WW Food and Point Issues - Weight Watchers says I'm losing too fast

11-25-2013, 06:49 AM
So today when I weighed in, I got the "you're losing too fast" message. Then the points tracker lowered my points to 33. I adjusted them myself back to 35, but what suggestions do you have for me? I am eating all my daily points and almost all my weekly points. I'm not reaching my targets for dairy, but I'm working on adding these back into my day. I am eating 1 or 2 pieces of fruit a day and I am reaching my targets for fats.

This is only my 4th week on the program, so hopefully it is just a hiccup. I didn't have a big loss the first week I was on the program. The biggest loss I've had in one week was 3 pounds.

Thanks for the help!


11-25-2013, 06:28 PM
Stick with the number WW gave you-33. You won't have huge losses like that every week.

01-01-2014, 04:03 AM
Wow, you're doing well, you should be proud! You're obviously doing something right. I noticed that my weight loss at first was big numbers, then as the weeks went by they dropped lower, so I wouldn't be too concerned at this stage. If you're hungry, then go back to 35 points and see if you still lose, if not, then adjust to the lower number. Great work!