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07-01-2003, 05:08 PM
Taking a cue from Jenifer (Justsecretgirl), I've started the new walking thread for July...I couldn't wait to get started, hope you don't mind :) .

Welcome to JuLy BaBes , a walking thread where we post our miles walked each day and our walking goals for the month. If you enjoy walking for exercise (and even if you don't, but do it anway :lol: ) you are welcome to join us on our quests for healthier bodies, minds and spirits, while motivating and supporting ourselves and others. Let's walk!

Last Months Miles walked by JuNe BaBes:

Cristi (Evasive Marigold): 76 mi
Janine (WNYmom): ?
Jen (Mark&Ivy'smom): ?
Jenifer (Justsecretgirl): ?
Kristen (kctanza): 66 mi
Kristi (lovnmom) : 56 mi
Lynne (loseforlife) : 30.3 kms
Michelle (galzooks): 26.5
michelle95: ?
Noelle (melekalikimaka): 76.2
Raelynn: ?
Turtle025: ?

These are the babes we started out with on the last thread, and those are the totals for the month that I could find. If you want to update your mileage, PM me. Good job ladies, let's do it again

07-01-2003, 05:15 PM
I was wondering what we would be calling the July thread.
I guess a new month means a new start. Better get moving and try and set a goal and stick to it.

07-01-2003, 05:32 PM
Hi, I would like to join too if "Bill" ever decides to leave this area (hopefully in another day or so) and I can get back to my daily walking. Do you set a goal which you hope to attain by the end of the month?

07-01-2003, 05:37 PM
Hey thanks Noelle for starting the new thread. I had thought about it but didn't want to step on anyone's toes. ;)

I just copied and pasted my post or most of it from the June thread.

Kristi, hey 1 pound is better than no pounds. ;) But I do know how you feel as I made a goal of 8 pounds thinking it is doable, which I think it is I just need to stay focused and OP. I lost 4 pounds for the month of June but hey like I said a little is better than nothing at all. So you keep on truckin' I know you will see a bigger loss this month. :lucky: That's cute about your 3-year-old. My hubby used to do that. He would either watch me or get a feather or hair and tickle my nose, of course the kids picked it up also and just think it is so funny. DS2 is quite the comdeian/clown.

Kristen, I do know what you mean about making goal. I did that in May, ugh! I just about killed myself the last few days just to make goal. That's why I haven't upped my goals by much each month. I don't want to go too high and struggle to make it towards the end of the month. I like going low and passing the goal, so much better! :p Then I really feel like I have accomplished something. Anyway, you did GREAT with your walking! WTG I think we all did great with our walking. Let's keep it up ladies.

Michelle, have you applied for any grants (Pell Grant) and such to help with college costs? You may still have time. I'm not sure when you start or the guidelines. I agree it is expensive and it's supposed to be getting higher. I think the books are the most expensive part of it unless you are lucky enough to find used ones. What are you taking/going for? Don't fret too much over losing weight. If you started the 21st it hasn't been that long so maybe in a week or two you will see a loss. Just don't give up. I too am a treadmill walker and I couldn't do it without the tv in my face. Well it's not exactly in my face but the treadmill faces the tv and it is so easy to turn it on and just go forever. :l)

Well, hope EVERYONE is having a great day! I will post my walk for the day later. Take care ladies. :grouphug:

July Goal~80 miles
Total Miles 7/03~
Miles to go~

P.S. WELCOME Caci! We must have been posting at the same time. Glad to have you aboard. Yes, we do make a goal for the month, or most of us do and also post our miles daily, or try to anyway (post daily). :)

07-01-2003, 05:54 PM
Welcome Caci, some of us set mileage or kilometer goals for the entire month, but it's entirely up to you. We just find it helpful to have somewhere to come and report on our walking efforts. I find that when I'm in a slump, it's really motivating to read about others who are doing well, picks you up and gets you moving again. I would suggest you tally up your miles, you may be suprised by how far you actually walk when you add it all up at the end of the month. :dancer: Again, it's great to have you aboard, let's do it!

I am setting my July goal to walk 80 miles.

JULY GOAL: 80 Miles
Miles Walked to date: 0
Miles to Go: 80

07-01-2003, 11:48 PM
Would you all mind if I joined in and added my goals for my bicycle riding? I know it's not quite the same as walking but I like the idea of keeping a tally.

Goal: 100 miles
Today: 4 miles
Left: 96 miles

Wait, like how I asked you and then just did it anyways? Sorry about that. Presumptuous of me, I guess. Just let me know. THanks! :)

07-02-2003, 12:32 AM
Hi ladies! I am going to post here even if I am not doing the whole walking thing. You all keep me on track with my food and feeling good! :) :) :) I am studying for one midterm already. Wow I am not able to do much remind me not to take a math class in the summertime again. :p
Good new here is that my DH got his contract signed by the commander so we'll be here another year and then have to wait and see what happens then. Another thing is we just bought a new truck! :o We have never owned a Ford before so we'll see. We got a Ford F350 4X4. We want to get a boat this winter and so that means get in shape girl! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Well I'm so glad you all are doing so well on your walking! Talk to you all this weekend sometime!

07-02-2003, 01:49 AM
I am so sore...I only walked two miles today cause I worked this morning. I did not want to work out at all, but I forced myself and once I turned on that concert I was REVVED up! My back has been hurting me the past couple of days. :o( Man, I really dislike working where I work...it's just not a happy environment anymore...oh well! I'm setting my July goal to 80 miles!

Cristi-I haven't looked into the Pell Grants...they actually never informed me about those. I did get a $7,000 scholarship, however I still have $13,000 to worry about. My parents took out a PLUS loan today so everything is taken care of...just knowing that I have such a bounty over my head when I graduate in two years drives me crazy!!!!!! It's scary, but it has to be done! I'm majoring in Liberal Studies and minoring in Psych. I want to be a teacher...but with all the education cuts in California it's a little scary to me. It really saddens me to see the governor cutting in education- such a necessity. Hopefully I will see a difference in the scale soon! Good luck to you!!!!

Noelle-I read that your little boy might be going to a school with a-oh I forgot the ratio. That does seem a little high to me...how old is he? His old school's ratio sounds perfect! Thanks for the encourgement!

Have a fantastic night and morning!!!


07-02-2003, 02:39 AM
Well I didn't get a walk in today, yesterday neither. But unlike yesterday, I just ran out of time (yesterday I was just lazy :^: ) . My parents got back from their vacation and I was busy cleaning up the house, then picked them up from the airport, then I cooked dinner + made some 90+ lumpia (filipino style eggrolls) for our upcoming trip to Maui on Friday. We'll be borrowing a friends house in Maui and it's a bit in the boonies so we thought we'd bring some precooked food along or easy-to-cook meals so we don't have to go grocery shopping when we get there. Anyway, that's my specialty of the house so that's what the family requested. Not exactly a healthy choice, but I make them all them time. Anyhow, it was great catching up with the folks and we all sat down and had a nice dinner together. I did great on my food right up until dinner time. Tomorrow will be a totally OP day.

Michelle do you do a lot of sitting during work? Maybe a new chair would work, one that's ergonomically designed? Or maybe if you stand up alot some really good supportive shoes would make you more comfortable. Anyway, good job for working out even when you didn't feel like it. The school I chose to place my son in this coming August has a ratio of 1 teacher, 2 aids for 16 kids, an excellent ratio if you ask me, plus my girlfriend from school is the afternoon head teacher, that makes me totally comfortable about enrollilng him there.

Jenifer, congrats on your new baby (the Ford), that's plenty of truck to pull a big boat. Study hard for that midterm, I'm sure you'll do fine.

Welcome jlmsandi :wave: . We have some other gals here that ride their bikes in addition to walking (Jenifer and Cristi I think) and I have no problem with you posting your biking mileage here. Post away! It's always nice to have a lot of voices.

Caci I've been out of the loop as far as current events (not been watching TV)...Bill is a Tropcial storm right? Tell him to get out of town :mad: .

Well, the boy is tugging on my arm so i guess I have to get going. Have a good night ladies, see ya tomorrow.

07-02-2003, 11:30 PM
Hi all you July Babes! A great big welcome to Caci, set your own goal and go for it girl....jlmsandi, bike - walk whatever trips your trigger, it's all good here with the babes...Jenifer, Good luck on that midterm and a big congrats on dh's contract. I bet it feels good to not have to worry about making that move! I personally am a FORD girl living in a Chevy family. I now have my dh and dfil driving Fords though so there's hope for all the world. My goodness girl it's only the 2nd of July and look what's happened in your life allready!.....Michelle, good luck on your goal and I hope you figure out what's making you so sore......Noelle, I'm so glad you've found a school for ds that you're comfortable with. Maybe you could share your recipe for lumpia!? I just love trying new things.......Cristi, 4# gone forever in June WTGG. I know they say 8# in a month is doable, but not by this girl. I got brave and weighed again yesterday and the 2# I'd put on was gone again, but technically that was in July so I don't know where to put it as for monthly loss. I really don't care as long as I don't put it back on my rear :lol:.... As for me it's been super busy with summer rec and summer reading programs etc. I actually went 5 days with no real exercise. Just a little swimming. I got out there today and di a 4 mile walk right out of bed and then 2 more while the children were at the library program. I feel I made up somewhat anyway. DS and DD both played terrific in there ball games tonight. I can really see the improvement in understanding the game especially in DS. My poor DD is still seeing the eye dr. on a daily basis and they now have me using a cortizone drop 4 times a day, because there is some scar tissue forming. If it doesn't lok better by the end of this week they're talking about going in and removing it. I hope that doesn't become necessary, but if it must be done we'll walk that bridge hand in hand.......thanks once again for all you beautiful babes helping me get healthy!

SW 185 / CW 146 / GW 125

JUly goals
Walk 40 miles
Bike 24 miles (same as last month since I blew it ( moving on ))
Any loss will do!

GM 40 / MW 6 / MTG 34

:cool: Kristi

07-02-2003, 11:43 PM
Good Evening Ladies :flow1:

WELCOME jlmsandi!! Glad to have ya. :) Yes, as Noelle said there are a couple of ladies who ride their bikes and keep track of their miles. I ride a stationary bike but don't keep track of the miles just the time. I concentrate more on the walking and I keep track of my miles walked.

Noelle, I am so jealous!! Maui?! I want to come. I have actually not been to Hawaii, yet. One of these days for sure. I am not one for flying and while I love boating I don't think I could go that far on a ship, I don't know. I hope you have the bestest time!;) Those eggrolls sound delicious. :T You are so lucky to be able to live in such a BEAUTIFUL place.

Jenifer, congrats on your new truck. Boy that is a big one! Fords aren't bad. I had a Ford F250 years ago-I loved that truck! :love: Unfortunately it was a gas hog. Traded it in for an Explorer which I also loved and was much better on the gas. Now I am a mini-van driving mama. :lol: Hope you guys enjoy it! And congrats on hubby getting his contract signed another year. Moving is the pits. Good luck on your mid terms :lucky:

Michelle, why does it seem they always cut the things we need the most? It's not just in CA. They just can't ever leave the schools alone and I don't understand it. WTG on your schooling, we can never have enough good teachers. Good for you on your walk, sometimes we need to just force ourselves to get up and do it. You will lose in no time.

Today was a great day as far as staying on plan, and I got in a 3 mile walk. Plus did everything on my to do list, good for me. :cb:

Kristen, Lynne, Krist, Janine and Jen hope you ladies are doing fine.

Well, I need to check in on a couple of other threads and get off this thing by 10:30 so I will see you ladies tomorrow. Have a good one.

July Goal~80 miles
7/1/03~1 mile
7/2/03~3 miles
Total Miles 7/03~4
Miles to go~76

07-03-2003, 12:01 AM
Kristi, guess we were posting at the same time. Hey WTG on those 2 pounds! :bravo: I would have to say you DEFINITELY made up today for the exercise, WTG! I don't think I have done 6 miles or think I ever will. Just making me tired thinking about it. I am sorry to hear about your dd's eye still bothering her. I hope she doesn't have to go in and have the tissue removed. I can deal with just about any kind of pain except for something to do with the eye. I had a growth, looked like a mole growing in the inside corner of my left eye and I am telling you talk about pain. OUCH!! The dr. had to give me a shot to numb it so they could cut it off. The shot was the worst and I could still feel it when he was cutting it and then when he burned it, oh gross. :yikes: I will be thinking of her and sending some luck and good vibes that things go well. :goodvibes: :lucky: :crossed: :goodvibes:

07-03-2003, 12:08 AM
hello babes

don't worry. i found you guys!! but of course, i am in and out on this thing... again. i need to make a schedule of "catch up" time for all you fine lasses. heh. my june total ended up being 68 miles. just 2 miles short of goal. i did a watp tape that night to bring me up two more miles. but the last two i just couldn't get myself to do. :(

this month, so far i've walked 3 miles yesterday and one today. so far... 4 miles. go me. my goal this month is going to be set at 60. i'm going to be here there and everywhere on the weekends, so i don't know how much walking i'll get in then. so hopefully i'll reach my goal this month!!!

hope all you gals are doing well. i'm just trying to stay focused. :) at weigh in on saturday, i lost another 2. how? i really don't know. but anyway, i was quite pleased with it.

alright girls, i really oughta be going to bed. have a nice night!

july miles goal - 60
miles walked - 4
miles to goal - 56

07-03-2003, 01:52 AM
Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great and productive day! I got a lot of things that needed to be done today! YAY! And I walked 3 miles...both times it was like pulling teeth to get in there...what's wrong with me lately? I've gone shopping with my mom a couples times this week, but I refuse to let myself buy anything. I promised myself that if I got down to my goal weight I'd let myself go wild before school started...i wish my closet would expand.

Noelle-Those eggrolls sound really good!!! I'm really glad that you got your son in a place you're happy with...that ratio sounds excellent! About my soreness, I don't sit a lot, I actually walk a lot...we're not allowed to sit or lean on anything. Those 6 hour shifts can get tiring, but I'm pretty much used to it. I might have just slept wrong or strained something while walking. It hurt during my morning workout, but I didn't notice anything tonight. Thanks for inquiring though!

