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07-04-2003, 10:33 AM
Welcome to our little corner of the world.
You have found a wonderful, supportive group of people.
We like to keep an upbeat attitude; Try to find some humor in each day.
Focus on your plan. Be honest; Don't blame other people and other things when we hit a bump in the road; ... And we DO all hit them at some time.
Remember, you have the power to make things happen in your life, to make some changes. Remember also, "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten."
Please join us in our journey to weight loss and good health.

07-04-2003, 11:11 AM
I thought that since I started a new thread, (the other one was getting a bit long and difficult for some to get to) I should make the first post to kind of kick start things.

I got up about 7 AM and soooo wanted to do my exercises, but I've got kids sleeping on couches and in sleeping bags on the floor, etc.
Guess I'll have to wait till they wake up, then I'll do my WATP tape. I can always do the exercise bike later. Curves isn't open today, so that's out.

I had a really good breakfast of Bran flakes and fresh strawberries.
I had to laugh at one of my granddaughters last night. I was cleaning fruit for my fruit bowl and as I washed and layed the strawberries on paper towels to absorb the moisture, she was picking them up and eating them, all the while chatting away with me. As she picked up about the twelvth one, she said, ,"Grandma, I'm eating these before you even get them in the bowl". Pretty soon they'll all be gone!" She's 7 years old. I said, " That's OK sweetheart, you have as many as you want, they're good for you, and there's more where those came from."
She said, " You've got even MORE of them?!? Oh good!"
How I treasure those moments with these grandkids!

I see it stormed here again during the night, and the weather channel says possibly some more, and severe ones today. I'm not looking forward to an afternoon at an outdoor get together in stormy weather. Maybe it will clear up by 3 PM when this thing starts.

WELCOME 2CUTE!! Please join us often and regularly! I love this group of people and you will too, I just know it.
My deepest sympathy in the loss of your father. I know from cruising around the threads that you've had a hard time of trying to keep up with everything going on in your life, and it can't be easy to concentrate on your weight and health besides. But, that's just when we NEED to take extra care of ourselves. I know you're a strong person just to have kept up with everything, but, take some YOU time now.
I think you're so very right to take a lesson from how your Father lived his life. He was active. What a wonderful feeling it would give him to know he left you that legacy. ATTITUDE! It makes all the difference.
I have no doubt that you'll make your 10 pound goal for July, and I'm right here cheering you on every day!

Angel, I'm so glad you're feeling better!
I just drink regular green tea that I buy in the grocery store. I sometimes go to a local health food store and buy the loose leaf tea and put it in a tea leaf holder to brew it, but more often I make sun tea. I have a 1-quart pitcher with a snap-on lid and I fill that with warm water and put 5 tea bags in it and set it in the sunshine for the day. After I take out the tea bags, I refrigerate it. I also, (when I have more leisure time) make it fresh, a cup at a time with boiling water. My mother was a tea drinker, and I used to like having a little tea with her. She used to tell me that milk and sugar made tea taste like medicine, and to this day, I drink it straight. :D
I also love fresh coffee and used to drink it by the pot, but my stomach argues back if I drink too much of it now days, so I only have a cup or two on a weekend very rarely.
I've heard recent reports that green tea is suppose to be beneficial in many ways for a persons health. One is to fight cancer, and recently they have been saying it is thought it is also beneficial in aiding in weight loss.

Angel, you have a great attitude, and I just know you're going to lose that last 15 pounds and probably not with as much difficulty as you think. I hope, however that the green tea helps. I'm wondering though, if you'll acquire a taste for it. If not, there ARE green tea capsules in health food stores. Don't know if they're as beneficial as the fresh brewed though.

Gotta grab a rare (for me) cup of coffee and read e-mails.
If I don't get back today, everybody please have a safe and happy holiday.

07-04-2003, 03:36 PM
http://home.att.net/~scorh2/Card7.jpg WILLOW....that was such a cute story about your granddaughter!! http://www.cartooncottage.com/images/funnysberry.gif I let my grandchildren get away with more than my children did! They often remind me of that, too.LOL

Thanks for the info. I think you're right about me acquiring a taste for it. Knowing how I am on that, I think I'll find the capsules. I do think it's worth a try. I AM going to lose the rest of my weight. I've come too far, not to. It just may take awhile.

Went off diet, just a little today....but not too bad. Gotta go to the station for awhile this evening. When I get back, DH & I will eat watermelon. http://www.cartooncottage.com/images/funnymelon.gif I love it! I'll put what we don't eat in a bowl, cut up & ready to nibble on through the week. Making myself hungry.....

Gonna go get ready to leave....hope all have a nice day.http://home.att.net/~scorh2/Animation2j.gif

07-04-2003, 06:56 PM
Hello ladies. Happy 4th of July !!
I don't have time to post right now.... but I wanted to thank you for the welcome.
willow... I agree with you 100% ... Attitude is Everything !!!
And an attitude of gratitude is a great place to start. :)

Angel-lover.... I enjoy your cute additions. I used to be much more elaborate ... but now I pretty much just post. LOL
I was spending way to much time on the computer. So I not only appreciate how cute they are... I also appreciate the time and effort involved adding them.

Got to run. My daughter and I are hard at work outside in this heat
I was just taking a quick break... but it has already stretched into a long one. :o LOL

07-05-2003, 01:00 AM
Well, I had a heck of a day! A very busy one!
After I made breakfast for the grandkids who stayed overnight last night, I picked up all their stuff and packed it away in duffel bags, then cleaned up the dining room and did dishes. As I was finishing that, some of the boys came in, and one had his 2 sons with him and they were going to go ride their bikes around the lake. 5 1/2 miles. These boys are 9 and 6 years old, and they are more than full of energy. They live about 3 hours away from here and brought their bikes in the back of the truck with them.
So, I made toast and peanut butter and glasses of milk for them before they went on their bike ride.
Then a DIL came, and it just kept going and going. After about 4 hours, I was still in my PJ's, and I grabbed the paper and sat down to read for a few minutes. By that time my son and his 2 boys were back from their bike ride. So, altogether I had about 7 of the grandkids here.
All of a sudden, they all came upstairs, eyes like golf balls, and said that there was a toy car and a battery burning in the microwave downstairs. :yikes: My son ran downstairs and sure enough, there it was, burning away. By then we could begin to smell it upstairs.
He turned off the microwave and got the fire out inside of it.
He carried the microwave outside and opened windows to air things out. This is an old microwave that I put downstairs just to make bags of popcorn when someone is watching movies or something, and it isn't even plugged in unless I use it, then it gets unplugged again.
Then he got all the kids together in the living room, and of course, the first question was, " who put the toy car and the battery in that microwave?!?" All 7 of them, batting their eyes like toads in a hail storm, went right down the line, saying, "not me!!"
Then he said, " who plugged the microwave in and turned it on?"
In unison they all said, "Logan" and pointed at my 6 yr. old grandson. I felt sorry for him. He was just beginning to realize how serious it was. My son took them all downstairs and had a long talk with them, and Logan came upstairs and said, "I'm sorry Grandma. My Dad is going to sell my new bike so I can buy you a new microwave." OMG! I almost cried. :cry: He was so sincere! I told him that wasn't necessary, because I know he didn't know that he could have died from that. I asked him if he knows now why he shouldn't have done it, and then I said I was just happy that they didn't get hurt. So, now the poor kid doesn't have to worry about losing his new bike! Poor little guy! He is so blasted cute too! Curly hair and big brown-hazel eyes.

I finally got my shower about noon.

People just kept coming in and eating all day until about 3 when everyone went to the party. I didn't go, and that's a long story. I will just say that the weather was too hot and sticky for me.
I needed to be by myself for a while too.

I never did get any exercise today.

And tomorrow I'm making a brunch for everybody, so I'll have a busy morning again. Weather is suppose to be nice tomorrow though.
I'm making scrambled eggs, sausages, cottage fries, toast, baked chicken with bar b que sauce, italian pasta salad, a huge fruit bowl and a spice cake.
We'll see how I do with food choices. Or, rather, with AMOUNTS.

So, 2cute, are you all set for your yard sale? That's a tedious job, marking everything, isn't it? If it was as hot today where you are as it was where I am, I don't envy you the job you had. It was so sticky here.

Angel, did you sing at the station today? That's cool.
I also have a big bowl of watermelon cut up, besides my fruit bowl. I love fruit. I layered my fruit bowl with half-slices of oranges, red grapes, cantaloupe, strawberries and green grapes.

I was just watching Wanda Sykes on COMEDY CENTRAL, and I think she is one of the funniest people I've ever seen. I always laugh so HARD when I watch her. She definitely gets me in a good mood. I think it's so healthy to laugh those deep belly laughs. Don't you just feel so much better afterwards?
I wonder if she writes her own material, or if she has writers. She sure pulls it off as though it is just coming into her mind for the first time as she speaks. Oh my gosh! My stomach hurts from laughing.
See everyone later!
Sheila, Sue and Puss, I hope you're having a great weekend. Take care!

07-05-2003, 01:30 AM
Hidey Ho Ladies .... I just assumed you are all ladies... are there any gentlemen in your group??
Willow... yes my daughter and i worked hard all day setting up the garage sale. And yes... it was HOT here. 97 degrees but heat index was 107 !!!!
Trust me... if I did not HAVE to have this sale... I wouldn't be. LOL
We are buying a newer house and we have lived here for 23 years .... so we have accumulated a LOT OF JUNK !!!!
We set up the garage today and filled it up full of junk to sell.
Each Monday I am hauling off what is left over and dragging a new batch out for the next weekend. I will be busy sitting out in this July heat all month. :(
We are closing on the new house on the 16th or 18th ... but we have a LOT of work to do on it before we move in. Painting the entire inside, plus new carpet and new counter tops too. We made them come down a LOT to cover all of these expenses ... but we love the main layout overall. It will be August before we will be able to move in. Hopefully by then I will have gotten rid of a TON of junk... and I not move it over to the new house. I just wish we had found this house in the spring instead of the heat of summer.

My food was good all day ... until 10pm.
Then while watching fireworks we all said we wanted a good old fashion HOT DOG. LOL
We hopped in the car and set out to fullfill our fantasies. LOL And boy was it good. :T
It was worth every point, calorie, carb and pound I might gain from it. There is nothing like a good hot dog on THE 4th of July !!!

07-05-2003, 06:37 PM
http://members.shaw.ca/Sunburn_69/diddle.gif Hey.....I'm finally back!........We had a great day at the TV station, & grand opening of the Radio Station! I was supposed to sing, Willow.....but I really wasn't up to it. Vey hot day, (about 97) & the way I'm feeling these days....didn't want to push it. I am feeling better, but very fatigued. So, I stayed inside, where it was cool. Mostly gave tours.

Willow.....that was so cute about your grandchildren!! I know it must have been a long, tiring day. If you're like me, though, after they're gone, the house is too quiet, for awhile.

2cute2BFat.....Thanks so much for the appreciation, & compliments. Yes, it is a lot of work. Sometimes, I search until I find what I want, only for it to not work in the forum. I'm sure you know about that, though. It does take up a lot of time on the computer. With my circumstances, though, it helps to give me something to do. Our house is being built back (very slowly, I'm afraid), from a housefire. We're in a small camper by our house. So, there's little for me to do. The computer has helped me keep my sanity! http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/mica/compute.gif

Hope you have lots of luck with your yardsales. I know you'll be glad to get into your new house.

Talk to you all later.

07-05-2003, 09:01 PM
Hi, all--

Sounds like everyone had a great holiday. Willow, what a packed house you had--what great fun, and pretty tiring, too. I can understand why you needed some alone time after that.

Angel-lover, glad you had a good time at the grand opening, I'm sorry you couldn't sing, but you know your body best and it's good that you know when not to push yourself.

2Cute--heat and humidity. Yuck! We went through hot dog mania yesterday, too. Both newspapers had articles on hot dogs and, although we almost never eat them, the power of suggestion was too great. And, hey, a hot dog now and then can't be all that bad.

We had a low-key 4th of July. In fact, it was so low-key that I didn't watch any fireworks except for the ones that people were shooting off in the area. I got hooked by the Mystery channel yesterday and ended up watching Prime Suspect.

I learned that my oldest dog isn't as deaf as I thought she was. She used to have terrible anxiety around July 4, but last year she didn't seem to hear the firecrackers going off. Of course, last year we lived in an area where we had air conditioning so the house was all closed up, and we usually kept the radio up loud. That never worked that well, but with some hearing loss, it certainly helped. This year, we live in an area where the windows were wide open last night (otherwise we would have suffocated!) and, although I tried to drown out the noise, she heard them and got terribly upset. She tried to squish herself into the area between my nightstand and bed, which, if she was a toy poodle might have worked. But she's a 40 lb. Aussie/Husky so the back half of her was sticking out. She wouldn't go out to potty either--luckily she lasted through the night.

Today we did more yard work, but not the heavy construction we've been doing. There is SO much to do it's going to take us years, or at least that's what it feels like. We planted a couple of vines on the trellises we built a couple of weeks ago, I weeded, and we cleared blackberry vines and other nasty things out in the back "jungle." I'm going to try and work on putting pea gravel in the dog's fenced in area later after I rest up.

It hasn't been a very good food week for me. But I'm doing good today, and I feel like I'm back on track.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

07-06-2003, 01:57 AM
I started cooking at 8 AM today and didn't finish until about 10:45. Just as I finished, they started arriving. It was a very nice day today, and everything went pretty smoothly.

The grandkids were here for the majority of the day, and the Moms and Dads left at different times for various reasons, and the grandkids were just sooo well behaved all day.

After I finished cooking, I didn't really do much after that except wash dishes every little while so they wouldn't build up. And get water paints and color books and stuff like that set up for some of the little ones.
The bigger boys spent most of the day downstairs playing Nintendo and watching movies.

They all went back to the motel this evening to go swimming, and then my youngest son called a few minutes ago and said that they were all going out to my other sons house again, (where the party was yesterday) and asked if I wanted to go. I had fallen asleep in the chair when I sat down to watch TV, so I said "no" I would stay home and get to bed earlier.
I couldn't sleep last night, so I didn't realize it until I sat down, but I'm very, very tired tonight.

They are all coming over in the morning again, but he said not to make breakfast. So, I'm assuming that they are going out for breakfast or else having the continental breakfast at the motel.

I didn't add up my calories for yesterday or today, but I know they both went well over 2000.
I didn't get any exercise in either. Boy, I've sure got my work cut out for myself this next week!

2cute, it sounds like you're going to have an awfully busy summer, getting everything ready for the move, and then actually moving. I have lived in the same house for 34 years, and I suppose I should start getting rid of stuff so when "the" day comes, my kids don't have such a mess to sort through.
It isn't like I'm ever going to use most of the stuff I stored away years ago. Kind of makes you wonder why you stored it away, doesn't it? I'm sure my kids won't want any of it now anymore.

Man, that hot dog sounds good! Even as full as I feel! I loaded up on watermelon this weekend, and I've heard that it's suppose to be one of the highest on the glycemic index. Oh well, better than candy though. Ya just gotta live sometimes!

Angel, you're so very right. After the grandkids are gone, it's too quiet. The silence is deafening! Then I can hear those little voices in my mind. I had to smile when my grandson who is going to be 12 in 5 days talks; His voice is changing, and he has that break in his voice every once in a while where it goes up about 7 octaves in the middle of a word. He's been pretty moody lately too, so I suppose the old hormones are raging around inside and really confusing him.
I'm sorry to hear about your house burning. Was it recently? Is there a lot of damage or is it just that it's just enough that you can't live in it until the repairs get made?
My neighbor had a fire in her house and it was part of 2 rooms, but the smell was throughout the house and they ended up having to replace some walls even on the second story because of the soot and smell being IN the walls.

Sheila, you sure have been one busy girl!

Oh, your poor dog! I feel sorry for her.
We had a big black lab that grew up with my boys, and she was scared of thunder, and one time my neighbor told me the morning after a thunderstorm, that he got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and felt something big, and warm, and furry under his foot, and took a closer look and here was our Tanya, stuck halfway under his bed. My boys had been over there in the evening, and there had been thunderstorms, and they had come home, forgetting that Tanya had been with them, and she was hiding under the parents' bed from the thunder. :lol:
She was the neighborhood pet. She would make the rounds and visit every neighbor on the block.

With all the work you've been doing, and it sounds like hard physical work too, I would think you must be wearing off an awful lot of what you're taking in.

Puss, and Sue, HELLO! Hope you're doing well! Post soon or when you can.

I need to get ready for bed now and hope I can sleep better than last night.

07-06-2003, 07:03 AM
Hi, Everyone, I forgot to wish you all a happy 4th of July but sounds like you all had a good one in different ways. Shiela, were you watching the British Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren? Please be careful doing all that construction work, don't overdo it. As for increased calories - you will need them to fuel yourself during the work. Your dog sounds lovely half husky. When my son was young he wanted a blue eyed husky like the one in the film The Lost Boys. We always said no dogs because hubby's job took us abroad too much so what does he do? Whilst living in Singapore he brings home a hobo cat living rough and it ends up costing us $3000 in vets, airline and 6 month quarrantine fees!!! Not a bad investment though, still got him 9 years on and huge, rugby playing son still adores him and treats it like a baby when he comes home on visits. 2Cute, I was sorry to hear of your father. I lost mine 2 years ago, he was 73 and fit as a flea but a planned surgical operation on abdominal aortic aneurysm went horribly wrong in theatre and we had to switch the support off the next day. He was a fantastic man, devoted to family and such a gentleman in both senses of the word. I found it helpful to think of what he used to say everyday -'life's blooming marvellous, there isn't a soul in the world more content than me'. I used to tease him about being too smug but he said people are not content anymore and don't count their blessings enough. My daughter emailed from Mexico yesterday- she is out there for two months - and said it breaks her heart to see little kids risking life and limb on the highway to sell chewing gum for pesos. Wish i was at your garage sale - we dont have them here like you do. I remember going to a few abroad given by US families - great fun. Willow, i hope you have recovered from your happy but hectic time with all the family at your house. The grandkids sound lovely and so does your son. Poor little Logan, so cute and what a sensible way of handling a lesson to be learned. You took me back with the mention of paints and colouring books! When mine were little hubby used to say what was the point in decorating the breakfast room with expensive wallpaper when all I did was cover it all with the kids' 'artistic treasures' ha ha. I still have them all - ladies with green hair etc up in the attic. My mother went back home yesterday after two and a half weeks and although she didn't manage to wean off the anti-depressants (it made her tinnitus much louder) we both enjoyed the visit. This is a turn in our relationship because we talked about things which have up to now been buried. Dad was really the care giver and my mother's relationship with my brother and I has mostly been uneasy and often difficult. It has taken a long time to be told she loves me - almost 50 years - but I feel we are on a much stronger footing than we have ever been. She was so frank in her assessment of her mothering to us that I felt sorry for her and put a lot of the resentment and hurt to rest. So, although she didn't manage to reduce doses etc we achieved far more really. God, sorry, this is sounding like that new satellite programme we get from you called Dr Phil (which my mother enjoyed by the way). Hubby came back from Scotland two days ago so this household is back to normal - whatever that means!! Sorry this is so long but there was some catching up to do and I hope to be back to my daily posts from now on. Oh, yes, another two pound loss this week - total of 13lbs in 5 weeks you picked me up, Willow. Am now in a size smaller and bought a lovely pin stripe trouser suit for work to celebrate. Don't know if I will make my goal for the 15th though, may be a pound or two over but the goal was not the final goal anyway - still have about 10lb over that after this one- this is not making sense to you ladies, i am sure. Well, must go and give you ladies a rest from my blathering but just to say that I am back and it's been lovely reading all the posts even though I didn't have the time to join in. Sue - where are you madam??? And IsaBlue???

07-06-2003, 07:16 AM
Angel, I didn,t mean to miss you out!! It's been so long since I posted that I had to make little notes about what you have all been up to recently and you were squeezed in between Willow and Sheila and you were so tiny in there I missed you, so sorry. Are you feeling better now after not feeling up to singing? You must feel like a displaced person not being able to move back into your house after a fire. I can think of nothing worse than fire - hope you are back into your house soon. Where in your body do you suffer your arthritis? My mother was diagnosed with Osteo arthritis in the spine years ago but it is her knees which cause her problems - she has had a few cortisone injections in them which help but I believe you can only have so many. I have been meaning to compliment you on your characters, I have never seen such goods ones before, I wouldn't know how to do them apart from the ones on here. Again, sorry you were left off the post - you were on my notepad. xx

07-06-2003, 09:35 AM
Good morning, everyone. Couldn't sleep...finally got up at 5:30 & got on computer. Glad I did...several posts!

Sheila.....Your poor dog!! http://www.cartooncottage.com/images/fluffpupread2.gif I can just vision it being so scared. I was thinking....if it is very hard of hearing, then heard all of that.....it must have been some shock! Hope it's not as hot there, as it is here while you're doing you're yardwork.http://www.spacespider.net/emo/chores_gardening.gif

Hi Willow....yes, I remember my grandson's voice changing (he just turned 14). It was funny to all of us....but we didn't make over it, because it sure wasn't funny to him. Like you said, very moody. Now, his voice is lower than any man in the family! I hardly ever know who I'm talking to when he answers the phone. http://www.emotipad.com/emoticons/Mobile%20Phone.gif Thanks for the concern about my house. (I'm sorry....I honestly don't mean to moan & groan about everything!) It burnt the kitchen & diningroom completely. The remainder of the house & most of the contents were ruined.......between smoke & water. It happened November 2nd. We're hoping to be living in it by winter. The inside won't be finished, but maybe enough to get by. We had planned to remodel....so going ahead with that. Therefore, it's taking longer than it normally would. We didn't have enough money from insurance to contract all of it, so my husband is having to do most of the work alone.....some days someone helps. We had a rough time with ins., ended up having to hire a lawyer...& still didn't really get enough. They found every loop hole they could. I could write a book on what we've been through....with the insurance, alone! Oh, & yes, our walls & ceiling were ruined with smoke & water....everything inside house is now stripped.

Hi Fatpuss.....you don't have to apologize. I enjoy reading all of the posts anyway. Not just to me. Of course, enjoy when you do post to me!http://www.click-smilies.de/sammlung/mittelgrosse/medium-smiley-011.gif Yes, I feel very lost without my house. I miss having my furniture & things around. Most of all, my angels! I've been collecting angels for 10 yrs....all kinds....from different places, & friends. Some of them were ruined....but a lot can be cleaned, with a lot of patience, & time. You know, I always felt bad for people who experienced a housefire, but I really didn't understand the feeling of having one. The saying "it's like a death". It really is. It's the death of the way of life you once knew. It doesn't matter how nice the house is made afterwards, it's not the same house. We've lived here 14 years. Our oldest grandchildren are 14. We have 11 (yes, 11) grandchildren, & this is the only house they remember. It's been really hard on all of them. They all had to take some "last walks" through the house, before work started on it. That was heart wrenching!

Anyway, on to another subject. You ask about my arthritis. I have OA mostly in my back, from a car accident in '83. It put me on disability at the age of 34. I've been through all kinds of treatments. Steroid shots, therapy, meds, etc. I'm able to bare it , with meds, & watching what I do. I also, have RA.......that's what's getting to me, BIGTIME. It happened so fast, & got so bad, it was scary. I'm on Methotrexate & take Remicade treatments for it. That helps a lot.

Thanks for the compliments on my images. I had to go through a lot to teach myself this computer, especially little things like that.LOL I really enjoy it, though. I was afraid they might annoy some of you, at first. But all of you have made me feel good about them. As long as I have something like that to do(searching & loading), I'm not thinking about life's problems. Which I've really told in this post.

Sorry, all........didn't mean to post such a long one......guess I just needed to talk to someone this early morning! Thanks for listening to my whining.http://www.click-smilies.de/sammlung/mittelgrosse/medium-smiley-014.gif

07-06-2003, 11:23 AM
I'm baaaaaaack! Haven't turned on my computer in a couple days. Just too doggone hot. Too cheap to turn on the AC I guess. Or too frugal. We even took our lounge chairs out on the lawn under the trees yesterday and took a nap in the cool breeze. We didn't intend to take a nap, but it was just such a lazy, hazy day. Finally got the boat on the water this morning. Set the alarm for 5:00am, but by 8:00 it must have been 85 degrees, so we didn't stay out that long. Not even a nibble. Even the fish are too hot to eat :dizzy:
I see a new face - welcome 2cute. And a collective Hello to all. Sounds like everyone had a nice 4th of July. I managed not to pig out this time and :dancer: yes, I did go in the pool. Borrowed an old suit of DIL's since I "forgot" mine. It was so refreshing, even though the water was at 80 degrees.
Maybe this afternoon I can drag DH out shopping in an air-conditioned Mall. There is always something we "need". If we get anything more to go on vacation, we will have to get a tag-along trailer or a bigger vehicle. I thought I had my list pretty well streamlined with things we absolutely could not do without. The cabin we rent has cold running water and a two burner hot plate. I bring a coffee pot, toaster, etc. There is a bathhouse up the road a bit for showers and "real" bathrooms for those who are too uptight to use the little house out back. My GM and GF in Canada had one up until I was around 12 or 13 years old. the best part is no TV, Radio, computer (:( ) telephone etc. August can't get here soon enough. It is after 10:00am and so far I have eaten two pieces of toast and had a cup of coffee. It must be 95. On second thought, what a great diet. Too hot to eat! I think dinner will be some grilled chicken and a tossed salad.
I will try to post a little more often. The rest of you are putting me to shame. The best to all of you. Sue

07-06-2003, 05:09 PM
I was a lazy bones this morning and slept until after 8 AM.

The kids started arriving around 11 AM, and the last ones just left about 1 PM.
They had a lunch here, and thank goodness the food is just about all gone. Only 2 pieces of bar b que chicken left, a few potatoes and some cake. I can put the cake in the freezer until the grandkids come back. My grandbabies didn't want to go home, they all wanted to stay here. I'm going to miss them so much again. :cry:

I got all my dishes done up and now I can finally sit down and take a few moments to post a little bit.

It's rainy here today. Kind of gloomy looking, but, the temps are down just a tad bit. Around 80 degrees.

I need to get my menus done for this coming week. So, that means a couple of hours on FitDay.
I'm looking forward to getting back in the swing of things like I prefer to be.
After a couple of days of a few no-no's I always feel like I've poisoned myself. I didn't do quite as bad this past weekend as I have done in the past, but it's just nice to feel like I'm being healthy.

Puss, I'm sorry to hear how you lost your Father. What a shock it must have been. So wonderful though that you have such good memories that you've kept alive. He sounds like he was a terrific man.

And, Your Mother just may have taken a lesson from watching Dr. Phil. I'm so happy for both you and your Mother, that she has finally softened and talked out the glaring feelings. It just HAS to be beneficial to both of you. Like you said, you can now put it to rest and share that love. I'm so sappy!, I'm getting teary-eyed here thinking about it.
Heck! She just may be able to wean herself off those antidepressants by herself! She and you just had about the best therapy you could have, and you didn't need to pay a therapist for it either. :bravo: for you!!

