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07-01-2003, 05:54 PM
Welcome to the Weighty Issues thread!

We are a group of women who are trying to get through every day life with the help of each other. No topics are off limits, we discuss everything. These girls Rock!!!!

07-01-2003, 06:15 PM
Hey gals. I'm sitting here at my desk with my size 14 jeans which are a bit snug in the waist. I am wearing them to remind me why I should continue to make good food choices and that yes, it IS difficult to lose weight, but the reward of better health and a much improved self-image is worth it. I need help! I need a kick in the pants and a jerk on the belt to keep me on the wagon. I don't want to whine on and on about it, because I am trying to do this. I am in a terrible slump right now--the worst I have experienced since starting back in October. I don't know what it is that kept me going before, but I seemed to have lost it temporarily--and I do mean temporarily because I am in no way going to give up completely. I am thinking about joining WW. I think it's something about reporting in person to someone that will keep me on track. I don't know... I need a change, I need to do something before I gain all this darn weight back. End of rant.

My 10 y.o. neice went to the park behind our house and found a big, white rabbit yesterday. We went back to the park and caught it, now it's in a cage at home. I don't know if we're keeping it or not because we already have one rabbit. This one's huge compared to the one we have, who's a black dwarf. I think it's cute, a little dirty, but very cute and tame...I'm sure my sister will be thrilled with another animal to take care of :lol:

Angie hope your b-day is a great one. Hehe, we're the same "age" now aren't we? The site must've been down for a while earlier since I couldn't get on at 3 a.m. my time ( I woke up to use the bathroom) . I wanted to be one of the first to wish you a :hb: ...the thought was there, eh?

Kempy, you too, you're on vacation right? Gosh, I hope all that severe weather didn't affect your partying. Thinking good thoughts for you.

Summer, your pool sounds great. I would've loved to get one that size (I saw them at KMart) but I chose the much smaller one for my son, we have the space but it's not my house...plus the board of water supply has us on "conservation" mode. Mmmmm, I love margaritas too. Haven't had one in a while, maybe this weekend though...

Holly, I so hear your frustration. I'm with ya. Let's get our heads back on straight and get this weight off. You can do whatever you set your mind to (I'm just reminding myself also) . Hmm, ritzy wedding coming up soon? Sounds like a good time. I'm sure you'll be as beautiful as the bride.

Emily so did your rhubarb win? And dragon boat races? Those are so cool. I've only seen them on tv, never in person. Sorry, I'm not a very good gift giver, I usually give kids clothes (and you know how much they love to get those) or money...maybe savings bonds? Don't shoot me, that's my mother talking :lol:

Jen are you still driving around NM?

Everyone else, hope you're having a wonderful day.

Only 3 more days then I'm Maui bound...yahoo!

07-01-2003, 09:05 PM
Noelle, Here is your kick in the pants and your jerk on the belt. I hope it helps. I would come do it in person but I am afraid that you would never be able to get rid of me. :lol:

Jay woke up at 3 to deliver and he remembered it then too but he also forgot at 7 while we were walking. hehe

I am so jealous that you are going to Maui. Have fun and think of me because I will be slaving over donuts all week while you are having fun. What a life I live huh? :lol:

Jen, Where are you girl? I hope your vacation was fun.

Sandy, what are you up to for the 4th? Have you ever been to Funtown/Splashtown? We were thinking of taking the kids some Monday. They say that is their slower days.

07-01-2003, 10:53 PM
Hey guys! I can't believe I haven't checked in for so long! And I have a floppy fussy baby on my lap so who knows how long I will be able to type.

No, Noelle, our rhubarb didn't win...couldn't believe the size of the leaf that did. It was easily twice as big as our biggest. But it was still a good time. Didn't get to the dragon boat races...decided to garage sale instead.

Happy birthday to the birthday girls!! Kempy and Angie- hope you had a great one!!

Well, we have been playing non-stop for 4 days and it's been great! Had the birthday party for my friend's son on Sat. night. Ended up with some giraffe lego and board book for a gift, btw. Had a really good spinach salad that night...just spinach, sliced strawberries and banana, sugared pecans and a poppy seed dressing. *Almost* as good as banana split! :)
Sunday we had friends over for dinner and grilled
Yesterday my DH took the day off and we went to some neighbors to play in the water and ordered pizza (a 22 inch, no less!)
Today is Canada Day and we went to our town's "party in the park"- all sorts of stuff for the kids and live music. Then we went to "Finding Nemo" Came home and grilled hot-dogs...
I'm wasted- don't think we'll be staying up for the fireworks since they don't even start until 11:15.

Anyway, as it is the official midway point for the year and I'm re-visiting New Years Resolutions...tomorrow is a great "RESTART DAY" And how fitting we have a new thread. So I'm totally with you guys- LET'S DO THIS!

Well, Ian is past ready for bed, but I will be back to report tomorrow.
Here's to clean eating!!

07-02-2003, 07:14 AM
Happy belated Birthday Angie and Kempy!! Hope they were great!!


I hope your starting over day went better than mine. I have to start over today instead. Yesterday was a bust! I have been exercising though. Monday night I mowed our lawn (takes about 1 hour 15 minutes or so), and last night I walked while watching a 1 hour tv show.


Thanks for the encouragement! I cannot wait for this wedding, it should be great.


I also need the kick in the pants. Yesterday was AWFUL!!


How old is your baby? We have 3 children (6,3 1/2 and almost 2).

About yesterday....I had to see the dentist :devil: because my mouth was swelling up again. My dentist takes a look at my front tooth and says, you need to see an endodontist, right now, not next week. He found an abscess under my lip above my front tooth, ICK!! So, I get back to work after being gone 1 1/2 hours to call the endodontist who is 35 minutes away. They said, we can see you at 2 pm today. I usually work until 2, but left at 12:30. I was sooo BAD, I knew I probably wouldn't be able to eat for days, maybe weeks, so I used that as my excuse to stop at Burger King.....I bought a cheeseburger and medium fry, ate them, and felt yucky. So I went to this endodontist who says, you have 2 choices, extraction or a root canal. Never had a root canal, but decided I wanted to save the tooth. The worst parts of the procedure were the carbocaine shots (can't have the better numbing novacaine due to an allergy), and all the gunk. BLECK. Now I have to take penicillin for 10 days, and call my regular dentist to have the tooth restored. It is SO expensive. Yesterdays 1 hour visit was $625, I have insurance, but it only pays 50% of their "fair" amount which is about $300. Now I have to see my dentist for a crown, another $725....I will be paying for this tooth for years at this rate!!

So, I am starting fresh today. I cannot eat solids, so, will probably stick to oatmeal, applesauce, squash, yougurt and cottage cheese. I guess that won't make me gain. I am very disappointed in myself, I lost 3 pounds, and have since gained back 4. I will do this, I need to stop making excuses for myself. I have a friend who has lost 40 pounds using Hydroxycut, but, I REFUSE to take any kind of miracle pill. I have to admit that at one point I did ask my GP about diet pills, and he advised me to STAY AWAY from them, all they are is speed.

Hello to anyone I have missed!!


07-02-2003, 09:51 AM
Lets all start fresh. Of course that is probably easier for me to say since I dont get any time off this weekend for the holiday. I do get the joys of working though. :lol: I cant complain though...during the winter it is like we dont have to work .

Emily, I like the way you look at things. New thread New start. I love it because last month wasnt a good one for me weight wise so here is hoping to July being a better one.

Holly, I hope your mouth feels better soon. I have only gone to the dentist once in my life. I had a wisdom tooth coming up and I paid and went to the dentist to put me to sleep during the whole process. It was so worth the money. I would have probably passed out to see a needle coming at my face otherwise. :lol:

Well, I must go do my chores for the day. I will check in later.
I have been perfectly on plan for the last 2 days so I am pretty happy with myself. Last night was hard though. I watched tv in my bedroom all night so I couldnt go to the fridge. I almost did anyway but there wasnt any food in ther to mess up on. haha. I am going to the store to get some watermelon right now for tonight. When will the strawberries be ripe??

07-02-2003, 05:59 PM
I just heard from Kempy and they are all fine but they have been without power until 4 last night. They also had a huge tree fall on Echo's kennel area and demolish it but thankfully Echo wasn't inside it so she is fine. They are headed to Florida now.

I bought a big seedless watermelon to pig out on today. YUM!! I have made it through 2 days so now the cravings are coming like Wendy's and Snickers fudge. I wonder why I never think of those when I give myself permission to pig out. :lol:

Everyone must be off having fun so I'll chat with ya all when you get back. Have a great holiday.

07-02-2003, 06:22 PM
Hey girls. I'm doing good today. Starting fresh again myself. I started yesterday, but ended up on a bad note since I was doing all the cooking and preparing food for our trip...but today is another day and I am doing good. I also have another trip to look forward too--it looks like we may be heading to Bangkok this November after all. The travel agent says she'll be taking a tour from 11/8 through the 18th and would we like to come along? I say if she's comfortable enough going, I'm definitely going. Another incentive to get this weight off.

Angie thanks for the update on Kempy. How scary that must've been to sit through that weather. We haven't had a major hurricane here for over 10 years so we're pretty due for one. I just glad that they are all ok, including Echo. Good job on staying OP 2 days in a row. I'm sure you're adding a 3rd day today. I wish I could get my head together and just get back on track. I hate having employees--I swear I just want to kill them sometimes. Hey, I bought a seedless watermelon over the weekend and just cut into it yesterday. It was alright, not as good as the locally grown ones, but ok. I also got another pineapple, my favorite :T .

Holly, sorry to hear about your tooth. I worked in a dental office (a gum specialist) for 5 years + 1 year for a prosthodontist (denture specialist) -- although the cost of saving that tooth is high now, the long term benefits are so worth it. If you had pulled it, you would have had to have it replaced, I'm sure--and that would be much more costly than just fixing the one. I hope you're feeling better soon. You'll be able to smile bright again. And I agree w/you on the no diet pills thing--good job for resisting.

Emily I'm with you in starting again. I think once our Independence Day weekend is over I'll be 100% OP and back in the groove. Wasn't Finding Nemo great? I'd see it again and I've already watched it twice.

Sandy hope you're having a great day and if you don't get a chance to check in here, have a great weekend too.

Have a good one girls!

07-02-2003, 09:08 PM
I went home for lunch and my sister came running upstairs to tell me to call the Humane Society to come and pick up the rabbit we found the other day. It turns out she decided to let our rabbit (a girl) and the new rabbit (sex as yet undetermined) out together in a closed off area in the yard. She said at first the new rabbit went exploring in the opposite direction of our rabbit. Then in about a minute or two he spied her, hopped over in her direction like a flash and immediately climbed aboard :o :lol: . My sister had to grab him by the scruff of his neck and put him back in the cage. Anyway, we were teasing her that she "thinks" she got to them in time...I guess time will tell. Well, that was my chuckle for the day. Poor bunny, he'll be at the pound soon and his cotton balls will be lopped off (sorry I couldn't resist) .

07-03-2003, 07:18 AM
Hey girls,
Sorry to be lax about posting, but life has been so so busy. Yesterday I went in to work at 6:30, then from there met my sil to go to Augusta to Super Walmart then out to "Olive Garden" then back to mil's to get kids, down to camper to drop stuff off, home to clean up and do some laundry.

We are camping this weekend starting today as soon as I get out of work and finish getting ready. Why is it that the mom is the one responsible for everything? So anyway, I will be mia for a few days, hope to pop in as we are camping at our shore property which is only like 5 minutes from home. So we can come home and tend to the animals and take showers. We have lots of friends and family going, so it should be a blast.

Angie: Yeah, I've heard of Funtown/Splashtown....you crack me up, it's the only fun place we really have here in Maine isn't it? LOL. Actually never been to the spashtown part but have been to the Funtown part and it's great and the kids will have a blast. Plan on getting there early in the am and not leaving till night, cause there is a ton of stuff to do.

Noelle: cotton balls....you are so funny. Can you see me sitting here cracking up...

I'm glad that Kempy faired not to bad through the horrible weather they had. Hope she enjoys Florida.

Hugs girls,

PS)New start for me on Monday......(camping you know...lol SMORES!!!!)

07-03-2003, 09:19 AM
I jynxed it!! I went on a rampage last night with the Blue Bunny and then it moved on to some Chicken in a Biskits. DAMN!! Why the heck cant I last more than a couple of days anymore. I used to be able to say that is it and stick to it and lately I cant. Maybe when the 4th is over I wont be thinking BBQ(like I eat that anyway)

Noelle, I liked the cotton balls joke. Too cute. Me and my sister had rabbits when we were little and we thought it would be cute to let them play together. HAHA. She had babies later and ate them. Lesson learned.

Sandy, Have fun camping. I had a craving for smores the other day. We might go to the fireworks in Bangor Friday. They are supposed to be double what they had last year. I remember them being big 15 years ago so they should be good.

07-03-2003, 01:34 PM
S'mores...someone say s'mores?? :lol: I've been craving them too! In fact, we were going to go with friends to the river and have a campfire and make them Monday night, but we got pizza instead. We'll have to do that with the boys this weekend maybe.

Well, I had a clean eating day yesterday! Whoo-hoo! I also weighed and measured myself and it wasn't pretty. My stomach is what my hips used to be! (And my hips have always been on the WIDER side) Soooo. I'm really feeling my work cut out for me. I really really really want a tread-mill. I just can't get out for long walks with 3 little kids. We're going to look at them and see if it's a possibility.

Holly my kids are 5, 2.5 and 2.5 months- all boys :) Brendan, Connor and Ian. Lots of fun Hope your tooth is feeling better! ANd here I am scared to go for a cleaning!

Sandy- have fun camping! How nice to have a place so close to home- esp. on the water!

Angie- don't beat yourself up! You are so close to goal...you can do this!!!

Noelle- wow, Bangkok! My sister is going over there for Christmas! My parents are actually leaving for China next month for a year of teaching English so my sis is taking her Christmas break to travel and go see them.

Well, I've still got all my chores to do. Also need to make a Diet Coke run- I'm out and getting a headache! Have a good day everyone!

07-03-2003, 06:23 PM
TGIThursday! S'mores...it must be in the air because I was digging around in my pantry last night and found some graham crackers and choc chips, but I didn't have the marshmallows. So I just ate the grahams w/some skim milk. I felt like a kid again. I was a pig too--I ate the whole sleeve of crackers :ink: . *sigh* Ya wanna hear something kinda gross? When I was a kid I didn't know graham crackers were supposed to be crunchy. Whenever we had 'em they were always stale and soft and I still like them that way :o . I guess my sisters and I never knew how to seal the package up correctly :lol: .

Sandy have a great time camping--I would go too if I could run away home and take a shower and stuff. I'm such an outdoors wuss. Gosh, we don't even have an Olive Garden here in HI--we see the tortuous commercials on TV and everything looks so good, but we can't have any :( . Have fun w/the family.

Emily, hey, my thighs are what my waist used to be so you're in better shape than I am :lol: . :bravo: on clean eating yesterday. It must be quite an experience for your parents to go abroad for a year like that. I'm sure your sister will love the travel also. My mom and sisters traveled to China and Hong Kong and loved the history and culture, and the shopping too but I have got to say, Bangkok is THE best shopping in December. During the week of the King's b-day, you can buy some amazing things for only 199 baht ($4.76 US) . And the food is wonderful, and so inexpensive. I love it there.

Hang on Angie, the long weekend will soon be over and then we all can get down to some serious business of losing again. I'm so proud of you and how far you've come. I always think of you as a role model so-to-speak. I'm glad I found you gals when I did.

Holly how're you feeling today? Much better I hope. Try and have a good weekend.

Kempy I hope you're enjoying your vacation. I think Bill is moving North?

Well, I better get some work done here. I'll check back with ya gals later. Oh yes, almost forgot...try checking this link out, it's kinda fun yet scary! http://www.calorieking.com/createameal/?menu=1 It's a good thing I try not to eat there anymore.

07-04-2003, 06:03 AM
Hey ladies. Just wanted to stop by and wish you all a safe and happy Independence Day. It's almost 11 pm and I'm getting ready for bed :yawn: . I'll be on my way to Maui tomorrow morning. We're taking a shuttle to the airport @ 6 a.m. so we don't have to leave the car parked overnight for 2 days. I remembered to pack the camera away so I should be able to get some pictures. I'll post them next week, at least 1, I promise.

Anyway, I had a fantastic OP day today, no cheats AND I walked 3.5 miles :dancer: . Now to make smart food choices this weekend, hmmmm that'll be a real test. We will be making s'mores though (sis and I discussed it and agreed that we should) so I may just need to enjoy my weekend without a care and get back on track on Monday. We'll see.

Again, have a great long weekend and remember why we're celebrating. Freedom is not free. God Bless the USA and our founding fathers and all our military personnel. Stay safe!!!! Love ya!

07-06-2003, 12:22 PM
Sorry, I haven't been on in a while, but my time has not been my own. Boy, do I feel disgusting and bloated right now. This is good though, because like Noelle in her size 14's, I feel so uncomfortable in my clothes right now...giving me that much needed push to get back on program. I started a couple of weeks ago being very overwhelmed with emotion, tears, goodbyes, graduations, weddings, birthdays, and too much on my plate, (no pun intended). I think whatever spell I was under is broken. I've put on about six pounds, which is half of all the weight I lost. It is sickening how fast it comes on and how slow it comes off. Well, this is what I needed. Once I'm past this holiday weekend, tomorrow morning, I want to begin cleaning out my body. I'm gonna drink lemon and water like it is going out of style. I'm gonna get back on program.

We are leaving for vacation on the 12th, and my goal is to make better choices when better choices are available. My other goal is to enjoy the food, but not to binge or overindulge. Wish me luck. And if you pray, please pray for me. I would be happy to pray for any of you.

Angie & Kempy, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!:D Angie, I agree, new thread, new start.

Noelle, I understand your struggle. I'm happy that the spell you were under seems to have been broken. Enjoy Maui!!!

Holly, I'm sorry you are having tooth troubles. I have a real phobia when it comes to dentists. I have a good one right now, and coincidentally, my teeth are much healthier...probably cause I'm no longer putting off my 6 month checkups. Feel better, and best of luck.

Emily, Smores...oh boy! On the 4th, I was at the family beach cottage, and someone misplaced the plain graham crackers. So, I ate the marshmallow and melted chocolate with my bare hands! What a pig! But, it was delicious!

I hope this week will be a fresh start for us all. That we will enjoy food, but not overindulge. We can do this! We must do this! We will do this! Summer;)

07-06-2003, 12:32 PM
I forgot to tell you all, I had my tag sale yesterday. I am so excited, we made $288.00!!!!! We are using it for gas/spending money for vacation. HURRAY!!! Summer ;)

07-06-2003, 12:34 PM
Feeling crappy today...have a chest cold and croopy cough. Hope my kids don't get it!
But on a positive note I seem to be in a good eating groove. I haven't had any fast food this week and have tried to stay away from the junk. Water is getting easier too. Just wish I felt better to start getting some workouts in.
Everyone but the baby went to church so I'm going to go back to bed while Ian is napping. I'll check back later.

07-07-2003, 10:47 AM
I am finally back and bigger than ever. I don't have time to chat right now b/c I have so much stuff to cath up with. I'll be back later.


07-07-2003, 11:03 AM
Good Morning!! I dont know about you all but I am so READY to get back to eating right. I have been pathetic for the last 3 weeks. I am huge and I am ready to get back to normal. I am going to pick some strawberries tonight and I killed the bunny!!! No more Blue Bunny in the house. I cant have it around just yet. I need to get on track for a while and stay on track before I attempt snacks again. I wonder if I will ever figure out how to eat right and still have treats without going overboard. I hope so.

Anyone with me? Are we gonna do this??!! YES WE ARE!!!!

07-07-2003, 04:15 PM
Emily, hope you feel better soon. Take some echinacea, mega doses of vitamin C, garlic, and chicken soup! Kempy, welcome back! Angie, I had every intention of getting my act together today...but after teaching vacation bible school this morning, I weakened and had a double cheeseburger, fries, and chocolate chip cookies from Burger King. I'm so mad at myself. I thought I was ready to do this again. I just want to get a grip before we leave for vacation on Saturday, because then I will really go off the deep end. What is a blue bunny? Summer :dizzy:

07-07-2003, 05:25 PM
Hey Ladies, I'm baaaack! I had a wonderful time in Maui and I can't wait to go back. We stayed at the house of the family friend's instead of my friends house since it was in such a remote location, it wasn't feasible to drive back and forth...it was such a beautiful area anyway, once we got there we didn't want to leave. CHeck out this view from the house balcony! (I'm gonna attempt to post it, hope it works). The house is located on the north shore of Maui in a village called Kahakuloa. A beautiful place.

07-07-2003, 05:32 PM
This is the view from the beach toward the house.

07-07-2003, 05:35 PM
This is Ilio Mai (ee-lee-oh-my) the resident pug. Her name is Hawaiian for 'come here dog' (Ilio is dog, mai means come). She belongs to the owners of the house and greets visitors to the shave ice stand. She's a sweetie!

07-07-2003, 05:50 PM
Summer, Blue Bunny is frozen yogurt. It is so good that you wouldnt believe it is fat free but I eat way to much in a sitting when it is in the house.

Noelle, You lucky dog!!!! I am so jealous!! I need to take a vacation somewhere. I keep trying to talk Jay into moving to Hawaii. :lol:

I just picked 11 quarts of red yummy strawberries. I put 7 bags in the freezer for this winter.

I have a plan for my diet. Me and Jay were talking and he thinks that if I exercise just like I have been and dont eat anything bad all week then I should be okay if I eat what I want on just Saturday. It sounds doable to me what do you guys think. I figure that I am at a comfortable weight right now so there isnt the diehard need to lose it fast. Do you think it would help me learn to maintain if I slowed the pace down and had a free day?

07-07-2003, 08:50 PM
Angie, it sounds like an excellent idea to me. I wish I was closer to my goal. Maybe then it wouldn't seem so impossible to achieve my goal. Noelle, those photos are so beautiful! Talk about paradise! If you ever need company, let me know! On Saturday, I will be heading out for my version of paradise in the Northeast, Cape Cod. I've been going there every year since I was in my mother's womb. Now I take my daughter there every year. Happy to have you back. Summer ;)

07-08-2003, 04:39 AM
Hey gals, I'm winding down for the evening and have had a totally OP day :strong: . Walked 3.5 miles :dancer: and made great food choices without too much of a struggle :angel: . I hope I can keep up with this trend for the rest of the week, then rest of the month. My 2 teenage nephews and BIL weren't able to join us on our Maui trip so we (me and a couple of my other sisters) may be going back in 2 weeks...we all loved the beauty and solitude of the place and we're sure they'll love it too. I know, it's a hard life I lead, but... :lol: I have another reason to stay on track and that's the trip to Bangkok, Thailand. I need to keep that in mind the next time i feel like reaching for some fattening chocolate or fried anything. In Bangkok they sell alot of "free size" clothes which means "one size fits all" -- the Thai people for the most part are so darned petite that even my 2 sisters at 5' 4" and 145 lbs was considered fat and XL, imagine what they must think of me :o ! :lol: Our tour guide was a Thai guy who told me that in his country, I was looked upon as "rich" since it was obvious that I had enough money to (over)eat. I do not want to be that way in November :nono: .

Angie I think your "plan" sounds like a good one. One day of free eating should be enough to curb any cravings and you wouldn't have to lay the guilt trip on yourself. You're a lucky gal to have your hubby's active support and encouragement in that respect.

Summer what do you plan to do while in Cape Cod? I would love to visit the East coast too. I've never been farther East than Chicago or New Orleans...

Hey Kempy how was your trip? Hope no new storms are brewing near you.

Sandy did you enjoy your camping weekend? I had s'mores this weekend too, but just one. I did however, just eat the chocolate separately from the graham crackers and the marshmallows. :ink: Oh yeah, I almost forgot, we also had strawberry and passion fruit margaritas :T they were to die for!

Emily sorry to hear your sick, hope you recover quickly.

Holly how was your weekend? Is your tooth doing better?

Well, I gotta get my son to bed since it's after 9 pm, I'll check you ladies out tomorrow.

07-08-2003, 08:19 AM
Hi chicks,

Sounds and looks like Noelle had a wonderful weekend, I am envious!!! I only had one smore too.....and did not eat any other chocolate. But think I ate way to many potatoe chips (my major downfall).

Angie: Your plan sounds good to me. And I'm with Noelle, Jay supports you in all of this, and I think he is wonderful. He's a keeper!!!

Summer: Enjoy the cape!!!

Kempy: welcome back from your trip. Hope all is okay at your house.

Okay on to my weekend.(Major venting here, feel free to skip it)

We left on Thursday afternoon. My mil and I were ready to kill each other by Friday A.M. I have not a clue why she decided to snap at me all morning long? But, it ended with me in tears and she could have cared less!! Her sister who went consoled me a bit and told me that I should realize that she thinks the world of me and that she thinks hubby and I have done a great job in our lives. Well you know it would be nice to hear that once in a while. Seems like me and hubby, we do everything the way it is supposed to be done in her eyes but then we get the **** end of the stick. Anyway, we were at odds most of the weekend and just stayed clear of each other. Then I was pi$$ed because here I am trying to be on vacation too, and I get to do like 80% of the cooking at camp and cleaning!!! I was more tired when I came home then when I left. Then my fil had gone home Saturday to take a shower and came back and said they had unexpected company show up from Ohio, but they had brought a camper and where staying next door at another sisters. So alls I hear is about these people (who are nice) is that my mil dosnt want to go home and deal with them etc. Well we were home by 2:00 sunday and by 4:30 she was calling to say that we were having another cook out at the shore for these people and how wonderful they are and the kids are great....etc...blah blah blah, and that hubby and I were expected to come with our kids. As if I am not tired enough. So to keep peace we show. Guess who the **** got stuck cooking? Then she knows I'm tired and that I had worked but proceeds to tell my daughter that later we can go back to Nanny's for icecream and sprinkles and stuff!!! I jumped in and said "don't tell her that!!!" cause we arnt coming over. She looks like I slapped her in the face. Well I said I am tired and we have icecream at our own house. It's already almost 8:00 and my hubby has to get up at 3:30-4:00 to go to haul.

I'm sorry I like just majorly vented!!! Thanks for listening. Usually my mil and I get along fine? Don't know whats happening but she is always on my nerves lately.

Well gotta run,


07-08-2003, 11:01 AM
Sandy what a bad trip. When we go places I do have to help with the cleaning bvut all of the females pitch in so we get it done faster so that all of us can sit back and relaxe. What would happen if you just didn't do any of it?

Angie I don't know how you have made it this far without a cheat day. I have to have a least one a week. Otherwise I will go crazy on the foods thatI a trying to avoid. (pizza!) I am sure you sill succeed at this too.

