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10-10-2013, 01:08 PM

So I don't know if it is just me but I seem to be at some weird, awkward stage in my weight loss journey. I mean with clothes, everything I try on I absolutely hate. It's either too big or too small. Some things I am now fitting into a size 10 and others a 12 but I still hate the way the clothes are hanging. I don't even remember being this dissatisfied when I was much larger. It feels as if my body is at an awkward phase between still being fat and average and none of the clothes are hanging correctly. Perhaps it's all in my mind but have any of you experienced this? Also, my pants that I have are literally falling off me. I hate everything in my closet because it is now far too big and a lot of it I bought within the last couple of months. I just wish I didn't look like a bum while losing weight! As I said before, does anyone else feel this way?

10-10-2013, 01:15 PM
I think we become more critical of the way we look while losing weight simply because we're far more aware. I'm definitely a lot choosier now about how I dress in general. Back in the old days I was satisfied as long as I was covered up properly, but now I'm fussy about which tops go with which pants, what shoes or boots will compliment it best, how my hair looks, which earrings, etc.

As for things not fitting, as I've been known to say lately, try the thrift shops. I've made some amazing finds of either gently used or still-new items (still with the original tags!) for next to nothing. It feels so much better when you wear clothes that fit properly and will make you feel less self-conscious.

You're in a completely different place now, even when compared to your younger self. It'll take a while for your brain to catch up. :hug:

10-10-2013, 01:32 PM
I completely agree! Everyine says I look skinny, but I feel like I am looking at the same old person! I do shop in thrift stores, and that's been fun. I am hoping my brain catches up with the rest of me soon!

10-10-2013, 01:41 PM
Look how far you have come. A size 10 or 12 sounds like a dream come true to me :)

I can't say I know exactly how you feel, but I can at least agree with hating the way the things in my closet fit now. Everything is big. The clothes I'm wearing right now are too big and I feel self conscious. I'm glad to be losing weight, but I hate spending money for new clothes that will hopefully be too big soon anyway. I need to take Elladorine's advice and check out some thrift shops. I hate having to constantly adjust my clothes, the scoop neck on this shirt is hanging way too low and I keep having to pull it up and it hangs funny. I used to love this shirt and get a lot of compliments, but now it doesn't fit right. Even my workout clothes that I wear to zumba aren't fitting anymore and I'm going to have to break down and buy some more because it's hard to keep pulling your pants up when you're trying to dance and the t-shirts just hang, especially after they get all sweaty. I look like such a bum when I finish zumba. I hate my upper arms, but I'm going to have to invest in some tank tops or at least smaller t-shirts because it's getting ridiculous.

I can imagine myself at 336 pounds listening to myself, now 90 pounds lighter, complain that my clothes are too big. I only wished I had that problem back then, so I guess I should quit complaining. :)

10-10-2013, 10:20 PM
I think it's very important to find clothes that fit along the way down. I just feel bad in clothes that are too big. It makes me feel sloppy. Everything I've purchased in the last 20 months (except for underwear, stockings and bras), I've bought at thrift or resale shops. Yes, some things I only wore for a little while, but it was great to have clothes that fit. My suggestion is to purchase good quality used clothing and then sell it on Ebay when it no longer fits. Even if you get half the price you paid, it's like only renting the clothes!

I know how you feel. I spend a lot of time on the weekends trying on clothes in my closet because everything fits weird right now. I'm between a size 16 and a 14 and some things that I was confident in and loved to wear are getting too big. I need several trial runs of wearing something to work, out and about, etc. before I know I'm really comfortable in an outfit.

On my last trip, I took WAY too many outfits because I couldn't decide what to wear. I really can't wait until I am at my goal because then I will know that those outfits are keepers for a while. Although, I don't think I'll ever go back to buying retail. I've found some wonderful things for not a lot of money second hand.

10-10-2013, 11:48 PM
I'm definitely at this stage too where I'm sometimes a 12, 14 or 16. Obviously, I feel best in a 16 but I've had people say they were too big on me though they fit just right around my muffin top. Shirts are always my hardest thing to deal with because of the way they hang or fit. I am definitely more fussy with clothes now than I've ever been. I also spoke to my therapist about it and she said that it's normal to feel awkward and weird since we've just lost a lot of weight and are more aware of our bodies than before.

10-10-2013, 11:56 PM
I could have written your post almost verbatim. I HATE the way all clothes fit me right now. Everything is either way too big or way too tight.

10-11-2013, 02:36 AM
I can't even work out what size I am. In one shop I'll be one size, in another a bigger or smaller size, can be depressing or happy depending on which store it is, LOL. I had to buy shorts today and the smaller size fit me but the waistband caused a massive muffin top. The next size up was a little better but still had a tight waistband. Can't win!

10-11-2013, 08:42 PM
I went thru a similar phase around size 10.

10-11-2013, 09:42 PM
Nothing fits. When I'm not in sweats for the gym or scrubs for work, I've been living in jeggings and loose t-shirts as a daily uniform. Pants just aren't quite fitting me right now.