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12-31-2013, 07:35 AM
Happy New Year to ALL of our diabetic friends come join us in our monthly chat . ALL are :welcome:

12-31-2013, 08:20 PM
Hi Everyone. Looking forward to better results in 2014!

01-01-2014, 02:02 AM
Happy New Year Everyone!!! Me too Carol Sue!!!

01-01-2014, 02:12 AM
Carol Sue wrote I joined a 1 lb per week challenge for 2014. Like my signature says "If I had started a year ago and lost one lb per week I would be at goal." If I can't lose 1 lb per week I might as well give up.

I thought of that yesterday morning. I thought about how I was always wanting a diet that helped me lose weight faster. I remember a diet that I thought was too slow at 3 1/2 lbs a week loss. If I had just stayed with a diet where I could lose 1 lb a week, I would have been thin years ago. Now I'm doing WW Pts Plus and it says you can lose 1/2 to 1 lbs a week. If I do it right and use more of the Power Foods, I have a better chance at the 1 lb a week. I will be at least 25 lbs less in a year and might even be 50 lbs less. I know this could take me 2 or 3 yrs to get down to a healthy weight, but I will at least be going down. Good luck with your challenge. I'm going to shoot for 1 lb a week, but will be happy if the scale just steadily goes down. We can do this!!!

01-01-2014, 10:43 AM
Trish, WW is a good plan. It promotes healthy eating. I tried the online plan but found that I didn't follow it. I was able to follow the plan with meetings but it got too expensive. I can't do it on my own. I got a lot of information from hearing what the others had to say at the meetings. There is really no food you can't eat as long as you include it in your points. It makes you want to focus on zero point and low point foods, which are the healthiest ones. Good luck to you with it. Since I was signed up online once, I still have access to the site for certain online tools and I do go there once in a while to see what's new. I go on a lot of weight loss sites. I should be a skinny minnie with all the information I have access to! LOL This is going to be my year. I have a red dress that I can't zip up, and I'm going to get it out and hang it where I can see it, because I am wearing it next Christmas! One pound a week. 52 pounds by next Christmas will definately have me in that dress!

01-01-2014, 02:10 PM
Fun Thread.

01-01-2014, 02:50 PM

Trish, I looked at some of my old stats and it's pretty sad because had I stuck with what I was doing, I would have been in maintainance years ago :), but like you said WE CAN DO THIS :)

Carol Sue that sounds like a plan … wouldn't I love to be 52lbs by this time next year. (actually only 43lbs down) but it would still be wonderful. Good luck to you ;)

Ruth and Madeleine :wave:

fbs 162 this morning, weight up 1.2lbs to 179 due to Waffle House in the early 2014 hours after church. But after church tonight I will cut out bread, white potatoes, rice, chips, junk, and sweets for the next 30 days. Whew, that's a lot :) Hopefully it will help me change my eating habits. I have faith in me and I can do it :)

Have a great day everyone :hug:

01-01-2014, 04:39 PM
Starting WW Saturday paid off. They made Wednesday my WI day which I liked because I wanted to officially way today. New low for me today 231.2. Sad thing about the 7 lb loss according to 3fc is all I lost in 2013. Good thing is WW shows it was a 5 lb loss for this past short week. So I made my goal to end the year without a gain and actually got a 2 lb loss during the holidays. So I am very happy with my results.:carrot: Oh yes, my fbs has been in the 140's the past 2 days. I'm seeing progress.

I always thought I lost all the weight and got my fbs back to normal back in the 90's eating low carb, but as I thought back over that period of time, I suddenly realized that I did it eating low fat with Richard Simmon's Deal A Meal plan and 1 hr a day 6 days a week of exercse. Years later when I stopped that and then had to go on a diet again, I lost weght wth Carbohydrate Addict's Diet. I started WWP+ back just before DH kids moved in with us and had to stop because I was having to spend the money to take care of them. I realized a few days ago that I am falling back into the routine that I was doing before they moved in. I am really encouraged by such a great 5 lb start with WW. I am hoping that all the healthy low carbing I was doing before WW will be like a foundation for me start losing. Carol Sue, I'm hoping I can lose 1 lb a week too, but at 70 yrs of age, I will be happy with even a 1/2 lb.

Rennie Yes we can do this. I think we have to remember on this diabetic thread (or at least I need to remember) that one diet does NOT fit all. I say that because, I have a tendency to see how something works for someone else and decide I want to try it (as those who have walked this with me here well know). I just need to stick to WHAT WORKS FOR ME and be happy about what is working for someone else, because most of the time when I do change and try to do what someone else is doing, I find it does NOT work for me.

Carol Sue I too have so much "diet/nutritional" info in my head that you would think I would be skinny as a rail. I told my doctor last time that I eat healthy but I can't seem to lose. I am fighting the same 5 lbs constantly. He said "Maybe you are eating too much of the healthy stuff and need to cut back". That is the main reason I decided to give WW a try again. So glad that I have because I am finding that my portions have dropped tremendously. I don't eat a whole serving of some foods if I don't want it. I know you lean toward Intuitive Eating like I do. If IE taught me anything it is to eat "what I want, enjoy as much (or as little) as I need to satisfy my hunger" and it works. I had a hamburger today on a sandwich round instead of a hamburger bun. I used mustard intead of mayo because I had no lowfat/ff mayo which I will switch to, but have to go to the store. Saved about 5 pts right there. I've decided to use lowfat/ff where I can and use only good fats for my 3 allowed fats. As my previous DH told me when DH was 1st diagnosed with congestive heart failure telling me how to cook for him when I asked him if Bill could have some special food he loved... he said "Yes, he can have that. You just have to learn how to trade off something else". Goes back to the old saying "You have a plan, you plan to succeed. No plan, you plan to fail". My son reminded me of that little saying the other day.

Ruthie How are you feeling today? Hope you are staying warm and feeling better.

Fatmad Are you on holiday? How are you doing? Hope it was good.

Bonnie Hope you are doing ok.

activeadventurer Jump in and let us get to know you.

Everyone else :wave:

Have a wonderful New Year's Day!!! :)

01-01-2014, 04:50 PM
fbs 162 this morning, weight up 1.2lbs to 179 due to Waffle House in the early 2014 hours after church. But after church tonight I will cut out bread, white potatoes, rice, chips, junk, and sweets for the next 30 days. Whew, that's a lot :) Hopefully it will help me change my eating habits. I have faith in me and I can do it :)
Have a great day everyone :hug:

When my kids were young and we used to go out to eat after church with friends or groups from church, I really had a difficult time staying OP. Back when DH and I moved here and started going to church on Wednesday nights,
they would have a meal for people before the service for people who worked and of course everyone would eat. Tony and I didn't want to hurt anyone's feeling so we explained that we didn't eat that late and very seldom ate anything with them, but we would drink something and just fellowship with them. When we started our new church and we went to Sunday night meetings, Pastor would either buy and bring snacks or someone would bring snack foods, I never ate anything unless it was a special occasion. I just didn't want to get in the habit of eating at church. They provide food, coffee, etc now before church starts, but I don't trust me to have even one bite because I'm afraid that if I do that I will get into a habit that I can't break. So I very much understand those "church fellowship" eating. We enjoy it because it so much fun, but it also can easily lead to mindless eating. I can sit there and eat soooo much more than I realize I eat. I pray God will strengthen you as you try to change the habit. :hug:

01-01-2014, 06:04 PM
Happy New Year! I'm ready for another year. I just went through my first Thanksgiving to New Year as a diabetic. I've learned a lot and I'm looking forward to staying on my plan. I follow a low carb, gluten free plan and it was tough during the holidays! But it wasn't impossible so I just keep focusing myself on keeping up the changes I've made with diet and exercise.

01-01-2014, 06:21 PM
Trish, 140's :yay: … and that is me all the way. I read about something that is working for someone else and decide I want to try it only to find that I can't stick with it. Counting calories works well for me but before I didn't know I was diabetic, so it does make a difference. I just need to find a way of eating that I like and can stick with, without over doing it. LOL Trish, I didn't eat with the church. I ate with my children, my middle sons bday was yesterday and we all like Waffle House. My husband had to work this morning so he didn't go, but the rest of the family including my SIL went. I don't eat out (restaurants) often and know that I will be giving up all of the goodies that set me off tomorrow was a treat to me. But please do continue to pray God's strength for me. I appreciate it hug:

Donna, that is great. :) I want to look into the gluten free way of eating but I'll have to wait until February 2 when I can gradually add back in starches.

01-01-2014, 06:52 PM
Happy New Year! I'm ready for another year. I just went through my first Thanksgiving to New Year as a diabetic. I've learned a lot and I'm looking forward to staying on my plan. I follow a low carb, gluten free plan and it was tough during the holidays! But it wasn't impossible so I just keep focusing myself on keeping up the changes I've made with diet and exercise.

Good for you lotsakids :carrot: for making it through the holidays low carb and gluten free. Gluten free is good, but seems complicated to me, but then I probably just don't understand it enough. That is an accomplishment that will keep you strong if you go through tough times. I say if because one time I was in a group that had a very strict diet plan. I got on it before I found a support group and did great. The first thing the group started telling me was "when you fall off the plan...." Instead of leaving that group feeling empowered, I felt like I was expected to fail. So I say this, we all have moments when we think we can't make it, but we can especially when we build on the accomplishments we've already made. You now have a great accomplishment making it so strong through the holidays. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Good luck on your journey!!! :)

01-01-2014, 06:56 PM
Trish, 140's :yay: and that is me all the way. I read about something that is working for someone else and decide I want to try it only to find that I can't stick with it. Counting calories works well for me but before I didn't know I was diabetic, so it does make a difference. I just need to find a way of eating that I like and can stick with, without over doing it. LOL Trish, I didn't eat with the church. I ate with my children, my middle sons bday was yesterday and we all like Waffle House. My husband had to work this morning so he didn't go, but the rest of the family including my SIL went. I don't eat out (restaurants) often and know that I will be giving up all of the goodies that set me off tomorrow was a treat to me. But please do continue to pray God's strength for me. I appreciate it hug:.

My doctor taught me that ANY DIET will work. He said the trick is to find what works for you that you can live with. Sounds like you are like me, once we know what works for us that we need to stick with it no matter what.

01-02-2014, 07:37 PM
My doctor taught me that ANY DIET will work. He said the trick is to find what works for you that you can live with. Sounds like you are like me, once we know what works for us that we need to stick with it no matter what.

Trish, I am sure hoping to do that this year :) I have messed up everything that I have done in the last two months. My fbs was 177 this morning and my weigh in was 180.4. Three pounds up from my ticker. Now with all that said, I am confident that I will reach my November and December goal of 175 this month for sure. Today has been totally on point, gotta start some where

01-02-2014, 07:58 PM
I've had a really good OP day. I'm using loads of Power foods and eating less. I think trying to keep things healthy during the holidays has helped. I eat the power foods, but only eat as much as it takes to satisfy me and I'm finding that it doesn't take so much. Talked to my sister today... she and her husband attend WW meetings. He has lost 18 lbs (she says eats off when they bring things out at his job) and she has lost 20 lbs. It really helps me to talk to her and hear things she has learned from the meetings. I'm just not a meetings person because they bore me after a while. She and I realized today that we both have a portion control problem probably because Mama always fixed just enough for each persons plate and we always finished what was on our plate. So now, we have to use WW Pts+ to learn portion control on our own.

Rennie I was up 1.2 lbs today, but I don't worry about that because I know that I do that. Difference about this time with me is that I know that I can do this and I'm totally enjoying the foods that I like and enjoy and ithis will work for me so if I am patient and stick with it. That is all we can do. My doctor told me that a lb up can mean a lot of different things like you didn't go to the bathroom. I've learned that my sleep (getting at minimum of 7 hrs), how much water I drank the day before or foods with salt can cause my weight to fluctuate. So if you are working the plan you are own, just be patient and give it time to work.

01-02-2014, 10:15 PM

… this will work for me so if I am patient and stick with it. That is all we can do. My doctor told me that a lb up can mean a lot of different things like you didn't go to the bathroom. I've learned that my sleep (getting at minimum of 7 hrs), how much water I drank the day before or foods with salt can cause my weight to fluctuate. So if you are working the plan you are own, just be patient and give it time to work.