Noelle that place is beautiful! I woud really hate for you to have to go back. :lol:

Not to much going on here. My FIl and MIL got a condo in Detsin, FL 8/2-8/9 and they want us to go. I am trying to figure a way to tell the boss since I just came back from one. I don't want to have a paid vacation I just want to be able to go on this free trip and hopefully it wont rain this time. Also our anniversary is 8/2 so it would be a great trip for Joe and I.

Summere Body Rx is a book that I have been reading. I heard about it on another thread. I like it because you don't cut out any type of food. You don't count cals or fat you just figure how much proetin and carbs you need a day based on your weight and go from there. If you want to know more I will see if I can find some links for you.

07-08-2003, 05:09 PM
(((Sandy))) , I'm sorry your weekend turned out stressful. I gotta give you credit though, for doing it all despite the bad vibes. That really sucks when you're all set on having a good time and it just all goes to heck. I don't think I could ever spend more than a day with my in-laws *shudder and cringe* :lol: . You're a gem.

Kempy I was watching American Chopper on the Discovery Channel last night and they had a motorcyle expo at the Super Dome. I would so totally love to come back to Louisiana again... is Florida really different than where you live? I mean, you can reach the beach from where you are, can't you? A getaway for an anniversary celebration sounds nice.

Angie, how are you doing these days? Are the tourists keeping you busy? Do you make anything w/your strawberries or do you just eat them? I had one of the most delicious strawberry 7 up cakes this weekend, I bet you could modify the recipe to make it lower fat :T . Have you every had one? It's a yellow cake mix with 7 up instead of water, with frozen strawberries on the top with cool whip as frosting, so good.

Summer I hope you can relax some during your summer...

Emily and Holly, how are you two doing.

I think I got my groove back :crossed: . I had a good OP day yesterday and feel like I can do another today. Nothing much going on here except for catching up on some paperwork, speaking of which, the mail just came in. I gotta go but I'll be back later.

07-08-2003, 05:14 PM
Hi ladies!! I have not been doing so great food wise, but, have been exercising daily, and tried pilates for the first time Sunday night. I bought the JH Pilates based tape by Denise Austin. Let me tell you, I can REALLY feel where my abs are supposed to be now, lol!! I am beginning to feel where my pants are getting looser, but, no loss on the dreaded scales.

My MIL made me feel so awful today. She has had my boys since Friday, camping, and I called her this morning from work to find out when they are coming home! I miss my boys soooo much, and can't wait until they come home tomorrow night. Back to the evil MIL....She was telling me that someone from church gave her some clothes, but she does not want them. She offered them to me, so I said, what size are they? She said, well they are really huge on me, so, they should definately fit you. A blow to the self esteem, though might not have been intentional.


The one cheat day plan sounds good to me! I lost 14 pounds last year that way. If I was good all week, I would allow myself a cheat day or cheat meal on the weekend.


Thanks for asking about my tooth. It is starting to feel better. I have such soft teeth that usually at least one aches anyway. Blah. Great pictures!! I hope to be able to see such sights some day.


I hope you are feeling better. I had that yucky illness a few weeks ago, and it is no fun at all. ((Emily))


I am deathly afraid :yikes: of the dentist. Unfortunately I have teeth that need work at least every few months, so I cannot avoid him, though I would love to if it weren't for the toothaches.

Hi to everyone else...Kempy,Sandy, anyone else I missed.


:yikes: :yikes:

07-08-2003, 05:31 PM
Hey girls. I finally made it on with enough time to write. :lol:

I cant get my groove back!! Damn!! I have no excuse at all other than I am just a pig. I ate 1 1/2 smores last night and today I had some peanut butter brownies because I had to bake them today and they were fresh. I am going to gain it all back, I can feel it. I am already back to the "I'll start Monday " stage. I wished I could learn from my mistakes.

Noelle, No I just froze a bunch of them for this winter. The kids like them made into milk shakes with skim milk and berries. The 7 up cake sounds so good.

Sandy, You are a saint. I have had some knock down drag outs with my MIL. She pissed me off so bad one day that I through some donuts at her. :lol: Gotta love the in laws.

Summer, Cape cod sounds so beautiful. I would like to go someday. Have a great time.

Emily, I hope you are feeling better today.

Kempy, Good luck getting time off for your other vacation. ****, if it is free I would take it too. We are alot alike. My anniversary is in August too. August 25 will be 13 years for us. It usually works out nice because the kids start school around that time and we can have nooners again. :lol:

The kids bought themselves a lobster each today for supper. they went strawberry picking with my MIL and she paid them 50 cents each quart they did. they each made $7.00 in about an hour. Not too bad. They are going again tomorrow and that money is going into their accounts.

I only did one walk today because it was pouring out this morning and now it is so sticky and hot that I dont want to go again.

07-08-2003, 05:37 PM
Holly don't forget that muscle weights more than fat and the scale doesn't show the difference. All it shows is how much the total you is, including water, skin, bones, organs, fat and muscle. Just go by how your clothes fit. I think it is going to be great when you can tell you MIL that the clothes don't fit they are to big! I am behind you all of the way so don't give up!

Noelle do you mean do we have beaches in Louisiana? The answer to that is no. We are the state that got jipped on the gulf coast. Becasue of the Mississippi River the end of LA is just swamp. We only have to go about 3 hours thought to get to FL. :cp: Not a long drive at all.

I am doing good today (so far). I thought Joe would be home for dinner but it looks like I will have to fend for myself again tonight. I hope I can be strong.

Angie where are you girl. I can tell it is hot now. You don't run for pee breaks as much. :lol: There you are, we were posting at the same time.

07-08-2003, 05:50 PM
aRGGGHHH! I just heard from my sister that they (her and my other sis) want to change the next Maui weekend to the first weekend in August. The originally planned weekend of 7/25 would've been perfect because Rick would've been on a camping trip w/our boy with some of our other family--I would've been free to do my own thing on Maui. Now I have to see if he'll be free that weekend to stay home with the boy :( . Ya know, if it were him wanting to go, he'd go without a second thought--but you know how we women are, we have to think of the child first right? I don't think I can afford a weekend for both the boy and I to go, but I was so looking forward to having some time away without motherly responsibilities! :( *pout* Ok, I'm done whining.

Holly, I don't know your MIL's personality but maybe she didn't mean anything nasty by what she said--sometimes people are just tactless, is all. Looking at your stats, you're WAY smaller than I am and you've got a couple of inches in height. At least you may get some new clothes, right? :^:

Hey, my own mother made a comment to me yesterday. I was telling my sister that we should leave for our walk. She wanted to wait a little longer for the sun to go down so it wasn't so hot...I wanted to leave now since I didn't want to be coming home at 8 pm, I had stuff to do. Mom said to me "you don't have to walk so far, or so long, just take a shorter route, it doesn't look like you're walking is doing any good anyway!" How's that for rude? I replied, "That's more reason WHY I should be walking longer--and thanks for your support :mad: " . She always makes comments like that--another time was when she looked at me and said, 'you're getting skinny but your legs are so big, can't you do some other exercise to make your legs smaller?' I got a little hot tempered but I just said, "these are my legs and that's just the way they are" . I don't know why people, especially family make hurtful comments like that. :shrug: Well, you can't win sometimes. Just keep on keeping on--we can do this.

07-08-2003, 06:07 PM
Angie I do the same thing, I get to my goal , and then I screw it up, hehe! It's easy to get lax when you finally get there, I am struggling with the same thing, up and down, up and down. Let me know if you find a solution :)

hi to everyone else, I am new, wow you guys all seem to know a lot about one another :)

07-08-2003, 06:34 PM
Hey everyone-
Still sick- it's in my chest and I'm coughing quite a bit. I'm not achey anymore so I guess I'm feeling better overall.
We had a good family friend die last week of cancer and the funeral was yesterday. Left his wife and 3 teenage sons- it's a sad thing.
Then some other family friends have 2 of their sons missing in Russia. They went to hike the highest peak in Europe and have disappeared without a trace (on the mountain.) They were experienced climbers, but the weather turned bad and they haven't been seen for 2 weeks. The search is being called off today. It's just the saddest thing :(

I haven't been emotional eating...just not eating well...I haven' been eating a lot, but what I am eating is pretty junky. I need to get get back on track. I know I will feel so much better when I do!!
Dh has been so good getting up early and either running or rollerblading before work. I wish I could find my exercise groove.

Angie- I think you could for sure still lose with a day or at least a meal "off". Those are the times I have been sucessful and gives you something to look forward to. I'm amazed that in all these months you didn't!?!?! Good job.
Noelle- you truly do live in Paradise! Hope it works out for you to go back to Maui!
Kempy- glad to see you back and hope you had a good time on your vacation! (hope you get to go again!!)
Sandy- sorry about your weekend...btdt with the coming home more tired than leaving! It's not fair that we women have to take care of so much.
Holly- great job on exercising the the Pilates!
Welcome Tonya!

Well, I've got meat sauce for 3-4 lasagnas simmering and pinto beans ready to mash in my pressure cooker. Burritos or lasagna for dinner tonight and the rest in the freezer!
Talk to you later!

07-08-2003, 08:13 PM
Hi Tonya. You will love it at 3FC. This sight is so helpful. Me,Noelle and Kempy started at about the same time in October so we definately know alot about each other.

Mmm Emily, lasagna. Can I come to your house for supper? :lol: I usually mix half and half fat free ricotta with low fat ricotta to lower the fat and I never even notice it. Plus I dont use egg yolk either.

Noelle, I am sorry your mom said that to you. I am lucky that my parents dont usually say things like that to me. My in laws will however point stuff like that out to Jay and it makes me so mad because they are all really heavy themselves.

Well, I better get off now because it is rumbling outside. I dont want to be on the computer when the lightning hits.YEAH Big Brother is on tonight. I am one of the geeks that paid to watch them 24 hours a day last year. :lol:

PS: I went for another walk in this humidity. so at least I did 3 miles today. It sucked by the way. I was dripping in sweat when I got done and I swear people rode by looking at me like I was nuts. :lol:

07-09-2003, 07:14 AM
Hey Angie: I'm so mad, I love Big Brother too, and last night I thought it was on at 9 but guess what? It was on at 8 and I missed that darn thing. So, I am headed to the website to read up on it all. Ugghhh....

Thank you all for your condolences on my weekend. I havn't chatted with my mil since Monday so we will see what kind of mood she is in today when I drop the kids off. I don't want you all to think she is some monster, because really she is not, and usually we get along great, but lately????? I don't know if its the change of life she is going through or the Zoloft? I will deal with it like always.

Well gotta run,

07-09-2003, 10:52 AM
Happy Wednesday morning to you guys!!!

The boss man will be leaving in a few hours to go to Florida so I will have the place to myself and I am really looking forward to it.

I got through day #2. Last night I thought I might have a problem, I should be starting soon so I was craving something sweet. Of cours I can't have sugar and fruit just didn't sound good to me at the time. I had a half cup of All Bran with a packet of splends and a little milk just to get it wet and it was surprisingly good. Did you guys know that a 1/2 C of that cereal has 10 g of fiber. WOW. I am supposed to ahve 30 g a day so that is good stuff to have around. I didn't realize how hard it was to get that much fiber if you don't eat tons of salad a day.

Not to much to report on today. It was really boring last night w/out Joe being home. Hopefully I will have a fun day today.

07-09-2003, 12:16 PM
I was okay until last night and I ended up making Heath Blizzards at home and no store around here carries fat free ice cream so yet again I screwed up. I am starting to feel like a total failure again. I mean why the **** cant I stay on track for even a day anymore? I am still walking but I have put on a good 7 pounds of bloat and fat. I am now at the stage of why bother doing all the exercise if I am going to go off plan for a while and gain back 7 pounds in 3 weeks? I am just whining today so dont take me serious. It is just one of those days and hopefully I will pick my ever widening *** up off the ground and get a grip. I have learned that when i am craving sweets fruit does not cut it. I am a chocolate and peanut butter girl and it doesnt matter how many strawberries I eat it doesnt satisfy me. Plus I totally suck at eating in moderation. I will literally argue with myself in my head over eating. How sad is that?

On a happy note I ordered the Big Brother 24/7 viewing package because I am just that nosey. :lol: These people are so gonna kill each other. Or hook up. I have never seen so many muscles in one room. Jay said it looks like a Real World cast this year.

Today is alot less muggy than it has been. In Corinna it said it was 66 out. Nice weather for walking. Plus I can actually wear a shirt with sleeves today and not a tank top. I hate having my flabby arms show but if it is hot out than every one is just gonna have to put up with them. :lol:

07-09-2003, 04:51 PM
Hey Noelle, I have been entering the Blue Bunny contest every day so maybe I can win and come see ya. Then I probably wouldnt want to leave though. :lol:

I am so hungry!!!! Well, Back to work I go.

07-09-2003, 05:40 PM
Hey girls. Welcome to our little corner Tonya :wave: . I have yet to reach my "ultimate" goal weight, but I just keep plugging away. I know too well about struggling and screwing up though...done it lots and lots of times :lol: . I'm on a positive wave right now though so I'm just gonna keep riding it for as long as it lasts. Yup, Kempy, Angie and I have been posting together for a while... that's why some of us know about each other's bodily habits :lol: ... more info than you wanted to know I'm sure :D

:soap: Angie, you're beating yourself up. Give yourself a break! You are brave enough to admit here that you gained a few--you even said how many lbs. It IS hard to get back on track but eventually you will do it. Stop calling yourself negative names, it only perpetuates the flow of things. You will get to that goal when you are ready. I think I'm finally "getting it back" after 4 mos! I've been in and out of so many slumps since April that I just stopped losing and then started gaining. I didn't want to participate in any challenges since I knew I was out of control. I am now back at 180 and am praying that the scale dips below real soon with this healthy eating I've been doing. The lowest I've gotten on this journey was 170 so that was a 10 lb gain :o ... but I'm still here and I'm still working at it--what's the alternative? Being fat! And I just don't wanna anymore. You are an inspiration to me--what I would give to be in the 150's even, so you're in the 140's--that is a BIG deal of weight you've lost overall--be proud girlfriend! Ok, stepping off the soapbox

Kempy, WTG on resisting the sweets!!! So if the cat's away today, are you the mouse at play :lol: ? Is Joe out of town again as well? Is he more gone than he's at home? I know absence makes the heart grow fonder, but that must suck being apart like that a lot. Hope you two can get away for the big anniversary.

I have a question for you: Whenever I go off on eating binges or just eating fatty, not-too-good-for-you foods, I always feel hungry the next morning, like that gnawing empty stomach feeling hungry--which leads me to another day of eating crap. When I eat clean (or as clean as I know how), I am rarely hungry, or if I can feel the hunger pangs, I know that I have to eat because my body needs fuel...do you know what I mean? It's always hard for me to get back on track after eating crap for a while, but once I get through that first day of the hungry stomach feeling, I feel like I can continue eating healthy. Anyone have the same experience?

07-09-2003, 05:48 PM
YES!!! That is exactly how I feel after a day of bingeing. I wake up so hungry and not to mention with worse morning breath than ever. I always wondered if that happened to anyone else too. Like today I am starving so I had a couple of the strawberries and I am holding off until i can get supper done. My biggest problem is after supper because then I know I shouldnt eat anymore for the night so then I get into the thinking of this would be good.

I usually have to make it through a whole weekend before I can get back in control again. I hate the weekends. This weekend everybody wants pizza hut. I hat the feeling of not being in control more than the weight gain I think. Does that make any sense?:dizzy: or am I just very strange.

07-09-2003, 10:03 PM
I am getting ready to go on vacation, so I probably won't be back online until the end of July. I hope all of you stay motivated and enjoy the summer. I will miss the support you ladies give me every day. Take care all! ;) Summer;)

07-09-2003, 10:25 PM
Summer have a good time at the Cape. Stay safe and have fun, we'll be thinking about you having a great time.

Angie i'm glad I'm not the only one that goes through that. I wonder why physiologically that happens? Sometimes I wonder if it's because when we pig out our stomach expands, then we just feel the "need" to fill it to capacity? I don't know... you're just going through a rough patch but I have complete confidence in you that you can get through it.

I had the best Subway red wine vinagrette club for lunch today--the bread was just the right texture (I had the roasted garlic bread when I know I should have chosen wheat, but it sounded good, and it was!) , it was loaded with veggies and it had just the right amount of vinagrette too. Little things please me, especially food items (sad, I know) :lol: , but it was so good I just had to mention it. Besides, I ate it slowly and enjoyed every bit of it.

07-10-2003, 07:23 AM
Angie & Noelle,

I have the same problem after indulging for a day. In fact, that is how I got so off track. I was scheduled to have an endoscopy on a Monday at 12:00 pm, and could not eat or drink anything, even water, after midnight on Sunday. So, my hubby and I went to Red Lobster on Sunday, and I about died waiting for that test on Monday, which, never took place until 2:00 pm!! I was sooo starved! We ended up pigging out at Denny's after the test, and the rest is history.

It is almost my TOM again, so, I messed up with the peanutbutter cups!! I too LOVE peanutbutter and chocolate. Mmmmm.

So, I get these pants that my MIL was sending for me. They both fit, though one pair (the capri's) were hideous! The jeans she sent are 13 JUNIOR. Before trying them on I warned myself that juniors most likely would NOT fit me, seeing I have had 3 children. But, they did fit, a little snug, but, they fit. They are a bit too little girl looking for me though, like I am 16. Haha, I only wish!!!

My husband really made me blow my cork last night. A few years ago I used to work out at the local gym, but, after MANY complaints by him (other men looking at me, me being gone 5 days a week for 1 1/2-2 hours a night, etc), I stopped going. Shouldn't have though. So, I have been trying to workout at home, but it is really difficult with 3 little kids running around, and living in a mobile home, granted it is 16x80, but, still, our living room is packed. Yesterday I had to leave work early, and told my husband a few days before that. He gets home yesterday, and says, what time did YOU get out of work today? Meanwhile I am watching Dr. Phil, he had a show on about eating disorders (which consumed 10 years of my life), so it struck my interest. I told him that I left work at 1:00, but did not get home until 2:30 pm. Then he tells me to turn that junk off, I said I was watching it, so, he turns it off, and turns cartoons on for the kids. I tried to blow it off, even though it really bothered me. While I am at work, I tape Y&R, and watch it sometime in the evening, usually fast forwarding through parts I don't care to see. Anyway, I was doing my aerobics last night, and my husband comes out and says, geez, don't hog the TV all night, got it!? I said I was doing aerobics, and he says, you did them yesterday, and you watched that stupid soap opera, and when I came home you were watching that Dr. Phil trash. That's when I lost it. Sorry for venting, but, I am sooo upset with him. I am trying so hard to work, take care of our 3 children, take care of the househould duties, and pay the bills. My husband has no idea what bills we pay, or even the checking account balance for that matter!!


07-10-2003, 10:52 AM
Whining is over!!! I got some great comments in my journal and from you all yesterday and I think I am ready to move forward. I dont want to get back up to 200 and have to start over (again) and be thinking why didnt I just lose it when it was only 10 pounds to lose? I can do this!!! I did make it through yesterday unscathed so here is hoping for a smooth day today.

Summer, Have a great vacation. We will miss you.

Noelle, I have never tried the red wine vinagrette. I'll have to try that sometime. I am jealous that they have the garlic bread at your subway though. That is my FAVORITE one and they dont make it here anymore. Now I use the parmesan herb one. Have you seen the chicken pizzaoli(sp) sandwich they just came out with. I am going to get one tomorrow without the pepperoni and cheese on it. It will be the chicken,marinara sauce and lots of veggies. Makes my mouth water already.

Holly, I am sorry that your hubby doesnt understand all that you do. Men are thick sometimes.

Kempy, Where are ya girl? How did your birthday party turn out? How was Florida?

Sandy, Are you and your MIL any better this week? I remembered you said that you had a good relationship with her so I never thought she was a monster or anything. :lol: But they sure can be annoying when they want too. :lol:

07-10-2003, 10:59 AM
Holly I am so sorry to hear that your hubby talks to you that way. HOw long have you been married? SOmetimes I wonder if they forget that we are there partners and just look at us like houseworkes. Sometime sJoe has to stop himself b/c he will start to say something that is similar and I have to tell him that i need to enjoyment too. I don't have any kids but I try to keep up with the house and pay the bill and work full time. Lots of times he comes home and I am watching tv. I need to unwind just like he does. By the way a 13 in juniors is great. I sometimes have a hard time getting into those. I hate junior sizes but the clothes are so cute. What age is to old to were them. :lol:

I wonder if I should post your questions Noelle on one of the other threads I go to, maybe they will know why we have that feeling after pigging out. I have it too.

Anige I wonder if you and i need to just sit on the computer all weekend and chat. I hate them too. I am always eating to much.

Hi Tonya :wave:

Emily are you lurking?

How are you doing today Sandy?

Not a whole lot going on today. I will be back to check in later.

07-10-2003, 11:03 AM
Angie you were posting at the same time.

Florida was not that great. It was nice to hang out with family but it rained the whole time so the beach was not an option. My party turned out great. The power came on at 4 and the party was for 5. JOe got all of the crawfish boiled and everyone ate b4 the mosquitos came out. Once the did everyone ran for the house. One of our friends owns a hardwarrs store here and he told me he was going to get me one of those mosquito deleto thingys. I sure do hope he remebers. We really need it. I can honestly say this was the best birthday I have ever had.

How was yours?

07-10-2003, 11:11 AM
Sorry it rained in Florida all week. Maybe it will be nice if you get to go back in August. My birthday turned out great. It was nice and hot so everyone went swimming. Dad enjoyed his over the hill surprise and got some really cute gifts. I made jello shots and we managed to suck the last ones down just as everyone was arriving. Oops. none for anyone else. :lol: Next year I will be making more.

My kids had the bright idea on Monday to go down to the stream by their school and try to catch some crawfish for their lunch. They didnt get any because their grammie came to take them strawberry picking but it was funny that they thought they were going to feast on them. They decided to use their money and buy a lobster for their supper that night instead. :lol:

07-10-2003, 11:20 AM
Good morning everyone~
Not lurking Kempy (hey and I only missed a day-lol :) ) Just had a busy day yesterday and didn't get on to post. I pressure cooked a bunch of chicken and deboned and bagged for the freezer in the morning. The afternoon was spent at the sprinkler park with a friend and all our kids. Was so nice to just sit in the sun and do nothing but visit! We're thinking of going back today, but I am so tired! I've been sick with this cough and I should have gone to bed early every night this week...instead we've rented a movie almost every night- or been up until 12:30 or 1am. Ian has been waking up between 6:30 and 7:00- which isn't even that early, but I've been upp in the night coughing and it's catching up to me :yawn:

IT's been an emotionally draining week too- had a funeral for a good family friend on Monday and on Tuesday found out the search for some other friends sons had been called off. (not sure if I ever posted about this, but these 2 guys were hiking in Russia and have been missing now for over 2 weeks now...presumed to have fallen into a crevass after a blizzard started and they got disoriented- it's ssoooo sad!! :( )
ANyway- I've been trying really hard to not turn to food for comfort...if anything I haven't been eating enough and too much junk. Yesterday was good getting back to some fruits and veggies instead of living off of diet coke and chocolate...
Today is a new day- better got get at it!!
Have a great day everyone- I"ll try to check back.

07-10-2003, 06:20 PM
Emily, I'm so sorry to hear about your friends passing and the 2 missing hikers. I did hear about that story on the news--brothers aren't they? That is so tragic. :grouphug: Those are definitely emotional issues, good for you for not losing yourself in food. What's a sprinkler park? I assume it's a park for kids to play in sprinklers? Sounds like fun.

Holly :grouphug: OMG! I wanna shake some sense into your husband! Does he help out with the upkeep of the house? Or are you expected to be superwoman and cook for, clean, clothe and feed the kids + work outside the home? I would seriously have a sit-down discussion with everyone and divvy up the chores, kids included to make your life a little easier. Let your guy know that you need some time exclusively for you without interruption, for relaxation, for exercise, just for being YOU. Have you thought about writing a list of all the things you do from morning til night and then showing it to him? Like Angie said, men can be a bit thick but maybe if you have it down in black and white then he'll realize just how much you actually have to deal with. You deserve a break my friend. (sorry to go off like that, but I just don't like people getting taken for granted or taken advantage of!)

Kempy- mosquito deleto, is that one of those electronic zapper things? I want one of those too. We've got mosquitos and termites which come out when it's humid. Have you tried citronella potted plants around your deck area? We've got them out back near out BBQ area and they seem to help a bit. And I just thought about it, but right outside of our backyard we have a pond which has crawfish in it. When we were kids we used to catch them w/bacon tied to a piece of string w/a rock for weight. We'd catch them by the bucket fulls, then let them sit for a day or two in water to "clean out". Mom would boild them up and we'd have a feast. I haven't been out back fishing for ages.

Angie YES I have seen the new subway pizzaiola sandwich :T . Looks good with EVERYTHING on it too :lol:. Let me know how it is w/out the cheese and stuff. I almost always eat the red wine vinagrette or the basic turkey... i think i'll try the teriyaki one next though. My old fav used to be the BMT--but too many fat fat fat grams. YAY for getting back on track :dance: .

Sandy dahling, how are you?

As for me, not too much happening today...still on track and hoping to make this my 4th OP day :crossed: . I think my digital scale is dying. Couldn't handle too much weight maybe? :lol: . It keeps giving me weights that are 10 lbs LESS than what they should be--i just put a new battery in so it can't be that. I know this because I have my other dial-type scale right next to it (yes I am a slave to the scale) and that one doesn't lie. That sucks too because I just got that scale last November, off eBay...I guess I'll just let that one go and rely on my trusty, rusty old faithful.

07-10-2003, 08:30 PM
Hey there girls,

I am here, just reading away. I had an awful day. My computer at work got a virus....it attacked the word program, so before it could do any other damage I had to run and get a new one and save what I could of the old stuff. I now have to recreate tons of word documents. RRRRRRRRRRRR. Job Security...lol

Food is like so bad, but I will get back on plan!!! Just give me some time....I know thats not a good thing, but it will happen.

Gotta run.

07-10-2003, 09:10 PM
Emily, That is so sad. Will they keep trying to find them or will the parents have to wonder forever what happened. I can not imagine having to go through something so awful. I am proud of you for not turning to food for comfort. I know how easy that can be to do.

Noelle,WOOHOO girl!!! 4 days OP!! You are my inspiration right now. I usually get the honey mustard ham with no cheese and the fat free honey mustard sauce. YUM!! I have them put so many veggies on it that I can barely take a bite.

Sandy, That sounds like a sucky day. I hope you get everything straightened around. As for the food, I hope you can find your inspiration. If you need to you can read the comments that I got in yesterdays entry in my journal. They really made me think and I think it worked for me. The one that really struck me was that I dont want to get back to where I started and wish that I had just kept at it when it was only a 10 pound gain instead of more. It really hit home with me. Good Luck girl, I know you will get it.

