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11-25-2013, 10:57 PM
Good evening, ladies! It's been cold today - It was 28 when I got up and never got out of the 30s. Tomorrow is rain mixed with snow in the forecast.

Yesterday I cleaned my sewing machine and couldn't get the bobbin case back in so had to take it to be repaired - thank goodness I have my Featherweight so I can keep on sewing. Deadlines looming for December 5 - I do my best work when I get close to the deadline. LOL I always say I'm going to get an earlier start on these challenges but end up procrastinating because I'm not so interested as I was at the beginning.

Faye, you can expect more questions like that under Obama Care. Next year doctors are going to have to counsel and follow up with over weight patients so the government will be poking its nose into all aspects of our health. It's disgusting.

Jean, we had a pancake breakfast at church yesterday. The youth put it on to fund their mission trips in the summer. It seems like this year is racing to the end. December 8 will be the shortest day of the year.

Maggie, thanks for the rub recipe. I made up a batch so will use it soon.

Have a wonderful evening - bedtime for me!

11-26-2013, 09:58 AM
Good morning to you all! It is cold and rainy here though the rain has finally stopped. We aren't going to get into normal temps until at least the weekend.

We don't seem to get a break. I went to unload the dishwasher and found the dishes all still dirty and the dishwasher cleaner sitting whole in the bottom of the dishwasher. I set it up to run again and noticed it was making a different noise so went out and opened it and it was totally dry, no water at all. I had to hand wash all the dishes plus the morning ones. Ahh well. I will just wash dishes for awhile unless Jack can see what is wrong. He doesn't do plumbing though and I am dealing with buying new appliances during this time of year.

Today is cleaning the bathrooms upstairs so will be heading up there in a bit. I have the downstairs cleaned except for the dusting and will do that sometime today.

I have started my sweater over and hopefully it will fit next year. I made it two sizes smaller so hopefully that is enough. It took me forever to unravel the darn thing! :lol:

I am very encouraged about the diabetes as my blood glucose was 99 this morning so it has come down every day. They are supposed to call and check on me, but they didn't yesterday. I need to talk to them about whether they really think I should up the oral meds since I am already in the normal range. Since I am coming pts with the exchanges, I should be right on to stay within my calorie count but still eat a balanced diet.

Susan: Frankly, I am sick and tired of being told what to do in all aspects of our life. Government agencies are telling you what to do all over the place. Our founding fathers would be so appalled at what has happened to all the work to make us free. You couple that with them cutting the defense budget all the time and expecting men to die for us without proper equipment just frost my sugar free cookies! :lol:

I got Thomas's Christmas list last night so will be ordering all of his stuff tomorrow. He gets a lot less than Jackson because his gifts are a lot more expensive per gift. He wants a lot of running and biking stuff. I hate they are growing up. I bet you all remember when he was itty bitty and here he is in 8th grade and 13 1/2 already. I told Jack I can't stand the idea of him going to high school next year!

You all have a nice day. I am out to the kitchen to finish washing the dishes. I have to do them in groups as I don't have enough counter space to put them on towels to dry so I did all the bowls, glasses, cups and silverware first and now will put that all away and do the dishes and pots and pans and such. Faye

11-26-2013, 12:20 PM
Good morning, ladies! Raining and 47 degrees so at least it's warmer.

Have you ever wondered if the Biggest Loser contestants keep it off for long? Sunday at 10 pm Oprah is doing a show about them. It's on OWN. I'm really curious.

Nothing new to report, but could you all please send me your home address. I lost them when my old computer died. I'm backing up to the cloud now so that shouldn't happen again.

There is a holiday challenge at the gym and I signed up for it. It starts today and runs through January 8. We all put $10 into the pot and weigh in. If we don't gain weight, we get our 10 back. If we lose weight, we get our $10 + a share of the pot of those who forfeit because the gain. I'm cheap - I'll lose something just to get as much back as I can. A good incentive for watching during the holidays.

Faye, I'm with you on the government sticking its nose into our lives. I saw in the paper yesterday that closing all the US commissaries is being considered to save money. Glory is a widow and TriCare for life is almost a joke for her. It pays after Medicare and her supplement so she gets almost nothing from them. Sorry about the dishwasher at this busy time of year! I run mine about once a week, just rinsing in between. I almost think I don't even need to spend the money to replace it when it dies. But I will because I hate washing dishes. I'm still a kid at heart in that I don't mind washing them at someone else's house. I'm glad you are responding to the meds. I sure wouldn't increase without talking to them first. It's good you have your exchange diet in place.

Hi, Maggie and Jean!

Enjoy your day.

11-26-2013, 01:41 PM

We got a good surprise Sunday night at Applebee’s ~ The manager came to our table and asked what we were doing for Thanksgiving and we told her we were doing it at home. She said then “Please come to our house for several members of our family will be there and you two would fit right in with the fun we have.” Then later her husband came in and came over to our table and said he was so happy that his wife had invited us for Thanksgiving. What a surprise we had to get that invitation and of course we accepted graciously. We went by yesterday during our drive about to make sure we knew which house they live in out in the country. I think I will give her one of my glass houses as a hostess gift since it is “tradition” to give a gift the first time an invitation is given and accepted for a meal and get-together. I can give her one out of my village pieces and replace it by building one like it later on for I don’t feel like building one before Thanksgiving. I usually keep one on hand for such occasions but didn’t replace the last one I gave away out of my “to give” box.

I get so many catalogues in the mail this time of the year from places I didn’t know existed. I try to stay ahead of the stack and look through them then toss the ones I don’t want to order something from. I have my office trash can filled up to overflowing now ready to be dumped and taken out to the barrel outside the back fence. Will has it fixed up where he can reach over the fence to remove the lid of the container and then dump the bag in and not have to go out the gate and walk clear down the alley to where the pickup station is. A different company picks up the church trash and we can also put trash in them if we have that much to be taken away. :lol:

I think I will make a pot of chicken noodle soup this afternoon. This weather calls for it and it is so yummy. I have some Schwans® cubed chicken breast meat which works great in the soup. I cut up carets, celery and onions and sauté them with some “I can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.” Then put them in the pot with some chicken broth and cubed chicken and spices that go well with chicken. I always make enough to freeze some for the noodles freeze so well. I will check in my freezer before I make any today to see if there is any in there from the last batch which should be used first.

SUSAN Thanks for giving us a fresh thread. I think you will really like that rub. I just mixed up a whole new batch myself and will use it on that turkey breast when we decide to have it since I won't be cooking a Thanksgiving dinner here at home this year. Turkey will be good later on in the year. I use that rum on a wide range of meats. I just know you will do well on that challenge at the gym. You go girlfriend.

DONNA FAYE Since I don't run the dish washer every day I do rinse the things well before putting them in it. That way if the dish washer ever goes bonkers they won't be hard to wash. This dish washer is fairly new and we haven't had any problems with it so far. The last one washed the dishes but leaked on the floor causing the tile close to the edge to be a bit discolored. I would rather one quit like yours did than leak all over the place. We have not been asked those intrusive questions by our doctors but maybe it is coming but you can rest assured I won't answer those types of invasive questions. My doctor wants to see me every 6 months and I told her once a year was enough and she said OK. I need to see her once a year to get my perscriptions renewed.

