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07-03-2003, 07:22 AM
Welcome to Time for SERIOUS FUN…..We are a group of people trying to loose weight together and help each other along the way. There is only one rule on this thread, and it is if you are not willing to help yourself along the way or help others on this thread we don’t want to hear you WHINE everyday, we like to keep a positive attitude. Some whining is expected, lol, we are only human. Other than that we love to talk about every subject under the sun. Please feel free to pull up a chair and a keyboard and join us on our journey. Every day of the week we have a little beginning to the day to start us off, for example…..Monday would be Mission Monday……you have some sort of mission to complete in your life for that day or longer totally up to you. Faye is in charge of what day it is and what we are doing, so look for her post if you are interested.

07-03-2003, 07:24 AM
Okay chicks, did my good deed before I leave for camping. Started you all off on a new thread. {{Hugs}}

Jana: If you get a chance to peek in, hope your back is better. Take care of yourself and get well.

Faye: Have a wonderful 4th, I will try to pop on in.

Welcome to all the newbies!!!! Looking forward to getting to know you all.

Hugs to all,

07-03-2003, 07:31 AM
THURSDAY: Today is Time for us Thursday. Today would be a good day to relax by doing a facial, pedicure, etc since we are concentrating on our skin this week! Take time for you!

Sandy: Congrat on getting where you want to be! It is always great to see that ole number you have worked towards roll around on the scale

Missy: I hope they can quit sticking you and find out what is wrong or pretty soon there won't be anymore blood to take! :lol: Then it will be easy; you'll be anemic! :lol: Hang in there honey!

Peek: You don't worry about us here! You get done what needs to be done to go on your trip. We all want you to have a great time and hopefully great weather too!

My day should be pretty uneventful today. We don't even have plans of any kind for tomorrow. When I was a kid, 4th of July was almost as good as Christmas. I grew up in a tiny little Mayberry like town and we had a parade every year. We would get up early and watch them line up as they started lining up only a block from the house. We would then all walk downtown and watch the parade and then spend the day at the park where there were kiddie rides, a band for the teens to dance, food vendors and a great fireworks show at night. Sometimes, mom would take us to the next town about 6 miles away as they had a whole carnival there each year. It was wonderful fun and one of my best childhood memories. They still do it btw.

Check in later sweeties!


07-03-2003, 12:10 PM
Hello -
How is everyone doing? SOOOOOO glad that today is the last day before a three day weekend...tomorrow my husband and I go to his parents to a cookout...I guess I will have to take my own lean meat to grill...I am thinking chicken but I am getting pretty sick of it, seems like that is all I eat...
The woman that sits beside me here at work just gave me a tiny bite of her peanut butter cookie, and let me tell ya it was heavenly, it has been a long time since I have tasted something that good...how often do any of you splurge, or just have a night where you eat whatever you want??

Since today is time for us Thursday, I am going to do some shopping for a few summer clothes...not too many though!

I hope you guys all have some "serious fun" this holiday weekend, but not too much :o)

See ya,

07-03-2003, 01:15 PM
Carri: It is important that you have some fun with food once in awhile and not always stay on the straight and narrow. I usually have a day about once every two weeks or so where I eat out or have a sweet something like that, but I NEVER EVER CHASTISE MYSELF FOR EATING HIGHER FAT OR SUGARY FOODS! . It is important to all of us to stay on our individual programs, but food is NOT the enemy! Too much and too much of the wrong foods get us into trouble! Have fun this weekend and get some good old fashioned beef if everyone is having burgers get ground sirloin which is low in fat or a steak and cut it in half and freeze the other half taking only 1 piece so you won't over eat. I always look at outings like this: Cut fat, calories etc where you can then enjoy what is not so good in a small portion. Go ahead and have that slice of strawberry pie only take a small amount, eat some potato salad, but only a spoonful or so and eat other stuff to fill you up that is better for you. Have fun this weeked!

I expect everyone will be busy until at least Saturday so you all have a glorious 4th of July. Remember we are celebrating what we have come to take for granted, our total freedom. Spend a moment while watching those fireworks thinking about the fighting in other parts of the world over what religion to practice or skin color. Remember that we have men and women even on Independence Day keeping us safe, fireman, police, soldiers, sailors. Give a little prayer of thanks for them as they help promote all the wonderful things we are allowed to do.

Love you all!


07-04-2003, 08:09 AM
FRIDAY: Friday is fabulous lbs down so share with us any losses or if you have gained and we will cheer you on and give you encouragement!


