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10-12-2013, 08:57 AM
We went way past our post limit so I started a new Thread. Today weight is 224.4. I am leaving my ticker as is because I wil be there soon enough. It's not great only 1/2 pound down but considering I had lost in two weeks around 6 lbs I guess I am due. I will admit I have not been vigilant with my water and yesterday had 3 mini reese cups.

Dh left on a hunting trip for Colorado yesterday for almost 3 weeks -oct 30 th he will be back. I was really bummed. One of my older daughters is staying with me. My youngest is 16 but she is autistic and I work only weekends at the hospital so I needed someone to stay with her at night. She is pretty functioning but still needs someone here for her and with my dh gone it will be rough on her. This is the longest trip he has been on since we have been married for 29 years.
I told myself though this is the perfect time to get some things done around the house, painting my bedroom and concentrating on this weight. I am hoping to get down to 218 before he gets back. I noticed a big difference in the way he looks at me. He has never said I was fat but he is athletic and I could tell he has wanted me for a long time to get my act together and lose these pounds. Okay I rambled enough.

10-12-2013, 11:40 AM
cleancowgirl Thanks for starting a new thread! You are so close to 218! :yay: You can do it!

I came in at 231.5 lbs today. Finally! lol.. I am very excited to get into the 2-teens, so hopefully I fly right on through into and out of the 220s.

10-12-2013, 12:12 PM
new thread :) ty, cleancowgirl

I wanted to say thank you to ainslie, cleancowgirl, Only Believe, Nagazim, and SouthernBell02 for responding in the previous thread regarding my being down in the dumps yesterday about loose skin type issues. It's such a superficial concern in the grand scheme of things and I feel guilty moping about it. Very helpful to know that I'm not alone, but it's even more helpful to read everyone's positive and matter-of-fact attitudes about it.

Today marks several days that I have spent under 220, so it's time for me to say not goodbye, but see you all soon :) in the two-teens thread!! I was 218 lbs again this morning :carrot:. Good luck to everyone. This has been a fantastic thread for support and I legit could not have reached this weight without it.

10-12-2013, 09:19 PM
Thanks for starting the new thread!

Well, today has been a weird one for me. DH has seen me go gluten free and low carb over these past few weeks and decided he wanted to try it out too (since he's already having to eat this way a lot of the time because that's how I'm cooking). Well, yesterday was his day 1 and he did fine. Then his mom came into town with her constant grazing and they both had a good time (RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME) at the October Fest today. I will say that I wasn't hungry for the crap they ate but funnel cakes were one of my very favorite things about the Fall. :( I'm just bummed. It makes me so mad that I let myself get fat in the first place so I couldn't just scarf down greasy mess with them. Since he gave in a had a carb overload, he can't stop eating but wants me to fix him everything so it's "on the diet". Buddy, you threw the diet out of the window this morning already!... I've just been surrounded by food for days it seems and I'm grumpy about it all since I'm pretty sure I'm not actually hungry, just want to munch since they are. Ok. Rant over.

10-12-2013, 10:08 PM
Nagazim you should be very proud of yourself. You did something that was very difficult and I am proud of you. Did you know that you are one of my biggest motivaters? We starded around the same time and had almost the same height and weight. And we are close now. ( secretly I compete against you in the halloween challenge) . You help me stay on my plan cause I don't want to see you pass me by. And cheer for you too cause I know if you can do it so can I.

10-13-2013, 11:48 AM
Oh Nagazim, big hugs for you! It helps me to keep in mind that healthy eating is a reward for myself and my body, not punishment for being fat! Your husband shouldn't be eating nutritionally-empty swill either, even if he is slim - and I'm sure if he starts eating the real food that you eat he'll realize how much better he feels and that funnel cakes aren't worth it! My husband is very slim and is so much happier eating in a very similar way to how I eat, albeit in larger amounts with more healthy carbs.

10-13-2013, 02:59 PM
TooWicky~ YAY, on moving down to the teens!! I hope to be there soon. I know the rest of this group does too and are following you closely!!

Nagazim~ Way to stick to your plan! I am not sure I would have been able to since funnel cakes are a huge weakness for me. I find that I get very growly about food. My trigger though is when my family eats the "on plan" food that I get at the store forcing me to eat something that I had not planned on eating. This happens ALL. THE. TIME!!!!! I told them that I was going to start putting my name on stuff like I do at work so nobody else eats it. DON'T TOUCH THE CRAZY LADIES FOOD!!!! ;)

10-13-2013, 03:56 PM
Totally missed that TooWicky moved on to the two-teens - congrats lady!! Hope to follow you there soon!

Only Believe
10-14-2013, 10:36 AM
Good Morning, I'm drinking my coffee and thinking on the day ahead. I've got to lose some more weight this week. I hate it when I just bounce around in one spot up some down some, but not going any lower. That's about to change!
237.8 this morning and I want to see 235 so I can say I've lost 60 lbs. 225 is my next goal to get to. I was there a short time 10 years ago. I had lost 60 lbs and got down to 225 and I don't know why but I stopped weighing in and stopped trying and the weight started coming back with no attempts to stop it. When I get there this time I want to pass those numbers and keep on going. It's no going back for me ever again. I'm saying goodbye forever to these pounds as they leave. I refuse to take them back!!
I'm wishing us all a great week ahead. :dust:

10-14-2013, 12:02 PM
Only Believe, I was reading back in the previous threads and you were asking for standing resistance band/weight exercises. What types of lifts/body areas were you looking for?

Holy smokes, I am retaining water like it's my job. My ankles feel super swollen. The plus side is that I can still fit into my new pants even with bolating issues. NSV: My friends and I went to a renaissance faire this past weekend and I have a corset that I can usually only lace to the point where there's a 2-3 inch gap in the back. I haven't tried it on since last year and was pleased to see that I could tighten the laces to the point where the sides were touching and there wasn't a gap at all. Now to start saving up for a new one!

Now that it's getting darker earlier, I'm thinking about shaking up my workout routine by easing off of what I've been doing and working on compound moves that target several large muscle groups all at once. I've been heading over to work out at a little past 5:30 PM and by the time I've finished everything, it's around 6:45-7:00ish. Deer are pretty plentiful in the area and I want to do everything I can to avoid a repeat of the Deer vs. Car smackdown from last year.

Only Believe
10-14-2013, 01:49 PM
Issaknits, Lemon water seems to help me get rid of retained water. Congrats on the NSV! In answer to your question, I don't really know what I'm looking for, but since it's hard for me to get in the floor to exercise I need standing ones. I'd love to have good workouts for my arms (bat wings) my chest, my back (it's looking good but I can grab some fat back there on the sides about mid way)My belly.. Oh it's not pretty.. I hate the apron. LOL I want something to help shrink some fat... my thighs and butt need help too.. about the only places that don't need at least some toning is my forearms and below the knees. I think with more weight lost and toning.. most of the problem areas will look fine. The ony place I'm not so sure about is my lower abdomen. Oh well, I already look tons better than I did.
I have resistance bands and 5 lb weights (ETA: forgot to mention I also have an elliptical). I'm finding a few youtube videos but not sure which give the best results.
My niece who hadn't seen me in months came by Sunday. She said at first she didn't know who I was and that she's never seen me look like this. My sister called yesterday wanting me to send pics to her because her daughter came to see her and told her how good I looked and how I've lost so much weight. :) That made my day. I sent pics and she said "WOW" :)

10-14-2013, 04:22 PM
I'm not at my home computer right now with all my nifty links to form check videos (I'm such an "am I doing this right? Am I?!" worrier like that) but I'll post up some links to some of the things I do tonight. For your hamstrings, thighs, calves, and butt, squats are your answer. They don't even have to be done with any weights at all: air squats will still give you a burn. I usually do those on Wednesdays, but I'm thinking of putting them in on Mondays and Fridays as well.

It's really weird how your mindset starts to change. Instead of going "urgh, it's Monday" when I woke up, I went "Woo, deadlift day!" :lol:

10-14-2013, 05:23 PM
Too wicky- Congrats to moving to the teens. I am hoping to be there before Halloween. Weight yesterday at 222.7. After working midnights I went out with a friend for breakfast and had the cheese and mushroom omelette. Weight is up a bit but we will see what it is tomorrow. I am drinking up to get the sodium gone. I would have rather had the waffles or pancakes but settled on the eggs.
Only believe- You are doing great. My weight does that too it bounces a lil bit down then up and then all of sudden I will have 3-4 lbs gone. I am going to try the lemon water and see if helps.

10-15-2013, 12:03 AM
Okay, I think I found a couple of my links. Ignore the muscle-bound men using 60+ pounds as a warm-up/example weight. What I liked about this guy was that he went through how to properly do each exercise, and he stated that yes, the people doing the examples are using a lot of weight, but you do what *you* feel you can do. Getting correct form is more important than slinging around huge weights anyway and definitely helps prevent injuries, no matter if you're lifting five pounds or five hundred.

I'm running under the assumption that you're working out at home, so I found some dumbbell exercises. Some of these use weight benches, but you can easily use your bed, your sofa, a chair, or a low countertop/tabletop in a pinch. Also, I am by no means an expert and there are plenty of other people way more knowledgeable than I am, but these are just some of the moves that I've been incorporating into my workouts that I've seen significant progress with in the inch-loss department.

Chest: dumbbell chest presses.http://youtu.be/pFcU-d5uDmM This really works what I call my "chicken cutlets", or that bulge of skin/fat that hangs out by your underarm and bra strap. I've also noticed that it's helping to work off my upper chest area and hints of collarbone are starting to show up.

Rear deltoid: seated rear delt lateral raise. http://youtu.be/q1mPicAs1Hs In my experience, working out the rear deltoid helps your tricep muscles and may help out with some of the bat wing issues. I can't say if it's just this muscle or not since I'm also working out my triceps, but my own bat wings have shrunk considerably. You can do these standing or sitting in a dining room chair.

Hamstrings/Glutes: stiff-legged deadlifts. http://youtu.be/vYFpAIxrD2c The one thing about deadlifts is that you *have* to be very careful about your back. I was watching the girl in the background do these and I wasn't comfortable seeing someone go so fast, but hey, maybe her trainer told her it was okay. Just go slowly and at your own pace.

Here's a barbell deadlift that I do. I don't know if you can modify it for dumbbells, but I like how this guy goes through the do's and don'ts and proper form. http://youtu.be/7xwJzLQTKYQ

Triceps: tricep kickbacks. http://youtu.be/xq1N9Tjz9to These target that horseshoe shape at the back of your triceps.

More shoulders: Arnold press http://youtu.be/KbjRW6gErZU I actually like this one a lot better than a regular shoulder press. I've noticed that my shoulders have actually gotten more of a rounded shape and have started to actually look more feminine since I've been doing them.

And squats: http://youtu.be/tboLNWXfLAE What I like about this video is that she goes into detail about the "deep squats are bad for your knees" myth. For me, my left knee USED to sound like rice crispies when I first started. Now that I've just barely started strengthening the muscles around it using correct form, my knee issues have gotten WAY better. What she didn't say, but you can see in the video, is when she comes up from the down position, she's pushing through her heels to really use her legs to bring herself back to the starting position.

I hope that helps out a little. :) I probably wouldn't do all of this in one day, but pick a few, do as many reps as you feel you're comfortable with, and then take a rest day in between to give your muscles time to repair themselves. They really need that day off because you're essentially making micro tears in the muscle and it's on the rest day where you start rebuilding and getting stronger. Muscles are built in the kitchen too, so I'd pay attention to how much protein you're getting. I've been using (and been really lax about using, eep!) the If It Fits Your Macros (http://iifym.com/iifym-calculator/) ratio to see just how much I need. It calculates your TDEE, your BMR, and then gives you options (fat loss, maintain, or bulking) on how many calories you need to eat based on how many times per week you work out. Once you pick your option, it calculates how many grams per day of carbs, fat, protein, and fiber you need in order to achieve your goals.

If the weights feel easy, you can either up the weights or increase your reps. I started out on a lot of these doing only three sets of ten reps and using five pound weights. I've been doing this on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and *very* light Sundays for the past couple of months and each lift has gotten easier and easier to the point where I've been increasing my weights by five pounds every other workout. I'm still lifting woefully light (my "I'm struggling at rep #6 and almost dead fatigued by #10" weights are 35 lb. bench, 40 lb. squat, 30 lb. deadlift and 25 lb. overhead press) but I'm working to improve it at my own pace. I know that if I just shove more weight on that I'm likely to get injured, which will slow me down even more than going at my own pace and listening to what my body tells me to do. I just tell myself that one of these days, these struggling numbers are going to be my warm-up set and then keep plugging along, working with what I can and making sure that I have good form the whole time.

Wow, I got wordy. TL;DR: I love lifting. I love that I can take what I've built in the gym and apply it to everyday tasks. The first time that you realize that you're lifting something (mine was a 25 lb. box of cat litter) that used to be a big hassle and now you're doing it like it weighs nothing is a great feeling. I love that while my weight might be staying the same, I now fit into clothing sizes I haven't seen in ten to twelve years and that I can actually start to see muscle definition in parts of my body that used to just be flabby. My hands might have a bunch of new callouses, but I really don't mind them. I actually like to run my fingers over them during the day to remind myself of how far I've come and they motivate me to continue onward.

Okay, now somebody please feel free to tell me to shush. I tend to blab on and on. :lol:

10-15-2013, 08:15 AM
All right, more lifting love! I think lifting is the only thing that's getting me through this journey, and it has really helped me change my mindset. Instead of obsessing over what the absolute lowest calorie foods are, I go through the grocery store asking myself "What will feed my quads? Does this have plenty of calcium so I don't get stress fractures?" Instead of fighting sleep, a lifelong bad habit of mine, as soon as I'm drowsy I hit the hay so that I can rebuild. And lifting just makes you feel so GOOD about yourself! Instead of scrutinizing the size of my belly, I marvel at how hard my shoulders are getting. It's the best thing I could ever do for myself, even if I hadn't needed to lose fat.

Only Believe
10-15-2013, 10:46 AM
Issaknits- Wow! Thank you so much! I will check out all the links and see what I can do. I do need to build up some muscle. I am such a weakling lately LOL My knees have that rice crispy sound and they hurt some but not as much as they did. Getting up from a chair or sitting down was very painful before and not as much now though I still have those days sometimes. I did 50 squats last night. I hope I did them right LOL Thanks again!!
236 this morning so I'm working my way through the 230's. I can't wait to say goodbye to them too. 59 lbs lost!! Woo Hooo!!!

10-15-2013, 11:16 AM
Huzzah on the weight loss! That's fantastic progress!

A word of warning: you might see a slight bump in weight the day after lifting. Muscles tend to retain water in order to repair themselves. I usually see a 2-4 pound increase the day after, but it goes away relatively quickly. Also, try not to lift in running shoes. Those have a springier heel, which is great for distributing shock out on the road, but not so much for when you're trying to push up through your heels and feel the floor underneath you. I've noticed that I'm a lot more unstable and wobbly on the days I wear my running shoes than I am when I wear the old beat up pair of sneakers I use to mow the lawn in. I haven't worked up the courage to lift barefoot because I'm one of the most accident prone people I know and that's a squished or stumped toe waiting to happen, but I'm looking around for a pair of Chucks to appease my inner Doctor Who fangirl. :)

Hello Nurse: Heck yes on the lifting love! The day I decided to do barbell work was pretty much the best day ever. Now instead of grumbling about my enormous (yet slowly shrinking!) bat wings in the mirror, I'm looking at that line starting to show up where my biceps are. I'm like you in the grocery stores. I'll stay within my calorie range and plan the bulk of my calories around lean meats, eggs, and bacon and then round everything out with dark greens and a smidge of dairy. The days when I eat under calories or not enough protein are when I feel super off-kilter.

10-15-2013, 11:30 AM
Hi y'all!! It's been a while...

I had a little panic then when I went to the old thread and wasn't sure how to find this one! But thank you for starting the new thread cleancowgirl!!

I had a bit of a stressful week last week as my 3 year old daughter was sick and I had to look after her and have her home with me, so I didn't get the chance to do as much as I normally do. Thankfully she's fine now and back to kindergarten eager to see her friends again! And I can get back to my usual routine.

Thank you so much for the exercise links Issaknits, I was kind getting bored of the lifting I was doing and wasn't sure if it was still doing good as I've read when your body gets used to an exercise it's less effective. So, these are great for giving me the chance to try something new and mix up my routine a little. And I'm also feeling the lifting love HelloNurse!!

Also, I wanted to agree with the people saying well done to Nagazim for resisting the temptations of the funnel cake and other treats. And merilung is right, healthy eating is a reward for you and your body!

In case you come back to the link for a hello, well done TooWicky for getting down the the 2teens - hopefully I can join you soon!

Technically I'm down to 219.3 as of yesterday but I don't really feel comfortable heading down until I'm below 219. I'm going to weigh in again on Thursday as part of a Halloween challenge I'm doing, so if I'm 218-point-something then, I'll be saying goodbye to all you lovely ladies here! I think because of my lack of exercise and not eating as great as I could have due to not being able to get to the market during the week, this is why I only lost 1.3 pounds last week, but it's still a loss and it's still putting me at my lowest weight in at least 10 years so I'll take it with a smile!

Have a great week everyone!

10-15-2013, 11:46 AM
I hope y'all don't mind me jumping in here. I've recently re-started my WL journey and I'm trying to get rid of the lbs I put on during my 2yr hiatus. I weighed in at 238 this morning(39lbs of regain to go!).

Only Believe
10-15-2013, 03:32 PM
I just finished some of those exercises Issaknits.. and I really like them! Especially those squats. I've never been able to go so low! Thanks for the workout!

10-16-2013, 04:36 PM
Wannabeaskinnybride- Welcome to our thread and hope you don't stay here too long. Love the user name.

Weight for me is hanging on to 222.9 but weigh day is Saturday and hoping to be down some more. It has gotten a little quiet here but sure we won't be that way for long.

I went walking today and got caught in a Rain storm and by the time I was done looked like a drowned rat but at least I got my 60 minutes in.

10-16-2013, 04:42 PM
I went walking today and got caught in a Rain storm and by the time I was done looked like a drowned rat but at least I got my 60 minutes in.

This happens to me ALL THE TIME - I feel like the rain faeries are just waiting for me to get a few miles from home and then BAM! :p It's not so bad when I don't have the dog with me...he doesn't seem to understand that sitting in the rain and refusing to move doesn't make you get any less wet! Anyway, congrats on getting your 60 minutes in despite the bad weather!!

I'm still up at 224 today and I'm not really expecting a drop before Friday since my schedule doesn't allow for a full night's sleep tonight. Maybe I'll get a friday woosh? :crossed:

10-17-2013, 02:37 AM
Joining in...this is so me and I love the encouragement you are all giving. I am into my 4th week of an alternative IP program with my hubby. I have a trip to Vegas in February just as I turn 40 :s

I look forward to gathering and giving support as we blast through these 20's and 30's.