Have a great day my friend. :wave:
Always remember ~ A setback is only a setup for a comeback.

11-26-2013, 04:11 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it's cold outside! I spent the morning doing laundry and getting a veggie tray ready for Bob's office "going away" lunch for one of the gals. He was out and about running an errand for his tractor repairs so I took the tray to the office and they invited me to stay for lunch. I know all of them so it was nice to be included. We are leaving in an hour for Sioux City and the "holiday" program for Maddy and Kolby this evening. It's in the auditorium where Jason and I graduated from college so it will be fun to see the new remodeling they have done. (Bob had the fun of graduating in a rose garden park where we got engaged.)

"Gma" -- I'm sure you will enjoy making your sweater smaller and hopefully will have enough yarn to do so. I sent an email to Ziploc baggies complaining how the sandwich size is hard to seal, and almost impossible to reseal if it's been in the refrigerator. They answered saying they were sorry I had trouble with the seal and a few days later I got several coupons in the mail for free baggies. :dizzy: Years ago when I had my toe surgery the pre-op nurse asked me if I felt safe at home. I must have looked kind of befuddled because she started to explain what she meant by the question. I felt like telling her it was none of her business. I'm so glad the meds are working for you! Hopefully the dishwasher will be a simple fix, and a cheap one.

Susan -- Thanks for starting the new thread! :D I am sure you are missing your sewing machine until it can be fixed; soon I hope. Why is Dec. 8th the shortest day? I always thought it was the first day of winter. :dunno: The holiday weight challenge will be good to keep you on the straight and narrow foodwise. You do so well anyway! I will send you my address.

Maggie -- How nice to get the Thanksgiving invitation! :yes: I'm sure the hostess will love the glass building and especially so since you made it. Today definitely feels like a soup kind of day around here! I need to sort through my pile of catalogs and pitch, pitch, pitch! I rarely order anything but always like to see what I might be missing out on.

I need to change clothes and be ready to go when Bob hits the door. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

11-27-2013, 11:10 AM
Good morning gals! Good news on the diabetic front. Because my levels have been even so soon, she backed me off to a lower insulin injection! She did say to continue on the scheduled increase on the orals though. She said it is unusual for someone to be in the normal range so quickly. I told her that I was convinced my diabetic problem was those darn pills. Anyway, I forgot my oral med yesterday, actually forgot all my meds until the afternoon as I have a 7 day pill container and I needed to make the meds again and got distracted over the dishwasher and forgot all about it. Even without the oral meds my blood sugar was 98 this morning. :carrot:

I am freezing sitting here next to the window at the computer. I have been here for almost 2 hours because I ordered Thomas's Christmas presents and then got an email from the place I buy my beads and bracelet stuff from. Having a huge black Friday sale so you know me, I couldn't resist peeking and ended up buying beads and a snake chain bracelet to put them on. I decided to make an overall holiday bracelet. I got charms for Christmas, Thanksgiving, St Patty's Day, Fourth of July, Easter, vacation and birthday. I bought these aluminum beads in a bunch of different colors and 3 glass crystal beads. I got the whole thing with my rewards discount for $20!! The charms are metal but have color on them so I wanted a variety of color on the aluminum beads too. It will be fun to put together and wear over the holidays.

Thomas wanted all running and biking stuff this year so I bought him bike shoes and pedals, these spandex type running shorts (they are for people who run and do triathlons, which I suspect T is gearing up for,) what is called a bib folio. It is this ringed folio that has his name on the front and he puts all his entrance bibs from the different races on the rings and it sits on his desk. It is pretty cool. I also bought him an expensive pair of ear buds that are water and sweat resistant so he can listen to music and such as he runs. So with that being said, I AM DONE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING FOR THIS YEAR!!!!! :carrot::cb::cp::dance: We were supposed to decide on doing homemade gifts for the adults, but it never got organized. Maybe we can do it nest year.

The kids will be here a week from today so that is exciting. Haven't seen them since Jackson's bday in June. We are going with Kel and family to a buffet tomorrow for lunch then back to her house for games so that should be fun. Jack will probably get to come home early today as they usually get half day off before the holiday.

Please keep on praying for his promotion. He said the plant manager told him in secret that he has been certified for the next phase and not many even applied, which is good. On top of that, looks like the interview phase will be next week or the week after and then they will make a decision. Jack has more supervisory experience than anyone he can think of that might have applied and he has been studying up on what he would probably be questioned about so hopefully it will come to fruition. If not, no biggy but it sure would be nice if he could get a desk job. His left knee would thank him for sure.

Jean: Oh what fun! I, of course didn't get to go to Jackson's which I guess was night before last or day before last. I always tease Jack he should never ever forget our anniversary as it was on the same date different year that he joined the Navy. I told him since he always remembers that he has no excuse for forgetting our anniversary! :lol: Did he pick that location because of his graduating and liking how it looked or what? I got engaged in a raging snowstorm on the side of the road in a car! :lol: :lol: I am going to hang on until January or February and watch for holiday sales (ie MLK and Presidents Day sales) and just dig into savings and buy a stainless steel one that is more upscale. We were planning on replacing the appliances with stainless when we remodeled so no sense getting white again then spending money to replace it again. I will just wash dishes until then. All the appliances are getting close to 15 years old anyway. Our only problem is getting a stainless fridge with ice maker and water that will fit into the space our current fridge fits. Being a condo we can't fool around with walls and such to increase the size and most of them are bigger than the space we have.

Maggie: I get a bazillion catalogues this time of year and like you half are to places I have never heard of. They just go in the trash. I keep getting a Fingerhut catalogue that always says, "This will be your last catalogue if you don't order." I wish they would follow their own advice and make it the last catalogue! :lol: How nice to have an invite for dinner. I am sure you will have a grand time. I made vinegar cole slaw with those packaged slaw mixes, oil, red wine vinegar and Truvia and it was the best stuff I have ever had even regular sugar type. I really like the Truvia, but it is expensive and doesn't come in bags yet like you can get Splenda so for most of my sf stuff I will use the pourable Splenda out of the bag.

Susan: Good lunch with the challenge. We are going Friday to the Y and get signed up. You would think they would give us old folks a discount on the monthly dues but they don't. They don't make us pay the joining fee though so that is something as it is like $50 for a family. I am waiting for them to ship my lancets and test strips from Express Scripts to see how much they are going to cost me. I won't have my actual meds and insulin needles on Express Scripts until I go back to the doctors in 2 1/2 weeks so they can see my progress. I have a spiral notebook that I keep a food exchange journal in for them to see what and when I eat, a spread sheet that I keep with the WW pts equivalent, and a spiral notebook with my glucose reading and time I take my meds. It takes time, but I don't work so it isn't any kind of problem for me.