Hope everyone is going to have a fun 4th! Go out and spend time with family and friends this weekend and join us when you can!

I just watched two pretty good movies last night, a major chick flick, How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days, and The Count of Monte Cristo. The first one was pretty cute and had some funny stuff and the second was was really very good. Did you know that Alexander Dumas, the author of The Count of Monte Cristo was a black man? Very unusual for a black man in that day and age to be able to get something, actually anything, published. He is a very fine author. And that boys and girls is your history lesson for today! :lol:

Well, you all take care and I will talk with you all on the flip side!


07-05-2003, 09:18 AM
SATURDAY: Today is Sunny thoughts Saturday! If you post, give us some happy thoughts today!

Just peeked in to post the thought for today and see that everyone is indeed busy with their holiday! Have fun and be safe!

My sunny thought for today is: Only those who can truly except themselves as they are can be happy when they get to somewhere different in their life. Love yourself for being beautiful, vibrant, strong women now and when you are smaller.

Faye :)

07-05-2003, 10:02 AM
My sunny thought for the day! Life is amazing when you step back and see it thru a child's eye. You know it is true. Children have an uncanny insite into the world. THey see things that sometimes we as adults don't see or fail to see.

Here's to a wonderful day.


07-05-2003, 10:46 AM
Hey girls,
Just peeked in while I was home showering and stuff. The dd is in the tub now, she must have a lb of dirt on her. But oh what fun she is having. My son has a major major sun burn. He blistered over night, so I had some silver sulfate cream the dr. gave last time he did this. So he is off to grandmas to stay so he is out of the sun!!! He loves going to grandmas, so this will be okay.

Since there is not much posting going on on this thread I am assuming we are all out having at blast!!! Lots of quality family time here.

Coming home tomorrow, so see ya then.


07-05-2003, 03:15 PM
Peek, family time that sounds so good to me. Right now I am at work and the only good thing is that there isnt too many people around right now to bother me at all. Things get finished alot quicker this way. I am so sorry to hear about ds's sunburn. I feel for the poor little fellow. Sounds as if dd has had herself a ton of fun.

Here's to a weekend OP


07-06-2003, 06:05 AM
SUNDAY: Today is Silly Poll Sunday

Our silly poll for this week is: Since it is summer and money is NO object, where would you go on a vacation of a lifetime?

Since I am loaded, I would hire a pet nanny to stay with my yorkie and cat so they could stay at home and not go to the kennel, then dh and I would pack our bags and travel for about 2 months to England, Scotland, Ireland, and Australia. DH has been to all these places, but I need the exposure!

Hope everyone is well and having fun.

Peek: Hope ds is feeling better. I know those kind of sunburns, used to get them as a kid all the time and still can if I go out in the sun for very long. Hope grandma provides just the right diversion!

Sandy: Sorry you have to work. Seems like employment can muck up every holiday can't it?

We had an enjoyable time at dgs birthday pool party yesterday. He, his granddad and I had a ball in the pool together. DH would pretend to be the "granddad monster" and I was supposed to protect him. Dh would dive off the diving board and swim under water like a shark. DGS would start screaming and giggling, pulling my arms around him saying, "Protect me Nonny, protect me from the monster." We also played sword fight with dh and dgs's noodle things and we played kick ball in the water. It was a lot of fun and they are coming over today so sil can try and help figure out why our router is not networking our computers together so I can use mine in my craft room. (here is you know who and her favorite boy!)

Well it is tom and I had to take some Advil so I think maybe they have kicked in and I can go back to bed. Check in later!


The will is free; Strong is the soul, and wise and beautiful; The seeds of godlike power are in us still...Matthew Arnold

07-07-2003, 08:00 AM
I'm a day off, but I wanted to do my where would I go on vacation.

Summer time???? I would go on the Alaskan Cruise that hubby and I want to go on. That would be great. Can you believe my hubby who works on a boat everyday, wants to go on a cruise...lol, but we would love to go to Alaska. And I think Summer time would be a nice time to go.


Okay back to reality, We are back from camping and all in all had a pretty good time. You know there are always little spats when it's all family. Seem like yours truely had to do a lot of the cooking!!! And the cleaning up.....why is it grown men and woman get so lazy and can't put their paperpates in the garbage? I mean not like I want you to wash them, but have the common courtesy to put them in the garbage. Oh gosh, don't get me started....

