Ideal Protein Diet - Wheat Free Dairy Free Phase off Help Needed

10-26-2013, 01:44 PM
Ok y'all. I have one more week on phase one. I'm struggling hard to get to a total loss of 20lbs. (And it only took me 8 weeks :blah:) I didn't have high expectations because i know my body and my issues - but i'll admit I had a little bit higher than this. I had quite a few weeks of .8 losses. Oh well - they could have been gains so i have nothing to complain about. And my clothes feel great right now.

In about a week I'll start phase 2 for a week and a half while i travel for business. Then when i come home I'll be on Phase 3 until Thanksgiving. I have the month of December to be Paleo and try to maintain what I've lost. Then in January its back to phase 1 to keep on keeping on until i reach my goal or my weight loss stalls to the point that it is unbearable and i need to transition back to paleo for a while.

My reason for phasing off is not because i want to enjoy the holidays as much as its because (1) I don't trust myself not to get all the way through without messing up. I've done so well for the past two months I don't want to mess up now. (2) I have a lot of events and travelling to do. And (3) I never phased off properly before when i did IP a couple years ago. I didn't know i had an extreme gluten sensitivity and had to avoid dairy and soy like the plague. I think i cheated a lot the first time around. The weight was coming back on so fast that i had a few phase 1 days during my phase 3. So i want to get a true phase off under my belt.

I also know better now that the phase 4 "cheat day" means something very VERY different for me than it means for most people!

so - i need some advice and suggestions from my paleo friends about how to phase off without the toast and yogurt. Lisa - I know you had mentioned before that you ate paleo muffins? could you be more specific? How do you calculate the right carbs/sugars to conform to IP guidelines?

Thank you all so much for your support!

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10-27-2013, 04:47 PM
I wish I could help I had a hard time figuring this out for myself during P3. I ended up going with the option that bothered me least but still included the minimum requirements. For me it was greek yogurt, muesli, blueberries mixed together and a side of bacon.
Now that I am in maintenance I am experimenting with grain free dairy free more. These are some of my recipe resources

10-27-2013, 09:31 PM
Personally, I wouldn't phase off at this point. I went through the holidays last year and also went on vacation several times while on P1. It can be done, and really isn't that difficult once you've been OP for awhile.

As far as phasing off without dairy or wheat, I use Udi bagels (just a half as a serving since they are 300 calories for a whole), nonfat almond milk, and coconut yogurt.