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11-01-2013, 04:15 PM
Last Months Chatter:

Well...I won't pretend like I didn't dig into the candy bowl...and to make it worse, I forgot I had 3 extra bags of chocolate bars until the end and didn't give them away before 9pm when we closed up shop. Hubby insists on keeping them, he actually made his own stash from our giveaway bowl! Of course, he is 6'4" and fit, he is a good "regulator" when it comes to food though, self control! Me on the other hand...I just don't buy it to keep it out of my mouth!

Less than 3 weeks of maternity leave left...I worked 25 hours/week reducing even further to 20 hours/week. My mom is coming up next week to visit and actually coming the last 3 weeks between Thanksgiving & Christmas to watch Payton while I am transitioning back at work. Baby is not taking a bottle well, trying to introduce them now and start a freezer stash.

Bodypump this morning! Felt good and there were 2 pregnant ladies in the class! Good to see, as I got funny looks when my bump was growing and i kept lifting. Hope to meet up with my running group tomorrow at 5:30am, if "she" allows it!

11-03-2013, 02:18 PM
November already? I didn't eat any candy for Halloween. I wanted it, but I'm trying to reserve my extras for things that I really really want. I will be doing baking for Thanksgiving as dessert is at my house this year and I know I'm going to want to sample the desserts.

I've been continuing with running on the treadmill. Today for some reason, I was able to run nonstop for 20 mins..this is way better than I'd been doing since baby. Prebaby I was running at most 7 miles non stop, so todays 20 mins kind of reminded me of how awesome that it! I feel like under all this pregnancy weight is the runner s body I had before. I absolutely have had an easier time with running this time around in pregnancy weightloss than my other times since I now have a history of running.

I'm finally back on track with eating. I joined WW. I need the accountability right now. I have not been able to keep myself in check. I suspect I'm just over loaded with everything on my plate right now. A sign of being stretched too thin for me is turning to food as a treat or a way to unwind or get rid of stress. Also because I'm still BFing I am not drinking any alcohol and that means no wine at night, which I prefer. I can nurse a few oz of wine all night, which keeps me away from lots of junk. So WW it is. I was down 3.6 pounds my first week. I can only hope I continue with a decent loss.

I'm excited to lose enogh weight to not feel so heavy while running. I was 145 lbs when I was running before and I can really feel the extra weight!

11-04-2013, 11:33 AM
GG: Sounds like you're back on track!

I have committed to doing the treadmill 3 days a week, plus trying to squeeze in a family hike on the weekend. During the week, if I walk out of the bathroom and no kids are screaming for me, I will drop and do push-ups.

In the past 3 weeks I have had no grains (except white rice) and no refined sugar EXCEPT yesterday I had 4 bites of dessert after my son's baptism. The scale has budged a little... maybe 5-6 pounds gone. Pants fit better, too, so something happening. I still have a long way to go, though.

11-04-2013, 02:57 PM
I can't believe it's November too! Where has the time Payton is 9-weeks old today and I can't remember life without her now! She is starting to give big smiles, gurgles, and giggles...hard to believe my son was ever this small. Not looking forward to going back to work in least it's only 4 hour days, my mom is coming up to watch her then, actually she is flying in today for a quick baby fix.

GlamourGirl827 kudos on getting back on track! I have been trying to get my food choices and gym habits going, I have been okay on WHAT I eat, I just need to make sure to keep tabs on HOW MUCH. And I confess that there have been slips, I try to keep accountable by listing my foods, now trying to stay up to date on calorie counting on

I actually hit up the dreadmill this morning and was able to do 6-miles by alternating running 2-miles and walking 2-minutes. Trying to get miles under my belt, and "she" cooperated this morning (the time change helped too). It took me a while, as I am a lot slower than a year ago!!!

Banananutmuffin I am trying to make a similar commitment to the gym. I have been okay with making a good routine but am trying to increase my amount and intensity. I joined a 100-mile November challenge to try and get motivated. The "plan" is 25-miles/week of running and 3-days/week of weightlifting (Bodypump).