My dear son, burned himself really bad from the sun on Friday. He and my nephew took off in the boat at like 7 a.m and never came back till around 1 p.m when they were hungry you know, and both of these boys are red heads and fair skinned. So you can imagine. My son had blisters come Sat. morning. I brought him home and left him with my mom for a while till the sun went down on Sat. and she brought him back to camp for me. He was feeling better. Today he is lots better, but I still won't let him back out in the sun yet, which is making him very angry.

Food has not been the best for me, but I will get back on plan, and am not going hog wild either. So in the back of my head it is always being thought of. I did probably have a few too many chips this weekned, but we were camping......and I only had one smore!!! So I think I did pretty well. Tonight we have to go to another cook out with family down to the shore again with company that showed up out of the blue from OHIO. My mil called and said can you leave your grill down there for one more night. Wish me luck. I AM NOT COOKING!!!! THIS WAS NOT MY IDEA!!!!

Well girls, I have to run back to reality and I have work today so, I must go and get myself ready.


07-07-2003, 10:39 AM
MONDAY: Today is Mission Monday. Our mission today is to make a pact for ONE week to exercise at least 4 of those days!

This is a no brainer for me, but some of you may have more problems with it so thought I would encourage you to get in more exercise for at least this week.

I am sending out 4 resumes for jobs. Sooner or later I figure someone won't care about how old I am and just MIGHT consider my qualifications! :lol:

Dh got his router up and going so now my computer in my craft room is connected to the internet so I can get on when dh is on the main computer. That will be nice except my craft room can get pretty hot so I am going to have to get a little fan for in there I think.

Hope everyone is getting back to normal today. I need to get my upstairs chores done so I can go into the pool. I missed the last two days not feeling well and rain yesterday.

Faye ;)

07-07-2003, 11:06 AM
OK Here is my little answer from Sunday's poll. Ok summer and money is no object.............................. I think that I would love to take a cruise and then to Greece. I have always wanted to see that country.

Faye thanks for the mission. Lately I haven't been doing as much exercise as I should but I am hopeful that this will kick my rear back into gear.

Question for everyone. I need some input. I have been asked out and I am considering going, even though my divorce isn't even final but I know that there is no chance of us working things out so.... Here is my question, does this make me seem sorta sluty? Was just asking for any imput here.

Better get going, I am at the library and time is limited. I am hopeful that I will know something soon about a puter. I think that I am going into withdrawl not being able to keep a check on things like I should.

Here's to a great day!


07-07-2003, 12:48 PM
Good Morning everyone...Great to be alive, huh?

Okay Sunday's post....I think it would have to be a 3 week Cruise in the Bahamas with lots of shopping involved...and lots of eating fresh seafood....

For Mondays mission - I can definitely do the 4 day exercising this week...and need to due to all of the food that I ate this weekend, I didnt gain any but I didnt lose either... hey I can splurge once in a while, plus I didnt go too crazy....

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend, too bad we have to go back to work today, ha!

Carri ( Satine )

07-07-2003, 12:59 PM
Hey everyone!

Hope you guys are doing well.

I've stayed away a bit b/c I've just not been doing too well. It's a little frustrating dealing with my "men" (and OH I use the term loosely).

Anyway, my news for the day is that I've joined a gym, well not yet. But I've got a free month to try working out starting tomorrow. We're gonna see how that goes and then possibly I'll join on the permanent level.

So that's about it for me. Sorry this is brief. I will try to write more later...


:queen: Missy :queen:

07-07-2003, 01:23 PM
Ok, we are all going to gang up on Missy and smother her with good wishes and encouragement. She seems to really need it!

Missy: Girl, DO NOT stay away because things are going bad for goodness sakes. You can't handle this crap alone so come back here so we can at least encourage you! As for the men, they are MEN and enough said! I have had the same one for nearly 31 years and sometimes he confounds ME so don't expect to understand relationships very well it is an impossibility! Men think we are complicated! HA! We all have rotten times with food. I am doing horrible lately, but I try and take it in stride. You should too! We love you and want you here with us. You keep us talking with your man dilemna! :lol: Let me know if I can be of any assistance. I am always here by pm so if you need to talk privately...