And you just happen to mention that you lost another 2 pounds this week like it's an afterthought! I'm so very proud of you! Aren't you just doing a happy dance!??! I'm glad you could get yourself something as a reward, and how wonderful that it's in a smaller size!! YESSSSS!! I bet your hubby is liking this too, hey!?

I have scrap books full of pictures and paintings from the kids and grandbabies. Lots of letters and food orders from my oldest granddaughter when she was little and used to play waitress. Yesterday 2 of them each painted a girl in a coloring book, and said it was me. One has pink hair, a gray face, a black top and a yellow skirt.
The other one has mauve hair, a purple face, green eyes and is dressed all in black. The kitty beside her is blue, and the curtains are too. :lol: I treasure these things.

Hey, hey, hey!! Angel! That's not whining! Life has dealt you a couple of nasty blows, and I'm not so sure I would be able to take it as stoically as you do.
Hang in there and things with the house will eventually get done. I know it's got to be hard having to be without all your things, to say nothing of the lack of room.

Well, SUE! Hi, and we missed you. It does sound like you had a wonderfully relaxing holiday weekend though.
Oh, how I wish I could say what you can about not pigging out. Although, I wasn't anywheres near as bad as I've been at other times.
Your upcoming vacation sounds lovely. The only drawback for me would be if the humidity is high. I wouldn't be able to breathe without an air conditioner. You bring back a lot of memories from about 20 to 30 years ago when I used to take the kids camping. We all loved it.
Your dinner sounds delicious!

I better get off of here. I started writing this hours ago, and keep getting interrupted by phone calls etc.

Nice to hear from everyone. Have a great day! See you later!

07-06-2003, 08:06 PM
WILLOW....you MUST have been exhausted!! http://www.emotipad.com/emoticons/Zzzz.gif Otherwise, you would be up at the crack of dawn exercising.http://members.shaw.ca/Sunburn_69/treadmill.gif You know, seems like every kind of day, weatherwise, you have, I have also. Sounds like the same here!:^: I ate way too much over the last weekend! I guess I thought it was some kind of rule! Like that's what July 4th is for! It was all good....just gotta behave myself, now.

Gonna make it short........couldn't sleep last night.http://www.emotipad.com/emoticons/Count%20Sheep.gif

OneDay@ATime.....hope you enjoy your shopping!http://www.dewa.com/animated/new/1money.gif

07-06-2003, 09:08 PM
A map of the obesity trend in the United States since 1985.


07-07-2003, 02:11 AM
Good evening ... or morning. I keep finding myself peeking in and reading here. I don't have the time to add a new group to post in... but you all seem so nice here... I already feel like I am getting to know you.
Boy have we been productive today. :cp: I don't know if I mentioned we are moving soon ??
We took my kitchen apart and got rid of so much !!!!
Some of this stuff I probably NEVER used once in all 23 years living here.
But I also kept a few things I have never used in all 23 years either. :o You just never know when I might need it. :lol: What can I say... :o
Some of the items were wedding gifts... some belonged to my parents.
It just seemed sacreligious to sell items given to my parents for wedding gifts in a garage sale. LOL
I feel sooooo good about getting so much accomplished. :D :D

My food has been okay... but not perfect. I seem to want to reward myself for working so hard. :^:
Today I was sick most of the day. I still worked hard and accomplished a LOT.
My stomach was just on edge all day. It came in waves. Always queezy... but then a wave a pure nausea would take me over. Not fun... but I was too goal oriented to let it slow me down.

I am sooo GRATEFUL for my daughter who came home to help me. She is an angel. :angel: I sure am grateful that my daughter has volunteered to help soooo much. I would be laying in bed crying if it weren't for her. Kicking myself in the butt for even thinking about moving. LOL

Got to get back to work. When I am in one of these productive modes... I better keep it going... because once I am out of it.... who knows when it will hit again. :lol:

07-07-2003, 07:40 AM
I woke up (on my own, no alarm) at 3:15 AM. It was just starting to storm. I hope it cools off, or at least the humidity goes down. I found it harder to breathe this morning. Guess I better get my inhalers out and check the dates on them. The last year or so the asthma attacks and the need for the inhalers has been farther and farther apart, but, I like to keep them up to date, because when I NEED them, I need them right now. Of course I have my nebulizer machine, but can't use that when I'm out and about.

I did my 3-mile WATP tape right away this morning. Now, I'm hoping to ride my exercise bike at least once today, then Curves this evening.

I weighed this morning and was up 4 pounds! Actually, I'm not all that concerned because I think some of it is fluid in my tissues. I didn't drink my water like I should over the weekend and I had some salty foods too. I'll give it a day or so, now that I'm back to a normal life. I even feel kind of bloated.

For breakfast I'm having a cup of Kashi to good friends with a cup of fresh strawberries and a cup of skim milk, with my usual cup of green tea.

I never did get started on my menu's for the week, so I'll do that this morning.

(A couple hours later, ...)OK, got it done now, so will add todays to this.

9 AM;
1 c. cantaloupe

3.75 c. Italian mix veggies
2 tbsp. oyster sauce

4 oz. canadian trout
3 c. Hyvee California Mix veggies
2 tbsp. oyster sauce

Angel, yes, I WAS tired for a couple days there. I usually wake up early and I'd just as soon keep that routine, because when I go back to work, I won't have to get back to that schedule.

2cute, it sounds like you were up burning the midnight oil too. Glad to hear you're getting a lot accomplished. I should be doing the same thing, ... digging into years of ....S-T-U-F-F.

07-07-2003, 08:36 AM
Back to work this morning after a three-day weekend. They are just too short. I never did get to the Mall yesterday, so the money is still in the wallet. My brother and SIL who are visiting at my other sisters called and said "The whole family is coming over for pizza, come on down." Its a 45 minute drive, but what the heck, we don't see them that often. I will pay for that pizza for sure. We all had a great time though. Spent an extra ten minutes on the treadmill this morning and may go on again tonight. I would have stayed longer, but the humidity is unbelieveable. We finally broke down and turned on the AC last night. Enough is enough :flame:
Angel, you never cease to amaze me with just the right image. I feel bad for you about the house fire and the loss of so many possessions. One positive thought: "The best things in life aren't really things."
Good morning Puss, Willow, Sheila and 2cute. Out of time, so I will be back this evening. Have a great day all. Sue

07-07-2003, 09:39 AM
http://www.free4-all.co.uk/assets/images/ThankYouTextFadeOut.gif for the compliment Sue. I ate too much over the weekend also!! Sometimes things like that pizza are just begging to be eaten!!http://www.cartooncottage.com/images/pizza.gif

Willow........better take care of yourself! Don't want you ending up sick....or having more problems than you are! http://www.members.aol.com/teejaw/smilies/SickinBed.gif You probably need some rest, after the big weekend you had.

2cute.........Moving is a big job, http://www.members.aol.com/teejaw/smilies/Phew.gif Glad your daughter came to help you. I have 3 daughters & a son. Don't know what I'd ever do without them! Hope you're feeling better.http://www.emotipad.com/emoticons/Green.gif

07-07-2003, 01:30 PM
Just wanted to say good day to everyone.
I am feeling better this morning... thank you for the thought.
In fact... I still feel motivated to clean and pack even though my daughter has gone back home. So I am not staying and visiting. Hope everyone has a great day.

07-07-2003, 03:00 PM
I found this info on a good site. Recipes with all the nutrition facts etc. There's some advertising on there for sports equip. but I can live with working around that.


Why Drinking Water Really is the Key to Weight Loss
by Maia Appleby
Donít roll your eyes! The potion for losing that excess body fat is all around you. It covers two thirds of the planet. If you eat right and exercise at the intensity, frequency and duration proper for you, but still canít get rid of a little paunch here and there, youíre probably just not drinking enough water.

No need to get defensive. Youíre actually quite normal. Most people donít drink enough water. Most people are also carrying around a few more pounds than they would be if they did drink enough water. If you canít seem to get that weight off, try drowning your sorrows in natureís magical weight-loss mineral. It works, and hereís why:

ďWhat on Earth is 'metabolism', anyway?Ē People use the term all the time, but ask them what it means and youíll get all kinds of answers. Merriam Webster defines it as, ďThe process by which a substance is handled in the body.Ē A little vague, but thatís really all it means.

There are many forms of metabolism going on in your body right now, but the one everyone is talking about it the metabolism of fat. This is actually something that the liver does when it converts stored fat to energy. The liver has other functions, but this is one of its main jobs. Unfortunately, another of the liverís duties is to pick up the slack for the kidneys, which need plenty of water to work properly. If the kidneys are water-deprived, the liver has to do their work along with its own, lowering its total productivity. It then canít metabolize fat as quickly or efficiently as it could when the kidneys were pulling their own weight. If you allow this to happen, not only are you being unfair to your liver, but youíre also setting yourself up to store fat. ďIíve tried it and I couldnít stand it!Ē The problem is that, though many decide to increase their water intake, very few stick with it. Itís understandable. During the first few days of drinking more water than your body is accustomed to, youíre running to the bathroom constantly. This can be very discouraging, and it can certainly interfere with an otherwise normal day at work. It seems that the water is coming out just as fast as itís going in, and many people decide that their new hydration habit is fruitless.

Do take heed , though. What is really happening is that your body is flushing itself of the water it has been storing throughout all those years of ďsurvival modeĒ. It takes a while, but this is a beautiful thing happening to you. As you continue to give your body all the water it could ask for, it gets rid of what it doesnít need. It gets rid of the water it was holding onto in your ankles and your hips and thighs, maybe even around your belly. You are excreting much more than you realize. Your body figures it doesnít need to save these stores anymore; itís trusting that the water will keep coming, and if it does, eventually, the flushing (of both the body and the potty) will cease, allowing the human to return to a normal life. Itís true. This is called the ďbreakthrough point.Ē

One recent finding, as irresponsible as it may be, that caffeine increases the bodyís fat-burning potential has many people loading up on coffee before going to the gym. This finding may hold some degree of truth in it, but caffeine is, in essence, a diuretic, and diuretics dehydrate. Caffeine may increase the heart rate, causing a few more calories to be burned, but this is at the expense of the muscles, which need water to function properly. This isnít doing your heart any favors, either. Itís already working hard enough during your workout. Never mix caffeine and exercise. In fact, your best bet is to stay away from caffeine all together. Itís a big bully that pushes your friend water out of your system.

Water is the best beauty treatment. Youíve heard this since high school, and itís true. Water will do wonders for your looks! It flushes out impurities in your skin, leaving you with a clear, glowing complexion. It also makes your skin look younger. Skin that is becoming saggy, either due to aging or weight loss, plumps up very nicely when the skin cells are hydrated.

In addition, it improves muscle tone. You can lift weights until youíre blue in the face, but if your muscles are suffering from a drought, you wonít notice a pleasant difference in your appearance. Muscles that have all the water they need contract more easily, making your workout more effective, and youíll look much nicer than if you had flabby muscles under sagging skin.

ďEight glasses a day? Are you kidding?!Ē Itís really not that much. Eight 8-ounce glasses amount to about two quarts of water. This is okay for the average person, but if youíre overweight, you should drink another eight ounces for every 25 pounds of excess weight you carry. You should also up this if you live in a hot climate or exercise very intensely.

This water consumption should be spread out throughout the day. Itís not healthy at all to drink too much water at one time. Try to pick three or four times a day when you can have a big glass of water, and then sip in between. Donít let yourself get thirsty. If you feel thirsty, youíre already becoming dehydrated. Drink when youíre not thirsty yet.

Do you think water is yucky? Drinking other fluids will certainly help hydrate your body, but the extra calories, sugar, additives and whatever else arenít what you need. Try a slice of lemon or lime in the glass, or if you really think you hate water, try a flavored water. Just make sure you read the labels. Remember that youíre going to be consuming a lot of this fluid.

Itís probably a good idea to stop drinking water a good three hours before you go to bed. You know why.

ďHow cold should it be?Ē This is debatable. Most experts lean toward cold water, because the stomach absorbs it more quickly. There is also some evidence that cold water might enhance fat burning.
On the other hand, warmer water is easier to drink in large quantities, and you might drink more of it without even realizing it. Do whatever suits you, here. Just drink it!

When you drink all the water you need, you will very quickly notice a decrease in your appetite, possibly even on the first day! If you're serious about becoming leaner and healthier, drinking water is an absolute must. If you're doing everything else right and still not seeing results, this might just be the missing link.

07-07-2003, 07:15 PM
Twice in one day, this may be a record for me :) I actually felt a few sprinkles of rain on my way in from work. Hopefully, things will cool down a bit.

Willow, I went to the Obesity Map and checked out the BMI for my height and weight. The word obese hits you right between the eyes. I never thought of myself like that. Overweight, maybe, but that was a little hard to swallow. I should make a sign with a big "30" and tape it to the fridge. Everytime I saw it, I would think what it means. As for the water, I drink at least 4 24oz bottles a day. Sometimes more. It is so much easier for some reason to just grab a bottle than to get a glass and fill it from the pitcher in the refrigerator. Our tap water is not good at all. I don't make a potty trip in the middle of the night anymore either. Your body seems to adjust.

How is the move coming 2cute? I am such a packrat. Like you, I may "need" it someday. I did start in my closet last night and threw out 13 tops. They were either stained, wrong size, or too ugly to live. Just grabbed and stuffed in a garbage bag in about three minutes. Any longer than that and I would have changed my mind. We are all such creatures of habit. Sometimes you have to ask yourself, "Self, if I died tomorrow, what would my kids do with this?" Some people put things in a box and date it. If it hasn't been touched in another year or two, out it goes. Just think - your new kitchen will have so much more room to put stuff in.

Time to fix some dinner. Stomach is rumbling. It's either that or thunder :dizzy: Have a Good Day/Evening all. Sue

07-07-2003, 07:19 PM
Hi Everyone, 2Cute, it's bound to be an emotional wrench leaving your home after 23 years but the fact that you are doing it shows a forward spirit, you are not clinging on to the past which can sometimes stunt your future happiness. (Gawd, now I am sounding like Dr Phil and I only saw him once on TV!) I know how you feel about your parents stuff, when my dad died my mother and I gave the charity shop 22 (!!) sweaters, mostly brand new and we never saw him in anything other than his two 'comfy' ones for years ha ha. For the past 30 years or more everything my brother and I have bought for them my mother pronounced too good to use and promptly put the gifts up in the attic. When it comes to clearing that out there will be unused electrical items and other stuff which will look like things time forgot! Seriously though, I hope all goes well for you, it must be a time of mixed emotions. Sue, that's my girl, you and hubby having an unscheduled siesta in the garden. Even when my mother was visiting I still got one in at the weekends ha! Your holiday destination sounds divine - I've seen those cabins on TV and always fancied escaping to one for a few weeks. Don't worry about the pizza, probably do you more good than harm once in a while. Angel, I hope you sleep well tonight after a bad one the night before last. Re your insurance company - I was with the same one for 25 years without ever having a claim. My shed was burgled and I claimed for a mower and a few other items totalling less than 150 dollars and they had the cheek to say I could get one replacement item 5 dollars cheaper if I went 10 miles further from my local shop. Changed company after that. Hope your arthritis has eased a little by now, it must be awful to live life in constant pain and i feel for you and Willow. Willow - what a hero, putting that cake back in the freezer after the little ones left! I KNOW

07-07-2003, 07:28 PM
oopS....i must have pressed a key or something - didnt mean to post till the end ha ha and when I tried to continue this was all busy and hey presto....Sue had posted at the same time! I was going to say I KNOW that cake wouldnt have been back in the freezer for me. Don't worry about your 4lb, I have a feeling that even when periods stop, a body still acts like it is due for a period and retains water around the time it would have. Seems that way for my mother anyway. I hope your asthma is better now but it's a shame you woke up so early, your body must have needed the rest when you lay in naturally. Thanks for all the info you post - really interesting stuff. As for hubby being pleased with my weight loss - he's like most men, doesn't mind what size I am "as long as you are happy". Bless him. Little tip I have been using - instead of butter or low fat margarine on sandwiches, use Crosse and Blackwell's low fat salad dressing. Much lower in calories and fat and really tasty. Also, has anyone tried Ryvita in the multi grain varitey? Half the calories of wholemeal bread even though similar in fat ie. 0.7 gms. Not a bit like the old crispbread which was like tasteless cardboard.

07-07-2003, 10:15 PM
http://www.emotipad.com/emoticons/Blackstuff.gifWATER!!!! You know.....I read something a while back about water being the best thing you could use for any problem. Anywhere from weightloss, to fatigue, to fighting cancer, or headaches, etc. Didn't really think about it a lot....til I read that. Enjoyed what you gave us, Willow.....http://incredithemes.50megs.com/images/blinkies/ThanksFlower-HAL.gif

I'm not gonna post a lot tonight...had a weak, fatigued day. I get my Remicade treatment tomorrow. May be able to post tomorrow....or may not. I'll be kind of "out of it". Hope all of you have a great day, & talk to you later.http://www.click-smilies.de/sammlung/mittelgrosse/medium-smiley-092.gif

07-07-2003, 11:20 PM
Hi Everyone!

I feel like I've got a new grip on things.
I got up early and did the 3-mile WATP tape, then late morning I rode my exercise bike for 30 minutes.
Then, mid-afternoon I did the 3-mile WATP tape again, and then I went to Curves for 45 minutes tonight.

I did no formal exercise for 3 days over the weekend, and I was feeling like a slacker, or a slug!

I've been really slugging down the water today too. I could feel that I hadn't been drinking enough.

Sue, I hope that pizza isn't too bad on you. I'm not so bad with pizza as I am with this cheese bread that they make at Little Caesars. I swear, I can eat a whole big order of it myself, if I don't eat anything else. Needless to say, I won't be eating that for a while. I better knock on my head for wood when I say that. Every time I say I'm NOT going to do something, that's just when I find myself doing it. Kind of like my mind is fighting myself.
You know, I have a treadmill, and I just can't seem to make myself like it. I did when I first got it, but now it is soooo tedious! I give you credit for being able to use yours.
I can't imagine how you've held out all this time from turning on your AC, especially if it was anything like it was here. UGH!!
I have a couple of water bottles that I keep filled in the fridge all the time. My tap water is really good.
That obesity stuff really wakes you up, doesn't it? Last week when they weighed and measured me at Curves, they check your body fat percentage with a little computerized machine that you hold in your hands and an undetectable electric impulse measures the amount of body fat you have.
Mine had been 48.50 percent, and last week it had gone down 1.30 percent. It said I had 109 pounds of body fat. That's disgusting, to me. I knew I was fat, but, it really hits you, like you said.

2cute, if you keep on the way you've been going, you'll have the whole house sorted, and packed and ready to move! UFFDA! And in this heat too! I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better today. But, don't over do it.
It had cooled off just a bit here tonight when I went to Curves, so, if there isn't more rain during the night and if it is still not so humid tomorrow, I guess I'll try to get out there early and mow my lawn. That's another 1 1/2 hours of exercise.

Puss, good to see your post!
You're right! I do retain fluids at times, and maybe my body is still cycling in some weird way.
I wish I could lay down and just take a nap when I felt like it, but, with this blasted apnea, I never sleep soundly all night, and naps are the same way. I sometimes am tempted to ask them to try the surgery anyway, even if it is very painful. The only reason I don't is because the Dr said that it doesn't always help anyway.
I wonder if we can get the Crosse and Blackwells LF salad dressing here.
And the Ryvita! Is it a bread or a cracker?
I saw that Wheatabix that you spoke of. Saw it in the health foods aisle of the grocery store.
I'm not quite the hero you think I am. I had a couple pieces of that cake before it went into the freezer. I do feel proud however, that I managed to put it in the freezer without eating the whole thing.

Angel, I see you're hard at work with your gifs. I know that you can download stuff to your computer, but, do you always have to download it to your computer? I mean, can you copy and paste stuff, or does it turn out black and white when you do that? Doesn't it take up a lot of space on your harddrive to download that many? Or do you delete them right away after you use them? I'm kind of mentally challenged when it comes to computers. :lol:
You're right. The best thing you can do for your health, besides exercise is drink good water.
I hope the remicade isn't too harsh on you tomorrow. Please take care and post when you can. Hope it helps you to feel better soon. :grouphug:

I don't see Sheila yet tonight. Hope you're doing well Sheila! Post when you can.

Everybody have a wonderful evening!

07-08-2003, 08:18 AM
I got up at 3:45 this morning and did the 3-mile WATP tape.

I have turned the AC off and have the window open next to where I'm sitting. The birds are chirping and whistling away out there. Sounds like they are saying good morning to me and each other.

It's actually kind of chilly sitting here in my shorty pajamas. The thermometer says 68 degrees. I hope the dew dries off quickly this morning so I can get out there and mow the grass before it gets too hot out.

I just finished my cheerios and cantaloupe and am now having my tea as I type this. MMMMM.

1 c. cheerios
1 c. cantaloupe
1 c. sk. milk

9 AM;
1 fresh orange

3.75 c. Italian mix vegetables
2 tbsp. oyster sauce

1 five-oz. turkey tender with bacon wrap
3 c. California blend vegetables
2 tbsp. oyster sauce

Total Cals. for today = 979

07-08-2003, 06:17 PM
Hi everyone. Willow, the Crosse and Blackwell salad dressing I mentioned is called Waistline (low fat and cals) and the Ryvita is a crispbread which looks like corrugated cardboard but the multi grain variety is lovely. Neither are coming up on FitDay foods so I don't know if you can get them in the US. Danger time for me now - hulk of a son is home from University and there is no filling him and I love to cook for him. Already tonight I had a big bite of double cream topped meringue nest with strawberries - must be those fruits doing it ha ha. Daughter says her friend who is in Mexico has had tummy troubles on and off the last three weeks but she hasn't. She claims its down to strong constitution so I don't like to tell her it's probably because she herself is such a picky eater (she hates tacos) so she is probably skipping 50% of what her friend eats! Another tip i picked up - when dry frying minced beef, even though it may be the best and leanest, drain it in a sieve and wipe the pan out with kitchen paper before continuing with the recipe. It's amazing how much fat the so-called lean mince contains! Hope everyone is well. xx

07-08-2003, 10:57 PM
I had a pretty uneventful day today, actually.
I was going to mow the grass but it rained all morning, and when the sun finally did come out for a while, it was icky out there.

For exercise I did the 3-mile WATP tape when I first got up this morning, then at 11 AM I rode my exercise bike for 30 minutes, then at 2 PM I did the 3-mile WATP tape again, and then this evening I went to Curves for 45 minutes. A total of 169 minutes again.

Foods were good too.

I stopped and got a powerball ticket on my way home from Curves.

I've noticed the last day or so that I can do more reps of the exercises at Curves. Not a lot more, but just 2 or 3 more than I had been doing. Must be getting stronger. :strong:

Puss, I don't think we have that salad dressing here, but I have some crispbread that I just love. The name is Kavli, and it's imported from Norway. It's an all natural, whole wheat garlic flavored crispbread. So thin it nearly melts in your mouth. I'm sure it is in other flavors too, I just prefer the garlic. I like it with salads.
I found a salad that I'm going to make this coming weekend. I found it on HYVEE'S web site. Hyvee is a chain of stores here, and they have some excellent recipes and menu's on their web site.
The URL is; http://www.hyvee.com/default.asp
Then just click on RECIPES, and then type in ALL RECIPES where it says category.
Anyway, this is called SUMMERTIME PORK SALAD, and it looks so easy to make.




It didn't say how many it served, but it must be 4.

Oh my! That dessert sounds delicious just hearing the name of it! I don't think you'll do much damage having a bit of something now and then. You had some goodies when your kids were home before and when your Mother was there, and you've consistently lost weight every week, so you must be doing something right! I truly think we do better if we don't restrict ourselves too much and feel deprived.
I'd rather have a little more to eat and do some extra exercises than to go without some foods completely.
I think I'd like that recipe too, if you wouldn't mind! :)

I wonder if your daughters friend has drank any of Mexico's water. You know, even if they buy their own water, if they have a drink with ice cubes in it, those are made from local water, most likely.

By minced beef, do you mean what we call ground beef, or hamburger?

Hello Sheila, Sue, Angel, Isablue, and 2cute. Hope I didn't forget anyone.
I hope you all have a wonderful evening! See ya later!

07-09-2003, 12:57 AM
Been reading, but haven't been posting for some reason. Sometimes typing is just too much.

Angel-lover, I hope the treatment goes well and that you're feeling better soon.

Fatpuss, I've seen Crosse and Blackwell in the imported stuff at the store here, but have never tried anything--mostly seen jams, I think. Oh, I wanted to tell you that, yes, it was the Helen Mirren "Prime Suspect." I hadn't seen that one--saw some others on Mystery. There are a bunch of British comedies that we like to watch, but we're at the mercy of what public television buys and when they put it on. We love "As Time Goes By," which probably hasn't been on in the U.K. for quite awhile, as well as "Keeping Up Appearances." We watched several episodes of "The Vicar of Dibley" and "Chef," which were both great. Oh, and there was a great show about two older people in a retirement facility. I wish the PBS station where we lived had bought more episodes of them.

That dessert sounds wonderful, by the way. Have no idea what it is, but, boy, it sounds good! :)

Wow! Willow, you've been exercising up a storm--that's great! I'm happy to get about an hour each day. I like to end my day by walking my dogs for about 15 minutes. It's kind of painful for me, but well worth it.

I got back on track after the 4th so I've had four good days of eating right. It feels good to be back in the groove. My dad's birthday is Saturday and we've invited my two sisters (one is coming--won't know about the other one until she does or doesn't show up), my cousin and her husband, and a couple who live about four hours away that my Mom and Dad met at the college football games about 20 years ago. My dad can no longer go to the football games, which he really misses--mostly because of the people, I think. He sat with this couple ever since the first season. I didn't tell him that they are coming so it will be a fun surprise.

So I'm planning on having healthy food, and he likes watermelon instead of cake. But we're going to have a small cake because, well, birthdays just aren't birthdays without cake. So I'm letting myself have one piece. I like to plan my "cheating!"

Good night, all. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

07-09-2003, 07:56 AM
I woke up very early, in fact I only slept a little over 3 hours. I layed there trying to go back to sleep, but I couldn't get there. I finally got up at 3:45 and did the 3-mile WATP tape.
I just finished my breakfast and am drinking my tea.

I've had a recurring pain in my lower left side and lower abdomen for a while now, and I think that's niggling at me too. Guess I'll make an appt. And here we go again, .... :rolleyes:

1 c. Hyvee Bran flakes
1 c. sk. milk
1 c. fresh strawberries

9 AM;
1 c. cantaloupe

3.75 c. Italian Mix veggies
2 tbsp. oyster sauce

4 oz. Canadian Walleye
3.75 c. stir-fry vegetables with asparagus
2 tbsp. oyster sauce

Hi Sheila,
I hear ya about some days there's just not a whole lot to post about. For myself, it helps keep me focused, I think, if I post my foods and exercise.
I keep a journal, but, somehow, I think if it's out there where others can see it, I'm more apt to stay true to myself.

I love all those same British shows that you mentioned. Especially "Mrs. "Bucket' Bouquet".

