Dieting with Obstacles - Life after my ankle surgery- any tips when non weight bearing?

10-12-2013, 07:18 PM
Hey there :)

I had my ankle surgery a week ago Wed. The beginning was tough with upsetting experiences ranging from seven IV sticks for my surgical anesthesia to the first night home in the ER with a painkiller reaction and a harassing nurse's aide the first day home. Big sigh, the tough was rough but things are getting easier, fortunately.

The pain was tough at first but now it is more under control. The most challenging part of my recovery is getting around, I can't bear weight on my right leg for close to a month. I try so hard to get around with this knee scooter but the steering is terrible on it, although it is much better than crutches. I sometimes lean on my right foot when I get up, my surgeon says that pushing and leaning on my right leg and ankle isn't good for it and can affect cartilage healing, so I shouldn't do it.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get around not bearing weight? I feel confined to my home because it is nerve wracking for me to go out, I fell once when I went out alone. Since then things are a bit easier but I am still scared. I have aides who come in every week and that helps. I just want to get past this but only time and proper rest will heal these wounds. It's just that I used to walk everywhere and now I feel so confined to my home. :(
I have a small trip/vacation planned with family at the end of November. I really hope that I can make it.

Any tips or suggestions welcomed! Thanks!