Sandy: This is an opinion from an old married lady so take it with a grain of salt. I have always believed marriage is sacred and as such should be worked on very hard and not given up on easily BUT you can't beat a dead horse and if he wants out he wants out and you can't stop it from happening obviously. If you both have committed to getting out of this relationship, then do so. As for the other man, if it were me, I would only see him for the time being casually in a crowd situation, like a restaurant, play, something like that. I WOULD NOT GET INVOLVED IN ANOTHER ROMANCE RIGHT NOW! If you like, go to dinner with him, but keep it friendly only. That way, you don't have guilt feelings about "cheating" on your husband since you are still married, you can take time to clear your head about the breakup of your marriage, and not have to concern yourself with romance with someone else right away. You are not ready for that. If this gentlemen will see you on those terms, I find nothing wrong with it.

It is great to see everyone coming back to post. I have missed everyone. (seemed like this weekend I was posting on top of my own posts! :lol: to get the thoughts for the day in)

I feel like I went 4 rounds with a kangaroo today. The pool was really high so exercising was tough, but this fat old body did her 45 minutes anyway!

I will peek in later!

Faye:lol: :dizzy:

07-07-2003, 02:20 PM
Thanks Faye! What you have said is basically what I already had in mind. He asked me out to dinner so that I figured was a safe bet. Very public and all. He already knows what has been going on with me. I was and still am committed to trying to work things out but Richard doesn't want to. I am chalking that up to a mid life crisis. He has already thrown hints that he wants to come back, but he hasn't slowed down on the drinking and stuff. Both of which he will have to do in order for him to come back, afterall nobody needs someone in their life who rather stay drunk rather than sober. By no means am I saying that he can't drink at all but there is a time and a place for everything in life.

Missy, congrats on the gym. I think that when you get in there and get going you will love it very much.

Work calls.


07-07-2003, 02:44 PM
Sandy: I think the drinking is a serious issue that needs to be resolved also. I grew up in a dysfunctional family because of alcohol and swore I wouldn't allow it in my house. My dh was drinking heavily when I met him though I had not a clue as he lived in Virginia and I in Indiana. I had told him straight out I wouldn't have anything to do with anyone that drank. To this day, the smell of beer nauseates me. DH quit cold turkey without me ever knowing he drank because the relationship was more important than the booze to him. We, of course, have discussed it many times since then, but sounds like your hubby is hiding behind the booze. He doesn't have to deal with any of your problems together if he is too drunk to do so. I don't presume to tell you your business or butt into your life, but I would certainly make sure that if he DOES want to come back that you set him straight about the drinking and I would even go so far as to demand counseling of some kind to help you both out. Good luck, sweety! I am praying for you!


07-07-2003, 05:47 PM
Thanks Faye. I have suggested the conseling and he wont hear of it at all. I know that this is one of those things that you have to wait til they hit bottom and let them figure it out all in their due time. I have told him gently that he needs to slow down and at the same time I added a little of humor to it as not to offend him. I guess that if and when he is willing he will get the help that he needs. Right now I have surrendered it all to GOD. I know that he will take of things in the end. It is not my place to ask when, where, or why, but just to trust in HIM. I think that it is so wonderful to be able to turn it all over to GOD and I am thankful each day for the strength that I get from that.


07-07-2003, 08:18 PM
Sandy: You are exactly right. You have done all you can do now, so all you can do is sit back and let God work things out the way he wants them. Being human, one of the hardest things I think we have to learn is patience. God is not on our timetable, we are on his and we forget that sometimes. I know everything will work out for you in time!

To everyone, I hope you are having an enjoyable evening!


07-07-2003, 10:14 PM
Hey girls,
I agree about waiting for the dating scene. I mean supper is one thing, but thats as far as I would let it go for now.

We had another cookout to go to tonight and I am just plain worn out. Tomorrow is my day off and I need to clean this place so bad and my mom wants me to go to Walmart with her in the a.m. and of course I will go. But, for tonight girls I have to sign off and get my butt to bed at a good hour.


07-08-2003, 10:11 AM

My name is Pam, I live in Athens, AL. and have recently joined in this forum. Talking with girls from 300plus group. Heah Amanda and Connie!!

Connie, glad to see you post here too! I like the idea about different subjects for different days...I am a little behind would like to submit for Sunday's suggestion:

If money is no object...I would have a motor home! One of those $200,000.00 jobs! pure luxury all the way! I would set out across this beautiful US of A, just me and my pal, my books, and a notebook p.c (have to keep an eye on what all of you are doing!) I would stop at all of my favorite Country Inns (that is my dream one day to own and operate one!!), I would visit all of the places on my list (where I want to go in this life), and then when I got to the west coast I would drive all the way up the coast. Then park the R.v, hop on a train and take the Nw route across US and Canadian border......sounds delightful!!!!......ah the fantasies!! :dizzy: :dizzy:

I will ck in again, take care all of you, I will be looking forward to getting to know each of you. Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

07-08-2003, 11:18 AM
TUESDAY: Today is target Tuesday and this week I want to target fruits and veggies. I would dare say most of us do not take in what we should. Let's try and get in a good assortment of veggies especially!