Yes, I've been exercising more the past couple of days, because I'm trying to play catch up for the 3 days that I had company. Believe me, it won't be lasting long!:D

I bet your Dad is going to be so happy! What a nice surprise! I don't blame you for planning the cake in with your other foods. I had cake this past weekend too. I don't think some sugar once in a while hurts anyone. I think we should have a little of all foods. More of some on a regular basis, but even a little of the so-called "bad" ones once in a great while.

Angel, I hope you're feeling better. I'm assuming you weren't feeling well yesterday because of what you had said about the effects the Remicade has on you for a day or two sometimes. Take care and post when you can. Just know we are thinking of you and wishing you well. :grouphug:

Hi Sue, Isablue, 2cute and Puss! Everybody have a great day!

07-09-2003, 08:32 AM
"Bouquet residence, lady of the house speaking" If I said that to some of my friends (or family for that matter) they wouldn't have a clue. Isn't it interesting how much we all have in common ;). Well, I tried something new this morning. A couple months ago I bought a "body ball" - one of those blowup heavy duty beach ball type things. It sat in the box until this morning. The concept of the exercises is what intrigued me. To make a long story short, I really enjoyed it. I stretched muscles in places I didn't even know I had places :dizzy: Started lifting light weights too. There must be something I can do to move this brick wall I have run into. Even with the treadmill and Step Reebok, I do feel a little more toned. I noticed an actual waistline when I had a bathing suit on.

Willow, that recurring pain in left side and abdomen sounds very familiar, to me at least. Could you possibly have kidney or bladder stones? They hold a lot of bacteria which causes infections. I have a large stone in my left kidney that has been there for six years. I have it x-rayed every year and it hasn't bothered me in a long time. Had a lithrotripsy (shockwave blast in water) and it didn't budge it. Must be solid rock. The doctor told me that even when a tiny grain of "sand" passes through the tract, it will be very uncomfortable. I am not a real doctor, I just play one on TV :lol:

I was just scanning through some of the recent posts and I had to smile when I read about the gifts that "were too good" to use. Puss I remember once I gave my mother a pretty "sexy" nightgown (peignoir?) for her anniversary. I must have been 17 or 18 and she blushed and said "Don't expect to find this brand new and in the box when I am gone" Then I blushed!!! That's like saving the good china and silverware for guests. I think our families deserve special treatment too. My sister uses her late MIL's silverware everyday. It is beautiful.

Time to hit the shower. I think the heatwave is letting up. Supposed to go "down" to 75 today. Have a good day everyone. Sue

07-09-2003, 01:03 PM
http://www.dewa.com/animated/new/1mouse~1.gif Hi everybody. Thought I'd stop in for a minute.

Yes, I got Remicade yesterday. Slept all evening. Still very much "out of it" today. Dr increased meds due to it not lasting 8 weeks. Also, making it 7 weeks instead. Wanted to make it 6 weeks, but I'm VERY hard to stick. Veins are smaller than cathedar. Anyway.....thanks for all of your thoughts. I'll be back to feeling better, soon.

Willow....I go all over the internet to get my images. I purchased Emotipad for a small price to keep them in. Sometimes it gets a little loaded, so I delete some. It's handy.....just click & drag, after I find the image I want. I also keep them in categories....that helps a lot. The hardest part is finding images that will direct-link. I don't want to put them in my hard-drive. As you said, will get too overloaded. I enjoy it. Sounds like you are doing great on you diet & exercise. I'm concerned about your lack of sleep & pain in your side. I agree, it does sound like kidney stones. I had gall stones & they were much higher & also hurt in upper back. Anyway, I'm not a dr, so I hope you'll see one soon.

Hello to Sue, & Fatpuss....thanks for compliments & concern. Hope all is well with everyone. I'll be back when I feel a little better. http://www.gifanimations.com/Image/Animations/Animals/catsmice/bye.gif

07-09-2003, 07:18 PM
Hi to everyone. Willow - i hope i didn't mislead you over that dessert. I bought the meringue nests (baskets) ready made and just filled them with double cream I whipped until stiff and piled some chopped fresh strawberries on and topped it again with more double cream. You can make your own by whisking egg whites until stiff then gently folding castor sugar into it and then shaping it onto a baking tray and bake in the oven on a low temperature until they dry out. Much easier to buy and these from Marks and Spencer food hall (quality department stores here and in France until they closed the Paris branch) have no fat (unless you add the double cream like I did!!) and only 55 calories. That's the equivalent of 2 hard boiled sweets I have driving to work and back and psychologically the big meringue seems better value ha ha. Yes, minced beef is your ground beef, the stuff used for hamburgers. Calalina dressing sounds lovely - what's it like? I hope you get your pain diagnosed soon and if it is kidney stones don't neglect them. My mother had them from aged 24 and over the years walked the floorboards at night until one passed but four years ago one didn't pass and she refused to let my father call an ambulance and ended up fighting for her life with renal failure, septacaemia and all sort of complications. Thank god she defied the doctors' prognosis but we were told to expect the worse at the time. She is fine now but had a mild heart attack during the time. Had to laugh that you, Sheila and Sue all like Mrs Bucket. I actually know someone similar in real life!! I once saw the husband in it star in a theatre production of King Lear - he is a really fine Shakespearean actor. Sheila I hope your dad has a ball at his birthday bash and how lovely of you to plan it all. I have a friend with two dogs who walks miles morning and night and eats like a hog but is skinny as a whippet but by now you know how I feel about any form of exercise ha ha so I will have to remain dogless. Sue - I have seen that ball on a UK diet and fitness programme recommended for all ages/fitness levels etc by a doctor and a gym instructor and they were not selling it either. Had to laugh at your mum's comments on the negligee! Good for her. Angel, nice to see you back and glad you have had some sleep even though you probably feel you would rather you hadn't. If I ever complained about sleeping too long my dad used to say 'well, you must have needed it or your body wouldn't have let you'. Had to laugh about all the 'I'm not a doctor' comments. My daughter will be a qualified doctor this time next year and I have picked up so much second-hand information from her (too much sometimes!!) that I tease her I am going to hang a sign out by my door saying 'Not a doctor but I've picked up a lot of info' ha ha. As for ice in drinks, Willow, we had holidays in Spain quite a lot and the kids always knew never to have ice in their drinks so my bet is food her friend is eating which my fussy eater is refusing. Wish I was a picky eater - there is nothing on this planet I don't like. I have usually lost a pound by this time in the week and I haven't and today I really had cravings for fatty foods like pork pies that I haven't had the past six weeks. I bet you I don't lose anything this week and my body is laughing its socks off saying 'I told you you'd be forced to exercise sooner or later'. Dread it!

07-10-2003, 02:30 PM
Oohh, a waistline--that's so cool, OneDay. I hope to see one of those soon! :) I love lifting weights. It makes me feel so strong, and hopefully someday I'll actually have some arm definition. I've heard that lifting weights boosts the metabolism, so that's a definite plus.

Angel-lover, hope you're doing better today after your treatments and a day of rest. I love the kitty! Of course, you can probably guess that I'm a big animal lover. I've used three of my six pets as avatars. Everyone gets a turn!

Willow, where are you this morning. I look forward to reading your morning posts, although you get up so darn early. I get up at 7:00 am on M,W,F, and usually by 7:30 am on T, and Th. On Saturday and Sunday, we get up whenever. Since we don't go to bed until midnight or after, it's sometimes hard to get up at 7:00 am.

Puss, it always sounds so cool when you say you had holidays in Spain and go to France. I know it's not that far relatively speaking, but I've never traveled to Europe so you sound so worldly. My daughter spent a month in Germany and her host family always vacationed in France or Italy, but I suppose if you think about it, I've spent vacations on the east coast of the U.S., which is an 8 hour airplane ride. My DH was in Amsterdam recently, and goes to Japan in the fall. He was supposed to go to Oslo next month, but we're going to the Oregon coast then so he's skipping that trip. He's become quite the international traveler. If ever he goes to Ireland or Germany, I would consider going, but the thought of a 10-16 hour plane ride doesn't thrill me much.

Ack! It's supposed to be 86 here today. We got the window air conditioner installed in our bedroom so I'm going to veg out there during the afternoon with my dogs. My dad doesn't seem to notice the heat, and I had to open his windows this morning because it was so stuffy in his room. He scared me because I knocked on his door, and yelled through the door--no answer. Then I opened the door, and he was sitting in a chair, his head kind of slumped. I said, Dad, then louder, then closer and louder, and then finally he woke up. He said I only yelled once, but he was sound asleep. Made me rather nervous when he didn't hear me. He reminds me of my grandmother who said she didn't sleep well at night, but I always caught her snoring during the day so she was getting lots of catnaps in.

Today is grocery shopping day--I hate it. Sometimes I have mini panic attacks in stores. Anyone else have that problem? Physically it's hard for me to shop. Walking slow is difficult (walking fast isn't), and the range of motion in my head is so bad that I can't look at the shelves well. I try to go to only one store because I memorize where the stuff is that I need. Last week I went to another store to get a few things and it was crowded and I had to go around and around. Finally ended up leaving because I was so frustrated with the whole process.

Hope everyone has a great day, and that you're not roasting, freezing or drowning! (Anyone here in the flood area of the midwest?)

07-10-2003, 03:05 PM
Hi everybody! Finally got able to sit up. Yesterday was rough. I'm usually "out of it" the day after, but this time....wow....couldn't even sit up. After I posted I had to lay down & that was it. Probably because of the increase in meds. I'm better today, still a little "drunk", but ok. In a couple of days, it'll "kick in" & will be worth it.

Willow...I'm concerned about you. Did you go to the dr? Hope you are alright. Let us know something when you can. http://home.att.net/~scorh2/Animation2g.gif

Sue.....How is that exercise ball working out? I think I would like to try it, only if I fell........oh well. I've come to a stuck place. Stayed at my weight for last week. http://members.shaw.ca/Sunburn_69/aniscale.gif I know I ate a lot over the holiday weekend...but still had hopes. Oh well, back to determination!! & LOTS of WATER! http://www.gifanimations.com/Image/Animations/food/water.gif

Patpuss.....Yes, I got lots of sleep. The day of Remicade(because I'm very sensitive to it) they load me up with Benadryl, Zertec, etc., so that's why I sleep the day away, & the R has a drowsy effect. The next day, it's hard to explain...but, I'm "drunk" & weak & just feel really bad. It kind of "packs a punch". Then afterwards, like today...that starts to wear off, & I start feeling the strength, & relief I need. I have a friend, who has Crohn's disease. He gets Remicade for that. It does him the same way.

Oh....If you didn't lose this week, you're not alone..neither did I. So, get back on track! http://members.shaw.ca/Sunburn_69/treadmill.gif

Sheila......I like animals, also. We live too close to the road to have a dog. So we have 2 horses. The grandchildren love Molly & Milly. Especially Molly. From the first day we got her, our youngest could take a little bit of grass to feed her, & she would .....so very gingerly, eat out of their little hands. They can get as close to her as they want. With Milly, Mollys' filly, it's different. She's routy. We may have to get rid of her. Grands come first.http://home.att.net/~scorh3/GoodNeighborHorse.gif

07-10-2003, 08:25 PM
Hi ladies, today we had a heatwave which is set to continue until Monday or Tuesday and we Brits can't cope with it!! Temps in the high 80s phew! Sheila, you are right, European travel for us is just a two hour plane trip - Amsterdam is my favourite and we do it two or three times a year it's so full of art galleries etc and the Dutch are the friendliest folk I know. They all speak English too!! Americans and Canadians never cease to amaze me with the driving trips you all do. I remember a Canadian friend telling me it was nothing to drive 2 hours to a party! It must be awful having panic attacks when shopping, have you had them for a long time?
You must have had a terrible fright when you got no reply from your father. My mother swears her tinnitus stops her from napping in the day but she snores like a hippo so we know when she does but she always says it must have only been for a minute or so, ha! Angel, I am sorry that the medication has knocked you for six, that must be an awful experience but it must be some comfort to know that your friend has the same side effects and it's not just you reacting that way. I still haven't shifted an ounce this week (16 ounces in one pound) so I am in good company then if you haven't either. I may have to go back to entering all my foods on FitDay again to see where I am going wrong - I stopped because it was so time consuming. Thing is, I suspect I have reached the stage where only the dreaded exercise will shift it now. Big son went back to his flat in London tonight so the cooking will be more healthy for a while. I was thinking the other day how much of my thinking centres around trying to lose weight etc and wondered how the skinny people like DH and daughter fill their thoughts whilst we are doing that! Willow - I am a bit concerned you haven't posted and hope all it well with you. Did you get to see your doctor? The site seems strange without your postings.

07-10-2003, 08:40 PM
Good Evening everyone.

Angel, glad to see you are up and about again. If you fall off the body ball, it would only be a drop of about one foot. If you want to check it out, just type in Body Ball in any search engine. My absolute favorite is Google.com - I have only used it for two days, but I like it. I am going to try different things instead of the treadmill all the time. I started with 3-pound handweights. I told the instructor at Diet Workshop that I would write down everything I eat this week and the amount of water I drink, as well as exercises too. Maybe we can figure out what I am doing wrong. I had told her that I hadn't had a piece of cheesecake in almost a year. For some reason, I see it as a "forbidden" food. Well last night, guess what I had! Maybe it will shock my metabolism into gear. If not, I thought I died and went to Heaven. :dizzy: It had raspberry sauce too. The problem is, if I lose a few pounds next week, I will want more cheesecake. Mmmmmmmmm

Willow? Where did you go? We miss you. Hope everything is OK. Gee, were you one of the Powerball Winners?

Puss, I was looking through an old photo album from about 25 years ago and there was my big old black and white cat. I laughed when I remembered his name - FATCAT! He was one big dude.

Hello Sheila, 2cute and anyone else I missed. I have laundry to do tonight, so this will be a little short. Good Night all. Sue

07-10-2003, 10:38 PM
Geesh! Yesterday was bad enough! I only exercised for 47 minutes, and i ate a lot, some of what I probably shouldn't have, .... but, ... it's past now.

BUT, ... today wasn't any better. In fact, i guess it was worse, ...
I didn't exercise at all.
I went shopping, and I think that put me in a better mood.
It is my grandsons 12th birthday today, so I picked him up at noon and gave him his card with a check in it and took him to Perkins for lunch. ... Need I say anymore???? ........
I have taken my granddaughters there on lots of occassions, but he was never interested until today. I usually took him to plays and such stuff. I guess he was hungry, or, I should say hungrier than usual, because this kid can really pack the food away. And he's small too. I guess he wears it off.
Anyway, I had the CAPTAINS CATCH, and it was absolutely delicious. But they give you so much that I had to get a take-home box and I had the rest for my supper. There was 2 large pieces of breaded cod, some clam strips and some shrimp, 2 clover leaf rolls, coleslaw, (which I gave to my grandson) 3 large onion rings, and french fries.
THEN, ..... my grandson wanted caramel apple pie with a scoop of ice cream, and that's what we BOTH had for dessert. I think I'll still be full tomorrow night at this time.

I feel better tonight, and I think I'm over whatever it was that hit me yesterday. I hate times like that. We'll see Monday what damage I did.

Wow, Sue, you're sure doing everything right for weight loss. I've seen those balls, but, I'm afraid I'd break my back on them or get myself another umbilical hernia! :lol:
I love lifting hand weights though. And I've got a couple of books by Joyce Vedral, with the photo's showing step-by-step how to do the weight workouts for each area of the body. You can tear them out of the book on perforated lines, and that's what I did and then put them on a cork board.
I need to get them out and start using them again. It's been a long time.

I don't think the left lower discomfort is from a kidney stone. It's too low for that, I've had lithotrypsy done on kidney stones too, only I wasn't in the water, I was on a table.

I think it has something to do with the colon, uterus or possibly the bladder, but, I'm thinking colon because I notice it lots of times just before a BM, or when I've had something bulky or acidy, like the oranges I had the other day.
I haven't called yet, but intend to make an appt. within the next few days.

I got a good laugh out of your story about the pegnoir you got your mother. CUTE!

No powerball winner here! I bought 5 tickets, and out of them I had only 1 number that powerball had. Number 21. Go figure!

Puss, so you're getting closer and closer to the old exercise bug, huh? Guess what? ... After you do it for a while, you become addicted to it, and actually WANT to do it. :D

Yup! I agree with you! You'll probably have to go back to FitDay for a while, or keep some kind of journal, until you get used to how big a certain amount is and can eyeball it.

I hope you aren't getting the heat we had here a week or so ago. It's been very rainy and cool here the last couple of days. Not heavy rains, but just enough to keep everything wet. Including my lawn which should have been mowed days ago.

It DOES seem that we spend a lot of time thinking of our weight loss journey and what we're going to do next, doesn't it?
Maybe that's what keeps us wanting to eat when we shouldn't.
I can remember of my son coming home from work at 11:30 at night, and I'd ask him if I should warm up his supper while he showered, and he'd say, " No, never mind, I'm too tired to eat." I think of that now and I think, "How can a person be too tired to eat???!?" I could never be too tired for that!
If I were hungry, and went to bed without eating, my stomach rumbling would keep me awake all night!

Sheila, what an awful scare that must have been when your Dad didn't awaken right away.
Did you know that people who take a lot of cat naps during the day often have sleep apnea?
I went grocery shopping for a while today too, but didn't need to get a lot of things. I decided to start using regular bread, but it's going to have to be 100% whole wheat. I got some of that, and some fruit and deli smoked, shaved turkey. I got some fresh raspberries, and they are going to taste so good with my bran cereal in the morning!

I found a couple of sites that explain the whole wheat-/-whole grain thing really well, and have some excellent info.



I didn't post early this morning because I didn't sleep well the night before last, and I slept until after 6 AM today, and then I had to get my deposit slips ready for the bank, make out checks to pay bills, go shopping, take my grandson to lunch, then I stopped and visited with my DIL for a while. A girl (39 yrs. old) who is one of my DIL's best friends since school, and who worked where I do for 19 years, was just discovered to have cancer, and in less than 3 weeks she has gone from the happy, joking person we all know, to being in the hospital on oxygen and self- administered morphine. They were going to start her on chemo today, and they couldn't because her kidneys and everything have already started to mal-function. She was able to speak and answer questions tonight, but she and her family were told today that there is nothing that can be done but palliative care. Of course we are all sick over it. My daughter-in-law is very close to this girl and I'm worried about her. She's kind of in shock, I think.
She did go see her today, and it's a 35-mile trip, one way, and when she got back to town, she came here to my house for about an hour. I think she wanted to give it time to sink in that she may not see her to speak with her again.

Angel, I'm glad to see that you're up and about again.
You've had some pretty good losses too recently. It may be that your body is just playing catch-up. And maybe the meds are making you retain fluids for a day or so too. Stay strong, girl! You'll do it!

I better get off of here now. I'm afraid I may lose this if it gets too long. Have a great evening, all!

07-11-2003, 09:43 AM
I got up at 6:50 this morning. Of course, I didn't get to bed until midnight, so I guess that's not so much sleep anyway. Especially when you keep getting awakened by that blasted CPAP mask.

I was going to have bran flakes and fresh raspberries for breakfast, but wasn't hungry for that, so instead, I had a sandwich of this new whole wheat bread I bought yesterday and shaved smoked turkey from the deli with dijon mustard. It sure hit the spot. Maybe I'll have the raspberries and cereal for lunch.

I see the sun is out today. If it doesn't get too hot too soon, I'll mow the lawn after it gets a chance to dry off some.

Yesterday my grandson said we should go for a bike ride in the mornings now that I'm off work. I should call him, but I think he'll be sleeping until 11 o'clock, now that he's on summer break.

I guess I should get dressed and get something done around here.

07-12-2003, 08:15 AM

07-13-2003, 01:11 AM
I guess I've been abandoned, .... :D ......

I had a long day today.

There was a jazz festival in lake park here today from noon to 6 PM. It was really enjoyable for a change. The weather was wonderful, and it was all free. Good bands too.
I just ate stuff I could have done without.

Then I went out to a new park that is a few miles from where I live. They built a large playground for kids, and there is a large beach, but I wouldn't want to go swimming there on a day like today. Too many people! It was just PACKED!! There is also a bike/walking path all the way around the lake, which is nice if you can walk on cement.
I may check the place out early in the morning to see if there are as many people then.

I had whole wheat spaghetti and meat balls for supper.

I think the fresh air pooped me out, because I felt tired and layed down on the couch while watching a show on TV, and woke up a couple hours later. Now, I'm sure I'll be awake for hours.

Hope there is something good on TV this late on a Sat. night.

07-13-2003, 01:17 AM
Hi, all--

I'm not feeling very well. Getting a summer cold, or sinus stuff, or allergies. Not sure what, but I woke up with a sore throat, managed to make it through the birthday party, then right after the last guest left, I started to feel awful. My chest hurts, my nose is stuffed up, and my throat is sore--yuck!

The birthday party for my dad was fun. My sister came first, followed by my half sister, and then my dad's football friends. I can't remember when both my sisters and I were together. My dad even commented on that fact. The only bad part of the day was that my dad didn't recognize his football friends until they were on their way out. He really felt bad about it, and later called them to apologize. I was pretty sure he hadn't recognized them, and kept trying to say their name, but he just wasn't connecting the dots, so to speak. Oh, well, he enjoyed talking to them even if he didn't remember who they were! My cousin and her husband arrived late because a 1.5 hour drive stretched into 4 hours due to a bad accident on the freeway. My dad doesn't remember my cousin either, but he likes her, and we tried to explain the relationship after they left, and he may have had some hazy recollection from years past.

The weather is cooler, and it may even rain, which would be good for my flowers. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

07-13-2003, 09:43 AM
http://www.members.aol.com/teejaw/smilies/Coffee.gif Morning all. Sitting here drinking my coffee before getting dressed for church. Thought I'd check on everyone.

Willow....sorry about not posting yesterday evening. It can feel alone when no one posts! I did go in...then saw "bump". This dummy thought you meant you were starting a new thread, & I couldn't find it! I looked & looked.http://www.addis-welt.de/smilie/smilie/lachen/13.gif No offense to anyone else.....please.....but I get a lot of blonde (I'm blonde)jokes emailed to me! (I wonder why????)

Sheila....sorry you're not feeling well. Hope you get better soon. Seems like colds/sinus, etc., are worse on us in the summer than in the winter. Glad the party for your dad was a success. Why did he not recognize his friends & cousin? You may have said....but I missed it. My mother has Alziemers.....so I can relate. She doesn't know anything anymore. A few months ago, she knew some of us...but thought we were still in school. Was surprised to know she had grandchildren, & greats. Which we had to tell her every few minutes. My step dad gets hurt at her because she doesn't know him a lot of times, & they still live together. He's always been a big baby, though, & it's hard to explain to him that she can't help it.

Well....I've got to get ready for church. Hope all of you have a good day.http://www.members.aol.com/teejaw/smilies/Daisy.gif

07-13-2003, 09:43 AM
Whether a man winds up with the nest egg or a goose egg depends a lot on the kind of chick he marries.

Trouble in marriage often starts when a man gets so busy earnin' his salt that he forgets his sugar.

Too many couples marry for better or for worse, but not for good.

When a man marries a woman, they become one, but the trouble starts when they try to decide which one.

If a man has enough "horse sense" to treat his wife like a thoroughbred, she will never be an old nag.

Judgin' from the specimens they pick for husbands, it's no wonder that brides often blush.

On anniversaries the wise husband always forgets the past...but never the present.

A foolish husband remarks to his wife: "Honey, you stick to the washin', ironin', cookin', and scrubbin'. No wife of mine is gonna work."

The bonds of matrimony are a good investment only when the interest is kept up.

Many girls like to marry a military man--he can cook, sew, make beds, and is in good health...and he's already used to taking orders.

Grandpappy and his wife were discussin' their 50th wedding anniversary when she said, "Shall I kill a chicken tonight?" "Naw," said Grandpappy.
"Why blame a bird for somethin' that happened 50 years ago?"

07-13-2003, 09:55 AM
Looks like everyone is having a busy weekend. We had a little bit of rain, but not enough to really soak the ground. Even the corn in the fields is starting to shrivel up. The sky was really red when we got up this morning, so you know how the saying goes "Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning." Another weekend of no fishing. :( We'll probably take a ride to the Mall this afternoon and go visit my mom and sister. Then catch up on laundry. I can't figure out if we are the cleanest people around or just the messiest. We sure do a lot of laundry for only two people. Yesterday was clean out the basement day. OK, make a dent in cleaning the basement day. We keep spare pieces of wood from projects throughout the year and chop them up for firewood at camp. The neighbors must wonder what we were doing.

Sheila, sounds like the birthday party was fun. Your Dad may not remember faces, but I bet he remembers that he is loved very much. Hope you are feeling better soon. Summer colds are the worst.

Willow, sounds like you are having a good weekend too. It may be nice to ride your bike around that lake. I wish there was something like that around here. I see a lot of people riding bikes, but the traffic is too much for me. Mall won't open for another couple hours, so I decided to get my exercises done early. 45 min of StepReebok mixed with the Bodyball. Whewww. I'm on my second bottle of water. I think your way of writing down your menus ahead of time is working for me too. Then I don't have to stop and wonder what I am going to eat at lunch or dinner. When you have no idea or plan, you tend to grab whatever is convenient. Maybe that's why I feel more in control this week. We'll see come Wed night.

Hello Angel, hope all is well with you and you are feeling better. We miss your posts. Puss, we miss you too. Have a Good Day all. Sue

07-13-2003, 11:23 AM
Well, it looks as though everybody had the same idea this morning at just about the same time! :D
It's good to see you gals.

Sheila, I'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. I hope by this morning, it's gone. There's nothing worse than a summer cold.
Did you get sweated up then sit in front of an AC by any chance? I've done that and got so awfully sick!

I'm glad that all your hard work paid off and the party was a success.
Had it been quite a while since your Dad had seen his football friends? The memory does strange things, and I'm finding that I'm already experiencing times when I can't pull up the name of a person that I've known for years. I can remember everything about them but just can't bring up the name. Sometimes it comes to me in a few minutes, and sometimes I just give up, then an hour, or sometimes many hours later, just out of the blue it pops into my mind.
Some people say that kind of memory loss is from stress, but, I wonder. Why would it get more frequent? They say if it's alzheimers, or senile dementia in general, that you won't even know that you ever knew that person.
Maybe your Dad didn't recognize them because they were out of the usual setting, IE; the football games.

Angel, I have to apologize for just typing 'Bump' into that post. A long time ago, I never knew what it meant either, then finally on a different board, some kind soul wrote, 'Bumping us up to the top so we don't go off the page'. I felt so DUH!
It sounds as though you're feeling better now. That's great!
Maybe it will last longer this time.

Sue, I know what you're saying about laundry. I only have myself to wash for, and it seems like I have a lot of laundry. I don't do it often though. I only do it on Sunday afternoons usually, but it seems like I have more than one person should have.

