Living Maintenance - Maintainers Weekly Chat October 28 - November 3

10-28-2013, 08:01 AM
It's watch the World Series time around here. We watched last night's win by the Red Sox without using living room snacks. Kinda neat. My notion of baseball is that the host is supposed to serve a conveyor belt of food right till the last out of the ninth inning.

Today's the day to call the telephone repair guy to come check out our phones. We must have eight phones in the house, including ubiquitous cordless, yet none received the call announcing when I'm to pick up the new Ford Plug-in from the raffle I entered over a week ago. Shouldn't take that long to draw one ticket from a hat. Funny that the campaigns touting all the politicians running for office in the November election keep getting through.

10-28-2013, 08:59 AM
LOL about the car Bill.

Our weekend was pretty much a disaster. We barely slept and all four of us cried a lot (well, okay, DH not as much, but still). Calling the pediatrician again today -- on Friday they gave us some suggestions and said if things didn't get better over the weekend to make an appointment Monday, so now I'm counting the minutes until their office opens. I'm 99% sure that the big problem is reflux, and for whatever reason zantac isn't working for them anymore. They seem so uncomfortable with feedings, especially in the afternoon. They'll be hungry but cry as soon as you try to feed them.

In any case I think they also had a growth spurt because for a couple nights we had to feed them every couple hours all night long, instead of just 1-2x/night. Last night was better, only two feedings and two additional wakings. I'm trying a dairy-free diet to see if it helps, but I'm behind on milk production (less sleep + stress = less milk) and we don't have enough for DH to feed them while I'm at work today. We bought some sensitive stomach formula to try for while we're doing the dairy-free experiment because my frozen milk will all have dairy in it. Hopefully they take the formula okay. It's hard not to feel like a failure when I look in the fridge on my way to work in the morning and there's only enough milk for one feeding. I'm pumping about 50oz per day on top of 2-3 nursing sessions but especially with the growth spurt and eating all night it's just not enough to build up a day's worth of reserves.

I'm pretty close to hiring a night nanny to come for one or two nights just so DH and I can get a good night's sleep. She is highly recommended (specializes in multiples) but $$$. My mom also offered to come out and stay with us for a while and I might take her up on that. I feel bad about it though because usually people need more help with babies when they're newborns, and here we are with them 4 months adjusted today (6 months real age tomorrow) and only now do we need the help. Plus my mom is pretty healthy but she's not exactly young, and I feel bad about asking her to haul babies around and get up at 5am to help with them.

Sorry for the ranting! Next time I will try to post something that is not about babies. :) For what it's worth they were very good this morning, smiled at me when they woke up, nursed nicely with minimal fuss, and played quietly with their toys while I was making breakfast. I just wish we could have more time like that and less time screaming!

10-28-2013, 09:16 AM
jessica - :hug: Take your mom up on her offer. An extra set of hands makes a huge difference, even if all she does is rock them. My mom moved in for two weeks and took over the house - cleaned, cooked, laundry ... OMG I cried my hardest on the day she went home! I just had the generic colicky baby, but still remember a lot of staring at the clock, watching the second hand sweep around because the pediatrician PROMISED me it would get better. :p Fortunately, he was right. We're a little overdue for an update on pics, btw!

Today's my 24th anniversary. :eek: Truly a testament to stubbornness, realistic expectations, trust, and lots of time spent apart. ;) Hey, it works for us.

Shannon in ATL
10-28-2013, 10:33 AM
Oh Jessica, I feel your pain, though singly rather than double. DSS was the same way - the reflux just about killed all of us when he was young. He got sent home from daycare all the time, because when he would take milk he would throw it back up. We couldn't use the Zantac - it worked for about two weeks and then it started coming right back up with the milk. We moved him to Prevacid and Carnation Good Starts formula and it really helped. Breast milk and regular formula was a total no go. Took us almost a year to realize that. We also let him sleep for the first year in a papasan swing where he was inclined instead of flat and that helped with the sleep - I know that my reflux is worse when I'm flat. And definitely take your mom up on her offer. Seriously, you have two babies, there is no should be doing this or don't need help with that. If DH's mom had wanted to move in with us when DSS was sick we would have been tempted, and we only had him half the time. :hug: It will get better. I swear.

