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06-30-2003, 11:48 PM
Hello everyone,

I am currently very happy with myself as I am back on track and I am totally not about the starvation thing anymore. It has taken me a long time to get to this point--BUT I FINALLY GET IT. I am in a completely different mindset, as this time I am willing to wait because I am content with myself already and refuse to not do things b/c i havent lost weight and all those great excuses. I am living my life WHILE losing weight.

For awhile, I just started to eat when I am hungry and stop when satisfied. It works but I found that I could still overeat, undereat at times, the quality of food wasnt always the greatest, so I decided to start writing down what I eat and keep it around and about 1500 calories. I weighed myself the other day as I was just kinda starting this and I have kept off 5 lbs from the method previously mentioned! so i was happy to start off like that...

My goal is to lose about 10 lbs by the end of July. This isn't my goal for every month, but just the starting month b/c i find it's easier at first. Is this goal too ambitious? should I tone it down a little? Any input or advice would be totally appreciated!

Take Care

07-01-2003, 01:26 AM
Congratulations on being back on track. Feels good, doesn't it? And it really is a Mindset Thing!

As far as your goal being realistic or not, several factors need to be considered, IMHO. Such as, how much do you have to lose? A person who has a lot (like me) will lose quicker than someone who has only a small amt to lose. Another thing is your age. As we get older, losing can be like trying to blast off concrete! Also, do you exercise? How much? That can really boost your metabolism!

See what I mean? But if you think you can lose 10 pounds in a month, I betcha you can! (Please note my signature mottos!)

Good luck to you and please feel free to join us at the "July Jaded Ladies"!


07-01-2003, 01:58 PM
Hi jana!
Thanks for the response and the invite to join The July Jaded Ladies!!! I would love to.

Now a little background...altogether I have about 30 lbs to lose but i'll adjust that when I start losing more. Currently I weigh 135 and my highest was just over 140 lbs. I am turning 20 in August (I know I am still a baby...i get made fun of at work all the time!) I am about 5'2 and a half.
My exercise isn't the greatest. I do have a (free!) personal trainer who I will start seeing more often later this week. Other than that, I will try walking for a half hour on the treadmill everyday.
So what do you think? Is 1500 calories a good number? I found that last night I got really hungry and ended up eating a cookie and almost a full bag of light popcorn. There wasn't a big selection of food in the fridge so I just kinda took anything. I didnt want to ignore the hunger b/c that feels to me like I am losing muscle or something! I am weird.

What are you doing to lose weight, count calories? if so, how many do you consume and are you very diligent about it?

07-01-2003, 05:18 PM
Hi Cynthia,

Since I normally don't reply to a lot of different threads, I'll leave a message for you at the July Jaded Ladies!

You will be so very welcome there....