The weather here was beautiful yesterday and it's suppose to be the same today.
I like Sunday mornings too because it's quiet later in the morning. I suppose because most are in church.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do today. Maybe a bike ride.
I need to get myself back on my schedule, I know that. I've been really bad the past few days, and I can tell on my legs and feet etc. They are all swollen with fluids. I've been eating chips, which I seldom do even when I'm not trying to lose weight, and just not watching amounts along with not exercising. :ink:
And, speaking of exercise, those bodyball exercises you are doing were one of the features on the Saturday Morning America show yesterday. They had the woman (I think she's a sports Doctor) on there demonstrating the Bodyball, and she said that they will hold up to 1000 pounds before they burst. She explained about how they put to use all the accessory muscles when you do an exercise, etc.
When you got yours, did it have a size chart on the package? The reason I ask is because she said you should buy them according to your height because if you are too short or too tall for them, then your legs won't be positioned correctly and you can put too much strain on your legs or back. She said that when you're sitting dead center on the ball, your knees should be bent at a 90 degree angle.
Of course, she made the exercises look so easy when she demonstrated, as did the woman doing the interview who is thin and must work out regularly. Anyway, I took interest, and if these things aren't too expensive, I just might get one. Do you mind saying how much you paid for yours? I have a lot of stuff now, and I just don't want to pay a lot of money for something that I'm not sure I'm going to use a lot. But, at the same time, I think variety is necessary too.
Speaking of which, .... does anyone know if they have yoga tapes for fat people? I have a couple of yoga tapes, one for beginners, supposedly, and it's by Denise Austin, and I just don't think I'll be able to make my body like a pretzel anytime soon. :lol:
She makes it look so effortless, and so smooth, but if you look close, you can see all of her muscles rippling in her abdomen, sides, legs back, ... all over! But, I suppose she had to start some place too, .......

I'm glad that making your menu's ahead of time is helping you. I have found that to be the single most helpful thing for me. I just went haywire for a few days this weekend.

Puss, I supose you're busy over the weekend. I hope it's going well for you. We miss you, but know you probably have things to do on the weekend. Maybe see you on tomorrow.

Everybody, take care and have a wonderful Sunday!

07-14-2003, 06:19 AM
Nobody makes a greater mistake than he who does nothing because
he could only do a little.

Edmund Burke
(1729-1797, British Political Writer, Statesman)

07-14-2003, 08:27 AM
Just a quick Hello this morning before I go hit the shower. Just got done my 45 min on the treadmill and had my breakfast. Good thing this desk has pull out shelves to set my bowl of cereal on. Now that I am hooked on Kashi Good Friends! :dizzy:

Willow, I bought my bodyball at K-Mart when it was on sale for $9.99. I think they were regular $14.99. They probably sell them in sport shops for $20-25. I am like you. I don't want to spend a lot for something I won't use. I had a treadmill for 10 years, so when I bought the new one several months ago, I upgraded quite a bit. I also have the Total Gym which I use a few times a week. When I use the bodyball, I can feel muscles tensing up just to keep balance. I think that is one of the main purposes. Also, it keeps you from arching your back on some of the exercises.

Had a good weekend. Went visiting family and managed to pass my favorite summertime icecream stand TWICE without stopping. :cb: And so far I have written everything down. I hope I don't break my arm trying to pat myself on the back :lol:

And how are things with you today? And Shiela? And Puss? And Angel? I'll be back to check in this evening. Have a great day all! Sue

07-15-2003, 12:27 AM
Those bodyball things sound interesting. Is the Total Gym one unit with different "stations" attached to it? Not sure how to describe it. If so, I had one that I used for therapy, but we had to sell it when we moved because the house we moved into is so much smaller. I miss it. Congrats on avoiding ice cream twice--you're my hero!

So Willow, did you go on your bike ride?

Well, the good news for me is that my chest pain was not a heart attack. However, I do have something going on with my lungs. The doctor is thinking pleurisy to start with so I'm taking 800 mg. of ibuprofen 4 times a day and have an inhaler. If that doesn't help, then I get a chest X-ray. I really hate it when doctors speculate out loud so her comments about emphysema or a punctured lung weren't received too well on my part! And saying that if I was 88 and on Medicare I could get oxygen because my saturation level is low wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear either. Sheesh! Certainly hoping the ibuprofen does the trick!

I was bummed yesterday because I was meeting with my best friend from high school whom I haven't seen in 30 years. Since moving back to my hometown, I ran into her at the YMCA and we were supposed to get together on Sunday, but I wasn't feeling well. Not sure when we'll get together again--hopefully as soon as I feel better. And speaking of the Y, I missed my aerobics class today--just didn't feel like getting up and running around. Had a good food and water day, but my body just isn't up for moving too much. Did do my stretches this morning, though.

Hopefully everyone is feeling well, eating well, and doing great!

07-15-2003, 08:30 AM
Things are getting awfully quiet here.

Willow, I forgot to mention yesterday, that the bodyball I have did not come in a specific size. I just blew it up until my knees were at a 90 degree angle when I sat on it. And Sheila, the Total Gym does not have different stations. You may have seen it on TV with Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley. It is like an incline bench with pulleys that uses your body weight as resistance. Sure hope you are feeling better soon. The last time I had really bad pain in the chest area, I thought I was having a heart attack too. Turned out to be a gall bladder attack. Not ever having had one before, what did I know. I ended up in the emergency room at three o'clock in the morning with intravenous Prevacid. Next week, out it came. No problems since. I have heard that pleuresy can be very painful. Whatever it is, I hope you are back in shape and back to the Y soon. WOW, when you mentioned high school, I figured out that I have been out of school for 37 years. YIKES And now I am reading Harry Potter


Tomorrow will be "face the music" for me. One week of writing everything down, exercising every day, and drinking enough water to float a battleship. Please, please, please, let at least two pounds be gone. Have a great day everyone. Sue

07-15-2003, 12:47 PM
I see we're starting to come to life again on here. :D ... I've been such a slacker, ... in everything.
Wow, Sue, you've really been dedicated. And I bet it's going to pay off handsomely too. Good for you! Job well done! I don't know how you can do 45 minutes on a treadmill. I just die if I only do 30 minutes. And I don't do that very often.

Thanks for the info on the bodyball. I'll probably get one of them.
I've wanted to get one of those Total Gyms, but not the kind you have. I think the one I've always wanted is the kind Sheila had. It's got the weights on a pulley-type thing, and it had leg lifts, butterfly pulls, and ab pulls and a bunch of different exercises all on one machine. I think they are pretty spendy though. And, I'd have to put it down in my basement, where I had my treadmill but don't like to go down there when I'm here alone. Don't ask me why. I just get the creeps when I'm downstairs by myself when I'm here alone.

Sheila, I'm glad the chest pain isn't heart-related. But, pleurisy is horribly painful. I had it once when I was young, and I couldn't inhale very deeply, and I suppose that's why your O2 saturation is low,combined with fluid it doesn't leave much room for oxygen.
If that Dr thinks you need to be on oxygen, then she should have you on it, whether you're 88 and on medicare or not! Brother! I just don't understand people sometimes.
I doubt it would be emphysema and get that bad all at once, and especially since you had the sore throat and stuffy nose also. Did you have a fall or an injury that she would think you might have a punctured lung? I wonder why she didn't have an xray done to begin with. I sure hope you're feeling better soon.

It's probably best you didn't go to the Y. You probably would have gotten in a jam with your oxygen level being low, and I can't imagine trying to breathe deeply with pleurisy.

Puss, if you're out there, HELLO! Hope you're doing good, but, if you're not, that's ok. You don't have to be perfect. I'm sure not.

I've had a really bad time this past week.
Someone told me a couple of weeks ago that they think we still 'cycle' after menopause and have some of the same symptoms.
Well, I never had things like PMS, but, I wonder if I might have something like a mood-swing cycle or something do to lack of some hormone. Anyway, I've decided to write it down when I start this crappy mood I get into every once in a while and see if there is any regularity to it. If there is, I don't know what can be done about it anyway, because I can't take hormone replacement therapy and wouldn't if I could.
I get into these 'I don't give a $hit' moods sometimes, and just can't seem to make myself do anything. This time it lasted a week.
Maybe I should take some St. Johns Wort.
It seems to last just long enough for me to gain back what I've lost the rest of the month. :shrug:

Well, anyway, I had a good healthy beakfast and my tea this morning. I'm just about done on this computer, and then I think I'm gonna throw a CD of oldies in and dance around the house for an hour or so. It's darned good exercise, and I enjoy it. I'm in that kind of mood today.

I got out a couple of yoga videos the other day. One of them is by Denise Austin, called Power Yoga plus, and the other is Stress Relief Yoga for Beginners with Suzanne Deason.
Well, I don't think I'll be doing yoga with Denise anytime soon! I'd need to lose at least 50 more pounds to get my body into a pretzel like she does. I bought these a long time ago but never looked at them. (another case of buying something and not using it)
I'm just going to watch the second one now, so, I'll report in on it next time.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. See ya later!

07-15-2003, 01:30 PM
Well, Sue, I'd start to worry if you were reading "Goodnight Moon" again, but the Harry Potter books are supposed to be great for all ages. I saw the first movie, but haven't read the books. I think my daughter has one--I should borrow it from her. I'm addicted to mysteries, although my favorite authors just write too darn slow and I have to wait around for them to finish a book. Takes them a year to write, and less than a day for me to read!

I saw JK Rowling on a talk show once before her books got popular. The talk show host gave her a computer to write on, and a bunch of other stuff because Rowling was still fairly unknown. I think having her on the talk show (Rosie O'Donnell, I believe) really boosted the readership of her books.

Have you ever tried the "natural" hormone things, Willow? Like black cohash and soy? I have no idea if they are effective, but they sell quite well at health food stores. You never know about stuff like that. I'm glad you're doing better this week.

I feel drained, achy, and pretty yucky today. I wanted so badly to go down to the Y and lift weights, but I have no energy. I alternate between wanting comfort food and having no appetite whatsoever. Since I have to take 800 mg of ibuprofen on a full stomach, I have to eat something, but I better watch it or I will gain weight this week because of lack of exercise. Might take my dogs down the street if I can get the wherewithal to do it. I'm glad they're old because they aren't as demanding of exercise as young dogs are. A stroll up the block suits my 16 year old dog just fine.

Hope everyone has a great day!

07-16-2003, 06:49 AM
Just reading the posts and seems like I have been away for ages - sorry! Had quite an eventful week really and that's why I haven't been here. Friday began OK with just a 1lb loss but in the afternoon hubby was involved in a car accident on the motorway - a driver in the third (fastest lane) wandered into my husband's lane (middle lane) bashing his car and almost sending him into the heavy goods vehicle he was overtaking which was in the slow lane. No one hurt thank God. Had a busy weekend - hubby took our heavy wooden side gate apart to replace staves which had been battered by badgers and foxes making a shortcut from the canal to the garden and I attacked overgrown bushes and trees. Son came home Monday to help me celebrate the big 50 which was yesterday and brought the entire contents of his wardrobe for laundering!! typical student lad. I had work yesterday morning but before I got out of the house my mother kicked off on one of her weeping and anxiety sessions - 2 phone calls within 30 mins which made me late. I had said I would open my birthday cards when hubby got home early but I had a tyre on my car blow - think I ran over something metal because a huge fist sized hole was in the tyre. I was on my cell phone to the rescue service when a lovely retired gentleman stopped and changed my wheel. When I finally got home my mother was ringing again and between 1 oclock and 6 oclock I was forever on the phone between my mother, her visiting psychiatric nurse, her psychiatrist ( who both say she is manipulating the situation) and my brother!!! So, needless to say, by the time I went out for my birthday dinner....I ate like a hog that had been starved for a week!! Crispy roast duck (and some of son's fried Brie in breadcrumbs), roast pork medallions stuffed with cranberries and apricots, (some of hubby's fried chipped potatoes dipped in creamy black pepper sauce). I ORDERED both chaps to have a dessert because I just wanted to have the occasional spoonful of theirs - with strict instructions to order something lovely and not ice cream that hubby usually has. When I got back from having a cigarette, I could have MURDERED both of them. Son had before him really boring fresh strawberries and cream and hubby had some equally boring creamy mousse thing. After complaining like mad that they could have got something better, and hubby protesting that neither of them wanted a dessert anyway and that he doesn't like cake-type stuff, I was forced to order my own - huge piece of sherry trifle with extra cream. I am sure you ladies understand how it had to be done in the face of such gross incompetancy by my menfolk! Anyway, I am a little sorry today because I have put 1lb on BUT..the good news is, son and daughter (who rang from Mexico City yesterday) bought me a pair of Puma Sprinter training shoes (they said they laughed when I bought my cheap ones because they already had their ones). I haven't even wore the cheap ones but because the kids went to the trouble of getting me the same as daughter wears, I just may start to walk into the high street and leave the car behind. Sheila I am sorry you have been ill and Angel and Willow, you haven't been on top form health-wise either. I really hope you are all feeling a bit better by now. Sue, you are so committed to the exercising you put me to shame. Have to go now and buy a new tyre to replace the shredded one. Have a good day everyone. xx

07-16-2003, 07:13 AM
Good Morning everyone. Puss, glad to see you back. Sure enough you had a rough week. An accident on the freeway can be scary. I shudder sometimes when people pass me going 75-80mph. One mistake and its a pileup for sure. With all the stress you are under with your Mom and all, you deserved the dessert. After all you only turn 50 once. I don't know if I am looking forward to my birthday this year or not. I think 55 qualifies me as a Senior Citizen. I told my DH I am going to take every discount they offer me. :dizzy:

Sheila, even walking the dog is good for you, not to mention the dog. Hope you feel better soon.

Willow, are you still pedaling around the Lake? Has our Angel forsaken us? Pop in and say Hello when you can.

The heatwave has finally lifted and it is pouring rain this morning. the gardens really need it.

Short and sweet this morning - have an early Dr. appt. Have a great day all. Sue

07-16-2003, 10:51 AM

Hope you had a great birthday, Fatpuss!

Sorry I've been gone so long (at least it seems long, to me). I've been very busy this week. When the treatment kicks in high....seems like I can't stop! I've had a lot going on this week. I did read all the posts....just didn't have time to post.

Sheila....I do hope you're feeling better by today. http://www.vfwds.com/graphics/images/roses/bgrose.gif

Sue.....Hope your dr appt goes well.http://home.att.net/~scorh3/McDonalds1a.gif

Willow....I'm past menopause, & I definately believe we can still have pms.....in fact, sometimes I think I'm starting menopause again! I try to tell myself it's just the troubles I'm going through & stress.....but not sure. I do know a lady that went back into menopause in late 60's....I'm 54. http://www.click-smilies.de/sammlung/mittelgrosse/medium-smiley-100.gif

I gotta gripe a little, before I go. If I don't lose this week, it'll make 2 weeks in a row! I weigh tomorrow....& not hopeful. Have been faithful with diet. If I haven't lost......I may be worse than menopause, pms, stress, etc.,..all put together!!http://www.click-smilies.de/sammlung/sehrgrosse/large-smiley-029.gif

07-17-2003, 01:00 AM
Happy belated 50th, Puss! I'm glad your DH was okay after his accident--how scary for him. Hhmm, fried brie with breadcrumbs--you've got some interesting food over there in the UK. I totally get being frustrated because your men didn't order the right dessert--been there myself! They just don't get it! LOL!

Angel-lover, glad you're doing so much better. I wondered if you were out there being really active because you're feeling so much better. When I'm feeling good, I try to do everything I can as fast as I can. Have you measured yourself, by the way? Sometimes when we don't lose weight, we still lose inches, and it feels really good to watch those inches come off.

Hey, Sue, good attitude--look upon your birthday as the day you get discounts! Any excuse to save money! Chronologically you might be considered a "senior citizen," but if you don't feel like one, then you're not. My grandmother died at 103 so 55 was just about middle age for her.

Willow, where are you? Hope things are going well with you.

I'm finally feeling better, and plan to go lift weights tomorrow and hopefully to aerobics on Friday. Plus I want to reschedule getting together with my friend from hgh school. And I think I'll schedule a doctor's appointment for next week to see if my low oxygen levels were just the result of the illness or if something else was going on.

Hope everyone is having a good evening. It's supposed to be getting warmer here again (well, warm as in the 80s, but it's always 8-10 degrees hotter in the house), and Sears ordered a fan blade replacement for our window A/C that hasn't arrived yet. Given Murphy's Law, it will come exactly when the weather starts to cool down!

07-17-2003, 08:34 AM
:stress: :headache: :snail: :yikes: :tape: :bomb: :shrug: I think that about says it all. Last nights weigh-in only showed a 3/4 pound loss. Oh well, Mt. Rushmore wasn't carved in a week either. Today starts another week and I will try a little harder. I will not give up. There's this little engine behind me pushing that's yelling "I think you can, I think you can" Just popped in to report and wish everyone a good day. And if you are in Australia, thats G'day Mate. :dizzy: See you later. Sue
P.S. Willow, wherefore art thou? Hope all is OK.

07-17-2003, 10:00 PM
http://www.greeting-cards.com/images/images/017101w.gif I LOST 3 LBS!!!! YAYYY!!!! I feel better now......

Hey Sue .....3/4 loss is A LOSS!!! http://www.toons.artie.com/toons/hands_clapping/arg-sm-hands-clapping-fast-tr-nourl.gif

Sheila...Glad you're feeling better. Take care of yourself. http://e4u.consoleradar.com/crazy/1028.gif Don't over do.

Willow...Hope you're ok. Missed you today. You're our daily boost here! http://www.click-smilies.de/sammlung/sehrgrosse/large-smiley-050.gif

07-18-2003, 12:29 PM
I have come to discover through earnest personal experience and
dedicated learning that ultimately the greatest help is self-help; that
there is no other help but self-help -- doing one's best, dedicating
oneself wholeheartedly to a given task, which happens to have no end but
is an on-going process.

Bruce Lee
(1940-1973, Chinese-American Actor, Martial Artist, Author)

07-18-2003, 01:49 PM
The time is now starting to snowball. I suppose because I have to go back to work in a week.
That's ok I guess. I've had the majority of the summer off, or at least the first half of it.
The awful heat and humidity of July and August is half over, so I will only have half of that time to swelter at work. I will miss my AC terribly.

I've come to kind of an impasse with my foods etc, so I think I'm going to go mostly low carb for a while to try to shake up my metabolism. Not, by any means, NO carb, because I don't believe in cutting out a whole food group. Maybe that will rev up my enthusiasm too.

I've been in a pfffft kind of mood lately and it didn't show any signs of leaving, so I left! :smug:
I went to visit a friend for a couple of days. Didn't help lose any weight, but, it got me in a better frame of mind.

My exercise has been deplorable too, but, I'm not quitting, just was in one of those moods.

Geez, I've got a lot of catching up to do! :eek:

Sheila, I'm glad to see that you're feeling better, and I think it's an excellent idea to see the Dr again to have that O2 level checked out. If you do have some form of COPD, it might benefit you greatly to use an inhaler before exercising, among other benefits.
To answer your question about using a natural or herbal hormone replacement, I would like to, but I tried something the local health food store recommended, and it made me feel funny. Like my ears were plugged, or something like that. So, I quit using that, but did use the cream for a short time and didn't notice any difference so I quit using that too.
I had taken the capsules back and got my money back, but I still have the cream, and have started using it again. It's rubbed into the skin(thin tissues it says, so I rub it on my belly) twice a day. I had forgotten about it until just now when I read your post, so I got it out and rubbed some on. It has a ton of ingredients in it.
micronized natural progesterone, standardized black cohosh, safflower oil, vit.s C & E, wild yam extract, almond, jojoba, sesame and avacado oils, extracts of red raspberry, nettles, chaste tree, Dong Quai, blue cohosh, Damiana, Irish moss, Siberian Ginseng, Burdock root, Hops, Uva Ursi, passion flower, lemon balm, squaw vine, Yellow Dock and Tansy, St. Johns Wort oil, sargassum sea minerals, peach oil, alantoin, citrus seed extract.
**** of a recipe, huh? :lol: I'll try using it longer this time and see if it works.

Puss, a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY belatedly!
And congratulations on your loss on Friday. You're just doing wonderfully!
What a scare with the accident your hubby was in. I'm glad he's ok, however.
It sounds like you had a worse upset AFTER his accident though from your Mothers upset. Too bad it had to happen on your Birthday. If her physician and visiting nurse both think it's theatrics though, what do you think would happen if you just didn't respond to her frequent calls? Would your brother then get the full brunt of the storm? I think she's lonely and maybe needs to widen her social life. I think that's my problem too.
Well, your meal may not have been top form for losing weight, but it sure sounded delicious, and it WAS your Birthday, after all. I say, ENJOY, and then get back to business the next day.
Sounds like you've been getting exercise enough, with all the yard work you tackled. I bet you were sore the next day, huh?
They are going to be surprised when I walk back in to Curves, it's been a while since I've been there.
That's me though, every time! I sign a contract, and then immediately start slacking off. But, I'm doing better now.

Sue, no I haven't been riding around the lake. I was off visiting. gabbing, as usual. exercising my jaws with something other than eating for a change. :D
I've been trying to find something to get me out of these caves of darkness I seem to get into every once in a while. Do you know, in a town of 30,000 people and a big hospital and at least 2 clinics and several therapy offices, there isn't one support group for individuals suffering from obesity and eating disorders. They have a nutritionist at the hospital, and there are psychiatrists if you can afford to pay out mega bucks to talk with them, and other than that, there is just WW, TOPS and OA. WW and TOPS just weigh a person and there is some discussion, but not what I think a lot of people need. And the times are limited. I don't know what all OA does.

I see you've been exercising up a storm yet. Good job!
I wouldn't dismiss that loss this week as too small a loss at all. With all the exercising you've been doing, I would bet that your muscles have some fluid in them temporarily and you'll have a nice loss soon, plus, I bet you've lost inches! And you are weighing at the end of the day too, which always makes your weight fluctuate, depending on what you've eaten or drank for the day.
You just keep listening to that little engine that can, .... ;)

Hi Angel! I'm sooo happy to see that you're feeling better. And a nice big loss to make you feel even better! How much is that now? Congratulations, anyway! :bravo:
Reading your last 2 posts, it just occurred to me that this thread could get in some trouble if we all had a menopause week at the same time! :lol: We're all in "that age group".

I suppose I should get off of here and hope I haven't made this too long.

I had Kashi to good friends with strawberries and skim milk, and 100% whole wheat toast with peanutbutter for breakfast. Feels like I won't be hungry again till tonight. I'm going to have a tenderloin pork chop and vegetables with a sweet potato for supper.

I have the George Foreman grill, but I want to get the rotisserie too. I think it would be wonderful to have for a turkey breast or a roast.

Well, I need to make out a grocery list and get showered and dressed. I'll see all you lovely ladies later! Have a wonderful day!

07-19-2003, 08:12 AM
Hi everybody....I just may have beat Willow up this morning! Woke up at 2:30am....got up at 4:30 am! It's getting to be a habit of waking up early...only I'm not Willow....http://e4u.consoleradar.com/crazy/1028.gif http://members.shaw.ca/Sunburn_69/treadmill.gif ........................I JUST CAN'T SLEEP! http://www.members.aol.com/teejaw/smilies/Uhuh4.gif Anyway... I went to the dr & he was elated at my weightloss. This is the general dr....every 3 months. I've lost 23 lbs since April 23rd.

Willow...glad you're back. I missed you. I read your post while I drink my morning coffee! Hope your mood is improving. I hate it when I feel that way. Almost as bad as being plain....out....sick! You're right about the menopause thing! hehe

Sue....remember..... http://gilly.0catch.com/emoticons/yesyou.gif

07-19-2003, 01:34 PM
Good morning world! It is so beautiful here this morning! Sunshine and 78 degrees, very faint breeze, ....

Well, I think I've discovered something about why I've been feeling the way I have recently.
I have been checking my blood glucose from time to time the past few years because there is so much diabetes in my family. There are only 2 of us out of 9 kids who don't have it, and I'm the youngest at 59.
I realized last night that I haven't checked it in a long time. I've also been eating healthy, lots of complex carbs, but carbs none the less, and lots of fruit, lean meats and vegetables.
Usually, I exercise daily too, but got into a yukky mood a while back and have just been kind of a slug since. Thought it was over family stuff.
Anyway, I ate supper last night about 6:30 PM and had nothing but water after that. I checked my blood glucose at 10 PM and it was 165. I let 13 hours go by between my last meal and checking it the second time. I checked it at 7:30 this morning, and it was 119.
I ate breakfast (Kashi to good friends, fresh strawberries, splenda, skim milk, 100% whole wheat toast with peanut butter and tea) at 7:45 this morning, and checked my blood glucose at 9:10 and it was 222.
I had nothing but water since, and I just checked it at 11:15 and it was 111.
I'm going to continue doing this every couple of hours for today, then tomorrow morning, I'm going back to my regular exercise routine but still eat like I have been lately and see if the exercise makes any difference in the blood glucose. Then, Monday I'm going to start going low carb.

I was searching for a good site with carb content for lots of foods, and I found this;


Now I hope that works for you gals.

Soon I'll have to go for my yearly check and I want to be able to tell the Dr. what's been happening and have some results by then too.

I had a phone call from one of the DIL's last night and I think it was for a babysitter. I didn't answer. I must be good for something besides babysitting I should think. Like a " Hello, how are you?".

Hi Angel, I've just been a lazy bones lately, and have been sleeping until 6 and 7 o'clock. This next week I'll have to start getting to bed earlier and getting up earlier so it won't be such a big difference when I go back to work a week from Monday.

I think we do wake earlier after losing a certain amount of weight, and don't you think that the difference in foods makes a difference too? Like, we're not eating so much sugar which just puts me in a coma practically!!

Well, my day is awastin' away! I haven't even showered yet. See ya all later!


07-20-2003, 01:22 PM
It's awfully dead in here again! I suppose because it's the weekend?

Anyway, I woke up to rain this morning, but that's ok too because I have to do laundry today. Running up and down stairs will be good exercise.

I think I'm going to try to do 15 or 20 minutes a day on my treadmill. LORD!! How I DREAD that, but, I need to do it or at least try, seeing as how I can't walk on cement for any length of time.

I did 2 miles of the 3-mile fat burner WATP tape this morning.

My blood sugar was in the high end of normal when I got up this morning.

I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow. I'm getting down to nothing but meats and fish here. Need to get veggies etc.

Seeing as nobody has posted, there isn't much to reply to.

I'll check back later.

07-20-2003, 07:52 PM
http://www.click-smilies.de/sammlung/mittelgrosse/medium-smiley-043.gif Willow!! Sorry I've been a little slow posting....working on a project. Our Pastor & Wife are retiring next Sunday......guess who's responsible for plans for their last day at church? ME I really don't mind....just not very talented. Anyway..keeping me busy. Also, may not post for a couple of days, due to taking care of step-dad. He's having surgery tomorrow. My sister will take care of our mother (alziemer's) & I take care of him. He had surgery 3 months ago for bladder cancer. Apparently, it's come back....I really don't understand it all.

Yes, I'm sure the weightloss, etc, has a lot to do with not sleeping. I also, stress & get depressed over our house issue. Think that's a lot of it. We couldn't take that little camper any longer. We moved into the house...only a few studs up & outside walls. lol We made a make-shift kitchen & bedroom.

