Weight Loss Surgery - Almost 8 months Out and Checking In

11-11-2013, 12:45 AM
Hey everyone. I'm checking in after quite a long time! Life got so busy after surgery. Who am I kidding. Life has always been busy!

Anyway, I'm coming up on 8 months. I'm down 96 lbs from 250 to 154 and feel great. Wearing a size 6. The first few weeks after surgery were hard because I had healing issues (similar to my c-sections) and double pneumonia from surgery. But since then it's been wonderful. I think that since my diet was already so controlled and my issue was quantity more than quality, it has been a simple change for me so far. I already didn't eat many of the things we can't have.

I'm riding bikes with my kids, playing tennis. I've decided to start running and today was my first day. I did 2.4 mi in 30 minutes which is fine with me. :-) I'm doing a 5k on Thanksgiving with my sister that we will most likely walk/run in intervals as I did today.

My only issue has been the support from my surgeon's office and dietitian. I've basically chosen to ignore them because it's really horrid advice for long term health.

So there's my update!

11-12-2013, 10:03 AM

11-12-2013, 02:16 PM
Your body is not the same as a "normal" person's after surgery and what the normal person eats for a healthy diet may not be what you should eat. I found this out the hard way - gained 40 pounds.