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07-02-2003, 07:36 PM

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07-02-2003, 07:38 PM
Hi guys... I get so frustrated when it won't let me post a picture. Grrr
It said I posted it already back months ago. :mad:
Oh well... there are ways around it... but I don't have the time to mess with it now. Just wanted to get the new thread started. Off I go... back to work pits. lol

07-02-2003, 08:18 PM
Hi Gang -
Happy Wednesday Evening. Is anyone poking their head in here. It's awfully quiet! I made it through the afternoon cravings! I settled for a serving of Healthy Choice Low-Fat Brownie Ice Cream. It really hit the spot and I'm so happy I had it tucked away in the freezer. I think it dawned on me this evening why my cravings around TOM seem worse now....I use to eat poorly pretty much all the time and if I wanted chocolate or junk food I would have it, so since it was a frequent thing the TOM cravings never bothered me as much. Now that I am eating much healthier the cravings seem worse, but I've learned to safely control them or at least think about what I am doing before the food hits my mouth. :cbg:

Well, I am headed down to the treadmill and hubby needs to disconnect the network router so he can play his darn game (that is driving me crazy). So, I probably won't be back until tomorrow!

Have a GREAT evening!!!! Sorry I'll miss chat yet again. I'll catch back up with you ladies one of these nights!


07-02-2003, 09:25 PM
Geee....it seems everytime I get the time to chat no one is ever there! )frown(

07-02-2003, 09:27 PM
Just wanted to drop in and let all of you know how things are going. Hubby has done some work today at a friend's auto shop, he is still over there. It is $ in our pocket. He hasn't filled out the paperwork at the new job yet because he had a lot of stuff to do today so I still don't know how much $ he'll be making or how long it will be before we get benefits. :?: I gave him a lecture about holding this job this morning. I hope it took. :drill: Thanks for the encouragement in this area Tina, and the prayers.

Food has been going great but I can't seem to motivate myself to go out and walk lately. :shrug: I have a walking kit coming that I got off of eBay with handweights and a pedometer, so maybe that will get me going. I hope!!! :strong: That is about all that is going on with me. Love all of you. Hope to see some of you in chat tonight.


07-02-2003, 09:28 PM
I miss pictures too, 2Cute.

NOW...oh, how I love my new job!!!!!! I found out I can go out on the internet for my own personal use!!!!! Yep!!!!! NEVER had a job that would let me do that before. Okay, it's on my lunch but still I get to do it.
:cb: :cb: :cb: :cb:

And what better way to spend lunch than here with you!!!!!

It is now 7:20PM and 91 degrees....HELP ME...I can barely stand to move my fingers to type!!!!

Does everyone know what tomorrow is?????

:cb: :cp: :gift: :hat: :flow1: :lucky:

07-02-2003, 09:45 PM
Hey everyone :)

Ok, I didn't quite fall off the face of the earth, it just felt like it! Closing down the shop and getting moved into the new building has taken everything I had since last Thursday. It has been a serious combination of stress and physical labor.
On the good side, I've had little time to think about eating. On the bad side, I was informed I will be replaced by a buzzer. :dizzy: That was a bit of an ego blow, trust me!
On an even better side, I went to Curves today and it was my day to weigh and measure. I've lost a total of 49.5 inches! Wahoo! I still managed to gain a pound, though. It is starting to make me laugh. Eventually the scale has to move down a little, right? I'm not stressed about the weight. The other results are much easier to see. Still... less weight would probably help my cranky knee a whole lot.
I have to head to one of our town meetings tonight. I'm in charge of adoptions for the annual rubber ducky derby, and there should be an easy crowd there. :)
See ya later!


P.S. I can hardly believe how much reading there is to catch up on. You ladies have been busy!

07-02-2003, 09:55 PM
hey there chicklets,
I finally got home after leaving for work at 6:30 this morning, then when I left work I met my sil and we went Walmarting, then out to Olive Garden, then down to the shore to drop stuff off for camping. I will be gone till Sunday. Yes, Tina my hubby has to be home to watch the race at Daytona. LOL

Okay girls, I gotta hit chat before they all leave....

Hugs, and see ya Sunday if I don't get to peek-a-boo in....

07-02-2003, 10:24 PM
Kat: OMG! It's your birthday and I almost forgot to say: Happy Birthday to you! :) Happy Birthday to you! :) Happy Birthday dear Katrina! :) Happy Birthday to you! :) And many more.....

07-03-2003, 12:01 AM

07-03-2003, 12:49 AM
Hi everybody.

