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Chubby mum
11-17-2013, 11:37 PM
Hoping someone has had the same issue.

I'm week two into trying to lose weight, Im using my tried and true combination of running 4-5X a week and a low carb diet. I have pretty much always been around 138 pound except when I'm pregnant and post partum - I absolutely stack it on when pregnant which for me is a combination of actually wanting more sweet foods, fear of getting hungry and feeling symptomatically hypoglycaemic and not exercising vigorously.

I've just had my 4th baby 7 1/2 weeks ago (the others are 7 years, 5 years and 20 months). He's fully breastfed and I'll continue feeding him for at least a year. I'll probably go back to work for a day or two at some stage but can pump etc. It was a completely uncomplicated pregnancy with no pre eclampsia or even mild amounts of protein in my urine.

Anyway, I'm finding that I'm waking up a bit generally puffy - there's no serious swelling but my rings are a bit tight and my face is also a bit puffy. My weight in the morning (after the bathroom, before eating) is up about two pounds from my mid morning or even before bed weight (I don't normally weigh this often but I was curious about this "water weight"). I'm drinking lots of water, eating loads of protein and generally, in spite of a small baby and not enough sleep, feeling pretty good. I've lost a bit of weight on the scales but my body is definitely already looking better, my thigh muscles are trying to re emerge through the fat.

Im assuming this extra puffiness is still hormonal? And maybe the night time breastfeeds are causing me to hang onto extra fluid first thing in the morning? It's no big deal but I hate waking up feeling bloated!