Welcome to our newbie, Pam!

Pam: I hope you enjoy our little group. We are a thread for those of us who want to stress the positive with weight loss instead of the negative! We look forward to knowing more about you! I am married 31 years, 49 soon to be the dreaded 50 and have two grown children and of course my adorable grandson who is 3. My dh is retired military and now works for the city and I am a stay at home right now because I am having trouble getting back in the work force! I am on a calorie and fat counting program and do water aerobics in the pool everyday.

Hope you all are having a fine day so far. I am having the backache from ****, but I am going to go out to the pool in a few and hope I can work the kinks out that way.

No excitement in this neck of the woods this morning, so I will peek in later to see who has come to visit!


07-08-2003, 03:44 PM
Welll good morning everyone! I'm doing pretty good today and a big welcome to Pam!

Faye I know that I should be able to come and get strength, but I hate burdening people with my problems. I totally understand that no one here sees them as such, but still...I feel bad...and it's not the Missy's love life forum, it's the weight loss forum, so I feel I should focus on that!! Ha!

Anyway, tonight is my first night at the gym with my super skinny co-worker. The funny thing is, she's going to the gym to gain weight. I thought about that for a little and kinda made funof her but then I apologized b/c thinking you are too skinny is the same as t hinking you are too fat...so I kinda understood her point of view and even that she takes alot of guff for that. My boss is psychotic with her weight. She's 50 I think and about 5'4", I'd guess 120 MAX but she is outta control. I used to be pretty comfortable with my weight, but working here has changed that as whenever someone brings in a snack, she has to examine the fat content and calories and announce it to the room. THen she asks everyone who picks at the snack "are you sure you wanna eat that?" Grrr it's so annoying. I can't stand her! It just gets to you a while. Even when another lady used to work here...she was 33 I think and newly pregnant, my boss hassled HER about her weight. I couldn't believe it. And she's already sensitive on the topic, but to pick on her while pregnant, I was shocked.

OK so that's my rant on that. I got some cute workout clothes at Marshall's last weekend, so I'm all set to go. Actually looking forward to working out. That will change I'm sure of it. But despite the 4th of July festivites last week, I'm still doing ok on weight. I had fries, cotton candy, funnel cake, soft pretzels, apple dumpling and soda. LOL That is the policy my friend and I have, when we go see fireworks, it's pig out fest. LOL

So that's all for now...hope everyone is doing ok...let's get posting girlies!!!

:queen: Missy :queen:

07-08-2003, 07:27 PM
Missy: You get your butt back here no matter what your love life is like. You are not burdening us with anything. I LOVE funnel cake but it is BADDDDDD! My ds and his girlfriend were telling me about the new thing at the fairs this year, deepfried, candybars, twinkies, oreos and rice krispie squares. As if they aren't trouble enough now they have to batter them and fry them in fat! I had a boss who was weight obsessed, but only with herself. She looked awful, but thought she looked great! She had lost so much weight and excercised so much she looked like a skeleton. She thought she looked sexy! YUCK! I would rather be fat!

We have a big group, but no one is posting. You all must be plenty busy or are afraid you will incur my wrath for something. We miss you all and hope to see you post:

Michelle, Elle, Jana, Deon, Angie, Grace, Tina, Lori, Cristi, Pam, Satine and Rochelle!

You all have a good evening. I need to go down and check dinner and get a veggie going.


07-08-2003, 08:43 PM
Hello, I am new to the group :)

let's see positive stuff only eh? :D

Well, I started out 2 years ago, at 177, I joined a bet with some friends of mine, we all put $25 in a pot, and the first to lose 20 pounds won the pot. I joined that on January 1, 2001. By May of that year, I had won! but then I of course gained about 13 of that back, and I was at 165. I stayed there for a long while, then last August I decided for no reason other than to make myself happy, I was going to lose another 20-25 pounds. It was so easy the first time, why not just DO it ? So by November, I had lost 25, then by mid December I had lost more, and I found myself weighing 130~! I was so excited! Since then I have mostly maintained, I go up to 133, come back down to 125, then back up.. etc. I have recently decided that I HAVE got to get to 120, just to prove myself wrong, and be a size 4, like when I was in high school :)