Well girls, I am about frozen to death sitting here. I am going to sit and knit as I don't have to do any Thanksgiving preps at all, have a nice clean house, and have all the laundry done up. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving all! Faye :turkey:

11-27-2013, 06:34 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun has been in and out today while the wind continues to blow. I wish it would blow itself right out of here! This was my morning to work in the gift shop; I didn't sell anything but the volunteer in the coffee shop was a retired teacher that I enjoyed when we worked together at school. The volunteer coordinator had a couple different projects to work on so we kept busy most of the morning, and could visit while we worked. I finally got the gift shop money counted for last week and this week; since it will be closed tomorrow and Friday I brought it home with me, then took it to the bank.

"Gma" -- Glad your numbers continue to look good! :cp: I had to giggle about you and your beads. As soon as I read aboout the email from the beads/bracelet place, I knew what was coming! ;) Lucky you, to be done with your shopping! I thought I was doing so well, and I am ahead of the game, but still have lots to do. Sioux City is hilly in various parts of the city, and this park is big. Even though it is in the city, you can drive to the top and see the city lights. The bandshell and rose garden are in a lower part and the college used to have spring graduation there. I graduated in August when there weren't as many and it was held in the auditorium on campus. By the time Jason graduated they held the ceremonies outside, on campus, weather permitting. He ended up inside because it rained. The program last night was nice, about an hour long. We went out to eat afterwards which is our standard habit. Wish I could say I have a clean house -- next month! :rolleyes:

I have towels to fold and need to get another load in the washer. I also need to get my Snickers mixed into the Cool Whip for tomorrow. Hope you all enjoy your evening and have a Happy Thanksgiving! :happ3:

11-28-2013, 07:10 AM
Just wanted to come in this morning and post another HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you all. Have a grand day today and enjoy your family and/or friends!!:thanks1:

11-28-2013, 11:08 AM
Good morning, ladies! Only in the 30s today but the sun is shining and that makes me happy.

Glory and I will be having beef tenderloin this day with the usually trimmings - baked potato, green beans and salad. Dessert is a low carb cranberry walnut torte. I found the recipe in one of my cookbooks and it actually came out the way it was supposed to. It uses almond flour in the crust. I made a little tart so I could taste it and be sure it was eatable. You know I'm just not a baker.

Faye, I'm so glad your blood sugar is coming down so quickly. I know you feel good having your shopping done. I need something for Sandy and Glory and it'll be found on Amazon. I'll keep praying for Jack's promotion. He's still in our prayer book at church.

Jean, I know we resent being asked if we feel safe at home. but think of those who might finally admit to abuse or living alone and being afaid and this is their chance to get help. My doc does ask me if I feel safe and he knows I live alone.

Maggie, the hostess will love your glass building. I love mine.


11-28-2013, 07:12 PM

:happ3: It is a chilly day here in the ♥-Land in the 40°s. We had a wonderful time at the dinner today meeting lots of folks and renewing acquaintances of those we already knew that work in different places around this town. There were 20+ people there and what a nice crowd. The hostess told us to take a plate of food home but we thanked her and didn’t. I was able to eat smart for there was the veggie plate that always show up at those types of gatherings. But her sister who has the shop in town that makes the best cheese cake was there . . . and we even turned down taking any of it home. The hostess loved the glass cabin house with the little outhouse that went with it.

I HOPE all of you had a wonderful day.

Have a great evening my friends. :wave:
Always remember ~ A setback is only a setup for a comeback.

11-28-2013, 11:59 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It sounds like you all enjoyed your day. We spent a nice day with my step-family. I can't believe November is almost gone. The days are flying by too fast!

"Gma" -- I know you are looking forward to celebrating next weekend with your whole family!

Susan -- Your dinner sounds delicious! I'm not a huge turkey fan so can take it or leave it. We did have it with all the trimmings today, and brought some home for a sandwich tomorrow.

Maggie -- Glad you enjoyed your day!

I am heading off to bed to read for a bit. Even though I didn't do anything, as in work today, I am tired! See you tomorrow!

11-29-2013, 09:04 AM
Good morning to you all! It is not quite as cold as it has been when I get up in the morning so I am not freezing sitting here at the computer. This old condo is so drafty and even if we had the money to do it, they won't let you tear out the walls and put in insulation or replace windows either, but they sure won't do it themselves.

We have a lovely time yesterday as the buffet. I took one spoonful of mac and cheese and no other carbs; not the yummy rolls or mash potatoes none of the pasta dishes or anything else. I did have one egg benedict, which had half an eng muffin too I forgot that. All in all I did well. I ate salad, had some small pieces of turkey though I ate only one as it was very dry and I didn't get any gravy, a couple pieces of cold shrimp, a bunch of green beans almondine and again they had no taste but I ate them anyway. I had a tiny slice of sf cheesecake and a cookie. I came home and was anxious about whether it spiked my blood sugar so tested even though I only have to test in the AM. It was 179 and 180 is what you should test after eating. I am 89 this morning so am good with that too. It is almost meds and breakfast time for me so everything should be ok. I won't go into a long story about my mom, but she believed you shot yourself up with insulin and you could eat whatever you wanted. She last part of her toes because of it and as I have said before the doctor wanted to take her foot and her husband said no. She died two weeks later. With that being said, that is why I am so careful. I really only have one freak out. If my legs or feet get cold or my foot goes to sleep, I get upset thinking my circulation is bad, etc, etc and it is because of my mom. There is no indication I am having any problems with it and the doctor always checks my legs when I go in, but it is just one of those things. I talked to the sister who is diabetic and she does some really stupid stuff, but frankly I am not her keeper. She is in her late 60's and knows what she should and should not do. She does a lot of should nots including smoking again (she coughs like she is going to bring up a lung) eating improperly, reusing her needles, etc. I understand money issues with regards to the supplies as she is on a fixed income, but she puts herself at risk reusing her needles, ie staph infection.

Today is lazy day I think. Jack decided to wait to get a haircut as the shop is in the same shopping center as Lowes and doesn't want to fight for a parking place. He has his haircuts are set up so that he gets a haircut right before the cruise next year! :lol: Me, I just want to have my hair done before I go to the hospital after the first of the year.

Susan: Sounds like you had a lovely lunch with friends. That's great that you all have each other for the holidays. The problem is, even if a dr asks that so many times the abused don't tell or they have the abuser sitting right there with them pretending to care for them and they are afraid. I wouldn't be offended by that, but the things she asked had nothing to do with anything involving my health. I did get a very nice email back from the operations director saying he had told all his staff the questions were not to be asked unless directly involved in that person's health and even then only the physician should ask them. We shall see. It is part of the new program and I doubt they even know everything that is in it. I forgot, but as soon as I finish here I will message you my address and I need yours again too. Looks like stupid yahoo/att dumped my address book again.

Jean: Guess no Hawaii trip for the kids next year. She told us yesterday that Tom has to go to Poland during T's spring break. I think she is going to take him to California for Spring Break to Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm and such. He has never been to Calf. I guess Tom does IT teaching or something all over the world now. He just got back from Europe. I wish you were here. I need you to wrap my presents! Jean, can you message me your address? Like I said it dumped all my addresses.