Just a quick post; hope you all are doing okay tonight. I had a good time in chat with Amanda and Sandy; Mary I hope you are feeling better. I may get off work early tonight, light workload. Then I'm off the rest of the week and next Mon :dancer:

In case I don't get in here tomorrow, I hope all of you have a wonderful 4th and enjoy healthy eating and get lots of fun activities in.

I got out the exercise bike and got about 10 min it, felt more like 30 min. I've got to try to get in some walking while i'm off, there's NO EXCUSE FOR ME NOT TO!!!

Well, back to work so I can get out of here. You all have a great evening.

By the way I want to congrat Andria for losing 49.5 inches, great job :bravo:

07-03-2003, 12:56 AM

:hat: :hat: :hb: :gift: :balloons:

:dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:

07-03-2003, 01:22 AM
:balloons:Happy Birthday to you :balloons:
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear KAT
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu !!!!!

I came in here early to be the first to wish you a happy birthday... but I see it was not early enough. :lol:
I hope you have a wonderful special day !!!
:balloons: :queen: :gift: :hat: :goodvibes: :balloons:

Andria... I am still sooo happy to see you back... and even happier to see you shrinking away in front of my ... screen. LOL

Lucky... I am so glad you will get to post more often again.
I will have to come read more often now. ;)
Lots of faithful exercisers here. :strong: Barb, Connie you guys inspire me.
Amanda... just follow all of these lovely ladies examples and get out there and get your walking in.
Sandy... enjoy your camping trip. I hope to get to camp again someday.
Michelle... when no one was there in chat... you should have posted us a longggg one.

Okay... I have gotten off the computer before midnight all week and I don't intend to break the chain. I will see you all in the morning. good night

07-03-2003, 01:23 AM
Happy Birthday Kat!!!:flow2: :gift: :hat: :hb: :queen: :balloons:


07-03-2003, 01:25 AM
Boy you guys, I'm losing it.

My fine sources say (hey, you didn't know I was a secret agent, did you???) that Kat's birthday is actually today: July 3 and
Terri's birthday was yesterday: July 2 so I'm going to do the Happy Birthday routine one more time for both of you!


07-03-2003, 01:31 AM
Happy Belated Birthday Terri!
:cb: :dancer: :gift: :hat: :dance: :flow1: :queen: :balloons:

07-03-2003, 01:58 AM
Bathing Suit Torture

When I was a child in the 1950's the bathing suit for the mature figure was boned, trussed and reinforced, not so much sewn as engineered.
They were built to hold back and uplift and they did a good job.

Today's stretch fabrics are designed for the prepubescent girl with a figure carved from a potato chip. The mature woman has a choice -- she can either go up front to the maternity department and try on a floral suit with a skirt, coming away looking like a hippopotamus who escaped from Disney's Fantasia or she can wander around every run of the mill department store trying to make a sensible choice from what amounts to a designer range of florescent rubber bands.

What choice did I have? I wandered around, made my sensible choice and entered the chamber of horrors known as the fitting room. The first thing I noticed was the extraordinary tensile strength of the stretch material.

The Lycra used in bathing costumes was developed, I believe, by NASA to launch small rockets from a slingshot, which give the added bonus that if you manage to actually lever yourself into one, you are protected from shark attacks as any shark taking a swipe at your passing midriff would immediately suffer whiplash. I fought my way into the bathing suit, but as I twanged the shoulder strap in place, I gasped in horror my boobs had disappeared!!

Eventually, I found one boob cowering under my left armpit. It took a while to find the other. At last I located it flattened beside my seventh rib. The problem is that modern bathing suits have no bra cups. The mature woman is meant to wear her boobs spread across her chest like a speed bump.

I realigned my "speed bump" and lurched toward the mirror to take a full view assessment. The bathing suit fit all right, but unfortunately it only fit those bits of me willing to stay inside it. The rest of me oozed out rebelliously from top, bottom, and sides. I looked like a lump of play dough wearing undersized cling wrap. As I tried to work out where all those extra bits had come from, the prepubescent sales girl popped her head through the curtain, "Oh, there you are!" , she said, admiring the bathing suit. I replied that I wasn't so sure and asked what else she had to show me. I tried on a cream crinkled one that made me look like a lump of masking tape, and a floral two piece which gave the appearance of an oversized napkin in a serving ring.
I struggled into a pair of leopard skin bathers with ragged frills and came out looking like Tarzan's Jane, pregnant with triplets and having a rough day. I tried on a black number with a midriff and looked like a jellyfish in mourning. I tried on a bright pink pair with such a high cut leg I thought I would have to wax my eyebrows to wear it.

Finally, I found a suit that fit . . . a two-piece affair with shorts style bottom and a loose blouse-type top. It was cheap, comfortable, and bulge-friendly, so I bought it.
My ridiculous search had a successful outcome, I figured.
When I got home, I found a label which read -- "Material might become transparent in water." ....and so thus ends my adventure in bathing suit shopping......