07-10-2003, 09:41 PM

Yea, my husband is good at being thick it seems. I don't think I could eat that Subway sandwich w/o the cheese! I loovve cheese!!


Thanks for the support. My husband and I have been together for 5 1/2 years, and married almost 4. He came home from work today, and didn't even apologize. He said he thought I would apologize to him!! Oh well, I have just decided to do my own thing and focus on the kids tonight. And they (men) say we get horrible PMS!!! I was really surprised that I could fit into the juniors, though the "13" didn't make me too happy. It is really hard to unwind after working all day and coming home to a housefull, and a housefull of things to do on a nightly basis.


I try to get my husband to help. The most I can seem to get him to do is put some clothes in the washer/dryer, then they sit in baskets until I put them away. Unfortunately, my kids are too young to help much. They are 6 1/2, 3 1/2 and almost 2. Just babies :). I do not think you went "off" too much, I feel the same way. I am doing my best, but, am not a machine.

4 days OP is great!! The most I have done lately is 1. Today wasn't too bad, my only not so good food today was yogurt covered peanuts. Keep up the great work! I do not trust my scale. It is not digital, and the arm seems to move to different weights depending how I step on the scale.


07-10-2003, 09:45 PM
Hi there~
Re: the missing hikers...(yes, Noelle they were brothers 25 and 29 ) originally the family was going to continue the search, but 2 brothers and an uncle were there last week and flew in a helicopter and searched on ground as well. I think they are confident that everytyhing that could have been done was done. I can't imagine either...especially with never finding the bodies or not knowing exactly how they died. A mother's worst nightmare. These people are friends from church- more aquaintences I guess because of the age difference (parents are in their 50s)-- I just don't know what to do for them!!

Noelle- have you ever seen a sprinker or spray park? This one has ones that come up out of the ground intermittenly, "elephants" that you can aim their trunks and spray people, a bench that has water coming out of the top and arching over, a "rainbow" that sprays water down from the arches...and more. The best thing about it is it's free!! And the kids have so much fun. I got too much sun today and on top of being a walking zombie from lack of sleep. I'd go to bed early, but made plans with friends to go out for drinks (the virgin kind- yes I'm a prude ;) ) My fav. is the Maui Wowie- orange sherbet and pineapple, coconut and banana. It probably has cream and all sorts of sugar. Oh well, I'm going to enjoy it tonight and be back on track tomorrow.

Kempy- glad your party was so fun- mosquitos are quite the buggers aren't they. And they have the fear of West Nile virus instilled in us this year so trying to be extra careful...
Holly- did you ever talk to your DH about yesterday? I hardly think an hour of aerobics and an hour of Dr. Phil is going to ruin his life. Explain that when you get your "me time" you are going to be a better wife and mom. He should really get that.

Well, I have some census person coming to survey us in an hour-ugh- last thing I want to sit through tonight- so I'd better go get the house presentable.
Have a good night.

07-10-2003, 09:51 PM
Holly- we were posting at the same time...Hope it gets better for you :) You do need a break!


07-11-2003, 10:04 AM
Good Morning!!! and it is for me. I am back down to 142.5 as of this morning and I have made it through 2 days OP. I think I am getting back to normal just in time for the weekend. so we will have to see. I watched the Al Roker special on the health channel last night. It was so interesting. I wished my sister could get her stomache stapled. I look so different now from my highest weight that I think it would be neat to see how different she looks. I think we would look the same because at my highest I had a few pics where I couldnt figure out if it was me or her. :lol:

I made a beercan chicken last night and wowee was that tender. I did it right in the oven. I will definately be cooking another this week.

The kids were going to do a yardsale today after my walk but it was pouring out so I guess the walk and the yardsale will have to wait. I did get to sleep in though and that felt good.

I ordered the Big Brother 24/7 thing and I havent even had the time to watch it yet. it is amazing how much of my time is spent trying to be healthy. :lol:

Wow, was that a ramble or what. I'll check back later. Luv ya guys!!!

07-11-2003, 10:43 AM
This is the web site that shows the mosquito thing. http://www.mosquitomagnetdepot.com/?source=overture I want one of those things so bad. I have that beautiful deck and we can't even sit on it right now.

Holly I hate to hear that about your hubby. Do you guys ever sit down and have heart to hearts? When Joe and I do, things really change. I have learned a long time ago that when you are having a talk with someone you never say things that point the finer at them. When you phrase things say it like, "it hurts my feelings when" or " I feel like this is hurting me by". This makes the person put their guard down and really listen to what you have to say. As far as the kiddos go, they can help with the small stuff like getting the clothes into the laundry room, picking up trash, emptying small trash cans. I bet if you could turn it into a game they would love it. I am sure they love to spend time with their mommy anyway. Just a few thoughts for you. I hope they help and feel free to rant and rave here goodness knows we all do.

Sandy my boss had to do the same thing a few months ago so I know you will be having lots of computer time today. I am always worried if mine will catch a virus. Why would anyone even want to create those things?

Emily why did the census people come see you?

Angie I am glad to see that you are out of the funk. I knew it wouldn't take to long. I have been sitting on the wagon waiting for you. We are going to get all of us on one way or another. I made it throught Day #4 so I am doing good too. I am just kind of worried about the weekend. I am trying not to think about it to much though.

My cat got in a fight last night with a stray. My poor baby doesn't have claws so I am sure he was getting torn up. When I got outside there was fur all over and of course it was all white so I knew my little man was the one getting the raw end of it. Jose is determined to get that cat. It is so sweet to see that he really does love the cats. He plays a good game sometimes though.

07-11-2003, 12:11 PM
Poor Kitty. I hope he is okay. My cat is the one picking fights usually. We call him Meatball because he is so fat. He looks like a big gray watermelon waddling towards us.

Has anyone noticed that when one of us falls off the wagon then usually the rest are to follow. At least I noticed that I seem to. The journals are all about the same like that too. Maybe we jynx each other. :lol:

Holly, I am so sorry to hear that your hubby wont apologize for his rude behavior. I wished I had some words to help you. Jay has always been a great guy doing housework and all so I have never had to deal with that. Kempy's advice sounds great though and I'll bet it would help alot.

I just got enlightened as to how bad this winter is going to suck!! It is raining out so I had to workout inside this morning. UUUGGGHHHH!!!!! I hate to use my equipment. It is so much nicer to walk around and get fresh air. I had to force myself to do a half an hour whereas walking I would do for an hour. Plus, Rebel has me trained that when I am on the recumbent bike it is ball time. He nudges his ball at me and I have to throw it and we do that the whole time I am riding. It rally sucks but he will whine if I dont. He is a spoiled baby! Noelle, Can I come live with you this winter so I can walk all year??!! PLEASE!!! :lol:

07-11-2003, 01:24 PM
Angie our "winters" here are a mild rainy season, nothing too much that'll keep you inside so sure, you can live w/me--but only if you make me some whoopie pies after our daily walks :lol: .

I gotta get ready for work, I'll be back later.

07-11-2003, 05:23 PM
Happy Friday everybody. It's my 5th day on track and already I feel some of my jeans fitting better so I'm stoked about that. I may have a 50th wedding anniversary party to go to tonight (read, yummy filipino food) & (some relative that I don't know very well), or I may just go out and do my regular walk...funny thing is, the function is being held at a center right along my walking route. Think I can grab a bite and keep walking :lol: ?

Angie so did you try the Subway Pizzaiola sandwich thing? Just curious. I walk past a bunch of fast food restaurants everyday and saw that Jack in the Box has a new turkey burger. It looks like a jumbo jack except w/a turkey burger. I guess if you left out the cheese and mayo and all the extra fat, that would be another choice to have there. I haven't eaten there much lately or if I do, I'll choose the chicken fajita pita w/out the cheese and pour on the salsa. Hmmm, food is on my mind today. Hope I can make it through the weekend without screwing myself up too bad.

Kempy a lot of cat fighting is just noise and posturing. I'm glad your Spartacus is fine. I'm sure the fur flies sometimes, but if you actually watch them, they're just basically trying to get the other cat to leave the immediate are so they can claim it as their own. All of our cats are fixed so they don't spray but once in a while we get a stray tom that comes around and tries to take over the territory. The last one I took to the pound :devil: .

Holly, hope it gets better for you :grouphug: . Kempy has some really good advice. :yes: What's on the agenda for this weekend? Anything fun?

Emily have fun on your night out. That drink sounds pretty sweet, literally. Of course, I like mine not virgin :s: . Ooh, I saw these new(?) premium ice creams in the store that were made at a local dairy. Some of the flavors were Kona mud pie, mangoes and cream, coconut pineapple and triple fruit sherbet....OMG I wanted to buy a carton or two, but didn't...That would've been deadly for my diet. It sucks to live here with the diversity of good (but not so good for you) food.

Sandy, hope everything goes smoothly for you in putting everything back into place. And hey, I know you'll get your groove back because you are awesome. I'm rooting for ya.

I wonder if Jen ever got back from her road trip. If you did and are lurking, delurk and come post with us :twirly: ...tell us all about your adventure.

07-11-2003, 05:37 PM
The pizza thingy was so good!!! I got it without the pepperoni and cheese so it was basically a chicken parmesan sandwich without the cheese of course. :lol: I am hoping that I am excited for it tomorrow while we are out and about so that I dont crave junk food and I can make it through a weekend OP I would definately recommend it. I loaded it with veggies too.

I was just thinking about Jen today too. I would love to hear how the vacation turned out.

Meatball is fixed but he still sprays the little *******. Oh yeah, we did a new route last night for our walk and at the end is the river so we let Rebel loose to get a drink and play in the water so last night we took Candi too. We walk up main street and it is houses on one side of the street and a grassy park on the other well we get going and this little black cocker spaniel sees us and darts out into the road and almost gets run over. The owner (a cop) runs out and grabs him and then I hear the dog yelp. (That pissed me off) so we keep walking and I see this big golden retriever(the same dog that ran after me and Rebel last weekend on our normal walk so he was very far from home that day) well he decides to cross Main street and runs over to us with his hair on end so of course I am nervous. The woman I swear took 10 minutes getting over to us because she must have had to finish gabbing on the phone. Well her hubby or whatever comes over with the meanest look on his face and the dog knew it was in trouble and tried to get away so he grabs its collar and drags it back to their house. I was so mad because these people should have been smacking themselves for being so damn stupid!!! Who in their right mind would live on Main Street and let their dogs loose in their yard?I would have felt so bad if I had been the cause of a dog getting run over. That is my little rant for the day! :lol:

07-11-2003, 08:47 PM
You want to hear something sad? It hasnt stopped raining here for even 1 minute today. YUCK!! I think I will just lie on the couch and watch tv tonight and maybe have some sugar free pudding.

I think we should all have a mini challenge. Since weekends are our hardest times I would like to challenge everyone to see if we can all make it through this weekend OP together. Now if we dont then we wont gripe about it or anything but I thought it would be fun to try.

Tomorrow I plan on eating my Subway Pizzaoli(sp) without cheese and pepperoni for lunch and then I am going to make lowfat lobster salad for supper with baked fries.

Well, night night all. I am off to stare at the tube.

07-11-2003, 09:11 PM
Had a nice low-key day today. I've been sick all week and not going to bed early enough so I really just needed a day to veg- and it was so nice, but now I'm staring at all this work that still needs done...Oh well
It's so hot here...we stayed in all day since the past 2 were spent in the sun and my boys had too much. Poor Brendan went to bed with a headache last night. IT's really not even that hot- just for here - about 90. Definitely hot enough.

Kempy- the stats people just get addresses randomly and the lucky habitants get to be surveyed. Wasn't too bad really, just a half hour or so.
Noelle- have fun at the party if you decide to go-- sounds like yummy food! Still don't know what to do for dinner and it's after 6-ugh!
Angie- good plan for the week-end and I have to try that Subway sandwich now!!
Hi to everyone else- I'm going to go fold laundry while the boys are at swimming lessons.


07-12-2003, 12:52 PM
Good Morning!! I am at 141 now as of this morning. I feel better that the most of the bloat left pretty easily once I got back on track.

I got in 3 miles of walking first thing this morning and now I am off to do my shopping for the day. FUN!FUN!

I hope you all have an awesome weekend.

Noelle, Good luck today!!

07-12-2003, 01:48 PM
Oops, I tripped! *burp* :p Rick and I decided to go to the anniversary party after all last night (hence no walk) and I was glad we did. One of Rick's former co-workers actually married one of my distant cousins so we got to see them and their 8 mos. old fraternal twins--I got to hold the baby boy only since the girl was just cranky (typical! :lol: ) . I ate a bit more than I should have since I tried a little of everything, but nothing too outrageous so all in all I did pretty good. I need to get my long walk in later this afternoon though, I'm gonna shoot for the 5.2 mile route--pray that it doesn't rain :rain: !

Angie I will challenge myself to stay on track this weekend. I have the mindset today, tomorrow will be the real test~~Sunday BBQ :chef: . Your lobster salad sounds good. Ever tried putting some blanched broccoli in it? What time's dinner :lol: ?

Hey Emily hope you can still have a restful weekend. Don't overwork yourself and have a relapse. 90 degrees huh? I don't think we've hit 90 yet this summer and I'm glad. We don't have anything like a sprinkler park here. We do have a small waterpark which was built about 4 years ago, but it's not the same. Your's sounds more fun for little ones + it's free.

Well I gotta get some laundry started. :wave: Hi Kempy, Sandy and Holly...everyone have a great weekend.

07-12-2003, 06:32 PM
Hey, I just bought some of the Arbor Mist Blenders so I am sure I will be over in calories today but at least it isnt junk food, right? :lol: hehe

Have a great night!!!

07-12-2003, 11:53 PM
Totally off track this weekend- and I'm too tired to care. Won't go into the gory details. WTG you guys that are doing it!! We are having company for dinner and I'm grilling chicken breasts and made potato salad (light mayo) and a yummy spinach salad w/strawberries, bananas, pecans and a poppy seed dressing. It is sooooo good! (and spinach so it has to be good for you right??) Anyway, my guests are bringing dessert so I'm off the hook there. I'll try to go easy tomorrow as today was a total wash.
We are having a heat wave! Today it's 97-whooo-eee. Checked out some videos from the library and we are chillin' in our cool basement.

Angie- what's in your salad? Is it pasta w/lobster? And what do you do for dressing? I love blanched brocoli and cauliflower in my salads!

Anyway, talk to you guys later

07-13-2003, 10:05 AM
Hi Emily, I hope you have a better day today. Your dinner sounds delicious!! We finally have warmed back up. The last few days have been rainy and cold here. My pool cooled back down to 70 degrees when just a few days ago it was 80.

I watched How to lose a man in 10 days last night. That was such a good movie! I loved it and she is so pretty.

What I usually do is have lobster on weekends because even though it is expensive it is still cheaper than chinese. :lol: I buy one small one and I get 2 meals out of it for me. Usually I mix it with vermicelli,garlic seasoning and low fat parmesan. It is so good like that but this week I had a craving for lobster salad sandwiches so I used half of the meat,low fat mayo(The 2 grams of fat one),lowfat sour cream(it makes it creamy). I used spray butter on hot dog rolls and toasted them and put the salad in and ate 2 of them with some baked fries.

I made it through yesterday!! I am so surprised. I nibbled more than normal but I still made it. I was going to try some Arbor Mist Blenders but I thought they were gross so I guess my sis has her booze for next time she is feeling frisky. :lol: I guess I am not much of a drinker although Jay bought a Mexican Mudslide mix and that was awesome but it tasted so creamy so I figured it couldnt be good for me so I didnt drink any.

Well, I gotta go watch Biker Boyz and then go to work. FUN!FUN!

07-13-2003, 04:16 PM
It seems like we have been doiung good this weekend. Maybe your weekend challenge worked Angie.

I had my cheat meal last night and boy was it good. We went out for Mexican and I got steak fajitas w/ wheat tortillas (I have to be good somewhere) and I ate it all. It was so good and I really enjoyed my date with Joe. He left again to head to Denver. He won't be home until Thursday. I really hate that he has to go and so does he. He was feeling a little down last ngith that is why I made him go out for dinner. I was just going to cook my cheat meal in but he need to be out.

Tomorrow will make my first week completed on thie plan and it really wasn't that hard. I am not going to jump the gun though b/c I have a long way to go.

I hope all of you guys are having a great weekend and I can't wait to check in in the morning. :wave:

07-13-2003, 09:12 PM
YEAH!!!! I made it through my first weekend!! Congrats Kempy!!! You are doing so great!!

Sorry to hear that Joe had to leave again. That must suck. If I lived closer we could hang out. How come the only people I would want to hang out with are all of you and you all live so far away? Not fair.

Noelle, How is the weekend treating you? Good I hope.

Sandy, Where are ya? I miss you girl.

Holly, How are you doing? Did you have a nice weekend?

07-14-2003, 12:22 AM
I was up this morning from 4-6:30 after a coughing fit and so hot I couldn't get back to sleep. I slept for another hour, but have been dragging all day. It's 9:15 which is so early for me, but I'm on my way to bed!!

Angie- your lobster salad sounds sooo good! I'll have to try that sometime (won't be the same w/imitation crab, but what do you do when you're landlocked?? :) )

Kempy-mmmm Mexican- my absolute favorite!! The town I live in only has one mexican restaurant and it's not the greatest so I'm pretty safe. I could eat it every day I think...Sorry that Joe is away again :( I would be lonely too.

Well, I am taking the boys to Montana on Tuesday so if I can't get on tomorrow it's because I'm trying to get everything I have to done before I leave. If not I'll check in from there!


07-14-2003, 07:34 AM
I'm back!! My eating has been really bad. They are not excuses, but, my TOM is starting, and fighting with my husband didn't help. We have worked things out, whew, and I think my TOM is finally starting today. I have such a hard time with it!

I bought a new scale yesterday, mine wasn't accurate. The new one is a Health O Meter Lithium Fitness Scale. I weighed myself this morning, reminding myself what time of the month it is, and it said 155, blah. I have been working out SO MUCH this last month, and nothing!! Probably because my eating is so inconsistent. I guess I have to set mini goals, the first being to make it though today OP, then until Wednesday, then Friday, then I'll reassess.

On the exercise note, last week I did aerobic activity all 7 days, and JH Pilates 3 times. Food...let's not go there :(.

Angie, Kempy & Noelle...GREAT job being OP, keep it up!!!

Emily, so sorry you are still sick!! I hope you get better so you can enjoy your trip!


I rented How To Lose a Man in 10 Days last week, it was great!! Even my husband liked it, which is surprising for him. Last night we had shrimp and angel hair pasta with the evil alfredo sauce, but, I only used a little. I think the only way I am going to be able to stay OP is if I eat a different dinner than the rest of my family. My husband is a big guy, 6'2" and 239.5 pounds, so, he LOVES to eat. I asked him if he would try to lose 20 pounds with me and he said it wasn't important to him to lose 20 pounds, and that I don't need to either. So, I guess I am on my own in this household so far as dieting goes.

I'll check in later!! Wish me luck today.


07-14-2003, 12:09 PM
It is Monday and not much is going on. I do love the new look of the sie though. Cute!

I didn't bring my lunch today b/c I thought the boss wouild be here so I cold run out. Well to my surprise he isn't here. Now I need to try to get in touch with my sister to see if she will pick something up for me. I hate having to rely on other people to eat.

Angie I hate that everyone is so far away too. I talk about you guys like you live here though. Sometimes Joe ha to ask who I am talking about b/c he has no idea if it is someone here or not. :lol:

Holly don't worry about yesterday it is just that. You have a plan now work on that. You can do it if you keep your mind on it.

All I did yesterday was eat too. I did only eat the things that I was supposed to so that had to count for something. I know it was b/c I was bored and that is all I could think to do. It was to hot to go outside so I just stayed in and watched movies.

I hope all of you guys had a great weekend.

Emily have fun on your trip.

07-14-2003, 01:44 PM
Hey Kempy!! I hope your day is going well. I have been good so far today. Breakfeast was a Light and Fit Smoothie, by Dannon I think, and some black cherries. I am eating more black cherries now, and will probably have a lowfat vanilla yougurt along with them. Silly question here:dizzy, how many ounces is 1 liter? I bought a 1 liter bottle of water, drank all of it, and am going to try and drink another today. LOL, my husband always asks me who I am writing to, he hears the clickity click, hehe.

I did Denise Austin's Power Kickboxing this morning, and hope to do another tape this afternoon after work. I am aiming for 1 hour of cardio per day.

Where is everyone else????


07-14-2003, 01:51 PM

Try this link Holly. I didn't know so I had to look it up myself. Can you tell what subject I wasn't good in in school. :lol:

I am waiting on my mom to bring me lunch today. I hate this too. I did oder something good though.

The boss is still not here he said he would try to be here for 5. WHAT??? I wanted to workout and he is not helping me with this.

07-14-2003, 04:51 PM
I have been having the hardest time getting online today. I would get on and then my IP would kick out so I would have to connect again. I almost put my foot through the screen :lol:

I am making another beercan chicken for supper tonight minus the stove top stuffing because last time I was the only one who ate it and I ate too much.

Good luck getting in a workout today Kempy.

Noelle, Where are you busy girl?

Sandy, Did you leave us?

Jen, Are you back from vacation yet?

Holly, I am no good at measurements either. I usually have to look them up. Good workout girl!!

Emily, Have fun in Montana!!! We will miss you!!!

07-14-2003, 04:56 PM
Hey girlies. I did not do well this weekend which is not unusual for me. I'm just continuing on though and hoping to make this a good day then week. The site changes have thrown me for a loop. It is much brighter and cleaner looking...much more MODERN. I think I like it, now to learn to navigate the journals again.

Good job on you gals staying OP through the weekend. I think I can count on one hand the # of times I stayed OP on a weekend :lol: . OK, so it's no laughing matter but I KNOW why despite having started at around the same time, I still have a ton of weight to lose and Angie and Kempy have just a few more to go.

Holly, I just tried those smoothies last week while on vacation, not bad eh? Kinda sweet but it'll do in a pinch. I think I prefer to eat my yogurt w/a spoon though, just habit. My son likes them and that's saying alot since he's reeeeeallllllyyyy picky. Hmm, I have a 1.5L bottle of water that says it's 50 ozs....I looked it up and found 1L = 33.8 fluid ozs. Does that help? If you drink 2L of water a day you're in good shape. And speaking of shape, my hubby's only 5' 9" which is an OK match since I'm only 5'3" ... I wish I was 5' 9" then I wouldn't have to lose so much weight :lol: .

Emily hope you get rid of that cough soon!

07-14-2003, 05:06 PM
Hey there chicklets,
I'm here and checking out the new site. It took a bit to understand the journals. I did comment in yours Angie, once I found it and figured out how to. It will take some getting used to I guess.

07-14-2003, 05:24 PM
I don't think that I will be working out today either. After work I have to get my perscription and then stop by the produce stand to pick up more fruit. I can't believe I have eaten everything in the house. Yesterday I ate 1 1/2 cantalopes, a half at each meal. Isn't that weird? I just loved it so much and it was really ripe. On this plan I can have unlimited amounts of a long list of fruits and veggies so I am loading up. I have to load up with the fruit b/c of my sweet tooth. When I have that attach I can't stop it so the fruit helps.

07-14-2003, 05:33 PM
Did ya notice when you're browsing the forums, the the EGG at the bottom of the posts indicate who's online or not--if the egg shows a yolk (like half a boiled egg) the person's online, if it's solid white, the person is not logged on. How cute is that? :D

07-14-2003, 05:36 PM
I thought that was cute too.

When you go to the new journals how do you get back to the forum? Have any of you found that yet?

07-14-2003, 09:20 PM
I couldnt figure that out either Kempy. I am not too crazy about the new journal section but I love the rest of the sight. We can post pics in our new journals though. I cant wait until I get used to the new format.

We just took the dogs for the riverwalk and I thought I was gonna pee myself and I refuse to go in the woods. I want to be a man. :lol:

I am into the sugar free pudding myself lately. I wouldnt give it a second thought though if I had bought some Blue Bunny this weekend. It is a good thing I didnt.

Noelle, Dont feel too bad about this weekend. You have lost a ton of weight and still been able to enjoy your weekends. That is a SUPER job in my book!! I am still playing around with trying to see how much I can actually eat and still lose. Maybe it will help with maintaining.

07-15-2003, 10:35 AM
Good Morning!!! How are we all doing? Great I hope!

Kempy, Is Joe still away?

Noelle, are your parents still on vacation?

Sandy, That cake was gross. But sadly enough, I showed it to Brittany and she wants me to make her one for her birthday in October. Sick kid!!!

My morning walks are so much harder feeling lately. I walk around the block which is 1 1/2 miles each time I do it and I do it twice in the morning. Half of the walk is all up hill and that hill feels like a killer lately. I dread it when I come to the bottom every morning and then to do it twice just plain sucks. :lol:

I ate some chicken and 1 bite of brownie late last night. The scales actually showed a loss so I cant complain

I tried to post a before and after pic on my new journal but it said it was too big. I dont like change. haha

07-15-2003, 11:39 AM
Hey chickies!! I did pretty good yesterday, especially seeing it was the first day of TOM. The only bad food I had were 6 white cheddar cheezits, but, no sweets, and I had a Healthy Chioce Meal for dinner while the rest of my family ate chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. I was going to have the same as my family, but when I read that 5 chicken nuggets alone had 210 calories and 6 grams of fat, I changed my mind. My whole dinner only had 250 calories and 6 grams of fat. I added some cooked winter squash, just so I wouldn't be hungry later.

So far :crossmyfingers today has been great! I got up at 5 am, blah, and did Kathy Smith's Time Saver Cardio Workout, ate a slimfast meal on the go bar for breakfeast (was running behind, and soooo wanted a McDonalds Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit, but resisted), and some applesauce. Have also drank 1 liter of water so far. I weighed myself this morning, shouldn't have bc it is TOM, but, the scale said 154.5. I'll take it. Better than 155.5!


Great job on the loss! You have done so well. If I can lose 10 pounds I'll be ecstatic. I can't imagine doing the work you have. I have such a hard time losing weight, and get frustrated very easily.


Sweets is my downfall as well. I have started to eat more fruit, hoping it will calm the cravings. I ate a bag of black cherries yesterday, and today, applesauce is the choice. What kind of food plan are you on? I am not on any plan, just trying to avoid sweets, and eat less starchy foods, and I LOOOVEE potatoes. I guess that comes from being Irish ;) .


Yea, the smoothies are kind of sweet, but are low in calories, and easy when on the go. Don't get discouraged, you have done a good job. I feel like the only one who can't seem to lose, and keep it off. I go from 153 to 155, up and down, up and down. Seems like moons ago I saw 140. Most of the time feel like I will never get there. Ho hum.

Thanks for the info on liters, ounces, etc.

