Biggest Loser Challenges - Red Team Fall into Fitness 2013 CHAT Thread Week 2 (10/14/13 - 10/20/13)

10-13-2013, 09:49 PM
Great first week Red Team! As a team we lost 33.1 pounds (0.8%) last week - way to go! :carrot:

Individual results:
Biggest Loser:
:congrat: SuperHeroTeacher (-6.8 pounds, -3.15%) :congrat:

Honorable Mentions:
:cp: Rated (-5 pounds, -2.84%) :cp:
:yay: Iowa Bette (-5 pounds, 1.96%) :yay:
:flow2: findingfawn (-4.6 pounds, 1.75%) :flow2:

:bravo: Congratulations to ALL losers, maintainers and everyone trying their hardest! Keep up the good work and let's try to beat our team loss of 33.1 next week. :D

We have a couple of members missing in action. Mountain Mama and maryshady, if you're out there we'd love to have you join us!

This week's theme - what is your nutrition plan? Are you counting calories, following a specific diet plan (i.e., South Beach, Atkins, etc.), a meal replacement plan (Jenny Craig, Medifast, etc.), or something else? What about the plan works for you and what is the most difficult part?

I started Medifast, a meal replacement program, on March 31 of this year. I had amazing success the first 4 months, and then I went on vacation. I went off plan while on vacation and it has been a battle sticking to plan ever since. This week (6.8 pound loss) is obviously an example of an on-plan week. Last week I gained 6 pounds while eating off plan (birthday festivities).

Medifast works for me because it is amazingly simple to follow. I eat 5 MF meal replacements per day (shakes, bars, pretzels, puddings, etc.) and 1 "lean and green" meal per day which consists of 6-9 ounces of lean protein and 1.5-3 cups of low carb vegetables. Only having to prepare one meal per day is super easy and I've had no problems customizing menu items at restaurants to meet my needs. I meet with a nutrition counselor weekly to discuss progress, challenges, plan meals, etc. - oh, and weigh in...

The hard part - I'm a carb addict and miss bread, pasta, chocolate, cake, etc. And sometimes I give in to temptation. I was perfectly on plan for 4 months - no cheats. Now I can't seem to accumulate more than 2 weeks on plan. I'm still losing, but at a significantly slower rate.

So, what's your plan?

10-13-2013, 10:54 PM
Congratulations SuperHeroTeacher, Rated, Iowa Bette and findingfawn!:carrot:
Lets go Red Team!

I am a calorie counter. I use Lose It to keep track of what I eat. Lose It syncs
to my FitBit account so I can tell if I have eaten more calories than I have burned. It wasn't a great week. My daughter was home from college for a
few days and she wanted some home cooking.

Darcey-I totally understand the carb addiction. I had Shoo-fly pie for dessert tonight.

10-14-2013, 10:38 AM
Wow.. never thought I would be in the top 4 losers! I'm excited! I don't see it this week, I didn't really blow it calorie wise but I have had lots of sodium which sends the scale into crazy mode for a while. I saw a woosh today and should see one over the next 2 days so maybe by the time I weigh in on Weds I will see a good loss for the week.

This week's theme - what is your nutrition plan? Are you counting calories, following a specific diet plan (i.e., South Beach, Atkins, etc.), a meal replacement plan (Jenny Craig, Medifast, etc.), or something else? What about the plan works for you and what is the most difficult part?
I'm a calorie counter. Nothing is really off limits, I just have to keep myself accountable for the calories I eat. I usually log on sparkpeople, but honestly right now I'm just tracking in my head each day. I get burned out entering everything into the computer and I find myself online way more than I want to be. I'm trying to break a computer addiction as much as I am trying to lose weight. I'm not good with a paper and pencil either, so I have divided up my calories into meals and snacks and make sure each meal/snack fits into the calories I have allotted for it.

