Biggest Loser Challenges - Red Team Fall into Fitness 2013 CHAT Thread Week 3 (10/21/13 - 10/28/13)

10-20-2013, 11:34 PM
Our team total loss for week 2 was 18.5 pounds (0.5%) last week - way to go! Keep up the good work and let's try to get that loss higher for next week!

Individual results:
:congrat: Nixmom (4.8 pounds, 2.12%) :congrat:

Honorable Mentions:
:cp: Elizabeth779 (3.5 pounds, 1.33%) :cp:
:yay: Jillie442 (2.4 pounds, 1.32%) :yay:
:flow2: Nightkatt (3.5 pounds, 1.22%) :flow2:

Please remember the rules state that you're only eligible to win if you're posting here weekly. ;)

So glad that you found us maryshady! I hope this is an enjoyable challenge for you!

Sorry I was missing in action much of the week. I had a pretty stressful work week. We're nearing the end of the trimester so parents are emailing me left and right. I had a stomach flu midweek which resulted in a lot of off-plan carby foods as I recovered. Needless to say, I'm up over 3 pounds between the stress, flu and comfort food. Yuck. I'm happy to see all of you had a better week (loss wise anyway) than I did!

This week's theme - Fitness. What are you doing to get into shape? What are your favorite activities? What's your workout regimen?

I don't have a workout regimen. I'm trying to get into one, but every time I do it makes my weight loss stall out. My original plan was to wait until I was below 200 and then get serious about fitness, but I think I'm going to have to get serious now to stop this going off plan every other week.

I like walking, I have some youtube videos and I do physical therapy exercises for my arthritis (knees & shoulder). I'd love to try the Jillian Michael's videos, but I just don't think I'm ready.

What do you do?

10-20-2013, 11:55 PM
PERSONALS - sorry I've been terrible about doing personal comments. My goal this week is to be better!

From last week's thread:
Darcey-I totally understand the carb addiction. I had Shoo-fly pie for dessert tonight.

Ooh, what's Shoo-fly pie? It sounds intriguing! I had a horrible carby-sugary-chocolatey week :(

I can say I feel better, I've dropped a pant size, and I think I'm doing pretty darn good!
Good for you! Feeling better and downsizing are the BEST signs of success!

I just got back from a beautiful week in Kauai and am ready to get down to business!
I'm so jealous! I went to Kauai in the fall of 2001 and it was the best vacation ever! I'm considering going back for a goal reward.

The hardest part for me is not eating chocolate, especially with Halloween candy currently in my house.
I swear Halloween is going to be the death of me. Between the candy everywhere and the homemade goodies everyone seems to be bringing to work... It's worse than Christmas!

Just wanted to let you know I am here. I hadn't checked back in a while and didn't realize we needed to weigh in this week. I was thinking next week. But will be here from now on.

So glad you're here!

Our reward for getting to goal is going to be going back (to Jamaica)! We're already saving up. It'll be nice to go and actually enjoy being in a swimsuit all day and not hiding behind a cover up and towel LOL.
I LOVE the idea of a beach vacation for a goal trip! I think I might start planning one too!

Hi everyone! I have really struggled with food this week. I have stayed on track with exercise which I count as a success. I only lost .8 lbs this week. Hoping next week is better!
I'm glad you were able to post a loss even with your struggles. I gave up the fight this week and gave in. The scale shows it. Today starts a new week!

LOL I can see this challenge getting VERY competive as soon as I get my new Fitbit ... it should be any day now.
Lol - I think I might have to get a Fitbit so I can get in on the competition! ;)

Here's to a great week 3 ladies!!!

10-21-2013, 10:44 AM
Boy these challenges go by fast, it is week 3 already??!!

I had a good weekend, didn't lose but didn't gain either so I will take it. I'm working on the last 20 or so pounds and it is just going to be a slow process but that is ok as long as I continue to work my way down I don't care that it is slow. (Well not that much, I just panic if it goes up.)