Maggie: Sounds like you had a great time too. Now you can gear up for that visit from you bil. I have your address.

Everyone have a great day and weekend. Faye

11-29-2013, 01:08 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a hazy windy morning in my neighborhood. It's supposed to get up into the 40s through the weekend so I'm hoping the weatherman was right. I have the dishwasher going and need to do a couple loads of laundry when I finish here. We are going to a Christmas concert in Sioux City tomorrow night, and I'm hoping to get the tree decorated this weekend. On the other hand, maybe it will stay undecorated!

I bought a little space heater for myself since my tv chair is by the sliding door and it's cold. I've tried to use it and thought maybe I was doing something wrong because it wouldn't stay on, so had Bob try to get it going. I saved the box but can't find the receipt. :hyper: I was planning to take it back to WM; the box has "only at T" in a red circle on it! Guess we will make a side trip to Target tomorrow. :o

"Gma" -- I am surprised that since you own your condo, you can't do whatever you want inside the main walls. I know the outside looks have to stay uniform. Glad you enjoyed the buffet and it sounds like you chose wisely. :yes: I'd like to do something different for the Christmas dinner but know the little kids probably wouldn't be too crazy about chili or lasagna. After the blizzard 5 years ago when Bob's mom had such a fit over the chili idea, I hesitate to change now.

The sun has come out! :cp: I hope you all enjoy your day! It seems like Saturday to me. :wave:

11-29-2013, 08:38 PM
Good evening, ladies. Only in the 30s again today.

I didn't even leave the house today. I did some shopping on the internet and got Glory a weather station with barometer since yesterday she mentioned she didn't like the changes to the weather channel so she had to get the barometric pressure from the internet. She has Menier's Disease which affected by barometric pressure so she starts her medication so she doesn't get a bad migrane with the pressure reaches a certain level.

Faye, I PMd my addess. We have condos and townhouses in this development (apartments and single family homes, too) and I know the condos can't do anything to their units but the association does take good care of them. They put new roofs and new windows this summer. Sandy's doesn't take care of her diabetes and her sister thought like your mother and ended up losing both legs and died at 49. So sad.

Jean, I forgot to tell you about the shortest day of the year. It is not the same as the winter equinox. The shortest day of the year is when the dark stops happening sooner everyday and it begins to lighted - maybe only a minute or so but its the turn around day. My friend's husband was a scientist and he explained it in great detail to me when I asked him but what I wrote is what I remember. I think as we get older, we look for simplier meals that don't take all day to prepare. Chili would suit me fine for Christmas but we'll probably have ham.

Maggie, its a blessing to have good friends to share the holidays. When Stan was well we often had a couple of servicemen for dinner on Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Have a wonderful evening. Tomorrow is Bella's customer appreciation party so I'll be going to that.

11-30-2013, 06:51 AM
Good morning! It is early, but I went to bed early so am up before the chickens. I sure wish the temps would go back up to where they should be this time of the year, in the 50's and 60's.

Well, I didn't come out of Christmas shopping unscathed. I got Jackson's hoodie with backpack yesterday and it was awful. It was thin material, so thin you could only wear it when it was pretty warm and who needs a hoodie then? It also had the stupid backpack attached to the back of the jacket, so back it goes to Target tomorrow. I just pray it is not too nuts there. I have to take it back and get something else tomorrow as the kids will be here on Wednesday and I don't know which day we will do Christmas for him. On top of that, my lazy behind postal person didn't deliver a package, but left a pick up notice. :mad: Jack unlocked the gate early yesterday morning and said when he went out to check the mail the gate was unlocked. So he has to drive across town to pick it up today as it is another of Jackson's gifts.

I don't have any gloves or mittens and had a stash of yarn so decided to make myself a pair of mittens to wear next weekend for the race. I have a good portion of the first one done already. It is supposed to rain, UGH and we are scheduled to be there 6 AM-noon. To get on the St Jude's campus and use the rest room facilities and such you have to be part of the volunteers so Kelly made all of us part of the cheering on team. I am not sure how thrilled Jack is about being there at 6, but it is what it is if we want to see Thomas run and have access to the bathrooms. We didn't go last year and heard about it from everyone how unhappy they were we weren't there to cheer them on and such. I tried to tell them it was too hard for me without access to a bathroom, but I think it went in one ear and out the other. It was mostly my son who was like that as he ran the marathon last year. He acted like I didn't care, but I did care and wanted to be there, but there are no rest rooms anywhere around and the ones that might have had a restroom were not allowing race watchers to use them without buying something all the time. Anyway, we will be on campus this year.

I got my handicap pass on Wednesday so I can now park close to walk into the store. It was nice for the Thanksgiving buffet, but I still had to manuever the wheelchair incline and their port cochere had these big bumpy tiles that were hard to walk over.

Susan: Thank you so much for the books. Yes, let me know when you mail them so I can make sure I unlock the gate everyday until they get here. Of course I can't be sure she would bring them up to the house anyway. Thanks for your address too. I get so fed up with this condo association not doing anything, but making a big stink if you step out of line in any way. I dare them to say anything about my satellites being on the roof. I asked about that way back when we first moved in and was told by the then president it was fine, but you aren't supposed to put them on anything I guess. Most of the condos here have the dishes on their garages or on the condo itself somewhere so I just dare them. They don't want to fix anything. We need a new roof and I noticed the empty house next door actually has a tarp over part of their roof. It is just disgusting. We barely get lawn care anymore.

Jean: I am not going to put up any decorations again until we do the remodel. There is just not room anywhere with the furniture the way it is. No one comes to visit here anyway so there is no one to see it. I saw a Dyson heating and cooling unit on tv that looked interesting, but I bet it costs a fortune. I have a little heater out in the garage, but it doesn't do much. We usually get pizza or something for Christmas Eve with the kids. Everything closes so early though that if Kelly and Tom have to work late we are out of luck. Same goes with going to a restaurant. Most of them close up around 6 on Christmas Eve. Christmas day this year I told Jack I am going to do a rotisserie chicken just for something different. We usually go to Ihop or down to the casinos to eat as it is the only two places open Christmas Day, but I nixed that for this year.

Well girls, I am going to sit and knit until Jack gets up. Have a nice Saturday all. Faye

11-30-2013, 01:32 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining brightly and there is NO wind for a nice change. It's 41 degrees right now heading up to 50 this afternoon. I'll take it! I've had a lazy start to my morning. I couldn't get my puzzle on the iPad so I spent too much time on that. I do have laundry going, and I am dressed.

Susan -- I usually check the newspaper around the 21st to see when the sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset start to add minutes of daylight. I will be checking earlier now! I know it stays the same for a couple days and then will drop/add a minute, then two a month or so later. It always seems like it takes longer to notice the longer daylight hours in the spring than when they disappear in the fall. :yes: I wish they would pick one or the other and leave it alone.