Merilung - Best wishes for a woosh!

10-17-2013, 10:55 AM
Hey everyone, just saying a quick hello, well done and goodbye to y'all before I move down to the 2-teens thread as I saw 218.5 on the scale today and feel safely into my teens enough to go down.

It's been a pleasure getting to know y'all and I'm sorry I couldn't be around to say more than a quick hello to wannabeaskinnybride and buffielynn but you're both in good hands on this thread!

Good luck everyone - see you in the 2-teens in no time!!!!!

10-17-2013, 05:51 PM
Hello every one, I'm a newbie here. I am back to really working on my health again. I was down to 198 and it seams I blinked my eyes and am now back up to 227. I am a diabetic on an insulin pump and I really need to keep my A1C down too. I am eating some cottage cheese to fill up on some protein before I take the kids to Disney on Ice. Hope this will help me pass up the food there.

10-18-2013, 06:19 AM
Welcome susan. You will get there . Thanks for joining my "Pass the stuffing challenge"
Getting there. Weight 221.1. Now 55 lbs gone. Still gotta change ticker, waiting for tommorow my official weigh day.

10-18-2013, 02:45 PM
Nagazim you should be very proud of yourself. You did something that was very difficult and I am proud of you. Did you know that you are one of my biggest motivaters? We starded around the same time and had almost the same height and weight. And we are close now. ( secretly I compete against you in the halloween challenge) . You help me stay on my plan cause I don't want to see you pass me by. And cheer for you too cause I know if you can do it so can I.

Thank you so much ainslie! That was all incredibly sweet! Healthy competition is always welcome ;D It's on! hahah

Since all the lifting talk is going on: I've been trying to incorporate more lifting into my workouts. Mainly using my children so it's play/exercise. That way I get more bang for my buck lol!

AFM: 229.4 today! I was very happy to see the 220s since I haven't in yearssss! I also hit my Halloween goal early so now I'm shooting for closer to 225. Paleo is working wonders for me. Seriously feel amazing!

10-19-2013, 09:38 AM
Well it looks as though I will have to pause my weight loss journey for a while. Iwas so looking foward to getting out of the 230s. I just found out that I'm preggers. It's strange. I guess that cause I lost the weight it made me more fertile?? This was a surprise to DH and myself. At least I won't have to clean the cat box for awhile. I don't see dr until nov 9th. I figure I'll try to keep the weight gain to a minimum until then. She probably won't want me to gain too much anyway. Secretly I'm hoping she can say I can still lose but I doubt it. Guess I will have to pull out of the Halloween challenge. :( I wanted to win it.

10-19-2013, 12:33 PM
Ainsie Congrats! That is awesome! I would not try to lose at this period but still eat healthy. I have a friend who did paleo the whole pregnancy and cross fit. After 2 weeks she was back to her pre baby weight. Eating healthy is always the better option and your baby will be healthy. Please keep us updated!:preg:

Today is weigh day and down to 220.1. Yea me!:carrot:

Only Believe
10-19-2013, 01:48 PM
:congrat: ainslie! Oh I wish we had little ones to spoil.. Maybe one of these days our son and his wife will decide to have us a grand-baby.
Way to go Nagazim! :carrot::cheer3::cheer2:
A great big :welcome: to those who've just joined us.
I'm still in the the 230's (236.4) but i keep bouncing around the same numbers, mainly because of eating just a little too much to lose. :o
I'm going to try to get in some exercise. I hope you all have a great weekend!

10-19-2013, 08:30 PM
I'm stuck at 237 :( I have been here for a little over a month and it doesn't wanna budge. On the plus side, I have managed to maintain weight, but c'mon now - I want this weight to come off already. What the heck!

10-19-2013, 09:43 PM
Ainsie Congrats on the baby news!!!!

I am having a good weekend so far. Did my 30 minutes on the treadmill today and stayed within my calorie and carb range. I am trying not to focus on the scale numbers but more on the miles I walk on the treadmill. I also have a pair of pants I try on every week that I want to fight into. My scale will show me at 227 and ten minutes late I will be 222.

Hope you all have a good weekend :)

10-19-2013, 10:25 PM
Well it looks as though I will have to pause my weight loss journey for a while. Iwas so looking foward to getting out of the 230s. I just found out that I'm preggers. It's strange. I guess that cause I lost the weight it made me more fertile?? This was a surprise to DH and myself. At least I won't have to clean the cat box for awhile. I don't see dr until nov 9th. I figure I'll try to keep the weight gain to a minimum until then. She probably won't want me to gain too much anyway. Secretly I'm hoping she can say I can still lose but I doubt it. Guess I will have to pull out of the Halloween challenge. :( I wanted to win it.

I have a friend (currently) that found out she was pregnant at around 275lbs. Her dr told her to up her cals by 300 per day and walk and move as much as she was comfortable with. She's around 250 now and her baby is due in December and right on point for his growth. It can be done ;)

10-19-2013, 10:38 PM
That's about what I figured. I changed my weight loss goal to 1 lb a week and reduce my activity level back to low so that puts me at about 300 net calories more. I will still continue my dancing but at a lower intensity. I'm still going to do my "runs" as it is mostly walking. Only about 5 min of joggi g spread over 40 min. I'll also reduce the weight that I'm lifting but increase the reps. I'm going to make sure to eat clean too.

10-19-2013, 10:56 PM
Sounds like you have a great plan, ainslie! Congratulations - wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

10-20-2013, 01:05 PM
That's about what I figured. I changed my weight loss goal to 1 lb a week and reduce my activity level back to low so that puts me at about 300 net calories more. I will still continue my dancing but at a lower intensity. I'm still going to do my "runs" as it is mostly walking. Only about 5 min of joggi g spread over 40 min. I'll also reduce the weight that I'm lifting but increase the reps. I'm going to make sure to eat clean too.

You're going to be an amazing pregnant woman! (Unlike me that gained a crap ton of weight everytime!)

10-21-2013, 04:34 PM
I weighed in at 240.8 this morning, so I'm hoping to be joining this thread real soon :)

ainslie - I got pregnant with my daughter after losing a lot of weight. I didn't do anything different other than lose weight. We weren't trying to get pregnant, but we weren't trying not to either. I kept losing weight for the first few months, but then I started gaining. The problem was I kept gaining after I had her.

10-21-2013, 06:13 PM
Welcome new members!
I am currently at 220.0 I plan to stay with this thread for at least another week I want to firmly be in the teens before moving on.

10-21-2013, 07:04 PM
I weighed in at 240.8 this morning, so I'm hoping to be joining this thread real soon :)

Welcome! I'm sure you'll be joining us in no-time! :carrot:

Welcome new members!
I am currently at 220.0 I plan to stay with this thread for at least another week I want to firmly be in the teens before moving on.

:yay:! Way to go! :bravo: Hopefully we'll all join you in the two-teens soon! ;)

10-21-2013, 11:09 PM
I am at 237 and am doing the 5:2 fast diet. I am trying it out for a month and see how it goes. I have been on it for a week and have lost. But I have tried everything and this is just an experiment.

Ainslie. I stayed the same weight with my pregnancy and came out weighing less than when I went in. It can be done and be healthy. You have a good plan stick to it and you will be okay.

Have a great night everyone.

10-22-2013, 10:07 AM
I've been MIA on this thread for a while due to a plateau that just beyond ticked me off that I wasn't budging, so I refused to post about it to keep my temper down. :) I am hapy to announce though, that I saw a NICE water weight whoosh last night and stepped on the scale to see a HUGE difference...223.5!!!! WOOT WOOT! :dance:

How's everyone doin'? :D

congrats ainslie - blessing in disguise :D

10-22-2013, 08:10 PM
Hello! I'm joining in here after a long absence from 3FC -- I'm up 27 lbs from my low of 199...so sitting at 226 right now. I hope to be in the 2-teens in a couple of weeks, since I think I have a great deal of water weight to lose before I get to the real fat. ;)

10-23-2013, 09:09 AM
YAY for the loss, zoesmom!! :carrot: Welcome to the thread, Angie! :welcome2:

LoseToAll, I'm interested in seeing how the 5:2 diet works for you! That's the one where you have 2 500 calorie days a week, right? I'm a big fan of daily IF but I've never tried a weekly version.

I was down to 221.6 yesterday but bumped up to 223 today, ugh. Hopefully I'll drop it all post TOM!

10-23-2013, 09:43 AM
I am still here. Weight bumped back up to 220.9. I did over do with the sodium yesterday so drinking up my lemon water and see if that makes a difference.
Congrats to zoesmom for the whoosh fairy visit. Great going. Welcome all new members to the thread.

10-23-2013, 10:33 AM
I think I might officially be in the 230's now. I weighed in at 238.6 this morning on my scale at home. I put 239 because by the time I got to work that's what it showed and the scale here at work is what I go by because we use it for our weight loss challenges.

It sounds like several of you have had a big whoosh. Congrats!!! Let's all hurry up and get in the next thread.

I haven't been down to this weight since I was pregnant with my daughter back in 1999. I don't ever remember weighing under 200, so there will be a HUGE party when I make it there! Two more pounds I'll have lost 100 pounds since July of 2011! I can't believe it!

10-23-2013, 12:38 PM
Merilung. Yes it is when you only eat 500 calories two days out of seven. It is not as hard as you think. I have popcorn that fills me up. A little protein and fruit and veggies make up the rest of the calories. It has only been a week and a half but I have lost 7.5 lbs and that is more than I have ever lost at a time. I see that all the time on 3FC and have never experienced it. It is really exciting. Like I can do this for the first time in my life. But this 5:2 fast diet is just an experiment right now. So we shall see how it goes.

Mandydawn77. That is amazing. 100 lbs. congrats. So you do challenges at work? Does everyone know your weight? That would kill me. What do you do for work?

10-23-2013, 02:40 PM
We have been doing weight loss challenges since June 14th at work. The first one was for 12 weeks and we had first, second and third place. I held second place throughout the entire thing and dropped to third the last week (grrrr). Anyway, we just finished our second one last Friday, it lasted 6 weeks and the goal was to lose 5% of our body weight and whoever did it split the pot. There were 9 people in the first challenge and 8 in the second, both times the same 3 people have won. Out of 165 pounds lost during the first two challenges, 129 pounds was lost just between myself and two others. Basically us 3 are the only ones really trying. This time there are 6 of us and it's 6 weeks winner takes all. I lost the biggest percentage last go round and hopefully I will this time too. We always go by percentage and that's what we post for everyone to see, not actual weight. We do have to have our weight verified so someone has to see your weight, but I've worked here for 8 years and I'm very close with my boss and it's all women. To hit 5% on the last challenge I had to lose 13 pounds and I lost 17, so not bad for 6 weeks. My boss weighs a lot less so she only had to lose like 9 pounds to get to 5% and she just barely made it. We try to change up the challenges each time. I work in medical records at a mental health and substance abuse hospital. We are trying to come up with a new challenge for January. Somebody brought up partners/teams, but my boss would go off on her teammate if they didn't try as hard as she does because she's very competitive, so I don't think that one would be a good idea lol. Any ideas?

10-23-2013, 03:34 PM
Mandydawn77. That is really great. How supportive! That would a fun way to lose. How much do you put in the pot? I have never tried by percentage. Maybe I will try it with next goal.

10-23-2013, 03:48 PM
Money is very motivating for me :)

We each put $10 in every pay period (every 2 weeks).

To get the percentage you just take your pounds lost and divide it by your starting weight, then multiply by 100 (or just move the decimal over 2 spaces). For example, I've lost 97 pounds, so divide that by 336 (starting weight) and you get 0.2886904, so I've lost 28.86904% of my body weight since July 2011. I'd like to eventually lose about half of my original body weight, so at least I'm more than halfway there :)

10-23-2013, 04:18 PM
I missed the opportunity to join the 240 group when I started at the beginning of October but it looks like my timing's good for this one. I'm down from 242 to 230 and counting...

10-23-2013, 05:17 PM
I don't get to post in here very often though I should be more diligent about it. I just reached my 70 lb loss and only have 19 lbs and I will be in the 200's for the first time in probably 30 years. These two pics are just about a year apart. The one with me in black was last year's cruise and the one in red was this year's cruise that we just got home from yesterday. Lots more lbs to go, but what jazzed me was I actually lost weight (5lbs) on this year's cruise! Jack booked our next cruise while on the ship so I have something to again work towards to get the lbs off. :)

10-23-2013, 05:40 PM
You look great gma22! I can't wait to see next year's photo!!! I would love to go on another cruise. I've only been on one and it was wonderful :)

Welcome Mimi. I just got into this thread myself. Hopefully we won't be here too long :)

10-23-2013, 08:23 PM
Gma22 you look like a totally different person. And I do not know how you could lose weight on a cruise. I gained 5 lbs when I went. Congrats!!!

10-23-2013, 10:46 PM
Hi girls :) just stopping in to say I'm freaking out! My bday is Friday and today has sucked so badly :( so DH decided we'd celebrate tonight. It's my first non home cooked paleo food in 30 days. I'm ok with eating the cheat meal (Mexican) but have a lot of anxiety over breaking my streak. I know my kids and hubby (and me) are getting burnt out on 100% whole natural paleo. I miss cheese. So now I have to figure out what we'll introduce back in and what we'll keep banned.

I hit 225.6 today! .2 from 50 lbs and I doubt this meal will help me reach my goal by Friday. Ugh! The anxiety!

10-24-2013, 12:26 AM
nagazim - You should just enjoy your birthday dinner. You've been doing so well I don't think one meal is going to set you back. Just go back to your clean eating and I'm sure your weight loss will continue as it has been. Now quit stressing and have a Happy Birthday! :)

Only Believe
10-24-2013, 09:14 AM
:carrot::cheer2:Hey there Mandy!! So glad to see you here.
Nagazim I hope you have a wonderful birthday:woo:
:cheer2: gma22 Congrats on the 70 lbs. Looking great!

I've got a busy day ahead. I was so happy to see 235 on weigh in this morning. That's 60 lbs lost since the end of May. I'm back on track and will be going full steam ahead. :)

10-24-2013, 02:28 PM
only believe - 60 pounds since the end of May! Wow! Way to go! I don't know if I can keep up with you, but I'll sure try :)

I was up today at 240.2, but it's the first time in awhile that it didn't go down and I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. I should be back down under 240 soon though.

Only Believe
10-25-2013, 09:31 AM
:bday2you: Nagazim

I was shocked and thrilled to see 233 on this morning's weigh in. That's a 2 lb drop from yesterday. I sure hope I can hang on to it. The 220's are now entering my mind. They looked so far away just a few days ago. I'm determined to reach them!

10-25-2013, 12:00 PM
Yesterday it was vey cold and windy here. So I decided to join the gym by where my DD has her reflex integration. They have experience working with pregnant women. Plus I will be able stay warm. I was not looking forward to walking in snow. I was very happy to see 233 on scale this morning, I was very depressed and begining of the week when it said 238. I cried. Well there was much wailing and knashing of teeth.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAGAZIM. Are you "29" like me?

10-25-2013, 05:17 PM
Congrats rebelle, only believe and ainslie - Sounds like you all three had good weigh ins today. Yay!

I went to the doctor today and the scale showed 240, which is 2 pounds less than mine at home shows. I was already subtracting 2 from mine at home though because it has consistently been 2 pounds off from the one at work and at both doctor's offices. Anyway, 240 was what I expected. I hope it goes back under soon. This was a doctor I haven't seen since 2009, but due to insurance issues I'm reluctantly back with her. I asked them what my last weigh in was with them and it was 330. So I was 90 pounds less today than I was back in 2009 when I last seen them! The nurse wanted to know what I've been doing to lose it :) I can't wait for the day when I finally get under 200! I will throw a party lol.

10-26-2013, 08:16 AM
I am still trying to find the teens. Weight 220.0 but down .9 from earlier in week. My fitness trainer said its from me upping my workout. Kinda stinks but I guess gaining muscle is good.

10-26-2013, 10:11 AM
Hi guys new to the thread, you guys are inspirational! I am struggeling too just like all of you and it gives me drive to push on and do the right thing! I look forward to seeing all of us shrink together!

10-26-2013, 10:44 AM
Hi guys new to the thread, you guys are inspirational! I am struggeling too just like all of you and it gives me drive to push on and do the right thing! I look forward to seeing all of us shrink together!

Welcome healthy to be!

10-26-2013, 01:05 PM
Merilung - Thanks for the welcome!

Losetoall -- That sounds really interesting, I may try that as I have a trip in 2 weeks and would like to see a little whoosh. I have done something like that before -- unintentionally, when I counted calories and realized i was low, but not hungry (maybe 700) and I recall having good losses in those weeks.

Mandydawn -- Congratulations on your losses! I used to run weight loss challenges at my work and there were usually only a few people really trying, it is lots of fun though.

gma22 -- Great work in the last year! You look fabulous. I'm so impressed that you lost weight while on your cruise? Was it through careful eating, were you exercising while onboard?

Nagazim -- Happy belated birthday! How did your off plan meal work out?

OnlyBelieve -- Great job on your loss since May!

Rebelle -- Congratulations on getting out of the 240s!

Ainslie -- That's nice that the 238 whooshed away for you :) Congratulations on your pregnancy!

cleancowgirl - You are so close! I hope you see the new decade tomorrow.

healthytobe -- Hi and welcome!

I checked in on Tuesday at 226 and yesterday I was 232 -- that is not right! I need to do some pretty clean eating to figure out how much of that is real fat and how much is water retention, I've eaten a lot of sodium this week and it's nearly TOM for me.

10-26-2013, 07:15 PM
The off plan meal was terrible! I got about 6 bites in and my stomach began revolting. So I didn't get to enjoy it. Mexican food was a little much to expect anyways. Just from those 6 bites I felt like death and my face was completely broken out by the next morning. I knew something was causing the adult acne and it's either dairy or grains. Been back on plan other than 1 of my kids milky way mini bites that I ate yesterday as my birthday cake haha. Just one though. So I guess I'll challenge myself to another 30 days. The weight is falling off and I feel so good eating paleo that I can't even half convince myself to take a break. It works :)

10-27-2013, 12:44 PM
Okay, weighed in at 232.8 today --- enough is enough...I'm going to do low calories today, lots of water and high protein and see if I can have a whoosh for tomorrow. It's going to be a busy day, so a good day to switch my focus from food.

10-27-2013, 02:44 PM
Hi all,

I joined in awhile ago but hadn't posted much on this thread. But, I am so encouraged by all of you! I, so want to see the teens again; I haven't been there in at least 10 years.

Haven't been out of the 30s in at least 8 yrs. Now, I am only 3 lbs away...I weighed in today at 232!! I am so excited! So many of you have lost so much over these past months ad I love learning from your successes! Thank you all for sharing and caring. :hug:

10-27-2013, 02:53 PM
Welcome Back Buffielynn! You can do this!
Welcome Rebelle!
Angie- You will do it this week. Get mad at those pounds and crush them this week.
Nagizim- Stick with your plan you are doing so well. When I have a little sugar or something not considered clean. I feel sick for days, amazing isn't it. It's like one of the alcolholic pills they give to keep people from drinking. It makes them so sick they never want to do it again. For us clean eaters and low carbers that is what it feels like.