Workouts, I still struggle fitting in anything other than walking and using the stairs at work. I set a goal during Weight Watchers this week to get up early just ONE time this week and get some weight resistant training in. Well I didn’t make it THIS morning, was up to late last night. But I don’t have the grandkids tonight and that means no trips to daycare on my way in tomorrow so hopefully I will roll out of bed at 4am and fit in a workout tomorrow morning. I like getting up early in the morning and getting things done, always have, but for some reason I just have gotten so lazy that I like staying curled up in bed lately. I need to break that lazy streak because I HATE coming home after work and having to workout. LOL Meanwhile, lunch hour walks have been my primary source of exercise. We have a circular hallway on the first floor of our building that facilities has marked at quarter mile intervals so if you walk it about 1 you will get a quarter mile in. Now that it has cooled off they have also mapped off a walking/running path around the campus that I’ve gone out and used a couple of times. That is where I plan on heading today if it isn’t raining. Maybe even if it is, nice to get out and I do have an umbrella in the trunk.

Also Weight Watchers is challenging us to get up and move for at least 5 minutes every hour that we sit at our desk. Even if it is just standing and taking a phone call. I frequently use this type of break to walk down to the Lobby and back to the 4th floor. It’s a good mini workout, doesn’t take long and helps me rack up the flights on my fitbit. :) Gotta love that it counts how many times you walk up the steps. I don’t have my new one yet but should have it any day now. Also I noticed they have come out with a fitbit Force that also counts flights as well as steps. It’s a little pricey but is a wrist band version, I read a Forbes Magazine article on it and it sounds like it may be worth it if I decide to upgrade my fitbit down the road … a long way down the road, I love the fact that no one even knows I have the tracker on. However, they pointed out that you have a tendency of checking it more often if you are wearing it on your wrist. It also has a watch built in so you can just replace your watch instead of wearing two devices on your wrists.

Have a good week if I don’t get to drop in again.


10-21-2013, 04:20 PM
Well, after having an awesome week calories wise Sun - Fri, I kind of blew it this weekend. My only saving grace on Saturday was the fact I wanted to see how far I could push myself with the fitbit LOL. I managed to stay within calories for the day despite some bad choices. I was all for getting back on track yesterday, but my dad cooked his famous chicken and dumplings, so there went that.


Grats Nixmom! Way to go!

And awesome job everybody!

Fitness - well, prior to getting my fitbit I was walking 20 minutes on break at work Mon - Fri and then going home and walking 30 more or work out on the elliptical for 30. Now? I am determined to get over 5000 steps in a day at least, more really. I go to the local school track and walk 8 or more laps, which roughly equals 2 miles or more. I put on my headset and before I know it I'm prancing along to the beat which really gives me a great workout. (I probably look ridiculous, but who cares. It's hard for me not to dance to a good song when I'm in the mood LOL) It's fun and then coupled with seeing my goals on my fitbit app fall into place, it leaves me feeling accomplished. :D

Next up, the hubby and I are buying a home gym. I'm going to start using it 2-3 days a week to build up muscle. God, I am so out of shape! I have no upper body strength whatsoever. In high school, I loved the weight room and I heard it's free to use, but it's always packed. The local gym only stays open till 5 so that's no good. We're getting a decent machine at Walmart that I feel is a good starting place. I honestly can't wait till it's set up and ready to use. In the meantime, I've pulled out our old weights and am starting to do reps with them.

Exercise stalls me out some too. I think it's because my muscles tend to hold onto water or something along those lines. I really don't know why it does, but it does. I'm going to keep at it though. After working out, I feel amazing, plus it's a great way to increase HDL. I wish the scale understood that, but meh, it's just a dumb machine LOL. It's heading in the right direction and while I wish I could strap a rocket to it, I can't sadly. Short of starving myself and avoiding social situations until goal, I'm stuck just dealing with the two or less pounds a week it seems :(. In the past, if I stuck to a plan, I lost like crazy. Now? I guess my metabolism just slowed to a crawl and my hormones hate me. Not going to give up though!

Edit - Eofaz, I got the fitbit force pre-ordered! I found a good deal on the zip just so I could get started on it. Man, this little thing really motivates me LOL.

10-22-2013, 12:14 AM
EofAZ - I like the idea of getting up and doing something other than sitting every hour for at least 5 minutes. I need to keep this in mind on the weekends when I am spending way to much time on the couch.

Fickle - A home gym sounds so awesome. I have wanted to start lifting but I have no idea where to start.

So many people are wearing the fitbit here. I have the bodymedia arm band which also tracks my steps. How many steps are other people on here averaging each day?