(Would love to take credit here, but I found this posted elsewhere and loved it so much I had to share!)

07-03-2003, 01:59 AM

:gift: :hat: :flow2: :balloons: :queen: :cb: :hat: :spin: :hb:

07-03-2003, 02:19 AM
OH NO !!!! I missed Terri's birthday too. :o
I am going to post you a real picture in your honor. :D

07-03-2003, 07:01 AM

:gift: :gift: :gift: :balloons: :balloons: :cb: :cb: :cb:

07-03-2003, 07:07 AM

07-03-2003, 08:02 AM

:gift: :hb: :gift: :hb:


:balloons: :hb: :balloons: :hb:

I'm off to work. Catch ya later today!
Make it a great one!
Barb :)

Terri in MO
07-03-2003, 08:33 AM
Wow, Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Makes a girl feel special. It was a quiet birthday. MIL and DH took me to lunch - Macaroni Grill. Yuummmy! We were very good and ordered calamarie, tomatoes with mozzarella and salads. Couldn't pass up the bread but we ate only a couple of pieces each. It was delicious. Last evening, I came home and finished reading a book and lazed around. Dog wouldn't let me off the hook for a walk so at least I got that exercise.

Sorry for being AWOL for a few threads. I have been making more effort to get away from the computer and trying to be productive around the house. That's difficult because 1) we just bought new patio furniture and I've been enjoying it a little too much after work and 2) summer allergies are kicking my butt and all I want to do is sleep. It too shall pass.

I have family coming in for the car races (Indy perhaps?) this weekend so tonight and tomorrow will be housecleaning time (about time too!) and then enjoying Saturday with mom and my sis. Saturday night, we're all headed over to the Marina Grog & Galley for dinner.

I better get ready for work. Have a great day! You are all doing great!

Happy Birthday Kat!

07-03-2003, 09:03 AM
Happy Birthday girls

07-03-2003, 09:33 AM
How very sweet you all are! :grouphug:

And a great big, belated, Happy Birthday! to Terri! :hb: :gift: :balloons: :hat:

Well...I survived the "visitation." Barely.

I know that I had posted when she (SIL) first arrived how independent she is and how proud I was of her efforts. Well, by about day two or three, that independence started to wane a bit. Little things, that I KNOW she's perfectly capable of doing became my job and expected of me. Now, I am completely sympathetic to her situation and perfectly willing to help in any way that I can, but when she started to treat me like her handmaiden, if for no other reason than to have someone to order around...I balked! Not openly, at first because I thought, "Nah...it's just me." But when someone snaps their fingers at you (literally) to do their bidding and then can't be bothered to thank you...GRRRRRR!

The icing on the cake came when she asked me if my daughter was on the Pill. :yikes: What???? I said to her, why would you even ask that? She'd roll her eyes and smirk about the boyfriend. I repled that I seriously doubted that she needed to be, but I added that I sure hope that if she did, she'd have the good sense to be on it! That set her back a bit! She made several remarks along those lines and after that...all bets were off. Treat me like crap and I can handle it for my dh's sake...start tearing down my child, and you are seriously on the sh*t list!!

Each day brought more whining and demanding behavior. We went to the track last Sunday. (horse racing) I had hoped that she wouldn't want to come. WHAT?!? And miss a golden opportunity to have a crowd feel sorry for her?? Not on my life! :no: It was a beautiful day too. Not too hot, but sunny, and breezy...perfect day for a bbq. Our group had a large picnic area to ourselves, it was great. By the ninth race, she started whining, "When are we leaving? I'm cold." I wheeled her into a sunnier spot. Mind you, she can walk...the wheelchair was for the hike from the parking lot, which she didn't have to take because i was able to drop her off right at the gate to our spot. I told her we'd leave after the 11th and final race. As I was chatting with my friend's 5 year old daughter, I hear from behind me, "I'm cold...I'm cold...I'm cold...I'm cold..." like a spoiled, rotten kid!
The five year old even looked at her quizzically. :?:

I could go on for hours about her, so I'll stop here. Needless to say, my best birthday present, so far, was her departure! :yes: :wave:

Unfortunately...stress eating has been a little out of control! :rolleyes: I know...no excuse, but it beat drinking heavily!

I have a lot of catching up to do, so I'll try for replies later.

Thanks again to all for your good wishes...

special thanks to :lucky: and to :devil:!

07-03-2003, 11:09 AM
Good morning everyone ... and another Happy Birthday !!!
I knew Kat's birthday was today .. that is why I came in late last night to be the first... LOL .. but still not early enough. LOL

I am walking out the door to go see my mom. I just wanted you guys to know why I will be AWOL today.
Have a wonderful day !!!