Hello to everyone!! Here's to an OP day!!!!


07-15-2003, 11:56 AM
Hi :wave:

I am new to 3FC and posted asking for suggestions on where to start and Kempyd suggested that I check Weighty Issues out. I was reading your posts and I was excited about how positive this is!

I'm GEMonster (Green eyed Monster) as my husband will call me at times - but my name is Summer, I am 26 and 5'2'':

Highest weight: 172
GW: 127

I seem to plateau at the 150ish mark. I just wanted to say hello and take kempyd on the offer to check this thread out and be a part of something that is more than just me.

I look forward to chatting with you all.:flow1:

07-15-2003, 12:18 PM
HI GEM!!! This is a great thread. I love these girls like I have known them my whole life. I am 5'2" too. I wished I was taller so the weight wouldnt show up as easily. hehe You have done a great job losing so far. WAY TO GO!!!!

Holly, you definately arent alone at being the only one who cant keep it off. I yoyo so bad. That is why I came here so I could learn how to manage it better. I'm not sure I can but I sure can try. Everyone here has taught me that if I dont give up I eventually will figure it out.

We just took the dogs down to my FIL gravel pit to run loose. There is a mud hole full of water and they loved it. Cappie is supposed to be a runner(according to the people who dumped him at the shelter) But he came to me and everything. We havent had any problems with him as far as running since we have had him but his barking is a pain in the ***. Gotta love him though he is such a sweetiepie. I still couldnt imagine why they dumped him. He loves kids and people he just likes to bark like a madman until he gets to greet them.

07-15-2003, 12:51 PM
Welcome Summer!! I think it really helps to have the great support provided on this forum, and great people!

I didn't really think about this until now, but, my youngest daughter is 2, and I weighed 180-182 the day I delivered her. So, I guess I have lost 25.5-27.5 pounds since August '02. Not sure it it really counts bc it was pregnancy weight, but, it helps me feel a little better.


It sounds like you had fun with your dog! I can't imagine someone dumping an animal either. At this point in my life, I refuse to own a dog, I have 3 children all 6 and under, 4 if you count my husband....enough animals for me, LOL. Plus, our neighbors have this obnoxiuos dog they keep in a fence whenever it is outside, and all it does is bark, bark, bark...and the fenced in area faces my living room window. Sooo very annoying. Not just a single bark, it's a barkbarkbarkbark, barkbarkbarkbark. Our neighbors asked that we not let our children near the fence, bc the dog might bite. No fun. Believe me, I am not against dogs, just fed up with my neighbors for not taking care of theirs. I live in a mobile home park, alot of dogs bark, but, the rest do not bother me, to me, that's just their nature, but when it's 3/4 of the day, every day, until 9 or 10 pm at night, EEK.


07-15-2003, 02:47 PM
Afternoon girls,

I have been checking out the site and there is more to learn. I do like some of the new smileys, and I am on my way back to the journal to try and play with that somemore.

My food today has been good, I have been cleaning stuff allday so no chance to snack on bad stuff. I got on the scales this a.m., first time in weeks and well it was not a good sight!!! So I am back!!! Numbers sure to play with the head!!! But, I need that reality to kick my butt into gear. So new site, new journal, new start...thats me...

Talk to you all soon,

07-15-2003, 03:04 PM
Summer I am glad that you dropped in. These guys are a hoot! Don't be afraid to jump in with whatever you want to say. I don't know how far back you read but we talk about eerything. I think it helps us get through this weight issue being about to talk about anything that is on or minds.

I was it was cool enough to walk Echo right now. I think neither on e of us would make it half way. This is the only bad part about living in Louisiana.

Holly weight is weight I don't care what it is. I dont seem to drop below 150 either. But I refuse to say that my6 body is comfortable there b/c I am not. I got the book Body Rx and I have been following it now for a week and 2 days. The way it is set up I will not see a significant drop in my weight numbers but I will gain strength.

Sandy are you off of work right now or are you cleaning your office. Cute little wink!

Joe is still gone but I think he will fly back in on Thursday. I am really tired of this too. I know he is too. I am living through him with food though. I make him tell me what he eats and I just drool. He always goes to really good resturants when he is out of town. Since I can't eat it I imagine. Sad huh?

07-15-2003, 03:12 PM
Tuesdays are always my day off. So I have been home cleaning everything!!! Now I just wanna lay down and sleep....my energy went poof gone....

07-15-2003, 03:29 PM
Holly, I hear ya. I hate to see a dog outside all the time. My 3 are outside in the yard while I work but they have a huge backyard(I fenced it all in for them only haha) and it is right by the bakery kitchen so they can look at me through the window while I work. They like it. They usually only bark if it is someone walking up by the top of the yard but we are still working on Cappie to stop when we say so. He is stubborn but oh so cute.

Sandy, Good for you getting back in the groove. That is what it really took for me to get back OP. The numbers really do work wonders for motivation(and also to screw us up)

Kempy, I am glad Joe will be home soon so you can have some fun. Is he almost done travelling for a while. It must be **** on him too. Good thing he is so muscley(sp or is it even a word? LOL) or he would probably weigh 400 pounds himself having to eat out all the time while on the road.

07-15-2003, 03:36 PM
:sumo: :hun: :corn: :rollpin: :write: :callme: :sunny: :cheers: :gossip: :mag: :encore: :comp:

I love the new smileys. Do you have to memorize the code to use them in your journal or is there an easier way to do it? I love the little sumo guy!!! Too cute!!!

Okay back to work. Pee break over!!! Talk to ya later!!

07-15-2003, 04:31 PM
:gossip: < ------- Hey, that's US! Yeah, I like the new smilies too...gotta play around with those. I totally love the guy eating popcorn--that's me!

Good morning/afternoon ladies. I have had the meanest headache since yesterday afternoon :stars: . This darn Advil isn't working so I wonder what's up with that? I think--no, I know--I've been clenching my teeth again so it's just a tension headache, but boy this one's a doozy! If only stress could burn calories more effectively. Hey, what a minute. Wasn't there a study done that says stress makes you hold on to fat? hehe, I'm always looking for a reason I'm not losing, aren't I? As of yesterday, I have not walked for 4 days straight (busy, lazy then headache). I hereby pledge that I WILL walk today.

:wave: Welcome Summer! Always glad to welcome new faces here. Green-eyed monster huh? My hubby has called me worse :lol: ... that's a cute name actually. Wow, I feel tall, I'm 5'3" :D . But please, post away we look forward to getting to know more about you.

Angie did you catch the Food network yesterday? They visited the Blue Bunny ice cream factory in LeMars, Iowa.

Kempy, no calories in fantasizing ;) ...and no worries about eating calories from that kitty litter cake. That was really gross and disgusting--and I usually like gross and disgusting, but that was too much! yuck :lol: !

Holly I agree--weight is weight, no matter how many lbs and from where. Be proud of your loss! (I weighed 180 when I got pregnant :ink: )

Hey Sandy you busy bee. Mind if I ask ya something? Were you the one doing WW? I'm thinking about inquiring here locally and wanted to see what you think of the current program. I NEED something more than I'm doing now, I want to know if that's the kick I need. Is it worth the $ and do you pay a weekly fee?

Emily, you're probably well on your way but have a good time in Montana!

Well, I gotta run for now. I'll be back later.

07-15-2003, 05:05 PM
I watched the food network too!! I told Jay lets plan a vacation around the Blue Bunny plant!!! HAHA I am a freak! I would have beat someone for some Blue Bunny last night. I guess that is probably why I ate more than I needed last night. I better stop watching that channel. Plus my period should start in a week so I am probably getting some PMS. Excuses excuses.

I saw the one about Lousianna too. Kempy, I aplaude you for being able to stick to any kind of diet living there. I told Jay I would love to go there. I said if we ever do a meeting with all of us we better plan it for by you or Noelle. I said I would have to pay for one plane seat for the ride there and 2 for the ride home. HEHE

07-15-2003, 08:13 PM
This is the first time I have been back on here since before I left for New Mexico the first time. Sorry. I actually even did pretty good on that vacation, then I got back and my sister and I went back down there for 5 days, we went to Ojo Caliente and it all kind of fell apart then. I have gained back about 10 pounds so far, but hopefully alot of that is due to retaining water since I haven't been drinking any at all. I need to get back on track, like now, but I just don't have any motivation at all. I have also been a bit more depressed than usual lately. I need to get back on track.....AGAIN. I need you all.........pretty bad. Hope to talk to you all again soon. Bye.

P.S. Happy (Late) Birthday to Angie and Kempy.

& Hi to all you new girls I haven't met yet. Hope to get to know you better.

Talk to you all later.

07-15-2003, 08:40 PM
Hey Jen we missed ya!!!! Dont feel too bad about gaining any weight back we have all been off plan for a few weeks too. We are just now trying to get back into the swing of things. I am glad to hear that you had fun. Why are you depressed. Is there anything we can do to help? We are here for you. Glad you are back.

07-15-2003, 11:44 PM
I just figured it out but as some of you were asking about how to get back to the forum from the new journals, just hit "Message Boards" :doh: . I know, I know, you probably already know that, but I just figured it out and thought I'd share. Did I ever tell you guys that I went to public school? :lol:

Hey Jen, welcome back! Do tell us about your trip(s) when you've got the time. Don't feel bad about gaining weight, I did too and I didn't even GO anywhere :rolleyes:, well, I did go to Maui over the 4th but the lbs were already on me. Oh well, let's keep moving forward shall we? :goodvibes:

07-15-2003, 11:50 PM
Jen! I was lurking on the exercise thread and saw your post about doing the Arizona marathon...that is awesome! You go girl! And hey, if you change your mind or circumstances change and you're ever able to get to Honolulu for the marathon, let me know in advance, I'd love to walk it with ya. Sounds a little crazy but if you're willing, I'd give it a shot. :dancer: Do you know that so many Japanese nationals come to Hawaii to do the marathon with little or no training? Our hospitals and paramedics always go into overdrive on marathon day. These people are nuts!

07-16-2003, 02:08 AM
Hey gals :wave: greetings from Montana! The trip down was cake- my boys are such great travellers. I did have to stop and nurse Ian for a few minutes, but that wasn't a biggie.
It was *only* 94 degrees here today- ugh. And get this...tonight my mom and I canned 10 pints of raspberry syrup, a few of sour cherry jam and boiled down rhubarb for slush. Can you say hot kitchen?!?!? :lol: But better today than tomorrow when my other sister and her family get here...more bodies, more heat.

Anyway, I haven't caught up reading, but wanted to say hey since I didn't get on yesterday. I will try to catch up while I'm here. I'm trying to be good, but it's so hard here! There are so many yummy snacks...my mom is evil :devil:

Off to bed- I'm wasted :yawn: g'night:wave:

07-16-2003, 10:29 AM
Good morning. I seem to be maintaining 141 pretty well although I was hoping to get back to 138 sometime soon. It really sucks that I have to walk 6 miles a day 7 days a week and only get to eat about 1200 calories a day to maintain. I read about a lot of women on here who are eating 1500 calories a day. How come I cant do that and still lose weight? I could have some fun with another 300 calories a day.

Are we all on the wagon now? I get back just in time for PMS doesnt that figure. haha

I am starting to hate my hill now. Me and Jay are both huffing and puffing as we walk up it in the morning. Geez.
I have been trying to post before and after pics on the journal but I am having trouble but I have noticed that as each day goes by things are going more smoothly.

Well, I guess I have to get off the computer for a while.

07-16-2003, 12:06 PM

Hey! 1200 calories a day seems too low!!! Maybe you are overdoing it, and your body is telling you that? 6 miles a day, 7 days a week is ALOT of aerobic exercise. Sometimes if you overdo, you can actually slow down your metabolism. There is a name for it, but, I am not sure what they call it.., but, basically doing more than your body likes.

I seem to be back on the wagon, 3 days now. I might have a bagel with light cream cheese for lunch and a skinny hot chocolate (made with skim milk), this yogurt, fruit and water for breakfeast and lunch is getting old. But, I have been drinking 2 1/2 liters of water a day, feel like my eyeballs are floating, but, maybe it will help.

This morning I was at 154. So, even though it is my TOM, I am down 1 pound. It is soooo hard to eat perfectly! I haven't been counting calories, but, have been really careful on my portions, and amount of intake. I have been EXTREMELY tired though, and am not sure if it is due to TOM, or more exercise than I am used to. I guess maybe I should try a vitamin. I asked my doc about the One A Day Women's Weightsmart, and he said it is fine, basically a vitamin with Green tea extract in it. Anyone tried these? Was told they are not diet pills, and do not contain the dangerous stuff.


07-16-2003, 12:41 PM
Good Morning!

Angie - don't be discouraged sometimes all it takes is a little change in a routine that will make things move again. (When I say move I mean numbers on the scale decreasing).

Plateaus and inreases, no matter how small, sucK!!! I am dealing with my own plateau and dreaming of ice cream, dark chocolate, margaritas, fresh baked bread...you get the picture.

I'm just trying to just move more especially after work because some times that couch and I have a strong mutual attraction (well maybe not so mutual). My husband and I just bought a house and it is an old house (105 years old) that is in good structural condition just needs some aestheics so I am trying get some projects done - but at this rate if I pick up another paint brush it's not a room that will be painted! :s:

Thank you all for a very warm welcome - I look forward to getting to know you all. :goodvibes

Hi ho Hi ho it's back to work I go....


oh here is a cool quote to encourage everyone: You may be disappointed if you fail but you are doomed if you don't try - Beverly Sills

07-16-2003, 12:46 PM

I take the weightsmart and have seen no side effects but nor am I sure what they are doing - vitamins, minerals and herbs are a world beyond me.


07-16-2003, 01:02 PM
Jen glad to see you back. Don't worry that is what happens on vacations. I know it happened on mine too.

Angie I am thinkin you may need to do a little research and see if you can find another plan to get on. You are working so hard and I hate to hear you get so upset. I don't like it when my friends aren't happy.

Summer I painted my house (the entier inside) around Christmas and I don't even what to look at another paint brush. I still have my bathroom left but I just can't do it. My friend and I did it in a weekend. I have a pretty large house so it was quite a job. Needless to say it was a long and sleepless weekend. I was so sore afterwards it felt like I was 50.

I see I should have gotten on the site last night but I watched Monority Report and I was not about to go sit in the office by myself. The movie kind of scared me. I am a wuss.

I hate not being able to get on the scale. All of you guys are giving numbers and I can't look until week 6 is over. I know if I get on I will want to stop this. I know it is a good plan I am just used to dropping weight once I start a program. Not with this one. I swear I am eating all day. I have eaten more fruit in the past week that I have in a long time. One good thing is that I don't crave sugar anymore like I used to. I haven't had itin anything since I started (I think the free meal may have a little though). I am having to cook from scratch and that is really hard for me. Usually if it didn't come from a box we didn't eat it. :lol:

I'll be back later to chat. I am kind of busy.

07-16-2003, 01:07 PM
Oh Summer I am so jealous. I have always wanted an old farmhouse. I love old houses. The big rooms are great but up here the farmhouses are so expensive now because everyone wants them.

It is cold today. 67 degrees. BRRR!!!

Oh I am not too upset that the scales arent moving but sometimes I have days where I think about it and it seems like so much work just to maintain. I have never been able to eat alot of calories like that. I dont know why. It really doesnt seem fair. LOL My metabolism just sucks. I have always done the 6 miles (at least since spring) so my body is pretty used to it. I actually feel guilty when I dont. It is supposed to rain this evening so I am not sure I will get in another walk or not.

07-16-2003, 01:38 PM
Hi all

There are so many new people here. Has it really been that long? Well it's going to be a little tough this time getting back on track. I think I'm going to have to take it slow. Start eating right and get al that water in again and then I'll get my exercize back up to speed.

But I did have a great time on the vacation. When we got back, my sister was hining about her not being able to do anything so my parents offered to watch my kids and Karen and I went back down to New Mexico for 6 days. We went to Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort and Spa. It was so nice. Got a massage, sat in some hot mineral pools all day. They had 6 different kinds of mineral water to sit in and 1 to drink (the one to drink was Lithia water, good for depression and digestion but it tastes nasty) Spent alot of money in the gift shop. Met alot of Yoga Gurus. Went to a haunted resturant, and an 500 year old native american pueblo ruin. Not much was left but broken pottery. We actually had to hike up the rocky side of a hill.

Angie: I think the depressed feeling is more because I haven't been eating right or drinking my water. And not to mention not moving. I'm starting to feel better just being back on here. By the way, you are doing so good. I know it's frustrating and you want to just get there now already but lok at how far you've come. You are an inspration. I'll take your 67 degree weather if you take my 100-105. I hate the heat. Thank god for central air.

Noelle: I would love to be able to get to the one in Hawaii. I'm looking into different ways top get there. WE'll see. Training starts next month I believe. The initial meeting is on the 31st. 26.2 miles. I can do that.

Kempy: I love to paint. I've been trying to talk people in to letting me paint this house. I've got somany projects I want to start.

Bet you guys didn't miss the long posts . It will be shorter next time. Talk to you all later.

P.s. Nice to meet all you new girls!!!!

07-16-2003, 02:21 PM
Hi everyone, so many people to say hi to! :)

I have a question about eating out and etiquette. I always try to make good choices at restaurants, I always ask if there is a low fat option to the menu, etc. Sometimes when in large groups, someone will say something to the effect of "come on, don't you ever have any fun?" etc. Well every once in a while, I will order whatever I want and not worry about it.

So today I am going with a bunch of cousins and aunts to Applebees for lunch. I have lost some of the pounds I gained back in the last few weeks, and now I am 4 pounds from goal! :D So I looked at some restaurant guides and decided what I am going to have. But Applebees is wierd sometimes, some of the locations don't have the same menu items as others, so I am going to have to be doing some asking and evaluating at the restaurant, and I hope I don't get embarassed about it, or have anyone make comments to me, my mom's favorite one is "you don't need to lose anymore weight! you look great!" Well, I know I look good, but I still want to lose this last 4 pounds, it's the most challenging 4 pounds I have encountered yet in this journey for some reason.

So yeah, does anyone ever have this probllem ? And also, what's good on the Applebees low-fat menu ? :)

07-16-2003, 05:14 PM
Hi all. It's hump day and I'm trying to stay positive and motivated about staying OP this week. I forced myself to go out and walk yesterday, got my regular route in of 3.5 miles so that was a good thing. I had to keep chanting "i'm doing this for myself" as I walked since I was a bit grumpy. I was SO good last week and staying OP was effortless. I need to do something different...I need to set a new goal or SOMETHING! to get help me stay with this weight loss because I do not want to be this big (or bigger) forever.

Hi Tonya. I can't offer any suggestions for Applebees because we don't have one where I live. Boneless, skinless grilled chicken is usually a safe bet anywhere (albeit boring sometimes). But I do understand the subtleness of family and friends who are saboteurs. They most likely are unaware of what they are doing so are unable to stop. Just make your feelings known to them and hope they understand and back off. Kudos to you for planning ahead and I would not be embarrassed to ask the waithelp about having your food just the way you prefer, you're paying for it and I'm sure they'd be happy to oblige.

Hello again Summer. We have another Summer (Summerlover) on this thread but she's on vacation at the moment...maybe we could call you GEM (that ain't a bad moniker eh?)? Anyway, you let us know and we'll figure it out. I loved the quote by Beverly Sills, so true!

Jen glad to hear you had a great time--2 great times in fact. Did ya take any pictures? You guys are getting 105 degrees :faint: ? I thought it was bad when we got up to 90. I don't envy your weather.

Angie, you hang in there girlie. You'll get to goal. You're my hero :D .

Kempy, I'm not giving numbers, I'm too ashamed :lol: ... Minority Report, is that the movie w/Matt Damon? I caught some of that but not the whole thing. Scared ya did it?

my fingers are frozen from the A/C, think I'll turn it off for awhile. Well, Holly, Emily and Sandy...and anyone I may have missed, have a great day. I'll check back later.

07-16-2003, 05:37 PM
Good afternoon!! I just ate about the equvilant of a small brownie!! I hate it on the days that I have to make brownies. They are evil temptations!! I need to find a business where I can make the same amount of money and not have to work with food. LOL Keep dreaming Angie!!

Jen, Your vacation sounded so fun. I would like to do something like that. I was checking into renting an RV for this winter sometime and maybe driving to Florida(this way I can take the dogs and kids). They get $700.00 per week for one that sleeps 6-8. Jeepers!! I thought it would be cheaper to rent an RV than to stay at a hotel. I would still have to pay for the campgound too. Maybe I can squirrel away enough money to surprise Jay and do it this winter. I put money away each week and dont tell him so that way when the tourists are gone I can surprise him with extra bill money. A couple years ago I did it for taxes and he was doing it at the same time and I didnt know he was. It was a great surprise because between the two of us we saved the $2000.00 for taxes.

I'm not on any kind of diet plan so I wouldnt know how to switch. Basically I just try to watch my fat and calories and exercise. The reason I am doing so much walking right now is because this winter when there is 3 feet of snow on the ground I will be kicking myself if I hadnt gotten out and enjoyed it. There is nothing more depressing then winter. YUCK!! I am dreading it already.

I have been trying to find a weight bench. I cant find the one with the butterfly on it and that is what I want. Plus it has to be fairly compact because I have so much exercise equipment in my livingroom as it is.

07-16-2003, 06:50 PM
Yeah, I tried the Low-fat Grilled chicken Asian salad.. it's 8 WWP , and 7.4 g fat, for the HALF order... and it was really good, so now I know what to order next time :D

07-16-2003, 09:33 PM
I just ate dinner and boy am I stuffed. It wasn't waht I really wanted but it will do. For some reason when I got home I didn't want to eat my diet. I was good and did it though. I took Echo for a walk to help me get past the pizza monster. I guess it worked.

:wave: hi Tonya! I used to wokr at Appelbee's when I was 20. May fav was the LF chicken quesedias (sp) and I used to add extra mushrooms. I really don't eat there anymore. Hubby doesn't like it. Did you get on their site to see what they have? Don't get embarassed about your selections. You are the one at the table making the lifstyle change. I am sure you wouldn't do that to those poeple if they were working hard. Like Noelle said, you are the one paying for it ask away!

Angie when you and Jay head to FL let me know what part you are going to. I might be able to meet you there if it isn't to far for us.

I guess you guys must be busy so I will try back later.

07-17-2003, 09:55 AM
oh that would be cool Kempy. I have him talked into it now so maybe we can start saving together and I will keep my secret stash to surprise him with spending money. LOL

I started a new walk last night. I walked from my house down to the beginning of the riverwalk and back. 3 miles. YES!! and I got to skip the evil hill. The one on my street sucks too but it is shorter.

I also ate a ton of Baked Doritos last night. BAD BAD!! I have a pimple so I can only guess what time it is. I do like to know that there is a reason for my cravings and it isnt just that I suck at dieting. haha

07-17-2003, 12:11 PM
Yeah, I used this : http://www.dwlz.com/Restaurants/

they didn't have all those menu items on the fat-free stuff.. I wanted to try that low fat blackened chicken salad, it seemed to be the lowest, but not all the Applebees have the same stuff. I saw the low fat chicken quesadillas, and they had veggie one's that were even lower fat, but it was still 11 WWP, and the salad was 8, so I opted for that, but I was close to doing the veggie quesadillas :)

07-17-2003, 12:19 PM
Just checking in...using my moms new laptop and it's hard to type on...plus I'm holding Ian...
We're having a good time- treatted myself to a haircut and highlights yesterday from a friend. Not getting a lot of playtime with 7 little boys in the house (all 5 and under!!) But they are having a blast.
Eating could be better (could also be a lot worse so I'm not stressing over it) Thought I could get some walks in, but forgot my tennis shoes...plus it's been 95 degrees everyday.

Anyway- better run.

07-17-2003, 12:28 PM
Hiya! I have been OP since Monday, woohoo! It is TOM, so this is a challenge for me. I decided to put my scale in the bathroom closet so I do not become obsessed with the #s. When I weighed myself this morning, it showed 1.5 pounds more than yesterday, but, I am guessing that it's water weight. For the past 4 days I have been drinking 2.5-3 liters of water per day. So, I decided rather than be upset with myself, I am going to stay OP, keep exercising, and avoid the scale, for now.

Has anyone heard of skinny cows ice cream sandwiches? My best friend told me about them last night, and supposedly they are low fat and REALLY yummy. She is really lucky. She eats and eats and eats, and is really thin. She is also 1 or 2 inches taller than me, but, she eats all the "forbidden" treats. Her favs are combos and m&m's. If I look at those, I gain ten pounds, lol.

My usual morning workout was derailed this morning because my 3 year old wet the bed last night, so, his bath replaced the workout. I'll just have to make sure to make it up tonight. Yesterday was similar, only in the am, I was too tired to get up at 5 am; so I did my pilates and Bounce Back After Baby tape in the evening. A little on the low end for aerobic activity, but, my workout ended up being 65 minutes total.


Baked Doritos aren't so bad, are they? At least you didn't eat a pan of brownies, or box of cookies.(Usually what I feel like doing when TOM)

You and I aren't too many states apart. We live in New York State. Wishing I lived further south though, am not a fan of the snow. I have tried for years to talk my husband into moving, without any luck. He has a really good job now, so, we're stuck here. Sigh.


Congrats on beating the pizzza monster :lol: . I know what you mean though, I love pizza. Last week the rest of my family had DiGiornos pizza, and I had a Lean Cuisine meal. The pizza smelled sooo much better!!


I know what you mean about frustration! The scale just doesn't budge for me, and I easily lose my motivation. It seems like I exercise my butt off, and, nothing. Guess 50% is genetic, and 50% is my doing. I need to count calories, but, so many things I eat, I do not measure portion sizes, and lose track of how much I am eating. I get really discouraged because I have other medical problems as well.

Hi to everyone else...Summer (GEM), Tonya, Jen, Emily, anyone else I missed!

07-17-2003, 01:13 PM

chikita -I love skinny cow!!!!!!! :hun: They taste better than alot of the low fat alternatives. The chocolate ones are the best but if you like strawberry cheescake they have those as well. I am in NYS as well - and love it for the most part but I melt in humidity. Not a pretty sight. :yikes:

Noelle - call me whatever you want - within reason- I respond. Summer, GreenEyes, GEM, Yo!...whatever works. :callme:

Kempy - I will have to try and avoid the pizza by walking the dog. I will have to wait and start that Monday because we are adopting a rescued golden and picking her up this weekend. My husband has the name and everything - Fenway- he's a red sox fan.

Angie - glad to hear you found a way to skip the evil hill. I went rollerblading today before work and met a not so nice incline - we'll see how I am walking tomorrow :cb: but I had to do something because my sister was in town and there was a graduation party to be had with my mom's evil macaroni salad and very tempting (yes, I gave in) sausage patties (but I topped it with grilled peppers.