Trish, I am in total agreement but I am learning as I get older that the 6 hours of sleep that I would get before and be rested is definitely no longer working. If I don't get at least 8 hours of sleep I am exhausted by 10:30-11 o'clock. But it's almost bedtime so … Nite nite … :crossed: for good weigh-ins in the morning :)

01-03-2014, 08:51 AM
Good morning. Today is clean out the fridge day so I see soup on the menu for lunches. It's very, very cold here and soup just seems like the best thing most of the time. Ive also had a rotten cold since the weekend and find soup[ a comfort. Too bad I always want crackers with it.

FBGL has been running a tad high - probably from my darned cold. I find that coughing spells wake me up. :shrug: I think I'm on the mend though so the higher readings should stop.

Exercise has not been happening because I feel so rotten. Maybe next week.

01-03-2014, 11:34 AM
Because of my cold, I have not been concerned with diet or weight loss. I know I am eating foods that I should not eat as an overweight diabetic. Comfort food, that soothes. But I will be getting back to my high veggie diet as soon as possible. I'm starting to crave it today.

Trish, I have always said that the best program for weight loss is one that you can stick with long term as it has to be a life-long committment. As you said, that's not the same thing for everyone, even us gals with diabetes. I cannot follow a diet that requires a lot of fruit as I don't like fruit that much, but I know that it's important to you that you are permitted to have fruit. Whenever someone posts a new plan they are trying I usually google it and look it over to see if it's something I want to try. But if it doesn't work for me, it doesn't mean it won't work for someone else. As long as it's isn't detrimental to your health, any plan will work if you can stick with it. I am glad to see that you are posting a lot more lately, partly because of Foxfire or Firefox, or whatever it is. LOL And I also think it is because you are doing well, and you feel more like talking about it. Either way, I'm glad to see it.

Rennie, you have done so well in the past couple months....don't feel that you have messed up everything you did. You have stumbled, but you didn't fall, or you wouldn't be posting. You'll get back to it. The holidays just have too much temptation. And this weight loss healthy stuff is HARD! No one get up one morning and decided to lose weight and it just happens. We all struggle, but we have this thread to come to for love and support. I think you have found what works for you...just keep at it and you will succeed. I think the best plan has to allow for some wiggle room.

Lotsakids - Welcome to our world of diabetes. It's not always pretty here. Gluten free is good if you can do it. I could never do it 100%, or maybe I should not say never. But cutting carbs really helps get the gluten out of your diet, so if it works for you, go for it! We will be here to support you.

Ruthie, a pot of soup sounds so good on this cold cold day we're having here. Friday is usually an eat-out day for us so I am not planning on any cooking, except to maybe cook up some greens for lunch. I am starting to really look forward to my lunch of greens. I was doing kale, and now I bought some collard greens to try. I can't believe it took me almost 68 years to try them. I could have been enjoying them all these years! Today, my cold feels a lot better. I hope yours does too!

Mad - I know you vanish occasionally. I'm looking forward to your return. Hope all is well with you and yours.

01-03-2014, 12:10 PM
I have been diabetic since 2008. Overtime I have heard a lot about the importance of an evening snack and how it is supposed to help with AM fasting BS. I have never found that to be true. I think that applies more to Type I diabetes rather than Type II. In this book I've been reading that emphasizes eating lots of vegetables, the guy says that it's very important to refrain from eating anything after dinner. It is important to sleep on an empty stomach. The feeling of hunger you get after you have digested your last meal is not true hunger, but symptoms of your body detoxifying and repairing. If you check your blood sugar at this time and you are not having a low, you are not really hungry and you should not eat. Eating stops the detoxification process and puts your body back in digestion mode and the detoxification process is delayed.

The reason this impressed me so much was back when I was thin (130 ish) I never ate anything after dinner to keep my weight under control. When I went to bed hungry, I sleep like a baby. I felt so good and well rested when I got up in the morning. It wasn't until I met my husband that I got into the habit of eating at night, and therefore gained all this weight and developed diabetes. Type II is not a medical disease. It is a lifestyle disease.

Eating the high vegetable diet is supposed to stop the need for detoxification and therefore stop the uncomfortable feeling that we interpret as hunger. It is not a vegetarian diet because vegetarians eat rice, pasta, bread etc. That is not included in this program, but small amounts of animal protein are and there is a list of veggies that supply protein, along with beans, which are permitted, up to 2 cups per day. High fiber is emphasized.

I am not promoting this diet to anyone. I am just explaining it. This is recommended for Type 2 Diabetics, not for Type 1, who have their own issues and must control their diet differently than we do.

This is based on the Eat To Live program by Joel Fuhrman. I have renewed the book from the library because I have found the information so interesting and want to read it through again. I even might end up buying my own copy of the book. I try not to do that because I have done that with so many diet books in the past and they ended up collecting dust because I did not continue on the plan. This one is speaking to me in a different way.

I think anyone would benefit from adding more vegetables to their diet.

01-03-2014, 04:16 PM
Carol Sue That book sounds a lot like the books Fit for Life and Lose Weight Now. I do like having fruit and they say fruit should only be eaten alone preferably in the mornings before noon. Fit for Life allows the grains etc and the Lose Weight Now says he doesn't tell you to diet but ended up he did recommend vegetarian. Since I started Weight Watcher's, I seem to be craving veggies and the nice thing is that they are 0 point veggies. Thanks for sharing what the book says about how digestion/detoxification works after dinner. I guess that is why the 2 books I mentioned says not to eat 8 hrs after dinner. They use a 8 hrs of eating fruit from 4 am to noon, eat meals between noon and 8 pm and nothing else until the next day. They stress how important it is to let your stomach rest those eight hours. These books also recommend combining... don't eat meat with starches, but you can eat veggies with meat and veggies with starches, but not together. Interesting isn't it?

I too am so glad that I was able to switch to Firefox so that I could stay with 3fc. You have no idea what it was like to type a whole message and lose it especially when it took me so long to type it. Many times I just gave up and didn't try to type a new one.

Ruthie Sorry your cold is hanging on. Hope you feel better soon. You mentioned soup and I made soup for lunch. I had already planned to try my hand at a French onion soup and decided to make me a veggie soup using loads of 0 point veggies and only a few beans and corn for added fiber and no meat which was strange for me, but it was hmmmm it was so good. My son and I were just talking the other day about how when they were young that every Monday, I would take all the leftovers out of the fridge and make a stew/soup. Now I just do it when the weather is cold, but have to use frozen veggies since I don't always have a lot of leftovers these days.

Have a great day everyone.

01-03-2014, 11:18 PM
I see soup on the menu for lunches. ... Too bad I always want crackers with it.

Ruth that is my problem with soup also. I plan to make a vegetable soup, but no crackers this go around. I will do without :) I hope that you get better and feel better soon :hug:

thanks Carol Sue, I hope you get better and feel better soon also :hug: I ate right for a change yesterday and it paid off :) I just put Eat to Live on hold at my library. I'll pick it up when they text me.

Trish I made vegetable soup before I went to the gym, no corn and no potatoes. I thought about putting some zucchini and yellow squash in it but didn't know how it would taste. But it will be lunch for the next 4 days :)

burned 589 calories on the treadmill, feeling good :)

01-04-2014, 12:33 AM
Trish I made vegetable soup before I went to the gym, no corn and no potatoes. I thought about putting some zucchini and yellow squash in it but didn't know how it would taste. But it will be lunch for the next 4 days :)

I actually did put a frozen gumbo mixed veggies which has a lot of okra and a small amount of corn, a zucchini and yellow squash mix and onion pepper mix and then some leftover Italian stewed tomatoes and a bullion and fresh cabbage. Just enough for one meal and let that cook long enough to blend the flavors and it was actually very, very tasty.

The Daniel Plan book I have stresses eat veggies, veggies, veggies. It has been cold here today and will be tomorrow and I'm tired of salads right now so soup has been a nice change.

01-04-2014, 12:44 AM
Trish it's freezing here today :). I know I wouldn't use the okra (I don't care for it), or the onion mix or boullion (too salty for me), I was too lazy to cut up the onion today and it surprisingly doesn't taste bad without it. I may add the squash and zucchini tomorrow :) or just cook it up separately ;). I have the list of foods, it says no dairy but I am eating egg salad and a yogurt for breakfast. I am giving up a ton and all of what I truly love, so I'm still participating in our church consecration :)

01-04-2014, 11:31 AM
My veggie soup just contains canned mixed vegetables, canned tomatoes, onion and I buy 1 can of tomatoes with okra because I just think okra should be in there. I don't like okra by itself. I don't use squash or zucchini. I don't like it.

Rennie - also check to see if your library has The End of Diabetes. It is basically the Eat to Live plan, but this book is geared more toward diabetes. It's the same eating plan, but I never read Eat to Live so I don't know if he explains things geared toward diabetes.

Trish, this plan allows fruit at all three meals, just not unlimited like the veggies are. Carbs are absolutely forbidden. No dairy, and no eggs. Your diet is 80% vegetables. I know I will not be able to follow this to the letter. I will not stop eating eggs or cheese. And there will be carbs, although I hope to be able to keep them at a minimum. My intent is to greatly increase my vegetable consumption while greatly cutting back on carbs. I will eat my eggs scrambled with lots of veggies. I will have cheese occasionally. The book says that the nutrients in the veggies take away your cravings eventually. I have noticed that, since I have started eating the greens. My feeling of satisfaction lasts much longer. I finally tried collard greens yesterday and I think I like them even more than kale. I know there are some people, such as my husband, who don't like vegetables. He will have a half cup serving with dinner, and doesn't usually finish them. And it's usually corn, peas or green beans. If all I served was meat and potatoes it would be all the same to him. So I will work around this. I will have my eggs with veggies in the morning, my wonderful greens with mushrooms and onions for lunch and for dinner I will eat some of the meat I make for him and lots of vegetables. I will make some kind of potatoes for him. I will also have to find somewhere to fit in beans. I also love beans. Maybe I can find a way to incorporate them with my greens or add them to salad. My main goal is to lower my BS. Second is weight loss. I should notice a big improvement as long as I keep the carbs to a minimum. It was hard for me to stick with this over the holidays because I had to cook so much food for everyone else I didn't have time to cook my greens too. This cold that started right before Christmas didn't help.

I am going to google the Daniel plan to see what it's all about. I like cooked veggies much more than salads.

01-04-2014, 12:21 PM
Carol Sue I'll check for that one also :) Your husband and mine always remind me of one another. I got my husband to eat two forks of greens on New Years that was it, rice, potatoes and chicken is his meal for sure, he can do without the peas, green beans and corn also but he'll eat them if I put them on his plate. Have you tried, mustard and turnip greens yet. They have a bitter taste but they cook up really fast and oh so tender. I love them. And you are right the greens do help with the feeling of satisfied hunger.

01-04-2014, 12:44 PM
Rennie, I intend to continue on and try mustard and turnip greens, too. I started out eating swiss chard which I saw someone eating for lunch at work. I never thought I would like kale because it is so thick and tough, but it cooks down very tender. Bitter is a taste I seem to like. I wish I could buy a bunch of "mixed greens" and try them all together. If I buy a bunch of each of them I end up with much more than I can eat before it goes bad. My mother never cooked greens. The closest she came was spinach, and she served canned. No one in my husband's family eats greens either and they are not served in local restaurants, except maybe Cracker Barrel has them.

01-04-2014, 12:51 PM
Carol Sue, freeze them and they are ready when you are :) I don't know of any restaurants that serve them other than Golden Corral and I don't like all of the greasiness, so I don't eat them when we go there.

01-04-2014, 06:25 PM
I am so glad I came here. We had Chinese Sasame chicken today. It is a cheap meal for us because they put so much food in a meal that DH and I divide it in half and make a meal out of it for the 2 of us. Still a lot of point so I was going to have a salad, but after reading y'alls messages, I am going to change the lettuce for cabbage and add my veggies and make me some soup for dinner. It is 34 degrees here and I'm sitting here freezing. Soup will be a good way to cool down. Everybody at the beauty shop was talking about how we seem to get colder as we get older. I'm in S.C. and not as cold as some of you, but it is cold. So far we haven't had the freezing rain and snow others have had though, but good weather for beans, stews and soups.

Carol Sue I buy frozen greens now because I have the same problem as you. I didn't get kale today because was wilting even at the store where I usually find it fresh. Walmart never has fresh crispy greens so I never even bother to look there. Last time I got a large pre-bagged, it ruined on me and I just won't buy it. I know I can cook and freeze, but if I'm going to do that I may as well buy it frozen to start with. It makes a nice addition to scrambled eggs. I add a little bit of beans to my veggie soup and you can also add them to salad. I like to do that but usually forget to put it in my salad. I never ate greens until I went to live with my aunt when I was in college. That is where I learned that I loved fruits and veggies. I later learned that Mama liked them, but Daddy didn't. My second hubby would eat just about anything, but my present hubby is a picky, picky eater.