I read a question earlier in the thread about eating something really sinfully yummy once a week. I do it like twice a week, sometimes more.. which is shame shame on me I know. But at least twice a week I do it. I try to at least stick with low fat stuff though, like Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches, or Blue Bunny ice cream bars (the 60 cal, 0 fat ones) or something like that. Even Slim Fast candy bars will sometimes cure the chocolate craving. I am a total chocolate freak, it is my worst weakness, along with cheesecake :) So I would say maybe 3 times a week on average I will indulge in something like that, and once a week I will indulge on whatever my heart desires, no matter what it is , or how bad. Just use good judgement and moderation, that's the key. I think makiing too strict of guidelines at times is a sure fire way to fall. And we all know when you fall, you beat yourself up so much sometimes that you then fall worse because of the way you feel..

anyhow, I like this thread. I need positive things in my life right now, if it gets too negative I start to not care as much about my appearance as I should :)

nice to meet you all.

07-08-2003, 09:25 PM
Tonya: Welcome Tonya! Glad to have you here. As any of the girls will tell you I am **** on wheels about being positive so you will definitely find it here. We have a topic day to day that you may choose to join in on. Tomorrow is Wednesday's woes so it is the day we have for putting forth anything that is bugging us food or relationships or anything! You can gripe about your significant other, the fact you have eaten a bag of m and m's or your mother in law. Skie's the limit on woeing on Wednesday! :lol:

My little guy called his Nonny today and I was at the pool. I played my messages when I got back inside and here was this little voice, "Nonny are you home? This is Thomas. Nonny I want to talk to you are you home?" He had BIG news when I called him back. His mommy had bought him a yellow blowdryer all his own for his hair! :lol: He wanted me to come and get him and I told him I didn't keep the car today so then he starts in about how he was going to come to my house with his special tool and fix the "woik" (work) car so I had the blue car all the time and basically was available to him all the time! (my dh's work car has a big electrical problem that they can't seem to find so it is sitting in our garage right now) He told my dd he wanted to come to my house and when she said no, started sobbing. She finally made him hang up because he kind of threw a fit because she wouldn't bring him over here. I felt so sorry for him. Poor baby. (for those of you who don't know already, he is 3)

It is hotter than blue blazes here today and really humid. I went back out into the pool with dh this afternoon because he was so miserable when he got home. It was so nice to just laze around in it for half hour or so. Dh seems to think it is some kind of sex playpen though and I always have to tell him to behave himself. Don't believe what you hear about older men! They don't ALL need Viagra! :lol: :o

You ladies all have a good evening and I will see you in the morning!


07-08-2003, 10:11 PM
Good Evening Ladies.

Hope all is well with you. Greetings to Peekaboo, and all the rest of you gals, I will get to know each of you by name but it will take me a few days. I like it that we have a place to come to and share happy thoughts and words of encouragement, and of course have fun. Fun is definitely something that my life has been lacking. But no more!! I am ready to get back into the swing of things, no more sitting on the side lines for me and letting my life go by!! I have declared this to be my turn!

Well, have a good night, and I will check in with all of you in the am

Take care:dizzy:


07-09-2003, 07:02 AM
Good Morning Serious Fun Girls,

It's Wed. Woes day :dizzy: !! Do I have woes:?: .:cry: More than you know!!! But, I will deal with them. But here is a glimps at my world currently. My major woe currently has nothing to do with weightloss. It's my Mother in law. I know your all laughing....the old mil clichee'(sp). Usually my mil and I get along wonderfully. Usually I would not trade her for the world. But lately seems I can't do a damn thing right. Oh well, maybe it's her change of life or her Zoloft needs to be adjusted? I don't know, but soon we will have a big blow out I know!!!!

Woe #2? I love the show Big Brother and series 4 started lastnight! I missed it:cry: I thought it was on at 9 and it was 8!!! Oh well life sucks for me right now.

Woe #3? I started my TOM (aunt flow) various names, this morning!!! Bumbskis!!!!

There are more woes, but you know I have to save some for next week ;) .

Other than that all is great here. I could do lot's better with food, but that too will come I know. I'm just in a funk. But I'm not gonna put myself down about it, it does no good to do that and only depresses me more, so why do it to myself? I'd rather be happy me and go about life and know that I will get back on track.

Nice to see newbies on the board!!! Welcome Pam and Tonya. Gonna scoot now....