Almost forgot to add I saw 218.3 on the scale. Hoping it stays. I am going to stick around for at least mid week in case my body Rebels!

10-29-2013, 02:48 PM
Wow, this thread has slowed down. Congrats cleancowgirl for making it to the two teens.

I decided I am o ly going to weigh once a week. Its been really hard to let go of the daily weighing. But the ups and downs were driving me nuts!!!. I also joined a gym the othrr day because it is getting cold out and while I want to keep walk/running I really don't want to slip and fall ( yestersay and today we had a thick covering of frost). So yesterday I did a yogafit class and today a bodyform (a yoga/pilates/tai chi combo). My inner thighs are so wonderfully sore....maybe it will help tone up the bat-thighs :)

10-29-2013, 04:14 PM
How is everyone doing? I've been struggling the past few days and I'm not totally sure why. I think I might be stressed out about DH going back to school after fall break, but I'm pretty much always stressed about his mountain of school stuff, so I should be used to that by now! I'm committing to being DONE EATING for the day since I'm already at 1400 calories (that's 200 over for me).

10-30-2013, 11:05 AM
Hey guys, mind if join? I hit 235 this am! WOOT

I really want to be in the 220's by Thanksgiving, that's my first mini goal. :D Even if it's just 229!

10-30-2013, 08:56 PM
Hi all! I weighed in this morning at 239.2 which brings me to this fine thread! Hoping to be out of the 230s by Black Friday (which also happens to be my birthday!) Stay Strong!

10-31-2013, 10:26 AM
I just wanted to say good bye to this thread and Good Luck to everyone here. My weight is at 216.7 so feel comfortable staying in the teen thread. Hope to see you guys soon!

10-31-2013, 11:43 AM
223.2 this morning.

I'm attempting to not freak out but I got a positive pregnancy test today. I blame AINSLIE for starting the trend ;)

Dh is on cloud 9. I'm still in shock since I wanted to lose 50 more lbs and try for #3 next summer. Guess we don't get to choose. Breathe.breathe.breathe.

Due July 8th.

10-31-2013, 02:21 PM
nagazim - Congratulations! That's how I was when I got pregnant the first time. I was in total shock and disbelief and my ex was excited. At least you were planning on having another baby eventually.

cleancowgirl - Congratulations to you for moving on to the next thread! You are doing awesome! Keep it up :)

Welcome to cormandy and ficklehearts!

merilung - I hope things are going better for you. That was awfully early in the day to be done with your eating. I hope you at least allowed yourself some vegetables or something.

ainslie, buffielynn, angie, rebelle and anyone else I may have missed -I hope you are all doing well.

I weighed in at 240.2 this morning, but hopefully I will soon be back under the 240 mark. I have been keeping up with my exercise and staying within my calorie/WW points range. Fridays are my official weigh ins so maybe tomorrow I will be back in the 30's - I hope. So far I have done very well at staying away from all candy because I'm an all or nothing girl. I can't eat just one reese's and be happy. I wish I could. I will be going to zumba and then taking my 9-year-old son trick or treating immediately after, then picking up my teenage daughter and her friend...and at some point picking up their choir dresses that are getting hemmed up. I will be busy tonight, not sure what I'll do for dinner. I better eat a hearty snack an hour or so before zumba or else I'll be starving by the time I get around to having dinner.

Happy Halloween everyone!

10-31-2013, 02:58 PM
Hey ladies,

Checking in at an abnormal time for me...but my youngest is doing some testing and I am at the coffee shop "working" remotely. The connection to the network isn't good, so here I am checking in!

My day is a bit whacked, I ran out of the house with no food or prep.:o. So, Starbucks protein box egg for breakfast on the road. Will go to Whole Foods with Kiki (youngest) to get lunch after testing.

No change on the scale today. I felt bit frustrated but, I am encouraged by the quote below on Cormandy62442 signature, regarding changing focus.

Will officially weigh in for the Jingle off the pounds challenge tomorrow; we'll see if I am out of the 230's... Today 232.

Best Wooshes!


10-31-2013, 11:28 PM
Congrats Nagazim!

Thanks for the warm welcome mandydawn77! And BuffieLynn, I'm glad the quote helped you. It's a very powerful one! :)

I had a bad day today, not only was I tempted by candy... but my company had a huge party and provided pasta & cake for Halloween. I did well to eat the pasta in moderation, but I did eat cake (and I might have gone back for a second small piece). The thing I need to remember is that even though I had a slight setback today, tomorrow is a new day and I just need to get back on plan. This will happen one day at a time, and some days will be better than others.

Only Believe
11-01-2013, 12:23 AM
Congrats Nagazim! :)

I'm glad halloween is over here. The candy is gone and we have no excuse to have any in the house. I can focus on losing more weight.

11-01-2013, 09:05 AM
NAGAZIM.... I just wanted to pop in here and wishes you Happiness for this wonderful news!.. God said now and its now and just think of the new little treasure you are going to have holding in your arms next summer! :) OH I am so very happy for you! and with this journey you have been on.. this will be a healthy pregnancy for you too with all you learned! :) So happy!!!

11-01-2013, 12:04 PM
I just barely made it back into the 230's by my official Friday weigh in - 239.8

I didn't do very well last night. I ate really bad stuff (hot dog, cheetos, 2 corndogs at sonic and some of my kids' candy). I thought I could be strong and stay out of the candy, but I ended up giving in. I did so well all week and all day long. I had a bag of candy and goodies that my boss gave me and it sat on my desk all day and I didn't touch it. We had a carnival for our clients with popcorn and candy, apple cider and hot chocolate and I didn't touch any of it. My pregnant coworker came in late with a bucket full of the best candy bars (peanut butter snickers are my new fav) and was trying to get everyone to take some and I said no. Then last night sitting in the car my son kept handing me candy bars that he didn't like and I eventually gave in to temptation. And, as usual, I can't have just one piece. Anyway, the holiday is over, but I still have a house full of candy. I will just have to be strong and resist. I won't get to have my usual friday night dinner out since I splurged last night, but I guess I'll survive.

Have a happy Friday everyone!

11-01-2013, 01:00 PM
Hi everyone, I would like to join this thread. I weighed in at 239.4 on Wednesday (down from my all time high of 243.4...EEK!!!) I would like to be in the teens by Christmas. I'm doing a weight loss challenge with some ladies at work and so far the "skinny girls" are crushing me so I need to get my head in the game!!! Anyways I look forward to getting to know all of you.

11-01-2013, 03:08 PM
Welcome alwe - I'm also doing a weight loss challenge at work. Ours ends the Friday before Thanksgiving. We are doing it different this time around. We only have a starting weight and ending weight and we don't have to tell anyone how good or bad we are doing, so we are all in the dark about who is in the lead. We go by body weight percentage lost and this one is winner takes all ($180).

11-01-2013, 07:56 PM
Hi mandydawn, thanks for the welcome. Our challenge goes from the end of Sept. until right after New Year's. We have 3 prizes. We just finished the first which was for 15%, the next one is at the end of Nov. and it's for 30%, and the final prize is for 55% of the pot. We weigh in every week but we do it privately with the designated weigh-in person (me!) and we don't post weights, only the names of the top three "losers" each week. We also do it by percentages.

I'm excited to find a group of people who have about the same amount of weight to lose. Hopefully, we'll all be moving down to the "Teens" soon!

11-01-2013, 08:00 PM
NAGAZIM.... I just wanted to pop in here and wishes you Happiness for this wonderful news!.. God said now and its now and just think of the new little treasure you are going to have holding in your arms next summer! :) OH I am so very happy for you! and with this journey you have been on.. this will be a healthy pregnancy for you too with all you learned! :) So happy!!!

Thanks everyone! I've had a much better day today. It took awhile but DH finally got through to me that pregnancy doesn't mean I have to be fat. Since that's been my pattern. I gained 75 lbs with ds and only 17 with dd but I was ds's about to deliver weight when I got pregnant with dd. So I went from 297 to now 222.8 this morning. I can make good food choices. I can exercise and I can have a healthy and happy baby. I'm gonna do it the right way this time.

I'm very thankful for blessings in disguise which is exactly what this is :D

11-01-2013, 10:53 PM
Congratulations Nagazim!! You can totally make good choices and have a healthy, joyful pregnancy, and we'll all be here to support you! :yay: I was thinking that I was dying to get out of this thread but with all the fertility vibes that must be floating around maybe I want to be stuck here after all! :lol:

11-03-2013, 04:54 PM
:wave: HI everyone! Your resident lurker is back! :lol:

I may very well not be lurking in this thread much longer though. I only have 1.5 pounds before I am in the teens! WOOT!

Looks like most are doing pretty good. :)

11-03-2013, 09:25 PM
Hi all -- I made it back to the 220s again this week...hoping to work my way back to 225 by the end of the week!

11-04-2013, 09:57 AM
Well, I had a bad weekend, food wise and life wise, but still managed to make it to 234 this am! I'm really trying to figure that out considering the crap I ate all weekend...

Despite my cat being ill, I'm going to focus on the positive today. Hope everyone has a great week!

11-04-2013, 10:36 AM
220.6...so close....

11-04-2013, 11:51 AM
WTG on the good weigh-ins Angie, FickleHearts, and zoesmom!

So sorry your cat is ill, FickleHearts! Hope he/she gets better soon! :hug:

I've had a stressful weekend and I'm likely in for a stressful week, but on the "plus" side (if there is a plus side!) the stress and anxiety has totally killed my appetite. 219.4 this morning for me - I'm gonna stick around for a bit to see if I bob back up into the 220's or if the 2-teens are here for good!

11-05-2013, 03:22 PM
Finally able to move my ticker a little bit! I had to take a break...actually went a whole week without weighing myself or logging my food. I still made healthy choices though. Weighed this morning at my lowest in recent memory. Yay! Pretty sure I won't make my Onerderland by Christmas goal, but I'm still way better off than I was in January :)

11-05-2013, 09:47 PM
Moved back up to 240 this weekend with a few bad decisions (celebratory), but got back in the swing of things yesterday and I'm back down to 238. Yay!

11-05-2013, 10:33 PM
I am getting closer to the teens!!!!! 224.5, Thursday is my weigh in day so I hope I am even closer by then :)

11-06-2013, 09:52 AM
232.8 today.

Wow.... TOM is over and talk about a woosh! My official weigh in day isn't until Saturday, but I weighed three times this morning and it all came up the same. And the scale here at work showed the same with clothes on LOL.

WOOT! I may just make my Thanksgiving goal of the 220's after all.

11-06-2013, 10:18 AM
Sounds like this week has been pretty good for everyone. Congrats!

I've been bouncing back and forth between 239 and 240, 239.6 yesterday and 240.4 today, but hopefully I will hit a new low soon. The lowest I've ever seen was 238.

Happy hump day everyone!

11-07-2013, 10:31 AM
Hello everyone - I am so thrilled I weighed in at 239 this morning that I thought I would join you guys. I've been meaning to join in these "decade" threads. Looks like it won't be long before several of you move down to the "teens" - congratulations!

11-08-2013, 10:17 AM
Thanks for the welcome rebelle :) I was a little worried the scale would throw me out of this board this morning but I'm still here - 239.4.

11-08-2013, 09:24 PM
Welcome to the thread pearlfit, glad to have you!

I weighed in this morning at 237.8. I've been working my butt off this week and feeling so good! I had a minor setback today that almost derailed my effort, but instead of eating my emotions I worked out and I feel much better about that decision! Here's hoping we all fly through this thread! Happy Friday!!

11-08-2013, 10:39 PM
Well finally I have made it below 230, weighed in at 228:carrot:

I haven't been below 230 in at least 10 years!

And I can't fathom being below 220 yet...that has been 15 years or more :o

Happy Friday!

Best Wooshes!
~ b

11-09-2013, 06:01 PM
Well, I've been in the 2-teens for six days now, and even though I had a small jump up to 218.6 I think I'm comfortable heading down to the next thread - can't wait to see y'all there!!

11-11-2013, 09:17 AM
I hit a new low this morning of 237.4 so I think I will officially move into this thread now. I bounced around all last week, but hopefully this week I won't bounce back up to 240.

Congrats merilung! Two teens sound wonderful, can't wait to join you!

Congrats buffielynn for making it out of the 230's! These threads where you have to lose 20 pounds to get out seem to take forever. I hope I can keep up the pace of about 10 pounds a month, but with the holidays it's going to be tough to keep it going. I'm going to have to work extra hard to only indulge on the actual holiday and not all week or month :)

cormandy - Great job on making the decision to not give in to that temptation to eat your emotions. I know how hard it is to resist, but it does feel good when you know you made the smart choice.

Exercise wise I made great decisions this weekend and really stayed active, but food wise I didn't make the smartest choices. I tried to not get out of my calorie range, but I need to start making more healthy choices. With the holidays so close I know I'm going to have to stay strong and resist the temptation to overeat. I plan to allow myself to have basically whatever I want on the actual holiday, but I will try not to go too crazy. I certainly don't want to do what I did last year and just completely blow off my diet and regain 25 pounds before I finally decided to get back on a diet. Re-losing the weight isn't nearly as fun as hitting new lows :)

I'm off work today for the holiday and since the community center is closed I'm sad to say there will be no zumba tonight :( I will have to break out the walk away the pounds videos or at least get out and ride bikes with the kids for awhile later. We have a cold front moving in tomorrow so we had better enjoy the 60's today because no telling when we will be seeing them again. I think I'll go through my clothes today and get rid of all the clothes that are too big. Maybe I'll find some clothes I've forgotten about that I can now wear again. I'll at least make lots of room in my closet, which will be nice.

11-11-2013, 07:19 PM
Rebelle - Thanks! I need to be better about not weighing daily. It can be defeating for me. I am trying to stick to the once a week. Appreciate the encouragement. ;)

11-12-2013, 09:57 AM
No change on the scale this morning, still 237.4, which is better than going up. It would be nice if it would move down a little faster, but we all wish for that :) Next Friday is the end of our weight loss challenge here at work and it's winner takes all. It would be awesome to win, but I don't know who is in the lead or how far ahead they are. I'm at about 2.5% lost so far (it's only a 6 week challenge).

11-12-2013, 09:29 PM
Mandy Good luck in your challenge!

Rebelle You have the right idea!! I keep telling myself I need to stop stepping on the scale everyday, but I can't help it. It's also a glass scale, so I'm scared to stash it somewhere in case it gets damaged in some way. Maybe I'll throw a towel over it, so it's not staring at me every time I walk into the bathroom.

On that note, I weighed in at 236.8 this morning... I'm hoping I can keep doing well this week, but sadly I ran out of money fixing my car yesterday so I have to scrounge for food and I know it won't be the healthiest. Portion control is key, and I'll do my best in making sure I don't over indulge on the bad stuff.

Hope everyone had a fantastic day! Until tomorrow, STAY STRONG!

11-13-2013, 10:06 AM
I finally hit my 100 pounds lost! Yay!!! I weighed 236.0 this morning. That is the lowest I've weighed since I was pregnant with my daughter and I had her in 1999. I don't remember what I weighed right after I had her, but it might have been somewhere around that, but that was 14 years ago! Now the problem I'm having is I went through my closet and got rid of all the pants that are way too big and unfortunately I didn't find any smaller sizes. I'm having a real problem getting rid of one of my favorite shirts, but it doesn't look good on me anymore because it just hangs. I'm sad. I wish I could shrink it. I wanted to wear it today. I need to win this challenge and use the money to buy clothes. My pants were so baggy yesterday, it's getting to be embarrassing. A girl who used to work here came and visited and of course she was amazed at how much weight I had lost and she had brought a couple of friends and one was a guy (I didn't see a ring) and he seemed to be flirting with me and I was so embarrassed of my baggy pants that I was practically hiding. I have been noticing getting longer looks from men and more flirting lately and I think I'd get asked out if I was more comfortable in some clothes that actually fit. Even my dad was telling me the pants I was wearing looked like they were about to fall off and they are some of the newest pants I have. As of right now I'm at 2.88% lost since 10/18 (the start of this weight loss challenge) and the only girl who has shared her weight with me would have to lose 4 more pounds to pass me, so maybe I have a chance. Fingers crossed.

Sorry to go on and on this morning, but I am so happy to have finally hit the 100 pound mark. My new goal is to get under 200 pounds and that will feel like a miracle if that ever happens.

I'm glad the scale is moving in the right direction and I hope it is for you all as well. Happy hump day everyone!

11-13-2013, 10:29 AM

That's really awesome. I wish you all the luck with your challenge. I'm in the same boat with clothes right now. All my pants, save a select few, are literally falling off me. They are so baggy, but my issue is, I've lost a lot of weight in my legs and butt, but not much at all in my waist. That is so frustrating!! I hope you win so you can go get your flirt on! It's amazing how much confidence we can get from a decent fitting set of clothes.

I'm 231 today. That's 2 lbs left to my Thanksgiving Day goal! WOOT! I'm loving the gym I joined, so thankful the people going are nice and not judgmental at all. Not that I care if they were, I'm doing this for me and do not need their approval. So far, they've been very supportive and most are in the same boast as me anyhow LOL.

I've sort of flew through the 230's...... This was unexpected but totally welcome!


11-13-2013, 03:18 PM
Thanks for the congrats guys. I think I remember you posting about those jeans rebelle, I'll have to look for them the next time I'm at walmart. My problem areas have always been my butt and thighs so the whole skinny jean thing has not been for me. I've always had to buy the ones that say loose fit in the legs because if I bought the regulars they would be too big in the waist when they were just right in the thigh area. My legs have definitely shrunk quite a bit, but I don't think I'd feel comfortable with anything hugging my thighs too tightly. I think the zumba and bike riding has really helped reshape my legs though because I don't recall my thighs ever feeling as muscular as they do right now. There is loose skin though and that's not attractive.

I don't think there is a way to take in my favorite shirt. It has a lining and then a fairly sheer material over it and it's a scoop neck. The neck hangs down so low now. I used to get compliments every time I wore that shirt and it's so comfortable and the colors went great with so many of my work pants. I'm gonna miss it like an old friend lol. I'm hanging on to my favorite ralph lauren sweatshirt for now though :)

You all are stronger than I am as far as the scale thing goes. I can go a day or two here and there, but I generally weigh every single morning in my pjs right after I fix my first cup of coffee. It doesn't seem to ruin my day or anything if it's a bad weigh in, but if it starts to do that I will have to consider weighing weekly or something, but I couldn't go a whole month. Now the measuring tape is a whole other story. I pretty much avoid it like the plague because it's what depresses me. I swear it takes a year for me to lose inches. I took my measurements at the beginning of February and I tried checking them every month or two and it never showed that I lost more than an inch here and there so I finally just gave up the whole measuring thing. I've been considering getting it back out again just out of curiosity though. I don't know if I'm measuring in the wrong places or what because I see other people who say I lost 20 pounds and 10 inches and I'm like how in the heck could that be! I bet you if I took all the measurements and added up all the inches I've lost since February and it probably wouldn't be 10 inches and I've lost 44 pounds since then or somewhere around there. The reason I started measuring then is because I started zumba the end of January and my friend said let's take our measurements so we can see our progress. I measured my upper arms, around my bust, under my bust, around my belly button area, around the biggest part of me (butt/hips), upper thigh, knee area and calves. Each place I measure I try to measure the widest part. I know my arms are much more muscular, but I have all the loose skin hanging, so maybe that's why they don't show a difference. I'll try measuring tonight if I think about it, just to see if there's any difference. My clothes are falling off so there has to be some difference.