Happy anniversary, Becky! That is a testament to something. ;)

Bill - get that phone looked at, man! Your car is waiting!

I took two days off of work last week (burning unused vacation before the end of the year) and would up running errands pretty much all day every day. I feel like I will have a more relaxing day at work today than either of the days off. Bah. And it is raining.

10-28-2013, 11:19 AM
So sorry about your wrecked weekend, Jessica. I agree, have your mom come and help. You'll all feel better about it.

My weekend was pretty good. Got some flowers planted so my place will look good for Thanksgiving, saw a cute movie (we needed a break from the edge of your seat suspense stuff) and had a great dinner last night.

So now dealing with Chico who has good days and bad days, my cat, Ringo, is suffering from the symptoms of cystitis again. I was giving him Cosequin daily and it helped but I ran out and didn't buy more. I'll have to go get some and hope this goes away without a vet visit. I feel so bad for the poor boy--sitting in his litter box for 5 minutes at a time (this morning I witnessed this three separate times) only have a small amount of urine.

traveling michele
10-28-2013, 11:44 AM
Jessica-- please take your mom up on her offer! I can't wait to be a grandma (Ok-- I can wait!) and be able to go help.

Becky-- happy Anniversary! Doing anything special?

Allison-- make sure Ringo is producing urine. If he isn't, take him to the vet ASAP as male cats can get blocked.

My Jozi also has good days and bad. The dogs (and cats) were so excited dh came home from China Saturday night. They are being such pests! But Jozi worked herself up and wouldn't eat yesterday. She ate this morning so hopefully she's calmed down. Unfortunately, he's only home briefly this time and leaves again Saturday morning.

Dh was watching the world series and rooting for St. Louis. I asked why and he said no one roots for Boston. I think Bill does!

Shannon-- sounds like you had dss from day one. Was ex wife already the ex when he was born?

10-28-2013, 12:43 PM
Allison-- make sure Ringo is producing urine. If he isn't, take him to the vet ASAP as male cats can get blocked.

He is. Maybe only a teaspoon or so each time (and no blood), but it is coming out. I'm heading to the pet store in an hour and my even run home to give him some before coming back to work. What I've read is that stress brings this on. His stress was two weeks ago when DD brought her cats for the weekend and also my in-laws brought their cats for an afternoon. Last week I suggested they keep them home last week and he seemed to recover a bit, but then they brought them back yesterday. I guess I'll have to keep him on meds during the times that they are in town.

Shannon in ATL
10-28-2013, 01:16 PM
Michele - yes, she was already ex when he was born. I've been around pretty much the whole time he has.

10-28-2013, 01:41 PM
Thanks for the sympathy guys! :grouphug: The doctor gave us a prescription for Prevacid and suggested we start solids and see if it helps. Today we will try giving them a couple spoonfuls of rice cereal and maybe tomorrow pick up the prevacid prescription. DH doesn't want to go to prevacid if we don't have to -- I kind of feel like it's too early for solids and I feel like the medicine would be more effective (have heard many stories from others about prevacid/prilosec making vast improvement over zantac in their babies).

For what it's worth, they are super adorable when they're not screaming. :) Becky asked for pictures, so here are a couple. One in their Halloween costumes that I made for them, one of DH with them. It was cute, that was how I found them when I got home from work. There is also a cute video I got of DH playing with A here (

I am thinking good thoughts for Allison's Chico and Ringo and Michele's Jozi! I need to get Carter to the vet soon, there is a lump on his belly. Things are just so crazy with the twins it's hard to manage to find the time. I'm pretty sure it's just another benign fatty growth (he has several in other places) but better safe than sorry.

Happy anniversary Becky!

10-28-2013, 02:39 PM
AWWWWW!!!!! Thank you, Jessica - omigosh, too cute!!! (squeeee!)

Shannon in ATL
10-28-2013, 03:57 PM
LOL Two peas in a pod? Two pods of peas? Cute either way.

