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12-08-2013, 11:22 AM
I suffer from Sciatica. A little history, had back surgery in 1995 for 2 herniated discs. Surgery was a huge success until July 2013 when I had my first flare up of Sciatica (pain from butt down to foot...excruciating pain). I recovered from that one for the most part until Sept 2013 when it happened again for no reason. This time, I have residual numbness in my left calf and foot, have constant pain in my foot and significant weakness and swelling in that foot and ankle (very easy to twist ankle if I step on something). Did Physical Therapy for month with no improvement at all. Exercise did not even improve the strength of that foot/ankle. I know my weight is a major factor in this situation, but how do you lose weight without being able to exercise. Anyone have any advice or suggestions? I feel doomed.


12-08-2013, 02:27 PM
I feel with you. I had sciatica a couple of times in the past and it was by far the most pain I ever had to endure. As to weight loss, you do not need to exercise to loose weight. Weight loss happens mostly through your diet. I am almost sure your foot will improve once you lost a bunch of weight. Exercise at some point will strengthen muscle mass and will help support your lower back area and increase blod supply to your foot. Perhaps swimming or water aerobics would help release tension without putting too much stress on the affected area. As to sciatica, I discovered that a low carb diet helped tremendously in reducing inflammation and pain. But that may just be me.

Mrs Snark
12-09-2013, 09:48 AM
I have bulging discs and terrible sciatica (also arthritis and a wicked bun spur in my hip -- I'm a mess!), it is chronic and I'll probably have it for life, however, losing weight has helped tremendously. Tremendously. Don't give up on losing weight. I was even able to return to running -- not the amount I used to do, but enough to get those feel-good endorphins!

You can do it with NO exercise, it is all about your food management. Throw all your effort into getting the weight off through a really good food plan, it is worth the effort!

03-12-2014, 08:02 AM
I also suffer from sciatica. For me it's chronic and I can hardly walk. I do get breaks and then I try to get in my exercise. Mostly though I have lost weight by controlling my food intake

03-23-2014, 03:51 PM
I had my lower back surgery in 2001 for sciatica. All the doctors said the best thing you can do for it is walk. I was walking 5 miles at least 4 times a week and it didn't help. Which is why I had the surgery that left my leg numb and lower back sore. No butt pain anymore though. Now I swim and water jog. It eleviates the pressure on my back, legs, hips and buttocks. It has been the best exercise for me.

Good luck! I seriously understand your situation. If you are on a lot of pain meds, like I was, that can really mess with your motivation and head space. Stick with focusing on your food intake and maybe look into a swimming pool near you.

08-12-2014, 10:10 PM
I have suffered from Sciatica for the past 8 months and it is debilitating. I can hardly walk through a grocery store without dragging my leg. I take Neurontin, I stretch three times a day, I use ice and heat, Aleve, and get massages. I went to a chiropractor a few times but I got no relief...they made it worse. I cannot exercise right now except in my pool, and our summer has been too cold to get into it. Any suggestions?