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11-04-2013, 10:56 AM
After 5 weeks on ideal protein I am switching to atkins on Thursday. Ip worked but due to financial issues and how restrictive the diet is I know I will have a lower chance of cheating on atkins anyone else done this?

11-04-2013, 03:49 PM
Hi. I have not switched straight from one to the other, but am definitely experienced with IP.

I am back to this site and starting induction for Atkins today. I was active on the IP thread back in Feb/Mar of this year and it was so helpful for me to stay on track, but I was only going for a small goal and was planning on going back to it later after a vacation. I lost 28 pounds in 8 weeks and of course I didn't go back and am sad to say I have never gained so much weight so fast in all my life since coming off that diet. So am a bit bummed I even went on it in the first place. I must say I am leery of doing any type of diet that is low carb, but need to get a kick start on losing this weight. And I like how Atkins introduces some carbs back in faster than IP. Two pregnancies and I did not gain this much weight for either. 41 pounds since April. Crazy! So need to do something. I am afraid of seeing my ticker go up. Guess that needs to be fixed....grrrrrrr

11-04-2013, 04:16 PM
I just started Atkins yesterday. I don't really know anything about ideal protien but Atkins seems doable to me. I am going to do induction for at least a month. I wish you luck on your journey!

11-04-2013, 04:27 PM
Good luck!!!
I quit IP about 4 weeks ago, have been eating "whatever", gained 5 pounds and started Atkins induction yesterday.
So far, so good....I plan to do induction until I have lost 15 pounds, then start adding carbs including my leftover IP packets up to between 30 and 40 net carbs a day. I have been walking more for exercise too now that I have energy again. Was drained and exhausted on IP.

11-12-2013, 06:40 PM
Hi former IP'ers and lilturtle. How is everyone doing so far. I am happy to report a 6.5 lbs lost in 8 days on my first atkins week and am very happy indeed. I lost 7 on my first week on ip and thought it was amazing, but this atkins week was so much easier by far. And much cheaper too! I know lots is water weight, but hey I celebrated with IP first week and it was water weight then too. The higher fat level allowed feels like cheating all the time, but it sure does make it all easier to have that indulgence. And more energy as well. So far so good. Hope to hear how you made out your first week.