Rennie Greens are one of the veggies that I almost always order at Cracker Barrel. I like eating them at Golden Coral, but the last few times we've eaten there the food was not really great and I agree the greens were too greasy to eat.

Ruthie I hope you are feeling better today.

Fatmad, Lotsakids, Bonnie and others :wave: Hope y'all are doing well.

Stay warm girls. Catch y'all tomorrow. :)

01-04-2014, 10:05 PM
Trish it's 37 degrees here, I just told my son to turn the heat up because I'm freezing. But this always happens to me after I come from the gym (we've been here awhile now though). My body cools down and then I'm super cold. I'd like a good stew. What kinds do you make? I'm with you on Walmart's greens they always look bad. The reason I don't like the frozen greens is because they are more stems, which I consider trash than the leafy part, so I'd rather pick my own :) I've only been to Cracker Barrel twice and that was in Virginia when my friend would come home to visit. She is now here in NC, newly married and has found out she is highly allergic to gluten so she has to be selective about where she eats. I've only had a breakfast and a salad there. :)

Carol Sue I now have The End of Diabetes book in my possession. I haven't opened it yet.

did my 4 miles today, burned 589 calories. My fbs was higher than it's been but I think I forgot to take my met last night. Also happy to report that I am down to 175.4 as of this morning, which was my pre-Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas weight loss goals. It's sad because had I done what I was supposed to do I would be in my low 170's or 16's by now, but now me being steady will help me win the race ;).

01-05-2014, 02:59 PM
Rennie I haven't made stew in quite some time mainly because I love beef stew and DH likes the meat pulled like pulled pork and I like it chuncky. One of us has to give so, I might do it with the pulled any way or do it half and half. I have also made what someone I knew called Hobo stew which is made with ground beef. Since I can have dumplings on WW, I just may make some chicken and dumplings tomorrow. I don't make it often and have a taste for it. I can make a plain chicken soup to save for adding veggies sometime and make chicken dumplings for tomorrow. When my kids were little, I used whatever leftover meat was in the fridge.

I am tracking my exercise as well as my food on the WW etools. I was so excited when I realized this morning that they set up for me to earn 14 exercise pts a week and I have already earned 26 pts. This is neat as I've still got today and 2 more before weigh in day. I'm doing 30 min of the stationary bike most days except when I do a lot of walking and even then I still do 20 to 25 minutes. I am actually up to 3 and some days 3 1/2 miles a day on the bike. I think I'm going to move the bike into the living room and work at increasing it up to 4 miles a day. This is great.

I can't believe how good this is going. I love WW. I was up this morning by 7 and did my 30 min... of 3 1/2 mile bike ride before I even went to church. My weight is up a few lbs which is no big surprise since the initial weight loss was mostly water weight. The real weight should start coming down now. I'm on my way.

01-05-2014, 04:02 PM
Hello Ladies, I was about to do my treadmill walk but when I checked my finger I was at 52. So instead of walking I am eating some apple sauce. I hope to get my BS to about 150 then do my walk because I know that exercise will bring my down about 30 to 50 points. An insulin pump, dieting and exercise is so hard to juggle. I feel like it takes me forever to drop a pound. I hate eating when I am not even hungry. Or getting a high and waiting to come down before I eat. Oh well, at least I can enjoy my apple sauce :)

01-05-2014, 09:38 PM
Trish beef stew sounds so good. I don't know how to make dumplings and when my Mom use to make them for my Grandfather, I hated the way they looked … all doughy and sticky. I've never tasted them so I don't know what they taste like. I just asked my husband if he likes them, he's never had them either so I probably won't try them :D. Trish is your WW plan for diabetics? I may check it out. Do they give you a food list specifically for us? I'm loving your enthusiasm :high: I'm happy for you :)

Hi Susan :welcome: to the thread ;), wow 52 or 30-50. I can't get under 122. I pray that I can get my sugars under control this year to get off metformin forever :)

I am happy to report a new low of 174.4, my sugar was 142 this morning and I think again I forgot to take my met. I'm gonna have to make a chart to check when I take it.

01-05-2014, 11:38 PM
After my Apple sauce I was able to do my walk. But now I am afraid to go to sleep because I am still low after eating a pop tart. I am 78 but my CGM has t he 2 arrows pointing down so I am still dropping. Going to have to eat something else right before bed.

01-06-2014, 02:03 PM
:welcome3:Susan Glad to have you join our group. Looking forward to getting to know you.

Rennie I haven't seen a specialty plan for diabetes. I did read in a WW magazine of a woman who reversed her T-2 diabetes when she lost weight doing the plan. I am registered to start the 2 week Simple Start plan tomorrow. I am already checking out how to do it on the web and still use the Points Plus Tracker. I had the 6 pt omelet this morning. I really enjoyed it. I am using some of the reduced or fat free foods, but not all. I have to watch the sodium and my sister said that you also have to watch the sugar in some of them so I am using light where possible, but keeping all my good fats like coconut and olive oil.

It is really cold here and will be down to 9 tonight and 12 tomorrow night. Sure makes me thing of all those of you who live north of me and are having it way lower. Really wondered how Fatmad and Ruthie are faring through all this as it must be horrible in Canada.

DH has to go for blood thinner check today, but I'm not going. I'm staying home and making soups as well as my chicken and dumplings I've been hungry for.

Stay warm everyone!!!

Catch y'all later.

01-06-2014, 08:24 PM
sorry to be MIA so long friends.
We had an ice storm here before Christmas, and power was out for 2 days, then the holidays were quite busy, and I just got out of the habit of coming.
But I know I will go off plan if I don't visit regularly.

Have been catching up on your posts, and welcome to the newbies.
I gained 2 pounds over the holidays, which is pretty good considering I was eating plenty of carbs at time. I managed by avoiding them at other times. After a feast day, I did a very limited calorie day the next day.
It mostly worked but the cravings have been intense at times.

The weather is still bad, today blizzards, squall and wind chill warnings.
However, this weekend I am going cross country skiing. I plan to ski at least 1-2 hours per day. I did a bit yesterday, and am quite out of shape, but am determined. Other than yoga, its my favourite exercise. Actually, maybe I like it even more than yoga, but its got a limited season.

See y'all soon again

01-07-2014, 07:41 AM
Trish it's 9 degrees here this morning :brr: thanks fro the WW info.

Madeleine good to see you :)

New low this morning 172.6, fbs 129

Have a great day ALL, Stay warm :hug:

01-07-2014, 11:48 AM
Rennie It was a year ago when I did WW and there was no specific plan for diabetics. There is no specific plan for anyone on PP. You eat whatever foods you want as long as you stay within your points. When I did it, I just avoided starchy carby foods the way any diabetic would and just counted the other foods I was eating. A non diabetic person could have pizza for lunch as long as they counted the points and kept the rest of their daily food within their points allowance. Similar to counting calories. A diabetic can't do that because they also have to be aware of total carbs. At that time there was the plan where you eat the Power Foods and don't have to count anything, and from what Trish is saying, they still have that. They do give you a list of power foods and you eat only these foods. Quantity does not matter. When I was on WW I like to use Fitday.com. I would enter the food I wanted to eat and it would give me the protein, carbs, fat, and fiber information and I would enter that information into my points calculator and it would give me the points for the food in the quantity I was eating.

If you have trouble remembering to take your met, you could use a weekly pill box. On Sunday morning you put your pills in all the compartments for the week. You can look at the pillbox at any time and see what you have and have not taken. I even have DH using one because he was always forgetting if he took his BP meds.

Welcome Susan! Your situation sounds very scary to me with the lows. I would not know what to do. Please be careful. What does the doctor instruct you to do in these situations? I have heard that insulin makes it difficult to control your weight. I have enough of a problem without it. I am looking forward to hearing more about how you are handling this. How long have you been diabetic? Have you always been on insulin? Has it progressed or was it always this bad?

Glad to see you Mad! Sounds like you're still doing good!

Trish, my mother used to make dumplings and I love them! They are all puffed up and fluffy! Yum. DH would not eat them and they are not diabetic friendly so I don't make them. But hearing about them takes me back, and makes me want them! Do you make the puffy drop dumplings or the rolled out flat ones? I love them both!

It was -8 when I got up this morning. It is now +3. It is unusual for us to have weather this cold. I don't want to go out anywhere. DH wants to go out to eat, so we might do it for dinner. I will only have to worry about getting in the cold car when we come out of the restaurant, and hoping that the car starts. We bought a new battery this year but our car is garage kept and rarely sits out in the cold. It is almost 8 years old so who knows what could happen.

Hi Ruthie!

01-07-2014, 11:54 AM
2nd day in a row with road closures and blizzard conditions. I am staying home for now, but will have to go out if someone goes into labour. DH has built a nice fire, maybe I will do some hot yoga at home if it gets warm enough. The house is quite chilly, as the temperature is -20 and there is quite a wind chill too, the the heat is being sucked out of the house. The fire should help.
My body just wants to go into hibernation mode when its like this, I want to sleep and be slothful, eating warm comfort-carby foods. I managed ok for breakfast, lets see how I do this afternoon.

01-07-2014, 12:01 PM
A quick flyby. Running late this morning. My weight this morning is back down to 231.4 which is .2 lbs more than my last WI. I hope it at least stays there as tomorrow is my WW WI day. I happy with this because I know last week was water loss from all the holiday eating, but this week it is actually weight loss.

Rennie Your fbs is great. Mine was 162 yesterday (?) and down to 152 today. But I think my body is just adjusting to everything. You are doing great. I did find one article on WW site about diabetes where they say work with your doctor or dietician etc. My doctor has already approved of any diet that I can stick with for the rest of my life. I should stress that I do stick with a lot of the Power Food List where I can. Example, I want noodles for supper tonight and I noticed that whole wheat pasta is a Power Food, but the regular is not.

Phone call, be back later.

01-08-2014, 11:12 AM
I just came across this recipe than contains kale, and other than the sausage, nothing looks to be a bad meal for diabetic weight loss, and it sounds yumm! You just need a way to keep as much of the fat from the sausage out of the main pot.


01-08-2014, 01:18 PM
Another quick one today. My WI showed I had a 2 lb gain this week but WW evidently averages weight loss and shows that I averaged for the past 2 weeks at 1.5 lbs a week so they consider me on track I guess. They also took in my activity and age and upped my daily points to 27 pts a day. They started the Simple start for this week and I can go in and read and hear the info since I'm registered. Found out online people don't get kits so I ordered a couple of books... one for points values and one on veggie power. I also am finding things I didn't see before. On my tracking page, they have a place where I always added my favorite foods. However, I just noticed today that I could click a little square and have all the Power Foods List right there. I am really centering in on those so it is nice to have it so handy. I am going to go back and listen to all the info on the Simple Start later today.

Carol Sue I will have to look at that recipe with kale. Thanks for sharing, I would probably use the turkey sausage that I keep on hand for omelets. It has a lot less fat and don't remember if it is 33% or 50% less, but less.

Fatmad, Rennie, Ruthie, Susan and Lurkers :wave:

Have a nice day.

01-08-2014, 11:15 PM
Hi all, just a flyby as I am heading to bed. Roads opened today so was out working. Quite tired now. I didn't stay on plan yesterday, more carby than I wanted, but did rein in my urges and kept to a reasonable serving size.
Today did well and lower carb.
weight is steady at 179.
a1c was 5.7 when I went to docs last week, and fasting was 5.1 with that blood draw.
SO feel I am doing ok.
I am not testing much these days, now that I know what causes spikes for me.


01-09-2014, 11:27 AM
Now that I have started eating kale and other greens, I seem to notice more recipes that I would otherwise skim by. Here is another one that sounds good for those who also like squash. I have never had farro I(wheat berries) and don't know if I would like them.


Trish, I like turkey sausage. To me, it doesn't taste any different, but DH doesn't like anything turkey except actual turkey.

In the past, I have always had mozzarella cheese in the house, and I would slice it and eat it with these high fiber crackers I like. I haven't had that for a couple weeks, probably because of my cold. I tried some yesterday and I didn't like it at all! It tasted soooo salty! That was probably not one of the healthiest things I could be eating so I'm happy to cross it off my list! Yesterday I had kale and collard greens cooked together with onion, garlic and mushrooms. I topped it with a sprinkle of Feta cheese, and it was so good. I have enough greens left for one more day. Next time I make soup I'm adding some kale.

