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11-21-2013, 07:40 AM
:coffee: Coffee, anyone? It's nice to enjoy my Keurig again. Next time I have to sleep over at the farm, I'm going to take it with me. :)

I should have a fairly easy day at work today, and then it'll be my weekend! A week from today will be Thanksgiving, and although I've made up my menu, I still have to order my turkey and do a big grocery shop, especially since we're having a very special VIP. I have to make sure I have all her favorite things on hand to make her comfortable. ;)

11-21-2013, 07:50 AM
You better spoil that VIP rotten, Cottage! What's on the menu for turkey day at your house?

Dropping off my van today at the shop and expecting that nasty bill. On the happy side, I made pumpkin bread for the teachers and drop it off before my van (a teacher wrote me and said it was mid November and they were upset there was no bread yet :D ). A long day at work, and with no van, I can't even leave to get away for a minute.

Otherwise I'm quite stressed this week with everything and could use a vacation. Next week I go see my inlaws....granny has that a vacation? In reality, they like me cooking for them, and I enjoy that. I am trying my darned not to turn to chocolate for comfort :).

11-21-2013, 07:53 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

I didn't get to say hi yesterday...heading up to the projects at 6am. I did find time for coffee/smoothie, though.

Today I head back up again, hopefully, we'll finish painting one unit and I'll get a helper going on some linoleum. It's snowing and cold. Fortunately, we can work indoors.

Linda, thanks for starting us up. Happy Friday to you!

Twynn, thinking of you and Gordon, as you walk the path making his journey as comfortable as possible. :hug:

Have a great Thursday, everyone!

11-21-2013, 07:58 AM
Good morning. I just love these bright moon mornings. That is one of the good things about getting up so early. I did sleep until 6 but that's because I didn't get to bed until after mid-night.

Funny that we are in food clean-up mode today. I leave Tuesday morning for a week in PA and have my fridge pared down to essentials. I too have a sweet potato and a cabbage to use up. I have the Girls and kids for dinner on Sunday evening and may include coleslaw on the menu. Not sure what to serve yet but it;ll be simple as they are arriving back from a week at Disney and may not want to eat at all! I'm thinking a crockpot stew - chicken or pork - with dumplings. I'll tour the freezer later and decide.

Wonderful turnout at our Town Hall meeting regarding Delta's future. The past ten years have been hard on this town with businesses closing or fading away. There were nearly 100 people there - all ages and some folk who had not spoken for years. The facilitator was excellent - he is the Township planner and grew up in the area. I was a workshop format to get us started on CIP - Community Improvement Plan. We hope we are on our way. Right now there is no place to go for a cup of coffee - except my kitchen!

Taking the car in for a repair estimate this morning - some wonderful person bunged my rear side in town way back in September. I called my insurance guy yesterday and discovered it is covered and will also cover the cost of a rental while it's repaired. $500 deductible and no change in rate since I've never made a claim! I'll get it done after my PA trip since I'd rather drive my own car on the PA turnpike!

Twp dogs just came charging in - I think to tell me that it's cold outside! Working together they have figured out how to bump the deck door open! A cold nose on your leg sure gets them attention!

Enjoy this cold but sunny day. It's 23F right now.

11-21-2013, 08:06 AM
I hope your stress eases up soon, Tammy. It sounds like you could use a glass or two of wine this evening. :hug: Don't worry, it's my intent to thoroughly spoil my VIP next week. :D Our Thanksgiving dinner will have turkey with all the usual trimmings, a small Celebration Roast for the vegetarians, roasted brussels sprouts, baked corn pudding, gorgonzola and apple tossed salad, sweet potato souffle, pineapple bread pudding, and several different kinds of pie. :)

11-21-2013, 08:31 AM
Good early morning.

Linda - We are going to PR for a week. If this goes well I expect we'll have many more vacations in our future as a way to entice our boys to spend time with us now that they are "grown." Your menu sounds great!

Twynn- YUM! Pumpkin bread. Sorry about granny.

Debbie - Brrr. That weather is coming my way; there is even a chance of a tiny bit of white stuff making it this far.

Ruth - If you are looking for recipe ideas, this cabbage soup ( is yummy. I make it now with pinto beans instead of the beef and veggie bouillon but not sure if kids would eat it.

I have an early doctor's appointment to follow-up on my auto-immune disease. I'm hoping he might let me go off my last medication. Then I work this afternoon and my mom and I are seeing a production of Les Miserable tonight at a community theater that is supposed to be fabulous. I've seen it so many times I didn't really want to go but she did and wanted company.

Have a great day.

11-21-2013, 09:43 AM
Good morning,

Cottage sounds like you will have a great time next week :)

Tywnn :hug: hope your day goes good today

Debbie are you almost done with your projects or is there still a lot left to do?

Ruth glad you had a wonderful turnout last night.

Karen that is how are our family operates as well, we go on ski trips during the winter as that is what the kids want to do and since our two oldest are in their twenties I am sure they will still come for many more years as we also allow them to bring someone with them.

Today is the big day- project go live at 10 a.m. hoping for a smooth transition we shall see. We are providing lunch for staff in case we are just too busy to be able to do lunches. Tonight is award banquet for HDI Analyst of the year so it will be busy for me as I also am leaving at 1 p.m. to take DD2 to get two baby teeth removed and then dropping her off at home with DH and driving back to STL for the banquet. Whew I am tired just typing that.....

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!!

11-21-2013, 08:28 PM
Evening, ladies. I'm having coffee right now (decaf, of course) if anyone wants to join me. I've got some Pumpkin Spice SF flavoring to put in it if you want.

Good to hear everyone's news. My day was the same busy stuff: school, a couple errands, a workout, dinner, dishes and NOW I get to sit and relax.

Twynn, hope your day wasn't too bad.
Ruth and Cottage, sounds like some fun is on the horizon!
Debbie, hope your projects are not overwhelming you.
Pearl, did things go smoothly at work?
Karen, have a great time at the show!

Looking forward to the end of my work week tomorrow. I have plans to pre-cook and freeze my Thanksgiving squash, some muffins, and maybe some bean brownies!:D

11-21-2013, 08:42 PM
I'll join you, Beth, but I'm relaxing with a mug of green tea. I was supposed to get off work early today, but Cindy had to rush off to an emergency call before she could write my paycheck, so I had to wait til almost 6:30 for her to get home. It sure feels good to put my feet up and decompress with my tea. :)