10-28-2013, 04:35 PM
LOL Shannon, two peas in a pod was the idea but it was easier to make a costume of a pea pod for each of them.

10-28-2013, 09:50 PM
Jessica, well, that explains it. You did not find your twins in a cabbage patch. The Peapod online grocery shopping and delivery service brought them after you put in the order.

10-28-2013, 11:32 PM
Awwww. It's a good thing nature makes them so cute when they wake you up so much at night.

10-29-2013, 06:47 AM
Flyby - moving day! Are we all packed? NOOO!

Good thing I added in 2 days to get all the stuff we missed first go round.

I went over last night with a load of stuff and, for some weird reason, swept all the floors on the ground floor. It felt nice to do that - tidy my house. :crazy: eh?

Hope the babies feel better Jessica And the pets Allison.

Bill Are you sure about the date for the draw of the car? And DO get those phones checked :lol3:

Dagmar :tired: but :sunny:

10-29-2013, 11:28 AM
Good morning!

I was checking my email this morning and had a notice from my bank that I couldn't understand. It said I'd gone into overdraft and yet I knew that couldn't be true! I had to call for help. I totally miscalculated and sent in one payment about 3 days too early and did go into overdraft but not on my personal account. It hadn't even occurred to me that it was my "business" account (the one we use to pay for our new building). I'm usually so careful to make sure I have enough money in the account before I write a check but apparently I wasn't careful enough. No worries, they just put it on my Master Card. Anyway, not a nice thing to wake up to (although only $300).

Ringo is feeling much better this morning. I got several doses of meds in him (although he didn't like it). But no straining to pee, so it's all good. I got Chico to eat some kibble mixed into his home cooked meal, so that makes me happy, too.

I don't envy the work you've got to do today, Dagmar. Good luck!

traveling michele
10-29-2013, 11:48 AM
Good luck Dagmar!!

Glad Ringo and Chico are feeling well today. That's a huge relief I'm sure.

10-29-2013, 04:18 PM
Hi all,

It's getting pretty :crazy: around here. I realize that opening night is only 2.5 weeks away, but when I think about what we're doing each rehearsal until we move into the theatre the week of the show... somehow I thought we had another week in there somewhere. How did I lose a week?

Adding to the craziness, the dog hasn't been feeling well either and has been throwing up. I don't think it's serious but I've been doing clean-up at times I would like to be sleeping. Last night she got a bath at 10 PM. She sat down while I was trying to wash her rear in silent protest. Sorry, Emma, it's not my fault you smell like doggie vomit. BF has been helpful in watching her, letting her out, taking her for truck rides etc as I've been busier than normal but he avoids doggie clean-up unless absolutely necessary.

Allison, sorry your pets are feeling crummy, too. Glad Ringo is doing a little better this morning and Chico ate his food.

Jessica, my supervisor gave her 5-month old a little rice cereal the other night for the first time. She said he slept from 8 pm - 5 am. He's not too fussy but that's a very long stretch for him. Hope it has the same effect on your girls! What cute Halloween costumes. If your mom is offering to help, let her.

Dagmar, once you put the furniture down, how often will you clean beneath? It's hard to access. It makes sense to me to make sure it's clean first. Good luck moving! Yay for functional fitness!

Tomorrow I have to make a 5.5-hour round trip for a 5 hour meeting. I'm not looking forward to the long drive. It's supposed to be in a location that allows for day travel but this, IMO, is pushing it. I also don't like long drives in general because I get sleepy. At least I'll be near civilization, and civilization = Starbucks. Have a good Tuesday all.

Shannon in ATL
10-30-2013, 01:02 AM
Dagmar - good luck on the move! You'll be in your own house soon! Yay!

10-31-2013, 09:34 AM
Allison and Michele and Megan, I'm sending good thoughts to the furbabies.

Megan, yikes on losing a week! I once had the glorious experience of going the other way and gaining an unexpected week - man, did that ever feel like a vacation!

Jessica, how did the girls like the cereal? I remember that the first time we gave it to DS, he had some of the funniest expressions on his little face that I've ever seen. :lol: And then began to howl for more. Now that he's a teenager ... we're back to the howling for more, of whatever it is. :D

Dagmar, I hope the moving is going well!