01-09-2014, 07:05 PM
I am so happy to see folks who were not big veggie eaters exploring some great foods.
I have never been a big fan of kale, but love okra, and celeriac, two veggies I have learned to eat and use in the last year.
FYI, if you get tired of cooking spaghetti squash for your pasta replacement, try quickly grating some zucchini (just takes a minute) and zapping it briefly before putting spaghetti sauce on it. more veggies, less carbs.
have a great day everyone

01-09-2014, 09:05 PM
I wrote a long message this morning and my internet server went down and we had to leave so I didn't have time to write another one.

I've had a pretty good day. DH and I had to go put DGS checks in the bank. Then we went to Arby's for lunch. They don't have the ham & swiss cheese melt any more that was in my WW PP book so I ordered what I thought was a roast beef classic and DH ordered another roast beef sandwich. When we got it he decided that the small one was what he ordered and I got stuck with the other one. I was really upset because the bun was sweet and I knew just from the size and taste that it was going to be more pts than I wanted to use. I had them to use but didn't want to use them so early in my week. Well, I decided to eat only 3/4 of the sandwich and 1/3 of the curly fries and I always drink water. It turned out okay. It turns out that I ended up using only 7 of my weekly pts which isn't bad because I used 3 yesterday and still have 39 left for the week. Of course, I always have loads of earned exercise pts, but I don't ever use them. I finally made a vegetable soup with only 0 points... remembering that The Daniel plan said "Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables". I watched the video on WW about the Simple Start plan and they stressed the same thing. As much as I love salads, I would rather have soup this time of the year. So I am going to keep a container of it in the fridge throughout the winter. I'll go back to lots of salads in the spring.

Carol Sue Thanks for sharing the kale/greens sites. I bookmarked those to look at some other recipes that caught my eye. I almost forgot to put greens in my soup today until saw your references today on the kale recipes. I like to eat some greens everyday. I remember when I first went to WW in the 60s, you were required to eat a serving of greens once a day. I think that was a really good rules.

Fatmad Thanks for the heads up on the grated zucchini. I eat zucchini and squash in my soup everyday. Good to hear from you.

Rennie, Ruthie and everyone "wave"

Catch y'all tomorrow.

01-10-2014, 11:42 AM
Mad, I have always been a big veggie eater, but I never tried greens. They are not popular in the northern part of the US, but are really big in the south. In the Eat to Live book he specifies eating mostly veggies and rates them according to the micronutrients per calorie and recommends them in large quantities. Most veggies are low calorie, and he rates greens as number 1 having the most nutrients per calorie. Cruciferous veggies are not far behind, and I love all of them. The problem is, my husband is not jumping on the bandwagon. He is still wanting a typical american dinner, and I am still eating that with him because he wants me to. I don't know if he's trying to sabotage me or what. I know he does not accept change very well, so that might be it. I just have to cut back on the amount of meat and carbs I'm eating, gradually so he won't notice. He has commented that he thinks all these greens I'm eating are helping me, but he won't try them. I cook them til they are wilted down, and he says they look like seaweed. LOL He WILL eat the cruciferous veggies. I think putting greens in soup he will not notice as long as I don't overdo it.

Rennie - I still have some kale and collard greens left, and yesterday I found turnip greens, so today I will have the 3 mixed together, with onion, garlic, mushrooms sauteed in olive oil and a sprinkling of feta cheese. I love the combination of the warm greens and the cold cheese. I have liked all that I've tried so far and still have to try the mustard greens. Which ones do you like the best? I think in the south they are prepared with fat back pork. I did try it with some bacon fat and crumbled bacon once and it was good, but I'm trying to keep it healthy. The onion and garlic flavor it nicely.

Trish - I like Arbys but DH doesn't like it much. I like a small plain roast beef sandwich. I think the one you got with the sweet bun is the new one they are advertising with the Kings Hawaiian bread. I've never tried it and I don't know if it's really worse than a regular bun. I doubt if you did much damage since you didn't eat it all. They always told me the weekly points are there to use and you are still within the plan. I never figured in my exercise points either. You are being very diligent and that's good. You will succeed.

I am not a big salad eater. I can only eat salad once in a while. Eat to Live says you should eat both raw and cooked veggies, but I prefer cooked. I seem to like my food hot, or warm, not cold or room temp. If I eat out, I usually order a cup of soup instead of a salad with my meal. I usually eat my large portion of veggies at lunch, as DH and I eat lunch separately. After eating all those veggies I am not very hungry at dinner. This plan would work well for me if I could get DH to accept that I'm not going to eat much at dinner. I guess it will take time.

01-10-2014, 11:48 AM
Trish, I just googled Kings Hawaiian buns and they are 7 points each.

01-10-2014, 09:19 PM
Carol Sue Thanks. I figured about 4 oz of roast beef and counted 11 pts for the sandwich so that makes the 7 pts I estimated for the Hawaiian bread accurate. I appreciate your help on that.

I love doing WWP+. I decided that if I'm going to lose weight so slowly then I might as well do it with the WWP+ and enjoy the foods that I really like. I'm eating the way we learned from IE... eat what I really want, eat as much as I need to be satisfied and enjoy every bite. I am having a ball even with the exercise. I actually upped my bike riding to 32 minutes to ride 4 miles today and did some Tai Chi that I could remember to do from the dvd. Next week I will get the dvd out and learn another step and practice it until I get it down. Maybe in a week or two I can start learning the routine.

I am a true southern girl because I love my greens and I used to cook them with bacon before I learned to cook them with coconut oil. My aunt always used salt pork, but I can't handle the salt. Mixing the 3 different greens will be really good as that is another southern way of doing them too. In fact, I used to buy cans of mixed greens, but I quit buying any canned greens because someone decided to use special seasoning and to me they taste awful to me. I haven't seen frozen mixed greens although I'm sure there may be some available somewhere.

We have to go pick DGS from the train station tomorrow in Charlotte. I hope it stops raining before we have to go. We will probably eat out. As much as I used to love eating out, I really don't like to much now that I'm OP. I just have to estimate in some places where you eat. I'll get my new books tomorrow so I hope I get them before I leave so it will help with decisions of what to eat. I think going smaller sizes or even child plates will be helpful.

I'll try to check back in tomorrow evening.

01-10-2014, 10:35 PM
Aw Trish wish I lived near Charlotte I'd come meet you :). My cousin lives in Charlotte we went to church function there Sunday before last, it took us 2.5 hours to get there. But it was pouring that morning so we probably could have knocked off a few minutes had it been dry. I don't like frozen or canned greens way too many stems. My daughter buys them because she doesn't want to take the time to pick and clean the greens. :)

Carol Sue I use low sodium chicken broth in my greens or maybe turkey necks (which I haven't done in a very long time). The kids don't eat them. My husband will eat them if I put them on his plate but he will only eat them with the meat which I can do without. I preference is turnip and mustard greens mixed or just plan turnip greens are fine :) Most will cook them with a ham hock, not fat back :)

I have had lots of temptations in my way and I am grateful and thankful that I have had the will to pass over each of them.

bs is good weigh is steady

01-11-2014, 08:15 PM
DGS home and safe. He moves back to the dorm after church tomorrow. God my Weight Watchers books and the Veggie book has 2 or 3 recipes with Kale so I'll have to find time next week to post them. I'll put them in the Diabetic recipes and let you know when I've done it. I can't wait to try them. We took DGS out to eat at Steak 'n Shake and had a double steakburger and small order of fries for a total of 18 pts. Not bad. Came home and exercised 25 minutes 3 miles on stationary bike. Exercised before I left so earned 5 pts total for the day. So far, I haven't used all my daily pts so probably won't use many if any of the weekly pts today. It has been a good day.

01-11-2014, 11:54 PM
Trish glad you had a good day. I love your enthusiasm with your plan :)

I had a good day also. Went to the gym burned 527 calories. Calorie intake on point and I got all of my water in … hoping to see a move on the scale finally :)

01-12-2014, 12:00 PM
Hello! Just thought I would drop in and say hello to fellow diabetic dieters. I usually post in the Jenny Craig thread but looking around the board I saw this thread so thought it might be fun and inspiring to join in. :)

I have been diabetic for a few years but just ignored it. Then I went on Metformin ER 500 a day for a A1c of 6.7 last year. Finally in November I decided to stop ignoring it and I saw a dietitian and now I am on my weight loss journey. I incorporate Jenny Craig meals into my new eating lifestyle but only about once a day, sometimes twice if I am lazy. Otherwise, I eat low carb and I exercise now too. I am just learning how to cook, never did it before.

FBG was 109 this morning which is a new low for me. When I started my diet my morning BG levels were in the 150's.

Nice to meet you all!

01-12-2014, 02:12 PM
Medeis, :welcome: to the thread :). When I first started my fbs was in the 200 so I think the 150's isn't bad as a start, though I know not good. This morning I was at 117, it has never been that low. So I'm making progress :0

01-12-2014, 03:50 PM
Medeis:welcome3: You are doing really good. I was diagnosed the 1st time in my early 50's lost weight and got it under control for years until about 2 or 3 yrs ago. I've tried different things even low carb to realize that I was only bouncing between 5 to 8 lbs. I decided to go back to Weight Watchers and am finding that it actually works better for me than low carb. In fact, I am beginning to lean more toward vegetarian although I have no desire at this time to go 100% vegetarian as I still like some forms of meat.

Rennie You are doing so good yourself. 115 fbs is terrific. Looks like you have found what works for you. That is super and I'm so happy for you.

My fbs was up today to 172 (still way better than 200), but I wasn't surprised. I've been feeling like something was trying to come on and since my docs office ran out of flu shots before we got one, I really being careful. I took Nyquil before going to bed more as a prevention. We were having a special presentation at church this week and next and I just didn't want to miss today. I knew the medicine would probably raise my blood sugar, but it worked. I not only slept good, but I when I woke up I was wet from having sweat while I was asleep which for me means that I must have had a slight fever. Weight was up .2 from yesterday which is to be expected when eating out plus the fact that I didn't get my water in that I needed to drink for the day plus taking the med... it could have been worse. I never drink enough when on the road because I don't want to have to stop to go potty and didn't stay up late enough to drink it. So I'll be hitting the water pretty good today. WW counts all liquid or at least 1/2 as water (not sure which) toward your liquids for the day, but I've never believed that. I always try to drink my 8 glasses of water plus the other things I drink because I think water drinking itself is extremely important especially for diabetics. So if you go by WW standards I was okay, but not according to mine.

I read on WW fitness that 30 minutes of exercise a day stops us from gaining weight, 45 minutes helps you lose weight and 60 minutes is for maintenance when you reach goal. So I will shoot for 45 minutes 5 or 6 days a week.

I am excited and enjoying WW because it does not feel like I am dieting. For me it has just become eating healthy. There really isn't anything that I cannot eat as long as I work it into my allotted points. I make adjustments where I choose to make it fit. And the 0 pts soup is really a treat with the cold weather. The new books I got are going to help me a lot especially the one for eating out. When we go to the Wild Wings restaurant, I saw that I will have to adjust my portions differently to make the points work for me so I can still eat what I really like just less of it. WW has used a yellow marker of the foods that are best choices at the restaurants which helps a lot too although you still have the option of getting the food you want that isn't marked in yellow and either share it with someone else or eat half and take the other half home which DH and I do a lot any way. It is exciting to find something that I know that I actually can live with. It also helps that my sister and her DH who live in TX are attending WW meetings together and she shares a lot with me the things they are doing and learning.

I would tell anyone who is starting out trying to control diabetes is DON'T GIVE UP!!! If you start a diet plan and it doesn't work for you either because it does work with your body or isn't doable for you emotionally etc, just find the one fits and works for you. There is NOT any one diet out there that fits everybody. So PLEASE FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!!!! And then don't let anyone talk you out of it.

Have a super Sunday.

01-12-2014, 04:07 PM
Thanks Trish and well said, you're doing great. I wish I could afford to do WW. It sounds easy enough and eating what I like within reason really sounds good. ;)

01-12-2014, 08:48 PM
Welcome Medeis! Good for you for getting your BS under control. Jump in and tell us more about yourself. We are all struggling with different things here, but we give each other support and share ideas.

Trish, when I went to cardiac rehab the exercise physiologist told me that it is recommended that you do 150 min of exercise a week for health, but 300 min per week for weight loss. I consider any amount of exercise to be better than none. Aim high, but don't discount what you do. You are doing well with WW and you are on your way!