I was off track last week, it wasn't good but I am feeling much better about this week. As far as my workout routine I have been wanting to start one but I have been so tired. I wake up to walk my dog from 6-630 and then I go back to bed 6:30 to 7:20. I know this would be a perfect time to fit in a workout but my warm bed is just too tempting.

10-22-2013, 12:48 AM
Good evening teamies!

Congrats to the losers, maintainers, and gonna get it week-ers!

I have started this challenge 5 times AND NEVER FINISHED. When I gracefully bowed out of the last one, I should have stuck it out. I did great this week because of you girls. I know I only got one post in, but I was here a number of times to read up. YOU ALL ROCK!

Riddy - Thanks for all of the Medifast input from last week. I have filed all of your info into my "secret weapon" file, to be used at a later date. I have been diligent about using MFP and keeping myself at or under 1600 calories. fortunately, for the moment, it seems to be working.

Rated - I'm with you on the warm bed thing. I am the worst morning person ever. Not good when you are the boss of a department that starts at 6:00am. :) You are dedicated to walk the dog that early! I, too, am kind of creeping up on the exercise. I am going to concentrate on journaling my food through the end of October, and add exercise to the mix beginning November 1st. By then it will be just in time for the time change to mess me up again! :0)

Superhero - the "stall out" is exactly why I'm taking this one step at a time too. I have been out of shape, and a program for so long that I need to master one thing at a time. As for Kauai - I'm now madly in love with it too. It is a PERFECT goal reward. GO FOR IT! You must get back there!

Fickle - Thanks for congrats. I surprised myself! Home gym will be great and how nice to have access at your fingertips. Have the battle of exercise for me is getting to the gym. I don't time/hate mornings (see Rated response above) and I work 10 hour days. So if I stop at home before going, its over, and going straight to it after a long day sucks. You are blessed! Put it to good use. BTW 2lbs a week is great! We put them on 1 at a time and they have to come off that way. ;)

EofAZ - really 4am? How do you do it? I like your WW challenge. I think I will try to do beginning tomorrow. The work day is so busy I often forget to get up and get my blood circulating. Thanks for the tip.

Okay all of you early risers, what time to you go to bed? I would have to be asleep my 8pm to get up at 4am.

Fitness. What are you doing to get into shape? What are your favorite activities? What's your workout regimen?

I am currently not exercising. However, I do have a BodyMedia Fit that I just recharged and will start wearing tonight. I'm gonna try to hit 5000 steps tomorrow (office job this might be a challenge)! Much like Fickle, I love to dance. I REALLY love to dance. A few more lbs and maybe my feet will let me again!

Welp, I have survived my first day back to work and am now ready for a good nights sleep. I'll check back in on Wednesday!

Nite Red Team!

10-22-2013, 03:22 AM
Congrats Nixmom, Elizabeth, Jillie, and Nightkatt!

I'm bummed I was up this week, but not surprised since I was down the week before. Here's hoping that helps offset any vacation gain this week. Other than travel day, I've gotten in some sort of exercise every day. I am definitely eating (drinking!) more than at home, so I need to keep up with the exercise.

Nixmom, you're welcome! I have lots of tips and tricks I can send you if you decide to do it. You can also search the Medifast section here - I posted a lot when I was on it.

Evangeline, I have another fitbit friend already! My friend that I'm visiting bought one today.

My exercise plan is to do something, anything every day. I love yoga class, and go as often as it fits in my schedule - usually once or twice a week. If I had the time and the money, I'd go every day, I love it so much. I also run - I aim for twice a week, it ranges from 1-3 times a week. When it gets too icy to run outside, I switch to the elliptical at the gym. I go to a personal trainer once a week for strength training - we do mostly TRX suspension training. And then I fill in with walking, hula hooping, belly dance class, yoga videos and jumping rope.

10-23-2013, 11:43 AM
Hi all!!!

I havent been writing here as often as I wished I could... I am sorry about that but I keep visiting regularly.. Today I just made sure I make an entry...

I have mixed feelings about my performance so far... To start with the low points... This week is a week of parties, send offs and have been eating out all the time and is a high stress work week as well.. Which means less moving and more eating :( :( not gud at all.. may end up gaining a few pounds.... :cry: I am trying to keep a check on all that I eat to some extent... and it is also TOM... With all the hormones I am not even sure if I am still making efforts to lose...

For the good things I went shopping for cloths last weekend and found that I have dropped a size :o That was wonderful though I still have a long way to go :) :carrot:

This week's theme - Fitness. What are you doing to get into shape? What are your favorite activities? What's your workout regimen?