Cristi-The education cuts frustrate me to no end. How do they expect to have bright, intelligent people if they cut education? It makes no sense to me...I truly feel for the kids in a huge city cause they're not benefiting at all. I was lucky enough to go to private school from K-12...entering college three yrs ago was a huge wake up call to me...half of them didn't know how to structure a 5 paragraph essay...it's a shame.

Good night everyone! Have a great day tomorrow!!! Keep up the fantastic work!!!!


July goal: 80 miles
Miles walked so far: 5
Miles to go: 75

07-03-2003, 05:34 AM
It's another late night for me. I'm still doing the laundry (at 10:26 pm) since i need to start packing tomorrow. I had a much better day today. Stayed pretty much OP and got my regular walking route in--by myself :strong: . I'm feeling good about myself right now and want to carry this feeling into tomorrow.

A recipe for my lumpia? Well, I don't have exact measurements since i kind of just throw everything together. I'll try and jot it down and post it here when I get it all together. It's something my mother taught me and I just made my own variations here and there. She's still the best roller-upper though. Time is the best teacher, eh?

I'll be back tomorrow to catch up more with all the posts. Keep moving ladies :dancer: .

JULY GOAL: 80 Miles
Miles Walked to date: 3.5
Miles to Go: 76.5

07-03-2003, 12:45 PM
Thanks for the welcome!

I absolutely love lumpia. I haven't had it in years but I had a friend whose mother made them and they were wonderful. I bet they're a lot of work though.

I was really proud of myself last night. We went to our town fair and I did not give in the those funnel cakes that were tormenting me. I had a nice big water instead. Yum! :| But I knew today was bagel day at work and someone said that they were bringing in a cheesecake.

Do any of you have any great plans for the holiday weekend? I have absolutely no plans and I am loving it!

OK, so I am reworking the exercise thing. I decided to go ahead and add some walking to my program. The reason? I got some really cool new walking shoes and I decided to try them out and realized that walking even one mile was harder than riding three. So I am going to do both every day. Of course, I am reporting a day off because I post the morning after. I generally do my exercise in the evening rather than the morning. I am not a morning person at all. I have tried and tried but getting up before 7:00 does not work for me. Besides, evening exercise gives me just enough energy to get me through the night. It's amazing to me how much it can change things. I used to go home and not move and would go to bed early most nights and still be tired. I was always tired and now I am not so much.

Biking Goal: 100 miles
Biked Yesterday: 0 miles
Miles to go: 96 miles

Walking Goal: 30
Walked Tuesday: 1
Walked Yesterday: 2
Miles to go: 27

07-03-2003, 02:19 PM
WTG Kristen on those 2 lbs.!! :cb: Don't worry about not making your goal, it was just 2 miles. I got lazy towards the end and didn't want to do anything, I could have done more, just didn't want to. :) You are off to a good start for July so keep on truckin'!

Noelle, I know you are probably packing for Maui. Have a safe and fun 4th of July vacation.

jlmsandi, good for you for deciding to add walking to your program. :) You sound like me, I too am not a morning person, I HATE getting up early. You would think I would be used to it since getting up early for the last 20 years or so. NOT! :lol:

Michelle, WTG on your 3 mile walk. It may have felt like pulling teeth to do but you DID IT!

Looks like we are all off to a good start for July ladies, keep up the good work.

I haven't done my walk yet but will post my miles later. I wanted to go outside for a walk but it is so stinking HOT!:hot: Not going to get any better within the next few days either. No special plans for the 4th, just hanging around the house. Hope everyone who will be on the road has a safe and fun 4th. :grouphug:

07-03-2003, 11:56 PM
Cristi, Ouch a shot by your eye:( you poor thing. Glad that's not something you have to go through very often. Thanks for you concern for dd I showed her your post and she thought it was really cool that you put all those stickers in for her. Have a great weekend, I too have no real plans for the weekend and am loving that for a change.......Kristen, 2 miles short of goal? Pleeeease! 68 is a terrific accomplishment! WTG on ANOTHER 2 pond loss. You rock!........Noelle, Have a great time in Maui girl!....Michelle, Wtg on getting out there even when you didn't want to. The first step is always the hardest, always!....jlmsandi, I think it's great you've decided to add walking to your routine. Having more than one option really helps me keep motivated plus walking is a weight baring exercise so it really helps fight against ostioporosis. That stuff scares me an elderly lady from our church once stood up (just stood up ) from a recliner and crushed 2 vertebrae. The injury put her in the nursing home for almost 2 months. The day after I heard about it I started taking extra calcium and will forever. So, WTG to you!..... I had a great day myself. I got the house clean, took my children to the pool, and did a 10 mile bike ride. I haven't ridden 10 miles since I was 12. I'm feeling top of the world, but I gotta go bathe now the smell of bug spray is getting to me! Have a great 4th all!

GM 40 / MW 6 / MTG 34
BGM 24 / MB 10 / BMTG 14

:cool: Kristi

07-04-2003, 06:14 AM
Hey ladies, just a quick one again--it's after 11 pm here and i need to get to bed :yawn: . I'll be Maui bound tomorrow morning and we're taking a shuttle to the airport so we don't have to leave the car parked overnight for 2 days, not so safe to do that around here. I remembered to pack the camera so I should have some pics to share next week. I'm getting excited about going already :goodvibes: . I had a fantastic OP day too~no cheating~ and I walked 3.5 miles so yay for me.

jlmsandi, I am an evening exerciser too and can totally relate about having the energy restored at night. I used to be in bed by 8 pm when I was a real sedentary person, and when I woke up in the mornings I was still tired--all that's changed now and I love it! Bravo on resisting the evil funnel cake :cp: .

Wow Kristi, 10 miles biking~awesome! YGG!

Cristi, Kristen, Janine, Jenifer, Michelle, Lynne (how are you doing lady, we miss you!) and Jen...if I've missed anyone else, I still hope all of you have a safe and wonderful weekend. God Bless the USA (and friendly neighbors) !

JULY GOAL: 80 Miles
Miles Walked to date: 7
Miles to Go: 73

07-04-2003, 01:24 PM

Noelle, HAVE FUN!!! WTG on your walk and staying OP! :bravo:

Kristi, WOW! I am impressed, a 10 mile bike ride! WTG! :bravo: You are making me tired just reading it. I hope you dd's eye is doing better. I too worry about osteoporosis. My SIL's mother had it and it was horrible to see this tall, strong woman go to a frail little thing. She was a nurse and had to quit because she just couldn't do anything but did not want to quit. She wasn't supposed to be driving because the slightest little thing could have broken a bone, she hated feeling helpless and didn't want to have to depend on others to do things for her. It was just hard to see this woman go through that. She was the sweetest lady. So, I too make sure I take extra calcium, it's very important.

I got lazy yesterday and didn't get any exercise in. I have stayed on plan the last few days though so that's good. I need to get in sync and stay op and do my exercise. I either do the exercise and mess up on the eating or stay op and mess up on the exercise. :lol: I will be getting my walk in today for sure.

July Goal~80 miles
7/4/03~2 miles
Total Miles 7/03~6
Miles to go~74

Well, I just wanted to check in for a few minutes and wish everyone a Happy 4th. Hope everyone has a fun and safe one.

07-04-2003, 01:40 PM
Noelle, Way to stay OP and get your exercise in. I kinda go like Cristi, either my eatings good and no ex. or I ex. and eat bad. We'll all get it all together sooner or later. Now you just have a ball in Maui girl, I can't waite to see your pics.......Cristi, you do so great with your exercise that taking a day off here and there will probably do you more good than harm. I'm totally enjoying having no plans for today. With dh home I was able to get up late relax awhile and still get out on the bike rail for a 4 mile walk with my pooch. You can tell it's a holiday. Usually I see no one on the trail in the morning well maybe 1 person a week. Today I saw about a dozen. My dog is very well behaved so it's ok. He even got compliments from the out of towners. I'm sure that totally made his day:lol: We had a good, but short storm whip through here about 5am. The trees in my yard were bending pretty good, but I'd seen them worse so I just went back to bed. Anyway, have a great weekend all!

GM 40 / MW 10 / MTG 30
BGM 24 / MB 16 / BMTG 8

:cool: Kristi

Update : Got busy and did a 6 mile bike ride tonight since I'd eaten both cheesecake and movie popcorn today:p

07-04-2003, 08:54 PM
Hi ladies (new and old one)! I miss you all very much and really wish more hours were in a day. I hope that you all have a fun & safe 4th! I jsut got home from work and had a few minutes to read over the post. Great job on all the losses and walking. Whoohoo! You all RoCk! :bravo:
Well hopefully soon I will be on the mode and have more time for me and my workouts! I'm not going to weigh in tomorrow.....ouch! I need the weekend to just relax and also study. Miss you all lots and lots! :grouphug: Hug to all!

07-05-2003, 12:30 PM
Hi, guys.

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. It's been pretty rough around here, and really hard to get re-motivated. It's hard to explain, but because of my previous history of depression, when I get low, due to either myself, or in this case, my surroundings, I find it really hard to get motivated, with anything. So it's been really hard to pick myself up and start again, when I find it hard to care much about anything....

I'm really trying to get out of this, because my weight loss means so much to me, but when this depression hits, it's hard to find the energy for anything....

I'm sorry to sound so down. I don' t feel like this all the time - thank god! but when I'm dealing with major lifestyle battles, it really sucks the life out of you!!!

Thanks so much for caring, and I'll definitely be back soon.... in fact I was planning on being back today, but found it hard to find the time....

Catcha soon.... Lynne

07-05-2003, 05:33 PM
hello all you fine babes out there!!

and a big welcome to jlmsandi and galzooks! :balloons: i know it's a little late, being it is 5 days into the month. but you'll like it here... this thread totally keeps my butt in gear as it does for the other babes, i'm sure! :D

today it's like 90 or something out with humidity. not so fun. but ya wanna know what? i walked anyway. if this was a year ago... i would think that ANYONE that did that... was insane! send me to the insane asylum. i walked around the lake again for my 3 miles there. and i was doing okay, until i came into the direct sunlight... and i was just melting. luckily, though, i had some cash on me, and there's a gas station near there. so i just went there and bought me some water!!! :) much needed water. i made it back to my car. and then came home and took a shower!

thursday night i also walked. 3 miles at the tufts track. woo hoo. not a lot of people there, since it was july 4th eve. but it was a decent walk anyway. i always find that when i walk the track... the first mile or two are killer. and then once i reach 3, i'm just like "that's it?" :lol:

jlmsandi - great job with the resisting of funnel cakes! i don't know if i could be so lucky. i don't mind it if it's not in front of me... but once it is... watch out. but at least i know. walking and biking? ygg! :bravo: geesh.... you're already keeping my butt in gear :lol: good for you!

kristi - great job with the 10 mile bike ride! :cb: i haven't ridden a bike in ages. i wouldn't mind going back to it. but i think, right now, i need a pool! :) keeping cool while getting exercise. :)

noelle - i hope that you enjoyed maui!! i hear it's incredible. great job staying on program! :cp:

cristi - we all need breathers now and then from exercise. it's great that you stayed on program for the past couple days, though! that is an accomplishment in itself. :cool: ygg!

lynne - i hope that you feel better soon! :hugs: we're all here for you if you need us. i def. can see how a lifestyle change can be difficult in these times. :hugs:

jenifer and janine (and anyone i may have missed) hope that you had a fantastic fourth. mine was very... uneventful.

went to weigh in the morning. i thought i was going to gain cause i had a really bad saturday last week as far as being op. but... my body works in mysterious ways... cause i lost 1.6. woo hoo! i hope that this energy keeps kicking me in the butt! :lol:

have a nice rest of the weekend, ladies!!

july miles goal - 60
miles walked - 10
miles to goal - 50

07-06-2003, 02:23 PM
Hi Jenifer, You have so much going on it's ok to give yourself a little break. I know the woman who totally helped me get back on track will soon be doing it for herself too. Thinking about you and hope everything's going great!

Lynne, You know I'm rooting for ya girl!

Kristen, WTG on your miles! It's been super humid around here too. For most walks I don't take water, because I just feel to lopsided no matter how I carry it, but I always take water when I ride my bike. For some reason I seem to need it way more riding than I do waling anyway. Great job at choosing water over the many other choices I'm sure they had to offer and another loss. You are totally putting me to shame. Send some of that self control my way!

As for me, I had a ball yesterday. My home town had a parade and little celebration with some kiddie games and the volunteer firemen cooked up some delicious bbq chicken with all the fixins, yum yum. The best part though I got to meet my new grand niece Daisy. She's totally beautiful. I held her for so long at only 22 days old she was so tiny. MY children thought she was just precious. 6 yr. old dd was very dissapointed that she didn't get to hold her, but I just didn't feel comfortable letting her in the park setting. Thanks to the chicken and my FIL bday today I felt the need to get out there and work off some cals. I walked 6 miles in 90 min. this morning. I know many walkers are much faster, but I felt totally awesome when I returned and saw my time. I even ran about .5 mile of it. I'm NO runner so that was enough. I think my dear doggie thought I was out of my mind! Maybe I was, maybe I am, but love me anyway!

Have a great day Cristi, Noelle, Jen, Janine and all you other HoT JuLy BaBeS!

GM 40 / MW 16 / MTG 24
BGM 24 / MB 16 / BMTG 8

:cool: Kristi

P.S. I plan to eat cake with NO GUILT!

07-06-2003, 11:57 PM
WOW Kristen! WTG on your walking and your loss. YGG! :cb: you are doing such a great job with your weight loss you are keeping me motivated, THANKS!! And WTG on walking in the heat and with this humidity, :yikes:

Lynne, so glad to hear from you but sorry to hear you are not up to par. Just know that we are here for you and will be awaiting your return. :grouphugs:

Jenifer, take all the time you need to relax and study. Sometimes things tend to pile up on you and you just need to relax. I know all too well how the homework piles up fast, plus you are working. It can get quite stressful and you don't want to get stressed, so relax. I am sending goodvibes for you to ace your tests. :goodvibes: :goodvibes:

Kristi, WTG! :cb: you are doing an awesome job with your walking and biking. You are making me tired! :lol: There is no way I am getting out in this heat, it is even too warm for me in the morning and the wind has been blowing the last few days which makes it worse. I don't know how you ladies walk without water. I know when I do walk outdoors I must have the bottle of water in tow. I have to have the water when I am walking on the treadmill! :dizzy: Like you I am NO runner, too many things bouncing up and down for me to run. :lol: Eat a piece of cake for me! :T

I am been so laaaazy this weekend, that is not like me. I was doing so good with the exercise but since the July thread I have just tired of it I guess. :shrug: I haven't given up though ladies, I will NEVER give up the fight. I am getting back on track tomorrow, actually I didn't do too bad today did a 3 mile walk but I wanted to do 4. I will save that for tomorrow. I should go to town and walk the neighborhood, we live in the country but only 7 miles from a bigger city. So I have to drive to where I want to walk. Last year we walked at the school track which got a bit boring walking in a circle. Of course you have to go at certain times when the kids aren't using it. Anyway, tomorrow is a new day and I AM getting back on track for sure.