10-14-2013, 12:31 PM
Grats Super, Rate, Iowa, and Fawn! Way to go! :congrat:

At the moment, I am calorie counting, tracking it on myfitnesspal and calorie count because I get bored. I do really well on paleo/low carb, and that's the diet my doctor recommends due to my sugar being above normal. It's hard to switch fully over to it while my husband is at home because he is constantly wanting us to go out and eat lunch together. Once he starts back working, which is next month YAY!, it'll be easier. I'm doing well just counting calories though, so may just stick with this. I've cut out sugar and most grains already, save for the occasional subway sandwich.

I'm not really finding anything hard so far. The first week I was hungry all the time. I'm on my third one now and I find I'm not that hungry anymore and I'm eating way less at meals. Last night, I cut my steak in half, ate half, and put the rest away for lunch or dinner today. Prior to this, I would have ate all 12 oz. :o On Saturday, I had a planned cheat day, but ended up eating half my meal at lunch, got full, and finished off part of the rest for dinner. Even with ice cream at DQ, I didn't go over my calories for the day. Guess it wasn't really a cheat day then LOL I'm re-learning to just stop eating when I am no longer hungry.

I've upped my exercise for the week; I walk 20 minutes in the morning on break and then either go home and walk for 30 more or do my elliptical for 30 min 5 days a week. I eat my calories earned by exercise only if I'm hungry, but lately I'm not.

I can say I feel better, I've dropped a pant size, and I think I'm doing pretty darn good!

Iowa Bette
10-14-2013, 03:46 PM
Hi Everyone
Congrats to Super hero, Rated and Fawn for being out top losers this week. I just hope I can Keep up my end again next week.

I have used many different eating plans over the years, but I'm currently eating wheat/gluten free. I don't have celiac but I'm sure I have some sensitivity. I was having bloating, heartburn and many other problems that have gone away in the last 2 months since I quit the wheat. It's really not as hard as I thought it would be, but the few times I've eaten too much the results haven't been pleasant so I just weight the side- effects against how much I want something to see if I will eat it. I do need to watch the calories and keep away from the sweets because I can still eat them.

I have thought about Lite for Life, has anyone tried this program?

Kayak girl, I know what it's like when a child comes home, when my son is home I have to cook all his favorite.

Super Hero- I love my carbs too, they just don't love me.

Have a great week everyone!!!!

10-14-2013, 04:44 PM
Good afternoon ladies!

Kudos to all of you big losers this week! That's awesome!

I just got back from a beautiful week in Kauai and am ready to get down to business! I weighed in with my starting weight as a default for 10/13. Much to my suprise, that was my weight this morning (arriving home). Glad it wasn't up and I didn't want to waste a freebie!

I, too, love my carbs. I also know that I have to limit my consumption of them if I want to get to a healthy weight. I would take a bowl of pasta over sweets for desert anyday!

This is kind of my get serious moment. I realized seeing pictures of myself from vacation (one where I didn't even recognize myself!) that I need to make a solid commitment and do the hard work to get healthy. I can't you all how excited I am to be in this team effort!

what is your nutrition plan? Like many of you, I will be counting calories, using MFP and syncing with my BodyMedia Fit. I was considering going to a meal delivery to kick start my loss, but decided I would start counting first. I am interested to see what others who have used meal delivery have to say.

I hope you are all enjoying your Monday, and I look forward to getting to keep up with the thread now that I'm home!


10-14-2013, 05:49 PM
Congrats to everyone who lost weight week 1 and here's to week 2!

My plan is calorie counting using myfitnesspal and my body media armband (which I love!) Nothing is off limits but I am really trying to eat less processed packaged foods and more whole foods.

The hardest part for me is not eating chocolate, especially with Halloween candy currently in my house.

10-14-2013, 07:22 PM
Good evening everyone. Congratulations to SuperHeroTeacher, Rated, Iowa Bette and findingfawn. Great Job.

Basically I low carb AND count calories. I always eat low carb (I’m a type 2 diabetic) and because I watch my carbs I log my food on to makes certain I don’t eat to many and spike my sugar levels. When my weight loss slowed from just low carbing then I added in counting calories to watch my intake and see if I couldn’t get things rolling again. My plan is very similar to South Beach, which is the diet I turned to when I was first diagnosed and was trying to figure out how to eat without the carbs. This has been the best thing I could possibly have done for myself. Once I learned to eat with limited carbs I stopped craving them. Almost all of my overeating was snacking on carbs. I learned that I already created well balanced reasonably proportioned meals, I just got into trouble when I started wanting to snack, it was always a Carb with either sugar or salt added in. Now that I don’t crave the carbs my diet was almost self-correcting. Wish I had figured this out 30 years ago. Now I am rarely hungry, rarely crave anything and weight loss has been relatively easy, right up until these last 30 pounds. Now it has slowed down, so I really need to focus on more exercise because I don’t think I can really cut down any more on the food.

Oh, one other thing I am doing is going to Weight Watcher Meetings. I have a really wonderful group leader and the meetings are within walking distance of my house. I wanted to add in the accountability of weighing in each week. I don’t really follow the weightwatchers plan because low carb has to comes first but it does make me keep true to the calories and making wise choices and I just love the group, we have so darned much fun there.

10-14-2013, 09:01 PM
EofAZ - That is great that you are able to go to Weight Watchers meetings. I am sure the in person support is very helpful.

I weighed myself this morning and after my Thanksgiving dinner last night I have some work to do! I want to start the c25k which I have tried before but never made it past week 3. Has anyone here completed the program and have any advice?

10-14-2013, 11:51 PM
Congrats Darcey, Rated, Bette And Fawn!

Since I got off Medifast, I've been doing a low carb calorie counting. I rarely eat starch, but I do eat fruit now. I keep track on myfitnesspal, and I have a fitbit.

I aim to exercise every day - run or walk 2-3 times a week, yoga class I can, TRX with a trainer once a week, plus some hula hooping, jumping rope, and yoga videos to fill in.

I'm heading out on vacation this week, and staying with a friend who's a fantastic cook. I already told her I need to keep up on my exercise if I'm going to eat her cooking all week! :dizzy::D:dizzy:

Let's all have a great week!

10-15-2013, 01:23 AM
Riddy - How long did you do Medifast and did it work well for you? What would you say the pros/cons are?

I'm really looking for a good kick off to weight loss and thinking maybe I should try something like it for a couple of months. Any input you would be willing to share would be great!

10-15-2013, 11:49 AM
Nixmom, I did Medifast for 2 years, and still have a few things on hand I'm using for snacks. It works, but it is intense. I thought I'd be so hungry I'd a want to eat my own arm, but it wasn't that bad. :D Despite what MF says, though, you WILL be hungry. Fortunately for me it was never for more than about 1/2 hour at a time, and then I could eat something again. I liked that it was simple. I liked that I only had to think about 1 meal a day, and that I only had 1 opportunity a day to screw up. I lost the first 50 pounds in 5 months, it took 11 more months to lose the next 50. I've been stuck for 14 months now, so I'm working on fitness. I like that it's pretty black and white - you're either on plan or off.

Downside - it's expensive. I liked almost all the food, but some people have a big problem with the taste. I did not follow the rules and used lots of herbs and spices to doctor up the food. Sometimes I really wanted to eat 2 real meals in a day, or have some wine "just because", and I had to either decide I was going off plan, or talk myself out of it.

Medifast made me realize how mental losing weight is. By taking away so many food choices, it made me think about why I eat. I realized I had no concept of portion sizes, and I eat out of boredom and habit.

Now 2 1/2 years after I started, I can say I have changed how I eat and think of food. I'm still not where I want to be, and I struggle mightily at any kind of buffet (just this past Saturday, even), but I'm getting there.

Good luck whatever you decide!

10-15-2013, 12:26 PM
:congrat: Darcey for being our BL this week :cheer:

Congratulations also to rated, Bette, Sommer :cp:

This week's theme - what is your nutrition plan? Are you counting calories, following a specific diet plan (i.e., South Beach, Atkins, etc.), a meal replacement plan (Jenny Craig, Medifast, etc.), or something else? What about the plan works for you and what is the most difficult part?

I count calories. I have tried other plans, but I always go back to counting calories, as I find it the least confusing for me. I eat healthy foods, but I eat way too much! Calorie counting helps to keep me in line. I haven't really found anything difficult with CC. I would say the biggest hurdle for me is that I need to hold myself accountable and log my food everyday. I have a tendency to skip days, and those are the days I overeat.

KayakGirl - I recently bought a FitBit and I love it! I also log my food at Lose It. Hope you had a nice visit with your daughter.

FickleHearts - Way to go dropping a pant size :cp:

Kris - That's awesome that you were able to maintain your weight while on vacation. I don't think I've ever done that :o

Riddy - Hope you have a nice visit with your friend.

10-16-2013, 09:15 AM
Just wanted to let you know I am here. I hadn't checked back in a while and didn't realize we needed to weigh in this week. I was thinking next week. But will be here from now on.
I do Wheat Belly which is lo carb, no grain. Been doing it since January but tend to cheat weekly with some sugary things. Planning on going all the way now. Tired of playing around with it. Just need to learn to bake somethings to have if I am going out where there will be sweets.

Starting back to working out this week too. Think I will do Body for Life for my exercise piece. Did it years ago and loved the changes I saw in my body.

Have a great day!! :)

10-16-2013, 10:29 AM
Thanks Narnia!

Kayakgirl - I've been hemming and hawing around the $100 to get a Fitbit. I'm torn between it and the body media. To be honest, I'm more interested in the sleep tracking LOL. I have terrible insomnia.

Prior to getting married three years ago, I had dropped 30 lbs. I didn't gain a bit back on my honeymoon. I think it was because we were very active...... and not just in that way LOL..:devil: We got married in Jamaica and spent our time there walking everywhere and swimming. It definitely wasn't by not eating..... I lived off jerk chicken and hamburgers.

Our reward for getting to goal is going to be going back! We're already saving up. It'll be nice to go and actually enjoy being in a swimsuit all day and not hiding behind a cover up and towel LOL.

Mary - I understand cheat days. I still lose with them, but I'd probably do better if I just stuck through it or limited them to once a month. Lately, I've just been allowing myself one meal instead of a whole day. It's worked out well as that one meal normally is enough to keep me full until bedtime. Have fun with the work outs!

10-16-2013, 11:02 AM
Hi everyone! I have really struggled with food this week. I have stayed on track with exercise which I count as a success. I only lost .8 lbs this week. Hoping next week is better!

10-16-2013, 11:54 AM
Hi all!! I havent been doing good this week.. I have stayed in better control over food but I have been down to 0 exercise. I dont seem to have dragged myself out of my room... 2 major reasons.... Its been raining all week and the next me being so depressed and lonely that I have ignored almost everything... Havent even been sleeping properly also.. Hardly get 6 hrs of sleep.... Have totally forgotten to drink water.. All in all not in a good state

Hope to feel better.... As for the nutrition, I do not follow any specific diets but use my fitness pal to log in calories and mostly try to be under the calorie range or around the number... Occassionally I take a day off....

As for me I have gained close to 1.1 lbs... hope they will come off :(

I better get a good hold of this.

10-16-2013, 02:49 PM
nlauah -- it has been raining in TX too and I have to admit, I have been more interested in curling up and enjoying the sound of the rain then getting up and working out. Hence, my weight has bounced up and not down. Need to get that corrected but it is so hard when the weather is so cozy.

Fitbit -- I loved mine ... to death. I killed the little thing, not certain exactly why it quit working but it decided to stop charging. I wrote to Fitbit and they are sending me another one free of charge. So Riddy, that is why you have been kicking my butt in steps the last couple of weeks if you noticed. LOL When the rain stops and the fitbit arrives watch out.

FickleFawn -- I wanted my fitbit more because of the step counting. I work on the 4th floor and like to track how many times a day I go up and down them. It has been good for that but I'm shocked at how hard I work on trying to get in 10K steps. The thing will start sending you motivation comments on your ipad so I'll sit down to surf the net and pick up my ipad and it will say 2000 more steps and you will make your goal today. Guess what, I get up and try to get in 2000 more steps. Love it.

Back to work. TTFN

10-16-2013, 03:28 PM
Evangeline, I did notice your steps were way down. I thought maybe you weren't wearing it. That sucks that it broke, but great that fitbit is replacing it for you. I killed 2 of the original style, but I had bought them at Best Buy and got the protection plan, so I got them replaced no problem. The second time they had just come out with the One, so for about $15 Best buy let me upgrade. I kept breaking the clip, and the clip on the One is a lot sturdier. It's been almost a year, and I just had to buy a new clip.

Narnia, if you want a fitbit friend, I'm game. I admit, I get a little thrill the days I beat Evangeline in steps, and try to get more in the days she's beating me. :D

10-17-2013, 02:25 PM
It was a better day yesterday and I got a 3 mile walk... I havent done anything close to that in the last 4 days or so..... Stayed 400 calories under and wasnt hungry... I did not weigh myself today morning since I was in a hurry but can expect some increase as I near TOM and have the bloat :(

I seem to have picked up some stomach sickness since the morning.. let me see how the day goes.. Hope it gets better

Iowa Bette
10-18-2013, 12:16 PM
Hi Everybody,
I weighed in today and had another loss, I just hope it keeps on coming off. I think the gluten free is helping. They finished the roof on our house yesterday and will start the windows nest week so I'm almost out of the construction zone for this year. I'm not doing very well on the exercise tho, I need to get moving.

Nixmom- How was Kauai? we are planning a tropical vacation this spring and still debating Hawai vs Caribean .

Rated- I have a huge chocolate addiction too, I just try to limit it coming into the house which doesn't work well.

Eof AZ- I'm type 2 diabetic too, I used South Beach years ago and it worked wonderfully till I had a thyroid flair and gained 30 pounds back in less than a month. I'm thinking about the South Beach Gluten free that just came out.

Mary Shady- I'm reading Wheat Belly and I like what it says.

Fickle Hearts- We went to Jamaica in September and loved it.

Nlauah- Hang in there, I know how hard it can be to get going but I'm here for you.

Have a great weekend everyone, We are going to the football game tonight, our daughter is in the Jr high band that is performing tonight. It's going to be cold but fun.


10-18-2013, 02:13 PM
Narnia, if you want a fitbit friend, I'm game. I admit, I get a little thrill the days I beat Evangeline in steps, and try to get more in the days she's beating me. :D

LOL I can see this challenge getting VERY competive as soon as I get my new Fitbit ... it should be any day now.

10-18-2013, 03:42 PM
Iowa - Oh we loved it. I can't wait to go back. Funny how I live on the beach, one that's just as pretty. I guess it's just the novelty of a different beach and the atmosphere.

I bought a fitbit zip, should be here today. I also pre-ordered the fitbit force, the new wrist band. That won't be here until November though. I'd love some buddies!

I'm not too happy about weigh in tomorrow. This week isn't going as well as hoped. I've eaten way too little and while I don't buy into the starvation mode thing, I don't think it's healthy to eat under 1200 calories. It's just how things fell and what happens when I don't plan. I've danced around 239 all week, but tomorrow will be the tell all. I'm cooking stir fry chicken tonight, so here's hoping it won't pack too much sodium.

10-20-2013, 09:29 AM
My scale is going the wrong way. :( I've gotten back on track with my food and exercise but for some reason my weight is going up instead of down. I'm taking another freebie this week so I don't inflict these awful numbers on the team.

10-20-2013, 04:51 PM
Hi everyone :wave:
I just finished my block of night shifts and I am exhausted :yawn: I managed to lose 2 pounds this week but I am sure it's just water weight, as I wasn't on plan at all. I ate ok, but I didn't log my foods so I don't know if I went over with my calories, and I didn't have any energy to exercise this week. It just goes to show that you can do everything right and not lose, or even gain weight, and then other weeks you can be off plan and lose :shrug:
I have 4 days off now so I am definitely getting back to exercising this week. I feel so much better when I am working out consistently.

