Weight Loss Support - scale stalled for 2 weeks but i feel thinner.

11-27-2013, 12:01 PM
I am sooo frustrated! I am on a low carb diet, I don't follow any specific plan but I am only eating Meat and veggies and eggs and some cheese and I stay away from sweet sauces no sugar at all, no bread, pasta, potatoes etc. I don't eat any processed foods either. I usually eat a fatty breakfast of 2 eggs and sausage and then get lighter as the day goes on usually ending with a salad with grilled chicken and most of the times I am barley really that hungry for lunch. So now two weeks in a Row I am stuck on 210 and I am really ready to cry I thought for sure this week I'd lose something I felt so much thinner this past week and have noticed a difference in the mirror at work and in my clothes but no budge. I thought I was for sure in for a woosh but NOTHING. I was going to make tomorrow my cheat day so I don't feel deprived now I just want to cry and not even eat tomorrow. Feeling so lame right now.

I also ate some salty kind of sweet ham the other day and another kind of salty dish the night before that. Could it be water? This was on sunday and Monday.

11-27-2013, 12:39 PM
I got stuck every 15 or 20 pounds on the way down so it could be your body adjusting to your new weight. Salt definitely makes a temporary difference -- drinking lots of water seems to help flush it out (or at least keep me amused while I'm waiting for the scale to change). Seeing the change in the mirror is more important than what the scale says anyway -- you must be losing inches and that's the visible part of weight loss. Good for you! Keep going -- what you're doing is working! The scale will catch up eventually.

11-27-2013, 03:35 PM
Don't get nervous! Sometimes the scale doesn't reflect what's going on in our bodies. Like gardenerjoy said, you can be losing inches even if the scale isn't showing the loss, because it's holding onto water. Who knows why the body holds onto water sometimes (some people think it's adjusting to the fat you're losing) but if you are staying OP and the scale isn't showing it (and it did before), you can bet water is the cause, and you will eventually have that whoosh! I don't know if you are weighing everyday or once a week, but I know if I weighed only once a week, I would have questioned a few times if anything was happening because of how water causes my weight to fluctuate. I say take your cheat day and enjoy it! Meanwhile, make sure you're drinking 64 oz of water a day and try not to worry about this. Two weeks is really not that long, although I know it feels that way when you're being so good! :hug: