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11-01-2013, 02:38 AM
Ok missys - a new month has rolled around - rather quickly I must say. Was about to post and realized the clock has rolled over so figured I would just set up the new thread since it's November at the moment on my side of the pond. Perhaps Shad is busy looking for new places to live and still in search of the lost luggage.

So here we are. Thank you Michelle for the suggestion. I also like the idea of celebrating our long term friendships with one another. :grouphug:

11-01-2013, 03:29 AM
Ceejay - well good for you for getting the HD enhancer set up on the tv. I do admit I shy away from that stuff. So you got lots of rain to discourage the Trick or Treaters? Hope you bought candy you don't like or contribute it to the candy bowl at work.

Annie - OMG on the ankle. Good heavens, no wonder you are in such pain. Be careful with the walking so as not to wind up hurting yourself more than helping. That's how I got all messed up. I was subconsciously adjusting for the hip pain and it messed up everything else. You'd be better off kicking your feet in a nice fountain instead :lol: I hope you didn't get the wretched weather they were predicting. Glad to hear that the coaching with your brother is going well. Since you asked, I am doing ok at the thrift shop - I sit when I can. My tailors bunion is acting up again - but that's the bursa sac too and it might be something with the hip sacs - I will have to see what irritates the little buggers. And Nina seems to be back to her well self :crossed: - thank you for asking. We are keeping her on the diet of prescribed dry food and giving her a small bit of wet canned food once a day - but poultry products only and we do not give her cat treats - we sneak them to her sister who loves them dearly. At one point after her antibiotics shot when she seemed to be fine, we went back to treats, canned food and got lax on the diet and she gassed up again so I believe she does have some food/cereal/filler type of allergies. Perhaps she is gluten intolerant :yikes: But with a controlled diet, she seems to do fine and is one crazy, crazy cat that constantly amuses DH.

Hi Susie! :wave:

Michelle - thank you for the thread suggestion this month. Good one! Bummer that you have to cover the help desk calls. :rolleyes: But I agree with you - some people don't even attempt to try and troubleshoot before they call. I remember one time we were having a devil of a time with someone and it turned out the cleaning people hit the off switch on the powerstrip without anyone knowing that had happened. That was a pretty lengthy slap your head type of call. Hope your eye is all healed up. How's Santa doing?

Laura - I'm surprised in this day and age that anyone would serve liquor at the office. If there was a party of that sort - we'd have it at a restaurant to avoid the potential of liability. That was nice though that they did recognize your volunteering efforts. Congrats on the pounds down - no doubt a kickstart to your recommitment. Always feels good to see that. Sorry that you have a bunion that bothers you - when you want a real horror story - I will tell you about bunion surgery. :yikes: The various party themes sound like it was a really fun event. I guess you could have gone in with your costume minus BF and billed yourself as a "good egg" :rofl: not that people would have "got it" as I think that's a pretty old saying. Pretzel necklaces sound rather interesting, have to remember that.

Shad - I wish I might, I wish I could come stay with you in your spare bedroom for a while. Would LOVE to see NZ and Australia, particularly with a tour guide as good as you. I am convinced I would also need an interpreter. :lol: Your description of the buildings is so picturesque and I really enjoyed your description of them. Such old history. We are woefully not used to it in the states here, unless you are in New England up by Mel or in parts of the west where the cowboys were. In any event, we are a new country and don't have quite the charm I think that exists in other countries. We are more scenic in nature I would say. We have been reading more about early logging and such in this area and are learning a great deal of fascinating facts. Isn't that horrid the prices on underwear? DH gets a large packet of tidy whitey's for practically what I pay for one of my garments - and I'm not talking Victoria's Secret fancy stuff. We both get Fruit of the Looms except I guess I get the pricer grapes :rofl: Still :crossed: that they find your stuff soon.

And I know what you mean about missing Mel's comments. Something we were talking about the other day reminded me of how she'd just run with it and it made me rather blue and missing her. :hug:

Now that we've rolled into the first of the month I will try Jen again. I would err on the side of caution and send anything to Jen's apartment only in case they have confiscated Mel's place (which is also a sad moment :( ) and not sure if they have moved her to long term care so I probably wouldn't send mail to the rehab place either. I wish Jen was more communicative too but some people - most of my friends in fact - are just not good about communicating. They are always glad to hear from me but most of the time if I didn't call them, I'd not hear from them and I gather that Jen did not use the computer for socializing as much as Mel did. Will let you know of course if I hear anything.

Today was my last day at the Thrift Shop for a while. I only work one afternoon before I leave for Mom's. One guy needs to have his knee replaced so he asked if I could cover his shift on Tuesday mornings. As much as I don't like to get up early, I said sure. My tailors bunion needs another shot of cortisone - the hip shot wasn't enough to calm all the swelling and I don't see the podiatrist before December. I am going to call my doctor and see if I can get booster shots in the hips - one was clearly not enough. If I sleep on my back my back hurts terribly in the morning - if I sleep on my side, my neck hurts. Enough of this baloney. I am trying to be super careful with my temporary crown - so far so good, although it is a bit of a challenge to come up with softer foods. I also need some fruit and vegetables. I can cook veggies to mush and got some bananas. I think if I slice apples and peel them I'll be ok too. I took a Pepcid because my tummy was bothering me, I hate taking that because it seems the acid reducer really makes me very sensitive to the most minute amount of fats or acid and I seem to get in a vicious circle having to take that daily which I don't like at all. Now that we are into November and I have nothing else to distract me except for physical therapy sessions, I really need to focus on some things I want to get done and lists of things not to forget before I leave. My sister said my Mom is very, very excited that I am coming to visit. I hope this flying thing works out ok so I can do that more often next year.

Our weather was cold and drizzly. We didn't have anyone stop in the store for Halloween treats except for a couple who brought their 2 dogs in - one had a superman / superdog costume and the other had some orange thing on - not sure if he was a pumpkin or a foot ball :lol: I gave them some treats. Our hours for trick or treat were from 4pm to 7pm so people were coming out on the street as I was closing up for the day. I did get to see 3 groups of young school kids marching up and down Main Street. Apparently the grade school did a sort of impromptu kiddie Halloween Parade which was nice but they just went for a walk and were not looking for treats. Too bad because I have a very large bag of candy that needs to get disposed of. It's all stuff I can't eat with my tooth right now so it's up to DH to resist ;)

We had a very slow day at the store today. Only 50 dollars in sales and half of that was my purchases. I do what I can :^:

Oh well - just looked at the time - there goes another resolution to get to bed earlier although I was watching some tv and managed to doze off without even realizing it. I think I must have slept at least an hour.

Happy November chicks - hope it's a good one for all of us :hug: Let's put all sickness, illness and misfortune behind us for a change.

11-01-2013, 09:48 AM
TGIF and PF = Pay Friday! Yeah! Need to get some bills paid. You know how the auto insurance just pops in the mailbox and it is always a surprise because we pay 6 mos at a time. I know it is coming, then am surprised when it gets here. What a boob!

Tonite is trick or treat nite for the kiddos. Thank God they changed it as it came down like a monsoon. Thunder, lightening and high, high winds. My lil batman I am sure will be the talk of the neighborhood, especially because he is the only one that is little, everyone else is 5 or more.

HAPPY...thank you so much for starting the new thread. Too bad you didn't get any treaters at the Thrift shop. It is h*ll getting old with all these ailments and aches. I guess it beats the alternative and six feet under. I do hope the extra booster shot helps and your visit with momma isn't with pain. Ha ha glad you also not only work at the Thrift shop but support it too. Kind of like me working at CVS and buying all the mark down stuff. Defeats the purpose.

CHELLE...good idea on the thread title. I like it. How's the eye and how is Santa doing?

Hello to the rest of ya's cause I can't remember from last month's post and too lazy to go back.

Be safe, happy and healthy girls...let's make it a great month!

11-01-2013, 10:54 AM

11-01-2013, 11:32 AM
Morning all!

Annie - Beautiful color on the that tree - is that in your back yard?? And a shadow shot of you, lol. Nice blue sky - was that taken today?? We still have gloom and rain here, but I, too, was enjoying the beautiful fall foliage on the trees during my walk from home to the train station this morning. Hope you get lots of cute kiddies in costume tonight. So your li'l guy is gonna be batman?? Photos please!!

Michelle - LOL re the help desk calls. I hope it at least makes you feel good that your not computer clueless like the rest of us poor saps, or at least speaking for myself. I've been putting off a call to the help desk to ask them for the short version of our new e-mail archiving system. It was changed a couple weeks back and I don't want to bother with reading the docs they sent. Okay, maybe I will take the time to do that this afternoon. How's your eye? Is Santa back in his regular daycare now?

Shad - Glad to hear your bag was found, whew. Too bad about the way too low airline reimbursement on the replacement items you bought while waiting. Wonder where your bag went off to... Good luck with the apartment hunt. So your assignment must be a good length for you to be getting one, as well as the house sitter back home. I do miss Mel too. Miss her posts and the pictures and her funny take on stuff. I hope Happy hears from Jen.

Happy - Yes, I think I would have trouble working in a shop and buying as much as I was selling (or more, LOL). Had to look up tailor's bunion - little toe thing, huh. No, don't want to hear about bunion surgery - I'm sure it's some horrible procedure that involves breaking and grinding. Glad to hear Nina is doing well now on her special diet and being the crazy happy kitty she is. :) Yup, so much to do, so little time. I might try to finish the zipper replacement project this weekend.

Ceejay - Gosh I don't even know what that thing you did to your tv is - does it make your tv smart??? :wizard: Are you enjoying your weekend yet? I'm so ready for Friday today!! The boss, who's used up all her vacation time, has now taken to having "doctor appointments" on a regular basis and leaving the office early. She just finished a major project yesterday so I'm not surprised she has one today, LOL.

Hi Susie! Did you get to see your nephews in costume yesterday?? By the time I got home (after 6:30), we didn't get a single trick-or-treater.

Nothing much to report. I left work later than I intended and missed my usual train by a hair.

I'd toted home the 6-pack I won in the raffle, so I had bf pick me up from the train.

After that, did nothing special, just watched some telly in bed (bf was watching a football game with a friend). Bf made chili, so that was dinner.

BF reported that doggy was going nuts over the kids coming to the house earlier in the day, so bf put the bowl of candy outside. Not much left of the candy at all, and only the twizzlers. I like those, but it's not like having chocolate around... whew!

Another whew - so far nobody here at the office has brought in any of their leftover candy.

Nothing planned for tonight. Tomorrow morning is a hair appointment followed by a dentist appointment.

No other plans except maybe to do a BE workout or two. House needs cleaning, as usual and Mt. Laundry awaits. Still have the bathroom work to do - might get over to that one plumbing supply joint - it's on the way back from the dentist.

Okay, time to get my Friday done with!!


11-01-2013, 12:13 PM
LAURA...The tree is in my front yard. I took the pix last weekend. I will try to get a pix of lil man, just depends on if he is cooperating. We take him tomorrow to get his 2 yr pix. I may set a bowl out for the treaters tonight since I will be at Sissy's house. Good idea. I am thinking fruit snacks. I will go to Costco at lunch to get them in the bulk. I am meeting Sissy at the doc for her 3D ultrasound. Excited!!! Have a marvy weekend sister.

11-01-2013, 01:02 PM
Annie - You have a good weekend too! Good luck to sissy with the ultrasound today!

11-01-2013, 01:14 PM
Morning all,

Annie - I would love to see Lil Man in his costume. Bribe him for pictures :rofl: Your tree is so pretty!!!! And by the shadow I can see you are taking the picture properly - with the sun to your back. We're so bare up here it's hard to believe that some of you are still enjoying the turning of the leaves so it's nice to see a colorful shot. I know what you mean about the shock of the car insurance bill - second only to the property taxes :lol: Are you getting busy at work with open enrollment?

Laura - bunion surgery is painful, requires a substantial recovery and the worst part I think is that you have to wear a boot for a while. And that boot is just enough to set your hips and back off kilter so if you do a lot of walking your back will start to complain very loudly. And the residual effect (which my current podiatrist confirmed) is that your little toe is brought closer to the next toe (leaning in a bit) so often I get the sensation that my little toe is "stuck" to it's neighbor which is weird. My biggest issue was that I had no idea what I was in for - had I known what to expect I would have handled it better. Put off the surgery until it's absolutely necessary - in the end it is worth putting an end to the crippling pain but I think bone surgery is much more painful than soft tissue surgery (ie gall bladder and such). Do you get your hair trimmed each time you go to the hairdresser or just get a touch up sometimes? I hope BF enjoys that beer after you lugged it all the way home :lol:

I'm going to shoot a quick note to Jen. I have some fresh mushrooms I need to use up so I'll send DH to work outside while I cook up some mushroom soup - he hates the stuff. I also have some round steak and need to put some steak and peppers on the stove to slow cook. Was watching an old show of Ina Garten where she made some crab cakes so I picked up some fresh crab for that - cholesterol tests be darned - at least for the moment ;) I have 2 lessons to work on for my writing class - one is a not so easy assignment I've been kicking around in my head the last 2 days. I guess I should also call the doctor and see if I can get in for another cortisone shot. Lots to do and it ain't getting done sitting here so ta ta ladies. Catch up with the rest of you later. Have a good weekend.

11-01-2013, 01:47 PM
Morning ladies!

Another busy day here at work. First, I've got to analyze the Website traffic reports, summarize them in an understandable fashion, and then send them off to the managers. It's not as bad as it sounds...probably an hour or two at the most. Then it's on to other projects or crisis mitigation as needed.

I hope I didn't give y'all the impression I don't like "help desk". I know that some people I work with don't have as much computer experience as I do...nor do I expect them to. I just wish that some people would think a minute before they call. For example...if the laptop battery isn't charging....maybe the power cord isn't plugged in.

Today, I'm meeting with some clinical trial folks at Stanford Hospital. They are studying the effectiveness of combining pain medication with an anti-nausea med to helping with back pain. If I am selected for the trial, I get $500, and there's not much of a time commitment. That will help come Christmas shopping time, especially since my company is closing down from 12/23-1/1, so I'll be missing out of 8 days of pay. If you know anyone who needs a website built, let me know.

Tonight, I'm going to pick up Santa from day care and then go over to a co-worker's house. Her and her husband really decorate their yard for Halloween, and since they aren't taking the decorations down 'till the weekend, I told her I'd come by tonight to see it.

Tomorrow, I've got fasting labs (keeping my fingers crossed for a good A1C) in the morning. And Santa has a follow up visit with a vet for his kennel cough. He hasn't coughed at all in over a week, so I think he's fine.

Tomorrow night, D and I are going to do something. Not sure what. Maybe just watch TV at my house; maybe go to a movie (either Captain Phillips or Gravity).

My eye is doing much better. It's still itchy sometimes, but the swelling is nearly all gone. :-)

Annie - Good luck to Sissy on the ultrasound. Beautiful tree in your front yard! I'd love to see more photos of the lil man!

Happy - I agree about bunion/toe surgery. I had surgery on my little toe several years ago, and I had to wear the boot for a long time. And even after that, I had to get a bigger size shoe for my right foot than my left. Two pairs of the same style shoes was a pain in the butt. Good luck on your writing assignments.

Laura - I could use a hair trim and color touch up. The gray hairs are starting to show again.

Gotta get back to my reports.

Much love to all,

11-01-2013, 02:36 PM
Hi! I found the new thread.

You all have been on my heart this week. I just couldn't seem to get here. I bet you can all guess why...WORK!

DH went to the cardiologist on Wednesday and he is back in Afib, so he has to have another Cardioconversion. He will have it next Friday on November 8!

It is very frustrating to live with afib, as it is a heart issue but it isn't one that has to do with being overweight, or the way you eat or anything like that. It just is electrical and so it doesn't have to do with blockages or things like that. It's hard to fix but it can be managed, so that is where we are.

DH's blood work is exception according to his doctors and the labs and his heart tests say it is in good shape. They would like to see him loose 15-20 lbs but they don't say to much to him about it. They did tell him that being more active can help sometimes with afib as does sleeping well and getting enough sleep. They said it is just something that happens and you never know how it will happen too.

I wasn't expecting it that soon as last time he had to wait almost 3 weeks. Of course that week I am OOO two days, one for training and one for a meeting that I'm running, and then being out on that Friday, so I was scrambling with working extra hours to make sure that other things next week are in place. Also I was handed a new project to spear-head. I was told I got it because I'm seen as a top Admin and role model and they want my branding on it. :dizzy: So, I have to turn in a brief on how I plan to handle this project, along with timelines and resources I need so we can get those in place and it is due next Tuesday.

I told them I was honored but I would need to shift some of my daily work to the other Admin's in my group so that I wasn't killing myself. I have proposed what they will take on from now until Feb when this is delivered. My Director said he would get me some help.

We had a lot of rain last night but still had trick or treat..we only had 1/4 of what we usually have come by. I'm returning the left over candy to Walmart today! I don't need it in the house and having the $$ would be nice. I bought for what we usually have in case the weather turned out differently and it is a bit $$$. I don't mind it when I can give it out to the kids but it's not going to just sit around.

Annie: what a beautiful tree...we have some beautiful ones here in Ohio as well. I love seeing all those colors.

Happy: tell me about your writting class. I used to love to write and I try to journal..but don't get to it as much as I would like to.

Laura: I LOVE getting my hair done. It gives me a new perspective every time! :) My brother sent some pics on my nephews in their costumes that they wore to school that day. It rained to much for him to take them out.

diyana: good luck with those labs. I hope you get good results.

I've got to get back to work..I promise to see more of you all!

My goals for November are: a 6-8 lbs loss for the month, to get in 30 min of exercise at least 4-5 days a week and to post at least 3 times a week.

11-01-2013, 03:19 PM
Swore I posted yesterday - and so I did, just on the old thread.

Nothing much going on here right now. Mind you it is only 7.15am on a Saturday. I have to go onto the website shortly and see if I can drum up some more apartments to go look at. Have one at 12.30 today and that is doubtful since they want a long term lease and I have only five months. So the chase is on AGAIN.
Yes my luggage arrived safe and sound from Melbourne of all places. Don't know where they found it or how but it is here all safe and sound. I must get a thank you card today to send to the lost luggage people at Wellington Airport. They have been great in diligence and giving out information good or bad. I appreciate that sort of service.

Something strange going on on this website so I think I better keep it short and sweet. My screen is moving. And the cursor is jumping around.

My niece is blossoming well and has only about 36 days to go until the birth of little peanut. She hasn't put on a lot of weight - only 6 Kilo so she tells me, which is around 14 pounds give or take and she is looking and feeling very well. It's really been a stress free pregnancy for her - and thank the powers that be that this is so. Probably the baby will turn out to be a little sh*t, since I had exactly the same sort of pregnancy with DS1 and he was a holy terror until he was around 9 months old with colic and hyperactivity and sheer freaking stubbornness. She is having a baby shower next weekend to which I am invited, but unless I resolve the situation with my sister, I may very well just go for a short time and then leave, or I might just get antsy and annoy the living daylights out of my sister who will probably not retaliate but will go into a blue funk and ruin the party. Such is life.

Anyway, this is getting too annoying. I will be back later with personals and maybe something to add to the storyline of the ongoing apartment hunt.

11-01-2013, 08:50 PM
My cursor has been jumping around all over the place too but it's not just this sight. I've tried some different things but to no avail. Glad the luggage finally arrived and good luck on finding an apartment.

Thanks for setting up the new thread. I agree about mailing things to Jen instead of Mel right now. I need to get her another card in the mail. I have two t.v.s that have High Definition but one doesn't get a clear picture. I have cable hd on the other one. I bought this thing which enhances the HD. Browzing at Walmart and found it. It works well. If I can find another one I'm going to cancel the HD part on my cable bill. So far it is doing a good job.

My city was very lucky last night-reason storms. Didn't even know that there was a tornado warning out until I heard the sirens going off. And yes there were trick or treator's out but I didn't see any little one. When the siren went off there were two youn teen agers that were making a b line back home. Don't know how far they had to go. There was a small town that had some destruction and it was put on curfew last night. We had some power outages but nothing to severe. My area was notaffected. I love the fall foliage. The picture is beautiful.

I felt like a help desk person yesterday. My neighbor brought over her new phone and said the phone wasn't charging. Dah the one she had didn't fit her phone. I had some extra's and luckily one fit it. She'd even called her provider and told them that it wouldn't charge. They are sending her a new phone. It's charged now but she had no idea as to make a phone call or do a text. Hope the lab results are good.

You do sound like a busy person. I'm glad that you told them that you could not do all the work by yourself. Hope the DH does well with his procedure.

I know from experience that a bunionectomy is not an easy experience, but when it gets to painful you will know that you are ready. I didn't have to have a boot but my mom did. I was on a walker for two weeks and couldn't put my foot down on the floor, basically all I could do was go to the table and potty. I could only take a sponge bath. I had to take the pain meds the doctor gave me cause when that started to knit back together I wanted to scream. I don't think it did my mom that way though. But that could have been from the hammer toe I had done at the same time.
I'd like to see both of those movies.

I've had a busy day. Got up at 7 a.m. this morning to get the garbage to the curb then washed some bed clothes then went to the doctor. He takes walk ins. But today was Friday and they work till noon I got there at 9 and got back to a room but he was over run with patients with basically what I am havingsome was worse than me. So it was 10.30 before I got to see him. I have two rx's and got an injection He said no flu shot until this infection is gone. Come back in two weeks. I've had a sinus infection for awhile that will not go away (which started with harvest season) and been having fluid in my ears with headaches.
While in the doctor's office i'm reading all the notices on the wall and saw that they are recommending My Plate web sight. and one for a medical receptionist. I'm so tempted to put in my application for the medical receptionist. but it probably isnt' feasable for me to do this right now.
After that our department at work had lunch together at 11.a.m. We won the safety award this month for no work related injuries Found out the latest gossip about my bosses. The one over water sewer is going to become a grandpa, and my immediate boss and his girlfriend are having a baby.

11-02-2013, 01:25 PM
Morning all,

All my plans for yesterday got set aside. My cousin called and asked if I wanted to go on a shopping trip - which around here involves a substantial drive. Oh yes I do! So...

Ceejay - I know it might be tempting at times to look at other things besides your current job but take a step back and consider what you'd be giving up - ie. service time, paid vacation, possibly an increase in pension benefits, etc. Also you'd more than likely take a cut in pay and benefits. You don't have that much longer, just try to hang in there - tempting as it may be otherwise. Besides - look what happened to your friend.

Shad - I hope this morning finds you with a decent place to live and reunited with your clothes and luggage. :D That's unfortunate about the rift with your sister - hope things can be mended - would be a pity for you to miss out on the shower of a niece you clearly enjoy over the pettiness of some sibling miscontent. :hug:

Susie - congrats on the new assignment - good for you for pushing back a bit and asking for some help with your regular duties now that you have this new assignment. It's always nice to hear that they see and appreciate that you are good at your work, they just need to remember that you are not superwoman as I imagine everyone is being asked to do more and more these days. Good luck with DH's cardioconversion. They told my DH that a CPAP would also help the afib but I'm with you - I think it's electrical in natural (the problem) and while other things help the heart health, the afib is an issue unto itself. Bummer that they scheduled it on an already busy week for you. :(

Michelle - wow that's a nice chunk of change for participating in the clinical trials. Hope it works out for you! I didn't take away from your comments that you don't like the help desk work - just that you wished people would do a little checking beforehand for the basics instead of just picking up the phone and that is a perfectly normal reaction. Although I have to admit (reluctantly) I am getting there myself. I took the cell phone with me yesterday and could not for the life of me figure out how to turn the darn thing on. :mad: I pressed every button on the back and the perimeter without success. In the end I just decided I'd order DH whatever sandwich I thought he'd like. I got home and he said the power button is in the front of the phone on the key pad in really teeny letters. Oh geez. But at least I tried first :lol: And I know a lot of people who are just giving up on Windows 8. I'm not sure I can adjust to a touchpad / no keyboard device either. :lol: Phone yes, computer no.

Anyway I have lots to do so I will get on with the day. Have a good weekend everyone.

11-02-2013, 04:24 PM
Up early for fasting labs. Then home for breakfast and did laundry which is drying on the clothesline. Lots of walking (lab at hospital is a LONG walk from parking garage), and bending (picking up Santa's piles and hanging clothes). Back is sore. Head is foggy. I'm tired. Santa's appointment is in 1.5 hours, and I should do some writing. I feel like watching my DVRed Grey's Anatomy or napping. I think I'll compromise and at least get an invoice off to a client.

D is coming over around 5. And we'll either go to a movie or watch some DVDs that I checked out from the library.

Happy - don't feel bad about the phone...I rarely turn it off, and when I do, I usually forget how to turn it back on. show that I'm not a true techie...I still haven't gotten my e-books to my tablet so I can read them. LOL

I hope everyone's doing well. I'm glad I get an extra hour tomorrow (for sleep or writing or other fun).

Love to all,

11-02-2013, 06:16 PM
I've been to Paragould and back to eat with the uncles. One uncle and his wife didn't show and another aunt and cousin didn't show. Had a good visit anyway.

I've been updating my old computer. I've been using it for awhile with out the updates. Now I need to get busy on cleaning house. It is not bad but I want to give it a once over and pick up behind myself.

I'm tired too. Those steriod injections always keep me wide awake till wee hours of the morning. I'll sleep good tonight.

I know I could not make a living at the doctor's office. That's just wishful thinking. But thanks for bringing into reality. I can manage two more years.

To the rest :wave:

11-03-2013, 03:47 AM
Evening all,
Beautiful weather today. I have been down the waterfront and checked out the local produce markets. Good stuff. Then I went to look at an apartment and have taken it. It's more expensive than I wanted but it is big and will have every thing that I need in it. So I will have a place to stay from next Thursday. More money going out. But it should even out soon.

So it has been a busy day and all of it on foot. Up and down hills and steps and slopes. My feet hurt.

Ceejay - my sinus are bad as well. I've been drinking that stuff called Lemsip. It is supposed to clear congestion and ease the production of fluid, but much as I like the taste of it, it really isn't doing a lot. My nose is all stuffed up continuously.

Michelle - time to get some rest in by the sound of it. Make a list, do it in 15 minute spells. Eventually it will all get done.
I can turn my phone on and off, but I forget how to do a lot of the feature things and that stupid soft touch keyboard is the bane of my life.

Happy - baggage arrived - check. New place to live - check. Rang my sister - check. It seems peace may be been declared although she could have got hold of me through facebook if she really wanted to. But it seems I had to make the first move. Who cares anymore.

Susie - good on you for telling them you are not superwoman. Somedays it seems that they want you to do everything, get it in yesterday and for nothing extra either. Apparently it is expected. A polite thank you occasionally would be good.

Annie - nice tree. Love the colours - don't see much colour at home and it lasts such a short time too.

Laura - did I forget Laura? :wave:

Guess it might be time for bed. My feet would appreciate it anyway.
Manana amigas.

11-03-2013, 09:32 AM
I forgot about the time change this morning. I still woke up at my usual time and set the clock back.
I'm still cleaning out closets today. Mainly to get rid of a bunch of stuff I don't need or haven't looked at in three years. It's collecting dust.
I'll text my friend later who is going to come stay after her surgery. It's being done on Monday but she has to stay in Jonesboro for a doctor's appointment on Tuesday. She'll be here on Tuesday night. Believe it or not she's having the skin on her neck stretched.
I'm scheduling a couple of day's off in November and then in December. I'm taking the 19 and 20th off in November. Not sure when in December. I'm using all vacation.

I'm glad things are getting resolved.

11-03-2013, 12:13 PM
Morning all,

My favorite day of the year :D an extra hour in the day. And always on a weekend when you can enjoy it. The one time a year I get up "early" on my own as we set the clocks back an hour and have a 25 hour day today. Enjoy that extra hour folks.

Was feeling a bit scattered and unfocused so I made a list - 2 pages in length of things I need to get done. And it helps me to cross them off and accomplish something. I am also taking care of some things in advance of my trip as to not save everything for the last minute and then run around like a stressed out and short tempered maniac as I usually do. *deep breath*

I decided to call my hair stylist and make an appointment to recolor my hair. While this dark auburn is a nice color - particularly in the sun, inside where you can't see the subtle tones I think it really is too dark and harsh on me. Not sure if she will add light, more pronounced highlights or just give me a quick overall lighter color - she was not at the salon so I just explained my need and they gave me an appointment. We'll see. Tomorrow I go for my first physical therapy session which is good I suppose since my neck pain is travelling down my arm now. I tried to call the doctor yesterday to make an appointment for another shot but apparently the office is only open Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Best not get sick on the weekends or evenings ;) I will call again tomorrow in the morning.

Talked to my Mom yesterday who was telling me about one of my cousins. He is a retired police officer. He had been working his beat and was standing next to a car he had pulled over for a routine stop when out of the blue a crazy person in a rented truck literally took aim at him and hit him full on, tossing him up into the air. They never caught the driver and my cousin was messed up quite badly and still is having ramifications from the accident which was over 5 years ago. He needs to have a steel rod inserted into his spine because he is getting an extreme curvature in his neck which is pulling his head in a manner to touch ear to shoulder on one side. He is having the surgery next month and for 2 months will not be able to bend down, or twist in any manner. Can you even imagine that? Everyday activities like going to the loo, taking a shower, even turning when someone calls your name will be off limits or will require assistance. His wife is taking a leave of absence to take care of him - and she is recovering from breast cancer herself. My heart goes out to them both - he is in constant pain and isn't even 55 years old. All he can do is get worse. I don't know how someone finds the courage to get up every day and keep going when you are facing that sort of situation. Reminds me to be grateful for the blessings in my life.

Shad I am happy to hear that some things are being resolved. Hopefully you have some time in the evenings to enjoy the spaciousness of your home for the next few months, rather than coming in late and crashing into bed only to rise early and leave quickly the next morning. If you are going to be there for an extended time, might as well be comfortable. Glad to hear things are going better with the sister also. I have found more often than not, it is I who have to make the effort to contact people. As I told DH, I try not to let that bother me, you just have to ask yourself if it's worth maintaining that relationship even if you have to be the one to always initiate things. Sometimes the answer is yes, other times I just let things drift apart. Walking down to the waterfront and checking out the produce markets sounds like a wonderful way to spend the afternoon - hopefully you picked up some deliciously fresh things to stock your refrigerator! Sleep well...

Ceejay - gee your friend's surgery sure sounds like a different kind of procedure. It's nice that she can stay and recouperate with you. Hopefully it won't be much of an imposition and you can enjoy each other's company. Any special plans for your vacation days or just going to go with the flow and see what happens?

Michelle - what is it about the hospital campuses that they are such a long walk between parking and the buildings??? Perhaps because they are large hospital campuses? :rofl: I have noticed that with every place we've been at - even in Duluth. Except of course in my little town where we have more of a high end emergency room rather than a hospital of sorts. Glad you enjoyed the movie Gravity.

Well the sun is shining brightly and I have lots more on my to do list to tackle so let me be off and running with the day. Have a good Sunday all and hello to the rest of the Worldlies...

11-04-2013, 04:30 AM
Evening all,
Just a short post tonight as it is late and I have just finished my dinner and I really ought to be in bed. Tomorrow will be another long day. I have decided that I will get up early and go in early to see if I can get home a bit earlier. This eating late in the day is a killer.

So if you don't see me around for a while, it is not that I have forgotten you, just that I am too busy or too tired to check things out. I'll be back.

11-04-2013, 09:07 AM
Good Morning Chicklets....

Sad news from Indiana. My BFF since grade school, not the Missouri crowd, but another who just lives about 25 miles from me, her dad passed away late Friday afternoon after battling cancer for the past 5 years. I will be going to the funeral either on Thurs or Friday. Details are not set yet.

Didn't do a whole lot this weekend. T or T with lil man Friday night was so much fun. He thanked everyone at each house and also told them bye. Too cute. If it was a neighbor that he actually knew he would say Bye and then their name....i.e. Bye Joannie. Too stinkin cute. Saturday was picture day for lil man and Ainsley at JCPenney. They turned out pretty good. I had bought a groupon for 25$, that got us a whole slew of pictures. Nice. Felt like crap most of the day yesterday. Helped C with a couple of his stores, went to lunch at Olive Garden then collapsed the rest of the day. Slept through the Colts game last night except for the last 5 minutes. Good thing cause the first half was awful from what I hear.

I did get a couple of shots of lil man in his costume but they are kind of blurry. I took them with my cell phone, and he was very busy, hard to catch him still.

SHADDIE...Neice having a babe on the way. She sure has gained much weight. Sam is just over halfway there. She has gained 9 lbs so far. They did set her C-section for March 12. Chris's birthday.

CHELLE..sounds like you had a nice weekend lined up for you and D. Sometimes just staying home and gellin' is the way to go. Plus saves money.

HAPPY...Sad to hear of your cousin's horrible accident. I, too, was that crazy person that hit a cop standing by the highway giving a ticket. Only I fell asleep at the wheel and also stopped. Bet momma is getting excited for your visit. Bless her heart.

CEEG...sinus infections can be tricky to get rid of. They seem like they are gone then poof, they are back within days. Hope you are feeling better by now. I say my work environment causes our illnesses around here.

LAURA...I am sure you have been your usual busy self this weekend with exercising, walking the babe and shopping.

SUSIE...hello, sorry to hear your DH is have such a time with the Afib. How annoying and really kind of scary. I know when my heart races every now and then, it just freaks me out. lol. Good job on taking the halloween candy back to Walmart. That will detour absent minded eating. WTGG.

Missin our MELLIE this weekend. It was the start of Count Down to CHristmas on the Hallmark channel. Of course I watched it non-stop yesterday and thought of MELLIE all day long....

Bout it for me, should probably get to work since that is what they pay me for....haha.

Hugs are the way around.

11-04-2013, 09:31 AM
Batman Jacob

11-04-2013, 10:28 AM
Morning all. Just a quick pop in to say hello. I have a short volunteer gig this morning, so I'll be leaving the office in a few minutes. Be back later. TTFN. :wave:

11-04-2013, 11:58 AM
Morning all,

Guess it's going to get rather quiet around here. :(

I am thinking of dumping Facebook. It reminds me of the route that e-mail eventually took. In the early days it seemed like a good idea for people to keep in touch. You could hammer out a few lines and avoid a 1 hour conversation on the phone. And then people started sending jokes, inspirational things and "pass this along" stuff. Eventually email became very little communication and mostly wading through lots of stuff I didn't care about all the while getting a bit miffed that people were passing my email address along without my permission. Didn't take long before the spam followed. I hardly ever use email any more. And more than one person has been peeved that I don't have texting capabilities but that's not my fault - take it up with the phone company's lack of service. Many people say they like FB because it allows them to keep in touch but I see less and less conversation and more and more ads and shares than real talking. I told my friend I was thinking of disabling my account and she asked me not to - said she really enjoys the pictures I post and my ramblings. I then asked her why she lurks from the shadows and never says anything - I found out I have several "friends" like that. My sister left FB for the very same reason and I coaxed her back as we often communicate via the message function. Just sad to me that people don't talk much any more. And that's my Monday blues theme :lol:

I started pulling apart cabinets this weekend. My kitchen is small and the cabinets are rather narrow or corner cabinets that are difficult to utilize. I have my cookware in the biggest cabinet, and dishes and cups and such in the upper cabinets. The odd narrow and corner cabinets have some food in them. Downstairs in the utility room in the basement I have a large area of shelving. Part of that is my pantry, part of it is storage of seasonal items and stuff I don't use on a regular basis. Turns out that somehow a mouse found it's way into this bounty. It ate an entire bag of orzo pasta and was working it's way through a cellophane bag of penne. It also chewed a roll of paper towels which I hope is not for nesting material :yikes: To this point we have kept the cats out of the room just because there are too many nooks and crannies but it's open season now. As we said, can't figure out how a mouse got in there as our house is exceptionally well sealed - DH thinks it might have crawled in through the now dry sump pump pipes. You can't help but get field mice in an area like this with all the woodlands but if they get a whiff of kitty that's about all it takes to send them back outside. Most of the pantry is cans and bottles but I went through and bagged up the boxed stuff. I need to figure out how to get some semblance of order in the cabinets. The biggest problem is the shape of the cabinets - things can get lost in there. It also gave me a good opportunity to purge some things that were getting old or I decided I would not really use. Seems like any time you pull something out, it takes twice as long to put things back in shape and sure does make a mess. But it's on my list and I will get it done. Today is physical therapy, a mammogram and my stylist just called and said this evening would work out better for her for re-coloring my hair. So my day is set for me. I have to figure out something to make for an easy dinner for DH as I will be running around back and forth - would be nice if I would get out and just go from one appointment to the next but I'm afraid I will have a 30 or 40 minute lull in between each - not enough to come back home but a substantial wait in between things.

Laura - have fun on your volunteer run today.

Annie - cute picture of Lil Man. I would just melt with him saying thank you to each house. How adorable and congrats on teaching him early manners. I used to HATE the brats who would push and shove at the door and then run off and never say thank you. I also laughed when you said all the photos were blurry because he was in constant motion. Can you bottle some of that energy for me? :rofl: Why is Sissy having a C-section? Was that how Lil Man came into the world? Glad things are going well for her.

Shad - sounds like each contract gets a bit more trying for you. Don't burn yourself out. Hope you can make order of things rather quickly.

I spoke to my BFF this weekend. She is a nurse at a busy clinic and said she has just gotten to the point where she is so tired. She has health issues - some of which she attributes to stress or believes that stress intensifies them. Said she just doesn't know if she can last the 6 more years until retirement. She and her husband are also looking to move away from the city but didn't know how or where to start looking for that special retirement spot. I shared some of my experiences with her and gave her a few tips to get started in a general direction. Anyway - enough of that. I think I can tidy up a counter and get some brunch in me before I head out for the day.

Have a good Monday and here's to hoping that Mel get's the Hallmark Channel where ever she is now. :hat:

11-04-2013, 12:31 PM
HAPPY...SIssy went emergency C-section last time due to the 8 week early birth and toxemia. The doc left it up to her to either try VBAC(vaginal birth after C section) or go C Section. SHe chose C section. Beats me why, I try not to interfere with that kind of stuff as I usually end up on someone's crap list. lol Probably time to start the commune since your BFF is looking to moving up your way...Hope your day doesn't wear you out running around. Take it easy on your body lady. Hugs

LAURA...have a great day with volunteering today.

11-04-2013, 01:51 PM
Happy - I really hope you don't leave FB. I enjoy seeing your photos and I try and comment, rather than lurk. Yes, I post A LOT of inspirational pictures/sayings...more than actual updates about me. But a lot of times the inspiration sayings reveal how I'm doing, how glad I am at where I'm at now versus where I was a year ago, and sometimes I just post them for my friends who are going through a rough patch.

Shad - I'm glad you got your luggage and a place to live. I hope things go okay with your sister.

Annie - thanks for sharing the photo of Jacob. What a sweetie! I love it when the kids say thank you.

Ceejay - So nice of you to let your friend recuperate at your place!

Laura - Have a good time volunteering.

I'm busy with work...and still a bit discombulated from the time change. I only completed roughly 1/2 the things I wanted to this weekend. I was just dragging. I didn't get the captions added to the photos for Mel, but I did pick up another Flash drive. Tonight, the Packers are on Monday night football, so maybe I can work on the photos while I watch/listen to the game. I didn't get any writing done, which frustrates me...but I just wasn't inspired to write. I need better time management.

speaking of...I should probably get some work done.

Much love,

11-04-2013, 02:50 PM
I agree about FB. I'm not even sure that the people are sending that stuff. I think it's the advertisement attaching things.
That's frightening about your cousin being deliberately run down.

I think we are all missing Mel. I'm almost sure that it's the environment here with me working with the chemicals and such. This time I let my allergies go to long.

Sometimes we have to stop and rest. You have been doing much more since you've moved to California.

At least no working in the office today.

Was going to post last night but my old laptop crashed again. So I talked to my boss and he told me that I could either take back the monitor or try a HDMI cord so I'm going to try that tonight.
Pulled out 4 boxes of stuff from the closet in the spare bedroom/office to donate to GW.
I was thinking about buying a bed to go in that space but told myself no. If she wants to stay there she can buy her own bed. I'll have to move some things out of that room but so be it. I need to get rid of some things before I go to Missouri anyway. And most of that can be recycled or tossed.
It looks like we have some rain moving into the area. So I'll need to start watching that more closely.

11-04-2013, 03:08 PM
It's definitely a boy!!

11-04-2013, 03:09 PM
THe pix above is as tho he is sitting bottom on a copy machine, all legs to the left.

11-04-2013, 05:17 PM
I’m back in the office. Today’s volunteer stint was about 90 min., about 30 min getting to/from the location. It’s a reading/writing program, and it was an interesting experience. A bit chaotic, not because it’s disorganized, but because the class is split into three groups that all work in the same room, so it gets to be quite noisy when we all get going. And the heat was blasting, so it was unbelievably hot in there…But working with the 2nd graders was fun – I’ve never done anything like that before. I’m scheduled to do this one more time, and if I want to do more, I’m sure they would be happy for that. They like to have the same people come back.

My weekend was sort of busy during the day, but relaxed at night. Friday night I had a longish conversation with my friend D, who is considering a job in an economically depressed city downstate. I thought she’d applied on a lark, but she’s since interviewed and is seriously considering accepting if she’s gets an offer. I’m glad she’s thinking it over very seriously, but I still think she should look in the Chicago metro area some more - why uproot your life with a big move like that if you can find good opportunities right here? UPDATE: After thinking hard about it, she’s no longer considering it. Can’t say I’m not happy to hear that, though I tried to be supportive.

Saturday I had a touch-up hair appointment and I talked some more w/ D about the possible job/relocation while the color was on my head. After that I picked up bf and we went to my dentist appointment. New hygienist seems really thorough, but she also uses some sort of ultrasonic tool with a pick and water in addition to the usual procedure. And she works with the patient lying completely flat, so it’s quite a change from the previous hygienist. But she said my teeth looked really good, keep up the brushing, and try to get up to flossing 2x/day. Okayyyyy. The bad thing is I have a bad spot in a molar that my dentist wants to check in 3 mos. If it’s at the point where he doesn’t want to let it go 6 months, I’m probably headed for a filling or at a minimum, some kind of filler he can use to stave off any further issues.

After the dentist, bf and I went out for a quick lunch and then got over to the bath showroom. They have some great stuff on display. But our purpose – retrofitting the recessed tp and soap dish holders – was not successful and it made us realize we’d be better off just filling in those openings in the walls and buying whatever fittings we wanted. The look would be more updated and a better investment in the end. This is a small job for someone with good drywalling skills, which unfortunately neither bf or I have. Heck, we’re not even very good with tiny nail hole patch jobs.
Sunday morning, a look at the sale flyers in the newspaper ended with bf and I spending a good part of the day in the garage deciding how to make more space and organize all the stuff in there and doing some of the changes. It was worth the time. Now we have to buy some racks that mount on the walls and hold different types of hooks so we can hang all the tools, etc.

I didn’t get to any exercise classes this weekend, but I did do my two dog walks. Plus some digging. I transplanted three large hosta alongside the garage to make way for some concrete patio blocks on which the garbage and recycling bins will now sit atop. (They were in the garage previously.) Anyway, that was good exercise.

Tonight’s the kickboxing class…wish it weren’t on Mondays. Mondays are hard, I usually just want to go home and chill out. I’ll see if I can talk myself into this class tonight.

I’ll catch up on personals tomorrow! Everyone have good evening/morning.

11-04-2013, 08:19 PM
Happy - I'm saying prayers for your cousin and his wife.

11-05-2013, 02:45 AM
had half a post written and then went to have a look at Annies wee new grandchild. Lost the lot.

Can't think of much of what I wrote.

I know I was sorry about Happy's cousin. That is a terrible thing to happen to a man going about his job. What a rotten world we live in at times. Wouldn't it be nice to get rid of the humans and just live with the animals - of the 4 legged kind (mostly).

I know I couldn't see what Annie was describing. I'd make a useless ultrasoundist. Is there a word for that.

Good onya Laura for volunteering. It would be interesting to be with the kids.

Ceejay - never heard of stretching the skin. Most of us are trying to tighten it up.

Okay - that's it. Now it is posting itself. I only have to press Enter and away it goes and posts. Done!

11-05-2013, 08:24 AM
SHADDIE...the arrow is pointing to his winkie dink. It is as if he is sitting down on a copy machine, copying his bottom, winkie dink and the back of his legs.

11-05-2013, 09:48 AM
I was hoping for a girl for some reason but another boy will be nice. A brother for the lil man. I know you are excited.

I guess it was nice to get out of the office even if it was for a little while.

When are you making plans to visit with your mom? I've forgotten.

If I can't tighten my skin with exercise then it will just be loose. I'm not that excited about going under a knife. I do hope things work out for her.

I thought it was yesterday that my friend was going to have her procedure but it's today. I told her to keep me informed. She's coming to my house on Wednesday.
Found a good exercise video on you tube for senior strength for 45 minutes. I could keep up with this too. And got a good work out. The seniors looked to be in their 70's - 80's. Yep did it in from if the camera too here at work.
I'm disappointed in the t.v. monitor. Going to take it back Thursday. And buy a new lap top which is what I wanted.
Every one have a good day.

11-05-2013, 11:33 AM
Morning all,

I went to physical therapy yesterday. The muscles on my outer thighs are tight as bow strings. Come to find it's that super tightness (bad) which is contributing greatly to the bursa getting inflamed and causing the hip pain. They were going to work on my neck (which hurts really badly as well as my shoulder and arm) but decided instead to work on the lower half which might be the source of all problems. They rolled a foam roller on the outside of my legs and it was sooooo painful. I HATE deep tissue massages - I think they hurt like the dickens but they said that would help things. Did some recumbent stepper work as well as some exercises. I walked out of there feeling much worse than when I walked in. And I'm not feeling that great this morning either ;) but I do understand the need to stretch things out so I will continue with that. I go to therapy tomorrow and twice next week and will see how I feel when I get back and if more is needed. They suggested that water therapy / pool work would be good and apparently you can use the pools at some local hotels for 5 dollars or so a shot so I will look into that. My neck is really bad and I'm going to insist they do something about it tomorrow. They did give me some stretches but the doctor talked about some heat / ultrasound therapy too. After that I stopped for my mamagram. They now have a heated plate on the machine. Oh happy day! :carrot: The tech said they had been asking for years and when they got a new health director recently he said Sure. I asked if the director had breasts and she said "no but I'm sure his wife had an opinion on the subject" :rofl: The hospital is right across from my doctor's office so I stopped in there to see if I could get another cortisone shot. Soonest appointment I could get was next week Friday which is when I was to see the doctor next. I explained that I needed another shot so she talked to the nurse who talked to the p/a who said he could do it so I'll see him later this morning. I swear the doctor's get on their horses and ride from town to town. You really are stuck using the hospital emergency room for more than you should have to but I guess that's how it goes in a small town like this. :rolleyes: Then I went and got my hair re-colored. She put a lot of blond highlights in it so it's got a "frosted" look. It lightened it up considerably and I really like it. I made a chicken tortilla soup in the crockpot and it came out delicious. A few more spices and Annie would love it too. So easy and it made the house smell wonderfully. Mom called and we chatted for a bit. Watched some tv and flipped back to the big rivalry football game. I was very pleased at the outcome ;) ;) ;) Time's a ticking away and it's time to dig in and get busy as I will be leaving a week from Saturday. Mom is happy I am coming. I was talking to DH afterwards as she was making me crazy and I said that I have come to the conclusion that I am no longer going to offer her any suggestions whatsoever when she complains about something (like the high cost of her medications at the local pharmacy across the street. I offered that it would be much cheaper to get her maintenance drugs through a mail order option but she disagrees vehemently. Apparently a woman who has never done mail order knows more about it than her daughter who has been using mail order services for the last 25 years :shrug: ) Said I am just beating my head against the wall for nothing as she wants no part of any suggestion other than what she's fixed that she's going to do. So... I will just say nothing other than empathizing her situation. Even my sister told her last week (and my sister often choses to say nothing as she hates conflict) that she was also getting tired of constantly fighting with my Mom about everything. She told her that when I come to visit we will bang heads so bad that by the end of the week we won't be talking to each other. :boxing::snooty: So I'm trying to prepare myself... mostly I'm terrified that I'm headed down the same road one day :lol3: I guess I will know when DH either runs screaming down the road, moves into the mancave or goes to live with the wild turkeys in the trees ;)

Ceejay - sounds like you found a great workout video. Very nice!

Annie - I too had trouble seeing the picture but I guess when you are used to looking at inkblots like the techs do, things really "pop" into focus :rofl:

Shad - sorry you lost your post.

Laura - it's good that your friend gave some thought to things before she made such a life changing decision. Sometimes we get caught in the moment, some times we don't quite know what we are getting into. Life is certainly different out of the big city - one of which is less opportunities all the way around be it work, health care of just shopping. Hope you can find someone to help with the drywall patching - it is more than just slapping a coat of paint on.

Michelle - it's your FB page and you are certainly entitled to put whatever you want on it. I know other people who post nothing but religious things or others who just post recipes of tempting calorie bombs :lol: I was just commenting that I noticed as time goes on, people tend to communicate less. I know what you mean about bemoaning the writing time. When you sit down to work on it, it does take a fair chunk of time - not just a 30 minute thing. I totally understand about being inspired. It's hard to just sit right down and write on demand. Hope you can keep up with it, even if it's just a personal journal.

To all - thank you for the prayers and kind words for my cousins. I hope to get to see them when I'm out there.

Gotta run and got get ready for my doctor's appointment. Have a good day everyone. No word from Jen yet.

11-05-2013, 01:44 PM
Morning all - yes still morning here! Just a quick pop in to say hi, then I'm off to my WW meeting. I already weighed and came in at +0.4 pounds. That's what I get for skipping the kickboxing class last night. But it's actually better for me to skip the movies tonight and go to the step plus abs class tonight since I haven't tried that one yet. So that's what I'll do.

Off now, but I'll try to get back in a bit. :wave:

11-05-2013, 03:46 PM
Shad – Hope your bag and contents enoyed its time in Melbourne, LOL. Glad you found yourself an apartment spacious enough to last you five months. So is the different flora and fauna causing the sinus congestion or is it just typical for you this time of year? I find being outdoors doing yardwork in the fall gets my allergies going, and to a smaller extent, my asthma. Guess it’s the leaf mold, and people using their fire pits. Need to remember to use the inhaler when I’m going out to shovel and rake. Nice you and your sister will at least peacefully coexist at your niece’s shower this weekend…

Happy – Tragic story re your cousin. Dangerous line of work he was in, and so young! My bunion issue is at the ball of my foot/big toe. Sounds like yours was near your pinky toe? Yeh, the surgery is bad enough, the hassle of recovery doesn't sound like a party either. But like Ceejay said, I’ll know when/if the pain gets to be too much then it’s time to get it dealt with. Re my hair – I get it touched up every 4 weeks, and every 8 weeks I get it cut. Ha ha, too funny that you couldn’t figure out how to turn on the cell phone. But why be interrupted during a shopping trip with phone calls???!!! And your cousin probably had a cell phone with her, LOL. That’s a long to-do list you have - good luck!! I’d have a long one if I really got serious about drawing one up. Instead I’ve been doing the minimum, and had no clean workout pants to show for it yesterday. Eww regarding the mouse getting into the pantry goods. Get those kitties earning their keep I say!! Ouch re the PT, but I hope it ultimately helps you. The foam roller seems to be universally reviled.

Michelle – When will you know if you’ve been selected for the med trial? My fingers are :crossed: that you are – those $$S could come in handy. It’ll be nice to have the time off at the holidays. Not being paid is not a pleasant thing, but you have a few weeks to prepare for that, and if you do it might not be so painful. Glad you enjoyed Gravity – bf and I still need to get out to see it. Unfortunately, we didn’t want to go on a weekend night (because of the crowds). Maybe this coming weekend we can get to a matinee showing. Hey, how about that Bears-Packers game? Better matchup for the Bears with both teams having to use their backup QB, LOL. The defense is not good, but our backup qb is doing a pretty decent job. Hope Rodger's injury is nothing serious - that would be a shame.

Susie – Good luck to your dh with the conversion. I hope it does the trick. Good for you to get help with your usual duties while you work on the big project!! Hope you get the brief done today and get moving on this project.

Ceejay – Sorry you’ve been suffering a respiratory infection. I was on a conference call this morning and two people on it sounded just awful. It’s that time of year – people are indoors more and the germs are everywhere. Bah. You’ve definitely been busy with the computer-related tasks. Makes me feel guilty. We’ve been talking FOREVER about getting an external hard drive on which to save photos. I know if our machine crashed I’d feel horrible losing our photos. Nice you’re scheduling vacation time. I don’t have any scheduled this month, but am taking some days next month. I still have a few days left after that, but maybe I should just carry them over to 2014. Or take a day later this month. When the weeks drag like they have been for me lately, it’s a sign for me to take a day off!!! Good job on the exercise!!!

Annie – So you were right about the next baby being a boy. :D Such a cute photo of the li’l guy as Batman! :) That sounded so cute - him thanking everyone for his treats. Great deal on the photo package!! What a good grammy!!
Nothing much to report. Didn’t do the kickboxing class last night because I discovered I had no clean workout pants to wear, and realized it would be even better to do tonight’s class (step) to see if I liked it. So I’m skipping the movie tonight to go to the exercise class. I did a couple loads of laundry last night - clean workout gear ready to go tonight! Might have to shop for some more so I have some buffer stock...

The fundraiser finale is today – as usual, it ends with a live auction and yet more raffles. I usually enjoy going to these events, but this year I just haven’t been that engaged in it. I might just skip it and enjoy the quiet of our floor while everyone is gone. The boss has yet another dentist appointment…

Okay, enough of the interruptions. Posting NOW and then back to it! TTFN!

11-05-2013, 04:02 PM
Hi ladies -

I just found out that I didn't qualify for the research study. And while I could use the cash, it's probably for the best as it would mean taking a couple half days off work for the appointments, and I already have some doctors appointments on the calendar (follow up regarding blood tests this Friday, Mammo a week from Thursday, and colonscopy on Dec. 2).

My step-brother is moving to Belize. He has been planning this move, and talking about it for nearly a year. He wants a fresh start somewhere that the economy is better and where he can make a living wage relative to the cost of living. He's got a friend who lives there and loves it, and he's been researching it. He will be only be taking clothes and a few personal items, and he will be starting his drive down there on Dec. 27 or 28. He has asked if I'd like to go with him to help him on the long drive (roughly 3,300 miles). Upside: it would be a great adventure and I'd be able to see parts of Mexico and Belize, and I'm off work from Dec. 21-Jan. 1 anyway. Downside, it is a long drive; it's driving through Mexico which isn't always safe; there's the cost of the airfare back (my step-brother can't afford to pay for it, not sure if my step-mother would be willing to); and I'd have to board Santa for a minimum of 5 nights ($250). There's no way I'd take Santa with many unknowns involved in traveling with a pet in less developed parts of foreign countries. I told my step-brother I'd think about it, and I am.

Tomorrow, my boss and the desktop/network admin will be providing support to an off-site Board of Directors meeting, so I'll be the only IT person here, and I don't have access to do much...but they said they'll be logged in remotely and should be able to reset passwords, etc. from there. :crossed:

I think of Mel so often, especially this morning when I heard on the news that New Jersey is having major elections today. I wonder who is handling all the election craziness in Mel's absence.

I'm going back to the gym tonight for the first time in a couple weeks. I've got to get back into a healthier routine.

Happy - Bummer that the stretching and deep tissue massage hurt you, but it is necessary and helpful in the long run. The massages I used to get would sometimes make me cry...but they truly stretched and unknotted the muscles and helped. I have a similar problem with tight calves and hamstrings contributing to my back problems. This Friday when I see my doc, I'm going to request a referral to physical therapy and to a nutritionist. I'm glad you were able to get in sooner for your cortisone shot. I really hope you get some relief soon. Back and neck pain can be so debilitating. Sorry that your mom drives you crazy. I think some people don't listen to suggestions because they like things to complain about. Not sure if that's your mom or not. At some point, I gave up suggesting things to my mom and my DMIL because it seemed like they had the attitude..."don't confuse me with facts. I know what I know." At least my step-mom hasn't gotten there yet. I'd love to get your chicken tortilla soup recipe. I just purchased an inexpensive crock pot because my stepmom doesn't have one and mine is somewhere in my storage. I'd love to see pictures of your new hairdo/color. Post them to dropbox if you'd rather not share them on FB or here.

Laura - I hope the WW meeting was good. Don't fret the +0.4 lb gain. Good for you for going to the gym tonight for step and abs. I love step class. It was difficult for Packer fans to see their leader Aaron Rodgers go down with an injury. I heard on the news this morning that he has a small fracture in his collarbone, and he's getting an MRI this morning. As of now, the estimate is that he'll be out 3 weeks. Rumors are that the Packers GM called the former backup Matt Flynn who was just released by another team. Hopefully they get a good backup soon. I think that the backup QB did a fairly good job, especially since he hadn't any pre-season practice time with the Packers. Even though both teams had to use their backup QBs, I think it was obvious the Bears had the edge maybe because their backup had actually played with the team before. LOL

Ceejay - Good on ya for doing the workout! There's a chair workout with Dolvett Quince (from The Biggest Loser). I just love Dolvett's smile, not to mention his sculpted physique! So handsome! From what I've heard it's pretty don't sit in the chair, but rather you use it as a high step up, and for tricep dips, etc. I hope you get over the respiratory infection soon.

Susie - Hope you're doing well. :wave:

Shad - Don't work so hard on this new gig that you burn yourself out in the first couple weeks!

Speaking of work...I'd better get back to it!

Much love to all,

11-05-2013, 05:56 PM
It's so quiet at work you could hear a pin drop. Two bosses are out and the others workers are hiding. The plant is down and I've turned the t.v. down too, so it will be quiet for a change. But I did have a bit of scare earlier today. Earlier in the day the guys told me that they were going to change out the empty chlorine cylinders. It hasn't happened in a long time but the chlorine gas leak alarm went on the control panel. I called the guy who is in charge for today and he didn't answer his cell phone. I dropped everything and flew downstairs to the chlorine room. They were both outside so they were okay. But they hadn't turned the alarm off downstairs.
The video I did yesterday was upper body and my bicep's are feeling it today.

Sounds like you had a busy day. Bet your hair is pretty. Been thinking about high lighting my gray areas. I can only imagine how those deep tissue messages can be. At least the doctor's office's are open on Friday. They close here at noon on Friday. The chicken tortilla soup sounds delicious.

Back later.

11-05-2013, 06:42 PM
Quick question...who is posting photos on Dropbox right about now? The file names start with "Mel-", and I'd rather they start with the name of the person posting them so that I can include that in the caption. No worries for this batch, I can change the file names...just need to know whose name to use? Who is the mystery dropbox-er? :rofl:

11-05-2013, 07:01 PM
Worldlies - Just a note to say that a couple weeks ago I went through some of the month's threads and pulled out some of the cute graphics Mel posted for us. Thought she might like those - she liked them enough to post them in the first place. I finally got around to uploading them to Dropbox - I named them with Mel's name in case you want to take a look.

Michelle - Hope there's room on the thumb drive to load those. Sorry you didn't qualify for the research study, but it would have made your schedule a bit crazier. Wow - Belize!! I have to admit, I'd be wary of driving through Mexico and beyond - I've heard traffic violations/incidents can be more serious in the legal sense. Many factors to consider, but what an exciting move for your stepbrother. Good luck handling the IT stuff nearly solo tomorrow! :goodluck:

Take it easy at the gym tonight!!

11-05-2013, 07:02 PM
Michelle - It's me, and I put Mel's name because she was the one who'd posted them on our thread originally.

11-06-2013, 12:11 AM
Laura - Thanks for posting Mel's photos. The file names make total sense. There should be room on the thumb drive. I just have to get the captions added. My step-brother and I decided it's just too costly for me to join him on the road trip...and I should save my money and take a proper vacation to see him once he's settled. :beach:

11-06-2013, 01:24 AM
When I was at the store I was picking up some Swanson Chicken and Beef broth which I use a lot. I noticed they also had a Mexican Tortilla Broth. That's what I used in the soup and it was delicious. If they don't have it at your store you can use chicken broth but you will have to add more cumin, and chili powder.

11-06-2013, 01:52 AM
You can use chicken breasts or chicken thighs. A lot of people recommended the chicken thighs as they are less dry. I had a package on hand so that's what I used. I was going to brown them as I usually do that even for crock pot cooking - the caramelizing adds a nice extra dash of flavor. But I was running behind so I just washed and trimmed the thighs.

1 or 2 cans of Rotel brand diced tomatoes - use the ones with chilies in them - mild or hot to your liking. I used a can I had in the pantry that was a Mexican Tortilla flavor with lime and ciliantro in it. I have to admit I was disappointed when I opened this can - it was only about 2/3 full compared to their regular diced tomatoes. So I chopped up a couple of fresh Roma tomatoes and tossed them in too.

1 carton (32 oz) Swanson Mexican Tortilla flavored broth or Chicken Stock

1 can rinsed and drained Black Beans

1 package (10 oz) frozen sweet corn

1 seeded and chopped green bell pepper

1 seeded and chopped red bell pepper

3 cloves garlic finely diced

1 medium onion diced to your liking

1 bay leaf

salt and pepper - start with one teaspoon each and add more when you are about to serve the soup if needed

cilantro - 2 tablespoons dried / or a good handful of fresh finely chopped / or I used the frozen cubes in the freezer case (2 of them)

8 chicken thighs or 4 chicken breasts - cleaned and trimmed

cumin and chili powder - see instructions

optional additional red chilies, chopped jalapenos, or Sriracha sauce to your liking to add heat

Garnishes for serving:
- Fresh Mexican Cheese Blend
- Chopped Avocado
- Sour Cream
- Tortilla Strips - lightly fry a regular tortilla and cut it into strips or use some crumbled tortilla chips
- Fresh lime wedges

Lay the chicken on the bottom of the crockpot. Add the Mexican Tortilla Broth. If using regular chicken broth add 1 teaspoon chili powder and 1 tablespoon cumin to add to the flavor of the broth. Add the chopped bell peppers, onion, garlic, bay leaf, frozen corn, cilantro and rinsed black beans. Add the can(s) of Rotel tomatoes - don't drain - add them with their juices. I also added a couple of diced fresh Roma tomatoes because I didn't think there was enough tomatoes in the can I used. Add the salt and pepper and any additional chili/heat seasonings you wish to add. Give it a good stir. I thought there wasn't quite enough liquid in the soup so I added a can of water. Apparently as the soup cooks it makes more liquid - DH said we could have skipped the extra can of water.

Cook on low setting for 8 hours or high for 6 hours. Soup is done when the chicken is fully cooked. When ready to serve remove the chicken and shred it with a fork and add it back to the soup. Taste the soup and add any additional salt and pepper or hot sauce to your liking.

If you want to use tortilla strips you can use regular tortillas and crisp them up in a bit of oil in a frying pan and then cut them into strips. We skipped to the strips to save calories and only missed them a little bit. ;) Serve the soup with garnishes of your choice. They recommend that you do not add the lime juice as the soup is cooking - add it when serving to get more of the lime flavor. It's a nice hearty soup for winter and if you don't get too crazy on the garnishes - it's also quite healthy. Enjoy. This makes at least 6 good sized soup bowls. I see no reason you can't freeze this in portioned containers either - just skip the tortilla strips.

11-06-2013, 02:32 AM
Going to post personals now as I have an early morning physical therapy appointment and won't have time for much coffee drinking or browsing. We got some snow tonight. A couple of inches of heavy wet stuff but I don't think it will hang around long.

Thank you Michelle and Laura for your comments on the foam roller - they were very helpful. I didn't realize it was supposed to hurt so much but that hurt serves a purpose. I guess I won't beat the therapist with the roller when he approaches me again :lo: I got the extra shot today - right now my hip is very sore at the injection site even though they said they put a numbing agent in it. I think my neck is a tiny bit better but hard to tell if that's just from moving around. We'll see when I try to go to sleep shortly.

Michelle - I'm very sorry you didn't make the clinical trials. However if you would have needed to take time off for them and you don't get paid if you don't work - then in the long run you probably would not have gotten a lot of reimbursement :( I guess it's everyone's turn for the mammograms, isn't it? Hope your machine has heated plates too - if not - suggest it to the technician. Bummer about not going with the step brother but as you say, there were a lot of factors to consider. I'd be very interesting in hearing how he is doing. Not that I'd be courageous enough to do it myself but I am very fascinated in how people who opt to leave the country fare with their new lives. I hope he is very successful. I'd be scared! I wish you a very quiet day manning (or womaning) the phones tomorrow. Hopefully everyone will be able to figure out their own problems and you'll have a very manageable call load with easy, quick fixes :crossed: Thanks for the empathy on Mom - I am trying to remember that there are lots of folks who would love to have their moms back with them again - even if they drove them bonkers. She just fixates on things. I think the best thing to do is just give her the pat on the back because she probably doesn't want anything fixed. It is true that older folks don't like change at all.

Laura - sorry about the gain - temporary tiny set back. Renewed commitment now. How did you like the exercise class? Thanks for picking out some graphics - I'm sure Mel will enjoy them. Now if we could only get a video of us singing too as she loved to sing songs :lol:

Ceejay - hope you are feeling better. Did you do your video again?

Susie - hoping all goes well with DH's procedure on Friday. :crossed:

Shad - have you gotten a chance to rest up yet?

Annie - I hope you are sleeping soundly as I type this. Sorry to hear that you are having insomnia again. How frustrating!

Speaking of sleep guess I'd better set the alarm and get to bed myself. Catch up later...

11-06-2013, 10:03 AM
I tried to do the video again but the phone kept interrupting me. I've been wanting some Mexican chicken tortilla soup. I did make some regular vegetable beef soup last night. Keep the snow up there please. Think we'll get some of that cold air though.

That's probably a wise decision about going with you step brother. Wait till he gets settled in and then go for a visit.

I'm with the others on that small gain at your way in. I keep telling myself I didn't gain all this weight in one day. It's going to take more than one to get it off. I've set a goal for my next doctor's visit (which will be lab work and refills) for 190. I weighed 195 last Friday. He didn't say anything but his wife, his nurse and my friend did.

How are you?

Does your daughter think it will be less of a hassle to the C-Section instead of giving birth.

11-06-2013, 10:45 AM
OH CHELLE....I will worry my head off the entire time you are gone if you help SB move to Belize. Personally, I wouldn't do it. I have heard of too many "arrests" for drugs even when you are innocent. Or getting shot and killed while traveling. I know on some of the resorts in Mexico, they say not to even leave the resorts. Your life is too good right now to shorten it. The decision is yours however, that is just my two cents. I will support and pray for you whichever you chose to do. Sorry about the research, but you know everything does or does not happen for reasons beyond our knowledge. Hugs sweet sister.

LAURA...bummer on the gain. At least is wasn't too awful much. Have fun at the step class altho I don't think any kind of exercise is fun.. lol

CEEG...I love it when it is so quiet at work. I can really concentrate of what needs to be done. Love it when everyone signs up for a training class and I don't...awwww peace. entire body aches for a couple of days after a deep tissue massage, but it feels great later. I may make an appt to get one in the next couple of weeks.


Have a great day!

11-06-2013, 11:17 AM
CHELLE..glad you are not going with SB. Amen.

HAPPY...Love the soup recipe, may try it in the next week or so.

CEEG...I think Sissy is just going with the known rather than the unknown on the type of birth.

11-06-2013, 11:51 AM
Morning all. Rainy day here, but the temps are alright.

Annie - All this talk of massages makes me want to go get one! When I was doing Jazzercise over the summer, our instructor had her massage therapist at our class to distribute her cards/flyers. I still have them sitting in my purse! Need to find out where she operates. If it's not any further away than the jazzercise class locations, I'd consider going to her.

Ceejay - I guess I'm not too upset about the small gain - it could be anything from the clothes I'm wearing to water retention, etc. If I were on maintenance I'd be doing great, LOL! Unfortunately, I'm still not at goal, so I need to make real progress, not just these fluctuations up and down. Sigh. I'll keep plugging away. We won't give up, right??!! Back to your previous post - scary thing with the chlorine alarm going off. So glad it wasn't a real incident!!! I hope you have another quiet day at work.

Happy - I might need to use my foam roller tonight - my quads are sore from the exercise class last night. I hope your PT is a bit less painful today, and that they can do something about your neck pain. The chicken tortilla soup looks really tasty - and being a crock pot recipe is a bonus. I'll have to try it. Thanks for including your suggestions, comments in the recipe - it helps. Especially with the reminder that all the stuff cooking down in the crock pot will result in more liquid. I agree that chicken thighs are more moist and flavorful, but they are more of a PITA to trim than chicken breasts - guess what I use will depend on what's on hand and how much trimming I feel like doing... Didn't know about the mexican flavored broth - I'll have to check the market for it. Back a couple posts - meant to comment that I haven't heard anything about "frosted" hair in sooo long, LOL! So, the new color is heavy on the highlights?? :D

Michelle - Have to say I'm glad you opted not to drive down to Belize with your bro. It sounds like an adventure, but who knows what could happen?? Actually, Belize City is one of the ports of call on my cruise in February, but I have yet to do any research on it or what I might want to do during the little time we have there. It's supposed to be beautiful, so an actual vacation in Belize once your brother is settled sounds wonderful. :beach:

Hellos to Shad and Susie!!
Of course I misread the schedule again, so the class wasn't Step with Abs, it was Body Works with Abs. But I think I liked this class better than a step class because it was all strength training using hand weights for almost the whole class. There was a lot of moves in the lunge position. Not my favorite thing, but at least they were done while in the lunge position and not the type where you're always stepping back or forwards into the lunge position. There were also a good amount of squats, so between those two moves, my quads are pretty sore today. But not anything like the first kettlebell or the first spin classes I ever took - those two set my personal benchmark on extreme quad muscle soreness!!! I have a feeling the class could get to be monotonous because it appears the instructor does the same thing every time. That said, it would take a while for it to no longer be challenging. Whenever you can add (more) weight, you continue to challenge yourself.

Other than that, nothing much to report. I finally sewed the loose button on a jacket. I kept forgetting for so long that was sure it would finally fall off one day, but nope! It was nice to button my coat today and not worry about losing that loose button. It's the little things, LOL. :D

Okay, meeting in 10, so I better get ready. Everyone have a good day!! ;)

11-06-2013, 01:07 PM
Moving day. My gear is all packed and ready to move off to the new place. I am looking so forward to getting out of the hotel. The landlord takes off on a plane at midday so she can't dither too much more. I will check out of here and leave my luggage, go pick it up tonight and take a cab to the new place. Get settled in and figure out what is what in the neighbourhood. So if you don't hear from me for a day or so, I am stuck in the lift, got lost, got lost in the big foodstore 2 doors down or I am over the road drinking coffee. I'll be back.
I must admit, I am getting somewhat annoyed about not hearing from Jen. I know she is fragile, I know she is not always well, but a one liner occasionally isn't too difficult surely - or even from Richie. It would be nice to know what gives - good or bad. Might have to try something different. Carla are you there?????

Work carries on regardless or rewardless if you like. The more you delve into what the guy before me did, the more you shudder and wonder how some of these people get jobs. Its not rocket science but if some one wants to have a look at a (for example) work order document on the system wouldn't it be nice if the instructions actually told you what information you could see when you got in there? One such document shows how to put in the document number, how to press enter, displays a screen and then finishes. Not even a word about what you are supposed to be looking at and whether the information you might seek is staring you in the face or you might actually have to click on another tab to see what you want. For ***** sake mate. I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but at least I know that bit.

Happy - That soup sounded really nice. However I don't think I have seen Mexican broth either here or at home. Might have to look for it. Certainly there is chicken broth around. some shopping coming up in my future by the look of it.

Laura - some classes only seem to repeat and repeat and repeat. However you can challenge yourself by upping the weights as you say. Maybe some ankle weights might also help the legs but it can get boring. Sewing buttons on helps if you are out in the cold wind with an open coat.

Ceejay - glad the alarm wasn't for real. What were the guys doing outside anyway? Having a smoke?

Susie - Good luck with the new job. Hope it all comes together for you nicely

Annie - even though I can't see the features in the ultrasound it is interesting to see the technology which wasn't around in my times of pregnancy. Hope you get some relief on that ankle soon.

Michelle - Glad to hear that you are not driving down to Belize. The poverty and crime in some of those countries is horrendous. Wouldn't it be nice if some of the really rich folk started to think about education for children in some of the really poor spots and gave them a chance instead of spending a whole stack of time trying to evade income tax on money they can't spend in a lifetime.

Okay - time being what it is, I'd better get showered and changed for the day ahead. At least it is Thursday and I get to go to my new flat. Weekend is coming. Yahoo.

11-06-2013, 02:02 PM
Unfortunately the chlorine alarm was real. But it didn't do to much harm, maybe the guys will learn next time to make double sure. Shad, they came out of the chlorine room to let it and them air out. I went down to check on the outcome.

I'm sure it's frustrating for all of us not hearing from Jen and Mel. They may have drafted her to do Mel's job.

Yes, I'm determined to get this weight off. I need to be healthy both on the inside and outside.

Not much going on. I think the snow that Happy has turned into rain when it got into warmer temps. It's supposed to drop to 39 tonight so we're getting that cold front.
Got a text from my friend this morning. She's all bandage up and said that the only thing she'd be able to eat will be milk shakes and or maybe ice cream. Think I'll kid her about dressing for Halloween a bit late.
Not sure how I'm going to handle the sleeping arrangements as I only have one bed. And no I'm not sharing. It will depend up on her circumstances.
I do have a blow up mattress I could use.
Guess I need to get busy.

11-06-2013, 05:28 PM
Good afternoon ladies,

So far, my day of covering the help desk has been pretty quiet. I think that's because most of the staff is at the conference where my boss and the network admin are providing support. :lol:

Yesterday was a bad day in terms of eating. I have never thought of myself as a compulsive overeater before...but yesterday, I definitely was. I was eating pretty much all day long, even though I wasn't hungry. And I was eating junk (the Halloween candy people brought into the office) pretty much non-stop during the work hours. I went to the gym after work and did 20 minutes on the bike (since I hadn't been in a couple weeks, I stopped when I started to feel the twinge in my back). Once home from the gym, I heated up some split pea soup that D made and brought over the other day. It was delicious.

Today, I have promised myself that I can go 1 day without any sugar. I did use Splenda on my steel cut oats, and it's in my flavored water, and in the sugar-free cocoa that I use to make my morning cafe mocha. But no candy, cookies, or anything like that for me today. I usually eat a Quest protein bar right before I go to the gym. They have lots of protein and fiber and are made with Sucralose.

It boggles my mind how I can continue to eat sweets when I know what it's doing to my diabetic body. It's flippin' ridiculous, and embarassing to admit. All the consequences that go along with diabetes are super scary. I am seeing my doc on Friday to review my blood idea how they'll turn out...hopefully I'll be in the okay range. I've got an appointment with a clinical nutritionist next week Thursday. And hopefully, I'll be able to get some physical therapy visits too.


Happy - Thanks for the Tortilla Soup recipe! I hope the snow melts on it's own. That heavy, wet stuff is a pain (literally) to shovel/clear. You're right about the money for the study not being much of a reimbursement if I'd have to miss 2 half days of work. I think my step-brother will do quite well. He's very skilled at construction and repair. He should have no trouble finding work. You're right about your mom...just pat her on the back because it's not worth trying to get seniors to listen to reason when their mind is made up and fixated on something. One tip...after you get a massage or foam roller treatment or pretty much anything PT does to you...drink LOTS of water as that will help to flush out the lactic acid and other toxins that they worked out of your muscles.

Annie - I'm worried about my step-brother driving through Mexico. And I was a bit nervous about going myself as I've heard the horror stories of people being jailed indefinitely for a traffic violation like a broken taillight that the Mexican police smashes. I'm trying to find some sort of prepaid cell phone that I can give him that will work in Mexico and Belize so that he can check in each night.

Laura - Better you than me on that Body Works class. I hate lunges. I used to have an instructor that would make us all lunge walk our way across the room, back and forth 10+ times. Ugh. Give me wall squats any day. Good for you for getting the button sewed on. It's cool enough here to warrant a light jacket in the early morning. Temps in the early morning are 45-50, with high temps in the low to mid 70s. This weekend is a cool down though with high temps in the low 60s. It's warmer than what I'd be dealing with in Milwaukee.

Shad - I hope you enjoy your new place. I agree that I wish we would hear more from Jen. I hope the office hasn't drafted her into taking all of Mel's duties. I hate when instructions aren't clear. Sometimes I go overboard, but I always make sure that I do enough screenshots and instructions to truly walk a person through a system. You're right about the poverty and crime, especially in Mexico...not as much in Belize.

Ceejay - I hope your friend has a speedy, complete and relatively painless recovery. I think I could live on a milk shake diet. :rofl: Of course it wouldn't do my diabetes much good. I hope you can figure out the sleeping arrangements so they work for both of you.

Gotta get back to it. Here until 5 pm and then off to the gym.

Much love and many hugs,

11-07-2013, 12:43 AM
Update: I succeeded in my no sugar day. And as much as I kept trying to detour away from going to the gym...literally, I did....I took the most circuitous route possible I think....I ended up going to the gym and doing 30 minutes on the bike.

Another update: For months, I've been trying to find the blog I started at the beginning of the year when I was still deeply entrenched in the mourning of my marriage. I didn't want to relive or feel those emotions again...but I did some powerful writing that I'll want to use in my book. Tonight, out of the blue, I logged onto a blogging site (, and it still remembered who I was...and there was my blog! :woohoo: Big victory. :D

11-07-2013, 11:08 AM
Good Morning.

Beautiful day here today. Not real warm but tolerable. Sun is shining brightly, had to close the blinds here at work as I was being blinded by the sun. (wrapped up like a duece, I'm gonna roll her in the night)...Duece is a semi truck for those of you that do not know the slang. lol.

Not much going on here, baby boy was by before class and slept most of the time he was there. I talked to myself mostly. C went fishing yesterday in the rain but had great success. Caught two huge bass, the biggest he has ever caught. I was asleep in bed by the time he got home. Too pooped to pop.

CHELLE. Good on you for the exercising even when you don't feel like it. Glad you found your blog. Good things come to those who stumble around on the computer. lol Glad you are not going to Mexico. I worry about enough people. Glad you have your eating under control again.

CEEG...good luck with the new roomie. Don't make it to easy on her by giving her your bed. That situation may not change very fast. At least if she is on the blow up mattress, she might make the effort to get a bed. Just sayin'

SHADDIE...glad your are settling in. All that packing and moving around, are you sure you want to leave your luggage out of your sight? Um I remember it got lost the last time you left it I agree with you about Jen, just a line or two would be great. I don't think she knows how much we love MELLIE and what she means to us.

LAURA...lunges, yuck. Now we all know I don't like exercising, but lunges are the worst. No thank you. My sketcher's shape up rocker sneakers will be here on Monday. I hear that your heiny and legs are tortured until you get used to them. Yikes. Torture, God knows I need tortured. lol

Hello's to HAPPY and SUSIE....have a marvelous day.

oh p.s. Tomorrow is my bestie's dad's funeral, I may or may not get to post.

Loves and hugs have a blessed day.

11-07-2013, 12:26 PM
Morning all.

Michelle - Yay for staying away from the sweets, and for getting to the gym!!! It must be so difficult to have to cut the sweets from your diet. Nice you found your blog again and can access what you wrote.

Shad - Hope you're settled comfortably into your new digs and that you haven't gotten hopelessly lost in the neighborhood or the giant supermarket. Do you have to shop for a shower gift? Ugh, cleaning up another person's mess - doesn't it make you want to just start from scratch?

Ceejay - How are things going with your friend recovering at your place? Has someone had to sleep in the recliner or on the sofa??

Annie - So fish will be in the menu in the near future?? Yeh, I'm not feeling so great about lunges right now on day 2 of this soreness. Ugh. Good luck with the new shoes - make sure you have some of your old shoes on hand to change into so you don't overdo it during the first few days!

Hi Happy, Susie!

I hope we hear from Jen soon with an update on Mel!!!
Nothing much to report. I was walking home from the train last night and about a half block from the station I found someone's train ticket. Luckily he'd written his phone number on the back, so we were able to meet right on my way home so I could return it to him.

I used my foam roller and another torture device last night for my quads, but I'm still very sore today. I probably will not do a class tonight, but I suppose if bf is going to the gym, I could go with him and do some upper body and ab work. We'll see.

That's about it for me. Everyone have a good day.

Not sure why I posted those mugs of tea, I've brewed two mugs this morning and both tasted like soap to me. Bleccch! And yes, I thought I'd rinsed the mug and lid thoroughly before brewing both. I gave up and switched to my water. :shrug:

11-07-2013, 12:46 PM
Morning everyone,

I went to physical therapy yesterday and they did some traction stuff on my neck. For the first time in days I was able to fall asleep at night relatively quickly. The pain has been really interfering with my sleep. I am still quite sore, especially where the med student gave me the cortisone shot but I can see where the exercises and ice are helping so I am motivated to keep up with the program. I was watching an old Ina Garten cooking show a while back and she made crab cakes. I love crab cakes and they are so expensive when you order them in a restaurant. Some of the frozen ones I think are made with the fake crab stuff too. So I bought the ingredients and finally got around to making them last night. Boy were they good! And easy to make too. I made them a generous portion size so got 5 from the batch. I had literally not eaten anything other than a morning coffee by the time dinner rolled around so I cooked up 3 of them but they are rich so 2 was plenty. I put the 3rd cooked one back in the refrigerator - will make a nice sandwich and froze the other 2 uncooked ones. I also made peanut butter cookies for DH who had a hankering for them. I am chastising myself because time is running out and I still need to cook up at least 3 batches of dog treats for the photo event. DH is going today to see the doctor about his cateract which is bothering him, tomorrow I go to the dentist and I have the weekend open right now to get busy. Next week with physical therapy, doctor's appointments and working one day - the whole week is going to fly by. I am just a bit disappointed to see that it is getting cold in Chicago - you had some weather in the 50's and by the time I get there, the cold winds will be blowing. We got up this morning and checked the thermometer and it got as cold as 15 degrees last night. Everyone (including me) is not ready for this yet. DH did turn on the fireplace this morning and it felt nice. I'm surprised the kitties didn't cuddle up nearby.

Annie - thanks for the slang reference. I was not aware of that but am quite familiar with the song which will probably dance in and out of my head all day long today. :lol: The slant of the sun these days is not one of my favorite - always seems to highlight the foggy/dirty car windows and with the big windows I have in my house it is both a blessing and a curse. I love the way it lightens the house and actually warms it, but the sun is quite intense. Sitting at the counter eating sometimes I have to put on a baseball cap to shield my eyes. I have MBT's - the original rocker shape up shoe and never really had a problem with them. They are quite cushy and I think my feet not hurting was more noticeable than any possible calf pain. I hope they work for you too!

Michelle - so glad you found your journal. I agree with you - even if you have written down personal thoughts, it's nice to go back and re-read how you were feeling and what was going on. Sometimes in your case it will give you a comparison to see how far you have come and that healing does happen - even if it's hard to believe at the darkest of times. :D I understand now why people who journal are really into the process. Be careful with the artificial sugars - they are doing more and more studies that indicate that getting a sweet taste - be it from artificial or natural means - just brings on the cravings for more sweet. Use fresh fruit instead of Splenda, regular water with lemon instead of flavored water. And believe me - I totally understand how hard it is to get away from sweetness (as she sits here with her one coffee of the day with Vanilla creamer ;) ) one odd thing I noticed was that as I got away from sugars, I developed a craving for carbs. Now I think of savory - breads, Ritz crackers, pasta - which is STILL sugars as far as the body is concerned. :rolleyes: But congrats to you on making the conscious effort to change your habits. You can do this. One day at a time! I was doing a bit of reading on travelling to Belize and OMG - I am very glad you opted against this. You'd be better driving to Alaska instead. I hope step-brother will be ok.

Ceejay - talk about OMG - how scary on the chlorine mess! That stuff is really toxic. I'm glad it got caught in time. Easy to forget you work around some rather potent stuff. :yikes: I guess it's good to have the blow up bed if you don't need a regular guest bed. Will ensure your friend does not overstay her welcome. They are good for a short period of time but not long term sleeping unless you are 5 years old - young and flexible with no achy parts. :lol:

Shad - I hope if we don't hear from you that you are either grazing the foodstore or enjoying an alfresco coffee and certainly not stuck in a lift! :yikes: I sent another note to Jen yesterday. If we don't hear by early next week, perhaps we can entice Carla to speak to the office manager again. I don't want to bug people but like you and the rest of us, crave a morsel of info. I look forward to hearing the results of your ramblings around the new digs - hopefully there's some interesting walkabouts and things to see. I also hope you have TIME to enjoy something more than just the bed in the apartment. Still on 12 hour days? Yes it IS amazing how some people hold a job - the more of a yes-man :yes: and schmoozer, the higher they go in the ranks too it seems.

Laura - according to the Swanson website they have not only Mexican Tortilla broth, but also a Sweet and Sour flavor as well as a Thai flavor. We are lucky to get one extra flavor here - you might be luckier and find more. The Thai one could be interesting too. As for your question about my hair - at first it was a chocolate brown with deep red highlights that gave it an auburn color. This re-color she gave me a lot of lighter blond highlights - more than I thought she would actually and it took out the red and up'd the color to a lighter brown. There's a lot of teeny blonde in it - up close it looks frosted because of all the highlights but it's not the chunky dark and light blonde you think of traditional frosted hair. I like the highlights because it catches the light better. Still loved the first color - especially under bright lights - but this color is more flattering. Glad you got a good workout with your classes. You are an exercise machine. I'm sure you are getting really toned. Have you taken measurements as well as your weightloss? I'll bet you are skinnier now!

Hi Susie!

Gotta run and get ready. Bye.

11-07-2013, 01:25 PM
Good Morning ladies -

Tonight I have my online writer's workshop that starts at 6, so I'm skipping the gym. D has a busy weekend...looks like the only time we'll get to see each other is Sunday for lunch.

Tomorrow, I'll be in to work late as I've got a doctor appointment, so not sure when I'll get to post.

Annie - Congrats to C on the successful fishing day! Sounds like a relaxing evening was had by all. I'm glad you finally got some sleep. Sending my deepest sympathies to your friend.

Laura - Lunges are awful, but they do really burn the calories and strengthen the leg and glute muscles. Diabetics don't really have to completely eliminate all sweets...we mostly just have to watch our carbs, especially refined carbs and potatoes (white flour, white rice, white pasta, and sugar - especially sugary sodas and candy). For me, ice cream doesn't spike my blood sugar as high or as quickly as potatoes. And if we eat carbs with some protein, that slows down the sugar spike. I usually try to not have just bread (even high fiber bread) unless I have some protein with it (meat or peanut butter). So nice of you to return that man's train ticket...and so lucky for him that you found it before a less honest person found it. Bummer about the tea. Are you going to post photos of your nearly at goal skinny figure?

Ceejay - I hope things are going okay with your roommate. Is she going to stay there quite awhile or just until she's recovered from her surgery?

Happy - I'm glad the physical therapy and the exercises and ice are helping. Cortisone injection sites can be sore for a few days, at least that's been my experience with the ones in my back, and the neck is a more sensitive area. The numbing agent they use wears off in a few hours like novacaine, which is why my docs always told me that after the shots, ice will be my best friend. Wow you really were Betty Crocker yesterday with crab cakes and peanut butter cookies. Dang, 15 degrees?! :brr: You're right about the journal showing me how far I've much I've healed. Thanks for the kudos about my quest to reduce/cut out sugar. I know that artificial sweeteners aren't good either and I've read that they do bring on the sugar cravings...but at least according to the Mayo Clinic artificial sweeteners do not spike blood sugar or increase insulin production...unless the item in question has a lot of carbs in addition to the artificial sweetener (then it's the high carbs that will increase insulin production). I just want to reverse my diabetes before I have any of the scary complications. Belize is a lovely place to visit, and I will now that I'll have a place to stay for free. It's the drive through Mexico that's scary. My step-brother is minimizing the amount of time he'll be in Mexico by driving through the Southern states (So. Cal, Arizona, and Texas) and then heading into Mexico along the Gulf Coast, rather than entering Mexico at Tijuana and driving through practically the entire country. When do we get to see photos of your new hair color??

Shad - I hope you're settling in. Any plans for the weekend?

Lots to get done today, so I'd better get back to it.

Love and hugs

11-07-2013, 06:43 PM
I guess I have to get tips on selfies from younger people. I have tried a couple of times in the house and the bathroom and cannot get across on a photo what I see in the mirror :( - the color is not as pronounced or the camera's in the way or the angle is bad. I'm sure the color will show up better outside. If we get a sunny, not too breezy day soon, I'll see if DH can snap a shot.

Looks like DH is going to get cataract surgery the end of January. The hospital is over an hour's drive away on the highway. I do wish he had planned this for a little earlier in the year - particularly this year when we had no problem meeting our high deductible and I wouldn't have to worry about driving in a potential snow storm. I guess he thought he could make an appointment now and get the work done just after Thanksgiving but the doctor is pretty booked up.

11-07-2013, 07:39 PM
Happy - So sorry to hear that your DH needs cataract surgery, and too bad he can't get scheduled for sometime in December. If the weather looks like it will be bad, do you think you'd be able to get your cousin to drive you?

I received an email that my blood tests results are in and were posted to my account on a secure website. I thought that was pretty cool. My A1C came back really good (6.0) I guess my meds are doing their I just gotta lose weight, improve my diet and exercise more to try and lower my meds. My thyroid test came back I might have hypothyroid (I'll talk to the doc about that on Monday - I learned today that the appointment is Monday not tomorrow). The doc is going to run a different thyroid test, but I don't have to go in for it...they can do it with the blood they collected last weekend. My triglycerides are a bit high, and my good cholesterol is low...but overall my cholesterol is ok (from my interpretation of the numbers...we'll see what the doc has to say).

Heading out soon...20 minutes left in the day, and then 1 more day 'till the weekend. :woohoo:

11-08-2013, 10:20 AM
Good Morning...working a half day then going to funeral...

C cleaned the fish he brought home on Wednesday. He caught over 120 fish but only kept about 10 or so. Will try to post the pix from it. He cleaned fish, I went and got my hair cut.

HAPPY...boy I sure would try to get hubby to get catarac surgery done before the end of the year since you have met your deductible already. I can never take a selfie that I like. I don't know how these kids do it all the time.

CHELLE...glad to hear most of your tests came back good. Yeah for you.

LAURA...way to go on returning the train ticket. Creates good karma.


Have a wonderful weekend.

Loves and hugs

11-08-2013, 10:23 AM
beautiful catch

11-08-2013, 11:40 AM
Morning all. TGIF!!! :carrot:

Annie - My condolences to your friend and her family for loss of her father. Re the train ticket - I just know how I'd feel if I lost my ticket - it's a monthly and we're only a week in. Do unto others...

Michelle - Glad to hear the meds are controlling your diabetes. I guess the diabetic eating guidelines wouldn't be too bad once you became accustomed to them, but it still takes some real thought and planning on top of strength of willpower!! But what's the alternative - not good. Bf has a friend that had to have a kidney transplant a few years ago because of his diabetes, but he was someone who didn't take good care of himself at all. Hope the thyroid levels are nothing serious. How was your writing workshop last night??

Happy - Yum - crabcakes! Yum - peanut butter cookies! I'm glad the PT seemed to help your neck and you got better sleep. How do you feel today?? Yeh, it's getting cold here in Chicago. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 50's but today - brrrr! Got pretty cold last night and today the leaves are a-fallin'. But not our oak in the backyard. It will not lose its leaves until the last week of leaf pickup service has passed, LOL. Sorry to hear about the bad timing of your dh's cataract surgery. Get on the cancellation list and maybe it could be done sooner?? Otherwise, I hope the weather cooperates.

Ceejay - Hope you're off enjoying your weekend and you worked out the living arrangements with your friend for her temporary stay.

Hi Shad! Enjoy the time with your family this weekend at your niece's shower!

Hi Susie!! Best wishes to your hubby and his med procedure!!
Nothing much to report. I had bf pick me up at the train last night and drop me off this morning. Still rather sore, so no exercise last night. I believe my trial run at the gym ends today. We'll see if bf wants to go work out tonight. I'd be up for doing some non-leg work.

Tomorrow will be in the 50's, so bf and I will get the garage in shape, or at least the little it needs to to get the car in there. It's cold now, so there's been a lot of frost on the car and it's a PITA to scrape it. Now that we've made a lot of decisions about organizing the space, it'll be easier to deal with.

No other plans, but a lot around the house that needs doing.

The admin is leaving the office early today. Another person is taking Monday off. We don't get Veterans Day off - boo. I might schedule a day off for next Friday.

Okay, enough rambling. Have a great day everyone!!

11-08-2013, 11:41 AM
Great catch! Enjoy the meals!!

11-08-2013, 12:17 PM
Morning all,

Oh man - soapbox moment for the morning. Ahem... :soap: On my way to here today I see on Yahoo's homepage that the 24 year old daughter of hockey player Wayne Gretzky has landed the cover of a magazine. How did she do this? By constantly posting bikini pictures of herself on Instagram and Twitter. The internet noticed her and now she is on her way to fabulous things. Why do I care? Actually I don't - it's just one more SMH (shaking my head) moment as to the dumbing down of America. Wasn't bad enough girls all over are posting selfies in various states of undress all over the internet. Now this goofball is encouraging the world - success, the path to riches and the fame that most young people crave can be had if you follow her example. I really believe we are headed to a new Sodom and Gomorra (sp?). The other day they were featuring "wedding bikini's" for those who have beach weddings and don't want to wear a heavy wedding dress. :rofl: The more I see the outside world, the more I want to turn it off. Ok, end of my speech. I will step down now. ;)

I'm feeling better today so I'm happy to say that the shot and therapy is working. I still have an extreme pressure in my back but have gone from excruciating to strong discomfort. Still a lot of knots and kinks but I have hope if I keep up with my stretches and ice I will be ok by next week.

Made a batch of dog treats yesterday. One down, 2 to go. Would have made more but I noticed just as I was about to pour that the oatmeal I had (they give us some supplies) was the old fashioned kind - not the quick cooking one. Good thing I saw that before I attempted another batch at 10pm. I have to go to the dentist in a little bit, pick up a prescription and stop at the thrift shop and get some treat bags. I will grab a box of oatmeal I was holding on the side for these treats.

Laura - I admit I was disappointed to see your weather turn cold - with temps in the 50's I was hoping to see a bit of a warm up as well as maybe some last bits of tree color but it doesn't appear to be that way. Good for you for getting the garage organized. You'll really appreciate it on those cold mornings. There was something on FB the other day about a homemade spray that de-ices fast but I didn't pay a lot of attention. It had vinegar in it and I wondered about what it might do to the car finish. Really nice of you to call and return that fellow's ticket. Huge chunk of change there had he lost it at the beginning of the month. You are a good person! :hug:

Annie - what great looking fish! You are going to be eating good in the neighborhood fo sure! 120 fish - he must have been in fisherman's heaven. Guess he found a good spot where they were biting. Glad he had a good time. As for the cataract surgery - we are limited to a busy schedule which is common here. Could drive farther out - 3 hours to Minneapolis or 2 hours to Eau Claire but the whole process is several trips and in the end not worth it even if we get in sooner. I will ask my cousin for help driving if the weather should be really bad. It is highway driving but we don't have a lot of traffic which is a blessing. Are you seeing the kids this weekend?

Michelle - DH belongs to a big health network and can view things online and email questions. He really likes it a lot so glad you are getting a benefit too. Your A1C is pretty good - seems like with some effort you can bring that below 5.6 - very encouraging. Bummer on the thyroid - they never seem to get that adjusted to the degree you feel more peppy. But you can substitute endorphins for that ;)

Hello to the rest of the chicks. I have to pop in the shower so I'll catch up with the rest of you later.

11-08-2013, 01:06 PM
Good morning ladies -

Not much time to post this morning. Had a great writing workshop last night. The workshop is really about tapping into our innate creativity, discovering what blocks us and working through those blocks. Always a good time on the call. The author who leads the workshop is SARK. I've loved her books since I was in my early 20s. She's amazing, positive, and uplifting.

