General Diet Plans and Questions - BREAD ... conveyance of calories! BIN IN!

12-06-2013, 08:13 PM

For years I have been a bit dodgy with bread. It made me feel bloated after eating it. But hey, you gotta love the cheese on toast.

Now, I am not eating bread.

And without bread life is so much better.

IMO to any other gals/blokes who want to lose weight, just give up bread!

IMO bread is just the vehicle to convey calories to you.

(I've lost about 30lbs so far).

12-07-2013, 08:42 AM
I agree that cutting back/eliminating bread helps lose weight :D

I started losing weight by cutting back my bread intake. Before I started losing weight, I ate 6+ pieces a DAY! When I cut it down to 1 per day (or 2 per two days as I prefer to have it), I lost 10kgs (22lbs) without exercising or changing anything else in my diet in a couple of months. Although I still eat bread, I've changed it to rye since white bread (which is the worst type ever IMO) feels like I'm eating air. White bread makes me feel unwell now lol

12-07-2013, 03:23 PM
Yes bread has always been my friend, love me some hard crusty bread with a big ole smear of butter..... but now i have changed to wheat bread and only have it 1-2 times a day as well. Just starting this diet thing 325 lbs 53 yoa and litterally dieing to loose weight. Working on it......

12-07-2013, 03:54 PM
Bread was pretty bad for my weight gain. I could easily eat 6-8+ slices a day.

I have almost eliminated it now, except for the odd restaurant meal.

I found low calorie bread a good way to reduce my intake.

12-09-2013, 09:29 AM
I used to love love bread but for some reason, it was mostly a lunch sandwich thing for me so 2 pieces/day, sometimes for dinner but then again, if I ate bread for dinner, it usually was my dinner (with a topping of some sort, usually brie).

I eat bread semi-regularly now and I use sprouted grain breads or bread I make myself (which again, I buy sprouted flour - I found some recipes which include beans/lentils which I plan to try). My super skinny husband though eats 4-6 pieces bread/day.