I told you I joined that challenge to lose 1 lb a week for the entire year. I didn't get on the scale because I didn't feel that I was losing but I got on today and I am down 2 lbs. If I keep it off until weigh in day on Wednesday I will be on track. I am eating a lot of veggies, but I don't feel as though I doing well on my "diet" because I'm still eating too much of other things. But I am working on it, and I am down 2 lbs. Change is hard. I love the veggies, but the other foods just seem to pop into my mouth! LOL Some of the other foods just don't taste as good to me anymore. They will gradually be off the plan.

Rennie - The price of WW was a factor for me, too. I cannot seem to stick to it without attending the meetings, and I don't like meetings. You have done a great job of lowering your FBS and also dropped some lbs. Keep up the good work!

01-13-2014, 01:49 PM
I had a bad day yesterday or maybe I should an Off Plan evening. I baked some cookies for DH and decided to do the calculation with my WW calculator after I've been eating some cookies. I found out I had been calculating too low. Then I just lost it and went on a binge. I didn't consciously think it, but it reminded me of the way I used to do when I knew I had blown my diet and just eat whatever I want for the rest of the day mindset. I haven't had a "binge" in yrs. I didn't even track it so I have no idea how bad I did.

My weight is up almost 2 lbs. I am really swelled today, so I know it isn't really a weight gain, but it really ticked me off that it even happened. But all isn't lost. I turned it into a positive especially when I saw my fbs was 127 this morning a new low I haven't seen in a very long time. I decided that things happen for a reason and I needed to evaluate it and see what I can learn from it. I refuse to let it drag me down or keep me from getting right back On Plan.

A lot of times when I track my food WW doesn't have the brand I use so I usually just pick something similar with similar pts or close. Well, no more. I decided that I'm not doing that any more. For example, today I'm making hot wings. I took my package and calculated everything on the WW online calculator for the serving size of the brand I use from Walmart. I've calculated everything for today accurately so that I will have no more mistakes. I also decided that from now own that I will use the Power foods every where that I can. If I did the Simple Start, I would be using them and not have to track my food, but the problem I have with doing the SS is that you are only allowed 7 pts a day for foods that are not on the Power Foods list and you can't carry your points to another day. If I understand it correctly you are allowed 49 weekly pts that must be divided into the 7 pts a day. That would never work for me for those days I might plan to go out to eat. I'm not quite sure how the exercise pts count on Simple Start. So Points Plus works best for me. Oh, an interesting thing I learned by calculating my brands is that Great Values egg makers has only 1 pt per serving so I could have had equivalent to 2 eggs for 2 pts instead of just the 1 serving that I thought was the same as Eggbeaters which is 2 pts. So it is really going to be helpful to calculate rather than estimate. So a lot of good came out of the mess up.

Any way I am back OP and just decided that I would share my screw up. I always share the good things I'm doing and I feel that being accountable means sharing the good and the bad. I'm still excited about the plan. For one thing, we don't go out to eat after church any more. I just decided it is crazy to pay someone else to cook what I usually eat every day and isn't much of a treat to me and it's less expensive. The problem was that I really didn't plan ahead. I kept thinking yesterday "When you fail to plan, you plan to fail". I guess I should have listened to the warning my heart was sending me. I just never could really get with a plan of what I wanted to eat although I did have my soup and I even put a salad in there to get my veggies. It really helps me knowing that I want to mark all the squares on my tracker that I have eaten all the foods recommended, drank the liquids, exercised and taken my vitamins. It motivates me. LOL

Hope everyone is doing well. I'm shooting for a better day. :dizzy:

01-13-2014, 02:47 PM
Thank God for tracking pts. I went in and tracked the excess food I ate yesterday and made accurate corrections replacing off counted pts. I am happy to report that I am still in good shape. I have my plan done for today and I will still have 4 pts left of weekly pts for tomorrow and of course I still have my earned exercise pts which are over 30 now.

This proves to me that the when I work the plan as it is to be done most of the time that even a screw up can be covered. A lesson well learned.

01-14-2014, 08:43 AM
Thank you all for your warm welcomes! I look forward to getting to know you all. Todays' FBG was 122. I made a low carb pancake this morning for breakfast but of course the syrup adds carbs but bottom line including the milk for coffee was 260 calories for breakfast and 23 carbs. I count calories and carbs.

Good luck to you pattygirl, I know how hard it can be to keep track of things but sounds like you are really being accountable about how much you ate and that is a good thing. :)

I write down every single thing I eat. I have a log book and I track it all. This is day 53 for me on my new regimen. Not easy but persevering.

01-14-2014, 10:27 AM
Good morning, everyone. I have been reading these forums for a long time, but just recently decided to sign up and start participating.

Myself, I am in the Atkins induction phase, and I believe that I may go ahead and stay in it for longer than the two weeks that it says to. I am 5'5 and weigh 229 pounds. I won't even say what my FBS is. It's that embarrassing. But to give you a clue, when I took it yesterday morning it was almost 200 pounds lower than it was a week ago. So...progress! I am on Metformin @ 1000mg, but I am working my way up to 2000. I also take Novolog before every meal.

I cheated once last night right before bed and had a sugar wafer stick cookie... :( I woke up this morning and made a promise to myself that I won't do it again today. :)

01-14-2014, 08:06 PM
Hi Brennan, nice to meet you. :) Why do you want to stay in the induction phase of your Atkins diet? Glad you are having some progress, that is good!

I have heard it can be a good thing for FBG to have a 15 carb snack before bed, especially if it has been a while since you ate. Maybe not a sugar wafer though. ^_^ However, one has to test the premise for oneself. I tend not to have any snacks after 9 but that works better for me at this point.

01-15-2014, 12:41 PM
Hi Brennan! Welcome to the forum. We all have our issues with keeping our FBS in line, so don't feel that we will judge you.

Medeis, I have heard different things regarding the evening snack to keep FBS in line. It doesn't help me. I am better off without a snack. Some people have said that it is mostly for type 1 diabetics who inject insulin at bedtime, to protect them from going too low during the night. A nurse once told me, if you're not hungry, don't have the snack. Each person should check their blood sugar to see what works for them.

01-15-2014, 08:04 PM
brennan:welcome3:Glad you decided to join us. Yes, we all have issues with our FBS. I can have days that I think I've done everything right and the next day mine is up and then have a day that I think I have really done everything wrong and it is lower. It can be rally confusing. I love Atkins, but I just can't do it long term so I gave up on it. My doctor told me that any diet will work, the key is finding what you can live with long term. I have finally settled on Weight Watcher Points Plus. One thing I've learned is that no one diet fits everyone. So if you are enjoying Atkins and it is working for you, I say Congratulations. I did it when I was first diagnosed and within 6 months, my FBS and all other blood work #s were perfect. I wish I could do it again, but it just isn't me. Since I know I'm not going to give up my carbs, I've always wanted to start again with Induction and perfectly work the plan to find out my tolerance of how many carbs I can get by with eating and still lose weight, but I'm not ready to do that as of yet. So good luck on your journey. I admire anyone who can do Atkins.

Today was my WI day. I didn't lose any weight, but didn't gain any either. I changed my ticker to be the same as my WW WI readings. WW says I can lose .5 to 1.5 lbs a week so technically I am still on schedule so that is good. However, I also know a lot of my problem was swelling from too much sodium.

I'm meeting a a friend tomorrow at Earth Fare for lunch during her lunch hour. They usually have the best kale in town so I will pick up some while there. I've always wanted to eat there because everything is supposed to be healthy and they are more like a health food store, but I didn't think DH would like it, so I'm exciting about getting to try their food. DH said he would eat some meatless meals with me so I will have to plan some of those soon.

Carol Sue Sorry I haven't posted the new kale recipes yet. I will try to get that done by the end of the week.

Ruthie, Rennie, Fatmad, Medeis and others :wave:

01-16-2014, 05:55 PM
I a really good OP lunch with my friend. I got baked fish probably on 2 oz but counted it as 3 oz and loads of veggies. Wasn't sure about the sauce on the cabbage salad, so guesstimated 3 points for it. I hadn't seen this friend since right after her granddaughter was born 15 months ago and we decided we were going to see each other more often. She is the same age as my oldest son and a very sweet/nice young lady. And when she left, I did get some organic kale. It costs more, but it lasts so much longer and has a great flavor.

Stopped by the grocery store to get some things DH wanted and grabbed some whole grain pasta. WW Simply Start recommends whole wheat, but the store didn't have it. All Food Lions are not the same and must order according to the manager. But then I've also found some products at one Walmart and not at another, so I guess they all do that. I needed canned fruit for DH, but everything was in heavy syrup. So I didn't buy any. I'll have to go by Walmart Saturday after I leave the beauty shop. I sure hate that they closed the store by the beauty shop. Publix bought that store and will replace them but not until 2015. Coconut milk is getting harder to find for some reason and soy milk is too expensive at Food Lion. I think I may have an allergy to dairy. I seem to be able to eat a small amount of cheese, but if I eat to much of it and drink regular milk, I end up with cold like symptoms. So I guess, I will switch to either coconut or soy milk.

My food plan is falling in place. I guess I have passed through the newness of being able to eat anything I want on Weight Watchers, because my eating is settling down into a good healthy way of eating. I am trying to learn to ask myself, "is it worth the points to eat this?" I did that the other day on something and my answer was "Yes, if it keeps me from going on a binge later, then it is worth me spending the points on this". Can't remember what it was, but I did find it to be helpful. I'm earning about 6 exercise points a day so that is very good too. I must say that I am even happy and pleased with my progress (slow as it is) myself.

Hope everyone is doing well.

01-17-2014, 05:18 PM
I'm back. I started in June with the low carb eating (basically nothing white, rice, potatoes, flour) and lost the first 30 pounds but my stomach was almost swollen looking, so I started doing a gluten free low carb diet. That is when I started seeing a difference in my waistline. Diabetes causes inflamation and for some, so does wheat so I decided that I'd try going gluten free.

I have a few recipes that are "bread like" so I can have my sandwiches at time. Mostly I eat meat, eggs, and non starchy veggies with an occassional sweet potato thrown in. I've been following (very loosely) a plan called Thin Healthy Mama (mostly for the recipes) because it fits in with the way I already eat. Gluten free isn't hard, low carb isn't hard. Sometimes the two together is more difficult but I've figured out ways to make it work. My fbs is usually around 80-90 and when I add new foods in I check to see what it does to my blood sugar. Hopefully I'll see a difference in my A1c next time I go to the doctor!

01-17-2014, 11:16 PM
Thanks Carol Sue, and thanks for the exercise info. That is a help 60 minutes a day 5 days a week is doable with my schedule right now. My fbs has come back up to the low 120's. I haven't been drinking the vinegar water so I wonder if that is it. I'm gonna give it a shot again for a week and see how I do.

Donna good to see you :hug: Sounds like you've got this worked out, as does Trish. I wish I could find a way to get my fbs below 100 that would be great. Keep up the good work.

Trish check Dollar Tree, I found soy milk there on the shelf no need for refrigeration until opened. Yay on the fbs in the 120's :high: I love your enthusiasm with your plan so invigorating :)

Medeis, I track calories, carbs, protein and sodium on MFP. I'm from the DMV area, we miss it truly :)

brennan, :wel3fc: and to the thread. I hope you come back and stick around. This site and these threads are life savers and most of the people are super super supportive. I hope you haven't had anymore sugar wafers :) try a nice square of dark chocolate ;) now as good though huh :)

Madeleine and Ruth I hope all is well :hug:

I'm doing ok but like I said my fbs is back in the low 120's actually today I think it was 126 so mid 120's. My goal is to lose the weight so that I can completely come off the meds. I have got to figure out what to do about this bloating and gas. I'm not eating any bread at all, no white potatoes, rice, nothing that contains flour and havent been since January 2nd so I am not sure what the issue is. Any thoughts or suggestions would be quite helpful. Thanks

01-18-2014, 08:26 AM
All is well here - just not feeling chatty. I got one of those "forever" colds just after Christmas and am slowly getting back in shape. Have not weighed myself regularly since I seem to be holding water. Got some dandelion tea yesterday which should help. FBS is my usual - around 5 or 90. Exercise is not happening - even walking to the car is an adventure as we have lots of ice.

A big welcome to the new folks.

