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11-25-2013, 12:13 PM
Hello there everyone. I discovered an odd way to ask your body what it wants to eat that seems to be directly linked to current nutritional needs and have nothing to do with what you think of the food item, how it tastes, whether you think it's healthy, or how nostalgic you are about it. I've experimented with it for over a year myself. Recently I've shared it with a few people, one healthy, one physically and digestively ill, and one on medication for psychological issues. All results have returned the same. It works for all of them the same way. Could I get anyone here to try the method, see what happens, and post the results?

Picture eating something. Anything. Focus on your digestive system. See if you can feel a pull somewhere between your mouth and your tummy. Describe the pull, where it is, where it's pulling towards, what you feel. Is it in your throat? Is it in your stomach? Does it make you want to exhale? Does it pull down or up? It sometimes takes a repeated doing this before you get an exact response. Try food items of different types; natural, processed, meats, veggies, fruits, breads, cookies, coffee, what ever you want to test.

Please post the results. When there are enough results I'll explain what I've found they mean, if no one else figures it out I suppose. :-)