God bless you all with kids I don't know if I could do it. A husband and a soon to be puppy will be enough for now. Though with the new house my mom is on the grandkids parade.

I hope all have a wonderful day! :twirly:

Summer (GEM)

here is another quote (kind of funny):

"Illegitimis non carborundum."
Lat., "Don't let the *******s grind you down."
-Gen. Joseph Stilwell

07-17-2003, 01:14 PM
yes, I eat Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches all the time when I can't handle not having chocolate or sweets :D hehe

they have lots of flavors, WW Smart One's makes some too that are the same nutritional value (fat/cal), but Skinny Cow offers more variety.

and Hello to you too, and everyone! how is everyone's day going ?

07-17-2003, 01:58 PM
It's going to be another hot one here today. You can just feel the heat coming up off the cement. I did take a couple pictures but I have yet to develope them. It always takes me a while to get them in. Well I also started a quilting class, it gives me something to keep my hands busy and my mind off eating while the kids are playing. It's pretty fun. I'll have to take a picture of it when it is all finished. I'm trying to load in a picture of my kids but I don't seem to be able to figure out how this scanner thing works, so maybe later.

Angie: Did you try Cruise America? They are pretty much the only ones I Know of that rent around here. Somebody told me they were pretty reasonable, but I never checked it out for myself. The campgrounds usually aren't that much. $20-$30 + $2 for each additional person over the age of 12. If you do decide to go, make sure to pick a campground that has full hookups and shower facilities. It really is awesome to travel that way.

anyway.....Hi to everyone else. I'll check back in later,

07-17-2003, 05:36 PM
Good afternoon!

I would love to move south too. Ask Kempy and Noelle, I have complained about Maine the whole time they have known me. LOL I have never really been farther than New Hampshire so a trip would be so much fun.

GEM, If you ever want to try out some kids I'll let ya borrow mine for a week. haha That would definately change your mind. This summer is dragging by. I love summer but I hate having the kids home ALL the time. All they have done is argue and beat each other nonstop. It is so much quieter when school starts.

Tony, glad you found something lowfat at Applebees. I have one in Bangor but I have never eaten there. I dont want to go in and then find out that they dont have any lowfat alternatives. because if I am going to try to eat out something lowfat and get stuck eating fatty foods it damn well better be chinese. LOL

Jen, I checked into one it is a 30 foot one with a queen bedroom and all the extras. I am waiting to hear what the rates are for January. We may take my MIL with us that way it will be cheaper. I think I will see if my sis will stay at my house with Cappie(barker) and Candi(shitter) and just take Rebel(spoiled rotten) with us. I am so excited!! We never get to take a vacation. Jay is excited too. He is already talking about buying a motor home to have so we could do this every year. My in laws have land down by Daytona Beach so we are going to see if we can stay there when we get down there. Maybe this will kick me in the *** to lose. I will need to get at least 10 pounds off by then so I can enjoy myself and not have to watch every bite.

Where are ya Noelle, Sandy and Kempy???

07-17-2003, 06:05 PM
I am eating my Yoplait Light FF strawberry yogurt with a cup of fresh strawberries, that's where I am :T . I went to the grocery store this morning and bought some mutant (and I mean big!) Thompson seedless green grapes, a lb of red cherries and some strawberries. I love that we have all these great fruits in season now.

Emily I'm sure watching over 7 boys burns a lot of calories :lol: ! I think my hair would be standing on end. So what's the sexy new 'do look like? Does it make you feel fabulous?

GEM enjoy your solitude now! Kids change everything. I was always one who thought I'd never ever want kids, and took awhile getting pregnant. When I finally had one though, it really mellowed me out and made me more compassionate and patient. Now I want at least one more. Who knew? But a new puppy! How sweet.

Hmmm, traveling by RV. It sounds like an exciting thing to do but I wonder if I'd get motion sickness. I can't stand being in a car for more than an hour and a half--I'm spoiled because I live on such a tiny rock that it only takes me 25 minutes or so to get to most "far" places, barring traffic of course. I'd love to see the great North American countryside though, from coast to coast. I missed out on that when I was a baby. Although we drove from AR to CA, I was only a year and a half old so I don't remember anything.

Jen have you quilted before? I'm quite useless with a needle and thread myself. It definately sounds like something to keep you busy and your mind off eating.

Oh ho, SKinny Cow ice cream :T . I prefer the vanilla ones myself as the chocolate ones aren't "chocolatey enough" for me. For chocolate ice cream I like Healthy Choice fudge bars, or even Swiss Miss makes a low-fat variety bar. I had to hide a box of 'em in my downstairs freezer so the kids wouldn't eat 'em up in a day.

Holly good for you on sticking it out! I'm sure you'll see a good loss for your efforts. TOM always brings me up a few lbs, then down again rather quickly.

Kempy, how're you doing today? Are you going to moving over to the new journals with us? Is anyone planning on saving their old journals to their hard drives for posterity's sake?

Sandy hope you're doing OK as well. Give us a shout.

07-17-2003, 08:55 PM
Here I am.....Here I am.....and on plan for the 2nd day in a row, can you believe that? I still need to get back the exercise and the water things.

Skinny Cows.....:hun: yummy, my choice of flavor is the choc/ peanut butter ones. They are so so yummy. Think I need to stock up tomorrow when I go grocery shopping. I am bound and determind to be back on this program of mine!! So back to lots of veggies and stuff.

Noelle: Fresh Cherries~ I love those too, they are one of my favorite fruits, and I am not a big fruit eatter.

Angie: Do you eat fruit? I don't hear you talk of it often?

Kempy: Pizza resistance....you go girl!!!

Gem: I have 2 monsters running around....my boy is 11 and my girl will be 6 in a couple of weeks. They are a lot of work but would not trade them for the world. Now Angie is the one to talk to about kids, she has twins~~god bless her.

Angie: Speaking of Twins, 2 weekends ago when we were camping my sil's friend came down, she has triplets, they are 6 months old and oh so cute, 2 boys and a girl. What work though and she has no outside help. Just her and hubby.

Gonna run now, Take care,

07-17-2003, 09:10 PM
YEAH SANDY!!!!! Congrats for being OP 2 days in a row.

I would go nuts if I had triplets. Twins was so hard that I would never want to do it again. Now they are at a manageable age but I swear I was so depressed after they were born. Just going grocery shopping was a chore because I had 3 under the age of 2. AAHHH!!! It felt like I was trapped. I am embarrassed to admit that but it was so true at the time.

I eat strawberries,watermelon and bananas but not too often. I am not a big fruit eater.

I would like to try the peanut butter skinny cows. Where could I get those? I have never seen them before.

07-17-2003, 10:23 PM
Angie, I found the PB Skinny Cows at Shaws. Try that. Or if you have a local Shop and Save oh excuse me they changed names yet again to Hannaford Bros. anyway you can ask them to order them for you, usually they will. If not, ask Shaws. Good luck. Maybe even Walmart has them?

07-17-2003, 10:45 PM
I've never seen the PB variety of Skinny Cows in my stores, only the strawb/choc and van. Of course we don't even have FF Blue Bunny cartons anywhere either. I guess it's just as well that we don't have a lot of variety or I'd be buying and eating more of them as well.

It's the tail end of lychee (lie-chee) season here. Have any of you ever heard of/tried these? These fruits are like gold here. If you've got a tree in your yard everyone wants to be your best friend, or if they're not your best friend, they'll try to steal them from you :lol: . They're really great especially when eaten chilled. They have a weird rough outside skin, usually reddish to reddish brown in color. You peel it open and eat the tangy sweet fruit w/a pit inside. Here's a pic. Just thought I'd share that with ya. Can you tell I'm goofing off yet again at work? :D

07-18-2003, 07:53 AM
Good Morning! Under a thunderstorm here right now. I am still doing pretty well. Got up at 5 am to do 45 minute aerobics tape. Now my husband has decided to give me a hard time about exercising. See, yesterday I walked 4 miles (2 WATP 2 mile tapes), did pilates, and went on a short walk with our 6 year old. Anyway, he says I am obsessed with exercising. I said, no, I am eating well, and trying to get fit. It is sooo hard with him because he doesn't think I need to lose an ounce, not to mention 24 pounds! Oh well. Here's to another OP day. The weekend will be the challenge for me. It's too easy to eat whatever I want and slack on the exercise on the weekends.

Ok, now I HAVE TO find these skinny cow ice cream thingys. We have P&C, TOPS, and Wegmans. Hopefully one of them have it.


I can't imagine having twins! We have 2 that are 16 months apart, and it is CRAZY! I love them dearly, but, sometimes I want to hide in the closet. It does help me to get out and work for 6.5 hours a day though.


Mmm, that fruit (lychee) looks really good! Almost resembles raspberries. If you didn't guess from my name, I eat alot of bananas. Not so much during the summer cuz they bring in the nasty fruit flies. I also love the dark cherries. Not too much on melons, other than watermelon.


Good job on being OP! I am trying as well, though it is an hourly struggle for me!!

Hi to Emily, Jen, GEM, Summer, Kempy...everyone else! Check in later.


07-18-2003, 09:31 AM
Good Morning! It is so hot outside right now. Our whole walk this morning was in the direct sunlight. Talk about sweaty.

Kempy, Did you and Joe have a nice evening? He came home last night right?

Noelle, Those fruit are so pretty. I would like a tree in my yard just to look at. :lol: You have so many great things to eat in Hawaii.

Sandy, I am going to Bangor tomorrow so I will have to run into Shaws while I am there. I love PB and chocolate.

Holly, weekends are the worst arent they? I have such a hard time on Saturday because that is my only off day so I usually go to the city and there are so many fast food places. Back in my eating days we would make the trip just to get tons of junk to bring home and sit on the couch and eat. Jay is my eating buddy. :lol:

07-18-2003, 11:24 AM
Joe came home Wednesday night but it was late so I barely remeber him coming in. We really didn't do much just relaxed after dinner. He had a rough day outside so I let him just lay around on the sofa and watch a movie.

Holly you just forget about that hubby and do this for yourself. I know when I am not working out Joe can tell b/c I act different. I am sure you are the same way. You just aren't happy when you aren't healthy. Stick with it!

I am kind of busy so I will be back later to finsih with all of you guys!

07-18-2003, 12:03 PM
morning ladies :)

well, yesterday I was off to such a good start, until about 8pm when I was craving chocolate SO bad, good thing there was none in the house, but there were rice crispie treats.. :(

I ate one, only 2 extra WWP. So I am just going to forget I ate it, haha!

I have never seen the skinny cow PB one's either, but we have peppermint (pink), vanilla, and mint chocolate flavors at most grocery stores here, I like the mint/chocolate one's best :D

It got to 102F here yesterday, and they say there is no relief in sight for a while. Most of July will be HOT.. ugggh, and so dry. I drive a car with no AC, so it's a fun ride home from work :P

So last night I did crunches, leglifts, and this excercise I like to do where I go up, up , down, down on a chair... alternating sides. It BURNS my thighs and bum, and that's my problem area, along with my stomach. So I dunno how many calories I burned but I sure did tighten up my muscles. *sore*

Sandy, I wish it would rain here!

oh, the weekend... I have got to be good this weekend! aren't they the hardest ?

07-18-2003, 03:30 PM
Just a quick note... we got in a mailer at work for a company that sells used workout equipment. I know that Angie was looking for a few thins and I didn't know if anybody else was. Try this site www.bigfitness.net

07-18-2003, 04:39 PM
Hey everybody. My computer's been doing some funky things and I don't know if it's the system or the website. Anyway, how's everyone doing today? I almost had a binge attack last night but stopped at 4 large jetpuff marshmallows, 90 cals, 0 fat grams...of course the sugar rush was something else, but it could've been worse. Got a lot of grocery shopping done at Costco so I'm armed for the weekend, planning to stay on track FOR REAL this time! We all have such problems with the weekend. Maybe we should think POSITIVE--that we can get through it without any major screw-ups, that we can exercise and stay in the routine. I'm gonna try that. I will eat normal, healthy feeds and will not overstuff my face. I will walk for exercise and drink my water...ohmmmmmmmmm.... :lol:

Tonya 102 degrees! :flame: How can you stand it? I would be sticking to the seat for sure, no A/C? Hope it's a short ride to and from work. Good job on the workout :strong: .

Kempy I'm glad Joe is back. Any plans for the weekend (or is that getting too personal :devil: ) ? You're doing great on BodyRx BTW, I've been lurking....

Angie you're so lucky to have Jay walk w/you. Rick has actually come home early for the past 2 days and came with me--it's much more fun with him along, especially when he starts huffing and puffing up my "regular" hills. I get competitive :lol: . Oh yeah, and re: Kids? I felt trapped sometimes and I only have one! (what a wuss I am)

(((Holly))) , you just keep on exercising if it makes you happy. Being the kind of independent, stand-up-for-your-rights, take-no-cr@p-from-anyone kind of gal myself, I can think of a few choice words I'd like to say to your hubby :rollpin: , but I'll be nice and keep my mouth shut :lol: . You're doing good girlfriend.

Sandy that's great for staying OP :high: . It's tough but we can do it!!!!

Emily, how's your visit going today?

Jen what's up?

Well, I gotta get some work done since I'm at work and all...check back w/ya later.

07-19-2003, 03:44 PM
Happy Saturday everyone. I had a mini-binge last night...too many sweets, because I was PO'd at Rick--so I fixed him! I ate and I ate and I ate :lol: ... Anyway, just popping in to say I redeemed myself this morning and went for a 5.2 mile walk. My slate is wiped clean ( or so I would like to believe) and I am ready to begin my OP weekend. Is that allowed? :D

Have a good weekend.

07-19-2003, 03:58 PM

We are ALWAYS allowed to start with a clean slate. Don't worry too much about last night, I am sure you walked off the weight today. That's what's keeping me OP. I realize that if I eat those brownies, or cookie, etc., I will have to do twice or three times as much exercise to work it off! Sorry to hear you were PO'd at Rick. Emotional crises are hard for me, and tend to be a binge provoker for me as well.

So far this weekend I have been OP! Today I had a bowl of honey nut cheerios for bk, a lite and fit smoothie and a skinny cow ice cream sandwich for lunch, and a few fat free pretzels between breakfeast and lunch. I am trying to measure my portions now, hoping it will make a difference. I can't wait until TOM is over so I can weigh myself and be able to see what is really going on. Right now, nothing that was a little tight before fits around my tummy :(.

So far, I have walked 2 miles today, and am hoping to do another 2 and pilates.

Hope everyone's Saturday is going great!!


07-19-2003, 05:07 PM
YES!! I started my period early. That means this week hasnt been me sabotaging myself. It was PMS!!! I got up this morning and walked Rebel to the next town over from mine. It was about a 5 mile walk. I ate a good breakfast and then we went RV looking. I didnt get lunch until I was starving and I ended up at Wendy's. I ate a bad meal. I had the Mesquite grilled chicken sandwich(I didnt see the pic but figured how bad can a grilled chicken breast and BBQ sauce be?) I didnt expect the bacon and cheese but I ate it all plus a biggie fry. Oh well, on the bright side at least I didnt order another one to take home. :lol:

I did cave and buy some fat free Blue Bunny from Walmart to eat later because for some reason I have been dying for some. Sunday is back to the grind and maybe I can get away with a little Saturday cheat once in a while.

07-19-2003, 06:07 PM
Hey there chicklets. I'm here reading, don't have much time to post, we are off to a cookout for my inlaws 35th anniversary.

Hubby also sent me to buy a new computer lastnight at staples. So here I sit with it half done? Maybe? There is so much on here I will never learn it all? This one has XP so that in it self is kinda new. But I have been using this same computer type at work since the other one pooped the bed. But, there are so many choices of things to do etc....I will learn...LOL

Hope everyone is doing well. Angie, did you find PB Skinny cows?

Noelle: Those fruits kinda look like big berries on a tree.

Kempy: Hope you and Joe are getting some time together.

Hello to everyone......


07-20-2003, 10:36 AM
Good Sunday morning!! So, I tried the skinny cows chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream sandwiches, and OMG :cp: , they were soooo yummy. I only ate one, but, probably could have eaten two or three, LOL.

My tummy is still bloated, I'm hoping cause it's my last day for TOM. I have been OP since the 14th, and am still motivated. For breakfeast this morning I had 2 eggs, 2 light sausage links and 6 black cherries. A little more than I usually eat for breakfeast, but, it will help me to not binge throughout the day.

How is everyone doing? The weather is nice here, but, it was COOL this morning. We left the windows open, and it got down to 66 degrees in here last night. I have set my next challenge date, July 26, I am going to take this week by week. My best OP to date was 11 days, so, I CAN beat it. I find stress/emtional eating is the worst for me!


07-20-2003, 12:34 PM
hi girls,

sorry I haven't checked in for the past couple of days.been pretty busy. Had a birthday party to go to yesterday for my kids cousin Abrianna. I hate going to their house. People were getting drunk, there was a fight, their grandma was crying the whole time because someone kept "disrespecting" her house. Abriannas brother Paul got smacked in the face or talking back and got a bloody lip and there seem to be only 2 people who thought that was completely out of line, me and another lady there. Their mom thought it was okay. After my *** got grabbed by the step-grandpa, I decided it was time to leave. And the great news is that I get to do this again next month for Pauls birthday. I've been thinking that when his party is over I might bring him here to stay with us for a while.

Today is going to be a busy day, I have to get my son packed and ready to leave for his Cub scout camping trip. He'll be gone for the next 3 days. And then I will be a sewing demon. I need to get the top of my quilt done before Tuesday. I'm helping my mom out at her office this next week so I won't have time to do it on Monday. The good news is that I have been doing pretty good about eating. The exercise seems to be the tough part. Oh well.

Well I will check back in later. You all have a great day!!!

07-20-2003, 02:47 PM
so yesterday I did something major!!! I was SO good, on a saturday too! and at around 9pm, my husband wanted some Carl's Jr. We were watching movies, and he was wanting some... so I went and got him a big fat cheeseburger, and fries, and my kids wanted some chicken nuggets. God, I wanted some bad food so bad, but I had already eaten soup for dinner, and was at 21WWP, and 1000 calories, so I knew if I did it I would hate myself today. So, I got a 99 cent garden salad, came home, put some Kraft Free Italian on it, and sat there while my family ate all that good good good food, and I ate my salad, and enjoyed it. I had to at least taste his cheeseburger, but what's one bite ? I also had about 9 french fries is all. That was so major, usually when I get to that drive through, I say "screw it" and I order something good.

I also did all my water yesterday, for the most part stayed on program (the bites is all I did bad), and I excercised on my treadmill at full force the whole time

I was pretty proud of myself, I fought hard.

Today is going well so far, I had 3 pancakes with spray butter and lite sugar free syrup, one glass of skim milk, and 2 cups of coffee with fat free creamer. I am at 10 WWP just for breakfast, but it's 11:30, I slept in, so I could just do a snack around 1-2, and eat a good dinner and be ok for today =)

Have a lovely sunday ladies, I am off to do some more housework ;)

07-20-2003, 05:39 PM
Wow, You guys have all been so good this weekend. Not me!! I went back to Wendys for lunch today and got another Grilled Mesquite chicken sandwich and fries. Maybe I am stress eating. We are trying to come up with another way to make more money. We are in such a small area that this is about all we can do for business and it sucks. I make a good living if I dont save for the future or medical insurance. I want to be able to retire. That is all we have been talking about lately is how we can make more money. He is going to see if his mom needs some help for a little extra income so we can take that trip this winter. How pathetic is that that I cant even go on vacation?

I have been bad with the dieting but excellent with my exercise. Me and Jay walked from my house down through town and did the entire riverwalk this morning and then back home. It was about 5 miles. Rebel was pooped when we got back.

Sandy, I still havent found those skinny cows. I want to try them so bad too.

07-21-2003, 12:38 PM
I was really good, but for some reason today I feel run down, and totally in a funk. I also think I pulled a muscle in my stomach, and it hurts pretty bad, I just want to forget monday all together and go back home and go to bed.. haha. But I made it through the weekend, so if I can just get a hold of this day, I think I might feel better. I screwed up breakfast already, and I am at 8 WWP, and I only allow myself 21 or 22, as long as I work off 2 of them, so that leaves me with a 5-6 point lunch, and same with dinner, today could be interesting... =P

have a good day girls, thanks for all your encouragement, this board helps me a lot, just typing out stuff like this helps me to come up with a plan and try to stick to it :)

07-21-2003, 02:15 PM
What a Monday! I can bearly keep my eyes open. I think it is b/c of the humidity. It is making all of us sluggish. Even though I am inside I can still feel the effects of it.

I was kind of good this weekend. I didn't really eat off of plan but I did go out drinking Friday night. It wasn't supposed to happen that way but I got caught up in the moment. I didn't get back up to workout b/c no matter how hard I try I can not make mysefl come up here on my day off. I am here all week so I don't even want to see the front door on weekends. That is ok I will be back at it today.

I am sorry to here you guys struggled a little but remember today is another day. Hang in there.

Is Gem still lurking or did she leave us?

07-21-2003, 02:39 PM
I'm here!

GEM is still lurking - as you would say - I like the sounds of that goes with the GEMonster nickname. ;)

Just busy with my head cut off today and can't quite get a rhythm. I went on the brownie diet friday and quit saturday because I felt sugar shocked - the up is great the down is not.
Doing WW but just online because there is no meeting time I can get into without cutting drastically into work. I like it because "the brownie diet" can fit into that - granted not the healthiest.

Last week and the weekend was crazy and now I'm gettting back into the routine. How else is everyone? Catch all of you later - work is beckoning.


07-21-2003, 02:42 PM
ok lunch was 7 WWP, so I am at 15, oh boy, I get a whole 6-7 tonight TOPS. Does anyone know what to do about my pulled muscle. It's in my lower abdomen, about 4 inches below my bellybutton on the right side, I am sure it's just from lots of situps, and Pilates. I don't know if I should not do any until it goes away, or just do light ones... ?

I am not usually a boob about stuff like this, but when I wake up in the night from movement of rolling over, and I am in total pain, it tends to worry me.

Thanks for any suggestions :)

GEM, what's the brownie diet ?

07-21-2003, 03:15 PM
Tonya - the brownie diet is my lack of willpower versus brownies on Friday. It is a center ring fight that comes about a couple times a year. The brownies won this time - I ate brownies for lunch and as a snack in between. it is a sad state but that is my binge food....so i excercised and ate better over the weekend...

as for the muscle - being a sports trainer in a past life - ice it and ibueprofen before bed and no sit ups. If it still is at the same point of pain and does not feel any better by Friday or Monday - call your doctor just to make sure nothing worse such as a tear happened. Do not exercise this area more now - it will hurt worse if you do.

kempy - thanks for keeping your eyes out for me.

i have to start banking points I have 3 weddings between the next two weekends. Anyone have suggestions???

You all are such a nice distraction from work!


07-21-2003, 03:19 PM
banking points: make a spaghetti squash, use spray butter, and a can of tomato sauce with seasonall, and pepper, add any other veggies you like to this concoction. If you are doing WW, it's 1-2 points tops, unless you use spaghetti sauce, which might make it 3-4, depending on how much you eat. Eat it for dinner for a few nights, if you try to aim for half your point value for the day, then use this as a dinner, you should be 4-5 under your max points for the day, and walah ! =)

wow, I need to follow that advice for myself, haha.

thanks for the tip, I pretty much was going to see on the weekend how it feels, it's in the area of womanly stuff too.... so if it's not gone or at least better by then I really should see a doctor, in case it's not a muscle issue. :)

07-21-2003, 05:22 PM
and yes, since I have snacked too much at work today, I AM following my own advice, I just went and bought a spaghetti squash, I plan to just steam some veggies and use spray butter to top it off, with a dash of lite soy sauce :)

07-21-2003, 07:08 PM
What's the deal??? :( I'm so bummed. I haven't been able to access the forums since I've been back Saturday afternoon. I can get to the home-page and the journals, but when I tried to get to the forums (either bookmarked or typed in I couldn't! This was all on IE-- SO on a whim I decided to get on Netscape and try and here you all are! I don't know if it;s the site or my computer...what kind of problems were you having Noelle??

Well, Montana was really fun, but REALLY hot as it is everywhere in the west right now. It was 102 for the last 3 days...my parents are getting their siding re-done so after tearing off the wood there was just tar paper to attract more heat. Plus- lots of people in a smallish house and no a/c. It was pretty bad. Even in the basement it was HOT and had to have the kids sleep in just undies :)

It's good to be home though we had company yesterday. Still need to get my house back in order. I am feeling motivated to get back on track- didn't get totally off, but know I need to concentrate more to get the results I want.

Anyway, I think the baby is awake upstairs. Catch y'all later :)


07-21-2003, 08:32 PM
Well, I am having a tough time getting focused on what I am supposed to be doing. I messed up on Saturday,Sunday and yet again today. What is wrong with me? Do I like to be fat? I must because I sure as **** cant handle keeping weight off for any length of time. JUST DO IT!!!! It sure sounds simple enough until i actually try to do it. I didnt even work out at all today. I was so tired this morning that I didnt get up and do it early enough and now it is raining out. I sure hope I can get a grip before I have to start over yet again. It seems like the only way I can focus and do what needs to be done is when I am over 200 pounds.

07-21-2003, 09:05 PM
Angie, nothing is wrong with you, you are normal!

You don't like being fat, I know you don't. Here is what I *think* is my problem, and maybe you can relate. You are 3.5 pounds from your ultimate goal. You have waited so long to be here, right ? :) But you weigh 138 pounds, you are looking SO good I am sure, you know you do, people tell you you do, so you become lax.... you feel you need to reward yourself. I lose control all the time lately, in fact I have been since January, and I gain 5, then lose it again when I get mad enough at myself. It's a battle we will probably have forever. the other thing I wonder about myself, is that deprivation tends to make me unhappy. Sometimes I feel like at least when I was fat, I could eat what I wanted, and I was happy.. or was I ? Are we ever happy with ourselves ? I think not. It's a fight, you have to fight. Don't beat yourself up though, it's totally normal :hug:

take care, tommorow is another day! :)

Cosmopolitan Girl
07-21-2003, 09:26 PM
Hi It is me! I am here, I found you!

Thanks for the forum link! Hello All!

07-21-2003, 09:34 PM
hi girlie ;)

07-22-2003, 10:10 AM
Tonya, You know what? I think you are right. When I was fat I ate whatever I wanted and now I do argue with myself about why I cant eat what I want. I think I eat it in spite of myself. I just need to figure out how not to feel deprived and continue on. :lol:

I got in a 3 mile walk this morning since it wasnt raining and I think Rebel would have bitten me if I didnt take him today. :lol: It is so muggy out.

Jay found an RV he wants to buy....if only I had a few less bills. haha

Hey cosmopolitan girl, WELCOME!!!

Cosmopolitan Girl
07-22-2003, 10:33 AM
Thank you! Thank You! I was wondering...question to all.