This morning, I watched a 10 minute video shared on FB. It was so lovely and moving...the beauty of nature, the wisdom of youth (out of the mouths of babes), and the perspective of age.

Tonight and tomorrow is cleaning and laundry. Also tomorrow is helping my step-mom's friend with their computer. Sunday, I'll be getting together with D for lunch and going to a library book sale with a friend. And I'll be making time to write this weekend in between everything else.


Annie - Wow! 120 fish! That's incredible! He brought home a great catch...enjoy your meals. Still sending prayers to your friend and her family.

Laura - Good idea to get the garage in shape so you can get the car in there. We don't get Veteran's Day off either, which is fine by me as I don't get paid for holidays since I'm a contractor.

Happy - I'm right there with you on the soapbox railing against the women who use their sex appeal to overshadow their brains/talent. What is that telling the young girls? Especially Miley Cyrus' twerking?! I mean really? Her fan base is evidenced by the teddy bears she danced with and dressed up as. I'm very happy that your therapy and shot are helping. I should make Santa a batch of those dog treats. I've never heard that the desired A1C is 5.6. Is that for "normal" (aka, non-diabetic) people? I've always been told that anything 6.0 or lower is the goal for me.

:wave: to Shad, Ceejay and Susie

Love and hugs,

11-08-2013, 06:31 PM
Michelle - I heard if you can get and sustain your A1C to 5.6 or below you are no longer considered pre-diabetic :dance: :yay: I am at 5.7 and really working harder on it now.

11-08-2013, 07:04 PM
Happy - That's great news!! Are you on any medication for diabetes or pre-diabetes?

11-08-2013, 09:13 PM
Hi girls,
My company has left. She was a really good patient and enjoyed her company. But I'm glad to have my space to myself. I may have made her mad cause I woke her up and old her that if she was in the hospital she could sleep all da. She'd slept 12 hours.
I couldn't get the t.v. monitor to work and tried to take it back but since I didn't have the receipt it was no go. Sigh. A big light bulb moment this afternoon as was walking by the t.v. in the bedroom. I checked and it's compatible to the mother board. I'm using a 25 inch screen. I feel like I need to be farther back from the screen.

Nice catch of fish! I would have loved to have been there.

That's a good A1C number. I've been saying the same thing about the Sodom and Gomorah (sp) aspect of our country.

Glad that your meds are helping with your diabetes. You have been working hard too.

Yesterday was cold and windy but today it was really nice--50s range. Got out and mulched the leaves. Usually whenever I'm outside the neighbors come out and visit which hinders me a bit. But I enjoy the visit. Everyone wanted to know if I had bought a new vehicle.

Are you buried in your work?

11-09-2013, 01:32 PM
Morning all,

Busy day ahead of me. I am committed to getting some things done before I sit on the computer so will be back later. Have a good weekend everyone.

11-09-2013, 01:34 PM
Good morning ladies -

I'm making progress on captioning the images. So far, I've got Annie's, Carol's, Donna's, Java Turtle's, and Ceejay's done. Next up...Shad's, then Laura's, then mine, and the ones Mel posted herself.

Other stuff on the list today is laundry, which is in the dryer...vacuum and mop the kitchen floor, and clean the bathroom and my bedroom.

I'll try and check in later.

Hope you all have a great Saturday!

love and hugs,

11-09-2013, 02:09 PM
Everyone is always busy on Saturday's. I'm doing laundry as well.

Did get to exercise some more last night. Found another good video on you tube.

Have a good day. I'll be back to read.

11-09-2013, 08:48 PM
Shad - you doing ok? Haven't heard from you - hope you are not buried under some desk.

11-10-2013, 08:46 AM
Hi Everyone.

Update on John. He did not go back into rhythm this time :( BUT, they did an internal echo cardio gram where they looked at all areas of his heart and they said it is a beautiful heart. NO blockages, no narrowing of the arteries and there were no blood clots. Knowing this is a blessing.

So for now he stays on the blood thinner and we will go back and discuss other options to try or not to try with the cardiologist.

I do have a 1 lb loss to report for myself at Thursday's TOPS weigh-in. :)

We bought a new scale at home so we both can weigh-in on Saturday together and some hand weights to have there in case we don't make it out to the Y--DH says he is committed to getting back to working out and relieving stress. They talked to him about that a great deal at the hospital. They said it can help greatly with the afib and it is important that his heart stay strong since afib can weaken it. They told him he is blessed to have a beautiful heart with no damage and that in the past he has done good things for his heart and he needs to be sure he continues doing so.

Have a great day everyone!

11-10-2013, 11:10 AM
That is great news for your dh. And a one pound loss is good also.

Nothing new to report.
Has any one heard from Jen?

11-10-2013, 01:20 PM
Morning all,

Busy bee reporting in now. Everything is taking 3 times as long as I want it to. :rolleyes: That means some things on the to do list just won't get done and I'm ok with that.

Friday was really sort of an annoying day all around. It was wet and rainy/snowy - miserable and cold. I have a theory that wet weather clogs up people's minds and makes them do dumb things like pull out in front of you when you're doing 50 miles per hour on a wet road and there's no one behind you but they just can't wait. I stopped in the thrift shop to get more dog treat supplies and afterwards stopped in a local store they just renovated just to check things out. Customers in there lost their manners too. I was at the dentist earlier and they took impressions to make me mouth trays for a fluoride treatment. One bad thing about well water vs city water is it doesn't contain fluoride. My teeth are quite sensitive and just a toothpaste alone is not helping enough so they will give me these trays. They took the first impression and showed it to the dentist. It wasn't good enough so take another. The doc approved the second one. Got home later on and DH said the dentist called. Apparently they took the WRONG impressions and could I come back? Really? I'm not sure how that happened when they knew what they were taking impressions for and had them checked twice by both the dental assistant and the dentist. Now I have to waste another trip out there tomorrow. And my schedule this week is quite tight so I really can't afford any interuptions. In fact I am questioning the wisdom of working at the shop on Thursday afternoon but I'm hoping I can knock off a task or two while I'm sitting at the shop doing nothing. It's gotten VERY slow there.

And then there was the thing about taking a flight. I believe the last time I flew was in January 2003 - a long time ago. Since then things have changed quite a bit. I spent a fair amount of time researching all the particulars - size of checked bag, can I use my Kindle or iPod (not connected to Wi-Fi) on the flight? I am also flying out of a small airport with a checked back and the service counters are only open for a very limited time frame. I guess I need to check my bag outside with the sky caps. I think I'm going to purchase a few shirts on sale at Kohls and have them shipped to my Mom's to limit what goes in the luggage. So much easier travelling in the summer with lighter clothing. I hope I got everything figured out.

I am bummed that I lost track of 2 things going on yesterday. One was an auction for our local radio station. They had a 10 punch pool pass at the good hotel for half price. They offered 2 of them, one sold, one didn't so I probably could have gotten it. :mad: I remembered the auction 15 minutes after it closed. :rolleyes: The other event and probably good that I missed this one - was at the grocery store. They were doing a promo to get ready for the holidays with samples, recipes, gift card drawings and more. I am really miffed I missed the pool pass - and this was a special auction beyond their normal Wednesday one so another lost opportunity. Duh.

Last night I watched a movie called Blackfish. It's about Orca whales held in captivity for human entertainment at places like Sea World. It's heartbreaking. It was being shown on cable on the CNN channel but is also available to rent. I highly recommend it and I hope that it would put to an end the performance of animals that are held in inhumane conditions out of their normal habitats - much like circus elephants.

Ceejay - I have not heard anything from Jen and I emailed her twice. I'm glad you are finding stuff on You Tube. It's a good source for a lot of things - exercise, cooking tips. Actually a lot of good how to things on there. I was thinking perhaps your friend slept overly long as she was sleeping off the anesthesia.

Susie - that's great news about your husband - glad it all worked out and that he has renewed commitment to getting healthy. It's such a relief to know that the heart is in good shape despite some minor bumps with the afib. Congrats on your weight loss this week. Keep up the good work!

Michelle - thanks for all the work on the pictures. I'm sure that's quite labor intensive. Hope you got all your housework done.

Laura - are you feeling a little better with the muscle soreness? Did you get the garage cleaned out? Hang on to that 50's weather until I get there ... please :^::D

Annie - hope it was a nice service for your friend's dad.

Shad - hope you are getting some relaxation and enjoying time with the family.

Computer time is over. Have a good Sunday all.

11-10-2013, 04:28 PM
Nope the friend had local anesthesia. But she wanted me to get her a nausea med so that explained some things, but also saw that there was oxycodone in there too. Both will make you sleepy. I'm disappointed that Jen hasn't kept us informed. Think maybe she doesn't want to be bothered.
Has the PT helped your neck and hips?
It's been a slow day at work today. I'm glad.

11-10-2013, 07:12 PM
Hi everyone.

Ceejay - Nice to have a slow day to ease into the work week, especially after having company.

Happy - What a PITA with the multiple impressions for the fluoride trays. Are they thinking at all??? Too bad you missed that auction - would have been nice for you to have the pool passes (assume that means they have a whirlpool too??)

Susie - Sorry the procedure didn't zap the afib, but good to hear dh's heart muscle is healthy. Congrats on the loss this week!! :)

Michelle - Thanks for doing all that work on the photo/picture captions!!

Hi Shad, hi Annie - Hope you both had good weekends!
Yesterday I got out in the yard and cut back the hosta foliage, and then I also yanked out some of the ivy that I'd been letting take over in the back of the yard in the corner by the shed. Bf saying it would be a good place for a skunk to nest easily convinced me! All that pulling was good exercise, and my hands are a bit sore today from using the pruner.

We also moved the table saw from the garage to the basement (where it belonged anyway). Bf moved our bikes and the bike stand to the basement and installed it down there. That's a better spot too - our bikes are too pricey to be leaving in the garage in the rare event that we leave the door open.

After lunch, we went to Home Depot for various items, then Sears, where they had a good display of the Craftsman and Gladiator brand garage organizer systems. We ended up buying some Gladiator wall tracks and a variety of hooks.

I took doggy for a walk, and that was about it for yesterday.

Today was my usual lazy morning, except I also boiled some eggs and made a batch of steel cut oats. I spooned the cooked oats (with cinnamon and raisins mixed in) into a muffin tin and puts some chopped apple into the middle and topped it off with more oatmeal. I put it in the freezer and after I post this I'll pop them out of the tins and put them in a freezer bag and store them in the freezer. Better for me than the fridge because I never have 4 servings of oatmeal in a week. Hopefully they heat up nicely in the microwave for a quick workday breakfast.

Sorted laundry, threw in a load, then did one BE workout. The hamstring routine was deceptively effective. I feel it now and I bet I'll be feeling it tomorrow. Now that my quads are finally losing their soreness!

After lunch was another trip to Home Depot for the screws needed to fasten the geartracks to our garage walls (concrete block), and then back home to walk doggy. Did another load of laundry, and changed the sheets.

And here we are. Bf is raking leaves in front. We have to look up the date of the last curbside pickup. Not that our oak tree ever cooperates...

Okay, I think I'm going to season and bake some pita bread to eat with hummus. TTFN!

11-10-2013, 11:02 PM
Hey everyone....

Busy day today....ran errands, bought too many books at the library book I'm going to settle in and watch a movie.

Laura - For the past few weeks, I've been having steel cut oats for breakfast along with a greek yogurt. Keeps me full 'til lunchtime. I started out buying the microwaveble ones at Costco, but have for the past week been making batches every other day. It's yummy, and I like that it has protein.

I'll try and catch up with y'all later or in the morning before I leave for the doctor appt.

Much love,

11-11-2013, 03:58 AM
I did post a short note yesterday to say that I was running around like a chook with it's head chopped off but things are okay, just busy. Next life I am coming back as a check out chick.

The wind is blowing and things are getting somewhat horizontal. One of these days I will be back with a full report. Meantime, sorry this is short. No news from NJ. Such is life.

11-11-2013, 08:58 AM
Good Monday Vets Morning here.

Last year C and I got a free dinner for him and only paid for mine at Olive Garden. Very nice. My son is going somewhere tonight with his wife.

The funeral was bautiful. Full military funeral with casion (horse drawn carriage for caske)t from across the base. Beautiful black, fluffly arabian horses, then 3 gun salute followed by taps. Bawled like a baby. Then they brought his urn into the center for a 2 1/2 hour funeral, mostly speakers. So lovely.

Saturday was errands and cleaning, baked an apple pie for Sam's bd celebration I had. Her bd dinner request was chicken tetrazini, green beans, cauliflower, my homemade breadsticks, and apple pie with vanilla ice cream. I didn't eat any breadsticks, pie or icecream....Yeah!! And it is all gone. Two of my bros and wives came as did my nephew and my DS/wife. Of course Sam, CHris and Lil Man. Not there weekend for Ains. We had a very good time and play cards too. Laughed a lot.

Got my Sketcher Shape Up tennies in the mail on Saturday. I tried wearing them, but had dropped a can of soup on my 2nd toe on my bad foot and it hurt too bad to wear them. Will give them another try when toe heals. I am thinking I need to get bionic feet installed. Like the 6 million dollar man. lol

Tried to watch a movie on Hallmark that was a new one last night but couldn't stay awake for the last half hour. Should have tho cause I was up at 1 on the couch and couldn't sleep. Bleh.

I, like the rest of us-no rest for the weary-I have to work today also. I did get to tell a cop this morning thank you for all he does. He smiled and thanked me right back. I like letting them know I appreciate them.

SHADDIE...that job is taking you away from us too much. Tell them you need a Chicklet time out. lol Hope you are doing well.

CHELLE...glad to hear your sugars are doing well. Good job on the pictures. If I send you a flash drive, could you put the pix on it for me? Thank you in advance.

LAURA...have you decided if you are going to join BFs gym yet? Sounds like they offer quite a bit that you are interested in.

HAPPY...bummer on the recall to the dentist, cause I know you are like me, would rather get 10 shots of cortisone than go to the dentist. boo on that. bummer on the 10 punch pool pass too, altho the older I get the less and less I like swimming in public places. All the talk of germs, bacteria and fecal matter in the water just kind of grosses me out. We are having crappy weather also, possible snow flurries this afternoon. Don't see how cause our high is 48, but I "guess" the weather peeps know more than we do...NOT.

SUSIE....glad to hear your DHs heart is in great shape with no blockages or anything. That is certainly a plus on your side. I am still thinking of joining TOPS but have not "made" myself go yet. I suck on that stuff. GOOD JOB on the WL. Congrats girl!! nice to have company and so nice when they go home, especially when they are sick. Bleh on the slow day at work, makes it seem to last for 20 hours.

Sure am missing our MELLIE. Wish Jen would get off her duff and post us even a one liner. Sheesh.

Have a great Monday/evening, Vets day etc etc. HUGS AND LOVES

11-11-2013, 10:42 AM
Sounds like you have had good week end. Yum on the apple pie and ice cream.
And good for you on not eating any. I liked my shape ups but it made th calves of my legs sore.

I've never had steel cut oats, but I eat oat meal every morning. I like doing the video's on you tube. I'll see if they have any of those video's.

Thanks for all your work on the digital photo's for Mel.

Happy, Shad and Susie :wave:

Yesterday was quiet and hope that the rest of the week will be also.
My sinus infection is a lot better. Still have some drainage but that's normal for me.
Bff called last night to tell me that most of all the swelling was gone and that you could barely tell that she's had any surgery, face lift. Can't wait to see.

11-11-2013, 11:59 AM
Morning all.

Ceejay - This morning I was just thinking about doing an old step workout tonight after work, but I realized it's on VHS, not dvd. :( We did buy a nice working vhs player from the thrift store a long time ago, but have never hooked it up to any of our tv's. The idea was for us to play the vhs tapes and have them record onto our dvd recorder. Bf has not shown any interest in playing around with the various cable connections to get this to work for us. I suppose I can play around with it a bit myself. But maybe I should just find a workout on youtube and do that first!! Once I start messing around with the electronic stuff, I know I'll be spending a lot of time on it.

Annie - Sounds like your friend's dad was given a lovely sendoff. Ouch re the can dropped on the toe!! What are we going to do with you??!! :D I still say steel-toe boots are required, LOL. Bionic feet - I love that idea!! Sissy's b-day dinner sounded scrumptious. Happy belated birthday to her! No, I haven't decided yet if I'm joining bf's gym. On the pro side, the gym has pretty good classes. It also has all new equipment and nice amenities. Moneywise, it's less expensive than just taking park district classes alone. On the con side, I'd have to get accustomed to the big gym atmosphere - a lot of people all over, including in the classes. (But it's not really crowded, so that's a plus.) Another con - there's ample parking, but the lot is still congested in the closer parking areas. Another possible con that I have to ask about - is there a membership committment? I do know there will be a 1-time initiation fee, but I don't know if there's a minimum contract. The cons don't seem like deal breakers - something I could get accustomed to. But I'm feeling lazy at the moment and wouldn't mind a week without classes...

Michelle - Good luck at your doctor appointment today. I agree oatmeal is filling, and I like the texture of the steel cut oats. I do, however, feel like by the time I add the brown sugar and maybe some dried fruit, it gets to be too "pointy". But if it holds me over until lunch, I guess I could fit it in. Re the library's book sales - sometimes I feel bad when I miss them, and other times I think it's for the best - I already have a lot of books on the shelf that need reading!

Shad - I had to look up "chook" even though the part about running around with its head cut off gave me a hint, LOL. Sure wish we could get an update on Mel.

Hellos to the rest of the worldlies today. :)

Nothing much to report since my post yesterday. I finally used part of my Sephora gift card online last night. I love that they give out samples with your order, and they also had a promotion for a holiday sample pack. But we'll see how many of the samples I really want to use, LOL. I'm not into using a lot of beauty and cosmetic products.

Nothing going on today/tonight. That's it for me! TTFN.

11-11-2013, 01:23 PM
Hi all,

No time to do a proper post at the moment - will come back after today's errands and must do's.

Carla - are you watching from up above???? If so do you think perhaps you might call the lady at the office and see if you can get any word on Mel? I know she did not want to be bombarded with phone calls but you have at least had contact with A. I am getting nothing from Jen and I don't think we will hear anything without a bit of a nudge. Thanks much! :hug:

Hellos to the rest of the chicks. I'll be back later.

11-11-2013, 01:24 PM
oh and Sephora gives lousy samples :lol: the only good ones are the "full size" samples you have to use your rewards points for. ;)

11-11-2013, 02:24 PM
Super quick post as I got into work late due to my doctor appointment. I talked to my doc about my diabetes. She is very pleased that it is so well-controlled with my medications, and no signs of any kidney or liver problems! I asked her about coming off my meds if I got my A1C down to 5.7. She said what the A1C tells her is how well its controlled with the fairly high doses of meds that I'm on. She said that if I can lose roughly 40 lbs (get down to 290), I might be able to come off of one or both of my diabetes meds. She is sending me for physical therapy to help my back and recommending against back surgery for now because I'm not in pain all the time. She said that my thyroid is underactive, so she's putting me on a thyroid med, which should help with my overall energy level and with my metabolism. Tonight after work and after the gym, I'll pick the medicine up at the pharmacy. She'd like to see me exercise at least 45 minutes a day 5 days a week, which will help my blood sugar and metabolism. I'll have to set (and keep) exercise "appointments". One of the grocery stores near my step-mom's place has a post office inside, and it's open 'till 7. I was going to mail the USB flash drive to Jen today, but being Veteran's Day, the post office isn't open. So I'll go tomorrow.

Tomorrow, my step-mom is having outpatient surgery. Her significant other and my step-brother will be around in the afternoon. I signed up for a Reversing Diabetes seminar in the evening, but I'll make sure that they'll be able to be around for her in the evening.

On Thursday, I meet with the nutritionist and have my mammogram.

Annie - Ouch on your toe! I think you do need to wear steel toed shoes/boots, or wrap it in bubble wrap. I forgot to reply to your question...I'd be happy to put the photos on a flash drive for you. do you want the ones without captions or with captions? Reason I'm asking is because I made the captions in as large a font as possible so Mellie could read them easily, but the pictures would be prettier without the captions.

Happy - When do you leave bear country and head down to Da Bears country? I didn't even see if the Bears won yesterday. I skipped going to the Packer bar yesterday so that I could spend a little time with D, and also go to the library book sale. I hope you get all your errands run. Yes, there have been changes to the travel regulations...but they aren't that bad once you know them. Wear slip on shoes if possible. Minimize the metal you're wearing. If you bring a laptop with you, take it out of the case. And minimize the bottles of shampoo and stuff (not sure if that applies to checked luggage or just carryon). Also, don't bring your knitting needles in your carryon. And mostly ALLOW MORE TIME. Are you flying into O'Hare or Midway?

Laura - The best part of my gym is that there are 4 fairly close to where my step-mom lives, so I can choose between them. One has water aerobics. Two of the others have more recumbent bikes. I like that it's not really a meat market...not that I've seen anyway. Yes, of course, you have your "beautiful people". But they don't give us heavier folks dirty looks like I've experienced at other gyms. I need to get into strength training. My step-mom asked me to think about what I want for I might ask for a step-bench and some hand weights or resistance tubes.

Ceejay - I'm glad you're sinuses are clearing up. And so nice that your friend is healing nicely.

Shad - Hope you're having a good week.

Love and hugs to all,

11-12-2013, 02:06 AM
Well, my plans for tomorrow have changed a bit. I got laid off today, right before it was time to go home. The manager said he really wanted to keep me, and he fought to keep me, but the company is struggling, and they need someone with the skill set to build and implement their new content management system...and don't have time for a learning curve.

My manager said he'd be an outstanding reference for me, and that my next company will be very lucky to have someone so dedicated and such an independent self-starter.

I'm bummed....but not letting it get me down too much because I know I have very sought after skills. I've already updated my resume and have found several jobs to apply for in the morning (when my brain is fresh and I can write a dazzling cover letter).

I will get to the post office tomorrow and mail the new flash drive to Jen.

Much love,

11-12-2013, 04:23 AM
Evening all,
Yet another short post I am afraid. Too tired to think about anything right now. Sinus' hurt, nose runs. If my feet smell, maybe I am built upside down.
Work is going fine. Actually managed to get some documents signed off today. Progress. Weather is not going fine. Guess I am a weather weinie now.
I do read the posts, just don't get a lot of time to reply. It's either when I am about to rush out on my way to work, or when I am about to call it quits for the day and go to bed.

No word from NJ again, but I did have an e-mail from Carol who said that she has a card with some money to send but has sent an email to Jen saying that she is holding it hostage until some contact has been made. If that doesn't work she will ring A in the office. It's been a couple of weeks so surely A can't complain about that.
Anyway, I am off for some aspirin and bed (in that order) Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

11-12-2013, 04:24 AM
Michelle, sorry to hear about the job. Hope you find something soon.

11-12-2013, 09:56 AM
Good Morning All...

I guess still no word from Jen. Bleh, no news is good news. Didn't do much of nuttin last night. A little laundry, left over meatloaf burgers, butternut squash and rosemary taters. TV and Bed. must be hard to move around so much from job to job, relocating and keep your sanity. May the force be with you and also feel better sister.

CHELLE...sorry to hear about the job, but as we have learned in the past year or so, everything happens for a reason. It will all work out for the better. Stay strong, lean on us. Hugs

HAPPY...haha on the samples, the only place that USED to give great samples is Hickory Farms back in the day when I was 16 and worked there. lol

LAURA...I am shocked you didn't have at least 4 things going on last night. You usually are going here, exercising there, delivering something, etc. Guess it was a rest night. Good for you.

CEEG...glad you are feeling better and the sinuses are clearing up. Should of take before and then after pix of BF. Pix don't lie, unfortunately.

SUSIE...hope everything is smooth in your world, have a great week sister.

That about does it for me, unless I think of something

Make it a terrific Tuesday/night. Hugs

11-12-2013, 10:04 AM
Hugs, I'm sure you will find even a better job. I hate this for you.

Sounds like you are doing your home work on flying. Too many rules and regs for me. Jonesboro has a small airport that used to fly into Dallas which worked well for me. I'll have to see where they go to now. I'd like to go there for a visit next summer.

My dvd player is old and it has a vhs player. I still have a few of those old tapes. In fact I might watch Zerro this week end.
And by the way you tube did have some BE dvd's.

And believe it or not I have seen a real chook running around with it's hed cut off. My grandpa had a farm.

Still not much going on except the weather. It has turned winter. We may have some snow flurries today also. As long as it doesn't stick. Then the temperature will drop down to 25 tonight. It's very windy and cold. Guess I'll have to get used to this.

11-12-2013, 10:05 AM
Hi Annie
You were above me.
That's what I keep telling myself--no news is good news about Mel.

11-12-2013, 11:40 AM
Morning all. Winter weather here - snow yesterday. (Sorry to report that Happy, but I hear that temps might get back in the 50's at the weekend.)

Ceejay - I'll have to check out the BE videos on youtube, and other workouts. Our snow stuck to the grass, roof, leaves, etc. but not the pavement. However, we also had rain earlier in the day, so there was some wetness on the sidewalk that froze as the temps dropped. Very slippery on the way home, so glad bf came to pick me up - I hadn't gone far and had already slipped a couple times. Doesn't help that it's so !@#$% dark. I tell myself I should bring a little flashlight with me...

Michelle - I'm so sorry to hear about the layoff. :hug: But I'm sure you'll find another job soon, positive!! I don't feel any particular feeling at this gym except it's just not the small and familiar atmosphere like the park district recplex. Good you have 4 locations of your gym in range of your stepmom's - good to have options. BTW, I hope her procedure goes well today.

Annie - Given the chance, I can be a major couch potato. :D

Happy - Bummer about the lousy samples from Sephora. So it sounds like it's the size that makes them bad for you?? My thought is they might be oddball products I don't need or want.

Shad - Sorry your sinuses are giving you problems. Good to hear the assigment is going well!! Fingers :crossed: that Carol can get some news out of NJ.

I was in a crummy mood yesterday morning when I got a text alert that I'd used up 100% of my data plan with 5 days left of the cycle to go - overage charge coming. I was already livid about that and it got even worse when bf phoned to tell me he also got the text and wanted to figure out why I always seem to be so close to the limit. Grrrr. I reacted the way he reacts to me when I try to help him find something he's misplaced. Wonder if he realized that?? Anyway, it's such a stupid thing to always worry about. I'm going to check out the plans to see how much an unlimited data plan would set us back. Whatever it is, it's probably worth it!

When I got home I lazed around for a bit, then got the VCR and DVD recorder units down in the basement. I hooked it up - not without messing up one of the connections - and the things are color-coded for Pete's sake! I'm such a dufus. But I ultimately got it hooked up properly and recorded my old Kari Anderson VHS step workout onto the dvd recorder's hard drive. Next step will be to copy the recording to a dvd. The receipt fell out of the vhs sleeve and I bought it in 1996! :lol: No, I didn't do the workout while it was recording. I was in sloth mode by then. Glad I got the stuff hooked up - I have at least one more vhs tape I might want to convert to dvd.

Movie night tonight - while at the book club on Saturday (which I skipped), they apparently decided on seeing "Last Vegas" ). I'll see what kind of reviews. If too horrible, I'll skip it.

Okay, better get back to it. Have a good day everyone.

11-12-2013, 12:59 PM
HAPPY...check out Verizon. I love it. I have unlimited calls, anytime calling, and data, 3 phones on our plan (Curtis, Sam and myself) for 177.00 a month. Sound like a lot but we too were having an overage every month and it wasn't much less than what we pay a month now. I saw the previews of Last Vegas and think we might go see it. That and Thor, and there was another one coming out that I cannot remember that we want to see also. WE also had the snow, same as you, however we did accumulate a tiny bit bt mostly melted.

CEEG...we had snow but is supposed to be back to 50s by the weekend the same as Laura. Yeah!

Later gaters

11-12-2013, 01:00 PM
I meant LAURA not HAPPY in the post above...oops, duh blondie here

11-12-2013, 01:22 PM
Annie - We're on ATT and have 4 phones - me, bf, my mom, his mom - and it's $160/mo, so it's reasonable. I very rarely incur overage charges, but I'm always having to watch my data usage. It would be worth $10-15/month extra to me to not have to pay strict attention to this...

I definitely want to see Thor!!!

11-12-2013, 02:26 PM
Hi ladies -

Thank you for all your support and encouragement. I've been talking to placement agencies this morning about a few opportunities. And hopefully all that interest will continue. :D

Gotta go respond to some job postings.

Love you all,

11-12-2013, 02:31 PM
My two cents: I LOVE ATT. I only have one phone on my plan, but I have unlimited calls to any other mobile phone (even different carrriers). The thing that sold me on them was their customer service. Back in August/September of last year when my ex dropped the bomb shell on me, I was texting A LOT with friends and family...and at the time, I didn't have unlimited texting (I do now). Anyway, I went WAY OVER my alloted texts and minutes, and after I called them and explained it was a family crisis, they verified that I had never used so many texts or call not only did they waive the overage fees, they credited me roughly $200. I had a credit balance for roughly 2 months! It was awesome. I so appreciated their help.

11-12-2013, 02:57 PM
Morning all,

Sorry I didn't get in last night. Had a few false starts and then kept getting interrupted. Had to go back to the dentist again yesterday. The impressions they are taking for fluoride trays for my teeth are not working out. I suspect my mouth is too small to get a good impression wide enough to make a proper tray. They have made 4 impressions so far and I told them if this one didn't work then to forget it. Not that they didn't try and they are super nice, I just think it's a losing battle and the cold goop on my teeth was very uncomfortable - too sensitive. I then went to physical therapy and had a new guy as the other two were off hunting. Deer season just opened which means life is put on hold up this way. I loved this new guy - he worked on my sore neck with enough pressure to work the knots but not an intensively painful deep tissue massage. I have one more session with him on Thursday. Afterwards I decided to pick up a few groceries to tide us over for the remainder of the week. I was going to go today but since I was already out and about yesterday, figured I'd take care of it. Glad I did as I am home today and tomorrow with total time to devote to my to do list which I'm barely making a dent in. Cleaned out both refrigerators, got the garbage and recycling out to the curb. Chatted with Mom last night as well as instant messaging Sis to firm up some plans. Watched one recorded TV show, cleaned the cat boxes and gave the cats some play time and it was time for this kid to go to sleep.

Michelle - I am very sorry to hear about your job loss. :hug: Especially since you had your hopes up that this would turn into a permanent gig. Just keep your spirits up and keep hunting. At least you are in a highly populated area which has more job opportunities than where you came from. :crossed: for you. I'm glad your health numbers are improving. I was going to suggest perhaps if your step-mum is asking for gift ideas - maybe a session or two with a personal trainer who could show you a weight training program that would work with your delicate back would be beneficial. I say that because I am getting some helpful tips from the physical therapists and I know that weight training is really good on so many fronts - for muscles and bone density as well as overall health. One of the therapists is also recommending yoga too for keeping things stretched out. I didn't realize that tight leg muscles can contribute to bursitis flare ups. Yoga may also help your back too. Keep your chin up and I'm sure you will rebound quickly! I had to laugh at your comment about not bringing knitting needles on the plane - that surely must frustrate some coast to coast flying knitting fans. I wonder if you can bring a crochet hook? I am flying into Ohare by the way - that one had a direct flight - 90 minutes vs 4 and a half hours and a connection through Detroit or Minneapolis to get to Midway even though Midway is 6 miles from Mom's and Ohare is about 20 miles. :^:

Laura - Sephora talks about all these "great" samples but many of them are for things you probably would not use and the samples are nothing more than a smear of something - not enough to really see the product like a small blotch of makeup to match color tone on your hand but not enough to do one application on your face or the equivalent of a postage sized stamp of a gauze square with an astringent/perfume sample/facial toner. I am not enticed by them any more. At least Aveeda's samples you can get 1 full application. I smiled slightly when you talked about your conversation with BF over the phone plan. I can totally relate to how that went down ;) I hope you can find something reasonably priced. Phone plans are the new cable tv stone around the neck when it comes to pricing! So how well do the VHS tapes translate to CD? I know the old family movies are grainy but that's because of the quality of the recording medium. It's nice to be able to preserve some old favorites - I just replaced a few favorites with their CD counterparts. Was able to find some reasonably priced on half dot com.

Ceejay - I agree with the rules and regulations about flying. Fortunately I can get most of what I need at Target across the road from Mom's place so that minimizes what I have to take with me. I would not want to live a travelling life like Shad does - much more of a hassle when you have to travel for business and need certain things. I was happy to find that I can take my old time iPod - music only - no wireless to interfere with anything. I see that you are getting some chilly weather down your way. It's too early to get some flurries in the air. Hope you won't have an unseasonally cold winter. Have the trees started turning colors yet?

Annie - I had some roasted butternut squash at a restaurant and really wanted to make it at home. They had squash on sale at the store but they were all in a bin mixed up - several varieties and I didn't know what was butternut. I wound up bringing home a small acorn squash :( but I looked it up and now know what I should be looking for. How do you make yours? You're right about the Hickory Farm samples - one could make a luncheon just browsing the counters :lol: Ouch on getting another boo boo on your foot. Are the new sneakers hitting a sore spot?

Shad - it doesn't take very long to get desensitized to the cold weather. Sorry to hear you are dragging along. Don't worry about posting - just let us know you are still kicking around. Thanks for the update with Carla. I am disappointed in the lack of communication too so hopefully A will talk with Carla.

Ok - the day's a wasting away - better put on my busy shoes and get moving here.

11-12-2013, 07:41 PM
Okay, this is my THIRD attempt to post, so it'll just be the bare bones, no personals.

It turns out blackmail IS an effective tool - I got the following email from Jen today:

"Mom is going to stay where she is...they are doing it as a favor if not they would have to send her 2-3 hrs away from me. They are starting her on morphine....alittle ata time. Please do not call the office....I;m keeping things private now as they wants it that way...anything you would like to send her, you can send to me---we do not trust the the place she is at...not all the workers are TRUSTWORTHY there...sorry to say, but a lot of people have access to her room & she sleeps most of the day and I don’t trust that they give them ALL their mail. but what can you do..beggers can’t be Thank you for all the wonderful notes everyones been sending..i read them to her....sorry it takes me sometime to write’s hard to read & write these’s like a dream while im doing it doesent seem real to me....don’t know what im going to do with out her...??? I had to make “her arrangements” this this has been especially hard..i met with the priest& funeral home..soo sorry for the delay everything is pretty much the same--will update you when something changes---tried to get most done now while im numb & still able to think...then rushed & hysterical..
Please pass this on to whom ever you think should address is --xxxxxxx......that’s it for to you all,,thanks for your prayer’s nice to kinow someone cares so’s not like my family is here helping me thru this..knowing you guys care--makes me feel not so alone..thank you...luv to you--jennifer"

I x'ed out Jen's address - if anyone doesn't have it just PM me and I'll send it on. It really sounds like Mel is failing fast, definitely not good news. I miss her so much!

If I hear more I'll post right away. But I don't want to pester Jen too much, and it seems clear that Mel doesn't want anyone calling A at the office so I won't. I'll just keep sending cards and letters to Mel via Jen, some of them with the usual $50 bill taped inside. (Money in a card has always worked for me so far, and by now I have a feeling they must really need a little extra cash...)

And now I'll try again to post. Fingers crossed...

11-12-2013, 11:22 PM
Thank you very much Carla :hug: - that's all I wanted - just a morsel of information. I can understand how difficult it must be for Jen if she's had to make arrangements recently. Just so sad. I will get a letter to her in the mail tomorrow. PS - I vote for the cash too - would not send Jen a check - just send it to her apartment and don't make it obvious.

Very sad that people at the rehab would be stealing mail looking for money - may they burn extra hot for that.

11-12-2013, 11:53 PM
What a sorry state of affairs that someone would steal from a dying person. Yuk, Yuk, Yuk

Thanks Carol. Appreciate your efforts.

11-13-2013, 12:04 AM
Good evening Ladies -

Carla - Thank you so much for passing along the information. So very sad.

I'd like your opinion on something....given Mel's you think it's worth sending the captioned photos? I can get it in the mail tomorrow, and she'd have it by Saturday at the latest, but it sounds like she sleeps a lot of the time. What do y'all think?

Much love to all,

11-13-2013, 01:07 AM
Michelle - I was thinking about that too although I thought you might have gotten it in the mail already. I know you put a tremendous amount of work into the captioning but my own opinion is that it probably at this point would not be worth mailing it. Again - simply my opinion. If she was sleeping a lot before, she will sleep even more with the pain medication. I'm glad in her waking moments that she knew how much she is loved by us.

11-13-2013, 01:42 AM
Happy - that's what I was thinking too. And even though I got it finished Sunday, there was no mail yesterday due to Veteran's day...and today...well, today, I tried to focus on my job, I needed to be home as my stepmother had outpatient surgery and needed someone home with her.

11-13-2013, 02:23 AM
Hope your step-mom makes a quick recovery and good luck on the job search! You'll find something quickly I'm sure, even if it's the dreaded contracting. :(

11-13-2013, 08:57 AM
Good Morning it's a brand new day!!! Hump day, trash la la la

CARLA....thank you ever so much for the update on our MELLIE. I do feel for Jen and quite frankly we are probably the last on the list of to do's. I will just keep send to Jen's address.

ONE THING WE SHOULD TRY TO REMEMBER LADIES....and I know I really do not need to say this, however even after our sister goes to be with the Lord, we need to remember to support Jen & Richie. and now I am crying. WTG ANNIE.

HAPPY....good to hear the the PT is helping with your neck/back/heck your body and that you like this PT. Me thinks you have been through denistry h*ll. I will only go back for the second time on a re-do so you are much braver than I am.

SHADDIE...feel better my down under sister, down under the weather, lol Nothing like feeling blah and dragging it around. Hugs my friend.

CHELLE...wouldn't worry about sending the flash drive to MELLIE either. Once you are on morphine you are barely awake. I have been on it twice. You are such a sweetie doing all that work on it. If only you got paid for it. lol Keep you head up and give it to the Lord, you will find that perfect job. Hugs.


Make it a wonderful Wednesday!

Loves and Hugs.

11-13-2013, 12:25 PM
Morning all. Brrrr! Cold one this morning. Gradually warming though! :sunny:

Carla - Thanks so much for passing along the update from Jen. What a tough time she's going through right now. I miss Mel so much here. :(

Annie - Yeh, Jen & Richie are certainly going through a horrible time right now - making arrangements, etc. Gonna send her a note as well.

Michelle - Thanks for all the hard work on the captions. I sure wish Mel were well enough to be able to see them. But I'm soooo glad she did see the photos!! Good luck with the job hunt!! How's your stepmom doing today? Re ATT - people complain about them, but I don't think they're all that bad. A while ago when I went over my data plan, bf did get them to reverse the overage charge, so they are reasonable with that. My beef is that bf and I can't share a data plan - he works from home and uses very little of his data plan each month, while I'm always pushing the limit. And I don't think other carriers are any different with that...

Happy - Gawd, can't believe they can't get a good impression for that flouride tray. Oh well, you were a really good sport about going back in multiple times. Glad the PT guy helped with your neck - maybe you can specificially schedule with him next time. Well, so much for Sephora. But I did have a gift card and had wanted to try it. I thought they'd have a larger variety of brands available than they did - from drugstore level on up, but it didn't appear that way to me. I will use the rest of my gift card in person at the store in the mall and that'll probably be it. As for the quality of vhs transfered to DVD - only as good as the quality of the vhs tape. In this case, the tape wasn't overused/worn and was in very good shape. The quality looked pretty good to. But it's sort of like watching an old tv sitcom and then flipping to a high def tv channel and watching a new HD program - night and day. But not quite that extreme. I actually checked a couple sites to see if that particular video was still available, but I didn't see it, so it's for the best that I did the transfer.

Hellos to Susie and Ceejay. :wave:
Saw "Last Vegas" last night. It was entertaining enough, even if the subplots were kind of lame-o. But if I want to watch a funny old guy comedy..."Grumpy Old Men" is much better. It was a good cast. It was (obviously) set in LV, so be prepared for a lot of b00bage.

The boss is out today and it's quiet. I might take Friday off work and might get a massage.

That's about it for me. TTFN!

11-13-2013, 12:54 PM
Oh LAURA..get the massage, go on and look for a spa deal, they have lots of them.

11-13-2013, 01:25 PM
Morning girls,

Trash day was yesterday Annie. ;) :lol:

Today is the last "open" day that I have - at least one where I have no other commitments to do anything other than what I want to. I need to pop over to Walmart and pick up a TSA approved lock so I can lock my luggage. Also need to get another laser light pen for the kitties. They both love chasing that and it's about the only exercise they get aside from Nina chasing poor Meadow all over the house when she gets the heebie geebies. We seem to have lost the one laser we had - I think it rolled into the trash bin and I didn't notice it. I am glad I had some clothes sent to my Mom's as I started measuring suitcases and the one I can take is a bit bigger than a carry on but not much more than that. DH sees no problem in taking only 2 pairs of pants, 3 shirts and 3 prs of underwear. Oh to pack like a guy! Probably better taking the smaller suitcase as I'm sure dragging the heavier bag will be hard on my neck and back. I had wanted to take 5 days of clothes so that I didn't have to do laundry more than twice. It's going to be cold both here and there so I will have to think carefully about layering. Fortunately I don't have to bring much in the way of toiletries - those tend to weigh a lot. United changed their baggage policy last month - thanks guys - and reduced the size of baggage and what you can bring as a carry on. I agree with the carry on restrictions- there were lots of people - not just business travelers who did not want to wait to pick up checked baggage and took it too far when it came to toting an elephant's size worth of luggage into the plane leaving no space for other passengers. And I hardly ever saw the gate crew stopping anyone. I'm also bummed to see that now there is rain in the forecast on both cities Saturday - increases the chances for delays :( I just want to get in and out - is that asking too much :shrug:

Mel - I miss you dearly and think about you every night as I fall asleep - praying for your comfort and strength for poor Jen. :hug:

Carla - thanks again for the update. Hope you are doing ok!

Shad - heads down and knee deep in the hoopla over there? From what I understand there is a lot of theft going on in those types of rest homes / rehab places. Some say the low wages encourage theft, others are natural thieves who see an opportunity from sleeping or otherwise out of it patients. Very sad - one has to watch their loved one carefully in those places. I would send all correspondence and gifts directly to Jen.

Laura - thanks for the review on Lost Vegas. Kinda sad when you have such great talent and you have to resort to breasts for most of the entertainment. I saw Michael Douglas on Leno or Letterman promoting the film and he certainly thinks he is hot doo doo in a fancy bag. He had a khaki colored suit on and it was very apparent he was going commando. He sat with his legs spread out as far as they could go as if that thing needed a good airing out. :rofl: It was sad and pathetic and I'm not just talking about his withered old junk. Not sure I'd even watch that movie for free - bunch of sad old men thinking they are 20 something Igors. :rofl: I forgot - the other thing about Sephora is that you get more samples if you order online. The couple of times I've gone into JC Penney or the mall shops and picked up makeup - Sephora only had samples if you used your VIP points and they didn't have anything worth wasting points on. You get more to chose from online. A massage sounds great - go reserve that day off and book that massage before you forget or the schedule gets filled up :D

Annie - I cried too after I read Jen's note. Been on this site long enough that there have been a couple of people I've come to know who have passed on. I can't believe she will be leaving us but I hope she will go to a better place where she can run and sing to her heart's content. How is your foot feeling? Are you able to get your Sketchers on? Are you having Thanksgiving dinner at your place this year?

How's the job search coming along Michelle? Get those resumes in before everyone takes a break for the holidays. This was always a hard time to job hunt - people have other priorities and you have to wait a lot. I'm sure you can find other things to keep you busy also. Is Santa over his cough?

Hi Ceejay and Susie :wave:

I'm off to make some mushroom soup. DH HATES the smell of cooked mushrooms so he agreed to go work outside so I could make my soup but her reminded me that he is going outside NOW and I need to get off the computer because he won't stay outside forever. :lol:

Have a good one chicks.

11-13-2013, 03:09 PM
Ainsley 8 years; Jacob 2 years

11-13-2013, 04:38 PM
Awww, how sweet they look. :)

11-13-2013, 05:30 PM
The pictures are adorable.

Again thank you for the update on Mel.

I know you are getting excited for the trip to your mom's. Maybe not the plane ride. The kittens sound adorable now.

Can you draw unemployment while looking for another job? Hope you find one soon.

Laura and Shad :wave:
For some reason I'm not in the mood to post. Been doing a lot of other things at work just to keep my mind off of Mel.
Oh and by the way, I did call the department head of street and sanitation. He said that there was no rule that you had to put your garbage to the curb on pick up day's. He referred me to the code enforcer. Think i'll call the land lord in the morning and see what they can do. I told the street and sanitation dept that this is going to cause rats. I don't want to stir up a stink, but this is ridiculous.

11-13-2013, 05:49 PM
Ceejay - stand up for the right thing. If the sanitation dept won't come in to pick up the garbage, then the health dept needs to step in and sort out the health issues - and there will be some.

Annie - young Ainsley sure is pretty. They both look like great kids.

11-13-2013, 06:43 PM
Hi Everyone!

We had a bit of snow yesterday. It was pretty but really I'm ok if that is the last of it. I like wearing sweaters but I don't like wearing sweaters with coats! :coolsnow:

Guess what happened yesterday? DH and I went to the Y together to walk! He has been saying he will go back with me but at the end of the day he is always too tired--so he says. Well..he went yesterday and told me he would go again tonight. :carrot:

Is anyone watching Biggest Loser?

I want to give hugs to all of you :hug:, as I know that you all are hurting over your friend Mel. I gather from reading the posts that her time her time here is very short. I send my sympathy and prayers to you all.

I am posting from work and will be leaving in a few but I wanted to check-in.
My personals will be short and I won't hit everyone..sorry about that. I'll get better at it.

Laura: Your kids are very cute!

Michelle: I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your job. I'm sure that good things for you in that area are right around the corner. Do what you can to look for a job--this time of year can be a bit hard to find something but things will get to moving again the middle of January so don't get discourged.

Happy: How did the soup turn out?

Ok..I need to run...I'll see you all soon--I will try to get here tomorrow.

11-13-2013, 09:19 PM
Busy day today. 1 interview for a very short term contract. 1 phone interview for a perm job in San Diego. Tomorrow I have a skype interview for the San Diego job.

Tomorrow, I am also on a clear liquid diet all day in prep for my colonoscopy on Friday. I've got the skype interview at 9, an appt with the nutritionist at 11, my mammo at 2. Then when I get home I have to take some laxatives and drink some roto rooter liquid to prep for my procedure on Friday.

D is driving me to the hospital on Friday for my procedure. I have to be there at 6:30. Hopefully I'll be home by 10.

Not going to be able to do much on the job front tomorrow but maybe by Friday afternoon, I can get back to applying.

My stepmom is up and around much more today.. She can't overdo it too much. But she is having people over tonight to play cards.

I've got to go help with dinner and set the table, etc.

Hopefully I'll get to post tomorrow.

Mellie, I miss you so much.

I love y'all like sisters. I'm so blessed to have you in my life.

Love and hugs,

11-14-2013, 10:06 AM
Morning all,

Put on the track shoes, busy day ahead. I finished making the dog treats for the Santa Photo event with the Humane Society. Baked 6 batches - that's all I can do, others can pitch in if needed. Today is my last physical therapy appointment and I am at the Thrift Shop in the afternoon. Hoping to double team some tasks while I'm there like weigh, bag and wrap the dog treats, write a couple of letters and maybe find a recipe or two in my new magazines to make at Mom's and for Thanksgiving dinner. Tomorrow is a stop at the dentist to pick up my fluoride trays, a follow up appt with the doctor to see how I'm doing, packing, at printing my 2 writing lessons from this week and a final look at the to do list to see what's just not going to get done before I leave. It's going to have to be an early to bed night as Saturday will be a very early start and off to the airport. I'm doing ok on the schedule - not panicking YET. :^:

The mushroom soup came out FANTASTIC. Best mushroom soup I've ever had. It was an Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa) recipe I found on the Food Network website. Supposed to be made with several varieties of wild mushrooms but all I had were white button mushrooms I bought on sale last week and needed to use up. It was delicious - I'm thinking because you actually make a stock to start out with and I think that made a huge difference in the richness of flavor. That was my supper yesterday. DH had something else ;) :p

Michelle - good luck with the interviews :crossed: hope they turn into something good for you. Boy talk about poked and prodded - what a fun day you have ahead of you. NOT. But by Saturday you should be able to breath deep and relax. I do hope you find another job quick! Love back to you too. :hug:

Susie - how's the hubby doing? I think it's great he is going for a walk with you. Go hubster!!! :cheer:

Ceejay - I agree with the others. While you can't force them to take the trash to the curb, they can't ignore pick up either and allow trash to pile up for weeks on end. In Germantown, they had very strict rules about keeping your house in good repair and decent living condition. That would not be tolerated.

Annie - the kids are just ADORABLE. Such cuties, no wonder you squeeze them so much :rofl:

Hi Laura and Shad. Gotta hop in the shower now - I'm already running 15 minutes behind. Later ladies.

11-14-2013, 10:12 AM
Good morning. I can't believe I made it here and that most of you all had not already posted.

I have TOPS weigh-in tonight. I feel I might be up at bit--I've had more soda than I usually have and that packs the weight on me very quickly. I kept telling myself to stop but I didn't listen to myself.

I have a NSV to share. I am a worrier....I try not to be, but it's just in my make-up. So, I read this morning that some insurance company's were dropping a drug I take for my IC. My first thought was to worry. What was I going to do if that was me. This drug has been the only thing that has given me relief from the pain of the disease. Then I thought..why not call my insurance and find out.

I was holding my breath, but I called...and I was told it is covered. I hope that doesn't change...but for now, I know I'm covered and I'm thankful and I did what I could to help with my worry. Doing this helped me to not eat for comfort, and to not cover up my frustrations but to face them.

Michelle: It sounds like you have a lot of irons in the fire on the job front. Crossing my fingers and saying a prayer for you.

Also, good luck with the prep for your procedure and also for a good outcome of that procedure.

Have a great day everyone. I hope to be here tomorrow.

11-14-2013, 11:32 AM
Good Morning CHicklets....

Signed up for the blood mobile for today, but unfortunately I didnt' start my iron regimen like I normally do, therefore my count was too low to donate. Boooo!! Looks like I wiill have to wait till another 56 days go by.

SUSIE....At least you know where you went wrong eating. Stop the soda girlie, or like MELLIE says, I will come whop you with the rolling pin. Good job ont he NSV. Yeah! Nice of DH to walk with you, it tends to motivate you more if someone else participates.

HAPPY...I don't know if I can stand two weeks with you posting. Bleh. Maybe hit the library once or twice and sneak us a post?? I do hope your visit with your momma goes well and everyone gets along. Just love her, don't try to understand her thinking. lol. Looks like you have one busy day ahead of you. That is a lot of doggie cookies. I still have not tried to make any but have a few recipes to try. You are awesome sister. Hugs of luck with all the interviewing and job search, I am sure GOD will bless you with the perfect job of you. Hope all your procedures come out well and the prep for the colonoscopy isn't to bad. YOU KNOW, that is the worst part of the entire procedure, the rest is a piece of cake and glade D is going with you.

SHADDIE...glad to see you could come up for air. I just love the grandbabes, wish I could of had them first. They are so much fun. haha Don't work to hard and have a glass of wine this weekend. How are you feeling? Any better?

CEEG...surely the landlord could put some pressure on the tenants about the trash. He certainly doesn't want rats infested in his rental. I am with SHADDIE, call the health department.

LAURA...thanks for the Vegas review. The other movie I saw the previews for is Delivery Man, I think that looks funny. Vince Vaughn is such a good actor and I like him.

HELLO to our MELLIE...

Much love, hugs, and prayers for all our worldlie chicks.

11-14-2013, 12:31 PM
Morning all. Sunny and bright today. Still chilly, but temps are supposed to hit a high in the 40's today. :)

Michelle - I don't envy your lineup for the next couple days, but you are doing the right thing getting these tests taken care of. Good luck with the interview today! I don't have any doubts you'll find something, but hopefully this timing doesn't make it later rather than sooner.

Susie - Glad to hear your med is still covered by your insurance, and great nsv not to eat out of anxiety/worry!! Enjoy the walk with your hubby tonight at the Y. :) Yeh, I'm really hoping that was the last of the snow for a while - like after Thanksgiving at the very soonest!! It was just too early for snow and temps in the 20's!!! :yes:

Happy - Ick, sounds like Michael Douglas is a lot more like his "Last Vegas" character than I would have thought. Ewww! Just so you know, the other three were NOT like that in the movie! The movie wasn't all about them ogling b00bage either, but there was plenty in there regardless. You are so busy - I got tired just reading all that you've been up to. I think you need to beg some donated space/equipment/time from a local bakery with a commercial size mixer & oven so you can make a lot of treats in bigger batches! Sounds like you've really done a lot of research getting ready for your flight. I wouldn't worry too much about a wireless device, as long as you know how to turn it on and off and it has an airplane mode that lets you read your e-book. ;)

Ceejay - Too bad you had to resort to getting the streets & san. people involved, and the landlord, but this is a health issue if they leave their trash laying around to draw vermin. I agree with Shad - call the health dept too!

Shad - Are you getting any "Shad time" this week? How's the new apartment working out??

Annie - I didn't see anything about Delivery Man yet. I'll have to look it up on IMDB. I like Vince Vaughn too. Too bad about the iron level being too low to donate. Next time...

Bf went ahead and signed me up for the gym yesterday. No initiation fee for me because I'm on bf's account, just the monthly membership fee. I might go to a class tonight.

Last night bf wanted to go to Lou Malnatis for a deep dish pizza and I succumbed. But I stopped at one slice - usually I want half of another.

Regardless of the pizza, I'm going to a WW meeting today. I skipped Tuesday's meeting, but I don't want to skip entirely - I need to be accountable and get back on track. I'm going to an 11:30 class today at a WW location a couple blocks away. I expect a gain based on the scale at home this morning.

I'm taking a vacation day tomorrow and have to schedule a massage. To the phone I go!!! TTFN.

11-14-2013, 12:51 PM
It's a sunny but cold day outside. I need to be out there raking or mulching leaves. I'll do that tomorrow if it doesn't rain. Cold this morning at 22 degrees.

Hope you enjoy the visit with mom. Try to post if you can.

Question--do I call the local health department or the state health department about the garbage. I'm taking a picture of it. I'm hoping they do get rats. and by George if even one mouse is my house I'm complaining big time.

I'm a worrier too. Good job on calling the insurance. I need to quit the soda's also. Good luck at weigh in tonight.

You don't waste any time looking for new jobs. Ugh on the colonoscopy. Like Annie said the worse part is the prep.
My last one was 2007 so I still have a few years to go before my 10 years is up, unless my regular doctor says I need one.

Are you going to the movies tonight?

Are you like me and hate to take pill's? That's a good excuse though if you don't want to give. I've never given. Don't like needles that much. But if any one in my family needed some blood I would give then.
I enjoy my sister's grandchildren. Even the grown ones.

It's about time to get ready to leave to go to Jonesboro. My appointment isn't until 3.15 p.m. but I have some other errands to run while there.

11-14-2013, 04:37 PM
Morning all,

Please sir, my brain is full. My brain stem is full too. Having problems with eyes, can't sleep so well and I am even remembering my dreams. They ain't pretty either.

It's okay, just me whinging about life in general and work in particular. I'm dealing with both offshore and onshore consultants whose grasp on English is tenuous and sometimes hilarious. I've been setting up bank accounts for over here as well, my Aussie one is taking a beating with all the fees, charges and commissions by using the card over here. Got an on line bank statement today for my new account - and I haven't put any money into it yet. It had $1000 in it. What????? Anyway it turns out it is my overdraft facility so it really isn't my money. I now need to advise the paymaster of my account number so I can actually get paid. I'm not putting up with this crap for love I can tell you.

Having said all that. I sent a long e-mail to Mel and Jen last night. Hope they get that one okay. Seems Jen has 2 email addresses. I'm putting read notices on my email so I can see which one she uses most. Then I'll send all my email stuff to that address. Wishing peace and serenity for Mel.

Can't do personals right now. I will get back when I can. Maybe over the weekend although I know I will be working tomorrow.

Catch you later - and Happy, have a nice visit with your mother (in case I don't get in before you go) and no kicking the old girl around even if she does get up your nose from time to time.

11-14-2013, 08:41 PM
Ceejay - you want to contact City Services, specifically Code Enforcement for the garbage problem. They investigate complaints of that nature. They would probably speak to the tenants first and remind them of their responsibilities and if they received another complaint, I daresay they would be contacting the landlord also. Brr - 22 degrees is darn cold for your area. Nice for sleeping though, horrid for crawling out of bed and going to work.

Shad - I did not know Jen had 2 email addresses. She gave me one in her last note - I hope that's the one she uses, although she did not respond to prior emails. I don't want to bombard her with emails, just would like to hear on a weekly basis. So you have to set up an account where you are now? Geez - the things you learn - I would think with the commonness of NZ and AU, they would work better together - kinda like the U.S.A. and Canada here. Of course I don't do anything in Canada other than correspond with friends but the few times I was in BC or Toronto, they were very accommodating. Hope you get it all straightened out. Life is really testing you lately.

Laura - it's funny that you mention getting an industrial mixer for the dog treats. I made 26 bags - that's 13 and a half pounds of dog biscuits over the last 4 days. I hate making them now. I was thinking as I was pushing through a second batch yesterday that if I had my own business doing this - I'd QUIT. Working at the popcorn shop, doing this - it really gives one some insight into just what it takes. Just like Shad - not all glamour wheeling your cute little carry on through the airport, relaxing with a nice cocktail at the airport lounge. :hat: More like the burden of the world - why couldn't I leave well enough alone? :lol3: In my old age, I pay closer attention to the bricks God throws at my head. He knows I am stubborn and so he lets me learn the lesson myself. :^: So now you are a full on gym member. Do you like the variety of classes they offer? Is this the place you've been going to lately? Good on yah for heading off to the WW meeting even after a pizza day. And I'm impressed you stopped at one slice, even with it being deep dish. The best thing you can do is congratulate yourself for exercising control and get back on the program again tomorrow. Pointy as that one slice of pizza and one beer I assume? can be, still wouldn't use up your week's worth of extra points or activity points, would it?

Annie - bummer that you forgot to take your iron pills and missed out on the donation. It's such a good thing to do for another person. I will probably be offline until I go over to my sister's on the 23rd. Believe me, I will be suffering without the internet too. You will just have to post twice as frequently to make up for me :lol: I will miss all you guys.

Susie - I can imagine how you must have been worrying about losing coverage for your medication. I was mad when they stopped making Actifed - apparently it works very well in meth cooking. But now nothing works for allergies quite like that did. I'm glad your medication is still on the list. Hope you have a good weigh in - you're right, soda is not your friend especially when having one makes you want to have another.

Michelle - hope you breeze through the tests and something good turns up for you on the job front. Will be saying some extra prayers for you.

And with that, I'm thinking I'll be signing off for the duration. I have a couple of things to get done tonight - some appointments in the morning and then it's packing time. Going to have to get up really early Saturday morning because it's a 90 minute drive, plus I want to have a comfortable time to get around an airport I've never been in. Good thing it's small. So I may only get a quick browse in here tomorrow.

I hope Mel is comfortable :hug: and that things settle down for Shad and the rest of you have a good Thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones. I will post as soon as I can while I'm away. Love to the chicks :grouphug:

11-14-2013, 09:20 PM
Super quick post for now. I've had several calls. I have several agencies submitting me for contract positions, and a couple for permanent positions. One that caught my eye today was for a local well known hospital...which is where I was when I saw the email...and where I'll be tomorrow. It's for a communications position, and I am SOOOO well qualified for it! OMG! It's a perfect fit for my skills! It's not programming at all, but more writing and publishing content to the website, creating a monthly newsletter, etc. And I really enjoyed working for a hospital system in Wisconsin. It's a major reduction in pay $10/hr less...but it's a job I'd enjoy a lot more. It's contract to start but if the candidate is a good fit, there's a good chance it will go permanent. :D I'm just trying for everything I'm qualified for and thinking positive thoughts.

Today's appointment with the nutritionist went really well. Who knew that all winter squashes, including the butternut squash at last night's dinner, was considered a starchy, carby veggie?! Anyway, I learned a lot more than just that and got some good tips for managing my blood sugar, what to do when it gets low (like when I wait too long to eat, or after I workout). She also gave me suggestions for things to eat before working out and after so my blood sugar doesn't drop so much.

After nutritionist was the mammogram. It was gentler than most. The tech asked first if a med student would observe...fine with me. The hospital system I'm going to is a teaching hospital...and this tech knew her stuff, so the student was learning the right stuff.

Today, I've been on a clear liquid diet, and now I'm drinking the prep solution for tomorrow's fun stuff. I emailed a couple recruiters who wanted to discuss opportunities tomorrow morning...I suggested they call in the afternoon. Hopefully I won't be too groggy.

Happy - Have a wonderful time with your mom! So is your DH going with you? Are you celebrating Thanksgiving apart? Like you, and all of us, I'm praying for Mel. I hope she's comfortable and peaceful. If I told Santa about all the dog biscuits you make, he'd think I'm an awful mom.

Laura - Good for you for going to WW and for stopping at one slice. Not sure I could do that.

I'll try for more personals later tonight or tomorrow.

Much love to all,

11-14-2013, 10:08 PM
Michelle - good luck on all those interviews
Happy - happy trails
Back later with more. Dinner tonight with my very pregnant niece and her husband, my nephew (nieces brother) and his girlfriend. Not sure if my sister will be there. Meantime, I would like to take a scalpel to this guys head. Copping it off around the knees might help. Lucky he doesn't live here.

11-15-2013, 12:55 AM
Happy - Safe travels to you. We'll miss you & look forward to hearing from you if you get the chance while at your sister's place. :)

11-15-2013, 08:56 AM
TGIF yeah man!! Good Friday also, pay week.

Not much on the agenda for the weekend, cleaning, laundry-altho I got most of it done last night. May cut the grass one more time at least in the back yard for Sassy's sake. Short legged and doesn't like the wet grass touching her belly... We are supposed to be in the 60s this weekend and the weatherman<--laugh...said the rain was not supposed to come in until after 4 pm. I figure I can get out there around noon after the dew dries and get it cut.

Met Sissy at the dentist for her teeth cleaning so I could watch lil man when she was in the chair. Let me tell you he entertained them to no end. Said all the alphabet across the set of encycopedias perfectly and everyone in the office dropped their jaw. I about cracked up. I also paid for the cleaning which wasn't bad as he has very reasonable rates. $75.00. straight up.

HAPPY...I will miss your posts, however I can tell you I will not be posting twice as much to cover your heiny. I would rather send money than do that. lol. Let's see. HAPPY BISCUITS for doggies!!

SHADDIE...geez louise this trip/job sounds like it is costing you more than you are making...apartment, bank fees, new clothes...Yikes woman, is it worth it?

CHELLE...will keep my fingers crossed on the hospital job. It sounds almost too fun to be true. Be glad when all your poking and prodding will be done so you can get back to normal, as far as normal goes. lol

CEEG...hope the smelling neighbors get taken care of. How was your day in Jonesboro and the appt go?


Prayers to MELLIE and JEN.

Most love and hugs to all.

11-15-2013, 11:23 AM
Made it to my dermatology appointment and was tortured some more. He removed some more of those things that look like moles. I'd gotten one to bleed. They really itch.
After this my bff and I went to Best Buy. We were going to find out about our cell phone accounts. I still have 6 more months on plan with Verizon.
And also looking for a small computer. I found one, but it's a 10 inch tablet by Microsoft called the Surface. It's really nice. This one was compatible with a key board. My Christmas money for myself was spent yesterday.
Then went to JC Penny's where I bought a couple of tops.
We got home around 8 p.m. I was tired from all the walking we did. She walks fast but I kept up with her.

I love to see children the age of you gs be interested in learning. I know you are proud of him.

You must have done some home work on my behalf. Thank you. That's basically what the department head of street and sanitation told me to do. But I'm going to go through the right channels and call the land lord first. I'm making pictures.

Take deep breaths. And come up for air.

How did your weigh in go?

Need to get off this thing and get ready to run some errands.

11-15-2013, 02:51 PM
Procedure this morning went well. All clear. Yay! I don't have to do this again for 10 years! :woohoo:

I just ate breakfast, and now I'm going to take a quick nap before I contact the recruiters.

Much love to all and Safe Travels to Happy,

11-15-2013, 04:39 PM
This is the 1st weekend in 6 weeks that we don't have to be somewhere. I'm looking forwad to staying at home and organizing some things..piddling around...I love to do that and I need to..time to clean and toss...makes me feel good!

I stayed the same at TOPS and I'm off the soda starting today. I want a loss next week.

Michelle: Good things are happening for you girl! Keep believing!

Ceejay: I love to shop JC Penny. What sort of tops did you get?

Annie: Enjoy your agenda free weekend. I know I'm looking forward to mine.

Shad: you will have to tell us how dinner went.

Happy: You are so right that soda is not your friend especially when having one makes you want to have another. It does that to me. I'm going to post that on my refriderator door as a reminder.

Laura: Did you make it to the new gym? How did WW go? I hope you enjoyed your vacation day and the massage.

11-15-2013, 07:04 PM
Back again with an update. I was near the landlords office and I pulled the car into the parking lot. Told the girls at the counter. I'm bad about remembering names. Told her about the garbage piled up. Now there's two empty pizza boxes out there.
She said that she would email him today and start sending letters. I told them they were quiet and kept to themselves but this was not acceptable. And asked not to mention my name
Spent part of my day in Blytheville doing errands.

I like the Alfred Dunner line of clothing. I need to lay off the soda as well, but probably will not. I'm on vacation for two weeks. Not going anywhere in particular. Will go to my uncles tomorrow. This is my week end to eat lunch with my 3 uncles.

Good news on the colonoscopy. Fingers crossed on the job opening at the hospital.

11-15-2013, 07:08 PM
Another day - Saturday and I am back at work. Actually I shouldn't be here since we are not supposed to be here on our own and I am here on my own. I'll just wait around a bit and drink my coffee and if no one comes then I will go home. It's quiet and peaceful tho'
Well it was until they all suddenly arrived.

Michelle - glad to hear that all the tests are done and you are A-OK. With all that 'cleansing' you should have lost some weight. Hope the job hunt is going well.

Annie - we don't expect you to post enough to cover for Happy. Just keep posting as your happy self. You may need to prop up the thread while Happy is away and I am snowed under. Not literally as some of you may be. Got some new photos of the grandkid yesterday. Will check them out and maybe post some soon. However I did notice she was sucking on a dummy (pacifier) in them which does not please me one bit. I hate those things.

Laura - Hope you are having a good vacation day at home and not working too hard. So you are all signed up for the b/f gym. Good onya. There are gyms all over the place here. I just avert my eyes and think happy thoughts at the moment. I'm getting plenty of exercise going up and down hills, up and down stairs, and walking everywhere.

Ceejay - Sounds like you did some nice spending. I think my new car will have to suffice as my Christmas and birthday presents to me for the next couple of years.

Happy - I will sort out the two email addys and send them to you when I get myself into that happy place where I have nothing to do but sit on the computer and type happily to my friends. That used to be one of Mels sayings - I love my computer - all my friends live in it.

Mel - I love you. I wish you peace and comfort. I wish I could be there to hold your hand.

Susie - snuck in while I was working and thinking up things to say here. Well done on staying the same - at least it wasn't a gain and it takes some doing at times. Temptation is rife.
Dinner was okay. It was on an old converted tugboat on the harbour. It must be well anchored because there was no movement and the sea was pretty choppy. The food was nice, but in my opinion, overpriced. One of the waitresses was Asian and had a really thick accent and no one at the table really understood her. Another had been called in at the last moment and had no idea much about the dishes and what came with them. The third was French. Nice guy, but got flustered easily. Managed to stuff up the bills and I ended up with my nieces bill which was $20 cheaper than mine. So I paid for their desserts and gave them change. We had desserts at a gelato place. Shhh don't tell the dietary police. Yum, Yum. Mine was a double - Mango and Boysenberry. To die for.

Okay, that's it. Better get back to work. It is after all for what I get paid.

11-15-2013, 07:26 PM
Happy Friday/Saturday everyone.

My day off was nice, but how quickly it went!

Susie - Enjoy your weekend at home! Good job staying the same this week. I was up a horrible 2 pounds, but I already knew I was off track...but I still needed that kick in the butt. Yeh, I got to the gym last night. More on that later.

Michelle - Glad the procedure went well and all's clear. Good luck with the recruiters today! Re the nutritionist - will you have more sessions with her??

Ceejay - Sounds like a busy day for you yesterday! Nice early Christmas gift for yourself. :D And good day for exercise - nice when you get it in while doing regular activities in the normal course of your day.

Annie - Enjoy your weekend. Bf also said he needed to get out and give the lawn a final mowing. I dunno, maybe it'll grow some more with the mild temps and rain we're forecast to get this weekend... Sissy's giving the li'l guy a head start with his alphabet, huh? Love it!!

Shad - Hope you enjoyed your family time. Which guy are you ready to take a scalpel to? The one who did the doco previous to you?? Wow, didn't think about the long-term banking needs you might have in NZ. What a lot of work you've done for this assignment outside the project itself!!

Happy - You're probably trying to finish up your packing now - hope everything goes smoothly with your trip. Yeh, I like the types of classes they have at this new gym. There's a decent variety, and challenging enough for sure! I like that I can switch up my routine with different classes, as well as use the machines and equipment. I do hope the instructor substitutions and class changes are not too frequent...


Last night I went to the new gym w/ bf. The class I intended to go to was the cardio kickboxing class, but there was a substitute instructor. She apparently doesn't teach that class, so she changed it to a boot camp class. It is described as: "Achieve your fitness goals with this military inspired circuit workout. Calisthenics and training drills develop strength, stamina and agility." I'd never done a boot camp class, so I was up for at least trying it. Well, it's full of strenuous moves like burpees, donkey kicks, mountain climbers. Ugh! A lot of jumping moves, including jumping jacks and worse. It was structured as 1 min. of strength moves alternated with 1 min of cardio. Let's just say, it was a lot harder than I wanted to work, LOL. And I was not alone in that. When the instructor demonstrated a very strenuous move, many of us just laughed. Most of the time I tried a few reps, but there were a couple where I went straight to a modified move. But I got a good workout even doing a ton of modified moves.

Today I had my massage in the morning. Very nice and relaxing. Alas, I'm feeling sore now from the boot camp class, but maybe the massage will have lessened my soreness. The therapist is a woman used by my Jazzercise instructor, and she handed out her cards and flyers at a class during the summer. She works out of her home. I'd definitely go back to her again, and if bf and I both wanted massages, she would even come to the house. That would cost extra, but her rates are already very reasonable, so that's something to seriously consider.

After the massage I went to the thrift shop on the way home and bought a couple pairs of pants, some books, a cute Christmas tchotchke for the mantel and a brand new in-the-package dark wood "ledge" on which little knick-knackie things can be placed. I have a good amount of framed art on the walls, but nothing on shelves - or any shelves for that matter. Total for all items - less than $14. They had all kinds of cute Christmas decorations & other holiday items on display. Made me think of Mel, of course. And it kind of got me into the holiday spirit a little bit early. I don't like hearing that more and more stores are going to be open on Thanksgiving, or about all the commercial hoopla and materialism that's now part of the holidays, but I do enjoy pretty decorations. :)

After that, went to lunch and did some errands with bf. Just brewed a mug of tea, ready to relax.

Tomorrow will be a gym session - either a class or using the equipment. We also want to get the garage wall storage system set up this weekend while the temps are mild.

Nothing much else, just some housework and puttering.

Okay, ready to kick back in the recliner. Have a great weekend everyone.

11-16-2013, 12:45 AM
Hi Ladies -

Quick post as I am exhausted. I've been up since 4. I woke up extra early due to bodily functions and I couldn't fall back asleep. I didn't sleep after my procedure...kept trying to call unemployment to file my claim but couldn't get through. Then I started talking with recruiters...from 11:30 am until 6:30 pm, with pretty much no break. I've been submitted for another 8 jobs (probably close to 30 total so far). Now I'm so exhausted...It's been a LONG day. Time for me and Santa to go to bed.

Sorry for not getting to personals.

Much love,

11-16-2013, 08:13 AM
Just a quickie for me - about to head out into the wild blue yonder. Have a nice Thanksgiving Holiday those who are stateside. Will miss you all and will check in as soon as I can. Take care.

11-16-2013, 10:12 PM
Have a safe trip. And enjoy your visit.

You always find the neatest things in those Thrift Stores. Good job on going to the exercise class. I find that doing the strength segments do me more good.

Sounds like you have a tense job this time. But I know you will get things straightened out for them.
The place where you went for dinner sound like a fun place. I like restaurants built like that.

Hi Susie :wave:

I've been sequestered to my room. but at least I have something to do now.
I had a good visit with my cousin from Little Rock today at lunch. One of my uncles had most of his children and grandchildren there so it was almost like Thanksgiving. This same uncle had a badly bruised eye and forehead. He said that his knee gave way on him and he fell. He really has a black eye.
My aunt is going to have one of her cataract's taken off Monday morning. Hope she does as well as my uncle did.
Have a good night.

11-17-2013, 05:11 AM
Not much going on here since I last posted. Went to the markets today. Went to find the craft markets as well which are apparently in an underground carpark. I didn't find them, but I now have a fairly good idea of where NOT to find them, so maybe next weekend. The following week, I have a quick trip home to go to the Mater hospital to follow up on the Lichen Sclerosis which is not as bad as it was but appears to be spreading. So three days at home - 2 of them involving time zone changes and travel. It'll be tiring and tough.

I think I will leave personals until after the weekend. IE tomorrow for me, since it is definitely bedtime. I am going to sleep over the computer. Didn't sleep well last night, so tonight has to be better.

11-17-2013, 12:44 PM
Tired this morning. And I slept well. I honestly don't have time to be tired. I've got to tackle a lot of studying to brush up on some computer skills so that I can discuss them intelligently in phone screenings and interviews.

Shad - sorry your weekend went by so quickly and that you couldn't find the crafts market. I hope you're able to sleep better.

Ceejay - Why were you sequestered to your room? Do you mean at your uncle's house? Glad you had a nice visit with your cousin. So sorry to hear about your uncle's fall. I'll keep your aunt in my prayers for her cataract removal.

Happy - Wishing you a wonderful time with family.

Laura, Annie, Susie - Hope you're all having a great weekend.

I should probably get to the grocery store. I found a recipe for a diabetic friendly crock pot cream cheese chicken dish. If it turns out good then I'll share the recipe. I think I'll make it either tomorrow or Tuesday since tonight my step-mom is going to have dinner with a friend.

Much love and many hugs,

11-17-2013, 08:43 PM
My aunt and uncle retire to their room to watch t.v. at 8 p.m. and set the security system. I can't leave my room with out setting off the alarm. This leaves me with out any thing to do. That's the main reason I wanted a small laptop. The 7 inch tablet was entirely to small but I love the 10 inch one. This one even has windows office on it.
I volunteered to go with them in the morning but they acted like they didn't want me to so I came back home today.

I'm going to work out side tomorrow. However, I think the wind has blown most of the leaves away unless my neighbor had her brother to rake. We had some strong winds early this morning at my uncles and 1.5 inches of rain. It's rained here too.
Went on another shopping spree yesterday and bought two more tops and a leather jacket.
I've noticed that the neighbors has put out their garbage. I hope they keep it up. I'd talked to the land lord Friday.

11-18-2013, 12:58 AM
Ceejay - Now I understand. Before I moved in, my step-mom used to turn the alarm on nightly and have the motion sensor on, which tracks all motion in the downstairs rooms. Now she turns the motion sensor off in case Santa or I get up at night. Of course, I have to remember to turn the alarm off before I let Santa out. There were a couple times I was sleepy and forgot...boy the alarm going off sure woke me up! Glad you like the 10" tablet. Good for you for treating yourself to some new things! I'm glad the neighbors took care of their garbage.

Happy, Laura and Annie - Hope you're all doing okay with all that severe weather. I saw the had to pause the Bears game in the middle of the first quarter due to severe weather.

Shad - I hope you have a better week at work.

11-18-2013, 08:43 AM
Ok started a post and this stupid website boinked me out. Starting over...

Good Monday Morning, Evening to our Shaddie...

Didn't get the grass cut. It didn't clear up and dry off enough to cut, we did however get to have a pit fire on Saturday night as the rain didn't come in til after midnight.

Yesterday I made HAPPY's wild mushroom soup, it is a lot of prep in my thought, however very yummy. I brought enough to work for me and several of my associates for lunch. Then I got busy with cleaning the house as next Sunday we are having Thanksgiving at my house, that gives everyone else a chance to go enjoy Thanksgiving with their other sides of the family and not have to split it up with two families. I didn't invite my Illinois brother as I am still not happy with him not coming to dad's funeral and going on vacation instead. Everyone else is coming including neices and nephews from all over (plus their kids).

The storms hit Indiana pretty badly yesterday afternoon. Fortunatly they all were just N and just S of me. Quite a bit of damage up near Cs sister and parents house. C is going to call them here shortly. His mom and dad are already back down in Florida for the winter so they personally were not injured for sure. Many schools are closed, a bank, Starbucks, fire stations, barns and entire neighborhoods including most of one town were destroyed. Sadly the money in the bank did NOT come down in my yard.

CHELLE...geez woman, you are going to get so many job offers you won't know which way to turn. May have to put them all in a hat and pull one. lol

SHADDIE...three days at home might just be what you need at this time, even if you do have to have a check on things at the hosp. bleh. Can't wait to see the new pix of Ms. Sophie.

CEEG...I would hate to stay in my room like that. Knowing I couldn't come out all night. Did you have a toitie attached to that room or did you have to wait till morning for a potty break?

HAPPY...happy trails to you, have a great time with momma and sissy. Hurry back. the gym kicked you b*tt. haha, maybe that is the pay you get when you are up a couple of pounds. lol. Glad you enjoyed your massage. After the first couple of days, I then feel like a new woman for a bit. Too achy right at first. I never can find stuff at thrift stores, probably because I am just too picky and my mind goes crazy and I gross myself out thinking about who could of owned stuff prior. Kind of like public swimming pools and buffetts at restaurant. No thank you.

SUSIE...good on you for on cleaning and tossing, my DH did that same thing in the garage and in his "room" in his dresser. He got a huge bag of goodwill stuff and also a trash bag full of crap. Staying the same at TOPS is better than gaining. WTGG!! Keep on trying!

MELLIE...I miss you terribly and pray you are comfortable and at peace. Morphine can also make you have terrible dreams, I pray that is not happening. I love you, my sister.

That is about the extent of my weekend. Here it is Monday again, only 4 more days till the weekend. haha.

Loves and hugs

11-18-2013, 09:43 AM

The Dog Of Sheeba & the Storm View out back door

11-18-2013, 01:35 PM
Morning all. Happy Monday and Tuesday!!

Annie - Cute pic of Miss Sassy (or should I say Queen Sassy) - looking so regal, except for that ear flipped back, lol. Wow, this coming Sunday will be Thanksgiving for you! Sounds like a big group - how many will it be? We're having bf's mom over, and we'll also have my friend D, so very small gathering. We need to get busy with cleaning too! Glad your area did okay with that crazy weather yesterday, I hope C's family and homes are alright. Very sad, we had 6 fatalities in our state, down south near Peoria I believe where a huge tornado hit. Up hear, strong storms came through with high winds and the Bears game at Soldier Field had to be delayed (and the fans evacuated fromthe stands). I can't believe all the people who stayed for the whole game! But it was a good game! Re the thrift store - I feel like the stuff at this store is generally clean, and the store itself is rather small and well kept and pleasant to shop in. I find I don't like shopping at those large stores (i.e., goodwill). And if I change my mind about anything I buy, I just donate it back - it usually cost me so little it's not a big deal.

Ceejay - Gosh, I'd definitely feel like a prisoner if I couldn't move from the bedroom all night because of the alarm system. My mother is the type who retires early to her room, so I do have time to myself in the mid- to late evenings when I visit. I watch tv or read my book, no biggie. Nice you treated yourself! We all need that sometime. :D Yay for the neighbors putting out the garbage, hope they keep it up. Ouch re the uncle's fall! Good luck to your aunt with her cataract surgery.

Michelle - I hope you got a good night's sleep last night. Sounds like you'll be kept very busy with job opportunities this week - it's great you have so many things to screen/interview for!! That recipe sounds delish - let us know how it comes out!!

Shad - I hope you slept better last night. Quick trip home - it'll be nice to be in familiar territory again though. Had to look up the time difference - 3 hours is a good amount! For some reason I didn't think it would be that much...

Hi Susie!!

Let's see - Saturday I lazed around for a bit, then I decided to get out of the house. I went to a holiday market at our town's little conservatory. I was in and out in under 10 min, even after taking a spin around the atrium they have planted with a lot of beautiful plants and flowers. Otherwise, the market was pretty much all franchise booths. I guess I thought it would be more like a craft fair and I was wrong. Afterwards I went to Kohl's with some coupons and bought a pair of casual shoes for knocking around and a necklace.

In the afternoon, bf and I went to lunch and then to Home Depot for something I can't recall at the moment, but it had to do with the garage I think. Later I took doggy for a walk, and then bf and I spent a few hours working on the garage. We still haven't gotten the wall tracks fastened. We're still trying to figure out how to best fasten them to the walls, which are constructed of a hollow concrete block. The first thought didn't work out, but bf did some more research online and found some sort of anchor system that looks like it'll work. I really like our house and think it's solidly constructed, but really, what are they thinking when they have these walls in the garage that can't easily have items fastened to the walls?? Our garage is small, so it's not like we can spare the space needed to frame out real walls...

Sunday we ran errands in the morning - mostly grocery shopping. Then the bad weather came and so we didn't work on the garage at all. We watched the Bears game and during the weather delay I made a batch of Italian veggie soup. It's very close to minestrone, but it also has ground beef in it. Yum. There was a window of time during which the weather had cleared, but I waited too long and by the time I took doggy for his walk, it had already clouded over & gotten windy again. About halfway into the walk it began raining and both doggy and I got very wet!

Nothing much else to report. I pinned the new zipper into my old jacket on Saturday, and last night I basted one side with temporary stitching. Once I get the other side basted and make sure the zipper will operate properly, I'll finally be able to do the machine stitching.

I had my 2nd session of the volunteer reading program this morning. It's fun working with those kids, but boy, are they a handful. :D The program includes the kids getting a chance to read to dogs, so it's fun having the dogs around.

Tonight I need to get to the gym since I didn't go all weekend. I also have to schedule my free session with the trainer - they do some sort of assessment, including body composition. Not sure I want to know my fat %!!

Okay, not enough working getting done this morning. But now it's almost time for lunch! Off to it! Everyone have a great day!


11-18-2013, 02:15 PM
Yes thankfully there is a bathroom in the area so I will not set off the alarm.
With this 10 inch tablet I can do my exercise video's on you tube. They don't know I have it. I can also take my portable DVD player and watch a movie. The storm came through early in the morning at my uncle's but the rain was heavy enough to wake me. It was hitting the window in the room where I sleep. Plus the wind was really bad.

Sorry you and the dog got wet. Didn't realize you were doing volunteer work. Do you take your dog with you?

I am with Annie. You'll have to pull one out of the hat. Sending good vibes on your behalf of the job search.

I did a new exercise video from you tube. It was a 50 minute low impact cardio but I could only do 30 minutes. I thought my quad's would be sore this morning but they are not. Also did some yoga and watched another yoga video that I'm going to do some time today.
I'm getting out in the yard in a few minutes. But first I'm going to eat lunch and yes MCD is cooking. I'm going to make a meat loaf for tomorrow.

11-18-2013, 07:45 PM
Hi, We had some nasty storms in Ohio last night but we have no damage and we are all ok. I am very Thankful for that.

I was at a all day offsite at work today with the exception of 2 hours this morning. I'm going to dread getting into the email tomorrow and seeing how far I am behind. I thought about doing some work from home tonight but my brain is tried from all the "brainstorming" at the offsite today and I think I will perform better tomorrow if I just relax a bit.

Ok, so I need your help. At TOPS this past Thursday we made a "my journey to goal" out of strips of poster board. We all had a starting place and an ending place. In between is the road we are driving on to our new destination. Along the way we have speed bumps that are to represent our personal challenges and what is slowing us down or in our way of reaching our goals. I have a few ideas what mine are, but I would like to hear yours as well so I can see if I feel that any of those are mine as well. Please share if you feel comfortable sharing that with me.

Thank you for any information you share. I will let you know after Thursday what I put on my "road".

I am a bit sad tonight as a friend of ours mother passed away from liver failure yesterday. She was just 51. This disease runs in her family. It's not from drinking but rather hereditary. I have lost a lot of friends over the past two years and if I'm learning anything it is that life is not promised and if I'm going to make the most of it, I can't waste my time eating for comfort and pushing down feelings...I must get out there and live and move and enjoy. I was made for much more than this.....being overweight and unhappy with myself.

Ceejay: Thank goodness you have that tablet and can get some workouts in and that you have a portable DVD player. I would be going nuts if I were you!

Laura: How nice that you are doing this volunteer project! Did you make it to the gym and get your body composition?

Annie: Looks like you had the same storms that I had and that Laura had. I'm glad we are all safe. How nice that you will have people over early for Thanksgiving. Since you are doing that what will you do on the actual holiday?

11-18-2013, 10:11 PM
Good evening ladies. I'm afraid I'm here to post some sad news. I had an email from Jen this evening, and I'm sorry to say that our Mel is gone. I'm just too upset to write anything much for now, but here's her email:

"I canít believe im typing these words (again)..Im sorry to say my Mom has passed away. it happened sat 16th. about 2pm.....we were with her most of the day & antionnette & rev.Joe- she ate with him a few times but he spent most of the day with her...they had a good long talk..about everything...and then I went late - I like to go late before she goes to bed and we hang out watching tv together then she would go to bed.. I have sooo much to do for tomorrow..its 1 hr service & the mayor cancelled all activities and is bringing 2 busses--most of the town hall--oh BOY!! but itís very nice. everyone loved her so much-- she worked for the town for 30 years + itís nice to know how much she was loved. I Ďm glad she had such good friends= you all meant so much to her - you really did. I will write you and tell you about everything...and thank you again for being there. love to you-- jennifer."

That's all for now. :cry:

11-19-2013, 12:13 AM
Carla, that is very sad news. Mel's presence here was such a bright spot for me - for all of us- and that's not even the full depth of it. She was just so strong & dedicated, I so admired that, not to mention fun and lighthearted. I'm so sad our time with her is over, though she will live on in my heart & memory. Thanks for passing along Jen's message.

11-19-2013, 02:24 AM
I too received the message however since I can't access mail from work, I didn't see it until just now.

Rest well my American sister. I love you. I hope you are now at peace, although if the truth is known, you are probably running around, poking your nose into the local plumbing and looking for maintenance men. I am the richer for knowing you. I learnt a lot from you about fortitude, loyalty and love. I will keep up with Jen and Richie. I will love them for you.

I'm out of here. The tears are just too much.

11-19-2013, 02:32 AM
Carla - Thank you for letting us know. So very, very sad. We were all blessed to know Mel. Her presence in our lives brightened our days. She was always so generous...and so much fun and a happy joyful woman. I'm so sad that she's no longer with us...except in our memories. I'm very glad that the mayor and the town are appreciative of all she did for them.

Mellie - I know you're up in heaven...but I just have to thank you for your love, support and laughs over the years. I hope you can now find the rest and peace that the seniors and the office staff never let you have. And hopefully there are some hot guys up in heaven for ya'. We all love you and will miss you terribly.

11-19-2013, 02:53 AM
Think I have let everyone know now - that knew Mel.
Patty, Mary (Java Turtle) Mooz (Anne Kelly) and Ruthxxx. Anyone think of anymore?

11-19-2013, 04:12 AM
Hi chicks ..... it has been a while since I was here.
Just heard the sad news from Shad about Mel. :cry: She was such a lovely bubbly caring person and always cheered us up with her bright and colourful posts. Even when she was sick she still was able to make us smile. :hug:

11-19-2013, 08:12 AM
Shad- I believe I have Happy's phone number at her mom's. I can give her a call there - I'm not sure if anyone has been in touch with her.

11-19-2013, 08:27 AM
So very sad. I have a big lump in my chest today.

11-19-2013, 08:28 AM
Oh our sweet, funny, kind, determined sister, I will miss you with all my heart. Please look up my momma and daddy know that they are with you too! Peace at last, nor more pain or suffering. I love you.

11-19-2013, 09:05 AM
Laura, if you have Happy's number then please call. I don't want her to be the last to know.

11-19-2013, 09:17 AM
Will do.

11-19-2013, 10:22 AM
My what a sad day the this is! Our friend Mel is gone. I will miss you always. She was a blessing in m life.

11-19-2013, 11:18 AM
I just left a message on an answering machine at Happy's mom's for Happy to phone me. I have a meeting in a few minutes and didn't want to put it off.

11-19-2013, 01:07 PM
Just talked with Happy. When I'd left my phone message previously, she was just talking to her dh, who Shad had reached out to via FB. (So Happy already knew shortly before.)

Happy will be at her sister's on Saturday, so she'll probably pop in here then.

Mel, gonna miss you so much. :(

11-19-2013, 01:13 PM
Laura and Shad - thanks for reaching out to Happy.

Shad - Thank you for reaching out to Mary, Patty, Mooz and Ruth.

11-19-2013, 01:56 PM
SUSIE...sorry to hear of your friend's passing, it is quite sad today for the Worldlie chickadees. I am trying to find a place to go help serve the homeless on Thanksgiving. Hope you do well at TOPS this week.

11-19-2013, 03:19 PM
Poor Susie,
Asks a question about goals and speed humps in our lives and we just ignore her for the bigger news.

I will have a think about what floats my boat - but it will be something to do with family - either too much of them in my face or not enough of them right there. I'll be back with definites as soon as I think about it Susie.

Meantime, my condolences on the loss of a friend.

Annie - good on you for being such a nice giving person. Hope you find somewhere to serve. Is C doing it with you?

11-19-2013, 04:06 PM
Annie - So good of you to volunteer on Thanksgiving. I've been thinking about doing that as well.

Susie - My condolences to you on the passing of your friend's mom. As for speed bumps in the road...or things that slow me down on my way to goal. One is my craving of sweets; (2) my emotional (or bored) eating; (3) my not getting my arse to the gym. I tend to be able to get one area right in my life...when two areas are out of whack, I tend to focus on one. Right now, it's my unemployment. I have time to go to the gym, but choose not to because I feel the time could be better spent applying for work. As for goals, my first goal is to lose 10 pounds by the end of the year. As soon as I lose 10-15 pounds, my doc will start cutting back my diabetes meds.

11-19-2013, 04:27 PM
Yes C is going to do it with me as is my bro and SIL. It was hard actually finding a place to help out as they are mostly full. Evidently you have to sign up way early in the year for TG & Christmas.

I am still upset and tearing up a lot about MELLIE...Sissy and lil man came for lunch to cheer me up. Lil man said...Nanna, I see a monkey on World Word and it went eee eee eee. That made me LOL.

We have our own personal Worldlie angel about us, we shall always be safe now.

Suzanne 3FC
11-19-2013, 07:11 PM
I'm so sorry to hear about Mel :( She has always been so supportive here, and she was such a sweet person. My thoughts and prayers are with her family :hug:

11-19-2013, 09:51 PM
Thank you Suzanne. Mel did get around this site alot. She loved people and they loved her. I will pass on you thoughts and prayers to her daughter.

11-19-2013, 11:25 PM
Afternoon all,
I seem to have broken the system so I though I could sit here and just type a bit of a post.

Rotten night last night, woke up several times with tears pouring down my face. I just hope Jen got through the funeral okay and is now gathering her strength for the things that lie ahead for her.

Susie - I gave a bit of thought to your 'bumps' in the road. One of mine is definitely procrastination. I can talk myself out of anything. There is always a reason. It is something I need to get a decent handle on. Another is trigger foods. I think or hear of something I may not have had in years and that will set me on a path to obtaining some, whether I need it or not. Of course the snack machine is a big obstacle particularly when things are not going well.
I try to plan meals. That way I can fit in the things I should be eating which means I may not pick and snack.
Actually my appetite has basically disappeared at the moment. I have either breakfast and lunch or dinner but generally not both. Really I should get back to three meals and make them smaller. Hope that helps.

Annie - well done on volunteering for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am surprised that that area is so well off for volunteers. Usually, over in Aus anyway, they are begging for people right up to Christmas week. We don't have Thanksgiving over here.

Laura - thanks for calling Happy. I did put a message on Facebook to both of them but as I hadn't seen the DH on there for a day or so, wondered if it would get picked up. I know she would have been very upset if no-one had got in touch.

Michelle - happy job hunting. I guess we will hear as soon as you do. The whooping and hollering will reverberate.

Ceejay - so glad that you had access to the basics while at the family home. I had visions of you with legs crossed and fingers crossed and probably eyes crossed as well.

Happy - hope you are enjoying being with Mum. Plenty of hugs needed there.

Okay, got to go. I think that the IT sections might have patched the problem. I won't say fixed because I don't think this is a very stable system.

11-20-2013, 08:25 AM
Good Morning/Evening my Sweet Chicklet Sisters.....

As a tribute to our MELLIE, wadda ya say we change our avitars to a Christmas pix of some sort? I had a dream last night of Mellie, all too funny to say the least. She was up in heaven running our commune and insisting on having a fire drill with angel firemen present. I woke up and chuckled then started crying. C woke up and said, did you have a nightmare, and I said no far from it, a very beautiful dream of MELLIE. I am sure by week's end she will have things in order.

SHADDIE...wtg on breaking the system and yes always a patch, is it ever fixed? Um no, at least not here.

CHELLE...waiting on the loud YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO from CA on the new job. My fingers are crossed and prayers going up.

LAURA...yes, thank you for calling HAPPY. You know I got to thinking about things, I am going to PM you all Samantha's phone number and advise her so, just in case, Lord help us, something happens and I can no longer post. You all would have no idea who to contact otherwise. Might be a great idea for you all to let us know contact information also. trigger foods are salty things like popcorn, chips and OMG bacon. I try not to have any of that in my house or at my desk. Sweets are no problem for me as I do not crave them nor do I care for them, plus they give me headaches. Cheeseballs are the worst, salsa too!

CEEG...for the life of me I cannot remember what you posted last and don't want to go back and read cause I will lose this post. Hugs to you sister.

HAPPY...sure hope you are having a great time with momma. I think the key to your success of this visit is patience. Serenity NOW! Hugs

Last night was dinner, laundry, tv and bed. At least other than the dream I did sleep quite well. Woke up at 4:30 am for the start of my day. Only an hour early, not bad for me.

Everyone make it a great day and happy, calming thoughts for all.

Love you girls!

11-20-2013, 11:54 AM
Morning all.

Annie - I love the avatar idea. I'll change mine today. Funny Mel dream. :D Good idea about sharing contact info. How nice you wanted to volunteer on TG, but I do understand that's a very popular day to do that and I'm not surprised spots would fill up quickly.

Shad - I'm sure it was a tough night for you, having been so close to Mel. In my short phone conversation with Happy yesterday, she mentioned that you three go way back to the beginning of the 3fc forums and this thread.

Susie - My condolences re your friend's mom - that is so young - too young! As for your TOPS "project", obstacles for me are not establishing and/or maintaining helpful routines such as meal planning/grocery shopping/advance food prep. I also eat when bored or anxious. TV time is also another hard time for me - idle hands... Sweets and salty snacks are a big downfall for me.

Ceejay - I volunteer through work, and our company is working with There are dog teams that also volunteer for the program, but Coal isn't involved in this. It would be really nice for Coal to do something like that, however, it does involve training, etc. Good for you with the exercise! It's great you're finding workouts online.

Happy - Hope you're enjoying your visit with your mom and practicing patience when it gets to that "she's driving me crazy" point. :D

Monday night bf was using the car, so I stayed home and did a step workout. This is the one I recently transferred from VHS to our dvd recorder. (The recording quality looked fine to me, so I'll copy it to a dvd sometime soon.) It was a good workout - I worked up a sweat.