07-03-2003, 12:12 PM
Hi Chicks!
I hope you are all having a great day!!! All is well here. Work was a little rushed this morning because I had a meeting w/ my boss and a vendor. That is over and now I have about an hour to do a few things and then I am heading out to meet a friend for lunch and start my long weekend!! :)

Terri - I'm happy to hear that you had a nice relaxing birthday and sounds like you were spoiled a little bit! :) Sounds like you'll be busy the next few days - enjoy yourself!!!

Kat - Hey Birthday Girl! I bet this day is even more special since your houseguest is gone. You description of events reminded me of the visits from my sister-in-law. Ugh. It's DH's sister --- she has unofficially been banned from visiting us! They use to spend every Memorial Day week with us - this year we just happened to be out of town - darn! And next year we will surely be busy doing something else! ;) Well, I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!!!

2Cute - Loved the Bathing Suit story!!! So true! :lol:

Connie - Enjoy your nice extra-long weekend! :)

Michelle - Sorry I missed you and the other gals in chat - I was up on a ladder working on the crown molding in my dining room. Ugh!

Sandy - Glad you popped in - Have fun down at the shore!!! We are avoiding going that way this weekend we have our little trip planned in another 2 weeks to Atlantic City.

I should get a few things done before I head out....I'll try to stop back later on!


07-03-2003, 12:30 PM
There is a donut looking at me!!


:lol: No, I've not gone crazy. The man that owns the building I work in just walked in our office with a big box of donuts from Dunkin Donuts and told us to take one in honor of the 4th. I did.....only because he is usually such a butt, I couldn't believe he was being so nice. I didn't want to be rude, did I? :no: But I WILL NOT eat it. It is sitting on my desk on top of a post it, waiting for my co-worker to gobble it up. :T Go ahead CO-WORKER! Eat those 9 points for me! :lol:

I'm at work now, just wanted to pop in to say hello and add some birthday wishes!

Kat: I love you to death girl.... I hope you have a truly awesome birthday. You're the best! :balloons: :gift:

Terri: I'm so sorry I missed your birthday yesterday...I just didn't know. I hope it was wonderful, you're a special lady. :hat: :dancer:

07-03-2003, 03:11 PM
Well, Kat, having my sisters and 9 nieces and nephews was a piece of cake compared to your one guest.

I was so excited to post that I can't think of a thing to say.

Back later.

07-03-2003, 09:45 PM
Yes...that MUST be it!

I just got back from a bit of pampering. Took my bad self over to the tanning salon. (my first time!) :cool: Not so much for the tan, though Lord knows I haven't gotten much of one yet...No, more for the UV rays for my poor eczemic skin. :p My elbows look atrocious, I hate wearing a short sleeve shirt. We'll see if this helps. Someone here had suggested tanning to help my skin a long tome ago...I just got the courage up to go do it. My daughter came with me for moral support. The hot little blond chick there, with the talon-like nails and the size 2 capris could have been fresh out of "the Valley." I told my daughter I didn't know we had Valley Girls in NJ...like, you know? Talk about stereotypes! :rolleyes: I was surprised that the bed didn't really bother me that much... Being somewhat claustrophobic, I wasn't sure how I'd like being closed up in that bed. It wasn't bad.

Next, I went over to Eckerd and picked up a few things for myself...Sally Hansen's Wax/ Hair Removal System... (I'll get back to you with a review!), a new curling iron, some hairspray. Then I went for a manicure and a pedicure...ahhhhh...nice!

I'm waiting for the boys to finish packing my son's trunk for camp. He leaves Sunday. We're going out to dinner. Maybe hit the fireworks first...it's almost dark.

So once again, no time for replies, but I promise I'll be back!

07-03-2003, 09:49 PM
DO NOT POST HERE! GO TO "300+ And Ready To Try Again....#361"

God Bless America!

07-04-2003, 12:22 PM

Took that walk, it's hot/humid! I live in the South. Athens Alabama to be exact..about 1 1/2 hrs north of Birmingham, and about 15 mins from the Tn. State line. 45 mins from Huntsville...anyone close??

My heighest weight on June 5th was 356lbs. On June 24th I weighed 348.8 and yesterday (July 3rd) I am at 347!! 9 lbs down! looking to reward myself with every 10lbs and take pictures to chart my progress. Also writing in a food diary every day, in addition started monitoring exercise/activity levels, and will also make a note on my emotions, to keep it in check. Any other helpful suggestions?

You can write me at pjkdreamer43@aol, or I will look for your reply on here

Thanks for listening! Stay strong. We can all do it! And we all DESERVE IT!!