What were your reasons for starting your diet, why? Also, what led to the weight gain?

Thank you for the friendly welcome!

07-22-2003, 10:43 AM
I remember the night I decided that I was going to lose weight. I weighed 265.5 pounds and I had just finished off a box of SuzieQ's and I was sick and I just said this is enough. I dont want this to be my life and I started the next day and I never messed up not even once that whole year. I got down to 130 pounds in 11 months. Of course, I gained back 76 pounds while trying to maintain and I have had to do it all over again. Currently I am back up to 141 and in the process of trying to get on with it and make it to goal or at least figure out how to maintain and not feel like bingeing.

1. My Nana had diabetes and was very overweight. I am deathly afraid of needles and I didnt want that to happen to me.

2. I got skin rashes from being so big,etc.

3. I weighed 128 pounds when I was 16 and met my husband so I knew what it was like to be thin and I knew I could do it and I also didnt think it was fair to him.(Not that he ever once complained or said anything negative about me) I just wanted to look good for him and myself.

What led to my weight gain? As I said I weighed 128 pounds when I met my husband at 16. His parents had a bakery and sub shoppe. We just started to eat there all the time. We would go hang out all night and at like 12 or 1 in the morning we would go to the bakery and make fried chicken tender sandwiches and fries. Every night. We are eating buddies and I porked up fast after I met him. I weighed close to 200 by the time I graduated in 2 years.

Cosmopolitan Girl
07-22-2003, 11:03 AM
Thanks for sharing!
: ):)

Me, well! I was always pretty thin, I went through a chunky stage when I was 13. What led to the weight gain was a sickness I had ( severe anxiety) and having to take medication at the age of 21. This just led to more of a lower self esteem so I lost track of who I was and allowed men determine my worth. The medicine made me so tired, and all I did was sleep, and eat. Those two do not mix well! :mad: :mad:

I lost the weight, but the severe anxiety was still there, and an abusive marriage did not help much. Took meds again, and Boom 120 lbs turned into 200!

Anyway, In the last three years I left my husband, started over kicked the pills and I rarely have anxiety! I have never dieted before nor really had to so this was a challenge! My weight has declined, but not as rapid as I want! So I added more exercise to my rountine and started the SBD to aid a more quickly rapid weight loss! I do the walk to be fit program trying my best to take in 10000 steps!

When I was 120 I never had to think about what type of bra to wear (C cup) and never even thought of oh, will the cover me, or ??? you know what I mean right?

Anyway, what made me decide to start the SBD and kick the weight loss in a faster gear was...

1. I am in a competitive enviorment! Women around me dressing to the T, and I used to be one of them.

2. I like colors but recently have worn more conservitive darker colors to hide the buldge! cow sleeping :moo:

3. I have been losing slowly in the past three years, but all those above it what made me decide to make it a more quiicker rapid weighloss. :cloud9:

4. Hourglass figure, but with extra wight, my BOOBS got so big, I hate them. C sunny :sunny: to a now DD! censored :censored: I am happy with just a D cup. Regualr size 34 C/D Now...............40 DD

I could go on and on to the reasons, petty ones I bet....


07-22-2003, 11:13 AM
Why did I first start dieting? Honestly - I found out I weighed more than my husband to be (husband now) by double digits:o . I didn't want to be Jack Sprat and his wife. :sumo: So that started me on the diet - or change of lifestyle. I started learning more about food, health, portions and determined not to be a fat bride. I started at 175 lbs. and by the time my wedding came around I weighed 143. I felt better than I ever have. :hyper:

What started me off that way? I am 5 ft. 2 inches but I have never looked like what I weigh but I have felt it. Part of the gain was keeping up with my sister who has a metabolism rate that goes at the speed of light and another was just portions and not knowing what was contained in food (You mean a Mocha Grande is bad for you????!!!!:yikes:) and the sports I used to be involved in tapered off duing college. Then I lived over seas and was learning to eat better - partially due to I would not eat at an American restaurant - and now I can live without somethings (chips, fast food) and some things I cannot (chocolate, wine) but do in moderation :cheers:

I am still learning. I gained after the wedding over the year and was back around 160 and I am now down to 152. I don't have a scale or go to WW because meeting times are not convenient. I just exercise and keep track of what I am eating. It is great to have a suppoirt like this because people empathize not just sympathize with you.

I hope that answers your question cosmo girl (welcome by the way!):wave:


Cosmopolitan Girl
07-22-2003, 11:20 AM
Great! Thank you for sharing. You lived oversea`s? Me too. Actually I am now in the Expat Phase!

I am in Tokyo, how about you?

07-22-2003, 11:26 AM
I was in Jerusalem then I moved b/c I got a job in Brussels (where there is too much good chocolate!) and lived there until 3 years ago an now I am stateside and married. SO I will probably be stateside for a while just visits when it can be afforded. I miss it though.

Why Tokyo? Do you love it?

Cosmopolitan Girl
07-22-2003, 11:45 AM
Why Tokyo!

Here it goes in this order.... ( I love Europe too)!

1. Left Ex-husband

2. Got Job Offer

3. Hooked up with a great friend.

4. Friend Turned Boyfriend.

5. Boyfriend Turned Lover

6. Lover Turned Fiancee!

LOL! I have to travel due to work, but my fiancee I met in the states he was just a friend then.

I would have to say Tokyo because I needed to be safe and get away from and ex-husband when my best friend from Tokyo invited me to come for a relaxer, vacation. I networked, got offered a job, the friend turned into a (see above)!

Now, I love it! My fiancees work keeps him here, but we are able to travel so I get to enjoy that.

Marriage plans. I have not set a date yet!

I loved Brussels!

Gosh it is nearly midnight and I am starving!


:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

07-22-2003, 12:21 PM
I weighed 115 - 120 pounds in high school and after graduation when I met my husband. I danced my whole life, so I was very fit, I was the "best bod" girl in my class.. :lol: so like Angie, I knew what being thin and looking good was like, the type of attention I received, etc. When I met my husband, I was working a sit down job, for the first time in my life I just sat there all day, and answered phones and ate. I got pregnant before my wedding too, and the combination caused me to weight 210 at delivery of my first child. At that point, I became depressed, and lost all my self confidence. And I no longer cared that I was heavy. I got down to 180 after my first baby, and never lost anymore, had another child, back to 200+ at delivery, back to 180 after... and so on. On new years of 2001, my sister in laws and I put $25 in a pot, and whoever lost 20 pounds first won the money. I won that bet in april of that year, and got my 2nd tatoo with the money :D I weighed 157 when I won the bet.

A year later, I had gained like 3 of that back, and then I got a condition called Bells Palsy, half my face was paralyzed for 2 months, they put you on steroids called Prednisone for that, to help your nerves heal faster. That caused a 10 + pound weight gain for me, so I was back to 170'ish, I managed to lose 5 of that when I went off the prednisone, but stayed there for about a year.

Last August (almost a year ago!) I decided enough! I was going through a divorce, I didn't feel good about myself at all, and I just wanted to be thin again, I knew I could be a happier person despite financial difficulties and the stress of being a single mom, and I did weight watchers. I just decided one day (August 21, 2002) and I just did it! I was so motivated. I remember the first week, I had worked SO hard. I weighed in at the end of the week, and I remember thinking that if I hadn't lost any weight, It would be really bad, because I would get discouraged. When I got on the scale and I was 4 pounds lighter, I was so excited. Each week when I got on the scale and saw a loss of at least 1-3 pounds, my motivation grew and grew. I had a goal to get to 145, then when I hit that, it was 135, then when I hit that, 130. Now it's 120, and to be honest, 130 is fine with me. I just want to see if my body will let me be 120, I am starting to doubt it, but I will keep trying. If all I do is maintain between 125-130 forever, I will still be satisfied though, because judging where I was 2 years ago, and where I am now, that is a major accomplishment in itself :)

07-22-2003, 12:26 PM
HI CG I missed your post yesterday. I was really busy at work and at home. Glad to see you here.

Sorry I wasn't on much yesterday guys. I am busy at work trying to get ready for Florida again. :cp: I am supposed to be designing some fliers right now but I am sneaking on the puter. :devil: We had a DU meeting at the house last night and they didn't leav until 9:30 so no computer for me. I was beat once i finally got them out of there. It is so weird to see a bunch of men shopping for things to sell at the banquet. Tonihgt I have to sit down and write out all of the checks for the stuff. One order is over $2,000. :yikes:

I have done good so far with this Body Rx thing so I guess I will be easy to stick with.

Angie please don't give up girl. You are one of my inspirations. I think Tonya is right. We have thought such negetive thoughts for so long it is hard to get out of the pattern no matter how much we think we have changed.

I really don't have much of a story about why I deceided to lose weight. I have been dealing with this since I was 14. I never really got big, but it was big to me. I hit 168 right whne I moved back home from Flordia. I have a mild for of depression so I have to work with that to.

Noelle, Sandy, Holly, GEM, Jen I want to see al sort of chatter from you guys today!!!

I hope everyone has a great day. I'll be back later.

07-22-2003, 01:07 PM
Tonya I had Bells Palsy once too. It sucked so bad and I didnt have a clue why my face was numb. I couldnt wear my contacts so I had to go to the mall to buy new glasses to wear. I hated it so bad. Mine didnt last that long though just a few weeks. I got on the prednisone the day after it happened so the doc said I got there early enough so I didnt have to worry about permanant damage. That was like 5 years ago and it hasnt happened since. THANK GOD!!! My mother thought I had a stroke or something when I asked her if she knew why my face was paralyzed. Scary stuff!

Kempy, When are you going to Florida again? I am trying so hard to plan a trip there in January. My in laws have a triple lot 5 minutes from Daytona Beach so we are gonna see if they can get a landscaper there to clean the lot up so we can park there for the week. They havent been there in 10 years so it is probably pretty overgrown by now.

07-22-2003, 01:34 PM
Yup, I thought I had a stroke too. And I had to wear glasses too, my eye doctor said NO contacts. I had to see just about every type of dr. in the business. I had to see a nuerologist, I had severe headaches, I had to see the eye doctor to make sure my right eye was ok since I couldn't blink. I had to see an ear nose throat doctor because my hearing was fragile , everything echoed big time, and something with the reflexes in my ear drum could have caused permanent damage. I went in the day of my paralysis, and was put on the 2 week dose of prednisone, but it did nothing for me. The ear nose throat doctor is the one who put me on another 3 week dose of it, because he was worried about my hearing.
Anyways, couldn't wear makeup, because I couldn't get my eyelid to position right, and if I used my finger to hold it up, my finger was in the way. I was tired all the time at first, I slept like 15 hours a day +. I gained weight, had to wear my glasses, I got depressed fast.. :(

I hope I never get that again. The only thing I still notice is that when I yawn, my right eye shuts on it's own, while the left eye stays open, and I can't control that at all. I also get a twitch in my right cheek every so often, it scares me, I don't want to get that again, heh.

07-22-2003, 01:48 PM
Good morning gals! I don't know what was wrong for a few days, but today I got on no problem.

I lost the original ?s about losing weight so I will just ramble :)
I think I just posted this a few weeks ago, but here is the short version.
I too was very thin in high school- 122 at 5'7. Got a boyfriend, jerk of a boyfriend, got depressed and started to eat! Was 135 that summer and 150 by the end of my first year of college. I maintained that all through university (closer to 155) but stayed an emotional eater- good thing I was exercising lot!
Anyway, got up to 165, lost to 145 for my wedding (to that boyfriend now ex-husband) Gained again through the 3 years we were married and got up to 192. Lost to 175 when I met current DH. I've gained with all 3 of my pregnancies- started the first at 180 and started the 3rd at 225 YUCK! So now I sit at 235 bigger than ever trying to get motivated again to get it off!!!

The reasons I want to lose are mostly for myself. I love how I feel when I'm wearing "normal" clothes and am exercising and active. Of course I want to be healthy. But now that I do have children I want to lose for them too- I don't want to be the biggest mom and I want to lost my inhibitions and be able to go swimming with them and play soccer and baseball. And I want to feel "hot" again for my DH. ;)

Blah, Blah, Blah- why can't I find the motivation to DO it?! I hear a faint click so I know I'm close- LOL Ian is 3 months old today so I don't really have the excuse anymore of a tiny baby!

Well, I need to get busy on house stuff fopr awhile. Will probably be back later since it's supposed to be 100 degrees and will need to escape to my basement!


Cosmopolitan Girl
07-22-2003, 04:10 PM
I am really sorry to hear that a few of you experienced such hardships with your temporary sickness, honestly I never heard of it before?

What caused the Bells Palsy? Anyway, I am surely glad you are over it and feeling better!

Well today is my second day on the SBD! I did not sleep much of a wink last night, I was going to the bathroom every 30 minutes, now when I did my counting calorie diet, this did not happen, so this is my second day on the SBD, could me that I am doing carb free for two weeks, perhaps?

Anyway, I am about to go for my walk, 4:00 AM here, and I am not going to take a nap before work! This way, I can sleep through the night tonight with out running to the bathroom every 30 min! I am sure it will be hard to keep up and going today with little sleep!

Well, have a great day today!!!

See you online soon!

07-22-2003, 04:48 PM
I hadn't heard of it before I got it either, I was like "hu, what?"

it's only temporary, and there is no cure, and they don't know the exact cause of it either. the doctor said to picture electrical wires, and the outer coating on them , the protective coating. Imagine it being damaged. that's sorta like your nerves when you have Bells, the outer coating gets damaged from trauma, or a virus sometimes. It's in the 5th (I think?) cranial nerve in your head, it can happen on either side, and it effects your neck, cheeks, eyes and eyelids, and ears. It sucks.. heh.

07-22-2003, 05:12 PM
Noelle, Where are you??

Sandy, Where are you??

I think we may have sold the 4 wheeler. YEAH!!! If we can get rid of that then we can get another loan and be able to afford it to get a motor home. We found an awesome deal on one this week and would like to get it.

Tonya, werent trying to eat with Bells Palsy the worst? :lol: I remember sitting at McDonalds trying to eat a fillet o fish sandwich with the left side of my mouth not working. I wore most of it. haha

07-22-2003, 05:30 PM
yeah, it's amazing I didn't LOSE weight.. I hated eating out, I was so embarassed :lol:

07-22-2003, 06:14 PM
Angie I wish I could say that I would be able to meet you in Florida but where you guys would be is all the way on the east coast and that is about an 8 hour drive. :yikes:

I had a GREAT workout today. I did legs and I know I am going to be sore. I lifted a rather heavy amount. I am so proud of myself.

We are leaving for FL on Aug 2nd (our 6 year anniversary) and we will be gone for a week.


Check out what the house looks like.

07-22-2003, 06:30 PM
Kempy that house looks wonderful, so pretty, I am Jealous! ;)

my 7 year anniversary is on August 10 :)

no plans yet, money is tight, we were split up for a year and a half of that 7 years too.. so it's a shame we can't celebrate our getting back together after that long.

I ate too many snacks today, good one's but still , too many. So I have only a couple hundred calories for dinner, it's only 3:30 here. I guess it's spaghetti squash and veggies again tonight!

07-22-2003, 10:12 PM
Hey ladies!! Checking in for the day. I was off plan for a couple of days (Sunday & Monday), but am back on track now. I weighed in at 153 this morning. I don't want to jinx myself, but, I may have lost 2 pounds. I have kind of an odd strategy to avoid eating bad junk foods. Usually the urge comes when I am at home, so, today when I had the urge, I weighed myself as a reminder of what I am trying to do, and what I don't need. I just keep saying, the more junk I eat, the more I have to work off. This is really hard for me, but I am giving it a shot.


07-22-2003, 11:02 PM
Hey Chickies. Here I am. I'm having a whirlwind kind of week. This is my son's last week of school and I'm making goodie bags for the class + small gifts for the teacher and aides. Friday will be the last day for students then the school is closing it's doors for good :( . I'm also taking him in to his new school tomorrow to sit-in for a few hours to get used to his new teacher and classroom, etc. I'm sure the transition should be fine. Rick is taking him camping w/some of my cousins and other family this weekend so they'll be out of my hair and I can get some serious cleaning done--got to get those sleeping bags aired out before they go. Oh yeah, I'm also pulling my hair out here at work since I'm cramming on my tax docs~~~we filed for an extension and now the time has come to really get it down. Master procrastinator that I am...well, I've still got a bunch to do. Trying not to stress eat but with all that's going on + PMS, I'm just a little crazy :dizzy: . Anyhoo, that's what's up with me.

:wave: Konichiwa Cosmo Girl! Welcome to our little corner of 3FC. Wow, we have a new bunch of world travelers--that's great. Now we can live vicariously through you (and GEM) :lol: .

Angie do you guys have a 4-wheeler in addition to the Durango or is the Durango THE 4-wheeler? A motor home sounds like fun for you guys, especially if you don't like to fly.

Kempy that vacation house looks great. Is the location within a reasonable distance to Disney World? (I'm really bad at geography, so sorry if it's a stupid question).

Emily, I think the older I get the harder it is to "hear" the "click"--or my selective hearing is worse... I don't know what was wrong with my computer the other day, I think it was a combination of the server and the website being under construction too, seems to be fine today though, although I'm more busy than ever.

Holly, whatever keeps you motivated--use it. Good job on the 2 lbs!!!

Tonya, you're a wealth of information here. Your success on WW makes me want to check them out even more. I'm not doing much of a plan at the moment...stalling out on the weight loss as a result. I can feel your energy though, keep it coming!

Hi GEM! Another traveler...I'd love to travel to Europe at least once, stay maybe a month and just trek all over the place. I've never been there although I've got a Scottish girlfriend who just moved from London and is currently living in Spain at the moment. I've got to get over there before she decides to move back to the states.

Sandy/Jen hope you gals are having a great day.

I need to get back to work--I've still got an hour to go and you gals are probably in bed or pretty darn close to it. Check ya out later.

Cosmopolitan Girl
07-23-2003, 02:06 AM
Thank you for the welcome!!! Wow you are in my favorite place! I love to enduldge myself to a now and then ride over to the other islands!

BTW, do you speak ネホゴ? Japanese?

How long did it take you to go from 215-177?

: )

Kempy, yes great resort ! I love an prefer to rent a house rather then HOTEL, but I do like to be pampered once in a while!

Tonya, how are you doing today?

07-23-2003, 04:51 AM
Hey Cosmo Girl. I don't speak Japanese, although I know some words and phrases... I only took a year of it in high school and didn't retain much of it. Don't you just love this little icon? --> :sumo: --it makes me laugh every time. Of course living in HI w/it's diverse culture you get to learning a lot of words for things/objects and I don't know what language I'm speaking :lol: . I'm on O'ahu myself--what islands have you visited? I'm heading to Maui in a couple of weeks, just for a weekend, for relaxation. --and on a more exciting note me and my 6 sisters (girls only, no spouses or s.o.'s) are traveling to Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand. Can you say shopping?!?!!

As far as my weight loss goes, I went from 215 in 10/02 to the 170's (4/02) in a matter of 5 mos, then I've been struggling for the past 3 mos or so. I've been gaining and losing the same 5 lbs within that time. I need to find my motivation again. I'm thinking about WW as a possibility to get me moving forward.
My story is like this. I was a fat kid from the age of 8 (eating was a comfort to physical/emotional issues). Grew into fat adult. Top weight then was about 200 lbs. On a 5'3" frame :cow: . Lost weight on NutriSystem and Jenny Craig programs, got married and weighed 131 lbs--looked skeletal, but still felt fat. Bad eating habits made me gain back what I'd lost within a year and a half or so. Went back up to 200, lost back down to 180, got pregnant in '98. Ballooned up to 220. Lost down to 190, then eventually back up to 215. My son was 3.5 years old and I was still claiming "baby" fat. Last year October, my size 18 jeans were tight and refused to go into size 20. I also refused to weigh more than when i was pregnant. I did great losing for a time, but am now struggling badly. I would've given up completely if not for finding this website back in 11/02. Even though I'm flailing in my efforts (yes I did say "flailing") I am still making an effort to do better every day. One day I'll get it right and keep on having more good days than bad days. one day, I'll get to goal.

Sorry for the novel...hope to get to know you better too.

07-23-2003, 10:59 AM
Noelle, anything you need to know, I can tell you, haha! you can PM me anytime with questions if you like, before you actually decide.. I didn't actually JOIN...

Most of what I know I got from some photocopies, and just the internet, this site, and I found a points finder once that works. As long as you know your daily value, it's pretty easy.

CG, I am ok today, yesterday I finally broke down, I HAVE to do it sometimes even though I feel like S*** after. I made my family this lasagna I make, it's SO good, but yet SO evil :lol:

I ate too much of course, as usual, and I finally felt FULL for the first time in many days, I am quite sure I will be feeling it today, 128 on the scale this morning :O I could feel a binge coming on anytime soon though, It's almost TOM, and I have been good for over 7 days straight, and going to bed with a gurgly tummy.

Have a nice day ladies, I will check back later, good to see you back Noelle and Holly :)

07-23-2003, 11:02 AM
Good Wednesday Morning. It is raining here and the humidity is making it hard to stay awake. I don't think I am stopped yawning since I got to work. :yawn: I really hate days like this.

Noelle Destin is in the FL panhandle. Orlando is way the heck down in the area that sticks out into the gulf/atlantic. I wish it was close though. I am still dying to go to Disney again.

I think my lower pudge belly is kind of going away. I say that now but I am sure when TOM shows up it will be back. I was so happy this morning when I woke up. While I was waiting for the shower to heat up I was standing in the mirror looking in amazement that it wasn't out as far as normal. I don't even remember having a flat tummy so this would be great if it actually happened.

What is going on it all of your parts of the world?

Cosmopolitan Girl
07-23-2003, 11:38 AM
Dont worry Tonya! Go grab some water, perhaps that will take away the Grumbles!


Hi, Well, I have been to many of the islands I like the Big Island though! Yes, I love diversity! My favorite foods are "Fusion!!

I would love to share more about me, just ask away!

A trip coming up.....sounds like fun, but when I was in Hong Kong...EWWWW hot and humid, worse then Japan!

07-23-2003, 11:50 AM
Kempy - I love revelations like that! the amazing disappearing pouch - is what I would call mine. ;) Just in time for the wonderful vacation house! and Florida

Tonya and Noelle - I am WW member so any point things you need or questions you have or recipes - I can e-mail you or whatnot.

Holly - congrats on the loss. keep it up.:bravo:

Emily, Cosmo and AngieME I hope you all have a wonderful day (or night in Tokyo!) :flow1:

I have to find a new time to weigh in - WW changed the times on me so I am just doing it on-line and I so don't want to buy a scale. But I am off to do more work...

Quote of the day: Irish Saying: Recipe for Longevity -Leave the table hungry, leave the bed sleepy and leave the tavern thirsty.

kalli spera!

07-23-2003, 11:58 AM
Kempy, The house is awesome. We used to stay at a condo when we would take the kids to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. It was so much fun.
We found a 1994 Bounder Motorhome. It is 30 feet long and they are so cute inside. the people want 23,000 for it so we are going to try to get rid of the 4 wheeler payment and some credit card debt and try to get a loan for it so we can just own it. Then we can go to New Hampshire on a whim with the kids and the dogs. It is so hard to do anything when you have 3 dogs that have never been left home alone. :lol:

Noelle, Yeah we have a 4 wheeler for Jay to ride the trails on. Not the Durango. I would never let him sell the Durango. He has been trying to get me to let him sell it but I wont. I love that car. It is the first car that we have always wanted and we spent so much money on all the chrome goodies for it.

Wow Cosmopolitan girl. You travel alot. I have never been farther than New Hampshire.

Tonya, I love lasagna. You are doing so good. You seem to have it together and know what you are doing. I envy that. I am out of control lately and I am sick of it.

Sandy, You must be a busy woman.

I didnt get my walk in this morning because it is pouring out. I hope it stops sometime. I feel so guilty when I am not exercising like I know I should.

07-23-2003, 11:59 AM
Thanks Summer, I am a little leary about saying too much about the fact that I used their methods for losing, without joining. I don't have all the facts, just the point system, and I also use fitday.com. I would never find time, or money for that matter, for meetings, etc. :p

So my question is.. how many points do you add to your daily range for maintaining ? My daily range is 18-23.

Angie, that's the thing that's bothering me though, I am like this close [] to getting out of control at all times... ugh! I gotta get ahold of it, I battle a little depression sometimes, and I can feel it comin on.. scary.

In my part of the world we have record breaking temperatures. Its the 12th day in a row this month that we have had 100+ temps. Today's high: 103 :( the last time this happened in July here was in 1965 or something. Last night on the 10 O clock news, it says the current, at 10pm, was 94! I think it's effecting my mood. Most people get depressed in rainy cold weather, and I am the opposite, I get depressed in the heat. I don't particularly like summer clothes, and the heat just makes me tired and irritable.

In fact I lost most of my weight last fall/winter. I love jeans and cute long sleeve shirts, etc. and boots. That could be part of my funk lately...

07-23-2003, 12:09 PM
GEM, Hi. We must have posted at the same time. :lol:

Tonya, I really hate the fact that it doesnt get any easier with time. I was kind of hoping that it would become second nature for me. :lol: I dont eat ALL that I could or want and that still leaves me unfulfilled so maybe I crave more. I dont think I could ever get satisfied. haha

I was just thinking about my jeans today. I look better in shorts so I am worried about when it cools down. I need to get on track so I can wear all the new sweaters I bought for this winter.

Wow, I would be in a funk with that kind of heat too. I like warm but not too hot. I will be getting depressed come November when the leaves are gone and it is so cold I dont want to go outside. YUCK!! I really really hate winter.

I havent been swimming in the pool since July 1. We have such weird weather up here. One day it is hot and the next it is cold or rainy. Today is rainy and muggy so working in the bakery is going to suck so bad.

07-23-2003, 12:14 PM
Yeah, well my biggest problem with summer clothes is that I have A LOT of stretch marks.. not just a normal amount, it's pretty bad. I am the queen of self consciousness... so I have a hard time with shorts, swimsuits, etc. I definately look SO much better in jeans, and I can pull of tight long sleeve shirts and stuff, but tanktops are a little more tricky.

on a side note, I read this in the "success" column, wow, this girl wrote this essay, and I can so relate!

check it out if you got a few...


Cosmopolitan Girl
07-23-2003, 07:29 PM

I did not get my walk in today either! It was pouring! I sure bet after the rainy season ends, I will be looking at 103 type temps with 90% humidity to boot!

What is a Durango? I have two dogs, and everytime I travel, I have to think first, and send them to the dog hotel!



Today, I had a wonderful breakfast following the SBD plan.

It was so good and very yummy, I am thining of taking some digital shots, and posting them under recipes or somthing of that sort!

It is in the AM here now, and I guess I will do weights today since I was not able to do the walk!

I need to buy a pedomoter (sp)?

