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12-31-2013, 02:14 AM
I've been experimenting with flavored beverages as a way to cut back on my bubble addiction.

Personally, I have no problems with any of the low/no calorie artificial or natural sweeteners, although I do use multiple sweeteners to reduce my exposure to any one and in order to use less overall.

Sweeteners tend to have a synergistic sweetening effect when used in combination. As a result, using a combination of sweeteners allows you to use less sweetener overall (to provide the same level of sweetness) than you would have using any one alone.

I also add more water than recommended and/or mix prepared drink mix. For example I'll add a couple of flavored tea bags to a gallon of water and add drink mix (much less than the packet recommends for a gallon of beverage). Usually, I either use one packet meant to make 2qts or three individual serving packets.

I've been expermenting with flavor mixing for a while, but more so now that I'm trying to reduce my bubbly beverage intake (for my tooth enamel). I've shared some in the past (such as my sweet-tart apple combo that reminds me of Honeycrisp apple - one part Walmart's Great Value apple flavor drink mix and one part Crystal Light Appletini drink mix, plus as much water as you want.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to start a thread for low-cal beverage ideas and recipes, so they'll be easier to find.

12-31-2013, 02:25 AM
Oops almost forgot to include my most recent concoction, which reminds me of blood orange:

1 large packet orange flavored drink mix (for 2qts water). I used Roundy's store brand.
Plus 2 qts water or more (I use more). Stir well. Add 1 individual packet Cherry-limeade flavored drink mix or a small amount from a large packet (just enough to turn the beverage a reddish orange, but not enough to turn it red. If you use Propel Fitness cherry-limeade drink mix there will be no color change).

01-24-2014, 02:44 PM
I have been adding fruit to my water to try and help me get more water in. Right now I am drinking water with 3 frozen whole strawberries and some lemon slices. Yum! I am experimenting with fruits, veggies and herbs. There are so many possibilities.