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10-26-2013, 10:48 PM
Ive been on WW for about 8 months. Lost 66 lbs but the past week I haven't been doing well. I was ovulating and one day out of the week I ate some gluten free pizza. I was within my points. The other day I ate 2 slices of pizza, and one slice today. Ok thats fine it was within my points, but I don't usually eat take-out.

But the kicker is today, my boyfriend decided to cook a nice spaghetti sauce to go along with the wine he picked up :) He was late picking me up so I decided to have some lunch, turkey noodle soup with my slice of pizza- all that came out to 12 points! I was left with only 5 left for the day. I figured I wasn't going to have pasta today anyways.

Well I get here and I just had some whole grain pasta, with 1/2 cup of meat sauce, with a tiny slice of garlic bread and 4 oz of wine. I know for a fact that I am over my points :( I usually have more control then this, but my scale is being wonky, plus me ovulating, is causing me to be a temporarily discouraged.

This may sound insane, but please tell me that everything will be ok LOL. I know I might not lose this week..but I feel horrible. :(

10-26-2013, 10:51 PM
I am not on WW but you can forget the wine. That will never make you gain.

Trust me. I drink like a fish. Booze is totally OP for me.

It's the food that matters most.

I think you'll be good.

10-26-2013, 11:36 PM
going over one day a little won't hurt you...do you use your 49 extra? your activity points?
you are only human!!

just don't make it a habit :lol:

oh and pizza is my weekness!

10-27-2013, 12:21 AM
Thanks guys, I still feel like crap lol- don't mine the cursing. I promise from now on to myself it won't happen again LMAO! I just had another cup of spaghetti! What? Is he trying to make me fat? lol I don't eat pasta because its not worth it ... a cup is like 10 points not including the sauce.

And to answer your question Sarain, I don't use my 49 points extra a week. I assume I went over like 15 points today. Ugh never again. :(

10-27-2013, 03:12 AM
Just treat it as a lapse and start again the next day. One day all I felt like was chocolate, so for lunch I had nutella sandwiches and a serve of chips. Some days are just like that. You never know, if you keep on track for the rest of the week and haven't gone over any bonus weekly points you might still have a loss. Don't let this discourage you, there will be plenty of things that crop up.

10-27-2013, 05:13 AM
Don't feel bad! It happens. Just try to stay on plan the rest of the week and there might be a loss. If there isn't, take it in stride and move on to the next week. Sounds like you've done well so far so keep it up. :)

10-27-2013, 08:18 AM
Pasta isn't 10 points for a cup...

10-27-2013, 09:04 AM
I haven't done WW, but I can tell you that the amount you ate isn't even enough for you to gain a pound of actual fat. You might be up a bit on the scale, but that wouldn't only be because the food you ate was a bit carby and salty, and that'll make you retain some water. So yes, everything WILL be okay! :hug: I know it gets discouraging when you're off plan sometimes. But this will not do any lasting damage at all.

And IanG...

I am not on WW but you can forget the wine. That will never make you gain.

Trust me. I drink like a fish. Booze is totally OP for me.

Really? I don't drink much (lightweight drinker) so I haven't noticed if that's true for me. But all I hear is how beer and other alcohol will make you gain fat. But then I also hear that the calories in alcohol can't be metabolized to fat and that it's the food you overeat when drinking that does it. Do you account for the calories of the drinks? Or no?

I've wondered about alcohol for a while. Thought I'd ask since you seem to have first hand experience and have successfully lost weight. :)

10-27-2013, 11:04 AM
You will be ok.

You are not going to gain your weight back with one day or one meal.

The wine is 4 points, empty empty but oh a good and with it points lol.

I Have been on WW for almost a year, I have wine and pizza pasta and cake. I just only have those things once a week. And I work out I earn activity points so I can afford to be indulgent once in a while.

It will all be ok, just don't make a regular thing of it, add some salad with the pizza and only have a slice per meal and maybe not all week lol.

You got this

10-27-2013, 11:05 AM
Also...try spaghetti squash in place of, or added to the pasta. Yummy yummy and you lose some points :)

10-27-2013, 09:59 PM
You are far, far more controlled than I. When I'm ovulating, I sometimes will eat anything and everything I can get my hands on. So it doesn't sound like you did too bad. It'll work itself out.

11-16-2013, 05:36 PM
Pasta isn't 10 points for a cup...

Its pretty close. I had 100 grams of pasta which is 8-9 points. 140 grams of pasta is a cup I do believe. Maybe its higher because I eat 100% natural whole grain pasta.

11-17-2013, 05:04 PM
I assume I went over like 15 points today. Ugh never again. :(

With WW, one of the big key things is to never assume what you ate. Measure it, track it, eat it, own it. If you ate it, track it. Maybe it's less than you thought, maybe it's more but if you track it, you know and you're in complete control. Don't assume anything.