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10-09-2013, 06:13 AM
Hi everyoune :)

So it's been a year since my suregry. As I said many times... I am happyyyyy with everything :carrot:

I had my last doctor appointmet on 17th and i was so fine, healthy, energetic, ect. Nothing was wrong. A week later i ended up in hospital...duuuuh :D Problems with my gallbllader...got stones :dizzy: Guess I'll need surgery in the future. I am out of hospital now and feel ok at the moment but I guess I'll have to deal with this soon. Also managed to get some bacteria in my blood: E.coli...dont ask me how :dizzy: Im taking antibiotics for that..hopefully I'll get rid of it soon.

My weight at the moment is 190 lbs, BMI 27,6. I haven't got any problems with food intake, sickness or anything like that, so am really satisfied with my by-pass. I havent got much loos skin, which is again a great +

The main problem at this time is getting new clothes LOL. Spending way too much money :o Getting obsesed with shopping lol. But it is soooo cool going into stores and I can buy whatever I want...everything fits..it's just the best feeling.

No news with pregnancy yet. Took a month off now..it's just too much. We'll try again next month. It's been only four months now...and I am already sick and tired of everything...can't imagine what some women go through after trying for years :(

Hope everyone is well and ok :hug:

10-12-2013, 02:28 PM
It's so good to read of your success, and lack of complications. Any chance you can avoid gallbladder surgery? I've never had issues with it, so don't know anything about it. Gotta say, I can barely wait to go shopping for clothes after surgery, when I reach my goal. Good luck on the baby project. :D Thanks for sharing!