Last night I went to movie night. We saw "About Time", which is about a family in which the men can travel back in time within their own lives. I thought it was a funny movie, and very sweet. The time travel thing wasn't really the main thrust of the movie - it actually had a wonderful message about taking time to enjoy life and all the little things.

I'd like to get to the gym tonight for a workout. The schedule says there's a 7 pm Zumba class. I'll try to get to that. I still have to schedule the session with the trainer. Unfortunately, I deleted the voicemail from my cell phone, so I'll have to call the gym and hopefully it's not a PITA to get this scheduled.

That's about it for me. Everyone hang in there!

11-20-2013, 12:01 PM
Oh, forgot to mention that I lost 2.8 at ww yesterday so my ticker is just about accurate at the moment. ;) Part of the loss is a reflection of the different scale last week vs. this week, but I'll take it anyway!

Yesterday's ww meeting was a virtual Thanksgiving buffet - we had cheat sheets with a photo of a plate on which we served ourselves the foods we planned to eat on TG and then figured the points and decided if we were going to make changes - or not. It was a good exercise to even just raise awareness of how those points add up. I've decided to aim for sensible portions and enjoy a bit of everything.

11-20-2013, 12:41 PM
LAURA...congrats on the 2.8 loss. I guess last week scared you straight on the narrow path to losing. WTGG. Yeah those tips from WW on holiday eating always make sense, but sheesh on trying to apply them when all tha delish food is in front of you. Have fun at Zumba tonight.

11-20-2013, 01:14 PM
Thanks for another good idea. And what an awesome dream about Mel, sad but sweet. I'm sure Mel is getting things in order. I'm glad that you are volunteering.

Sorry to ignore you on your question. My speed bumps are trigger foods, especially the ones I see on t.v. not planning menu's and staying away from fast food. I have gotten better at exercising. Drinking water is hard for me also. I work in a water treatment plant And I suppose that being around all that water makes me not want it.

Good job on the 2.8 pound loss. I've been listing my food in the blog but not counting. I've also been measuring my food. That's a good exercise for Thanksgiving. But I'll eat a little bit of every thing but probably little to nothing at dinner. Maybe some fruit.

You made me laugh out loud with the thought of my not getting to potty.

My friend wanted to see my tablet so I took it to the store to show her. She's sold all the odd's and end's and it's bare. Then she's decided that she didn't like her new washer and dryer. And invited me to go with her to Lowe's where she bought them in Blytheville. She bought the one that senses the water like mine but she didn't like it. She swapped them out to one with the agitator. She'd never used the dryer.
This morning I went to get my flu shot and stopped to wash the truck.
This afternoon I'm going to get outside and wrap the faucet. It's suppose to get down to 25 degree's Sunday night and Monday with the high in the 30's.
I've been enjoying my time off. It's nice to do whatever I decide to do.

11-20-2013, 02:21 PM
Oh how Mellie will be having a giggle over this one. She knew I 'DON'T DO' Christmas. Only for you Melody. Only for you.

11-20-2013, 03:03 PM
SHADDIE>..your post made me giggle too, cause I knew how you felt about Christmas. MELLIE is doing the victory dance!

11-20-2013, 09:20 PM
Super duper quick post for me. I really need a break from the 'puter. I've been online applying for jobs since 8 am. Revising my resume and tweaking my cover letters to perfectly match each job.

I just uploaded a new avatar. This isn't a picture of Santa, but it really looks like him. When I get him all groomed and handsome, I'll take a picture of him in a Santa hat.

I'll check in a bit later to do personals.

Much love to all,

11-20-2013, 11:21 PM
Ladies, I popped in to see howthings were going and read the sad news that your Mel is gone. :hug::hug::hug::hug::hug:

My deepest sympathy to all of you. I can tell how much you all cared for her.

Also, thank you all , that in your sad hour, you could share with me obstacles as well as sympathy for my friend and her family on her passing.

You are a wonderful group!

I'm headed to bed and will try and post tomorrow or Friday.

11-21-2013, 03:07 AM
Of course we are wonderful Susie. We are as the Aussies say 'a weird mob' but we have stuck together for a long time now. I sometimes wonder if we are too glued because people come in for a while and then go again. We try to welcome them, but sometimes it just doesn't work. I hope it does with you.
That is not to say we don't occasionally have a bit of a to-do with each other. We have and no doubt will again. But we cyber hug :hugs: and make up. I think because most of us have met one or more of the group we get on better. I personally have met and stayed with Mel and Happy. Laura met up with Michelle and Annie in Chicago a while back, and Laura has met Patty who pops in from time to time. I've met and stayed with Carla as well although she just prowls around the edges these days - generally pops in to tell us some news or tell me off!!!!! and I've met and stayed with Ruthxxx and met Mooz in Ireland. I hope we can get to met up with you at some stage or other. I had thought to go to Mel while she was sick and was on the verge of booking a fare when I got this job. It would have been a long way to go for a couple of half hour visits but there you go. I drove 300 kilometres for a cup of tea once. And I wouldn't have been averse to doing some Christmas shopping in NY. But I didn't get there. Too late now for regrets. I will attempt to catch up with Jen when I come over in April, May or June. Don't know what will happen with this job so can't be too definite.

Dear god Annie, I mentioned that Christmas word again. Remember we used to ban it until after Thanksgiving and Mellie would be chomping at the bit to use the C word as she called it.

Laura - congratulations on the weight loss. 2.8 is awesome. You really did work hard this week. Keep going. Hey I like the idea of the virtual feast. Might just try that for my 'Cword' dinner.

Michelle - hope the job comes through for you soon.

Ceejay - well done on the exercise as well. You are getting into the swing of it. Must be the tablet!!!!! My exercise is walking down 3 flights of stairs, a 15 minute walk to work, and another back home and up the stairs again. I could take the lift, and do occasionally but try for the stairs as much as I can.

Speaking of the C word and its feasting and frolicking. I have no idea what to do for that this year. I have DS1 and Partner asking me to go there, I have DS2 and Partner asking me to go there. I have DN and DNephew over here asking me to go to his folks place and then there is my sister. My Aussie niece wants me over there.

Actually I might just shout the DS2 and partner to Adelaide to the DS1's place as their C word present and the DS2's birthday present which is on Jan 4th. So rather than C word dinner, we could take in NYear together. But what to get the DS1??????? for his C word present. I have the little one and her mum sorted. Sort of.

Anyway, time to go and sort out my food for tomorrow. I forgot about it last night and paid the price with today's food. Bacon and Egg and cheese muffin. Probably enough calories in that for the entire day.

Catch you later.

11-21-2013, 03:47 AM
Few photos for you. 1st two are in Wellington, NZ and the last is in Rockhampton. Hope I haven't uploaded them before. (

Antrim House - designed by Scottish architects in the Italianate and French style built for an Irishman using New Zealand native timbers. Can't say we haven't mixed it up for years - circa 1904 (

Wellington Markets (

Desert Roses at Rockhampton

11-21-2013, 09:22 AM
Mornin Ladies....late to work, feel like crap and have visited the loo more times than I ever intended. HELLO MELLIE....I am with you my sister. We often shared PMs about our tummy and loo visits....was on the verge of tears and now I am smiling and laughing out loud....Oh Mellie, you always made me feel better.

SHADDIE....I do remember we were never allowed to say the C word till after Thanksgiving but this year is special and we will use the Christmas word prior to Besides you don't have Thanksgiving so anything is game....hahah. OMG I love the desert perfect! So beautiful.

CHELLE....still waiting for the yahoooooooooooooooooooo from CA on the new job. Remember decisions may not be made until after this upcoming holiday. DO NOT get discouraged. Hugs.

SUSIE...thank you for your sweet thoughts of our MELLIE. I am sure you too are a bit saddened at this time. We can all mourn together. Have a great day today!

My son is interviewing with the Plainfield correctional facility for the maintenance foreman position, please pray that he gets it. This plumbing thing is just too hard on his knees. If you do or don't remember, he had surgery back in 2009 on one knee and it still bothers him. The other knee is not so good either. Fingers crossed for him and CHELLE.

Our holiday pitch in is tomorrow, goodness all the yummies everyone has signed up to bring in. I can tell you any kind of OP eating will certainly go straight out the door. I am baking the ham and turkey at home tonight to bring in. The company reimbursed me for the meat, I just have to bake it. Lucky me!!

All you sweet sisters have a wonderful day. Hurry home HAPPY, sure miss your posting.

Loves and hugs

11-21-2013, 09:27 AM
My avatar is not Miss Sassy but could be her twin.

11-21-2013, 11:58 AM
Morning all.

Annie - Like your Sassy-twin avatar. I'm late to work too - !@#$% trains. Whatever. I'm here, no meetings today and nothing particularly urgent, I'll get over it. Yum, sounds like a good spread for tomorrow if it starts out with stuff out of your kitchen. Yeh, I was not at all happy with the scale going back up, so I needed to get focused again. Good luck and prayers for your ds re the new job. BF replaced the wax ring on one of our toilets yesterday and he wondered aloud that out of all the trades to be pursued, why would someone choose plumbing (over electrician, carpenter, etc.). He hates plumbing tasks, but is really good about doing things like that because they are doable via DIY and save us a lot of money. Hope your loo issues ease up quickly!!

Shad - Love the pics, especially the desert roses! Thanks for posting them. Like that avatar - Mel is looking down and just loving it! And for someone who's opposed to an extended focus on the C season, you're planning awfully early - but when there's travel to be booked, it makes a lot of sense.

Susie - The hugs and sympathy are much appreciated - Mel was a very special person to all of us. You should read back on some of her posts and you'd totally understand why. Feel free to join us in our holiday avatar tribute!! :yes:

Michelle - How's all the resume submitting and screening and hopefully interviewing going? I bet you need a break by this time, and as the saying goes - all work and no play makes Chelle a dull girl...Okay, not really, but your eyes are probably going buggy by now searching those job boards. Get out for a jaunt with Santa or to the gym for a workout - you'll be glad you did. :)

Ceejay - Food measuring is definitely a reality check! I need to be more aware when bf prepares a meal - he's more conscientious about portions than he used to be, but doesn't measure for me, and the portions can still be larger than they should. So how much more time off do you have? Glad you've enjoyed it. :)

Hi Happy! :wave:

Nothing much to report. I went to the Zumba class last night. I worked up a sweat and got a decent workout, but not the usual endorphin rush The class could be much better. The instructor was alright, but didn't use a microphone, and she did only limited verbal cueing, but she really couldn't be heard by many beyond the first couple rows. And this room is very wide, so it's hard for us to see her. She was conscientious of that and moved to each side during class to give everyone a chance to see her better.

After class, there was an employee holding open the door when we left the studio. He was asking if people enjoyed the class. I took the opportunity to voice my issues - I hope he passes them along to the general manager. It should be mandatory for the instructors to wear the microphone headsets, and they should really have a raised platform in that room to make the instructors more visible.

Okay, that's enough whining for now. Everyone have a great day!!

11-21-2013, 02:13 PM
You may not remember this but I bought a Microsoft 10 inch tablet.

Good for you on voicing your opinion about the class after all you are paying for it.

Will say a prayer and send good vibes for your son about the position he has applied for. I know how he feels with the knee problem.

That's good exercise. I rather take the steps than the lift any old day.

I'm waiting for the rain to start. I did decide that I needed to wrap the outside faucet. It only took a few minutes.
I made homemade soup last night and will have some more tonight. Going to have some left over rotesserie chicken for lunch.
Rode the bike last night for twenty minutes. Not sure what I will do tonight
Weighed in this morning. I'm getting closer to the 190 mark. I weighed 194. I weighed 198 at the doctor's office last visit a couple of weeks ago.

11-21-2013, 02:53 PM
Good morning ladies - (well morning here anyway).

I had two good phone interviews today. And now I have to go get dressed (up) for two interviews this afternoon. One is for a writing (technical documentation) job, and the other is a pre-screen for an agency.

Tomorrow morning, I have an interview for a long term contract with a government agency in San Francisco, and in the afternoon I have an interview for a position as a web developer who can do it all - design, program, search engine optimization, writing, social media (which is me).

I'm hoping and praying that I get a few great offers very soon.

And Annie, I hope your DS gets the job he's going for too.

Much love to all,

11-21-2013, 03:12 PM
Good luck with all the interviews Michelle! :goodluck:

Ceejay - great job on the weight loss!:carrot:

11-21-2013, 03:15 PM
Good luck Michelle.

11-21-2013, 09:22 PM
Afternoon all,

Annie - if you wish to use the C word, go right ahead. I'm not and I won't. A highly overated festival for many people and I have been cynical about the 'Peace on Earth goodwill to man' syndrome for years. It ain't going to stop in a hurry either. Even with a grandchild, I can't see me viewing the situation with a much less jaundiced eye.
Glad you liked the desert roses. I have several picturess of them in all different shades from red through to white. I will send some more your way.
Hope you have a good pitch in dinner tomorrow. Sounds nice.

Laura - bummer on the trains being late. But since you didn't hold anyone up and had no meetings it's okay.
Glad to hear that you worked up a sweat in Zumba and also that you voiced concerns about the class in general. That's good feedback.

Ceejay - homemade soup. Yummy. What variety was this?

Michelle - seems like there is work around in your neck of the woods. Hope you catch something soon. Would you enjoy that long term contract - and what about the commute from where you are?

Well as you can see, I am bored at work. So here I am again. I should go and do some more work, however I'm coming to the tough stuff and have no idea what I am supposed to do with the transactions. And I am dealing with an Indian off shore support person who directs me to kindly do this or that. I don't feel too kindly about it but I eventually get it done to his satisfaction.

The weekend is here in a couple of hours. Not sure what I will do tomorrow (after I have done some much needed cleaning and housework) but I might toddle off to the cable car if the weather is fine and tramp through the botanical gardens. Don't know if the spring flowers will still be there, I suspect not but the roses will be out no doubt. Or if I get done in the house in time, I might hire a car and toddle off to Turakarei Heads and tramp through the great outdoors and see if the seals are there. Probably not as they tend to winter over and this is not winter.
But whatever I shall take the trusty camera and check out the flora and fauna for you guys.

Might hear from Happy over the weekend. See ya all.

11-22-2013, 09:28 AM
Ok humbug on the C word. Really I just like the birth of Jesus part and loving God. I don't like decorating, shopping or anything else that goes with it. I went to get some Thanksgiving decor for our pitch in and could not find much as the Christmas crap had already been rolled out. WOW, could they at least wait till one holiday is over to start the next.

CEEG...good job on exercising and WL. What soup did you make?

CHELLE....more luck and prayers coming your way.

LAURA...any kind of exercise is better than nuttin. Good on you for speaking your piece about the class.

Have a great Friday/nite..

Got lots to do before the festivities begin! YUM

11-22-2013, 10:29 AM
The soup is my own version of veggie soup. I call it dump soup. One can of this one can of that. Yes frozen veggies would be better and maybe next time I will do that. I did have frozen black eyed peas in it. I can't use real onions so I use the powdered onion.

I'm with you on all the hoopla of Christmas and I'd rather focus on the Biblical side as well. However, the church I attend claim that the birth date of Christ has not been established. I say we need to celebrate his birth no matter what time of year it is. And if Christmas is set for that reason then that's when I will celebrate it. That's one thing I'll get to enjoy when I go live with my sister in Missouri. Their church does this. I do put up a small tree.

I love how adventurous you are. I wish I could go with you at times.

My vacation days actually ended Wednesday. Now I'm on my week end with today and tomorrow left to enjoy. It's back to work on Sunday. And Sunday will be a cold day with possible wintery mix.

Hi Susie and Happy :wave: I'm sure that Happy is enjoying her visit with her mom and sister.

I downloaded a couple of games to play on the tablet. It even had domino's. I played for at least an hour last night.
Also road my bike for 30 minutes and did 25 minutes of upper body strength.
Think I am going to have the cable internet turned off to my desk top and use my hot spot and tablet from now on. Wish I could use my Scrabble game on here. But this tablet doesn't have a place to play a DVD. I did find a game similar to Bejeweled.
I'm getting to use a mouse on this too, which is better for me. I have only one port, but I do have extra ports that I can plugged into if needed.

11-22-2013, 12:57 PM
Morning all. Sequel to the delayed trains yesterday morning was me totally oversleeping this morning and being about an hour late. Have no idea what I did with the alarm/snooze...boss wasn't miffed, so all's okay. It happens, thankfully very rarely.

Shad - Hope you're off doing something exciting this weekend. I quickly googled Turakarei Heads and it looks like a very rugged area, but the site had a photo of a seal pup - awww. Enjoy whatever you end up doing. :)

Annie - I do enjoy the holiday times, the decorations, etc. I don't enjoy at all the commercialism and how they start up ridiculously early with the C stuff - right after, possibly even before Halloween! Such a shame to practically pass right over TG, which is one of the nicest holidays of all - just time to be thankful and spend time with family. That's what makes the holidays less special to me nowadays - our family has been spread out for a long time now, and we weren't all that closeknit to begin with...not much family togetherness. I'm glad to be hosting bf's mom and two friends this TG.

Ceejay - I love most soups - just a great meal. Except I do like to have nice crusty bread with it, and butter.... Another great job on the exercise!! Sounds like you're enjoying your tablet. :) Enjoy your weekend. We're gonna get cold weather this weekend too...brrrr. Keep warm! Good thing you wrapped that outside water spigot.

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies. Have a good Friday!
Nothing much to report. Bf was going to go to the gym last night and the car wouldn't start. He tried to jumpstart it this morning and it wouldn't jump, so he used AAA to tow it to the dealer. The starter went out. Bleh. More $$$ out the door.

If there's one thing I don't want, it's an unreliable car. So we'll use it through the winter, get some minor interior and exterior cosmetic work done, have it detailed in the spring and sell it.

Have to get busy this weekend in prep for TG. House cleaning and shopping. It's supposed to get super cold this weekend, so I'm not real thrilled about working on the garage. But we do have at least 2 space heaters sitting around in the basement, so I suppose we could make do nicely out there with them. We need to get it done, so we better just soldier on with it. That's what we get for procrastinating...


11-23-2013, 03:49 AM
Evening all,
Had a terrible night last night and didn't get to sleep until after 3.00am. Woke up at 6.00am but refused to get out of bed until 9.00. Sort of dozed and read a bit and dozed some more. Then I got up and dressed went down the road and got some fresh bread and had breakfast of eggs and toast with coffee. Finally got some house work done and decided to wander off to the Cable car and the Botanic gardens. I do wish my camera had smell since the fragrance in the Fragrant garden, the Herb garden and the rose garden was something else. I have put some pictures on the dropbox in their own folder if you want to go have a look at my day. Then I walked down some of the steepest parts of Wellington to get back to the city, found the underground market and had a quick peep in there. Got home, and collapsed on the couch so my feet could recover. Tomorrow is market day and my friend Chris (from Japan) is coming for lunch and then we will go to Te Papa (National Museum) for an art exhibition. Then Monday of course it is back to work for the day before flying to Aus on Tuesday. Must see if the hairdresser can fit me in for a cut and possibly a colour.
Had a message from M - DS1's partner - to talk about the doings of the MOST INTELLIGENT GIRL on the planet - my grandchild, who is learning words sometimes not so successfully. Apparently one of the new ones is goog-ga - which M thinks might be doggy. However she keeps pointing to either mum or dad when she says it. Hmmmm Dog - mum = b*tch. Dog - dad = stud. Oh dear!!! Of course I shared that with M.

Work goes along and is becoming repetitive and somewhat boring. I am also having some grave doubts about this apartment. But that's a matter for later discussion. It'll do until I get back. Lord we are nearly into December. Where has this year gone.

Annie - the reason that I dislike the 'festivities and good will' is partly that - Thanksgiving is a great holiday festival. I think it stands for something and gets the families together to do their thing. There is no third party. But the commercial sector seem to think that Christmas stands for buying Mum the Crown Jewels and Dad the latest Diamond encrusted Bugatti Veyron and that the kids should have everything under the sun whether they want it or not. Bah humbug is right. One day, I will tell you the trauma behind Christmas for me.

Ceejay - the Cable Car and the Bot Gardens are not adventurous unless you call the hills mountain climbing which is some cases it feels like. Going to the Seal Colony is a bit more wild and woolly. However there are things out there that you will never, never know if you never, never go. One weekend I am here, I will get on the Interisland Ferry and go to the South Island and see what's new down there. That's a beautiful spot. If you want to be a bit adventurous, get in the car take it down a road you don't normally go on and watch out for the brown signs - I think you have them over there. The brown signs usually indicate a park, or a waterfall, or a cave or a garden or vineyard that is a touristy thing and worth seeing. Once you have turned off the highway and followed a brown sign, I guarantee you will see more and more of them. They rock.

Laura - so sleep in is the thing. That class must have really worn you out. It's a real pain when the car won't start. When they start to cost money, it is time to get rid of them - you are right.

Okay - taking my aching legs and feet to bed. Please let me sleep better tonight. I did just finish a cup of Snore and Peace. Never seen it before, but it seems to work although I didn't have any last night. It's some herbal tea - got camomile, lemon balm, lavender and a few other herbs. Not bad taste either. Normally I am not fussy about flavoured teas.

11-23-2013, 11:17 AM
Hi Everyone. Busy Saturday planned here. I just finished paying bills, next on the list is to clean house, run a few errands and then I need to return a pair of boots that I bought online hoping they would fit but are too narrow, so it's a trip to the Mall.

DH will do the grocery shopping while I'm cleaning the house. I have to make the list out...thinking of all the extra things that we will need to get for Thanksgiving. We do a carry-in style for Thanksgiving and will be at my brothers. I'm taking a sweet potato casserole, deviled eggs ,rolls, and two pies.

Because of the Memorial Service I attended on Thursday I missed my TOPS weigh-in and we don't have a weigh-in next week do to Thanksgiving.

I have weighed myself at home and set a goal to have 3 lbs off at the next weigh-in at TOPS. I'm back to logging my food and I have lunch workouts scheduled this week on my calendar so that I will go do them.

Laura: Nothing makes me more anxious then a car that is giving me fits. I drive almost 100 miles round trip to work everyday and I want to know that car is going to work! I'm glad to hear for you all that it was the starter. It is a bit of money but not as bad as it could have been.

Michelle: Fingers crossed for the interviews you have been having.

Ceejay: Sounds like you got a good workout in. This spring I'm thinking of taking our spare bedroom and turning it into a home gym. We really don't have that many people that stay with us and so I'm thinking of getting rid of the bedroom set in that room and the old tv and getting a futon that could be used for a bed if needed, getting a new flat screen and putting it on the wall so I have floor space and then setting up free weights and a exercise ball in there and also maybe mirroring some of the wall so I can have watch my form in the mirror. I am going to also think about putting a bike, or treadmill or elliptical in that room.

I currently go to the Y to work out but when I get home from work I don't want to and so if I could pop in there and get some sort of workout in.

I am planning on my tax return to make this happen.

Shad: I think your life sounds very exciting with all the things you do and see. I don't understand your work. Maybe you can explain to me what it is you do?

11-23-2013, 07:34 PM
I'm almost sure it is this sight that makes my cursor jump all over the place.
Don't think it would be this new tablet. Anyway, I just lost a long post because of it.
I really do not want to go back to work tomorrow. I've enjoyed my pretend "retirement" this week. Think I could get used to this very easily.
Went back to Blytheville today to exchange a top that I bought that was to small and bought a few more groceries.
I am planning to spend the night with my uncle on Thanksgiving night but for the rest of the week I'm going to be at home. Just because I want to.

11-23-2013, 11:57 PM
Super quick post just to say hi as the wifi internet here at the house doesn't always have great signal.

Hope y'all are doing well. Last night, D came over and fixed me dinner and then we watched Doctor Who on TV. Today, I met with some women from my writing workshop, which was nice. Tomorrow, it's working on building a portfolio which hopefully won't take too long. Also have to do laundry and who knows what else.

Much love to all,

11-24-2013, 01:18 AM
Hi guys -

Grrrrr - I somehow lost 45 minutes of typing. The screen flipped and it logged me out. It's late and I'm not going to retype.

I am very sad about Mel - I feel like I lost a big sister. I would like to dedicate December's thread to a "best of Mel". December was her favorite month. I have lots of emails I've save and with a bit of searching I can find the post we made 10 years ago when we first met here after Shad dragged her to our thread. Been love ever since and I will miss her more than I can say... Thank you SO MUCH to Shad, Laura and Jen who jumped hoops to make sure I knew about Mel. You're the best sisters :grouphug:

I am having a good time here - my flight was good, I missed the storms and I sort of wish I'd planned 3 weeks because the time is going very quickly. But I do miss DH and the kitties too. The only downer is that my back is hurting me very very badly and I'm in alot of pain. I'm hoping it will clear up and not get worse after the long car ride home as I have a very busy weekend and following week.

It's really late and I had a nice day with my childhood friends and since I've been here I have gotten back to a normal bedtime. I'm at my sister's now and they are getting ready to roll up the sidewalks and shut down for the night so I will type a more proper post tomorrow.

Goodnight my sweet sisters.

11-24-2013, 03:42 AM
Okay chickies - that is the weekend blown to pieces. One day of work then 3 days of exhausting mayhem - hospital appointments are the Army equivalent of hurry up and wait. hopefully I will get hold of K the hairdresser tonight and get a hair appointment for either Tuesday or Wednesday late afternoon. I will send her a text shortly.

Happy - I wanted to let you know asap as we three had been together for so long. It would have been very sad for you to get to a computer some days later and learn of Mel's passing through that route. Some of Mels emails - that I can find on this computer are generally to do with the birth of S (Mel's 1st great niece apparently) my granddaughter and what she wanted to get for her. There is a bit of info on Hurricane Sandy and the devastation and work it caused. But not much else. I didn't keep all of them. There were many and to be honest I never thought they would stop. I might have time to juice up the old computer when I get home and see if there is anything on that one. Did I really drag her over here? Was she kicking and screaming?
Sorry to hear that your back is still sore and giving you so much trouble. Is the DH coming to pick you up and take you home????

Michelle - get as much done around the house as you can now. Once the work starts flowing again, there will be no time. I can guarantee that if you leave it till later, a job will come in and you won't have done half of what you wanted. Happens to me all the time.

Ceejay - I thought it was the site for a long time, however it sometimes happens in a word document as well so I think it is a Microsoft bug. Who does want to go back to work after time off. Not me. I could happily retire apart from the money. I want a job from 10.00am to 2.00pm with a 4 hour lunch break.

Susie - Totally understand the feeling of not wanting to work out after work. I used to go early mornings just so I could sigh gratefully and say there it is done for the day. I wish I could sleep the fat away. I'd be awfully thin.
So, what do I do for a living. I am what is known as an Instructional Designer or a Tech Writer/ Trainer. Whatever you want to call me. I design and write the training manuals for computer programs such as SAP, Peoplesoft and do in house documentation on Microsoft, Prima Vera and a few other programs. Usually this is for the big Multi Nationals such as BHPBilliton or Rio Tinto and the like, however lately I have been doing more greenfield sites - greenfield being companies that are just starting the SAP journey. I then deliver training to the users. However I tend to specialise in such areas as Plant Maintenance, Warehousing, Projects rather than Finance, HR or Payroll. I do make an exception for accounts payable/ receivable etc. Finance and HR (stands for Hardly Relevant in my mind) are just too controlling for me.
The training takes me to some very out of the way places and I have been on coal mine, diamond mines, uranium mines, gold mines, manganese and bauxite mines and refineries such as fertiliser, petroleum, nickel and cobalt. I've worked in retail - department stores, grocery chains and plumbing outlets a couple of times and I've worked for utilities such as water, gas, electricity and railways. The worst I left to last. I've also worked in Government departments. They always suck. I work under contract, so I am self employed. I also work away from home a lot. Some years I can be away for up to 8 months or so. I try to get home as often as possible and the joy of travel is wearing off as the projects get sillier and sillier. Gone are the days where the project was structured and budgeted down to the last training session. Now they employ off shore contractors - sometimes good, sometimes not and by the time they get to training and documentation, all the budget is gone and we have to get it in fast. No wonder the peasants get snarky.
Anyway, that's the gist of what I do.

Today I met up with my friend Chris and we had lunch at my place and then went down to Te Papa and went to the impressionists exhibition. Not quite as big as I thought it would be, but interesting. I love most of Claude Monet's paintings and there was a few there I hadn't seen previously. The exhibition was of French Impressionists and early American artists who had been influenced by the impressionists, so we had Rodin, Degas, Matisse etc. and the Americans, Wilkins I think was one. There was another whose name escapes me who was a real pupil of Monet. There was one painting of his that I could have sworn was a Monet. Anyway, we wandered around, Chris bought a calendar and I bought a couple of icecreams which we devoured. Oh yum. I am always home when I get a double scoop in a tub of a: Lime Swirl and B:Boysenberry delight. Needless to say, I didn't want dinner tonight. Lunch plus the ice cream was over the top thank you.
'So time to go sort out my gear for tomorrow and get out the small suitcase for the trip home. See ya

11-24-2013, 05:37 PM
I'd about come to the conclusion that is Microsoft that's doing the jumping around.

Nice that you stopped by. And I think it would be appropriate to dedicate a month to Mel. I'd been thinking about seeing if I could go back a couple of months to see if I could find the post that she and her friend cried over the friends cancer.

Just finished catching up on part of the most important paper work. I'll do the rest tomorrow.
Got my hair cut short this time around and then it turn cold. I gotta find my ear muffs.
Nothing new.

11-24-2013, 09:21 PM
Evening all. Wow, what a cold weekend it's been here. Looking forward to getting the temps back in the 30's.

Ceejay - Bummer re the lost post. I was having some cursor issues on this site last week on my work computer. It happened when I used the quick reply option, but not the advanced. Bf is feeling the cold on his head a lot more now that he wears his hair VERY short. Yesterday he wore his hat around the house. Once you retire you won't know how you had time for work you'll be keeping yourself so busy (or the days will just go by so much faster regardless of how busy you are or aren't).

Shad - Beautiful shots of the harbor and the botanic garden. The one of the waterlilies was gorgeous and I love that pink garden. I wish your photos had the scent too - all those roses! Sounds like a nice Sunday with your friend. Ice cream usually sounds delish to me, but in this cold weather Chicago is having, brrrr! No thanks. After we had an early dinner, bf & I stopped at Starbucks because he wanted one of those frozen coffee drinks! Me, I'm on my third mug of tea today. I wish you safe travels back to Oz. Did you get the hair appointment?

Susie - Hope you got everything done that you had on your list! Wow, that's a long commute for you, or at least far. You definitely have to have reliable wheels when you drive so much!! And I understand why you want a workout space in your home - once you get home from work you wouldn't want to do any more driving than necessary!!! Great plan for the workout room. Better use of the space as a place to work on YOU vs. a bed for the occasional overnight guest. They'll do fine on a futon or daybed.

Michelle - Nice of the bf to make you dinner!!! So are you a Whovian? I caught the tail end of one of the new episodes a couple weeks back. I've never watched it...looked like something I could get sucked into, LOL.

Happy - So sorry your back is giving you pain! :hug: (Hope that didn't hurt.) Glad you're still managing to enjoy your time with your family and friends. It is always nice to get back home to the familiar and comfortable. :yes: Love the idea of the Best of Mel!!

Hi Annie!! How was your early Thanksgiving? Hope you had your fill of the favorite foods and enjoyed the family time. :)

My Saturday was somewhat productive. Two loads of laundry. Cardio kickboxing class. Kitchen cleaning. We have a repairman out Tuesday to look at our stove - one burner has been out for a while, so I gave the stovetop and exterior a good wipe down.

RSVP'd for a surprise 50th bday party coming up this Saturday. The theme is "Forever 49". Love it! Any creative gift ideas? I'm thinking something bearing that phrase, but not a t-shirt.

I cleaned/removed the seeds from a pomegranate that I bought out of curiosity. Turns out the seeds (they have another name, but they are the edible part) really aren't good for eating out of hand - there's a hard part to them. They are now in the fridge, ready to juice.

I also basted in the other side of the zipper in my old jacket. Multiple layers were difficult to get the needle through - can't believe I don't own a thimble!! Add it to the shopping list... Now all that remains to do is the stitching. I fear some spots may be too many layers for the sewing machine needle to get through, but I will give it a go - probably next weekend.