"Gma" -- That is too bad about the sweatshirt. :( I am going to brave Target later this afternoon. Since I don't have the receipt I hope they won't give me any grief. I remembered what happened to the receipt though. I also bought Ian's DS games and gave the receipt to Amanda in case his birthday one or Christmas one didn't work. I think all stores and offices should close at noon on Christmas Eve! When I worked retail the drunks would come in around 3 or 4 and we could sell them anything -- broken, used, mis-matched, whatever. It was crazy, and of course there was always one more trying to come in the doors as they were being locked and the lights shut off.

I need to balance the check book and find a new check register while I'm at it. Knock on wood I can usually find my mistake in a day or two if I don't balance.

Hope you all enjoy a nice Saturday. We are heading to Sioux City after lunch so I can return the heater to Target, meet our friends for supper, and then the concert. :wave:

11-30-2013, 02:08 PM

It is slightly warmer this day for they say the high will be 58°s with the low of 27°. The last few days have been down in the 40° area. I like warmer. :cp: The animals like it better when they can laze around on the grass instead of staying inside all day. Beanie doesn’t do much lazing around though because he and Cecil have a great time wrestling and chasing each other about.

I have a recipe from a friend I am going to try today:
Mix together:
8 ounces plain no-fat yogurt
1 Tbsp honey
½ tsp cinnamon
1 tsp. vanilla extract
Pinch of nutmeg

Sounds like it would be good to eat with any kind of vegetables as a dip. The points will be easy to figure by what kind of yogurt one uses. Splenda® can be substituted for the honey also which I will probably do.

I am really going to make this next year count on my weight loss. We have plans of doing some serious traveling in a year and I do want to be a lot closer to my goal weight in a year’s time. I will be much better if I am thinner at traveling or searching for artifacts. We have a friend who owns vast acreage which is rich with history and has given us written permission to be on his property any time we choose to be there.

The fruit I had ordered from Florida arrived in great condition and is so yummy and ripe. I have the oranges and grapefruit in the fridge now and the apples, tangerines and pears in a fruit bowl on the table.

I placed an order for See’s fudge so I won’t be making any this year. I have that same fudge recipe and have made 5 pounds on some holidays through the years and decided to just order a couple pounds already made this year to gift. I also ordered a couple pounds of the nuts and chews. I wrap each piece that doesn’t get given away with freezer stretch tight and we can just take one out to thaw and eat ~ they last for months that way. Nutritional values for each piece is available and that sure helps. I can eat just “one piece” for it isn’t a red light food for me. Most of the pieces are 2P+ each. If you can’t handle eating just one or two pieces then don’t buy this brand. They make some lovely Easter eggs also ~ chocolate covered with yummy centers. They make some large ones that you can slice . . . They come with pretty little flowers and stripes in colors. I was introduced to Mama Sees when I was a child and have purchased chocolates from her through the years. Like I said chocolate isn’t a red light food for me but mashed potatoes and gravy sure are.

JEAN No wind ~ what a blessing that is. I don't think we have any today either but I have not been outside as of yet and I don't hear it scraping a bush on my window.

DONNA FAYE That is too bad that the things you ordered were sub-stander in quality. I am so thankful that your mail person doesn't work here. We are fortunate to have a wonderful mail man who will go the extra mile for those on his route.

SUSAN We love to have chili for the Christmas eve evening meal. It has become tradition for us. Most of the time we will have the turkey but not all the time. I think this year we will be doing a "prime rib" for Christmas. When I was living at home my folks always invited some sailors or air force young men to join in our festivities.

Have a great afternoon my friends. :wave:
Always remember ~ A setback is only a setup for a comeback.

12-01-2013, 07:00 AM
Good morning gals. It is a bit warmer this morning or it seems so. I am not as cold as I usually am sitting here.

I am so peeved with our postal workers. Jack drove across town to the post office that handles our mail, stood there for 20 minutes only to be told that on Friday it was a substitute driver and our regular driver took the package to deliver on Saturday. I was ok with that until she showed up without the package. It is one of the things Jackson really wanted for Christmas so I have to try and hunt it up before they leave a week from today. They don't get in until Wed so I am hoping those morons can find it and deliver it. I am probably going to keep the car tomorrow and drive out to the post office and have a brawl with the delivery supervisor. :lol: They are all so meely mouth about being sorry, but they don't ever fix their problems. They don't have to they are government workers.

Here is the first mitten. I know Jean has already seen it on FB. I have a lady on FB who always is asking to see my stuff so I always post new things for her. The pattern isn't perfect. She started the thumb too soon so your cuff sits on the bottom of your hand instead of your wrist. I had to elongate it hand and thumb because they were too short. She must have tiny hands is all I have to say. I had finished the first mitten before I noticed where the cuff hit and wasn't about to tear the whole thing out so will wear it as it is. It is ok, just should have been a few rows longer before starting the thumb.

Jean: We shall see what Target is like this afternoon. I need to buy a large roll of wrapping paper so I can wrap the gifts and get it over with. I am not putting bows on everything this year. They fall off anyway and the kids could care less how the packages look. I will buy a nice bow to put on Tom's parent's gift though. Hope you have good luck with Target. They may just refund your money to your credit card if that is how you purchased it since you don't have a receipt. Walmart will take anything back receipt or not if they can prove it is theirs.

Maggie: I am sure the yogurt dip will be tasty. I don't do a lot of yogurt, but I eat it from time to time. I bought sf candy from Swiss Colony and most of it is really good. I especially like the cherry cordials. You can't eat but a piece though or the stuff they substitute for sugar will give you diahrrea pretty bad. I just bought it to have a treat once in awhile so the stuff will last a long time.

You gals have a nice day. Faye

12-01-2013, 03:52 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! Back to wind and clouds today. It feels like it could rain or snow any minute, but nothing in the forecast. We didn't get home until almost midnight last night, slept in, and skipped church this morning. The Christmas concert was good; the guy who sat in front of me kept moving his head from side to side blocking my view so I, in turn, kept moving too. :( The couple we were with was fun and we saw some other people that we knew. I've not done much today except read the papers, shop online, fold a load of undies, and get dressed. I really need to accomplish something towards Christmas preparations since today is December 1st!

Maggie -- How did you like the dip? Cinnamon is supposed to be a "good" food healthwise. :yes: I don't think any kind of fudge would last long around here. Bob loves it and Jason could smell it a mile away. We saw a See's candy store when we were in Kansas City a couple years ago; I didn't even go in so I wouldn't be tempted. You are wise to freeze the pieces and dole them out. :cp:

"Gma" -- I wonder if your postal people are related to the idiot who delivers our mail two hours later than the regular carrier. I would love to know what he does differently. Anything I want to go out the same day we take to the post office downtown. :spin: I hope you can find the gift wherever it may be. I was twice surprised at Target yesterday! First of all there was no one at the customer service counter. I told the gal I wanted to return the heater because it doesn't work and started to explain why I didn't have the receipt. She interrupted and asked how I had paid for it; I gave her the card and she credited the amount back in full. :cheer: I'm wondering if what saved me was the "only at T" on the box. Anyhow, I was impressed!