11-13-2013, 07:22 PM
Hi everyone. New to the group. Started my healthier lifestyle on Monday 11/11. Day 3, weighed in at 238. Can't wait to see the 220's. :)

11-13-2013, 11:11 PM
SweatIsFatCrying - Welcome! I'm pretty new here too. Here's to all of us breezing through this decade!

Mandy - Congratulations! Wonderful you are 100 lbs down! I'm waiting to have your problem with the clothes. I've lost 40 and everything still fits - but they are more comfortable. When the time comes, I'm going to play "Project Runway" and see if I can do some alterations. I haven't sewn much in 20 years. I'll have to have an honest friend tell me how I look in my creations :)

Rebelle - I want some of your attitude to wear off on me. Seriously :) You brighten my day.

Cormandy - I weighed in exactly the same as you. (But you are taller so you are ahead of me!) All I know is when I weigh myself I lose and when I stop weighing I gain... A LOT. But I know everybody is different. I just try to keep distracted during plateaus but I still chart my weight. My published goal is 199 by April Fool's Day but I am secretly trying for Valentines Day.

Ficklehearts - Congrats on your progress too. I'm with you - we can all do this!!

11-14-2013, 10:21 AM
I got to see 235 on the scale for the first time ever. I just weighed here at work and it was 235.8 and that's after all the coffee and water I've had already. I really like seeing new lows on the scale :) It's really only 0.2 less than it said yesterday, but since it made it to the next number it looks even better lol. I had some coffee cake here at work yesterday to celebrate a coworker's birthday so I had to eat light after that, although the girl who made it replaces unhealthy things with applesauce and stuff like that. Only problem was I didn't know what to put down for points and calories. I don't know if it will make a difference, good or bad, but I have been cutting out some carbs for the last three days. Instead of rice chex with almond milk for breakfast I've been having boiled eggs and yesterday I forgot my eggs so I ate turkey jerky for breakfast. There are carbs in the half n half that I put in my coffee. I had a french dip sub at arbys last night, but I took most of the bread off, except for the part the swiss cheese was stuck to, and skipped the dipping sauce and of course no fries or anything. I should have made some vegetables to go with it, but I didn't.

I better get to work my boss doesn't look like she's in a great mood today.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

11-14-2013, 02:44 PM
I'm back :) I got the okay from my dr yesterday that I can keep losing weight. I have so much extra that the bebe will be okay. She also gave me the okay to keep at the gym. No running though, except on the elliptical machine. I have been soooo tired lately that I haven't really done any. I'm up to 234.4 today which I'm actually ok with cause for the last two weeks I haven't tracked anything nor exercised. Back on track today though. I'm just really excited to be able to going on my weight loss journey.

11-14-2013, 03:20 PM
Hey guys :)
Just dropping in to say I'm still chugging along. Still haven't went to the dr yet but plan to make an appointment today. I saw 219.6 this morning. I haven't been in the 2teens in 4 years. All I want is orange juice and my usual food makes me feel yuck. :/ still working out the kinks.

I hope everyone is doing well!

11-15-2013, 02:42 PM
Well ladies, I'm back at it again! I'm on an official restart and I weigh 229.8 which means I'm not in the 230's but I managed to gain a whole decade in 6 months.

11-16-2013, 11:12 AM
234.2 this morning yay!!! Having a good weight loss for the past few days but I know it will soon start bouncing up and down for a week or two because that's my norm. I'm gonna have to try really hard this week to eat light because the challenge ends on Friday and it's winner takes all. I think I have a good chance of winning. Fingers crossed.

Nagazim looks like you have had some good weigh ins lately! Hope u feel better soon.

Welcome back brandiboo :)

Ainslie I'm glad the doctor okayed your diet and exercise. That means everything is going good in the pregnancy.

I've had a lot of stress the past couple of days. My daughter had major oral surgery yesterday and when they said "time to say goodbye to mom" I lost it. I cried like a baby as I left the room and had to go to the bathroom to calm down. Then I kept crying in the waiting room off and on. She made it out fine but she's sore and swollen. I didn't eat very well yesterday and I think it was due to my emotions. I really wanted a cigarette and I haven't smoked for almost 3 years! I haven't wanted one so bad since I quit. Today is better.

11-17-2013, 12:40 AM
Welcome back Brandiboo! I know ppl hate saying restart but at least you care enough to try again. Good luck!

Mandi - kid related worry/stress is the worst! Glad her surgery went well and congratulations on the new low weight!

11-17-2013, 11:34 AM
Nagazim.. I am so glad you checked in.. I was wondering how you are doing. I am sorry that food does not sound good to your body right now.. but that will pass! I just want to say congratulations again. Are you feeling different this time around (pregnancy)? Do you feel healthier starting? Just wondering as you were so "on it" before this miracle occured :) Just wanted to send you a hug!

11-17-2013, 11:53 AM
231 today. I really hope it's just water retention from the weight lifting I've started that didn't let me lose a lot this week.... I think my body just needs time to catch up. I really want to be in the 220's by Thanksgiving :(

Got a good day planned. Homework, gym, lunch, hanging out with the hubby, and then a pretty good dinner planned. Just got to keep on chuggging.....

11-17-2013, 11:18 PM
FickleHearts- Keep on because very soon that weight lifting will pay off in Wooshes! You're muscle building will burn more fat! ;). Keep you head high.

11-18-2013, 11:18 AM
235.6 this morning. I'm going to try to be extra, extra good this week. The problem I seem to have is sabotaging myself right at the end of the weight loss challenge. Maybe I stress myself out about the weigh in and then stress eat. Who knows. I'm going to try not to do that this week. I'd like to be down to 233 by Friday because that would put me at a 10-pound loss, but that may not happen. I've considered doing something a little extreme like taking diuretics the day before weigh in or laxatives, but I'm afraid it might backfire somehow and have the opposite effect on me. What do you all think? Too extreme? I know one person in our weight loss challenges that has done things like this right before final weigh in.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

11-18-2013, 11:46 AM
I've done that Mandy, the laxative thing, and honestly, it wasn't worth it. The only thing it gave me aside from cramps was a 1 lb loss that wasn't even really a loss if you think about it. :) But I know exactly where you are sitting at! My scale hates me lately, despite the fact I've been pretty good.

I'd drank a ton of water every day to help flush out your system, maybe with a little lemon, and cut back on sodium. Natural diuretic!

Rainy and blah here today. I won't be able to get in my walk on break which means extra time at the gym. Not really so bad, just gets me home later than I want and I have a busy night. I have to make a cake for work tomorrow. I thought I'd struggle with doing it too, but I don't even want a piece at the moment. I love to bake, but have avoided it in fear it would derail me. This time of year, I can't avoid it forever. I have a pie to make on Fri for our Thanksgiving up here at work and then two sweet potato pies to make next week for family. I'm not planning on consuming anything at our parties up here, and boy will that be HARD TO DO!

I'd rather miss out for one year and be skinny, then consume and be guilty, which will then make me binge. I can't wait till the Holidays are over.

11-18-2013, 01:20 PM
FickleHearts. I binge when I feel guilty after eating off plan. It is a sick cycle. I wish the holidays were over too. At least the eating and baking anyway.

Mandy. I think that is totally cheating. What an awful thing to do. I hope you win just to beat that girl. Lots of water and small underwear :-)

My husband's birthday is tomorrow and I have to make a cake and buy ice cream. Saving up calories for eating out tomorrow and have a little slice of cake.

My goal is to be at 230 on Friday that is 2 lbs. I want it to happen so bad.

Hope you have a good OP day.

11-19-2013, 10:24 AM
Hello everyone - here's something I learned today - I got on the scales feeling like I had lost but I had gained 2+ lbs. I thought about it for a while and realized I was wearing much warmer pajamas for the first time this winter. I reweighed without them :) and they weigh 2 lbs! Even put them back on and weighed to double check. I always thought clothing weight was negligible... so YAY - 235.0 today.

11-19-2013, 10:31 AM
I had pizza last night for dinner so I wasn't surprised to see 235.8 this morning on the scale. I swear I always sabotage myself on the final week of our weight loss challenges. I'm going to really try hard not to do it again. I counted every point, but I went over my daily points and had to use some weekly points. I did go to my zumba class so hopefully that sweating for an hour will help offset the 3 pieces of pepperoni pizza I ate! Today we are celebrating one of the girls birthday here at work and she wanted chips and dips so they bought all kinds of dips - that layered mexican dip is going to be a challenge to resist. There is queso and of course a couple of different sour cream dips. Hopefully someone bought salsa. I do have my baked tostitos so that will help a little.

I better get some work done. We are doing another round of shifting charts and that starts at 9 so I don't have long to get my important stuff done. Say a prayer that my boss is in a good mood and gives me tomorrow off. My daughter has to go to the orthodontist and if she makes me come in it will mean that I will have a whole lot of driving back and forth. I asked her yesterday, but she said we will have to see how busy we are.

11-19-2013, 12:40 PM
Fajitas at the Mexican place in town aren't as bad as I thought they were, but that doesn't mean I should eat them everyday LOL..... That's the only place the hubby really likes to go.

Between them and my dad frying pork chops, it was a recipe for disaster last night, but I managed to stay on plan. I'm really proud of myself. And today we are also doing a b-day party Mandy, but our b-day girl chose tacos. I think there is some kind of Mexican conspiracy going on around here LOL. I'm going to abstain from eating. I had a request to make a cake, which I did, but I don't even want a piece of it. Going to keep to my plan for Subway at lunch and my grilled chicken breast and broccoli for dinner. Normally, I'd be second in line, but just not feeling it today.

11-19-2013, 04:33 PM
Mexican food is my favorite. I don't know if I could pass up tacos. Stay strong and stick to your plan. I didn't do as good as I was hoping to. We just finished the birthday celebration here. I stuck to just the baked tostitos, but I not only had salsa, but I put some queso on there too and even had a little bit of the layered dip with the refried beans. I stayed away from the sour cream dips and didn't eat any cake. The queso was from a really good mexican restaurant so I just couldn't pass it up, but I did pass on the restaurant chips in the bag where you could see the oil soaking through. I'm sure they were good, but I stuck to the baked ones. I don't have a plan for dinner tonight. I have some hamburger meat that I need to cook up and some cabbage and rotel. I used to make that a lot when I was doing low carb and it's really good.

I got the day off tomorrow so no driving back and forth yay!

11-19-2013, 05:07 PM
Mandy. The hamburger, cabbage and rotel just cooked together??? Do the kids like it? Kind of like hamburger soup? Congrats on keeping your food intake down. Mexican sounds so good. I hope you get the day off tomorrow like you need it.

Ficklehearts fajitas and tacos. Everyone is out to get you. Great job staying with the plan today. My husband's birthday is today and I made a cake. Going to try and stay away. I am putting a fudge frosting that I do not like on it so I might be able to stay away. I just like the cake part so much. I am not having a piece tonight that is for sure. Game plan right?!?

Pearlfit I totally get the pj thing. I weigh in my underwear with the door locked. :D

Dinner out tonight at a BBQ place. Scheduled calories for the day so I have a plan and I am going to stick to it. Down 2 lbs today. 230.5. I want to be at 230 on Friday for weigh in day.

Hope you have a great rest of the day.

11-19-2013, 06:17 PM
Losetoall - Congrats on the 2 pound loss. I'm hoping to see 233 on the scale Friday. I was at 234.2 just a couple of days ago, but I don't know if I can get to 233 by Friday.

I just fry the hamburger and drain it, then add a whole pan full of chopped cabbage and onion, salt and pepper and stick a lid on it and cook it down, stirring occasionally. I just keep the drained hamburger in the pan with the cabbage and then once the cabbage cooks down (it takes awhile) I throw in a can or two of rotel and simmer for a bit. My kids don't eat it because of the cabbage and onions.

I make a stir fry using shredded cauliflower for the rice and both of my kids love it even though they do not eat cauliflower. I put quite a bit of soy sauce though and they tend to pick around most of the vegetables and just eat the "rice" and chicken. I need to make that again, I love chinese food and that's not on any diet lol. The only thing I hate about making that one is shredding the cauliflower is so messy. I even tried using the shredder on my food processor and I still ended up with a big mess. You can find recipes for cauliflower rice all over the internet, some people microwave it and it works, I tried it, but I just throw it straight into the pan and stir fry it for a long time with some oil and soy sauce or I bet teriyaki sauce would be good too. I need to quit talking about food I'm making myself hungry :)

11-19-2013, 10:48 PM
Still in the 230s. I will take it. At the doctor I was 249. I was about to cry on top of the stress of why I was there. So yay home scale!

11-20-2013, 09:16 AM

Your resident 6 month stalker is finally outta here! 219.8 as of this morning! :D :D :D :D

See ya all on the other side! (Especailly since my weight loss is WAY slowed down now that I bust it up hard core with exercise!)

11-20-2013, 11:02 AM

Still at 231. Stupid hormones. I probably won't see a drop for another week. It did this to me before I quit in February. :( I wish I knew why my body hangs onto water. It didn't last month and I drank tons of water everyday. Just not sure why my body feels the need to keep so much of it on.

I know I'm still losing because of other things. Just that one stupid number.


11-21-2013, 10:53 AM
Yay Zoesmom! Hopefully you will move through the next thread quickly!

I was 236.2 this morning on my home scale, but then 237.2 at work :( I have jeans and a belt on though, so maybe that's why, plus I've had my coffee. Tomorrow is our final weigh in and I am nervous. One of my biggest competitors says she's out of the running because she messed up so bad and had gained a bunch and although she lost what she gained she wasn't able to lose any more. My other biggest competitor says she only weighed once and it was early on and she wasn't too happy with it. She SAYS she thinks she mainly just lost inches and not pounds, but she's a lot smaller than I am so even a couple of pounds will make a bigger percentage. There is also one other lady who I have been trying to help get going on WW's with apps on her phone and she could drop a lot of weight fast if she really tries, but I think she waited too long to get started. I really, really want to win this one. I've been in 2nd and 3rd place, but I haven't gotten to be 1st yet. I wish I was back down to my lowest weigh in of 234. I don't know what I can do today to try to help it go down, except for just not eat lol and that's not gonna happen because this girl don't starve herself. I have zumba again tonight so I will eat a hearty snack an hour or so before that, but afterwards I may just have a 100-calorie bag of popcorn for dinner and some watermelon. If I weigh in at 236 tomorrow (I will bring really lightweight clothes to weigh in) then I will be at 2.88% lost. If my boss loses 5 pounds she will beat that and she could so easily have lost 5 pounds, although I have seen her eating a lot of junk food lately. I think it's going to take a miracle for me to win this. I will definitely check in some time tomorrow and let you all know the results. If you all have any tricks for me to try today to drop a pound or two overnight then by all means please share :)

11-21-2013, 11:54 AM
Try the lemon water! It'll help shed some water. Keep your meals today low in sodium as well. :)

I should follow that same advice, but I know what my water gain is from and diuretics are not going to make it go away.

This place here today smells fabulous. It's put me in a bit of a really bad mood or maybe the hormones did that, either way, I'm super snarky dragon lady today. :( If one more person tries to make me eat fried turkey, I'm going to develop fire breathing powers! I know one meal doesn't put back on 20 lbs, but dang it..... I'm saving that one meal for next week. Stop trying to make me eat peeps!!!!! I would love to participate, but I would love to be a size 10 again more.

11-21-2013, 03:58 PM
I am at 230.5 I want to be at 230 tomorrow. I have a food plan and I am sticking to it.

Mandy. Good luck tomorrow.

Ficklehearts. I know exactly what you mean about food forcing. Even when you say no thank you they still push. Every bite counts. About the califlower does it still taste like it. I hate califlower. I have heard of it before.

Daimere. How scarey about the doctors scale. Why is it so off? Glad it was wrong.

Hope you all have a good day.

11-21-2013, 04:12 PM
Well, the broccoli/cauliflower salad has sugar, vinegar, and mayo along with the broccoli and cauliflower. You still taste the cauliflower, but it's sweet. It's not exactly my favorite dish, even though I love broccoli. That was their "healthy" dish though. I'm like, um, that's not healthy.

I survived and the food is being put away! My only regret is skipping out on the heavenly hash my boss makes. She's retiring in April and this is probably the last time I would have had to get some. I'll have to get her recipe. It's a sinful chocolate marshmallow dish whose name lies. :)

11-22-2013, 11:43 AM
My official final weigh in was 234.8 and I won! Yay! I finally got first place and it was $180. I lost a total of 9 pounds which was 3.7% in 6 weeks. It definitely could have been better, but my weight loss has slowed down since I've been dieting so long.

I love broccoli salad, but my recipe has bacon in it. I use my liquid splenda instead of sugar and it actually turns out better because it doesn't separate while sitting in the fridge for a couple of days. I made half a batch with sugar and half with sweetener one time and everyone preferred the consistency of the one with sweetener and it tastes the same.

ficklehearts - Good for you on sticking to your diet and not giving in. It's hard to do, but the outcome will be worth it. You will get into those size 10's again!

I don't recall ever wearing a size 10, but right now I'd be happy to get into an 18. I need to go try on some jeans and see exactly what size I am. I've been having to wear belts because I can't keep my pants up otherwise. Some of the pants are way too big in the legs and that's a problem I've never had before since that has always been my biggest problem area. My new goal is to get out of the 200's. For me, it sounds impossible. I will be in shock if I ever see a 1 in front on the scale. I'm going to try to be good and keep losing even though we aren't doing another weight loss challenge until January. I just hope I can stay motivated and not gain through the holidays. This is about the time I quit dieting last year and by June I had gained back 25 pounds!

I have lots of work to do so I better get to it. Happy Friday everyone!

11-22-2013, 12:29 PM
GRATS MANDY! :congrat:

I wish my company would do a Biggest Loser thing. I think a healthy competition might be good for us here and would definitely curb all the eating we do. Awesome job with the $180!

I was in a size 10 very briefly LOL. It did not last long sadly. In school I was always 12-16. I'm currently an 18/16 and my highest was a 22. I could probably fit into some 16's but I'm going to refrain from buying anymore clothes until I get to the lower 200's, despite all my pants being so baggy I need suspenders. :devil:

I'm amused today. I'm wearing the one pair of pants that's not baggy and I'm getting lots of compliments on my weight loss. Those that were trying to force feed me are now saying I was right in not eating. Sadly, the scale still has not budged. I hate mother nature at times.

11-23-2013, 12:04 AM
:bravo::dancer: Go Mandy!!

That is AWESOME!

11-24-2013, 03:33 AM
I thought I would go ahead and join back in on the forum! I was back in the 250s/60s thread back in August, but got a bit too busy with school starting back up for me. Anyway, I'm excited to be back and exchange thoughts with everyone which is always helpful!
My weekly weigh in on Friday was 233.9. I am SO close to my first mini goal of 50lbs down that I can almost taste it!!! I wish those 4 lbs would drop off faster!
I've been thinking about trying to go low / no carb even though I don't know if I can stick with it for too long. Any carb lovers here trying to go carb free?

11-24-2013, 12:20 PM
Welcome back levoguette! :)

230 this morning. I was ecstatically happy considering I had my cheat day yesterday and boy howdy did I cheat LOL. Wendys, a mocha, fried chicken tenders and fries, chilli cheese fries. I don't even see how I could have dropped with all that salt! But I'll take it and run.

I will not make my 220's by T-day goal, but that's okay. As soon as mother nature does her thing, I bet I'll see a woosh.

Hope you all had a great weekend. 3 days of work for me and then off for four. I'm so excited about Thanksgiving!

11-24-2013, 09:36 PM
Checking it...weekend ending but but just like Fickle I have a 3 day work week!:carrot:

Have a great week all!

Best Whooshes!

- b

11-27-2013, 09:08 AM
Hi everyone! I'm joining in, but I hope I won't be here for too long! I know that a lot of you feel the same!

I love reading about all your accomplishments and I hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving.


11-27-2013, 11:21 AM
I have not been on track this week. I took the week off work and I have not been following my WW plan. I'm going to try really hard today to have a light day since I do plan on having a big thanksgiving meal tomorrow. I cannot let myself get derailed throughout the holiday season, that is how I gained back 25 pounds last year. I let myself go completely off plan around the holidays and never got back on plan until June 14th. I have got to keep my eye on the prize this time. At the very least I'd like to stay under 240 through the rest of the year and then we are starting a new weight loss challenge at work starting January. I'm still making it to all my zumba classes. I think my family is getting really irritated because they seem to think I should skip it occasionally for this or that and I really put up a fight not to miss. I got the schedule for December and I wasn't happy to see there are 3 classes that are cancelled. I'm hoping she will find a substitute teacher for at least one of them the week before christmas. I knew we wouldn't have class on christmas obviously, but two classes are cancelled the week before and I'm not sure why.

I wasn't happy with my weigh in this morning - 238.6. Hopefully the gain is just water weight because I don't think I've been eating enough to have actually gained weight. I have been trying to keep it under control somewhat. My cravings were bad last night and I talked myself into just going to bed instead of late night snacking. I hate those nights where I have major cravings. I'm planning on taking the kids to the movies in a little bit and I'm sure I will probably have some popcorn. All I've had is my coffee with half n half so far this morning so I better have some protein before we head to the movies so I'm not starving.

The holidays always stress me out and I tend to eat more when I'm stressed. My ex's sister called the other day and I still haven't returned the call. I hope my ex doesn't come by unexpectedly like he did last year. He doesn't call or check on the kids or try to help at all, but every other year or so he pops in at the holidays. Last year he really made me mad. He's turned into such a jerk. If his mom were still alive she would be so ashamed of how he's turned out. My christmas wish is that he will not show his face around here.

Hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving!

11-27-2013, 12:33 PM
This week has been horrible for me food wise. And a little bit family wise too.

I've been so good and then this week hit. My Aunt is shunning my dad, so my dad has no where to go for Thanksgiving. We've decided to cook at our house which means, I've been nominated to cook at our house. I started off with a red velvet cake, thinking I'd get the sweets out of the way first. I ended up eating two pieces before realizing I had to get it out of the house. Gave it to a friend. I did good yesterday, up until my co-worker gave me a chocolate pie. I ended up eating half of it. :o No one else even likes chocolate pie, so I threw it away because obviously, I can't handle sweets in the house at all now. I made two sweet potato pies only to be told my dad isn't a fan of those, so I gave them to my grandma but not before eating a piece this morning. They are gone now, so that's a small relief.

He only wants a pecan pie now, and that's totally doable. I'll bake it tomorrow after the turkey just so I don't have something else to tempt me just sitting around.

Half a frikkin pie? WTH... I don't even know why I did that. I felt absolutely miserable going to bed last night and even worse this morning when I woke up. I don't want to binge at all right now I'm looking forward to my salad, but boy when I get home all I want is sweets! So much for plans...

I'm not even depressed. I'm just ticked off at myself. So happy when this week is over and done with. I'm not even going to bother with the scale until at least Sun. And I'm sure it'll be a gain, but at this point, I wish it would be a slap in the face to get me back to a reasonable state.

Hope you all have a great holiday! I'm just going to try and survive mine LOL.

11-27-2013, 05:23 PM
Ficklehearts. Your post is my life during the holidays. It made me laugh because I am so glad I am not alone. Went to the movie today and ate a whole thing of Kettlecorn popcorn. It is only 2:00 and I have eaten all my calories for the day.

Tomorrow I have my food all planned already and even called to ask if we are having a favorite noodle salad of mine to budget for calories. Thank goodness no we are not having it this Thanksgiving.

Was 230 this morning and I wanted to be below 230 before Thanksgiving. Well best laid plans right. I would be happy to stay the same during this holiday weekend but I can not see that happening.

Mandydawn The holidays stress me out too. And I eat as a way to comfort myself. I am skipping my parents this year but I still have to go to the in-laws for dinner. 18 people and no where to sit. Not looking forward to it. Why does it have to be so hard. P.S. Have you thought about DVD Zumba at home?

Well hope you are all well, have a great rest of the day.

11-28-2013, 08:33 AM
Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that all of you have a wonderful time and make lots of happy memories with your friends and family.

11-30-2013, 05:48 PM
Nagazim.. I am so glad you checked in.. I was wondering how you are doing. I am sorry that food does not sound good to your body right now.. but that will pass! I just want to say congratulations again. Are you feeling different this time around (pregnancy)? Do you feel healthier starting? Just wondering as you were so "on it" before this miracle occured :) Just wanted to send you a hug!

Hey Sue :) sorry I'm late to reply. I have felt very yuck for the past few weeks. I got pretty burnt out on the dieting mindset while pregnant. Having some ppl supporting me, others saying I'm selfish to diet while pregnant. While my ultimate goal is to continue to drop the weight, I wasn't talking about starving myself. Some ppl are crazy.

Shortly after I found out I'm pregnant, cravings started popping up. Now whether they're true cravings or my mind reminding me if what I enjoyed previously, idk. So I decided to go off Paleo surrounding our holiday. So for 2 weeks I ate fairly healthy but enjoyed thanksgiving. Big mistake. I have full body acne/rash, horrible digestive issues, and my whole body was aching. Needless to say we're back to eating Paleo and feeling better again. We just know this is right for us.

I'll try to check in more frequently. Our computer is down and the phone screen confuses me sometimes. I hope everyone else is doing well. Stay strong with the holiday parties to come!

12-02-2013, 09:26 PM
Hi everyone. Checking in. I'm back up to 233, ugh, but I figured I'd gain after the way I pigged out last week. :)

Hope you all had a great holiday!

12-02-2013, 10:43 PM
Hi all,

Checking in...up a pound back to 225 after the holiday week. I am thankful it isn't worse...that I expected.

Kind of in a funk emotionally but pushy through and trying to not get discouraged. I lve reading your encouraging words and stories ;)

12-03-2013, 08:11 AM
I'm back guys. Unfortunately the baby didn't develop, I had a blighted ovum. Took some time to wrap my head around it and am ok now. So weighted in this moring at 235.6. Time to get back on track. I'd like to be inder my pre-preggo weight by xmas. Wish me luck.

12-03-2013, 10:32 AM
236.4 this morning. I was at 238 the other day, so at least it's heading back down. I have not been doing good on my diet since the holidays, but I am really trying to get back on track. The problem is that I've gotten lazy about logging my food and that really messes me up. Trying to keep track in my head does not work and I know it, but yet I still haven't been faithful to logging each item like I was doing. We just went out to a buffet for Thanksgiving and of course I ate too much, but the desserts were no good. I didn't get the pecan pie that I wanted and so I am really disappointed about that. Maybe I will have some for Christmas. I haven't missed any zumba classes, still love it, but my zumba buddy has not been going at all lately. Money is an issue for her right now and unfortunately I can't afford to pay for her or I would.

ficklehearts - I can so relate to your issue with desserts in the house. I'm usually too weak to resist them as well. If there was a pecan pie in the house I would probably eat half of it and make myself sick lol. I'm glad you didn't gain as much as you thought you might.

losetoall - I can relate - I took the kids to the movies last week and ate way too much popcorn and went over on my calories for that day.

nagazim - Don't let people get you down. If you feel better eating paleo then by all means you should continue. The only thing that matters is that you and the baby are healthy and I don't see anything wrong with losing weight while pregnant.

rebelle - Congrats on the new low! You're stronger than I am when it comes to weighing in. I'm pretty much a daily weigher. I might miss a day or two here and there, but generally I weigh each morning.

ainslie - I'm so sorry about your loss :(

Hope you all are having a good week so far and getting back on track after the holiday week. Hopefully we can all stay strong through the holidays and continue our weight loss. I still have a couple of pounds to go to get back to my lowest weigh in, but I'm determined to get back to it and go down from there.

12-03-2013, 01:41 PM
ainslie - I am so sorry to hear about that. You have my sympathies. :hug:

Mandy - pecan pie is one of my weaknesses too. Come to think of it, I didn't even partake in a piece this year either, which is weird since I adore my grandmothers. I ended up out of time in cooking mine. I ate enough of everything else though to make up for it. I cooked another sweet potato pie for my dad, who suddenly remembered it's his favorite pie, and I knew there was no point in logging until it was gone and thankfully, he finished it off Saturday. Sweets are a huge derailment for me every single time. LOL - I took after my dad and my granddad for sure.

Nagazim - I third the advice on staying with Paleo if it makes you feel better. As long as the baby is getting enough nutrients, what does it matter if you lose weight?

Rebelle - grats on the loss! I've come to the conclusion, it'll take as long as it'll take. It's heading in the right direction and that's all that should matter!

Okay, now that I've got some time to catch up, glad you all had a good Thanksgiving! :D

We're doing a b-day party at work today, but lady requested homemade veggie soup and chicken salad sandwiches. I can handle that. No sweets! Woot! My boss does the chicken salad and it's a recipe that's pretty low cal, so I'm happy there too. It's nice to participate again.

So far so good this week. No major derailments and slowly getting back into the gym thing. Now to survive Christmas. :)

12-04-2013, 11:30 AM
Grats on sticking to it Rebelle! My treat days are usually Saturday, but I think this weekend I'm going to skip it due to have an entire treat week last week. :|

So far so good. Back to 231 today. YAY! Here's hoping Saturday brings good news.

I'm majorly missing my cat today. My husband is ready to adopt a new one and I am to an extent, mostly because I love cats, but we're moving at the end of January and I just don't think it's fair to get one adjusted to our current place only to uproot it again. We still have one, and I know this sounds horrible and crazy, but..... we inherited her and she's just not my cat. She's a great cat and I really like her, but I haven't bonded at all. The only person she's really a huge fan of is my dad and he's rarely around. But my husband loves her so she gets plenty of lovings. I do feel bad I haven't quite taken with her yet. She's a tortoise shell like my cat that just passed, and every time she runs by I think for a minute it's Chibi, and then realize.....

Sorry to go off on a tangent. Stupid hormones.

12-04-2013, 11:54 AM
Ficklehearts. I am in the same spot as you are. My cat died in June and we adopted a cat and she is just not my cat. She is a nice cat but she it not Bennie.

228.5 today. Yippee. :D I am working for 225 by the 19th, I do not know if I can do it but I am working hard. If I can do it by Christmas that would be great.

Hope you have a great OP day.

12-04-2013, 03:48 PM
Oh god, weepy. I know exactly what you mean. This time of month I cry at everything and it's so annoying. My husband makes fum of me which only aggravates me more LOL.

I don't really take the whole day on treat day. I let myself have something I don't have during the week, like fried food or fast food. And if that meal wasn't too horrible, I'll go through DQ and get a blizzard. I tend to be more active than normal on Saturday, so it balances out by the end. Most days, not all, and when it doesn't I don't worry too much. Other than the blizzard, I stay away from sweets mainly. Ice cream doesn't make me binge like other things for some reason. Considering it's 80 outside right now, December is still ice cream weather for us, right?

Grats on the will power coming back! Monday was hard, but yesterday and today it's back to normal. I've started going to the gym on my lunch break instead of after work. MUWAHHAHHAHA My coworkers are going to get annoyed with my smelly after gym self.

Grats LosetoAll! I bet you'll be out of here by 2014 as well. That's awesome!

I am sorry to hear about your cat too. Maybe for both of us it'll just take some time to bond with our others. Yang is a sweet cat and deserves a lot of love, so I'm hoping time will help heal. :(

12-05-2013, 11:09 PM
Checking in today. I was pretty bummed at what appeared to be a major stall with even a bit of a gain. But, today I just had to weigh in early and I was at 220. :carrot: I am hopeful I will be under 200 by the weekend.

I haven't weighed 220 in about 15 years...it is really wild! I am having trouble seeing the changes but, everyone around me is noticing.

12-06-2013, 11:17 AM
Hey all, I hope everyone enjoyed their thanksgiving! I can sympathize with those of you who have had a gain after the start of the holidays, I'm in the same boat.
Two weeks ago I weighed 233.9 (YES!), one week ago I weighed in at 237.7, and today I weighed in at 236.3.
I know two weeks ago I was so busy I barely had time to eat or drink anything so I had a near 4 lb loss that week. I'm guessing that's why when I started eating normally again, I shot up quite a bit in weight. That, in addition to being back home for the holidays, which has meant going out to eat with family. Despite the eating out and whatnot, I'm happy to see my weight has still dropped some, just wish I could get back down to 234 and hopefully see the 220s soon. Reaching 230 will be my first minigoal of 50 lbs lost and I can't wait to get there.

12-07-2013, 10:51 PM
I've realized that the key to my weight loss is a fitbit. It makes me want to track food (work gives me an extra 400 cals) and be more active. So I have been on plannish for the fast few days. Still at 233. Last week before TOM I was 244. So I am guessing that was water weight

12-08-2013, 12:14 AM
Fitbit helps me too Daimere. Today I got 10k steps just cleaning my house! Wow... makes me kinda ashamed of my house LOL.

Eating wise, too busy cleaning to do much so ended up going to Wendy's. But I'm within my calories so all's good. :) So far no joy on the scale this weekend as hoped. Not sure what's up with that, but oh well.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

12-09-2013, 04:42 AM
Fitbit helps me too Daimere. Today I got 10k steps just cleaning my house! Wow... makes me kinda ashamed of my house LOL.

I need to do a good scrub down of everything in my house! Things are everywhere, half packed, half put away. Maybe that should be Monday night's goal! My nights off are always hard to get my steps in. I just got 20k at work from midnight to midnight. So I did about 10k since I have came to work. But it resets at midnight. So I am sitting pretty at 4k.

12-09-2013, 12:10 PM
My weight has been up and down since Thanksgiving. I forgot to weigh this morning, but yesterday I was at 236.2. Saturday I was 238! Due to the weather/road conditions they cancelled zumba class on Thursday, but she made it up on Friday so I was happy about that. I did my zumba yesterday and will go again tonight. I'm trying to get back to logging in all my food. I used to not only keep track of calories, but also WW points. It got to be such a pain, so now I'm trying to at least keep track of everything on MFP and I can always go back and figure up the points if I want to. My jeans were looser in the waist this morning so that's a good sign, except I had to really cinch up my belt or else they will fall all the way down now lol.

Congrats Buffielynn - I can't wait to see 220!

ficklehearts - Don't worry all your hard work will eventually show on the scale.

daimere - Wow 244 to 233 in a week that's a big jump!

I usually see the dramatic drops in weight when I switch weight loss plans. I've been considering alternating some really low carb days in because I know low carb works for me. I don't really want to go so strict again on a regular basis because my nails really show the lack of nutrients when I go really low carb and they are just now back to normal again since I switched to WW's in September.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

12-09-2013, 01:00 PM
Up 2 lbs to 232 from splurge day on Sunday. Will do 5:2 fast day today. Hopefully that will knock down the pounds again. But I just keep fighting with the same 2 lbs for about 3-4 weeks. Thanksgiving thrown in there too.

Was going to have squash today and got it out and it was all moldy. I wasn't expecting that so I have to find something else to eat.

Do not have to go to husband's family party on Thursday. He has to work. Excellent outcome for me. No problems with holiday food and I don't have to put on a happy pretend face for them. I have social anxiety and too many people makes things really bad for me. So I am really relieved.

Mandy. I use MFP too. It is an amazing tool. I use it religiously. Logging twice WW and calories would be a pain. MFP sounds like the way to go. Congrats on the 2 lbs.

Hope all are well. Have a great day.

12-09-2013, 11:46 PM
I don't like WW mobile app and parts are fiddly. Plus fitbit connects to MFP. Therefore I log on mfp.

daimere - Wow 244 to 233 in a week that's a big jump!

It was right before TOM and I was still eating like crazy. If I am watching what I eat, I hold steady and then plunge after tom. I am really greatful for it cause I really was going to be depressed if I was back in the 240. My emotions have been very sporadic lately. I got a new cat and burst into tears on Saturday thinking I made a mistake.

Today I was 234.2. I've logged 4 days onto MFP and on work days I've made sure I've hit 10k steps.

12-10-2013, 12:33 AM
Checking in today. I was pretty bummed at what appeared to be a major stall with even a bit of a gain. But, today I just had to weigh in early and I was at 220. :carrot: I am hopeful I will be under 200by the weekend.

I haven't weighed 220 in about 15 years...it is really wild! I am having trouble seeing the changes but, everyone around me is noticing.

Well..just checking in. I did notice in my last post I stated I hoped to be under 200 by the weekend...MAJOR typo! I meant under 220. But, alas I didn't get under but didn't gain either.

12-10-2013, 10:25 AM
I noticed your typo buffielynn, but I knew what you meant :) I think not gaining is still a big accomplishment.

daimere - I'm too cheap to pay for the actual WW app so I just downloaded a couple of free ones until I found one I like. I did go to the meeting and buy their start up kit and a couple of the actual WW calculators. What I really need to get is a food scale - I almost bought one from the meeting, but I knew I could get one cheaper at walmart. Anyway, I've had some pretty big drops during TOM also so I know what you mean.

