay - I hope your eyes are not sore from rolling them at Mr. Arrogance :lol: I went outside in short sleeves too yesterday to give DH the garbage bag but I ran back in the house quick!!!!

Hi Shad! :wave:

Ok, my screen is jumpy - going to post this before I lose it. :wave:

01-30-2014, 02:23 PM
You and I are in the same boat with the low vitamin D. Let's work at getting it back to normal levels. My doctor gave me a once per week Vitamin D. I started taking it on Monday.

I understand about those headaches due to the pressure changes. They can be as rough as a migraine.

I like fresh fruit. Just think no cooking for a week. How I would like to have that opportunity!

Nothing new on this end. My friend that moved to Walnut Ridge
is coming back to get some more of her things. She will be staying with me.
I've got the apartment cleaned and getting the laundry done.
This afternoon I have an appointment to get my hair cut. It's been since November, 2013.
I've always been a bit cautious about excess water down the drain but today I've got the dishwasher and washing machine going at the same time. Maybe they will drain at different times
I've enjoyed my morning to myself today.

01-30-2014, 02:30 PM
You posted above me. I'd like to take the rolling pin to him at times. Guess you will have to get the cattle prod after me. My food has been better just haven't had the time to post at work. And to tired mentally to do it at home.

01-30-2014, 04:54 PM
And I am another that Happy for whom might need the cattle prod (passing it over). I have eaten very badly, not exercised and drunk far more than required over the past couple of days and so haven't kept up to date with the tracker. I will be back to it tonight.

Someone asked about the body of water in my photos. That is Wellington harbour. It's not such a nice day out there today, but I might try to take my camera up to the 18th floor later and try to get some photos of it. It's one of the worlds most beautiful harbours IMHO and quite similar to that of San Francisco with all the hills, but without the fog.

Anyway, be back later as I can manage. Fairly busy at the moment.

01-31-2014, 10:53 AM
Good Morning All.

I must say that was the absolute fastest I have ever gotten rid of a cold, must be all the vitamins I take every day and the airborne I drank. 5 days that was it on the cold WOW. Happy dance!!

Going to meet some former co-workers for lunch today. Going to Qdoba. Looked up on MFP for naked (no shell) grilled chicken taco salad with this that and the other on it. It has about 20 listings of different combos for it. I chose the closest I could. WOW

Cannot do personals just now, have to get my desk cleared.

Hugs all

01-31-2014, 10:59 AM
Morning all,

Quickie for me too - we have a bunch of things to do today so I'm just doing a fast scan as I down my coffee. Will catch up later. Stay warm and out of trouble! Later...

Oh and I guess we have a new month rolling up quick - need to think of a thread title.

01-31-2014, 01:04 PM
Good morning ladies,

So glad it's Friday! This weekend, I'm going to do some writing and work on my friend's birthday video.

Happy - So sorry you have problems with the site. That's really why unless I'm posting just a few sentences, I do my posts in notepad and then copy/paste them into the site. I do that with other stuff I post online when it's more than just a sentence or two...just to be on the safe side. So sorry you're having a ton more snow and that you had to reschedule his follow-up...but better than driving in bad weather. That sucks you're still having vertigo and knee/leg pain. Isn't it funny how our animals insist on "investigating" when we're down on the floor with them. Like Ceejay and Shad, I probably need the cattle prod as well.

Laura - Wishing you a wonderful, relaxing and fun vacation!

Ceejay - I've not heard of a once per week Vitamin D. I hope it helps. It's important for us to get lots of calcium too. How long will your friend be staying with you? Good for you for treating yourself to a haircut.

Shad - I've love to see more photos of Wellington Harbor. It did remind me a bit of San Francisco, which is lovely. On the other side of the bay is Oakland, which is where a lot of the BIG ships pull in to port, so there are huge cranes everywhere. Oakland's harbor is more for function than for aesthetics.

Annie - I'm so glad you're over your cold!! I'm glad MFP has listings for naked taco salads, etc. We don't have Qdoba here in CA (but I loved them in WI). So far, I've been able to find most of the foods I eat on MFP, which is handy.

How's this for a thread title, "Feeling the Love for Ourselves and Our Friends in February"?

well, gotta get back to it. 8 more hours 'till the weekend!

01-31-2014, 05:24 PM
I got the print out of my lab test today. Was pleased with most everything else. I had to go back to the doctor. Of all things I have developed a boil in the bra strap area of my back. It's really been sore. He didn't drain it today cause it was still too hard. He will next week if it doesn't on it's on. He gave me more antibiotics. I asked him if this was a side affect of the vitamin d. He said no that it was due to stress. I told him I had been dealing with training a new person at work. Didn't tell him he was arrogant. My body doesn't deal in stress well.
Instead of pounds lost, I'm going for inches lost. I have the same measurements as I did when I first started way back when. At least I haven't gained any thing but fat.

The once a week vitamin D is a prescription 50,000mcg. The pharmacist said that this had less side affects than the Fosamax. I didn't realize how low I was until I saw the numbers today. I like the suggestion for next month's thread title.

I wouldn't mind seeing more pictures of Wellington. Loved the architecture.

01-31-2014, 05:44 PM
What about "Freezing Our Frasses Off in February? :rofl:

02-01-2014, 11:16 AM
Quick post from plane pre-takeoff to say hello. Fingers :crossed: for on time departure. Oops now 11 min delayed. Grrr. Will see if I can post later today or tomorrow. TTFN.

02-01-2014, 01:12 PM
Happy February peoples - setting up the new thread -

Worldly Chicks - Feeling the Love for Ourselves and Our Friends in February

Click me to be transported to the new thread (

Please don't post here anymore.

02-01-2014, 05:04 PM
Laura Have fun for all of us.

I suck at personals right now. I am struggling with work. And passwords. Not related. Please forgive me.

Happy. Pork loin. Make slits in whatever roast. Cut up apple in half inch slices. Placr in slits Pour 1/2 cup maple syrup over. Put in cut up tatts. Carrots onions. Salt. Pepper. A little chicken broth like half cup. I use bullion chicken. 8 hours on low.