We are going to the movie Delivery Man later, so I'd better get a move on. Enjoy the rest of you day! :wave:

12-02-2013, 10:53 AM
Good morning, ladies! Sun is shining and we are to have a high of 55 today.

Bella had a really good sale for customer appreciation day and I received a call late Saturday afternoon that I had won a door prize (I have to go get it to find out what) so I am happy. I sewed most of yesterday making a tote for my yoga mat. I have borders to put on a quilt top today. I hope I get my Viking back soon for I need the fancy stitches. My Featherweight is a work horse - 62 years old) but it's only straight stitch.

Faye, I'll send the books UPS ground and then you can track when they might be delivered. I'll send the tracking number. We used to get our mail in the morning and now it might be 5 pm before it comes. We had one carrier who didn't speak English and I don't think he could read either for he just put handsful of mail in each box and then we had to run about the neighborhood delivering to the right house. Your mittens are beautiful.

Jean, it would have been pretty hard for them to say the heater wasn't theirs with the Only at T on the box. I find it pretty easy to take things back to Target, Walmart, Kmart.

Maggie, I got a call from WW yesterday asking me if I'd like to work January and February for the rush. So I'll be doing that. We had a friend who always gave us See's candy for Christmas. She's passed away now. They put a cosack in the mall here and sell it during the Christmas season.

It's time for me to head out to the Y so you all have a great day!

12-02-2013, 02:06 PM
Good morning, almost afternoon girls. I had to take Jack to work this morning so I could find that book. I went out the post office ready for a fight and the line was out the door. I UGHed but a guy walked up behind the customer service desk asking if anyone had a package to pick up. No one else walked up so I walked up, explained everything nicely, he went back and came back in less than 90 seconds with the book. I thanked him profusely telling him it was for my grandson that I only see a couple times a year.

I took back the cheap hoodie and got the priced credited back to my Target credit card. I then went into the boys department and found two cute long sleeved t's he will love. One is black and has writing on "how to be a Ninja." It is really cute and the other one is blue and has Leggo super heros on it like Superman, Batman, etc. The best thing though......I can fit into Target clothing again!!!!! Woohoo!

I am down 1 lb but I am hoping now that i have settled into the meds I will start losing again. I treated myself to a Wendy's chili for lunch, which is 7 pts and fulfills my veg, starch, meat, pretty much everything but milk and fruit. The great thing is except for the first couple days, my blood sugar is under 100, which is great. I think it won't be long and they might remove me from the insulin and only on the oral drugs. I knew once that darn hormones was out of my system it would get back into safer regions. I don't eat anything with sugar in it except where I can't take it out. I don't miss it, though there was a red velvet cake at the buffet on Thanksgiving that looked delicious, but I had sf instead. Jack has stuff here with sugar in it, but I am not tempted at all. It isn't a big deal to me anymore.

Susan: Thanks and just let me know the tracking and I will let you know when I get it when you send it. It is amazing how much you can do with sewing machines these days. They almost sew themselves. Used to be straight and if you were lucky, zig zag. My mother tried hard, but I just couldn't get the hang of sewing. I guess knitting was my calling. :lol:

Jean: I noticed how easy exchanges were at Target when I was there today. She asked me if anything was wrong with it and I told her, "Yes, it is cheap!" I told her my grandson lives in the north and that jacket could never be worn except in really warm weather. I am glad you were able to get yours returned with no problem too. Thomas's band concert is a week from tomorrow. We are going to freeze our bums off and get really wet on Saturday as it is supposed to not get above 30 and supposed to rain for the marathon. We will be there from 6-noon so it should be interesting.

I am going to do the lunch dishes then sit and knit until I have to go get Jack. No housecleaning today with keeping the car so will tackle the downstairs tomorrow I guess. Have a great start to your week! Faye

12-02-2013, 07:03 PM

It is a day here in the ♥-Land that is in the 70°s and warmer than it has been but by the weekend it is said to be down in the low 20°s.

I have been thinking of what to cook while we have our guest in a few days and I believe I will make Beef Stroganoff, which is always a good company meal and I have never known anyone I served it to that didn’t like it. That will be a Saturday evening meal when he arrives then on Sunday we always eat lunch and dinner out so he will be treated to a meal wherever we go. He will be back on the road come Tuesday so now I need to figure out what to feed him while he is here on Monday. Right now I don’t want to think about it.

We went to Wall*Mart and got enough of those icicle lights to go around the motor home and a cute Christmas tree cutout with lights on it to go on the door. It has suction cups on the back to hold it on the surface. :lol: We are being prepared for when we happen to be “out there” when it is Christmas time and wanted to get the lights while they were still in stock.

We went to the local sporting goods store shopping for my Christmas present and I was measured for a “hunting-recurve” take down 58” bow. They measure you from finger tip to finger tip and have a way to figure your bows pull weight with that and your height making up the formula. The one for me is pretty with a fiberglass core and Maple laminates with the handle made from block-cut Zebra wood. Since it is a takedown bow it comes in a nice case. They will make me up some carbon fiber arrows at the sport shop. They are quite spendy but very good arrows. I don’t plan on losing any of them in the practice area in the back yard. Will can make me a nice leather quiver for my arrows. Anything else I will need can come from the sport shop like a wrist protector. It is not fun to be hit on your wrist with that string. After I get used to this bow and the draw becomes too easy for me, I can always step up to a stronger pull but for now this is suited for me and I will do the 20 minute practice each day that “they” suggest. I'll be out in the back yard practicing when the weather permits and the wind is not blowing hard. :yes: Will has a bow but it isn’t a take-down and I imagine he will want a new one, that is, very soon so we can get him one for his Christmas present. :cp:

DONNA FAYE :bravo: For that pound down! Each pound is worthy of being lost. Most places are nice when folks return things but there is always that bad apple in the bunch. I am glad for you that you were able to find some suitable things he will like.

SUSAN How nice of WW asking you to come and help out. AH, Sees is the best.

JEAN That dip is good and suitable for company. Yep ~ they say that about cinnamon. When you do visit a Sees store they give you a "sample" piece of candy if you wish. They are nice folks.

Have a great evening my friends. :wave:
Always remember ~ A setback is only a setup for a comeback.

12-03-2013, 09:21 AM
Good morning to all. It is going to be nice and warm today and tomorrow then we are going to be in real trouble from Thursday night through the whole weekend. It is going to start raining, but that Alberta clipper is going to plow into us by Friday and we are going to have ice. I worry about the race on Saturday because if it is really icy, I am not sure I can go. I am not steady on my feet. I don't want to miss it, but I am not going to fall either. I can only hope at this point I guess.

I finished the mittens and am almost done with the scarf for my niece so I can then go back to working on my sweater. I have to wash and block everything though. I hope to get that done tomorrow so I can get the mittens dry.

