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10-26-2013, 05:00 PM
So, since beginning IP my scale and my coaches scale have said two different numbers. Mine says I'm 4 pounds lighter than my coach's scale. I have two scales and both mine say the same thing. She has a medical scale and it agrees with her other scale. My scale says I'm 1 pound away from my goal (yay), but her's says I'm still 4 pounds away.
Which one to believe??

10-26-2013, 05:04 PM
Pick one ;)

10-26-2013, 05:08 PM
Reality: The scale at home is the one you will be using going forward. You could revamp your the one at home is the one you use...and lower goal by 2 lbs to "split the diff"...

10-26-2013, 05:11 PM
My vote is use hers til you get to goal! Then, since you will probably put on a few pounds of water weight, you will be at the goal you wanted to be at on your home scale, and then continue by your home scale. I think that made sense.

10-26-2013, 05:11 PM
True. My scale makes me feel better, but I keep telling myself her scale is correct and I'm dreaming. I may go a bit past my goal anyway to account for the bit of weight gain that will happen in Phase 3.

10-26-2013, 05:13 PM
Hahaha. Yeah that totally made sense and is what I was thinking of doing. I'm just so freakin excited to be so close to my goal that I want to use my scale. But I know I'll feel like I've actually reached my goal once it says it on my coach's scale so I might as well just wait for that!

10-26-2013, 06:26 PM
I weigh myself at home first thing in the morning without clothes on so it's always going to be lower than my coach's scale :P

10-26-2013, 06:29 PM
I see my coach at 9am before I eat breakfast so I'm on empty at her office. But I am wearing clothes, being naked would be weird ;P

10-27-2013, 11:01 AM
I hate the scale difference. My scale says three lbs lighter, but again I am naked first thing in the morning. So right now on my scale I just made my first mini goal (25lbs down!) and I get my first mini goal prize, but I won't change my ticker or count it unless its with clothing on at the clinic. I do however wear the same thing to the clinic every week and change as soon as I get to work. Each of those lbs counts!