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12-18-2013, 02:34 PM
I just started my diet blog on Wordpress.

Becoming Amazingly Healthy on wordpress. (No spaces in the name, I can't post links yet, so I'll post the link once I get 25 posts. :)

I'm hoping to make each day dedicated to something unique, so that will keep me on my toys and give me something to post about, if I didn't do anything too fancy. Sunday Funday, Motivational Monday, Techy Tuesday, Workout Wednesday, Thursday Quest, Food Friday, and Stretch Saturday. I may change that eventually, but for now I like that lay out. I also put up a post that has my short term goals on it. I'm hoping to update that as I lose weight, and see where I stand. After the first six months my goals are to lose 2% a month, which at about 200 pounds that 4 lbs a month, so a 1 lb a week. That's definitely do able.