Hi to Janine, Noelle having fun in Maui, jlmsandi, galzooks and any one else I may have missed. Hope you ALL had a great Sunday. :grouphug:

July Goal~80 miles
7/5/03~1 mile
7/6/03~3 miles
Total Miles 7/03~10
Miles to go~70

07-07-2003, 02:40 AM
OK, I am getting in a late night post before I head off to bed. I think I need another day to get ready to start a new week. I don't recall if I did any exercise on Friday night, but if I recall, probably not. HOWEVER, we did go on an 11 mile canoe trip on the 4th of July which required way more work than I had anticipated. I took the whole next day to recover! I was so exhausted that night that I know we went to watch fireworks but I fell asleep. I heard that they were awesome though. :)

It looks as if there are lots of you who are not morning people. That's good to know. My boss doesn't appreciate that in me so I try to get in a couple cups of coffee before she gets in so I am ready to go and can fake a smile. She is one of those dedicated people who is up at 5 a.m. to get her workouts in daily.

Biking Goal: 100 miles
Miles to go: 96 miles

Walking Goal: 30
Walked Today: 3
Miles to go: 24

07-07-2003, 03:54 PM
Hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday! :D

So much for my early start this morning, that was a joke! :lol: I was sleeping so good and did not want to get up. But did eventually at 10 am! :yikes: I did however get in a 3 mile walk this morning and am going to try and get in another mile this evening. We'll see.

I am very surprised and happy at the same time. I changed my weigh in day to Friday because it seems whenever there is messing up to do I do it on the weekends, well when my hubby is home because we tend to be out and about so we end up at the fast food places. Since the 4th I have been quite the little :ink: or so I thought. It didn't just stop on Friday it continued through Sunday, double :yikes: So even though I changed my weigh in day and I never get on the scales more than once a week I felt the urge to see the damage done over the weekend and guess what no change at all. I did not gain even an ounce so I am very pleased, although surprised. Seems every time I think I do bad it's not as bad as it seems. However, I won't be doing that often. I am back on track today and am hoping for a 1 pound loss this Friday. :crossed: :lucky:

Jackie, the canoe trip sounds like so much fun, a lot of work but fun none the less. I am totally missing out on all the fun this summer because hubby has been working so much and usually the weekends. me getting up at 10 am should tell you I am not a morning person. :lol: Of course it doesn't help when you stay up till 1 in the morning. I had planned on an early bedtime to rise early, that was joke! :joker: Oh well it's the thought that counts right?

To EVERYONE else, Noelle, Kristi, Kristen, Jenifer, Janine, Lynne and anyone I may have missed HI to you all and I hope everyone is having a good day. Take care ladies. :grouphug:

July Goal~80 miles
7/7/03~4 miles
Total Miles 7/03~14
Miles to go~66

07-07-2003, 06:18 PM
Hey ladies. I'm back from Maui and am feeling wonderful. A little toasted from the sun, but it was a great weekend getaway. I posted some pics on another thread. Click here if you wanna see them (I hope the link works--you may have to search the pages since I didn't know how to direct the link to the exact page :shrug: ) http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&postid=406783#post406783. We stayed at a family friend's house which is in a very remote location. To get there involves driving on a long and winding road, with a lot of the way only a single lane. It was totally worth the drive though. If any of you plan a trip to Maui, I totally recommend a visit to Lorraine's Shave Ice in Kahakuloa, on the north shore. It's a quaint little village setting and Lorraine makes the best banana cream pie, banana or mango bread and the best shave ice on the planet. A great rest stop for refreshments and relaxation.

OK so I wasn't OP but I didn't overstuff myself either. I'm back on track and with no major holidays coming up anytime soon I am so ready to get on with more weight loss :strong: . I don't know how I'm gonna do w/my mileage this month since I wasn't really counting this weekend. Oh well, I'll just continue on.

Sounds like you ladies had a great weekend. :wave: Hi Lynne, glad to hear from you! I am a bit swamped with work but will check back later this evening to catch up. Have a great day everyone!

07-07-2003, 10:52 PM
Cristi, Back on track today? SOunds to me you were back on track yesterday allready. Off program people do not walk 3 miles! Does your school offer any indoor walking suring the winter months? Ours allows certain hrs. before school starts that you can either do laps in the gym or down the halls. I think this winter I'm going to walk the halls I figure the up and down steps at each end would be good for me plus it's another cold weather option I have not taken advantage of in the past. I myself love to be up no later than 6am, but I spend the first hr. drinking coffee and reading the paper or just sitting outside weather permitting. My whole day goes off kilter if I don't get that first hr. to myself. Even at hotels I usually sneak out on everyone, but God forbid someone would want me to exercise right away. Blah! As for weighing in I absolutely use Sun. - Tues. as damage control. I never go neaar a scale before Wed. and never after Fri;)

Jackie, Your trip sounds like alot of fun. Did it end up ,ore work than you expected due to low water, or rough water, or did ou just go farther than you intended. I haven't canoed since in my early 20's and the group I went with it always ended up alot of work, because we swamped eachother's canoes and drank way more than anyone should in one afternoon:^:

Noelle, It sounds like you had a great time in Maui. I'm glad, everyone needs a little get away from time to time. Oh, and just how remote was this place? LAte night skinny dippin' remote maybe?:lol:

As for my day, I skipped the trail all together and did a little housework this morning and then took the kids to the pool. I played in the water for an hr. and then read my book while I dried off. It was good and hot today and the water felt so good that I went back for adult swim. I did a combo. of 3 diff. strokes and swam continually for 25 min. That was all the time I had. I had to get to the ball field. Kids just had practice tonight and I like that. Our whole family played ball together yesterday and oldest daughter who hasn't played summer rec since she was 6 caught the bug and ended up going to practice too. She's a yr. too old to play on the same team as ds, but the coach said she can finish the yr. practicing with them and then maybe next yr. she'll decide to go out again. Her game is soccer. After swimmimg I feel so relaxed and nothing aches at all. I think I'm heading for the sack early. Thanks again ladies. It's amazing how better I feel since posting with you lovely ladies:)

:cool: Kristi

07-07-2003, 11:18 PM
Okay, I edited my previous post 1. because I did do another mile today for a total of 4 and 2. because for some reason I had Sandi instead of Jackie. So sorry Jackie for calling you Sandi. I guess I took it from jlmsandi, not thinking.

Noelle, what a beautiful place!! Those are great photos and that doggie, oh so cute!! Glad to hear you have a great time, how could you not in such a fabulous place?

Kristi, you still managed a work out with the house cleaning and swimming. Of course I would definitely rather be swimming than cleaning house.

Anyway, just wanted to edit my post and say a quick Hi ladies. have a great night everyone.

07-08-2003, 04:46 AM
Whew! I had a totally OP day that ended with my 3.5 mile walk :strong: . Just had to update my mileage before I forgot.

It looks like I may be heading back to Maui in a couple of weeks. My 2 teenage nephews and BIL weren't able to join this past weekend so we may be heading back there just to show them around. I know, it's a rough life i lead here... :lol: Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow to catch up more with you ladies. Have a wonderful week.

JULY GOAL: 80 Miles
Miles Walked to date: 10.5
Miles to Go: 69.5

07-08-2003, 12:39 PM
I really need to get back into my routine of walking. I hope I started back on that road this AM. I walked for 41 minutes and went 1.82 miles on the treadmill. It was challenging since I haven't gotten on the treadmill since May!!!!:shrug: I have decided that what I really need to do it get up and get on the treadmill first thing before it starts getting to hot out. :hot:
Wish me luck with my new routine.:crossed:

07-08-2003, 01:24 PM
Don't worry about it! I'm called a lot of things, and Sandi ain't so bad. Actually, sandi is part if my maiden name, sandifer.

The canoe trip was very fun. The first four miles were like floating the lazy river but after that it got kind of rough at spots. The wind was really strong at some points which made it even more difficult to deal with the currents. My upper arms and back got one heck of a workout that day. I'd do it again for sure though.

Mele ~ your pictures were amazing. I can't imagine living in a paradise like that. Being in corn country, I can't fathom it.

I got a book on tape to help motivate me to walk more. So far so good. I almost don't want to quit walking so that I can listen more. I actually got myself up this morning at 6:00 so that I could go walk and listen. That is just SICK!

Biking Goal: 100 miles
Yesterday: 3
Miles to go: 93 miles

Walking Goal: 30
Walked Today: 3
Miles to go: 21

07-08-2003, 09:25 PM
Noelle, WTG staying OP! Back to Maui, you're so making me jealous.

Janine, Great job taking those first steps, they're the hardest you know. I'm sending lots of good luck your way.

Jackie, What's sick about that? That's a great idea! I've never thought to listen to books on tape just music and I get so bumed if the music isn't just right. Thanks for a great idea!

My day has sucked. Op great, managed 1 and 2 mile WATP tapes, but shopped all over the place for a bat for my ds bday and they are allready considered out of season. They are laying the fall line up of hunting stuff out in baseballs place. My gosh they even had back to school stuff out. For goodness sake don't the people in our area realize the Gov. passed a law that school can not start until after Labor Day. Ugh! I'll find one though, because I am the MOM.

GM 40 / MW 19 / MTG 21
BGM 24 / MB 16 / BMTG 8

:cool: Kristi

07-09-2003, 03:22 AM
Hey ladies, I got my regular walk in this afternoon...I'm feeling pumped about this weight loss thing again, I need to ride this wave for as long as I can. Second day OP and feeling positive :D . My sister's been changing the dates for the next weekend in Maui so I don't know if I'll be able to go back after all :( . Oh well, we'll see how things pan out tomorrow. I have to think about my son's new school tuition which went up quite a bit, plus I have to pay on the 15th of the month for the following month...have to rethink the budgeting issue.

:lol: Jackie, you're so funny. There's nothing sick about waking up early, but I know where you're coming from. So what's this book on tape that's got you so enthralled? I need a new book to read...you all may laugh at me, but I just finished reading the new Harry Potter book--I enjoyed it too, not as much as the previous ones, but it was a good way to pass the time--and yes, I am 31 years old :^: .

Janine, here's some good luck and good vibes :goodvibes: on getting your walking routine started up again. You can do it!

Kristi, I'm sending positive thoughts your way on finding that bat. I know what you mean about the changes in the stores as far as merchandise. I was just in Sam's Club this afternoon and I'll be darned if they didn't already have some Christmas stuff for sale :eek: ! Hello? It IS still summer isn't it?

OK, my stomach's feeling kinda weird and I don't know if it's something I ate...I'll stop here but not before I wish the rest of you ladies a great night. See ya around tomorrow.
JULY GOAL: 80 Miles
Miles Walked to date: 14
Miles to Go: 66

07-09-2003, 11:24 AM
OK, I guess it's not really sick. :D I just can't believe that I am so excited to get out and exercise. The book is called "Coming Home" by Rosamunde Pilcher. She's an English author and I rather enjoy that. I like Maeve Binchy as well. Other than that, I prefer a Patricia Cornwell or John Grisham book. Although, I am fond of the Oprah books and more recently have been reading books from the Zany chicks list that is on *****ypoo.com. I just love her site.

I think that Harry Potter books are great. I am getting ready to reread the 4th book so that I can start the fifth. It's funny, I ordered it because I thought that my daughter would be excited because she loved the books. How could I forget that at 13 years old, she is much too cool for stuff like that? She is so irritated at me right now because I am insisting that she go to Girl Scout Day Camp to get her mini-aide training. She has absolutely nothing else to do but sleep and chat online so why not do something productive with her summer? Besides it will help her achieve her ultimate goal of becoming a resident camp counsellor in about 2 years.

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Mine has already started out kind of icky. I got my walk in but only after I got up late because my alarm didn't go off (power outage last night from storms) and then my clothes weren't dry and I had to find something else to wear and I was late and I have to leave early. It will only get better, right?

Biking Goal: 100 miles
Yesterday: 5
Miles to go: 88 miles

Walking Goal: 30
Walked Today: 3
Miles to go: 18

07-09-2003, 01:17 PM
Noelle, RIde the wave baby, great job staying OP! Too bad about higher tuition, here in our school district we have free 4 yr. old kdg. 4 - 1/2 days a week. Two of my children had the current teacher and she was terrific, but she's very young so my hopes are not up that she'll still be here for 3 yr. old DS. My bat search was a bust, but ds party is at chuckie cheeses tomorrow in the "big city" he has total faith that mom will find one at a sporting goods store.

Jackie, I love Maeve Binchy and Patricia Cornwell both. I think John Grisham is good too, but for how popular he is I've read very few of his books. I really flip flop from one type of book to the next. The only kind I never make it through are self help. They totally bore me before the end! Right now I'm reading my first Anne Rice - she's very detailed, I'm thinking more of a winter author. I like easier reading during the summer. Sending good vibes your way so your day can get better.

As for me ds wanted pumkin pie for his bday today so he and I made 2 big ones this morning. He said he'll have cake at his party tomorrow and pumkin pie is his favorite. I did 3 miles on the trail with my pooch this morning. It's a good thing I went early, because it's raining again. We've had rain for the past 8 days, but up until Sun. it was all during sleeping hrs. now for 3 days it's been ruining a generous portion of each day. It's not even 70* f today. What a bummer, I want my summer back!Have a great day all.

GM 40 / MW 21 / MTG 19
BGM 24 / BM 16 / BMTG 8


07-09-2003, 03:28 PM
Noelle, WTG on staying OP! I hope you get to go to Maui again, how can you stay away?? It is so very beautiful and makes me miss sunny California so bad. :( I love the beach!! You mad me laugh because Hobby Lobby (a craft store) has Christmas trees and such out already. Hallmark and another card shop in the mall also have Christmas cards & ornaments out. The Hallmark close to our house is having some ornament thing this weekend, talk about early! I noticed they started doing this a couple of years ago. I just think it is way too early. But at the same time has me thinking about shopping for Christmas early to get it out of the way.

Kristi, I do hope you find a bat. Oooooo, :T Chuck E. Cheese sounds so good (I haven't had lunch yet!). I haven't been to one in such a long time but we love their pizza, and of course playing all the games. :lol: That's funny that your son would want pumpkin pie for his birthday. For some reason I always think of it as a food only to be served in the fall, for Thanksgiving, and I think that is the only time I ever cook them.

Jackie, I do hope your day gets better. I hate when the alarm doesn't go off. If our electricity goes off for a second my clock goes out, no one elses does but mine. I never quite got into the book on tape thing but I do know quite a few people who do listen to books on tape. I have to have music when I am walking or even in the car. But I do enjoy reading. My son enjoys Harry Potter I couldn't get into it, and he's 22 soon to be 23 the end of the month. I do like John Grisham I have several of his books, Mary Higgins Clark, John Saul, I love mysteries and of course LaVryle Spencer. Have to have my love stories also. I also read a lot of self-help and inspirational books.Patricia Cornwell is good. Too many to name.

Well, I have stayed OP for the last few days with both the walking/exercising and the eating. I was so tempted to eat fast food for lunch today, craving that salt and junk but I didn't. I went out the door and locked it and thought I really don't need it so came back in and fixed something healthy. I am so proud of myself for not going to McDonalds. I just hope the scales show it this week.

Hope EVERYONE is having a GREAT day! :grouphug:

P.S. Ladies just so you don't think this is someone new or you ar losing it I had my member name changed to my name, of course changed my avatar also. Why can't I leave those things alone? :lol: I will this time. I definitely like seeing my name over the evasivemarigold name.

July Goal~80 miles
7/8/03~3 miles
7/9/03~3 miles
Total Miles 7/03~20
Miles to go~60

07-10-2003, 04:16 AM
Hey ladies. I'm still going strong (yay!) and got my 3.5 miles in today. Food was good today and I have a feeling I can carry this through the week. My sister(s) are driving me crazy with their indecisiveness about the next Maui weekend. The whole point of the trip was to bring my 3 nephews along for the experience. But they date's been rescheduled 3X already. There's a conflict of championship soccer games and a baby shower...now the date's tentatively set for 8/15, which is our Admissions Day holiday weekend. I've asked my DH if he would be able to take care of DS that weekend (why shouldn't he?) so I could jaunt off by myself and he said sure, no problem :goodvibes: . So it looks like I will be flying out again, it's just a matter of when.

Hey Cristi, I didn't even notice you changed your name until I read your post--that was just done today wasn't it? Now all we need is a picture of your smiling face :) .

Kristi give your son a big birthday hug from me :grouphug: and a bunch of :balloons: :hb: and :hat: :gift: . Enjoy Chuck E. Cheese tomorrow, that place is always fun and I especially like the fact that you don't have to clean up afterwards. **as far as your question of how remote the location was in Maui? It was pretty remote and dark--no street lights in the area and I suppose you could go skinny dipping if you dared brave the beach in the dark...but the beach was mostly rocks and hardly any sand so I don't think it would be much fun. I'm sure there are lots of other places on the island for that activity though :lol:

Jackie I like a lot of the authors that you and the others mentioned. I have read almost all of Patricia Cornwell and John Grisham's books as well...same thing for Anne Rice, loved her vampire chronicles. I like to take Oprah's recommendations too but there was one book that I absolutely could not read, I think it was called Jewel...that was a big dud for me. I really liked Wally Lamb's books, "I Know This Much is True" and "I've Come Undone", great reads both. But I'm rambling....oh yeah, used to be a big Stephen King fan, operative words being "used to".

Well it's been a long day and I've still got a little laundry to fold. Hope all you other chicks are having a great week.

JULY GOAL: 80 Miles
Miles Walked to date: 17.5
Miles to Go: 62.5

07-11-2003, 01:16 PM
Mele, there are a few that I had a hard time getting through too. I have read two of Wally Lamb's books but not the one you mentioned. She's Come Undone is my favorite, and I also liked The House of Sand and Fog too. I did not like Vinegar Hill. I kept waiting for something to "happen" and it never did.

OK, the newest is that we're taking up tennis. DH does not like walking with me and I am not that amped on the bike riding anymore. Don't get me wrong, I'll do it but I just don't get the same thing out of it as he does. So he decided that we should play tennis. I think we spent one hour chasing the ball, but I did get one heck of a work out! :D

I watched my reality show and then went out for my three mile walk so that I could listen to my story some more. I am really entrenched. I am going to the used book store this weekend to see if they have any more books on tape that I can get. It does make it so much easier. However, I wonder if I put in some really good dance music if it would make me go much faster? Hmmmm......note to self to give this a whirl.

Biking Goal: 100 miles
Miles to go: 88 miles

Walking Goal: 30
Walked Yesterday: 3
Miles to go: 15

07-11-2003, 09:00 PM
Cristi, We were able to find ds a great bat so he was a very happy little boy. As for Chuck E. Cheeses I loved it to the tune of a 1/2 lg. pie all by myself! Between that and the pumkin pie i totally blew it 2 days in a row. I hate that , 'cuz I like to blow it on Sat. and Sun. Cudos to you staying OP, your doing terrific.....Noelle, Great job jumping on the wagon. I think it's great that dh will let you go off alone - get that date set and enjoy......Jackie, Great choice on tennis, me and a neighborhood boy played nearly every warm day when I was growing up. I'm planning to buy dd equipment for her 10th bday coming up in Sept. It's a great work out and I think big fun! Great job on your exercise......As for me, well eat, eat, eat, I did for 2 days, but much better today. Every few months PMS hits me just aweful and this month it had to go and hit over a bday!!!I tried walking on a track today. It's a circular drive that rings a park 5 miles from home so I let the kids play while I walked. I loved it. It was up and down,which I don't get on the bike trail so my legs hurt in different places. That has to be godd?! The time just flew and the kids didn't feel deprived at all. It's another option anyway and the more ways to mix it up the better. Have a great weekend ladies!


GM 40 / MW 24 / MTG 16
BGM 24 / MB 16 / BMTG 8

07-11-2003, 10:20 PM
Noelle, did you know Oprah brought her book club back? I had gone to several places to find the new book and couldn't find it. Finally decided I would try to find it online then was in the line at the grocery store and lo and behold it was there. The first book is East of Eden by John Steinbeck and while I have read some of his other books I have yet to read this one. Of course I am still waiting because I had started two books at the time I bought that one. I thought I better give my undivided attention to this one, it is looooong! Just finished Eat & Stay Thin by Joyce Meyer and started Fit from Within by Victoria Moran.

Jackie, wtg. I love playing tennis, not very good at it but we do have fun when we do it which I must say isn't very often. I must ask which reality show is your fav? I don't watch many of them, I grew tired of them fast but was switching channels one night and caught a few minutes of Paradise Island and now I am hooked! It is crazy. :dizzy:

Kristi, so glad you found a bat for your son on his birthday and glad he had a fun one. I can't blame on the Chuck E. Cheese pizza, it is sooooo good! :T

Well, for me, I have done fairly well this week. I always feel I could have done better but I am satisfied with the results. I haven't been walking as much as I should but I suppose a little bit is better than none at all. Today was weigh in and I am down 1.5 lbs. so I am pleased. Didn't get a walk in today because I am just tired. I had too much running to do today, still trying to finish up with the laundry. So just 2 miles for me yesterday and nothing for today. Will try to make up for it this weekend for sure.

Jenifer, Kristen, Janine, Lynne and anyone else I may have missed, hope you ladies are doing fine. Have a GREAT weekend ladies. :grouphug:

July Goal~80 miles
7/10/03~2 miles
7/11/03~zero ( I have noticed too many zeros here lately)
Total Miles 7/03~22
Miles to go~58

07-12-2003, 02:07 PM
Hey ladies. I didn't get to walk last night since I went to a 50th wedding anniversary party for a relative--how we're related, I'm not exactly sure :shrug: . I had a great time catching up with some cousins and friends, and even got to hold my cousin's 8 mos. old son, a fraternal twin. His sister was cranky (typical girl :lol: ) the whole night and wouldn't go to anyone except immediate family. Needless to say food was great and I overindulged just a tad *burp* , but it was a beautiful occasion to celebrate. This is the second golden anniversary party I've gone to this summer and it just makes me feel good to see two people still married and in love (can you hear the violins playing?). I just remembered, it's my parent's 45th today. I need to go shopping!

Cristi are you starting East of Eden? Did you get a load of the size of that thing? hehe, I think I'm gonna try and read that one myself.

Jackie, thanks for the Wally Lamb recommendation. I'm gonna go look for that one at the library too. I get into these phases where I don't read anything at all for quite a while, but once the book bug hits it's all I want to do--reading's better than snacking all day huh?

Kristi, I hear ya on the PMS munchies and cravings. I couldn't go into Chuck E. Cheese and not eat pizza either. At least you got that walk in, good for you.

Janine, Kristen, Jenifer...and all you other July Babes, how are you all doing? Hope everyone has a great weekend!

07-13-2003, 09:58 PM
Cristi, Did you know Oprah has changed her book club this time? If you are picked to come on her show and discuss the book, she actually is flying you to the location the book was set in to discuss it! Now that's totally cool!!! WTG on that loss again girl, you are totally cool too!....Noelle, Twins, ahhhhh! I just love babies and all the best things come in pairs - shoes, ho ho's, twinkies.....As for me, PMS is gone and I'm a happyy gal. HAd a great weekend with family. Probably because we had no plans and no obligations. We all even hubby went to the local pool yesterday, he even got me to do canon balls and stuff off the board. The kids thought that was great and then they left me to do adult swim. I stroked for 30 min. straight, almost all of it overhand. I feel so good about this. I think because it was so difficult at the beginning of the summer. Not that all the laps are "pretty", but I'm doing them. I hadn't been to church 2 weeks in a row and attending today was just what I needed. It's funny how I miss my church family and don't even realize it! I walked 4 miles on the trail today wearing my pedometer. I found it under a seat in the van. One of the children had changed the setting to a 7 ft. stride. I checked it out with the mile markers and I had actually set it quite a bit short. I was pleasantly surprised, because that meant my walk on Fri. was actually 4 miles rather than 3. It's amazing how those horemones can come and go so quickly. Feeling so icky one day and back to old self the next! Have a great MOn. tomorrow ladies!


07-14-2003, 11:24 AM
I didn't get any walking or biking in this weekend but I did play tennis on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I am lacking motivation because I am PMSing right now. UGH!!!Right in time for me to go to Vegas. I have a high school alumni reunion this weekend and I have been shopping for clothes but it hasn't been a fun expedition. I have found a few cute tops and actually broke down and got some shorts. I almost always wear only capri pants. The only problem I have been having is finding a dress to wear. I hate dressing up. Saturday night is the semi-formal thing but I think I may just wear a nice capri set or a skirt/shirt combo. Sorry, rambling, thinking out loud sort of thing.

Good news in all of this.....down 5 pounds. :D

Hate to cut this short today but I am one of two girls in the office with all five attorneys due in today so I am going to busy!

07-14-2003, 11:47 AM
I didn't get any walking on the treadmill in over the weekend but I did walk around at a car show yesterday. Didn't do good on the food front in a way but then didnt' have much of a choice. The flyer for the show stated they would have lots of food choices so we didn't pack anything to eat, just water and diet pepsi for me. Well for breakfast all they had was scrambled egg sandwiches with cheese and bacon. I had them hold the bacon. Lunch was a choice of hot dog, hamburger or Italian sausage with onions and peppers. I chose the sausage cuz I was really hungry by the time we got around to eating at about 1:30. They didn't even have french fries!!! For supper I came home and had a tuna salad sandwich that I made with FF salad dressing. My bread of choice is always 100% whole wheat. My evening snack was WOW chips and salsa. Only had 7 chips and 2Tbsp salsa so that only came in at 100 cal. I thought for sure the scale would show a gain but I broke even from Sunday's weigh in.
Gonna try and get on the treadmill later today. No time now since I have to leave in just 15-20 minutes to take DS#2 tp pre-school then do some shopping. Lunch will probably be Tim Horton's but no doughnuts!!!

07-14-2003, 01:47 PM
Jackie, It sounds to me like you got plenty of exercise playing tennis and if it's something dh will do and enjoy too that's an added plus. Don't sweat your reunion and what you'll wear. The people who want to see you and you want to see them will not care at all what you're wearing. Those who do care? Who cares? Have a great time dispite TOM WTG losing that 5#.........as for car show eating Sandi. I think you did awesome for what you had to work with. You didn't gain and you made the best choices possible. WTG

Talk more later!

07-14-2003, 05:47 PM
Hi Ladies,

Jackie, playing tennis is definitely a work-out! And even though you didn't get any walking or biking done you are doing something right because you lost 5 lbs. WTG! :bravo:

Noelle, I haven't started East of Eden yet, and yes that thing is huge/long. I was hoping the words were big but nooooo. :lol: I was hoping to get to it this past weekend but still working on Fit from Within. I am almost done with it, maybe tomorrow evening and then start on east of Eden on Wednesday. Haven't been in a mood for doing much of anything the last two days.

Kristi, I didn't know Oprah changed the book club but that would be so cool to fly where the book took place to discuss it. I am definitely going to have to get started on this book if I want to catch up. You cracked me up about the twins, twinkies, ho ho's, etc. too funny! :lol: Seriously though twins are fun. My brother and SIL have twin girls and they are the cutest, not identical. One looks like him and the other looks like her. They are their miracle babies, or that's what I call them. My sil had complications from a miscarriage and was told at that time she would never have kids. It broke their hearts because they both love children. Almost a year to the day the doctor told her this she got pregnant with twins, they have three little girls now. Proves doctors are sometimes wrong. I was thinking about someone the other day and it made me think of your sister. How is she doing now? How did her date go? WTG on your walking. Isn't that great to find out instead of three miles you had walked four? :)

Janine, WTG on making good food choices. It's always good when you don't gain so WTG on maintaining, that is just as hard as losing sometimes.

As for me I have been so lazy lately. I did force myself to walk Saturday but did not feel like doing anything Sunday, or today. It's TOM and these stinking cramps are killing me. I can't find my midol. :yikes: I haven't had the cramps in a while. Last month yes and now and I usually only get them when I have too much caffeine. I honestly didn't think I had that much because I drink diet coke or diet pepsi without the caffeine, I haven't had any tea and I don't drink coffee so I don't know where I would have gotten the caffeine from. :?: Hopefully it will be better tomorrow. That's about all that's going on with me ladies. I hope everyone is having a great day. Talk to ya later. :grouphug:

July Goal~80 miles
7/12/03~3.53 miles
7/13/03~zero ( I have noticed too many zeros here lately)
Total Miles 7/03~25.53
Miles to go~54.47

07-15-2003, 02:51 PM
Good day ladies :flow1: the sun is shining and it is hot! :hot: Thank goodness for my treadmill, I wouldn't dare brave his heat. Haven't gotten my walk in as of yet had running around to do this morning but I did manage my bike ride (25 minutes) before my shower this morning. I've got my meals planned for the day, well lunch and dinner so I am doing great with the eating also. And I will be starting East of Eden today instead of Wenesday. Stayed up late last night to finish Fit from Within, good book. On top of it I was at Sams yesterday and bought Hilary Clintons book, not sure why I am a bit fascinated by her, another very long book. Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great day, take care ladies. I will check back later to post my miles walked.

July Goal~80 miles
7/15/03~1 mile
Total Miles 7/03~26.53
Miles to go~53.47

Just editing my post to add the whole mile I did today. I am in too much pain to do any more so I guess a mile is better than nothing. I really need to get back to work and get moving, I am hoping to do more tomorrow for sure. See ya ladies tomorrow.

07-15-2003, 05:09 PM
I haven't walked for 4 days! That is a new record for me. I hereby pledge to myself and to all you fine ladies here on this WALKING thread, that I WILL MAKE A CONCERTED EFFORT TO GET OUT THERE AND WALK TODAY!!!! This weight ain't going anywhere if I don't move around.

Cristi have fun reading!

I have a bit of a headache right now so I need to take break. I'll be back later.

Edited as of 8:12 PM

I did it! I did it! I got out and walked :encore: ! :dancer: I came home and my sister (walking partner) was getting ready to go out so I pouted a little about that, but then realized that if I was to just shut up and get out there, I'd be doing it for me, so I went. I'm so glad I did. I walked my usual route of 3.5 miles in about an hour and 10, so that's my usual pace. I had a good food day too, so it's just a matter of stringing one OP day onto another and another, and so on and so forth...

JULY GOAL: 80 Miles
Miles Walked to date: 21
Miles to Go: 59

07-16-2003, 01:43 PM
Just checking in with a good morning Hi and to post my miles. Take care ladies and have a good one! :wave:

July Goal~80 miles
7/16/03~3.47 miles
Total Miles 7/03~30
Miles to go~50

07-16-2003, 01:59 PM
Cristi, We too have a miracle baby in our family. DB and SIL after 10 yrs. of marriage had just told the family that dr. said no babies in their future so they'd made an apt. with Lutheran Social Services to adopt. Before they could keep the apt. she was told she was 3 weeks pregnant. DN is now almost 16 and they are a happy little threesome! My sisters date has turned into a boyfriend and she's having way more fun than she has in yrs.Now if her check up in Sept. can be cancer free life will be truly grand. thanks so much for asking. I too had terrible TOM this past week - I feel for you lady! Weather here has turned beautiful - low humidity, breezy, and about 85*. A very rare report for July in WI. It's almost too chilly at the pool due to wind whenever you're actually out of the water, but it's terrific for biking and walking. WTG on both your ride and walk - awesome. As for me, I had a meeting at church last night and decided to ride my bike. Round trip it was almost 11 miles and do my legs know it today, but it felt awesome. I was able to do the 5+ miles in about 35 min. I thought that was pretty good, but I was feeling up to it and really tried to push it, odd for me. Today I plan to get in a couple miles while the kids are at the library and then maybe swim while they have ball practice. I figure I may as well ride the wave while I'm on top of it - who knows when it may dwindle to a splash? Exercise is paying off, I've dropped 2# in July so far and surpassed my biking goal. Yipeeee!

Update : Walked 3 miles during summer reading program. Kids had a blast today, a 7th grade girl dressed as a clown and made each child (55 in all) a balloon animal or toy of their choice. I thought she was very talented! Kids are leaving soon for ball and I am going swimming, but maybe just relax type swimmimg I haven't decided yet.
Gm 40 / MW 32 / MTG 8
BGM 24 / MB 26!! / MTG 0

:cool: Kristi

Geez Noelle, I almost forgot you! So sorry! Wtg you got out there for you. That's who you owe it to. No one else. You just keep stringing those OP days together and you'll find yourself at goal in no time!......Janine, So sorry to have called you Sandy my brain is just mush sometimes!

07-17-2003, 04:01 AM
Happy hump day ladies. I got my regular route in and stayed OP today. Sounds routine and that's just the way I like it.

Wow Kristi, 11 miles biking, that's great! and 2# loss this month. Keep up the pace and it'll be way more than 2#'s gone. Sending good vibes :goodvibes: for your sis on getting a clean bill of health.

Whew Cristi, you're just breezing by me with the walking! I've got to get my butt in gear and pump out those miles to catch up. You go girl.

Well, I gotta get my son ready for bed as he has a field trip to the zoo tomorrow. All you other July babes have a great night too.

JULY GOAL: 80 Miles
Miles Walked to date: 24.5
Miles to Go: 55.5

07-17-2003, 03:34 PM
Morning ladies, actually afternoon. Wow, where does the time go? I did not realize it was after 1 already.

Kristi, so glad to hear your sister is doing fine and having fun and the date turned into a boyfriend-good for her. I will say a prayer that all goes well with her check-up in September. GEEZ, an 11 mile bike ride! WTG, I bet your legs were screaming after that. :yikes: You are doing such a great job with your biking and walking. WTG on your 2 pound loss for July! YGG :bravo:

Noelle, hope the zoo is fun for your son! WTG on your walk and staying OP. I'm sure you will pass me up on the walking as I have been slacking off for some reason-I just don't want to do it. :bb:

As for me I do believe I am burnt out on this walking. Actually it probably has more to do with TOM than being burnt out, I'm hoping anyway. I forced myself to do that 3+ mile walk yesterday and will have to do the same today, force myself that is. I am just dreading it and don't want to do it. I thought if I took a couple of days off I would be ready to jump back in and take off, noooooo. Maybe if I do something else for a couple of days. :shrug: Well, if I make goal this month it will definitely be a miracle because I honestly don't see how I can possibly walk 50 miles in 2 weeks. I will give it a good try though. :crossed: At least my eating has been OP. I definitely will be doing something different next month, mix it up a bit more.

Well, ladies I hope EVERYONE has a GREAT Thursday! :flow1: I will check back later and edit this post to add my miles for the day, or lack of. :lol: Have a good one ALL!

July Goal~80 miles
Total Miles 7/03~30
Miles to go~50

07-18-2003, 04:59 AM
Hey everybody. Just my nightly pop-in to update my mileage, same ole same ole for me 3.5 miles. It was a bit overcast today so I was able to leave a little earlier. I had hoped to cover the 'long' route of 5.2 miles but hubby came along (for the 2nd day in a row, it's a miracle!) and said he wanted to go shopping at Costco. So I settled for the regular route. Had a good food day too. Costco had 4-packs of Lean Cuisine bowls and the regular 4-pack of Asian style meals--those were a bonus find as my store doesn't normally carry those. I lean on those for quick lunches a lot, but I have to supplement them with either a green salad or some steamed veggies :T . I don't know if any of you have tried the Aidell brand sausages before but they are very good when you grill them outside. They are evil :devil: but oh so good. I found one in a portabello mushroom flavor, I guess it's chicken or turkey based so 1 link has 9g of fat, not too bad if I'm making ONE link my meal w/a side of rice and veggies. The thing is, I sometimes find it hard to stop at one, they taste so good! Anyway, here I am rambling on about food as usual :lol: :ink: .

Well, hope all you ladies are doing well with your goals, exercise and diet-wise. Hope to hear from more of you tomorrow. Have a good night!
JULY GOAL: 80 Miles
Miles Walked to date: 28
Miles to Go: 52

07-18-2003, 12:45 PM
Cristi, Sorry to hear you're in a slump right now. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that it's just TOM messing with your head. He does that to me too, sometimes he convinces me of all kinds of things. I have months when I know I shouldn't talk to anyone about, say....church matters, because I'm so negative and then the next day I don't feel that way at all, but by then the damage has been done....so I'll be praying your back to yourself today! If not maybe try a different route or just dancing around the house, whatever makes you smile and like what you're doing. Hang in there girl, your eating's going good the exercise will come back!....Noelle, Hoping too ds enjoyed the zoo. I myself so love the zoo, it seems like one place people are still calm and moving at a slow pace just enjoying life. I so too have such trouble with anything sausage like, it just seems so hard to stop at one! I think it's so great your dh is joining you for walks. Mine just seems so against it. I'm hoping when we're older and it's just me and him he'll start going with me?! As for me, I did no exercise yesterday, but I had a date with my dh. We had dinner at Pedros' and then went to the movies. I finally wore my new outfit (spanish skirt and peasant blouse) The top is bright red and needless to say dh was very appreciative. He saw a woman cuss out her dh for looking at me, FOR LOOKING AT ME??? This never happens. I'm gonna do this dressing up thing more often. I plan to walk 3 or 4 miles today not sure yet and eat OP. DD has to see an eye surgeon today. Our eye dr just wants to make sure the specialist agrees that everything's healed ok! So, keep your fingers crossed for her and maybe a prayer too, thanks in advance, because I know you lovely ladies will! Have a great day all!

;) Kristi

Update : Did a 6.5 mile walk tonight and I feel awesome. I stink like big spray, but a shower will remedy that. DD eye appt. went great. The surgeon agreed with our opt. that it had healed fine and unless the rust staining gives her problems in the future they need do no more.Yippee!!

07-18-2003, 08:01 PM
Kristi, thanks! :flow1: Deep down I know it is TOM playing with my head, here lately I get so emotional and I feel like a crazy woman. I'm just glad it is not like this every month. I will keep my fingers crossed about the eye doctors appt. :crossed: that everything goes well. WTG! Doesn't it feel WONDERFUL when you dress up, not just for your hubby but for yourself? YGG and I loved that another guy was looking at you. I knew you were a babe! :flow2: Did that make your hubby get jealous or was he eating it up? I need to dress up myself more often. My hubby works so much I just don't see the point but at the same time I know it is a big self-esteem booster. I do feel better, happier when I fix myself up.

I too love the zoo! I want to go so bad but with this heat there is no way I am getting out in it. Also, I promised my hubby I wouldn't go without him. He has been wanting to go also but with working all the time I don't know when he thinks he's going to, we may never make it there. :)

Noelle, WTG on your walking and getting your hubby to go with you.

As for me, not a good day. I didn't get in any exercise and don't plan to. I woke up in this mood again and don't want to do anything. Needless to say I haven't. I haven't had any water today, my eating has been horrible and I still have no desire to walk. I am going to force myself to walk tomorrow if it kills me and it very well may. Not sure about Sunday but Monday for sure I AM getting back on track, for sure! I really hate feeling this way. Anyway, I hope EVERYONE is having a good day. Talk to ya tomorrow or Sunday, have a good weekend everyone. :)

07-19-2003, 12:47 AM
Hi ladies! I hope that each and everyone of you are doing good! I missed you all very much! Wow it has been a long time since I have posted here. I have had a sad few weeks. My aunt (favorite one) passed away July 5th and it was not expected. She was the second to youngest out of my Moms sisters. She was 38 years old. My aunt was a very sad person since my grandparents passed away a couple years ago. She never was the same and was on disability and on medication. She got very big about 408 pounds. They think she died of a heart attack. The sad party is her two daughters (13 & 15 years) found her in bed. I have not been walking or following program at all since this happened. I need to get motivated again!
On good news my Dh and I purchased a puppy she is 6 weeks old. I can't wait to walk her on the leash. We can't really do anything until she gets all her shots.
Oh I had one of the cyst removed off my face and that was a piece of cake! It was the one on my eyebrow. I have stitched that will desolve in a few weeks. Then in a few weeks they are going to remove the one on my jaw line. Whoohoo!
Well I hope that I can post more often here and keep motivated with you all! Thanks for listening!

07-19-2003, 03:01 AM
((((Jenifer)))) Glad to have you back. I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt :angel: , and at such a young age too. I'm sending my sympathies and prayers to you and the rest of the family. Take your time grieving and let yourself heal. We'll be here to listen if you need to talk about it. A new puppy may be just the healing you need. What's her name? And hey, hope your recoveries from your little minor surgeries go quickly.

Cristi, enjoy your weekend then pull yourself up by your bootstraps when you're ready. I know you have it in you.

Kristi so happy to hear that your DD's eye is fine. WooHoo 6.5 miles :dancer: ....You go girl!

I didn't get a walk in tonight because I thought I had a date with my hubby. Turns out he stood me up, that :censored:head! By the time I realized we weren't going out it was too dark to go walking by myself. I was so mad that I started to eat all kinds of junk--this was after my stupid Lean Cuisine :rolleyes: . I did some damage before I stopped myself. I know I'm an emotional eater...why I didn't just leave the kitchen I don't know. I had some nutter butter peanut butter cookies and 1 smore....and maybe some doritos in between. I made a total pig of myself. Who am I hurting? Me or him? *sigh* I am going to get myself up tomorrow morning and take a walk by myself. That always makes me feel better and clears my head. If I could purge I would, but that's just not my style.

Anyway, here's to wishing a better day tomorrow for all of us :cheers: .