Hope you keep watching your suger closely. Take care of yourself. I'll be back posting, when I get a chance. Keep everybody motivated!!!!http://e4u.consoleradar.com/crazy/1028.gif http://www.emotipad.com/emoticons/Glug.gif http://members.shaw.ca/Sunburn_69/treadmill.gif http://www.emotipad.com/emoticons/Wave%20Hello.gif

07-21-2003, 06:02 PM
I was awake a lot during the night, and I think it's because my CPAP machine needed to have the air pressure increased. Anyway, I took a couple of Tums about 3:15 too, and so I suppose that made my glucose level off this morning.

I've also been wondering about the Celebrex, if that could be changing the blood sugar. Plus, I've been getting that reflux feeling again, and I take something for that, so I'm thinking that the Celebrex may be irritating my stomach.
Just can't win! Oh well, ... Some days you get the bear, ... and some days the bear gets you! ....

I did 2 miles (or 30 minutes) of the 3-mile WATP tape this morning. Then I showered and got ready to go shopping for veggies etc, and had to make a few phone calls. Then the vendor where I got my CPAP returned a call and I had to take the machine in and have the pressure increased, plus he set me up with all new equipment, ... head gear, tubing, mask etc.
Then I went grocery shopping and then back home to put it all away.
I have been pretty busy today, and good news, my blood glucose just before lunch was 92.

2 hours ago I had a salad of romaine hearts, radishes, cucumber slices, julienned red and green peppers, 1/4 c. shredded cheddar cheese and 2 Tbsp of regular garlic ranch dressing, plus 3 oz. of a new deli meat I found while shopping. Italian Turkey breast. SOOO good! And I just checked blood glucose again, and it was at 95!!
Low carb and exercise is the way to go, evidently!

For breakfast I had an egg and 3 oz. ham, and tea.

9 am; 3 oz. cooked skinless chicken breast and celery stalk.

This afternoon I'll have another 3 oz. chicken breast.
Then for supper I'm having a big piece of walleye pike and another salad.

Total calories for today are 1105, and total carbs are 17.5.

I have a load of clothes to fold before I do another thing today. They've been sitting in the drier since last night.

If it doesn't rain, I need to mow the lawn again tomorrow morning too.

I'm hoping to get to Curves tonight too.

I'm trying to get back into my schedule that I have when I work because I go back next monday. Don't want too much of a shock to my system!

Well, I'd best get busy and burn up some of this sugar that's still floating around.

Everyone have a wonderful day and evening!

07-21-2003, 09:38 PM
Hi, everyone--

Angel-lover, sounds like you're doing better after your treatment. I know you'll give a great retirement send-off to your minister and his wife. So sorry to hear about your step-dad, though. I hope this surgery will remove the tumor for good. You must have a good relationship with him to care for him like you're doing.

Willow, sorry the bear is getting you lately. It really is a bear when the medication you take to help one problem causes another. I have acid reflux that hasn't been helped by my weight loss (but I'm still hoping!), and taking a high dosage of ibuprofen for the lung inflammation was not doing my stomach any good. Glad the low carb thing is helping your blood sugar. I heard that low carbing (but not the extreme stuff that I've read about) is very good for people with diabetes. While I don't low carb, something I'm doing must be right because my dad's blood sugar is down, too.

Rain, what's that? I live in what's supposed to be one of the rainiest places in the U.S., and I haven't seen a drop in ages. The lawn is crispy (but the dandelions need mowing!), and my water bill is outrageous. In fact, I'm paying more for water here than I paid when I lived in the desert and had sprinklers. I really don't get that.

Had a not so great week for eating, and in fact did not weigh in at my WW meeting on Friday. I did go, though, so I felt good about that. I started over on Friday after having several rough days of bad eating and no exercise (because I was sick) and it's going well. My dad took us to a Chinese restaurant and I planned what I was going to have and stuck to it. Luckily, he doesn't like the stuff I like (my DH and I like hot and spicy Szechuan) so it wasn't all that hard to resist.

Does anyone else need to work on stopping using food as a comfort source? I felt crummy last week and ate comfort food to soothe myself. I hate it when I do that. I recognize that it's happening, but still haven't figured out how to stop it. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We did some more landscape projects until it got too hot to work in the sun.

07-21-2003, 11:19 PM
Hi Sheila!
I thought for a while there that we had lost you. I'm glad you're feeling better.
You know, I had reflux before I got heavy too, and I've been on medication for it for years, and I still get bad pain when I eat too many tomatoes, orange juice, too much coffee or chocolate, .... So I'm sure I'll be on medication all my life for it.
My son has scarring of his esophagus and they told him no Advil anymore because that's what he always used, for EVERYTHING! You can't tell these kids anything. And now, he has a back injury, so he's up the creek. I don't know what they gave him to use for that.

I just can't believe how normal a summer we've been having here. It's so nice after having so many years in a row that were too hot and dry. Then when it DID rain, it poured so hard it washed everything away. This has been sweet.

Sorry you've been having a time of it with your foods. I know what you're saying though about comfort foods. And I'm not sure what to try to remedy it either.
I just went through 2 weeks of it, and I truly believe it's a family/inlaw thing. I know I should just try to ignore some things, but I'm not that personality type.
So, I sit here and let it fester away inside of me.
And have something to eat to stop that burning in my gut that is most likely stress. Plus, when I stuff myself, I fall asleep, whether I'm sitting or lying down. Then I don't have to think.

There is a minister who is no longer at a church, but she was the most effective minister I have ever heard, and I really missed her when she moved away, but, I found out that she has moved back to my town, and I think I'm going to look her up and see if I can talk with her. I don't know if they will do that or not if they are no longer ministering, but I'm going to try.

Sheila, I kind of think that these comfort foods need to be pushed out of our lives, probably for good. I don't know how else to overcome the cravings for them when we're triggered. And it's all the so-called "white foods" too, Sugar, flour, pasta, potatoes, ............ and of course it's not white, but chocolate is in there too.
If I'm away from them I seem to be able to go longer without them, but, if I have a big stressed out upset, like a couple of weeks ago, I go right out and buy the $hi-! We need to come up with some strategy.
I've heard that if you're craving something sweet you should eat something sour. I never think of it though till later!! :lol: I guess all we can do is keep telling ourselves that it's not worth it to give up all that we've worked so hard for, because you KNOW that just as sure as the sun is gonna come up tomorrow morning, you're gonna regret undoing all the good you've done. Then, you get depressed over THAT!

So, do you have a lot of the landscaping work to do yet? I bet it's going to be gorgeous when you're done. Does your Dad like it?
Hey, good job on getting his blood sugar down too.

I went to Curves tonight but I only stayed for the half-hour. Twice around.I've seen some people say that they did 3 circuits in a half hour, but ours is 45 minutes to do 3 circuits. Maybe we have more machines than some others. Anyway, I was ready to leave by the end of the second circuit.
It's amazing how much we lose when we're inactive for a while, isn't it?

I just found out about a campground near here that has a lodge and rents the rooms in the lodge out. I'm going to call about it tomorrow. I used to take the whole family camping all the time years ago, but I no longer have the camper or even a tent now. But, there are times when I'd love to be able to sit by a campfire or a bonfire and talk with neighboring campers, go swimming,etc. They even have meals there.
I was at this campground years ago, but never knew they had these rooms. And maybe they didn't then. I'd love to get the **** away from everything once in a while, so maybe this is my ticket.
I could take my small grill along and a cooler of stuff and be set for a weekend.

I just did my glocose test again, 2 hours after supper, and it's at 99. Now I hope this keeps up. I didn't take the celebrex today, and my legs don't feel so tight either.

Hello to Puss and Sue and Angel and anyone else out there.
We're getting lonesome you guys! :D
I hope everyone is doing well. Have a wonderful evening!

07-22-2003, 08:36 AM
Hi everybody.....well step-dad's surgery went well. The cancer had not returned...in fact..he got to go home a few hours later!

Sheila...I do all I can for my step-dad...he takes care of my mother. (as well as he can, anyway) I'm afraid a "relationship" is something we never really had, though. He's a strange sort of person. My sister & I are really the only ones who do anything for him. He has 3 sisters that never come around. After 28 yrs of being married to my mother, I saw one of his sisters visit 2 wks ago. She has been to see them 2 or 3 times during their marriage...my first time to meet her. I met another yesterday at the hospital, this one... I hadn't seen in 18 yrs! I suppose the whole family just has strange ways. My mother loves him...& that's enough for us.

Yes, I'm feeling much better after my treatment. I always dread them, because I sleep that day away, & feel drunk & terrible the next. After that though, it's so much better! I told a friend...when it goes to wearing off, I feel like a druggy(spelling)needing a "fix" LOL They increased the dosage this time, & moved it up to 7 weeks instead of 8, so maybe it won't wear off. They wanted to move it up to 6 wks, but I'm so hard to stick, we're trying it this way first. The cathedar is larger than my veins! Dr suggested a port.....not until I have to........

Sorry you're having problems with your eating....& do hope you're feeling better. I also, turn to food for comfort. That's why I'm on this diet. After the housefire....I gained 40 lbs in 6 months! I wish we COULD find a way to stop that.

I think we're getting all the rain you're supposed to be getting. I don't remember a year being so rainy! Had very bad storms yesterday!

Willow....I hope you get everything worked out so you can get more rest at night. Losing sleep is rough! I'm still getting up from 2-4 most mornings. I get so aggravated when I can't go back to sleep.

I don't know what kind of minister you're talking about. But, most of them....if they have just retired, etc, they are still active in counseling, etc. This lady sounds like one or two that I knew...& would like to see again. I wish you luck. I'm sorry about your family/inlaw problems. Things said & done can eat at us. It's almost like an illness. I guess I tend to think everything is alright for you, unless you say something to remind me. I promise....that cheerful little Avatar you use makes me vision you doing that! It's amazing what your mind can do! :D Any time you need to talk to us....we're all here for each other. You all have helped me so much...just letting me vent when I'm down.

Fatpuss....hope you're doing allright.

Need to start breakfast for hubby.....hope all have a good day! http://home.att.net/~scorh3/AHug1a.jpg

07-22-2003, 10:11 AM
I have been awake since 4:30 AM. I didn't do any exercises yet, because I need to get my lawn mowed in a few minutes, and I'll do the WATP tape later. Also want to walk on my treadmill for 20 minutes today and do 30 minutes on my exercise bike. I'm not going to Curves today. I'm going to do that 3 times a week for a while, then do my treadmill, exercise bike and lift some hand weights at home on the in-between days.

My blood sugar was 114 when I got up this morning. Would have preferred it to be 110 or lower, but, it's close.

I had breakfast already, and have my menu for the day pretty well planned, but might add something later.

1 egg
3 oz. ham

9 AM;
4 oz. mesquite smoked turkey breast

1 c. chopped romaine hearts
3 oz. cooked skinless chicken breast
2 Tbsp. mayonnaise
1 stalk of celery
6 slices cucumber

1 c. canned crab meat
1 c. romaine hearts
1/2 c. cauliflower
1 stalk celery
4 radishes
2 Tbsp. garlic ranch dressing

Total Cals. = 888

Total Carb grams = 22

Well, just in one day I took off 4 of the 8 pounds I had regained. I just know it was fluid in my tissues from the Celebrex. My legs didn't burn last night either like they have been. So, I've got 4 more to go to get where I was a couple of weeks ago, then I can start on my 5-pound increments, or goals.

Anybody got any good recipes for canned clams? I picked up a couple of cans the other day to get some variety, but have never had them from a can before.

I'm calling a locksmith today to have all my locks changed on Friday.
Too many nosey people coming into my home when I'm gone. All my kids have a key to my house, and some of them seem to have the idea that just because I'm their Mother, I don't have a right to any privacy.

Angel, it truly IS hard to accept that your own kids,(or a couple of them at least, and their wives) are so underhanded. The DIL that's in the medical field thinks she's an authority on everything, and my son, her husband, I'm 99.99% sure is a drug user, and I think he would like to get my house sold and get a little cash for himself. They are trying to convince the rest of the kids that I'm becoming incompetent.
My grandkids are getting older now, and when they are all here, I expect them to clean up their messes downstairs and to not destroy my belongings, like a bed they jumped on in the downstairs bedroom until they broke a bracket off of the leg, took the remote to the tv and vcr apart and lost the battery cover, squirted juice all over the floor and steps, with straws, and throw wrappers and anything they feel like all over the floor, then they go on their merry way home and I get to clean up the mess.
2 of my sons and a couple of my DIL's say that I'm getting senile and can't cope with every day things. Now they've got some of the rest checking me out.
I have put a lock on my bedroom door because everybody just assumed that because my bedroom is on the main floor they can go in there and snoop around, send the kids in there to play or to watch tv or whatever they want to.
One of my sons brought his wife over here when I was gone to work and took the door to the upstairs off the hinges and took her upstairs snooping through my stuff. It's all going to be thrown away anyway, but it's just the idea that he has the audacity to come in my home when I'm not here and take hinges off doors to snoop around. I would never THINK of doing that to my parents when they were alive. I wonder how he and his wife would like it if I went in their bedroom and started snooping in closets etc.
I'm just at the end of my rope with all of them. I need a life too and they really resent the fact that I'm not at their beck and call all the time. I've put in a lot of years raising those kids by myself, and I want some privacy and freedom now.

OK, vent over for now. :o Didn't mean to go on and on like that. Guess I just got carried away with the moment. :dizzy:

Sue, haven't heard from you. How ya doing?
And you too Puss. Hope you're doing well. come visit us. :D

07-22-2003, 01:08 PM
The following are different answers given by school-age children to the
given question:

Why did God make mothers?
1.-She's the only one who knows where the scotch tape is.
2.-Think about it, it was the best way to get more people.
3.-Mostly to clean the house.
4.-To help us out of there when we were getting born.

How did God make mothers?
1.- He used dirt, just like for the rest of us.
2.- Magic plus super powers and a lot of stirring.
3.- God made my mom just the same like he made me. He just used bigger

Why did God give you your mother and not some other mom?
1.- We're related.
2.- God knew she likes me a lot more than other people's moms like me

What ingredients are mothers made of?
1- God makes mothers out of clouds and angel hair and everything nice
in the world and one dab of mean.
2.-They had to get their start from men's bones. Then they mostly use
string. I think.

What kind of little girl was your mom?
1.- My mom has always been my mom and none of that other stuff.
2.- I don't know because I wasn't there, but my guess would be pretty
3.- They say she used to be nice.

How did your mom meet your dad?
1.- Mom was working in a store and dad was shoplifting.

What did mom need to know about dad before she married him?
1.- His last name.
2.- She had to know his background. Like is he a crook? Does he get
drunk on beer? Does he make at least $800 a year? Did he say NO to drugsdrunk on beer? Does he make at least $800 a year? Did he say NO to drugs
and YES to chores.

Why did your mom marry your dad?
1.- My dad makes the best spaghetti in the world. And my mom eats a
2.- She got too old to do anything else with him.
3.- My grandma says that mom didn't have her thinking cap on.

What makes a real woman?
1.- It means you have to be really bossy without looking bossy.

Who's the boss at your house?
1.- Mom doesn't want to be boss, but she has to because dads such a
2.- Mom. You can tell by room inspection. She sees the stuff under the
3.- I guess Mom is, but only because she has a lot more to do than dad.

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1.- Moms work at work and work at home, and dads just got to work at
2.- Moms know how to talk to teachers without scaring them.
3.- Dads are taller and stronger, but moms have all the real power
that's who you gotta ask if you want to sleep over at your friend's.

What does your mom do in her spare time?
1.- Mothers don't do spare time.
2.-To hear her tell it, she pays bills all day long.

What's the difference between moms and grandmas?
1.- About 30 years.
2.- You can always count on grandmothers for candy. Sometimes moms
don't even have bread on them!

Describe the world's greatest mom?
1.- She would make broccoli taste like ice cream!
2.- The greatest mom in the world wouldn't make me kiss my fat aunts!
3.- She'd always be smiling and keep her opinions to herself.

Is anything about your mom perfect?
1.- Her teeth are perfect, but she bought them from the dentist.
2.- Her casserole recipes. But we hate them.
3.- Just her children

What would it take to make your mom perfect?
1.- On the inside she's already perfect. Outside, I think some kind of
plastic surgery.
2.- Diet. You know, her hair. I'd dye-it, maybe blue.

If you could change one thing about your mom, what would it be?
1.- She has this weird thing about me keeping my room clean. I'd get
rid of that.

And now you know all about Moms!! Have a good one!

07-22-2003, 05:48 PM
http://graphics.vfwds.com/images/anim/myanimarrow.gif 4 POUNDS!!! THAT'S GREAT!!! Glad you lost it...fluid or not....it weighs!

Wow...Willow...sounds like your kids are really doing a number on you. I'm so sorry. I don't understand a lot of kids. For instance, the baby-sitting thing. When my children were small...we went somewhere, they went too! If grandma had them, it was because she asked for them! Also, when we went to leave, the kids cleaned up any messes. Anything messed with that shouldn't have been...got a keen switch! Our children think they have to have a baby sitter when they plan to mop the kitchen floor! My children have gotten mad a few times, but they finally learned that I have a life too! I don't mind sometimes..but not every weekend, etc.

And for them to go through your things! My grandchildren like to go into our bedroom to watch tv. On very special occasions, I allow it, but not all the time. Like you said, that is our personal, private place.

You mentioned your son. Mine is worrying us, also. He thinks we should be responsible for all of his bills & responsibilities. He's married with two beautiful little girls. It's about time he grew up & took care of his own family. We know he's on drugs (dil also), so we know where the money goes. He throws it up to us that we have more than him. He works with his dad....50/50...way I see it, he has the same opportunities we do!

Oh, Willow.....you got ME started!!!!

Glad your sugar level is improving...wish I could be as disciplined with my eating as you are. I just have to be careful what I eat. I don't know if I'm lazy, or just don't have the time. Probably both, I haven't had a day off in 1 1/2 weeks now. Supposed to be disabled. lol

Enjoyed the message on Mothers!! http://www.members.aol.com/teejaw/smilies/Daisy.gif

07-22-2003, 07:34 PM
Hi Ladies - just a quickie to explain my absence. My mother OD'd on sleeping tablets and half-heartedly tried to slash her wrists last Friday. She's OK now and back in the unit where she goes when things get bad but she really gave my poor brother a fright when he called in on her. Haven't had time to read the posts even but hope you are all ok. Am on the phone to her sometimes for 2 hours a night so will post regularly when things settle. By the way, still managed a 2lb loss despite the birthday gorge!!

07-22-2003, 10:35 PM
So sorry, Fatpuss......I'll be praying for your family. I know you must have a burden on you now. Take care of yourself.

Congratulations on your weightloss...that's great!http://www.gilly.0catch.com/emoticons/cheer.gif

We'll be here, when/if you need to talk. Miss you. http://home.att.net/~scorh/Flower1m8.gif

07-23-2003, 12:58 AM
Puss, I'm so sorry about your Mom. That must be incredibly difficult for your family, and especially stressful for you. It's incredible how you've managed to lose weight through all the challenges you've had lately--way to go!!

Willow, what's up with those kids?? :( Reminds me of my aunts who kept insisting my grandmother was senile. Made me so mad! She had the last laugh by dying well after they did, and staying in her own home by herself until she was 101. If I had done some of the stuff your grandkids have done, I would have had a very sore bottom. I know you love 'em to death, but put your foot down and take a well-deserved break from them. Would like to see their faces when they try to unlock your door! Maybe limiting them to a couple of kids every once in a while instead of all at once is the thing to do? Something to think about. . .

Angel-lover, I have two sons--the good son and the bad son. Now, I never call them that to their faces, of course. My oldest son has worked hard, made mistakes that he's corrected by himself, and is doing okay. My youngest son quit school when he was 16, finally got his GED this year (he's 24), but along the way he's had so many jobs that he's been fired from, so many apartments he's been evicted from, and he can't even get a bank account anymore so he has trouble cashing a check. He wanted me to co-sign on an apartment for him, and I said, very bluntly, "No way!" I'm really hoping he grows up soon--getting the GED was a start. Don't think he's into drugs, thank goodness.

My poor old dog has to wear an Elizabethan collar for a while. She has a "hot spot," a place where she's licked all the fur off and her skin is raw. We couldn't stop her licking with medicine, and she's too old (almost 17) for steroids so she's getting antibiotics and wearing the collar to help her stop licking so the sore can heal. I think it's allergies to her food, but she's on a special diet for her kidneys and if I change food, then her kidneys could start getting bad again. I might consult a doggie dermatologist to see if there's something we can do differently. It was inevitable--haven't been to the vet in a month so we were due! :) Love my old animals, but they don't have insurance and vet visits aren't cheap.

It's been so hot that we've been watering every day. Went right after dinner tonight, leaving my dad sitting there reading his mail. That was a mistake! I came back in and he said he'd fallen getting up (he'd complained of dizziness when he sat down--I thought it was from his room being so hot and he won't open a window or turn on a fan). Luckily, he was able to get himself up, and I didn't see any blood. I think I'll wait to water until after he's safely in his room!

Hope everyone had a great evening! We're going to be cooler tomorrow, thank goodness. Oh, and I got the window A/C fixed so I have a nice cool room to go to.

07-23-2003, 10:29 AM
Hi everybody.....Hope all are doing good this morning. I had to take my step-dad to the er yesterday. He did real well with his surgery Monday....even went home...about 10pm. OOOOh, so tired! But, he went to having problems yesterday. After spending quite awhile there, I got to take him back home. Maybe things are better now. He was a lot better behaved this time. Makes everything a lot easier on me.

I'm sorry about your dad....hope he's allright. Those falls can be very scarey.

Yes, Sheila....our children can be so different. We have 3 daughters that will never let us know when they are in a tight. If we help them in any way...it's just about forced. They have always been very independant...even before they married. Like your son, ours quit school at 16.(he'll be 24 next Tuesday) My husband lays floor covering, & our son is his 50/50 helper. I didn't want him to pay him that much....he really doesn't earn it. He wanted to show him that he would partnership & have confidence in him. BIG MISTAKE!! He shows up around 10-12am & wants to leave around 4pm. No matter if the job is done or not. Fusses the whole time & then wants half the pay come Friday. Even borrowing money through the week. My husband has lost numerous jobs due to being delayed. If it was anyone else, he would be fired a long time ago. I know he (& his wife)are into drugs......we stay so worried & upset....& financially drained!
We have two little granddaughters, though, & it's hard to take away from them. Even with our housefire, we get very little help from him. Our daughters, though, have been here working as hard as any man! Of course, our son-in-law has helped also, when he could. Our other son-in-law is in Iraq.

I hope your dog gets better soon. Sounds like you give them the best of care. I know about vet bills. We have 2 horses we keep as pets for the grandchildren.

Wish I could send you some of our rain!http://home.att.net/~scorh/Colors1i.jpg
That's all we get, anymore. We had one break last week. It was beautiful all week. Very hot.....but enjoyed it. For several months...just rain. http://www.jeffpylenz.com/INCREDIMAIL%20VOL.2/EX.SMILIES/rain1.gif That's very unusual for us. I guess that's why it's been so depressing.

Hope everyone has a good day..I'll check in later. Gonna go get a few things done.....

07-23-2003, 01:29 PM
I slept really good last night and I feel so refreshed this morning!
I'm going to hurry and get all my posting done on here and then spend the day outdoors. Or as much of it as I can.

My blood glucose was really good all day yesterday, from 88 to 98 2 hours after each meal.

When I got up this morning my blood sugar was 118; 13 hrs fasting. I would like it to be 110 or lower, but, it's only been a couple of days on low carbs, so we'll see after a week or so.
I just checked it again 2 hours after breakfast, and it's at 101. Not bad at all.

I haven't been feeling hungry though in between meals, but I've also been having a snack a couple of times a day.

Swelling in my legs has gone way down. And I sneaked on the scales this morning and I was down another 3 pounds, so it had to have been fluids. I have one more pound to go to get where I had been, then I'll start weighing once a week, and making 5-pound goals.

I did 2 miles of the 3-mile WATP tape, then I had breakfast.

1 egg
3 oz. ham

9 AM;
4 oz. deli Italian smoked turkey breast

1 hamburger patty
1 sl. colby cheese
4 large romaine lettuce leaves
4 kosher midget dill pickles

3 PM;
2 cooked eggs

1 c. romaine hearts
1 stalk celery
1/4 c. julienned red and green peppers
6 slices cucumber
4 radishes
3 oz. cooked skinless chicken breast
2 Tbsp. garlic ranch dressing

Total Cals. = 1140

Total Carb. grams = 19

I'm going to see if it's possible to have a special shoe made for the foot on the side where my bad hip is to try to get more cushioning when I walk on pavement.

Geez, I hope I didn't get you gals into a funk by ranting on about my kids. I guess I forget that others can have similar things going on in their families and that I'm not the only one going through difficult times.
I guess as far as them trying to say that I'm incompetent, they have a lot of proving to do, and unless they lie a lot, they wouldn't stand a chance.
I work every day and I get along with most people, I'm cognizant of what's going on in the world, know the major Government officials, I keep myself and my home clean, I keep my yard neat, (most of the time, should have seen how tall the grass got this time! :lol: )it's real obvious by looking at me that I'm not forgetting to eat, I make and keep all my own appointments, I keep my checking and savings accounts balanced, and I'm certainly not a danger to myself or to anyone else.
I am going to change my executor of my will however. And I'm making out a new health care directive, (living will).
I think that a couple of them are afraid that I'm going to get married and that they won't get my property. Well, until I'm dead, it IS my property, and I can damn well do with it what I want.

Angel, I'm so sorry you've had a rough time of it with your step-Dad getting a set-back after his surgery.
You're awfully good to him, and more kids should be like you, if your mother loves him and he's good to her, that's all that should matter. I hope his recovery is smooth from here on out.

You know, with these kids doing what they do, isn't it amazing that they are almost always brilliant kids too?!? They could go out and conquer the world if they wanted to. My son graduated from High school and had a job already waiting for him at a major building chain, and worked there for 20 years before going on his own and doing contractor work.
He can build a home or anything from the ground up, does math in his head like a genius, and does these damned drugs all the time.
His hair was gray already by the time he was in his middle twenties. I don't know if it's hereditary or not, but I do know that there are a couple of other people who went totally gray at a very young age and they said it was from the constant use of drugs.
The thing is, he isn't happy because he's always in a bad mood. I suppose because he needs to stay high but can't always, so he gets moody.

I don't think they will let me see my grandkids except when they are with them. They don't trust me. Ha! I suppose they think I won't watch them close enough.
When this particular son was leaving I asked he and his wife if I could meet him half way sometime before I went back to work and get the 2 kids to spend a few days with me, and they didn't even answer me. Oh well. That's ok. I can have more me time, and I'll remember that when they want to go someplace.

Puss, SO awfully sorry to hear that your Mother has had a set-back.
Congratulations on your wonderful loss! Especially with all the stress you've been under. That takes a lot of strength.
I hope you can get back to posting regularly soon, but, we understand how it is with parents.
We'll be here for you. Stay strong. Have a wonderful day.

Limiting the numbers is what I've started doing, and that's where the rub is.
But, these kids make messes when the parents are here too. I feel it's up to the parents to check and see if the messes have been picked up.

