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12-30-2013, 10:55 PM
I'm skeptical regarding the most recent WW points plan with free fruit. It seems incorrect and the time of an individual losing weight takes longer now which makes me believe its a marketing angle of the WW corporation. So I recall the Fat & Fiber plan from the 90s-going to see how successful the old plan pans out. There are many good fiber rich products on the market now to choose from too.

01-01-2014, 02:45 AM
I too am going back to the old fat and fiber plan. I think that it was the easiest one to do. Especially nowadays.

01-01-2014, 09:48 AM
I am doing WW online and find it very s l o w. I am not familiar with the fat and fiber. Do you know where I could find information on it?

01-01-2014, 10:33 AM
I found an article from 1995 from the Chicago Tribune on the Internet that lists the 5 points-the main focus. It does seem simple too. Started a few days ago and fiber surely does fill you up.