JULY GOAL: 80 Miles
Miles Walked to date: 28
Miles to Go: 52

07-19-2003, 12:20 PM
Dear Jenifer, How sad for your family to lose someone at such a young age. You don't mention a husband - I hope there is a father in the picture to support those two young girls. I will keep all of you in my prayers......As for your good news - puppies are the greatest, what did you name her, what type is she, what does she look like, etc....? Congrats on your cyst removal. I'm so glad the surgery went well for you. Did your insurance come through? It's great to have you back, I hope we can be inspirational enough for you to return more often. How's school?...Cristi, dh totally ate up the attention I received, which was wonderful. He's come a long way baby. My dh is 4 yrs. my junior and before him I had always dated men 8-10 years older than myself. So, when we first started dating he was only 23 y/o a full 15 yrs. younger than the man before him. Dh was so jealous over every little thing, something I was not use to. I guess he just had to get a few yrs. under his belt! Ahhh 23, nope I wouldn't go back - I was completely stupid when I was 23!......Noelle, That ____ head! Doesn't he know you're the only hot babe who'll have him and that he should bow at your feet every time you enter the room? Men! Blow off those "nutter butters" ( they are so yummy I can't bring them in my house) and take care of yourself. If you don't, who will?......As for me, no plans today. Will probably take children to the park and hopefully get a 4 mile walk in while they are playing! Have a great wekend all.

;) Kristi

07-19-2003, 03:46 PM
Thanks fot the support ladies! I plan on doing some type of activity today after I get home from taking the pup to the vet. She is a Yellow Lab and we named her Sade. She is beautiful and her feet are huge!
Noelle just get back on track and don't think about what you did. I have been so bad b/c myself I am an emotional eater also. I just put the past couple weeks behind me and decided today I was going to start fresh and Weigh In next Saturday.
Oh Kristi about school......it is going okay I sometimes make it harder than it is. LOL
Well have a great weekend and stay cool. It was 106 yesterday and it looks like along with the heat today we are going to have thunderstorms later tonight.

07-19-2003, 03:53 PM
Happy Saturday morning all. I rolled myself self out of bed (literally) and got a 5.2 mile walk this morning. I still haven't had breakfast yet, gonna hit the shower first. But! Feeling much more on an even keel today :strong: . I'm looking forward to staying OP this weekend--the first time in a long while.

Jenifer pet Sade for me. I love labs! They have such sweet dispositions. Our dog Alaka'i (Kai for short) is half lab, half rottweiler and with us he's very sweet. With other dogs though, he's totally naughty :rolleyes: . Have fun with your new baby.

Kristi, I was totally stupid at 23 too--I got married :lol: ! Yup, I've not totally forgiven the DH (and the "D" does not stand for dear today) just yet.

have a good weekend everyone.

JULY GOAL: 80 Miles
Miles Walked to date: 33.2
Miles to Go: 46.8

07-19-2003, 05:10 PM
Jenifer, Labs are such terrific dogs and you know what they say about big footed pups! Nooooo that's not what they say, they turn into big dogs! I love big pooches and Sade's a great name. Noelle, You make me :lol: great job on your walk. Doesn't that added extra miles feel so good. I totally love walking longer distances now I like the burn in my butt! Well, my grill is just about ready for my pork roast I've been marinating all day. I'll probably eat so much even a 5 mile walk will do little good. Oh well, tomorrow's another day.

;) Kristi

07-20-2003, 10:09 PM
I've stayed OP great today. Plus I got loads of exercise. DH loaded my bike in the van this morning and I rode 5 miles home from church. Then late this afternoon I could tell everyone was bored so I gave the little ones money for ice cream and me and the older 2 hit the bike trail to grandmas. My mom lives 3 miles down the trail. My kids had never ridden more than a mile one way before. They did great though and we really enjoyed our time together. To top it off, I'm sending everyone to bed early! Hope you ladies all had a good Sun. too.

GM 40 / MW 38.5 / MTG 1.5
BGM 24 / MB 37 / MTG 0


07-21-2003, 05:48 PM

I'm back after being MIA for a few days. There were a few tough days in there I just kinda gave up, didn't help it was TOM which made it 100 times worse. I had to tell myself I have come too far to screw up now. I have been working hard for a few months and haven't lost a whole lot but the point is I have lost some and I don't want to go back, ever! Anyway, today is a new day and I am back on track.

Jenifer, so glad to see you back but I am so sorry to hear of your Aunts passing. ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) to you and your family. Nothing like a new puppy to cheer you up some. Sade is such a cute name, and I too love the yellow labs, and the chocolate ones, they are so beautfiul! I am wanting another doggie but I have to work on hubby a little more. We have a soon to be 8 yr. old 1/2 min. schnauzer 1/2 chihuahua (sp?) I've had since he was 8 weeks old, he's so cute! I am a big dog lover. :love:

Kristi, you are doing an awesome job with your biking and walking! I am so proud of you. :bravo: You need to send some of those exercise vibes my way.

Noelle, WTG on getting back on track and WTG on your 5.2 mile walk.

As for me I literally forced myself to get up off my big butt and walk Saturday unfortunately nothing for Sunday. I was going to walk to make up for the days I did nothing but had already had it planned that Sunday is my free day from exercise so I relaxed the whole day with dh watching movies and reading. I got caught up on some of my magazine reading, and a book I had started a while back but never finished. I read two chapters of East of Eden and it was a bit boring so I thought I would put it down and try again another time. I know I won't make my goal for this month but I think I will come pretty darn close. I don't know, we'll see.

Hope you ladies are having a fantastic Monday, talk to ya later. :)

July Goal~80 miles
7/19/03~4.56 miles
7/21/03~3 miles
Total Miles 7/03~37.56
Miles to go~42.44

07-21-2003, 07:13 PM
Cristi, WTG getting your self up and at it on Sat. I totally think spending your Sun. the way you did is aok. Sun. is your planned day off. I don't think we should try to make anything up ever. It's enough that we get up and brush ourselves off and move on. That you've done. Be proud!

GM 40 / MW 41.5 (woo hoo) / MTG 0
BGM 24 / MB 37 /


07-22-2003, 12:13 AM
Thanks Kristi for the much appreciated support! :flow1: I see you have passed both your goals for the month WTG! :cp: :dancer: :cb: :bravo:

I just want to add that I did another sort walk this evening and wanted to add this to my miles for the day. Have a good evening ladies. :doz: :yawn: I'm off to sleepy land in a few.

July Goal~80 miles
7/21/03~3 miles & a 1.52 mile walk this evening
Total Miles 7/03~39.08
Miles to go~40.92

07-22-2003, 11:51 AM
Good morn Cristi, WTG on getting your walk in. I'm glad to hear your slump is passing. We all go through them and you've beaten yours Yippee! I have to share my bike ride from last night with you. My dds went on a 3 mile ride with me. Just us girls spending time together. It was awesome. On the return trip my 6 y/o literally stopped every 5' to pick the 2 raspberries the deer had left on the bush. For 1/2 hr. work she maybe ate 25 berries. I asked her why she kept stopping for just a couple berries and she said, "because they're juicy ones." I was so glad that I resisted the desire to hurry her along. She truly was so full of happiness in her quest that even her 9 y/o sister was grinning waiting for her. So often in everything I do I blow passed the sweetest things on my way to a goal. I pray that I have learned if only for the next week to slow down and enjoy the "juicy ones". God I love kids - they're so smart if we'd just listen.

GM 40 / MW 45
BGM 24 / MB 40


Update : 3.5 mile walk

07-22-2003, 04:21 PM
Kids say and do the darnest things. That is so true Kristi and kids are truly smarter than people give them credit. When my dd was little she had a teacher tell her her opinion did not matter that she was too little and too young. I did get onto her because I have always told my kids their opinion does matter no matter what age. I think that is the cutest thing, your dd sounds so cute, truly a kodak moment. I think more people need to stop and smell the roses as they say. We all get caught up in the moment with work and other things and don't take the time to enjoy the moment. It's little things, special moments like yours that make us realize this. Of course I learned a few years ago to not take things for granted and enjoy the now. It doesn't always work because sometimes I do get caught up in things and I have to remind myself again to slow down and enjoy the little things in life, or as you said the "juicy ones" and usually reading something inspirational does that for me. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your day! :flow1:

I may or may not get in a walk today. I had to mix up my routine a bit so will be doing my Richard Simmons later, and a 20 mn. bike ride. I don't want to get bored with the walking and figure if I do it every other day that will work. But if I feel like it I may do a mile walk. I feel a little guilty for not walking because my goal but at the same time it is becoming monotonous for me. I need to do different things in order to stick with this. I will be sooooo happy when it cools off so I can actually go walking outdoors.

Just wanted to ask if anyone has tried the Yoplait Whips yogurt? I bought some yesterday and just had one for lunch, the key lime pie and I must say it is DELICIOUS!! I am really impressed. I eat yogurt from time to time but have never really found one that I could stick with, that I could eat maybe daily. I have to say I have found that one, mmmmmm. :T

I hope EVERYONE is having a great day! See ya later ladies. :grouphug:

:flow1: P.S. Just wanted to add that I did add a short walk to my workout today. I did a 2.14 mile walk. Later ladies...

July Goal~80 miles
7/22/03~2.14 miles
Total Miles 7/03~41.22
Miles to go~38.78

07-23-2003, 04:59 AM
Hey ladies. Sorry I've been slacking here on the posting...I did get my walk in today, 3.5 miles. i've been having trouble eating healthy foods and have been reaching for the bad-for-you-stuff. That's not too good especially since I've not been pushing myself to walk. I forced myself to go out today, skipped Sun/Mon...don't know what's wrong w/me. Stress! I don't want to whine about it, I'll get over it soon enough.

Cristi and Kristi you ladies are doing awesome. Keep up the good work.

What happened to all the other gals? Kristen/Jen/Jenifer/Janine...I'm sure there are more. Hope everyone is doing well. Have a great day tomorrow.

JULY GOAL: 80 Miles
Miles Walked to date: 36.7
Miles to Go: 43.3

07-23-2003, 12:35 PM
Cristi, I know exactly what you mean by having to mix up the exercise to stay on top of it. I plan to do Richard Simmons today too, but I haven't decided which one yet. Don't feel guilty about slacking on your walk goal, especially if you're doing something else in it's place. The only reason I meet my goals is because I set them sooooo much lower than the rest of you girls. I know it sounds stupid, but I'm actually proud of setting my goal low, because in the past such high goals were my down fall. I would get so obsessed with reaching my goal that exercise became a torture instead of a joy. I won't do anything "for life" that's a torture! I've been thinking a lot about my Aug. goals the past few days andI believe I'm going to leave them the same. I want the freedom to dance with Richard if I want to. I'm rambling, I know. Sorry! I myself have never tried the "whips", but dd always get a couple when we shop. She loves them. I don't buy them for myself, because they're a little pricey compared to no name brands. Isn't that just like a mom. They're ok for the kids, but too costly for myself. Oh well, they'll all be gone in like 15 yrs. Then it'll be my turn. lol. Have a great day Cristi......Noelle, I'm sending some "get with it" (((((((((vibes))))))))) your way! Habg in there, you'll make it!


07-23-2003, 05:09 PM
Hi Kristi and Noelle and all you babes MIA :)

Kristi, you are so right about the goals. I think that is one of my problems, I set my goal too high and instead of liking it I am dreading it. It feels like I am trying to kill myself to make that goal, one reason I decided to slow down and mix it up a bit. I definitely will be setting a lower goal for August. It is something that I need to do for life and I want to enjoy doing it not dread it. Setting you goal low does NOT sound stupid at all. :nono: Don't ever think that. You are doing an awesome job and you have already passed your goal so how can that be stupid? You made your goal and that is GREAT, you should be very proud of yourself. :high:

Of course yesterday I did do Richard Simmons and the bike ride and for some reason it did not seem like it was enough, talk about being obsessed. So I ended up walking a little over 2 miles. The whole idea with the Richard Simmons was to take a break from walking, duh! I did 4 miles today and that is all I am doing today for sure. I have been OP with the eating so I am doing good so far.

Noelle, I am sorry you have had a rough time trying to stay OP. The good thing is you are walking so that is a plus, it may not be every day but even a few days a week is good. I went through that last week and surprisingly enough I only gained a pound, of course it was TOM so that is always hard. I give into those darn cravings. We are here for you just remember that. I am sending you some good vibes and luck to hopefully help you out. :goodvibes: :goodvibes: :lucky:

I too was wondering where everyone is, Kristen, Janine, Jenifer (I know is busy with work & school) Jen & Lynne. We are missing you ladies. :grouphug:

Hope everyone is having a good day. Talk with ya later. :)

July Goal~80 miles
7/23/03~4 miles
Total Miles 7/03~45.22
Miles to go~34.78

07-23-2003, 11:20 PM
Cristi, Great job on the exercise. I too did a Richard tape today for a change. I did the old disco one. I think doing his tapes from time to time are just what I need to get me going. He makes me feel so good. I confess i'm a big Richard fan, but I'll tell you he was there for me when I had nowhere else to turn. Nuf said. DD has caught the biking bug. She asked me to go after dinner again this eve so away we went. We went to my sister's and visited and had a pop. Sis was looking good and it was a great night all around. We traveled more than 6 miles total and had lots of mother daughter fun. I think for dd that is the big draw for riding with me. Being the oldest she gets less and less of mommy every year. Geez Cristi, she'll be 10 in Sept. and sometimes she's so mature. She has all the confidence I never dreamed of having until I was 30 y/o. I hope I can do things right so we are friends yet when she's grown. Have a great night sweet lady.

MW 45--------MB 46

07-24-2003, 02:38 AM
I came, I walked, I posted ... :D
JULY GOAL: 80 Miles
Miles Walked to date: 40.2
Miles to Go: 39.8

07-24-2003, 04:24 PM
Okay, I thought I would try this again. I was posting this morning and doing fine until I tried to submit a post here and couldn't. Everytime I hit submit reply it went to a page that said We can't find that page, UGH! I tried 4 times, couldn't even log out.