I remembered to weigh this morning, but it was all over the place. I usually only weigh once, but I had some really thick fuzzy socks on because it's so cold and I decided after I weighed the first time to take them off (I know it's silly to think it would really make a difference lol). The first time I think it said 234.2, then I got back on without the socks and its said 233.0, then I had to check again because there's no way they weigh that much, and the last time it said 234.0, so I'll go with that. I'm happy to just finally be back down to my lowest weigh in so far. It seemed like it took forever just to get back to it. Oh, then I get to work and one of my fellow coworkers left everyone a big container of homemade goodies on our desks!!! I already ate horrible last night and I sure don't need all these goodies sitting here tempting me all day long. I didn't eat enough calories yesterday before zumba and by the end of zumba my stomach hurt so bad from hunger that I thought I was gonna get sick. I practically ran to the vending machine afterwards and got a pack of peanuts. I sat in my car in the parking lot chowing on peanuts praying it would hurry up and make the hunger pangs go away. I was still hungry so I decided to pick up pizza on the way home (kids are out of school due to the weather so I reasoned with myself that it would be something they could easily eat for lunch today while home alone). My son has been begging for us to build a fire in the fireplace to make smores, so he finally got his way last night. Not only did I eat pizza, but I ate two smores and they were so good! According to MFP I still didn't go over on my calories because of my hour long zumba class. I won't be surprised if I gain a couple of pounds in the next day or two from eating all that. I better get to work before my boss gets onto me lol. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

12-10-2013, 02:32 PM
Checking in..... Still at 230.

I've kinda had some issues this past weekend with food. Hershey kisses are evil. I'm just sayin'.

I ate somewhere close to 2200 calories on Sunday LOL, probably more if I'm honest. I don't have a clue why I did it. I just went on a the heck with it attitude. Got back to things yesterday, would have been perfect, but those stupid little silver wrapped kisses. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I have a bowl of them on my desk and haven't once wanted a single one until my hubby brought a bag home. Now when I get home, right before bed I crave them like crazy.

All's good I guess. I think I'm going to try a new plan and shake things up. I was considering WW's but don't want to shell out the money for it and there are no local meetings. Calorie counting is free, but it's getting tedious and I'm not really seeing any results. Of course, I'm kinda all over the place the last few weeks too, so maybe I just need to be a little more patient and really cut out the junk for a while. I've been a little stressed between work and final exams, so I think that's where my slips are stemming from if I dig deep.

Ugh, so ready for Christmas to be over. I'm taking a break next semester, thank goodness. Full time job + two classes ='s no time for anything else. It'll be nice to have a few months of not worrying about homework and grades.

Grats to staying under Mandy. Pizza would do me in every time LOL. And grats to being at your lowest weight!

I'm supposed to be getting my cat this week Daimere, but I haven't heard from the shelter yet. I'm sure you can give the one you have lots of love and you made a good decision. :)

TOM makes me weepy and an emotional train wreck. So happy it's over, although my normal weight drop didn't happen. I'm thinking Thanksgiving really did me in worse than I thought LOL. I really have to buckle down this week and get it together.

12-10-2013, 03:35 PM
Hi all,

Am I in kinda the right place to join in if I am at 240? New and know that I need/want somewhere for a bit of chitchat, some motivation and the occasional kick up the butt if I look to vanish or flag somewhat.

I really want to get to 199 by my cousins wedding in march as I have a fab dress that I have promised myself I would wear to my past 3 weddings...and I am def getting into it this time!!!

Faye xx

12-11-2013, 10:13 AM
Welcome Faye and yes you're kinda in the right place lol. Good luck on making it to your goal by the day of the wedding. I hope you rock that dress :) I would hang it where you can see it all the time as a reminder.

The pizza and smores from the night before last caught up to me on the scale this morning. I was up to 236.8! I didn't do well resisting the homemade goodies that sat on my desk all day yesterday either. I really have not been eating well lately and I've got to get myself back on track before I do too much damage. I played Just Dance 2014 with the kids on the xbox last night, but I didn't burn nearly enough calories to counteract what I ate yesterday. I did break a sweat though :) We did the sweat version where it adds up the calories you burn and keeps track of the minutes you've danced. It's actually a pretty good little workout if you put your all into it and I was kicking butt lol. I think I won all but one round. Some of my zumba songs were on there and it had some of the zumba moves also, so that was cool. Anyway, I have got to get rid of these homemade goodies and not by eating them lol. I tried to give them away yesterday to one of our doctors that was down here dictating, but all he did was just eat one piece. Now that I've had some and know how good they are it's harder to stay out of it. I'm going to have to work extra extra hard at zumba the next two nights to help counteract all the bad eating I've done lately. It's depressing to know that if I really tried I would already be out of the 230's and at least into those 220's by now. I know all I can do is start from today, there's no going back.

Ficklehearts - I understand the evil Hershey kisses. Once I get started on plain m&m's I can't stop, God forbid it be a big bag because I could eat the whole thing! I like just about any chocolate and chocolate and peanut butter is another thing I can't resist. I do best if I just stay away from it completely because I can't control myself once I get started.

Gotta get to work now. Happy hump day!

12-11-2013, 10:47 AM
Down to 227 this morning. I think I almost passed out with happiness. I haven't seen the scale move in three weeks!!! :carrot:

We bought an xbox one on release day and I can't wait till the Zumba for it comes out. I notice Just Dance 2014 is a game for it. Hmmmm, can't wait till we move and I can actually put the kinect to decent use!!! No room in my little tiny place atm to do much moving around :) Although rhythm and coordination are not my best attributes. :dizzy:

Welcome Faye! Good luck on your goal! There are lots of great people around here. :D

12-11-2013, 06:10 PM
Hi Again...

I notice a lot of you seem to weigh in every day, I tend to monitor it that way but was planning on updating that tickery thing (I assume when I am old and responsible enough for a signature and stuff :?: ) about once a week, I take it this is a personal choice and its just whatever works for me?

Sorry...I am going to have a million stupid questions...

My next one being...what are smores??? and why is my mouth watering when I don't know what they are? (I don't know what a Hershey kiss is either....I feel this lack of knowledge may be good for my waist and my pocket as I am certain that exporting them would cost an arm and a leg!)

fickleheart - I had to give up zumba as my lack of co-ordination meant I was always going the opposite way to everyone else..it caused chaos!! on a more serious note, I know how hard it is to do full time and classes and keep control of everything else, so hats off to you honey, it makes every goal reached a bit more special, your family should be very proud of you x x

12-11-2013, 07:27 PM
Faye - Hershey kisses are little chocolates in the shape of bells, sometimes also referred to as silver bells. :) They are made by Hershey's, but I can promise you that anything you have in the UK is probably way tastier than American Hershey chocolate. Or at least when I was across the pond a few years back, your chocolate was way better. My opinion of course and frankly, chocolate is awesome in almost all forms to me and it's one of my main weaknesses.

S'mores are when you take graham crackers, top them with marshmallows and a hershey chocolate bar, or chocolate in general, and then melt them over a fire. I hear Digestives are the closet thing to what we in America call graham crackers from the few expats I've met. They say Digestives are way better and it's not exactly the best comparison. But that's a s'more give or take. :)

And ask away! :D

I personally weigh every day. I only update my ticker/profile if it stays consistent after three consecutive weigh ins. I should really only bother once a week, but I'm addicted to it. When you weigh and when you track is a personal choice, so you don't have to follow my line of crazy. :)

And that is why I probably won't do zumba ever in public. It's bad enough my husband makes fun of me, I don't need complete strangers to join in, hehe. I'd end up injuring someone including myself.

12-12-2013, 11:03 AM
The scale didn't change for me today.

I went to zumba class last night and my ex-boyfriend sat on the bleachers behind me the majority of the class. His girlfriend is in my class and he brought their baby and was sitting there with the baby, watching. He comes with her a lot, but usually he is walking the track upstairs and although he can look down on us it's not as nerve racking as it is when he's so close I could practically reach out and touch him. I didn't feel like I got nearly as good of a workout with him there because he made me uncomfortable. I hope he doesn't make this a habit or else I'm going to have to move to the other end of the gym or the middle or something. I have to miss class tonight and I am very unhappy about it. My daughter has her winter choir concert tonight and there is no way I can even make it to half the class :( I know it's for my child, but I really hate missing and especially Thursday because we don't have another class until Sunday! My mom thinks I'm crazy obsessed, but it really is a stress reliever and I feel better afterwards. On the nights I don't have class I yawn a lot and feel so sluggish. I guess I'll try to do an hour of Just Dance 2014 with the kids when we get home or break out one of my workout videos. I usually just do the Leslie Sansone 2-mile walk, but I think it's time I try one of the harder ones 3-5 mile walks. Years ago I used to workout multiple times a day with Leslie Sansone videos, so I have quite a few. I injured my feet doing the walk and jog video barefooted, so now I ALWAYS wear my workout shoes. Plantar fasciitis is very painful and took forever to finally heal up. I like the 2-mile walk because she incorporates the stretchy band during part of it, so I get a little upper body workout too.

My goodness I didn't mean to go on and on. I better get to work. I hope you all have a wonderful day. I'm going to try real hard to stay on plan today with my diet. Someone brought donuts this morning, but so far I haven't had any trouble resisting.

12-12-2013, 11:42 AM
I understand Mandy about missing a work out. I haven't been to the gym since Friday because this week has been both busy and my husband is sick. I've only been able to get my walks in on my breaks up here and what little I do when I get home. :( Eh, tomorrow I'll be renewing my membership and maybe next week the hubby will be better. Hope your day goes well!

12-12-2013, 01:11 PM
Mandy. You are so brave to stay in the class with your ex there. I would have been out of there. I love Leslie too. I like the one she does with weights. I like getting upper exercise too. Sometimes you have to put yourself first. You should get a Zumba DVD. I wore out my first tape and I bought the DVDs. I like it but I loved my first tape my machine ate it. I do not go to classes. I am so self consious. I was asked to not come back to a step class after I tripped on my step and knocked two girls down. I was mortified. I never want that to happen again.

FickleHearts. When my husband is sick I am off too. I hope he gets better soon.

I am down to 228.5 today. I have been doing 5:2 fasting for about 8 weeks and I have lost 13 lbs. It is amazing since I have such a hard time losing anything. It is really a miracle. I lost 40 on nurtisystem but as soon as I got off the program I gained it all back. So I started counting calories on MyFitnessPal but it hasn't clicked until I started Intermittent Fasting. I fast for religious reasons and that seems to help. This week has been awesome OP but I am making up for the 2500 calories I ate on Sunday. The weekdays are easy but the weekend calorie counting is really hard. I seem to start over every Monday.

Hope you all have a great day.

12-12-2013, 01:48 PM
LosetoAll - I'm starting the 5:2 thing today myself. So far it seems pretty straight forward, but on feast days, do you have to eat more calories or can I just keep it around the 1200-1400 I've been doing?

I'm afraid if I go with the whole eat whatever I want on those fives days, I'll go nuts and end up eating 3000 calories a day. The book says not to worry about it, but, well, I can eat a lot at a time. :dizzy: I know come Saturday and Sunday, which are always my high calorie days, I'll be tempted but I really don't want to go overboard. :|

Really, I guess this is my second fast day. I'm going to count Tuesday even though I had 800 calories, 300 over the 500 limit. So far I've had two pieces of toast this am, plan on skipping lunch, and then a small dinner tonight. Yesterday I only ate 1265 calories. Last night I was going to eat more as I was a little hungry, but didn't want to over do it and wasn't sure if I should eat more even though the book says I could. My BMR is 1736 and TDEE is 2083 according the fast diet website.

I'm probably making this too complicated LOL!!!!

My friend goaded me into this and frankly, Tuesday I was miserable. I love food. Today hasn't been so bad so far and thinking about tomorrows meals is helping, but I'm just not sure if I can do this long term. Did it take you a long time to adjust? I know you said you fast for religious reasons, but does it get easier? She wants to do this for the other health benefits aside from weight loss and since I'd hit a stump I figured a change up wouldn't hurt. I'm going to give it a few weeks and see if it helps at all. Skipping lunch twice a week is doable since my husband has to go to work early and we normally eat together. I can make those days my fast days.

Eh... Sorry for the rambling! Grats on the 13 lbs!!! :carrot::carrot::carrot:

I'm hoping this helps jump start my WL again. Thanksgiving and TOM really stalled me out.

12-12-2013, 02:57 PM
FickleHearts. I started with a four week goal and it was great. The first three fast are hard only because 500 calories is so little. When I fast for religious reasons I skip two meals then have a regular meal no counting. But that was before I started 5:2 fast. I fast religiously once a month and I do not count it as a fast in my 5:2 plan. It is for other reasons.

I like the health reasons too. I am hoping that they are true... It seems so new in the research but it seems to make sense to me.

Do not over think it. Just do it and see. I count calories always and I keep it between 1200-1500. Otherwise I do not think it will work for me. But I do have what I want in moderation. I stay away from bread and desserts but that is just because I want more food and can have more of fruits and veggies.

Hope you have a good day.

12-12-2013, 05:29 PM
Losetoall - That's terrible that they would ask you not to come back. It's not like you did it on purpose. I understand that classes are not for everybody. I don't want people watching me, but in this class I feel like everybody is too busy worrying about themselves and watching the instructor to worry about how anyone else is doing. I'm one of the heavier women in the class and most definitely not the most coordinated and certainly never had any dance training in my life. My instructor has been an aerobics instructor for over 20 years and she is dang good at it. I'm not sure how many years she has taught zumba, but she is just great. I think that probably makes a big difference. Plus, I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to waste my money and if I pay $30 for an unlimited month then I want every bit of it I can lol. I don't like it when classes are cancelled for holidays and weather. I tend to make excuses and not follow through with my intentions of working out to videos at home or getting on my exercise bike while I watch TV. There are always other things that distract me at home. I also feel like zumba is kind of like therapy for me because for that hour all the things that have been going through my mind all day are gone because I can't really focus on anything else while I do it and then I get that boost of energy afterwards and I just feel good. I'm just glad I have found something healthy for me that I truly enjoy doing. I just have to be super careful not to injure myself because I'm afraid if I ever have to stop I may not go back. I'm sure it would be so easy for me to fall right back into my lazy couch potato self all over again.

I'll have to check out this 5:2 thing. I'm assuming it's 2 500-calorie days. I'll let you test it out for me ficklehearts, lol, and then you can let me know what you think. I love to eat and 500 calories is really strict. One of the reasons I tried the Atkins diet is because I could eat a lot and still lose weight, plus I'm a big meat eater and any diet where I can eat a big steak I was all for.

I better get my work finished up, only an hour left to go.

12-13-2013, 09:16 AM
I'm starting the 5:2 thing today myself. So far it seems pretty straight forward, but on feast days, do you have to eat more calories or can I just keep it around the 1200-1400 I've been doing?

I will eat up to what my mfp calories are. Maybe a bit more. I just know if I don't track what I eat, I will gorge on non fast days. And I keep my fast days a bit higher since I have a very active job. Usually about 200 more on fast days. I think next week I will start on my fasts. I've just been doing eating windows lately and staying within range mostly. I've been eating some of my calories back from work.

12-14-2013, 06:24 PM
Hi all,

Weighed in today at 218! :carrot: but, not moving on just yet...I want to hang out to make sure I hold under 220 for next week's weigh. I am so thankful for the encouragement I have received for you all by just reading your post and the few comments back and forth.

Best Wooshes! - b

12-14-2013, 07:17 PM
BuffieLynn. Congrats on the 218. I hope it sticks around next week.

Down another lb today. Changed my counter to 226.5. Working really hard to keep it off for the weekend. Weekends get me every time. I was in the zone this last week I want it to continue.

Mandy. I wish I felt that way about exercise. I just feel sweaty and tired when I am done.

Hope you are all having a great Saturday.

12-14-2013, 09:36 PM
Congrats to everyone that's dropping the lbs surrounding the holidays.

I'm back guys. Unfortunately the baby didn't develop, I had a blighted ovum. Took some time to wrap my head around it and am ok now. So weighted in this moring at 235.6. Time to get back on track. I'd like to be inder my pre-preggo weight by xmas. Wish me luck.

I'm so so sorry. :( Miscarriage is the worst experience I've ever been through. I'm here if you need to vent. Take care of you. :hug:

Guys my willpower is broken. Like shattered into a million pieces broken. I'm so tired that working out isn't even happening at all and then when my mom offers to cook dinner all I hear is "so you don't have all that mess to clean up." I keep holding out for a couple days then all I can think of is red hots and I lose control. So I go through recovery and then digestive misery for days then recovery again. This baby can not be changing me that much. I can do this! I'm going to have to start tracking daily and walking again. I haven't done either very well since finding out I'm pregnant. I refuse to gain weight this time. I gained 70 lbs with my son! 70! That's ridiculous! A tasty food isn't worth ruining all of my hard work. This baby is gonna just have to start wanting fruit and veggies. I'm done being weak. I'm using my pregnancy as an excuse to not care and I care too much about myself to give up now.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far. I had to give myself a kick in the rump.

12-15-2013, 12:54 AM
When I woke up, I was 229. It's not official yet. But I hope to see that going down!

12-16-2013, 11:01 AM
My eating has been so terrible the past couple of weeks and the scale is reflecting it. I was 237 this morning. I'm getting way too close to 240 and I cannot let that happen. Hopefully with work all week I will be able to stay on track and maybe lose a couple of pounds. I tend to stay on track better during the week when I'm working. Thank God we are starting a new weight loss challenge January 1st because I need the motivation!

Nagazim - I hear you on the broken willpower. I have got to start making myself log my food! I need to give myself a kick in the rump too.

Congrats to those of you who are losing! It's not easy to do this time of year!

12-16-2013, 12:22 PM
Mandy - you can do this. I know how hard you worked on the last challenge. Just hold until Jan. It is easier for me during the week too. The scheduled meals help with not snacking. Just keep your eye on the ball and you can do this.

Nagazim - I was exhausted and sick all nine month of my last pregnancy and I lost 20 lbs. It can be done. It was work and a three year old and everything smelled bad to me. So I stayed away from everything. You are not broken just lost sight of your willpower for a minute. Hold on and don't buy things that get you off track. It is a good thing you have a mom that will cook for you. Keeps you out of the kitchen. Good luck. Keep us posted.

Daimere - congrats on the 229 and you did it during the holidays. How awesome is that!!!! Keep up the great work.

I am down a .5 since Friday I never lose on the weekend. I am really in the zone right now. I feel good. I have one pound to go for Fridays goal of 225. That will be 5 lbs this month which is amazing. I never lose. I have been fighting the same 10 pounds for a year. It is coming off slowly but it is going down.

Have a great OP day.

12-16-2013, 01:42 PM
Hey! I weighed in at 239 last week and just wanted to make sure it stuck before coming down from the thread above to join y'all. Then, I weighed in at 236.2 today and knew that it was sticking!!