Ohhh, your poor doggie! I love animals. I want to have a dog again some day, but there's a lot to consider first. I wouldn't get one until I'm retired because I wouldn't be able to spend enough time with it while working. But, there's the other stuff, like what you're going through right now, and vets are very expensive like you say.

I hope your Dad is OK after his fall. It's not an easy job you have there, and I admire you for your compassion.

Glad you got your AC up and running. I don't know what I'd do without mine.

I better get going and get outside.

Wonder if we've lost Sue, or if she's having a rough time of it. Sue, if you're out there, we miss you!

Have a great day everybody!

07-23-2003, 10:09 PM
WOW, I guess we were all having a bad week at the same time. After reading all the posts, I feel like I should take a moment and count my blessings. Puss, my heart breaks for you. My mom can be a real pain sometimes, but I would be totally devasted if she did something like that. I often wonder what puts someone into such depths of despair that they feel life is no longer worth living. Our prayers are with you.

Willow, a few things come to mind. #1 being the lost art of turning a bratty kid over someone's knee. Now don't anyone go thinking child abuse, I don't think any of us were ever damaged for life by a good whack on the behind when we deserved it. A great percentage of today's children rule their parents because they know they can basically get away with it. Just tell a teacher or other adult that "Mommy hit me" and Social Services swoops down on them. Accccccckkkkk! Enough. I love my grandchildren, but I am not their built-in babysitter. When asked, if I have other plans, I just say no. No problem. Sometimes, I just go pick them up and keep them for the day to give the parents a break. As far as the keys, maybe you should give one to a very trusted neighbor. That reallly makes by blood boil. The noyve of dem!!! I too like my things to remain personal.

OK, this is as far as I saved this morning before my computer decided to shut down on I typed away for half an hour and lost the rest of it. I am not lost, just having a real crappy week. To top it off, I went to DW tonight and gained back the 3/4 pound I lost last week. And, it brought another pound with it. :mad: I am going to post this and continue on with a new post, before I lose it again. Our weather is not too good right now. Raining so hard on the way home from work, you could barely see. I hear the rumble of thunder too. To be continued - - -

07-23-2003, 10:34 PM
Here I am again. Now, let's see, where was I? I am trying to remember what I wrote this morning.

Sheila, I too, am a dog lover. Unfortunately this complex does not allow pets. I had a miniature doberman Pinscher once that we took to Cornell University (top notch veterinary college) to try and save her. She had a brain tumor and had to be put to sleep. I cried so hard on the way home I had to pull the car over. I swore I would never go through that again. Then one day DH comes home with this little black and white bundle of fur in his coat pocket. A little Sheltie. Well, you know the rest. And don't get me started on comfort food. I know that is why I gained almost 2 lbs this week. Macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, popcorn, ice cream, and heaven only knows what else. If we had to keep a husband, child or parent on a strict diet and exercise program, we would do it without blinking an eye. Why are WE at the bottom of the importance list. Something to think about.

You all will be sorry you woke up this sleeping bear. :lol: I guess I should let you in on part of my problem. I am usually a very private person. It was almost a year before I told anyone but my husband (and that includes my whole family) that I had been diagnosed with early stage MS. I think last week, I was having a hard time coming to grips with it. One day it was "I have to get this excess weight off" the next day it was "Who cares, what difference will it make?" Sounds like a pity party to me. :dizzy: The strange thing about MS is that you don't know what type you are going to have until you get it. There is slow-moving, fast-moving, years of remission then BANG it hits you like a sledge hammer. You just take one day at a time (gee, where have I heard that before) . That is why I exercise so much. If I don't, the legs start to tighten and I get stiffer than usual. OK, pity party is over. Back to living again. Bummer week for everyone I guess. Lets hope this week will be better. If only it would STOP raining.

Willow, I love the post on Moms. Made my day. And Angel, I still enjoy the pics. Thought for the day: Remember the Past; Savor the Present; Look forward to the Future, for the best is yet to come.

And as Ahhnald Schwartzamajigger said - I'll be back! Sue

07-24-2003, 01:36 AM
*Sigh* My father gave me a fruitcake.

For all of you who don't like fruitcake, (and I used to be one of you), well, you can laugh at my dilemma because a piece of that stuff wouldn't cross your lips. But this is the only kind of fruitcake I eat so it's just a bit tough to see it arrive in the mail.

I have no idea why he had the bakery send us a fruitcake in July. And all my life I've heard snide comments from him about my weight (until I told him I wouldn't visit him again unless he stopped--he did) so why the heck is he giving me a fruitcake with its 13 grams of fat per serving??

On the plus side, I saved enough WW points to have 106 grams of fruitcake and still stay within my points limit. I was pretty psyched about that. I told my DH if we were going to open it, once I had my measured portion, he had to put it somewhere out of my sight. Hopefully it doesn't have to be refrigerated--didn't think about that. Nowhere to hide in the refrigerator. :(

I don't know how to get my 87 year old father to understand that I'm trying to lose weight. The last time he took us out to dinner he wanted to go to a fried chicken place. He even went there to see if they had something other than fried chicken and told me they had shrimp. When we got there it was, of course, fried shrimp. I planned ahead though, and ate two chicken thighs without skin. On Sunday he wanted to go to a Chinese restaurant, and he had to order a family-style dinner. Again, I preplanned and looked up points for Chinese food and shunned the sweet and sour fried whatever and pork fried rice in favor of the almond chicken. So I did pretty good, but I really don't want to go to all that trouble to plan that high calorie stuff into my diet. I'm a quantity eater--I like to eat a plateful of low-fat, low-calorie
food rather than spend my daily calories on a little hunk of fruitcake.

Sue, I know exactly what you mean about the spanking stuff. My DH once swatted my daughter when she was acting up. She went to school the next day and told her teacher who had to call social services. Sheesh! He wasn't beating her--he'd had enough of her sass. I was out of town at the time, but when I got back I told her that she knew the difference between child abuse and getting swatted and if she ran to her teacher again after getting swatted she would be placed in a foster home and I'd pack her bag for her. That probably sounds harsh, but I just wasn't going to deal with the blackmail aspect.

Rain--wish we had some! I have a cyberfriend in New Jersey who is complaining about the thunderstorms. Her poor dog hides under the bed and my friend is having a heck of a time getting the dog to come out. We've got the opposite problem--no rain and too much heat (in my opinion--I'm sure others are really happy with this weather).

I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis, Sue. I hope that yours is the kind that goes into remission. I've also heard that pregnancy helps MS, but since you're posting on the over 50 thread, I imagine that's not an option. :) Like Parkinson's, MS has gotten a lot of publicity lately because several celebrities have been diagnosed. IMHO, that can only do good things in helping research learn more about the disease that will eventually lead to finding a cure in hopefully the very near future. And by the way, I think everyone needs to have a pity party once in a while. I think it helps to get all the frustration out, and then move on, don't you?

Hope everybody had a good, or at least an okay, day!

07-24-2003, 06:12 PM
I tried all morning to get in here and couldn't. Did anyone else have the same problem?
Anyway, I saved my post, and here it is;

:D Good Morning!
I feel sooo good again today! Slept really good last night again, yayyy for the new CPAP equipment and pressure setting.

I slept until 7 AM, and then sneaked on the scales again and I am one more pound down, so I'm back to where I had been before this funk of the last 2 weeks hit me.

My blood glucose when I got up this morning was 102 after 13+ hrs of fasting. YESSSS! Must be the low carb way of eating.
I have to get new test strips for my monitor today and I think that I'm going to also get the ketone test strips for my monitor because it tests both glucose and ketones.

I did the whole 3-mile WATP tape this morning, so I've got 45 minutes of exercise in already.

I felt a good healthy "in the stomach" hungry this morning, not the craving kind of hungry.

The weather here is so gorgeous again today! I'm going shopping for a little while, and I'm going to get some nylon rope and a pkg. of camping stakes and I'm going to anchor my patio swing down to the ground. Every time theres any wind that's very strong at all, the canopy acts like a parachute or a sail and catches the wind and flips the swing over.

Got my menu for the day ready, and it will probably stay the way I have it.

2 eggs
3 oz. ham

9 AM;
4 oz. smoked mesquite turkey breast

2 (3-oz.) hamb. patties
1 slice cheddar cheese
4 romaine leaves
4 kosher baby dill pickles

3 PM;
3 oz. deli smoked turkey breast
2 romaine leaves

2 c. romaine hearts
4 radishes-sliced
1 stalk celery-crescents
6 slices cucumber
1/4 c. julienned green and red peppers
4 oz. cooked skinless chicken breast
2 Tbsp. garlic ranch dressing
4 pickles

1434 calories

23 grams carbs.

:drill: Richard will be coaching me now at times. :D
I was shopping and when I went to get the camping stakes and the nylon rope, I just HAD to walk down the exercise and fitness aisle, and there was Richard, just waiting to pounce, in his cute little black tank top with silver sparkles on it and shorts to match! For $25.00 I took him home with me. 3 tapes @ 40 minutes each I believe, and the wrist weights with the cool gel strips. I just previewed the Disco blast off, now I have the Latin Blast off and the Mega Mix Blast off to preview. So, now I have even more variety. My kids would laugh at me I know, but, I could have worse things to "waste" my money on. Some people like to have a lot of exercise videos, whether they use them a lot or not, and then some people make fun of their mothers. Shame on them.

There was also a 3-pak of Leslie Sansone's WATP for ABS, but, I wasn't sure if they are different than the ones I already have, because they say the same thing, like 'get up and get moving', 2 mile fat burner and' 3-mile fat burner'. But these say for abs and mine don't.
Anyway, I settled for Richard because I have 6 of the WATP tapes already and I only had one of Richard.

I got my patio swing anchored down now.
I had to have the pharmacy at Kmart order my testing strips and control solution for my monitor. I can't believe that they don't have this stuff on hand. I suppose because they were in financial trouble for a while and don't have a lot of inventory on hand because probably the vendors won't give them a lot of credit yet.

It's been a good day so far.

Oh Sheila, you poor woman you! You just can't win can you? Who would have ever thought of fruit cake in July??
It reminded me of one time when I was a kid and my mom was making Christmas stuff, and she hid a fruit cake in the bottom drawer of a wardrobe in her bedroom, and when christmas got there, she knew she had made that fruit cake, but couldn't for the life of her remember where she had put it. She found it the next spring when she was putting winter stuff away and taking summer stuff out.

I think you're going to have to humor your father and keep on trying to be prepared ahead of time for his little surprises. :lol: Lot's of extra work for you though.
I'm like you, I like quantity in my meals too.

I swatted butts too when my kids were younger, but, surprisingly, I didn't have to do it very often at all. I was kind of a hard-nose because I was doing it by myself after my husband died and needed to keep control of things.

Sue, your statement about why we put ourselves at the bottom of the importance list is SO profound! Why the heck didn't I ever think about it in those terms???? And not only pertaining to my weight either.

I'm sorry you had the rotten luck to receive the diagnosis that you did. I don't know how I'd handle something like that. I thought it was bad enough with the cancer diagnosis, but, I guess we all do what we have to do to handle these things.
I don't know if it's any comfort or not, but I've heard of some people who have a very mild case and never get worse. I hope you will be one of those. If you don't feel comfortable discussing it on the board, feel free to send me a PM and I'll send you my email address.
Sorry to hear you had a small gain, but, it really is a small one. Maybe you just happened to weigh on a bad day with fluids.

I better get going and preview some more of Richard. See ya all later! Have a wonderful day!!

07-24-2003, 09:40 PM
DOWN 3 MORE LBS!! I don't think I can take a lot of the credit, though. The two days that I was helping SD....I didn't have many chances to eat anything. At least, it's still gone.:)

Yes, Willow, I tried all morning to get into the forum, also. I thought something was wrong with my computer. http://www.techhelpers.net/e4u/comp/comp03.gif Right after I bought it, the monitor shot! So...I get a little paranoid.

I'm so glad you're resting better at night....your 1 lb loss!!http://www.emotipad.com/emoticons/Clap%20Hands.gif Wow....you are a busy lady....I can't keep up reading your posts....I'd hate to follow you around all day! LOL Speaking of kids...yours(&my son)needs a good swatting! He was over here this evening, though, & it was one of his better days. He can be so loveable when he wants to be.(& not drugged) It's these days that get me through.

Sheila....I LOVE fruitcake!! Any time of the year!! You made me sooo hungry. I also love Chinese food, & fried chicken! Oh well, back to my water!http://www.emotipad.com/emoticons/Glug.gif

Sue....My heart goes out to you. I know how I felt with the RA diagnoses. I already had back problems. Then, with the RA....I didn't know what to expect. It went through me so fast & severe....it changed my life before I had a chance to really get adjusted to the idea of it. To add to it all, most people don't realize how serious it is. They think it's like other forms of arthritis.

I really hope that your fears are the worse part of this for you. As Willow said, I too, have known of people with only mild to moderate cases of it. Don't worry about that tiny gain. My thoughts & prayers are with you.http://www.vfwds.com/graphics/images/roses/bgrose.gif

I made a Homepage today....gonna need to add to it. It's gives folks a little more info, though, about me. I have a larger Christian website....if anyone ever wants to check it out....If no, that's fine. Address is http://www.charlotteborden.tvheaven.com
There are people from all over the world who come & visit & sign the guestbook. It helps me pass the time, as I work on it often.

Well.....that's enough advertising! :lol: Hope all rest well tonight.http://home.att.net/~scorh3/Cutie01i.gif

07-25-2003, 10:05 AM
I only have a couple of minutes right now because I have to take my shower and get dressed. I have a locksmith coming to change my locks in an hour. I have a hair appt. today too, and I need to get my menus done for next week seeing as I'll be going back to work and won't be able to just grab when I want to. Need to find something that will be handy for work, yet low carb.

I did my 3-mile WATP tape this morning. My fasting BS was 112. I didn't exercise in the evening yesterday either. See?? I'm slowly re-learning this stuff.
The liver is making glucagon while we sleep, that's why it's higher in the morning, so I guess I'll need to get some activity in the evenings on a regular basis to keep that worn off.

My dancing the other day must have been more effective than I thought it would. I was kind of sore yesterday but today my legs are sore, top and bottom, ...

For breakfast I had;

3 oz. fresh spinach
3 oz. ham
2 eggs
1/4 c. shredded cheddar cheese

Don't know yet what I'm going to have the rest of the day. I'll add that later.

Angel, do you want us to still call you Angel, or would you prefer Charlotte?
CONGRATULATIONS on another fantastic loss!!

I visited your web site last night briefly and it looks beautiful! I'll have to go back when I can spend more time. It's very calming.
See everyone a little later! Have a good day!

07-25-2003, 03:45 PM
Great job, Angel-lover! Three lbs. is incredible--take 'em any way you can get 'em! I'd love to call you Charlotte, too, because I think it's a beautiful name. Not that Angel-lover isn't nice, too! :)

Willow, I'm waiting for the first time one of your kids tries to get into your house. You didn't tell them you were going to change the locks, did you?

Well, despite fruitcake and Chinese food, I managed to lose a pound--actually over a pound since Weight Watchers counts ounces, too, but I just round for bulletin board purposes. I'm inching closer to the 50 lb. mark, which will be halfway for me. I'm a slow loser, but I'm okay with that. Hoping to be at the 100 lb. mark by next April, but if I'm not then whenever it happens will be just fine with me.

We plan on finishing the last trellis this weekend and working more on the retaining wall/planter beds. Since my shipment of iris corms arrived, I need to get them in the ground somewhere. Luckily, I can move them next year if I decide I don't like where I place them.

We're leaving on vacation in a couple of weeks to the Oregon coast. I interviewed a pet/dad sitter the other day and she seems really nice. Had great references, too. She's only coming in for a couple of hours a day to clean up, scoop the litterboxes, feed the cats, etc., so I'm a little worried about my dad during all the rest of the time. It's kind of a touchy situation because he thinks he can live alone, and I don't think he can so I have to have a happy medium. Luckily, he realizes that he can't get his compression stockings on by himself so he knows he has to have some help. I'm worried about meals, though. I don't want him microwaving TV dinners all the time because I worry about the sodium. Originally I wanted to take him with us, but the two-story house and lack of grab bars makes it impossible. I'm hoping I can relax enough to enjoy my vacation. If anyone has been in a similar situation, I'd love to know how you handled it!

Hope everyone is having a great Friday! I need to get some laundry done, but maybe I should start by taking a shower. It was hot in the gym today and I think I sweated at least a quart of fluid!

07-25-2003, 04:49 PM
I did R.S. Mega Mix Blast Off late this morning too. 40 minutes, and I was laughing at myself because I was always about 2 or 3 moves behind them, but it was fun, and even if I didn't do everything exactly right, it was still a workout, and a pretty good one too. My favorite part is the toning part with the wrist weights.

Rest of menu for today, ....

9 AM;
3 oz. cooked skinless chicken breast
2 Tbsp. mayo
1 stalk celery

4 oz. canned crab meat(ick! didn't like it!)
3 tbsp.garlic ranch dressing
1 stalk celery

3 oz. pork chop in stirfry with cabbage, zucchini, peppers, cauliflower and broccoli.

calories = 1320

carbs = 22

Sheila, I did tell my oldest sons wife, so I'm sure she told him, and that's ok because he seldom talks with the others, and it may not occur to him to even mention it. He is in charge of my affairs if anything ever happens to me, and another one is a back-up in case he and I are killed together in a car accident or some circumstance where we both go at the same time. I'm thinking of taking the other one off, not because of him so much but his wife who has her nose in everybodys business.
I wish I could afford a motion activated hidden camera by my door so i could see the expression too.
I never minded my sons coming in for stuff, but he stepped over the line when he took the door to the upstairs off the hinges to show his nosey wife around up there. That door was locked for a reason.

Congratulations on your loss too! I feel the same way, ... I don't care if it's slow, just so it's steady. How I wish I had 50 pounds off! I hit the 30 to 32 pound mark and I just seem to sit there forever.
Next April is my Birthday and I'd like to hit the 100 lb. mark by then too, but I'm struggling just to get 5 off, so that's kind of what I'm doing, 5-pound goals.

Sounds like you're getting close to finishing your landscaping project.

I don't know what to suggest for your Dad while you're gone.
Unless you cook up some meals and make frozen dinners for him by buying the sectioned disposable plates and then cover them with saran wrap.
Do you have a friend or relative nearby who would invite him for a meal or 2 to keep him happy?
How receptive would he be to going to an assisted living home for the time you're gone on vacation? I know you said he feels he could live alone, but, maybe if you explain it would help you to enjoy your vacation more, he might feel sorry for you and agree to do it.

Wish I were just now going on vacation instead of ending mine. I have a brother and his family who live in oregon, and an old friend from 40+ years ago who lives in Coos Bay.

Well, I'm out of here for now.
See ya all later! Have a great day!

07-25-2003, 08:31 PM
Hello all. Just stopping by to say Hello.

Willow, I just came from WalMart and bought two of L. Sansone's WATP tapes. Can't wait to try them. They were only $8 each, so that wasn't too bad. I was going to try one of The Firm tapes, but they only came in a set of three for $25. I think I will wait and probably pick one up at a garage sale sometime. Maybe if I do something different for awhile, it will shake up my metabolism or something. :dizzy: Sounds like you are getting back to your "old self" again.

Regarding problems with the forum, I recall seeing a note from Suzanne that the site was going to be down for "maintenance". That may have been the time you were trying to get on. I was not able to a couple times either.

Sheila, hope you enjoy your vacation on the coast. I am counting the days (21 to go!) till we go to the lake. I wish I had some answers for you too. Almost makes you feel guilty when you enjoy yourself while your father is home alone. I was thinking along the same lines as Willow. Around here, they have what they call "respite centers" just for such situations. Sometimes just for a few days or a few hours.

Angel, I checked out your site too. Very nice. Looking forward to seeing the personal webpage too. Congrats on the pounds lost. Hopefully they will stay away forever. :)

Puss, we are thinking of you even though we don't "see" you. Hope things are going OK. We'll keep a light on for you - - -

Have a good weekend everyone. Sue

07-25-2003, 09:57 PM
I had to drop in and add the rest of my exercise for today in here. I went to Curves for 45 minutes tonight. That makes a total of 132 minutes of exercise today. But, the rest of the time I didn't do much, so, I don't know how much good it did.

Hi Sue, good to see you!
I just know you'll like the WATP tapes, because you can do them at your own intensity and build up speed as time goes on, and you don't have to get into these ungodly positions as some of them.
I saw a tape next to Richard called THE FIRM, but I don't know how difficult it is to do, so thought I'd leave it for another day.
I'm trying to find out what BODY FLEX is. I think it's stretching, and a woman told me on another site that she lost a lot of weight while doing that routine. I THINK that's what she said it was.

I had fun with RS this morning. I have to laugh at myself and him both. I think it's a good idea too, to have variety so you don't get burned out on one or two things all the time.

It was really hot and icky here today. But, at least the rest of the week was beautiful and it was a nice way to end my vacation.

I suppose i can go see what's on the boob tube. I'm getting bored. I'm not really crazy about watching TV, but, it's that or the PC.

Everybody have a wonderful weekend, and I suppose it wil be like most weekends with no activity on here, so, be safe in your travels.

07-25-2003, 10:25 PM
Hi, Sue--what lake do you go to? Do you have a cabin there or go camping or. . .? You may have mentioned it, but I have a mind like a sieve. :) Back in 1976 I stayed for a month on the east coast in New Jersey and New York and on Martha's Vineyard. My friend and I went camping in the Catskills. One of my most vivid memories is that we got in a conversation with a guy from the Bronx and I couldn't understand a word he said! Being in NYC was interesting, too. Another friend and I had driven a car from Corvallis, Oregon, to Minneapolis, then took a bus to Chicago where we took a train, me going to NYC, and she going to visit her family in Boston. I arrived at Grand Central Station and felt like I had wandered into ****--hot, steamy and smelly with weird people wandering around. Right after getting off the train, my friend whisked me to Central Park for an outdoor concert where there must have been a million people and the police were shaking down the vendors for beer. Too much for a sheltered girl from Seattle!

Willow--Richard Simmons is so campy--I love it! I have one of his Sweatin' to the Oldies aerobics tapes that I occasionally use. What I would like to get is a "yoga light" tape. I think the stretching in yoga might help ease some of these perpetually contracted muscles I have. Not sure, but it's worth a try. I know some of the poses aren't good for me, but others might be beneficial.

Sorry your vacation is coming to an end. Sounds like you're a bit bored, though, so maybe it's for the best. I know what you mean about TV. I watch a lot of it because I have to lie down a lot, and reading is tough with my arms up in the air so I either fall asleep (which makes it hard to sleep at night) or watch TV. For the first time ever I have cable and it's the deluxe stuff so there's a lot to choose from.

If we finish this trellis project, I will try to post some before and after photos this weekend. We're also going to visit my son who is working for a week in a town about 1.5 hours away from where we live. I'm looking forward to seeing him, and hopefully hearing him say, "Mom, you lost weight--you look great!" If he doesn't, he's outta my will! :)

07-25-2003, 11:54 PM
Hi everybody! Hey....I don't care what you call me....long as you keep it friendly! LOL Thanks for the compliments on the WS

Willow...Hope you got all those locks changed & keep your keys hid!! http://www.agifs.hpg.ig.com.br/diddl/diddl9.gif

I forgot just what you do at work....are you a teacher? http://www.cartooncottage.com/images/teacherboard.gif If so, what do you teach? I guess I could go back & check....just lazy. LOL

Sheila....lost weight after fruitcake & chinese food! WEIGH TO GO!!http://www.stopstart.freeserve.co.uk/smilie/1syellow1.gif How is your dog doing? The one you were thinking about taking to the dermatologist. Hope he/she is better. Also, hope you come up with a solution for your dad while you're on vacation. It's hard to convince them, they can't do things like they used to!http://www.agifs.hpg.ig.com.br/casais/casal23.gif

Hi Sue....I'm sure your weightloss will kick in soon. Sometimes, when we plateau, it just takes awhile.

My poor mother-in-law fell yesterday. Was taken to hospital by ambulance. She fell forward on cement on her face. Has a large lump all across her forhead, very black eye, etc. Tests didn't reveal anything serious. She really looks bad, though. She's a tough lady. I don't like to see her looking like that. Be glad when she's well.

Getting sleepy....gonna try to get some rest. Still waking up about 3-4am each morning! Everyone have a good evening.

07-26-2003, 10:18 AM
I went to bed early last night, about 10 pm, and i was awake by 3:15. Got up at 4:30. Didn't do any exercise yet.
Breakfast was an omelet of spinach, ham, egg, and shredded cheddar cheese.

I want to find a plain, simple weight bench, not with the racks and all that on it. I want to start working out with weights more, and even though they are hand weights, some of the workout is on a bench. Guess I'll have to clear out some more stuff from my tiny bedroom to store it because I don't have any more room in my dining room!

3 oz. fresh spinach
3 oz. ham
2 eggs
1/4 c. shredded cheddar

2 (3-oz.) hamb. patties
1 slice colbys cheese
4 romaine leaves
4 kosher dill pickles

1 cooked skinless chicken breast
leftover stirfry veggies from last night
1 Tbsp. oyster sauce

1515 calories

23 carbs.

My fasting BS was 97 this morning, so either all the exercising yesterday was worth it or my supper last night wasn't as bad as I thought it was.

It's stormy here this morning. It's weird because the sun comes out and then it storms, the sun comes out, and then it storms, .....

I'm going to buy some crab legs and have them for dinner tomorrow. I have no idea what to do with them. I guess just put them in boiling water, huh? I've never had them before, .... either at home or in a restaurant. But, I've had crab meat from a deli that was all ready to eat.

I'm going to take the skin off of some chicken legs and roast them for my lunches next week at work. Maybe sprinkle some bar-b-que seasoning on some of them seeing as how I shouldn't have bar-b-que sauce.
I still don't have all my menus for this coming week done.

Mick Jagger is 60 years old today. Geez, where have all the years gone. 2 days ago I was raising kids, and today here I am, ..... an old woman. Hmmmmm, .... it's enough to make a person want to get out there and exercise to live longer.

Good morning Charlotte! I've decided to call you by your name because, like Sheila, I think it's a very pretty name.

You were up early like I was.

So sorry for your MIL's fall. Poor thing! I hope she's still doing OK.

Sheila, you sound like you had a lot of fun in your youth! ;) I would have never been that daring.
I thought I was being daring when I left home at 15 and went to Milwaukee and got a cabin on a lake with a friend, who had a full time job, and I got a job busing tables at a big restaurant.

Yes, I'm looking forward to doing these other two RS tapes.
"OK, now, shshshsh!"

I'm sure your son will notice your loss and will be very happy for you and proud of you.

Be back later!

07-26-2003, 01:47 PM
Good morning!

Charlotte, so sorry about your MIL's fall. I'm glad it wasn't more serious, but I bet she's going to be sore. She must look like she went a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson!

Willow, you're only as old as you feel. Hhmm, most of the time I feel 90--guess that doesn't work! No, I think old has been pushed back to age 80. My mom died at 74, which I think was pretty young.