Anyway, Hi Kristi & Noelle and all you lovely babes MIA :wave:

Just wanted to check in and say Hi ladies. Today is Richard Simmons and bike ride day, if I ever get off this thing. I may get in a walk this evening. DS wants to go fishing this evening so me, dh and ds will be going. I thought while he was fishing dh and I would maybe walk around the lake (oversized pond). I took him (ds) Monday morning, just him and I and had planned on walking around then but forgot my walking shoes. Wasn't going to walk the 3.8 miles around in thongs. I will post that later if indeed we do walk around it.

Noelle, good for you for getting that walk in, WTG. How is your son doing with school? Has he started the new one yet? I can't remember when he was supposed to start. Must be old age. :lol:

Kristi, I too have the disco video not sure where it is but I have it somewhere. My dd was using them both for a while in her bedroom and the disco one has vanished. I use to receive his newsletter in the mail and enjoyed that. It was inspiring to read abut and see all the people he has helped. Sounds like you and your dd had a great time. I think that is sweet she wants to spend time with her mommy alone. I think kids always need alone time with mommy. I did that when the kids were small, I still do it. My kids have such different interests that it's hard to spend time with all three together but once in a while it does happen. I know your dd and you will be friends when she is older, how could she not be. You sound like a very special mom and you spend so much quality time with your children. That is truyl something they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

Okay, ladies I really need to get off this thing. I am running out of time. I hope EVERYONE is having a wonderful day today. Take care ALL. :grouphug:

07-24-2003, 04:40 PM
Hi girls!
Just back in gear after my weekend in Vegas. It has taken me this long to get it together. I walked and drank way too much while there. It was about 110 degrees every day! Needless to say, I swelled like a balloon when I got back and had TOM but now I am back to my old self again. Woo Hoo! I haven't really been on plan since my return but I finally went and played a little tennis last night with DH. It hurt, it really did.
Hope you ladies are fabulous!

Biking Goal: 100 miles
Miles to go: 88 miles

Walking Goal: 30
Walked while in Vegas: 18
Miles walked: 33

07-24-2003, 09:46 PM
:wave: Welcome back Sandi. So, silly question, did ya win? I don't think I could ever go to Vegas in the summer, I'd melt! I'm used to temps of high 80's but anything more than that and I am miserable. Sounds like you had fun though. When I was in Vegas over the New Year I gained 7 lbs! It came right off after a week of clean eating though, so take heart! Good job on the walking.

Cristi, to answer your question DS' school closes it's doors tomorrow :( . They've invited parents over for a picnic style lunch at 11 tomorrow, it's BYOBB (bring your own brown bag) so at least I know I can eat something legal, maybe a sub sandwich or maybe some nigiri sushi :T . I've been busy putting together goodie bags for his classmates as well as little token gifts for the teacher and aids. I bought the aides some "Kauai Cookies" in yummy flavors like strawberry-guava, or chocolate macadamia nut shortbread. There are so many different varieties that I'm sure there'll be something for everone's palate. It'll be an emotional day tomorrow I'm sure.

On a more positive note I did bring DS to the new school for about an hour yesterday to meet the teacher and see the other kids in their normal classroom setting. He went right in with no problem. Hopefully he'll transition just fine. He starts there on 8/4.

Oh believe me, I've walked a lot more than 3.8 miles in thongs (or slippers as we call it here) . It's a killer on your soles!

Kristi your loving care and upbringing have made your DD what she is today, pat yourself on the back! Spending quality time w/your kids, priceless :D .

Well it looks like I'll have 2 weekend jaunts to Maui in August. Wish me luck on staying OP during those weekends :rolleyes: . My DH is a plumbing contractor and he has a friend who needs some work done at his home. The friend will buy the materials and DH will provide the labor--no charge except for the airfare for the 3 of us~ a mini vacation for me and the boy again.

Hope all you other MIA babes are doing well and enjoying what's left of the summer.

07-25-2003, 12:08 AM
Hi gals! Wow you are all doing so great! I sure miss you all and I want to start posting more and playing catch up with all my buddies here!
I am officially back on track when it comes to weight watchers. I hadn't weighed in since June 28th and I went to weigh in tonight b/c Saturday I am doing a yard sale with a friend...........gained ONLY .4! Not even a 1/2 pound! I was thrilled! Also b/c normanally I weigh in at the AM class and this was at 6:15 at night. Maybe I actually lost! I'll be weighing in on Saturdays starting next weekend. I am at 201.4 so I hope to be in OnDeRLaNd next week. I also did my elliptical for 20 Minutes last night and I am going for a walk tonight.
Talk to you all later! (Hugs)
P.S. the Pup is doing great I'm having her outside during the day and then she sleeps in a kennel next to the bed at night.

07-26-2003, 02:30 AM
WooHoo Jenifer!! Awesome job on keeping that weight down. Sending good vibes :goodvibes: for your entry into onederland!!! :dancer:

It was my DS last day of school today and there were a few tears (mostly from the adults). The parents were invited to have lunch with the kids and staff so that was a nice send-off. I brought my subway sandwich so I was in good shape and even said no-no to the giant sheet cake someone brought, yay me! I just finished my walk this evening and my sis and I will be hitting the movie theatre to see "Whale Rider". I'll let you gals know how it was. DS and DH went camping on the North Shore so I'm free this weekend :D !!!

Well, gotta run, movie starts in 15 min. Have a great evening all!!!
JULY GOAL: 80 Miles
Miles walked 7/24: 3.5
Miles walked today 7/25: 3.5
Miles Walked to date: 47.2
Miles to Go: 32.8

07-26-2003, 02:07 PM
Jackie, Glad you had a great vacation....Noelle, It sounds like your ds will do just fine at his new school. With mine I've found the hardest step is getting them through the door. Have a great weekend without ds and dh. Please do tell how the movie is....Jenifer, It's so great to hear from you. Congrats on your WI as always you're doing awesome......Cristi, I couldn't even get logged onto 3FC when I tried Thurs. and yesterday I just plain ran out of time. It sounds like you're having fun mixing up your exercise and involving dh and ds to boot. How old again are your children? Me and dh have a date once again this eve. I'm afraid it will be less than romantic since it's going to be at a county fair in the sale barn. At our store my dh mixes custom blended feeds for farm animals. Today a few customers children are showing animals at the fair through the 4H program. It's very good PR and advertising for us to go and at least bid on if not buy one of the children's animals. At least it will be a night out!!! Tomorrow around 9am we're leaving for Gurnee, IL and 6 Flags Great America. We'll do the park all day, stay over night, and then do the park again on Mon. We're deciding who gets which children on which days. Since there is such a difference in size 2 will be able to do only the kiddie park. I'm nervous about going because I have been fighting overeating for 2 days allready and the park is just full of temptations! I had a great walk on Thurs. eve. Our 14 acres conects to acres and acres of farm land and woods at the top of a dugway. The woods have great trails that have been logged allowing the farmers to go from one field to the next. I walked for over 3 miles through the fields and woods. It's my favorite place to walk and I was even given the chance myself to enjoy the juicy ones. I found a nice section of raspberries and black berries the animal's hadn't gotten to. Mmmmmm I ate everyone I could find! No exercise yesterday, but I plan a Richard tape and maybe a walk today. I probably won't be posting tomorrow, but will try on Mon. even if it's late. Take care everybody!

MW 48.......MB 46


07-26-2003, 03:03 PM
:wave: Hi Kristi. Ooooh I love Gurnee! I visited Chicago about 5 years ago and we took a 1.5 hr slow train ride to Gurnee and went to Six Flags. It was a bit of a bummer for me because I was 3 mos. pregnant and couldn't ride much of anything and it was in the middle of summer and very hot. I was a good sport about it though, especially after we spent the rest of the afternoon shopping across the way at Gurnee Mills Mall--I was in heaven. Have fun!!!! Hey, you guys have a county fair tonight? We have our annual Farm Fair going on which sounds like the same type of event where the animals get auctioned off. Ours is mixed with a carnival type surrounding and the poor aninmals have to stay at the grounds for 3 weeks--then they go to the you-know-where, then off to the grocery store. eek! It's the circle of life, eh?

I woke up around 3:30 am this morning due to thunder and lightning...then I remembered DH and DS were out camping :rain: . I live on dry, west side of the island and they went up north. I can only imagine what the weather's like up there. Well, if they get too waterlogged they can always pack up and come home.

Well, I need to get some breakfast. Everyone have a great day.

07-26-2003, 03:24 PM
Hi ladies and Happy Saturday! :wave:

Jackie, glad to see ya back and that you had a great time in Vegas. How can you not though, it's Vegas! I have been wanting to go back and I told hubby for our anniversary next year we ARE going.

Noelle, I know how hard it is to see your son have to go to a new school and bascially start over. It's always so hard to say good-bye. I hope your DH & DS have a wonderful time camping and you and your sis enjoy the show. Yes, please let us know how it is.

Jenifer, WTG girl! You have done a great job. I know you didn't have a loss but the gain is so minute it doesn't even matter. It is just as hard to maintain as it is to lose so you keep up the good work and in no time you will be in OnEdErLaNd! And yes, I beleive weighing in the evening does make a difference. When I went to the WW meetings I always weighed the morning of in the nude and at the WW weigh ins the difference was usually 2-5 pounds difference. You have to figure you have your clothes on, plus I had two meals for the day and an ungodly amount of water so it does make a difference and you could have possible lost rather than gained. Either way have done a great job. :bravo:

Kristi, you know mixing up the exercise does make it more fun and yes I am enjoying it more now that I am over that slump, ugh, that was awful. I hope I never feel that way again. We didn't end up walking around the lake after all. We got there and I was ready for it but the view is so breathtaking I just walked around a bit and enjoyed watching DS & DH fish. They didn't catch anything but it was still enjoyable. Even when they do catch something they usually throw it back. It just depends on where we go fishing and what they catch. My children are DS 23 yrs. on Monday, DS 21 yrs. & DD 19 yrs. and my baby (ds) would have been 3 yrs. crazy huh? Geez, when I say type their ages and say them it makes me feel old! Okay, just sometimes. I am 44 years young. :lol: I hope you and dh have a great time at the county fair. I think just spending time with dh can always be romantic because you two are together, I don't think it really matters where you are or what you do. Okay, so the smells from the barn could ruin it a little. :lol: Have a GREAT time at 6 Flags, that is always fun.

Yesterday was weigh in for me and I am down 1.5 pounds. Sounds good but I had gained a pound during TOM, which actually could have been worse. I am definitely aiming for a 3 pound loss this week. I got in a 30 minute bike ride this morning and have yet to do RS, not sure about a walk but will probably do at least 2 miles. I will edit later if so.

Hi to everyone MIA and I hope everyone has a great weekend, take care ladies! :grouphug:

July Goal~80 miles
7/24/03~zero miles but did RS & bike ride
7/25/03~2 miles
Total Miles 7/03~47.22
Miles to go~32.78

07-27-2003, 06:41 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just checking in to say Hi and post my miles. Today is normally my free day from any exercise but since I will be busy tomorrow and know I won't get a walk in I thought I would do it today. I hope everyone is having a great weekend, Kristi, you and your family at 6 Flags and Noelle, your weekend w/o dh and ds. Take care ladies.

July Goal~80 miles
7/26/03~3 miles
7/27/03~3 miles
Total Miles 7/03~53.22
Miles to go~26.78

07-28-2003, 12:39 PM
Thanks for the welcome back. No, I did not win anything. I went into it knowing that i was going to throw away 20 bucks a day, so it wasn't heartbreaking when I didn't win.
I am finally free of all of the flying/drinking/tom bloat and the damage is only a couple of pounds. I can take care of that easily enough. I just keep plugging away with the tennis thing though. I doubt I will get my biking miles in this month. I need to do an adjustment of my working out.
I have been going to a lot of our local county fairs this summer. It's been quite fun. I work with a country band that plays at a lot of them and I go with my friend to work their merchandise booth. We have a great time and get to meet lots of people. And I actually did eat part of a funnel cake without any guilt last week. It was wonderful! My next treat will be the deep-fried snickers bar. And then I will go for a 20 mile walk to counteract the damage. :)

07-28-2003, 05:11 PM
Sorry I have been MIA for so long. Things have been so busy around here lately. We are in the process of doing a refi on the mortgage, DH has been super busy with work lately and now he is off to Boy Scout camp with #1 son. I finally got everything caught up and FINALLY managed to get a workout in.
I did 1.92 miles in 40 minutes and burned 246 cal along with 77 fat cal. I am almost done drinking my 3rd bottle of water today as well. Things should be fairly easy around here since is is just going to be me and DS#2 till Friday evening so I hope to get in 2 more workouts in for the week.
Aug is going to be even crazier than July was so I really hope that after school starts back up on Sept. 3 I can get back to my routine. SEPT. already! :faint: That means I have been on this mission to a new life for a year!!!!!

07-29-2003, 02:42 AM
Hey Ladies. I just got back from my walk, 3.5 miles in humidity, I'm sweating so much I don't think I want to sit in this computer chair for much longer. I did get a walk in yesterday also so I'm in pretty good shape. I know I will not be making my goal this month, in fact I fell very short of that. Laziness and mini-vacations got in the way. Oh well, I'm glad I'm at least over the 50 mile mark. Oh yes, I got to see two movies this weekend: Whale Rider (about the Maori people in New Zealand, passing on of tradition and women's roles in that society)-- I enjoyed this one and just listening to their language I can see how the Hawaiians would have come from the same general place, there were lots of words which sounded the same. And I also caught Sea Biscuit. I enjoyed this one too, but for some reason I just don't like Tobey Maguire :shrug: . His acting is fine, it's just something about him that I don't like... can't put my finger on it. It was a good movie though.

:wave: Hi Janine. Congratulations on sticking to your "mission". A year is an admirable amount of time. You're doing wonderfully too, I might add. Hope things calm down for you a little. Have fun one-on-one time with your #2 boy.

Sandi, those county fairs sound fun, especially following a band around. Mmmm, deep fried snickers--what do they coat it with? We don't have anything like that around here.

Cristi, good job on the 1.5 lbs down! Any amount downwards is great!

Kristi, hope you're enjoying your time in Gurnee!

Jenifer, Kristen, Jen and all you other babes, hope you're having a great evening. I'll check back with you ladies tomorrow.