Anyway, breakfast was great, and I am now on day three!

See you all later, time to get a nap and get ready for work.

: )

07-23-2003, 07:45 PM
It is a Dodge Durango SUV.

I just got in a 3 mile walk and didnt even get rained on. I actually would have welcomed a cool downpour by the end of it though. :lol: It is so muggy outside.

I may have to find someone to take Cappie for the week we are gone or take him to a boarding kennel. He has such bad manners that I wouldnt want to take him on a trip. He seems to be getting worse if that is possible. He now barks and growls at the cats and if I try to get him to do something that he doesnt want to do he will growl at me. I want to deck him so bad when he does that. If he ever so much as tries to bite me I am having him put to sleep. I dont understand why he would act like that now. We have had him for 6 months and he seems to be getting bossier now. The people who had him first so ruined him. I love him right to death but he is such a little butthead when he wants to be. :lol:

07-23-2003, 08:02 PM

I have no patience for dogs. I like other people's dogs, but I could never own one.. hehe!

Dodge Durangos are nice, I like them, I have an 03 Neon, but my husband has been driving it so he can do some work on it to make it cool and stuff ;) So I have been driving his 88 ford escort wagon, no AC.. ugghh I am so sick of that car :lol:

I thought I would share a recipe I found, and I modified it so it fits into my weight loss lifestyle a little better, I am making it tonight, so I will let you know how it is :

Cheesy Chicken and Green Bean Casserole

8 ounces Egg Noodles
3 cups canned chicken breast (two 12 ounce cans) - shredded into smaller pieces
1 small onion, chopped (or 1/2 packet Lipton Onion Mushroom soup mix)
1 can green beans (or 12 raw mushrooms, chopped)
8 ounces fat free shredded cheddar cheese
1 cup skim milk (0% fat)
1 can 98% fat free, low sodium cream of chicken soup
salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 350* F. Cook Egg noodles according to package directions. Drain. Combine all ingredients and fold into noodles. Place in 7.5 X 12 baking dish. Reserve a little cheddar cheese to sprinkle on top if desired. Bake uncovered in oven for 30-45 minutes.

Makes 8 servings.

Per serving: 267 calories, 4g fat, 78 mg cholesterol, 855 mg sodium, 204 mg potassium, 27 g carb, 2 g dietary fiber, 27 g protein. WWP: 5.

edit: the verdict! YUM, and filling too! I had planned to eat some broccoli and cauliflower on the side, but I was full after one serving. next time I might even 1/2 the amount of cheese, it would still be good without so much cheese. :) I used the Lipton onion soup mix too, it gave it a nice flavor.

Cosmopolitan Girl
07-23-2003, 08:20 PM
Oh, it looks as if you dog has the Alpha Male syndrome.

I have to actually. I am a clean nut, so I too lose patience! My one toy dog MALE has bitten me ( Due to fear/Alpha), I got him from a pet store (big mistake)!

However, you can buy a long glove made of pigs skin, and correct him by holding his mouth until he yelps, if he bits, it will not hurt you, this is the only way to make my pet livable. I tried other methods before , but I think this is the best. It shows you are the master and he or she must obey!

: )

Oh, Dodge ... I had no idea!

I drive a typical yuppie car!

07-23-2003, 09:32 PM
So CG~which type of yuppie car? The first thing that comes to my mind is maybe a Passat or Volvo, or maybe a BMW or Lexus... Hmm? Inquiring minds want to know :lol: . Me, I just drive a very dependable, '01 Ford Focus wagon--very handy w/the kid and all. Of course I have champagne taste on a beer drinkers budget, but that's what kind of car was feasible for me at that point in time. OMG, my hubby just bought a new/used custom sportster motorcycle. I think he has a deathwish :shrug: . We used to tool around on bikes before when we were younger and fearless, but now I'm not so sure.

Angie, whenever we go on vacation we get a family friend or relative to come over to our house to feed the animals and water the plants. Do you have anyone you could trust so you don't have to spend $ on boarding? Just a thought.

Tonya thanks for the link to that post. That was a good read. And you know, I read an article somewhere online about how people are probably unlikely to notice our physical faults i.e. stretch marks/pouchy stomachcs etc., because it is human nature to be self-centered--we're too wrapped up in ourselves to notice others--so if you wanna wear tank tops or shorts, etc., by all means, wear them and enjoy yourself, chances are the other person is worrying about themselves too much to notice :lol: .

Geesh, I gotta get cracking on this paperwork. Just wanted to pop-in and say hello. Kempy, Jen, Sandy (where are ya and how ya doin?), everyone, have a great evening.

Cosmopolitan Girl
07-23-2003, 09:46 PM
Yep, you did guess it! Lexus older one and BMW, however, I got them at good prices, and my budget is tight as well. Collge tuition for fiancee and I, house payment, etc, etc.


07-24-2003, 09:37 AM
Tonya, I am going to have to try that recipe. It sounds yummy.
I used to never be into dogs either until I got Rebel(JRT) He is truly my baby. He sleeps in bed between me and Jay and will not get up to leave the bed until we do. He has been everywhere with us since he was 8 weeks old. From him we got Candi(Keeshond) and she is a little sweetie so when we saw Cappie(Keeshond) in the shelter one day we said how bad could he be? Candi is perfect. HAHA

Actually he isnt bad but if he sees people he doesnt know he barks until he gets to meet them which is very scary sounding but he isnt mean like that. He is just loud. :lol: He loves the kids and the other dogs and strangers but if I try to make him come inside or if he thinks he is in trouble he will growl at me. I have never hit him so it is confusing to me. I swear he was beat by his last owners. I will have to get my sis to take Cappie for the week because I would pull my hair out if he started a barking fit on vaca. Plus my neice is in love with Cappie so she can cuddle him for the week.

CG, You would go crazy in my house. :lol: Cappie loses hair just walking on the carpet. I am forever vacuuming.

Noelle, I watched the travel channel last night and I saw where you live and Diamond Head. I am so jealous!!! They were doing the Millionares Hawaii show. They showed the Firefighter surf school and stuff. It is beautiful there. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Do you go to the beaches very often or are they swamped with tourists?

07-24-2003, 09:46 AM

Here is a sweepstakes you all may want to enter. The house is in Maine. I have been entering it. Jay said hey if you win you could invite all of your friends from the thread to stay in it with you. Good idea huh?

07-24-2003, 12:11 PM
Wow Angie that house is great. I bet we could all live in that. And we probably wouldn't even see each other :lol:

I wonder if Cappie is doing the alpha male thing. Soemtimes Echo tried that on me. Not really bad though. She is really bad about it when she is around my FIL's dog. Echo is definatly the head female there. Joe told me that if she ever bits me to pick her up and throw her onto her back. That shows dominance. I don't think she ever would do anything like that but you never know. I know my big male cat bites me sometimes and I have to kind of smack his butt. He is old and insane so I can't be to mad at him.

It sounds like we are all doing pretty good right now. Am I right? Are we all getting in our water and exercise?

I am still trudging along. I made a LF manicotti last night and I really like it. I am having it for lunch today too. If you guys want I can post the recipe. It doesn't sound very good but trust me it is.

I need to get to work so I will check back in in a little bit.

07-24-2003, 12:18 PM
I am so off track that it isnt even funny. I vow to make my date of Sunday and stick with it this time and lose 10 more pounds(plus what ever I have gained back) I am still trying to get in my walking but the rain isnt helping me. I got in ALOT of miles last weekend but this week has been raining so much that I have been getting in 3 miles a day if I am lucky.

I think that if Gennel isnt back by Sunday I am going to restart her thread so we can all have a challenge again. I think I need it to help me realize what I am trying to get to. Plus Di is at goal and wants to keep it going for maintanance. She is the best isnt she? She has done such an awesome job.

Cosmopolitan Girl
07-24-2003, 12:24 PM
I am doing horrible! Headaches, sluggish! No energy, it must the the detox going on in my body!

: )

I honestly though just counting calories was enough, boy was I wrong and this SBD just goes to prove it! This is day three for me, and the only cheat would be two teaspoons of peanut butter!


07-24-2003, 02:51 PM
Hey Kempy- I would love to see your recipe. I love Italian (what don't I love-lol) and a low-fat version would be great. I'm doing well today with eating, but not so good (yet!) on water. Some days I start drinking my cans of Diet Coke and it's all I want! Not good, I know.

CG- I looked into the SBD and may eventually do it...I'm nursing right now so right now I'm trying to just watch portions. I'll be interested to see how you do--I think it looks pretty good. The only thing I don't love about "lower carb" plans is that I hear that alot of people have to take fiber (like metamucil) to stay <ahem> "regular"- that just seems un-natural to me. Can you have many grains on this plan?? J/W...

Angie- 10 more pounds!! (((((((focus)))))))) You can do this!!!! IMHO- you live in a beautiful place too!! I'm out on the prairie...:yawn: boring! (though have to admit it's grown on me in the 7 years I've been here) Funny story...I'm am definitely raising prairie boys! We were driving home from Montana last week and my almost 3 yo was all "mom! how do we get out of these mountains?!" lol Must be used to Wide Open Spaces...

Tonya- thanks for the recipe- that one looks good. Am I the only mini-van mama?? :lol: I drive a '00 Montana...we love it though- it was '93 Tracer before that.

Jen, Sandy, Noelle and everyone! Hope you are having a great Thursday!!


07-25-2003, 10:47 AM
Hey guys what happened to you? I got to work and was ready to read all sorts of posts and no one had posted anything. Did you get fed up and leave? :LOL:

Here is the Manicotti recipe:

6 manicotti shells
3 red bell peppers (or 10oz jar roasted red peppers)
3/4 lbs extra lean ground beef
1/2 tsp ground black pepper
1/2 tsp basil
1 tsp crushed garlic
1/2 small onion
2 oz herbed goat cheese
1/2 C FF cottage cheese (or FF ricotta)

Preheat oven to 450. Boil shells according to package and set aside. If using fresh bell peppers, roast them in a nonstick skillet over medium-high heat, turning so each side of the pepper is charred. Place peppers in plastic bag until steam loosens skin from flesh. Peel off skins, remove seeds and stems and puree in blender with oilve oil, ground pepper and basil. Set aside.

For filling, brown beef and onions until beef is no longer pink and onions are soft. Add garlic and cook just long enough for it to release its aroma (30-45 seconds). Remove mixture from heat and transfer to medium sized bowl. Add remaining ingredients and mix everything together. Stuff shells with the filling and place in 8x8 baking dish sprayed w/ nonstick cooking spray. Pour sauce on shells and over edges of shells so they don't dry out while cooking. Bake shells until sauce bubbles (about 25 min). Sprinkle w/ Parmesan cheese if desired.

I needed to add a little Tony's to flavor it up a little but I am a southern girl and I need it spicy. It isn't going to be as cheesy as the real manicotti but I thought it was pretty good and it is healthy.

07-25-2003, 11:08 AM
Yesterday i couldn't get into the site at all, not even the front page... I wonder if I was the only one ?

Well my recipe turned out good, my family liked it a lot too :)

I had yesterday off, State Holiday... I was on track until we decided to go to Cold Stone Creamery... ugh! :lol:

But I did work out Wednesday night, and yesterday morning, so it should be ok. I weiged in this morning: 125. So pretty much I am just fluctuating, I am sure tommorow the ice cream binge will hit and it will be different :p

Angie, I am trying to hit my goal by August 30th now, we could challenge eachother or something, maybe that would get us out of our funks :)

Kempy, I love italian food also, that sounds SOOOOO good, thanks !!

Emily, I worked at a carwash as a teenager, therefor I hate mini vans.. :lol:

CG- is SBD low carb ? I have to hand it to anyone who can survive on low carb.. I would DIE. :lol: I am not a big meat eater, I cannot live without bread and stuff... that's why I went low cal ;)

Have a good day ladies, I have to take my kids to work with me today, that should be interesting. We had yesterday off for a state holiday, then we have to go back for friday, makes a lot of sense to me :p But I don't have a babysitter because most normal people take their vacation the whole weekend.

Cosmopolitan Girl
07-25-2003, 11:14 AM
Oh, gosh! Extreme low-carb!

I was having headaches, and all. After the two weeks is up I can re-introduce the right carbs.

It is fairly strict though.

The only cheats are a spoonful of peanut butter! Loss of engery, but getting that back slowly!

How is everyone else doing? Gosh the both of you are so close to your goals!

07-25-2003, 11:16 AM
yeah, I would DIE :lol:

I am close, but somedays I get back up to 128 or 129.. *shrug* I have no idea what I really weigh.

07-25-2003, 12:25 PM
Morning All!

Kempy - thanks for the recipe. I look forward to trying it. I just can't tell my husband that it's low fat because he will not eat it...what he doesn't know...I made him chocolate mossue once that he loved - I didn't and still won't tell him it was made with tofu. He keeps asking for it - so I must of done something right. ;)

Tonya - for maintenance you are supposed to eat at the higher end of your range (22 -23)and then eat what ever exercise points you do (1pt per 30 minutes of exercise) :strong:

CG - God Bless you for such a strict diet. I hope you have many foods you love in Tokyo that go along with this.

I have 2 weddings and a going away party this weekend so I have been eating more a vegetarian diet this week because of these events. :yikes: keep your fingers crossed for me.

If I do not get back on these boards again I hope all of you have a great weekend! :flow2:

:cb: Summer/GEM :cb:

07-25-2003, 12:30 PM
cool, thanks Summer, I thought it was around 25'ish.. so I am glad you told me :)

have a good weekend yourself! :D

ugh, can I just say that this day is giving me a headache already? lol.... kids + work = stress :p

07-25-2003, 04:15 PM
I am just getting a chance to post. Fridays are busy busy busy.

Kempy, Your recipe sounds good. I will have to try that one too. I love trying new recipes out.

Tonya, a challenge sounds great. I plan to get back to it on Sunday so I will try to get down to 135 by the end of August. I have no idea what kind of damage I have done this week so I will just try to hit 135. :lol:

CG, I couldnt do lowcarb either. I love bread and pasta and eat them every day. hehe

GEM, Have fun at your parties this week. Good Luck.

Sandy, You have fun at your parties this weekend too. I want to see you back here Monday and maybe you will join me and Tonya for a challenge? They are fun to do and they help keep us focused.

Noelle, Where are ya girl??

Pee break is over....BACK TO WORK FOR ME!!!

07-25-2003, 04:27 PM
cool beans Angie, maybe that will get me back in gear :D

I took my kids to McDonald's to eat and play around in playplace cause they were getting bored and antsy at my work... well I was doing well, stuck to the salad I usually get, then I got a kiddie cone, and then my son didn't finish his fries.. and boom, I started picking at them .. Looks like I can squeeze a small dinner in and still be ok.. wish me luck.

Cosmopolitan Girl
07-25-2003, 06:55 PM
Good Luck! Tonya!

I am feeling much better today! Headache has subsided!

I have been dieting for nearly two years, but doing the SBD has made and contributed in a much rapid pace to my weight loss, for sure!

I wore a bra today, I could not close the clasp too! It is a little snug , but last month, I could not even pull it over my shoulders!

!Happy Dance!

I am about to eat some eggs and squid for breakfast over a bed of greens!

I am drinking Barley tea now!

Have a great weekend!

I am going to see "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" with a friend and her fiancee this weekend!

There after, to dinner. Aisan cusin, so I have to steer clear of any rice, and just eat low-carbs!

Tough! And of course I can not order dessert!

07-25-2003, 06:59 PM
oh man, lol.. for me to eat chinese and not order rice would be like the apocalypse :p

have fun!

07-25-2003, 08:36 PM
Hey everyone. Just got back from lunch at my son's school--it was his last day and all parents were invited. It was a nice send-off, a few tears flowed but mostly from the adults--the kids didn't really care or didn't realize they weren't coming back. I got some pictures of his classmates and teachers so I'll keep them in his photo album. I brought my own subway sandwich so I was just fine. Even said no to the giant sheet cake they were slicing up so yay me! I've been doing great actually foodwise + exercise for the past few days, but of course here comes the weekend. Rick is taking our boy camping this weekend so I'll have ME time :dancer: . Gosh, it's so dang hot here, 90 degrees and humid--feels like Louisiana :lol: .

Kempy thanks for the recipe~maybe I'll try it this weekend?

Angie I didn't catch that show you were talking about, of course I live nowhere near those millionaire neighborhoods, but I did live just on the outskirts. In fact, one of the streets on the slopes of diamond head is called "Noela" st, which is my name in Hawaiian :D. I wish I lived there... but yeah, I have to agree that this place is pretty beautiful to live in.

CG I'm glad to hear you willing to try 'different' cuisine. Hmm, ika for breakfast? Sounds good to me! Of course I couldn't stay from carbs--I need my sushi at least once weekly. Have a good night out.

Summer, good luck and have fun at your parties!

Tonya, what is that you do that you can bring your kiddies to work with you? I would go nuts too--I bring my son into my office with me sometimes and all he does is bug me to play "nickjr." or "cartoon neckwork" :lol: . We have an admissions day holiday coming up on 8/15--so I'm taking a long weekend off to Maui again.

Oh yeah, did I tell you guys that I'm going to Maui next week Friday too? So 2 trips to Maui in August. Hopefully I can maintain and not gain. I've been fluctuating like crazy 5 lbs up and down for the past 3 mos now? It's nuts. I need to buckle down BEFORE the fall holidays so I can enjoy them then and not worry about putting even more weight on then. I'll get it one day, I will!

Well, hope all of you have a great weekend....and all of you other lurkers (Jen and Sandy) pop in and say hi.

Talk w/ya gals later.

07-26-2003, 10:33 AM
Ha! I beat everyone on today :lol: . It's 3:29 a.m. here, HI time. I woke up because we're having some booming thunder and lightening--it's so loud. My first thought was to nudge my hubby and have him go check on our boy, then I realize they weren't even here. They're out camping! So here I am, worrying. I'm on the dry, western part of the island and I can only imagine what the weather's like up on the north side...anywho, just thought I'd pop in quickly and say hi :wave: . Well, I should turn this off in case the power surges. See y'all later. Have a great day!

Cosmopolitan Girl
07-26-2003, 11:22 AM

The rainy season just ended here! Yikes, time for 38 degree weather! I am sure your boys are having a blast!

: )

Hello Everyone!

This recipe I made tonight on the SBD was just awesome, I even took a picture!

: )

Saturday Night here 11:30 PM!

07-26-2003, 06:12 PM
Congratulations to all of you who are doing so good!! I am so impressed with all of you!! I have had enough junk food I think. I am going to start again in the morning and I vow to hit at least 135 before I even consider letting any junk in my mouth. I had better look at my actions seriously now or I will be back to 206 and starting over a third time. YIKES!!

It is so hot today. I did my 3 miles this morning and then this afternoon I went to the library with Brittany so that was another 1 1/2 mile so not too bad from a woman who is so swollen and bloated that she hurts. :lol:

Tommorrow I want a swift kick in the ***. If I mention anything non dietary that I have put in my mouth than kick me. Ok? :lol:

Have a great weekend everyone!!

07-26-2003, 10:03 PM
Boy am I relieved. It has taken me quite a while to find the thread. I thought it would be all gone. I can't find my old journal. I'm on vacation for 2 weeks, and everything changes. You are probably beginning to figure out that I am not comfortable with change. I read that our old journals will be gone soon. I wish I knew that. A journal is a precious thing...something that you might want to refer back to...and to have it deleted is pretty awful. I thought about you ladies while I was away. You wouldn't believe how I ate and drank. Talk about indulgence. We had a great time in Cape Cod. My daughter made lots of friends, so she was totally entertained. I was able to read two novels. The beach was perfect. My husband and I just returned from our 3 day trip to Mohegan Sun to celebrate our 10th anniversary. It was wonderful...we rekindled our relationship. I haven't stepped on the scale yet. I know that I gained because my clothes are snug. Oh well, I'm ready to start thinking about getting healthy again. I'm just so glad that our thread still exists. I was really in a panic. Now that I am finally home, I will go back and read the recent entries, and try to catch up with all of you. I really missed you. I wish I could have taken you all with me. Summer ;)

07-27-2003, 03:02 AM
:wave: Welcome back Summer! Hey, vacations are a time for indulgence, especially if they include a 10th anniversary. Congratulations! :balloons: :lucky: :flow2: . I know what you mean about changes. We're so used to the old style journals that it's been hard to get used to the new. I created a new one and maybe only journaled twice. It's just different and well, I'm a little hard-headed when it comes to changes like that. Anyway, glad you and the family had a great time at the Cape. Great to have you back.

We are having the absolute most worst weather this year. We have 94% humidity and our temps are around 88 degrees with no tradewinds and there's been lightning and thunder all day. DH and DS are still out camping. They called this morning to say that they managed to stay dry and were having a grand old time watching all the free nature light shows. There's no sun but it's warm so they're still swimming and rafting...I went shopping all day myself. I was so pooped this afternoon since I woke up at 3:30 a.m. and didn't go back to bed. I did sneak in an afternoon nap so I'm feeling pretty refreshed right now. If there's no lightning tomorrow, it's a morning walk for me.

Angie, great job on your walks woman! Good luck with the rest of your weight loss too. I have confidence that you will do exactly what you set out to do :goodvibes: . I'll start polishing up my doc martens in preparation for some swift kicks in the arse :lol: .

CG I had nigiri sushi for dinner yesterday. I'm sure I ate enough rice for the both of us :^: . I just love it.

Well, I hear a ruckus upstairs, I better go see what's up. Have a great evening everyone.

07-27-2003, 10:48 AM
Good Morning!!! I am so ready to get back OP. At least until I get hungry. :lol: Nope, I am going to do it now. I just posted my fat picks on the 4 week challenge thread for Di. So seeing those again gave me a good boost to start today on the right foot. Me and Jay just did a 3 mile walk and the minute we got home it started to rain out. Now I would have enjoyed the rain while I was walking since it is so muggy out anyways. haha

Summer, glad you are back safe and sound. Sounds like you had a fun time. Dont worry about the scales we can start fresh and move forward

Noelle, sorry it is so crappy there too. That is basically what our weather has been for a week. YUCK!!!

07-27-2003, 11:20 AM
Hi ladies, quick check in on my part, in a hurry.. hehe :)

have a great day!

angie, I am an idiot this weekend, it's been way bad. I am ready to clean up my s*** too :lol:

we can do it!

talk to you all tomorow!

07-27-2003, 12:13 PM
Noelle, thanks for the congratulations and welcome back.

I had a fabulous time on vacation. I feel pretty guilty about the weight gain...four pounds...plus the six pounds I gained in June brings me up to a whopping ten pound weight gain since June. I am trying to put the guilt behind me because it is counter-productive. When I am on vacation, I refuse to deny myself. I eat and drink whatever I want...self-indulgence is what vacation is all about for me. I enjoyed every minute of my vacation, and it only comes once a year. I have the rest of the year to get my act together and lose weight. I guess it is a good thing that we can't afford to travel more than once a year. I would probably be even bigger!!!:lol:

I have to tell you all again how relieved I was to find this thread. I totally panicked when I had to sign up all over again from scratch as if I had never subscribed to 3fatchicks. Luckily you are all still here. I'm gonna really need you while I struggle to gain back control over my eating and exercising. I hope that I can be a source of strength and support for all of you as well. I will surely try.;)


07-27-2003, 05:29 PM
I have been good today. I have the lobsters cooking right now for supper. YEAH ME!!!!

We have been having problems with Cappie lately and I cant figure it out. What would you guys do? We adopted him in January. We were told that the people who owned him had to give him up because he couldnt be in a fence or chained. He kept escaping. I have a huge fenced in yard and I dont keep my dogs outside at all other than to play and do their business so I didnt see a problem with it. Okay we brought him home and he is a big lovebug but he is pigheaded and doesnt like to do as told. Well, he has growled at me if I try to get him to do something he doesnt want to do so I wouldnt make him do it but I would put him in a sit or daown after he calmed down to keep the upper hand.(amazingly enough he will do sit and down when told but that is it.)

Today Jay was playing with the dogs and Cappie jumped at him and tried to bite(he didnt get the skin) we let it slide figuring maybe he got to excited during play so when we went to go out to work we put them in the field to play and Cappie didnt want to go out so Jay tried to nudge him and Cappie turned around and started to snarl and growl at him. Jay said he was not going to give his ground and go to the field until I came up and said foe Cappie to get in the field. We never push the issue or have never hit any of our dogs so I am stumped as to why he is pushing Jay so bad. I am seriously considering giving him up but it breaks my heart because all I wanted to do was save a dog and give them the best life I can. I am not sure he could be trained because he is so pigheaded and I KNOW the way my trainer had me teach Rebel wouldnt work. I would get bit I am sure. He has no ounce of submission in him. I really dont know what to do.

07-27-2003, 06:06 PM
Yay Angie for staying on track today. It's almost lunchtime here but we may go out to the mall again. I made some muffins for breakfast w/some fresh peaches and chocolate chips...not too good of a low-fat choice, but they were very good. I'll do better tomorrow. It's still muggy here but at least the sun is shining today. As far as Cappie goes, maybe you should find an animal behavorist in your area. Some of the regular dog training courses wouldn't work with our dog since he was aggressive and using the choke chain on him only made him more aggressive. we used an animal behaviorist who employed 'gentle' techniques (it sounds corny, but it worked) and he's been much easier to manage. Hope you can find a solution to the problem, it would be sad to have to give up a beautiful dog like him.

Well, we're taking off for the day. I'll check back later.

07-27-2003, 09:58 PM
Angie, I'm so sorry that you are having trouble with Cappie. We have had trouble with our dog, Duffy, who we adopted from a shelter in April. We also have a fenced in yard, and Duffy has dug his way out three times. Now we have to tie him on a line, but we have the line hooked up to the clothesline so that he has room to run. When we went on vacation, he "marked his territory" all over my friend's house. She had to go out and buy him a crate to keep him when they left the house. I vowed that I would never crate a dog, but he actually likes it. Now I won't have to come home to accidents on the kitchen floor anymore. I haven't had a problem with aggression though. If I did, I would definitely seek help from a behaviorist like Noelle suggested. I would probably check with my vet for a recommendation. He/she might have some ideas for you to try before you spend money consulting someone else. You can also check out the website for the American Kennel Club. They have a lot of info. Good luck to you. I really hope that you can solve this problem and keep Cappie. Summer :flow2:

Cosmopolitan Girl
07-28-2003, 12:26 AM
Well! Hello everyone!

NOELLE please do not tempt with with sushi! Eeek! I went to this Asian Fusion eatery yesterday, Oh, gosh so, tempting!

Tai Grab
Spring Rolls (Fresh)
Sashimi which I ate!

Oolong Cha to no end, and Jasmine tea!


Ok, I am on the SBD, right, so I cut carbs, watch fat intake, etc.

I bought a pack of ground beef lean and regular mixed! Still a little too fatty for me though! Since living abroad and on the island, I have not induldged in meat red meat often!