DS and I are going to go watch a Hapkido practice tonight. I wanted him to know what sort of activities are available to him in the local community; we happen to have a 9th-degree black belt running a martial arts school less than 10 min from the house. Should be interesting!

10-31-2013, 10:28 AM
Megan, I hope Emma is feeling better today!

Becky, we took a video ( of their solid food experience. ;) I think they did okay though they got way more on their clothes than in their mouth. We tried it again last night with similar results, except Allison spit up the small amount she'd managed to swallow shortly afterwards (so much for "solids don't come back up like milk does").

Not much luck with sleep the past couple nights either. I don't get why we had two good nights and then are back to two bad nights. Today we tried giving them prevacid instead of zantac so we'll see how they do with that. Now I know the reason doctors always start with zantac even though they claim prevacid may be more effective: the generic zantac cost me $8 (for both girls). The prevacid, *after* my insurance paid the lion's share of it, cost me $150.

10-31-2013, 11:19 AM
Hi everyone,
We sold the wedding chapel a few days ago. It's been super-intense. I "think"
we'll land on our feet financially, but the emotions of financial uncertainty are super-intense. I thought I was doing horribly with my maintenance and was too afraid to even weigh myself or check in here. Karen kept telling me I looked about the same and indeed, this morning I weighed in at 198 (much of the summer and fall my weight range has been 194-199). That's more than I like to be but not dramatically horrible. So anyway, happy Halloween all, good luck to us, and from here I hope I can lose a few pounds to stay under 200 through the holidays!

traveling michele
10-31-2013, 11:58 AM
Thinking of you Chris! Keep your chin up.

Jessica-- I hope the babies get some rest so you can too.

Halloween here at school and I'm dressed as "The Library Dragon". We have our parade in a few minutes and it's 40 degrees out-- going to freeze!

10-31-2013, 12:01 PM
Morning all,

I had to make an almost 6 hour round trip drive for a 5 hour work meeting yesterday. On the way home, I drank some iced coffee. I knew I shouldn't, that it would keep me up, but I was so tired and had such a long drive (and then long rehearsal) in front of me. Sure enough, I didn't get to bed until after 1 AM. I tried to use the time wisely but I know I'll crash later. I'm hoping I'll feel up yoga class later, since it's the first evening this week where I don't have rehearsal. I stopped at the "good" grocery store and restocked my sad, empty produce drawers. I'm soaking some white beans for a pretty quick, easy, soup tomorrow (the weather is supposed to get chilly again), have pork loin chops marinating for tonight, and asparagus and mushrooms to roast too. I'll try to get a few days of healthy food prep in this weekend but am down to simpler, faster meals in general. My frozen healthy leftovers are saving me from junk at the end of each week.

This weekend is a big festival in town. My theatre group has a float in the parade Saturday AM, and I'm going to help man the table Saturday afternoon and maybe tomorrow PM as well. It's partly to keep people aware we're here and introduce our whole season, and particularly to advertise for our (my) upcoming show. I also have to man our work's table for 2 hours on Saturday. There's entertainment at night. Normally I might go have fun, but unless BF really wants to go I think I'll skip it. I've got too much to do, and it's hard for me to relax and enjoy myself anyway when I know I've got such a mountain of stuff waiting for me.

Emma is on day 3 of yogurt. She is once again happy to eat anything under the sun and hasn't thrown up but my other gauge of how she's doing, what comes out of her, is still not where it should be. We'll give it some time. Luckily no more "emergency" baths and crate cleanings have been needed. Allison, how are Chico and Ringo doing?

Jessica, cute video! It seemed like the girls were interested in the food. Carter was more interested, though, lol. Did you notice any difference in sleep? That's a big price difference between medicines. I hope the results are better! Let us know if the switch helps the girls.

Chris, I find it amazing how our stress levels affect how we *feel* about our weight. Sometimes I'm stressed out and feel fat, even if I haven't been eating too badly, but step on the scale and haven't gained. Though I know stress and hormones can effect weight, it's more about what goes in and what gets burned with activity, at least for me. :hug: to you and your wife during this tough time.