I do not have a strict regimen but I try to get atleast 30 minutes of brisk walking every weekday. I try and fit in elliptical and stationary biking as often as possible (thrice a week at the max) and use weights again not regularly but I try to do it twice a week..

I want to try zumba someday.. I definitely will like to be more regular but it just that with the winter around, I find it very difficult to get around to the gym

10-23-2013, 03:40 PM

:congrat: Nixmom, Elizabeth, Jillie and Nightkatt :cheer:

This week I have been doing ok, but I still haven't gotten around to exercising, and I know that I need to! I have been doing well with my food, but I have been lazy about logging it at loseit. So, I am making a commitment that I will exercise today and I will log my foods. I have just been so lazy this week :o

This week's theme - Fitness. What are you doing to get into shape? What are your favorite activities? What's your workout regimen?

Lately, nothing. When I do workout I exercise at home with Cathe Friedrich dvds, ( I have almost all of them and love them. She has such a huge variety of dvds: cardio, circuit, weights - both endurance and strength, metabolic workouts, yoga, spinning, boxing, kickboxing), and the newer ones all have premixes on them so there are so many ways to use them. Now I just have to start using them again!

Darcey - I hope you are feeling better and are having a less stressful week at work.

Evangeline - I also like that no one knows I am wearing my FitBit too. I looked into getting the FitBit Flex when it came out, but I had read that the wristband isn't as accurate as the One in regards to the step count :shrug:

FickleHearts - Glad you are enjoying the FitBit!

Rated - How many steps are other people on here averaging each day?
It depends on whether I am working. On the days I work I average anywhere between 8,000 - 10,000 steps per day. If I also exercise on those days I log around 12,000 steps. However, on my days off, if I don't exercise I am only averaging around 3,000 steps a day :o I definitely don't move enough!
Good for you for getting up so early to walk your dog. I have been talking to my hubby about getting a dog because I know I would walk more, plus I have always wanted one. I'm scared my cat would run away though!

Nixmom - Have you tried any of the Just Dance games for the Wii? They are so much fun and great exercise!

Riddy - Great job on still exercising while away :cp:

Nlauh - Congratulations on dropping a size!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day :)

10-23-2013, 04:34 PM
Rated - I've only had my fitbit since Fri and I didn't wear it on Sunday. I'm trying to average 10,000 a day, which I hit yesterday and should today. My job is a sit on your butt all day type so not much movement. Amusingly enough however, I get about 4000 in at work just walking around the parking lot and getting up to get water and potty all day. Last night after I walked 2 miles, I was 920 steps short of 10k. I looked at my dogs and decided they needed to be walked LOL. I ended up with 11k and change.

I've been having massive leg pain when walking. I think I'm having circulatory problems from sitting on my bottom for so long. It seems the best treatment for that is moving more!

Nlaugh - this week will be over before you know it. I dread my TOM because I tend to gain 10 lbs of water weight. I'm hoping this month it won't be so bad since I'm drinking tons of water every day and moving more. Grats on dropping a size! That often makes me ten times happier than a number on the scale anyhow. :)

10-23-2013, 05:03 PM
I haven't been posting either but I will from now on. I also have a fit bit and just love it. I try to average 10,000 minimum but yesterday got my first 25,000 badge. I usually walk in the morning between 4 and 5 miles and then went shopping to the mall, groceries and then my dd wanted to go to walmart and that is how I got my steps in.

Fickle- If you are having massive leg pain when walking please see your doctor. No matter how long you sit this is not normal. You might have Pvd Which is peripheral vascular disease and you could be inclined to get blood clots and it is very painful. There are meds you can go on that will help you and your shoes make a big difference too.

10-24-2013, 09:52 AM
I'm on the fence with it at this point CleanCow.

My instinct says I have PAD, but I have no other symptoms of circulatory problems. Everything I read says that other than surgery, walking and forming new blood vessels is the best thing to do for it if I do have it. On the other hand, it could just be out of use muscles protesting about moving 239 lbs more than they are used too and I'm just being a baby! The only reason I have that it's not is just the fact that my BFF is bigger than me and her's doesn't hurt much at all.

I'm not going to let it make me stop walking. If I have to stop every lap and give them a rest, fine. The only way to make it better is just push through it. I usually wear Avia walking shoes or Sketcher's Go Walk.