KOBE beef is so $$$$$$$$$


I grilled one onion, one whole garlic thin greenbean, turmeric, cardamon,ciltanto.

Another both the BEEF!
I mixed all together making Hamburg patties!

Lasted for four meals (just two of us)!

However, GAS, GAS,GAS!

We went to the movies the to see "Big Fat Greek Wedding" and my fiancee was like OMG, do you hear the rumbles???

Ladies, any ideas???

Grumble, Grumble!

I am down a cup size, and band size thus far, doing my daily walks with my partner fiancee, and playing with them in the park!

I am there with you. The humidity is high here, not sunny but the walk made me drip with sweat! I am lucky I brought my Hankie!

Does anyone here like Saba?

07-28-2003, 08:00 AM
:wave: Hey there friends, I'm crawling out of this hole of self destruction and coming back to get support and offer it. I wish I had time to go back and read all I have missed but I am going to appologize and hope that you all understand that I will just start a new today. I did go back a few and read about Angie's troubles with Cappi.....guess I would take Noelles advice and consult either a VET or a Trainer. Good luck with him.

All in all I have not done too bad, I stepped on the scale this a.m and was not as shocked as I thought I would have to be. I am thinking this time I will use the calorie/fat method. I was doing the WW points, but I am going to be using the fitday site to track my food and stuff and it uses calories/fat, so I think I will do that. Easier maybe? We will see.

Angie: thanks for the PM, it ment a lot to me. I told you I would be back, so here I am. I hope you are doing well again. I'm sure I will catch up here in a bit. Wow last night was so muggy even Alexis was up like 4 times and I was like come on kid, Mommy has to work in the morning. I think she stayed awake from 2:30-4:00 am watching Homeward Bound in her room, I went back to sleep. I know another mom would have stayed up, but she is really good about staying in her room in the night hours. And she is almost 6 so no big deal. This week I guess the weather is supposed to be a lot better.

We took my oldest Evan to camp yesterday for a week, I will miss him. This is his third year of going, and although I don't mind him going away, by about day 3 I am ansy and wanting to go get him, then about day 3 of having him back I will be wanting to send him back....lol...

Oh my goodness, yesterday I bought some Compound W for the new warts that have decided to take residency on my hand. I had them when I was a kid and nothing worked, I had to eventually go to the dr's and have them all burned off. I am hoping that this stuff works this time. They are on the underside of my hand, as a kid I think I remember them being on a bunch of my fingers and 3 on my feet. Why oh why did they come back?:?:

Okay girls, be back later to check in.

Welcome to the newcomers and I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

Kempy: How are you doing girl down there in the South? Is the heat really really bad, and the muggies?

Okay gotta run,


07-28-2003, 09:54 AM
Good Morning Beautiful ladies!!! I am so happy to say that I made it through yesterday right on track. I didnt even eat a snack last night. YES!!!! I know my boobs are thanking me today.(they arent all swollen and sore from all the junk I have eaten.)

I am going to have to do something to try and get Cappie to listen. He is weird because generally he is the most loving sweet boy but when he doesnt want to go do something watch out. We have never pushed the issue when he growls but I know that is teaching him that he can growl to get out of something. It is sad but he LOVES the kids. he has never so much as looked funny at them he just has a problem being submissive to me and Jay(mostly Jay) I dont want to have to find him a new home, even though he has many problems I still love him.

The wind is blowing today and it is cool when the sun isnt in my face but I am sure that will all change when I start to bake. :lol:

CG what is Saba?

Sandy, I am so glad you are back. You can do this. It is all mind over matter,just try to stay positive and it will happen.(I know easier said than done :lol: ) Plus we are all here for extra support when you need it! Ahhh camp... I would send Brittany in a heartbeat. HAHA All that girl has done this summer is argue with me or the twins. She is 11 1/2 going on 22!!! I do get to get rid of all the kids for the weekend this weekend YEAH!!!! Tuesday Brit goes to my sisters to babysit and then Thursday they all go to her house for the night and then my mom is taking all the kids until Sunday.

Cosmopolitan Girl
07-28-2003, 10:28 AM
Oh, Saba is a fish!

It`s English name is Mackerel! Do you like it?


Sorry to hear about your dog, mine is doing the same!

Alpha Male Syndrome.

I am going out to buy a long pigs leather glove so I can grab is mouth and say "no" when he tries to growl or bite, this is what two vets told me to do!

: )

07-28-2003, 11:08 AM
hello ladies! I basically took the weekend off from "dieting", and thinking about it 24/7. which probably wasn't a good idea, but maybe just what I needed to get to focus again ? Hopefully.

So the whole weekend was a wash as far as food goes. Even fitday can't be completed, I don't wish to know the extent of what I ate :p

But as far as other stuff. I just spent a lot of time with my family, we went to the park saturday for a few hours, I cleaned yesterday and played with my kids the rest of the day. Not really much goin on. Today is my daughters first day of first grade, but they are only doing a half day meet the teacher sort of thing. So I have the remainder of the day off :D

so far I am totaly on track, I WILL eat good today, and since I have the day off, I WILL work out :)

There are so many posts since I last had time!

Welcome back Noelle!

Angie, I am so glad you are back to focus, I will use you as inspiration.

CG girl, lol.. GASGAS!!! you make me laugh, hang in there, grats on inches lost!

Peekabo, fitday is awesome! sometimes I don't worry as much about my WWP , and just concentrate on cal/fat intake, I find it works just as well. I also find sometimes I go over on WWP, and still be only at 1000 - 1100 calories for the day.. which makes me wonder about WW just a little. but maybe I am making empty calorie choices.. in fact I probably am ! :lol: that would explain that though.

Hi to you Summer, and anyone else I may have missed, I apologize, Have a very very good day girls!

07-28-2003, 01:24 PM
WOW you guys were busy!

Did you get Chris's e-mail? Doesn't she look great! I wish she would head back our way.

Angie I would talk to the vet. Maybe something is chemically wrong with him and he doens't know of any other way to tell you.

Good going Cosmo! It is always gret to put on clothes that were once to tight.

Summer I am heading out on Saturday but I am trying to prepare for the eating. I know I will be drinking that is a given in this family but maybe I can control the food. We are also going to be going on our anniversary date. It is Saturday. I can't believe that it has already been 6 years! Where in the world did the time go.

Noelle how was your weekend alone?

I don't know how you guys walk outside right now. It is so hot down here you just walk outside and you are covered in sweat.

Joe and I had to raise a flower bed yesterday and I worked on my (this is for you Sandy) pot plants. :lol: We didn't know how low the bed was but with all of this rain my plants were drowning. Talk about so hard work. We had to pull them out and them add dirt and them plant them again. I hope this works. Now we need to figure a way to drain that part of the yard. That will have to wait until after vacation.

I am so glad that we are all back into everything. I hope we can keep this up. I don't mean to toot my own horn but I am doing really good on this Body Rx. Joe is even helping me stay away from the bad foods. I bought this great cook book and I love the stuff in it. I don't even mind cooking. Who knew I would like it. Maybe it is b/c I know it is good for me so the extra work is paying off.

07-28-2003, 03:44 PM
:love: Kempy: Happy 6th Anniversary!!! Have a wonderfully romantic time together!!!:goodvibes

:cool: Cosmo Girl: The food you eat sounds so exotic! I wish I had such sophisticated taste buds. I have the eating habits of an 8 year old!

:^: Sandy: I've been out of the loop too. I just got back from being on vacation for over 2 weeks. I felt really uncomfortable when I returned to a new format. I pretty much freaked out. I've calmed down after checking things out. Welcome back to both of us.

:shrug: Tonya: What is fitday? I love to hear about all the different diets that people are on, especially if they are effective.

:) Angie: How's it going? Have you spoken to any professionals since you last posted? I would love to hear how things are going with Cappie.

;) Noelle: How are you girl? Is it super hot and muggy in Hawaii? The weather is humid and in the 90's with a constant threat of thunderstorms. That is pretty much how it will be until October. I just love late June- mid July. That is when it is sunny, clear, and hot....perfect summer weather for the beach.

Ladies, I need a big fat kick in the _ _ _!!!:eek: I have been eating like a :ink:!!! I just can't seem to break this self-destructive pattern. Vacation is over. Granted, I'm not back at school, but that is no excuse to keep overeating. I'm so uncomfortable. Anyone got any ideas? I could use some help right about now! :?:

Take care everyone! Summer:flow2:

07-28-2003, 05:05 PM
www.fitday.com :)

07-28-2003, 05:51 PM
Hey all!

Wow this forum was busy this weekend. My party and 2 weddings were fun and I did okay. At one wedding I had alittle more alcohol than I allotted myself. I'll half to do better because I have more weddings this weekend. :cb:

Anyone know anything on cholesterol. Just got a blood test and they said my cholesterol is 213 but that is 80 points more than a few years ago (early 2001). I have been eating rather healthy (healthier than ever before) and there is no family history of it. I am asking for a retest but don't know what foods I should eat, avoid etc. In the meantime. :chin: So any advice is appreciated.

Hi Summer! That is my name too but I guess I'll go by GEM so there is no confusion. I must of joined while you were on vacation.:wave:

Kempy congratulations on 6 years - I hope you have a wonderful anniversary!!!! :hat:

CG - I understand the gas issue. I take beano before I eat and that helps alot and my husband likes me more.

Angie and Tonya keep it up! You both have come so far and are inspirations to us all on the board. :encore:

Sandy - Dr. Scholl's also has a great wart remover that looks like band aids. I had one and it took it off in a week - ten days. Looking forward to getting to know you as well.

Hello to everyone else and I hope all are okay. Have a great day!

;) GEM/Summer ;)

07-28-2003, 06:30 PM
Hello gals. My weekend didn't go too bad foodwise. I ended the day yesterday with an awesome homemade pizza. Lots of fresh spinach and tomatoes and garlic :T . I did a lot of shopping and saw 2 movies (Whale Rider and Sea Biscuit) and enjoyed it all. My boys got back early Saturday afternoon and my son clung to me like glue. They had a good time and even got to see a lot of honu (green sea turtles) right offshore.

Kempy, toot your horn as loudly as you'd like--you're doing awesome! And yeah, take good care of those pot plants :smoking: ! I agree, Chris looks wonderful, radiant even. I'm sure they'll get their wish some day soon.

Angie, kudos again for making it through the day :cp:

GEM, I don't know much about cholesterol, sorry. Glad you had fun at your weddings, and sometimes a little too much alcohol can be a good thing, *hiccup* .

Summer, it's still hot here but the tradewinds are back and blowing the black clouds away--it's tolerable again, thank God! Grab the horse by the reins and jump back on. You can do it.

CG~ I love saba...it's so oily and buttery and yummy. Sorry, I'm not very helpful on this board am I? hehe. I prefer it grilled myself. Very easy to get at any okazu or even supermarkets here. But Kobe beef IS buku bucks. I'll refrain from talking about sushi...but how can you stand living there and not eating it? :shrug: I guess if you've been eating more healthfully any amount of fattier foods would wreak a little havoc on your digestive system. Hope the gas problem goes away ;) .

Sandy :strong: you can do it babe! No apologies required.

Hey Tonya, how're you doing today?

Gosh, my neck has a major kink in it. I gotta go take something for it. Well, everyone have a great day. I'll check y'all out later.

07-28-2003, 08:34 PM
Kempy, I agree with Noelle!!! You have done an amazing job these last few weeks and you deserve a TON of credit!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Noelle, HAHAHA!!!! I almost fell off my chair with your little smoking smiley face. hehe. It sounds like you had a greeat weekend and your boy definately missed his mommy. My kids are like "do we have to go home? " :lol:

GEM, Sorry I cant help ya with the cholesterol either. I have never even had mine checked.

CG, I have never had saba either but **** the way Noelle is describing it I want to try it now. :lol:

Summer, We have all been a little off with the start of summer so now we need to get down to business and do what needs to be done so we look hot for the fall. That is the way I have been thinking about it. I bought alot of new sweaters that I want to wear when it cools down and I would be so depressed if I put on anymore weight. We can all do this!! We are here for you.

Sandy, How are you holding on today?

Tonya, How are you doing today?

I just went up and looked in the RV that we want to buy. It is so pretty. I am going to be so pissed whan they deny us the loan for it. Jay has me almost convinced to sell the Durango if we have to to knock our debt down to get it. He can buy a cheaper car and plus it wouldnt be so heavy to tow behind the RV to Florida. Maybe... But The Durango is so pretty but he is the one who does the driving so I cant make him keep it if he doesnt want to. :lol:

07-28-2003, 08:40 PM
GEM: If you want to be called GEM, that's fine with me as long as you don't mind. I had the same problem in grammar school...the teacher attached my middle name to my first name. It was really annoying!:dizzy:

Besides cutting down on saturated fat and partially hydrogenated fat, all I know about cholesterol is that you can eat perfectly healthy, and still have high cholesterol. My doctor is a skinny health freak with high cholesterol. It pisses him off that I am obese and have very low cholesterol, and here he couldn't live a more healthy lifestyle, and he needs to take medication to control his cholesterol. So, see what your doctor suggests, and best of luck.

Tonya: Thanks for the info! :)

Noelle: I give you a lot of credit for behaving yourself when you had the house to yourself. I would have used the time alone to binge. See how unhealthy I am?! I'm proud of you.:D


07-28-2003, 08:43 PM
Kempy: You and I were posting at the same time! Thanks for the wisdom. You are absolutely right! ;) Summer:flow2:

Cosmopolitan Girl
07-28-2003, 08:49 PM
Hello Everyone! : )

TonyaS : No worries girlly ,you can stay on track! Just start over when once failed!

Which diet are you on? Is it WW?

Summerlover: Hi there! Oh, my taste buds, well I guess I have always been a diverse lad, but I think many of the fishes are readily availlable, but even myself did not know the English names for them!

I think any grocery would carry a large variety or fish market???

Do you like Saba, or Mackerel?

Oh the gas issue!


Do you want to hear a funny story, as you know Mr. Fiancee and I ate the same thing "Garlic"!

He had gas so bad, he went to the supply room (pencils , and such) where no one would be found ,and did his release!

He was so embarassed he waited to make sure the air was clear!



Cosmopolitan Girl
07-28-2003, 08:52 PM
Yes, Saba has the good fats, it even tastes oily at times which makes it all the more tasty!

Omega Fats! Which are the good fats, like Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you try it, you can broil it on pan grill it!

Let me know if you try it!

Cosmopolitan Girl
07-28-2003, 08:59 PM

Yes, oily but the good oil, isn`t that just great!

Sushi is left of me and right of me! I opt for Sashimi!

Havoc on my system is an understatement! I am do the Fiber powder now, so I can become more regular!

I do not even craves carbs anymore, and just grab some cheese, or ricottat on some thin sliced ham size of my palm and heat it for snacks! Wow what a run on sentence that was!

I think more the the major larger cities are diverse and you can find Saba easily, but in more rual areas in the US or UK, I am not sure.

It is like finding a Starbucks, in some small prefecture here! Ya, good luck!

There are only four in this prefeture so far!

Hoped over to the islands last months, yummy Mahi Mahi is my fav!

I love the "Gray Soup"! HI style??

: )

Gosh, now that you mention pizza, Have you tried pizza with the Potato Salad and Toco or Moochi?

07-28-2003, 11:31 PM
CG, I don't exactly know what "gray soup" is... my sushi of choice is toro, another fatty fish :T . I love sashimi too but just the mixture of flavors w/the nori, rice and shoyu is soooo good. Uh oh, sorry to go on like that again. Nope, haven't tried any pizza like that, I'm sure we may have them somewhere on the island though. Talk about cultural diversity and cuisine--Hawaii is nirvana :lol: ! Oh yes, at least your man had enough decency to leave the room before letting it rip :lol: . Imagine if someone else needed supplies right then and there though... :faint: :lol:

Ugh, talk about incentive! Rick (my DH) is renovating a condo in Waikiki. He removed 3 huge mirrors from the unit and brought them to the shop for storage. These things are like 8 feet long, 5.5 feet high. They're leaning against the wall right outside my office so every time I walk by and I get a full glimpse of my body :rolleyes: . I'm a lot smaller than I used to be but boy do I have a ways to go :p .

Thank you summer for your support :encore: . I could've been a whole lot naughtier but I was hardly at home. I am OP so far today...well, I went home for lunch and my son (who's out of school for a week), comes running up to me with a freshly baked oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookie :cookie: that he helped my sister bake. I had to eat it~~very delicious. He was so proud of himself! The good thing is that I stopped at 1. Yay me! They were still warm so I could've easily ate one after the other, after the other...but I didn't :cb: . Tonight when I go home if there are any left, that will be the test. Hopefully my teenage nephews come over to polish them off.

07-29-2003, 02:02 AM
I'm so behind I'll just say HI to you all tonight :wave:
I had a *really* bad weekend, but am back on the wagon today. I'm doing a 21 day exercise challenge with one of my sisters- isn't it funny that we have a hard time doing things for oursef, but we'll be accountable to others? I guess whatever works!!

So are you all with me for a 100% OP day tomorrow?? Let's do it!!
Gotta get to bed :yawn:
Talk to you tomorrow :flow1:

07-29-2003, 08:57 AM
Hi girls, just wanted to sneak in and say hello.....and I was OP yesterday, and it's still early now, but I think I will be okay today too.


07-29-2003, 09:18 AM
Wow, we are all having a good week so far!! YEAH US!!!! I love it when we are all on track it is so nice.

Me and Jay were just walking and a cop drove by and turned around and pulled up at the curb to talk to us. Scared the **** out of me and I didnt even do anything. :lol: Jay says now what did ya do. hehe. He just wanted old donuts for bear bait. So now with my awesomely rude dogs I now have the animal control officer and a cop coming to my house regularly for donuts. :lol: This oughta be fun.

Well, I need to clean my house so I will catch up with you all in a while.

Hey Emily, I am glad you are back! I am with you for another OP day!!

07-29-2003, 12:22 PM
Well we only have a few more days left in July. Are we all going to start a challenge of some sort for August? I bet now that we have lots of girls here on the thread we would have a good one. I would start it but I will be gone for a week right at the start so I don't think I am the best one to start it. I will join in for it though.

I am counting down the days until we leave. My MIL has already cooked all of her meals. The woman is a planner. I havn't even started yet. I need to make a few lists so that we don't forget anything. We can always go to the store there but it is just easier if you already have what you need. The vacation crowds at the store are terrible.

I hope you guys are having a great Tuesday so far. I want us all to be OP today!!! I know we can do it. Just rememeber you have to report back to us anything you did bad so we are watching.

07-29-2003, 12:39 PM
I'd love a challenge and not just the kind where the goodies call your name from the pantry. :devil: I think it would be great with us all and we are all for the same goal.

What would it be?? I have never done a challenge w/in the 3FC forum. Something like lbs lost or inches lost? New size jeans by Oct 1?? I could always use something to kick start me :sumo: with a specific goal.

I'm game!

:bravo: to all those that are having a good week so far and to kempy who gets to go on vacation soon.

Hi ho hi ho - back to work I go... :drill:

:dizzy: GEM/Summer :dizzy:

07-29-2003, 12:44 PM
Summer that is what is great about the challenge. You can pick whatever goal you want. I started off with lbs, but then had to move to inches b/c the scale was sitting there since I was putting on muscle. I think my goal is already set for me being on this plan and all. My next six weeks starts soon so I will have to give details about what my goals in the 6 weeks will be. Maybe if I do awseme on this so of you guys can try it. I don't mind being the lab rat. :mouse:

07-29-2003, 12:46 PM
The challenges we usually do are we pick a pound loss we want to hit by the end date and weigh in every week to be kept accountable. I usually do the 4 week challenge thread but Gennel is in the process of moving so she hasnt been able to do them every month. I have had trouble with my weight loss since I stopped doing them.

When does everyone want to start? August 1- the end of the month?

I have no idea what I weigh right now because I havent gone near the scales for the last few weeks. I will weigh in on the starting day and go from that weight to what I want to be at by the end.

Gotta get to work. Talk to you all later.

07-29-2003, 12:52 PM
oh i get it...i think...do we have to explain our goals to everyone and see how we are in a month? Aug 1 - Sep 1 is what I would like but I am game for anything right now. I just want to stop feeling so squidgy.

07-29-2003, 01:45 PM
I am so behind ! eessh! hehe

Well I will join the challenge for August. Thanks for all the words of encouragement. I have been so busy!! I am back to work today, so back to the grind, which I think is a good thing, I eat better at work, and drink lots of water.. my daughter started school.. so as soon as the shock and business of that calms down, I think I can concentrate more on the subject at hand here :)

Hi everyone!

07-29-2003, 02:49 PM
I am in for the challenge, I NEED a challenge! The VCR monster ate my new exercise tape yesterday, so, I had to buy a new VCR, and ended up walking 2 miles and doing Pilates at 8:30 pm last night, after working all day, and being out of town :stress: . To make things worse, we ate at Old Country Buffett last night. I skipped all the yummy desserts, and only ate one plate of food, but, probably still ate too much. I have such a hard time with losing weight. I will lose 3 pounds, and gain it back in a cheat day, even if the only cheat is a brownie or two. I just don't understand it!! It's like I have to push myself to the max, and practically starve to lose any weight. UGH! I think maybe the eating disorder I had for 10 years severly messed up my metabolism, even though it has been 3 years now. I keep going to the store and tempting myself to purchase diet pills, Hydroxycut, more specifically, but, have not purchased them. I just don't know if I can lose this weight on my own.

On the up side, we are trying to but a new home. It is a brand new 2003, 2077 square foot double wide with vinyl siding and shingled roof. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, stone fireplace, whirlpool tub, dining room, living room, family room, laundry room, den with french doors, dishwasher, side by side refrigerator/freezer, gas range, chandelier in dining room, island in kitchen. It is sooo beautiful, I hope we can finance it. We are going through SONYMA, so we won't know for 5 weeks or so.


I looked at your before and after pics on the other thread, WHAT A POSITIVE CHANGE!! Great job!

Hi to GEM, Summer, Kempy, Noelle, Sandy, CG, Tonya, anyone else I missed.


07-29-2003, 04:15 PM
I think a challenge would be just what I need to jump start myself. I go more by inches on myself than pounds, but it would probably be easier for everyone if we did it by pounds. Just give me the details...I'm in! Summer :flow2:

07-29-2003, 07:03 PM
How about if we all decide what would be best for us(inches,pounds,etc) and just keep track. This way everyone is happy and doing what they want to do but we are all still together.

Holly, you sound just like me. I remember when I hit 130 pounds after a year of NO fat or junk then at Christmas I decided to bake cookies with the kids. Well, I ended up skipping all of my meals that day and just nibbling on cookies. The next day I was up 11 pounds!!! I was so depressed because I had it in my head that when I hit my goal the weight would come on slowly too so I could go up like 2 pounds and get it off and keep maintaining. I was so sore and swollen that day. I was really depressed to think that I could bloat up that easily because I didnt actually eat that many cookies. I also have to stick to a very low calorie diet because i wont lose anything otherwise. I hate that.

Good luck getting your new double wide. That is what we have and I love it. I paid to get sheetrock throughout instead of the wallboard that is papered. I like to paint my walls every so often so I knew I would hate the wallpapered walls. :lol: It sounds BIG and beautiful. We havent had any problems with ours but watch oput for the salesmen, they are just as sneaky as a used car salesman.

Thanks for the compliment on my before and after pics. I was surprised myself as to how different I looked then and now.

Tonya, I cant wait until my kids start school again!! I will be doing a happy dance. :lol: They start on the 26th and the 25th is my anniversary so it is a good present. :lol:

07-29-2003, 07:38 PM
yeah, I was super stressed about it.. but I know it will get better, she started first grade. And it's a brand new school, and it's a huge school too, and she has to get used to all day school. The other thing I was all worried about all day was her riding the bus.. lol. I was so scared she wouldn't be able to find her correct bus for the ride home, I had horrible visions of her getting on the wrong bus, or getting off at the wrong stop, or something. Do other mothers worry as much as me ? haha

I want to see your pics Angie!

Cosmopolitan Girl
07-29-2003, 08:31 PM
Hello There Ladies!

Yes, Angie I want to see your pictures too!

I am working on a site to contriubute to diet recipes and such if you all have a digi, please jot down your recipes and take a snap shot! The site will be finished soon!

Let`s see for the challenge, how about a two mile walk everyday regardless of how tired we are or the weather!

he he he

07-29-2003, 10:15 PM
Hey everyone! I've been so darn busy today, cramming for the end-of-month fiscal stuff...tax extension deadline coming up, etc etc. I am up for a weight-loss challenge, I guess. I've been gaining and losing the same 5 lbs for what, 3 mos now? :lol: OK, so it's not a laughing matter, but I'm game.

If you gals would like to see the amazing Angie's transformation, just look for the "4-week Challenge" thread on the support forum. Those pics are truly inspirational. Let me tell you other ladies something. Angie and I began this weight loss journey a few weeks apart back in Oct 2002. We weren't that different in weight. She has totally blown me away with her efforts and it shows! I am still hovering between 177 and 182--I've stalled and lost my mojo. She however, is almost at goal. I am truly amazed at her progress, her dedication and am inspired by her success--now, to get off my own butt and get some success of my own :lol: .

Tonya, I think all mothers worry about their little ones--I think it's justifiable. Catching a bus and getting off and on at the right stops would worry me too. I'm sure she'll be fine. I had a girlfriend who's 5 y.o. got on the wrong bus after the first day of school because the teacher put him on the wrong one. They had to send a posse of 14 teachers in their private vehicles to go looking for him. It was scary! Luckily, he followed one of his classmates and got off a few stops down the road. He was happily playing with them in their yard. So, a happy ending thank gawd!

Holly, at the risk of sounding ignorant, what's a double wide? Is that a modular/prefab home? I'm not familiar with the term. :shrug: Prefab homes are something that haven't exactly taken off here in HI. There isn't much land that isn't already developed by those tract type homes.

CG I am a girl of convenience. My "recipes" consist of opening a box and throwing a meal in the microwave :lol: .

Kempy, I am OP so far today (it's 3:10 pm here). I plan on a walk this afternoon, than staying up for most of the night doing laundry. Tomorrow I'm going to a candle party, then Thurs. I may take my boy to the Farm fair. THen Friday, it's off to Maui for the weekend.

:wave: Sandy/Emily/Jen...hope you're all having a wonderful evening. Gotta run.

Cosmopolitan Girl
07-29-2003, 11:32 PM
Angie, OMG, the first picture did not even look like you, I could see your facial features in the last one with the Main tee-shirt on!

Now, that weight took off about 15 years!

So tell me how long did it take you? What did you do, what did you eat?

That is just awesome!

Cosmopolitan Girl
07-29-2003, 11:33 PM
Lets See some new ones now at your goal weight!

What inspiration!