Chicks up for a Challenge - Step Away From The Scale Challenge ~ January 2014

12-30-2013, 04:01 AM
I'm creating this challenge for myself and anyone who would like to put the focus on living a healthier life and not obsessing over the number that shows up every week, day or however often you normally allow yourself to step on the scale.

I've done this before in the past and it's been an awesome way to not let the scale control me. To not have an awesome week and than fall off the wagon the next simply because the scale didn't give me the number I was expecting or thought I'd earned. Focusing on something besides the scale can be a really good way to motivate yourself to accomplish something besides just losing X amount of weight in a week or by a certain date. You can work on your fitness, you can tighten up your meal plans, you can do something for your over all health and well being that doesn't revolve around that stupid machine that can ruin your day in 5 seconds.

My challenge is to only weight myself on the 1st of every month, to focus on other goals. January 1st, I will weight myself and take my measurements, and than not do so again until February 1st.

My January focus goals will be:

1. Stay on my meal plan everyday.
2. Drink 64oz or more of water everyday.
3. Remember to take my vitamins everyday.
4. Do my 30 day challenge of squats, sit ups, push ups and plank everyday.
5. And of course, stay off the scale.

Please feel free to join me if you need a break from the scale! Challenge yourself to grow, find focus, excel at something new or just plain stop obsessing over your digits. Take some control away from a battery operated device that can only measure your success with a number! :)

12-30-2013, 10:49 AM
Good morning Kim,

I'll join you starting on 1/1. I have been weighing daily since I started on 12/20 and have had a huge water loss which has been motivating. I know it's about to come to a stand still now so I don't want to obsess over the scale. In the past, I have been discouraged when the scale doesn't move downward as fast as I want it to so I will only weigh once a week. My weigh in day will be Friday. I will focus on eating right and exercising and I know the weight loss will come if I keep that up.

I wish you much success :carrot:!

12-30-2013, 03:37 PM
I'm in. I will weigh self again at end of month.
My January goals:
Take my thyroid pill as soon as wake up so no forgetting.
Take the vit and supplements I feel are right for me.
Do exercise DVD 5x a week.
Do not eat or drink my walks away. I walk and take the bus but no show because of treats on walk.
Stop eating at night try for 12hr between dinner and breakfast.
No trigger foods in house.
Take care of my skin. Going to be plenty of damage but would like to nourish as much as can. So dry brush, natural oils, no harsh soaps, drink plenty of water.
Push ups. Hate them and can never do them or planks. So going to start with the one or so I can do 5x a week and go from there.

01-01-2014, 03:28 PM
Good luck to you both! I've got my starting weight and now the scale will receive no love from me until February.

So my starting weight is 262.4, it would have been lower, but I decided to have one last splurge day and ate out with my husband yesterday since I knew today was the big start day for me. We did desert, wine, everything... I now realize it wasn't worth it. haha :)

Day 1

On Plan Eating ~ Perfect day
Vitamins ~ Done
Water ~ 80oz
Exercise ~ 50 Squats, 20 Sit ups, 15 Push ups, Plank for 20 seconds

Big Fat Rooster
01-01-2014, 06:24 PM
There is a large part of this challenge I like, however I will be weighing more than 4 times a week but will not post it here.

The part of this I like is talking about what we do to lose and advance/or improve ourselves in the way of exercise, diet and self education on health and weight loss.

I am currently 229 lbs and have lost 43 lbs since starting weight loss in on July 8 of this past year due to my doctor telling me that most of my current phisical health problems would resolve themselves if I were to lose 10% of my weight, 28 lbs. I weight then was 279 lbs. I did not want to stop at that point and have kept going. My goal is 180 or less. When I get down there I will decide then where I would be better off. I remember my best phisical condition as being between 155 and 165, but do not think that applies at my age, 73. I will find out.

The 43 lbs loss so far is due to changes of eating habits, food choices, and calorie counting. It has had it's pitfalls for me but an overall loss of 8.3 lbs per month average has been the result so far.

I will post what I eat and why, including the things I mess up on, and there will be some. I will post some of my exercise. I will post as often as I can but cannot promise to post daily. If I did, I would post less than ever, something about my makeup resists routine and rigorous obligations.

I may post the day after what I did which would usually be easier than trying to post late in the evening when I have other things I would rather do.

I would love feedback on any of my posts, especially in which you have better ideas or can correct something I have "wrong." I always love learning new things and appreciate any new knowledge passed on my way.


01-01-2014, 07:42 PM
Rooster, thank you for joining us here.

First off let me say, WOW, congratulations on your success so far! That is incredibly inspiring and motivating.

There are definitely no rules, so please feel free to share or not share whatever you like.