I'm Nikita, originally from Louisiana but I came to New York for school and stayed for work, plus I got some great girlfriends here with me! I started on phentermine on November 25th, wanting to start at the hardest time of the year to really challenge myself and show that I could do that, and then I could do anything. I've lost 7.8 pounds so far and I'm super happy and motivated - I went to the gym 5 times last week, I can't even believe it!

Great to be here before Christmas, and hello to y'all!!

12-16-2013, 01:48 PM
227 this weekend. :)

So what did I do? I went nuts! Ended up at the Great American Cookie Company eating a cheesecake brownie, followed up later by eating my husbands chocolate chip cookies he had gotten that he didn't want. EEP!

Somehow I managed not to go over my calories on Sat, still trying to figure that out and I even padded on extra to be safe LOL. Yesterday I got into the hershey kisses again and had I left 'em alone, I would have been okay, but nope. Went over by about 400 cals.

So I'm fasting today LOL. After all that, I really don't think it's going to hurt me at all. Other than craving german chocolate cake for some weird reason, I'm doing okay. Not really all that hungry.

Grats Daimere on 229! Since the 227 last Wed. and Sat., my weight is up and down. It was 233 this morning, but I ate chilli last night that was way over salted, plus I'm on antibiotics for an UTI, so yeah, not going to worry until this coming up weekend. :)

Our Christmas party for work is Wed, but I've decided to just partake and enjoy. It's the last Christmas I'll have with a few up here who are retiring soon, so I don't think one day will hurt. It's just finger foods, so I doubt I eat too much.

Logging and keeping accountability helps me a lot Nagazim. Even on days like Saturday and Sunday where I just couldn't keep it together, I logged. Not happy going over yesterday, but it is what it is and I was still under maintenance, so not going to be too hard on myself! I'm going to be skinny eventually, it might just take longer than I had anticipated.

We can all do this!

12-16-2013, 01:49 PM
Welcome Nikita! Grats on the 7.8 lbs!

12-16-2013, 07:47 PM
Ficklehearts - good luck with the sodium flush :)

nikitanix - welcome aboard!

LoseToAll - congrats on weekend loss and good luck on your Friday goal!

mandydawn77 - we can do this! I seriously hate when I get to the "who cares" stage. It has happened to me every time I've tried to drop the weight. We WILL do it this time! Just stand by to kick me in the rear again in a month ;)

Daimere - Way to go! 229 is great!

Today has been a great start to getting myself back into my weightloss groove. We will be out of town from Friday - Tuesday with DH's family. I don't really want to even think too much about how food will go then. I'm determined to make this Paleo lifestyle work. Even when I'm away from home. So I just hope I don't hurt too many people's feelings. I have to do this for me. When I give in one day, it turns into 2 weeks. I have to stop it now. I was at 227 this morning :( Bad weekend of crap foods and sodium and inflammation will do that to me. My second baby dr apt is tomorrow. Here's hoping they give me an a-ok check up.

12-16-2013, 10:41 PM
Yesterday was 230.5, today 229.3. Tomorrow will be official day. When I get to 228, that will be my divorce weight. And the weight that I tend to give up on according to one graph where I log my weights.

12-17-2013, 12:44 AM
Daimere. Not this time. We are going down to 220 together!!! Keep your head up.

12-17-2013, 10:09 AM
This is the lowest weight I've been in 8 years. :) This was where I started last time I lost a huge amount of weight and I've lost now the same amount of weight I lost then, just to get back to that starting point. :mad: 8 years ago I was almost at goal, life happened, it sucked, but it got better and here I am now climbing that mountain again.

My point - we can do this. We can so do this. This time, we are all going to see 220 :) And then 219, 218, 217,..... I'm just coming to the conclusion it might just not be on the time table I have set up in my head. But, I am smaller now than I was and I feel better. So that's already a great positive change.

12-17-2013, 11:44 AM
Yesterday I got into the hershey kisses again and had I left 'em alone

I just read this and I was SOOOOO close to getting into some hershey kisses. I still didn't make good decisions (had chex mix) but at least I didn't have both!

But, I am smaller now than I was and I feel better.
I wish I did. Since I've been floating around the same weight, my body is just the same as it has been for months other than some pants were getting a bit snug (but others still fit wtf). My knees are still feeling cranky and I want to feel better about my body. I know when I regained, I regained in my stomach. Blah.

12-17-2013, 12:25 PM
Thank you guys for your wonderful words of encouragement. I really need them right now because this is the time of year where I usually just give up and gain back the weight I worked so hard to lose. I don't want to let that happen again because I really want to some day actually be under 200. It truly seems impossible in my mind and I won't believe it's possible until I see it on the scale myself. Logically I know it's possible, but since I have been heavy my entire life I don't ever recall seeing a 1 in front when I've ever stepped on a scale. Unfortunately I have seen a 3 in front and hope to never ever ever see that again. I swore I would never let myself get back over 300 pounds many years ago and then I did and it sent me into deep depression. This time I just need to focus on a complete lifestyle change - stay active and watch what/how much I eat. I just need to stay focused this time and not just give up. Each day is a new day, so just because I may have messed up today doesn't mean I have ruined everything. I have to keep telling myself this :)

I can't wait until the holidays are over and people stop bringing me all these goodies that I can't resist. Oh my gosh a girl here at work gave everyone some of these truffles she got at Whole Foods and they are soooooooo chocolatey and melt-in-your-mouth good! I gave my mom about half of them, but unfortunately by the end of the night I had eaten the rest of them. I'm glad they were little and she didn't give us too many because I couldn't stop until they were gone.

I gotta run and get back to work because we are short staffed today, but I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will have to read through everybody's posts later because I only had time to quickly scan over them. Oh, and the scale didn't change for me at all today.

12-17-2013, 09:35 PM
Official weigh in day says.....227.8. This was a day after my fast (used to gain for a day, then whoosh but I finally was able to do some business which may have affected the scale).

12-17-2013, 10:18 PM
OP day. Did good but I alway struggle with urges in the afternoon. Just crazy mindless urges to eat. I hate them. Will they ever go away?

Daimere. You are too funny. Congrats on the weigh-in.

Mandy. Truffles get me every time. I can't wait until after the treats are over with too. Made sugar cookies on Sunday and I didn't have any. They are still in the house but when I had one last time it just wasn't very good and I do not want to waste calories on food that isn't even that good. Now if it were truffles I would in trouble.

Ficklehearts. I am with you. We can do this!!!

Have a great night.

12-17-2013, 10:28 PM
Truffles sound goooooood

12-18-2013, 10:51 AM
238 again today :( It's no surprise since my eating has been so bad lately, but I was hoping it wouldn't stick. I guess I should change my ticker since it has been this way for at least 3 days now. I hate changing it the wrong direction :(

My friend who usually does zumba with me, but hasn't been able to for about a month due to finances, was all worried about how much weight I've lost and I eased her mind today by letting her know I've done nothing but gain! She has been gaining some too and was worried that I was still losing.

I better go. I never have much time lately because it has been crazy here at work. Happy hump day everyone!

12-18-2013, 11:58 AM
Christmas party at work today. The husband has convinced me to go into maintenance until after Christmas since he just piled on three holiday parties on top of the three I had. Yay?

I really really hate too, but it's Christmas. I won't go crazy and I'm still going to count calories and plan on a fast day tomorrow and next Monday. I'm just not going to be super strict on non-fast days and let guilt bring me down. I'm holding at 227, so I'm good with that until after the holidays!

Grats Daimere on reaching 227! So funny..... :devil:

Mandy I have a box of Lindor truffles on my desk this morning. Mean, but thoughtful coworkers! Things will get better for us both when normalcy returns in January. Don't sweat the 4 lbs just yet!

12-19-2013, 12:35 AM
Ficklehearts. I think maintainance during the holidays is reasonable. I am keeping my fast days as well but I am letting the guilt go and counting everything. I am also staying away from sweets. If I start it always turns into a binge.

Mandy. Changing a counter is so hard. Don't do it you will be down soon. Too bad about your friend. I hope she can do Zumba with you next month.

Fast day today and I stayed on plan. Have a dinner out tomorrow and it always makes me nervous. I have decided what to order and I will eat lightly tomorrow to save up calories.

Hope you have a great night.

12-20-2013, 02:34 AM
227.8 still (TOM is coming in time for Christmas so I am actually pretty sure I will be stuck for a week like this till it comes). I cashed in some of my humana vitality points and got a free FT7 heart rate monitor. That's what I was saving for! I may upgrade to a fitbit one or a flow link in a few months. I also ordered new fitness dvds and book. I know UPS/FEDEX/usps loves me.

And I think my insurance issues have been sorted out. They owed me money (200+) and I actually did NOT emotional eat over it. Yay! I got in trouble at work sorta. Again no emotional eating. Yay. I dread working this weekend (I think a layover from me getting in trouble).

I just realized I am 3 pounds away from just 50 pounds left! OMG

12-21-2013, 12:32 PM
Hi ladies,

This is my second week below 220 and I feel safe now moving on to the next thread. But, had to stop by to say thank you to all for your support and uplifting posts. My best wishes to you all as you continue moving towards your goals.

I am sure I will "see" you all in other threads.

Merry Christmas!

12-21-2013, 10:35 PM
Still 227.8. I believe I will be that weight till probably tuesday or so. As long as I keep moving and exercising, then I should be good to see a woosh. Think about it if I wasn't watching what I was eating, I would be up to 244! Like I was earlier this month.

MFP says if I keep it up I will be 215 in 5 weeks. I hope so. That is the low weight I've been going for.

12-22-2013, 08:34 AM
I hope you ladies don't mind me jumping in. I have been doing really well with my eating on time, actual food wih limited junk amd so on and building my strength training lately but the scale startled me this morning and I realized I can't go much further without support & encouragement. Last official weigh in last Monday was 226.2, and Friday the scale read 225.8. Then I went to work hungry and the boss bought pizza for everyone. And I downed 2 20 oz pepsis at eiher end of my shift. So when the scale read 236 this a.m. I shouldn't hqve been stunned but I was. Logically I know its the carbs and grease and hfcs but wow. Talk about a kick in he tail...

12-22-2013, 07:11 PM
228.5. I expect a woosh in a day or two.

12-23-2013, 04:40 PM
I didn't weigh this morning because I was so depressed over the weekend and if it was any worse it would probably ruin my whole day.

I don't have much time to write because we are super swamped here at work and have to get everything we can done since we won't be here the next two days.

I have to confess my eating has still been terrible. I've been eating candy and holiday treats almost daily and boy is the scale showing it. My boss weighed last Friday expecting to have gained a lot and all she gained was a pound or two. Well I'm up 6-7 pounds now!!! It just sickens me how fast I can gain weight and how slow it comes back off. All these homemade treats are killing me. A guy here at work brought in a big batch of his wife's homemade baklava last Friday and it was SO good. We had our big christmas potluck last friday and i had a little bit of everything. I actually ended up throwing a lot of it away because I was going to be sick if I ate all of it, but I still ate way too much.

Congratulations Buffielynn!!! I don't know how you're doing so well through the holidays, but you must be really motivated to stay on track so well. I need some of your motivation.

Welcome evolving. I completely understand what you're going through. I swear I can gain 10 pounds in a day!

Keep going Daimere and you'll get that woosh soon I'm sure.

Good job staying on plan losetoall :)

ficklehearts - If you can maintain through the holidays I'd call that a win because that's not easy to do.

If I don't check in again before Christmas I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday!

12-24-2013, 12:27 AM
Just think about it: only a few more days and no more sweet treats hanging about!

I still am waiting for my woosh. 228.5. *tapping my foot over here* Although I was just thinking I am bigger body wise than I was the last few times I was at this weight. :( That depresses me. :(

12-24-2013, 09:51 PM
226! Weeeee. I work tonight and tomorrow.

12-25-2013, 09:59 PM
230. I ate a lot of meat from the meat tray. So I don't know if I am retaining. I tried to track as much of it as I could. I would guess other things. Either way, glad I skipped breakfast! I am hoping it's off by next Tuesday

12-28-2013, 01:48 PM
I gave birth to my baby on the 11th and came down with endometritis the following week, but now that I'm somewhat healed up I think I'm officially back in the game. :) I've still got another month before I can push the exercise at the 6 week mark, and I plan on setting March 5th as my restart date for C25K because not only will it be the 12 week mark after the birth, it will also be the 2 year anniversary of my "reboot." In the meantime I'm trying to get back on track with my eating. Unfortunately, breast feeding didn't work out for me like I'd hoped, but it means I don't have to adjust my calories for it yet I find I'm still extra hungry. :?: I'm hoping I can adjust to my old pre-pregnancy eating habits by the first of the year regardless, a stunt I tried yesterday that left me starving last night. :lol:

My pre-pregnancy weight was 215, and I went up to 238 on my last weigh-in before delivery. I'm currently down to 230 and am especially looking forward to getting down to and out of the 220's again. I really, really want this to be the year I finally get under 200 pounds, and I also want this to be the year I run my first 5K (I'd planned on it last year, but had to back off due to my pregnancy being high-risk). I'm hoping the sleepless nights I'm facing won't interfere too much. :^:

12-29-2013, 12:24 AM
229. Slowly the Christmas weight is going down. Although I did splurge on broccoli and pizza and crazy bread. But it's all counting in my calories!

12-29-2013, 01:39 PM
Hi everybody!! :wave:

This first week back on track I am focusing on not drinking any soda. Unfortunately I had gotten back into that habit, :( but not as much as I was before I started losing in 2011. :)

DH bought donuts yesterday and I succumbed, but that was yesterday. New day, new choices, new opportunities for success!! :carrot:

Happy Sunday!!

12-30-2013, 10:53 AM
Ok. Christmas is over and I'm 233 today. Didn't do too bad over the holidays. Only 2 lbs to go to be back at Oct weight of 231. I lost about 12 weeks due to the pregnancy and Chirstmas which equals about 25 lbs behind schedule. I'm going to put on an extra effort over the next couple months to get caught up.

12-30-2013, 04:05 PM
Hey y'all!! Hope everyone had a great Christmas!! It was the most challenging one for me, and the hardest I've had to resist what I would normally eat but I'm pretty proud of sticking almost to plan the whole time.

I realize I said hello and then disappeared on y'all but I did weigh in on Christmas Eve at 233.8 which I was super happy with! Aaaannnnd, I weighed in today on the same, which was more of a shock!

I need to give myself some goals to aim for so that I can go into the new year with some clear ideas about where I want to be and when. I did a Christmas challenge and although I didn't reach my goal of 230, I think I got closer than I would have if I hadn't had something to aim for.

I'm thinking of making one of my new years resolutions to go to the gym every day in January....not sure if it's too ambitious...

Have any of y'all got any resolutions?

Happy New Year!!!

12-30-2013, 09:48 PM
I was at 256 this time last year.. in June I was 211.. and now I'm 232.. Time to kick my weightloss in gear and stop the scale from going up! I hope to be back in the teens in the near future!

12-31-2013, 02:22 AM
Ughhhh still at 238. I don't know if I need a good feast day. I've been staying under 1600 with a very active job.

12-31-2013, 02:52 AM
Uh . . . woah. :eek:

I weighed in at 230 at the doctor's just 4 days ago . . . I hopped on the home scale today (which is pretty accurate with the scale at my weight loss meetings) and it said I was slightly under 220! I'm not trying to get too invested in the numbers since my weight has yet to stabilize, but I'm curious as to where I'll be on January 8th, when I return to the meetings and have my first official weigh-in of the year.

Regardless, I'm super-excited to be in the 220 range; when I weighed in at 230 I assumed I had an extra couple months of hard work ahead of me to get under 200, but maybe I can still make it by mid-summer! :^:

12-31-2013, 01:14 PM
Great success Elladorine!! I am sure you will quickly lose that baby weight. :D

Did a 20-minute Zumba routine this morning...I am so out of shape!! But that will change quickly. ;)

Happy New Year to each and every one!! :carrot:

12-31-2013, 01:43 PM
So my first post on this thread, but today is my weigh-in and I am 234.7! :yay:
So I am excited to join in with you guys, I am really not sure how long I will be here. My trip to the 2-teens is going to be painfully slow or a relaxing car ride. Don't we wish we all had a perfect crystal ball, so we can fix mistakes before they happen?? That would be :cool:.

nikitanix I also had a goal of 230 for the end of this year, but mine was overly ambitious :). I really don't make resolutions usually but I will give 2014 a motto "Taking back what is mine" :boxing:
Elladorine Yeah, I am even curious as to what is going on there, because if you learned how to lose 10 pounds in 4 days, tell me, because that means I will definitely look "snatched" :belly: by this summer!

:bravo: Congratulations to everyone for making it through the Eating Holidays :) Now, all we have left is the booze holiday, and oh yeah...the chocolate holiday will be the month after...who comes up with this stuff...

12-31-2013, 10:22 PM
Back at 226. Christmas weight is gone. Yay! 2 days to put on, five days to get off my body.

01-01-2014, 06:17 PM
So when I posted my weight on here.. I semi guessed because I really didn't want to get on the scale and actually look.. well I did and it is 238.. le sigh.. I am more determined than ever to get it off! I've rid my house of junk and ready to eat a healthy diet of protein and greens!

01-01-2014, 10:38 PM
224.5 today! Weeeeeee. 2014 just keeps getting better. I'm not sure if I should count it or what. Cause yesterday on my weigh in day, I weighed a few hours early. This was my normal time and after all the appropriate things done before weigh ins.

01-02-2014, 12:23 PM
Great idea Marli, my motto for this year is, 'focus, stay strong and keep pushing on'!!

I'm keeping up with my idea of exercising every day so far, tomorrow's going to be difficult as I have an early meeting but I'm going to try and squeeze in a gym trip in the evening between work and seeing my friends.

01-03-2014, 04:30 PM
I am so, so, so upset about my weight gain through the holidays! I honestly can't believe just how fast I gain weight. We are talking 11 pounds in maybe a month and a half!!! Well I'm back in the 240's as you can see, but I hope to be back in this thread really, really soon. I'm hoping that some of this is water weight and will come off rather quickly after being strictly back on plan. Today was our weigh in for the beginning of our 10-week weight loss challenge here at work and I am determined to kick butt :)

I'm jealous of all of you who continually lost weight or barely gained through the holidays, but I'm still happy for you. I obviously just binged the entire time. I knew I did bad, but I sure didn't expect that big of an increase. Oh well, at least it's better than waiting until June like I did last year and had gained 25 pounds back.

01-03-2014, 08:52 PM
So I am actually excited about this year, I feel like this is the last year I will ever hear the words obese or overweight attributed to my weight. So :bravo: to future me. Now for my current state, I worry that my current weight loss trend has stalled, or maybe it is just in my head. Honestly, the last thing I want is the scale to stall on ANY number :fr:, except for my goal. That would cause a tad bit of depression. So I am trying to stay positive in January while I make the necessary adjustments I feel I need at this current weight.

mandydawn77 Don't get discouraged honestly, I have been lurking long enough to say that I love your refreshing honesty and I look forward to your posts. I even started :cheer2: for you, so this little rut that you are in, I have faith that you will get out of it and lose the weight that you need to. The holidays are behind you now, and you can move forward now. Keep it up!

