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10-22-2013, 11:42 AM
Ok, so some of you know from the 230s 220s thread and the Halloween challenge thread that I just found out that I'm preggo. For those who didn't, now you know. I don't feel quite right about posting in the pregnant-nursing form yet cause everyone seems to be nursing. Anyway I was up to 238 this morning. I know that I didn't not have a good weekend food wise but come on, 7 lbs? I know that I'm probable goi g to gain some but today I feel so FAT!!! I just need to vent. I mean I'm happy about being pregnant but why now? Why couldn't I have been a little further along on my journey. It's not fair. I was so looking forward to being slim next summer. Today I feel like a fat cow. My DH doesn't understand. Its been really hard on my head this last week. I'm also really tired and don't have the get up and go that I did.

I know that my weight gain is from making some poor choices when I was tired and probably some water retention due to salty foods ( and Thanksgiving dindins at my MILs). I'm trying to get back on track today. I don't remember feeling like this for my DD, although it was 10 yrs ago. Well that's my vent. Any positive words are welcome.

10-22-2013, 12:04 PM
First of all :HUGS: I've never been pregnant (but some day, I really hope!) so I don't want to even pretend to know what you're going through but I do know what it feels like to make "not-the-best" food decisions and feel incredibly fat afterwards even knowing that you probably are about the same size you were before the food decisions were made. This is me almost every Monday this year!

What helps me mentally are little mantras I have for myself things like "it's just weight," "the past is the past," "I can turn this around," "Thank God this is changeable," etc etc. It also helps me to give myself a time frame to wallow (say maybe a day) and then a deadline to plan and put on my big girl panties (pun intended) and get to work on myself.

Mentally, exercise helps as well. Even though obviously you can't out-exercise bad eating habits, it DOES help, because you feel like you're taking control in some way and making tangible changes for yourself and your body. Even going for a walk or doing a video, any of those things feel like a step in the right direction.

Finally, be fair to yourself! Other than food, I'm sure there are all sorts of hormonal things taking place right now in your body that could be causing you to retain water etc. I'm a big eater left to my own devices (3000-4000 calories in nothing!) and even for me 7 lbs in a week would be pretty difficult. No matter how bad your food decisions, know that you probably haven't gained 7 actual pounds from eating in such a short amount of time.

10-22-2013, 01:11 PM
Thanks toastedsmoke. You're right I know I can't have gain 7 actual lbs, but I still don't like the uptick in the scale. After months of losing this feels like a hugh step backwards. I just have to really plan my meals and snacks. And try not to pay too much heed to the cravings. Ice cream and dill pickles sounded really good Sunday night. But not so much today. Plus I just upped my calories by about 300 although today will be my first day really tracking. I've been getting sidetracked at night and then just chowing downsaying to myself that I still have 1000 caloriesleft to eat. Anyhow today I'm going to plan ahead and spread my calories through the day better.

10-22-2013, 01:14 PM
I've been pregnant twice and both times I felt like a beached whale, regardless of the number on the scale. It's perfectly normal to feel fat, to make poor food choices, to not be thrilled about gaining weight.

10-22-2013, 01:30 PM
Oh sweetie! :hug:

I've been where you are. March of 2008 I was at 272 when I started my first attempt at weight loss. Come September of 2008, I was 241 when I found out I was pregnant with my child. I was such a mix of emotions over that. I managed to gain every last bit back throughout pregnancy, which devistated me. Moreso by the fact that I really wasn't even able to eat (I had all day sickness every blasted day) and was on bed rest the entire pregnancy so I couldn't even walk 1/2 a mile to get even moderate exercise in. I then managed to balloon all the way up to 293 pounds after my angel was born while I was breast feeding.

Plain and simple, I KNOW your pain.

But, it is not the end of the world. I promise. :) If you are able, keep up with exercising, with doctor approval of course. Drop intensity back and keep your heart rate low (I THINK 145?) so you don't starve the baby of O2. Remember, you only need 300 extra calories a day to grow a baby, so keep counting those calories to keep your weight gain manageable. Those 7 pounds you gained is mostly water weight. So, don't fret.

Now is a good time to step away from the scale. I mean it. I weighed daily and it drove me mad. Step away and only weigh at your doctor appointments. Normally I am all for the monitoring yoru weight loss/gain, but pregnancy takes a new road and you have enough on your mind without adding in the fact you are gaining back hard earned losses.