I had the initial "whoosh" losing 25 lb, but have been stuck...but I know I have been "mostly" on plan and I need to really be 100%. I am using my moms visit to help get a good restart. Amazing how a baby holder can help out!

11-05-2013, 11:26 AM
Liz: Isn't that initial whoosh so fun? When I ate what I wanted and the weight still came off, I was like... WOO HOO!

11-05-2013, 11:32 AM
I have been pretty darn dedicated for about 4 weeks now. I've lost 7 pounds, but assume 3-4 was just water weight. So maybe an actual loss of 3 pounds. Seems like SLOW progress, but I guess something is better than nothing.

Remember ladies: sometimes our bodies naturally cling to a little bit of extra fat when we're nursing. I know mine does. I can't get really lean until my babes wean. So be gentle on yourselves. We're mamas, you know?

Pink Hurricane
11-06-2013, 10:12 AM
I cannot believe it is November either! My husband and I have a very exciting baby appointment coming up on the 19th, we get to find out what gender our baby is!!! :carrot: We are both so excited, but it's hard to believe I will be 18 weeks at that point, getting closer and closer to being half way through my pregnancy, WHERE IS THE TIME GOING?!!!

Eating healthy (most of the time) and keeping an almost daily exercise routine has been helping me so much, not only physically, but mentally. I used to struggle with thinking I looked too fat for people to notice I am pregnant, but once I stopped all the negative thinking, I have felt unbelievably amazing and I actually feel beautiful! And also people have been noticing I am pregnant, even random people out in public!!! So that feels good and does wonders for my self esteem.

I find myself every day thinking about new healthy habits I can create now. The latest are daily planks. I can hold a forearm plank for 45 seconds right now, I would love to build up to my husband who can hold his well over a minute, so he is a big motivator for me! I also have been reading more of our baby books, and getting ideas of how I would like my birth plan to be. I realize it is still a little early, but if I continue to have a good, healthy pregnancy, I definitely have an idea of how I would like labor and birth to go, but I know things can always change last minute!

11-09-2013, 11:27 PM
My mom was here this week, it was a great opportunity to really push and catch up with my exercise routine, but now I am down sick with a cold! Momma can't afford to get sick!!! And I need to quit busting into the darn leftover candy! My hubby kept a chocolate stash that he needs to take away.

Pink Hurricane - how exciting for your gender scan! And big props for keeping up the great habits. I kept up the exercise, but totally let my eating falter during pregnancy. Paying for it with these 25 post partum pounds! Keep up the planking!

banananutmuffin - the quick loss was fun while it I am Stuck...with a capital S!

11-10-2013, 01:35 PM
DA**!!!!!! I pulled a muscle in my calf during my run this morning! I am hobbling around now, I raised my leg with an ice pack and will wrap it with a bandage. Needless to say running is out for the week...I was finally starting to buildup my mileage & stamina. I will have to pay extra special attention to my food. Upper body weights and core workouts it hard to motivate myself to do home workouts.

In baby news, she is still not taking a bottle and I have 2 more weeks of leave left. And am planning to move her to her room tonight. She is sleeping like a CHAMP! 10pm-6am this week...I can't complain! I just need to hit the sack earlier as I usually lounge for an hour or two for some "me" time.

11-10-2013, 03:38 PM
Hey Ladies!!! Sorry I disappeared. We had our kitchen renovated last week, I posted about it in the main forum. Anyway, my eating was horrid, we ate out all 3 meals for 5 days! And my treadmill was not able to be used because where I can fit it and plug it in was the other side of the kitchen wall and the construction guys were in there tearing up the wall for electrical work for new outlets in the kitchen.

The kitchen is not done BUT it is functional again, so I did not miss a beat thank goodness, got right back to my points counting, home cooking and healthy eating. Moved the treadmill back and ran yesterday and today.

I'm amazed at how fast I'm getting back into shape this time. Must totally be the fact that I was running pre baby, because my weight is still high. I am able to run 2 miles, with a minute walk break in there really for a drink of water. And according to the treadmill I'm running a 12 min mile...not bad for where I was even a month ago. (was going much slower!)