Daimere You are doing an amazing job, looking for my trip to 220's :)

Sinderelly Good luck with the "cleaning house":) Because I sure couldn't do that, once a month I have a sugar attack so I need to :hun: real, real, real, well :D.

01-03-2014, 10:26 PM
I ate ramen yesterday. So I think I am retaining water. So I was 225. It's been three days at 225. I really want to change my ticker to at least 225. Which means I just have 50 pounds before my "goalish" weight. Although exercise and fitness is kaput for me this week. I don't know what is wrong. But I got a new exercise dvd today and the mail has been all sorted out (it wasn't getting delievered)

01-03-2014, 10:28 PM
Hey everyone!! I had my "official" weigh-in yesterday and I am down 4.8 pounds to 227.2!! :carrot:

This week I am continuing to focus on avoiding soda & logging my calories; plus I am working on staying within my 1200-1600 calorie range and adding purposeful movement aka exercise.

Have a fantastic & on-plan weekend!!

Only Believe
01-04-2014, 12:54 PM
Hi everyone! I'm back. After taking a break from 3fc and throwing caution to the wind over the holidays.. of course I gained some that I lost back. I've learned my lesson. I can't just stop weighing in and start eating anything I want. LOL I was 243.8 on the first of January and 238.4 this morning. I hope those 240's are behind me forever with the 51.2 lbs I left back in 2013. :)

01-04-2014, 07:46 PM
I decided that cutting out sugar completely was a change too big right now and I probably would have problems sticking to it.

I am going to try carb cycling. Has anyone done carb cycling? If so.. how did it work for you?

01-05-2014, 08:27 PM
This week I opted to weigh myself everyday instead of weekly, so I could see what kind of fluctuations happened, and I feel ambiguous about that decision. I will know on my official :goodscale day, whether it was a good idea or not, because these fluctuations I am seeing don't look too good. I have been trying a few different things this past week, and I def am retaining water...So that sucks when trying to gauge weight loss. My workout sessions are going pretty well, but I am trying to find a good workout to add that I can do once a week to :flame: some major calories.

Sinderelly I have not tried carb :bike:, but I am trying to curb the feeling that I am always dieting or doing something weight related. I am trying to make changes I can stick with the rest of my life, and I know carb :bike: will not work for me. I have, however, read up on it and I think it def sounds as if it may work really well in theory, especially if you can stick to it strictly. Good luck, I would love to see if it works for you.

01-05-2014, 10:36 PM
The last two days I've been at 225.8. Although this week has been a blow to my exercising. Boo

01-06-2014, 12:04 PM
Well, after deciding to kick the wagon for three weeks, I'm back. And this morning....

I was 227.... LOL I didn't gain anything and how, I couldn't tell you. I was so very bad. I'm officially back today. I tried to get into the swing of things last week, but we still had a lot of food to eat up in the house.

My big trip is in June and I really hate putting a time table on anything, but I'm going to try to lose as much as possible between now and the end of May. Starting off today with a 500 calorie fast to help my stomach get over some of the crap I ate over the weekend. One thing eating better helps is the nasty indigestion I've been having lately. YUCK

Signing up for the gym tomorrow! I put it off for a month, but it's time to get back into the groove.

Hope ya'll are doing well! :carrot:

01-06-2014, 03:10 PM
I think that’s a good way to look at it mandydawn, you’ve got a head start on last year and you’re dealing with it now rather than in 6 months, so that’s progress already!!

Welcome back OnlyBelieve!! Looks like January is off to a good start already, well done!!

What is carb cycling Sinderelly?

I managed to maintain my pre-Christmas weight too Ficklehearts! No idea how that happened as I was better than in past years but still ate over on several days over the holidays. Good luck with the gym signing-up! I’ve found my inner child athlete since I started going. Don’t know where that skinny kid who was always running around went!

Water weight s**** rebelle! Good luck with your return here, show that water weight who’s boss!!

I’ve been good this last week, and was pleased to see a loss of 2.8 lb loss this morning, taking me down to 231 which put a smile on my face today!!

Have a great week everyone!!

01-06-2014, 03:18 PM
MarliQQ - Thank you for your kind words. I needed some encouragement.

I'm having a little trouble getting in the groove of dieting again. Friday was my first day back on my diet and I went to a dinner party with all my zumba friends. It was great fun, but not good for my diet. After eating so terrible Friday night I came home and while watching TV I found a bag of M&M's I had forgotten about and sat there and ate way too many. I guess I had the mindset of I already blew it so I may as well. I don't know what I was thinking. Anyway, I did better on Saturday, but I made a huge pot of homemade chicken and noodles and then I ate too much of it. Portion control problem again! Yesterday I ate much better and did my zumba. I made my "healthy" banana-oatmeal cookies last night and so it makes for an easy breakfast or healthy snack/dessert.

I weighed this morning and on my scale at home it looked much better, but when I got to work it didn't seem to reflect the same. It's too soon to tell, but I'm sure hoping by Friday I'll have at least lost some water weight.

I'm not feeling too well today. My rheumatologist had taken me off several meds a month or two back because my liver enzymes were a little high on my blood work. I've read that strenuous workouts or lifting weights can elevate them and I havenít been concerned because they were just slightly elevated. I had my blood work rechecked last week (still waiting on results) and had an ultrasound done on my liver. The ultrasound tech said my liver looked fine, but I had a lot of gallstones. What I'm trying to get at is that while I was off my meds my RA symptoms have gotten worse and so after having the blood work and liver scan I decided to start back on my meds and I think that's why I feel like crap today. They are chemotherapy drugs, but you take much smaller doses for RA than you do for cancer. I hope my rheumy doesn't get mad at me for restarting without checking with her, but I can't have my RA flaring up. I remember when I first started these meds I felt yucky, so I guess it just takes time to adjust to them. Maybe I should have started them back one at a time instead of all at once.

Sorry for rambling on and on. I'm hoping I feel better so I can make it to zumba tonight because I truly hate missing. I just have a slight headache, sinuses feel all stuffy and my hands feel cold and clammy. I could sure use a nap right now, but I don't think my supervisor would care for that.

I hope you all have a great day! I'm not going to move my ticker until Friday, but according to my scales at home this morning I'm at 240. I'm hoping to be back in the 230's by Friday.

01-06-2014, 10:37 PM
Hello ladies :)

Well since November 11th I've been bouncing around between 219 and 225. Depending on how many strictly Paleo days I had that week. I weighed 225 Friday before we went to the in laws for our Christmas with them and just weighed now since we've gotten back home and that devil scale says I've gained 9 lbs in 4 days :( I knew the food eating was bad but didn't expect to ever see 230anything ever again. I'm bummed and hope to see a water weight loss soon due to the traveling. No more holiday excuses so I'm back to serious food watch and exercising. My parents have both committed to Paleo for all of January and are already not needing their nightly blood sugar meds. It's doing great things for their health and it's just week 1. I'm proud of them and happy to share meals again.

Hope everyone has a great week!

01-07-2014, 06:30 AM
Nagazim- It's okay. You'll get this weight off. I think in a 2 month time period, I gained 10 pounds. I didn't want to see 230 again too

So when I woke up, I was 223.5 (I checked twice) and after an arguement with someone, I measured myself. And it seems I have lost 5 inches off my waist in a month or less. That is the only measurement to have gone down though

01-07-2014, 10:37 AM
Congrats on your losses! 5 inches is fantastic. And if you have to lose it all in one place, the waist is the best place.
Not so sure. It makes pants fitting so much harder. To fit into smaller scrubs I need to lose about a few inches off my hips. This is just making it harder on me! I need new work pants and I want to shop in my closet! If the rest of my body doesn't catch up, I am going to look really weird (like as if I was doing waist training if you have ever seen those sort of weird weird pictures).

01-07-2014, 12:52 PM
Well, I'm on cloud 9 today! GO FSU!!!! I think I'm partly in shock and partly super ecstatic. I have enough adrenaline to run a marathon right now. Or maybe that's all the coffee I've had since I stayed up too late celebrating. :P

So much for fasting yesterday, but I was so nervous during that game that I didn't even touch 1000 calories by bed time I'm going to call that sticking to plan LOL!

Today won't be hard. I'm so excited I'm not even hungry!

Mandy - you've got this! We all do. It's just going to take time, a lot of sweat, and maybe a few tears to get there. :) But we will get there. Christmas derailed pretty much everyone I know, but it's mostly probably water weight and you'll see if come off quick!

Grats on the 5 inches Daimere! To me, that's better than the scale!

Hope you all stay warm. It's 30 degrees outside. I live in Florida. It's not supposed to be 30 degrees at noon in Florida. Like ever.... That's a rule somewhere right???? :D

01-07-2014, 05:08 PM
Hello all :)

I'm feeling a little better today. Still not quite back to normal, but definitely better than yesterday. Scale showed 241 this morning so I'm not thrilled with that, but I know I've eaten well and exercised the past couple of days and if I keep it up the scale will eventually show it.

Nagazim - That's awesome that your parents are already reaping the benefits of eating healthier. I hope they are able to stick to it. I find the first week to be the toughest when I switch to low carb, but I lose most of those carb cravings after that. I'm not quite sure of the differences between paleo and low carb, but I think they have a lot of similarities.

Rebelle - I hope your power is back up. I hate to be cold.

Daimere - Congrats on losing the inches, but I know what you mean about the pants not fitting right. I am long waisted and have always been heavy in the thighs (zumba is definitely helping though), so I have had the issue of the pants being too big in the waist in order to fit properly on my thighs. I'm sure it will all even out soon.

Ficklehearts - Congrats on your team winning and staying under 1000 calories for the day!

Oh, I went to zumba last night even though I really didn't feel well and I was so glad I did because I felt much better afterward. I drank a bottle of water with crystal light wild strawberry energy powder in it before I went. I can't say whether it really helped, but it tasted good :)

01-07-2014, 10:39 PM
Today. Official weigh in day I am.....220.0. O.O I don't really believe it. Yesterday was like 223.5 or something. I think I may put 223 in my ticker and if it is still close to 220, I'll change it tomorrow. I ate light yesterday so I am afraid once I get eating, it will come back.

01-08-2014, 11:08 AM
thanks! We were without electricity for over 10 hours, but luckily it was during the day.
My pipes froze yesterday and now I'm having drainage issues in my kitchen. I really hope it gets fixed so I can cook something today! I have breakfast tomorrow with my mom. So I plan on eating light today for dinner and fasting the rest of the night (maybe one thing of yogurt). That would give me about 600 cals before breakfast. Leaving me about 1400 cals for breakfast. Although I still don't know where we are going. IHOP maybe? I really don't want to derail anything!

01-08-2014, 02:09 PM
Hello all. Frozen pipes here as well. Sub zero temps and travel restrictions too. Which has meant lower intake, but also sadly, lower exertion levels :(

I am attempting to stay on target with the current boot camp challenge over at sisters of the shrinking jeans but have only gotten 3/6 workouts in. Partially because of kids everywhere or what. So I'm focused on staying with that for the rest of the month. IT's all squats and push ups, the latter of which I am atrocious at and have to do girl push ups and even then barely succeed. Sad, but I'm hoping by the end of it I will have more upper body strength and be able to move on to real push ups for next month's challenge.

01-08-2014, 03:21 PM
Hmmm...so I have stalled at the same weight down to the decimal point for days, I have no idea what my body is doing. The funny thing is that although the scale is not moving, I feel like I am losing weight :?:. Can you even look like you are losing weight without the scale moving? Either way, I feel like I should be more depressed, but I am going to stay the course, I just hope the course does not mimic that of some, who I plateau for like weeks. Who wants to see the same weight on the scale for weeks...:nono:

evolving I too have begun to do pushups again, I am terribly embarrassed :o by them. I mean I don't have to do "girl pushups", but it reminds me how out of a shape and overweight I have gotten. I used to be able to do many more, hands closer together, ON MY KNUCKLES (Daughter of a former Marine), so yeah, I deserve every bit of a pain I put myself through to get myself back to the point...:devil:

Daimere Lol, That is the kind of body I wish :cloud9: I had. My family is full of women with small waists, big arses and hips :D. Be proud of it, because I have more of a boy's frame and that kills me. There are designers who design jeans and pants for your particular shape you know :).
And yeah, I would make sure that I had a nice calorie deficit for IHOP too :hungry:. 1400 I think is pretty safe though, if it isn't, let me know ;).

mandydawn77 How many calories do you think you burn with Zumba?

rebelle I don't know what I would do without electricity........yes I do, I would turn into a Neanderthal, lose all form of speech :blah:, and then die slowly of boredom :crazy:. Do you know I don't even have books anymore in paper form? So you can't even say read a book, because eventually the battery will run out on my Kindle. So needless to say I just wouldn't be in my house if that happened...

01-08-2014, 10:14 PM
MarliQQ- Oh trust me, I actually do not hate my body. It's just frustrating how it's losing at the moment. I've actually have never hated my body and wanted to be stick skinny. I just want to be thinner. I don't know if IHOP is happening now. My mom can't do breakfast and I don't want to stay up. I've had to deal with maintenance two days in a row and can't sleep like this!

This is me at my smallest weight and I loved my body (if only I realized how much smaller I looked then):

Today I was 222.3. So yeah, glad I didn't go with the 220. I will probably change my tickers to 222.5.

01-09-2014, 11:57 AM
Good morning, all!! :coffee:

evolving: Kudos for the push ups!! Remember you are doing more than those who just sit on the couch!! ;) Don't be so hard on yourself; you will improve over time. :hug:

MarliQQ: You can be losing inches without the scale moving. :D That may be what is happening to you. Don't get discouraged.

Well, I did fairly well with staying on plan this week; only slip up was Tuesday night when DH had pizza delivered. At least it was Veggie! Didn't get the exercise in, so I will have to really focus on that this week; although I try to do some squats & lunges in my medication room at work. :) Official weigh-in this morning is.....222.6! Down 4.6 pounds for the week! :carrot:

01-09-2014, 12:04 PM
Hey y'all!!

Morning sluggerbean!! That’s a huge loss in a week, well done!!

It's pretty cold here in NY at the moment, sitting at 29 degrees but feels colder. Brrrr, I couldn't bear for my electric to go, and for 10 hours!! But glad to hear it came back ok rebelle - lol to you thinking of your chicken, that's exactly what I would have thought!!

mandydawn, I love zumba too! Sorry to hear about your health issues but I'm glad to hear the Zumba and your magic potion made you feel better!

Great to hear about your parents seeing the benefits of Paleo so soon nagazim! I’ve read about it and it seems the kind of thing you can do long term – is that what you plan to do?

Congratz from me on the lost inches too, Daimere !! You’re looking great in the picture, so smiley it’s a lovely photo!

01-09-2014, 12:12 PM
My scale at home showed 238.2 this morning so that was encouraging. I'm going to wait until tomorrow's "official" weigh in before I change my ticker. If it's at least in the 230's I will be happy. Seeing that 245 last Friday was depressing.

Sorry to all of you with frozen pipes - I know what a mess that can be.

MarliQQ - Just keep doing what you're doing and the scale will show it soon I'm sure. I'd rather look and feel like I've lost than to just see a lower number on the scale anyway. As far as calories burned during zumba, it really depends on how much you push yourself. Some people barely break a sweat because they don't move much, some have bad knees so they can't do much impact or they just, for whatever reason, don't put much oomph into it. I really try to give it my all and I work harder now that I know most of the songs, I really try to exaggerate the movements, and it shows because I am literally dripping with sweat. I have actually slipped on my own sweat before lol, luckily I didn't fall. My fitness pal says at my weight for an hour class of zumba I'm burning 900 something calories. I have a friend who used to go to class with me and she had one of those watches and it had something that went around her chest, some fancy gadget that's supposed to more accurately measure your calories burned, and sometimes by the end of class it said she had burned well over 1000 calories and she weighs less than I do. There are so many factors involved in calorie burning so I have no idea, but I know I sweat, sweat, sweat, so I better be burning some dang calories :)

They moved our Thursday night class to 6:30 now because the gym is being used by the cheerleaders until 6. Now I have to find something to do for an hour because if I just go home and sit down I'll get lazy and not want to go. It's bad enough that we are having to use a different gym on Thursdays due to the other gym being used for basketball right now. It's like half the size of the other gym, maybe less, so it's so crowded! Being January we are even crowded at the other gym right now because of all the new years resolutions - new people trying it out and old people coming back. I'm tired of them taking my spot, in the parking lot and on the gym floor, lol. I guess I should be happy that they are trying to get healthy and all, but I don't like it when it's too crowded.

I guess I better get back to work. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

01-09-2014, 01:47 PM
Hi everyone! After a brief stint in the 2-teens thread before the holidays, I'm back here at 229 :mad: - here's hoping the 220's go faster the second time around!

01-09-2014, 10:11 PM
Merilung- Hopefully you fly back to the teens!

I have been doing well and went from 239 to 237.. soo scale is slowly moving! I leave for work every morning at 6:30 and REALLY need to find the motivation to start working out in the mornings before I leave! I miss running but it has been too stinking cold to go out and run. I'm setting my alarm for 5 tomorrow..here is too hoping I have the motivation to get out of my warm bed into the cold house and do some Jillian Michaels!

01-09-2014, 10:31 PM
Today I am 221.7. Although today I kinda woke up super hungry. I'm at the end of a grocery shopping week. Not sure if I have much to solve this. I've been eating on the low range and I wonder if that's why. I also haven't been sleeping well lately.

01-10-2014, 01:09 PM
Sinderelly - Did you get a workout in like you wanted? I know it's so tough to get out of bed that early, especially in the winter! I'm still trying to figure out how to become an early morning exerciser myself.

Daimere - lack of sleep/poor sleep always makes me SUPER SUPER hungry, that could definitely be the reason. Here's hoping you get some better quality sleep soon!

rebelle - an officially official WELCOME to you! :welcome2:

I'm down to 227.2 this morning. So far so good for a fast trip back through the 220's!

01-10-2014, 04:01 PM
Well this has been the Friday from ****. It has been one issue after another here at work, so I'm just now able to take a second and let you all know my official weigh in today. I was satisfied with the 239 that showed here at work this morning. It was 238 at home, but that was in my pajamas and I wore jeans to work. Anyway, that put me at 6 pounds lost since last Friday and I'm happy with that. I still have another 5-6 pounds to get back to where I was, but at least it's not the 25 that I put on last year before I got back on a diet.

Sorry I don't have time to read everyone's posts and comment, but I will try to get on at home later and catch up with everyone. Hope you all are having a better Friday than I am. Oh and to top it off someone here at work brought a huge batch of homemade baklava and I caved in and had two pieces! I know that wasn't good for my diet, but it sure did taste good :)