Becky, gaining a week would be great! My BF took martial arts as a kid and though it was only a few years, to this day it's make a positive impact on him. I wish we had anywhere nearby where he could take adult classes. Has your DS done a lot of sports? I remember you talking mostly about his choral activities.

I almost forgot it was Halloween. Have a great Thursday all. :badbat:

Shannon in ATL
10-31-2013, 12:16 PM
I hope everyone's puppies and kitties are feeling better today! Mine has taken to vomiting when she eats most of the time these days - I'm about to have to take her to the vet to see if it is the food or the cat that is having trouble.

Jessica - the prevacid is SO expensive. I remember that part. And DSS didn't keep down solid food any better than milk, I think that must be a myth. LOL The video is fantastic, love Carter in it - you and I have the same coffee table.

Chris - thinking about you during the stress. Hope it settles down soon.

Megan - I laughed when you mentioned your meeting including the civilization of a Starbucks.

I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get a run in today before Halloween festivities begin. I'm telling myself I'm okay with that, and that if I take two days off from exercise this week instead of just one that I'm not a failure.

In a more fun note - I've started booking tours in NOLA. The first one I've booked is an on bicycle cocktail tour. Two hours on bikes with liquor. I'm freakishly excited. They give us helmets and bikes equipped with drink holders.

10-31-2013, 01:14 PM
Allison, how are Chico and Ringo doing?

Ringo has decided he likes his food with the Cosequin on it once again. The first couple of days he wouldn't eat much of it, but now he dives into the area where the medicine is. No more needing to try an hide it. He isn't straining nearly as much when he pees, so I know he's doing better--the medicine is helping to reduce the bladder inflammation.

Chico is having another bad day. He ate fine last night but this morning acted as if he didn't want to eat but then realized that there was chicken in his bowl of kibble. He ate all the chicken (over a cup) and maybe 1/4 cup of kibble, but only out of my hand. He took his treat begrudgingly. I have the dogs at the office today and he's not very chipper at all. Tomorrow he sees the vet. At this point I wonder if he'll make it to Thanksgiving and doubt he'll see Christmas.

The festival sounds fun. I'm sure you'll be busy and will get a good night's sleep after that!

Chris~hang in there.

Shannon~I saw the link for the bike tour on Facebook and went to read about it. Kind of like a pub crawl on bicycle. It makes me want to go to NOLO! Have fun!

Jessica~I can tell Carter is going to make a very good high chair monitor when the girls get bigger and start feeding themselves! You won't have to clean anything up off the floor.

10-31-2013, 04:57 PM
I have a living room! - Kinda. Just unrolled the rug to complete the look. We have cable, and internet, and phones too!

Mudpie is suddenly thrilled - not only did I give her a full-sized couch and a "wall that opens" (she's never encountered sliding glass doors), but now we have a thick rug with fringes! I'd forgotten she was a fringe chewer. She's nuzzling them, for now, and rolling around on the rug. :lol:

Mishka is hiding in the basement for the most part. :eek:

That pretty well sums up their personalities.

We are pretty much functional re bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Lots of fine tuning (I whapped myself in the head with a corner of the medicine cabinet this morning and the dryer is too unbalanced to run a load of towels through it) but basically liveable. Offices are still a mess but I only really need the gear in my car and the laptop and DH doesn't really need to set up until his next bout of studying - probably January.

I am thrilled. :D

DH reminded me that, even though we are tired and drained, we have to take a stab at Halloween tonite. So I put up some of the decorations and he's going to carve the pumpkin and we are going to sit out and wait for trick or treaters.

We are going to make a real effort to be part of the 'hood and to live well in this house. That was and still is the end goal. I had gotten a bit lost in all the stress - (cried in front of the phone tech this morning :o) - but I'm back in focus now.

And the scale is out in the bathroom. I'm going to wait until tomorrow to get on it so I've had no official weigh-in for the entire month of October. I have a number in my head - curious to see how far away from it I am.

Have a great Halloween all!

Dagmar :witch:

10-31-2013, 05:04 PM
Honking Congratulations, Dagmar,

Sounds like you've made it real.