Today I have a lot of cleaning I want to get done since I didn't get anything done yesterday. I have already gotten the kitchen done except for mopping and stuck a pot roast, potatoes and carrots in the crockpot. I stuck it on high since the roast was still partially frozen. I took it out of the freezer last night and stuck it in the fridge, but it was still kind of hard by early this morning.

Maggie: Sounds like you are getting all prepared to bow hunt or shoot. Keep an eye out because I imagine you are going to get some pretty bad weather too. It is going to cover most of the country I guess.

You all have a good day today. I have to clean up breakfast dishes and get things going. Faye

12-03-2013, 03:21 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! A cloudy, windy, COLD day in my corner of the world. It's that damp chill that goes right through if one is outside. The weatherman says we will have rain late this afternoon, freezing rain in the evening, and snow during the night and into tomorrow. I went to get my nails done this morning and was glad to get back home again. Bob has a CEC class today so I won't see him until tonight. I'm hoping he beats the weather home since he's 2/12 hours away. The Christmas boxes are sitting by the tree and the pile of catalogs are waiting for me. I rarely buy anything from them but always like to look anyhow.

Susan -- How fun to win the door prize! I hope it is something you can use and enjoy. :yes: I will keep my positive vibes coming your way that your sewing machine is fixed and back home soon. Working for WW will be something to look forward to; I'm sure they appreciate your help.

"Gma" -- :congrat: on another pound gone forever! I'm so glad the po had your book! I wish I lived close enough to wrap your gifts for you. ;) The shirts sound like Jackson will really get a kick out of them. Both Ian and Kolby like the shirts with pictures and sayings on them.

Maggie -- I will be curious to find out what your weather is doing today. :D Your menu for your guest sounds like a plan in the making for sure. I know you will enjoy using your new bow. I tried that once in a college gym class; my aim wasn't very good. :o

I need to get busy. I have a hard time starting anything once I've been gone from home in the morning. Why is that? Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

12-04-2013, 08:21 AM
Good morning all. It is going to be very warm today then wham on Friday freezing temps and ice. UGH, dreading that for sure.

The kids will be here this afternoon and am excited to see them. Haven't seen them since Jackson's bday in June. He is growing so fast and getting so darn tall so I guess he will be his dad all over.

I got the dreaded Christmas presents wrapped last night, at least Jackson's. I still have Tom's parents to do at the last minute because it is refridgerator stuff and all of Thomas's, but since his stuff was much more expensive, there are only a few gifts.

I am going to finish the downstairs cleaning by dusting today and finish the hat I tore out and am redoing. My niece has a lot of hair and I was concerned it would be too tight so I ripped it all out and started over with a new pattern that has more stretch to it for her. I will try and get the stuff mailed next week after the bad weather goes away. It is supposed to last all weekend so that means going to the commissary in bad weather. I live in the south not to have to deal with this, but seems every year we have at least one bad event.

Jean: How is your weather? Sounds like the people in the north are getting snow and cold, cold weather and we are getting freezing rain turning it all to ice. I sure hope we don't lose power.

Another week almost gone. Have a great day today. Faye

12-04-2013, 02:51 PM

It is rather chilly here in the ♥-land with the high only expected to reach 33° today with a low of 10°. There is nothing I need to go outside for except to attend Bible study this evening. However, after while we will go see how the buffalo are doing for we do try to visit them every day.

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. We have a scallop of snowflake lights in the front picture window and little lights on a Fica tree and the glass village all lit up. I have some little decorations to put on the glass houses and a small glass Christmas tree to put on the shelf. I make it look quite festive. If we ever do just live in the motor home and travel I will have to give up my glass village and just keep a couple of the buildings. I think if I only kept two buildings it would be the big white house with blue roof and fenced in balcony and the barn that sits next to it. Surely I could find a place in the MH to have them out during the holiday and packed away during the other months. I can also keep the little glass Christmas tree that I bring out this time of the year. It has pretty small glass balls and toys to hang on its upturned tips of the branches :yes: After all Will “is going to retire” some day. I am going to do some more decorating today. I plan on doing some but not a whole lot. Nothing down low that Cecil can reach. He is already interested in the lights in the Fica tree. Wait till I put some tensile on it and see what he does or maybe I should just leave it off. I love this time of year. Cecil jumped on his shelf below the big window and tired to reach the decorations hanging there at the top but couldn’t quite reach them. He is so funny for after we dust the tables in the front room he has to walk all over them to inspect what we have done. Anything that gets changed in “his house” needs to be inspected.

DONNA FAYE Have loads of fun with your family. No matter where you live there is always some weather that is annoying. Even in beautiful Hawaii. Even when we travel we want good weather but sometimes it just doesn't work out that way. We get surprises sometimes.

JEAN I certainly wouldn't want to be in your archery class if your aim was not good. :D It just takes some practice and you can improve your aim. I was really quite good back then and hopefully what I learned will all come back. I have a nice place to practice.

Have a great afternoon my friends. :wave:
Always remember ~ A setback is only a setup for a comeback.

12-04-2013, 04:01 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We got up to ice but no snow this morning. Every school around us started late except us, and we should have. The side streets were ice covered although the highway was clear. It's cloudy, windy, and cold again today. It was 30 degrees when I went downstairs this morning and 19 now; it's heading down to 4 tonight. :brr: I spent the morning at the gift shop, Bob came in for lunch, and I stopped in to see Bob's secretary who had her knee replaced Monday. I have bell practice later this afternoon.

"Gma" -- I hope your family arrives safely. :yes: From the sounds of the weather I think the worst of it was north of us in Minnesota. I'm sorry you had to redo the hat but know you will have it done in no time. The scarf turned out so pretty. I love the stitch pattern.

Maggie -- Your decorations sound very nice. :) Sonny has done some chewing on the tree as the green evidence of needles is on the floor. I'm sneaking up on the rest of my Christmas decorating. After seeing and hearing what some others do, I really don't do a whole lot. Each year it seems like I get less out; I figure then there is less to put away and get back to "normal" afterwards.

I need to work on the Christmas tree. The fairies didn't do much while I was gone this morning. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the day and evening. :wave:

12-05-2013, 06:40 AM
Good morning all. I have the fans running this morning because it is warm here, but temps are going to plummet today and the rain is going to start. I really dread what we are going to wake up to in the morning. I just hope that nitwit mayor gets the trucks out very early overnight to sand and salt so there aren't a bazillion accidents. People here have no clue about driving on dry land let alone hazardous.

We had a lovely time with the kids last night. Jack and I sat at the end with the boys and I cracked up at Jackson all night. He has such hero worship for Thomas and can drive him nuts, but Thomas takes it in stride bless his heart. We laughed a lot and had good food. I had shrimp, broccoli and salad last night and skipped the baked potatoe and such, but succumbed to some of their croutons, which were actually very small squares of garlic bread. I haven't been eating white bread at all so I thought maybe my blood sugar might be up, but I tested it and it is fine so no harm no foul except for the calories.