01-18-2014, 08:44 AM
Ruth sorry to hear about your forever cold, :hug: I know about those all too well. I use to get them all of the time. After a few while working at the daycare I decided to start drinking that emergen-C or take a vitamin C tablet which seems to be helping. Tons of folks are sick at this new job and I just keep thanking goodness I haven't caught it. What does the dandelion tea do? Hope you are feeling back to your full-self soon :)

my fbs was 113 this morning, m wy weight was up .2 back to 172.2. I think I have honestly hit a plateau. I know I can go lower because I did it before so what am I not doing this time? The body is a big headache :rofl:

Have a great Saturday Everyone, stay warm :brr:

01-19-2014, 11:53 AM
Good Morning! Sounds like everyone is doing well, except for Ruthie's cold, similar to mine. Just won't go away completely!

Rennie, I'm surprised you're having trouble dropping pounds considering how you're avoiding carbs. That's a puzzle to me. I googled "What causes gas and bloating" and came up with a lot of different information that I wouldn't know if it applies to you. Why don't you try that? Something might click.

We've been eating out the past couple days so I haven't had my greens. Other than spinach on a salad bar, they just aren't on the menu in this Yankee town. LOL I also don't like the seasoning on the canned greens. I think I would have to drain them and rinse them to be able to eat them. I'd rather have fresh.

01-19-2014, 12:24 PM
Good morning everyone. I hope those with colds get better soon. I had the flu right when it started back in November and it was awful.

I am having some much better FBG, 83 yesterday and 107 this morning. This has gone down from the 130's where I was at for quite a while. I have no idea why it does what it does from day to day or what I did that made it go down. I am exercising every day...it does coincide with me getting on the treadmill and walking for 30 min/day. But I was doing fairly rigorous stationary bike prior so idk.

This morning I made a low carb pancake topped with sugar free caramel syrup. 180 calories and 3 carbs for the pancake and about 30 cal and 10 cabs for the syrup.

All the best to everyone today!

01-19-2014, 02:59 PM
Hi Everybody,

Ruthie Sure hope you can kick that cold out soon. I wouldn't want to get out on the ice myself. Is probably wise to stay in and be safe and get over that cold.

I'm experiencing a lot of gas too. I think it is the veggies and the grains that I'm eating. I've heard that it happens when we add fiber into our eating especially if we add to much to soon. I have some soup that I made with lentils and also when I heat it up, I add a handful of kale. So I'm sure that is causing mine. I have also added some whole wheat pasta and bread which WW considers to be Power foods. I have 2 books that says eating veggies, fruits and grains (fiber foods) reverses diabetes. I'm beginning to wonder if this is true. I had a fbs reading of 94 this morning which is the lowest I've had in many, many years.

The weight is still coming off sslloowwlly. But at my age, I'm thinking this is good because I really DO NOT want to look wrinkled any more than necessary. Didn't really want to exercise yesterday but I did. I don't know if I told y'all, but WW had my weekly exercise goal set to earn 14 pts. I upped it to 24 and I already have 28 exercise pts earned as of today. I don't use them, but I love earning them. It does help keep me motivated. I found my Richard Simmon's Sweatin' to the Oldies dvd and I am going to start doing it tomorrow. Actually increases my exercise pts earned because it earns 8 pts. When I reversed diabetes 15 yrs ago, I did it doing this the olies tape 6 days a week. I also did a 15 minute tape to classical music that he had. Sure wish he had it in dvd. But the oldies dvd and the stationary bike would be a great 1 hr workout. Might interchange them. Not sure yet. I'm hoping for a really good WI Wednesday.

Y'all have a great day.

01-19-2014, 03:36 PM
That's pretty much what Eat to Live says, Trish, eating veggies and fruit but not the grains so much. It also allows small amounts of animal protein. I am eating a lot more vegetables than I ever did before, and they are the ones on the top of the list...greens, broc, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, but I have not cut out the carbs. I have a very hard time with that. Today I had a big bowl of greens, but then my husband made a couple baked potatoes and I had a half of a baked potato. That's what I have to work on.

I have a couple Richard Simmons tapes I haven't used for a long time. I like them. They are fun. Mine are VHS and since I have a VHS/DVD combo I can still watch the VHS tapes.

I'm going to have to double check, but I think Quinoa is also recommended on the Eat to Live Plan. I like it, and they say it is really a seed rather than a grain and it's high in protein. I like to use that as a substitute to rice. I cook it in chicken broth instead of plain water. It adds a different flavor. I still have the book from the library. I have renewed it twice! LOL I should probably buy my own copy. If I can find it cheap enough online, I will.

01-19-2014, 09:47 PM
Carol Sue the only thing I can come up with is chewing gum. I tried not chewing gum today but it is such a habit to pop in a stick of Extra gum. I keep it with me at all times. I made some kale chips yesterday for the first time. I burnt half of them but they weren't bad. I sprinkled a McCormick Asian seasoning on them and I think that helped. I can't do the straight salt, yuck. :) I think the issue with the not dropping any more is that my body has gotten use to not eating the breads, and junk. Although there are still lots of things that have carbs, so maybe if I just did all protein I would see some movement again. I don't know. We'll see :)

Medeis, my doctor specifically told me to walk so I believe that does make a difference at least it does for me. I :applaud: you on your fbs I can't wait to see those numbers :)

Way to GO Trish :high: I love that fbs … you have really found your mojo. Keep up the good work :)

weigh in today was good 171.6 but my fbs was up to 129 I think it may have been the popcorn last night with my daughter :shrug:

Have a good night everyone, I hope you all that are feeling well get better soon :hug:

01-19-2014, 11:03 PM
I make every negative become a learning experience instead of a set back. I didn't eat much protein today and the result? I am starving and it is 9:58 at night. I will definitely eat more protein tomorrow.

Rennie These fbs readings are really a mystery to me. I don't think I will every understand how this thing works. Will be interesting to see what mine reads tomorrow. There are times when my weight goes down and fbs goes up and sometimes the other way around or it might be right on. I just don't get it. :dizzy: I figure if we keep doing what we know to to do that it will finally work itself out.

Carol Sue I hope you feel better soon.

Catch y'all tomorrow.

01-20-2014, 12:44 AM
Hi gang, will have to catch up on my reading and welcome the newbies.
Weight is steady at 180, still getting back down after Christmas.
Got my new laptop, will be learning to use it it the near future.
Hope you all doing ok.

01-20-2014, 03:12 PM
Hi ladies I wanted to stop by and say HI! I hope everyone is doing good.
For me I am doing ok, I did get my new computer and I am gonna see if all them tracking cookies shows up.

I am having lots and lots of problems with my knees so I have been to the dr several times. He told me I have to lose weight or I will never get my knees back where I need them. I have been doing the body cycle everyday but today I tried walk it out with my knee brace on and its doing pretty good. Not in all the pain as if I walked around the block. He has me on phentermine have to go see him once a week so I am gonna see where this takes me . I must do something tired of all the pain.

Well I hope everyone is doing good and HELLO to all the newbies! I will try to check back later.

01-20-2014, 05:16 PM
So good to see you back, Bonnie. I'm glad you have been able to control your knee pain. Walking will get you back on track, just take it easy for a while so you don't further injure your knee.

01-20-2014, 07:27 PM
Trish I have that same issue, weight up, fbs lower, weight lower, fbs higher :dizzy: this morning it was 111 when it is low it seems to be getting lower and lower, which is a plus :) I had more carbs than usual yesterday, all healthy though no bread, rice, pasta or potatoes and I had a good weigh in also this morning :)

Hi Madeleine, good to see you :) Glad the scale is moving down for ya :)

Bonnie good to see you glad you are able to exercise a little, I took phentermine a long time ago. It worked for awhile then they changed something in it and it didn't work at all :shrug: Hope it gives you good results :)

Carol Sue :wave:

weigh in this morning 171.0 fbs 111 I like to see that :)

01-21-2014, 01:41 AM
Interesting day. I did 55+ minutes of exercise today. Well, just looked at clock and I guess now I should say yesterday as it is after midnight. I think I will be doing that 3 or 4 days a week. However, I will have to really adjust my eating as I have been starving all evening. I suppose that is from all the exercise. Hopefully I will be able to adjust to it.

Bonnie It is so good to hear from you. I've been thinking of you wondering how you are doing. I would take it slow with the exercises and give yourself time for the knees to adjust. I have been exercising and add a little more as my joints were ready for a little more. They are actually getting better until now I can do it with little to no pain. I may feel a twinge of pain at first, but now I am finding that the joints adjust quickly and the pain is gone.

Madeleine Glad you are getting back down after Christmas and hope to see more of you around here now that you have your new laptop.

Carol Sue, Rennie, Ruth and everyone :wave:

01-21-2014, 09:42 AM
Good morning! Nice to read all the posts and get to know everyone.

Pattygirl, amazing that you can do so much exercising! I get tired after a 1/2 hour, lol. How do you go for so long?

Rennie you seem to be doing really well with the FBG! Congrats on your good weigh-in.

My FBG was 91 this morning. I am trying to eat low carb, had about 80 carbs yesterday so that is in the ballpark of my target. Good weigh-in, lost a pound over 3 days, so I am happy about that.

I hope you all do well, have a great day and accomplish all your goals. :D

01-21-2014, 10:25 AM
Checking in. Weight is down to 190 after my horrible 200 shock just after Christmas. I've been low carbing it and not eating any junk. It's actually helped being sick although I hate to say it. FBGL is just fine but I know I'm due for another session of bloodwork. Sure hoping the red blood cells are back to normal this time.

We have been so very very cold this month that I've been staying indoors a lot. Down to -40 today - about the same in C or F!

Keep on keepin' on, Chickies.

01-21-2014, 05:20 PM
Medeis I don't know how I do that. For one thing, it sound crazy, but I have learned that if I move that my joints stop hurting and if I don't move I am going to be in pain. I don't want to have to have surgery and if the exercise will help to prevent having joint replacements or repair then I figure it is worth moving. I am trying to do different things so I don't get board. Also seeing those minutes of exercise turn into points on the WW etools makes me feel good about myself. It becomes my motivation.

My weight is still bouncing around and I'm not sure why, but I remember reading of a woman in WW who did WW for 1 yr before she started losing weight. I hope I'm not one of those people, but I am committed to seeing this thing through. I have been using all my weekly points, but may have to change that. I read today on WW that to lose that you should exercise 30 for 5 days a week so I'm going to make that my goal. I didn't do the bike or aroebics today. I did do about 30 minutes of Tai Chi today. I had forgotten some of the moves so will be working on that again. I'm not going to worry too much about the intensity of my exercise any more. My goal is still going to be 30 minutes of some form of exercise a day besides my other activities. Just want to get into a definite routine that doesn't become boring. Also, Medeis, I am 70 yrs old who is very independent and likes doing my own thing. I don't want to get to the point where I cannot get around on my own. I hate the thought of ever having to depend on someone else to do the things I like doing for myself. Another motivational aspect.

I have a WI tomorrow and I may end up with a gain which isn't unusual with WW for me and I will make some other changes I've seen on on-line WW. I am slowly changing over to more and more to the Power Foods. I'm not sure I'm ready to go with Simple Start which seems to be more like the Simply Filling plan only because I don't trust me to do it faithfully. Knowing that I would have the 49 WP to use makes me nervous. I would rather count my daily points. I just think I am a personality that needs the discipline of counting points so I can control portions better. The Simple Filling plan has no portion control. You eat only as much or little that you need. I know there are some foods that would be easy for me to overeat if I had not portion limit. I need to count pts. Yep, this is the woman who has been saying on here for years "I don't want to count anything". I have learned that I am a person who needs the accountability of counting something at least for now.

I am using the Intuitive Eating attitude with WW by eating the foods that I really do like and enjoy, but I'm using the Pts+ to limit how much I eat.

I talked to my sister today. She is having some of the same problems I have with losing. She doesn't have blood sugar problems, but she can't exercise although she is trying to move around as much as she can. (I've been encouraging her to do what she can because it will make her feel good about herself.) She has become my personal cheerleader and I'm hers. We know if we keep doing what we know to do, we will eventually see the results.

Ruthie We are going to have cold weather in the next few days in the low 30s in the daytime with 20s at night. When I think of your -40 etc, I just can't complain. Stay warm dear friend and stay safe. I think at our ages, cold is much colder than what it was when we were younger. I know a lot of the women at the beauty shop are my age or older and they have all talked about how cold it is this year. But you are having some really extreme cold so be careful.

I know there are others getting ready for snow etc so you Gals, stay safe and warm.