FickleHearts - I think you are going to love your FitBit! I have the One and I find it so motivating. I would love to be your FB buddy :)

Nlaugh - I can relate. I haven't been sleeping much either and it ruins my whole day. Hope you are feeling better :hug:

Evangeline - That is great that you are getting your FitBit replaced. I dropped mine in the sink about a month ago and it stopped working. I put it in a bag of rice for a couple of days and it started working again. I was so happy because I had just replaced the one I had lost a few months earlier.
I too find it hard to get my 10K steps in per day, especially on the days that I don't work. When I used to work the evening shift I could easily get in 15K steps per shift, but now that I work nights I average around 7K per shift.

Riddy - I would love to have you as my FitBit friend :) I have no idea how to add people though :o

Novus - Hang in there! Your muscles are probably holding onto some water. I bet you'll see a loss soon.

Well I am going to try to get a few more hours of sleep. Have a wonderful day!

10-20-2013, 06:53 PM
Hi everyone ... and WAHOO to our BL this week and the top 3 too :)

I seem to be a little out of sync with the timing for posting (prob being on the other side of the world lol) .. so Im just trying to catch up :)

This week's theme - what is your nutrition plan? Are you counting calories, following a specific diet plan (i.e., South Beach, Atkins, etc.), a meal replacement plan (Jenny Craig, Medifast, etc.), or something else? What about the plan works for you and what is the most difficult part?

Over the years I have tried just about every diet and plan there is .. well .. available in NZ anyway lol .. and I have managed to stick to them for about a month .. sometimes 2 .. before I go completely off plan and give up (on myself more than the plan). My biggest problem isnt actually eating too much .. its eating the right things for my body. So I am still adjusting my plan to suit me .. taking bits from other plans that seemed to work for me and not included the bits that didn't ... sort of figure I really need to get something in my day that I can stick to without really thinking about it :)
Sooo ... my plan ...
- Fasting - I fast for 12-16 hours each day (minimum 8pm-8am) try to allow only an 8 hour eating window. I have found the earlier in the day i start eating .. the more I eat.
- I dont eat at specific times .. ie every 2 hours or whatever. I have a snack bar at midday usually (well around then), and then a main meal about 530 (mainly veg) .. and if Im a little peckish .. I will have a snack at 730.
- Water - I DRINK heaps! A minimum of 3 litres a day :) Feel so much better and my skin and hair look great too!
- Carbs - hardly have any .. about 3-4 baby potatoes (about 150g max) if I am going to have any... no bread ... occasionally I will have a pita pocket though.
- Protein - try to stick to no more than about 70-80g a day (value wise when I put it into my calorie counter lol) ... mainly chicken breast .. I dont really like red meat and not a fan of seafood either.
- Salt - I dont add it to anything and try to make sure whatever I do have is low sodium level.
- Fats - According to my calorie count I am consistently too low overall .. so the odd treat of low fat butter popcorn is a nice supper time snack to boost that one a little :)
- Vitamins - I have multi vitamins every day .. just to boost what I may be a little low in.
- Beverages - I usually have a glass of fresh OJ each day, coffee once or twice a week (no sugar/low fat milk), and green tea daily.
- Calorie intake - I was advised for my size a target of about 1980 calories each day was a good target .. most days when I was really pushing my intake I was lucky to get to 1500 .. now Im happy at around the 1000-1300 each day ... and the days I go a little over .. I dont stress so much :)
- Exercise - ummm .. yeah .. well .. still a work in progress lol ... I do more housework than I used to .. and the last week has seen me busy setting up my new store which opens next week (so lots of running around getting things, prepping the store and painting it on the weekend) .. I am definitely more active than I was 3 months ago ... but still want to try to get in at least a couple of days a week of proper exercise before the wedding lol ..

Right .. need to go pick up some more stock to sort and take down to the store .. have a great week all .. and yahoo for week 2 :) Im sure we can beat Week 1 results :)

10-20-2013, 07:58 PM
Novus - It sucks when the scale doesn't cooperate. As long as you truly are eating better and exercising then the weight will come off you just have to patient.

I had an awful week this week. I confess the Halloween candy got me! But it is now up high where it is 100% impossible for my to reach. I can see it but there is no way for me to have it.

Today I was really productive. I have hard boiled some eggs, made a quinoa salad and soup is cooking for dinner, I feel in control and back on track.