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10-04-2013, 03:31 PM
I really want to try this diet. I don't know if this works like it should but I've read many stories. So i figured why not give it a try. The only problem is that I am not a big fan of veggies. I actually hate them. Sometimes I eat celery but only with dip. Its always low fat sour cream with french onion soup I make myself. I read somewhere that someone was in my exact position before starting this diet. He said that after a week he started adding a few veggies here and there and the taste wasn't so bad anymore.

My biggest question is, will this diet still work for me if I don't eat vegetables that often. I will still follow the allowed foods exactly. I just don't think I can eat that many veggies every day. I have a hard enough time just trying them. Has anyone started this diet without liking vegetables and notice their taste for them changed after being away from sugar for a while?

Need all the advice I can get. I really want to do this and want it to work. Feeling better overall is my main goal but I also really want the weight lose. Need to lose about 35lbs.

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10-04-2013, 05:40 PM
I was never a veggie hater nor veggie lover. However, I can only speak for myself. I initially made myself try one new veggie a month. First it was zucchini which lead to any kind of squash out there! it is easy to sneak veggies into omlettes, soups etc. I enjoy raw veggies (especially red peppers) with hummus. The cravings do go away if you follow the program. Remember phase 1 is only two weeks. An added bonus of most veggies is they have a high water content. The fiber content helps keep you full and the water content helps flush out the bad. Seasoning the veggies may help too. I find I like how my meals look when they are colorful. It makes me feel really good if people around me are dining on "brown" food ie: you name it fried. Check the recipe forums for great ideas and the chicks here are really helpful. Best wishes

10-04-2013, 09:53 PM
Thank you so much for the advice. I am absolutely going to try putting them in foods. Maybe in an omelette I will slowly be able to handle the taste. I'll see if I can find other foods I like that add veggies in. That peppers and hummus idea sounds pretty good. Think I might try that. Hopefully I find some good recipes here. I know going into this diet liking some veggies will really help me. :hug: :carrot:

10-05-2013, 08:19 AM
I was okay with veggies before, but certainly didn't love them. I think you'll be surprised, if you do the first two weeks clean, how your tastes change.

Now, I adore most veggies. (I still don't like brussel sprouts!) I think it's certianly worth a try! Go with the standards (celery, onion, romaine, tomatoes, etc), and then start new ones.

Good luck! make sure you browse the recipe section :D

10-06-2013, 09:24 AM
I've never loved them and only tolerated most. So one of the biggest changes I've made in the past years on SB is eating veggies. But it is still a very conscious effort on my part every day. Given my druthers I'd probably rarely eat them!

I found that almost every veggie tastes better roasted. Sweeter, almost. And for me, I like roasting many to the point of a bit of browning. So I'd suggest you try roasting some. And I agree with putting them into foods. Soups work great for this.

10-06-2013, 02:50 PM
Thank you so much for the advice girls! I'm starting tomorrow and hoping I can make it through. Even if the first few days I don't eat enough veggies I will be fine if the taste doesnt continue to seem horrible to my taste buds. Hopefully I will throw more into the diet as I go along. Even if it does take longer to lose the weight. I'm not in a rush. If you girls can think of any more ideas on how I can get more veggies everyday, without wanting to spit them out after one bite, please let me know. I will try anything and everything.

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10-06-2013, 05:52 PM
I'm making cauliflower au gratin, sans ham....I can't believe how yummy it is...

10-07-2013, 09:05 AM
I'm making cauliflower au gratin, sans ham....I can't believe how yummy it is...

That looks soooo good! I never thought I would actually think something like that would seem so yummy. I have to try it. Someone told me that mashed cauliflower tastes somewhat like mashed potatoes because of the texture. Does this sound right? If so then I am looking forward to making this dish very often.

Thanks for sharing this recipe! :hug:

10-12-2013, 12:18 PM
Smashes cauliflower is great! cauliflower doesn't really have a taste and picks up the margarine and salt quite well. Try it!

DW doesn't care for veggies (will not eat peppers, squash, carrots, etc.) but does love cucumbers (tastes, to her, like a "green watermelon") and loves green beans. She also adores smashed cauliflower!

What doen't you like about the flavor? All veggies taste different so I am not sure how you can't like them all. Is it a texture thing?