Remember, when your beautiful bundle of joy is born, you really aren't going to fret about the weight gain, you are going to be fretting about a beautiful miracle. And you are going to loss most of what you gained in child birth, if you gain responsibly.

:hug: Chin up. You might not be bikini body next summer, but you will have something just as awesome, if not more so, to show off.

10-22-2013, 02:32 PM
Oh hon, I'm totally there with you right now. :hug: I'm currently 7 months along with my first baby and had a horribly "fat" weekend. :( I don't have any casual clothes that feel even remotely flattering on me right now. I honestly don't mind looking pregnant, but in my head I simply looked and felt fat as I lumbered around all weekend. :o

While one of the main reasons I was losing weight had to do with wanting to have a healthy pregnancy (I miscarried last year), it was so frustrating for it to happen when I'd made so much progress yet was still so far away from my goal. I was at my lowest weight since junior high and felt for the first time ever I was finally starting to get a figure! Then I was hit with the sudden realization that I'd be spending the rest of the year watching my belly grow. :dizzy:

Having to shift my goals from weight loss to weight gain has been a total mind**** for me, but I've found ways to cope. First off, whatever I do has to be good for the baby, whether it be exercise, eating, or getting proper rest. Although I wasn't counting calories as I was losing, I actually started once I found out I was pregnant to ensure that I'm eating enough, yet not too much. Here is a great pregnancy calorie calculator (http://www.freedieting.com/tools/pregnancy_calorie_calculator.htm) that will tell you approximately how many calories you need daily for every trimester, something that's been an enormous help to me. I've also spoken with my doctors about what exercises are safe for me to do as well as how much I should be gaining. I'm currently one of the leaders of my local TOPS group, and even though I have to be gaining I'm continuing with the weekly meetings in order to stay accountable and make sure I'm gaining the right amount.

I'm so looking forward to a healthy baby sometime before Christmas, and I'm also looking forward to doing everything I can from now on to be an active, healthy mom for him. I still have plenty of "fat" days like I did this weekend, but in the grand scheme of things, I'm in a much healthier mindset now than I was a few years back. It'll pass! Despite having to take a break from the weight loss, things are only getting better for all involved. I've worked so hard on keeping this mindset throughout the pregnancy so I can get right back on the wagon when it's time.

I don't aim for perfection, I just try to do my best every day. And some are admittedly better than others. :^: I do find myself indulging more often than I'd like, but I've become great at balancing things out over time. I also think it's normal to have plenty of "fat" days in our situation, so chin up! You've got so much to look forward to with a beautiful baby on the way. I know it sucks to have to wait on getting where you want your body to be, but in the grand scheme of things, this will only be a small blip on the radar. Hang in there! :hug:

10-22-2013, 04:53 PM
Thank you everyone for your kind words. They realy do mean a lot right now. I was feeli g so down this morning and you guys really lifted my spirits. I just need to sit down and make a meal plan and make a point to keep exercising. Thanks again guys.

10-22-2013, 06:15 PM
I went through this in 2011/2012, got down to 170 range, got knocked up with #3 and have been battling back down from 242. Ask for a referral to a nutritionist, depending upon how far along you are, you may not need to up your cals just yet. In general you can also continue with any working out you've been doing. Walking, yoga, stretching, these are all good activities for pregnant women. If you're more comfortable doing pregnant work outs, rent a bunch from the library or netflix and try them out.

I came out if my 1st pregnancy 20 lbs lighter than I went in. Sure, I splurged, special occasions, but overall, I just added 2 yogurts to my normal daily intake and my gain was minimal. I gained 27 with #1, 35 with #2 (to be fair, 9.11 of it was him), and 50 with #3. I wish I'd stuck to plan the way I did with the first kid :(, but with carefulness and planning there's no reason to go completely off track.

Most important thing is healthy mom, healthy baby!

10-27-2013, 11:19 AM
I've never had children, which I sometimes regret, so although I can't imagine what you are going through, try to keep your eye on the prize; a little human being running around that may someday become a scientist who cures cancer or the first woman president or something! Regardless, he or she will be someone to love and take care of you when you need it someday. I'd trade being thin for that joy and peace of mind any day since it's too late for me! I'm not trying to minimize your struggle; just want to give you another viewpoint. Congratulations and Best of Luck!