11-01-2013, 03:41 AM
Such good news, Dagmar! Welcome to your new home.

11-01-2013, 06:36 AM
Thank you! We are very happy to be here - cats too now! :D

We sat outside last night and met a bunch of neighbours and had a good time! I had two tiny bags of skittles at DH's urging but then ate my bowl of blueberries after the festivities were over and called it a night.

My weigh in this morning was LESS :goodscale: than I thought. I figured I'd be 138 lbs. but I'm 135.8.

I AM dehydrated (not a lot of water drinking going on this past week) but I'm very happy with the number. I will dig out the Brita today and also buy some bottles of water.

I think I will go back to regular weighings though - keep myself in check. I know I can maintain reasonably well without the scale - the last 31 days showed me that - but it's nice to have the number. I'll probably do 2 weigh ins every week.

Good November all!

Dagmar :flow2:

11-01-2013, 09:25 AM
:woohoo: Dagmar!!!

Glad to hear you're making some connections with the neighbors - hopefully this will give you some nice humans to talk to now and then. :) I know you've wanted a community just as badly as your own house!

Congrats too on holding the weight line! That is a major achievement given the stresses!

Chris, good to see you again! Hang tough - it sounds like you're coming out the other side of it, right into the lap of the holidays (yay.).

Allison, I'm sorry Chico's having issues; that sucks. :( He's an amazing dog - he may still surprise you yet! Sounds like Ringo is on the mend!

Shannon, the bike tour sounds awesome! I would LOVE to go on something like that. We did a mountain bike tour in Alaska around a glacier that ended at Alaskan Brewing ... thank goodness they bussed us back to the boat from there. :D

Megan, DS has done more swimming than anything else, but dabbled in soccer, basketball and track as well. He took a year of taekwondo (sp?) as an elective in school last year, and he really enjoyed it. It's pretty obvious that although he is a good swimmer, he feels zero passion for it. Hapkido was fascinating; Wikipedia has a pretty good entry on it. We watched an hour-long practice of a small class that ranged from a second-day student all the way up to blackbelts - we were both riveted to our seats. It's disciplined, fast, brutal, and yet pretty to watch. Makes me wish I were a bit less brittle and could handle being slammed to the mats. :D I expect he'll be starting in the spring, when he finishes the winter swim season.

11-01-2013, 10:08 AM
So happy you've made the move successfully, Dagmar!

Becky, I was reading something the other day that said the best exercise out there is swimming. And I know what you mean about having kids that are good at something but have a total lack of love for it. I guess it's hard to find passion. My DD did with music but my DS still doesn't seem to have any passion for anything, although he's good at all sorts of things.

11-01-2013, 11:10 AM
I'd like to jump in here! I started November in my maintenance range, the first month since June. I've decided my brain needs a signal that I'm meant to be maintaining, not gaining 5 to 10 pounds and then crawling my way back down. So, joining the maintainers seems like a good plan. Looking forward to getting to know y'all!

11-01-2013, 11:38 AM
Welcome Joy! It's always nice to have a new face around here!

11-01-2013, 11:40 AM
Welcome Gardenerjoy! This maintenance thread has really really helped me; even when I fall down, my friends here help me up. Hanging in there, damage control during the tough times, celebrating the victories, just generally being supported, counts for a lot!!

11-01-2013, 12:51 PM
:wave: Joy! I post here a little, in my quest to maintain what I have lost.

(Lurkers, you don't have to be at a 'goal weight' to post here. If you've lost some weight and kept it off, you're a maintainer.)

11-01-2013, 12:53 PM
Welcome, Gardenerjoy. I just read your story, linked in your signature line. I'm just about your age, and I was also driven to my weight loss effort by health concerns. This is a great bunch to help you keep your head in the game. I know nothing happens without the right behaviors, but I can't do the right thing unless I am thinking and feeling the right things, and that is where everyone here is immensely helpful. We're all leading different sorts of lives in different parts of the world, but we have the same struggle in common. I'm glad you're joining us.

11-01-2013, 01:42 PM
Welcome Joy! It's nice to see you here!