But I am going to speak with my Doctor about it when I go to see him next month. I do appreciate your concern! :)

10-24-2013, 03:17 PM
I did my first workout yesterday and it felt great! I did a :boxing: workout and it was a lot of fun. Today, I am going to be :wl: focusing on my biceps & triceps.
Last night, I went grocery shopping and because I spent over a certain amount I received a box of 125 mini Halloween chocolate bars. Normally, I don't buy my Halloween candy until the 31st so I am not tempted, but I couldn't pass up a free box. Now, all I can think about is those Reese Peanut Butter Cups :yikes: I am going to have willpower and avoid them though, as I know if I eat one, I will end up bingeing on them.

Questions for the FitBit users - do you wear a heart rate monitor when you work out? I do and I find the calories burned is different, (the heart rate monitor calorie burn is way higher than the FitBit), so I decided not to wear my FitBit and manually logged my activity so that I could enter the calories from my HR monitor. However, I don't get any steps logged by doing this. Is there anyway to edit the calorie burn on a FitBit recorded activity? Also, has anyone else found that their FitBit logs steps while driving? I drive about 40 mins each way to work and I was shocked to see how many steps were logged during that time period :eek:

FickleHearts - Please don't wait to see your doctor. It could be just your muscles protesting, but be safe and get it checked out :hug:

cleancowgirl - :bravo: on earning your 25,000 step badge :cp:

Well I better go work out as I need to have a nap this afternoon as I start back on my night rotation tonight :yawn:

10-24-2013, 04:37 PM
Well, I go the week of the 6th, so it's not too far off :) I can't take off work too much.

Grats CleanCow on the 25,000 steps badge! I really want to average 10k a day, but with my job the way it is, it's hard. Since I seemingly have lost the ability to sleep past 3:30 these days, I think I'll just start getting up early and do my workout then.

And Narnia, I could not resist peanut butter cups. They are my favorite. You are awesome for being so brave LOL!

As for the fibit - no I don't use a HRM. I probably should, but I'd rather it undercount calories for now. I haven't noticed about the car thing, but I did see that that was an issue for some users in the reviews. I haven't seen anyway to edit the calories burned.

10-24-2013, 04:49 PM
Thanks fickle. Glad you have an appointment coming up with your doctor. I get a lot of my steps in through my job as a nurse on a very busy unit and when I am off at the high school track.

10-25-2013, 10:43 AM
Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been around much. As a family, we have had a very busy 2 weeks. I have been working hard to help with my one son's Cub Scout Pack's float for our towns Halloween Parade that was last night, I also organized all the local Brownie troops to walk together, coordinating 4 troops planning and helping to make costumes and learning scouting songs so the girls were entertained. It's over now... so today I can breath a little bit... but TOM showed up today so not breating too easily.

Hope everyone has had a great week. Going to try to read this thread while my kiddos work on some school work.

10-26-2013, 03:19 PM
Fawn - I can imagine how busy Halloween is with two kids. There is probably a lot of excitement in your house.

Yesterday we had an event at the school I work at so instead of sitting on my couch Friday night I was up walking/running around. I had a little over 21000 steps which is insane to me since I usually average 15000.

I am down a lot this week. I had been eating poorly so eating well this week resulted in water weight plus some to come off. The scale is down 3.6 pounds which I am happy with.

The gym teacher at the school I work at is starting to run a circuit Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I really want to go but I am trying to figure out how to fit in a dog walk also. But all the teachers that have been going say it has been awesome.

10-26-2013, 09:32 PM
Evening all,

It has been a busy last 4 days. I had hoped to get back here sooner. I am here, and reading everything. I promise I will do better about posting next week.

I'm working at home this weekend, trying to catch up on my 300+ emails from vacation (ugh) and I need to put them behind me so I can be a good contributor here.

Right now I just want to shout out "Stay Strong" and "Keep moving!" We can do this!

Don't forget to weigh in!

Iowa Bette
10-27-2013, 02:02 AM
Hi All
It's been a busy week here so I'm behind on everything. Congratulations to Nixmom and all the other losers. I had a 2 lb loss this week, it was more earlier in the week but I accidentally ate something with wheat in it. I got so bloated and it's taken a while to get over it. A reminder to be more careful.
Have a great rest of the weekend everyone