What I didn't mention about that trip was that I didn't have a way back home from New York so I found a rideshare ad in the Village Voice and rode across country with a really nice woman about my age. She had to stop in Detroit so I got off at Ann Arbor and knocked on the door of a friend of a friend and he let me stay at his apartment for three days. He's now an art or theater critic for the New York Times--can't remember which, but his first name is Bruce in case anyone reads the NY Times. I think I'd be horrified if my daughter did that kind of stuff. I won't even go into my hitchhiking escapades. All I can say is someone was watching out for me!

My DH is checking out flights for Oslo and Osaka. He's traveling again in the next two months. I asked him to check out where the closest European destination is, and it turns out to be London, which is 9 hours away. Nine hours is only three hours more than the flight to Maui I took in January so maybe I could handle it.

Have a good Saturday! Enough delay--I've got to start working outside!

07-27-2003, 03:54 AM
Hi everyone - seems like light years ago I was here and I have missed you all. Have finally caught up with all the back posts and it seems like we have all been through it lately. Sue, I have three friends with MS - the two who were diagnosed in their early 40s and now in their mid 50s you would never know they had it most of the time. One of them contemplated putting a support rail in for the future but my third friend who has had it since her late teens, early 20s, and alternates between sticks and a chair said psychologically she shouldnt do it. I passed the message on and other friend didn't build the rail which is just as well because in spite of some remissions and bad spells, she is still exactly as she was 8 years ago ie fit as a flea. Other friend has also had occasional bad spells but has had spells of long remission and again, no one would ever know she had MS. You sound a fun-loving fiesty lady and I am sure that counts for something with MS. Two years ago one of the friends went to WW, lost a lot of weight, decided she didn't want to stay in her stale marriage and got a flat with the youngest daughter. I don't think the MS had any bearing on her decision, she was probably looking ahead to the future now the kids are off her hands and decided she wanted more out of life. I hope your holiday is brilliant and you catch lots of fish and return ready to bite the head off the world is need be! Sheila, you too are off on what sounds like a very well-deserved holiday after all the land work and moving your dad and worries about your dog etc. I love irises (?) but wouldn't fancy all the planting! I too love fruitcake - especially the iced (frosting?) versions ha ha. I read about your acid reflux with interest. For years my husband hasn't eaten a mealwithout having to swallow gallons of antacid liquid (probably agrivated by all the heart meds he has to take) but he finally went for investigation at the hospital and it was nothing nasty but now has prescribed tablets which have changed his life. Never gets acid ever anymore. Will ask him the name of them later and post back to you. Angel, your website is lovely! You are a talented lady at all this hi-tech stuff and put me to shame. You have been so good caring for your step dad especially considering the relationship. Willow, I was totally shocked at the treatment you have had lately from certain family members. Senile?? You?? God help me then because you are so on the ball lady. Almost laughable if it wern't so audacious. How did first week back to work go? Well, I notice you have been kinder to Richard than I have been, someone has to treat him nicely after I whammed him to the back of the cupboard. I bought a used Rosemary Conley video (British fitness guru in her late 50s early 60s) thinking it would be boring and a doddle but I actually worked out harder than with Richard for seemingly less effort. Started it yesterday in the 90$ trainers the kids bought for my birthday - at that price I am only using them at home to workout ha ha! My daughter has moved on to Cuba at the moment and I can imagine her saying "Mummm!" Well, things are on a slightly different footing now with my own mother. The staff at the unit she is still and all my friends say I have to cut down on the amount of time listening to the same old stuff I have had for the past 20 months. It's creating a dependency etc. Trouble is, it's hard because she has never trusted anyone to make friends in her life - always found fault with everything and everyone - and my brother, gorgeous and caring as he is, is no good with patience hearing the same negative stuff all the time. I told her that in future our phone calls had to be about positive things ie. her sheltered housing should come through this year and not about things we can't change ie. the tinitus. She won't have it that the tinitus is aggravated by the depression and convinced she knows better than doctors and nurses (and everyone on the planet for that matter). I have noticed she gets bored when I interupt our nightly calls when she harps on about the same stuff and ask her to think positive and ends the call after 30 mins instead of the sometimes 2 hours. Gets so bad sometimes I am eating dinner whilst listening to her on the phone. This is doubly difficult because she was so abusive, cold and domineering when we were young but what can we do? She is our mother when all's said and done. Strange to see this nasty tyrant in this situation though DH and SIL say its still a form of control what she is doing but I can't believe anyone would deliberately lead the kind of life she has been for the last 20 months ie in and out of mental unit. Anyway, enough of my troubles, it's great to be back - for good this time - have missed you all very much. Only lost 1lb this week but better than a poke in the eye as they say - though I don't know who they are or if they used to get poked in the eye to know.

07-27-2003, 09:48 AM

Fatpuss...so glad you're back..we missed you! Sorry you're going through so much with your mother. I'm sure the 30 minute calls are a welcome relief, considering the 2 hrs! I don't know if I could handle that. I know, from experience, though, we do what we have to do. My mother was a lot like yours. She wasn't physically abusive....but mentally abusive. I never felt loved by her my whole life. I was a daddy's girl. But I lost him to cancer when I was 21 (he was 52) Mother has Alziemer's now, & is so sweet & wants to kiss me when she sees me. I've heard their personality is totally opposite when they get it. I know she is! I didn't think I would ever cry for her....but I do. I guess I cry for the mother I wish she had been. Like you said....she's my mother, & I'll take care of her all I'm able.

Hey....1 lb lost!!! That's great! http://www.agifs.hpg.ig.com.br/criancas/menina166.gif
Thanks http://www.agifs.hpg.ig.com.br/criancas/menina25.gif for the compliment on my website. I'm not that good....just a lot of time on my hands.

Hi Sheila....notice you do a lot of outside work!
Wish I was able to do that! Hope your son noticed your weightloss! http://www.agifs.hpg.ig.com.br/cute_gifs/cute1.gif

Willow....I like some of the things you eat...but crab legs....sheesh! & awhile back...it was sardines! http://www.click-smilies.de/sammlung/mittelgrosse/medium-smiley-014.gif Anyway, I'd like to see you & the others exercising to the dance tapes!!!!! http://www.agifs.hpg.ig.com.br/criancas/menina169.gif
Hope you still have time to post often when you start back to work.

Sue....Take care of yourself....remember you CAN DO IT!!

MIL isn't feeling so well....she looks absolutely terrible! Both eyes are now black & cheek. She is a diabetic, & when they checked her blood sugar in the ambulance it was only 37. Probably why she fell. Hopefully she'll follow up with her regular dr this week. She was out of town, when it happened. (Willow....keep an eye on your sugar level)

Gotta go get ready for church.....all have a great Sunday!

07-27-2003, 10:30 AM
Good Morning All. What a beautiful day. Slight breeze, but still warm.

Puss, so glad to see you back. Sounds like you are having quite a time of it with your mother. "Give them an inch and they will take the whole ruler" The two hour phone calls sound like a bit of a controlling tactic. When you change the subject and you take control, so to speak, the game is not fun anymore. Not to say by all means that it has been a game, but it puts things into perspective. It makes you wonder sometimes, what kind of life she had growing up as a child. Has she ever talked about that? Any kind of abuse, whether it be physical, sexual or emotional, can take a terrible toll on a person.
I had to smile when I read about your $90 trainers. Mine are only $50, but I still only wear them in the house :lol: When I get a new pair, the inside ones become the outside ones.

OK Willow, I just did a 2-mile WATP tape and I am more worn out than 45 min on the treadmill at 3.5mph. WHEW, that was a workout. Hope I make it through the 4-mile one tomorrow morning. Have to pick me up one of those stretchy bands though. The one I have is too heavy. Maybe I will let Richard out again.

Hi Sheila. The lake we go to is called Peck Lake, just outside of Gloversville, NY. It is privately owned, and we rent a small cabin. Only cold running water and a two burner hot plate. We bring a lot of our own stuff. BUT, NO TV or Computer, Phone, etc. A week of peace and quiet. And did I mention no personal watercraft. Like snowmobiles on the water. We call them gnats. 19 days to go.

Angel, I'm with you on the sardines, but I love crablegs, and lobster, and scallops, and shrimp. And one more, steamed mussels. Funny thing is, I don't like clams or oysters. Icky Yucky as my granddaughter says. How's your homepage coming?

Well, ladies, I just answered my phone and the cord hooked the corner of a container of nuts, bolts, nails, screws, thumbtacks etc etc that I was looking through earlier. They were all sorted nicely. Well, now they are UNSORTED and all over my kitchen floor. Soooooooo I have a job to do. Maybe I will stop back later. Have a great day. Sue

07-27-2003, 05:04 PM
Hey, it's me again - only one call this morning crying her eyes out because they weighed her and the extra couple of pounds will now cause her to strain on the lavatory!! Told her she should be lucky she is gaining weight because cancer patients would love to and she said she wished she had cancer. Lost for words! Tonight was only a 20 minute one because without going over the last 20 months stuff she was bored (never ever has asked about me or mine in my life) and said she would let me go and said "you don't need to call every night BUT... you are all I have got because men are no good at listening". At this point I am seriously considering gender realignment. Angel, thank you so much for lovely welcome back bears, I love them and you are so clever. I would like to have a fatpuss logo at the side of my name like you all have. Can you tell me how I go about it? Hope your MIL is a little better - such a shock to the body when you get older. It must be very difficult for you with your own mother as she is now and how she was. I too was Dad's girl, such a kind and gentle man who never raised a hand to us. Sue, thanks also for the nice welcome. Yes I am trying to see what everyone is telling me that this is just another form of manipulation and control - my son said that if I withdrew support all together she would get better much quicker but easier said than done. SHorter phone calls have made life much easier though. No, my mother was never abused as a child though she lost her mother when she was 7 and she was the youngest of 4. Her father never remarried and although they lived a poor city life because of his drinking and gambling, he was as gentle as they come, just totally irresponsible which I suppose goes some way to explain her need to control everything and everyone. I don't know where she learned to abuse her kids from though my brother didn't get the physical abuse only the mental abuse. The cabin you are going to sounds absolutely idyllic and I wish we had similar here. I have seen them on US films and always thought I would love to chill out somewhere like them. Willow and Sheila, I hope you are both well and look forward to reading posts from you. Been stuffing jelly babies down myself all day since learing that the two thin slices of lean bacon for breakfast contained 26 grams of fat!! Oh, what the heck, its the weekend.

07-27-2003, 09:23 PM
I must say I've been busy today. I did the 3-mile WATP tape this morning but that's all the exercises I've done today. HOWEVER, ..... I've been working and running errands all day. So, that should count for some exercise.
I haven't even cooked today. I've had either leftovers or grabbed something quick when I was out and about.
And, ..... yes, I ate carbs. And it didn't do anything to my BS readings. They stayed within normal range.

I did a lot of going up and down stairs today because I spent the better part of the day cleaning the basement and the bedroom down there. Washed the throw rugs from down there. Wiped down cobwebs. swept the WHOLE thing. threw away some pillows that were getting lumpy. re-arranged everything in the bedroom down there. Put up some new curtains down there. It looks nice for a change. In fact, it looks so open now and roomy that I'm tempted to put all my exercise stuff back down there. But I won't because I don't like being down there alone.
I also put alarms on the windows.

I had to re-program the remote to the tv down there. sigh.

I haven't had one phone call today. ... :?: ... I even checked the phone a couple of times to see if it's working! :lol:
I didn't watch any TV yet either. Maybe later just before bed. I usually turn the lights down and turn the tv on low to kind of wind down before bed, hoping it will let me sleep better.

I made some rainbow sugar free jello today. But, I'm going to whip regular whipping cream with Splenda for a topping.

Sheila, you certainly were fortunate that nothing happened to you on your hitch hiking trips. That's one thing I was ALWAYS scared to do. And I would never pick up a hitch hiker either.

So you're thinking of doing some traveling soon? Lucky you!

Did you finish your landscaping project? I bet it's beautiful.

Puss! It's good to see you! I'm glad you're geting a little reprieve from the phone calls.
It's too bad that your Mother can't be the kind of person to get out and socialize. I'm not one to talk though. I used to be out and about all the time and once most of my kids were grown, I partied it up on weekends quite often. But, I just all of a sudden stopped, and then started gaining weight at the same time and have no desire to get out anymore. In fact, I avoid people, and I think it's because I don't want anyone to see me like this. But, who knows? Maybe there's a deeper reason that I'm not even admitting to myself.
I've had kind of a $hitty life, really. Lots of responsibility from a very young age. Maybe I just want to be quiet and by myself now. I don't know. I do get lonely a lot of times though. So, I can sympathize with your Mother too. But, you shouldn't feel it's your duty to be at her beck and call 24/7 either.

I haven't been back to work yet. I go back tomorrow. I have mixed feelings about it. I would love to not have to worry about having to go to work anymore. But, before I retire, I need to find something to do that I really enjoy and that will get me out amongst people, at least a few times a week.
I've been thinking of trying to get a couple of book reading clubs started. I also would like to work in a book store or a library or something like that. I haven't had any training in that, but I would think I'm intelligent enough that I could learn it. Either reading or something with music. I love both.

Congratulations on another pound gone! You're just whittling away at it!
I'm glad to hear you're going to be around more. I always look forward to your posts, as I do all the others, but I can hear the british accent when I read your posts.

Charlotte, You are so good at all the jpegs and gifs and stuff, maybe you could make money by designing web sites for people. I don't make use of a tenth of what all is on this computer because I don't know what's all on it or how to use it.
I should take a class.
I'm really happy for you that you're feeling good again.
:lol: I think it was salmon and clams that I ate in the last couple of weeks. But, I DO like sardines too! :lol:
I got some pork rinds today. I haven't had them since the old days when I used to eat them while drinking beer. :dizzy:

Well, I did the other 2 of RS tapes yesterday, and I stuck the latin blast off in the back of all the exercise tapes I have. NO WAY!! If I tried to swivel my hips like that, I'd break one for sure! It's just too fast paced for me. He only does like 2 of each move then he's on to another step. It would be impossible to learn it. So, I'm gonna be like Puss with that tape. I do like the other 2 though, even though they are very fast paced.

Sue, was the 2-mile WATP tape a fat burner? I have a couple of 2-mile ones too, and one of them is really a good workout! It's a lot harder to do than the other ones.
I haven't gotten her 4-mile one yet. How long is that one? Must be over an hour. The ones I have average out to about 16 minutes per mile.
As for the dynabands, I went out to the local hospital and went to the rehab or work rehab dept. and asked to buy several of the bands. They are on a big roll in a box and they cut them to your length. They are different strengths. I got 3 different strengths. some for arms, some for legs and some for both. It might be less expensive than ordering some or buying from a store. I think I paid $5.00 each.

Anyway, I need to get off of here and get my stuff ready for tomorrow. I hope I sleep as good tonight as I did last night.
I may not be on as much after today, but I'll try to get on at least once a day.
Everybody have a wonderful week. Stay strong, and drink your water! :D

07-28-2003, 07:58 AM
I didn't sleep much at all last night. This damned apnea is no better. Kept obstructing. I got up at 3:30.

I did the 3-mile WATP tape this morning.

For breakfast I had a new bacon I haven't had before, quite lean and 50 calories a slice and 0 carbs. Big round slices, about 4 inches wide. Also 1/4 c. egg substitute. and, of course, my green tea.
For lunch I'm having 2 roasted skinless drumsticks and a few kosher dills.
For break a ctn of yogurt.
Don't know what all for supper yet. Maybe a big chef salad.

Everybody have a great day. Later!

07-28-2003, 08:11 AM
Just a quick Hello this morning before I go get ready for work. I just did three miles of the 4-mile tape. If that doesn't knock off a pound this week, I don't know what will. The three miles took 45 minutes, so I guess it would be an hour for the whole thing. I will work my way up to the four miles in a week or so. I never thought of asking at the local hospital for those stretchy bands. I checked WalMart yesterday, but they didn't have any. I remember seeing them at a sporting goods store. Right now, I am using one of those stretchy cords with handles from RS. It's not too bad.

Beautiful morning today. A little breezy and so refreshing. Only a sprinkle of rain this weekend. Hope you all have a wonderful day. I'll check in this evening. Sue

07-28-2003, 10:37 AM
Hi Everybody!! http://www.dewa.com/animated/LosAngeles/ani-wow.gif Got a lot of catching up to do! My poor MIL looks absolutely terrible! Her hand is hurting pretty bad, too. I think she tried to catch herself with it when she fell. I think she's going to the dr today. She came to the supper we gave our pastor & wife for their retirement last night. It was very successful! In fact, her whole church came to be with us! A lot of tears shed yesterday! http://www.agifs.hpg.ig.com.br/criancas/menina7.gif

I take my step-dad to the dr tomorrow for a check up. Hope all goes well for him. I may be a little selfish, also. I'm kinda exhausted!

Willow...sounds like you had a busy day cleaning house! I guess I could look on the bright side.....living in these two rooms inside my house being rebuilt...I don't have to clean house! Other than, washing a couple of plates & clothes....that's it! I guess I could say I'm on vacation from housecleaning! http://members.shaw.ca/Sunburn_69/holiday.gif (the cup's half full, so to speak)

My sister also suggested my designing websites for people. I don't know. Just as I would get involved, something would come up to hinder...it always does. Willow, it's easy to learn. When I got my computer, I didn't know a thing. You just have to jump in & go by trial & error. I started out with a very easy free site that was very clear with instructions. My large website I have has grown a lot...when I don't have anything else to do, I work on it. I hope you have a good week at work.

Hi Fatpuss....I don't think jelly babies are too bad....the bacon....???http://e4u.consoleradar.com/happy/023.gif
If you want a fatcat....I can go get you one & you can just put it in (I would just give you the code & you put it in your signature) or if you want the original...you'll have to tell me a little about it. I know it was a children's story....was it a book, etc. I can do a search. Or we both can, until we find it. Whichever you prefer. I'd enjoy helping you with it.

Hi Sue....that lake sounds so nice...I wish we could do something like that for a little while. I'm afraid this house rebuilding is taking all our time. My poor husband has lost 20 lbs lately (he's not on a diet!) just working day & night. Oh well, he wanted to lose weight! (the cup half full, again!) I haven't had time to work on my Homepage lately...been working on pastor's gift. I fixed a pictured album with pics of activities we've had & the front had a place for a pic. So, I wrote (yes, me....couldn't find one to say what I wanted) a poem & fixed it up nice...got their pic in a cloud, etc. All that has taken a lot of my time. I must have wrote that poem 100 times! :dizzy: Sorry about that spill of nuts, bolts, etc. Something like that is soooo aggravating!! http://www.emotipad.com/emoticons/Banghead.gif

Hope all have a good day!!

07-28-2003, 01:34 PM
Fatpuss...I found a couple of cats....see what you think. If you don't want one of these...we'll keep looking.

http://www.cartooncottage.com/graphics/kittymilkgrey2.gif http://www.cartooncottage.com/images/misskitty2.gif http://www.cartooncottage.com/images/misskitty.gif http://www.cartooncottage.com/images/laundrycat.gif http://www.cartooncottage.com/images/kittychristmas.gif http://www.gifanimations.com/Image/Animations/Animals/catsmice/granny.gif http://www.cartooncottage.com/graphics/funnycattan.gif http://home.att.net/~scorh/FunnyCat1a.gif http://www.cartooncottage.com/graphics/catniptan.gif

07-28-2003, 03:27 PM
Just dropped in for a minute to read the posts and say that I love the cats. I think the cats with the hats and matching purses are my favorite. They remind me of Hyacinth Bucket! If she were a cat, that's how she'd look, and she'd be saying, "Riiicchhhaaarrdd!"

07-28-2003, 03:56 PM
Angel - no wonder you are 'kinda exhausted'! You have had so much on your plate just lately with your MIL and step dad , and no, it's not being selfish hoping he is better, I hope for your sake he is too. You are so sweet hunting those cats down for me. I went into Google.com looking for Fatpuss and got a list of awful porn sites - I just hope that fatpuss outside of the UK doesn't stand for anything filthy. I finally found it at Amazon in the kids books section but I forgot he was a bloke and he is wearing a dickie bow round his neck. I think I prefer the one you found on the bottom row jumping up and landing on his bottom. If it's not too much trouble that is the cat I would like next to my name - reminds me of how I felt when I used to do Richard S. Willow, how did work go? You have been so industrious lately I suspect going back to work is more like a rest for you. PLEASE don't mention Jello (jelly in the UK) and cream on here again!!! I love the stuff and I now have the munchies after reading about it. When hubby and I went to bed last night I swore I could smell freshly baked cake on the landing. He thought it was hilariously funny and said it must be in my mind. It was so real ha ha. By the way, I have always picked up hitchhikers ever since I hitched through France and Spain as a youngster years ago. I have met some lovely people but I suspect it's much safer doing it here than in the US judging by the true crime books I have read. If I ever retire to the US instead of Holland maybe we can run that bookstore together - you are talking to the world's biggest book worm. Only Somerset Maugham seemed to know what an addiction it can be - even if I am exhausted I have to liven myself up to read for at least 30 mins before sleeping. I don't have Richard's Latin video but my daughter emailed from Cuba after seeing the National Day celebrations the other day and said "can those Cuban's dance!" she was so impressed. Only 2 more weeks and she comes back to UK. Sue, I have those Richard things like a rubber skipping rope with handles but never had the patience to use more than once. Also, I am so uncordinated I got left behind in the lesson and had to keep re-winding the tape. That too is at the back of the cupboard with all the other Richard clones. Got two big sirloin steaks out of the freezer for dinner tonight but when I looked at Fitday for the fat content of red meat I opted for the pasta. Hubby said he will just have to force himself to have it for dinner twice in a row, ha ha. Sheila, I love your post about Mrs Bucket. When I told DH that you all like the programme (because we can't stand it) he said he can understand because it is an exaggerated version of how we Brits are perceived. My daughter was asked last month by a surgeon at the hospital she worked at in Mexico was it true that Brits take afternoon tea at 3.00. We used to be asked that all the time in SIngapore and the Middle East. Having said that, I have to confess I do have a silver CAKE stand - here we go again, back to cake!! DH was eating potato chips last night and I said to him that as he has no weight problem and never has had, I would stuff myself with cake, not chips, if I were him. He said he is not a cake lover but eats it if it's there ie. when I am not on a diet. That's probably where me smelling cake on the landing came from - auto suggestion! I am so tempted to defrost some right now....

07-28-2003, 04:05 PM
Sheila - where has your lovely dog picture gone to? Those tablets I mentioned that have revolutionised DH's eating and stopped all acidity problems are called Zoton - Lansoprazole. He takes one 15mg tablet a day but I think they make them in lower dosages too. Here they can only be obtained by doctor's prescription and not over the counter at a pharmacy.

07-28-2003, 07:57 PM
Oh, no, Puss, you can't stand Hyacinth? I hope everyone who watches that doesn't think the British are really like that. I know I'm NOTHING like Rachel, Phoebe and Monica (it's a popular show called Friends), and I'd hate to think that people think every woman in the U.S. is like them. Or, worse yet, everyone in the U.S. carries a gun and has been involved in a murder. Okay, I could tell you the story about the guys on the bus with the guns, but maybe now is not the time. :)

Your mom, oh, my. I'm glad that you've been able to learn how to keep her from calling so often. My mother used to drink a lot, and would call drunk. I couldn't stand it, and one day I told her never to call me when she was drunk. She was really upset and didn't talk to me for a long time, but she got over it. I know the situation is certainly a lot different, but I can kind of empathize. You're really between a rock and a hard place with your mom, and it must be stressful. Is there a mental health professional that you could talk to about how you feel about what your mom does, maybe to get some help handling it? My daughter tried the suicide card with us several times, and we finally went to see someone who advised us how to handle it. It was quite helpful.

I'll have to look up Lansoprazole on the internet--haven't heard of Zoton before so maybe we don't have it over here. Thanks for letting me know!

Charlotte, those cats are so cool! I hope your stepdad's check-up goes well. It can be exhausting caring for someone, and you already had so much on your plate with the goodbye party. I'm glad that turned out well--I knew it would even if you didn't! :)

Willow, sorry you haven't been sleeping well. The adjustment to the CPAP didn't make any difference? Hey, try eating sardines before you go to bed. They're supposed to have lots of calcium, which is good for sleep! I love sardines, too, and kippered snacks, and salmon, clams, oysters (not raw, though), and I think almost all seafood. Yum!

My oldest son is doing some contract work in a town about 45 miles from where we live so the three of us (me, DH, dad) went down to take him out to dinner. You'd think that wouldn't take that long to get to, but we left about 4:30, had to go back because my DH forgot his wallet, so we started out again about 4:45 pm, went about 20 minutes on the freeway before it came to a screeching halt, then we got off and had to travel the surface streets for about an hour before getting back on the freeway and made it to the hotel about 6:15 pm. I've got a cell phone now, and it came in very handy for calling my son to tell him where we were. Had dinner at a great seafood restaurant right on the water. I had mahi mahi tacos and an incredible salad with raspberries and raspberry vinagrette. I didn't eat the chips that came with the tacos, and didn't even have a bite of dessert. I have no idea how to count the WW points, but I feel good about what I ate--and even better about what I didn't eat.

My son did kind of worry me when he said that my almost 3 year old granddaughter's sleep pattern has changed and she is really sleeping a lot. Her oxygen saturation levels are reading the same, but I'm wondering if her heart problems are causing her to be so drowsy. But maybe she's just growing and more tired than normal. It's tough to tell. I imagine if the drowsiness continues, they'll take her in to the doctor. My son did say she wakes up happy and acts normal when she's awake. Only three more weeks before I see her again--I can't wait!

Fatpuss, put down that cake! Unless it's carrot cake--man, I love carrot cake!

07-28-2003, 08:10 PM
Looked up the stuff you were talking about, Puss. It's called Prevacid here. I tried that and it didn't work well for me. Looks like everybody's tummy is different!

I need to talk about my addiction. I'm addicted to All My Children, a soap opera. I had to laugh today because there was a scene where this woman pushed a four-tiered wedding cake onto the floor. All I could think about was what a waste of really yummy-looking cake! I kept thinking, if I had been there, I would have at least stuck my finger in the frosting and taken a lick. Throughout that whole show, I thought about that cake. Guess I haven't quite conquered my obsession with food--I was definitely lusting after that cake in my heart!

07-28-2003, 08:59 PM
Hi everybody....my goodness, you all give me waay too much credit! The retirement supper was a success, because I had a lot of people who cooperated with me 100%. Yes, I did the planning..but not all the work. I haven't done anything for my MIL but try to comfort her. There's really nothing else I could do, so far. I just tire easily with RA, & I know people don't understand. I didn't either, til I got it.

Sheila...my addiction used to be Days of Our Lives & Another World. One day I noticed how it took about a year for one month to go by, & decided to give it up....Cold Turkey!! Wasn't easy!! Sure hope your little granddaughter does alright.

You guys made me hungry for cake! http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/mica/cake.gif Gotta admit...I had just a little at the supper, last night.

Willow...sleep well tonight.

