Chicks in Control - Two months of progress down the drain ..

11-30-2013, 07:02 PM
It took just one week to put me in the same place where I was two months ago. :headache:
And I don't even know why, it's been going great so far. I've been working out, eating right, seeing results. And then the binging started with no apparent reason. And I gained everything back, and just when I thought I could try going into maintenance.. Guess I'm not ready yet, huh ? So now I have to start ALL OVER AGAIN. Counting calories made me really obssessed with food to the point where I literally couldn't stop thinking about it, so no wonder that letting go felt good. When I was slim I never thought about food, just kinda ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, and I wanted to be like this again .. I guess I didn't quite realize the commitment weight loss takes, nor the fact that it's not a temporary thing but a permanent change and that I can never go back to just eat whatever I want. I feel so stupid because of this past week but there's nothing I can do about it now, just carry on with the new realizations that I had to learn the hard way, but this time I think I'm going to try to find the right balance between control and looseness, and accept the fact that this is permanent. Has any of you dealt with anything similar before ? What do you think ? Any advice ?

12-01-2013, 09:42 AM
Many of us deal with this all the time. I don't mind 2 steps forward 1 step back, but I hate the 2 steps forward 2 steps back. But please realize that your life is moving forward anyway and getting back on the horse does get easier. It sounds impossible to do but you must forgive yourself for the setback and move forward. You can't undo in a week what you worked for in 2months, not unless you've eaten over 5000cal every day. Reign yourself in, be a little restrictive just for today and then move along.

12-03-2013, 12:56 PM
Thank you, I needed to hear it !

12-03-2013, 05:32 PM
Hugs! A lot of us have been there. But you've taken stock of the situation and asked yourself what went wrong. And then it's not a complete waste ... because you can use that information to make better choices going forward. So you've learned an important lesson and I know you can turn this around.

I don't know what your numbers look like, you might be talking about 2 pounds or 20. Either way, it's highly unlikely that you could undo all that much in a bad week. It's much more likely that what you are experiencing is bloating from excess salt and it should go away in a day or two. Drink lots of water and you'll be back on track!