JULY GOAL: 80 Miles
Miles walked 7/27: 3.5
Miles walked today 7/28: 3.5
Miles Walked to date: 54.2
Miles to Go: 25.8

07-29-2003, 12:19 PM
Whale Rider sounds like a really interesting movie. I love anthropology. I studied it for a while in school before I realized that I would never have a use for it so then I went on to psychology and found out that there are far more weird people out there than I ever realized which led me to the law. And in a sense, I use a little of what I learned in those earlier classes. I will look for that movie. Do you have netflix? I think it is the best thing ever created.
As for the deep fried snickers....I think they freeze them first and then dip them in funnel cake batter and then deep fry them and cover them with powdered suger. I've not actually tasted one, just seen them~ my oldest daughter is really good about making sure I stick to what I say. She did inform me, however, that they were quite tasty.

Janine: I say that I can't wait for school to get back, we start August 20, but I have way more responsibility when school starts. I am already going to service unit meetings for girl scouts to get ready for the new year. I run a troop and I help organize all of the first grade brownie troops. THen comes all of the volunteer stuff they need you for at school and I alreay work full-time outside of the house and do pro-bono work for a local group. Plus somewhere in there, fit in mommy, wife and me. :) Women are spectacular when you really think about it! They can juggle so much and will still take on more. Or.....I am one of the aforementioned crazy people which I referred.

Biking Goal: 100 miles
Miles to go: 88 miles

Walking Goal: 30
Miles walked: 34

Doubt I'll make the biking goal, but I exceeded the walking and have added tennis. So I think I am OK with it all.

Have a great day!

07-29-2003, 12:36 PM
Cristi, Yippee a 1.5# loss - WTG !!!!My dd goes fishing with my FIL and they too throw back nearly evrything they catch. DD sometimes is so discussted that gramps didn't let her keep her catch that she swears she'll never go again, but ever time the boat pulls out she's on it. They haven't been able to fish this year yet though. On April 13th while fixing a tire at the station it blew up and my fil arm was almost taken off. After 2 surgeries lasting over 20 hrs. and loads of physical therapy he's coming along, but not near the strength or coordination needed to manuever the boat in and out of the water. We still feel very blessed. He's a big man at 6'7" and the blow probably would've killed a smaller man and my 3 y/o there when it happened, but for some reason was not grandpa's shadow at the time and never really knew what happened even! Nuff of that! Jackie, Enjoy the deep fried Snicker's and then good luck on that 20 mile walk lol!!!!!.....Janine, For just one yr. and you're down 60#!! WTG !! You're like a losing hero in my eyes. I never stick to it for a whole yr., but I'm determined to this time around. YGG!!.....Noelle, Great job on your exercise - moving yourself for more than 50 miles / month without the aid of gasoline or electricity is definitely something to be proud of! Thanks for the reviews.....As for 6 Flags, we had a total blast. DH took the big kids on all the wet stuff Sun. while I hung out in the kiddie parks with the 2 little guys and then yesterday we switched children. Dh taking the little ones on wet rides (I don't like spending my day wet) and me taking the 2 older ones on fast rides. 8 y/o managed 4 coasters and a bunch of fast rides and then me and dd ditched him with dad too so we could do more coasters. We managed to do 2 more coasters and the sonic drop before having to meet up with the rest of our family. Once we were at the top of "Iron Wolf" (a coaster you stand and ride) she wanted to chicken out, but did I let her? Not a chance! She stood, she screamed, she loved it!! Eating was good for the most part, but I did devour cheetos for the first 20 min. of our ride home!!! Naughty naughty, but I have 4 days left to maintain my 4# loss for July. I can handle it. I think! Have a great day all. We're off to piano lesson.


07-29-2003, 12:41 PM
OK, just finished another workout for the week. That makes 2 in for the week.
Today I did:
225 calories burned
79.9 fat calories burned
1.95 miles in 41.18 minutes
I also drank about 1 3/4 bottles of water during that time.

07-29-2003, 04:21 PM
WTG Janine, you are doing great with the walking. Hope you are having a good time while hubby & son are away.

Kristi, sorry to hear about your FIL's arm, geez what a terrible thing to happen and to think it was from fixing a tire. I would have never dreamed something like that could happen. Yes, you/he is very blessed as it could have been so much worse, thank God it wasn't. Glad you guys had a fun time at 6 flags. You have guts lady! I am scared to death of roller coasters of any kind and you cannot get me on one. I get scared for everyone who gets on them. :lol: My sons absolutely love them. Of course I have a very sensitive stomach and can't handle them, anything with a lot of movement at a fast speed, ain't gonna happen.

Jackie, fried snickers?? :yikes: That just sounds FAT!

Noelle, sounds like you had a good time at the movies. They both sound interesting. I hadn't heard of Whale Rider till you mentioned it.

Okay, was too busy yesterday and didn't get my walk in and was busy this morning and have yet to do my workout, but definitely will later. I have to have my :comp: time. Today is RS and bike ride day but I may end up doing a short walk, 1-1.5 miles. I definitely won't make my walking goal this month and I am very okay with that. I am mixing my routine up a bit so that I will continue to enjoy exercising instead of getting bored with it, so I will be doing less walking. My goal next month definitely will be lower.

Hope everyone is having a great day! I will check back later if I should happen to get a walk in. Take care ladies. :flow1:

P.S. Just editing this post to add my miles. I did end up doing a 1.5 mile walk after all on top of RS and the bike ride.

July Goal~80 miles
7/29/03~1.5 miles
Total Miles 7/03~54.72
Miles to go~25.28

07-30-2003, 01:03 PM
Jnaine, WTG your doing a terrific job. Keep up the good work.....Cristi, I love roller coasters, but I'll admit there were times when I was thinking, " oh the things we do for our children." Even though I enjoy them 1 or 2 in the same day is plenty for me. Not running all over the park trying to get on every one. lol As for my stomach I can't handle the rides that just go back and forth, like those big swinging boat rides ugh! I just got the kids on that one and then waited. I should've done the same on the tea cups. We were spinning the steering wheel so fast in the middle that honestly I would've thrown up had the ride gone 1 min. longer. My head spins and my belly feel ewky just thinking about again right now. I didn't feel right the rest of the day. Never again! You are doing so awesome on your exercise and your additude is right on! I am so enjoying being your friend. Every time I get read your posts I feel so happy. Thank you!

MW 54......MB 46


07-31-2003, 12:16 AM
This is going to be a quick one because I am so tired and sleepy. :tired: :yawn:

Hope everyone had a wonderful day. :)

Kristi, you are so sweet. I am glad you feel happy after reading my posts because sometimes I feel like I am whining or say something that I didn't think came out right. I totally feel the same way about you ladies. I can be in a grumpy mood and come here and I'm so much better. It gets me out of a mood so fast.

I actually did a 5 mile walk, well actually 5.28 today. I'm not trying to make goal because there's no way I could get that much done in such a short time but for some reason today I woke up and wanted to walk and boy did I. Now I am pooped. I wish I could get the eating down (not my throat :lol:) like I have the exercising, boy wouldn't I be skinny? I am hoping this falls in place soon. Okay, I said this was going to be a quick one and here I am going on and on...:blah: :blah: :blah: Talk to you ladies tomorrow, have a good evenimg.

July Goal~80 miles
7/30/03~5.28 miles
Total Miles 7/03~60
Miles to go~20

07-31-2003, 12:50 AM
Hey ladies. I'm a little under the weather today :headache: but am feeling a little better after some medication and an afternoon nap. I am finalizing my mileage for the month of July at 56.7 miles. I have a busy rest of the week with a candle show tonight, the Farm Fair tomorrow and then we're heading off to Maui on Friday afternoon.

Cristi 5.28 miles, AWESOME! The eating part will come, I'm sure of it. We all know how to do it, it's just getting the right mindset.

Kristi I love roller coasters too, but the older I get, the longer it takes for me to lose that dizzy feeling afterwards. That can't be good. We don't have anything remotely like a huge amusement park here in HI so my rides are far and few between.

Jackie I do not have netflix, but checked out their website--thanks for the tip, it sounds like a great plan. I had to laugh at your last post"...so then I went on to psychology and found out that there are far more weird people out there than I ever realized..." :lol: Ain't that the truth :dizzy: !

Well, I gotta get ready to head out for the evening. have a great night all!

JULY GOAL: 80 Miles
Miles walked 7/29: 2.5
Miles walked today 7/30 0.00
Miles Walked to date: 56.7 :^:
Miles to Go: 23.3

07-31-2003, 11:23 AM
Cristi, WTG on that long walk. Be careful though I got totally addicted to the long walk and now feel discouraged if I only have the time for a 4 mile or less. I'm fighting that though, because that's not who I want to be when this is all done. I want to be someone who's happy with walking a mile every day! But for right now my weight will not budge without lots of exercise!.......Noelle, Glad you're feeling better. It was the tea cup ride that did me in. We were spinning that thing so much I swear if the ride would've lasted one more minute I would've thrown up! I did not feel the same the rest of the day. The next time I will just waite in line with the kids and then they can go it alone!.......As for me, I'm about as down in the dumps as one can be. I wish I knew why. TOM is more than a week away, my kids have been good ( except they do no chores without being threatened), everything is good with dh, I haven't even had cross words with my mom in like a month! I feel like screaming, "what's the matter with me?" Although I know in a day or two it will all pass. At 39 (soon) could I be perimenapausal or whatever they're calling it now. Sorry to have gone on sounding crazy, I'll be back tomorrow and maybe back to my ole self! have a great day ladies!


07-31-2003, 12:13 PM
I actually got a very early start this morning and I am feeling pretty good. I got my walk in, 4 miles and I may ride the bike later. I've got some errands to run in a few minutes but wanted to post while I had the chance and waiting on DD. Sometimes she is sooooo slow getting ready.

Noelle, sorry to hear you are feeling a little under the weather. I hope you get to feeling better for your trip this weekend so you can have some fun. You definitely have a busy rest of the week, just try and take it easy and not overdo it.

Kristi, yes I do know what you mean. I definitely won't be getting in the habit of 5 mile walks. :lol: My main goal is to do 2-4 but on the days I do other things I also like to get at least a mile in. I don't want to grow tired of walking. At 39 I think you could possibly be perimenopausal but seriously doubt it, it usually depends on your mother when she actually went through menopause or that's usually what they go by. I was having problems with TOM for a while, skipping a month here and there and that crossed the doctors mind but as she said even at 44 it is a bit young but does happen. I'm sorry you are feeling down in the dumps. I'm sending you some ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) and good vibes to help you through this. :goodvibes: :goodvibes: :goodvibes: I'm sure this will pass in a day or two.

Well, ladies it is the last day of the month, wow these months are going by too fast. I didn't make my goal, which is fine, I did come close. Next month I am making my goal for 50 miles even though I did more I just don't want to feel like I am killing myself to make this goals, which if I wouldn't have farted around so many days I could have made the goal, oh well. Here's to next month ladies.:cheers: See you all next month! :)

July Goal~80 miles
7/31/03~4 miles
Total Miles 7/03~64
Miles to go~16

07-31-2003, 02:40 PM
Cristi, Thanks for the hugs and good vibes. I actually am feeling better allready. This is why I get so confused. These moments come unprovoked and then dissappear almost as fast. I think it helped that I gave my children all pen and paper and asked them what chores they are willing to do. Each wrote down 3 or 4 things and then proceeded to do them without me ranting and raving like a loon. My mother actually did go through mena. in her mid 40's and she was one that got no help and almost destroyed some of the relationships in her life. This is probably why I "over" analyze my moods from time to time. I don't want to put my children through what I went through. As for you, 64 miles WOW that's an awesome amt. of walking!!! YGG!! Do you ever keep track of bike miles or times or are these just something you like to do regardless? Do you always ride a stationary bike or do you ride a road bike also? I just think you are doing so good. You are definitely like my barometer I try to stay on track with you without competing, understand? Many days you are my insperation, because you almost always get out there and get it done before me. Thanks for helping me along once again this month. I plan to walk tonight, but I don't know how far. WIth all my long walks it's obvious I farted around too many days myself. I want to at least walk 2 miles tonight so I get as many as last month. I plan to WI tomorrow to get my ned of the month weight, but after Tues. I'm scared stiff. I had lost 4# this month, but Tues. I was up 5. Which sounds impossible, but I saw it! Wish me luck! Have a great day


07-31-2003, 05:10 PM
Kristi, I am glad to hear you are feeling better. I swear you are going through what I went through with TOM. I thought I was losing my mind! :yikes: The thing with me and the menopause, my mother had a hysterectomy when she was in her early 40's, I think she was 42 or 43 so never had to go through it. I also do what you do, over analyze everything. I told my hubby I wish I there was a button where I could just turn my brain off sometimes. I over analyze and I also am a worry wart, what a combo. It literally makes me feel sick when I worry, but I have been this way since I was a teenager. Half the stuff I worry about are things I have no control over anyway so there's no point in worrying but I do anyway. Your kids sound so well behaved, what are their ages? I think that is good they wrote down chores and did them, how sweet.

About the bike miles, I don't keep track of the miles, just the walking. The biking is mainly on the stationary bike and it does tell the distance but I just go by the time. I completely understand, I too use you ladies to keep me on track also and I don't feel like we are competing, any of us, just trying to make our goals and keep up with the exercise. I must say there have been lots of times that I did not want to do anything and I came here and you and Noelle have motivated me.

That does sound weird, you lost 4 but gained 5, hmmm:chin: Surely that can't be. Maybe it was jut the time of day you weighed, that can't be right. I wishing you luck for your WI tomorrow :crossed: :lucky:

Take care and have a GREAT day ladies!

07-31-2003, 07:17 PM
Cristi, Thanks again for the encouragment! My children are dd nearly 10, ds 8, dd 6, ds 3. I guess when you see that in print that maybe explains why sometimes I feel coo coo!! But then again I too have been this way since I was young. I guess the difference then I could just go off and do whatever I wanted where now I have to stay home and be mom. Understand? I just lit the grill I'm throwing on a HUGE serloin. I got a tase for beef then I'm hit'n the trail!


08-01-2003, 10:50 AM
Hey ladies I started one called AuGuSt ArTiSts - Sure hoping you'll come on along!