Ok Fatpuss....here we go. Go to bottom of your post and click on "profile" . At the top left , click on "user cp". At the top, click on "Edit profile". Go near the bottom of the page to "Signature" & type in

(only put [img] at the front....it kept bringing up the cat!LOL)

Make sure it is exactly right. Go to bottom of page & click on "Submit modifications" & you should have your cat by your name! If not....we'll try again. Good luck.

07-28-2003, 09:24 PM
Today went pretty good, but I kept yawning. Hope I sleep better tonight.
I had a big chef salad for supper and then some sugar free jello with whipped cream. I used the real whipping cream, but I put splenda in it instead of sugar. YuM!
I ended up with 1182 calories for the day and 27.5 grams of carbs.
I went to Curves for 45 minutes too.

You girls had me laughing so hard when I first started reading these posts from today! I had my head back, mouth wide open and just bellering towards the ceiling when I read the part in Puss' post about being taken to a list of porn sites, and she hoped her alias here doesn't mean something filthy outside of the UK. What's the matter with you girls? Why didn't you tell her it DOES have a double entendre here in the states? :o
You better get that cartoon of that cat by your name. :lol: :lol:

Sue, I hope your day went good for you. It does make you have a little more energy when you exercise in the morning, doesn't it?

Charlotte, the album you made and the poem you wrote are really thoughtful gifts. I bet the pasor and his wife will have lots of fond memories to recall because of you.

PUSS!!!!!! You are incorrigible! You and your cake! You're as bad as me with bread and butter! :lol:
I'm glad your daughter is enjoying her holiday or vacation in Mexico and Cuba.

You are too funny with your RS remarks! :)
Please don't disillusion me about Hyacinth and Richard! I love 'em to death!

Sheila, wellllll? Did your son notice?

I used to take Prevacid too and it quit working for me, and now I am on Protonix. So far, so good, and it's been about 18 months.

I usually do take a calcium tablet after lunch and again after supper.

Good job on making smart choices for dinner when you went out to eat. I get in a restaurant and start smelling all the good foods and all my reserve goes out the window.

I'm praying that your little granddaughter is ok. That IS unusual for a three year old to be drowsy. Usually you can't tie them down. But, she may be in a growing spurt too.

Well, gotta go get set up for tomorrow.
Everybody have a great evening! See ya later!

07-29-2003, 07:34 AM
I slept better last night. Turned up the humidity on my CPAP, so don't know if it was that or just was exhausted.

I rode my exercise bike for 45 minutes this morning.

2 sl. cottage bacon
1/4 c. egg substitute

9 AM;
handful of pork rinds

2 skinless roasted drumsticks
3 kosher dill pickles

1 tenderloin pork chop
salad of romaine, 1 stalk celery, 6 slices cucumber, 4 sliced radishes, julienned pepper and 2 tbsp. garlic ranch dressing.

maybe a low cal/low carb yogurt later.

total 725 cals

21 carbs.

BS was 87 last night and 95 this morning.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

We are each an angel with only one wing. And we can only fly
while embracing each other.

Luciano De Crescenzo

07-29-2003, 01:39 PM
Testing the cat, Angel -

07-29-2003, 01:42 PM
Cat test number two, Angel - this time omitting the [/img] bit as I got a bit confused there ha ha

07-29-2003, 01:44 PM
Uh..oh....sorry.....my fault! I had it put in the signaure! Give me a minute to collect thoughts & I'll be right back. In meantime..go back & delete that.

07-29-2003, 01:44 PM
Oh, dear, the cat must have scarpered off! I am sure I followed the instructions ok and at the end of it a message thanked me for updating my profile but maybe I missed something obvious - well, obvious to everyone else, that is.

07-29-2003, 01:46 PM
Sorry, Angle, I haven't a clue how to delete. Can I do it on the next try? You are so sweet to go to the trouble with this.

07-29-2003, 01:52 PM
ok....here goes.....click on "profile"....click on"user cp"...click on "edit options"...go down to "Avatar" Click on "change the Avatar" it will take you to a page...go to bottom where it says "you can put in your own Avatar" take out the www & put in what I gave you....then go to bottom & hit the "submit " ....make sure you put at the beginning & at the end.

To delete the other.....do the same routine as you did before....when you get to signature....put your cursor at the end of [/img] & hit the backspace on your keyboard (at top right) until it's gone....then go down to "submit modification" That was all my fault. Let's try it.

07-29-2003, 02:13 PM
Angel, I am useless, I did what I understood you said and tried to submit it under custom avatar but it came back with 'cannot find image at specified URL (whatever that means). Also, was I supposed to enter the [img] before the http: ? I did anyway. I think I am making heavy weather of this for you so should I choose one of the animals on offer on the site instead? Sorry to mess you about.

07-29-2003, 02:18 PM
Hey, if you have patience with me, I have patience with you. Of course, you can do that, if you rather(on the 2nd page of the Avatars, there is a picture of a Fatcat you might like....but it's good for you to learn these things.

If you trust me with your password....I can put it in for you. (I'm talking about the password to this forum, only!) If you decide to do that....we'll take care of it in an email.

I believe you can do it, though. Try again....go back & read my last post...I had to edit something...so I may have messed you up. Yes, put the http://www.cartoon.......

If it doesn't work again....try it without the [img] & ...it may not need it there.http://www.emotipad.com/emoticons/Dunno.gif

07-29-2003, 02:32 PM
Angel - I have tried my little heart out on this and it just comes up with the same 'can't find the URL' thing. If it's not too much trouble I like your cat very much and I have no objections to you doing it under my p'word. I think I can remember it but it could be one of two or three ha ha. is there a quick way of me finding it out for sure?

07-29-2003, 02:37 PM
Angel - I tried doing it without the [img] bits and at least this time i got a different message saying 'image too large..max dimensions are 110 by 110 pixels. The girls are going to laugh at these posts of ours flying back and forth, like a laurel and hardy act with me a the buffoon at all this ha

07-29-2003, 02:43 PM
Yep....they'll get a good laugh.

I don't understand it giving you the last message. It shouldn't be too large. The password...hmmm....I guess you would have to give me all of them & let me try till I get it. Do you not have to log in pretty often? I do. Also, I have several places for passwords, so I keep a little notebook with them. I really don't know how to find your password, if you forgot it. I just clicked the square that told them to remember it for me. :lol:

My address is: charlotteborden@msn.com

07-29-2003, 03:56 PM
Is this working!!!!!!! Yayyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi......The Pixels just had to be changed. I learned something, also, today!!!!:lol:


Oh yeah...I gotta log you out, so I can log back in! :dizzy:

07-29-2003, 04:04 PM
Hope you enjoy it! http://www.agifs.hpg.ig.com.br/criancas/menino4.gif

In case you need to know....it was the first password.

Hope all went well with your mother. Talk to you later.

Hi everyone....have a good day!

07-29-2003, 04:41 PM
Hi Angel - first thing I saw was the crazy cat!!! Thank you so much, I love it!! I will have to go back to email and find out which one was the first password, ha ha. I have just been telling DH that Willow was the one to enlighten me as to the 'other' meaning of fatpuss, as known in the USA (it certainly does not mean anything like that here, belive me, I'd know) and he thought it was hilarious! At least my lovely logo - care of your good self - will leave no one in any doubt!! Gosh, we had a right session there, didn't we? Thanks ever so much for your patience, you would make a fine teacher, you know. I have not long finished on the phone with my mother so will just go and make a cup of tea and will be back - I really just want to see my cat dancing again, ha ha.

07-29-2003, 05:21 PM
Glad you're injoying it. I like it, too! Yep, when I went searching for the picture you wanted, I found all that bad stuff, too. I wasn't gonna tell you, though. Then you said that's what you found! Oh, well...I'm sure we would have found it eventually...but I really didn't want to go through all that bad stuff to do it!http://www.jeffpylenz.com/INCREDIMAIL%20VOL.2/HOTLETTERS/Groaner.gif

You know, you really did it right that last time. Just too many pixels. Which in plain language....was too big. Since it was animated, though, I couldn't just adjust the image, or it would stop jumping. Sooooo, I had to figure out how to make it smaller. Trial & error (a LOT of errors:lol: ) Now, you know how to change it, if you ever want to, or put one in your signature......or you've always got my email address.:lol:

My husband came in & I told him what I was doing (he knows nothing about computers), he was more amazed that I was talking to someone so far away! Kinda neat to me, also.http://www.click-smilies.de/sammlung/mittelgrosse/medium-smiley-029.gif

Talk to you later.....

07-29-2003, 05:33 PM
Managed to con DH into making the tea and tried to bully him into eating the remaining slices of lemon cake I defrosed last night before I have another one. You are right, Willow, I am a bad influence especially to Sheila who had forbidden thoughts (and made me laugh with 'put that cake down') and especially to Angel who joined me in the diry deed and probably wouldn't have eaten any cake but for me - though I do blame Ange very much for posting that delicious piece of chocolate cake afterwards!!! Sheila, I hope your little GD is ok now and it's just normal exhaustion for such a little one. My daughter was like a skinny whippet when she was that age and was always a poor eater
and I always insisted that she and her brother had an afternoon nap each day. They protested like mad but when they got off, they both slept for a couple of hours from midday. It seems to have gone out of fashion now but most tots had a nap in the afternoon years ago I think it boosts their little batteries and stops them getting over tired and cranky. I have heard of 'All my children' but we don't get it here. Angel, I have never heard of 'Another World' but have heard of 'Days of our lives' but again, it's never been on here. No, I don't believe that all Americans have been involved in murder though because of your population size I think you have cornered the market on serial killers. my husband was amused outside a shopping mall in Texas (think it was Huston) to see a sign saying guns were not allowed in the mall. I learned just last night that guns were available in the UK until the Russian revolution (1918?) and our Government banned their sale in case the working classes here got any ideas too, ha ha. Did you son notice the weight loss, Sheila? I laughed when you posted that because when DH was away about 10 years ago I had the kitchen re-tiled, a huge new window replaced and decorated. After 2 days of not mentioning it, I blew up and he finally confessed that he noticed it the day after but knew it was too late to avoid trouble by that time so just waited for the storm to erupt ha ha. Willow, thanks for telling me about the alias, my eyes were on stalks with the web listings. I am glad you are sleeping better, is that because you are back at work and extra tired? Sue, you and Willow are so dedicated to your workouts that I am awarding you the tiny Richard S award of the month and the prize is a little perm like his and a little vest and silky shorts set. But - and here is the catch, Willow must wear hers for work and Sue must turn up to the cabin lodge nearest shop wearing hers. Last word on cake for tonight - Sheila, I wouldnt have scooped that wedding cake with my finger, I'd have shovelled it up like a warthog! Angel, once again, thanks very much for my cat logo and your patience. You should consider setting up seminars privately in your locality. Must go, DH is getting fed up being alone especially as my mother rang back for a 2nd session tonight, arrggg.

07-29-2003, 06:21 PM
Just a quick one - for those of you who like breakfast cereal, Weetabix has only 128 calories and 1.0g fat in TWO biscuits. If you have skimmed or semi-skimmed milk with it and no sugar
it's a really low fat/calorie food which bulks you up. I came home
starving at lunchtime from work and wanted quantity QUICKLY. I loved it and haven't had it for a while.

07-29-2003, 06:24 PM
Another quick-fix food which I don't think is popular in the US - it used to make my friend from California gag and she said nowhere in the States has she heard of it - is beans (baked beans in tomato sauce) on toasted bread. Not many calories in the beans and NO fat at all. Try it if you never have, it's very nice.

07-29-2003, 07:46 PM
http://www.agifs.hpg.ig.com.br/criancas/menina130.gif I never heard of it either...but worth a try! I heard that the best fast food is sub sandwiches! I don't know if you have them, but we have restaurants called Sub-way....& they will put anything in the sandwich you want! You watch them make it. Also, I've found some delicious fatfree cicles...I like the fudgecicles!...Yummm!http://www.agifs.hpg.ig.com.br/criancas/menina157.gif

07-29-2003, 07:47 PM
Good Evening Ladies! Wow, where do I start. First of all, congratulations to Angel and Puss for figuring out the cat avatar between Alabama and the UK. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the posts. And the cat is super. Now close your eyes and picture that cat in a little RS outfit. I don't know about Willow, but I will NOT be wearing an outfit like that in public anytime soon. Maybe next summer :lol:

Puss, add another one to the list of people who eat beans on toast. I love it. Either hot (Campbell's Pork and Beans) or cold (Grandma Brown's Baked Beans) on toast. On the hot sandwich, I used to melt a pat of butter on top. Yum Yum. I always say don't knock it till you try it. Weetabix is good too. Do you have Kashi cereals there? They are very filling and relatively low in calories too. Very crunchy and take a long time to eat.

I have to stop being such a slave to the scale. Two days ago, I was down 4 lbs, and today, I am back where I was last week. And I have been trying to be good. I have been doing the WATP tapes for the last three days. Maybe I built up 4 pounds of muscle :dizzy: :lol:

When I got my first computer several years ago, I typed in Whitehouse.com instead of Whitehouse.gov - well, let me tell you, it wasn't exactly the president's house. I don't know how they get away with all that garbage on the internet. I was only on for a few seconds, but someone got my screen name and I started getting e-mails and instant messages from all kinds of kinky people. Now, I have controls set. No more Spam!

Well, I am almost through with Book 3 of the Harry Potter series. I borrowed #4 to start reading this weekend. Then one more after that. Will have to wait a while for #6 I guess.

Willow, how is everything going with you? Its a shame that work has to interfere with our fun, huh! We should have two day workweeks and 5 day weekends. I could live with that.

Hi Shiela, hope this finds you well too.

Have a great evening/morning all! Sue

07-29-2003, 08:26 PM
Have to whine--I'm hot! It's 86 degrees in my house at 4:00 pm. It's almost reached the point on the thermostat where it doesn't register anymore. Not sure what it is outside--probably cooler. I do have my window A/C in my bedroom, but I get tired of being stuck in one room all day.

I didn't go to the gym today and probably won't go to aerobics tomorrow. The buildings aren't air conditioned, and it's too hot to move around in. We did go down to the beach in the morning for some power walking with the dogs, and I got my 20 minutes of stretching exercises in before it got too hot.

Beans and toast. I've always heard of that from books and TV, but the idea never appealed to me. I'm wondering what a "custard tart" is. Lionel on "As Time Goes By" always seems to want custard tarts. Then there's "spotted dick," which always gets a big laugh in the U.S. Fatpuss, DO NOT put that into your computer search engine. I can just imagine what would appear on your screen! :)

Speaking of Subway, that's where we're getting dinner tonight. I'm not cooking when the kitchen is on the west side of the house where it will be about 90 degrees.

Getting hot and headachy as I type so I best get back into my refrigerated room. See you all when it cools off!

07-30-2003, 09:54 AM
Pork and bean sandwiches!!! I love 'em!

I'm with Sue on the scales thing! It seems that the more I try, the less I lose!

You girls had me laughing so hard again yesterday! You'd think I'd lose weight just from the laughter! And you feel so good after one of those deep belly laughs too. You know the kind, .... where you laugh so hard that just that breathie sound comes out. It's beyond the haha sound.

Now, on to the dreaded subject, ... cake.
At work yesterday, they treated everyone who works there with marble cake and vanilla ice cream cups for going 100 days without a recordable injury.
Of course I didn't say "no" to the treat. And, .... Ive been hungry ever since, and feeling sooooo tired. I ate a big supper last night, but a low calorie one, then got the munchies again about 7 pm and had some egg salad with some pork rinds. Then kept falling asleep sitting in front of the computer, so I went to bed at 8 PM!!! Can you believe it? I woke up a couple times, but mostly slept through till 3:10 this morning. But, after getting up, I got tired again, and started falling asleep sitting up again, so I called in and took a same-day vacation day.

Puss, my kids always took an afternoon nap too and still went to bed at their usual time at night.
My daughter-in-laws look at me like I'm crazy when I suggest a nap. The one says that he won't sleep at night if he takes a nap in the afternoon. The others say the kids won't sleep i the afternoon. I don't know, .... maybe kids are made differently now days, ;) .

I think I'll pass on the award, thanks anyway! :lol:

Serial killers. My fascination! I don't know why either, because sometimes when reading about them, I get so scared and sometimes ill, but I think what fascinates me is not so much what they do, but how their minds work. The studies that have been done on what their psychic make up is. I was reminded of a couple of years ago at Christmas time when my one son and then-17-year old granddaughter were shopping and trying to decide what to get for a gift for me. My granddaughter said "lets just get her a couple books about serial killers and she'll be happy as a clam!" She was correct too.

My personal opinion on gun sales is that the United States could take a lesson from the UK on the subject. I think the sale of guns should be banned too. I can understand hunting guns, but, there is no need for the average citizen to be in posession of hand guns and AK-47's and all those military-style weapons. I realize that hunting guns, or shotguns, can be modified and used for weapons for crime too, but, they're not as handy and easy to conceal as the smaller hand guns, and like I said, there is absolutely no reason for anyone to have assault rifles and weapons.
My interpretation of our right to bear arms, is meant to bear arms in a military conflict against our country's enemies, not our own citizens.
I better get off this subject before I get in trouble with someone elses opinion.

I saw that wheatabix in the store in the health foods aisle and I'm going to go get some and try it.

Sue, I love Kashi cereal too. Actually, it's my favorite cereal.

I have been so up and down with this same 8 pounds for so long, and I'm about ready to say to heck with it.
I subscribe to Webmd, and today they sent an article that I thought was kind of interesting, although probably not what someone who is trying to lose weight should be reading.
I think you can access the article at;
It's called "Little weight loss goes a long way"
I suppose I could try to convince myself of this with EVERY LITTLE WEIGHT LOSS, and hope that eventually they will all add up to a big one.

You're so right Sue, .... It's a shame that work has to interfere with our fun.
And I certainly DO have fun when I come here!

Good job you're doing with your exercise. I try to do at least 45 minutes to an hour a day, but more often do 1 1/2 hours. I'm so sedentary otherwise though that I wonder if I'm getting any benefit from the exercise I AM doing.
If you have suddenly increased your muscle use, you could be having some extra fluid in the muscles for a few days while they try to repair microscopic injuries in the muscle fibres.

Sheila, would it help the rest of the house at all if you left your bedroom door open during the day to try to keep the humidity down in the rest of the house, and then close the bedroom door at night so you're more comfortable for sleeping? I had a smaller window air conditioner at one time, and was surprised at how much more comfortable the rest of the downstairs was when I opened that door. It took the humidity out of the air and that's what makes a person so uncomfortable.
I look back now and think, how did I survive without central air all those years?
I don't blame you for not working out in the heat. Not only is it too uncomfortable, but I think it's downright dangerous. I always see these people running in 100-degree weather and think how stupid is that? They can't cool off because the humidity is so high that their sweat doesn't evaporate to cool them off and their inner temp just keeps going up until they collapse from a heat stroke, and then people wonder how that could happen with a person who stayed in such good shape!?!

Another thing I do Sheila, is when the sun gets around to that side of the house, I keep the blinds closed and that keeps out a lot of the heat. I also keep all the doors and windows closed on the really hot days to keep the temps and humidity down in the house.

It's raining here today. Kind of gloomy looking.
I'm going to call around to try to find a bench to use with my hand weights.
Dare I ask, ...... what is spotted dick?
Opps, never mind, I looked it up. It's a suet pudding with a treacle sauce which is also sometimes called "dick" in some places, and then when raisins or currants are added it has spots, ... hence, ... "spotted dick". How far off am I Puss?

Well, I'm off on my search for a bench. See you all later! Thanks again for the laughs!

07-30-2003, 09:49 PM
:dance: :cp: :dancer: :cb: :) Drum Roll please!!!
Just got back from DW for my weekly weigh-in. Lost 3 pounds. I think I have finally broken through the wall. Willow, the only thing I did different was the WATP tape. I think I absorbed your thoughts by osmosis and it led me to WalMart and down the aisle to the exercise tapes. I will do them again this week, then mix a few days of treadmill so I don't get back to the same old thing again.

This may be a little short. I have an ace bandage on my wrist as it is very painful tonight. A bit of carpal tunnel syndrome setting in. I have been at the computer so much the past two weeks at work and then I get on again when I get home. Hasn't bothered me in years. Oh well, more "senior moments".

I was just re-reading some of the last posts. Willow, my instructor at class tonight told me that for the exercise I was doing, I wasn't eating enough. And I only do half what you do. For 2 and 1/2 to 3 hours of exercise a week, I should have 1400 calories a day. Most days is between 12 and 1300. Its hard to get rid of the mindset that you have to eat less to lose more. Not necessarily true. If the furnace is not kept sufficiently stoked, it will not burn as efficiently.

The only thing I can think of for a custard tart would be like a small lemon meringue pie without the meringue or chocolate cream pie without the cream. A lot of people call custard what we call pudding.

Time to take a break. Wrist is killing me. I just heard the weather report for Mexico. Chili Today, Hot Tamale! Later, Sue.

07-30-2003, 11:46 PM
http://www.greeting-cards.com/images/images/017101w.gif Time to celebrate!!!!! Gonna look like a hot chick in not time!! http://www.greeting-cards.com/images/images/508202w.gif

So proud for you!! http://www.toons.artie.com/toons/hands_clapping/arg-sm-hands-clapping-fast-tr-nourl.gif I knew it was gonna happen. Now, you've broke the barrier....just keep going!

Sorry about your wrist....hope it gets better.

Well, I weigh tomorrow. Don't have much hopes. I think my RA has caused a lot of fluid retention this week. Also, I had cake & ice cream "retention" at my son's birthday gathering tonight!:( I didn't know how to get out of it & it was sooo good. Chocolate! http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/mica/cake.gif Yep...exactly how it looked! http://www.cartooncottage.com/images/ice-cream.gif Yep....exactly how it looked! http://www.stopstart.freeserve.co.uk/smilie/eek2.gif

I don't know what to do about the scales!!!!!http://www.agifs.hpg.ig.com.br/garfield/garfield25.gif

Yeah, I know......I'm playing too much with my images tonight....sorry...got carried away. Talk (or whine to you all tomorrow)

07-31-2003, 12:19 AM
Sue, three pounds! Way to go!!

Just popped in to say I'm alive, but hot as heck. This 90 degree stuff is supposed to quit soon. Not soon enough. . .

Think cool thoughts!

07-31-2003, 07:49 AM
SUE!! :spin: :strong: :bravo: :cb: :cp: :hat: :dance: :dancer:
:cheers: :balloons:

Good job!!! You should be soooo proud of yourself!

I hope your wrist is better today.
I've got carpal tunnel syndrome too, but it isn't bad enough to have surgery, in my opinion. I only have a couple of years to go till retirement, so I think I can get through that.

I did my 3-mile WATP tape this morning.

I didn't do any exercises yesterday, and I ate anything that wasn't moving.

Remember when I said I was going to keep track of when these days hit me? It was exactly 3 weeks ago yesterday that the last one started.
I have an appt. today to try to get to the bottom of why I can't seem to lose weight. Whether it's an eating disorder, or depression, or whatever. I'm tired of being this way.

Sheila, I hope it has cooled off some for you. That's the pits when you can't rest or be comfortable.

Angel, I hope your weigh in today is a good one. I'm crossing my fingers for you.

Puss, hope all is well with you too. I suppose that you've got that lemon cake all gone by now. :D

Well, I soon have to leave for work. See you all later!
Everybody have a great day!

07-31-2003, 03:05 PM
Well, I noticed so many large images in one post causes a long delay in loading....sorry...I'll do better.

No weightloss for me this week.:( I'm trying not to get down about it. I'm feeling pretty good these days....but I AM retaining a lot of fluid. My legs, ankles, & feet are swelling pretty bad. I'm gonna have weeks like that with RA. I'll take some fluid pills & see if it helps......maybe next week.....

Willow...I hope you find out what your problem is with your weightloss. I've never seen anyone keep such close track of their diet in my life, so you've got to be doing all you can. I've been wondering about your kids. Have they tried anything at your house since you changed your locks? I know you've got us all curious. Hope your work is going well.

Sheila...Hope you get cooled off soon! I'm in the same situation. Our air-conditioner is in the room we're calling our bedroom, & there's a thick plastic sheet over the door. The other room has no sheet rock or anything, but the outside wall (with little holes...an old house...that's why we're remodeling as we go). So, we don't let the air into that room, unless my hubby thinks I'm just gonna die! But that's where I cook, so it gets heated up. It's also where the computer is, & I stay on it A LOT!....... When he's not home.....shhh...don't tell.:lol:

Sue.....still proud of you! Keep up the good work!

Fatpuss.....where are you? Miss you lots. I got punished for posting that chocolate cake.....went to son's b'day party last night...guess what kind of cake....my favorite! Yep...http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/mica/cake.gif Don't think I was gonna hurt anyone's feelings & not eat any of it! http://www.members.aol.com/teejaw/smilies/Uhuh4.gif I guess I'll pay BIGTIME in lbs!

I'll check in later.....have a good day! http://www.agifs.hpg.ig.com.br/ursos/urso52.gif

07-31-2003, 06:41 PM

08-01-2003, 04:58 PM
Hi Ladies - just a quickie, yes you probably guessed rightly, my life is once more upside down by a mother behaving badly. To keep it short, I've hardly been off the phone both at home and at work because she has been manipulating everyone to get out of the unit and come down to stay with me. I really have had it. Her psychiatrist rang yesterday and he is well on to her - says we have to make her enpower herself and he is loathe to readmit her again and said he hasn't discussed the overdose with her because it was nominal only and to make a big deal of it would be like giving attention to a kid up throws tantrums at the supermarket ie will do it all the more if they think everyone is going to jump each time its mentioned. She has been so sly and devious about getting her own way in the unit and because she is not sectioned they can't force her to stay and in any case, they say this cycle over the last 18 months has been her in and out all the time and they are tired of it because she refuses all their efforts to help keep her well on the outside of the unit like attending therapy or day centre etc. Yesterday I wanted to kill her. I have arranged her train journey tomorrow (brother will put her on it and I will be there to meet her) and she is on top of the world like a little brat who is pulling all the strings. I feel crushed. I did tell her though that I have come to the end of my tether now and when she comes I will not have her talking the same old stuff about minor ailments, how rubbish the staff at the unit are, how rubbish the medication is etc etc. I told her I don't want to hear any of it and if she starts weeping and wailing like Lady MacBeth she can do it in her room because 18 months of trying to assuage her fears hasnt made an iota of difference. She agreed - but right now she is agreeing to everything to get her own way. Her psychiatrist really has a handle on her and knows what she is like which is a great comfort. She is still abusing my brother - called him stupid today for something he wasn't being stupid about at all and I laid into her and said he must be stupid visiting
every day an ungrateful 70 year old who keeps rubbishing us and everyone else. This is not mental illness, this is what she has always been like and its hard taking it especially knowing she is manipulating us. Sorry this is so miserable but I don't want you to think I can't be bothered to post if I don't get the chance or feel too drained to contribute. Talk about comfort eating - last two days have been like a feeding frenzy, curry, rice and fried potatoes from the chinese takeaway, frozen yoghurt, etc etc. Well done Sue on the 3lb loss, nice one! Hope this doesn't sound too self-pitying - there just seems no end to this at all and it is affecting us all, even the grandkids and our work. Hope to be a bit more cheery tomorrow if I can make it .