01-21-2014, 10:36 PM
Thanks everyone I go back to my dr to tomorrow to get a check up and see if I lost any weight . Hope all goes well. Good to hear from everyone. I have been taking it easy with my knees I am so tired of all this knee pain. I have already gotten two shots in my knees already. They are not very pleasant. I hope to continue with the good progress. Well I have to run I will try and check back after my appointment.

01-22-2014, 11:34 AM
Bonnie Hope your doctor's visit goes well. I know losing weight isn't easy. Just keep trying and it will happen. Don't give up.

Well, my WI turned out ok only because I didn't gain. I didn't lose but a no gain is good too. I'll do better with my eating. I've decided that I'm going to relax and enjoy doing WW using it to fit my way of eating. I still like the Intuitive Eating thought and I know it would fit beautifully with the Simply Filling WW plan, but I'm not ready for that. However on the Pts+ I am eating even if I'm not hungry to get in points. So I'm going stop doing that. When I'm hungry, I'm going to eat what I want but work it in the points. I have 49 WP to pull on if I need to go over Daily Pts, but I'm not going to try to reach the DP. For me they are just going to be there for reference point of how much I'm eating so I can learn Portion control.

It is cold here today 28 degrees right now so not bad. Not what many of you are experiencing north of me. I heard this morning my DIL is having blizzard warnings on the cape in MS and I haven't heard from my son, but he was trying to make it out of PA last night with a truck load going to NC. From what I saw on the weather this morning, he probably got stuck somewhere since it looks bad in southern PA and northern VA. So y'all stay safe and warm.

01-22-2014, 11:39 AM
Good morning everyone! Thank you Pattygirl for sharing your story and your motivation. I find that very inspiring that you have put all of that into action for yourself and are looking towards an independent future. With all of the exercise you are doing you must be building muscle (and using fat up to do it). Maybe that is why you are not losing weight…are your clothes any looser? Are you eating low carb?

Hello Bonnie, all the best with your Dr. check up, I hope that goes well for you.

Today I hit the 180's, I am really happy about that. It's been a couple of years or more since I have seen that weight. So full steam ahead. I need to exercise tonight though.

Hope everyone has a great day!

01-23-2014, 09:58 AM
Quick flyby this morning. I have a busy morning. Have to go by doc's office and pick up prescription, go get a perm which will take up most of my morning and then have to go get prescription filled and do some shopping for groceries. Going to be getting more WW Power foods.

Hope everyone is staying safe and warm in this crazy weather.


01-23-2014, 11:29 AM
Trish, when I did WW, I heard people talking in the meetings and not everyone eats all their points every day. My nurse from cardiac rehab told me "Don't eat if you're not hungry." I would go with that, because that goes along with IE. You are doing very well with sticking with this and are eating healthy.

My GS is coming to stay overnight with us on Saturday til Sunday. They have switched him over to a gluten free diet and I am not used to this and am not sure I can stick to it. The thing that makes me angry is the doctor did not diagnose him for this, but suggested trying it because of some behavior problems he's having. Under these circumstances, I don't think it would hurt if he ate something with gluten while he's here. It's only one day. I would rather they just didn't have him stay with us overnight.

01-23-2014, 04:34 PM
Medeis...congrats on hitting 180. I can't imagine being at that weight. It only seems like a dream to me. My first goal is breaking the 200 line! With getting married and having 2 kids over the last 3 years it has been really hard. I hope to keep my motivation going in the right direction. I think with this site on my tool belt i can do it. When i feel frustrated you definitely know where I will go...Everyone on this site has been so awesome and its motivating to see friends like you losing weight! Again CONGRATS!

01-25-2014, 08:36 PM
Thanks Medeis :) your BS looks great, keep up th good work :high: Good job on the 180's … Way to GO :high:

Ruth glad your weight has come down. :) I hope you are feeling like yourself by now :hug: It's been unbelievably cold here. Fridgid :brr: It was in the 30's today I believe, I hope it sticks around for the work week :)

Bonnie hope your doctor visit went well :)

Trish my friends and family are in VA and north and just about everything was closed until Thursday. My kids keep saying they (the kids up there) are so lucky. I said yeah until they have to make up all of those days. :) It seems you are having fun while learning with WW and I think that's great :)

Carol Sue How did the stay go with your GS?

Lizzy Lou, this site is the perfect place for anyone needing, tips, help, motivation, support you name it I believe it's here :)

Well like Trish, I'm not sure why FBS goes the way it does but mine has finally been as low as 100, a definite plus, yesterday it was 110 today it was 107. :dizzy: On a good note I hit the 160's. I weighed in at 169.6 which I was close on Wednesday weighing in at 169.8 but I like that this time it was less. I am truly trying to continue with this way of eating and prayerfully I can continue to see the numbers in all areas drop, weight, measurements, and blood sugar :)

01-26-2014, 11:23 AM
Oh, my GS is still here. He goes home today, finally. If this gluten-free diet is supposed to help with his behavior, it's not working. LOL He is 5, and he doesn't listen to a work we say. We had to go to WalMart yesterday and he wouldn't stay with us. Kept running away and we had to go chase him. It was very hard to do my shopping. I kept telling him someone could take him, but that didn't scare him. And he's too old to ride in the shopping cart. Won't eat his breakfast, won't get dressed. It's so nice when it's grandkids and you get to give them back to their parents. LOL They should be coming home around noon or so!

Stress got to me last night and I ate waaaay to many carbs!

01-26-2014, 05:24 PM
Carol Sue Sorry about the visit with the GS. Sounds a lot like what we went through when DH grandkids and their parents lived with us. The sad thing is that you can't really enjoy them and feel bad when they leave because you are glad you don't have the stress any more. Never had that with my grandchildren. :?: The eating will be better once things are back to normal for you. I agree with your cardio nurse, I don't think we should ever eat when we are not hungry and I don't think we should refuse to eat if we really are hungry. I may eventually try the Simply Filling WW Plan, but I've got to get to where I "really" understand it and know that I can totally commit to the plan as they use a lot of FF foods. I have no problem with lowfat, just not sold on FF. I guess that comes from learning what we have with IE, Atkins etc.

Bonnie Hope your doctor's visit went well.

Ruthie and Madeliene Been thinking of you two and all this cold weather. Since it seems to be coming down from Canada, I know y'all are having it really bad up there too. Hope you girls are staying safe and warm.

Lizzielou I think I remember you having been here before. Am I right? Glad you are here.

Rennie Glad your fbs and scales are co-operating with you right now. Even if the fbs seems to bounce (as mine does), it is good that it is lower.

I don't like weighing in the middle of the week. Since I'm doing WW on-line, I changed it so that my WI day is Sundays. I lost 1 lb this week. And my fbs was 127 yesterday and 135 this morning. So things are coming along slowly, but nicely. I know this pace is healthier so I am adjusting to it very well.

I read in the Daniel Plan that sometimes people exercise too much. So I am going to stick to my 30 a day exercise. I will become more active around the house etc, but I don't plan to even attempt to do more formal exercise than my stationary bike.

Hope I didn't miss anyone. Have a nice evening and I'll catch y'all tomorrow.

01-26-2014, 07:17 PM
Carol Sue I'm sorry your GS gave you such a hard time :hug: I would have put him right in the big part of the cart, rather than chase him. You obviously have more patience than me :)

Thanks Trish, :) I'm gonna try these new exercises I found on webMD. I did some kind of survey for diabetes and the link was there. It shows 20, 30 and 60 minute exercise and and said I only have to really burn 250 a day eating 1134 calories so I would need to consume 1384 calories a day to lose 2lbs per week.

I was reading in the End of Diabetes book that red meat isn't good for us (animal products) he even says to limit fish to a small amount only once or twice a week, eggs and dairy are not good for us.I haven't read most of the book and some one else has it on hold so I couldn't renew it, but I've placed it on hold for when they have to return it. I have really changed up my eating habits and really don't want to do all vegetables. Carol Sue if you are following this book, what do you eat?

weigh down another .4 to 169.2 and fbs was back to 100. I can't wait to get under that. I will probably eat the same meal for days to see if it sticks :)

01-26-2014, 09:01 PM
Rennie, other than the past few days when I didn't get in too many veggies, I have been eating a lot of greens for lunch, and if I don't have any, I eat other veggies, like broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, carrots and mushrooms. The End of Diabetes stresses mushrooms as one of the main veggies to eat, but eat them cooked, not raw. I know you said you don't like mushrooms, but I love them and I like to saute them and mix them in with my greens. I will never be able to follow his plan 100%. I rarely eat red meat, but I eat a lot of chicken and have fish about once a week. I will never cut back on protein the way he suggests. I eat a normal dinner, with animal protein, but I try to eat a lot of veggies with it. I rarely have milk, and I have cut way back on cheese. I used to buy blocks of mozzarella cheese and slice it and eat it with hi fiber crackers, but I have all but eliminated that. I am looking forward to getting back to eating the veggies. I feel so much better when I'm eating them. I'm doing good adding the veggies, but I'm not doing very well with eliminating the carbs, and I still eat beyond the feeling of satisfaction. I guess my biggest problem is, and always will be, bread. I love bread and butter, and I like sandwiches.

Trish, I remember the issues you were having when you're relatives were living with you. That was when I first started posting on this board. My grandson has been diagnosed with ADHD and they are trying different things to improve his behavior, and right now they are trying a gluten -free diet. I think part of the problem is he is an only child to older parents,(they are both in their 40's) and his mother came from a family of all girls, so as a boy, he gets spoiled. They say they discipline him, but I don't think they are consistent with it. The fact that my husband will NOT correct him about anything does not help the matter when he's here. So I get to be the meanie. LOL The good thing is, we will not be watching him overnight for a while. We're getting too old for this.

01-26-2014, 09:34 PM
Carol Sue thanks for the update :) Bread is my weakness also, so I know I have to stay away from it. Do you eat extra of the healthy breads we were talking about also? If I eat that I don't want anymore and I'm not too thrilled with the taste of it toasted :) LOL on your GS's parents being in their 40's ... our youngest is 10 and the older kids always say she gets away with everything. We figure she's not bothering anyone so she's fine and she's usually right here beside one of us so no worries. :)

01-27-2014, 10:58 AM
Rennie - I still buy the Nickles 35 bread that I mentioned before. It is low cal and high fiber. I keep it in the freezer and I use that if I want toast in the morning. I also like it toasted for a lettuce and tomato sandwich. But in between, sometimes we get Subway Sandwiches. I get the turkey and veggie one like Jared used to lose weight, LOL, but I should NOT be eating that roll. Jared was not diabetic. Sometimes DH and I will split a turkey club sandwich. This is the bread that sneaks in where I should be ordering something else. I know that. I always think I'm going to have this one more time, but then one time turns into two times etc. If I order a regular meal I do much better, because I get my entree and 2 vegetables...no starch and no rolls.

I think with my grandson I am concerned about something happening to him on our watch. If anything happened to him I would feel so terrible. DH is of the belief that nothing is going to happen. But kids get snatched out of stores in the blink of an eye. I thought about putting him in the cart but he is too big for me to lift, and he ran so fast I couldn't catch him anyway! He didn't want me to tell his mother but I did. Maybe if he knows I'm going to tell his mother, he will do better next time. He was just badder than usual this time.

01-27-2014, 12:56 PM
Carol Sue My DH was the biggest problem for me when his kids and grands were living here. Still have the same problem with him with the oldest GS who comes in on weekends from college. He would gripe and complain about things they did or didn't do which would get me focused on those things and I was a nervous wreck. He still does it some with DGS, but he isn't here that much and I've learned to ignore the complaints. I figure the GS is only here a few days or even a few hrs and I can live with his ways. I'm just not going to get stressed out by it any more.

Well, girls, I too love the bread. For one thing I take after my Daddy and I'd rather have a sandwich any day than anything else and doing WW, I've been having them. However, I have been hitting the grain carbs a little heavy (did 1 Vegan day and a few almost Vegetarian days) in the past week. I've decided to slow down on the grains and while I still intend to eat what I really like, I plan to go more balanced and follow the Daniel Plate plan which is a serving of fruit (I can't/don't do this for every meal as doc told me 2 servings a day), 1/2 plate of non-starchy veggies, 1/3 plate lean protein, 1/3 plate starchy veggie and glass of water or herbal tea.

This is using the easy Daniel Plan meal guideline of--

50% Non-starchy veggies
25% Healthy animal or vegetable protein
25% Healthy starch or whole grains
Side of low-glycemic fruit
Drink -- water or herbal tea

I drink my coffee in the morning which DP approves of the Stevia I put in it and I use FF half and half. The rest of the day, I either drink green tea and water.

