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12-04-2013, 01:41 AM
Hey everyone!
I just finished my third week of Atkins. My first two weeks I lost about 6 lbs now my third week nothing! Has this happened to anyone. I FEEL really discouraged.

12-04-2013, 04:40 AM
I'm not on Atkins so I can't comment about that diet specifically, but do you weigh in daily or weekly? If you weigh in weekly and don't know what your weight was the rest of the week it may just be a single day increase because of higher sodium from the day before or something else. If I take an ibuprofen my weight goes up the next day! Also TOM usually effects most woman's weights. Some people gain weight right before or during, other's (like me) won't lose weight right before and during TOM and then will see a whoosh afterwards.

I know it's hard but be patient. Most people's weight loss isn't linear and the best thing to do is not give up, keep doing what works for you and wait for the weight to come off.

12-04-2013, 07:28 AM
Unfortunately it's totally normal to plateau in weeks 3 (and four). And when weight loss resumes it will likely be the one pound a week pace like other diets - the first few weeks are great for motivation but most of the rapid loss is water (stored in our bodies with the carbohydrate) - and when your body settles into the low carb approach that water is gone and now regular weight loss (fat loss) occurs, but at a rate similar to most other diets for most people (so a pound or two per week, higher numbers usually for heavier people, lower numbers for smaller people like you).

Stay the course!

12-04-2013, 08:12 AM
Good morning everyone.

Welcome Keish. As sarahinparis said it is totally normal to not lose any weight in weeks 3 and 4. It happened to me last time that I did Atkins/lowcarb. I lost 7.2 in weeks 1 and 2, and then weeks 3 and 4 nothing. It happened to a lot of people and back then new comers were warn to expect it. You might not see losses on the scale, but you are losing, losing inches, and getting smaller.

I am in my second week now and completely anticipating not seeing smaller number for couple of weeks after Friday. Right now I am weighing everyday. But after Friday I might even consider not weighing until next Friday.

This plan works, hang in there, and good luck.

12-05-2013, 02:04 AM
Hi everyone! Thank you so much for the replies! You have no idea but it really encouraged me to stay on. I have a question salad dressing like Caesar is allowed right?? Especially since it has no carbs.

12-05-2013, 11:06 AM
From what I understand it is!

12-06-2013, 12:17 AM
Thank you! Also what's with the carb count of cooked veggies and non cooked. If I just weigh my veggies raw and then cook them does the carb count change??