Exercise! - I'm not sure how to stop the... sound

11-03-2013, 10:50 PM
I posted this in another thread but then saw this board. If someone wants to delete the other one then that would be awesome but...

OK, this is embarrassing but, where else can a girl ask a question like this?!

Tonight, I ran down to get the mail.... literally! While, I loved the way it felt and I know I want to add running to my routine, There is one thing I didn't like: The slapping sound of my fat. It's LOUD! I was wearing compression pants but it still happened. How on earth can I bring myself to run in public if I'm going to be applauding myself down the trail?!

So, the question is... any other big girls run? And, if so, how do you contain the slapping sounds?

Micki k
11-03-2013, 10:57 PM
I'd like to know how to contain this too! I have so many floppy saggy parts now, when I run it's sounds like a helicopter about to take off.

11-04-2013, 12:30 AM
Lol. Sorry don't mean to laugh but I think it happens to all of us.
I run with a friend who is a marathon runner. So....no flabby bits on her. She doesn't seem to notice any unusual noises.

I think we just have to face our fears and do it. Let people say or think what they want. At least we are doing something about it.

11-04-2013, 09:22 AM
I think you should get some pants that are made of really noisy material, can't think of the name of it but you know what I'm talking about? A lot of gym type clothes are made of it. Then you can just blame it on the pants. Micki K haha your post made me laugh so much lol, et us know if you do ever take flight.

11-04-2013, 09:36 AM
It will always be loud to you. Just like eating cereal or chips is loud to you. I promise, no one else hears it, and if they do, they think it is your feet hitting the ground. It took my running partner to point out to me that the only thing he hears is his own heart beat and that I sure as heck couldn't hear that anymore than he could hear my "imagined" slapping (although, I KNOW it wasn't imagined!) before I felt comfortable jsut going with it.

11-04-2013, 12:29 PM
Ok... suck it up... that's what I'm getting and... that's what I'll do. I guess someone or something should applaud my efforts! Thanks guys!

11-04-2013, 02:58 PM
Yeah, this happens to me, especially when I do jumping jacks. VERY embarrassing, but hey, what do you do? I just make sure I'm alone when I exercise.

11-04-2013, 06:46 PM
if it's actually hurting you or rubbing you raw or something uncomfortable, there are a ton of various compression garments for most parts of your body

but if it's just the sound that's bothering you, you could either live with it like the others said or still invest in various compression garments for your own peace of mind

11-04-2013, 07:59 PM
I'm a big girl and a runner :)

I know that noise but I've never let it bother me and I'm pretty sure as others have said, no one else notices it.

I do wear tight spandex running capris and tight tanktops (and a shirt over that depending on the weather) and it seems to hold everything in and keep it from flopping around.

I too notice it more when I do things like jumping jacks.

11-06-2013, 06:02 PM
Ok... suck it up... that's what I'm getting and... that's what I'll do. I guess someone or something should applaud my efforts! Thanks guys!

You're probably the only one that hears it--because you're self conscience is working overtime.

Just go with the flow--laugh about it--and think to yourself--can I make this clap louder and go for it.


11-06-2013, 09:53 PM
Well I am what people are now calling thin...and in fantastic shape...I am 61...AND my butt claps everytime I do jumping jacks ect!!! As others say our past or currant fat is clapping for US!!!

Goddess Jessica
11-20-2013, 03:20 PM
To quiet the noise, I wear a pair of microfiber underwear that covers all floppy parts and compression pants. This tends to deaden the slapping. UGH. So embarrassing.