07-09-2003, 07:16 AM
WEDNESDAY: Today is Wednesday's woes. Get all your gripes out girls! Sort of a purge!

Looks like Peek got a jump on me!

Peek: Hang in there. Everything will pass including troubles with mil. Though all 4 of our parents are deceased, I surely know the trouble you can have. You are right, she is probably having some meds problems and maybe they will right themselves. Can't do a thing about Flo bothering you. She tends to leave at her own time! As for food, you will be fine. Summers are murder on programs I think. Just take a deep breath and hop back on program and exercise!

I guess my woe this week is this employment thing. I guess I tend to feel sorry for myself sometimes and that is ridiculous. We can live perfectly fine on dh's salary and military retirement, but besides being bored, it would be nice to have the extra money. Now, forget I said that because so many of you HAVE to work and would love to change places with me. We also have to have nearly a $1000 worth of electrical work done on the condo to bring it up to code and a job would sure make a difference there right now. My last woe is my cat. I am gonna go nuts with him right now! He is in his get into everything and drive everyone nuts mode and on top of that jumps up on the bed and attacks your feet etc. He is still really a kitten and hasn't been neutered or declawed so that is part of it, but there again, a job would help with that expense too! :lol: I take my food problems all in stride so I don't have a complaint there and exercise is fabo for me so I am thankful there.

I would like to see all you lurkers post some more! We miss you!


07-09-2003, 09:28 AM
Woes Weds, let me see.... first off I guess I too am getting a visit from Aunt Flo, and that sucks, because cramps are pretty bad today...
My biggest woe? Housework...it is getting way out of hand! Laundry is piled a foot deep in master closet and house needs dusting, dishes need to be done...etc...I work all day just like my husband and I am expected to do all of the housework...it really gets me down because I cannot work 40 hours a week and keep up on all of it...he says that if I want him to help I just need to ask, and when I ask he does it, but I should not have to ask when he hasnt had clean underwear in 3 or 4 days, take the hint!
Laundry needs to be done....ugghhhhh I love the man but c'mon!

so anyhow...went to dentist yesterday and had no cavities, so that was good...

Peek...sorry that you missed Big Brother 4, it was great!!!! I have
waited all summer for it, but it is coming on again tonight, you didnt miss too much, just getting to know them....
Have a good one all, Carri

07-09-2003, 09:31 AM
Hello girls,

Lets see...woe #1 my legs feel a little heavy this am..picking em up and putting em down yesterday during WATP tape. That's okay, cause I am going to do it again this morning. Pulling myself up by the proverbial boot straps, sore muscles and all, muscles, there are really muscles underneath all that fat???? amazing!:dizzy:

woe # 2....well, it is early, I cant think of woe # 2, just give me a while I will think of something. Right now have to go eat my breakfast, I am feeling hunger pains, a novel idea huh? In my other life I was so "sedated by food" all of the time, I couldn't tell when I was hungry, ha, ha, tee hee!!!:D

ck back in later...have a good morning;)


07-09-2003, 10:38 AM
Satine: Ask Peek, I am the QUEEN of clean so here goes! I am going to try and help you get a handle on everything and then keep it up without killing yourself. Now as for the laundry, you will have to spend the weekend playing catchup then it is simple, one load in before work and into dryer after work. Except for things that bleed, I have found I can wash pretty much everything together anymore, but even separating, you can still do one load a day. Get yourself some cheap baskets and separate into them each day (ie whites in one, colors in another, etc) then just do one basket a day! I do a load a day except on the days I do the sheets for the week. Ok, here is what you should do to keep from being overwhelmed. It is what I did when I worked. I don't know how big a home you have, but I took a room a day and cleaned it when I got home. Leave stuff like the kitchen or things that take longer to the weekend. I have a 3 bedroom, 3 bath, living room, den, eat in kitchen, and 2 big hallways. Since it is a 2 floor condo, I put supplies on both floors in fact, I put supplies for cleaning in each bathroom. I then take the vacuum upstairs on Sunday after doing whatever are my Sunday chores. I leave vacuum upstairs until the last room is done for the week then take it downstairs. I cleaned our bedroom one day, dh office and mine another (these were super simple because I DO NOT fool with anything but trash and vacuuming in dh office. That is HIS responsibility), both baths upstairs the third day, then took vacuum downstairs and did each room with the laundry room, half bath and kitchen on Saturday or Sunday leaving one day where I did nothing. (I never spent more than an hour having to clean each night, usually 1/2 hour at the most because it stayed clean) As for dh USE HIM for gosh sakes. My dh and I have been married nearly 31 years and he still needs to be "asked" to do chores so instead of getting mad because he doesn't just DO them, come home in the evening and say, "George, would you please unload the dishwasher, or whatever." I pretty much "assigned" chores to hubby. When I wanted help, I would always use him where he couldn't screw up like vacuuming, trash out, put away dishes etc. Hope that might relieve one woe, as to Flo, you are on your own. Just chased her out of my house, so I don't plan on having her back again for awhile anyway! :lol:

