Ideal Protein Diet - HUH...Confused about the P1 to P3 thing

10-15-2013, 02:16 PM
So, I did IP last year, got to goal, have maintained for almost a year. In September I did Phase 1 for 18 days to loose 5-7 pesky pounds that were creeping on. I phased off and have been "maintaining" since the end of September. I began phase 1 yeterday as I am going on VK next Friday for a week and want to have some wiggle room. When I saw my coach yesterday to pick up food, she said that I could do phase 1 this week and then next week a couple days of phase 2, a couple of phase 3 before I leave on Friday. I see on hear that people say you HAVE to phase off if you do phase 3 for any amount of time, even just a week.

On that note, let's say I do loose 3-5lbs this week. Isn't that all water weight anyhow?

10-15-2013, 02:55 PM
This info might help you
It looks like you're just doing a little re-boot (reset). I put in bold (below) the info you might be looking for

IP reset/restart

What is a Re-Set? A re-set is what happens when you have been in maintenance for a minimum of 6 months (more typically a year) . A re-set “re-sets” the pancreas and helps us to maintain our sensitivity to insulin. It is recommended that this is done once a year to prevent those 5-7 pounds of weight gained over the course of a year from becoming 50-70 lbs. A reset is typically not appropriate for those looking to lose more than 10-15lbs. This number will depend on your total weight loss on the program i.e. if you lost 100lbs on the program and you are looking to lose 15lbs of weight gained while on maintenance a re-set would be appropriate -this would equal about 15-16% of your total weight loss any more than that a reset would not be appropriate. If you lost 30lbs while on the program 5 lbs. would be appropriate for a reset- about 15-16% of your total weight loss.

Why? A re-set is an accelerated version of the regular protocol. Phase 1 until you reach your goal (no more than 2 weeks) and then an accelerated phase off minimum of 2 days on phase 2 and phase 3 maximum of 1 week on phase two and phase 3. The goal is to complete the reset within 1 month. An accelerated phase off can only be done when severe calorie restriction (as in phase 1) does not exceeded 2 weeks.

What is a Re-Start? A re-start is what happens if after going on to maintenance you have gained more than 15-16% of the weight you lost while on the program. A re-start would also apply if you are returning to the program to lose some additional weight (exceeding what you would normally be able to lose over the course of 2 weeks) that you had not lost previously while on the program.

10-15-2013, 03:03 PM
Thank you Lisa. You are always super duper helpful. What about the water weight then? Wouldn't it go to say that whatever is lost is water the first week? I hear so often that people are losing a lot because of this their first week.

When I phased off this last time, I almost immediately put on 3lbs which is said to be water weight but not everyone experiences it. Anyhow, I hover anywhere from 130-135 depending on TOM, foods I ate, if I had any alcohol, working out, salt, etc, etc, etc.

10-15-2013, 03:03 PM
On a positive note, I can FEEL the difference.