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11-18-2013, 10:21 PM
So, I had to lose weight.

Funny thing is I actually always loved veg, salads etc.

But I ate all the crap of the day, and I just felt BLOATED!

So after a day in hospital and prior to the being REALLY ill, I had some sort of "discovery" for me.

I came home and I couln't touch ANY food.

A few days later I was hungry and wanted food but strangely I had no want for "bad" food.

I desired raw vegetables and such.

And in the weeks (now moving into months), I am loving the food I want and desire.

So every day now I eat:

BREAKFAST: yoghurt (full fat ~ low fat is WRONG!) plus sunflower seeds, pumkin seeds and raisins. And 2 brazil nuts.

LUNCH/DINNER/SUPPER: I have 2 more meals a day and they consist of:

chopped red pepper
chopped cherry tomatoes
chopped spring onions
chopped beetroot
ground black pepper and squeeze of lemon juice

And quinoa

And either cottage cheese (full fat) or a tablespoon of hummus.

And later I have a cup of miso soup.

And sometimes I have an apple as a snack.

Oh and through day I drink green tea and water.

I feel SOOO good on this food I have to say.

11-19-2013, 10:54 AM
I feel SOOO good on this food I have to say.Glad to hear it.