Pam: :jig: :cb: :bravo: :cp: :dance: Wahoo for you and getting going on the exercise. The more you do it, the less the muscles are going to complain. And just wait until it starts showing. You will be so jazzed you won't want to stop! When I got to where I could actually bend over and tie my shoes and paint my toenails, I thought I had died and gone to hog heaven and it is mainly from my daily exercise. Though saggyfrom all that extra skin, my tummy is remarkably smaller and a lot is the exercise I do everyday.

Ok guys, I want to get 30 lbs off by the end of Sept for my birthday so I have to be strong and not give in to temptation! I am doing really well this morning and am going out in just a few to the pool and then it is clean the upstairs day! Whoopee! I even had such a burst of energy I emptied all my canisters and put them in the dishwasher. They get so grubby from grease etc and I can only seem to keep them clean by sticking them in the dishwasher. I think I am going to start on closets and cupboards to keep me busy this week. Should do the trick!

Well, have a great day ladies. Hope I was a little help Satine!


07-09-2003, 12:11 PM

Thanks for words of support and encouragement! I appreciate it.

I did my 2nd day of the tape just a little while ago, I enjoyed, never thought that would come out of my mouth again in this lifetime, but, I am having a good time at it.

Have a good afternoon all:dancer:

07-09-2003, 12:20 PM
Wednesday Woes...hmmm, let's see....

Oh yes..Moron Neighbors were weed whacking and lawn mowing at 7:30 this morning. State inspectors coming today to look at apartments to make sure they are up to code, so just as well as I wanted to be dressed and decent anyway, in case mine is chosen at random. Otherwise, methinks Moron Neighbors would have been DEAD NEIGHBORS :lol: Mother Nature got revenge for me nevertheless, though...it is now raining.

I lost an inch off my hips. You know it is going to be a good day when that happens :D

07-09-2003, 07:26 PM
HHHHHUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMM! Woes???????? I guess that my biggest one is that I found out that our health ins is goin to take a 20$ increase a week. To me that is alot of money. The bad thing is that I need it becasue of the meds and the fact the I am going to be having more surgery next year. That is the biggest woe. The next one is that I wish like heck this lower tummey would tighten up. Have been doing exercise for it but I guess that I am a slow mover on the tummy thing.

Went out to dinner with the gentleman I was talking about. We had a good dinner and great conversation and that was it. I didn't know how to feel talking to someone who doesn't have a mind set that my way is the only way. Felt good actually. I only get that sort of conversation with some of my girlfriends. The other good news is that I went to the doctor today(both bad and good) the scale in his office read 176. I was so thrilled. Haven't seen that # in ages. The bad is that I have a killer yeast infection and a bladder infection. WOnderul fun here. I thought that I got rid of the yeast no itching or anything but I guess that I was wrong. Got to go back to him in a month so by that time I would love to see the scale read 170. Time to get my rear in grear.

For all of y'all having TOM, I feel for each and every one fo you. I just hope that everyone will be feeling better in a few days.

Lori, I am with ya on the neighbors. I got them too. Maybe they are related to each other.


07-09-2003, 07:48 PM
Sandy: Did the doc tell you to eat yogurt? It does a number on a yeast infection from what I understand and drink cranberry juice for the bladder infection. My sister swears by the yogurt as she has to take antibiotics for dentistry and always gets a yeast infection and the yogurt puts a kabosh on it. I am a big fan of cranberry juice for bladder and kidney! I would certainly try them both, it can't hurt and it certainly might help! I know you feel bad about the insurance and I sympathize with you!

Hey to everyone else. Just peeking in. It sure has been slow the last couple weeks here!


07-10-2003, 06:47 AM

GO TO #10

07-10-2003, 12:29 PM
Good Day Gals,

Today was tape # 3! I made it all the way to the end with just a 30 second break to get drink of water, and to sit for a sec!:strong:

Feeling Fine! I am off till probably tomorrow am. Take care all!