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11-17-2013, 11:29 AM
Did anyone esle have this? Its awful. I don't even want to eat in case that tiggers it. I'm inly in the first trimester. How will I make it through 7 more months of this?

11-17-2013, 01:42 PM
I feel for you. I had terrible acid reflux during my pregnancy. I had to switch to a pretty bland diet and my Dr. prescribed acid medication. Talk with your physician and be careful. I actually had an ulceration in my throat from not taking care of it quickly enough.
All the best of luck!

11-18-2013, 04:05 PM
Thanks. I went to emerg last night cause the pain got so bad. Turns out its actually my gallbladder. They kept me overnight and I.this morning me that if I was pregnant they would have taken it out today. So now I'm scared to eat anything other than tea and toast.