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10-04-2013, 06:35 PM
Hello! I started IP (again...:dizzy:) a week ago. I had great success 2yrs ago, but life happened, I wasn't prepared, and gained it all 15 new pounds! (I need to update my ticker.)

In my previous run with IP, they had introduced the BCA. They did FREE weekly readings. I distinctly remember my hydration percentage was always mid 20% or so. At the time, my coach just said "HOORAY! You are doing a good job drinking all of your water!".

Today was my one week weigh-in and they did my one and only free reading. My hydration was 40.65%. The coach this time (a different one) said that this is a huge red flag for Insulin Resistance and then tried to explain biology to me. She said that hydration should always be below 20% to be normal.

I'm just wondering if anybody else has heard this? Have a similar experience? Or have anything to add? I just found it a bit odd, but I'm not a doctor ;). Just an engineer.