Dagmar, how nice that you've met some of your new neighbors and are finally in your new home! How does the neighborhood seem? Are there a lot of families, couples, singles?

Becky, gosh, I missed all of your son's activities! I must remember the choral groups because I did all that myself as a teenager.

Allison, I'm glad Ringo is eating and improving. Emma and I are sending :grouphug: to you and Chico.

I was going to complain about how BF brought pizza home last night, his sister wants to hang out w us tonight, my healthy meal plan and dog walking plan (which I was so proud of actually having) is thrown into chaos, blah blah blah. I'm tired and have too much to do right now. What's new? Does any of this really matter in the scheme of things? No. So I'm continuing to hang on by a thread and trying not to dive over my small abyss of insanity, stress, and junk food.

Does anyone have any fun plans this weekend? I'll be representing my office & theatre group at the festival. Other than that, see above. I need to sit down on my computer and do the layout for the playbill, and find sound effects to create a playlist of sound effects, confirm with crew that they will be at rehearsals next week, and check on a few dozen other small details. Oh and walk my poor dog. I think BF is feeling neglected too.

11-01-2013, 01:53 PM
Does anyone have any fun plans this weekend? I'm off to a Dia De Los Muertos celebration on Saturday evening. Never been to one before. Presumably I'll be back.

11-01-2013, 03:04 PM
Does anyone have any fun plans this weekend?.

Swim practice for two hours Saturday morning. "Mock meet" Sunday morning - off the blocks and with electronic timing; it's practice for the rookies and helps the coach line up relays for the big meets. I'm guessing that for most of the weekend, I will be very sedentary otherwise. :lol:

traveling michele
11-01-2013, 03:32 PM
Welcome Joy! I'll have to check out your blog when I'm not at work.

Dh leaves for China again tomorrow....

Dd posted on Facebook that she was excited that I'm coming to see her in a month. I corrected her and said it was two weeks. But she's right! Aack! How did that happen??

I *better* go to bikram yoga today. I couldn't go Wednesday as I worked late. I drove there last night and they had cancelled class. What!? I don't know if they couldn't get an instructor or if they thought no one would come. They better have class tonight. I have a huge headache and sore throat but I still think it's allergies as many here are battling them.

I went to the endocrinologist this morning and all was good. Thyroid and hormone levels are good. I just don't know why I have a 7:00 appointment if they aren't going to show up until almost 7:30. Just rude.

Shannon in ATL
11-01-2013, 03:48 PM
Michele - :hug: Hope you feel better soon, honey. I'm struggling off some congestion myself. Better be allergies, I don't have time for anything else.

Welcome, Joy! I'll also check out your blog later, already love the gardener reference in your screenname. :)

Megan - I've been asking myself the same 'does this really matter?' question a lot lately. I'm still noodling that.

Becky - your description of the upcoming swimming made me tired just reading it. LOL

Allison - thinking about Chico, just saw your FB update. :hug: to you guys.

Busy weekend ahead for me. Had a meeting this morning I almost forgot about, but remembering it kept me awake after the boys left so I was able to get my exercise in. That is a plus, after Halloween candy palooza. I definitely did not make the 'no candy' challenge.

11-01-2013, 03:55 PM
Took Chico to the vet today.

Tomorrow I hope to get to the grocery store and them come home and help DH pull out a few bushes in the back yard. If there is time, I'd like to look for new plants (perhaps ice plant).

Sunday we'd like to go see Ender's Game.

11-01-2013, 05:18 PM
Ice plant, Allison - is that sedum spectabile? I have it for autumn flowers. Butterflies love it. I think my variety is Autumn Joy. (This has made me think of a beautiful raspberry variety, Autumn Bliss).

11-01-2013, 05:27 PM
No, ice plant is a bit different than sedum. It's leaves are more "juicy" like a succulent. Here's a Google image search ice plant ( . img..0.1.68.kHlkDeJWCp4#authuser=0&hl=en&q=ice+plant&tbm=isch).