Today I lazed with the paper and also started a shopping list for the TG meal. Did another load of laundry. At 2 pm was my trainer assessment. Weight/height/BMI/fat % level from a fancy scale type thingy. OMG, the workout part was so difficult. Cannot list all the impossible things this evil trainer had me do!!! I will probably have nightmares about it tonight, LOL. I think I did pretty good if I do say so myself. The only thing I couldn't fully manage was a 45 seconds of jumps from the floor onto a step with FIVE risers on it.

Been strict about the snacking this weekend, but of course the tradeoff was a headache both days due to hunger. I normally eat snacks between meals... Meals weren't particularly light when they came...hope the scale is kinder tomorrow. Very discouraging to not see results when I feel like I've been suffering, LOL.

Dog walk both days - bundled up against the cold (me, not the furry one). Oy, this cold came way too soon!

Enough of the whiner/drama queen stuff. Off to make like a sloth on the sofa. TTFN!!

11-24-2013, 11:57 PM
Super quick post....been a busy day. Helped my friend who is recovering from cancer and radiation with some errands. Helped my stepmom around the house. Worked a little on my website portfolio...I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow.

Laura - I am a total Whovian. I'm a late starter...just in the last 12 years or so (which is late considering it's been on air 50 years). I love the whole idea of traveling in space AND time. Good stuff.

Now the american music awards are on...and I want to watch.

Love you all so much,

11-25-2013, 02:39 AM
Hi, short note tonight since I am packing to go home in the morning.

I had an e-mail from Jen thanking us all for the help we have given. Those email addresses that she knows will get something soon via email. For those who left there addresses there will be notes. However she has stacks of them to go through. As well she is clearing out Mel's flat and also shifting to a new apartment within the building as the one she is in is no good for her scooter. She tells me she has found Happy's address but is worried no one will have told her. I have assured her we did. Sounds like Jen is up to her *** in alligators at the moment, but is coping quite well. Good for her.

I'm taking my computer home, so I should be able to keep up with you all, however I will be fairly busy, so forgive me if I slip up on the personals. I'll let you all know how I go. Doc's appointment, hospital appointment, dentist followup and hairdresser, plus family, house and car all in 1 and 2 half days. Back here by Friday, hanging out for the weekend. And then I have to meet with the landlady to tell her I am not happy with the state of the apartment and that it is too expensive for what I got and that I will probably be moving out at Christmas. Oh and I need to see M about that training job. I thought he was advertising my job on Linked in yesterday.

Gotta go. Packing and bed - oh and Downton Abbey as well. Gotta to order a cab to the airport as well.

11-25-2013, 08:30 AM
Happy Thanksgiving Week to all my U.S sisters....Happy week to our Shaddie.

Thanksgiving was a huge success. Good food all the way around. Since we are not celebrating on TG on Thursday nor my DS or my Bro, they may come over for movie day and have the leftover turkey in a manhatten. Got to meet my new grandnephew, Zachary Michael who is now 5 mos. He is a real sweet happy baby. Smiles a lot. Probably thinks we are all silly. His ears stick out and look a little elf like. Boy he smelled delish, lil baby smell..

Not doing personals at the moment, however do want to mention that the only emails I have from MELLIE are about our loo issues...and funny. May just keep those to myself.

Have a great Monday/Tuesday.

Loves and hugs

11-25-2013, 11:20 AM
Morning all. Nothing much to report since I posted late yesterday. Still freezing my heinie off. Ready to use my down coat as a blanket until my legs and feet warm up...

Annie - Glad you had a nice early TG celebration and get to share more time w/ family again this coming weekend.

Michelle - Amazing how long Dr. Who has been around. I recall as a kid flipping TV channels and coming upon the really old DW shows - looked really cheesy, but it certainly has a following to have lasted this long.

Shad - What a whirlwind trip home this will be for you - you won't know if you're coming or going!! Sorry the rental isn't worth the $$. Hope the training job is something you're interested in.

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies!! :wave:

11-25-2013, 01:37 PM
My phone isn't ringing off the hook as it typically does. I hope there are some hiring managers working this week and not everyone is taking the whole week off.

I've got to finish my portfolio today. And hopefully I'll have at least a few phone interviews this week. I have an interview for a part-time position with a non-profit...the pay isn't great, but the good thing is that the time commitment is one I can definitely manage even after I get a full time job.

11-25-2013, 02:12 PM
Glad the TG get together went well.

Surely some one will be at work this week end. They may be there physically not mentally.

Good for you in doing a kick boxing class this week end. I thought that a blanket would have been nice on my legs yesterday. This morning I put on my new warm knee high socks. I've been typing in the post quick reply so that may be the reason the cursor is jumping around.

Hi Susie.

We need to nick name you whirl wind Shad.

We have a winter advisory out for today. Already getting some sleet. UGH, I'm not ready for this. We also have a chemical truck coming in this afternoon. But so far things are going good.

11-26-2013, 08:44 AM
Good Morning All....

I went home at noon yesterday as I was not feeling all that great. Sinus and allergies I believe, still sniffling and sneezing today. bleh.

DSs interview went extremely well. I would be surprised if he did not get the job. They told him he probably wouldn't hear anything until next week due to the holidays (CHELLE) there is your answer!

CEEG...for the first time in a very long time, Indiana is being skipped on this storm. Going more toward the east coast and MELLIE's direction. Hope Jen and Richie are ok.

LAURA...have a marvelous day today, is it WI day? I forget.


Loves and hugs

11-26-2013, 09:51 AM
Not much going on. Trying not to think of the cold weather we are having this week. At least we were spared of winter storm--not even a dusting of snow or ice. Some were not so lucky.

Thanks for the note from Jen. I know she has a lot on her plate right now.

Hello's to Laura, Happy, Annie and Susie.

11-26-2013, 10:24 AM
SHADDIE...please ask Jen what her new apartment # will be.

11-26-2013, 11:30 AM
A quick check in...I'm off to participate in a 2 hour focus group. One of those things where you test or try their software or product, give them your opinion and they give you $60 (in this case) for your time. I'll probably need to get some caffeine so that I can "focus" appropriately.

11-26-2013, 11:36 AM
Morning all. We had a little bit of snow yesterday, not much at all. Still chilly though. Looks like we'll get more moderate temps by the weekend. :crossed:

Last night bf and I put together our shopping list for TG dinner and so we're ready to shop tonight. I made a batch of almond crescent cookies last night using a different recipe than usual from our America's Test Kitchen cookbook. They took longer to bake than the recipe indicated, but otherwise they came out fine. Couldn't stay up to wait for them to completely cool, so I didn't roll them in powdered sugar yet. (That's probably what limited me to only eating a bite of one cookie, LOL.) By the time I finished and cleaned up, it was sort of late and I had to get to bed. Bf was still up though, so he put them in a tupperware after they were cool. They'll be part of dessert on TG.

Quiet here today. The admin is out for the rest of the week - she's getting married on Friday. Another dept. member has a half day of vacay this aft - probably working from home this morning.

Today a service guy from the electronics/appliance store is coming out to check out our stove - one burner is out on top (though it mysteriously worked after I'd cleaned it the other day and of course when I went to show bf, it did not - harummph), and we're not completely sure the oven is working as it should when it comes to the starter/ignition thingy when it's preheating. Sometimes it clicks a lot and there's a gas smell, which is the same issue with the one burner up top. Hopefully it's just an easy fix with an inexpensive part.

That's about it for me today...
Annie- Sorry the sinuses are giving you problems. Maybe now that the temps got so cold more of the stuff has died and they'll get better. Fingers crossed for ds re the job!! :crossed: Yes, today is WW WI day. Should go alright, except TOM is visiting, so we'll see...

Ceejay - I'm feeling like I could use my long undies yesterday and today. Even though I wore my long puffy down coat, my legs still get cold. Glad the storm missed you, looks like it missed Springfield, MO too.

Michelle - Sorry things aren't moving along with the job search this week due to the holiday. Guess you can take some time to relax and hit the gym while you've got the downtime.

Hellos to Susie, Happy & Shad. :wave:

Have a great day everyone!

11-26-2013, 11:38 AM
Chelle snuck in on me!! Hope the focus group is interesting, and even if it's not, the extra $$ are nice.

11-26-2013, 11:52 AM
DS just phoned to say they offered him the job and at a higher pay!!! Whew who!

11-26-2013, 11:56 AM
Whoo hoo!! Congrats to your DS!! :carrot:

11-26-2013, 08:35 PM
Hi chickie babies,

My visit is about to come to an end. It went by much more quickly than I thought it would. Had alot of fun and enjoyed my visit with Mom and my sister and her family. Mom and Sis are both snoozing on the couch right now. Her cockatiel is squeeking away because I am typing on the laptop. All sorts of whistles and clicks and he keeps calling himself "who's the dirty birdy, very dirty birdie". :D It's cold here - but not as cold as back home but it sure feels cold. Glad I brought sweatshirts and fleece and shirts to layer. I have had a non stop water in the nose sinus problem 7 by 24 since day 3 of my visit here. I got some saline spray - we'll see if it helps. I am not congested, just some sinus pressure and that awful feeling so I don't want to take any Benydryl. I miss my hubby and look forward to seeing him tomorrow.

Ok, I am so JEALOUS of the grocery shopping here. We went to Shop and Save to get Polish sausage. It's an ethnic store with just tons of food. We also went to Mariano's which is much more than just Italian food - all sorts of prepared foods, delicious fresh foods including stuff like Rambutan and cactus leaves I see on the Food Network show Chopped. I swear I'd have to have 2 jobs to support my grocery habit. I was not able to buy alot since Sis only has one refrigerator so I tried to limit my purchases to the things I could not get and really needed as well as limited to the amount of money in my wallet ;) My back is feeling better here at my sister's house - I suspect my nephew (who graciously gave up his room) has a much better mattress than my Mom does. I hope we have a quick ride home. Still going to be a long tough day on Saturday working the benefit.

Annie- delighted to hear that your DS got the promotion on new job. Congrats! Glad your holiday dinner went well too.

Laura - the pomegranate seeds are called arils or something like that - reminds me of the singer Avril Lavigne. I eat them raw - love the crunch except I learned the white ones are unripe ones and should not be eaten - only the red ones. I love to put them in salads and chicken salad for the crunch factor but they do have a inner core that is fibrous. Yum on the almond crescent cookies. A big family favorite. If I wasn't in the south suburbs I'd come an snitch a few when you weren't looking :s:

Ceejay - gosh I hope you don't get part of that winter storm that is heading east. It looks awful. I'm really glad it's tracking south of us. :crossed: Be careful - hope you are not travelling for the weekend.

Please whomever hears of Jen's new apartment number, let me know too. It was sweet of her to ask about notifying me. I sent a letter that must have arrived after Saturday telling them I was going to be gone for a couple of weeks. I would like to stay in touch. I'm glad they are giving her accommodations for her scooter. Unlike Mel who got rid of most of her furniture to make things easier to move around in her chair, I'm not sure Jen can do the same with Ritchie in the house.

Michelle - I'm sorry that things are quiet on the job front right now but don't loose hope. Things quiet down this time of year because of the holidays, people being out, getting ready for year end and sometimes budget money runs out. I'm sure you will get a good offer soon! Till then, try to enjoy the free time which in and of itself is a gift. More time to write and in leiu of holiday gifts, perhaps you can come up with something creative and well appreciated for those close to you. When will your step brother be heading out?

Shad - safe travels busy lady. Hope you get a lot accomplished back home. Sorry to hear that you have to look for another apartment - I hope you find a good one with minimal fussing. Keep in touch as you can.

Holy Cow Susie - 100 miles round trip for a commute. :yikes: That's really something. Don't know how you do it. Hope DH is feeling ok.

Well ladies, it's time to get supper together. Probably won't be much in touch until well after I get back so Happy Thanksgiving to the stateside folks. And happy weekend to Shad.

Will be back soon ladies. Be good and stay warm.

11-26-2013, 09:29 PM
Annie - Big congrats to your DS!! I'm so happy for him!!!

Thanks everyone for your support. After spending all day on the computer looking for work, my brain is fried and dinner's almost ready. I'll try and get back on later.

11-27-2013, 08:39 AM
Happy Pre-Thanksgiving and just for giving thanks to our SHADDIE...

Went home and rested in bed while watching the Hallmark channel, I swear I think of MELLIE all the time when watching. I can imagine she has heaven decorated to the fullest extent. Was asleep by 8:30 then awake at midnight. Went to the couch and dozed off and on for the remainder of the night till 5 am rolled around. I am feeling so much better today, tummy better, nose dried up to almost a crust. Yeee, will have to put ointment in the nose.

SHADDIE...hope things settle down at your work location. Changing apts again must be such a pain. Glad you posted from Jen. Bless her heart, I know she not only has lost her momma but her very best friend too! are going to get more job offers than you can imagine and will be in a daze as to which to choose from. Hope you dinner was delish.

HAPPY...glad you could make an appearance, I miss your posting and humor. Your trip sounds as if it went very well. Yum on the grocery shopping. OMGoodness love the bird talk! How funny. Thanksgiving sounds small and charming. That is how tomorrow will be for us. Me, C, DS and DIL. Maybe Bro and SIL over for turkey manhattens. (with the leftover turkey) I did make ham and mushroom quiche for dinner this past Monday for C and I. It was quite tasty and now all the ham is gone since sending some home with others on Sunday.

CEEG...glad the storm passed you over just as it did us. Kind of nice for a change to be out of the action.

SUSIE...hello and hope you holidays are the very best.

That is about it for me, we are getting early release today around noon. I have a few errands to run, then home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Much love and Hugs to all...

11-27-2013, 08:58 AM
Just heard a funny....

Gobble till you Wobble......

11-27-2013, 09:43 AM
I know you and DS are happy about his new job. And tomorrow I will be gobbling till I'm wobbling. Like that.

I'll be going to Paragould tomorrow to have TG lunch with my kin folks.--uncles and cousins. Everyone brings their specialties so it will be a feast. I may bring home a plate.

Don't blame you for taking a break from the computer. I'm ready to rest my eyes at night when I get home.

Nothing new since yesterday. I did a lot of mopping yesterday here at work so I counted this as exercise. Then cleaned the kitchen last night and mopped that floor.
Every on have good Thanksgiving.

11-27-2013, 11:08 AM
DS called he was in a car accident on way to work. Someone ran him off the road. Car pretty crunched and he has a beat up face, swollen, other than that OK. Airbags did not deploy. My poor baby and my poor lil Camry I gave him. Blessed he is ok.

11-27-2013, 11:12 AM
DSs accident on the way to work this morning.

11-27-2013, 12:36 PM
Morning all. Quiet here in the office, but three of the four of us in the department are here. Office closes at 3 pm today, but I'm hoping they shoot an email around telling us we can leave at 1 or 2 instead. If not, the boss usually tells us to get an earlier train if we want.

Happy - Glad to hear you've had a great time here with your family. LOL re the talkative birdie! :D I'm so glad you've got plenty of layers - it is soooo friggin' cold here at the moment. You'll miss the return to some more normal temps. :( I guess I take for granted all the great grocery options we seem to have now in Chicago metro. Our Mariano's isn't far from home, but the turnoff for me is that the parking lot is crazy because it's always so busy there. Yet when we go in, we really enjoy seeing everything they have. We appreciate our produce store with the great deli, and then there's walmart for some of the bargains (but little variety). Of course, I don't fully appreciate it all and have whined when one of the super close markets shut down, and now I'll whine when Dominick's is gone (it's the closest to us) if someone doesn't snap up that location right away. I'm just spoiled. So...did you have hubby bring a cooler with him to bring home all your purchases??? :D Safe travels on Friday, and enjoy the benefit on Sat.

Ceejay - I think I'll be doing some mopping tonight or tomorrow morning before company comes, and that'll be about the most exercise I'll get so far this week since Sunday. Enjoy the feast with your family in Paragould. Definitely bring home a plate - a lot of that is stuff you just don't have at any other time of year!!

Annie - Gobble til you wobble - LOL!! :lol: (Waddle fits too, but it's not an exact rhyme, darnit.) Glad you're feeling so much better. No fun to be sick over a nice long weekend. :no: Yep, the Hallmark channel in general always makes me think of Mellie, but especially with these holiday movies. And I still have the latest Good Witch movie on the DVR, and that reminds me of her too. :) The quiche sounds awesome - we're having ham too, so I should reserve some of the leftovers for a quiche!! Enjoy your small TG2 gathering - the turkey manhattans always sound so tasty! **Oh no, Annie, just saw your new post - how awful, but thank goodness DS is okay, nothing too serious (but ouch! - and he probably feels worse than he looks, or he will later on). Too bad - you'd just given him that car. Repairable? Was the impact not hard enough to deploy the airbags?? Very unfortunate.

Hellos to Susie, Shad and Michelle!!;););)

So the stove guy wasn't going to show up until sometime between 6 & 7 pm last night, so that quashed the grocery shopping plan. I decided to go ahead and go to movie night with the girls.

We saw "Dallas Buyers Club". It stars Matthew McConnaghy (sp?) as a hard- partying macho redneck rodeo-ing Texan electrician who is diagnosed with AIDS in the mid-80's. Faced with little availability of effective/FDA-approved drugs to treat the symptoms, the story centers on how he sources the drugs from other countries for himself and others in need - and deals with the authorities. MM is very good in the movie and it's a good story.

The stove guy didn't arrive until 5 min. before I left for the movies. BF reported he was at the house for 90 min. One flat service fee, but we needed a pricey part replaced because it was the master valve on the back of the oven that controls the delivery of gas to the stove. The one burner had something clogged up, but now bf knows how to clean out the burners, so we're good to go with that. So now everything is hunky dory and I guess I can't get too upset about $300+ - we've had the stove 9 years now, we love it, it's in great shape, and we hope to have it for many more years.

That's about it for me. Bf is going to do the shopping during the day. Otherwise, we have cleaning and cooking on the agenda. We have another side dish to make. Bf's mum apparently has tried multiple sweet potatoes from multiple sources and none were worthy of dinner, LOL. So we have another side dish to make. Hope we can figure out how it will all work out in one oven!

Everyone here have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and a wonderful long weekend. Shad - safe travels back to NZ!!


11-27-2013, 01:32 PM
Hi Everyone. The week is flying by and I have a few more hours at work and then I'm out of here. It's nice to be here as so many people are out and I'm getting a lot of organzing done.

Tonight I will go home and make the deviled eggs, and the two pies. In the morning I will make the rolls and the sweet potato cassarole--this is my fist time making that dish. My brother is hosting this year so he will do the meat and then all of us who come bring side dishes. DH helps me with the dishes I am making. He's a much better cook than I am!

Workout are going well this week. It feels good to move.

Laura: I hope you get off from work early too and I'm glad to hear that the stove wasn't too expensive. That is what it costs me to get my dryer fixed a couple of weeks ago. But I do always wonder why these things don't happen in Feb and March when it isn't the holiday time or vacation time and you don't want to part with that extra $$ for a repair.

Annie: I am happy to hear about your son's new job and that he is ok after the accident. Thank goodness it wasn't scary!

Shad: Thanks for explaining your job to me. It does seem to take you to very interesting places. That is a perk for sure. We use SAP at my work. I use it to run budget reports and pull information for our cost center numbers. I HATE budgets! lol

Ceejay: Doesn't it feel good to have the cleaning done? When I clean like that I count it as a workout too.

Michelle: Don't get discoured in the job hunt. It is getting that time of year where people are out of the office here and there. I know something will break free for you soon.

Happy: Safe travels to you!

11-27-2013, 05:13 PM
Been a bit of a whirlwind trip. Sorry I haven't made it in here sooner. Spent yesterday at the hospital WAITING for my appointment. 2 hours behind time and I had a 9.45am appointment. It wasn't until I made my feelings known that they started to communicate their problems and bring us a cup of tea (free).
So my Lichen Sclerosis is under control and I move to maintenance stage. Well thank you for that, but I could have told you most of what you just said to me.
The way I figure it:
One return airfare Wellington/Sydney/Brisbane and about 9 hours in transit. 3 days off work and loss of pay. 2.5 hours of sheer frustration in the waiting room for 10 minutes in the surgery. I should be happy with the health system??? And to make it worse, they had a program on tv last night where the nurses in our hospitals were have a bit of a whinge about their conditions of work. Seems the private health sector only works normal hours and emergency cases are regularly sent by ambulance to the public hospitals which toil 24 hours and understaffed, underpaid, underfunded. So tell me again, why do I want private health insurance????

Okay - no personals for today. Need to get on my bike and get set up to go to the airport and go back to Wellington. I'll probably get in touch at some airport or other. Be good.

Oh Annie - hope the DS is okay. He will be feeling somewhat fragile. Give the man a gentle hug.

11-27-2013, 07:43 PM
Annie - So sorry to hear about your son's car accident. I'm glad he didn't get more seriously injured - that's definitely something to be thankful for. I hope the other guy had insurance.

I'm truly exhausted. I was up early to meet with the founder of a nonprofit about working part time on their website...I think the meeting went well. Then my step-mom had me in the kitchen all day working on a cranberry-orange salad and the pumpkin pies. I'm so ready for a nap. I'll try and post more later.

I've been thinking of Mellie a lot, especially with all the commercials for Christmas movies/specials.

Shad and Happy - If you hear from Jen, please get her new apartment number.

Love and hugs to all,

11-27-2013, 09:16 PM
I will be writing to her tonight or more likely tomorrow. I will ask.

11-28-2013, 12:59 PM

I have a heavy heart as I post here today. I know we all miss our dear Mel. This angel graphic made me think of her. She so loved the holidays, and was always posting lovely graphics to brighten our days and cheer us up.

I'm so grateful for all my Worldly sisters, including Mel! Your friendship, love, support and encouragement has helped me through a very, very difficult period in my life. I am grateful to be building my new life.

I love you all! Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! Shad, I know you don't celebrate Thanksgiving down there...wishing you a very nice Thursday/Friday and rest of your week.

11-28-2013, 11:34 PM
Thanks for posting the graphic Michelle. At first I thought could it be Mel.

The turkeys reminded me of Mel too.


Thanksgiving day feast with cousins and uncles was good. But all the food I ate didn't agree with my tummy. Think Mel has given me her tummy woes.
I shouldn't have eaten that much food in done sitting.
My aunt wanted to shop some early black Friday deals. But she soon found out it was not worth it. We didn't make inside one store and Walmart was no fun either. They were backed up in the check out line to the back of the store.
I'm going home tomorrow to do some work there outside if it's not to cold.

11-29-2013, 02:22 PM
Just a quick hello! My internet isn't working well on either of my computers so I'm using my phone.

I want to suggest a december thread title. How about "december is dedicated to our dear mellie." Or something like that. Mel so loved christmas. I know the holidays will be especially rough for Jen. I'm keeping her and Richie in my prayers.

11-29-2013, 04:04 PM
Hi girls

Posting from my new FREE tablet. Sis upgraded her phone at Verizon and by doing that a new 250.00 tablet free. Excited

D's is OK broken nose two black eyes and swollen. Airbags did not deploy. Hit face on steering wheel. Seat belt did not lock.

Saw Thor w D's dip and dh last nite. Loved it

Will do personals later


11-29-2013, 05:10 PM
Hello fine ladies,

Made it back home safe and sound. We were sitting around my sister's house after a tasty dinner and DH suggested that perhaps we go back to the room, take a short nap and then head out in the wee hours of the morning rather than the 6am start we had planned on. Then he thought about it and suggested we just leave in the afternoon. I thought he might be tired but he said no - he ate more ham than turkey :lol: I had everything but the cold stuff packed and had already loaded up the car right after dinner so all I had to do was pack the cold and frozen things into those fantastic Trader Joe's cooler bags. We got back to the hotel only to find they never cleaned our room. Darn that always happens when they have especially good toiletries - and these were good Neutrogena products I was looking forward to using again. We packed the stuff out of the refrigerator, packed our clothes and were out and on the road by 5pm. We took Route 80 and headed west over to Rockford to bypass highway 355 because we figured it would be total madness by the huge mall up near Laura as that was about the time the pre-Black Friday sales events were starting. Got home at 1am. Was minus 2 degrees outside with about 2 inches of snow. Brrrrrr. I was really surprised at how much traffic was on the road in the evening. Thought for sure people would be inside visiting with friends and family. We got about 2/3 of the way home before the traffic lightened up. Today is sort of a blow off day. I didn't get to bed until 4am - put away the food, cleaned up the cat boxes, and unwound a bit then slept until 10:30 this morning. I have to finish unpacking - hoping DH will go out for fish fry Friday and then I am working the next 2 days at a Santa Photo event for the Humane Society. Monday I have a podiatrist's appointment, we are taking Nina to get her teeth cleaned since she will not let DH brush her teeth, I have physical therapy on Wednesday and work at the Thrift Shop Thursday afternoon. I also have until this coming Friday to finish up the work on my online course. It ended last week and I have 2 weeks grace to complete everything. Going to be a busy week ahead and then it's time to think about Christmas. I want to put a tree up but I don't have much room except on the loft area and seeing how Nina thinks everything is her personal toy... DH said they have some small potted spruce trees we could put on the table and then plant in the spring time. I'm feeling festive even if it's only going to be us this year. The cats survived 2 days by themselves just fine. We called to them when we walked in the door and it took them a while to rouse their sleepy selves and see what the commotion was all about. They seemed no worse for the wear which made me feel better about leaving them for short periods in the future.

Annie - yay for you on the free tablet! How nice of Sissy to gift you. DH was looking at my BIL's iPad - maybe thinking about it. Let us know what you think. So sorry to hear about DS's accident. :( I'm glad he's ok, even if a bit banged up. Poor Camry too - is it fixable? Interesting that the belts didn't lock or the air bag deploy. I have heard you should replace the belts periodically, particularly after you've had an accident. Our cars are 10 and 11 years old and I suggested replacing the seat belts and DH thinks it's a waste. UNTIL you get an accident. I hope your son will be ok - how nasty to hit the steering wheel that hard. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving with the family.

Michelle - I was thinking along the same lines about December's thread and Mel. She did so love Christmas. Thanks for posting the cute Thanksgiving graphic too. Perhaps she is channeling through you!

Shad - so you had to fly all the way back home just for lab tests????? I'm glad to hear everything is stable and under control but geez, what an ordeal you have gone through. I am surprised by your comment about the private health care only being available during straight up business hours. That's how it is here but we are very rural and the doctor's split their time between 2 to 3 offices in different towns. That leaves the hospital emergency room for weekend care which it totally against everything I am used to but I guess it's more efficient out here. However you live in a large city - would think there was more available to you. :rolleyes: Sounds like you will continue to have a busy time throughout the month.

Susie - how did the sweet potato casserole come out? I too hated working the corporate budget - didn't mind a personal budget but they always seemed to overcomplicate the one at work. How's your DH doing?

Michelle- sorry you lost the internet. Perhaps it would be a good time to work on your writing exercises. :lol: I survived better than expected without the internet, even read 2 books so I'm thinking I REALLY need to cut the computer time. With everything back to normal next week, I hope you get some feedback on your job search :crossed: for now, enjoy the long weekend.

Ceejay - glad you had a good time at the uncles. Bummer on the tummy issues - happens when we have so many good things in front of us. Hard to be picky. I'm glad I ate lite for the travelling - especially when we decided to leave yesterday after dinner. I do have a few goodies packed to enjoy today. Did you take home a plate yourself? How's your weather? Did you get whacked by that Boreas storm affecting the east coast and Indiana?

Speaking of that did you get some of that too Annie? I thought it might have passed your way.

Laura - I'm sorry we did not have an opportunity to meet up. The time passed really, REALLY quickly for me. I'm thinking perhaps another trip in the spring. Was really jonesing on all the stores I miss up this way. Realized so many have locations in your part of the area that you really do live in a very good spot for variety and shopping. However shopping takes money and the temptation of all that good stuff would quickly drain the bank account. I was so desperate that I brought home a pork roast. Yes, a pork roast because you can't get good ones with dark meat on them out here. :lol: Perhaps we only have lean pigs or the stores put aside the good roasts for family and friends :lol: Black market meats. Or maybe people just love venison and fish and see no need for other things. Are you enjoying your 4 day weekend? Thanks for the movie review. Matthew does throw himself into his movie roles. Saw him promoting the movie on Jay Leno's show and he is still really gaunt. Looks like a super model and not in a good way!

We got home this morning on snow that fell in the last day or two and there was the tracks of 10,000 nomad animals all over the yard. The turkeys walked across the yard and came over to the house searching for food. They stopped short of climbing the stairs and pecking at the door. Didn't take long for the animal parade to return once DH put food out. He said between the birds, deer, turkeys and cats it's a full time job keeping up with them! This time of year we are especially concerned about feeding them. Gotta keep some fat on them to stay warm on these cold nights.

Well between sleeping in late, a few calls to catch up with folks, emails and a post here it's getting late and I haven't even showered or totally unpacked yet so I'd better get a move on.

Glad to be back. I missed you ladies. It's going to be an early start and a long day tomorrow and most of Sunday so I will probably be a lurker over the weekend. Have a good one.

11-29-2013, 05:16 PM
One more thing to do before I signed off...

11-29-2013, 11:24 PM
I'm back home safe and sound. Stayed a little longer today than intended but that's okay. Not sure I'll be going back this week end. That drive is getting a bit much.
Went back to Walmart today and helped my aunt pick out a tree and brought it home. Her grandson assembled it. My uncle didn't want to spend more than 90 dollars on one so I told her that as part of her Christmas present I'd pitch in for half of the more expensive one. She was pleased except the lights on the bottom didn't work. Not sure if the gs connected all of them. We had to get the display.
The pressure gauge light came on again in the Rav4 so I stopped at Gateway Tire on the way home to have the tires checked. He asked if anyone had checked the spare tire and I said no. It was the spare tire that was causing the problem, at 20 pounds. The light went off as soon as I turned the key. Who would have thought it could have been the spare tire!

Once you get used to the tablet you will love it. I like my 10 inch tablet. Easy to transport also. I bought the Verizon Hot Spot to go with my laptop before it crashed.

Know you are glad to be back home. Didn't realize that DH was coming down to pick you up. I was feeling sorry for him having to spend TG by himself. Sounds like you have a busy week ahead.

I like the title for December.

How was your Thanksgiving?

Did you get to do any exercising Thanksgiving? I didn't but will tomorrow.

11-30-2013, 08:07 AM
So far love the tablet

C has mucho blood in his stool and when he wipes. Since our deductible is met it is to the er in the morning. Please send prayers up for Curtis I am a bit worried.

Happy. Welcome back to us. Glad the trip went great

Nothing planned for today just being a sloth

Make it a great day


11-30-2013, 12:50 PM
Hi everyone. Just a quick hello, busy day today. My Thanksgiving was nice, enjoyed having bf's mum and our friends over. Totally slothed out yesterday for the most part - other than a couple loads of laundry and a dog walk, I mostly sat around and watched tv. Watched the entire Bourne Ultimatum movie.

Today I got out sort of early and shopped for my friend's 50th bday gift, bought gas, and now I've got to get a quick shower before my hair appt. A hs friend I haven't seen in a while are driving to the party together later this afternoon.

Gotta run, personals tomorrow!! TTFN!!

11-30-2013, 02:43 PM
hi everyone -

Looks like I'll be moving soon. My step-mom wants her house back...and I'm grateful she let me stay with her as long as she did.

D and I have been talking about moving in together in a few now I'll just be moving in a bit sooner than expected. We just have to figure out a day/time that works with both our schedules.

Annie - I'll be saying prayers for C.

Happy - I'm so glad you had a nice visit with your Mom. Welcome back!

Laura - Have a great time at the party!

Big :hug: and :wave: to everyone!

Much love and many hugs,

11-30-2013, 08:19 PM
Went to Walmrt to get a few groceries. Then came back home and spent my day outside mulching leaves. It looks good now but in a couple of weeks there will be more. A never ending job.
Came back inside to make a pot of soup and pan of cornbread. Finally found my mom's recipe for the cornbread. Still didn't taste as good as I remember mom's tasting. I think it's this oven

It's nice to have a non productive day. You deserved it.

Things must be progressing with D. Sorry that your step mom wants her house back.

11-30-2013, 09:37 PM
Don't post here anymore. Decembers thread is available.