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12-23-2013, 06:23 AM
Good morning we are incredibly mild here again today. I feel badly for our chicks dealing with the ice storm.

Karen have a wonderful trip. I hope your son made it home safely and did not miss the flight.

Happy Birthday Tammy!!!!

I am doing my usual commuting to work. Tomorrow is my last work day of the year!!!! We had a list child yesterday. Thankfully a good samaratain found him. The parents were distracted putting luggage in a taxi and did not realize the child wondered off. Poor little guy was so scared and only knew his first name. My advice to the parents (and our chicks with young chicklets) put a note in your child's pocket or pin it to their clothes. Indicate the child and parents' names a good contact number, address and any medical conditions.

Later in the day I observed a young child alone in GCT. The child appeared too young to be unaccompanied. I followed him into Hudson News and when I inquired about his parents, he told me they were "at the bar." The child, only 10, was very mature and aware of his surroundings. Still what were his parents thinking!!!!! Needless to say I interrupted their cocktails and proceeded to give quite a lecture!

Otherwise the day was full if happy tourists making the most of the beautiful day :)

Happy to report one clean day of eating under my belt!!! Keeping away from grains (notice my hands have been very sore when I consume white or wheat flour) OK I have rambled long enough. Have a great day!!

12-23-2013, 06:52 AM
Only moments to check in. We are off to Puerto Rico!!! My son made it home around 6 yesterday. Our niece is coming by later to take his dog to the kennel. Flights look on time for us and other son coming from PA. But rain forecast for our whole vacation :(

Adios, amigos!

12-23-2013, 08:04 AM
Karen, so glad your son made it - that was quite a drive! Even if you do get rain, it'll be warm and you will be in Puerto Rico!

Jennifer, the poor little guy! Good thing you found him. As to the ten year old on his own, what are parents thinking! Enjoy your last day before your time off.

Not sure what the day will bring but, as long as the power stays on, I'm good. I thought the ice was over but the doggage came in all beaded with little pellets. I really do need to get to the store for a few party things like fancy crackers for cheese, etc. My supply seems to have shrunk. ;) If the driving is bad, I'll run over to the next village rather than drive 30 minutes to town.

Have a Merry Monday! and be nice to yourself.

12-23-2013, 08:11 AM
So glad your son made it on time, Karen! Enjoy the um....rain ;). (they're wrong most of the time anyway)

Jekel - you're a good mom and officer for chewing them out. Hope your last day goes smoothly.

DD birthday was great - initially, she was VERY disappointed there were no toys, then came to realize how awesome a shopping spree would be. She was so cute, I wanted to combine bags to make it easier to carry, she wanted separate bags so it'd look like we were real shoppers :D. She learned a couple of budget lessons too...I told her she'd get more money if she spent it wisely, and when we went to Justice, and 1 outfit cost $66 (really?!?), she passed on it. Not worth it! (that's my girl!)

Today, I took the day OFF!! No reason other than to be with my kids and to get ready for Christmas. I found a crustless pumpkin pie recipe I'm making for my WW friend (and me :D), and I guess it's about time I scrubbed the kitchen floor. I told the kids if I get everything done, maybe we'll see Frozen today.

Enjoy the day!

12-23-2013, 08:37 AM
GOOD morning and MERRY MONDAY to each of you!

I'm so relieved that your son made it home safely and you're now on your way, Karen! Have a wonderful time, and hopefully the weatherman is wrong about the forecast.

Jennifer, thank you for giving those errant parents a scalding scolding! It's too bad you couldn't write them a ticket for being so selfish and neglectful.

Ruthie, please be careful being out and about with all that ice!

Tammy, it sounds like you and Grace had an awesome day and you have a thrifty little shopper on your hands! Enjoy the movie and your day off!

I'm working today but it should be a fun day with the girls home. Maybe if we get everything done this morning, we can go to the matinee this afternoon, too. Thanks for putting that bee in my bonnet, Tammy! ;)

12-23-2013, 08:53 AM
Good morning :coffee2: Today is my food shopping day for the holiday week. I'm hoping that getting in early enough will keep the crowds down. Of course this is Vermont so the crowds really aren't ever that bad :) The freezing rain missed us entirely but the river is high and furious. We could hear it over the blower in the stove last night, pretty darned loud.

Time to get this Monday rolling. Why do I always have so much to do when I'm "off"?!

12-23-2013, 08:58 AM
Good morning chicks!
We have snow falling right now, which is preferable to freezing rain, but not good if it builds up on top of the ice brings down more limbs. The power has miraculously stayed on here; praying it stays that way!

Karen, so glad to hear DS made it home! Have a great trip!
Jennifer, hope your work day is smooth.
Ruth, stay safe!
Cottage and Tammy, hope you make it to the movies!

To all the other chicks, have a great day!