11-02-2013, 10:07 AM
For my in-laws' 50th anniversary, my sister in law is renting out a limo for the evening for seven family members to take us all out for a "progressive dinner" of pizza, clam chowder, fish, barbequed ribs and a cake. Eww! We suggested entertainment stops instead of all this food but no way! It's going to be a lot of fun actually, but the food combinations sound so gross I may actually do OK without much effort. The funny thing is that my Mom-in-law is a great "maintainer," well into her eighties and with her weight firmlly under control. This will be a surprise for her, and while she will cherish the time together, I predict she will not cherish the "entertainment" her daughter organized.

11-02-2013, 10:48 AM
I agree, Chris, that is an odd food combination. One would be sufficient in my book! But fun time for the family to be together cannot be matched.

11-02-2013, 11:09 AM
Thanks for the welcomes, everyone! I have a quiet weekend planned. Looking forward to some organizing and setting some goals for the rest of the year. And, some cooking and baking.

Shannon in ATL
11-02-2013, 11:42 AM
I'm off to a Dia De Los Muertos celebration on Saturday evening. Never been to one before. Presumably I'll be back.

Enjoy your celebration, Bill! We'll look for you around tomorrow to make sure you made it home. :)

11-03-2013, 05:49 AM
:wave: Joy Welcome!

Bill You may very well meet some of these "ladies"

Hello to everyone else. Hope all the pets are feeling better. Mudpie has taken over our house - 4 days and she's totally the :queen:. I wish the rest of our household, me included, had a little more of her chutzpah.

I have managed to lose my Mastercard bill. Went to pay it at the bank yesterday - bank was closed and now the pocket where I put the bill is empty. Fortunately my desk is now up and running and I can again bank online. Funny how we get so used to conveniences so quickly.

I'm still very unbalanced with all the disorganization(I'm the Felix Unger of our household) but at least DH and I are collaborating on getting things functional. We figured out a reworking of the kitchen yesterday. Right now the microwave is up too high to be useful and its taking up valuable stashing space on top of the fridge. :lol:

The cats and I did not convert over to daylight savings. The cable box informed me the clocks had changed - it was a bit of a shock to see that we had gotten up at what is now 3 a.m. :eek: I adapt a bit more easily than they do - I'll have to gate them back in downstairs to stop crying (Mishka) and yelling at the top of her lungs (:queen:) for brekkie.

I cooked a nice meal last nite - from scratch. First time in the house that "real" food has hit the table.

Good Sunday all!

Dagmar :D

11-03-2013, 06:32 AM
You're sounding good, Dagmar. Cooking real food shows you're at home now.

Any sign of Bill?

11-03-2013, 06:35 AM
Good morning, Dagmar, I'm up on old clock time also. Thanks for your "ladies."

I made it back from the Dia De los Muertos party. An evening of lively Mexican Mariachi Band music. Some guests wore white face with black scars, white shirts, and red sashes or red neck scarfs. One family wore HUGE sombreros (fortunately everyone didn't or we wouldn't have all fit). Some men had flowers in their hats.

Unfortunately, lots of Mexican food. GIGANTIC baskets of bread rolls - either sweet or plain. They were much too large to be included on any rational eating plan. The tamales were as good as I've ever eaten. I didn't lose weight.

Next year I'm gonna be better dressed. I'll start working the costume now.

11-03-2013, 10:09 AM
I slept most of my extra hour. I've been letting my bed time slip later than I wanted. The clock change makes it easy to get back to what I mean to be doing.

The Dia De los Muertos party sounds like a great tradition, Bill. Glad you made it back safely.

Shannon in ATL
11-03-2013, 04:26 PM
Chris, was your party last night? I'm fascinated and quite terrified of the combinations of goods your sil has put together.

I'm glad you are getting settled, Dagmar!

Bill - i would love to go to one of those festivals. I've seen them on TV and they look fascinating. We don't see that in these parts.

I also slept my extra hour, fighting a cold I need to shake before my vacation.

11-04-2013, 10:49 AM
Made it to Monday! I have a full list, but may have to dump much of it in favor of picking up leaves in advance of the rain this week.

11-04-2013, 10:51 AM
Hey, Joy - welcome to maintenance! Make sure you post in the new thread; we change over every Monday morning. Looking forward to chatting with you again!