I really look forward to getting to know you and seeing your continued success. Maybe you can teach us a thing or 2 as well. :)

01-01-2014, 08:34 PM
Good evening everyone :)

Congrats to all for getting off to a great start. Rooster, congrats on your success last year!

I have had an awesome day. I went for a very hilly 45 minute walk this morning and I've eaten good today. I have drank my water and taken my vitamins. I must say that I am feeling real good right now :cb:

I weighed myself this morning and I don't plan on weighing again until next Friday. I know this will be a challenge but I really want to do this. I don't want to obsess over the scale like I usually do.

I hope you all have a great day tomorrow!!

Big Fat Rooster
01-01-2014, 10:30 PM
Dimples, and all others, though I am satisfied with my weight loss, there are many others that did as well or much better. What I was intending in saying I will be posting about what I have done and learned is really inviting all of you and others to chime in and getting out here what works for them, which may or may not work for others. There are some things which are general, no matter what the "diet plan" one uses is. Such as there can be no weight loss unless the intake calories is less than the body needs at the weight at the particular time. But what I ascribe to is getting and staying healthy as rule number one. If one is after being healthy, weight loss will accompany that.

As for the scale reading, for those that are bothered by the daily fluctuations our body's have in weight, which for those of us who are very overweight or/and have medical problems, the variations are even more pronounced and can be as much as an 8 lb difference in a few days up or down (usually up it seems :D) which if that bothers one much, they are far better off just staying on plan and taking a reading weekly or less. If one looks at the daily readings, it would look like a zig zag line going above and below a central line, but on a downward slope. A person can be on plan and losing weight but still show weight gains, such as when they take in too much sodium or the body needs more water to process the more than the usual amount of carbs. Or when a woman is a few days from TOM, there usually is a two lb or more gain shown at that time. But that does not mean they gained any weight, they can actually be losing real fat/weight though the scales show a gain.

And again, the body does not like to be different sizes, it tries to maintain the same size. If you are losing fat, which is what we are after, the body will fill the vacant portion of the fat cells with water to maintain the size, and of course water weighs more than fat, so a gain is shown. But there is not a worry, as the body will give up and drop that excess water in time due, then one gets to experience one of those "whoosh fairy moments" which we all love as the scales suddenly dip up 8 lbs in a few days :D Some show a fairly constant drop with weight loss, but most of us have ups and downs, most unexplained except by saying the body is doing what it wants to, or blame it on the scales, same thing :D It is just what it is.

And when one is first starting out exercising, they will be putting on more muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat also, one will be burning fat and putting on muscle. But that is really great, as the more muscle tissue you gain, the more energy (fat) the body has to burn. So it is a win-win situation for those of you who can exercise. Also of note, when exercising heavily and not used to it, the body gets sore and will hold liquid around the sore muscles helping them out... weight gain shown once again, but no actual weight gain.

So if you are working your butts off staying on plan or close to it and/or exercising, do not give up if the scales are reluctant to show your loss for a while, it WILL[B] show eventually.

I will post now what I have done for this day. I had no work today so it was a stay at home day. Even though it is New Years day, when I have work to do, especially emergency power problems, I have to work but none today.

Anyway, I spent maybe an hour and a half hoeing weeds. And went out to the levee of the dry river here and climbed over one side, down into and up over the other side and down a number of times. The levees are about 18 feet high so that was like climbing the stairs of a three story building each time across. I did that two times today and did some repairs around here.

For breakfast, one cup of black beans, one fried large egg and a cup of mixed fresh fruit (two mango, one navel orange, 2 clementines, one apple and a Bartlett pear, including the peel except for the clementines, but I did put a portion of the Washington navel orange peel in, small pieces really add to the flavor and are very healthy) Made one and a half quarts of fruit mix. Then juice of one and a half Mexican limes and a healthy amount of Tajin seasoning, which is a Mexican type of chili mix and dried lime juice.
Calories 520
lunch, black beans and a lettuce salad with bleu cheese dressing.
Calories ppx 350

Now snacking on some ripe olives and will have either a tuna fish and egg salad sandwich [B]OR a chicken fideo burrito later, either will be about 350 calories for a total of about 1220 calories for the day.

There is another thread which I would highly recommend checking in on which can be informative on weight loss, with some very supportive knowledgeable women in there with hundreds of lbs of weight loss between them. That thread is also here in "chicks up for a challenge," titled "January weight loss challenge"


01-02-2014, 09:59 AM
I made it through the morning without weighing. I plan on sticking to my plan and having a great OP day!