So I'm really kind of settling into The Daniel Plan using the Weight Watchers Pts + to be sure that I keep my portions in check. I've kind of learned that I can have the starchy foods I like if I work them in this plan. Also by knowing I can have them (like we learn in IE), it takes away the cravings. I think we crave things that we think we cannot have. Just my opinion.

I even worked up a WW plan using CAD and considered doing WW with the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet that I like and I while I may do that on days that I want a lighter day of eating, I realized that I don't want to set me up for failure. One thing I like about WW is that you can change it up and have or two as a Vegan/Vegetarian Day of eating or a very carby day or just a balanced day. You can change up the way you eat. I remember seeing a poster at WW back in the days when I went that said "Have a vegetarian day". I think changing things up a bit is probably good, because it fools your body so that it doesn't know you are dieting and hopefully it will release the fat instead of holding on to it.

Rennie So glad you found exercises that will help you. I think it is important to get just enough exercise, but not too much. From what I read in the Daniel Plan, there must be a balance in exercising too. I think the important thing is to get moving around. My sister can't walk or exercise much because of her hip (she plans to have hip replacement this year). I've convinced her to just do what she can that any movement is better than none. So she is trying to do that more. I am in the habit of riding my bike and actually enjoy it. Since I changed my WI day to Sunday, I feel more comfortable with my weekly plan. I will do at least 4 days of the bike with Sunday and Wednesday off. I will do Tai-Chi on Tuesday and Thursday. Then on days I do lots of walking at the store etc, that will be added to my exercise as low impact walking. Nice thing with the WW e-tools, I can even count my housework/cleaning too. That is sooo motivating for me.

I think we have our plans, now it is just working them and letting them work for us.

Bonnie, Madeliene, Ruthie, LizzieLou and others :wave:

Have a nice day.

01-27-2014, 05:09 PM
Hi everyone Thanks for all your wishes my DR apt went well I am down 14 pounds. I have to go back Wednesday for a checkup but with us supposed to be getting snow and Ice I will have to see how the weather is and if they will be open. Knees is doing good I have been doing my Walk it out on the wii and when it feels like its is starting to hurt I go do the Body cycle. Other then that I have been doing great so far.
Jest getting ready for this winter storm Believe me the south here don't see much snow so people are freaking out we jest went and got plenty of bread and stuff for sandwiches and the hubby is getting the generator ready for if the power goes out. My son has his humaria in the ice box and we don't want nothing to happen to that. Well I better be going still have lots to get done still. Sending :hug: to everyone!

01-27-2014, 09:46 PM
Hi everyone Thanks for all your wishes my DR apt went well I am down 14 pounds. I have to go back Wednesday for a checkup but with us supposed to be getting snow and Ice I will have to see how the weather is and if they will be open. Knees is doing good I have been doing my Walk it out on the wii and when it feels like its is starting to hurt I go do the Body cycle. Other then that I have been doing great so far.
Jest getting ready for this winter storm Believe me the south here don't see much snow so people are freaking out we jest went and got plenty of bread and stuff for sandwiches and the hubby is getting the generator ready for if the power goes out. My son has his humaria in the ice box and we don't want nothing to happen to that. Well I better be going still have lots to get done still. Sending :hug: to everyone!

Bonnie Yahoo!!! 14lbs gone. Congratulations!!! :hug: Glad things are getting better. We weren't supposed to get any of the winter storm but they have now put our city on the list for snow. My DGS, my hairdresser and others will be thrilled. We went to the store and we are ready to stay in and see the beauty of it from our windows. :)

01-28-2014, 11:50 AM
It's nice that you girls in the south get to see snow once in a while. I have always lived in PA and have never had a winter without snow. It's just a given. But I do agree that it is beautiful. I would not want to live where there was never snow. My BIL and SIL moved to NV several years ago. They are in the desert, but they can go to the mountains for a weekend and there is snow there, so they still get to see it.

Trish, at 5 years old, some of the things my GS does are things that can hurt him. This weekend he got on my elliptical and fell off, cutting his finger on the box fan. He could have hit his head and been hurt much worse. DH lets him do these things, but I told him we have to realize that this is someone else's child and they put him in our care. He is a very active boy and he runs and screams and throws things, and that doesn't bother me. But he will refuse to eat, but wants candy and junk food and I think at 5 he needs to eat at least part of his meals. If we let him do something that he's not normally allowed to do, he goes home and tells his mother that we let him do it. She will ask me about it and it puts me on the spot. I tell her that Pap Pap let him do it. LOL

01-28-2014, 02:21 PM
Carol Sue I had a registered day care in my home for years and I understand exactly what you say about being responsible for a child who belongs to someone else even a grandchild. I always felt DH grandchildren were allowed to do things that could hurt them, but couldn't get anyone else to understand. I had no problem with other things. Since they have moved from here, they have found that the youngest GD has some real bone problems and I have to wonder how much of this is caused from some of the dangerous things she was allowed to do. They may have not caused her problems, but they surely don't help. We can only pray for God to take care of them when no one listens. :)

I found a little notebook that I keep in the bathroom which had my weight and my measurements from December 27th. My weight was up a little today probably because of salt intake yesterday and eating out, but I decided to use the weight of today and to measure to see how my progress has been in a month. I have lost 4.4 lbs and an all over 8.1 inches. The measuring helps me see that I am making progress.

Strange, after doing a lot of reading on WW, I find that they suggest a lot of fruit and veggie 0 pts eating as fillers. However, warns not to overeat those either. Suggestions of eating proteins with the fruit and veggies (sounds lowcarbish), which doesn't have to be meat. The protein can be from cheese/dairy or even protein substitutes... leaving to the preference of the eater. Very good info and so easy to work with The Daniel Plan/IE combination. I really believe that when my WW membership is up in March that I will go strictly with the IE/Daniel Plan combo. The Daniel Plan makes it so easy to eat healthy.

I've got a small beef roast in the electric skillet with carrots and red potatoes and I will probably add broccoli to it. May even add a salad with it, not sure yet. We bought one of those Costco packages of 2 roasts in a package and I cut the roasts in half and get 4 roasts out of it for just the 2 of us. I plan to take what is left over and make beef roast later in the week so it makes it economical for us.

With the info I've learned on the WW suggestions for snacks, I've ended up eating a good low carb breakfast, our main meal and then use the little 1 or 2 sometimes 3 pt snacks that I've put together from their suggestions so that I end up with lowcarb snacks the rest of the day most of the time rather than a 3rd meal. I believe this is going to work out nicely for me.

Have a nice day and stay warm and safe everybody.

01-29-2014, 10:27 AM
Trish, I have found that since I first dieted back in the 60's carbs were limited. Then there was a period, I think in the 80's that they were promoting eating carbs, such as a plain baked potato. I always try to think about the diet I was on when I was in the hospital after my heart surgery. It was "Heart Healthy/Carb Control." As a diabetic, they gave me carbs, but they were very small portions. For example, if they gave me potatoes, it was 2 small cubes of roasted potato. Not the way people normally eat.

I don't agree with WW about not overdoing the veggies. I know they say they are 0 points, but not unlimited. Did anyone ever become overweight by eating too many vegetables? I don't think so. I can agree about the fruit, because of the natural sugar. I know you like fruit, especially berries, and I think berries are an ideal choice, at least that's what it says in The End of Diabetes. They have fiber and antioxidants.

For a couple years I had a little notebook where I tracked my BP, BS, weight, food and exercise. I did it every single day. Once a week I entered what I could into Fitday on my computer. Then I had my bowel surgery and that was the end of that. I have tried to start it again but can't get back to it. I do it for a week or so then I quit again. It really kept me on track. WW is very big on tracking. Overall, I think WW is a good plan especially for people who don't want to give up certain favorite foods. You can eat anything you want in moderation, as long as you stay within your points. You can apply low carb, IE, low fat.....any food plan you like can be adapted to WW points. I think even if you start to use the Daniel plan you will still remember the pointers you learned with WW.

01-29-2014, 12:00 PM
Carol Sue I still have my healthy life bread in the freezer. I haven't had any bread or form of bread at all since New Years Day. Jimmy John's has a wrap called a unwich that has no bread it's wrapped in lettuce. I haven't tried them yet I've only heard about them from a post-er on another thread. I do make my own with the lettuce greens. :) My daughter wants to walk off to the toy section most times by herself and she's almost my height and 10 yrs old but I won't let her go.I'm trying to get her to understand there are some mean people out there but she still doesn't get it so we still have to keep close watch. Maybe your grandson will be better the next time now that he knows you will inform his mom :)

Thanks Trish you have a lot of plans under your belt and a lot to think about daily. I applaud you :) and glad it's all working for you :)

Bonnie wow 14lbs that is great. Ok I know you have probably said but what are you doing with the doctor? I remember phentermine ... are you also following a particular diet plan? Which Wii game is the walk it out on? I'd like to give that a try.

My fbs is back to the 120's the last two days my weigh is staying at the 169 mark. I'll have to figure out how to get things moving since going to the gym right now is due to lack of funds for gas and back weather now

01-29-2014, 01:11 PM
I am happy for you guys, but I must admit, I am jealous of all your successes. Not a mean jealous, you know. I am totally aware that you are doing things right and I am doing things wrong. Maybe you will inspire me to clean up my act!

01-29-2014, 03:22 PM
Carol Sue, there are some ladies on another thread that I'm on I told them the same thing this morning. :) I so want to get to where they are but the only way to do it is to stay focused I know. So far so good. I think when I finally get to the 150's I may feel a little better but right now really getting into the 160 is a chore. I have decided to do an Atkins induction type day tomorrow and maybe Friday and see if that will help :)

01-30-2014, 12:47 PM
I was hungry all day and ate way more than I should have. Finally realized last night what I did wrong. In IE you learn to eat what you really want, not what you think you should eat. Lesson learned.

I got up yesterday morning wanting cheese toast, but saw my egg substitute in the fridge and decided that I need to use it before it ruins. Instead of eating what I "really did want" as I know to do with the idea to remember that the egg substitute was there to use later when I wanted, I made a very nice burrito type egg wrap that really tasted good, but I never got what I really wanted. Although I didn't do it for a "dieting" reason, it still had the same result as if I had. I ate everything I could find to eat until last night I suddenly had a strong desire for a really good salad. I haven't had a salad in a while because of the cold... I've been eating veggie soup instead. When the desire for the salad hit me, I listened to my hunger (IE way of eating) and honored it. I finally ate something I "really" wanted and I was satisfied.

My use of WW was never supposed to be used to get rid of what I've learned in Intuitive Eating. It was supposed to compliment it. So I am back on track to using WW with IE. I didn't gain but .4 lbs from it so it is just water gain. I have been eating a lot of pretzels... sure wish they would make this stuff without added salt. Any way, I put the rest of them down the garbage disposal. Better down the disposal than on my waist.

I have come to the place where I don't let these set backs be a disaster, but they are learning situations that can make my way of eating become better. I'm not going to allow them to be excuses to get off plan. They are just bumps in the road that gives me information that will help me on my weight loss journey. I've come to realize that when I hit those bumps that I have to make a choice on how to handle them. I can either make a good choice or a bad one. It is all up to me.

Have a nice day everyone.

01-31-2014, 08:33 AM
Hi friends: sorry to be MIA so long.
I have been busy with work, and some other junk in my life, most recently a profound, but temporary depression. Not sure what triggered it, but light therapy is helping.
I also got my new laptop and have started using my new fitbit. It logs steps and activity in general, as well as sleep!
Just getting used to it, and will report on it.
I will catch up on my reading this weekend (of your posts) and for now will just say thanks to you all and look forward to catching up.

01-31-2014, 06:03 PM
Well, I have been so hungry last few days. Not sure why, but I made a huge salad today for our main meal and ate half of it. I made chicken nuggets (homemade from chicken tenders) and added mine to the salad. I decided that if places like Wendy's can make salads like that so can I. I even made my own croutons from wheat grain bread and used it so I could have a big salad exactly like I wanted and I know exactly what is in it. As I said, I ate half for lunch and will add the left over nuggets to the the other half of the salad and have it tonight. And I still have plenty of points to go.

I am beginning to enjoy learning to make things at home that we always ate in restaurants because I know they are healthier.

Fatmad Glad to see you post and look forward to hearing from you again. I really miss everyone when they don't check in, but then we all have times when we are busy and can't check in all the time.

Y'all have a nice weekend.

02-01-2014, 11:11 PM