I am going to wrap up my cleaning today. We have the marathon early on Saturday and Saturday night will be Christmas for Jackson. He was hilarous last night as I was talking to them about having wrapped his presents but that Thomas's were on the floor in the dining room yet to be wrapped. Jackson got up and came over to me and leaned over and said, "Tell me what you got him." I told him no way that he would blab right away. He told me to tell Thomas what I bought Jackson and I told him the same thing but I said I trusted Thomas to keep his mouth shut more. Thomas laughed and told me he could probably keep from telling a couple days. :lol:

We talked about Thomas's girlfriend last night. They canceled the holiday dance on Friday because of the expected weather. Her name is Bronwyn and there was this big discussion of her name. He had writing on his hand and his granddad ask him what it was and he said phone numbers. Of course Jack teased him that they were girls numbers and he said, "Actually, no they're not, but they would be up my arm if it were girls." That's my boy a lover not a fighter. :lol: :lol:

Maggie: When Butterscotch was a kitten, one year before we decorated our fake tree, he climbed the trunk and was sitting on the top of it. I took a picture and won a contest with it. You probably woke up to nasty weather this morning. I know they are saying lower Indiana is expected to get around 10 inches of snow.

Jean: I am almost done with the hat. I just have the decreases to do, sew it up and block it. I have a pile of stuff on the chest freezer being blocked or drying as I washed all the stuff I have knitted lately together yesterday with some clothing, but took them out before putting stuff in the dryer. I hope your weather doesn't get any worse, though your part of the country is used to it and handles it better than ours.

Have a great day everyone. Jack should be up soon so I am going to just sit and knit. Faye

12-05-2013, 11:20 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The Weatherbug says it is 3.5 degrees -- never heard of a half degree before! It also says there is no wind, but the flag across the street is blowing straight out. Hmmm . . . . The sun is shining so that's a plus after a couple of gloomy cloudy days. Bob is off to Sioux Falls with his farmer friend so won't be home until later this afternoon. They are picking up "something" to help with field erosion/washout along a stream. I am home all day today and plan to enjoy my furnace running!

When I visit my three favorite sites that require a password, on my iPad, it makes me put in my email and password each time, even though I have them bookmarked. Annoying to say the least! :tantrum: I need to make a visit to the store and see if they can help fix it since I sure have no clue.

"Gma" -- I am happy to share some cooler weather with you! ;) I hope the temperature stay high enough so you don't have to worry about ice for the race. I don't think we have anything but cold predicted for the next few days. I'm glad you enjoyed your evening with your family last night. Kids to provide the entertainment! The kids up here write phone numbers on their hands too. I've even seen them do it with permanent markers so they won't wear off as fast. :rolleyes:

I do need to work on the tree and get those boxes back downstairs. Hope you all enjoy a terrific Thursday today, and stay warm! :wave:

12-05-2013, 03:43 PM

Yes folks it is cold here this day in the ♥-Land with the temp at 12°s and “feels like” -2° with the highest temp to reach today being 19°.

Will was on the local TV station this morning dressed in his Santa suit talking about the upcoming festivities that the museum is doing for the children including a nice hay ride on a wagon drawn by horses. While there 5 employees wanted to have their picture taken with Santa. The head TV guy even lined up to have his picture taken. Will is down at the museum now for his day there.

In the news today I read an interesting article about a study done at MIT by psychologist Stephanie Shattuck-Hufnagel. None of the volunteers could do it making it to be the toughest tongue twister ever. See if you can say this 10 times quickly ~ pad kid poured curd pulled cod.

I am going to order a couple charms for my bracelet today. One is a fully functionally telescope which is 1¼” when closed and the other is a small ¾” coin shape that has the saying by Winston Churchill on it which is Never, Never, Never Give Up. I am removing the motor boat since we have nixed the idea of getting one of those so I don’t need to keep it on the bracelet. It is over by the shotgun, bow & arrow and the fishing pole with two little fishes on it. I can put the one with the saying with the tag that has my name on one side and FOCUS on the other or beside the one that says BELIEVE. It will all work out.

For Will’s main Christmas present I am having him order which metal detector made by Garrett that he wants. When it comes to something like this I want him to get the model he wants so he needs to know what he is getting. No surprise there. He is getting me that take down bow and so there is no surprise there either. But for a surprise I am ordering a set of Pig Tail Food Flippers for Will that I can wrap and put under the Fica tree. They say that they are quicker and easier to use than tongs, forks, and spatulas. They come in a wood storage box and have hardwood handles and stainless shafts. One is 12” and the other is 19” so he should have fun using them. During the summer while at one of the portable BBQ places here in town one of the men were using them and Will was impressed by how they worked. So I put that in the back of my mind to find him some and did in a catalogue called “Acorn.” I have not seen them anywhere else. Anyway I have got some calls to make today and order some “stuff.”

I got a good laugh when making my orders. That pig tail BBQ tool was no longer in stock at Acorn so I found one on line and bought it. What is a hoot is that it didn’t come in a box so it was half the price without it. It was just a simple wooden box and if Will wants a box for them he can easily build one. All the other items were in stock so I am set for the “small stuff” for the wrapping. I can hang those two tools on the area where the other BBQ tools are.

JEAN I have never heard of half degrees in weather either. Not even in the collage class I took on weather. That must be something new in their measurements. Stay in and stay warm.

DONNA FAYE What fun you had such a good time with the kids. Kids are so cute about secrets. Cats are notorious for climbing Christmas trees. Our little Fica tree isn't much of a climb and Cecil just gets on the table where it sits and looks up at it. We only got a little skiff of snow ~ just got the cold weather.

Have a great afternoon/evening my friends. :wave:
Always remember ~ A setback is only a setup for a comeback.

12-06-2013, 08:59 AM
Good morning. It is :brr: here today. Wind chill is 17 at the moment but it is supposed to dip even more, start raining and up to half inch of ice but night. We decided to skip the marathon tomorrow as it could be too dangerous for me to walk around and too cold. I feel bad for Thomas, but I certainly don't want to end up in the hospital with a blown out knee or broken leg or something. I will give him a big congrats on Saturday night when we get together for dinner and slip him some money as a congrats present. ;)

I got my Christmas cards so will start putting on addresses and get them mailed next week sometime. I want to get Christmas stamps first and I am not leaving this house until Saturday night and only from my house to the garage and then Kelly's driveway to her garage to get inside her house.

Nothing much going on here today. I went with the kids yesterday for lunch then went with Jackson to see Frozen. It was a cute movie.

Jean: You just keep your temps. Mine are as bad as I want them to become. I am ready for my 50's and 60's temp back. Jean, go into tools on your internet page, then internet options, then into privacy then make sure your cookies are allowed. This should solve the problem with the sign ins all the time. If you have your virus protector on your ipad, when it does a scan sometimes it clears your cookies and you have to log in and I have had my computer change stuff too so try that before you have to go to the store.

Maaggie: I am sure Will had a great time being santa on tv. It is always fun to shop for Christmas for people you know.

Have a great weekend. I had to start my dil's mittens again so want to get it going. Faye