01-02-2014, 05:34 PM
So far so ok lol. My routine has been different since Sunday but back to normal on Fri. Been exercising and keeping to portion control, but not the best foods. Also added in a long walk yesterday just one hill but a steep one. Used up leftovers and grocery shopping tomorrow. But overall happy so far. I too can not do daily postings as I have no internet at home.
This morn on gma saw three women that lost half their weight, they are in New people magazine issue. It was a nice motivator especially seeing someone lose what I need to lose to reach goal and for them it only got them to my start weight. She went from almost 400, I think, to the 140s.

01-02-2014, 11:08 PM
Day 2

On Plan Eating ~ Okay day.
Vitamins ~ Done
Water ~ 80oz
Exercise ~ 55 Squats, 25 Sit ups, 16 Push ups, Plank for 20 seconds

01-03-2014, 11:29 PM
Day 3

On Plan Eating ~ Okay day
Vitamins ~ Done
Water ~ 64oz
Exercise ~ 60 Squats, 30 Sit ups, 17 Push ups, Plank for 30 seconds

01-04-2014, 05:41 PM
Ok, went grocery shopping yesterday. I came home and made a big salad to take from for the week. I also roasted some broccoli, kale, and cauliflower and put them in jars in the fridge. I love roasted vegetables but never thought to pre roast them until I read it on a blog post. Hopefully coming home and preparing everything will keep me from having to throw out unused vegetables. Would like to, in the spring, try and grow some of my own. Might see what can grow in containers as small yard and lots of red clay.
Been doing my DVD and walking but need to start the push ups. Been keeping bottles of water between freezer and fridge and just started taking out daily vitamins and putting them in tiny bowl by sink.

01-05-2014, 02:56 PM
Got home late last night so posting yesterdays info now.

Day 4

On Plan Eating ~ Okay day
Vitamins ~ Done
Water ~ 64oz
Exercise ~ Squats-Rest Day, 35 Sit ups, 18 Push ups, Plank for 30 seconds

I've decided to reevaluate my eating plan. I calorie count as well as keeping track of my carb intake and I think I need to allow myself more carbs right now. In our current weather restricting my carbs too much doesn't seem to do good things for my moods. This week I'm going to up my carb limit and hopefully I'll feel better than I have been.

01-05-2014, 11:46 PM
Day 5

Calorie Goal 1250 to 1500 ~ 1325 Calories
Vitamins ~ Taken
Water ~ 64oz
Exercise ~ 70 Squats, Sit ups-Rest Day, 19 Push ups, Plank for 40 seconds

01-06-2014, 11:43 PM
Day 6

Calorie Goal 1250 to 1500 ~ 1482 Calories
Vitamins ~ Taken
Water ~ 80oz
Exercise ~ 75 Squats, 40 Sit ups, 20 Push ups, Plank-Rest Day

01-07-2014, 09:32 AM
I'd like to jump into this :)

My goals are:
* eat around 1500 cal./day
* drink plenty of water
* go to the gym 5x/week

I'll probably go ahead and weigh myself today, but otherwise weighing is a pain in the butt for me so it's easier to avoid it than it is to do it daily.

01-08-2014, 07:06 PM
Hi, underanalysis and welcome. Still going steady but having trouble motivating myself to exercise. I'm doing it but later in the day than I would like. Optimal would be to set alarm early and have it done in the morning. I feel like I put in more attention and effort then, than I do in the evening. Might ad the exercise challenge to get more motivated.

@TooManyDimples I am impressed with the 80 oz of water. I seem to be getting in 30--40 a day. I just saw an actress who said she does a gallon and what a difference it makes in her hair and skin.

01-09-2014, 01:01 PM
I've been keeping up with my plan so far :) I hear you on the gym issues, Shea. I have always preferred to go to the gym after work, but my current schedule and job location and such actually make it easier for me to make myself go in the mornings. Dragging myself out to the car an hour early - especially when it's chilly out - is tough, but I like how the rest of the day at work I can feel the residual soreness to remind me that I did well.

01-15-2014, 06:59 PM
Ok so from around Thursday to today totally went off plan. Been really hard to try and get back but today is going ok. Trying not to think in terms of starting over as I want this to be a healthy lifestyle change not a diet to stop and start. I'm going to have to look around the forums and get some tips for how people keep the motivation up especially in the beginning when the results do not seem as noticeable. Also, on how to get over a lapse into bad habits.

@underanalysis I just need to make it to my living room to do my DVD. Lol. I used to belong to a gym but it is a little over 30 miles away. I want to use the DVD I have collected, make use of money spent, but think by next fall or late summer join a gym. I would like to maybe take boxing and Barre classes. Not sure they are offered around here. Do not want to box people at all but something about hitting the bags seems as if could be therapeutic. And since I was around 6 I've wanted to be the karate kid so not ruling out karate.