LizRR - "dreadmill" lol...I usually call it that when talking to hubby. I prefer to run outside, but with the kids, the TM is my main place to run now. It kind of stinks because I know from past experience, once I am able to get back to outside running, its soooo much harder. TM gives me false reassurance I'm in shape lol...On baby news, does your baby take the bottle from someone else? My middle son would not take it from me, but would take it from my husband. Sucks about the fast were you increasing your miles? I forget the rule for increasing miles (you can google it I'm sure), but I injured my knee before my pregnancy while running because I was increasing my miles too fast. I felt great, like I could totally handle it, but I guess there's a mile increase rule of thumb for a reason.

Banananutmuffin - Great job! I do the same and don't credit myself for what I think is water weight...ah just enjoy it!! Especially if you are feeling better in your clothes. I love your plan to so pushups if there are no kids waiting for you after the bathroom lol!! With 3 it always seems like someone is needing something! Even now I decided to sit for a few while baby cat naps and I keep getting interupted by my middle one.

11-10-2013, 11:03 PM
Ugh...our undermount sink in our kitchen just became "unglued" and collapsed into the sink cutout...capper to one of those days...started off with the pulled muscle!!!


11-11-2013, 10:50 AM
Hope you ladies are feeling better and getting some time to de-stress!

Life certainly has a way of getting in the middle of my best-laid plans. I've had two cheat meals in the past week. The day after I always feel fat, bloated, and generally bad. I'm not sure why I do it to myself, although it may be a lesson in "Don't let yourself get too hungry, and if you do, don't sit down in a Mexican restaurant that immediately puts a basket of corn chips and salsa on the table"

Anyway, back on plan today. I'm determined.

I'm also going to cut down on my wine indulgence this week. I like a glass to relax at night, but I know it's not doing a thing for my waistline. I'm curious to see what giving up my nightly indulgence does to the numbers on the scale. I'll let you know.

11-14-2013, 02:48 PM
This week has been a total FAIL!!! Me and the baby sick, pulled muscle, and our kitchen fiasco...oh, and squirrels chewed through our roof to get into the attic. My pity party is over...time to jump back on the saddle.

Pink Hurricane
11-20-2013, 05:39 PM
Liz and Glamour~ I hope I am not prying, I am asking this question so I can get an idea of how soon I can also get back on plan post-baby. What type of birth did you both have, vagnl or c-section? I am really enjoying this almost habit of working out on an almost daily basis, and want to keep it going after I give birth to our baby, but how long did it take both of you to be able to ease back into working out again after giving birth?

So yesterday was our appointment, and our baby is just as active and healthy as it was during our 12 week appointment. However we walked away a little disappointed because we were supposed to find out the gender of our baby but it was face down so our doctor didn't bother to try, or take a picture for us, and instead just took measurements and rushed us out of the office. Last time she really took her time and spoke with us, so I am going to chalk up her semi-rude behavior to her having run late to work (we saw her rush through the waiting room 30 minutes after her first appointment patient was supposed to be seen) and give her the benefit of the doubt. We go back in a few weeks and hopefully by then we should definitely know what we are having!

I started a new part time job at a daycare and I love it! I wanted to bring in a little extra income for my husband and I so we can take care of some debt as well as start getting stuff for our baby! Regardless, I have still been eating on plan, exercising 4-5 days a week, sometimes more, and giving in to the occasional craving!

11-21-2013, 10:38 PM
Pink Hurricane - It all depends. Usually your first is a more difficult delivery but that doesnt mean it will be bad.

For me my first was 8 lbs, and I was inlabor for like 50 hours! Baby was fine, so I opted no Csec..I pushed for 4 hours, had a 2 nd degree tear and was barely walking for weeks after delivery. My 2nd was a 7 pounder practically walked out (like 2 pushes) and I was back to normal within a few days. My third, although a fast delivery as well, like 2 pushes, was a 9 pounder and I am still having hip and pelvic pain if I over do it on the treadmill.

There's no telling when you will be ready. Everyone and every labor are different.

And dont forget, being up all night with a new baby makes working out a little harder...sleep is important too! :)