12-23-2013, 09:06 AM
Good morning

Jen have a good last day of work. Your story about that little boy brought to mind home alone (the one wondering away)

Karen what a relieve. Never mind the weather youu are all together

RUTH BE CAREFUL. I'm sure your company won't even notice there are no fancy crackers

Tammy. That must have been a fun day

Linda. Hope the matinee happens

Cyndi. Aw christmas in vermont. When I use to live in montreal often went skiing to vermont over the holidays.

Well I have a cold, my two sons have a cold and one of my gransons has a cold. They arrive this afternoon and I plan to make the most of it although there will be no wine for me except decongestant meds.
I don't think I will have a chance to come on here, so merry christmas to all that celebrate
Take care

12-23-2013, 09:30 AM
Good morning,

Ruth stay safe and warm

Karen so glad to hear that your son made it home safely and you are on your way enjoy your trip

Cottage enjoy the day with the girls, this is my only day in office I will wfh the rest of the week and just take Christmas day off since I am off all next week.

Tywnn how fun for DD glad she enjoyed. I am happy to report that "Saving Mr. Banks" is a definitely a two thumbs up money. I wouldn't recommend taking little kids as it is not a kids money but it is very interesting learning about how Mary Poppins movie came about. I did shed a tear or two (okay 3 or 4 :) )

Jekel that is great of you to watch out for the little ones.

Natasha hope you enjoy NYE

Cyndi I have to go shopping for food after work, I went grocery shopping this past weekend but didn't pick up Christmas day food

Beth glad you were able to pick up your DS safely as well.

Sophie I hope you and your family get well soon.

Yesterday I went out to eat twice in one day tried to keep it as op as possible. I have a lunch date with a work friend today as well but will again pass on the bread and try to eat op. The drive in to work was smooth hardly any traffic at all. Yesterday I also got all the baking done for the neighbors and deliver half of them, will deliver the rest this evening.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

12-23-2013, 10:40 AM
Good morning, ladies. Up and getting ready for work and thought I would check in. I am excited about my work schedule the next week and a half. Only working 2 full 8 hour days during that time, LOL

jekel - The rest of the year off? Nice! Would've been cool if you were working NYE while I was there, but finding you in that crowd would've been impossible, anyway, LOL Any tips on commuting in and out of the city that day? I would like to take the train and would think they would run late that night, but so far I've only found a train to get us there and not back. Eek! It never ceases to amaze me what some people do. It would be so easy for a 10 year old child wandering around in NYC to disappear.

WaistingTime - Enjoy your trip! Boooooooo for rain, but rain in Puerto Rico is better than rain here! LOL

Ruth - Be careful out there!

Twynn - Sounds like DD learned a valuable lesson on managing her funds! My niece never could understand why I'd take her and my nephew on a shopping spree for Christmas and he'd come home with 10 shirts/pants and she had 3. Well, Tyler would hit the Clearance racks. Brianna would pick $30 t-shirts from Abercrombie! Enjoy your day off!

Cyndi - Good luck w/ your grocery shopping! I went out Saturday and it wasn't too bad...maybe you'll fare well. ;)

Beth - Fingers crossed that you stay with power! Snow here is melting fast, which makes me sad. I was hoping to have a lot left on the ground when my cousin gets here.

sophie - Hope you and the boys feel better soon!

Pearl - Thanks! Good luck with your grocery shopping trip, too!

Time to cook some breakfast, I reckon. Hope everybody has a good day! If I don't make it back beforehand, Merry Christmas!

12-23-2013, 11:07 AM
Well, it's not "icing" anymore but it sure has made the roads tricky. Most cars I saw on the short trip to the Delta store had windows iced over except for a small viewing space they'd scraped off. There is a frozen ridge at my side door that probably needs an ice saw to break up, That's the door my company will use tomorrow night so I need to deal with that. Maybe I'll cut steps in it with my splitting axe.

Going to focus on "at home" stuff today and hope the roads are better tomorrow.

Update: My neighbour just called and is going into the city tomorrow. She will pick up a big pre-made veggie platter for me. Yippee! Everything else I can get just over in the next town.

12-23-2013, 09:51 PM
Sorry for the confusion, after all I only had one cup of coffee when I posted, my last day is tomorrow. I did have a nice surprise today. I was standing with my Lt when a make asked if my last name was (my maiden name) When I turned to acknowledge, it was my first boyfriend from high school! Talk about small world! He said I had not changed a bit, except I was taller. Um no I have been the same height since 6th grade lol, must be the uniform.

Starting to see small swooshes of water weight going bye-bye :)

12-23-2013, 10:56 PM
Aww, I don't think I've seen a picture before, Jennifer. You're so pretty!

12-24-2013, 01:14 AM
I haven't been by in a few days and just wanted to say hello! I hope you are all staying out of the ice and snow! :snow4: